By Andrew S. MacGregor*


With the ‘Anti-firearms’ moves that started in the 1980’s a young American woman moved to Australia.  Rebecca Peters studied law for two years and then quit. She became employed by ‘The Australian Broadcasting Commission’ (ABC), and then started ‘The National Coalition for Gun Control’.  At the time she also coyly joked about the rumours that her father was ‘CIA’.

The ‘National Coalition for Gun Control’ was considered a political lobby group, but after Rebecca Peters founded the ‘International Action Network on Small Arms’ (IANSA) in the United Kingdom, which again was considered as a ‘political lobby group’, it appeared that both of these bodies were in fact NGOs that is ‘Non-Government organisations’.

When Rebecca Peters returned to America as an ‘Australian citizen’ and initiated the ‘Million Mothers March against Firearms’, she was given a ‘scholarship by one of the George Soros foundations, and continued her work for the confiscation of firearms.

In Australia in 1995 there was another apparent NGO ‘lobby group’ called the ‘Australian Institute of Criminology’ (AIC) which worked hand in hand with the NCGC and signed a ‘MOU’ (Memorandum of Understanding) with the United Nations in regard to the confiscation of firearms. The problem with the AIC was that in 1998 the AIC was listed as an ‘Intelligence Unit’ within the Federal Attorney General’s Office.

The George Soros Foundations then moved into ‘Global Politics’ by establishing ‘Freedom’ foundations around the world.  When politicians supported by these Soros Freedom foundations entered into general elections and lost, which was normally the case, they then ‘created’ revolutions by calling the elections ‘fixed’, thus forcing the incumbent government out and ‘created their own government which was then recognised as a legitimate government by America and the European Union.  There were several such ‘Soros’ sponsored revolutions, and they were identified as ‘colour revolutions’.

It may be remembered by some that George Soros didn’t like George W. Bush and in about 2002, Soros pledged $300m to oppose the then incumbent American President.  President Obama was Soros’ man.


Terrorism is defined within the 1934 ‘Oxford Dictionary’ as:

Terrorism n, systematic intimidation as a method of governing or securing political or other ends.

Terrorism is also referred to in the Reesian Theory of War as “Low Intensity Operations”.  Terrorism can also be called, “Politically motivated Violence”.

The Aurora Theatre Massacre

In July 2012, Hillary Clinton and the American State Department were debating the possibility of a ‘United Nations’ treaty of firearms.  Right on cue on the 20th of July 2012, a “spontaneous” eruption of terror occurred at the Century Movie Theatre at Aurora Colorado.  The suspect for this event was one James Eagan Holmes.  However, witnesses claimed that there were more than one person involved in the shooting, including a person sporting a beard who opened the ‘fire-exit’ door to permit the gunman to enter as well as the fact that the ‘tear-gas’ grenades were thrown from a different direction from where the gunman was standing.

When the local police chief, Dan Oates was being interviewed in regard to this event, the media also captured a person smirking in the background.  That person was quickly identified as FBI Agent James Yacone.

‘Joe Quinn’ of “The Sott Report” tells us that: The FBI agent with the smirk in the above video is James F. Yacone. In 2011 he was named special agent in charge of the FBI’s Denver Division by Director Robert S. Mueller III.

Before his Denver posting, Yacone served as a section chief in the Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG), which involved direct management and oversight of the FBI’s national tactical program, crisis negotiation program, and a variety of mobility and crisis response assets. The CIRG is basically the military wing of the FBI and it “works to successfully resolve critical incidents worldwide.”

YaconeYacone was a natural choice for this position given his background. He served eight years in the U.S. Army and is “a decorated combat veteran”. Specifically, he was directly involved in the 1993 ‘Battle of Mogadishu’ that inspired the propaganda book and movie Black Hawk Down.

Once he got home, with blood all over his hands, Mr. Yacone joined the FBI in 1995 and was first assigned to the Philadelphia Division, where he investigated violent drug trafficking organizations, organized crime, and financial institution fraud. During his tenure with the CIRG, Mr. Yacone was promoted to supervisory special agent and later unit chief, deploying to multiple critical incidents and major investigations around the world in support of the global fight against terrorism.

Mr. Yacone served as an assistant special agent in charge of the FBI Richmond Division’s National Security Branch from 2007 to 2009. In addition to the counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and intelligence programs, he also implemented the FBI’s new threat-based intelligence process for two FBI field divisions.

This resume is written in the ‘Bureaucratic’ language.  Let us see just exactly what it means!

Yacone served as a section chief in the Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG), which involved direct management and oversight of the FBI’s national tactical program, crisis negotiation program, and a variety of mobility and crisis response assets. The CIRG is basically the military wing of the FBI and it “works to successfully resolve critical incidents worldwide.”

Firstly the ‘FBI’ is the ‘Federal Bureau of Investigation’, an American federal body, and as such only has power in America that relate to its ‘Federal powers’.  The ‘FBI’ does have powers with American Embassies overseas, but again, once the FBI steps outside those boundaries, the only power they possess is that of “Bluff”.

“Yacone served as a section chief in the Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG)”

What we have to consider here are those responsibilities that rested with Yacone; as in ‘direct management’, FBI’s national tactical program, crisis negotiation program, and ‘crisis response assets’.  FBI Agent James Yacone now has connections to every other major event within America that has occurred since July 2012.

He served eight years in the U.S. Army and is “a decorated combat veteran”.

Just exactly what does this tell us?  There is no unit or rank, but I feel safe to say that Yacone was not a non-commissioned officer.

Specifically, he was directly involved in the 1993 ‘Battle of Mogadishu’

Now this does tell us something.  The Battle of Mogadishu involved the American ‘special forces’ trying to take out a local ‘War-lord’.  Things went badly wrong, and the locals being armed, just like the local Americans with their ‘2nd Amendment’, shot the s**t out of the ‘Special Forces’.

For this very reason, Special Agent, James Yacone likely does not believe in the 2nd Amendment, especially when his men could become targets in America.  It also tells you of another quirk of Yacone’s, that being he is an elitist, one of the new ‘aristocracy’ of the ruling class in America.

Mr. Yacone joined the FBI in 1995 and was first assigned to the Philadelphia Division, where he investigated violent drug trafficking organizations, organized crime, and financial institution fraud.

The duties named within this sentence are known as ‘General duties’, and normally carried out by the rank and file policemen within that area.  Within a ‘Resume’ it is called ‘Filler’.

During his tenure with the CIRG, Mr. Yacone was promoted to supervisory special agent and later unit chief, deploying to multiple critical incidents and major investigations around the world in support of the global fight against terrorism.

Now this is more ‘with it’, as it gives the reader something to work with.  I doubt if James Yacone was involved with the investigations into the Madrid Railway bombing, or the London bombing of 7/7/05.

It is the thoughts of Mogadishu that reminds me of how the American ‘Intelligence’ units used to interrogate North Vietnamese prisoners.  They used to take them for a ride in a helicopter, open the door and chuck a couple out.  Then they would ask their questions of the remaining POW’s and depending on the answers, or just how their inquisitors felt at the time, decided whether the POW’s survived or joined their flightless comrades.

But it is the CIRG that really tells us something.  For these units to practise ‘critical responses’ they first have to either study and act out what occurred during such incidents, or create their own incidents, all classroom drama of course.  ‘Of course!’

Once the events at the Century Theatre at Aurora Colorado are properly studied, it becomes extremely clear that the only person with the ‘expertise’ to create such a ‘critical incident’ as this massacre was Special Agent, James Yacone.

The Sandy Hook Elementary School Hoax

On the 14th of December 2012 an ‘ERT’ exercise took place at the Carmel School in Connecticut.  For such an ‘exercise’ to take place, the ‘Exercise Co-ordinator’ could not use a school that was in proper use at that time.  They had to use a ‘vacant’ school.  After the ‘exercise’ was completed, a local news media helicopter flew overhead, and so the local ERT team, not being too intelligent, created a ‘chase’ for the media to film to demonstrate just how good they were and to give the locals something to watch.  It later stated that the person chased and apprehended by the police at ‘Sandy Hook’ was in fact an off-duty ERT policeman armed with four handguns!

Yet the real Sandy Hook Elementary School had been fenced off and vacant for years, permitting this school to become quite dilapidated simply due to ‘Asbestos’ that was contained within the buildings.  The presence of asbestos meant that the school could never be used, and it would be extraordinarily expensive to demolish, so it was simply fenced off and left to ruin, until such time as the government could obtain sufficient monies to pay for its demolition.

Naturally the ‘media’ had a field day, interviewing all the various parents/actors and even some of the actual police ‘first responders’, but it was not until the Boston Marathon bombing that a vital piece of evidence came into being.

What we have to consider with all the evidence that demonstrates that the Sandy Hook Massacre was a total hoax is that the required legislation that was introduced on the 23rd of February 2012 by four Connecticut State Senators, Mikutel, Fasano, McLachlan and Suzio, in regard to nondisclosure of underage homicide victims.  This simply demonstrates that the ‘Sandy Hook’ massacre had been planned prior to this date.  The fact that the Connecticut State Coroner, H. Wayne Carver II, disputed this ‘required’ legislation informs us that he was not part of the scheme at that stage.

The Carmel Elementary School Exercise

On the morning of the 14th of December 2012, The Department of Homeland Security was running an ‘Exercise’ (FEMA L-366 Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters) at the Carmel Elementary School in Connecticut.  At this school were assembled all the various players needed for such an exercise.  There were the various ‘first responders’ including the actors to play the roles of children, and ‘their parents’, as well as ‘The Putnam County’ Emergency Response Team.

To quote the Putnam County Courier:  “Ironically, members of the Putnam County Emergency Response Team-a highly trained group of officers used when crises of this type occur- were training Friday in Carmel.”

So just exactly what actual police members were assembled at the Carmel Elementary School?  Just exactly who are these three men posing as ‘first responders’?  Could they be ‘FBI CIRG’ as per James Yacone?


The Boston Marathon ‘Bomb’ Exercise

On Monday the 15th of April 2013 at 2:49pm, approximately two hours after the winners had crossed the finish line of the Boston Marathon, two bombs are detonated.  At this time most of the dignitaries and other ‘hangers-on’ had departed the scene, but with 5,700 competitors still in the race, the crowds are enjoying the event.

Thousands of spectators flee the scene in fear of their lives, and people are reported to have been killed or wounded by these two bomb blasts.  The FBI takes command of the ‘investigation’, aided by all of the various alphabetic bureaucracies, the BATFE, the CIA, the NCTC and even the DEA.

Security at the Boston Marathon Race

According to an article by Anthony Gucciardi, “Boston marathon runner Alastair Stevenson says that before the explosions erupted at the Boston Marathon this morning, he was told by police over the loud speakers that bomb squads and bomb sniffer dogs were part of a ‘training exercise’.  There was also mention of ‘Police snipers’ on the roof-tops.

Again from Gucciardi, “There has been much discussion over two individuals fitted with earpieces and military-esque gear spotted at the Boston Marathon, but as it turns out they may likely be employees of the Blackwater-style private military/security firm ‘Craft International’.”

To negate the earlier belief of ‘Craft’ involvement we have this from;/ “The military looking guys in the video/photos (as pictured above) are actually Massachusetts Guard’s 1st Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team (WMD CST).

You may be asking yourself, what they were doing there?  Good question.  Since the Boston Marathon is so huge, the National Guard plays a significant role, and at the Boston Marathon there were several hundred national guardsmen on duty that day, including small factions of the (WMD CST).  Their job isn’t to be first responders, their jobs are to find out what’s going on, and see if there are additional threats.  That is what they were doing there.

This last paragraph is pure bunkum, as in any normal situation where police and ‘other’ support groups work together in large ‘public events’ the police and ‘other support groups’ are interwoven so as to give a more cohesive action.  What was extremely noticeable was the ‘absence’ of any police in the specific areas where the two bombs were detonated.

This absence is extremely important.  Firstly, because policemen do not like policemen getting killed by ‘accident’.  Secondly, because policemen are supposed to notice ‘little things’–something like somebody placing a bomb on the ground.  And thirdly, because whoever did the bombing needed to have control of that area.  This being so then who were the ‘Craft’ personnel?  Here is the answer!


In this photograph an FBI bomb squad truck has arrived, on cue.  We have the driver of this transport standing at the front of the vehicle talking with two ‘Craft’ guys; another person in a blue top is standing next to her.  The front passenger door is open and another ‘Craft’ guy appears to be reaching into the passenger compartment of the truck, and the driver is not even batting an eyelid.

Now, if this was your vehicle would you be concerned that somebody not known to you was opening the passenger door, especially when two bombs have just gone off?  Even if it was ‘just a drill’, would you still let some unknown person into your vehicle?  In other words, the ‘guy’ in the truck is FBI!  Not ‘Craft’, not WMD CST, but FBI.

Who set off the bombs?

There were two bombs that had to be detonated, as well as charges placed in shop windows to cause the plate glass to shatter and fall outside the actual shops.  Had the bombs been real, then the glass panes would had shattered violently into shards and followed the force of the blasts and thus into the shops killing or injuring staff and customers.  As it was, the glass lay on the footpaths in opposition to the bomb theory.  In this picture we see one ambulance to tend the 150+ wounded and killed, one old gentleman with an empty wheelchair, and most people are either standing around or walking away.  It is not the ‘real thing. Rather, it is a police drill.

So who did set off the ‘explosions’?  Could it be this guy?


Of course not!  Infowars tells us that this picture was ‘snapped a few moments after the first bomb detonation.  Infowars also tells us that the device he is holding is an “Inspector Radiation Alert” device that detects radiation from a dirty bomb or nuclear attack.  Apparently this ‘Craft’ guy is really ‘Inspector Gadget’ of the cartoon fame.

Here he is again. Oh, by the way, there is an empty red wheelchair under the tree by the curb.  I wonder what happened to its occupant?


What is interesting is that the man with the ‘Inspector Radiation Alert’ has a backpack on, his two companions do not appear to be wearing backpacks.  Now have we seen these gentlemen before?  Of course we have.


Let us go back to FBI Special Agent James Yacone. Yacone served as a section chief in the Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG).  During his tenure with the CIRG, Mr. Yacone was promoted to supervisory special agent and later unit chief deploying to multiple critical incidents

What we have here are three men, who by the actions at the FBI bomb truck demonstrate they are part of the FBI.  We have these three men being deployed at both the ‘Sandy Hook’ hoax, and the Boston Bombing drill.  That means that these three men are actually part of the FBI ‘Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG) as they have been deployed to two (known) critical incidents.  The possibility that these three men also placed and detonated the bombs in the Boston Marathon has also got to be extremely high.  We will now move on to the Tsarnaev Brothers.

Tamerlan and Dzokhar Tsarnaev and Ibragim Todashev

Immediately after the Boston bombing, police and FBI initiate a search for ‘the bombers’.  They start collecting all of the various CCTV videos from the various businesses and any other source.

On the evening of the 15th of April 2013, a police report states that the ‘bomber’ has been apprehended and is to be charged at a local court house.  The media rush to the courthouse, only to find the building locked and the police reports of the apprehension of the ‘bomber’ denied.

The police now instigate a ‘major search for the ‘Boston Bombers’, identified as two brothers, Tamerian and Dzhokhar Tsarnaeu.

So, just exactly how did the Boston Police, superbly aided by the FBI/CIA, identify the ‘bombers’?  That is easy; Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a FBI/CIA operative and had been employed by them for a number of years.  How did the ‘Boston Police/FBI manage to arrest Tamerlan Tsarnaev so quickly?  Again that was easy.  Tsarnaev was ‘arrested’ when he went to report to his superior.

The question now is why was Tamerlan Tsarnaev framed by his own ‘people’?  The answer is that Tsarnaev had unwittingly received information that was ‘extremely classified’.   What was this information?  All in good time.

On the evening of the 18th of April, police are reported to have killed the main ‘bomber’ suspect, Tamerian Tsarnaeu after which he was run over by an SUV driven by his 19 year old brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaeu who fled the scene.  This report is later denied by an independent witness who states that the police first ran over the suspect with their own SUV, and then fired shots into the body.

By Friday the 19th of April an unarmed Dzhokhar Tsarnaeu is arrested by police after a supposed shootout in which the 19-year-old was reported to have attempted suicide by shooting himself in the throat with a firearm he did not possess.  However in a media interview, the Boston SWAT team that arrested Dzhokhar Tsarnaev described his throat wound as a ‘knife cut’.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was then conveyed to the ‘Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre where he was treated by ‘Israeli’ doctors.  Dr. Kevin (Ilan) Tabb told the Israeli website Ynet that Tsarnaev is in stable condition but that because of wounds to his throat, he may never be able to speak again.

Now why would the Tsarnaev brothers both end up at an ‘Israeli’ hospital and be either treated or laid out in the mortuary?  I would suggest that perhaps Dr. Kevin (Ilan) Tabb may belong to an ‘Israeli Intelligence unit’.  Whatever else, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev would never be able to inform anyone what his older brother Tamerlan may have told him on his return from Dagestan.  There is now only one person left who Tamerian may have passed on the information he received in Dagestan, his good friend Ibragim Todashev.

The deaths of Special Agents Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw

On the 22nd of April 2013, the headlines stated “2 FBI Agents Involved in Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Arrest “FALL” Out of Helicopter and Die”.

On Friday the 17th May 2013, Special Agents Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw died when they apparently fell from a helicopter during a maritime counterterrorism exercise.  They were killed when they fell into the water.

“The FBI agents were participating in a maritime counterterrorism exercise involving helicopters and a ship,” said Special Agent Ann Todd.  “The agents were in the process of fast-roping from the aircraft onto the ship when the helicopter encountered difficulties.  The agents fell a significant distance and suffered fatal injuries.”  “The incident occurred about 20 kilometres from the coastline.  The Coast Guard was not involved.”

“Both were members of the bureau’s elite hostage rescue team.”

“Irwin Wells, a former FBI special agent who retired in 1990 after leading the Norfolk field office for three years, stressed that the Hostage Rescue Team is different from the FBI’s regular SWAT teams.  He noted that agents assigned to a field office’s SWAT team also must perform other jobs inside the bureau, while agents assigned to the Hostage Rescue Team have no other duties.



So when CNN interviewed the ‘SWAT’ team that arrested Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the team’s ‘spokesman’ was Jeff Campbell.  There is no evidence to suggest that either Lorek or Shaw were actually involved with the arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, but if they were, what would be their reaction when the other SWAT team members fire off 300 rounds at the surrendering Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?  No wonder they fell out of a helicopter!  Now there is one more death to consider, that of Ibragim Todashev.

Ibragim Todashev

Dead men tell no tales

Three days after the deaths of Special Agents, Lorek and Shaw, Todashev was interviewed at his home in Orlando Florida by an FBI special agent from the Boston Field Office, who was accompanied by two Massachusetts State Police troopers.

From Wikipedia: “ and interviewed Todashev for approximately eight hours in his living room.”

The main question here is why would the FBI agent wish to interview Todashev in his own living room?  The answer is that there were no CCTV cameras to record such interviews.

From Wikipedia: “Abdulbaki’s American attorney Eric Ludin said Ibragim had undergone multiple prior interrogations in Florida and was promised this would be the last one, and had cancelled a planned trip to Chechnya earlier in May on the advice of the FBI.”

So, on the advice of the FBI, Ibragim Todashev remains in Orlando to be ‘interviewed’ again, and this time for over 8 hours.  There is one action that the FBI did not want Todashev to take, and that was to return to Russia.  Why?

From Wikipedia: “The investigators later said that Todashev implicated both himself and Tamerlan Tsarnaev in the (the 2011 Waltham murders) murders during the questioning soon after midnight. They reported that Todashev was beginning to write a formal statement when he asked to take a break, and then suddenly attacked the agent. Todashev was shot multiple times and killed”

This is not correct for so many reasons.  Firstly, if Todashev was to be ‘interviewed in regard to the 2011 triple murders at Waltham, then he would be interviewed at a proper facility and permitted legal assistance.

So just after midnight, after 8 hours of being ‘interviewed by the FBI, Todashev has started to write a ‘formal statement’.  Again, this is not proper practice.  If this was correct, then all parties should have adjourned to the nearest police station.

Now, how does one write a ‘formal statement’?  How about by sitting at a table with pen and paper.  What a wonderful position in which to launch an attack!

From Wikipedia: “According to the account of an unnamed law enforcement official, Todashev knocked the interrogating agent to the ground with a table, and then lunged at him with a metal pole, or possibly a broomstick. In this account there was one detective in the room—who did not fire—besides the FBI agent.The agent sustained minor injuries requiring stitches.”

I shall be nice here.  It would be assumed that the FBI agent was also seated at the table, when Todashev pushes the table into the FBI agent, knocking both the agent and his chair over and the table on top of him.  We have one of the Massachusetts State Police troopers watching over this event.  His reaction at this incident is to simply to watch and, perhaps á la ‘Gomer Pyle’ say, “Oh golly gosh!  Lookout Agent whatever, Todashev is going to attack you!”

The FBI agent ensnared by the chair and the table has to extradite himself, reach for his handgun, aim and then shoot Todashev several times whilst still lying on the floor.

There are now three questions that should be considered.

(1)     What did Tamerlan Tsarnaev tell Ibragim Todashev?

(2)     Why did the FBI not want Ibragim Todashev to return to Russia?

(3)     Why was it necessary for the FBI to murder Ibragim Todashev?

The CIA agent, Tamerlan Tsarnaev

“Dead men tell no tales”

Mrs. Tsarnaev tells us her son was known to the FBI.  She also tells us that Tamerian told her he had become an ‘Islamic’ extremist!  Why?  The family were not known for their religious beliefs, and also note that Tamerian had married an attractive young lady and had started a family.  In simple words, Tamerian had been ‘recruited’ by the FBI/CIA as a ‘conduit’ to possible Islamic extremists, and his FBI/CIA cover, demonstrated that agenda.

Again, we have been told by the media that Tamerian Tsarnaev was in Dagestan, a region bordering Chechnya from January 2012 until June 2012.  So who would Tsarnaev visit whilst in an area close to relatives and friends?  Is there truth to the rumour that an American Foreign Affairs official in Chechnya is married into the Tsarnaev family?

In this media report on Tamerlan Tsarnaev, we are informed that Tsarnaev attended a ‘workshop’ sponsored by the ‘Jamestown Foundation’.

[The Russian newspaper cites documents produced by the Counterintelligence Department Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia confirming that the NGO “Fund of Caucasus” held workshops in the summer of 2012 and Tsarnaev attended.]

We are ‘specifically’ not informed of where this ‘workshop was, but I believe we can assume that the workshops took place in ‘Georgia’.

[In 2012, Tsarnaev spent six months in Dagestan, a region neighbouring Chechnya. The FBI interviewed him the previous year but said it found no evidence that he was a threat. On Tuesday, Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano said her agency was aware of the trip and, on Wednesday, Secretary of State John Kerry stated Tsarnaev returned from Russian trip “with a willingness to kill people.”]

To me, this paragraph is unclear.  Did the FBI interview Tsarnaev in 2011, prior to his leaving for Dagestan, or on his return in 2012?  The comments made by the FBI and Janet Napolitano, tell us nothing really, but the Secretary of State John Kerry is an idiot!  How could Kerry substantiate his remark?  What John Kerry has done though is tell us when Tamerlan Tsarnaev became ‘the enemy’!

From Infowars:  The Caucasus Fund was established in November, 2008, following the Georgian-Ossetian conflict. The main purpose of the organization, according to Izvestia, is “to recruit young people and intellectuals of the North Caucasus to enhance instability and extremism in the southern regions of Russia.”

Moscow has explicitly criticized the Jamestown Foundation for engaging in an anti-Russian propaganda campaign. “Organizers again and again resorted to deliberately spreading slander about the situation in Chechnya and other republics of the Russian North Caucasus using the services of supporters of terrorists and pseudo-experts. Speakers were given carte blanche to spread extremist propaganda, [and] incite ethnic and inter-religious discord,” said the Foreign Ministry of Russia in December, 2007.

The Jamestown Foundation is a known CIA front. It “is only an element in a huge machine, which is controlled by Freedom House and linked to the CIA,” writes the Voltaire Network. “In practice, it has become a specialized news agency in subjects such as the communist and post-communist states and terrorism.” It “publishes specialized bulletins on both the post-communist world and terrorism, which serve as reference for Washington’s think tanks. University scholars and journalists are dedicated to depict a ghost-filled world whose very same hostility justifies the U.S. empire.”

CIA director William Casey and Russian dissident Arkady Shevchenko were instrumental in creating the organization. Jamestown’s board of directors includes Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter. Brzezinski, a high-level globalist operative, initiated the CIA’s recruitment of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan that ultimately produced al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

The notorious russophobe Brzezinski heads up the foundation’s American Committee for Peace in Chechnya, an NGO based at the Freedom House, the latter funded by the National Endowment for Democracy, the CIA front designed to foment color revolutions and overthrow governments. It also receives funding from Soros Foundations, the CIA’s Ford Foundation, and the U.S. Agency for International Development, the outfit used by the U.S. government to run “humanitarian” NGOs instrumental in running color revolutions in former Russian states.

The revelation about Tsarnaev’s whereabouts in 2012 and his connection to an anti-Russian NGO sponsored by the CIA should be considered the missing link in the story concerning his purported radicalization at the hands of Salafist militants. However, since the establishment is providing the script and narrative for the official story, we expect the corporate media to give it zero credence.

This article was posted: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at 12:30 pm]

I would believe that it is fair enough to state that Tamerlan Tsarnaev had been recruited by the CIA.  The question that poses the most intriguing answers though would be; “Just exactly who did Tamerlan Tsarnaev meet at the workshop in Georgia?”  Was it Dmytro Yarosh?  The other question has to be; “Why was it that John Kerry considered Tamerlan Tsarnaev ‘the enemy’, when he returned from the CIA workshop in Georgia?

What one has to consider is that Tamerlan was not set up for the Boston Bombing by coincidence.  There has to be a particular reason for it, and one that Tamerlan is totally unaware of.  It cannot be that Tamerlan has committed some indiscretion, as such a matter would have been settled in the normal manner.  The other facts which include the attempted murder of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and then the outright murder of Ibragim Todashev, who had been also stopped from returning to Russia by the FBI.  The only conclusion that I can come up with is that these events were due to ‘National Security’, and the trigger of these events was when Tamerlan was overseas.  Again, the main event for Tamerlan going overseas was to attend the ‘workshop in Georgia!

The Revolution in Kiev

From Voltaire-net:

Under the control and in the presence of US diplomats, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine carried out a coup d’état, on 22 and 23 February 2014.

The Parliament first took note of the forced resignation of its president and appointed the former head of the Ukraine Security Service, Oleksandr Turchynov, in his place.

Then, 328 MPs out of 450 repealed the Constitution, substituting it with that of 2004, that is to say without a referendum and in an emergency situation, thereby contravening Articles 156 and 157 of the Constitution.

In the process, the MPs deposed the president of the republic, Viktor Yanukovych, without complying with the impeachment procedure and without review by the Constitutional Court, in other words in violation of Article 111 of the Constitution.

They voted the release of former Prime Minister and billionaire Yulia Tymoshenko sentenced to 7 years in prison for abuse of power, and whose attorney is Oleksandr Turchinov.

Finally, the next day they proclaimed Oleksandr Turchinov acting president, in breach of Article 112 of the Constitution.

Overstepping his interim powers, “president” Turchinov appointed his friend Valentin Nalivaytchenko head of the security service, and then called for a presidential election on May 25 for which Yulia Tymoshenko should be a candidate.

The coup was immediately hailed as a “return to democracy” (sic) by the Western powers .

Now ‘revolutions do not take place overnight.  There is a lot of planning, training of ‘troops’ and a variety of manipulations that have to take place.  With the ‘revolution in Kiev, the Ukraine, which included the Crimea, with the Russian port on the Black Sea, one of Russia’s major naval ports would be denied to Russia, or at least that would have been the plan.  So now, consider this:


From Voltaire-net:

The Prosecutor General of Russia has opened an investigation into public calls for terrorism inside Russia posted ​​by Dmytro Yarosh on his website.

Nazi leader Dmytro Yarosh was appointed Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council (body that oversees the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces) in the Ukrainian government that emerged from the coup.

Dmytro Yarosh boasted of having fought against the Russians to defend the Islamic Emirate of Ichkeria (Chechnya). On his website, he urged Dokka Umarov, Emir of the North Caucasus and member of al-Qaeda to “commit extremist actions and terror on Russian territory” in support of the “Ukrainian revolution.”

During the riots on Maidan square, Dmytro Yarosh led the Right Sector (Pravy Sektor), an organization of 3,000 battle-hardened militants armed by NATO through Poland. He staged a fake kidnapping by police forces and declared to have fled after being severely tortured. Refusing to show the traces of his ordeal to journalists, he immediately left for Germany – at Chancellor Angela Merkel’s invitation – for treatment.

What better place would there be for Dmytro Yarosh to pick up a ‘likely’ recruit than at the CIA workshop in Georgia?  Would Yarosh, as one Chechen to another inform Tamerlan of the ‘coming’ revolution, as well as who was doing the backing once he was aware that Tamerlan came from America?

And once Tamerlan Tsarnaev was aware of the coming event, would he inform his very good friend, Ibragim Todashev, who could very well inform his father, Abdulbaki Todashev who was a ‘high ranking pro-Moscow official in Grozny.  Would Tamerlan Tsarnaev also chat to his younger brother Dzhokhar about what he learnt in Georgia?

Do you understand now why the Tsarnaev brother had to die!  Do you understand why the FBI special Agent murdered Ibragim Todashev?

Can you understand why the two agents from the ‘Hostage Rescue Team’ who would have flipped when the other SWAT teams started to shoot at an unarmed youth surrendering to them and thus earned themselves a one-way helicopter ride!

*Andrew S. MacGregor is an experienced military and law enforcement officer. Born in 1947 in Yarraville, Melbourne, Australia, Mr. MacGregor served in the Citizens Military Forces of the Victoria Scottish Regiment and as Senior Constable with the Victoria Police. Since 1998 he has conducted extensive research on the Port Arthur Massacre and other Australian ‘lone-nut’ shootings. MacGregor began playing the Bagpipes at age ten, and was active for 14 years as a member of the Victoria Police Highland Pipe Band.

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90 thought on “Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston and Kiev: Connecting the Dots”
  1. I am convinced that even with all this information, the public believes stories because their prejudices have been manipulated, they have invested in a story, it is an emotional bond with authority which authority has consciously established in its ongoing protection rackets, and it takes a bit of quirkiness, perhaps an interest in the creation of perceptions, to see through this. But convincing others, unless you manipulate them as authority does, is very hard. Some people may never see the whole thing straight, deferring always to the official explanation as more probable, stronger.

    I was fascinated recently with the Malaysian airlines disappearance of a jet. But I am now certain it is one more of these fake events, even while people engage in the most rampant speculation and express all manner of terrible fears about it. The story line is being maintained carefully by authority. The hijacked plane that is flying is not a 777, but public opinion.

    Factually, I am sure it is not a real event.

    I came to this conclusion based not on the body of information we have accumulated about false events, but simply on a sense of trick that defies all mathematical probability. It partly came from watching a website of flight radar showing swarms of airplanes in the air at any given time. There are thousands, huge numbers in Asia.

    So ask yourselves – what is so interesting about the cockpit of a 777 Malaysian jetliner that one of CNN’s most flamboyant reporters (I’m not talking about gay, just loopy and flamboyant) Richard Quest would sit in the jumpseat and fly with the pilots? It’s a routine airplane. It’s kind of boring and Malaysia is a long way to go for a story. Yet he claims (and shows) early in the story, that he was in that cockpit with those guys flying around. Why? When he said he was there two weeks before this event, I realized by his tone of voice and the way Anderson Cooper cut him off that he wasn’t supposed to tell how recently that happened. There was a diversionary story about cockpit guests (two women from Australia with 80’s big hair supposedly recently flying at the invitation of the co-pilot to introduce the cross-racial, they-can’t-take-our-women thinking). But nothing can cover up the fact that CNN showed foreknowledge of the event —- two weeks ago.

    We can project where this is going.

    Again – there seems to be a joint Asian exercise in the Indian Ocean, and elsewhere, coordinating their military and civilian defenses and equipment.

    But on top of this is some policy initiative being born, like a small smoky hole soon to grow into a large rock-spewing volcano. What new stories will emerge?

    1. Oh, and noting MacGregor’s last remarks about Ukraine and Chechnya – and about killing those involved in the scheme because dead men tell no tales – well, maybe I will not go so far as to believe that in Boston these guys are really Chechens (after all Dzhokhar’s classmates failed to recognize the man who appeared in federal court to be indicted as their former classmate; they also noted that their classmate, having come to the US at 8 or 9, had no foreign accent) — a conspiracy theorist has to be careful not to get out beyond his facts —

      but if I were to imagine what might come out of the plane hijacking, I would say first off the bat, the sale of military tracking hardware or the inclusion of the US, Britain and Australia in roles of gate-keepers for these “backward” nations. And of course, that all-important coup d’etat of perhaps Malaysia. It would be easy, wouldn’t it, after all this? The Chinese could be brought in to crack down and protect their nationals living there. Singapore, where they think they are supreme – mostly overseas Chinese in charge, would go along. Cake-walk. The usual techniques.

      That’s why Putin is so maddening. You cannot push Russia around that way.

      1. My theory is that the Malaysian airliner never took off and I agree with you that something is totally amiss. Again, do not follow the plane itself, but the interviews with the family members. They all have the Sandy Hoax interview technique, no tears, strong messages of hope, and way too polished. If a family member was on a missing airline, a real person would be in a state of shock, tears, and anger.

        A good starting point for this investigation would be actual proof of takeoff, and not speculation of what happened 1 hour, 5 hours, 6 hours and one week after supposed takeoff.

        1. We are dependent for this knowledge on what we see firsthand. The authorities are trying to create the deception and they know how to cover their tracks.

          What you want is a kind of flow-chart of information which eliminates certain things once and for all.

          Reacting to the families is subjective and all the faces of a foreign nations’ families are hard to evaluate. That Aussie woman seems very Sandy Hook, however. But maybe she never really liked her husband. A lot of women don’t.

          I have stuck with a few things that sum it up for me. You know how they have “retired” flight 370? Well I did not find it at Malaysian Airlines after the day this event happened. It could be (could only – it’s just an arbitrary number anyway) a phantom from the start. I could get into the deep weeds trying to figure if they ever had such a red eye flight to a near time zone, south to north. Just do not know or really want to know and it is a time waster for me.

          To me the issue of foreknowledge and setting up is key, and Richard Quest is the key. Someone asked what conspiracy theorists around this even should call themselves – “Questers” I responded. Because CNN is not going to set him up in the cockpit with those pilots unless there is something they are cooking up. It could only become a story if there was to be an event.

          That event is a military drill.

          I wish it were more interesting, like some caper with cargo, but alas.

          Just another boring infomercial for military hardware.

        2. Oh yes, and one more thing: the trend continues as the national security state goes global:

          Grow the military’s power (so it spills over into local police forces)

          Shrink the power of the people (and disarm them)

          Pretty simple formula for tyranny.

        3. “[…]A good starting point for this investigation would be actual proof of takeoff, and not speculation of what happened 1 hour, 5 hours, 6 hours and one week after supposed takeoff.”

          Agreed, John. I invested 40 minutes in CertianlyNotNews’ Erin Burnett Out Front (hah!) last night, 3/18. The first 30 minutes amounted to nothing more than wild speculation masquerading as news. Then she had a panel of four experts convened to discuss how ridiculous it is for people to theorize about possible conspiracies.

          Richly entertaining. Laughed, turned off tube and went to sleep, knowing the media is hard at work getting to the real facts of the case for us.

    2. Well put Musings! Imagine the view count on this fairy tale plane theatre! The twist and turn evolving storyline keeps getting hits!
      So, John Q. enjoys paying MSM every month to be told these yarns and MSM sells advertising based on the popularity of these fantasy narrations….and the public mind manipulation process continues, until folks tire of have their reality distorted.

    3. No, musings, I believe it took off. With what and who is another question. This could be one of the biggest robberies in history, and if they get away with it-expect more .Perhaps the 1%ers have found a cheaper way than war: Insurance rates will zoom, but as usual, they’re screwing themselves. Only a valid middle class can save a system the 1%ers corrupted.
      btw, the only reason I’m on this site is because I lived in neighboring Ridgefield for 21 years I know what a**holes they are But it gave me revere from .job I Greenwich.

      1. I don’t think I said that it never took off did I? You can have a plane in a drill like that, but one unlikely to contain actual passengers, just military people playing the rogue pilots. In fact it’s important to fly the original route in order to have them try to track you. It should not all be totally pretend.

        1. I don’t mean by original route the Beijing destination one of course, but one decided upon by the designers of the joint maritime Asian exercise (with India and the US as key players). By the way, not only is there a published list of all the players and their military equipment, but it is laid out just like a program for a planned drill. I’ll try and find the link.

          Russia and China plan to run such a drill in the Mediterranean this summer. Won’t that be special?

        2. In Operation Northwoods, the section about hijacking, it says to use chartered flights since they will have more control over the event. The San Fran plane crash hoax was a charter. I also heard that all four planes used in 9/11 were charters, but that was in an interview setting and have been unable to confirm that.

          Has anyone found out who is the security company at both airports? This will tell a lot.

          Soon another will go missing, and then they’ll tell us its aliens! Really freak us out!

          The MSM and elites are doing their silly little dance, and we can only be spectators and see how the fantasy unfolds. Get your popcorn and soda because this is going to be a good one!

        3. BF, I would be curious on the 911 flights fact check. I recall a detailed and logical account of very non-routine passenger shuffling and return to gate activity especially at Logan. A thin paper book documents this. It is well researched and footnoted. The simplest plan would have been to use insiders as passengers and trade places on the radar with fake bogies. The planes and passengers are then intact. Furthermore, the simplest and least chance of error theatre would have been to digitally insert the planes and release the footage to the media. Video manipulation experts that have examined the footage argue for synthetic planes at the towers.

        4. septemberclues dot info makes a good case for digital insertion of the planes prior to the event. If you argue backwards from “how does one get the effect of 9/11 most reliably and at least cost?” then you get controlled demolition + digitally created/modified footage. This also makes the MSM complicit at the highest levels.

    4. Said reporter just got interviewed on NPR and the story got more interesting. A few days after the crash someone called him and told him he knew the co-pilot. He did not know how and that person pointed out when he did the report from the plane, the co-pilot took a picture of the two of them and posted it on the flight deck. Hmmm.

      It was the co-pilots first time landing that plane. Said reporter was asked if it was a little crazy to take that flight considering a rooky was landing it and he agreed it was.

        1. Did not catch it, can stand so much of it at a time. It was after 2 pm today, should be able to get the archive later. It was just too bizarre, someone told me I knew someone because they saw a picture of us?

      1. Kathy, I think that’s a very good observation. I was mulling it over lately – that co-pilot cannot have flown with those women in the 80s hairstyles.

        The foreknowledge CNN and Richard Quest had is very suspicious, given that there are thousands of planes in the air at every moment, and it would have been totally without news value to film a guy in the cockpit of a work-horse airplane unless the story could later have meaning, so in my view they are BUSTED, and I actually noticed this myself when Cooper stopped Richard Quest and changed the subject rapidly when he said he’d flown with him two weeks before. I heard something in Cooper’s voice that told me “Remember that, it’s a mistake to have pointed that out. Either it must be changed, erased or obscured.”

        1. Yes believe they are busted. What you heard is different from what I heard, but that is pretty much how they operate isn’t it? Did a copy and paste from this report of this pm’s radio broadcast, just in case. It seems even more bizarre than what I previously relayed.

          “We were starting to go into high gear to cover this crisis. And all of a sudden, I had just gone home and I got an email from the duty editor in Atlanta saying you knew the co-pilot. I said, no, not that I was aware of. …
          Anyway, it transpires that Fariq Hamid had posted one of the pictures of himself and myself in the cockpit on the flight deck, and somebody else had seen it and tweeted it. And in the nature of these events, that’s how it was. But it was quite a shock to look at the picture …”

        2. When you zoom into the picture, can see why he said it was quite a shock to see the picture. Compared to the co pilots face, he is having major skin issues and a grossly distorted nose. Perhaps that is the no make-up reality, but sure looks like missing teeth in the right corner, guess they do not have good health care there..

        3. I hope to follow up on your WBUR link, but right now I just want to say that if Richard Quest claims to have forgotten this co-pilot experience from the long ago past – it contradicts what I caught between him and Anderson Cooper (and I could tell Cooper was alarmed enough to rapidly switch the subject) – that Quest had flown with him two weeks before the disappearance. This was a major error to state. It had to be brushed over – first with the blondes, and then with the story about the tweet and the ugly picture. This is the Achilles heel and smoking gun – except no one seems to care enough to confront Quest with his prior statement. They are covering up. They let the cat out of the bag, and are in damage control, I imagine. But not for Joe-citizen, more like for their bosses, who, undoubtedly, have their enemies who would love to catch them up to no good.

        4. By the way, I assume it was Tom Ashbrook on here and now? In Boston. I believe he is a former CIA analyst; at any rate he is a Yalie. Damage control. This plane thing was a major operation in Oceania and Southeast Asia, for what reason I don’t know. But it was not a routine flight that just went off course, I suspect it was an excuse for doing something else.

          The insurance payment, check in the mail to Malaysian Airlines (which was experiencing financial difficulties) may have been the price to get it to cooperate. Something is up.

        5. Reading online, it seems he talked to Robin Young – and that yes, indeed, there is the admission that he was with the young co-pilot just weeks before the disappearance, when “it was part of a taping for Business Traveler” which, according to the link you gave me, hadn’t aired yet – although it WAS shown, at least the part that had them in the “bizarre coincidence” of the meeting together in February this year.

          Wonder how this rather dull little sequence would have fit into a show – now no longer dull due to the famous missing co-pilot and the now infamous massive coverage of the whole spoof by CNN.

        6. There are many pictures/videos of the pilot, there are only 2 of the 27 year old co-pilot, both in the cockpit, one with the creepy skinned cnn reporter and the other with the 80’s haired hotties. He was living at home but was engaged, so sad the happy couple have no pictures together….

  2. The TV is the best form of MIND CONTROL DEVISE ever invented – the TV has been TOTALLY taken over many years ago & now the only 5 media outlets are all owned by the CFR ( counsel of foreign relations)/ NWO please forward these videos to everyone you know- if we dont wake up the sleeping mass’s soon we are all doomed- the CFR is closing in fast on us all,our liberties,our health the TV is the enemy- smash the sets people we are in dire straights .everything on the TV is made for the agenda,there is not one word of truth on it ever. We must try to get people interested in alternative media as much as we can – or else THIS is what the people are actually believing – scripted tv

    ***** PLEASE ALSO BUY ONLY ORGANIC/ NON GMO foods for your family & your pets otherwsie you are eating their poison – seeds of death ) IT IS ALL CONNECTED- all the crimes are connected .

  3. On YouTube DAHBOO77 published March 11, 2014, he shows evidence of photoshopped photos of the terrorists who supposedly took the Malaysian flight off the grid. Check it out, please.

    I believe this to be another huge distraction from what is really going on in the world and our Country.

    Thank you for your in-depth blog posts. I think the dumbing down of America is the Administration’s hope and George Soros, has his puppets strategically placed to do his and others’ dirty work.

  4. Interesting tie-ins: Aurora mental illness/gun control

    Sandy Hook: Mental illness/gun control

    BMB: terrorism/Kiev uprising targeting Russia.

    The EU has plalyed out its talent for mischief. The US and UK–follow their descending flights of fancy, as well. Sentient people aren’t buying in; we on this side of the dividing line should celebrate our acute awareness and glory in our cognitive blessings.

    Mr. MacGregor does a splendid job of targeting the method in the madness. Why go to all that trouble unless there is a big payoff to the perps?

    The missing Malaysian airliner has be baffled, however. Can’t get my mind around a motive. Pray no one was sacrificed in this really
    dramatic extravaganza. The human mind loves a mystery; perhaps it’s just an example of a global psyop with ready data for testing a theory.

    1. Marilyn you are so right about the BMB foreshadowing the Kiev uprising. I seem to recall, too, that events in Syria put the US in opposition to Russia in the stakes, where they backed Assad and we were mixed up with elements that included Chechens and “al Qaeda” fighters. Then the Syria thing kind of got turned down to a simmer. The Olympics began, and now we are in the new situation vis a vis the Russians, with “Boston Strong” Kerry going “toe to toe with the Russkies.”

      The whole Chechen theme thing just running through it as a series of vague impressions. I’m not sure why Chechens had to be tagged as the enemy in the BMB affair, but then I am not a professional propagandist. I assume that when someone from our side decides (in collusion with Ukrainian Nazi-worshippers) to strike the Russians, the false flag we will perform under will be the Chechen one. And everyone will believe it because they know how evil the Chechens are, and the act, however horrendous, will never be attributed to the “good guys” of the USA.

  5. Oh, yes the missing flight is fake, if we can get enough facts out there fast enough, perhaps the world will catch on to this, too! The CNN connection and the girls in the cockpit, as my husband said, “Those girls wouldn’t have a thing to do with those toady pilots.” …

  6. To execute a political coup without public objection, other distractions have to be created for the coup to succeed with little public realization. It appears to be a “coincidence” the Malaysian airliner vanished without a trace while Ukraine is being manipulated by US and EU interests.

    1. I think we should see there is a geopolitical game being played here, which might even extend to “finding” the plane in Central Asia.
      Consider too that China does not seem to be working hard participating in this to find its own nationals – just criticizing Malaysia. And this summer they are scheduled to hold maneuvers with Russia, not up near the Kamchatka peninsula the way they did last time, but in the Mediterranean. Russia has invited China to the Club Med for the summer break! I wonder how nervous that is making lots of people, including those running the current Indian Ocean operations.

  7. The author has done an excellent job of connecting the dots.

    This missing plane is yet another distraction as evidenced in CNNs 24/7 coverage of it, as if there is no other news to report.

    Weather manipulation is yet another form of attacking the citizens, the food supply, their livelihood, their struggles just getting through another day of surviving under difficult conditions, their mental outlook diminished with the lack of sunshine.

    Here is a very thorough compilation of evidence the government is controlling the weather. General Electric, of course, is behind the science and production, handing it over to the gov for implementation to avoid lawsuits. George Soros and many other profiteers bet on weather commodities and are sucking the life out of the American farmers of the past, there is much more…

    1. Talk about propaganda, what parent would bring their child to this scary Disney movie called frozen?

      You can bet the scattered reports of the homeless freezing to death are lacking. We had a discussion here awhile back, on how tptb determined it was more humane to release the mentally ill to fend for themselves, than to keep them warm and fed.


      The chemtrail operation goes “darker than black”. It is rare to see a sky without these in photos from all around the globe, even where the powers who think they are live. Protesting this operation is as fruitful as protesting taxes. Someone is hell-bent on destroying this planet with poisoning air, food, water and through wars, finances and useful idiots. The hoaxes being perpetrated ad nauseam is to occupy the unquestioning masses with trivia. The few who question everything is a harmless minority – so far. The players in these hoaxes, such as Anderson Cooper, Lt. Vance, invisible people and the rest, are mere useful idiots. They are nothing compared to what goes on elsewhere. Millions are participation in their own destruction for a paycheck.

      The name William Pawelec, mentioned in an earlier comment by me, made me look further. When some larger players have come full cycle as their usefulness is concerned, they experience sudden deaths. Seems to be the only way to prevent someone from ‘speaking out’ when it’s deemed safe. I looked up Baron Jesco von Puttkamer, mentioned by Pawelec’s widow in the quote below, and found that not only was he a major player here in the space program, but his dad and grandfather also were big players elsewhere in earlier times. I was not allowed to copy and paste from this site (The German-Japanese Propaganda Connection), but here is a quote regarding the dad with the same name: “A German aristocrat named Baron Jesco von Puttkamer left Berlin in the spring of 1941 for Japanese held Shanghai. His mission was to organize a German propaganda office to broadcast the message of Adolf Hitler’s government to the Far East and beyond. von Puttkamer’s father was a major-general in WWI.”

      From William Pawelec’s widow Annie DeRiso:

      “It was during this time that he learned about the Tonopah base which is more remote and inaccessible than Area 51. It also was where Bill’s rose-colored patriotic glasses began to cloud over.

      His disenchantment began when he was called to give what he thought was going to be a regular project status report at Tonopah. The meeting was held in a heavily controlled room that was built like a Faraday cage making it impossible for communications to come in or out of the sealed room. Briefcases, papers, pagers and any form of identification were not allowed at that meeting, Annie says. Only the generals could be recognized by their uniforms. The tension was really high and Bill was surprised at how nervous the high-ranking generals were. He knew something BIG was up. Bill saw a private jet escorted by two of our military jets land on the tarmac. Surprisingly, this private jet rolled all the way to the building where the meeting was scheduled as the escort jets departed. A very imposing man stepped out of the jet and entered the room. He was relatively tall, and wore a very expensive European suit. His shoes and briefcase were equally luxurious and there was an aide or bodyguard by his side. His demeanor was very aristocratic and he spoke with a High German accent. The room was electrified with nervous tension as each person gave his status report and answered questions.

      When everyone had spoken, the German man thanked them for their good work and simply left. He was never introduced nor identified in anyway. It is believed he was Baron Jesco von Puttkamer, one of the Germans who came to the United States with Werner von Braun. Whatever happened that day convinced Bill that the United States, and probably the whole world, was being controlled by Europeans, says Annie, but exactly who ‘they’ were was the big question. It drove Bill and his friends on a quest to find out what was really going on.
      Annie explains, about the same time, Bill’s cancer started to grow and he began talking about what he knew. By the way, two of his close friends are professional remote viewers and see Bill’s death as being highly suspicious. All this leaves me and Bill’s friends wondering WHAT ARE “THEY” NOT LYING TO US ABOUT?”

      From Wikipedia:
      From 2009 until his death, Puttkamer provided management leadership at NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C., on the programs of the International Space Station (ISS), for which he held special responsibilities as a Russia expert for the Russian segment and activities and daily on-orbit operation/increments, the Space Shuttle and, since 2004, President George W. Bush’s Vision for Space Exploration, was stationed in the HQ Space Operations Mission Directorate (SOMD).
      Jesco von Puttkamer died of a sudden illness on December 27, 2012.[2]

        1. Oops–typo there. Should’ve been “remote,” not “remove,” from this statement:

          “By the way, two of his close friends are professional remote viewers and see Bill’s death as being highly suspicious.”

        2. dinophile, I copied the interview with Annie DeRiso as it was posted on the Internet. I too looked at the words “professional remote viewers” and assumed she meant someone who had extensive training in this skill. Since her husband worked for the CIA and his friends did too, some were killed by other means than cancer, I can only guess that the remote viewers worked for the CIA or one of the military branches.

          I have driven extensively through Nevada in some real forsaken and remote parts, on roads near Area 51 and also visited the town of Tonopah among other strange places in the state. Nevada is eerie. We stayed at the Little A’Le’Inn in Rachel, Nevada, close to Area 51. There was bookcase in the coffee shop there that displayed some real interesting reading material for sale. One was a thick, typed manuscript by a man who had worked at Area 51. He described what was going on there in the seventies. I got this gem for 50 cents and saved if for reading upon returning home. During the night it vanished from my car where I left it. The car was locked and there was no sign of someone breaking in.

          The extraterrestrial topic is of special interest to me. Anything else, including hoaxes galore, pales in comparison. Speaking of hoaxes, while out driving today I heard on the car radio that the LAX shooting, aka LAX hoax, was not handled satisfactorily by the LAPD. There will be extensive training in the works to deal with active shooters. One example today was when they closed down 405 in the middle of rush hour because a man was running around with a gun on the side of the freeway. As if traffic is not nightmarish enough without lone nuts. The ‘efficient’ LAPD got their man who turned to be someone from a homeless camp in the bushes nearby. Guess we should be thankful it did not turn out to be another Dorner event which cost Los Angeles taxpayers millions.


      1. For those americans who read Anne Bs text about the german aristocrat and the idea that USA was controlled from Europe. Think again. Adolf Hitler was coached by the americans. They taught him to dress to hold speaches and they introduced him to influential people in Germany who would otherwise have considered him ridiculous.
        When he was in trouble they handed him money. When he needed a printing press they gave it to him. As the angloestablishment failed to see Trotsky gain power in the Sovjet Union they gave Hitlers gang new uniforms to improve Hitlers chances.
        (the reason they wanted Trotsky is he, being financed by them, would have started revolutions among competitor nations including Germany. This would have given the angloestablishment the chance of ‘saving’ the world by enslaving it under usury, usual fashion.)
        When the German people failed to vote Hitler into office and instead the votes went down the angloestablishment lost patience and one of their conduits SELECTED Hitler into office. The German people never did. Nazi Germany and Hitler were made in the USA.
        And controlled by the USA.
        And then Anne goes a head with remote viewing and extraterrestrials.
        What can I say….

        1. Peter, if you had bothered to understand what I wrote, you would realize that I quoted another person’s story of her husband’s meeting. Those were her husband’s words, not mine. And if you think that all there is, is what you see – well, so be it.

        2. Anne B
          I now reread it and I still get the same impression. I know you quoted but I assumed you had a purpose quoting someone who is convinced that Usa was controlled from Europe. I am not denying that England has had huge influence but this isnt exactly what you’re communicating here.
          It isnt openly stated that Germany is controlling the US but there is a subtle suggestion in that direction, wouldnt you agree?

        3. Has it occurred that there may be a connection between the chemical dumping from the sky, NASA and the space program? There are dots that connect everything and I thought the posters here were aware of that. Enough said.

          Peter Grafström, are you the one from Sweden who posted on Educate Yourself and were taken to task? If that is you it explains your position.

        4. Anne B
          I am not seeking a conflict with you. Since I have offended you I apologise. My detector for German-bashing apparently tripped to easily. Reason being you mentioned the theme of extraterrestrials and nazis.
          Laurens Rockefeller funded the start of a UFO religion in the 70s and there has been a lot of deception in that genre.
          If NASAs current geoengineering projects are under discussion I dont think Werner von Braun needs to be considered. It diverts attention.
          But I admit I may be a little bit overly sensitive about that. I just dont want the germans to be demonized.
          Thank you for mentioning Educate Yourself, I wasnt aware of his publishing of one part of our correspondence. Ken Adachi wasnt able to provide any evidence. He just repeatedly made categorical unproven statements. He is wrong and doesnt properly understand the subject matter. Or alternatively he does understand it but is a liar. Your elites want people to believe satelites can detect weak signals from tiny body implants even inside thick concrete. Ken helps them. In order to have a meaningful discussion about it one has to specify what kind of sophistication is involved. What kind of information is carried by the signals. Ken never did showing he isnt sure. But this is way off topic.

        5. Peter, I agree, we’re way off subject. It’s for a completely different discussion. No need for apologies, I do not get offended easily.

          However, my point was to relate what I found interesting information from a living person who was married to someone with a fair amount of knowledge through working for the CIA.

          Personally I have nothing against people in general, be they from Europe, USA or elsewhere. Germans included. But every so often names pop up that upon further research leads to interesting stories from the past. This story happened to be about the German NASA official. We have read that Hitler was financed by interests in the USA, but who were the interests behind USA? City of London? The Vatican? It goes much deeper than that.

          You wrote:
          “Your elites want people to believe satelites can detect weak signals from tiny body implants even inside thick concrete. Ken helps them. In order to have a meaningful discussion about it one has to specify what kind of sophistication is involved. What kind of information is carried by the signals. Ken never did showing he isnt sure. But this is way off topic.”

          Agree again, we’re way off topic. But the story about the German NASA official leads right back to the body implants you are writing about. CIA employee William Pawelec speaks about it here further into the one hour interview. This is the reason I started researching the German NASA official. If you are interested in the information Pawelec revealed about body implants (RFID chips) here is the interview:

        6. Anne B
          I listened to Pawelek and then wrote a comment intended for you explaining an important difference between the long and short range implants he discussed.
          Then I was censored. ‘They’ erased that text. A surgical elimination of the unwanted part of the text. I promise you I am familiar with the operation of the computer and I am not mistaken.
          Reminds me about a trip to eastern europe in younger years (as a tourist)when I took a photo of a train carrying military equipment. I took it from a niche in a building but the customs saw me and came out. They used a scalpel to cut out that particular photo without damaging any other part of the casette. Nicely done. It was one of those old instamatic cameras.
          I’m now inclined to think that Ken too might be cautious about being too clever. I wrote several emails going into detail and it wouldnt have been difficult for him to do the same and we could have reached consensus I’m sure.
          I’m not craving to challenge ‘them’ about this otherwise ‘they’ would probably let it pass if I insisted. There are some good uses of secret technology but the evil of the elites overshadows everything to such an extent that it is doubtful whether it makes sense to be cooperative. During the last few years my remaining doubt about whether or not ALL terrorists are employed by the angloestablishment has vanished.

        7. Peter, the same has happened to me more than once. When I was involved with chemtrail activists here in Los Angeles and with boots on the ground in that regards, there were more sticks in the wheels than ever before or since. I had emails vanish in front of my eyes, regular mail with chemtrail information was delayed and tampered with and thugs knocked on my door. In the end they won.

          I decided to get out and to the credit of my chemtrail co-activists they are still at it. Not that is has helped in curtailing the spraying. I recall the first chemtrail protest downtown Los Angeles outside senator Barbara Boxer’s office. The minute backs were turned on the table with information to hand out, men in suits were spotted going through the boxes.

          I agree with everything you wrote in your post here at 8:15 AM. When getting too close for comfort in the information sector, there will be someone making sure we get no further. The line in the sand so to speak.

        8. Anne B
          Agree and I too have tons of experience of a similar kind in regard to other sensitive topics. But recently it has been more surgical like I implied.
          Its funny how IPCC actually confirms that geoengineering is ongoing and advices that governments continue, warning that ground temperature would otherwise rise significantly. And on the same time in a different part of their report denying it has been implemented.

          To say the ground temperature would rise very much is undoubtedly extremely exaggerated, the real CO2 effect is likely to be smaller and GW is likely to be only partly dependent on civilization. Nevertheless they have been studying it and worked out patents for it since many decades so at least part of the elites do take it seriously.
          James Tracys article some years ago actually awoke me about the paradoxical aspect of it all, with denied yet ongoing climate engineering and on the same time two opposing teams fighting over the facts while ignoring geoengineering.

        9. Thank you Peter! Believe I started this thread with a very important compilation of hard work created by those who wish to expose the chemical dumping on our world.

          Our very frequent commenter, who lived in or near Newtown and knows it is a real town with real folks changes the subject to the Germans taking over our military and the aliens, sorry when the all important manuscript was stolen from her locked car with no broken windows and was still locked, could no go further…

          It is an hour long video, but you are free to press the pause button and come back later. If you had any doubts about those strange ‘clouds’ you see in the sky, believe you will be certain of their origin after viewing this.

          With all the cutbacks in doe dealing in their hazardous waste sites, have this sickening feeling, they have found an easy way of dispersing the poisons.

        10. As has been admitted by people in US defense, a lot of the UFO diversion has been created to explain away development of secret projects like the Stealth planes. If you have a population which automatically attributes anything out of the ordinary to extraterrestrials, you are home free, and may proceed in your projects without too many budgetary questions being asked. It’s not unlike fake terror used for foreign policy initiatives.

          I grew up in Southern California and would sometimes see the effects of launches of various types of rockets, with rainbow colors and chemtrail like stuff. Having an engineer for a father, we did not grow up speculating about otherworldly causes bordering on almost magic beyond human understanding, because he knew lots of people involved in various projects which, if he did not speak directly about them, did not cause him to speculate about other-worldly causes.

          The problem in this viewpoint, however, was that it was not analytical enough or suspicious of manipulation. He had little sympathy for alternative views, but perhaps because he felt they simply led right back to a simple explanation called “Defense” – on one level, he was right. But he did not seem to understand that defense departments might also try to generate more business and revert to being “War Department” (as they used to be called).

          With a guy like John Kerry, it all comes together in Ukraine, and even the BMB has a role. Boston Strong means there is a War Department and it wants what it wants. His schooling ticked all the boxes, but I don’t think he is particularly brilliant or responsible. My father is distantly related to him, on the mother’s Yankee side, having some close relatives who took the same path in New England of going to the right schools, etc. The automatic view that we are the good guys, the right stuff, the city on a hill, the elect of God, is innate.

          But as the Roman Republic equestrian class learned, sometimes there can be a seizure of power which means nothing will ever be the same, and you cannot trust your leadership as you once did to play fairly with you (they never did with others, however). It isn’t extraterrestrials we must be worried about, but those in our midst who have become alienated from us by their privileges, and who seek to lord it over us for their gain or amusement, those who see themselves as a fortunate species apart from the rest of us. Keeping us dumb and manipulating by miracles is their game, because they hold us in contempt.

        11. As always Musings, thank you for your insights. Suppose you are still seeing chem trails and rainbow clouds, as am I in SC, clearly they do hold us in contempt!

        12. Musings, thanks for your insightful comment. It is not extraterrestrials I am worried about. Never have been. I merely recited an incident that received the wrath and ridicule of a couple of posters here. Wrong blog to bring up such a minor event, although what we experience among us is connected to much we have no knowledge and understanding of. If things were simple, events like 9/11 and Sandy Hook would need no discussion and investigation. We would have access to all the pieces of the big puzzle.

          I have spent considerable time in the deserts of the southwest, hiking, camping and living there. I recall skies that went on forever that were bluer than blue. It is no longer the case. Personally I feel at peace and ease in the desert and have never been scared or frightened even in the most isolated places there. Can’t say the same for city living.

      2. Anne, this may help:

        I keep saying “there are no countries any longer”. The “who” of it is merely “interesting” in a personal sense, and meaningless in a “state” sense.

        It is indeed a mad man’s dream. Our choice is to look at it and resist if possible, or to ignore it and act like it doesn’t exist. You seem, like I, to have figured this out and only use state names, political figures, etc., as a means of discussion. Like you said, they are all mere “employees”.

        1. Lophatt, thanks for the Rense link. I will read what Kirwan (it says by Jim Kiran?) wrote in a few minutes. He is as a wise man.

          You are so right about there being no countries. And no nations. The untold number of employees who rely on the state, for lack of a better term, to make a living – they all have names that are not important. We know many of their faces from the media and refer to the names in writings and discussions. They assist in helping the wheels spin. That is all. The real power does not show its identity.

          And speaking of employees helping wheels turn, there was an incident in UK the other day. During a gathering of people a photographer asked a nearby policeman if it was ok to stand on the low stone wall for better photos. The answer was yes, but first the state employee had to perform a wellness and safety check. That meant making sure the photographer had sturdy legs and measuring the stone wall which was two feet high.
          As you said, lophatt, it is a mad man’s dream.

      1. What a cozy deal they have, one makes the poison on condition they cannot be sued and the other secretly spreads it across the land. Sometimes I wonder if it is just an efficient way of getting rid of all the hazardous wastes they generate.

        Whether the bailout was 182 billion or 80 billion, it matters not, the money continuously flows from one entity into the other, an endless cesspool of corruption.

        This article is somewhat dated, but is very illustrative on who is running/ruining this country and the media outlets they own that will only report what they are directed to by them.

  8. The woman in the photo below reminds me of a photo from Sandy Hook; an alleged Soto sister with a cell phone to her ear and with the same facial expression and body position, lightly dressed for mid December in CT. Here it looks like they cleared out part of an airport to
    set up the scene in front of photographers.

    Sandy Hook Truth did a good job in exposing the fake Asiana Airlines crash last year. A major hoax would not be complete without Anderson Cooper somehow involved. It would be too much of a stretch to have him there with the two pilots, so Quest was the next best choice.
    Anderson is getting a bit overexposed these days.

    There is an article on the Dave Hodges site, written by him titled “The Malaysian Airliner Is NOT Missing & Much More” dated March 14th. In that article is a reference to William Pawelec. He died in 2007 at age 62 from cancer. In 2000 he gave an interview with the stipulation it would not be released until after his death. It was made public in 2010.
    I watched the interview yesterday and will watch it again today. Towards the end he talks about the media. My impression was that this man is 100% genuine. Also, there is not much we can do about anything, except accepting that what he calls projects “darker than black” do exist. He speaks about these projects. Become as independent as possible, I believe he referred to Sovran citizen. He said that there are four groups that own the wealth of the world, last names starting with an R not included. I recommend watching this one hour interview. Two links lead to moderation, but it is easy to find:

    “William (Bill) Pawelec had a long career working on top secret security projects around the world. In 2000, he shared some of those secrets in a video interview for Dr. Steven Greer’s “Disclosure Project.” There was one stipulation; the video could not be released until after Pawelec’s death.

    Though Pawelec died in 2007, it was three years before his wife, Annie DeRiso, found a letter among her husband’s papers from Greer and learned about the video interview and her husband’s stipulation. When she contacted Greer, he sent her a copy of the interview. After watching it, she gave him permission to release it to the public.”

    1. Yes Anne, I remember when “Pravda” used to be the poster child for propaganda. How things turn around!

      A lot of the article’s information is pretty good. A few things are “questionable”. Even so, the “takeaway” is that nothing they say can be trusted.

      One interesting mention was the characterization of Yacone as an “elitist”. That is exactly so. There is a tremendous amount of that going around lately. That is the whole framework for the “Neo-Con” thing.

      These think tanks are not bashful. They have published exactly what they are up to for years. Not many read them. In general terms there are no surprises so far.

      As to the Malaysian plane, I don’t know if it took off or not. I DO know that if it did, they know where its at. Nothing moves anymore that they don’t know about. Besides the satellite technology, and despite claims to the contrary, turning off a transponder does not render an airplane invisible. It would certainly be picked up by any civil aviation site it flew near.

      Diego Garcia is bristling with electronic snooping equipment. Some here may be right. It certainly could be a contrived event. If not, they know where it went……guaranteed.

      So, if they don’t usher in WWIII in the next few days, we’ll get to see how they spin this tale. It is amazing how the “media” spins the plane thing. They’ll say anything they’re told. The piece about the engine transmittals is true. In other words, if they received a signal from the system the system will tell them where the signal came from. Duh!

  9. This article is a turning point, I think. Others have, no doubt made a very similar set of conclusions. But this article is the first to gain traction that might grow sufficiently enough to achieve critical mass. To James and the author I say, thank you for your efforts.

    I will attempt to break down my thoughts and some points for consideration as cogently as possible. I’m not known as a clear communicator. But, this particular article and the connections made herein are important and I wish to get that across.

    First, the author paints a very compelling picture of the FBI and CIA that I think should be clearly stated. So much of how the US government is structured and operates is complicated and difficult to analyze by even the most-informed of us. In this case, what is being theorized is very simple and should make sense to most people. Put simply, the FBI is authorized to conduct business within the borders of the US in a way that the CIA is not technically authorized. Conversely, the CIA may operate outside of the US in ways the FBI is not allowed. This isn’t to say that rules are not being broken, since we’re all adults here and can assume they are. But, fundamentally we can see from viewing things in this way that the FBI and CIA have a clear motive to coordinate their efforts. Or, if the balance of power is tipped to one side the more powerful agency will likely have assumed control of the other. The end result would be mostly the same.

    If we wish to understand who is in control of our world and what they desire, we can learn a lot from the actions of those carrying out their orders. The FBI is probably one such group. Most convenient for this type of arrangement is their federal stature. So, when events take place on a national scale, it isn’t the Broward County Sheriffs Dept. that responds. The FBI will become the lead agency. Lesser agencies and law enforcement will be cut out of the information loop, making secrecy much easier to maintain.

    Over the past few decades, had the FBI been acting outside of their charter and getting away with it they would have at this point become in many ways, rogue. We might expect to see their actions at this point to be blatant, fearless and totally unaccountable. Not that I would suggest the New York Times is a bastion of journalistic integrity, they did at least run the following story about the FBI…

    To summarize the article, the FBI investigated themselves in cases where agents shot people during the period from 1993 to 2011. Of the total, 70 were fatal shootings and 80 were woundings. The results of that investigation were that the FBI was judged to be without fault in every case. As the likelihood of this stellar performance is near to impossible, yet the intent of the investigation was stated to be an honest and critical inquiry it’s about as believable a fairytale as congress people assuring us they had sworn themselves in via television.

    Were the FBI demonstrating equally dubious acts in relation to the landmark crimes like the OK bombing, Waco, Ruby Ridge or 9/11? You betcha! But, there’s no shortage of apologists who will point out that nothing can be proven or that everything is merely a coincidence. I can’t argue with them since I’m well aware that secrecy afforded by authority had been perfectly tailored to conceal even their most obvious crimes and blunders. I’m reminded of local OK reporters going on record that they had been invited by the FBI to a screening of CCTV footage of the OK bombing. The screening ended with the FBI offering the footage to the highest bidder! The journalists replied that they needed time to think about it. When no offer was made, the footage simply sat and continues to sit.

    So, in this article we see just how important the FBI is in the undeclared and likely nefarious war between America and the American people. Some will argue that this notion is ridiculous because there’s little evidence the FBI is killing us in sufficient numbers to be considered a war. But, that argument assumes the purpose of war is primarily to kill. I suggest that the purposes of war are many and that TPTB would much rather not kill. No, the ultimate goal is likely more esoteric, although culling the population may still be part of the agenda.

    As this is getting pretty lengthy, I’ll wrap up what has become a limited commentary on the FBI. But, just to throw in another point for good measure the verdict is in on the IRS scandal of recent. The FBI investigated and concluded that the IRS was innocent of any impropriety. Is the FBI the capstone of the pyramid? No way. Are all FBI agents co-conspirators in these criminal acts? Surely not. But I deem anyone currently involved in law enforcement to be messes-up, confused and nearly inhuman trash. Do I think they all deserve to be prosecuted for their crimes? As a Voluntaryist, I’ve chosen to abandon punishment for crimes and leave that matter to the specific victims. However, I suspect the correct course to take is to end the reign of the FBI in the hopes that they will no longer be able to harm us, or conceal the truth from us.

    1. “T”, I believe you are correct, to a point. The FBI is like MI5 in the UK. If you pay attention to those things, the lines are ALWAYS “blurred”. The takeaway is supposed to be that they are “controlled” and play by “the rules”.

      They have become an operative tool of their employers. There was a time when they exercised caution so as not to incur the wrath of Joe Public. Those days are long past.

      Recently we have seen them commit murder and be declared free of guilt in broad daylight. That isn’t anything new for them, but the public exoneration may be. Not even the pretext of an investigation or open proceeding.

      Look at the other “alphabet soup” agencies involved with “security”. Remember all those portrayals of “jack-booted thugs” in Nazi Germany and the old USSR? Oh, that’s right, this is “different”.

      This doesn’t get any prettier with study.

  10. Maybe those in the know about the existence or nonexistence of the Malaysian flight are prepared to continue the scenario either way, ie showing proof that it happened with a suitable narrative or alternatively making it appear to be a nonevent. All dependent on the way the conspiracy theorists react. Of course most probably with the intention of weakening their credibility.
    This blog has provided interesting reflections about previous cases and maybe the elites want to take it to a new level.

  11. James–do we really believe Australians pay taxes and attempt to maintain academic institutions– so that jack-booted Citizen Military types– might call themselves ‘experts’?

    We 1960’s- used to assume– that if your democratically elected Member of Parliament happened under privilege to claim that he had attended a personal friend’s bar mitzah (even though both parties were out of the state)- then the wheels of incompetence as usual–were nothing extra-ordinary.

    When we find ” if this was your vehicle would you be concerned?” being the defining construct of friend or foe decisioning–would you permit the more relevant observation– that we are already fully conversant with the Anglo Ex-Pat extremes ‘of how colonies should conduct themselves’– regardless of the good causes involved.

    much appreciated (and hope well)

  12. So Robert of the ‘Cat’ clan (touch not the cat but a glove) wants to call me a ‘Jack-booted Citizen Military type’. For your information the terminology in Australia was ‘Choco(late) soldiers’ or ‘weekend warriors’. Robert may also have forgotten about a certain war and that Australians were subject to conscription from 1965 -72. I joined the CMF rather than kill people in their own homeland! I joined the Victoria Police Force after my eldest sister was murdered on her 24th birthday on the 3rd of March 1967…
    I have never called myself an expert, and if the only flaw you can find in my article is the defining of ‘friend or foe’, being who is permitted to enter a vehicle, then the article must be good.
    Finally I am not an ‘Anglo Ex-pat’. I reside in Geelong, Victoria, Australia, So if you have any problems with my credentials, please Google my name, along with Port Arthur.

    1. Andrew–my apologies if we must use Google to learn which wars in our history were legal and which werent. So no i havent forgotten that Australia also had courts of appeal regards conscription because i appeared in them and Henry KIssinger we can conclude apparently didnt.

      Apropos the protocol of entering a car i assume it wouldnt be “Anglo-ex pat convenient”– if three persons are murdered and seven seriously wounded– as the result of our spooks not having to declare their bona-fides –then we should propose any tax exemption that weekend warriors receive– must also have been deserved– ‘by the same logic’?

      My sincere condolences over your sisters tragedy.

  13. It seems the pic with the Craft guys running could be set up. For what reason, I don’t know.

    I have already proven that the cover of Sports Illustrated was set up. The poses of the Craft guys seem to eerily similar to the cops on the SI cover.

  14. CNN and more specifically Anderson Cooper played a major role in the Sandy Hook Anti-Gun Propaganda Production. Because Cooper is again deeply involved in the peddling of the various official stories behind the Malaysian plane incident (or more likely hoax/ad to sell some military spying equipment), I don’t believe any of them. I would find the whole thing relatively harmless if it wasn’t for its timing. It is happening at the time of Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, which may suggest it has provided a needed distraction, but the question is who needs is more – Obama or Putin, or are they working together despite the official theatrical squabbles and insults? Remember that Putin officially endorsed Obama – twice.

    1. “Russian invasion of Ukraine”
      There is not yet any objective proof of an invasion. The Russians have since 1990 in several renewed aggreements the latest in 2010 had the right to station 25000 men on Krim.

  15. Let’s look at a few “odds and ends” related to the recent spate of “news hysteria”.

    Re: The plane. This is an utter circus. Planes don’t “disappear” because someone turns off the transponder. Turning of the ACAS system requires accessing electronics in a bay under the cockpit. Not likely.

    They have satellites EVERYWHERE. If this plane is real, they know where it went. And by the way, all those shots of people in Malaysia with those identical ENGLISH banners? What’s up with that?

    Now, as to the “invasion”. What invasion? The MSM is totally outdoing themselves in promoting WWIII. Can they actually be that stupid?

    The U.S. admitted to spending over $5B dollars to stage a coup in Ukraine. Regardless of what anyone thinks about the unseated PM, he was allegedly “elected”. The whole thing is a total embarrassment.

    I talk to “normal” people at work all the time. Even THEY think this is nonsense. It looks to me as if the propaganda arm has become enraptured with their own sense of “success”. Most aren’t buying it.

    So we have at least a “twofer” going with the plane lies and the Crimea lies. Other than distraction I haven’t figured out what the plan is for the plane. It doesn’t look like many are signing up for their current “reality”.

    1. Lophatt: “I talk to “normal” people at work all the time. Even THEY think this is nonsense. It looks to me as if the propaganda arm has become enraptured with their own sense of “success”. Most aren’t buying it.”

      This is the most reassuring thing I have heard in a long time, Lophatt. It really gives a small glimmer of hope. I just wonder what “terrorist” false flag the powers that be will feel necessary to scare the public into compliance again, now that Sep 11 seems to be wearing off…

      1. Theresa, Lophatt et al. The synthetic saga and sequels of the vanishing plane will be continues as long as the story generates hits, clicks, views and visits…..revenue! Additionally, this drill is probably serving to discover “who is with us and who is against us”… all levels.

        I also am hearing the volunteered expressions of incredulity and disbelief over this theatre. Many of these disbelievers were sitting on the fence over SHE, 911 and Boston Marathon illusions. Yes, the dots are connecting in active questioning brains.
        My very first reaction to the real time coverage of the Marathon illusion was’ “Someone is trying to pick a fight”.

        1. Theresa and fv, my thoughts as well. I too have seen people at work who would normally believe just about anything not falling for this. It has been a major discussion item at work along with the Obongo/Putin comedy.

          I love it when people laugh at them. It is more powerful than anger.

  16. Think it is all about world order, if the competent government would of handled it, it would of been solved by now. It is strange there are many pictures of the pilot and his love of cooking, only two pictures of the co-pilot and both were on the plane….

    1. I’d say it would behoove a place like CNN to downplay the co-pilot, or else someone would ask too many questions of Richard Quest, who flew with him in a 777 cockpit just two weeks before the disappearance. Was it a real cockpit or a simulator? I don’t know if that could be told from the tv clip. But they said real at the time – However there is no interesting news in it, a workhorse plane, a young co-pilot in training, to go all the way to Malaysia and to pick him out of thousands of pilots in the world, a guy who is not even an American… It only became newsworthy as a story two weeks after when the plane went missing. They had to doll up the story with blondes in the cockpit, and a fake story about this kid having the authority to permit that kind of violation of air safety – but it was a plot device to show his character – much like Atta with the lap dancer.

      I can see from the start a theme here of testing air defenses in south Asia and Oceania, a possibly classified military exercise. But I can also see the criticism of Malaysia and questioning about the worthiness of its leadership. Opinion can be forced on us with these character sketches of the people involved, and the credulous population will fall in line, having invested so much emotion in it all.

      1. Yes, it could very well be the start of trying to destabilize Malaysia by showing its government to be incompetent — that’s really the only “lesson” that’s come from this event to date. Malaysia has lots of resources, a government the west is not too fond of, and a very strategic location on the map.

      2. Has anyone seen any signs of photoshopping in the photos of the blondes in the cockpit? As usual, they are blurry and of poor quality. Also I recognize one of the ladies. Not sure of why.

  17. CNN was deeply involved in the Sandy Hook Hoax, so its present involvement in the over-reporting of alleged plane incident should send warning signs. Its bizarre foreknowledge of the “co-pilot” makes it plain that the regime is involved. Most of MacGregor’s analysis makes sense, however, I do not understand why the regime needed to fake a marathon bombing to frame and get rid of three Chechens. Surely there are easier ways. Perhaps they again wanted to send a strong message that Muslims=Terrorists.

    1. I doubt you are correct. It strikes me, and musings (please forgive my presumption), that there is something special about the Caucasus that may have something to do with Islam, but only as a pretext. Something deeper. I’d like it if musings mused more deeply, giving us her true suspicions. Perhaps she is, as am I, reticent to describe what she suspects, because we don’t have a solid enough a theory yet.

      The framing of the Chechens in Boston is almost certainly to do with the engineered coup on Ukraine. That they are moslems is helpful to the narrative, but not essential. Certainly not the reason. There are lots of elements to this geostrategic reality. We should not oversimplify it. We should hold back our conclusions, in my opinion, until we know more.

      This is weirdness, and it looks a lot like the weirdness of the origins of WWI, which most people even today have little appreciation of.

    2. Onslow, it is difficult, if not impossible, to ascribe motives to some of these events. As a rule, I believe that there is NEVER one single motive for anything they do.

      When we don’t have the script it is hard to know how one thing is connected to another. We know the overall plan and, over time, sometimes we get a clearer picture.

      I think its more accurate to say that they never miss an “opportunity” to bolster a meme. Sometimes that may even cloud the “real” events from the drills. Make no mistake, even if they don’t instigate something, they’ll definitely “spin” it.

      The plane story is ridiculous. They have put out a never-ending stream of B.S. about this plane. Anyone who gives it a little thought would see how silly it is. Any of those dozens of countries in the area are in constant danger of air attack because they have no idea what’s in their airspace?

      The ACARS system that constantly broadcasts and receives and acknowledges messages, along with position data, somehow doesn’t work here? All those spy satellites can’t see anything?

      While I can’t say at the moment just what this one is all about, I can assure you it is not as advertised. Since they all work for the same “employers”, it’s a safe bet they know where it is.

    1. This was not the MSM media invited to a secret meeting, it was the ‘liberal’ media. Just what does liberal media mean these days? Those who are bought and paid for by those in power. If you do not obey commands, you are unemployed.

      Juan Williams was interviewed on the meeting. Why would you go, if it excluded your co-workers? It is hard to turn down a request from the president. What was talked about? Cannot say…….

  18. Here’s a little item – even while CNN is 24/7 with Malaysian Airlines: the German insurance company Allianz has started paying out for the jet. Now this may be part of their contract with Malaysian for lost business and may have nothing to do with Malaysian being obligated to pass on some of the $100 million to passengers. But we know about what large amounts of money are generated by frauds and hoaxes, so it is interesting if this is one, to see who might stand to benefit and if there has been a quid pro quo. No wreckage, but this makes total loss more likely.

    1. That sounds more like an insurance company that knows it will be paid in one door while parcelling it out another. Anybody should be suspicious of an insurance company that’s anxious to pay.

  19. What nothing on the Malaysian plane conspiracy?? It’s time you sick puppies provide a conspiracy on this tragedy that did not occur, or it was planned by the CIA, right?

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