By James F. Tracy

As federal income tax day once again looms, a look back at part of the history of this commonplace ritual proves illuminating, especially since no major political party has any novel stance on the issue apart from the general instruction that the tax process must proceed in a timely manner.

For the better part of US history there was nothing comparable to today’s onerous federal income tax process. Upon its general introduction a century ago with the Federal Reserve Act, the tax was levied at a rate of one percent of annual incomes exceeding $20,000–in other words those with about a one million dollar yearly salary in 2014 dollars were asked to pitch in, while most citizens were excluded.

In 1942 employer payroll withholding on what was deemed as taxable income was reintroduced after a 25 year hiatus, largely to offset the costs of the US entry into the second World War. These departures inaugurated a forceful expansion of many new federal projects and broad governmental intervention in industrial production to satiate the then-fledgling military-industrial complex. As the above film suggests, during this period an intense propaganda campaign ensued that cajoled individuals to pay the federal income tax and thus partake in beating back the “Jap” and Nazi war machines.

In toto such efforts were immensely effective. In 1942 just less than one in five Americans paid the tax. By 1944, however, the figure had risen by over four-fold. And as any “peace dividend” was eclipsed by a policy of permanent military preparedness in the immediate postwar era, an overwhelming majority of Americans continued to endure a burden that has brought about the formation of the contemporary leviathan-style federal government alongside a national security apparatus and standing army with a proven record of unrestrained waste and brutality.

Given the almost ceaseless source of revenue, in addition to the US dollar’s reserve status and the capacity to borrow in the people’s name, these institutions have transformed themselves into today’s militarized police state presaged by the Founding Fathers–indeed a system almost impervious to popular contravention that stands opposed to most every liberty meagerly clung to by the children of those who forsook them in the fog of war and patriotic abandon.

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  1. If the corporations chipped in, there would be more for social services, but that would be a fairytale government and not likely to happen, meanwhile our elected officials support the martial state just as Tracy tells us.

    “Over half of world trade is routed through tax havens” and

    “Nicholas Shaxon uncovers how offshore tax evasion, which has cost the U.S. 100 billion dollars in lost revenue each year, is just one item on a long rap sheet outlining the damage that offshoring wreaks on our societies.”

    “Treasure Islands: Uncovering the Damage of Offshore Banking and Tax Havens”

  2. That cartoon is unbelievably creepy. I wonder who watched this horrible thing. Was it shown before Humphrey Bogart movies, week after week?

    The professor’s article quite properly charts the movement from 1913 to 1942 and 1944. What I would add is that Orwell called his book “1984” because he was talking about 1948. He was part of British intelligence during the war. He saw what was coming, soon, because he was part of it: the complete, comprehensive propagandization of society by the state.

    That’s what this is. Crude, true, at this early stage, but exactly what we have grown to accept as the norm: the media are agents of our enslavement, in league with the state.

    Thanks again, James, for another clear picture of our current condition, expressed by one of its origins.

    1. Creepy cartoon, creepier guy. So go the thoughts of some folks, and there seems to be more to Disney than meets the casual eye:

      “Walt Disney: Hollywood’s Dark Prince is a biography by Marc Eliot, about the darker side of entertainer Walt Disney. Among the serious character flaws and deeds of Disney’s of which Eliot claims are his life-long anti-Semitism (including a deleted scene from the 1933 Silly Symphony Three Little Pigs in which the Big Bad Wolf dresses as a Jewish peddler), his covert employment by the House Un-American Activities Committee as a spy against Communists in Hollywood, intense right-wing politics (claiming he wore a Barry Goldwater badge when receiving the Medal of Freedom from President Lyndon Johnson just before the 1964 election and refusing to lower the American flag at Disneyland after the assassination of John F. Kennedy) and his fear that he was the illegitimate son of a Spaniard.”

      Disney contributed to the “war effort” by producing propaganda to influence his fellow citizens – nevermind that we denounce similar activities when engaged in by another country – with two examples here, “Education for Death: The Making of the Nazi (1943)” and “Der Fuehrer’s Face (1943)” :

      Fine and defensible if it stops there, but it doesn’t. Disney full length features for children contain a lot that cannot be defended or credibly explained as accidental. The tip of that particular iceberg can be explored here:

      1. There’s far worse than Walt’s cooperation – the US corporations made deals with the German corporations in which we supplied the technology to them but got nothing in return. So the corporations actually built up German martial technology. Corporations such as Sperry Gyroscope supplied designs to Askania Werke to manufacture in Berlin for them in 1933-34, and Bendix Aviation set up Siemans for starters for diesel engines and aircraft, and many others. Walt was strictly lightweight compared to the corporations here building up Germany in the 30’s and 40’s.
        Suggest anyone interested in the Nazis read the ultimate book – Hitler’s Spies by David Kahn – a classic that took him 8 years to write.

  3. Aaron Russo made a very good movie about the IRS, and you can watch it on YouTube. It’s named “America:Freedom to Fascism”. I would encourage everyone to watch it at least 3 to 5 times.

      1. I had the honor of meeting Aaron Russo at the opening of “Freedom to Fascism” in Beverly Hills. First impressions are usually correct, and he had an aura about him of honesty, integrity, friendliness and intellect. It was impossible not to like and admire him.

        Mr. Russo’s then personal assistant is a friend of mine. During one week there in Beverly Hills two of her business acquaintances suffered sudden deaths, both working at the same place. Another friend of hers fled to India. At the time she considered leaving the country too with her family.

        The sudden cancer death of Michael Crichton in 2008 is also very suspicious. Same with recent sudden cancer deaths of an outspoken activist in Denmark and another in San Diego.

  4. The implication that it was the income tax that drove the US to its current and increasing militarized police state is frankly absurd. It was precisely the LACK of an effectively graduated income tax on the billionaires and their corporations that allowed them to acquire the wealth and power to require and impose fascism. The abolition of the income tax is a fantasy of Texas oil billionaires who no doubt make their values known in the media.

    In the last election, Romney attacked nearly half the people for not paying income tax. What he did not say, what the media did not say, is that they paid payroll taxes for social security and medicare, sales taxes on the food and other purchases, and property taxes on their homes that took a much largely percentage of their income then did Romney’s income taxes. Income taxes should be effectively increased on the wealthy and their corporations, and the other taxes reduced for the population.

    The origins of the current fascism being imposed on the American people DID have their beginnings in world war 2, and in the military capitalism that it engendered afterward. The war cured the depression by the massive spending that was impossible under the peace time conditions of Roosevelt. Since Roosevelt reforms were anathema to the pluts, the decision was made to massively spend on war and military, what Chalmers Johnson in his Nemesis trilogy called ‘military Keynsism.’ Over time this increasingly based Free Enterprise on mass homicide and the destruction of property worldwide, produced by the waste of the American military budget.

    What resulted over time was the current monstrous economic inequality that is driving the American people into the ground. It can only be maintained by the increasing political brutality of a militarized police state. The inequality, and the brutality to maintain it, can only be legitimated by deceit, delusion, ideological repression, and irrationality in the media and other truth institutions of the American power system.

    In Foregn affairs It is resulting in the Freedom fascism that has been imposed by Bush-Obama. It is currently being imposed in Ukraine by Obama’s support the neo-Nazi Svoboda (Freedom) party. Obama is creating a new Cold War on both ends of the Eurasian continent. In the East he is supporting Japanese re-militarism against China, and in Europe the Nato attack on Russia to prevent Europe from allying with Russia out of the US orbit. This is all part of the Freedom fascism produced in both foreign and domestic policy.

    It is extemely dangerous historically. What we need are MORE income and property taxes on the 1%, to take the money away from the plutocracy, the guns away from their gunmen, the law away from their lawyers, and the truth away from their truthers.

    1. Why don’t you lead by example and start paying more taxes right now? I couldn’t disagree with you more. I find your thinking patterns extremely bizarre and dangerous. And it is the federal income tax that is the heaviest burden, not sales taxes, property taxes, payroll taxes etc. Are you so out of touch as to not be aware that property taxes have declined as the valuation on homes has declined in tandem?

      The *rich* pay the overwhelming burden of taxes right now. Why don’t you just advocate taking 100% of all they earn? Or is that not enough? Can they throw in some skin, hair and toenails for you too?

      1. Agree Kath! Recently gave an example of a real life family, her brother relayed the scenario that she asked for help with her budget. This young mother of 4, makes $17,000 at her job, her tax refund is $15,000 per year. She also receives a bounty of free medical, food stamps [which is actually cash], housing assistance and her boyfriend and father of the children, is attending college for free.

        He advised her that she really has no business having 4 children she cannot afford and certainly should not have anymore, should not blow her entire tax return for their annual Disneyland vacation, and should not eat out twice a day.

        Needless to say she did not like the advise and thinks it is her right to have as many children as she wants.

        Brandon and his wife work hard to support their two children and hope to be able to save enough to go to Disneyland someday. He figures they pay $40,000 a year in taxes, which is comparable to what we pay. You cannot blame the hard working payers of this fraud for feeling resentment for this bondage.

        Really hate the labels of left and right or any of the multitude others used here, but it was the Republicans who offered, if corporations where given tax exemptions to bring their offshore profits back to America for reinvestment here, that would in fact increase jobs and in effect income for the tax coffers.

        1. Tax breaks for corporations to promote reinvestment in America is a good idea, but I think it is too late. The Corporations are already addicted to the ultra low wages they can pay in developing countries. Not to mention the lack of union opposition, ridiculous lawsuits and settlements for injuries, sexual harassment claims, and the crown jewel: no Obamacare to pay for. Probably no pension or social security to pay into or match. Unproductive workers, and people who only show up for work when it is convenient can be kicked to the curb a lot easier. All this and possibly a tax break in the host country to boot. My only question is… why stay in The USA? The demographics of the emerging countries are more favorable as well. The population is usually more homogenous, therefore discrimination is harder to prove as well. Younger, hungrier populations to choose from, who are eager to join this middle class and send their children to college, rather than people who think being in the middle class is a right. If I missed anything, please chime in anyone.

    2. More taxes on anyone is NOT the answer. Our entire system is flawed and taking more money from the rich only gives our federal government and all the crony-capitalists more money for corruption. We need to break down the barriers between the rich and poor.

      In my opinion, everything starts with the media. Until we break the control of corporate media over our lives, things will never get better. The media has us in constant battles – democrat vs. republican, black vs. white, immigrant vs. anti-immigrant, men vs. women, gay vs. anti-gay, religious vs. atheist, you name it, they keep us separated.

      Sorry to go off topic, but taxing the rich more is not the answer. Breaking down the gaps between rich and poor and giving money back to the people is what we need to do. And we will never have the necessary lines of communication with the people as long as we are controlled by corporate media.

    3. @Mark: Romney did not “attack nearly half the people for not paying income tax”. He pointed out that there was no way he would receive the vote of those living off government entitlements, and he was right.

      NO, we do not need more taxes. I’m with Ben Carson who thinks we need a simplified tax code and a 17% flat tax. That way, everyone is invested in our country and no one votes for the guy who will provide him with a free lunch while asking for nothing in return.

  5. Left unsaid here but essential to understand is the fact that one can say ALL modern governments require the implicit or explicit cooperation of the masses to do their looting, killing, subverting of democratic institutions, etc. Particularly in the West, it is the uncritical acceptance of just about any level of oppression as long as it is painted as patriotic that supplies the superstructure for the modern state’s apparatus of control. The income tax is a perfect example. No one who studies it for long can conclude anything other than it is impossible to enforce and still observe constitutional protections. Ergo, they throw out the Constitution.

    When once that patina of legitimacy is lost, it is not long before the citizens and their government take off the gloves and we see hand-to-hand “diplomacy.”

    All it takes is enough people to suffer enough abuse, then the Hundredth Monkey arises. Important to remember: We are many, they are few.

  6. Income Tax And Debt Slavery Entrenched, Consolidated By WWII

    Observe the insidious manner in which the income-tax arose: (a) it’s violation, in first place, of US Constitution for apportionment of direct taxes (and still is–see discussion at

    (b) The 16th Amendment, which supposedly rectified this requirement for apportionment, was actually NEVER ratified properly (see–merely declared to be ratified by criminal politicians (like Philander Knox, Sec. of State, at the time).

    So when the income tax first took effect it didn’t seem to be too terribly onerous as it only affected those w. the higher incomes, ho ho ho ho

    But as inflation of the money supply is very function of US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam, even working people soon found themselves subject to the tax as their income denoted in nominal dollar amounts rose, making them liable to the tax which heretofore only affected “rich” folk–the old “bait and switch.”

    Thus WWII was such stupendously successful war for the Western globalist oligarchs, the victory and entrenchment of communist-socialist dictatorship enforcement and the legitimation of world gov. dictatorship based upon very same socialist principles, the fraudulent financial system now consolidated w. the income-tax feeding the payment of interest for the huge debt run up and concocted against the people, now evermore debt slaves.

    Note the end-effect of WWII: communist dictatorship is now victorious, legitimated, and firmly established, the free society and Constitutional republic of USA and the West, what was left of it, to be evermore chipped-away and submerged within communist world gov. War is truly the “health of the state,” as we see. Surely, only a true Christian revival will save us against ZOG.

  7. Seems the whole house of cards is destined to collapse and perhaps was designed that way.

    “Birth rates for women on welfare are three times higher than for those who are not on welfare. Within a single year, the census survey found that unmarried women had twice as high a birth rate as married women. These demographics help perpetuate poverty and feed a welfare death spiral in which more money has to be spent on social services for a less productive tax base. ”

    All the while there are a record number of billionaires.

  8. That was very creepy, I couldn’t finish it. Patrick, did you see Freedom to Fascism, the Aaron Russo film? I followed up on the former irs employee, she spent time in prison for her efforts. I wondered if Russo was murdered?

    1. I did see Russo’s movie, when it came out, which was years ago, Susan. I absolutely believe he was murdered. That’s what you get, when you defy the Matrix in a very visible way.

      But here’s the good news: if you are so important that they murder you, your story tends to keep being told after you are gone.

      I, too, could hardly keep watching, incidentally.

    2. I saw Freedom to Fascism. It was very good and the article made me think of it again. I did not know that Aaron Russo died but it’s not surprising considering the content of his film.

  9. Thanks for posting on this, and for your accurate assessment of our current situation. And I have to agree with everyone else–the video was unbelievably creepy. I can’t help but wonder what others thought of it back in 1943.

    @Patrick–I couldn’t agree with you more–the media are most certainly agents of our enslavement. I personally consider the mass media to be weaponized, and I think of them as waging war against us (for those interested, there’s some interesting information on this at this link:

    Also, sorry to go off-topic, but for those interested in Sandy Hook, Wolfgang was on Deanna Spingola’s show today. Unfortunately, rather than using this as an opportunity to have Wolfgang share his concerns about Sandy Hook, based on his expertise and professional history, Deanna attempted to use this as a chance to attack his credibility. Instead of questioning him about the facts and inconsistencies in the Sandy Hook narrative, Deanna quizzed him on things like a comment he made to an MSM article over a year ago and his mailing address. I wasn’t able to listen to the entire interview, as I was completely appalled by Deanna’s behavior. Her approach with Wolfgang basically reminded me of how Anderson Cooper went on the attack with Professor Tracy after he dared to question the official story. It’s quite interesting to see that some in the alternative media are quite invested in promoting the MSM version of events.

  10. Good grief, I could only watch a few minutes of that claptrap. Paying taxes is a “privilege”? Apparently I am very mightily privileged! This cartoon reminds of the shameful Obamacare ad using the frail and aged Andy Griffith hawking that monstrosity of an overreaching law designed to do everything but provide care and certainly not affordable. I feel like I need a shower to remove the garbage.

  11. Dr. Tracy. Just wondering what you do with the information you get from this site. As a professor of media studies, surely you find a lot of what happens on this site interesting – as far as the popularity of your Sandy Hook posts, the amount of information you learn from your followers, tracking people’s habits and locations, possible shills/operatives posting as ‘truthers,’ and just the general observations you make as an expert in this field.

    Do you talk to your students about the blog? Maybe you could share some of your analysis and findings with us. How much traffic do you get?

    One topic that would be very interesting to hear from you about is the shills and dis-info agents accusations. Just about every ‘truther’ blog has accusations of troll, shill, fraud, etc. directed to both the bloggers and some of our leaders in the truth community (Alex Jones, and on this site Ron Paul and Ventura). I even read on a YT comment that you are an agent!! Do you think arents/shills/operatives are prevalent? How many of your followers do you think are agents? There have been articles recently popping up about Israel and corporations paying bloggers to carry forward their agendas.

    1. Overall traffic is gauged, but not specifics as far as where readers have come from and where they’re going. There’s no real interest in that here because the site is not intended to be a marketing/money-making venture. There are a few merchant links on the site for products I have tried and believe are worth checking out. Also, it’s entertaining and often edifying to read some of the comments. The only time an interest is taken in particular commenters is if someone is being abusive and/or a suspected troll.

      As far as using the comment material for research purposes I don’t anticipate doing so any time soon. For one, there are potential hassles and questions re human subjects research protocols. It might be interesting but not really what I’m focusing on at present.

      I never discuss the site with students, and would be reluctant to even if it was brought up in discussion. No student ever has. Anyway, it would seem unnecessary and indulgent.

      My experience has been that the conspiracy community, movement, or whatever one wishes to call it is akin to a hall of mirrors in that everyone is suspect, and the suspicion is often closely correlated with a given figure’s prominence. That is not to say that there are not such “agents,” but probably far fewer than are imagined.

      1. Thank you for the feedback. I guess asking about discussions about your blog with your students was a dumb question with the sensitivity at the university regarding this controversial blog.

        The question about traffic stats is just me being curious about the demographics of who follows you. Do you have many international visitors? Do you see a certain uptick in visits after you get a certain type of media coverage good or bad? What percentage of your visitors leave comments? No worries if you don’t want to share this specific information.

        1. No problem. Most visitors are from the US. And yes, each media frenzy helps to increase traffic, but so too do links from larger sites that may choose to highlight a post. Only a small fraction of readers leave comments.

        2. Thank you for the replies. One more note and I’ll leave you alone for a while. It would be very interesting to hear your take on the Abby Martin Russian government-funded RT debacle and her interview with Piers Morgan.

          It seems to me that something is going on, behind the scenes, a shift… The main reason CNN covered that is because two RT anchors were calling out Russia – excellent propaganda for the U.S. corporate media against Russia.

          But, Piers specifically mentions RT a few times, as if he were ‘plugging’ them more. Abbey Martin is extremely hard on Israel; and Abby & RT have both publicly stated they believe the U.S. federal government had involvement in 9/11.

          Why would CNN even give a bleep of airtime to Abby and RT? As this story goes international, I believe it will be a win for Abby and Russian government-funded RT, and a loss for the U.S. corporate owned media. The reason is that everyone knows CNN and Piers Morgan. Abbey Martin is an up-and-comer with strong views that heavily contradict U.S. policy.

          Not trying to change the discussion of this post, but maybe you could write a separate post about it, or talk about it in one of your interviews.

    1. The states that collect income tax also require their “fair share” of earned dollars and resulting paperwork. Take California for instance. Having removed myself as much a possible from feeding beasts near and far, a fairly simple California tax return recently was two pages long for my situation. Just filled out the return for last year, my still “removed” situation unchanged and the same information now required seven pages. Bureaucrats making themselves useful.

  12. There is such a stranglehold of control on IRS tax procedures on the regular individual that is boggles the mind. All of your interest income, other income and all of your mortgage interest that you report is also reported to the IRS and if the completed tax form does not reconcile to the IRS records you will be AUTOMATICALLY NAILED!

    Yet the corporate banks with their derivatives nearly bankrupted our country and they face no meaningful oversight at all.

  13. An historic media event has occurred in the Ukraine crisis with the surfacing in the British Guardian of a sniper conspiracy theory. A call between the Estonian foreigner minister and EU leader was bugged, which indicates that the shooting of the protesters and police were both done by snipers, not the police. According to a doctor treating the wounded, the bullets and wounds indicated that both the police and protesters were shoot by the same weapons. 13 police were killed, which largely has been covered up by the American media.

    These shootings instigated the uprising which was backed by the US and led by the neo-Nazis. Although the US media is currently frantically vilifying both Russia and Putin to legitimate the putsch, the media bashing cannot extend effectively to Europe. The snipers that effectively initiated the coup, recruited by the US, or the neo-Nazis, or both, de-legitimates the putsch. Eventually the Ukrainians and the Europeans, and even some Americans, will understand that they have been duped to support the US backed putsch.

    A student of professor Tracy has also reported on Project Censored that the leader of CANVAS, a “Democratic rank and file protest group” involved in the Ukraine uprising was actually associated with the private American intelligence agency, Stratfor, and his wife worked for them for a year. Describing itself as a ‘private CIA,’ it diverted honest protesters to uprisings that served American imperialist interests, as in Venezuela and Ukraine.

    The putsch was backed by the US to destroy the Feb 21 agreement by the Elected president Yannukovych, the protesting opposition, EU reps, and Russian reps, to arrange a new election. The agreement between EU, especially Germany, was anathema to the US because it did not want Western Europe allied with Russia against American imperialism.
    So the US may have instigated the putsch by recruiting the snipers, possibly from the remains of Operation Gladio.

    There is no way the US can cover up the bugged tape on the sniper conspiracy theory. Added to the previous Nuland bugged tape, it is an inflammatory indictment, especially in Europe. So what is apparently happening is that EU is pulling away from the US in precisely the contrary direction which the coup was attempting to prevent. And in doing so, the threat of major war is receding.

    1. ————————————-

      While the world holds its collective breath and teeters on the brink of another manufactured ‘border skirmish for democracy,’ facts are submerged under the waves of propaganda. Why are the US and Brits determined to aid and abet Germany’s designs on fulfilling Hitler’s dream of world conquest? Therein lies the big question of the hour.

      Beneath the coverup implicating Western manipulation of the Unkranian uprising, the uncomfortable truth rears its ugly head. The true forces behind the Ukranian coup are neoNazi thugs funded and schooled by British and American intelligence going back to WW11–with generous contributions now in the way of money and arms. And aha! Our old friends from the radical Muslim world are recruited into the fray. No surprise their targets are Russians and Jews–shades of Adolf’s assassination storm troops of old. Will we never learn? Fascim is on the march throughout the world.

      Seems democracy isn’t working so scum rises to the top.

  14. Thank you all for describing how despicable the video is, kind of figured that was the case and decided to wait for the reviews before clicking the go button!

    Speaking of taxes, we would be negligent without mentioning the current Unaffordable Health Care Act, which the Supreme Court declared it was legal as long as it was considered a tax.

    While the dems insisted it was not during elections, conceded in the High court it was, after the elections. It appears to me, one of the biggest scams to deplete the middle and lower upper income folks of all spare cash. My husband was hoping to retire this year at 63, but the private insurance is crazy.

    Let’s say the average was $30,000 a year and most do not cover 100% of a major catastrophic event. If our income is less than $58k. the aca would contribute $10k. Do not trust that for a NY minute and as our accountant advised, be prepared to repay that tax credit from what she sees, it does not exist.

    Is it good news that more provisions of the plan have been delayed until after the next election?

    This article reads like a comedy show, except the truth is very sad, there are 155,000 new classifications of injuries, it does not matter that no one ever has been attacked by a toxic frog that does not exist, there is a code for that! Feeling really sorry for health care workers who are trying to deal with all this.

  15. I also wanted to mention that I thought the Walt Disney Tax video was very informative. I just mailed off a check for $13 to the IRS and signed it Donald Duck.

    Those strange steam whistle guys… what were they sup zzzz…

    1. It won’t be long before IRS follows the lead of some of its European counterparts. Over there several countries are so kind hearted that they let their IRS equivalents automatically do your return for you. It has been a staple for years in some countries. They know every little detail about you, financial and otherwise, and all you have to do is agree and sign on the dotted line.

      I asked a relative over there what happens if they don’t agree with the readymade return. The answer was “we’ll just have to accept it, there’s nothing we can do.” Red Ice Radio has some good interviews in the archives about Sweden and how the government there has full control of people from cradle to grave. Same is true for all Scandinavian countries. That system is taking foothold here, still not fully implemented.

      Ron Paul says he wants the income tax abolished, but there’s zero chance for that unless a miracle happens.

    1. Thanks for posting the link–you beat me to it!! And I must agree, it was most definitely a discrediting embarrassment for Spingola. Her treatment of Wolfgang was rude, obnoxious, and disgraceful. She demonstrated a complete lack of objectivity or journalistic integrity.

      1. This is not the Spingola I used to listen to. She completely discredited herself and was prepared from the start to make a mockery of the interview. I believe she was working from a prepared script.

        With much evidence to the contrary, she puts her faith in the “official” report. Of all people she should know how much they are worth and I admire Mr. Halbig for keeping his cool. Someone’s got to her on the Sandy Hook event.

        It reminds me of an interview Rosalind Peterson did on KFI in Los Angeles. The two afternoon jockeys ridiculed the subject and she was set up from the start, the subject being chemtrails aka “persistent jet contrails”.

  16. Speaking of propaganda, reading about the Texas elections this morning, it amazes me how the MSM can get away with labeling the Tea Party as Far right. No matter what you thought about the movement, it was originally a libertarian cause. Fox News hijacked the cause. Libertarians never fit into the political spectrum that is forced on us all, so Fox news took up the torch and forced them into the “far right”. I know because in 2008 I was full into the Ron Paul thing. I went to my precinct caucus, county convention, and became a delegate to the state convention. The place was rife with Ron Paul delegates, probably a third to one half. Do you think with all that people power we could get one stinking delegate to the national convention? Not a chance. The whole thing was rigged. Mitt Romney, showed up, toed the party line, and told everyone to vote for McCain, blah, blah, blah. Every delegate was given 15 seconds at the mike, and anyone even mentioning Ron Paul was cut off after about 5 seconds. Total Joke. It was proof positive the two party, left, right crap is a sham. If a group had been marginalized and ignored like that in the 1960’s there would have been a riot, and the arena would have been burned down.

  17. One ideological bright spot in the increasingly dangerous Ukraine situation (the US is now sending a missile destroyer to the Black sea) is that it makes evidenced-based false flag operations and conspiracy theories more Respectable. It is not yet entirely clear whether the snipers on the rooftops were put there by the neo-Nazis or the US, but since they shot both police and protesters they were obviously there to increase the rage of the protesters against the government.

    Consequently a ‘sniper conspiracy theory’ is being Mentioned on the internet and occasionally attacked in the media. It may be easier for people to accept Foreign conspiracy theories than American ones, even if they are false flag operations produced by the US. Given the acceptance of Foreign conspiracy theories, it makes the eventual acceptance of domestic conspiracy theories easier and more likely.

  18. ————————————–

    Young Luke of the NYC chapter of We are Change quizzes Cass Sunstein on his previou statements re freedom of speech as it pertains to dissent from official government positions. (“I don’t think I remember” ala Ronald Reagan, pleads our erudite Science Czar.) Who needs leaders when we are getting jerked around by jerks?

  19. Rappoport’s analysis is exactly wrong. The purpose of the putsch in Ukraine is not to bring the US and Russia into closer accord, but to separate them in a new Cold War.

    The purpose of Nato was originally to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down, as the first head of Nato put it. Now what US power is deathly afraid of is the unity of Western Europe with Russia, as Emmanuel Wallerstein argued. Therefore the democratic agreement of then president Yankovyych with the opposition for early elections and the reversion to the 2004 Constitution, essentially handing power over to the opposition, was anathema to the US. Because it was approved by the German, French, and Polish foreign ministers with the Russian official’s consent.

    The cooperation between the EU and Russia threatened and strengthened the possibility that EU would move out of the American orbit into Russia’s, since they economically complimented each other. This would create DeGaulle’s ‘one Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals’ excluding the Anglo-Saxons. It would strengthen a bloc between EU, Russia, and China, dwarfing US power.

    On the East side of the Eurasian continent, the US is sponsoring Japan to re-militarize under its world war 2 ideology, creating a new Cold War with China. On the West side of the continent, it is creating a Cold War against Russia, to prevent EU-Russia cooperation. (F**k the EU) The legitimation of world war 2 Nazi ideology is being done in the West for the same reason fascist ideology is being legitimated in the east. Obama is converting the attacks on Islam initiated by the War on Terrorism to a double Cold War on both sides of the Eurasian continent. Very dangerous in a nuclear age.

    1. Either way, it seems in some countries my government demands democracy, human rights and sovereignty be respected. However in others we don’t care who gets hacked, raped and maimed.

  20. The Ukraine putsch is historically changing the War on Terrorism. Instead of attacking small Muslim countries, it is being converted to a new Cold War syndrome like that against Communism, but this time involving an attack on an attack on the nationalism of Russia on the west of the Eurasian continent and the nationalism of China on the east end. This increases the likelihood of a nuclear war.

    This also facilitates the imposition of Freedom fascism on the American people. The hysterical demonization of Russia and Putin was ideologically accepted by the American people but polls have shown that they are adamantly against new wars. Since they are also against the economic plundering by the plutocrats, this will involve and increasingly narrow rule by American power. This is presaged by the Ukrainian rightist rule which will involve a “kamikaze war” against the Ukrainian people by the US installed leaders.

    What will Freedom fascism involve in the USA? It is not clear yet, the situation still emerging.

  21. What is ominous are two possible murder conspiracies that have occurred in the past year or so. One is the death of Michael Hastings, a journalist who is noted for his report on the comments of the commanding general in Afghanistan, leading to his resignation. He was killed last year in a car ‘accident’ while investigating the CIA for a report on Buzzflash. Video and eyewitness evidence indicates that the car exploded BEFORE it hit anything, producing flames two stories high. It drove the engine and drive shaft 180 feet from the car, a newish Mercedes, which does not happen in accidents.

    What is most disturbing is the way that the police and firepersons covered it up. When a car hits a tree, as this one was supposed to have done, it bends in the sides toward the middle. The police covered up the front of the car so one couldn’t not that the front was, or was not, bent in that way. The accident report was delayed for months because the accident detective could not explain how a 700 pound drive shaft bolted to a Mercedes could be thrown 180 feet by hitting a tree.

    The second incident is the death of the healthy mayor of Jackson, Mississippi Chokwe Lummumba, an African American socialist. There is wide suspicion among the Black community that he was murder, but the authorities refused to do an autopsy. One is currently planned privately.

    If Lummumba was murdered by local authorities, then this is part of the local tradition. But if there is evidence that the organs of the federal government were involved, then we have moved into a new historical stage where the Kill List includes any leader or truther. If a sufficient number of people overcome their fear of the truth about these homicidal power conspiracies, there are the FEMA concentration camps to accommodate them.

    A new Cold War spreads a wider net for imprisoning, torturing or killing Americans than Muslim Terrorists. Obama has passed and defended a law that allows the military to imprison people indefinitely without trial or even a charge. He is a very talented and cynical leader; he appears to have something definite in mind.

    1. I take it you meant drive shaft and engine combined weighed 700 lbs. Just saying because a small block chevy 350 with all the goodies in it probably weighs between 500 and 600lbs. I would guess the driveshaft weighs less than 100 on even and old heavy rear wheel drive car.

  22. Yeah, Rich, the engine and drive shaft were connected and thrown 180 feet or so. This apparently does not happen in accidents, especially in expensive well made cars like new Mercedes.

  23. The Neo-Nazi-rightist putsch in Ukraine installing an anti-Semitic government was largely conducted and supported by Jews. Nuland, the US State Department officia in charge in Ukraine is Jewish, as is ‘Yats’, the leader of the Fatherland party the US installed has the head of government.

    The putsch was supported by the Jewish lobby, and Foxman, the head of its ‘anti-discrimination’ organ. It was supported by Israel. The leaders of some of the rank and file groups who took power were former Israeli soldiers. One stated publically that he took his orders from Svobodia, the Neo-Nazi party that helped seize power.

    How is this possible? A distinction must be made between the interests of power and the interests of the general population. In the USA, Obama supports the power of the plutocratic class against the interests of the American people. In Ukraine, the powerful in Israel and the neo-Zionists in America have fundamentally different interests from the Jewish people. Just as the African-American professional-managerial class has different interests from the general African-American population.

    In the richer classes, class tends to trump culture-race, since the rich and affluent identify more with their class wealth and power than with their culture-race. In the poorer classes, culture race tends to trump class, the general population more influenced by their cultural-ethnic origins than their social class.

    So what has happened historically is that the ruling class uses culture-race to ally with elements of the general population: ” we are all White together.” They then sell out the culture-race interests to promote their class interests.

    1. Brother John F on Youtube does a pretty good analysis of the Ukrainian “revolution” and shows the destruction of the Ukraines currency as soon as the pro EU government took power. Under Putins original offer the economy was at least holding steady, and the currency was beginning to strengthen slightly. Also he goes over some good articles showing how revolution via facebook/twitter is the new norm.

  24. I wasn’t aware of the money manipulation, Rich, but it stands to reason. Money is going to play an increasing larger role in the future because the economy is a basket case, and Russia has been holding it up, such as it is. The US under Obama appears to be going to continue the confrontation with Russia without providing the money it offered, which is going to increasingly leave the Ukraine people in worse shape then the Greeks.

    The neo-liberals will introduce austerity demanded by the IMF and the neo-Nazis will provide the muscle against the protest against it. I wouldn’t be surprise if the resulting depression put the neo-Nazis as ruling power, as occurred in Germany in the Great Depression in the early 1930’s. This is likely to split the country, possibly putting Nato in West Ukraine, and missiles on Russia’s border. They may not tolerate this, leading to war.

    The Democratic and Republican party have inverted roles as critics of this putsch. When Bush was invading Iraq, Brzezinski, the Dem security leader was against it. He is a major security player in the Obama regime, and a notorious anti-Russian. By heritage he is a Pole and has publically written in THE GREAT CHESSBOARD that Russia should be dismembered.

    On the other hand Kissinger and Gates, Republican security leaders, are for defusing the crisis, since Russia holds most of the cards. Kissinger asks how this confrontation is going to end without the US relaxing its demands and imperial aims. Whether Obama listens or not remains to be seen.

  25. The Ukrainian crisis is shaping up to resemble the Cuban crisis of 1963. It was preconditioned by the invasion of Cuba and the threat of further invasion by the US. The threat now with the putsch is the shoving of a semi-Nazi Ukraine into Nato and putting missiles on its border. There is no doubt whatever that Russia will go to war to prevent it.

    The US choice is between conciliation, recommended by Kissinger and Gates, or confrontation advocated by the anti-Russian Brzezinski. With the meeting of Obama and Yats at the White House today, Obama, following Brzezinski has opted for confrontation. If he can get Germany and EU to follow, the threat of nuclear war greatly increases.

    Russia lost 26 million killed to the Nazis in world war 2, and this greatly distorted the male-female relations in Russia. No matter who is the leader in Russia, the Russian people will back war with the Nazis if necessary. Obama inherited the Ukraine situation from Bush, just as Kennedy did from Ike. But Obama is weaker in standing up to the neocons than Kennedy was, seeing what happened to him partly as a cause of it. Obama is more afraid of McClain, Kagan, and Krouthammer, then he is of the Russians.

    The major hope is that Germany and the EU does not go along with the US, and the threatened split is more influential than the threats from the Cold War.

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