Kevin Barrett is joined by James Tracy and Jim Fetzer on Truth Jihad Radio for February 21, 2014. They discuss recent developments in research on the Sandy Hook massacre and Boston Marathon bombing events, including the article, “Top Ten Reasons Sandy Hook Was an Elaborate Hoax,” the history of false flag terror, and milquetoast university administrators’ Orwellian quest to stamp out critical thought.

Link to episode page on No Lies Radio, 2/21/14


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  1. I keep following SHH and it looks more and more like the beginning of the end of the current civilisation. The cat is out of the bag. People will deny it for some time, maybe years. But momentum will build, and people will soon know they have been lied to routinely. What they have been sold is a crap version of what life on this planet can be. Good times ahead folks, just grab it!

    1. The Roman Empire survived a long time, even after Caligula and other insane emperors. But is our civilization in the US “resilient” enough for the fictionalization we are now experiencing, and have been for some time? It seems the recent fictions are very easy to penetrate.

      When I think about what underlies the elite American story, the WASPocracy if you will (and I am not an outsider to that, but one of the insiders), the soil is very thin. I would say the people most likely to survive the messes in Western Civilization are more likely to be people of Mediterranean origins, with a whole different attitude about faith and fiction. They roll with the fiction, they don’t obsess about truth, and they are not exactly scientifically oriented. I would imagine that in future centuries there will be two dominant cultures on the US mainland – Asian and Mediterranean. The other groups are selling out and have no sense of what they stand for anymore. It probably began with trying to beat the Soviets and retain control of capital. But by dismantling the industries throughout the US they began to increase the power of China and the import market. Then they decided they could extract more resources from the country and become what they are so proud of lately, being an oil exporting country. I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but those who export resources tend to be poorer countries at home. Our new second banana status is being touted as success. It isn’t. We’ll wreck our environment to make sure every Chinese can own a car, so they can wreck theirs.

      1. Christian Truth, US Federal Reserve Bank Are KEY To Cultural Revival

        Excellent pt.s u make, once again, musings. Specifically, ur comments are appropriate, I submit, as they seek to placing things in perspective. I myself am much taken by the majesterial work of Oswald Spengler, “Decline of the West,” whence he presents a deterministic (strict cause-effect, no perfectly “free” will) CYCLIC theory.

        I see the crisis as one of Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all/any other precepts (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. LIES LIES LIES, these lies justified as “noble” lies (Leo Strauss and Plato) for a worthy purpose.

        So what’s going to happen–and is happening–is economy and currency will collapse–on-going even as we speak. Thus as prices go up up up, and conditions steadily and rapidly worsen, more and more people will become dis-satisfied w. the satanists and psychopaths running things.

        And our great exemplar would be St. Constantine the Great who revived, at least for a while, the then moribund Roman empire of the time, early 4th cent.

        Thus we need the REAL Christianity–which does NOT advocate for the terror-state of Israel, for exemplary case-in-pt. If u notice, establishment Christianity has been HI-JACKED, and this is one immediate and poignant way things can be treated for abstract, theoretic purposes.

        More practically, observe the KEY to present tyranny is the US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEIT scam which underlies and funds EVERYTHING else for this horrific, satanic, mass-murdering empire we struggle with so desperately.

        1. Yes, it is true that the Roman Empire survived much longer than most stereotypical views of it as centered in Rome itself. It lasted until Constantinople and the Byzantium fell in the 15th century to the Ottomans. The other manifestations of Roman power continued in other forms, reviving somewhat when Spain and Portugal (during and after the Renaissance) began to plant colonies in the New World on the Roman model (and that is still going strong, in various ways). The model breaks apart and comes back together repeatedly. It also retains some sophistication even when surrounded by chaos and barbarism.

          It is true that our founding fathers and the buildings of Washington were trying to say that the US was the New Rome. They tried to carry over some of the structure of government to replace the monarchy they had known. It is often felt that they succeeded, but I now think that project is in serious trouble (as it has been several times in US history). Going from Republic to Empire is a nasty transition. It isn’t much good for the common people, because it turns them into a mob. And as you observe, when the economic life fails, that mob can turn on its rulers.

        2. Indeed, musings: but note these present absolute, satanistic psychopaths got some things prepared for us, aside fm same old nukes & neutron bombs, they have EMP weapons, not nuclear; HAARP, and whatever it was that dis-integrated the WTC bldgs., as Judy Wood so brilliantly exposits at (she also has numerous excellent vids at

          Zbigniew Brzenski said it is now “infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control them.”

          That REAL Christianity is what we need now, the easiest, simplest thing to unite the volk, I strongly urge.

        3. Fish: I watched ur vid, and it wasn’t bad vid, though Jenkins wasn’t following Wood for her expo, even after Jenkins indicated he’d ck’d up on the facts Wood had posted at her site.

          Wood seemed impatient w. Jenkins not following, not having done his homework for researching Wood’s expo.

          Jenkins seemed pre-conceived there was “collapse,” whereas Wood emphasized “dustification” and dis-integration–whatever its cause.

          Wood emphasizes there was too little material in the debris-field as it was much dis-integrated or “dustified” and went up in the air, a lot like smoke. If Jenkins had really read-up on Wood’s work and observations, he should have known and wouldn’t have been as puzzled as he was.

          For note, the rubble pile was very small for the mass, the seismic evidence indicated not much material hit the ground, and the “bath-tub” retaining walls were not too damaged as they would have been had all the material of the towers hit the ground.

        4. Prof. I suspect u’re coy to the pt. of evasive–which of course is ur priviledge. But let me be most specific–don’t these events, Sandy Hook, Boston, etc., partake of the BIG-LIE technique?–regardless of any of the other “conspiracy” stuff that makes u un-comfortable–just let’s consider this BIG-LIE theme.

        5. Fish, that’s a good video. She can’t get through because he’s made up his mind not see what’s right in front of his face.

          Everything she says is true. My inclination is that it was a nuke, but it is the “energy” and the “wave form” that matters (whatever the cause). He thinks “heat” is all that matters. Heat is important but doesn’t explain sublimation.

          She does a good job. I wouldn’t be that patient.

        6. Apollonian, in my view your comments here are simply not shrill or profuse enough for this forum. Please work on this, won’ t you?

        7. Ok Prof., but what do u think about generalizing idea of Sandy Hook, Bost. Marathon bombing, and other such “events” as BIG-LIEs in a large campaign deliberately conducted and sustained, even since OKC bombing of ’95, through administrations of both Dem. and Rep. Presidents?–isn’t this fair, accurate, and demonstrable thesis?–worthy of journalist reporting, analysis, and commentary?–which academics are . . . discouraged fm pursuing?

        8. If one were in a cafe conversing in a normal tone I think it would be quite rational to be suspicious of someone moving from table to table and repeatedly SHOUTING about the Bildergers, Fed Reserve, and other conspiracy boilerplate.

          That’s not to say that these things are not significant and do not deserve to be discussed, but at the same time I’m quite convinced that very few people appreciate a proselytizer.

        9. [sorry–I misplaced the first entry for this]

          Prof. I suspect u’re coy to the pt. of evasive–which of course is ur priviledge. But let me be most specific–don’t these events, Sandy Hook, Boston, etc., partake of the BIG-LIE technique?–regardless of any of the other “conspiracy” stuff that makes u un-comfortable–just let’s consider this BIG-LIE theme.

    2. Tidbit from Time Magazine October 27, 1947:

      “You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.”

      Read more: The Press: I’ll Furnish the War – TIME,9171,854840,00.html#ixzz2uHHYjWFH

      The masters of the universe, the cabal or any other words attributed to these beings, could never wrap this planet in chains if the press (or the pressured) told readers, listeners and viewers the real stories, good or bad.

      Media icons like Walter Winchell and Walter Cronkite were looked upon as heroes of truth telling in their day. Now that we should know better there is media icon Anderson Cooper and his soon to be acquired 1.4 million dollar sculpture made of Sean Penn’s gun collection. Newtown would be a good place to display this sculpture, right next to the flagpole.

      The press is still furnishing the pictures followed by wars – war on this and war on that. The cup runeth over a long time ago and we are drowning in and with the news industry. Sandy Hook was the last straw for me. I have not watched TV in 25 years, just use the “telescreen” for movies. I do read some articles on line to keep informed about the latest psyops and listen to some Internet programs, but not as much as I used to. The Internet news programs pretty much regurgitate the written stories. Sometimes an exceptional guest comes on which makes it worthwhile. When it all becomes overwhelming the best place to escape to is nature.

      1. Wash-ups, Penn and his latest shiksa, Theron, obviously need a boost for their fading careers w. this pathetic stunt, spitting-in-face of decent Americans who know u gotta be armed, just for basic, general principles–all rights & powers derive fm the people which gov. can only respect w. reverence, and NEVER usurp.

  2. Professor Tracy,

    In large institutions, paperwork is routinely lost, but they usually except fault, extend deadlines and simply advise a resubmission. It seems that tenure is only partial protection, and that an effort is still underway to silence your public commentary, and even end your ability to teach courses in your field of expertise.

    Are you writing a book about the recent series of staged events? I would hope so.

      1. Thanks Fish. I just checked it. They haven’t raised much money yet, but I think they could if they posted a snail mail address for donations.

        None of us are a trusting bunch – and prefer greater anonymity than the system allows.

  3. Historic and scientific anomalies have been my hobby for decades, and this helped me to wake up early to 9-11 being an inside job early.

    I was paying close attention when Aurora went down.

    I was following Newtown as a staged event since the live coverage that morning, and quickly reposted the evidence of the Boston Bombings being a staged event.

    Now, I have just seen the evidence that indicates that the LAX – TSA shooting was just as fake as Boston!

    The “Rubber Man“ victim of that event is badly treated (even for a dummy), wheeled to a far off waiting ambulance that then fails to drive away!

    And none of the three wise guys in this interview even mention this blatantly `staged` event.

    We are all being `played`!

    There is too much evidence for the average person to absorb………. without therapy.

    1. TC, you are right about LAX- TSA. I am very familiar with the area where the alleged TSA agent reportedly lived. No one on his salary can afford to live there, not even with a second income from a spouse. The property taxes alone would be out of reach. If renting, there is only one area in that neighborhood with newly built very high end apartments. The rents are sky high.

      Even before I saw the strange figure being wheeled off, I knew we had another hoax when they mentioned where the “victim” supposedly lived.

    2. LAX is being buried because it fell apart immediately. According to the official story, Paul Ciancia, a young unemployed motorcycle mechanic from New Jersey, moved to LA for unknown reasons, and shared an apartment briefly before taking either a 1. rolling duffle 2. garment bag or 3. stacked suitcases, and entered terminal three of LAX. In this bag he carried an ‘assault rifle,’ as well as a note linking him to conspiracy theorists.

      He opened fire at the bottom of the escalator. He hit Gerardo Hernandez,, who was described as a behavior detection officer, twelve times. Hernandez was working at the travel document post. Police determined the officer to be dead immediately and held back responders for 35 minutes. Finally, as the story goes, an unnamed person checked his pulse, sat the limp body in a wheelchair, and an armed team rolled the unconscious body out and down the street! During this time, Gerardo made a striking physical transformation, from middle-aged overweight Hispanic, into a very white Superman. (Dummy)

      Key witness, Nick Pugh, was interviewed approximately 20 times by various radio and television news crews. Pugh reports that he was moving up the escalator towards the TSA checkpoint when he heard the shooting. He ran out onto the tarmak where police detained him with handcuffs and forcing him to lay on the tarmac for ten minutes before releasing him. He explained that his identity was a problem because he was no longer in possession of his ticket or driver’s license.
      This makes no sense since he must have had his boarding pass and ID to pass the TSA travel document post, and was never required to hand over his ticket.

      Nick has a VERY distinctive voice, and has been matched as the key witness on 9/11 – the man who coined the term ‘ground zero.’ This link is so potentially disastrous – that the entire LAX event has running silent and deep.

      Ciancia took four head shots. Although he was out of the hospital in eleven days, the injuries rendered him unable to speak. Yet, he managed to claim not-guilty at a non-televised hearing which did not take place in a courtroom, but in a detention center where he is still being housed to my knowledge. His trial was supposed to be mid-February but has been delayed by the Justice Department. The DOJ, Eric Holder, has put off his decision to call this a death penalty case. He is thinner than Lanza and his appointed defense team is concerned for his health.

      Several laughable fails on this one with one victim shot in the leg and crawling into a conveniently unlocked closet at the airport, then being moved to an undisclosed hospital. The fake blood photo of Ciancia, clearly another dummy, is beyond a stitch of credibility, and it’s a laugh out loud moment when the LA police chief Gannon announced at the press conference that they just practiced that “EXACT” scenario in a recent drill. The two Feds standing behind him drop their heads in unmistakable horror.

      1. This is brilliant, Sandy, as it’s just ANOTHER incident of the BIG-LIE psy-ops technique that poor people of USA are being subjected to–see my below expo.

        1. They put on quite a show after the LAX event. I read somewhere that 5000 attended this memorial at the sports arena. Wow. Then again Hollywood is just up the road.

          Transportation Security Administration head John Pistole, Attorney General Eric Holder, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Rand Beers, Mayor Eric Garcetti and other officials were expected to speak at Tuesday’s service for Gerardo Hernandez at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.

        2. Leni lived till she was 101.
          LAX – TSA

          I paid minimal attention to this event. 5000 attended a memorial with all sorts of dignitaries giving speeches. A bit over the top even for Los Angeles and adjacent. The last person the alleged victim saw through the scanning process at LAX was someone by the name of Kris Jenner. Apparently well known in certain circles and married to a Bruce Jenner who once attended Newtown High School. Dots aside, TSA agent Hernandez reportedly was seen joking with Mrs. Jenner before his demise.

          The 14 year old son in the picture looks like a grown man to me. Mrs. Hernandez is said to work for Warner Bros and prior to that for Disney. Interesting. Also the figure pictured in a wheelchair looks mysterious to say the least. Perhaps all this was to boost self esteem among the rank and file and remind them how important they are with all the pomp and circumstance involved.

          Caption to photo: The Marine Corp Law Enforcement Foundation presented the children of slain TSA agent Gerardo Hernandez college scholarships during ceremony at TSA offices in Los Angeles Thursday January 30, 2014. TSA Administrator John Pistole, left, MCLEF representative Michael Bigrigg announce scholarships to Luis and Stephanie Hernandez, alongside their mother Ana Machuca.

          With names like Pistole and Bigrigg what can be wrong?

          Wikipedia: On November 1, 2013, a shooting occurred at around 9:20 a.m. PDT in Terminal 3 of the Los Angeles International Airport.

          Another Friday event. Around 8:30 AM the same morning, while still living in the desert, I had a phone call from a relative driving north on Sepulveda Blvd. on the way to work, not far from LAX. I was told that a large number of police cars were speeding south on the same Blvd. which is the main road leading into LAX in that particular area. They all had flashing lights, sirens going and my relative wondered what was happening. So this is 50 minutes before the event takes place. Later I suggested that LAPD was eager to get a head start. They had a drill at LAX about such a situation not long before and the adrenalin no doubt flows among participants.

          Even my relative, someone who can’t be bothered with conspiracies, thought the timing was strange.

        3. Love the eyewitness testimony from your relative, long before the event. Of course the cops, in order to get to the scene (ahead of time), you know to lay out those triage sheets, etc, through typical traffic, have to take no chances they will be hung up. I mean what if there was a real accident to attend to? Sepulveda is one of those streets you might take to avoid the 405 or the 110. A “large number” of cop cars. Hm. Maybe, like the Russians, we should start using those dash cams to record this stuff.

        4. Anne, you know how fast available space fills up at these events. The “early bird” and all that. If you arrive early enough to get a good photo op you might get invited to the extravaganza later.

          Looks like they have their own little “martyr factory” going there. I wonder how receipts compare to Newtown and Boston? All those guys in Orange County driving the Beemers are notoriously cheap.

        1. Walsh and Pugh are not the same person. Mark Walsh doesn’t look or sound anything like Nick Pugh, I have no idea who Mark Walsh is, but guess he must have been some sort of cover for Nick.

          After LAX, Nick was widely recognized as being the key witness of the 9/11 attack. He decided not to deny the undeniable, and instead used a limited hang-out strategy. He tweeted out a statement saying that he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time – twice, and was both in New York on 9/11 and at LAX.

          So, just a coincidence. Nothing really remarkable.

      2. Also don’t forget the bogus Columbia Mall Shooting, with CIA agent Sanchez, that occurred last month. It is now wiped from the news as it too was poorly orchestrated.

        1. Sure Apollo, here is a great YT video on that Hoax. CIA agent, either her name is Munoz or Sanchez, appears plain as day at the 1:44 mark, wearing the purple coat. She was also interviewed in Sandy Hook, The Boston Bombing, The Watertown Shootout, and now at the Columbia Mall. Four different locales (on the East Coast, 1st district which is Wash-Bos).

        2. Then there was the Santa Monica hoax last summer while el presidente was motorcading through town nearby. Sandy Hook Truth did a good job on this fairy tale. The Santa Monica female police chief, who was all over addressing this “tragedy”, looked like something from a Hollywood prop room. Nothing like the same lady from a couple of years earlier in a previous LE position.

        3. I remember her. That’s the one who looked like an extra from Startrek. That’s the way it is in Hollywood. They can’t all be “hits”.


        In this LAX video we see a couple perform a Robbie Parker before being interviewed. Having such a good time. We also see star witness Nick Pugh/Mark Walsh walking in the background waiting his turn to lie.

        Thanks to all who brought this comedy back to life. By the way, I have another piece on LAX which is in moderation.

    1. Adam Lanza does not exist, never did, JZ–it’s all just psy-ops and BIG-LIE–see my expo, below.

      Note u’ll keep seeing idiot stories as u cite, but then they’ll disappear, another moronic piece will pop-up, and so on–purpose of this is to keep the idea that there really is Adam Lanza within the minds of the goons of our society–who are legion, don’t forget–who merely skim the head-lines, and do no research of their own–the little trendies and roller-boarders, and esp. the “metro-sexuals.”

    2. JZ,

      Authored by mainstream media shill writer for the Daily News, this story “broke” a little over a month ago. No proof whatsoever that the person on the tape is Adam Lanza…. that is if you believe there is/was an Adam Lanza.

      As usual, author Matthew Lysiak, who has joined the Sandy Hook money making machine with his book Newtown: An American Tragedy, published this past December, “proves” his case using unnamed sources or, more specifically in this case, “vouched for by two old friends.” I’ve followed Lysiak’s coverage of Sandy Hook from day one and he continually uses “old friends” or “friends of the family” who, naturally, more often than not, are nameless, but who always seem to conveniently help Lysiak further paint the dark side of Adam Lanza.
      A close reading of his book will make clear that he was recruited to push the anti-gun movement, as well as the need for much greater government involvement in mental health.

      Again… this is another tall tale to help build the BIG LIE.

      1. Thanks for the info on the reporter.

        I’d like to ask the reporter, or anyone else ,why the heck isn’t there even one audio or video of Lanza circulating about? The kid lived in the age of ubiquitous videos of just about every living soul, yet there is none of him? Lord, there isn’t even a video of him at the school. Really strains credulity.

  4. Professor Tracy, your arguments for the Boston Bombing having been a hoax are very weak. In fact, they aren’t credible. Why are you pushing the crisis actors meme? The more you talk about this the less credible you are. Would you be willing to debate the Boston Bombing? The evidence is against crisis actors having been involved. Unlike Sandy Hook, Boston was a public event with plenty of evidence as to its reality.

    1. Ho ho ho, AJ, u really stuck ur foot into this time, buddy. So u say there’s “plenty of evidence as to its reality”?–ho ho ho–like what “evidence”?–tell us, give us a citation or two. U CAN’T DO IT (successfully).

        1. Strange all witness accounts are always here say, as in not admissible in a court of law,. It is not permissible for you to say he said, actual witness’s are required by law…

    2. This one is as poorly executed as LAX. Tons of evidence.

      The Boston Globe issued twitter warnings prior to the explosions. Participants were urged to remain calm prior to the explosions. Multiple photos of Craft Security teams, in tactical gear, and sporting huge backpacks were taken of them right at the explosion locations. On and on.

      1. There are all sorts of people stuck on the idea that there was an actual one after the controlled one. Not so! That is disinfo. You have only to look at the area of the second explosion to see that it too was just a noisemaker with a little smoke. The entire scene is intact, with actors and props brought in, and nothing seriously broken. But sadly, some are stuck on the notion that if they could lie to us about the first instance (i.e. Jeff Bauman et al.) they would have no compunction about a false flag or somehow they let them pesky Chechens in. Again, the whole thing is a movie set, and was tightly controlled, with zero deaths.

        By the way, when you watch the Tsarnaev trial, if you do, pay attention to the shifting storyline and the lack of ability to place him at the scene of the crime. It’s scary to write this, because I do not know who would ever back me up, but if I were defending this fake killer, I’d realize I could drive a truck through the prosecution if I halfway tried. But of course they won’t. Because it will be fake and money will change hands. What a crummy federal court it must be.

        1. Absolutely. All the usual trappings. Carlos the Cowboy, actors pushing over barriers, impossible wounds, miraculous recoveries. Over it all, the steady drone of the narrative.

          Of course this one had a second act. The mad chase, the Stasi in the streets, the “show down”. Very Cecil De Mille. There’s a “reality show” in here somewhere.

      2. “This tweet was proffered by conspiracy theorists as proof that officials planned for a “controlled explosion” to be under way at the same time as the marathon explosions, a highly suspect “coincidence” that indicated the bombings were “false flag” operation. However, this tweet was issued about an hour after the bomb blasts and referenced a controlled detonation of a suspicious device near the central branch of the Boston Public Library, which is on the stretch of Boylston Street where the initial explosions occurred. ”

        1. Don’t you know that Snopes is completely without credibility? Most people laugh when Snopes is used as “proof” of an internet meme’s truth or falsehood. You don’t know that?

        2. I would tend to confirm what you are saying about the time of the tweet, Wilson. There are many rabbit holes to get lost in here, as though the operatives did not cover their tracks well. It seems to me that the most glaring lapse on their part was not anything they said themselves but that somehow in the midst of their operations, people were recording what really happened and this has been successfully taken apart to prove the “movie” making. I don’t seek to know who took those pictures and published them. I assume it was foreigners, even foreign operatives, who are now safely back wherever they came from. Unfortunately the truth of what they recorded has very little traction. We have a lot of “leads” like this one and the Ashley Banfield “doubt” one (which isn’t). They are worthless.

        3. You quickly dismiss snopes as being unreproducible yet just as quickly revert to a conclusion of “foreign operatives” and expect that to stick. Consistency please

        4. Wilson . Somehow the raw footage got leaked to the public via the internet. The process by which it was leaked is unknown, as is the motive for leaking it, since it reveals quite effectively the false nature of the event as terror attack. I rarely apologize, but I do now because I think the implication that someone from outside shot it is more likely unwarranted, although possible. My first encounter with the material, however, seems to be from a series of online posts indicating a Japanese origin. Which would not be too farfetched.

    3. @AJ, you may want to do further research on Boston, because that it also quite an obvious hoax. I’ve showed the photos to a couple of physician friends and they clearly saw the scenes as being fakes. Also, Dr. Fetzer consulted with Dr. Stan Monteith, who used to be an orthopedic surgeon, and he also said the same thing, adding that there is simply no way the Jeff Bauman character would have been so quickly rehabilitated to have been able to show up at those sporting events.

      Here’s some good info from Dave McGowan on Boston:

      And here’s highly recommended video on the “hero” Carlos Arredendo:

      1. That’s fantastic, Amanda, but if possible, could u give at least a brief summary of McGowan’s expo?–that’s one citation I’ll have to ck on, for sure. Thanks tremendously–that Carlos vid is great too, I already saw that one, ho ho ho ho

        1. Also the “wife” of the so called terrorist, is a dead ringer for Kathryn Heigel who is an actress and also happens to be from Connetticut.
          I don’t think she was involved for any reason, just used her photo like “stock”, which indicates Hollyweird has its hand in this.

        2. I thought she looked like a mix between Kerri Russell and Katherine Heigel which is interesting since they named her, “Katherine Russell”.

        3. That’s very possible, take a look at the Waco bomber, he’s a doppleganger for Peter Saarsguard. I just wonder if these actors know they are being taken advantage of, since their pictures are not owned by them, but by a press agency.

    4. As a person who lives very close to Boston, has worked at MIT, and was in the multi city lockdown when supposedly Tsarnaev was on the loose, and who also has given out drinks at Heartbreak Hill during several marathons, I can tell I smelled a hoax from Day One when I heard of the massive injuries. Then, reviewing the photos without so much as streetlight shade broken, and the need after these early photos to do things like remove undamaged street trees and bust up benches that were intact, I find it utterly impossible to believe that hundreds were injured and a lot of middle aged women got suspicious amputations. The contingents at the end of the Marathon could not have been there.

      It’s very creepy to live in a place where you see your fellow citizens who should know better swallowing the story whole. Who knew they had not been initiated into adulthood by any traumas to make them question authority, but that they are still pampered children? A real eye-opener for me. I think I am strong, but I never will be Boston Strong(copyright). Sadly far too many people live under this banner of enslavement. I wish they would wake up, but I fear they are happy in their soft addiction to the media and its lies.

    5. aj,

      So… you believe the Boston “bombing” was an absolute REAL occurrence, with everything happening as reported in msm tv/print media? Wowza!

      Well then, let me direct you to Dave McGowan’s extensive expose (a great read, by the way) The Boston Marathon Bombings: Fully Exposed at:

      Now… go do your HOMEWORK, please.

    6. ajmcdonald,

      You’ve had plenty of time since you last posted on here about Boston to read up on it. Do you refuse to see the scam because you still want to believe they tell the truth sometimes on tv?? It is just as much an obvious charade as sandy hoax.

      1. I’m glad you pointed that out, Susan, because I was going to do so if no one else did. Two commenters just linked to Dave McGowan’s fantastic analysis; well, I did exactly the same thing back then. Thus, aj has absolutely no excuse for being utterly ignorant about this topic at this point. The mystery is why he/she would stumble back here, knowing full well how he/she will be received when berating James on the subject. We just laugh at him/her. Moron? I’d say so.

    7. Carlos, oops I mean AJ, The last guy posting under that moniker already said that and was shown plenty of evidence why he was wrong. You guys really need to coordinate better or you will have to come up with some new personae.

  5. Exposition Of BIG-LIE Technique Is Next Step In Necessary Scientific Analysis

    Well Prof. Tracy: I guess u did ur usual good, though pedestrian, job, BUT I wish u could have done a little bit more, which I submit is the next necessary step for scientists–not to mention patriots.

    For that next step, I submit, is the classification of Sandy Hook incident, as well as Bost. Marathon bombing, as ITEMS within the next larger GENUS, which then, I submit would be the BIG-LIE psy-ops, as I’ve noted for us several times in several places.

    Sandy Hook–or Bost. Marathon bombing–is NOT NOT NOT isolated incident; rather it’s one of a series w. distinct characteristics. And I wish our good Prof. Fetzer might himself comment upon this all I bring up here.

    For note the BIG-LIE is a specific sort of TECHNIQUE which relies upon (a) the suckers/victims to voluntarily FOOLING THEMSELVES, going along in the face of (b) truly satanistic, deliberate, psychopathic liars, who KNOW they’re bald-facedly lying to the people, (c) the people intimidated, (d) faced w. the sheer enormity of the lie, choosing then sheepishly, even reluctantly, to going along, considering it the expedient thing to do under the difficult circumstances.

    The sad thing then is the poor people, having acceded so tragically to one of these BIG-LIE “events” then seem to feel obligated to continuing to going along w. the momentum of the large campaign of lies and the program under-lying–world dictatorship and genocide in guise of “population-reduction” according to AGENDA-21.

    Notice there are distinct parts to the technique I expound for us here, and surely u’d agree these conditions can all be quite well analyzed and verified on strict scientific basis.

  6. Professor Tracy,

    I am posting this comment about my Wolfgang Halbig suspicions here so that it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of older posts.

    Now before I enter my theory remember that I have been a 9/11, Sandy Hook & Boston Bombing researcher from day 1 and I actually agree with Wolfgang’s talking points about Sandy Hook …. as a matter of fact I had asked the exact same questions re: Life Flite helicopters and the non response of EMT’s to provide first aid as required by law. And I asked these questions LONG before Wolfgang did which seemed a little odd.

    What raised my suspicions is pure logic … the logic being that someone with Mr Halbig’s pedigree of credentials, it seemed odd that his ‘letters’ were actually emails and very poorly written emails with typos and a context that IMO seemed angry and possibly harassing when looked at from the receiver’s position.

    Now I did a little research into Wolfgang and I found a comment that he made to an article from Sept. 2012

    If you go read the comment he made you will soon realize he comes across as anti muslim, anti-Obama,& pro judeo-christian almost to the point of being a rabid extremist.

    Now if you think about it… what better way for the PTB behind Sandy Hook to steer & control the debate… they must first get someone with credentials, someone who gains sympathy for getting police attention/being a martyr and someone that the community of Sandy Hook truthers will look upto for leading the fight. Wolfgang does all this very well, probably too well that he doesn’t pass the smell test … especially after reading his comment in my above link.

    I really am starting to think he is a strawman operative of some sort …. the old saying goes ‘ If it’s seems too good to be true … it likely is too good to be true.’

    I really want to believe Wolfgang IS the Messiah/Neo of Sandy Hook truth to bust it wide open, but my spidey senses are tingling too much because logic says he should be more professional in his approach to FOIA requests and I would suspect the MSM would have drawn attention to him to debunk/mock him if he was legitimate.


    1. I read the comments section posted by “Wolfgang Halbig” all the way through. In his interviews, he stated that he moved to the USA when he was 12. He never mentioned that his father was in a “Prison Camp.” The poster also believes that 9/11 was a Muslim undertaking and would lead one to believe that the official narrative of 9/11 is correct.

      Is this the same Wolfgang? Only he can answer that question. I am aware that anyone can post under any name on the internet and I will not jump to conclusions without solid proof.

      PC has brought up a good point, and a simple question and answer could quickly clear things up.

      1. Even if Halbig did write all that stuff, he ought to just refuse to talk about it–UNLESS he deliberately wants to start a circus, which I doubt. I don’t think it matters too much; what counts are the facts about Sandy Hook. It might even help the discussion if there was a circus and even MORE publicity was brought to Halbig.

      2. You know, I understand the need to be cautious about people, especially when they start getting attention, as Halbig has. But c’mon people, the MSM isn’t going to talk about ANYONE questioning the story at this point. As much as I would like to hope that this whole thing could be blown wide open, I don’t see anything happening regardless of whether Halbig is the real deal or not, or whether he has baggage or not. The problem isn’t Halbig, it’s the media, as obvious as that should seem. I mean, let’s blue sky this thing and imagine for a moment that Halbig gets his court hearing with the depositions of the Sandy Hook Players. OK, I had to stop myself right there — it will never happen. If this game is being played from the VERY TOP, do you really expect a court hearing will ever get off the ground, much less be covered by the MSM? How many people here know about the Martin Luther King Jr. civil trial verdict of 1999? OK, most people HERE should, but does the general public? I rest my case.

        Actually, I’m not done. Look, Halbig’s interviews and videos are going viral in the alternative media, and I don’t care if he’s a nazi sympathizer at this point, honestly. He’s not going to get coverage by the MSM, period. But he’s asking all the right questions and he’s waking people up. If he gets discredited somewhere along the way for whatever reason, those people he woke up might not like him anymore, but they’ll still be questioning Sandy Hook, and probably calling it Sandy Hoax.

        So I would suggest, respectfully, that we look at reality and see the bigger picture. More people awake to THE BIG LIES = a better chance for a better future. People within the truth movement are often just so eager to shoot the messenger if he/she doesn’t fit their particular version of perfection. That just seems completely counterproductive.

    2. AD HOMINEM Attack Attempts To Distract Fm Halbig’s Pt.s

      PC Geek: ur note is PUREST AD-HOMINEM by which u totally ignore the actual substance of Halbig’s case for Sandy Hook.

      Even if everything u say is true–it has NOTHING whatsoever to do w. the substance of Halbig’s case on Sandy Hook.

      All u’re doing is attempting to distracting fm the substance of Halbig’s case regarding Sandy Hook.

      Ur note would be understandable if u were only warning what was coming, but u don’t seem to grasp the diversionary tendency of ur rather hysterical perorations (“messiah” “Neo”).

      Get this straight: Halbig’s integrity regarding Sandy Hook depends ONLY upon the merits of his pt.s made, which look quite solid–WHY did FBI classify their investigation of Sandy Hook?–this is what counts and as long as this holds up, that’s all that’s necessary, REGARDLESS of anything else as u bring-up.

      Good try, PC Geek

      1. @Apollonian, do you realize that when you attack someone like that for taking things into consideration about whether or not to trust someone that we don’t know, that you are actually condoning and trying to condition us into doing the actual thing that we mock about those who are not aware of being hoaxed and follow MSM? To disregard a person’s character, background, and authenticity, when they are being given such a prominent position and serving up a good size dose of information just because their points agree with your points, is foolish.

        1. Violeta: for goodness sakes–why don’t u go to Wikipedia and ck out meaning of ad-hominem fallacy? U’re utterly at sea here. What counts is the substance of Halbig’s pt.s that he makes, PERIOD. “Conditioning” u?–u’re already conditioned beyond all hope, it seems. “Foolish”?–ho ho ho–I’m sure u know ALL ABOUT that, eh? ho ho ho ho ho ho

      2. Appollo ,

        I will refrain from commenting on your obvious topic changing ramblings, but remember i agree with all of Mr Halbig’s points re: Sandy Hook and also remember that it wasnt Mr Halbig who classified the FBI report.

        If i told you that i was ‘visited’ 3 times by police agencies would you believe me ? I hope NOT.

        If you wanted to submit a FOIA request would you do so via email ? I hope NOT.

        Do you not find it suspicious that all these Dr’s of truthology are jumping on the Wolfgang wagon so quickly without even vetting Mr Halbig on the basics of his recent history ? I hope so.

        PS. I am NOT a resident of the USA nor a covert shill operative & Prof. Tracy can verify as much.


        1. Ho ho ho–talk about “ramblings”–HOW, exactly, WOULD u know Halbig was not visited by the thugs-with-badges?–why wouldn’t such thugs do what they’re paid to do?–intimidate and bully the citizens. U “hope not”?–ho ho ho ho.

          Tell us what exactly is wrong w. submitting an FOIA request by e-mail–didn’t they answer back w. the obvious lie that they were “exempted” fm duly submitting such info?–on what grounds were they exempted?–did they provide adequate basis for such statement of exemption?

          Comrade: u still don’t get it, do u?–Halbig’s case rests upon the merits, like the questions he puts quite plainly. “Vetting” his “recent history” is totally irrelevant to the substance of his questions and statements–can u grasp that?

          Good try, once again, PC Geek, ho ho ho ho ho

        2. The only danger that might exist is if nobody else acted because they were turning it all over the knight errant, Mr. Halbig. What is to prevent hundreds of FOIA requests being generated from the people here? Being visited by thug cops is not likely to happen for that. If it does, then file a harassment case. I think it is foolish to speculate about whether or not he is a drama queen, but better to do what you can inspired by his example. What’s stopping you, if you seek the same information he does? Don’t use the email, but put it in a notarized, return receipt requested document.

        3. Wisdom Musings,

          If someone on this blog were to provide the addresses and phone numbers (and a template on the correct way to request and encourage a proper reply/response, I am certain that it would be put to good use by these activist Memory Hole readers.

          I would think that copies of Wolfgang’s “original” communications would work quite well for this purpose. The emails we have seen are what Wolfgang wrote “after” many months of being ignored and officially intimidated.

          Remember that.

          When all of our new “formal” requests are also ignored, I would like to see just how far removed the tone of Wolfgang’s growing frustration at official failures to reply &/or comply, and our own subsequent communications with them will be.

          Wouldn’t you?

        4. Have you looked around on the web with respect to Wolfgang Halbig? There are a lot of people saying a lot of negative things about his way of handling this. So, I am going to say that there is another danger that exists, and that’s that his ridiculous way of handling this will cast truth seeking into ridicule.

          Another reason that one might want to consider Halbig’s motives, and I know someone else stated this, is that it’s possible that he is leading the whole movement in the direction tptb want it to go.

          He might be waking more people up to the “foolishness” of conspiracy theory people than to the fact that SHS was a hoax.

          I can see it possibly being used to STOP critical thinking and fold under peer pressure among those looking into hoaxes.

    3. PC, I share some of your concerns. It may be more concerning to me that some regard his “credentials” as superior to their own ability to judge truth. I will certainly give him credit for being exposed to protocols and procedures. Beyond that, he has the right to question as we do.

      If things are not as they are advertised, he will only be representing himself. Just like the guy who called Dr. Carver and carried on, I didn’t ask him to do that.

      As I’ve said elsewhere, I’m not looking for a “leader”. If I were I don’t think I’d stop with Mr. Halbig. I appreciate him asking the questions. There weren’t any on the list that I and others have not already asked.

      I will also state that I realize I”m “different”. I’m not particularly impressed by “anybody’s” credentials, per se. I CAN be impressed by what they say or write. I’m fond of saying (truthfully), that one of the dumbest men I ever met in my long life had an MBA from Harvard. I’m not referring to Sparky Bush.

      So, Mr. Halbig is certainly free to say and think whatever he likes. I hope his efforts have a positive effect on this sorry tale.

      1. I think what is important is to not make this about Mr. Halbig. This did not suddenly become a significant matter because he started talking about it. He could turn out to be wholly corrupt or pure as the driven snow. The key is to examine his words with the same scrutiny that we would anyone else’s.

      2. Lophatt, I agree with everything you said here and about being one’s own leader. There is someone with less brain mass than Sparky Bush? Is that possible?

    4. I have no idea of Wolfgang’s intentions, but if anyone thinks one guy is going to change the promoted narrative of Sandy Hook… they’re kidding themselves.

      I was happy to see Wolfgang pointedly ask for the Name of the Security Contractor that did the security updates to the school in the Summer of 2012. It would be nice to see more information on that piece.

      Sandy Hook was hogwash and everyone knows it. But, not many will admit it.

      It’s a thin line that Sandy Hook balances on.

      1. BIG-LIE technique Only Needs A Spokesman To Broach The Issue

        Of course, u know, my idea is to get more scientifically-respected guys like Tracy and Fetzer, Barrett would work well too, to pick up on my idea about the BIG-LIE, the big-lie classification being the immediate generalization that would include Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon bombing, 9/11, and many, many others.

        Thus we get folks talking about the BIG-LIE technique and HOW it works, and they will quickly see the easy relations with all these various events.

        If Tracy would do this, it would be big and much-discussed–but he’s got 3 kids he has to feed, so he probably doesn’t want to risk it–now, FETZER could do it.

        And they could all apply what they know about science to the technique, for note, BIG-LIE is a species of psy-ops. Lots of folks understand psy-ops, but it’s tooooooooooooo general–BIG-LIE fits PERFECTLY. Alex Jones could do it.

        All the aware folks know what’s going on about these lies and lying, but we only need some clinical-type discussion and expo–I could go on and on.

        For instance, it’s easy (a) to demonstrate the satanistic psycho-pathology of these murderers and liars–like Obongo warning people about drones–“u’ll never hear them coming,” ho ho ho.

        But look at the people–the broad masses: (b) they’re terrorized fm various angles, esp. all the folks on food-stamps, etc., who are afraid to lose benefits if they cross ZOG.

        (c) And lots of folks DO indubitably grasp the ENORMITY of what’s happened and what they’re required to swallow. So u see, a guy (or girl) w. necessary boldness could easily start the ball rolling, broaching the specific BIG-LIE technique, then demonstrating all the elements–we’re just waiting for someone w. sense of enterprise, by golly. Alex Jones could do it, or Jesse Ventura, or Fetzer–they just need to focus-in just a bit on the concept.

        1. I do think after looking into all this weirdness that “deception” is a goal in itself. Yes, it appears these events are designed to push certain agendas forward. But, they also are complete in themselves as a major goal is to just get people to believe a lie.

          I’ve looked into the some of the reasons why a group might be motivated to have others believe lies, but it is difficult to comprehend that some groups actually exist to perpetrate lies. How odd.

          I did look at the link to the “BIG LIE.” The difficulty there is the third rail, Hitler, is the central character in that. Not many will go there.

          So much of this points to historical conflicts, but I’ve been curious lately of the role of Saudi Arabia. So quiet, yet keeps popping up.

        2. So wondering, would u say this BIG-LIE is an actual technique deliberately perpetrated?

          For note the master-fraud behind and under-lying everything else (of practical nature) is the US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEIT scam. Behind the Fed is the CFR, Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers.

          Isn’t the mass-media itself literally a propaganda machine?–what about the very front-pages of Yahoo and MSN, so appealing to the trendies?

          Saudis are integral part of the NWO (world order)–they supply the petroleum, co-operating for only accepting “petro-dollars,” allies and close collaborators w. Israel too.

          Some folks would perhaps be repelled by unc’ Adolf, but many others would surely be interested for his insights upon the great propaganda machine and techniques of his own day, I suspect. But thanks for ur comments, for sure.

    5. I am inclined to agree with the analysis of PC geek, regarding: Wolfgang Halbig. I too also felt at ease after reading the emails he sent to various officials requesting information. Very unprofessional and confrontational. Be suspicious.

    6. Most of the heat Halbig is getting is about his poor email etiquette. I don’t understand how someone can be labelled a shill or operative based on poor grammar and etiquette. Quite foolish if you ask me.

      We all have our own awakening process. I woke up about 9/11 in January of 2013, after seeing Robbie Parker laughing in my face. 2013 was a life-changing year for me after looking back on Oklahoma, Waco, JFK, MLK, etc. and now seeing the many false flag events playing out before us.

      If you listened closely, Mr. Halbig also references Boston as if he believes the official story, as far as the way cops and FBI responded to the event.

      Just be cause Mr. Halbig is not onto all the other false flag events, does not mean that he is a shill. Maybe Sandy Hook has overwhelmed him so much that its all he knows, and before December 2012, he was still brainwashed.

      1. I woke up on May 1, 2011 when the biggest lie of the past decade was unveiled, the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden. I was suspicious of 9/11 but even I knew that OBL was dead since 2001. When they made that announcement, within 5 minutes there were at least 50,000 Obama supporters outside of the White House gates cheering and celebrating. I turned to my wife and said, “WTF?” How do you get that many people to assemble outside the WH without knowledge aforethought?

        At this point, I could care less who busts Sandy Hoax wide open, as long as it is done!

        1. You can’t prove a negative, in other words, you can’t prove that he wasn’t killed.

          Since it cannot be done the doubters claim it as a. ” victory”, albeit hollow. Similar to saying ” heads I win, tails you lose”, the argument guarantees the presenter with an artifice if confidence in his belief system. It is the backbone of all “truthers”

          For those who take umbrage: I believe that a tea kettle is revolving around the sun. Prove me wrong

    7. Good find, Geek, and very revealing. Prof. Tracy likes to cite Jim Garrison and obviously has respect for the man, as we all should. I’d like to remind everyone about one of JG’s favorite laments, the tantalizing “Golden Apples” that are left for researchers to pick up along the way. Many of these turn out to be nothing more than road apples. I sense something not quite right here.

  7. Great discussion! Dr. Tracy, I didn’t remember your Mayberry syndrome, but that’s an excellent allegory — a humorous one at that. I have to say that Kevin Barrett surprised me that he’s been following the Sandy Hook story from the beginning and yet has been on the fence? Really? Well, at least he said he’s about to fall off the fence (in favor of the story being a hoax). Glad to hear that…. but just goes to show how long it can take even a full-blown conspiracy theorist to wake up (completely) to this particular BIG LIE.

    Perhaps I need to give my former friends a little more of a break in their total denial of this being a hoax. Just kidding — they’ve chosen to remain IGNORant — they refuse to look at ANY of the evidence — I think they’re just too caught up in their glee over the idea of gun confiscation, and are happily lining up behind Feinstein, Bloomberg, Holder, Obama, Malloy, and the rest of the criminal cartel.

  8. As ususal, thanks for the broadcast. You hit on some monumental issues regarding academic freedom and the direction of the university. The discussion of “Strausians” was particularly accurate.

    Not many see this for what it actually is. Most of us of an age where we grew up believing essentially in the equality of citizens make assumptions that that’s the way it still is.

    Actually, what we’ve been discussing here is largely the product of this philosophy. As you gentlemen discussed in the broadcast, the “elites” have arrogated this decision function (what is reality”) to themselves and relegated the masses to the position of obedient observers.

    Some of the knee-jerk reactions to researchers are a prime example. It is deeper than simple disagreement. It is regarded as unauthorized rebellion by the lesser classes. For example, the attacks on “whistle blowers” by the current administration is more akin to retaliation for “breaking caste” than it is to disagreement. They actually don’t care if the whistle blower is right or not. It is the IDEA that someone would oppose their “betters”.

    This is more of a problem as people begin to assume that role. Instead of outrage at being lied to and manipulated, they meekly assume their assigned lots in life as “consumers”.

    The universities compete for grants and strive to appear conformist. Instead of “inspiring” students and teaching them critical thinking, they become mere apologists for the elites. Insights are unwelcome.

    Again, thanks for the broadcast and the insights provided. Sadly, it takes courage to do what you’re doing. It shouldn’t, but it does.

  9. I enjoyed listening to the program, as I usually do when Dr. Tracy is a guest. However, there were a couple of things that had me scratching my head. I was under the impression that the “truther movement” was necessarily supposed to be non-political. Meanwhile, the host strongly implied that “Neocons” run academia, which is patently false. I am no fan of the neocons. In fact, I despise them! But the host of the program should know that it is cultural Marxists who dominate academia. I was a bit surprised that Dr. Tracy let that obvious fallacy stand. Neocons are plentiful in government as well as “conservative media” and certain think tanks – but academia? It seems to me that the host was injecting his personal partisan politics, which only hurts the truther movement and should be avoided while discussing 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston, etc. All government is corrupt and ultimately tyrannical – period! The establishments of both political parties cannot be trusted – period! There is little but superficial differences between the Clinton, Bush and Obama regimes. Finally, the host also implied that Blackwater mercenaries set off the “explosions” during the Boston Marathon. The obvious truth is that there were NO bombs that went off that day, and all the injuries were completely and obviously fake! The brothers were probably set up and may have actually believed that they planted the bombs. In reality, the only things that exploded that day were Hollywood pyrotechnics and a lot of smoke. By the way, no lawsuits against the city of Boston and the organizers of the marathon, just as in SH.Keep up the great work, Dr, Tracy.

    1. Thanks.

      I don’t think that the host made the claim that neocons run academia, but rather that they are an unmistakable presence and their philosophy of an elite few and the propagation of noble lies is anathema to a university’s mission. To this, if I’m not mistaken, Fetzer remarked that there were also many simply “chicken-hearted” administrators, which is probably more fitting in terms of my situation.

      1. Judy Wood, Jim Fetzer, Jesse Richard, Ralph Schoenman, Barry Zwicker, Ian Wood, Kevin Barrett, Faiz Kahn, Carl Person, Les Jamison, Sophia Smallstorm, and others were all speaking at a conference at Cooper Union on 9/11/2006, so these some of them are cronies who know each other quite well. They were also selling books and other goods at various tables, which means some make their livelihood selling counter-culture press materials or hosting shows, etc. If Kevin utters he’s on the fence about an issue, it’s hard to take what ever comes next seriously. A host should already be informed unless he’s looking to bend over backwards to message the MSM.

    2. Paul: note the US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam controls, through the powers behind it, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers, directly or in-directly, all funding/financing everywhere, for everything, esp. in USA. And if u ck u’ll find lots and lots of neo-cons in these organizations.

      These criminal organizations then control the entire “left-right” charade (“false paradigm”), and the only opposition is that led by such as Alex Jones (, Ron Paul, and Jesse Ventura. So “Truthers” are those who, necessarily, oppose the establishment, and necessarily sympathize w. those libertarian-types, though surely all organizations are infiltrated.

      1. Speaking of The Federal Reserve (reserve for whom?) this may not fit in here, but we discussed dead bankers previously, can’t remember where. Now we have another one and not just some young intern.
        Another successful banker gone – another victim of suicide.
        “News of his death was a shock to his loved ones and friends, Korell said. Stuart was found Thursday evening at his winter residence, an apparent victim of suicide, according to a Scottsdale police incident report.”

  10. CNN just fired Piers Morgan. The reasons given are that he was unable to connect with American audiences, especially on the subject of gun control.

    Methinks I detect a seachange…

      1. What the heck is up with Sean Penn?? That actress changed his mind? Please. I don’t ever want to see either of them, or any hollywood gun grabber, play a role brandishing weapons ever again. Didn’t she win an Oscar for her portrayal of Eileen Wournos, the killer prostitute ? Oh, the humanity!!

        1. In Hollywood they honor their own kind. Certain factions in Connecticut are following the lead.

    1. Seachange indeed. CNN is fishing for a more conservative audience. They recently aired the story of Dr. Mary Neal who wrote “To Heaven and Back” – I knew they were trying for FOX’s audience.

  11. The reason that Prof. Tracy’s blog is so compelling on the subjects of the Boston Bombing and the Sandy Hook School Shooting is precisely that he adheres to well established principles of academic integrity and historical accuracy while discussing very controversial subjects. He does not fit the stereotyped image of the wild eyed conspiracy theorist. He doesn’t rant like Alex Jones, nor does he proffer ridiculous and unnecessary speculation such as the idea that the twin towers were destroyed by directed energy beams from outer space. No MSM “journalist” could say of him ” A teacher at FSU, who has claimed that 911 was an inside job carried out with the aid of mini-nukes, directed energy weapons, and deceptive holograms, is now claiming that Sandy Hook and The Boston Bombing were hoaxes where no one died.” Instead, he takes a sober look at real historical events, teasing out the glaring lies and inconsistencies in the official narrative. This is also why he is such a threat to the establishment. He has done much to rescue the term “conspiracy theorist” from the derogated fringes of the internet and put it squarely in front of the open minded public. So spread the word. Go on other news and information sites and link them up to “Memory Hole Blog”.

    1. Very much agree. I’m not sure what Tracy thinks of 9/11, which is a very detailed event on a much larger scale that these others (so he’s perhaps wise not to wade into it), but his sober and measured tone about the other hoaxes is impeccable and much-needed.

      The drills disguised as reality are coming thick and fast, and quickly passing into currency as talking points for less than diligent intellectuals and certainly politicians. The mother of them all is 9/11 (although some feel there are earlier ones like Oklahoma City and the moon landings).

      He isn’t the sole academic challenging recent fakery, since the New Millennium. I was interested to see that Elsevier, an academic publisher, put out a book of essays by 9/11 skeptics about ten years ago, which is fully footnoted and perhaps in some instances of the articles peer-reviewed. Nor was this book designated for the general public, as its over $100 price tag pretty much destined it for library collections, where it probably lurks on dusty shelves to this day, in the expectation of being discovered by future scholars unconcerned about being associated with present day conspiracy personalities who propose highly speculative scenarios without the undergirding of cautious skepticism.

      In my opinion, to speculate too widely is to fall off the other side of the hoax horse saddle. Both ways, you end up on the ground where they want you. Tracy does not make those mistakes.

      1. Zarembka, Paul, ed., The Hidden History of 9-11-2001, Elsevier, 2006. A second edition in paperback from Seven Stories Press, 2008.

        I haven’t revisited this book, and for all I know the contention is that it was a false flag or that the hijackers were working for us. Whatever it purported to say, it rejected the official story. I believe it also proved that such “evidence” as phone calls from cell phones on planes, identifying the “hijackers” could not have been made. It tended to undercut the official story in several different ways, which was definitely not being done in the MSM at the time. Whether it was another rabbit hole I don’t know. In the end, you get the gestalt of it as a fiction, however.

      2. “Speculation” Has Its Proper Purposes, Don’t Doubt

        I suspect Prof. Tracy thought, when he was first singled-out for harassment, he was merely making fairly simple observations–he was surprised when he found-out about adverse attn. directed towards him. Tracy isn’t so much a hero as he keeps his head well enough, knowing he can defend himself by fairly easy references–he doesn’t back-down, and this is why he’s notable and impressive–not so sure about “heroic.”

        I observe that in his interviews Prof. Tracy seems rather low-key and matter-of-fact for his responses, coy, even.

        Musings, u overlook, I think, the observation that a citizen OUGHT to be able to then “speculate” upon solid observations–which now Tracy realizes he may not be able to do (“speculating”) due to the threatening circumstances he’s already suffered.

        For a good citizen ought to be able to speculate, abstract, and thus to give warnings to fellow citizens, Tracy being well-qualified as observer and knowledgeable of journalism and the present professional practice which anyone knows is quite nefarious, Tracy not the least.

        For Prof. Tracy is just the sort, given his position, that he could well and quite respectably generalize upon the events, Bost. Marathon bombing and Sandy Hook, to name just two–there are others–as a species of psy-ops, specifically entailing the BIG-LIE technique as I’ve noted.

        But Tracy cannot be blamed for omitting to so “speculate” (actually, to simply observe and classify)–and this is precisely the TRAGEDY and outrage that such as Tracy, so well qualified, cannot easily so comment and thus to inform his fellow citizens.

        1. apollonian – I have no trouble with anyone speculating. But I would prefer such speculation to state the premises on which it is done.

          Very shortly after the Boston Marathon thing (perhaps – and this might be significant in a big way – before the Tsarnaev’s made their appearance the following week) – a local Boston public broadcasting (WGBH) media host, Emily Rooney (daughter of 60 Minutes late Andy Rooney), was reviewing the event with her guests (who are either reporters or schools of communications professors, generally). She wrinkled her brow and looked concerned that so many of the general public were scrutinizing the thing for every clue (they were?) and asked what was to be done about people who insisted on pursuing the story on their own. “Ignore them,” came the word from the professor (Kennedy School of Government? Not sure I remember which brand of contempt venom was raining down on the likes of us).

          “Ignore them,” is not what I expected to hear from “journalists”, and Emily Rooney (who is quite a stern sourpuss on her best days), a member of the so-called antiwar generation who came into her own in the 1960’s-70’s, seems to betray whatever she might once have believed in during, say, Watergate.

          But it’s interesting to speculate (and I will) whether her anxiety was very real and whether she was expressing it just before the second part of the movie-making, where the scene shifted to Watertown (or some facsimile of it in Harvard-owned territory). Perhaps she worried that the whole thing would come apart as a hoax before they moved to the second phase which involved a 6 town lockdown and a phony pursuit of “Chechens”. This could be a Rosetta Stone. It was, after all, a very elaborate plot.

          I notice the judge in the Tsarnaev case was involved in saving some careers at MIT (students accused of hacking a few years back, when they proved the new MBTA (subway) cards were hackable; apparently federal crimes are thick upon the ground when you try to find the weaknesses in computer programs used by the general public). He also presided over the trial of a Moslem pharmacy student accused of terror, who has gotten a heavy prison sentence. So federal Judge O’Toole (a Clinton appointee) himself is a critter to study as well. There were those who speculated that the “killing” of Sean Collier, the MIT security policeman, was related to another criminal case brought against Aaron Swartz (who committed suicide) when he was told by the DA he was facing a thirty-five year sentence for larceny of worthless computer files. So we see a nexus with the computer science students and the killing or “killing” of Sean Collier (who looks as much like a composite to me as does Adam Lanza; his ‘family portrait’ dates not from the 80’s but the 70’s for sure, like those old school pictures at Sandy Hook which cannot be recent).

          Oh, I can speculate endlessly. The thing is, nobody cares what I believe. I am not so important. I am ignored, but I despise these people who have subverted the community where I live. To what end? We can speculate.

    2. Prof. Tracy Is Being Muzzled, No Doubt

      Christo: note “conspiracy theory” is integral to USA and Western culture, explicit conspiracy theory integral part of Jefferson’s Dec. of Independence, and New Test. conspiracy to murder TRUTH (Christ).

      Alex Jones is a radio host who MUST appeal to audience for some dramatic effect in selling of his advertiser’s wares, which he MUST do in order to stay on air-waves–“entertainment” is something of necessity for old Alex.

      Twin Towers were un-questionably “dustified” and dis-integrated by some type of a directed-energy weapon–this is shown in videos, and observed upon w. great care by Dr. Judy Wood at her site,

      “Beams fm outer-space” was deliberately concocted as dis-info to dis-credit Dr. Wood–and any others too, no doubt.

      Otherwise, I agree w. u regarding Tracy’s low-key, even coy, sort of style which confutes the liars and dis-info propagandists. But it’s sad thing when such as Prof. Tracy is effectively dis-allowed to simply and clinically categorize Sandy Hook and Bost. “events” as classic instances of the BIG-LIE technique applied against the people–for the people thus lose for their best and proper information.

      1. A shockwave from an underground nuclear texplosion constitutes in a sense a directed energy weapon and it exists. Judy Wood has not provided anything realistic.

        1. She doesn’t pretend to “provide anything realistic”–all she does is look at the evidence to say WHAT happened, that’s all. She pt.s to work of JOhn Hutchison and says the effects he produces most resemble the various things that happened at WTC on 9/11.

    3. Exactly Christo! Professor Tracy bases his arguments in fact, and backs up everything with solid research.

      I’m concerned for Halbig, because he is also above ridicule, even though he comes less from academia, and more from street experience.

      When these two combine forces, they have the power to break through the ‘Andy Griffith’ assumptions held by the majority of Americans. Unfortunately, the more effective these two are in breaking down walls, the more they are targeted.

      However, times have changed. Millions of people are watching this play out – and will be able to detect retaliation for what it is.

  12. Okay, I actually really don’t understand this SSDI information, so someone else is going to have to verify this. The video is basically saying that they checked the “SSDI master file” and were unable to find any of the “victims” from Sandy Hook. But I don’t know where this “SSDI master file” is, so that we can confirm this info. Anyway, the video is below.

    Sandy Hook; GAME OVER! – NO Deaths NO Victims in Official Record

    And here’s a link to the info mentioned in the vid:

    1. Unfortunately, the SSDI is less reliable when it comes to deceased children. Most of their data base is fed from social security payment recipients. They primarily report a death when they are notified to stop SS payments.

      The index is not that old, and self reports a 90% accuracy in all SS recipient deaths. They interface with other government agencies, so will be much more inclusive as time goes on. As for now – it’s a good lead, but not a slam dunk.

      1. Sandy, I posted the same link a couple of days ago. I don’t know how accurate it is. They said they used the “archived version”. I don’t’ know enough about that to know the significance.

        My first thought was that, if the data weren’t current enough, the “victims” wouldn’t appear. However, some of the dates are pretty new and there are “birth” records as well. So, I guess they’re saying that the “victims” were never born or some were born in another century.

        If that could be verified it would certainly be significant.

  13. Wonder what will ultimately wake up the masses? Could it be the VA destroying thousands of records in order to catch up on the backlog?

    Could it be the parents finally get fed up with the Orwellian common core?

    Could it be the planned destruction of our health care system?

    Could it be the knowledge that our governments have been trying to control and weather and experimenting in our skies for years? Plenty of folks are going to be really fuming when they realize this terrible weather is man made!

    1. In regards to Rosalind Peterson at the UN; Rosalind will not use the word “chemtrail” since officialdom never refers to the aerosol spraying as such, and she feels it has no validity because of that. Instead she prefers to use the term “persistent contrails”.

      Rosalind came to the first chemtrail protest in 2006 in Los Angeles and has been a vocal force since. I recommend reading her exposure of Navy warfare against sea mammals.

      1. Thank you. Wonder what Mz Peterson is up to today. That is an interesting website, noticed they have posted it will be totally updated by March 2014.

        It is way past the time that we need to know what the heck they are spraying on us and why, regardless of what ‘proper’ term for dumping chemicals is

        1. I’d like it if someone could tell me what is what when it comes to Rosalind. I first heard her on Dr. Stan some years ago, and she absolutely insisted that there is no spraying, that it all is to do with additives in jet fuel, and rockets the government explodes intentionally to lace the atmosphere with poison.

          Her californiaskywatch web site has tons of government documents supposedly proving this.

          Yet it is preposterous. There is no question that actual spraying is going on; tanker planes with spray nozzles have been filmed as they are turned off and then on again.

          And she appeared in the movie What in the World are They Spraying. Maybe in the interviews she told them that they are not in fact spraying, but her presence in the movie is a tacit admission that she acknowledges spraying. Perhaps she thinks they misrepresented her position? But, if I remember correctly, she also appears in the sequel, Why in the World are They Spraying, which would be an indication she’s not too annoyed about that.

          Anyone who can help out, I’d love to know what is the real deal about her. She has been so insistent in denying “spraying,” arguing that it is an internet myth to make concerned citizens look like kooks. Does she still hold that view? At the same time, she documents off the charts aluminum levels in whale blubber and in the snows of Mt. Shasta, and hates the fact that California never has blue skies anymore.


        2. In her 2007 report to the UN, she clearly states the chemical experiments being done in the sky are out of control and not being managed. Perhaps she thought it would not go public or perhaps she was hoping it would.

          And then she got spoken to about exactly what she is permitted to say. Would not be surprised if she has disappeared.

          We will be clearing out the damage done in SC by the freak ice storm for many months. Remember the days when your broken windshield could be replaced the next day? We were told maybe 4 weeks, there is a glass shortage!

        3. Patrick, I agree that Rosalind’s stand is often contradictory to what less political correct researchers have come up with. I am sure rockets do not help the situation, nor increased air traffic all over the world. But the visual patterns in the sky from what appears to be spray planes can’t be denied. These patterns are not from rockets and not from regular air planes. In the beginning she had some great posters made depicting the various shapes that takes form after a “persistent contrail” is laid. She may have been spoken too as well. No just anyone gets to address UN.

          After Aaron Russo finished his “America: Freedom to Fascism” he had plans of making a similar movie about chemtrails. This was told by his personal assistant who was part of the early “chemtrail movement” (for lack better words) in Los Angeles. It was not meant to be and he would have had a much larger impact than what came later. It may be of interest to some here that G. Edward Griffin was instrumental in getting the What and Why Are They Spraying movies made.

        4. After the 2006 chemtrail protest in Los Angeles, Rosalind became sort of spokesperson due to her background in agriculture and having witnessed the decline in her part of California – the bread basket of the west. Rosalind also has a huge room stacked with official papers she uses for her findings, only going by official sources for research and claims. This is her way to insure that she could not be ridiculed by the cartel. She was interviewed by NBC in Los Angeles and it was everyone’s hope something positive would come out of all of this. No so, I witness massive chemtrail operations here in Santa Monica almost daily. Same throughout the world.

          In the aftermath many who believe in calling a spade a spade went in other directions. Arizona Skywatch has no problem using the word chemtrails. Rosalind has kept busy attending local meetings, forums and updating her massive website. I suppose geoengineering is more appropriate since it covers all facets of weather manipulation, not just chemtrails.

      2. Anne, that is sort of a “contradiction in terms”. If she is concerned about being accurate, the spraying would not be “condensation”, i.e. “contrails” (persistent or otherwise).

        As Patrick says, they have been filmed turning the nozzles on and off and one videographer even visited an airport where there was a contractor doing this work who gave him a tour.

        To someone like me who hasn’t spent any time researching this the most difficult aspect is the expense. This would be HUGELY expensive. It seems obvious that they are doing it but I can’t imagine how they are paying for it.

        1. Not only that (“black budget”), but remember, Federal Reserve Bank is effectively a printing-press–actually, they control the presses, also the computers which digitalize it (the fiat-money) all.

  14. If you have access to, you can find it there. That is how I have looked things up when some people were said to have died. I do find that some of them are to be found there (from earlier events, including the Boston Marathon and 9/11). The thing is, I would not expect to be “clean” either, because if the federal government is involved in these hoaxes, as I am fairly certain it must be, then they can corrupt their own files with impunity. You are looking at an entity which already creates false identities for people in witness protection and also spies. So why this should be probative of anything I fail to understand.

    1. is a good free site for those doing family research, and pertains to those who have received ss, applied for ss, or reported a death to the social security administration. Many people will be missing from this database.

      The SSDI master file has a list of everyone who ever lived since 1936 and was issued a ss no. The only ones missing here will be those who were never issued or applied for a ss number. It is a paid site and I believe it has some limits as to who can access the site.

      I believe the person who did that research stated that there was no record of the birth or death of the 28 victims with a matching ss no. The death date of 12-13-12 for Adam Lanza is rather peculiar, not so much as it was one day before the event, but because it may indicate the date that one Adam Lanza was actually “created.” Perhaps that is the only way data could be entered for one Adam Lanza using the Government system for a previously non-existent entity.

      1. You say the SSDI master file lists everyone who has been alive since 1936. I was under the impression that it was a file on those who have died, because of privacy considerations and the danger of using a living person’s soc. sec. number. By the same token, some people born before 1936, but nevertheless living that year and long afterwards, do not seem to even have SSDI numbers. Many women who did not work outside of the home and who did not even collect spousal benefits might be among those. But perhaps I am wrong about what is and is not available.

        I am interested that you found his death date as his same probable “birth” date (Adam Lanza’s). I also heard that Ryan was once called Adam, but then he would be a different Adam Lanza, with an earlier birthdate, and it would be inaccessible if he is for real, because he is still alive.

        1. SSDI master file lists anyone with an issued social security number since 1936. This includes people born as far back as 1840 or even earlier who applied for social security in 1936, or those born in 2014. This is anyone who ever had a social security number. Obviously, it excludes those who never registered since 1936 to the present, and that list is over 100 million. (illegals, those who never bothered to register and many other groups).

        2. Basically, I meant to say that anyone without a social security number cannot appear in the ssdi.

        3. A while ago, on another thread, I posted a protocol for death certificates. I was surprised to discover that the funeral home, not the coroner, is responsible for reporting these.

          As everyone in the USA now gets a SSN from birth or early childhood, all of their birth dates are recorded in the SSDI. Presumably, for a number of reasons, deaths would be reported there as well.

          While I have no knowledge of the accuracy of the information, it does appear that they accurately record what was reported. Having said that, you could manipulate information by searching for someone’s birth information. A person could find a child who had died and use their name.

          From looking at the video it appears that none of the names appear on their version of the list. They stated that they used the “archived” version. I don’t know what that refers to.

          It would be a major find if what they say is true. Of course, it isn’t hard for a government entity to alter records. For example, generating death certificates would not be a problem. Whoever does that probably doesn’t actually observe the deceased. They just produce whatever documents are requested.

          By sealing everything they’ve effectively saved themselves a lot of explaining. We will never have definitive proof of this. Short of exhuming the graves I don’t know how you could “prove” it one way or another.

      2. My daughter was born in 1980 and at that time all newborns were given SSN numbers at birth, they are required on income tax forms when taking deductions for dependents.

        1. My kids got them too at birth, though I got mine with my first job. But my point was that you cannot look up my kids’ social security numbers or mine, because we are all alive. This would lead to identity theft worse than we already have, if you could just willy-nilly peruse the files. As it is, people rummage through children who died at birth (and never had them, because they were born decades before kids were issued them).

        2. I think I understand what you’re saying now. They wouldn’t show up in the DEATH index because they are not DEAD. That’s a good point. They should show up as having a SSN though on some list.

    1. They will stop at nothing to make sure that anything at all under FOIA will never be released. This is just more proof of a coverup of epic proportions. I believe that the truth will come out one day soon, and that they are counting on it. My guess is that AG Holder and Gov. Malloy will be the two main players thrown under the bus for damage control. They are probably expendable at this point.

        1. If anyone is interested, there is a lovely table of felonies for Connecticut. I haven’t figured out if trying to copy public records is there, but bribery, rigging, and cheating while gambling are there. Also (and this is interesting) : “Falsely reporting an incident”. Now I wonder who that would pertain to?

      1. In CT, it will soon be a class D felony for making a photocopy of publicly funded records, which historically have always been available for public research and investigation – 14 agreed, one abstention, and two no votes.

        Who are these 15 small minded people?

        1. Notice the obvious lie that they had voted on it already? Colleen keeps her head down and does not jump up and say “You lie!” That’s better than I would do in the circumstances. But I think I would have insisted on discussing the classification of felony. That is a very serious crime. What is the intent of obtaining any records? You would imagine that it matters in deciding whether someone has done something which would deprive him of all sorts of rights as an American and subject him to serious jail time. It’s basically minting a brand new political crime.

        2. Connecticut was the Constitution State and now it is being used to set a whole new precedent as to how all future mass shootings and bombings will be handled.

          1. No Videos, Pictures
          2. No FOIA requests
          3. No Interviews
          4. No Death Records
          5. No evidence will be presented to public. (Just take our word on it)

          This state was targeted because:
          Connecticut was the Constitution State.
          Connecticut had major gun manufactures operating in their state.

          Now, Connecticut has lost all their sovereignty to the FED’s.

          So, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts are no longer part of the Union.
          Who’s next. California? Colorado? Washington state?

        3. Yes Ric, in Western PA, we refer to the Northeast (New York City, LI, NJ, CT, RI, MA, Southern VT, NH, and ME) as Communist territory.

      2. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance is cracking down on pension corruption with the cops and firefighters gaming the 911 event.

        Wonder how many have retired to Sandy Hook and if all these new felony charges and laws are a result of the evil doers getting scared the scam is soon to be busted wide open?

        Maybe DA Vance should check out the SH hoax too. Wonder if their is any relation Lt. Vance who warned he would prosecute anyone making false statements on SH. Sir, you are behind on this pledge!

    2. Counterfeiting facts in your face, and minting new felons too. How suavely they move. It’s clear they have very high level back-up. Courageous woman. The chair asked about “her worries” and pointedly called the black token Uncle Tom member of the panel (who I am sure has tons of relatives whose lives were ruined by that very felonization process) “Sir” (because he did not think him a real insider like himself, but was instead patronizing him).

    3. What horrible horrible people. At least Colleen Martin tried. She was too shy though and allowed herself to be railroaded. Around minute 10 Ambrose is called on, but the sign in front of him says Jillian Knox, Victim Services Unit, New Haven.

      He is mentioned in the linked-to article, which also has this:

      Jodie Mozdzer Gil, an assistant professor of journalism at Southern Connecticut State University and a longtime reporter who represents the Connecticut Society of Professional Journalists on the panel, cautioned after the session against an overreaction to Newtown that would deprive the public of information it needs.

      “We need this information about our government [and] about how they’re doing their jobs, in order to function as a democracy,” she said. She said she doesn’t know of any newspaper that would publish grisly photos of crime victims such as those at Newtown, and, she added, “there are potential public benefits” in preserving access to such records.

      One example, she said, is if there is ever a question of possible police misconduct — and if police can restrict information, the public may never learn of it, she said. “If we’re allowing the government to decide that something should not be public, how do we know that they’re doing the right thing?” she said.

  15. O’r the land of the free
    And the home of the brave…except Connecticut. Wonder how they will enforce this. A witnessed sign-in log for the paper, a key code for every county, state and federal office copier, with a camera mounted from the ceiling? And if someone reads the illegally copied paper, they become accessories after the fact?

    I can imagine a crowded jail cell – prostitutes, car thieves, rapists, burglars and photocopiers.

    1. I’m still stuck in them tar sands of Sandy Hook. The epitome of deception and illusion, and perhaps reaching further than any previous state sponsored stage terror play in modern times. Even more so than nine eleven. In OK City a nursery was located in the building and real children died, yet we did not have parents and officials become media stars. The actors from Sandy Hook simply won’t go away. They are like a flea infestation impossible to get rid of.

      Overwhelmed? Certainly not overwhelmed by hundreds of children evacuating the school that morning. Now we are told that Brookfield police chief Robin Montgomery was “shadow” police chief in Sandy Hook that day. Foreknowledge. Brookfield, where I lived in Connecticut, has close ties to the Sandy Hook production number.

      For instance, former Newtown school superintendent Janet Robinson was a long time resident of Brookfield, living just a few houses from me on the same road. Maureen Will, director of the Newtown Emergency Communications Center, formerly held an equivalent position in Brookfield, and last year shared address in Sandy Hook with Shannon Hicks. A young photographer from Brookfield was on the scene in Sandy Hook that morning and he met his demise shortly thereafter. Lophatt will recall.

      “…….another problem in the early response to the school attack was the arrival of many ambulances from around the region.”

      Many around the region had not been notified in advance it appears from this statement, and assumed they had a real emergency to respond to.

      So far there are 8 comments to this article, all inaccessible. Danbury Rag Times never fails to deliver. Why do people, probably having a hard time making ends meet, rush to send donations in form of monies and gifts, not knowing where it ends up? Kindhearted – yes, gullible – yes and yes. No one in Sandy Hook were in need of any kind of donations, public and private, even if this event had been real.

      Nicole Hockley, as ‎Communications Director at Sandy Hook Promise, is all over the place like a buzzing mosquito. Her background in marketing came in real handy for her current position. She reminds me of Shannon Watts from Zionsville, IN. They won’t go away in our lifetime.

      1. Brand Sandy Hook:

        Sandy Hook for a time may have been flooded by out-of-towners intrigued to learn more about the place where one of the nation’s worst mass school shootings occurred. But those kinds of visitors, Koza suspects, will not last long.

        The Sandy Hook that needs to be marketed is the one that emphasizes its strengths and resiliency, Koza said.

        Additional funds from the state grant will be used to cover the one-year cost of a part-time brand steward whose job it will be to ensure that Sandy Hook remains “A place within us all.”

        1. “Sandy Hook, a place within us all.” Yes, that place in your throat where you hook your finger to gag because you have eaten something bad. That special spot, you know.

        2. “Brand steward”? Madison Ave. meets Norman Rockwell. Yes, Anne, I remember the bike “accident”.

          One thought that comes to mind is “how do we know these ‘contributions’ are just that”? Maybe there really aren’t THAT many gullible people out there. Maybe there’s a lot of money that needs laundering.

          So they build a “performing arts center”, turn the whole thing into a shrine, exploit it shamelessly and demand privacy. They have “broken the surly bonds of propriety and boldly gone where none have traveled before”, that’s for certain. Maybe they’re trying for a new definition of “chutzpah”.

          So this is really an “A-21” demonstration project. Boston must be the branch for the happy, smiling amputees. Oklahoma is the one for those who were “gone with the wind (sorry)”.

          I guess their marketing has been successful. I have no desire to go there. I remains “a place within us”, like a hernia.

        3. Lophatt, you may be right about less gullible people and more of the other kind. I was seriously worried about the state of the human mind. However, we have seen photos of stacks and stacks of correspondence and warehouses full of gifts, all purportedly in Newtown and said to be real. Perhaps the gazillions they brag about may have blown through town the Fast and Furious way.

          There is something similar going on in Cheyenne WY; remaking the city, doing away with cars, parking spots, city streets and changing the words we use for mobility. “Plan Cheyenne” is underway – Agenda 21 in plain sight.

          “When Plan Cheyenne gets finished there will be NO western heritage and kiss tourism goodbye. We will look like another Fort Collins. Anyway, how many people do you think will ride to the rodeo on a bike? STOP Plan Cheyenne and maybe people will still want to come to Wyoming. Please check out:

  16. The Judy Wood video above is interesting but does not do justice to
    her scholarship and deep reasoning. Watched a more comprehensive film tonight and was blown away. She answered every question in the after-lecture with good humor and measured insight. Wish I was that smart.

    1. She’s a true gem. She is everything you say, Marilyn, and more. She knew that conducting the investigation she did would cost her her career, and draw incredible flack from the great bovine herd of 911 skeptics, to boot, and she did it anyway. Such courage is rare. And as you note, she keeps her sense of humor even in the face of hateful, irrational attacks by other 911 researchers. Would that more of us had these virtues!

      1. She is courageous. The problem is that only people with the ability to see what she is saying realize that. She keeps repeating it over and over but they don’t get it.

        She’s telling them to look at what is right in front of them. If you don’t know what caused it (I say nuke, she says DEW), it is STILL THERE. Only certain things can cause a product like that. Most can’t get to the how because they still can’t see the result.

    1. Tammie, yes. The lawyer who brought the suit retracted it. Probably afraid of being turned into a “Hoagie”.

      Vance’s son controls the suits? How, er, coincidental.

      1. Claims Commissioner Paul Vance Jr. has another job, or a second in addition to his current position with the State of CT. His name is still on the official claims commissioner site. No conflict of interest here.

        By the way, his dad Vance Sr. was scheduled to try out for “Survivor” back in March 2011. This according to CT Post. Apparently he did not make it, instead getting a major role in the Sandy Hook reality show.

  17. Threats to one’s safety, one’s well-being are woven implicitly and overtly into the so-called security apparatus erected over every Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, 9/11 incident. They protect you (supposedly) but the powers-that-be also want to make sure that everyone understands what the consequences will be for stepping out of line. Retaliation will be overt; that’s how they extend its effects. And as for the cowardice on display in the university, the administrators are beholden to the power elites, and most academicians are timid. They’ve gone through a long period of hard work and indoctrination to get where they are; most of them will balk, needing a very good reason to put all that in jeopardy. Assange, Snowden, Manning, (also James Tracy, Wolfgang Halbig, et al) these people serve as examples to the rest of us of what will happen to those who do not mind their own business, keep their heads down. This is the Kafkaesque environment of fear and uncertainty characteristic of a police state. “They” no longer care if you know how phony it all is, whether you may have figured out that Sandy Hook was theater. What matters is that you respect power and understand what can be done to you if you become unruly. Indulge your sense of outrage on internet blogs and you might find when you next show up at the airport that you can’t go anywhere. The chance may be remote, but if you’re concerned, the implicit threat designed to keep you silent and obedient has served its purpose. We have Cheney, Bush, the Neocons and now Obama et al to thank for this. They’re all guilty as hell. There’s no war on Terror; the whole thing is a complete fabrication for the purpose of keeping the MID in business, and our increasingly rotten-to-the-core government standing on its wobbly legs. I don’t see any future for America short of revolution. It’s not a good option… but hopefully, the American people will be smart enough, determined enough, brave enough, patient enough to forge a revolution based upon peaceful non-cooperation, a la Gandhi. There’s a slim chance we could emerge as a stronger nation, one with greater vision than we had way back then. Good luck to us all.

    1. I have to take issue with your point that if one indulges one’s sense of outrage on internet blogs one will encounter the no-fly list etc. I actually do not believe that will happen, because it would show that they take you seriously. They don’t. They ignore us. Even the so-called shills are unlikely to be government hirelings, except in isolated cases for specific missions. This is from the point of view of government a safety valve. We’re not the heroes in the story. We are analysts, not operatives, and thus are not to be feared by the PTB. But amongst ourselves, as a body, we represent a resistant attitude. Whether this attitude becomes more general depends less upon us than upon whether the regime screws up and angers the wrong interest group or just generally messes up with a plot that falls apart so everyone can see behind the stage sets and curtains. There are isolated instances where this has indeed happened (building 7 of the WTC), and then their job is to ignore it and leave it out of red herring discussions.

      1. Would you say, then, there is more to fear in a shill than a paid operative? If a shill makes minimum wage at a call center and thinks he is part of the establishment, is he?

      2. We are basically in agreement: I didn’t say the No Fly list would be one’s future, I said that fear, the fear itself, of possibly being put on the No Fly list would work to curb one’s actions. That’s what I see happening. We see the consequences that someone like Professor Tracy, or Wolfgang Halbig, suffer as a result of speaking up and we are tacitly forewarned that this is the future for troublemakers so be careful what you do and say. I was speaking to the question raised in the interview re why more people don’t become involved. This is also how I explain to myself why the PTB don’t seem concerned about the fact that their own actions suggest GUILTY as hell. What they seem to be more concerned about is keeping the public disarmed and obedient. And I do think that is a very large concern. If it isn’t, it should be. So on that point of whether or not they take what’s happening out here in blog land seriously, (which means the public’s reaction in general), I think they take it very seriously. That’s why Halbig lost his computer connection. It’s also why Obama didn’t get to bomb Syria last Fall. And the next big opportunity for Americans to wake up is happening right now in the Ukraine — if only we could figure out what US culpability is so we know what to say about it.

        1. noname: the basis, for practical purposes, of present satanic world dictatorship is US Federal Reserve (legalized) COUNTERFEIT scam which is behind everything else of organized crime. See and for expo on Fed fraud.

          In the abstract, it’s “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler, whence a corrupted, now over-populated people indulges in HUBRIS of “good-evil” Pharisaism, having overthrown founding Christian honesty and worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all/any other precepts (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

          So it will get WORSE as time passes, economy (currency) collapsing as we speak, un-rest of the people a serious problem for ZOG, who will indeed resort to putting people on No fly list for any dissent whatever.

        2. Dude, I thought the good doc already asked you to STFU!!! Please do so, we don’t need your opinion about the fed on every comment.

        3. Mr. Bill: calm down–try to get a grip. U don’t like my comments then just ignore them. And speak for urself instead of pretending to know what everyone else thinks.

        4. If you have any experience in message boards, you would know that heavy commenting and opinions on every matter are not welcome. Sorry you don’t know that.

          Doc Tracy did tell you to STFU, so its not just my opinion. When big daddy tells you something, maybe you should listen.

        5. Hey Billy boy: look son, I really think u’re one who should STFU, but u don’t seem to be too bright. Try to be cool, little man, u don’t like what I write, don’t read–get it? How many times u need to be told?–grow-up, for goodness sakes.

        6. apollonian

          You are proving yourself to be a shrill – change topic, fill tons of space with the same copy and paste gibberish , insult folks. Perhaps you should create your own blog where you keep repeating yourself to yourself.

        7. Ho ho ho–I knew the Zionist neo-con would chime in sooner or later w. his buddy Billy, but Kathy same goes for u–don’t like what I write, just skip over it–simple, eh?

        8. Lets say I walk into a crowded restaurant where all the guests are enjoying their meals, and I start screaming out loud. Should I say “skip over my screaming,” and tell everyone not to bother listening to me?

          This is my last post arguing with your sorry ass, out of respect of the host. Hopefully enough people will chime in and the good Doc will ban you.

        9. this OBVIOUSLY isn’t a crowded restaurant, genius, ho ho ho ho ho. “Arguing”?–u never had an argument, little man–just a small pip squeaking, that’s all, ho ho ho ho.

    2. Noname: think you should do some research on both Snowden and Greenwald. Their PR does not necessarily match deep background.

      Check out Jon Rappoport ( on Snowden’s affiliations with the spook world. And check out Greenwald’s checkered past on Dave Emory’s blog–

      Many think Emory is too radical an ideolog to be credible. But I find his amazing documentation over the span of decades far outstrips so
      many accredited pundits and alternative Internet sites. Sometimes I am not convinced but that is rare.

      Just my opinion. I like to cover all bases. A character flaw?
      Back when I have tracked down links.

        1. Marilyn,

          Solid advice from those links on Snowden and Greenwald. A while back I posted a video with Sibel Edmonds discussing several concerns she has with this combo. (I’m sorry I don’t remember where it was since I’ve posted on so many different issues on Dr. Tracy’s blog.)

          I love Rappoport’s simple approach…. go to any library and read 20,000 pages… don’t bother taking notes… just read the pages. That simple statement explains the absurdity of Snowden’s explanation that he vetted everything he took.

          I hate to criticize whistleblowers and don’t do it easily… something just isn’t right with the Snowden/Greenwald duo.

        2. John, you may have found the Sibel Edmonds discussion on the Corbett
          Report. She certainly took Greenwald to task on that episode for what she characterized as “auctioning off” the info in Snowden’s cache. Shje was very funny, mimicing an auctioneer’s spiel. Very entertaining. And sad because he has fooled many people who thought he was authentic.

    3. I would really appreciate it if Kevin Barrett, James Tracy and Jim Fetzer would look into my research regarding Annie(Anne) Haddad clearly being the woman who was playing Nancy Lanza.

      I have assembled a newer set of videos proving this point beyond a shadow of a doubt, this woman who looks exactly like Nancy Lanza (they’re the same person obviously) was on the frickin Sandy Hook PTA and nobody mentions she looks exactly like Nancy Lanza? She’s a house wife and has 7 aliases? What’s going on here?

      Mr. Tracy, if you could spend just a few minutes watching the video, and perhaps send it to your colleagues and idealy form a rebuttal I would appreciate it, this took a lot of research and I think it’s the final nail in the coffin for this hoax- with a flesh and blood person who can be questioned and end this entire farce, proving it was a massive scam has been completely exposed.
      Part 1

      1. Paulstal. Those are an awful lot of interesting coincidences and connections and I do agree that they appear to be the same person. I find your evidence to be compelling. Nice work.

        1. Thank you very much, it’s taken a while to compile all that information and present it in a digestible fashion. I hope it leads to an arrest.

          I really hope Mr. Tracy, Barret, and Fetzer and law enforcement still working for the people of the US take a long look at this information as it is total PROOF this was a hoax, with a flesh and blood person still alive who can be questioned.

          Hopefully we can get some real law enforcement (or get a lawyer) to question this “Anne Haddad” character who was in the Sandy Hook PTA and looks exactly like the allegedly killed Nancy Lanza.

          There’s just too many coincidences going on here – if she just looked exactly like “Nancy Lanza” that would be reason enough, but being on the Sandy Hook PTA thing, the proximity in the neighborhood, Anne being a nickname for Nancy, her having 7 aliases, her being married to a Peter, and teaching a “learning disabled child”, and working at Sandy Hook schools is way too much to overlook.

        2. @ThePaulstalService- Great work. Very compelling. I happen to have Fetzer’s email, so I’ll make a point of sending your work to him tomorrow.

          Also, I would encourage you and others to listen to this interview Deanna Spingola did with Wolfgang Halbig. Although Deanna is in the alternative media, she is highly (and suspiciously) invested in promoting the MSM narrative around Sandy Hook.

          And, as PatColo said in another post, it was quite an indictment, a discrediting, an embarrassment for… Spingola!

          And be sure to check out the comments–it’s amazing to see how aggressive the trolls are

        3. Paulstal –

          You nailed it, wonder if she is still there and what the land deeds look like for both properties. Explains why Nancy’s neighbors initially reported they did not know her.


          All gun owners care immensely about the corrupted gun laws enacted in CT and NY. Think MA & NJ are still in the works. The bottom line is hundreds of thousands of law abiding citizens are now considered felons.

          They are vowing on a national level to revolt when the first swat team attacks a citizen with arrest and seizure of his property.

        4. As much as I’d like to believe a version of the 18th century minutemen will emerge, Kathy, and throw off the tyranny, I’m afraid I can’t see it happening. I hope you are right and I am wrong, though.

        5. You know how I know I nailed it? I posted those videos on GodlikeProductions under the name “FuxNews” and within 2 days I was banned from the website (IP Banned).

          Ironic- seeing as how I violated none of the website rules, was never warned, and there is total crap posted there all day long, yet this thread was apparently so dangerous to them I got IP banned (and anyone else who bumps the thread gets banned as well)

          The thread on Godlikeproductions was called “How Sandy Hook (and the World) was Fooled Annie Haddad is Nancy Lanza” Attempt to bump that thread for yourself and see what happens- likely you will get banned too.

          Proof that the topic and information is very dangerous, and Godlikeproductions is a disinfo honey-pot website (as if we needed more proof of that).

      2. Paulstal, I agree with you 100%, they are the same. Victoria Munoz is another CIA agent that has appeared at countless Drills to date also.

        We will not be able to do much with the Sandy Hook Bunch, unless we get the masses on board. Why? Very simple. I passed through Newtown, CT last week on my way back from a business trip to MA. Newtown, CT is a make believe place, just like SHES was. I have challenged many on this blog here to prove to me that the population of Newtown is 28,000 as reported by wiki. I know that the population is way under 500, because I was hard pressed to find 50 people during my drive through the entire town.

        Newtown is the town that isn’t there, a virtual ghost town, a potemkin village and nothing more.

        1. You know, John, I have followed this line of thought of yours with great interest, but have not commented on it because it is too far outside my knowledge. But what you say here reminded me of a conversation I had this morning with a friend who is not against the things I tell him go on here at MHB. He trusts me that our intrepid researchers really ARE coming up with the truth, by examining the trails of breadcrumbs left behind by the conspirators.

          The problem was, who cares? We are looking at a hoax so complete, if you are correct, not only was there no school, there wasn’t even a town. And the local government there can even legislate a blackout on public records, so no one can even probe the story. It is a lie so big it can hardly be imagined.

          But no one can be bothered to question it. No one in the wider public can be made to listen to us. We are like the forest the tree falls in and no one hears the sound of it crashing down.

          If you are correct, and Sandy Hook is itself fake, well, this is a whole new level of scary.

        2. Odd, that. I thought the topic was this: “Newtown is the town that isn’t there, a virtual ghost town, a potemkin village and nothing more.” I’m not too bright, evidently.

          No. That wasn’t the topic. It was James on the radio. Funny how he didn’t know that you are the topic–he didn’t even mention you or your theory.

          So how did you get to be the topic at hand? Yes, I know, you shoved your way in, and made it all about YOU!

          Well, you can think you’re the topic. Hell, you can think you’re Napoleon Bonaparte for all I care.

        3. That is interesting, John and it is what I believe about this town. I have often wished that I lived close enough to check it out for myself because I do not believe it is what it says it is. It may have been a real town with real people in the past but I think that it was taken over and is now a Potemkin village of sorts. Thanks for driving thorough and sharing your observations.

        4. Potemkin village, Children Of The Corn, or Twin Peaks…..not sure which one.

      3. Paulstal,
        8. (a) As you mentioned Annie said “No one ever went to Nancy’s house on meet up night. She was a private person” Because Annie couldn’t be 2 places at once!
        11. Annie looks older than Nancy Just as ALL the kids at the super bowl looked about 6 years older than thier school photos and ALL the parents looked too old to have 6 years old kids.

        One thing that I never hear mentioned is Chris Rodia, Adam Lanza and Gene Rosen appear to have the exact same Honda. Color, Year and Model. And the Honda they towed from Sandy Hook Elementry School had Chris Rodia’s licence plates on it. Am I wrong? The Black Honda on the tow truck clearly has the 872 YEO plate on it the cops claimed was Rodia’s.

        1. Ric, the Rodia issue was muddied when an article came out with him swearing up and down it was not his car, and the excuse for the mix up was blamed on radio traffic from another town being heard on the police recordings. That never convinced me, but he seemed like dead end. If he was involved, like everything else, it can’t be used to make a damn bit of difference. I do think that Nancy and Ann are the same person or separated at birth! Why would they use her as Nancy and some other Newtown random Mom at a vigil??

        2. The Officer who was audible on the radio regarding Christopher Rodia – His name was Vincent O’Banner ended up volunteering at Sandy Hook!

          What are the odds?

          Here’s the quote Regarding Vincent O’Banner (Guy who allegedly pulled Rodia Over) volunteering @ Sandy Hook:

          “The fill-in police said it was a pleasure to donate their time on behalf of their fellow officers as a way to help the community recover from their tragedy.

          Volunteer policeman Vincent O’Banner had this to say: “It’s really just doing a small part to help this community heal again. You know, I think there’s several guys from my department that are also here that assisted, and it’s just a small part that we can do to try to help the community get back to some sort of normalcy.”

          Newtown has received an outpouring of support from around the world since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.”

        3. Yea but when the whole Chris Rodia Licence was read on the radio call the cops insisted it was from an area way far from SHE and Chris had been pulled over on a traffic stop. Okay, thats fine, then they tow HIS car from SHE. It’s clealy the licence number they had read but claimed HIS car was pulled over in a different part of the city. I think they thought no one would notice. And speaking of being banned. Before its news took this thread off its site dicussing this matter. Until Anne confeses I guess we’ll never know..haha

        4. Ric, I had the same thoughts regarding the license plate number. It was clearly seen on the car that was towed away so it could not be explained away as just radio talk of a car being pulled over in a nearby area. It had to be the same vehicle.

        5. By the way Paulstal, you made comments which led me to belive you may live near the Los Angeles area as I do. I’d like Dr. Tracy to start a new conversation about the Chem-Trail saturation we’re experiencing here. I’m NW Los Angeles and I think these trails STOP the rain and cause the droughts and Global Warming..oops..”Climite Change”. I’ve been watching….

        6. Susan, I also was not convinced when that article came out saying it wasn’t his car and that there was a mix up with the radio. I just assumed that all the cars in the parking lot that day were “drop vehicles” (I might be making that term up), meaning that they were vehicles in the possession of the police or govt. agencies, and were planted at the scene/set of the Sandy Hook movie (I think I’ve heard that the police sometimes confiscate cars of drug dealers, and I’m pretty sure that’s what Rodia was involved with, or at least some other criminal activity). I never thought he had any connection to the hoax, other than that they possibly placed his car at the scene of the crime. The other car that was rather suspicious was Lauren Rousseau’s. Her car apparently had a number of bullet holes, but people have demonstrated the impossibility of the trajectories, given the other cars in the parking lot. And it’s also been noted that one of the bullet holes already had rust on it. I just assumed that it was another vehicle the police had in their possession (perhaps they confiscated it at some kind of shoot out?) and that they just used it as a prop.

        7. @ Ric
          I am unable to reply to your comment directly (no reply option)- Yes, I do live “near” LA- I live in San Luis Obispo.

          I agree, the aerial spraying of god-knows-what is completely out of control, and is another huge priority of mine.

          The subject is just so scary that many people don’t want their names (or even online personas) attached to it, I understand why James might not want to cover the topic, but it is just so blatant more and more people are noticing it.

          I have brainstormed on how to best expose it- News agencies such as the Today show used to have regular people in the background holding up signs- that’s a good one.

          It seems the highway bannering has died down, but that’s a good way too.

          If we could ambush the media in a large scale way, that would be the best, not sure exactly- Calling into CSPAN is always good, and a lot of people do that.

          Showing up to a political rally with some phony politician with a huge sign at a high-profile event would also be good,

          Please feel free to get in touch with me via my Paulstalservice account, fuxnews or nationalmothographic and maybe we can get something going for southern California to better expose the issue.

        8. Regarding man made manipulation of weather, it appears to be one of our most critical issues today and as the coldest and snowiest winter within recent records is still occurring, believe more folks are waking up. The Senate, 30 Democrats] just saw fit to host an all nighter spewing propaganda about climate change, think that opens the door for us to call them out on this huge scam.

        9. Lawrence Torcello – assistant professor of philosophy at Rochester Institute of Technology, NY, writes that all scientists that do not agree with him should be jailed. Sound familiar to anyone? The comment section is quite revealing on how the masses view this subject.

          ” I believe we understand them correctly when we know them to be not only corrupt and deceitful, but criminally negligent in their willful disregard for human life. It is time for modern societies to interpret and update their legal systems accordingly.”

      4. Forbes has declared S CT the 2nd most over priced place to buy a house in the US! [NY, NY and Honolulu tied for first!] It is interesting that your video shows a home at 27 Cobblers Mill Rd, and current searches indicate it is actually in the middle of the road.

        Last sale on Zillow was for $665k in 2003, why would google and Zillow change the view to be in the middle of the road and the house presumably just vaporized?

        Thinking there is major real estate fraud and no one would actually spend that amount of money to live in a deserted town as John Luv has described.

        And yes, the deeper we go down the rabbit hole, the scarier it gets!

        1. Take Redding, CT for instance. Borders Newtown, has half the area of Newtown and a population of 9,158 as of 2010. Yet passing through one would think that almost no one lives here, even with a Mark Twain library.

          “Although Redding humbly shows the wealth that is identified with Fairfield County, it is a more secluded option for home ownership. As such, real estate prices have remained at a premium for the last couple years. It borders the towns of Bethel, Danbury, Easton, Newtown, Ridgefield, Wilton and Weston.”


  18. Wasn’t sure where to post this, as it is a bit off-topic, but what the hell.

    The postings here have made me look into some of my country’s (Australia’s) events, particularly Port Arthur, where in 1996 an Adam Lanza-type incompetent young man called Martin Bryant supposedly gunned down 35 people with amazing accuracy. Unlike Lanza (if you believe Lanza ever existed), Bryant was captured alive. After months of denial and solitary confinement he was “persuaded” by his court-appointed lawyer (who has since been disbarred and imprisoned for fraud unrelated to this case) to plead guilty, and he was sentenced to life without parole. The objective evidence against Bryant was pretty thin on the ground, it seems, but as he pleaded guilty it was never tested in court.

    Like Sandy Hook, Port Arthur resulted in calls for gun control, and gun laws were tightened throughout Australia, with a nationwide gun amnesty. I’m not sure what the statistics are on gun crime now, 18 years later (though I happen to think that having less guns in the community is a good thing – that might make me a bit of an oddity on this forum, but Australians don’t have a constitutional right to bear arms, and I’m not interested in having one!)

    I was surprised at how many postings I found on Google and You Tube questioning the whole event and Bryant’s guilt, and screaming “patsy” and “false flag”. This video got me started, and I found plenty of others:

    Like most Australians I had only really followed the TV and newspaper coverage (the internet was in its infancy back then) and I had simply accepted that Bryant did it, after all he did plead guilty. Clearly there are a lot of unanswered questions, like Sandy Hook, Boston etc, and now I’m not so sure.

    Oh and by the way (a tie-in to Sandy Hook) – the name of the school Martin Bryant went to? New Town High School (New Town is a suburb of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia!)

    1. I’ll be interested in days to come if Dzokhar Tsarnaev, now in federal custody in Massachusetts, enters into a plea bargain instead of taking his case to trial. I think that the pressure being put on his defense attorneys and the threat of a death penalty, as well as an accelerated schedule for the trial date (with a story about mountains of evidence to sift through), and a phony confession written inside of a boat…. mean that talk of a coming trial is simply to put people off since there will be a plea bargain of guilty to avoid the death penalty. When that happens, his story will enter the annals as history for all time, and will be picked up by every history text that every school child will learn, as we move towards something (a war, no more fireworks, no more pressure cookers, domestic drones, disarmament of citizens? — multiple choices on the agenda).

      I am convinced that since the bombing was a movie set, so was the shoot-out with police by the Tsarnaev brothers. As with so much of this, alternative stories were put out, including the alleged killing by police of the elder brother. The actual arrest was also told in alternative ways. This is how these fictional narratives work. It leads me to conclude that there are no real Tsarnaev’s, but actors.

      There may have been a Tsarnaev in school in Cambridge, but he is probably back in Russia. I have a wild speculative theory about who he was, and when I mentioned it once, I got such a reaction from a shill, I believe I hit a nerve. A few years ago, some sleeper spies were apprehended in Cambridge, MA, after their long stay there under false identities (Massachusetts has had a huge influx of Russians over the last couple of decades, but they are not claiming to be Canadians). I said I thought that perhaps these “Chechens” were actually Russians from that group. After the group of spies, who were up to God knows what, were arrested, they were shipped back to Russia to the embarrassment of Russia. But what if one of those false identities was held in reserve to be used later? The people one might have seen (the “mother” etc.) might well have been actors recently, but the long-buried memories of the kids at Rindge and Latin, were perhaps taken out and used for this story, this “legend” of the family as the spy stories have it. And could Putin deny what our government has promoted? Why would he? He has the embarrassment of the spying operation which was busted, and he gets the benefit of anti-Chechen propaganda for free in all of this. He’d not rock the boat on this one. So take it for what you will, but in the very neighborhood where the Tsarnaev’s were purported to have grown up, there were Russian sleeper spies, in married couples, with children in school who had been born in the US. And when I pointed out a connection, the shill cried out that I was insane. Hey, I know the neighborhood, These people would have fallen over each other in the grocery store and at PTA meetings, It definitely was within the realm of possibility.

      So when the actor pleads guilty and is sentenced to life in prison, I think one is going to have a hard time finding him after that, is all. But his effect on the laws of the USA will be there.

      1. I’m curious about the Chechen link, The first reaction after this event was to hear onlookers express concern that it was (or wasn’t) a Muslim. And then we learn that the so-called culprit is from Chechen which people, not knowing what that was, or where, confused initially with Czechoslovakia/Czechs. Were we being alerted (and indoctrinated by the PTB) as to where the newest/latest source of terror would be located, the next area of the world we should be concerned about so we could extend our hearty approval to insurgent movements designed to turn the area upside down and make way for our best export: Democracy delivered via drones and death.

      2. Musings said … “memories of the kids at Rindge and Latin”

        Interestingly enough while I was investigating the Boston Bombing Staged event the rotund blockade sisters Mildred & Sara Velverde ( both faked their injuries ) … They both attended the Rindge & Latin school along with several others from my research.


      I recommend reading the investigation of Port Arthur by Joe Vialls, a fascinating read. In Port Arthur they had dead bodies and a live patsy. In Sandy Hook they had nothing despite assurances that they did. Other than those differences, there are many similarities between the two cases. The end goals were the same. What a sad world.

      1. Any thoughts on Dunblane, Scotland? Seems to have been an agenda at work which had a rapid effect. Perhaps the success of its disarming the Brits tempted those in the US to try the same story? Whether or not the Dunblane (and Port Arthur) was a real crime or staged in whole or in part, they were exploited to political ends when the bloody shirts were waved.

        1. I have read quite a bit about the Dunblane case too. Also saw a video from later years about the parents and siblings of one victim there. They seemed genuine, a far cry from the pathetic bunch in Sandy Hook. But the fact that the records were sealed for 100 years makes one wonder. Was this a staged event for gun control or were they trying to shield higher ups connected with the alleged shooter – or both? Even the way he supposedly killed himself is not believable. So perhaps it did happen, just not how it was reported. They are getting real clever with deception methods.

          This is a good overview with photos:

        2. There is a very complex background to the Dunblane event. It is very bizarre but seems to check out. The shooter was thought to be involved in a pedophile ring that involved senior British officials. Indeed, a lord had intervened to secure him “shotgun and pistol permits”, etc..

          The same peer is implicated in the Jimmy Saville investigation. The records are sealed for 100 years. That is VERY unusual.

          The school was implicated as a source for this ring. The thought is that the kids were killed to silence them. At the time (and since) several schools have been implicated in an international pedophile enterprise.

          The current investigation, “Yew Tree” has unearthed decades of information on schools, members of the peerage, politicians, entertainers, etc., allegedly involved.

          There are many who believe that the shooter was “programmed” to do this. Of course, I have no way to verify any of this. The general story does “hang together” though.

        3. Lophatt, I think it is safe to say that in most notorious mass murder cases, real or fictitious, the perpetrator being presented has received special treatment beforehand. In the Sandy Hook production they tried something new, a perpetrator of a different kind – the invisible kind, nevertheless as unstable as everyone else on the mass murderer roster.

          Yes, pedophilia among the cartel, low and high on the ladder, proves that we are not dealing with the human kind. All these organizations and funds for the protection of children everywhere – it’s for the children – what do they accomplish? I would not be surprised if the judge who ordered records sealed for 100 years was implicated himself.

        4. There are similar rumors about Columbine. People forget that, only a short time after the Columbine killings, three teenage employees were killed at a Subway store near there. A gunman came in and executed them while they were closing up. I heard from a Columbine parent that the girl had been a good friend of Eric Harris’s, and he had confided in her that he and Klebold had been sexually abused by a deputy sheriff in connection with their arrest and community service for breaking into a van a couple years earlier.

          This rumor is supposedly supported by a drawing Harris made of the arrest, which some people interpret to show an anal sex act. (I find it not that easy to see!)

          Like the sealed records Lophatt is talking about, the depositions of the Harris and Klebold parents taken in the civil suit brought against them by Mark Taylor (where he was represented by John DeCamp) were sent to the National Archives, and SEALED by court order for 25 years. Absolutely outrageous.

        5. Dr. Stan has done perhaps five interviews on this exact subject in recent months. I can’t remember the boy’s last name, but I’m pretty certain his first name is Mark, and his mother has been beside herself about this. Her son has been institutionalized, and drugged to oblivion ever since the event. Some of the people he has interviewed are very persuasive that the little scribbles in the margins of the official documents do in fact hole the answer to why these kids went postal.

          You can always call Radio Liberty and ask for old shows. You have to pay a nominal fee, but if you want to know what the people inside this story have to say, it is a very worthwhile price to pay.

        6. Sorry, Dino, you gave the name! Taylor! I can be so negligent when I am writing quick notes.

          Mark’s Mom is not always an easy interview subject, and neither is De Camp, but the material is very compelling. Listening to them (and other people involved, whose names I never committed to memory) makes clear that the boys were in fact raped by the cops, and wanted to lure as many of them into a trap as possible to exact retribution. Not the story the world has been told.

        7. I am “dinophile,” by the way, but have to post under a different name, because a virus (or demon!) in my computer is interfering with postings that come from my dinophile account.

        8. dinophile and Patrick, I have read about the possibility of the boys being raped by a police officer named, “Walsh” and that being a likely motive for Columbine. It makes more sense then Harris and Klebold just hating everyone so deeply that they’d be willing to kill. Arapahoe County Sherriff, Pat Sullivan played a very large role in the investigation and this gave a big boost to his reputation as a “hero” cop. More recently he had been in the news for his arrest and very brief incarceration after getting busted trading meth for sex with young men.

        9. Yes, I know about Pat Sullivan’s sordid history, but did not know he was involved in the investigation of Columbine. Thank you for that, zem.

        10. Yes, the question was asked about “Dunblane”. I agree that there are similarities to many of these “events”. I think that the motives can differ, at least somewhat.

          There is very strong evidence that the Dunblane event centered on a pedophile ring including some “very” high government and public officials and celebrities.

          The shooter in that case had no “history” of instability. They made a huge push for gun confiscation and largely spun the story purely on that. It has recently resurfaced because of all the investigations ongoing in the “Yew Tree” affair.

          In Columbine there was some angle dealing with pedophilia. As Anne seems to suggest, this sickness is rampant among the psychopaths who like to play in the “big leagues”. They are constantly in need of fresh fuel for their perverted pleasure.

          In the Columbine event there were a host of strange “connections” that I have trouble understanding entirely. I was aware of the killings after the fact. I was aware that the FBI investigators son had connections to the group blamed for the shootings. It is also obvious that more than the two fall guys were involved.

          There are a couple of “older” men involved somehow. Some have speculated that this was a sort of “Manchurian Candidate” experiment. They had help making this happen but the “investigators” made certain that the digging stopped with the two players.

          If there’s more on the pedophile angle I’ld like to read it. I understand that some believed to have been involved are now “dispersed”. For me, at least, this one is more difficult to understand. It is obvious they are covering up something, it is not as obvious to me just what that is.

    3. From island to stage.

      The Utøya massacre in Norway on 7/22, 2011 has been brought to stage. Denmark was first with a play called “Manifest 2083” and took the show to Norway as well, playing for sold out houses.

      The play received a special award by the most prestigious theater prize in Denmark – The Reumert Prize.

      Now Germany is following suit and the news is met with major disgust in Das Vaterland, in this case Norway. The play is named “Breivik in the Doll House” – not to be confused with Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House”.
      Let us hope Sandy Hook producers do not get the wind of this.

      1. Anne, that’s another involved story. It is not easy to tell which “Anders” we’re talking about. This one actually has neo-Nazi overtones. This version has the “stay behinds”, i.e. “Operation Gladio” involved.

        Of course, this whole production is so shadowy that it may be run by Zionists for all I know. At least, on the surface, it appears that the message was to be “crazed neo-Nazi goes berserk”.

        Of course, under “normal” circumstances this plot would have been foiled. There are also political motives for this although shooting kids is rather an “extreme” approach to politics.

        It is more than unlikely that he would have had the success he enjoyed, yet alone lived, without help. Again, the damage from the initial “bomb” far exceeds that of any “amfo” car bomb. Same old pattern.

        The normally organized police were slow on the draw as well. Now we have pictures of what appears to be several “Anders'”. This resembles the “Chechen” captive from the Boston imbroglio.

        Sometimes I think we’re living in a Nancy Drew novel.

  19. Check out this current thread over at Above Top Secret.

    It’s a great example of a couple of trolls at work. Note also that the admins there have moved the thread to their “Ludicrous Online Lies” forum.

    As you will see, the majority are somewhere along the scale of “something is not right – total fraud.” However the thread is dominated by a couple of shills. Thought maybe some of you could add your logic and event knowledge to the discussion.

    1. I think there are those who for a variety of reasons try to stick to the official story. Some are part of a “COINTELPRO” style operation, surely. But some are people who need to feel authority is right and they need to trust it. Some have paid with their lives for following it into places like Iraq.

      1. Circumstances Of The BIG-LIE

        Well musings, once again u bring up excellent subject-matter, the whys and wherefores of the BIG-LIE–how and why the technique works. And I trust I’m not presuming too much that u’d go along w. the BIG-LIE theory I’ve expounded so far.

        For that’s how the BIG-LIE has to work– (a) the perps know they’re lying, so well-crafted (well-enough, anyway), w. all the flunkies going-along, ESPECIALLY their lying instrument, the mass-corp. “news”-media repeating, repeating, repeating.

        (b) And the perps know who they’re dealing with: the goons of a corrupt, sated, mammon-oriented, imperialistic society, so dependent upon the empire in the way of “bread-and-circuses,” welfare at both the lower-levels of society (income-wise), and also at the top-level too, which folks tend to forget–corporate-welfare and the military-industrial-complex.

        (c) And don’t doubt, lots of folks grasp the sheer ENORMITY of the BIG-LIE pushed in our faces, and they elect, even if reluctantly, to go-along w. the official fiction–it was Arabs or mooooooooslims that done it, those pesky critters, by golly.

        (d) And once they go-along w. one lie, when the next one comes-up, they seem to feel obligated to go along w. that one too.

        (e) Thus the people end very much FOOLING THEMSELVES, and the perps at the top understand this. Another form of this going-along, I guess, would be the famous “Stockholm syndrome.”

        And the forest-fire of lies within the empire-of-lies is such that at this pt. it can’t be put-out, but rather must simply burn itself out–which is why some people will have to be hurt badly before they begin to re-consider things, if ever–some will not survive.

        The other thing is that as the population is steadily reduced in all the various ways, the masterminds at the top will begin to fall-out, suspecting they might be double-crossed, we patriots having to be (a) survivors and (b) opportunists when there seems a chance of exploiting this inevitable falling-out among masterminds, upon principle of “NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES.”

        Present opportunity is afforded in way of currency-collapse, on-going as we speak–this is serious thing and grave weakness, such as it is, for the masterminds. Obongo’s imagined economic “recovery” is actually mere bubble inflated by “quantitative-easing” (massive monetary inflation and gov. deficit-spending).

  20. Lot’s of fabrication used to stir things up in Venezuela ( They’re using photos from Bulgaria, Greece and others parts of Latin America. Is this a trend? We know there are very real attempts by CIA criminal cartels to destabilize Venezuela. In the cases that they send in real death squads and agent provocateurs, perhaps the hoax people get their budgets cut back. Of course, Wilhelm Vanderbilt “Anderson Cooper” gets paid the same for both.

    1. War, Lies–The Way Of Sinful Mankind From The Beginning

      For goodness sakes, blackcase, haven’t u ever hrd of “War of the Worlds” by Orson Welles, back in 1938? Then there was unc’ Adolf Hitler telling us about BIG-Lies in his book published in 1925 or so.

      Lies and deceptions are old as mankind.

      The basic, operative BIG-LIE or fraud working now is US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEIT scam behind everything else, head of organized crime, trying to consolidate its on-going take-over the world and, according to AGENDA-21, to “reduce population”–get a clue. This is the movie playing at a theater near u.

      A “trend”?–well, it seems to be standard operating procedure–“by way of deception shalt thou do war.”

  21. I have a question re NPR and what respondents here generally think of NPR in recent years. I used to be a supporter and fell off the wagon listening to what seemed to me overtly biased and even belligerent questioning on an issue where I felt the NPR representative’s attitude was indefensible. Thereafter, I became more critical and finally just stopped listening… Any thoughts on this?

    1. NPR: Flunky Agency For Satanist Conspirators

      Noname: NPR is NOTORIOUSLY “publicly-funded”–it gets money fm operatives of the US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEIT scam–it’s simply a criminal conspiracy, the NPR a knowing, willing agency/accomplice thereof.

      U GOTTA find out what the Fed is and does–literally just legalized COUNTERFEITING. With practically endless funds/funding what can they NOT do?–u dig?–they own nearly all the politicians and judges, all the corp.s, all public edjumacation, all the establishment churches, even–their control and reach is EPIC–it’s what the Book Of Revelations is all about, literally, the Roman example just a pale and primitive model thereupon.

      1. Good sources for research into Fed fraud are,,,, also good old (use the search engine).

        1. More weak websites, eh? TheNewAmerican has ONE story about the Sandy Hook conspiracy and it barely (safely) scratches the surface.

          LewRockwell has ZERO stories about Sandy Hook conspiracies. Rather, they post Ventura’s opinion to ‘beware’ of Sandy Hook conspiracies.

          Your referenced websites are weak and borderline mis-information. PLEASE stop spreading Alex Jones propaganda on this website.

          And PLEASE try to keep on topic, we don’t need you rubbing Fed stuff in our faces when we are here to read about Sandy Hook. Doc Tracy already slapped your wrist about this.

    2. IN Boston, I find that public radio, however interesting and thought-provoking, always adheres to the official story. I would have thought that intelligent observers would have questioned (just for a start) the improbably high numbers of the “injured” and made reference to articles by Kennedy School of Government people from only a few years before treating the Boston Marathon as a “mass casualty event” ripe for a drill on that basis. You’d think, in short, that reason and scholarship would count for something. Instead, the descent into tabloid-like questioning of motive (when we have not reached the issue of improbability) was the way they went and tend to go with these stories. In general, in terms of academic freedom, they are for it, except in certain cases, I don’t know if they ever mentioned Tracy.

      But NPR itself originates in Washington, doesn’t it? I’m only half-listening most of the time, because I tend to seek out news stories in depth through many sources (most unfortunately secondary ones these days).
      I have found some very astute observers and writers in people like Paul Craig Roberts and also Glenn Greenwald, and read a lot of people featured on

      1. We have to look at the people behind every organization, public or private. Here is just departed CEO of NPR (Charlie Rose is also a member of CFR).

        Gary Evan Knell (born 27 February 1954)[1] is the president and CEO of the National Geographic Society, one of the world’s largest nonprofit organizations with a worldwide reach of more than 500 million people each month through its media, products and events. He joined National Geographic as chief executive in January 2014

        Knell served as president and CEO of National Public Radio from 2011 to 2013.

        Knell is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He serves on the boards of Heidrick and Struggles, an executive search firm; the Jacob Burns Film Center; and Common Sense Media. He is an adviser to the Annenberg School of Communications at USC and to the Military Child Education Coalition.

      2. Thanks for the responses here on NPR. I’ve been around a while and in the 1970s NPR reportage was unquestioned for people in the so-called “liberal” camp (not sure what that term means today). But it seems the opinions expressed here are generally in agreement with my own which is that NPR has moved to the right with the rest of the country. I began to find their news dull and uninteresting–interspersed with sometimes offensive–and moved on. My favorite now is James Corbett which is how I gravitated to Memory Hole, Tracy, Fetzer, Barret et al. I’m new. Just landed this week so I’m trying to get my bearings. But I listened to an hour-long Corbett Report this morning with William Engdahl re the Ukraine crisis. Amy Goodman has covered this extensively as well as has TRNN. It’s interesting to compare viewpoints.

        1. I myself was a lefty in the 80s, and listened to NPR all day long pretty much through all of the 90s. Because I was a socialist, I thought NPR was too conservative, but the in depth, lengthy treatment of the stories was so good at the time that I used it as the anchor of my media life. (I have not watched television since I was a child, giving it up around the age of 16).

          Now, being a hard left ideologue probably tainted my perspective about it; I regarded NPR as extremely objective, for the most part in those years, and genuinely committed to reporting–getting to the bottom of stories the rest of the media ignored. When I look back, I still think that my perception at the time was correct, even though today I am a libertarian, who hates socialism, neoconservatism–ALL forms of statism.

          I, like you, gradually stopped listening, and sometime shortly after the start of the Obama years stopped listening entirely. The first show I lost interest in was Morning Edition. I don’t know if it was a coincidence, but that’s around the time they ousted Bob Edwards. Bob is a hard left ideologue, but you’d never know it the way he ran the show; a true pro, and a joy to start the day with. I think something else was going on, behind the scenes, because the depth and content just wasn’t the same. Not compelling, or amazingly helpful the way it used to be.

          Paul Craig Roberts made the same observation, more or less, in an article a few months back, although he was talking about it being a great counterpoint during the Reagan years. (I always read and enjoy Roberts, but shake my head in wonderment at his adoration of the entitlement state.)

          The last show to become essentially worthless was All Things Considered, in my opinion. Perhaps I stuck with it far too long out of sentimental attachment. Certainly I despised Robert Siegel, hating every smarmy syllable that emerged from his mouth from the day he took over as anchor. I think the content fell apart simultaneously with his emergence as the face of the show, but I doubt he’s to blame. He’s a symptom.

          My best theory about what ruined NPR is Ray Kroc’s widow giving the organization enough money that they would never had to worry about money ever again. It transformed it into a true organ of the state–and the state does not want to create highly thoughtful, critical thinking citizens. It wants drones. It wants proles.

        2. It is interesting how some trusted sources are consistent for the longest time and then ever so slowly they change tune – after being spoken to presumably and after new funding. I know of two who did not go for that, one quit altogether and one went out on his own. Also they may have found throughout their careers that they were wrong about a few things and let it be known. That has happened to all of us I am sure

        3. I can relate to what Patrick said. I too used to listen to it. Thought it was “hip”. I like to think I’ve “grown beyond” all that.

          It certainly did change. Having said that, it really was never as hard-hitting as it could have been. These outlets are as controlled as any other. This one is designed to give the impression that it is public funded and, therefore, free of pressure. It isn’t.

          If they started running “9-11 Truth” pieces, for example, and got serious about it, they shut them down, pronto. Not to worry, however. It won’t happen. If anything makes its way on there it will be as controlled has The Huffington Post.

          Just like in shallow politics, the MSM’s job is to sell the eaters the idea that they have a say and everything is functioning normally. It isn’t, and they don’t, but, that’s their job. Steering the discussion, limiting the options and discrediting anyone who threatens their bosses.

          So it’s like a filter. If people become dissatisfied with the drivel on MSM, they can play around with the “profound” stuff on NPR. It is very shallow as well and they hope to keep it that way. If you slip off the grid into “Internet Land”, they have sites designed to do what NPR does. If that fails, you make “The List”.

          Never think for a minute that they haven’t calculated how much effort it would take to stop all opposition. I’m sure they track it. If they become concerned they’ll crack down. They are not too concerned with the adults. They’ll eventually die. Once they have the children fully indoctrinated they’re home free.

    3. The perceptual bubble that NPR inhabits is just a layer, if you step out and beyond it, its limitations become obvious. Then you move on.

      My friends tend to be in that set. In typical fashion, they finally cop to 9/11 being a false flag, after years of my nagging them about it, and now carry on as if they knew from the start.

      1. Susan, that is precisely right. It’s like “honey”, they hope you get stuck in it and don’t get away. There are a whole series of ploys used to keep “thinking” people stuck in drivel. They all stand around and congratulate themselves on how “hip” they are.

    4. They fired Juan Williams for saying this, which I believe most folks would agree with.

      “Williams responded: “Look, Bill, I’m not a bigot. You know the kind of books I’ve written about the civil rights movement in this country. But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.”

      My husband would say, we should listen to the enemies now and then and perhaps figure out what their next game plan is.

      1. Sorry to break the news to you, but those bimbo-types (and I can say that with certainly because Ashley Banfield was once caught with Nancy Grace pretending they were on opposite sides of the country while sitting at the same table in the same parking lot, on a split screen making it appear they were on opposite coasts – Jon Stewart had fun with that) are just misusing the English language when they say “The BMB may never have happened.” They mean it in the conditional sense of “the BMB might (not may) never have happened, IF they had caught Tsarnaev after the triple murder in Waltham”. These are not serious news people, they are a disgrace to the female sex, etc. But carry on.

        1. Okay musings–I didn’t catch that about the “if”–I see what u mean. Didn’t know that about Ashley–though I DID see the vid w. the same cars passing in the back-ground of the two correspondents supposedly far, far away fm one another. But I thought it was significant any time ZOG news-agency introduces a new twist away fm previous party-line–which I thought had happened.

          Well, musings, if that one didn’t impress u, how ’bout this one w. Rachel Maddow who questions the FBI in the same case regarding the Chechen guy, Todashev:

        2. Glad I don’t watch TV. Are there any serious msm news people anywhere?

          I don’t like to mention David Icke too often, the opinions of him differ, but I’ve read many of his books in the past and he was right. So perhaps he is connected to the City of London, and perhaps not. I don’t think so. He has a new book out, over 900 pages, titled “Perception Deception Or…It’s ALL bollocks – yes, ALL of it.”

          That sums up the main topic here – perception deception. Can’t argue with the bollocks part either. Next time we hear of the first select she-devil threatening an elderly Sandy Hook resident to tears, we know it’s all bollocks.

        3. Anne, again, it isn’t “WHO” says what, it’s “WHAT” they say that counts. Icke is intelligent. I don’t agree with everything he says and I can’t subscribe to his spirituality, but a lot of what he says is accurate.

          To me everyone we read or listen to adds something to our “bank” of potential knowledge. Some of it we can safely “dismiss”, some of it gets filed away for future use, and, every once in a while, something really resonates.

          If we confine ourselves to only those personalities we think are “credible” and only work within someone else’ confines, we can’t grow. Many times something that made no sense at the time, later becomes important when you have more pieces.

          The biggest problem I find is that people reach the “wrong” conclusions from the same information. This is usually because their premises are wrong. They can have perfectly cogent arguments but get to a questionable conclusion because their assumptions are incorrect.

          Icke is interesting. I don’t personally think he has the universe in his pocket like he seems to think he does. People like him often benefit more from listening occasionally rather than talking.

        4. Lophatt, so true. I don’t have much patience for Icke’s take on the many dimensions, etc., a subject ripe for attack. But when he gets to the nitty-gritty about politics, politicians, monarchy, celebrities and the like, he has been proven right. He is scheduled to speak for 9 hours soon and that is something I could not sit through. I’d rather read.

          In adult life I have learned from many different real smart people through books, DVDs and lectures. And now the Internet. Right now I’m listening to F. William Engdahl, a brilliant man. Quite a few of those who inspired me have passed away, some in questionable ways and some I knew personally, but their works and impressions remain. I am grateful to Dr. Tracy for his insight, intellect, courage and persistence and for letting us out in the hinterlands discuss and vent on this unique blog of his.

        5. Correct me if I’m wrong about this, because my memory is often imperfect, but I think the last time I heard Icke talk we was saying that the Moon is hollow, and that it is artificial–a fabricated object used to transmit information, or illusion, or something like that.

          He also thinks the Queen of England is a reptile, a shape-shifter, whose whole bloodline comes from space aliens. Again, if he does not believe that, please correct me.

          He’s certainly courageous, I give him that. No pansy would say such things in public and try to persuade others to agree.

        6. Here’s great, gripping int-view w. the great David Icke, the questioner being noneother than the great Jesse Ventura who asks pretty simple questions about reptilians and shape-shifters–there’s longer version of this one, about 5 1/2 mins. Icke ends telling Ventura he has to read a 700 page, 355,000 word, book. Jesse is not impressed.

        7. Anne B
          I also esteem William Engdahl and recommend his books. But beware of his relatively latecoming adherence to the abiotic oil theory. I think he has been lead astray in that case. On the other hand I also wondered whether he took that position because he felt that peak oil makes the imperialists more eager to rush to war. Like a white lie.

        8. Why do you doubt the abiotic theory. I have devoted considerable time studying the matter, and it is quite compelling. I am definitely persuaded.

        9. patrick, I too find abiotic oil quite compelling. After learning about it the dinosaur story we were told really sounds childish. Peak oil is a construct of big oil designed to charge more for less. People like to think that Iraq was attacked for its oil, and yes the resources were part of it but people viewing it from the left and right seem to have it backwards. The left thinks it was about stealing oil for the corporations(which is sorta true) and the right thinks they stole the oil for OUR benefit which is a total joke. The first thing they did was create an Iraqi constitution which mandated that Iraq comply with OPEC! They turned down the spigots to a mere dribble and now we pay 4 bucks a gallon instead of the dollar it was down to when bush 43 took office. It is the Oppenheimer formula, contrived scarcity.

        10. Patrick, not to make David Icke a main subject of this discussion, although he’s in the know about deception. I believe that he there to tell us some truth and to counter this he has to embark on subjects none of us can verify; such a hollow moon, royalty being shape shifters and baby sacrifices in the basement of Buckingham Palace. I am more interested in the doings and general worship of royalty, celebrities and politicians. On those subjects he is proven right. The cabal wants us to know just enough to keep us busy chasing our tails.

          I have been to the Tower of London and in the chambers below where torture tools are on display. Had nightmares for a long time after that. If someone can be that cruel to humans beings, perhaps other farfetched stories are not so far out after all.

        11. Well, the abiotic theory certainly makes more sense to me than crushed dinosaurs and ferns. And, considering the fact that hydrocarbons are found on other planets that supposedly never had dinosaurs or ferns, it’s a safe bet that it needs a little looking into.

          As I was trying to say, I don’t care if Icke thinks the moon is hollow, if he’s right about something else I’ll listen. Many people who say all the “right” things think oil is crushed dinosaurs and ferns.

          They could be “right” about some of what they say and wrong about oil.

        12. I like the way you offer differing viewpoints using non-violent communication. I need to practice that approach.
          hey, I was scanning old comments looking for trolls and I noticed your name used to read LoPhatt like lo-fat. I had always thought it was lop-hatt like a guillotine or french revolution or something. funny.

        13. I ran across this and was intrigued primarily because it is what I’ve been saying, in pieces, for quite a while.

          If you read it carefully it is what we have been discussing laid out in the obvious way that it should. We have “bounced” all over at times discussing “Satanic” themes or “mind control”, etc., when the truth is, YES it is. It is not “one or the other”. This is a contiguous thing. It has “aspects” and “agents” but the same agenda.

          Pay particular attention to the portion on “trigger words”. Remember the discussions on the “clues” associated with the Batman movies? There is predictive programming involved with these events.

          His conclusion is largely the same as mine. Awareness is half the battle. The rest is in what we do in response. The key is not to empower them, just the opposite. The key is to ridicule them, not to fear them.

      1. Thanks
        Diamonds are abundant because you dont need so many of them. Therefore they have to hide them to keep prices high. Not quite the same thing with oil. (But the angloamericans did throw the bolshevik murderers on their russian/swedish competition back in 1917 Rocky going ‘competition is a sin’)
        I’ll wait to see what documents Patrick is relying on.

        1. Peter, diamonds are abundant because they are. They have value because the limited geographical areas that possess them have been bought up by the oligarchs or declared a national park(clinton, Arkansas) so it is illegal to mine them. Also the demand was created using marketing tactics by Mr. Bernays from what I remember. I could care less if you believe in the Hubbert peak conjured up by Shell oil, I was merely saying that big oil is using artificial scarcity tactics like diamond peddlers. You are correct that there is more of a need for oil than diamonds but they aren’t fighting wars to give us cheap oil, they fight them to keep prices high.

        2. Funny you should refer to “Clinton, Arkansas.” Crater of Diamonds State Park is actually in Murfreesboro. However, Bill Clinton, when he was governor of Arkansas, illegally granted a permit to mine for diamonds in the park to a man named Robert Friedland. The permit was nullified by a court in a suit brought by a local environmental group.

          Although I’m getting off-topic, Friedland went on to create the biggest environmental disaster involving a mine in the U.S. in Summitville, Colorado. He was assisted in this effort by former Colo. governor Roy Romer, who waived the bond required for the mine (and also served as Democratic National Committee chair), and Romer’s acolyte Ken Salazar. Since no gold to speak of was recovered, the mine was probably a stock play (meaning: a fraud). Involved in getting Friedland off the hook after cyanide-contaminated water overflowed from the mine, killing all life in 18 miles of the Alamosa River, was Clinton’s personal friend attorney James Lyons, along with Ken Salazar. Salazar used his official power as then-Colorado Attorney General to ensure American taxpayers, rather than Friedland, paid the $200 million clean-up bill.

        3. Yeah, absolutely true. The latest scam is that they are now marketing “brown diamonds” as extremely rare. These are industrial grade and anything but.

          As to Clinton, maybe he should have stuck to drug running in Mena. It’s really quite fascinating to watch the psychopaths in action. We sit around scratching our heads over stuff like this when it is actually totally predictable.

          Imagine being totally self-serving and unencumbered by ethics or morals. Everything and everybody is an “opportunity”. They are vermin. Like they say about rodents and cockroaches, when we’re all gone they’ll be here, along with the psychopaths.

    1. Certainly, Black Gold Stranglehold: The Myth of Scarcity and the Politics of Oil, by Jerome Corsi is an excellent book on the subject. It is in many ways an updated study of the seminal work of Thomas Gold, whose Wiki entry is a very good summary.

      The Russians mastered this work many decades ago, extracting oil in places no western oil companies (or academic geologists–oil company shills) would accept that oil can exist. Russia is laughing at our blinkered perspective. I laugh along with them.

      1. People have reported for years about the coal mine shafts in places like Pennsylvania catching fire and burning–and continuing to burn for yrs and yrs and yrs. Old oil fields which were thought to be dry were found yrs later to have filled w. oil once again.

        These hydro-carbon sources are not merely remains of earlier plant and animal life–Peat is something entirely diff. fm the hydro-carbons coming-up fm the depths, for example.

        1. The Russians are more expert at drilling than we are. They’ve virtually proven that, if you drill deep enough anywhere, you’ll find oil. Not only that, but, if you periodically clean out old wells they’ll fill up again.

          Now, my understanding is that oil is part of the “fabric of Earth”. Call it a lubricant for continental plates and such. I haven’t studied the process that makes oil enough to know if it is truly “finite”. I suspect it is a LOT less “rare” than advertised.

          Shortages are almost ALWAYS contrived. Besides the “shortages” the price has almost NOTHING to do with supply. It has to do with manipulation. Just like in the 1970’s the “shortage” resulted in a HUGE price increase. There wasn’t any available space to store it.

          So, all the talk about “free markets” is largely bunk. They may not be controlled by a government, but they are controlled. Anti-trust legislation is virtually meaningless, especially when it isn’t enforced or it’s overseen by those in the industry itself.

          By now it should come as no surprise to readers at this site that they lie. The only puzzling thing is that so many haven’t figured that out yet.

      2. If oil comes from animals and plant fossils, we have to assume that these animals once wandered the bottoms of oceans as well. They may have since once upon a time this planet was covered with more landmass than water. I was not around then so I have to trust researchers on the landmass thing. The next dig for the black gold will be in the Barents Sea. This area once had a tropical climate proven by fossil palm leaves found on the archipelago of Svalbard. There may be big plans ahead for this part of the world where a giant seed vault is located.

        Abiotic oil makes more sense, the earth has a habit of replenishing itself. Once again I’ll refer to Joe Vialls who wrote an exposé on abiotic fuel and how successful they were in Russia. Vialls died suddenly in his prime in Australia. Some say he was an Israeli operative and went into hiding. Anything to chase our tails, but what he wrote about makes sense – Port Arthur, abiotic oil and the Indonesian tsunami to name some. He died before the BP Gulf disaster and Fukushima and surely would have written about those manmade catastrophes as well. After his presumed death the archives were immediately scrubbed from the Internet, although a few articles were saved by others.

        My Internet has gone down three times this week, so I’ll be putting my comments on hold from now on. Hopefully I can continue to read this great blog. Thanks to all.

      3. I respect Golds brainstorming about the origin of life and stuff and that kind of speculation is part of a scientific discourse. There may be aspects of underground living processes that might have been overlooked previously. But the bulk of what might come about underground must be a tiny fraction of what is produced by the direct solar influx falling unto the algae and plancton of sea water.
        Billions of years of sedimentation then circulation of surface material down into the earths mantle and up again produces all the facets which are interpreted in different ways by Gold and his opponents.

        The fact that some oil wells are ‘refilled’ like some of you recount, only goes to show that the response of the finding is slower than the speed of lifting/sucking the oil from it.

        Your source Patrick, Jerome Corsi doesnt look promising but he is an original figure.
        He goes:
        ‘Sex is not about fun. If you want to have fun read a book’

        And the laughing russians… Laughs are cheap.
        No Patrick nothing substantial contradicts the mainstream explanation.

        1. Corsi is a scrupulous researcher, and very courageous. I don’t know many who are more reliable.

          You say: “nothing substantial contradicts the mainstream explanation”; that’s not true. The Russians drilled miles down through solid rock in Vietnam, where no oil supposedly is possible, according to conventional theory, and struck oil. Russia is today the world’s largest oil producer, precisely because they explore for it using the assumption that it is abiotic: they drill where we in the West would assure you you would be nuts to spend a dime.

          As Liberaci used to say, when they laughed at his mincing style, “I’m laughing all the way to the bank.”

        2. Patrick
          The mainstream EXPLANATION is that it comes from fossilised plants and animals(to an overwhelming degree from the bottom of the foodchain – hence think algae etc not dinos like some insist)
          The fact that they dont fully comprehend how the mantle tosses and turns down there is an entirely different matter. The russians – if indeed they have a better empirical understanding have never proved their oil is other than fossilised life.

          About Corsis reliability – I think we should politely agree to disagree on that

        3. Peter, we will have to have some common ground on corsi. While I appreciate some of his work on the NAU I believe he is a total operative pushing war with whomever and much left/right tension when it gets right down to it. Alex Jones even called him an operative when he was getting flak for having him on. He said” keep your friends close and your enemies even closer” while chuckling about corsi before having him on one time.
          that’s a big statement for Jones who usually has no qualms about treating some questionable people as if they are genuine.

        4. Well, however they explain it, they systematically refuse to acknowledge that they are wrong. Which means that the Russians can drill in places their blinkered perspective causes them to proudly refuse to drill. More for us, the Russians say. Good for the Russians.

          The question is, can the Western agencies truly be that stupid? As lophatt would certainly say: No. They want us to believe that peak oil is making the future bleak, and if the Russians are proving that wrong, well, the presstitute media can simply be instructed not to report it. If the oily tree falls in the aboitic forrest no dumb American prole will hear the lies the presstitutes are telling them. One inevitably remembers how Oceania was in sometimes-on-sometimes-off war with East Asia. O’Brian is no doubt on the horn with Putin, laughing at us rubes every day.

          In the end, it is the abiotic theory that is the treasure map the Russians are using. And the Peak Oil theory the road to ruin on our side of the globe.

          My question is, outside of the obvious conspiracy to destroy the economy of the West, what is wrong with siding with the successful theory? The science is solid, the rests are exactly as the science would predict, and the money keeps flowing into Russia’s bank accounts.

          Maybe I’m missing something, Peter.

        5. You end your latest comment by ‘Maybe I’m missing something’
          I suggest its the principle of energy conservation and that it all comes from the sun during a limited time span of some billion years.
          No free lunch. Consequently even if there were some mechanism by which the earth produced oil different from the main stream explanation, it would still be limited by the available energy from the sun. And since that energy would have to sort of trickle down in a rather roundabout manner compared to the simplicity of direct sunlight unto tiny algae the efficiency must reasonably be lower. Thus it could only be a minute addition.

          Just because the russians say they are drilling according to a different set of rules doesnt mean they do does it. And if they do I am sure your oil engineers would be very quick to follow their example. They’re after profits they dont care for theories if there appears to be something better. Those guys are not introverts.
          In neither case would the abiotic theory be very likely. Instead it would simply prove that we dont have a good grasp of geology.

        6. Interesting article about the methane and ethane on Titan, fishandroaches. This really supports Thomas Gold’s hypotheses.

          And no, there is no photosynthesis there, because there are no green plants (or algae or cyanobacteria).

          Again, getting back to Gold’s theory, the methane was present in the interstellar cloud out of which BOTH the sun and the planets condensed. Ethane is basically two methane molecules bonded together.

          As for “magnetic energy” churning magma around, it’s kind of the opposite. Magnetic and electric forces are twins. The electric current in a wire induces a magnetic field, and the magnetic field will induce an electric current in an adjacent wire. The core of the Earth is believed to be molten iron, and when it shifts it basically produces an electric current, which gives rise to the magnetic field.

          I wanted to mention (hope this namedropping is not too offensive!) that I had Carl Sagan, Thomas Gold, and Frank Drake for Astronomy 101-102 at Cornell in 1972-73. Quite a line-up!

        7. wow! How old does that make you? My father was there from ’54-’59 so I’d guess you were in your sixties which is probably withing the range I would assume of most MHbloggers. I guess it just sounds crazy because I was born in ’72.

        8. With all respect, Peter, everything you say here is wrong.

          You write: “Just because the russians say they are drilling according to a different set of rules doesnt mean they do does it. And if they do I am sure your oil engineers would be very quick to follow their example. They’re after profits they dont care for theories if there appears to be something better.” Well, they DO drill in what conventional geologists think are impossible places to find oil, and find it there–every time. And there is an extremely good reason why our conventional oil companies in the West (what used to be the West, I should say) don’t want to pursue those profit opportunities: they want the world Orwell depicts in 1984. They don’t want us to be happy, prosperous and free. They don’t care about profits. Money means nothing to them.

          The reason the Peak Oil concept, which is ridiculous, is treated as obviously true in the Western press is the same reason the Western press acts as though carbon dioxide is not a wonderful plant food, a benefit all around, but a noxious poison: it is that we are being trained, like zoo animals, to learn to live with a severely reduced standard of living.

          Of course, our masters, the oligarchs, the Albert Gore’s, will always live the life of the fantastically rich. It is, in other words, a vast, comprehensive lie.

          You say this, too:

          “You end your latest comment by ‘Maybe I’m missing something’
          I suggest its the principle of energy conservation and that it all comes from the sun during a limited time span of some billion years.”

          Your suggestion is wrong. Perhaps you are not a native English speaker, and can’t detect irony. What I jokingly proposed I was “missing” had to do with your seeming unawareness of the secret government, and the fascist system that has corporate interests controlling the popular mind, the paradigm everyone is trained to imbibe and accept as holy writ.

          You are certainly entitled to your opinion on these things. You can believe whatever nonsense the Machine, the Matrix, wants us to believe. Have at it. I don’t care to persuade you. But for the sake of conversation, and all those observing, I felt obliged to give an answer. Your silly billions of years, and “trickle down” and sunlight talk is almost unworthy of mention, but because you talk this way I feel obliged to advise you (it’s really not my normal approach): you really should look into these matters. A good place to start might be the absolute astonishment conventional geologists experienced when in the months after Mt. St. Helens exploded, scientists witnessed coal being created before their eyes. They thought it had to take a gazillion years. They were wrong.

          Maybe some of those folk went to Russia, and explored for oil in impossible places. I hope if I were one of them that I would have had the courage to admit that everything I had been taught was wrong.

        9. Actually, that video isn’t right about some stuff. It isn’t the pressure of overlying rock that “transforms” methane into oil and coal, but rather the action of bacteria. Bacteria live in the subsurface for miles down–in fact, the biomass of bacteria in the subsurface exceeds the biomass of plants and animals on the surface of the earth. The bacteria (some types, anyway) metabolize or oxidize methane as it moves from the core up, transforming it into more complex hydrocarbons. This is Tommy Gold’s theory of the “Deep Hot Biosphere.” (His book by that name also explains how diamonds are formed, as well as why silver and gold occur in “lodes,” etc., but I can’t remember the explanations without rereading the book.)

          Also, oil and coal are NOT formed by the same process as water is. No one knows where water came from (although there are some bacteria which produce that, too. Bacteria do everything!)

        10. You are correct. It DOES cost more to drill deeper. But, if you can do it, you’ll find oil. The neat trick the Russians perfected was a device to clean the screen at the bottom of the well. When you do that it fills up again.

          Someone mentioned all the “capped” wells. They know they can do this. The “politics” of this are intertwined with “petro-dollars” and they have to handle this carefully. It’s a control thing.

          These scams depend on “faith”. People have been taught to “have faith” in scientists, or politicians, or you name it. When necessary they use this to their advantage. Look at the NIST report on “The 9-11 Movie”. Many won’t look at reality simply because “the scientists” told them it happened a certain way.

          It’s the same with the crushed dinosaurs and ferns. They are “fossil fuels” and the implication is that it is irreplaceable.

        11. Peter asks of me a question: “Do you claim that the hypothetical abiotic oil isnt dependent on solar energy?” Youbetcha. The Sun has nothing to do with it, at all, Additionally, it does not require unimaginable lengths of time. Oil is continuously being produced deep within the Mantle of the Earth and finds its way to the surface by means of pressure: it is a one-way process. It has absolutely nothing to do with fossils.

        12. This is to respond to Peter’s comment about the energy to sustain life necessarily coming from the sun. That’s known now to be incorrect, yet another popular myth drilled into us since we were kids. The “deep biosphere” in the subsurface contains organisms which derive their energy through chemical processes, called chemoautotrophy and chemolithotrophy. See this Wiki article:

          These microorganisms (which I subsumed in the term “bacteria” before; really, they are mostly Archaea) oxidize iron, manganese, sulfur, etc., for energy. They eat rocks!

          The origin of the methane, the original carbon source for the more complex hydrocarbons found in oil, was not the sun, but the interstellar cloud out of which the planets condensed. Methane is found in the spectra of all the planets, and is very abundant, the reason it is believed to have preexisted planetary formation.

          Photosynthesis developed much later than chemoautotrophy or chemolithotrophy, and is a much more highly evolved process, first because it uses carbon dioxide as a carbon source. Carbon dioxide cannot be used as an *energy* source because it is fully oxidized. A complex mechanism evolved by which photons are captured by light-sensitive pigments to “fix” the carbon in carbon dioxide, which means basically bump it up by exciting electrons so it can become glucose, which IS a high energy source.

        13. Let me just add my own, personal, view of this. We as people are enormously arrogant. What we call science is basically an attempt to understand the universe around us.

          To some degree we learn a little more as time goes on. Sometimes we get a little “extreme” in our belief that we actually “understand” what we observe.

          There are far more things that we don’t understand at all than those that I have confidence in. If something is consistently repeatable we say its “proven”. That doesn’t mean we “understand” it.

          There are relationships between all things that we do not begin to understand. We only have our senses and our willingness to use them. Somethings lie beyond our ability to discern them.

          Having said that, I am careful of superlatives and sweeping statements. For me to say “something can’t happen” means I know everything, and I don’t. In our planetary system we see everything as “sun centered”. That’s the cosmology. The commonly accepted idea is that everything ultimately came from interactions that originated with or are dependent on sustainment from the Sun. It’s a good theory, I don’t know how accurate it is.

          The interactions taking place deep within the Earth are thought to be “nuclear” in nature. So, you can see that as either pressure and heat “causing” a reaction, or a reaction causing the pressure and heat.

          New elements are formed under such conditions just as existing ones are destroyed under the same conditions. This is a central point in my theory of the destruction of the towers we discussed earlier. To produce a product such as we saw requires energy in excess of what is normally available.

          Somewhere in this process oil is created. It may pick up bits of organic matter in its rise toward the surface, or it may not. Simple math would show that oil being made from biological waste would be impossible in the quantities already extracted.

          The list is very long of “discoveries” made that scientists have leaped upon with both feet and ran off to form complex chains from. They are often wrong. Making a cogent argument does not necessarily “prove” something. If may just be a good argument and there may be others just as good.

          For now I think I have grasped the idea of oil being a naturally occurring phenomenon. The rest is speculative but interesting. If our laws of physics hold true you have to have something containing energy to make energy. Put a better way, oil is like a storage battery. It has “potential” energy stored within it, like some other materials.

          For that to happen requires that it be made from something that also contains that potential. When we use energy it doesn’t “disappear” it assumes a different form. The Universe seeks balance. We artificially create an imbalance to “generate” energy and use the result. We are grabbing the energy between its former “steady state” on its way to a new “steady state”. That’s why when you heat something it cools.

        14. Patrick and the others who commented on the origin of energy for the hypothetical abiotic oil
          Patrick says” youbetcha the sun has nothing to do with it”
          I feared you really believe in the free lunch option.
          Sorry Patrick, the law of energy conservation is very unforgiving.
          Whatever may be produced down there it needs to dissipate energy.
          There is no significant energy source appart from the sun. No matter how solar energy manages to make itself available down there it must be there in some form.
          (There is an energy STORAGE in the core but the source is a tiny fraction of radiactively decaying nuclei and its negligible compared with the solar influx.)

        15. In a way I am in agreement with Peter. In another, I not so sure. First, if we believe that the Sun is the “only” or “primary” source of energy, Peter’s explanation makes sense. I have not said that. The reason the Sun is thought to be a source is that it is a product of another combination of unstable material and, as such, is trying to get to its “normal” state of being, which is stability.

          When we enrich nuclear materials we are “charging a battery”. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to do that. So we “invest” energy to take it out later, over time. That’s what the Sun does.

          Oil, (or wood, or gas, etc.), is NOT “energy”. They are materials capable of STORING the potential for energy. Energy occurs when something with this potential has its stability disrupted. That’s why when you spin a magnet through a field you force electrons to move. You store potential. When you create a path for the electrons to balance themselves and become “stable” they take it.

          So, (and I realize my explanations aren’t completely up to the task), reactions can be seen at least two ways. On way sees it as some force acting upon materials to cause them to become unstable. Another sees them as already unstable materials attempting to regain their natural stability.

          This accounts for the “lives” of elements. Very “stable” elements have long lives. Others do not. That is because they “decay” into more stable elements. The process works both ways. You can force a “new” element into being by applying unnatural forces to it. As soon as you stop it begins to decay back into whatever stable form it was before you affected it.

          All we are doing when we “use” energy is “harnessing” a phenomenon. We create an instability to use the resultant energy. So, if oil is created by various interactions occurring deep within Earth it is capturing the potential from those interactions and producing a substance that is more stable than what it came from. When we burn it we are doing the same thing. You can continue this process in various ways until you create a substance that is extremely stable and unusable as energy.

    1. If u mean Alex Jones, I can say, being close listener and having hrd his comments on the subject, he’s absolutely positive Bost. incident was phony false-flag–Alex was all over that one, even having a reporter, Dan Bidondi, on the scene there who embarrassed the mayor at a news-conf.

        1. Right: AJ Macdonald thinks that because there are purported “pictures” and photos, this in itself must be proof–despite what I try to tell him about photo-shopping and green-screening, etc. But he’s good researcher, so maybe he’ll ck-out the info given here–I didn’t even know about Dave McGowan’s expo.

  22. The five different stories of Barbara Halstead that describe how the shooter entered the school:

    1. In Barbara Halstead’s 911 call she stated that she caught a glimpse of a man with a gun.

    2. In Barbara Halstead’s first statement to police she heard a noise and was going to call the custodian. She heard the noise again and looked up and the shooter was standing in the hall wearing sun glasses. Document 00007937

    3. Barbara Halstead told Detective Mudry that she heard a noise and stood up immediately and saw a man standing in the lobby. Document 00039308.

    4. Barbara Halstead told Lt Perry that she heard shots from outside and saw an individual approaching the school. She hid under her desk and he came in. (Note – he fired no shots inside the lobby in this statement ?) Then when did Hochsprung, Sherlach and Hammond get shot?- Document 00029067

    5.Barbara Halstead told Lt Hofbauer she saw one male approach the school and start shooting at the glass. Document 00025074

    And then to cap it all off she said that she hid in a closet for 4 hours with Sally Cox?

    1. The Halsteads… MAJOR players in the hoax…. Fire Chief William Halstead, his daughter, Karin, an EMT Captain who probably was the one to call down the EMT’s that morning, Bill’s former wife and Karin’s mother… Barbara, whose testimony about what she saw in the school that day has several variations… and who claims to have stayed in a closet with nurse Sally Cox for almost 4 hours.

      And… let’s not forget Debbie Aurelia, the infamous town clerk, who refused to release the death certificates. Debbie is now Debbie Halstead after her recent marriage to William.

      You can’t make this stuff up….

        1. NYC sent out similar surrender your guns/magazines or you’re a felon notices. Most other sheriffs in NY have disregarded the law. Suspect many citizens will follow the path of the gun manufacturers there, to vacate and relocate to constitution friendly states. And the taxes are much lower on everything, property, food, energy and business.

          Please all you socialists who think big government will solve all our problems, please stay where you are and live through what you voted for!

        2. Ha, ha. That’s quite an image. Maybe we can watch in the future when the “invasion” comes to defenseless little Newtown. Maybe they shouldn’t advertise their newfound wealth.

    2. AND, her ex-husband, Bill, owner, ceo, etc. of the fire house, did what? For four hours he couldn’t get a report on his ex-wife? We know he was at the fire house because he said the first alert he heard was when the first cops were getting on site. He also helped a shot gal get out of her car and into the ambulance. Come on, is any of this believable?

      1. “Education is one of the highest priorities for most immigrant families,” she said and others have noted their families came here expressly for the educational opportunities.”

        And no doubt other benefits the tax payers pay for.

        Forget what the latest politically correct descriptor is. Is it future democratic voters?

  23. Not to change the subject but I just ran across a follow on to the death records link:

    They’re saying Obongo did this through the use of an “executive memo”. Check it out.

    You have to watch carefully but there is a reference to the cause of this primarily being a suit about his SSN being from the dead man in Connecticut. Just happened to be a Fairfield Hills resident.

    1. More evidence of pre-planning the event. Funny their purported purpose is to stop identity theft and we have been notified by two different government agencies in the last two years they our confidential information has been breached! They both offered free protection for a year but that site really tries to pressure you to buy in for better protection!

      1. Kathy, yes. I was reminded again of the “synchronistic” nature of Obongo have a SNN from a former Fairfield Hills resident. The card was issued in Connecticut and Obongo has no record of ever having lived there.

        As this hospital has been linked to experiments in the past it seems a safe bet to assume that this locale has been a presence in the black ops community for a while.

        I would imagine that the “new rules” have as much to do with his desire to hide his SSN as it does to provide cover for SHES. It just a wonderful illustration of how rotten this whole thing is to the core.

  24. I will keep following the Sandy Hook event, hoping that something will come out of all our research, at the moment I feel the powers of B will never give up their charade.. surely someone somewhere has an interest in telling the truth..I’m really coming to believe that this is some kind of mind control.

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