By Wolfgang W Halbig*

“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”-Nathan M. Bickel

Have you ever tried to put a puzzle together? If you have then this puzzle will blow your socks off because no matter how hard you try to make these pieces fit they just won’t.

The Sandy Hook Elementary School and its entire school campus is the crime scene puzzle.

So lets get started.

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December 14, 2012

CLASSROOM 8 and 10 are the rooms that children and school staffs have been shot to death.

Adam Lanza shot himself in the head in classroom 10

First Piece

09:35:21 am first 911 calls comes in to Newtown Police Dispatch

Second Piece

09:35:52 am Newtown Police Dispatcher makes an all hands on deck call even for all off-duty officers to respond to the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Third Piece

09:37:42 am Police Dispatcher to all units I am on the phone with a 911 caller who still hears shots fired inside the school.

Fourth Piece

09:38:14 am dispatcher to all police units responding to Sandy Hook at this time, the shooting appears to have stopped.

Fifth Piece

09:39:00 am First Newtown police officer arrives behind SHES on Crestwood Dr.

What is that about parking a ¼ of a mile from the front entrance of the school?

Why Crestwood Dr.?  What ever happened in responding to the front of the school by law enforcement?

09:39:05 am dispatcher to all units teacher reports that they saw two shadows running past the gym.

Sixth Piece

09:39:21 am police officer with heavy breathing calls into dispatch reporting that they “WE’VE GOT EM”.

What ever happened to neutralizing the threat first as the highest priority by law enforcement?

Seventh Piece

09:40:28 am police to dispatcher reporting that shooter is still shooting inside the school.

Eighth Piece

09:42:28 am police is requesting through dispatch a car tag check on a black Honda civic 872-YEO when it comes back to a RODIO not LANZA.

Why run a tag check before entering the Sandy Hook school in neutralizing the threat?

Ninth Piece

09:45:20 am Newtown Lt. Vanghele while inside the school tells a female child to get back into classroom (room 8) as she comes out in the north hallway.

09:45:20 am first sign that they law enforcement are inside the school.

Why would anyone especially a police officer order a child back into classroom 8 knowing that dead children and school staff are inside that classroom.  I am sure he must have looked inside the classroom in making sure that the classroom was safe?

How many shots did those children hear in classroom 8 hear?

Tenth Piece

09:51:31 am CSP Lt (MSGT) Davis, CSP Sgt Cario, Officer Chapman and Officer Smith enter room 10:  Newtown Radio

Officer Smith: “92” Officer Smith finds a child the name is redacted hiding in the bathroom of room 10.  He tells them to stay and that he will be back for them when it is safe. Is it one or many?

How many shots did those children hear in that classroom 10?

Why would any police officer after finding a child or them in a classroom with bodies of other children and school staff leave them and tells them that he will be back when it is safe?

That is a long time for those children to be left alone with dead bodies.

Is this a new police protocol?

09:55:31 am police officer calls into dispatch to report multiple weapons rifle and shotgun in the classroom.

Adam Lanza shot and killed himself in room 10 as stated by the CT State Police.

What happened to the Shotgun?

Only ten simple pieces of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting puzzle to put together before we go to the next 10 pieces in our puzzle, which will look at Why No Trauma Helicopters?

Who declared all those children and school staff dead within the first 11 minutes?

Why did the CT State Police not allow Paramedics and EMT’S inside the school?

Why did the Newton FBI field offices classify the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting that went to Pres. Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and the former director of the FBI Robert Mueller?

How is it possible that a trained SWAT team or many SWAT teams that day not find the Registered Nurse and a Secretary who made a 911 call from the nurse’s office in a closet for over 4 hours?

I have never ever heard of a police officer telling a Registered Nurse to close her eyes so she won’t see the blood.

Is that a new police protocol?

Why have 26 small Christmas Trees behind the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire Department on Dec 14, 2012 and decorated on Dec 15, 2012?

They do not have 60 or 100 hundred trees because if the did they would be having a Christmas tree sale. We see that they have just 26 small trees all by themselves.

There are so many of you who have dedicated so much time and effort in seeking the truth which the CT State Police and the Danbury State Attorney refuses to share reminds me of Nazi Germany and East Berlin were many of my family members lived and died.

My father spend four years in a Nazi prison camp so I know personally that if you or we ever stop asking questions and stop challenging those in power we the people are no longer free and will no longer be safe.

 This article is dedicated to every person or persons who had the courage to question and hold those in power accountable in this horrendous and supposed heinous crime at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec 14, 2012.

*Formerly the Executive Director of the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety, Wolfgang Halbig has recently formed a new safety and security company, Children’s Safety Institute. Prior to founding NISWS, Mr. Halbig worked in public education as a teacher, dean, and assistant principal, principal, principal of an alternative school and as the Director for School Safety and Security of the Seminole County Public Schools, a school district of approximately 65,000 students.

Mr. Halbig also has law enforcement experience as a former Florida State Trooper in Miami, Florida, and as a United States Customs Inspector. Given his unique background in both law enforcement and education, Mr. Halbig was invited by the United States Department of Justice to train over 3,500 school police officers, school superintendents and school principals.

He traveled the country by providing presentations and keynotes to a variety of audiences, including the National Education Law Conference, the National School Board Association, the Oklahoma School Board Association, the Illinois School Board Association, the New York State School Board Association and the Florida School Board Association.

A nationally recognized school safety and security expert and consultant, Halbig has provided safety training and school assessments for more than 4,000 school districts nationwide. He has also been featured on Dateline (NBC) and Good Morning America (ABC). He earned his B.S. from Abilene Christian University, Abilene Texas, and his M.S. from Nova University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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  1. Step One: Agatha Christie’s “Poirot” analysis: disregard ANYTHING that’s unsubstantiated, ie nothing more than someone’s unsupported testimony.

    This applies not just to crime scene facts and timing but also to unsupported testimony as to people’s character, state of mind, intention and past behaviour. Apply it even to the existence of people and their claimed identity.

    Take that approach, and prepare to have your mind blown.

    1. Huge Sandy Hook Related news: Gun owners refuse to register their guns. They estimate up to 350,000. This law was passed because of SHE shooting. Now, lets see if DHS starts the nations 1st gun confiscation. “Everyone knew there would be some gun owners flouting the law that legislators hurriedly passed last April, requiring residents to register all military-style rifles with state police by Dec. 31.

      But few thought the figures would be this bad.” says the Courant
      “No one has anything close to definitive figures, but the most conservative estimates place the number of unregistered assault weapons well above 50,000, and perhaps as high as 350,000.

      articles here:

      1. This could mean that a far greater percentage are skeptics about Sandy Hook than actually believe it, given that 47,000 applied to register and more than 100,000 suspected owners are not doing so. Is there an analogy in American history? I would guess that Prohibition showed that eliminating the sale of alcohol did not stop drinking, it only made it more exciting and hip, enriching a criminal underground in the process. Mere registration is not supposed to ban something. But you look at the failure of the registration process, the publicity for that failure, and what is the next step government might take?

        1) Make an example of a few people who did not register.

        2) Ban the device so that anyone caught with it has a mandatory sentence of one year in prison or more. Use 1) as a scare tactic.

        Was Sandy Hook thought necessary to get the public on board for this? Is there something morally and cognitively wrong with the mommy party that they would do this? (Been married to the daddy party too long?)

        I almost feel that the Marathon story is like two billionaires duking it out – perhaps George Soros v. the Koch Brothers, “left” v. “right” at our expense.

        I’m not too crazy about assault weapons. They seem unsporting and stupid. But I understand that the Second Amendment protects my freedom. I would not like to disarm Americans. The only way we remain citizens and not subjects is by having our “betters” fear us like grim death. They still do.

        1. The rifles that the MSM calls assault weapons are merely rifles that can fit magazines that hold many rounds, often up to 30. The word assault weapon is a misnomer invented to instill fear in the population. If there is such a thing as an assault weapon it would be a fully automatic rifle, which are illegal for possession for non-military personnel,and to my knowledge have been for many decades at least, jf not always. Furthermore, no one is advocating that citizens should have fully automatic weapons.

          Remember that the whole point of the second amendment is allow the citizenry to arm itself against tyranny by its own government, and in order to be effective in doing so, we will need dependable rifles with magazines that hold many rounds, such as the AK-47 that I have.

          It is a bit concerning on a site like this that is exposing government malfeasance that you would espouse that assault rifles “seem unsporting and stupid”. With all due respect musings, this isn’t a game. It is very clear that Sandy Hook is one of the latest events in a long string of staged incidents that are being used to reduce the American civilian population to NWO slaves in a very similar manner as to what happened in the horrific situations of the last century in places like Cambodia and the USSR. As such, this is a fight for our very existence and I humbly submit that characterizing our defense as “unsporting” or “stupid” is rather insulting.

      2. It is not over yet. Soto sister back in DC for touching photo op:
        “A Senate panel rejected Rand’s measure but approved one by Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska, that allows licensed gun holders to carry guns on post office property so long as they do not enter the building.”

        The big shoot out at OK USPS will be in the post office parking lot between customers denied entrance and newly armed post office personnel. Many Danburians stuck at home in the snow found it fit to comment on this article. Usually only a few have something to say.

      1. Our MSM “journalists” are hand picked by the demons who run the media and Hollywood. Only the ones who obey are chosen. They are carefully screened. No more Helen Thomas’s will ever pass through.

      2. the only journalists are on alternative media ( you tube) or like this site. The tv has ONLY actors . the tv is a mind control device.there is no such thing as a journalist on the tv or radio. If you want to find journalist’s you have to go to you tube or search out alternative media outlets. there are only 5 media outlets in the U.S & all 5 are owned by CFR/new world order members, so on the main stream air waves you will only find ACTORS who read the scripts they are given, hence all the false flag events ( there is a “shooting” every week or twice a week now – those are not ‘shootings’ they are actors reading scripts, all done for the “get the guns” & terrorize the american people agenda. believe NOTHING on the tv or radio, they are mind control devices & everything is a lie, the new world order does not want anything but lies reaching the people on the air waves.Even the weather is all a lie, the weather is all man made( see the jets flying over spraying us all with deadly chemicals ) all to manipulate the weather. the tv doesnt tell you that half of the UK is under water. If the truth got out to the american people , they would be able to maybe figure out that they are all being killed by toxic chemicals sprayed all over them & their children, these deadly chemicals are manipulating this deadly weather we are all getting.

  2. Hello everyone~

    I’m an old horseman, well, not that old (57), but I am horseman, literally. I have skill with animals, large animals, horses in particular. Anyway, what some horsemen know, is that if you suffer the worst, a runaway, you hold onto the reins (lines) for as long as you can, and then just a bit longer. This in hope of regaining your team.

    Now: I have never been that fond of businessmen, and I do consider James Tracy (and many of you others) to be a businessman, an overeducated, overhyped, overpaid and over-esteemed, professional,

    But at least on the matter of the Sandy Hook ‘event’ (conspiracy, psyop, hoax), you guys are doing a fine job of holding the lines, and I affirm that.

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

    Ned Lud

    1. p.s. I notice that Jon Rappoport is highilighted here (MHB) and he writes some real fine stuff. Nonetheless, there are some of us who are questioning him on something in particular and to date, have received no response from Jon. I have about given up and so I no longer view his website. Be that as it may…

    2. “Now: I have never been that fond of businessmen, and I do consider James Tracy (and many of you others) to be a businessman, an overeducated, overhyped, overpaid and over-esteemed, professional.”

      Brilliant stuff there. I thought I might be reading some undiscovered Mark Twain of the 21st century. The opening bit, “but I am horseman, literally.” is top shelf whiskey. The image of the Horseman hunched, muddy horse shoes over the keyboard, wad of alfalfa in mouth while the Black Helicopters circle over the Barn…indignantly railing against commerce and conspiracy. Well done, sir. Well done.

      As my Grandpappy used to say, “From the horse’s mouth to the horse’s arse.”


    1. The load shouldn’t be on his shoulders alone. More people should come out and stand with him and help him do the work, making sure copies of everything are in multiple locations.

      God speed.

  3. There are crime scenes and there are “crime scenes.” The Sandy Hook school was not a crime scene, but rather a “crime scene.” Because traditional crime-scene protocols were NOT FOLLOWED by authorities, the puzzle pieces that make up “Sandy Hook” are not going to fit together like those of a crime scene. You can ask questions, and we have … The answers are not going to be tidy puzzle pieces at all, with all due respect to Wolfgang Halbig and his desire to unearth them.
    “If seven maids with seven mops swept it for half a year, do you suppose, the Walrus said, that they could get it clear? I doubt it, said the Carpenter, and shed a bitter tear.”

    1. The event at Sandy Hook appears to have been a “hoax scene”. That is until evidence comes forward to prove it as a true crime scene. In my opinion what followed in the aftermath can without a doubt be called criminal. We have witnessed a massive cover up of what may or may not have happened, most likely money laundering and clever psyop played on large numbers of people who still trust the mocking bird media and their so called elected officials.

    2. This is off topic but I’d like you to see this new video of the Boston Bombing. Some guy was behind the line filming before he was noticed as “not one of them”. Turn down the sound off for theres a guy talking that misses key events.
      1. You can see clearly there is no one there when the smoke bomb goes off.
      2. You watch them tear down the banner and flags while the stage is being prepared and ANOTHER little smoke bomb goes off for effect and cover.
      3. This is HUGE. You can HEAR and SEE a man breaking out the window at the Lens Crafter. He climbs through the window and people start pouring out. I think a lot of the “victims”, not all, came out ready. 4. You see Jeff the guy with legs blown off getting rolled by to be displayed for the cameras at the finish line. The camera man was not aware of Jeff and the 1st lady “victim” he caught on his camera nor is the guy who put this on youtube as he narrates.

      This is the best proof I’ve seen. To hear and see the guy breaking the window and see them ignite another smoke bomb AFTER the “bomb” went off is just insane

      1. This just in – a trial date for accused patsy. Would love to see “the evidence” and have a real MD, and a forensic specialist examine the “victims” and their real medical records to see when they’re amputations actually occurred. Sherlock needed here.

        Also, the state of Connecticut has announced they have no more funds for snow removal, yet they have plenty for duping people for SH.

      2. Ric, this prime evidence for the prosecution of the real crime here. Excellent! This stands on its own as proof of a casualty drill…post this on the Memory Hole discussion of BMB.

      3. Ric, this is a great video. You can see the cops are there to take down the barrier and use it as a street barricade – after its use as a screen for actors moving into place. Not sure, but I think I saw the bone later put in as double amputee’s thighbone, covered by a flag. Not sure when the thing went in, but it was one of the props later discussed. It’s to the lower left of the screen before 5 minutes have elapsed. Don’t go looking for it, though. What is amazing is the number of cameramen – foreign some of them, which took out this video material putting the lie to the whole thing. I am wondering if some of them were never spotted by cops because they might have been intelligence agents using sophisticated devices under press cover. Just a thought.

        When our country thinks it can just do anything, lately it finds that is not so easy, since it has screwed too many other people who aren’t going to hold back on them anymore.But maybe not in this case. Just don’t know how it was so effectively filmed from every angle.

        What I find even harder to tolerate is the silence from the “elites” of Boston, and their incuriosity.

        As a come-on for a Valentine’s Day fund-raiser, a local public radio station is saying (along with its advertisement of long-stemmed roses for your sweetheart) that they’ll be information central for the trial of Dzhokar Tsarnaev. They also report that the “evidence” in the case is the equivalent of the Encyclopedia Brittanica times a million (or some such absurd figure), while the “defense” objects (on that basis) to a trial suddenly set for November 2014, instead of in 2015 – a false fight if I ever heard one. So we can see that the elites are going to be getting their knickers in a twist over the fairness issue of the trial, and not on the factual unreality of the crimes. Red herrings abound, among the red roses.

        1. Musings, this cameraman’s viewpoint is compelling to how visually unconvincing this drill really was. It appears that the lessons learned from SHE were that the stage acting was tertiary to the dramatic spin doctoring which in this case provided us the Boston lockdown, press conferences, the evil doers, and maudlin MSM coverage that continues today.

        2. Musings and all, the conspiracy of silence among the elites for SHE and BMB is rooted in the same soil. The fabric of crisscrossing influence, business arrangements, alliances and ultimate financial gain thoroughly cements this establishment. Breaking rank to speak the truth is not in cards for this group. Someone please prove me wrong!

        3. They should have broken ranks almost a year ago. I lost faith in them when this only happened in one instance – the 7/11 stores’ CEO refused to go along with the story about a robbery in Central Square (1 mile from the MIT Kendall Square alleged killing of Sean Collier, the MIT security cop). That was the one instance, and it made the scenario writers scramble to make up another story – the carjacking I believe which was so badly done was in response to this mess. But what if others had thrown in their own monkey wrenches too? How different things would have been.

          The public is not up to speed on the factual basis of a fake. They have not gone to the websites which are surrounded in thorny hedges of pro-Hitler and other kinds of objectionable material, where some genuine photograph and video evidence of fraud is to be found. They haven’t found the work of the charming Japanese Zaurus Snape on you-tube, there for the watching without any political nonsense. They are on record by now in a thousand conversations using these false reference points of Sandy Hook (as an example of utter evil) and Boston Marathon (as an example of how resilient those amputees are – you cannot keep an American down, can you?). Invested in months of lie exchanges, much like owning fraudulent stock, they hold rather than sell, all the way to the bankruptcy….

        4. Thanks, It is truly amazing. This video alone is enough evidence to start an investigation if “they” wanted to. Something else this video reveals is remember the still photographs supposedly taken by some innocent bystander through the 2nd story window? He was obviously part of the clan because his pictures start after the “cast” is assembled and the little smoke bomb goes off. The smoke you see in those pictures surrounding all the “victims” is fake and NOT from the “bomb” that had already gone off and dissipated 5 min earlier. So they needed more smoke cover.
          It’s also truly amazing that we all sit here over a year latter with 10 more false flags events under our belt and just waiting for the next big doosie brewing at DHS,BATF ect.
          Isn’t funny how no security cameras work anywhere? SHE, Boston, Mall shooting, Navy Yard shooting, Auroura Colorado Theater, Arizona, 911, OKC bombing.

      1. Wow Bill, thanks for this work. As a non-police citizen, it helps to be able to visualize the depth of the hoax. I appreciate that you explained what should have been happening in a real crisis.

        As an observer, I found myself asking if the badges on the uniforms were real, were the uniforms real? Has anyone been able to do photo recognition for any of these people?

        One other question. The man in the striped shirt, out of uniform with the big gun slung across his back; I have to guess this is completely out of protocol. There is nothing to say this out of uniform “officer” is not a suspect walking up on a set of officers with a gun. Am I correct?

        It is sad that a school full of children would be used for an agenda. I get attacked on Facebook every time I talk about the tragedy of Sandy Hook that wasn’t.

        Eyes Wide Open

        1. You have illustrated the power of illusion Karen. The magic had you believe for example that a school full of children were involved and therefore your belief intensified. All the eye candy MSM anchors vouched for truth. Uniforms with badges were involved so therefore we must believe.
          MSM/our central gov’t is a stream of illusion.

        2. In an interview with Jim Fetzer (shared with Wolfgang Halbig, 1-24-14 second hour) I believe I used the word “illusion” to describe Sandy Hook as an alternative to “hoax.” Illusion has entirely to do with the perceiver’s belief, whereby he/she is taken in by something arranged for that very purpose. Once such an interpretation is fixed and continually fed (re-planted), it becomes hard to undo or rearrange. Imagine our brains being “untrained” to revert our surroundings, as our eyes perceive them, back to upside-down!

          If you would like to hear Wolfgang’s first interview, visit

        3. Smallstorm: why shouldn’t we just say it’s “BIG-LIE,” as I describe below, whence the suckers/victims are made to fooling themselves?

        4. Replying to Apollonian: Of course you can call it what you want. I have found that others react with more resistance if you use the word “hoax” or “lie.” This is why I suggested the word “illusion.” Perhaps our friends and neighbors will be more interested by this concept and allow us a little more time to explain.

        5. The references to “illusion” have been made in reference to 9/11 as well. By the way, never overlook operant conditioning. I have found that when I look at a digital clock and it is 9:11, I begin to think of the event. As a child brought up on the holy trinity I used to think about 3 as a special number, so that if it was 3:33 it seemed lucky. We get these things afterwards in our minds.

          Key Dewdney, one of the former mathematical puzzles columnists from the earlier Scientific American (before it became a thin political rag), identified 9/11 as a magic act. I also refer folks to Michael Caine’s lines in “The Prestige” about how magic works in three stages: the Pledge, the Turn and the Prestige. I think you could call it by other names:

          1) You turn on your media wanting to be taken in, and they supply you your mental drug – The Pledge

          2) Then they show you something fantastic – The Turn – something unexpected happens

          3) Then they make something impossible seem to be real: The Prestige

          You go out thinking that the ordinary laws of nature did not apply. You turn off the media and walk away a believer. But you summoned the devil yourself, didn’t you? You turned it on. You used a medium which normally delivers fiction and entertainment, and you let them tell you it was news about the world that happened somewhere else. You took the pledge, the bait, whatever. For some, it led to death in Iraq.

          But “it’s a miracle” is the sense of it. It is our substitute for our lost faiths.

        6. Sorry to appear immodest, but, for the record, *I* referred to the things we were shown as the Sandy Hook shooting as “illusions” in a posting I made on Sandy Hook Truth last spring. I reminded people that Houdini had made an elephant disappear!

          Indeed, there are a lot of lessons in the biography of Houdini I had just read, by Kalush and Sloman. A lot about how magicians pull things over on their unsuspecting audiences.

        7. Well dino: Smallstorm understands things for purposes of RHETORIC, but “BIG-LIE” says what and how it is and works–ultimately, it all depends upon suckers/victims FOOLING THEMSELVES, as I note earlier, below.

          “BIG LIE” is more informative when u understand and include with it idea of the suckers/victims fooling themselves. “Illusion” is mere platitude, not so informative.

          Next, one grasps the deliberate SERIES of big-lies perpetrated and induced, 9/11 being good arbitrary starting pt. But don’t forget Gulf of Tonkin was a great big-lie made-up out of whole cloth.

          Then u see HOW it’s done and perpetrated–when u have practically INFINITE funds to working with, churned out by US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT machine/instrument. And don’t forget the huge BIG-LIE the Fed entails, too.

          And remember: that’s the basic Christian enterprise in first place–TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH against satanic lies, these satanists firmly in power, about to impose AGENDA-21 “population-reduction” genocide, among all the other items would could note.

    3. Oh give me a break. So what do you suggest? The only way we will get any resolution on this is through legalities. You can look at this as some amazing eternal mystical phenomenon or you can aim for the hard cold proofs of malfeasance. Your “method” if it even is one would send us on an eternal endless circle of pointlessness. There are answers, there are guilty parties who can be brought to justice. You can meditate and trip out on the Sandy Hook spell forever, just do it on your time.

    1. The Xmas tree thing is something that should be categorically ignored, for it has huge strawman potential.

      The facts are that the Sandy Hook firehouse has held Xmas tree sales for years and i personally have seen network footage from the Sandy Hook staged event on that day where a Xmas tree sale sign CAN be seen at the firehouse in the background.

      The areas that prove Sandy Hook was fake are.

      NO immediate first aid to any of the 26 victims

      NO outrage/questions/lawsuits from any of the victim’s families over the gross negligence in first aid protocols

      NO signs of legitamate grief in any of the victim’s families

      The above proves that Sandy Hook was a fake event because 26 families of real murder victims would never be able to suppress common emotional reactions to the murder of their loved ones and gross negligence by first responders.

      Keeping it simple and putting the question of why the normal human emotions were not found with the families of the 26 supposed murder victims.

      1. ” a Xmas tree sale sign CAN be seen at the firehouse in the background.”-oh,WELL,if there’s a sign there then it must have,in fact,been true.There was a sign saying Sandy Hook Elementary too….

        1. I’m not disputing if there was a sign or not-just saying that a sign could have been put up specifically to give the IMPRESSION as to why the trees are there.You know,like a sign saying Sandy Hook School when in fact it was probably not a working school.

        2. With all due respect, the firehouse was NOT decorated with anything on 12-14-12. When the MSM, like 20/20, The Today Show, Nightline, etc. did their pieces on 12-15-12 and later, the Sandy Hook firehouse was all decked out in Christmas decorations, just as shown in the main picture of this article. That in itself is extremely odd how they would take the time to decorate that particular building with a supposed active crime scene just up the drive, between the afternoon of 12-14-12 and onward.

          In retrospect, the xmas tree sale sign, along with the school, ambulances, triage color, crime scene tent, et all are just stage props and nothing more in this Potemkin village town called Newtown, CT.

        3. I don’t believe I should not have to, particularly when the profanity is being used in underlining an attack another commenter.

        4. Maybe it’s just me, and I’m having a bad day or something. What are you talking about, James? Did the geek write a comment you will not publish, but you want us all to know…something?

          By the way, I have to thank PC Geek for giving us all a hearty laugh; I just can’t get enough of Gene Rosen. Comedy gold!

      2. The 26 Christmas trees behind the fire house, on brand new tree stands, not wrapped, but allowed to bow out are a clear indication of preplanning. Internet searches have revealed there was no sale that year and other years and community websites do not mention them at all. The fact that previous now known trolls to this site were hell bent on stating they knew for a fact there was a sale that year without offering one iota of proof is proof enough for me. The fact that they tried to twist the truth to hide this huge blunder tells me a nerve was hit.

      3. Here’s the solution to the Christmas tree debacle.

        There were 26 trees in the back of the fire house before the shooting. What are the chances of the number being 26? Maybe there were more, doesn’t matter.

        MSM reported the trees were donated by and ‘anonymous’ person from NC who saw the story on TV.

        So the trees in the back were NOT used as the donated trees.

        If anyone can find an overhead shot of the school on the day, or day after the donated trees arrived and show the trees behind the school gone, then they are probably busted.

        Another clue. Try google image search for Christmas trees and Sandy Hook. Can anyone find a pic of the truck delivering the trees? Surely, with all the media, someone would capture the delivery. Busted again. I should have been an investigator.

        But wait these fools are making it easy for us citizen journalists. Shows how desperate they are.

        1. Oh no, not the Christmas trees again. I almost went bonkers researching this not long ago. May not be important, but who knows in this case? By the time I found the 2012 sale which I did not post, I had already posted photos from SHFD tree sales in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013. I had trouble finding something from 2012 and when I finally did it no longer seemed important. According to the caption year 2012 was the 12th annual sale. Here it is:

        2. anne, in the photos I see hundreds of trees. if there was a tree sale where are the hundreds of trees? why 26 big fluffy trees left? can the newtown bee’s archives be trusted? is there a print copy on microfiche? do they do that anymore? I have a real hard time believing they printed more than one of those 60 stupid photos.

        3. Fish, the 500 trees were delivered on 11/23, 2012 so in about three weeks they sold 474 of them leaving 26 behind for the Sandy Hook Affair. I suppose they could have sold that many, but there are others selling Christmas trees in the region as well. Estimating 3 members per family (low number) that would cover 1422 persons in Newtown enjoying SHFD trees. At least we can establish there are more than 1400 residents there.

          No, I do not trust the Bee. It clearly showed what it is made of playing a major role in the hoax.

      1. Susan: note we must be PRECISE for our psychologic appraisal for things.

        Think of the situation as POLAR, the satanists at one end and us “truthists” at the other. Thus the satanists indeed worship lies, because by lying they become God, creating their own reality (subjectivism), u see.

        MOST people in the middle, in-btwn the two poles, don’t really, nearly as much love lies–their problem is they’re too willing to ACCEPT and tolerate lies, that’s all–they, rather just don’t know what to do, how otherwise to treat the lies, fearing mostly, “rocking-the-boat.”

        So, if u just ck my entry below, what we must do is to explicitly identify and analyze the gross BIG-LIE which is being laid on folks and CONFRONT the powers directly. This way we can steadily convert and persuade those folks in the middle

        1. I tried to talk to one of my friends about SH and she got angry and refused to continue the conversation, in the process insulting me. Later, she admitted that the only thing that would change her mind was if it were generally well accepted by “most people” it was a big lie. I’m talking about people who cannot emotionally handle ugly truth. It scares them to think about it. They can’t leave the herd.

        2. Yes Susan: that’s TYPICAL–they get mad at u–u gotta simply expect it, remain calm and, as expedient, just keep feeding them nuggets of truth, like (a) examples of big-lies, and (b) also, examples of how US gov. is not friend of people–like when, during prohibition, US gov. DELIBERATELY poisoned liquor w. wood alcohol, killing thousands, literally.

          (b) Operation GLADIO whence US gov., directing NATO, fostered staging of fatal terrorist attacks which killed hundreds–in 1980, one strike at Bologna alone killing 80, wounded 200–all done by dear US gov.

        3. Susan A. To avoid shock, denial and fear, I have been content to just plant a seed of truth regarding these ongoing mind manipulating theatre productions. I have dropped my expectation of immediate seed germination. It is a rare rewarding event that someone rises to mind open engagement with mutual new insights.

        4. fv that’s my usual tack as well, however I was so outraged by SH, and the fact it was so blatantly obvious gave me permission to go whole hog into the subject with this person. She got peppered with seeds and didn’t appreciate it. Oh well.

        5. Well, you must admit it is quite shocking to think the Sandy Hook event was staged.

          So many questions that raise concerns, with the most important one being: If they’re not dead, are those kids *okay?*

          I was never a Matrix fan, but the Neo awakening sequence to the ugliness of reality is pretty accurate in regard to the tormented process of facing the truth and letting go of the mainstream version of “the news.”

        6. I had a conversation with someone lately who is physically very close to the faux events of the Marathon, and thus perhaps working in proximity to some of the liars. I did not directly ask her about the events. I simply asked if, knowing something was going on that did not directly affect her work, but used it as a backdrop for a political lie, she would confront it. She was born in a communist country, but emigrated to the US early in life, and was brought up by parents who lived under both Nazis and communists in their lives before emigrating. They taught her not to pay attention to what was immediately around her, but just to survive. Even though she now has a responsible job and you might think of her as a leader, she said she would not willingly confront such evil in her midst, but just try to be a good person herself. The Greeks had a word for people like that. They called them “idiot.”

          But in Boston, it is a city of idiots in high places, who are keeping their noses to the grindstone and not appearing to occupy themselves with anything because “it’s not my job”. How this differs from a code of silence in a tough neighborhood I do not know. But it means I have lost all respect for many I once admired. They simply will not look at the facts and deny the lies. They are a part of the corrupt discourse.

        7. Roger that Musings, Boston Strong T-shirts should read Boston Sheep. Let’s not forget the Boston Hospitals including MD’s that participated in the illusion. When the Boston sports teams piled on, I quickly found other entertainment. And of course there is the Boston University School of Communication….they deployed 30 student journalists that day and you guessed it they saluted the illusion as well. The BMB video on the website is a sad reminder of their teachings.

        8. I’ve been thinking more about the whole lying/telling WHOPPERs that these Sandy Hook characters seem to revel in.

          If people generally lie for personal gain—to protect their status or to enrich themselves—what does Sandy Hook have to do with anything? Certainly there were players that were enticed to participate via financial offers, but others like “bought into” a

          Another line of thought is that liars often lie to cover-up a previous lie. Could Sandy Hook be a lie to cover-up a larger lie.

          Lastly, if they come from a culture that has an ancient lie buried in its past, a lie they’ve shielded from folks outside the family. They may know no other way of being in the world except as liars.

      2. I’ve been waiting to support a coordinated effort to reveal the truth about SH since December 17th, 2012. I KNOW there are thousands of us that did not have the wool pulled over our eyes. If we join forces, and reveal the truth of this crime against the citizens of the U.S., I believe we will finally be able to gain enough support to steer this country in a positive direction!! If those in charge are forced to admit the truth, I know that millions of “sheeple” will finally wake up and demand real change! So how do we do this?? What do we need to do?? I live in Texas but I’ll be in CT visiting my family next week. Anything I could do there that would help???

        1. Asia: there’s no EASY way–life sucks (Greek TRAGEDY), don’t forget. Only thing is to understand the process of determined CYCLIC history in “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler, as things continue to degenerate, accelerating in currency and economic collapse, more and more people will be willing to re-examine their lives (in Socratic fashion)–and this then will give u and us opportunity to proffer our mostly un-wanted advice. What counts most is that u TRY–God gives u pt.s for that, never doubt.

  4. There is an otherworldly weirdness that the questions Mr. Halbig raises continue to go unasked and unanswered by our media and representatives, and that we are considered a bit strange for our insistence that these issues be addressed and resolved.

    In law enforcement, there are clear procedures to follow and steps to be taken in almost any conceivable circumstance. While it is understood that there may arise occasions where one must “wing it,” one had best not be found winging it in a situation where adherence to established guidelines would have sufficed.

    An example from corrections, where I spent 14 years in uniform for the State of Florida directly supervising inmates in Correctional Institutions, might lend perspective. Correctional Officers obtain inmate compliance through clearly stated orders, and anything much beyond presence and verbal orders rises to the level of a “use of force,” a situation probably as infrequent for the average CO as is the firing of the service weapon for the average LEO.

    COs do not lay hands on inmates beyond certain pre-authorized situations, such as handcuff use, and if you do it had better be in letter- perfect compliance with the body of rules laid out in the Florida Administrative Code governing use of force incidents. Then you’ll write a report which will be reviewed and reported on with that report then reviewed and reported on which will then be reviewed…on and on to, seemingly, God’s own throne, and your initial report had better agree with the physical evidence, other witnesses’ statements, etc.

    At the end of this process, there will be no room for speculation or untidy loose ends or someone (you, surely) will be, at the very least, out of a job. I couldn’t readily find an easy way into the FAC, but this 13 page Montana State DOC document is very close to what I remember of Florida’s. Section E. On page 6 covers the required review of each incident; unanswered questions or insufficient explanations are just not going to cut it.

    So, all that for every even slightly scuffed-up inmate all throughout the country every day of the year, yet we can have a building full of dead children with bizarre, not-by-the-book behavior exhibited by responding officers going unexplained?

    I refer to just one of Mr. Halbig’s points: “Who declared all those children and school staff dead within the first 11 minutes? Why did the CT State Police not allow Paramedics and EMT’S inside the school?”

    CO and LEO training is for First Responder, not MD or ME, and a FR is the same gig anywhere: you assist and, if necessary, you attempt to resuscitate and you continue your efforts until relieved or until the screw comes loose from your navel and your ass falls off. You don’t declare anyone dead, as that’s beyond the scope of your training and knowledge, and you definitely don’t deny access to those capable of rendering further assistance. And if you do declare someone dead or deny access you’ll be writing a report that could, maybe, get you a manslaughter or reckless endangerment charge.

    In the real world.

    Where we used to live.

    1. Just an FYI – I believe State Trooper Bloomenthal is a registered nurse and, ergo, could have been the authority to pronounce the victims dead. I came across that issue reading through the official statements. Nook 6 document 00011235

      1. Last September a number of CT state troopers were promoted, an annual event I’m sure. Among those a responder to Sandy Hook – William Blumenthal, also a registered nurse as was pointed out here. Still not known is if any students were at the school and if anyone died.
        Sergeant William Blumenthal
        Sgt. Blumenthal will serve at Troop F in Westbrook, transferring from Troop A in Southbury, where he served as Trooper First Class.

        From the Southington Observer November 15, 2013:
        By Lisa Capobianco
        Staff Writer
        Southington honored three law enforcement officials last week during the 26th annual Public Safety Awards dinner in recognition of their long history of contributions to the town. Hosted by the Southington Elks Lodge, the event honored Master Sergeant Jay Suski of the Southington Police Department, retired Southington firefighter Robert Upson and Connecticut State Trooper Sergeant William Blumenthal.

        Sergeant William Blumenthal also expressed pride and appreciation for his colleagues during his speech. Serving four years on active duty in the United States Marine Corps before becoming a state trooper, Blumenthal earned a degree in nursing, applying his medical skills to the Emergency Department at New Britain General Hospital and in other hospitals along the east coast. Over a decade ago, Blumenthal started his career with Connecticut State Police, serving in Southbury for Troop A, where he was assigned to Patrol. This past September he received a promotion to the rank of Sergeant. “This definitely is an honor,” said Blumenthal who serves for Troop F in Westbrook.

      2. Bill S.

        A registered nurse can NOT declare anyone deceased. As a matter of fact a registered nurse is legally obligated to administer immediate first aid to anyone injured that they happen upon. So Officer Blumenthal should have been seen performing CPR on the victims until an EMT takes over.

    2. I have said several times that this is a drill and it isn’t over yet. In some ways we are looking at this wrong. As Sophia said, we are looking at this as if it were a “crime scene”. That is natural.

      What I’ve been thinking is that they have been doing these false flag, disinfo operations all over the world for a long time now. What’s different here is that they brought it home.

      They could have said “space aliens invaded and abducted an entire school”. Indeed, I think it is an important part of this drill that some of the pieces don’t fit. The point is that they will force us to either believe or not.

      I would never have thought that we would ever be debating torture or presidentially ordered assassination either. But, sadly, that is where we find ourselves. They are not waiting for our approval to proceed. They are simple doing whatever they wish and giving us the “middle finger”.

      So there are some “lessons” built into this. One is that “we will make reality whenever and however we like”. Another is, “if you don’t believe us, so what?”. So the proof of the drill is that they get away with it, not that everybody believes it.

      This is obviously bunk. It is beyond the realm of simple incompetence. Since they do not see hordes of peasants with pitchforks and torches descending on government buildings, it’s a success.

      1. No, Lophatt. Not a “crime scene” but a crime scene. Most readers of this blog are wise to SH being a “crime scene.” Ordinary folk believe it was a crime scene, just like any other.

        One way you might look at some of Wolfgang’s questions: Why were med-evac helicopters not called to Sandy Hook school? Because they were never part of the exercise. Who did not allow EMTs into the school? This too was not part of the exercise. My impression is there are pyramids within the pyramid in a Capstone exercise. Only those at the top of the pyramids have/are the all-seeing eyes.

        1. Sophia, I understand all that. I’m not the one asking why they didn’t do this or that. The obvious answer is that it wasn’t in the script.

          Sometimes I ask rhetorical questions because, if you are a “believer” in the story, it couldn’t “work” that way. If it doesn’t have to work because it is an illusion, it makes sense.

          I have asked all of Wolfgang’s questions many times, and more. Once you see it for what it is there really aren’t any reasons to ask questions unless one is trying to figure out why they were so sloppy.

          We have discussed that angle as well. I think at the root of most of the peoples repeated questions is the belief that if people would just analyze this they’d see how implausible it is. They aren’t asking because they need to be convinced.

          Sometimes mine are from the perspective of “if you tell me that happened, how do you explain this?”. At the same time I know that it is there because they wrote it in.

          When you’re manufacturing “reality” you can do anything you like.

        2. Referring to what you’d written in your previous post: “Another is, ‘if you don’t believe us, so what?’” and this comment “When you’re manufacturing ‘reality’ you can do anything you like.”

          I think there is something powerful in people not believing the lies broadcast in our Media and by elements of our government. It is a problem for them. My sense is that it weakens them when people see through the theatrics to the lies.

          Time will tell.

        3. Wondering, yes. It is like humor. If you get angry (and who can blame you?), you get an indignant, haughty reaction. If you make fools of them, it is much more effective and likely to get others to laugh along.

          In a way it plays into their design to approach them as if they were powerful and we need permission or cooperation. It is more powerful to ignore them, or even better, make them look foolish.

          Psychopaths have a HUGE need to feel superior. If you act helpless and ask them for mercy or relief, you just bolster their egos. If you treat them like the slime they truly are, they melt.

          It’s like a magic act. Once the audience sees the strings suspending the “levitation” subject, its all over. If they laugh and boo, it pretty much “brings down the curtain”. So, pointing out the strings is what most here are trying to do.

      2. People bandy around the term “subliminal” in some contexts. One key factor of REAL subliminals in eg advertising is that they have to create cognitive dissonance- ie have some element that doesn’t fit- that in turn makes the mind consciously ignore them so that the conditioning enters the subconscious in a luciferian form of hypnotism.

        I think this is why there are competing “official versions” and “facts” that don’t fit- to force the real message into people non-verbally and non-consciously.

        1. flying, exactly. I made this exact point many times at another site. Cognitive dissonance sets the stage for your mind to “fill in the blank” and they supply the blank.

          This is what makes nightmares so disconcerting. Something is “wrong” and our minds, even our unconscious minds are trying to restore order.

          This is a very well-understood phenomenon. True subliminal suggestions don’t work at the conscious level. I think the drill meme (at least the coverage of it) works similarly but not exactly the same. What you have there are hyped scenes strung together with an “official sounding” narrative explaining what you are supposed to be “seeing”.

          It isn’t really there but your mind fills in the blanks.

  5. A rain soaked piece of paper, barely legible, serves as a gravestone for
    Allison Wyatt. Below that stone, most certainly, lies an empty white casket. One simple exhumation would end the entire Sandy Hook charade. Should take about twenty minutes.

    Wolfgang, in for a penny,in for a pound. Please start the process. Her ‘family’ has been silent for 14 months – I don’t think any family exists to object.

      1. Okay, so where did they get the photo of Lily in the first place?????? I’m so disturbed….Over a year since the “event”, and I have yet to see a single shred of evidence that a kid named Adam Lands walked into SHE and shot students and teachers. It feels like we’re all being gas lighted by the orchestrators of the whole thing! It really starts to make you feel like you’re actually the crazy one after awhile!!

        1. The question Asia asks has been bothering me, too. The mother says that the picture of Allison is a picture of Lily. Where did they get a picture of Lily that the mom doesn’t have. Allison may look like Lily, but I don’t think it’s necessarily her.

          Not that it even matters.

        2. I like the idea someone had of exhuming “Allison Wyatt.”

          But actually, we don’t need to; the proof from Lily Gaubert’s mother that that is her child in the photo is good and sufficient.

        3. Thanks, Anne, although the first link at that link no longer exists. If you saw the information and it looked believable to you, that’s good enough for me.

        4. Violeta, I read an interview with the mother, Cathy Gaubert. They have other small children and she has a fabric business in Louisiana. Photos from her home and her family were also shown. Seemed more real than anything from SH, but in these days of hoaxes, lies, illusions, “magik”, theater and drills we need to question everything.

      1. There are 4 grave stones together in the cemetery. They all have monument stones no longer do any of them just have a piece of paper. The cemetery is directly across the street from calf pasture park. Drive in the main entrance and go straight up the paved road to the end where the pavement meets the grass. The children’s grave sites are off slightly to the right at about 50 feet away. Wyatt, Green and 2 others are there

      2. There is a Calf Pasture Beach Park in Norwalk, but none in the Newtown area that I can find.

        Here is a list of the 20 students from Sandy Hook and the alleged gravesites of some, others have no known gravesite. I say alleged because we still don’t know if they are dead or not. All we know is what we have been told and shown by msm and officials – notorious
        unreliable sources.

  6. If a Grand Jury of the people,by the people or Sue if you can raise the funds. This and Boston would all blow up. Too bad a large Firm like Freedom works and others won’t touch this. But, if this really came apart and the players exsposed it could start a revolution of some sorts. The Gov. would do something drastic to protect the heads of states and such. I think everyone would just plead the 5th. I just pray Wolfgang knows what will happen.

    1. Ric, I have been puzzled in the same vein. Is there not a force for justice anywhere? Why don’t we see the ACLU or NRA take a stand on this fraud of US citizens? I email my reps in the state legislature requesting affidavits from the lobbying Hockley Barden road show that pushes gun restrictions, data base expansions and inflation of “mental defectiveness”.

      1. Where’ve u been FV?–USA is in thrall, literally, to COUNTERFEITER gang of US Federal Reserve Bank, which literally just prints-up (and digitalizes) practically all the money they want–and they own and control EVERYTHING and everybody, w. only very few exceptions. Even Rand Paul is sucking-up to Israel for campaign funding.

        U’re “puzzled”?–well, no wonder, eh? Fed criminals own and control everyone because folks can’t figure out Fed COUNTERFEITING puts the nation, state, and politicians in hands of criminals. U see Israel telling US politicians what to do, and u can’t figure out what’s going on?

        Some people might say u don’t WANT to figure out what’s going on, long as u have ur bread and circuses.

        1. Of course, it’s merely legalized COUNTERFEITING, what the Fed does, but it’s no diff. if they legalized murder–it’s still murder. Ck for expo, also and Ron Paul has lots of info and expo, too.

        2. Oooooh! I didn’t know “they” run/own the federal reserve bank! I see what you mean!

          But excuse us if we’re still in awe of how deep and wide the influence spreads. I am sure that those who aren’t owned by them know that they are to be feared.

          It seems strange to me that you might think Ron Paul is an honest politician. We might all have our own blind spots.

        3. Violeta: remember, Paul has to worry about being assassinated–so he has to be careful for what & how he says it. But at least he says the truth about the Fed–Fed is the KEY to things in practical sense. In the abstract, it’s more complicated–how people fall for Pelagian heresy, for example.

        4. I don’t know, apollonian, I would keep researching Ron Paul if I were you. I didn’t come to my conclusion about him by what he didn’t say, so it’s not that he has to watch what he says that makes me wonder about him. Why do you think Alex Jones is behind him? I think he is going to be the white knight. I would say, too, that things are more complicated than what they seem, which would be one way to explain why Ron Paul saying the fed reserve is evil is not enough to make him a good guy.

        5. Bilderberg member Peter Thiel donated 2.6 million to Ron Paul’s last campaign. There have been questions about the almost 40 million Dr. Paul collected at the time and where the money went. As for Rand Paul, he kneeled in front of the Wailing Wall and has spoken at AIPAC events.

        6. Well, Violeta and Anne, of course u’re quite right to be observant, even suspicious, un-questionably. Goes to show if u control the money supply u control EVERYTHING and at least 90% of people. Note also politicians and practically everyone else pays to buy time on the main-stream media, which is a filter in itself.

          But consider, if u were criminal, wouldn’t u consider supporting someone, like the Pauls, if u thought u had a chance of getting-by w. some lenience?–after all, u’d have to support someone, right?

          I don’t believe in “good-evil”–which is for kidsoes–but Fed is KEY for practical matters. Pauls also support US Constitution, states rights, nullification, absolute gun-rights, and this, by itself, puts the Pauls WAYYYYY ahead of anyone else among “major players,” which, I know, is heavily affected by Fed powers.

          As for Alex, the fat-head red-neck, Jones ( I listen to him every day, and have for last 3 yrs–he goes much along w. Pauls and Jesse Ventura, Jesse supporting Dr. Judy Wood. So I agree w. ur general vigilant attitude, but I say Pauls are best, BY FAR, fm among major “players,” as I note. Thanks for all ur observations.

        7. @apollonian said:
          “I don’t believe in “good-evil”–which is for kidsoes–but Fed is KEY for practical matters. Pauls also support US Constitution, states rights, nullification, absolute gun-rights, and this, by itself, puts the Pauls WAYYYYY ahead of anyone else among “major players,” which, I know, is heavily affected by Fed powers.”

          You certainly have the right to believe what you want about Ron Paul and good-evil. That’s your choice. (Assuming you have free will, that is.) It’s just so strange that you knit-pic what everyone else says. And not in a very polite way, either, might I add. Most people that I hang around with don’t talk so snippy.

          And with respect to what the Pauls say they believe and what they would do if they were to gain power, they might not match up. We’ve seen that happen before.

        8. Violeta: TRUTH HURTS, doesn’t it? Pauls won’t win without revolution in people’s thought, and the criminals who try to tagging along w. them will probably only be afforded a short interval to “getting out of Dodge, quick-like,” once forces of reason and freedom begin to assert themselves.

          Otherwise, we surely have will, but it’s not perfectly “free,” like God’s. God’s will then manifests in absolute cause-effect determinism–that’s why St.s Paul, Augustine and Luther affirmed we’re hopeless sinners, doomed to heck, etc. Pretending to Godly perfect “free” will is HUBRIS (madness), and it’s what’s basic problem of present “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler, people refusing to see the gross criminal nature of Fed COUNTERFEITING. Take care.

        9. apollonian, Anne already showed without a doubt that the same money that you are talking about being printed by the fed is the money that has been given to Ron Paul. He didn’t have to take it. Now who owns him?
          It’s kind of funny that you will make so many excuses for him.

          Perhaps “they” have a plan so slick that the blind will think they put Paul in power, when it’s actually their choice. (If they are able to chose, i.e. free will)

          Cliches such as truth hurts to defend snippiness and trying to change the meaning of words or limit the use of words (ex. good and evil) don’t make for good discussion.

        10. Violeta: TRUTH HURTS, indubitably, and I’m very sorry u consider urself soooooooooo injured, protesting irrationally and special-pleading as u do, asserting without substantiating. I don’t think Pauls consider they’re owned–that’s ur opinion. Saying I make excuses for Pauls is lie, and lying doesn’t make for good discussion, does it?

        11. Discussion on Memory Hole certainly covers more than the addressed topics. Not a bad thing, we are all here to share and learn from each other. Ron Paul, who is too old now for a presidential quest, is controlled opposition in my opinion. His son Rand, though he may appear to have different views than his father, is also controlled opposition – again in my opinion. Ron Paul quit in midstream with almost 40 million dollars donated to him. They can’t run the political circus without controlled opposition.

          Politicians are owned in all countries. The ones that are not totally on board with the masters of the universe will face the consequences, as we have seen over and over again. Who owns them? Bankers and corporations on the surface, but it goes further down to the deep government as Peter Dale Scott calls the cabal. It goes even further down than that or better yet – to the top of the pyramid.

          Some years ago I read a book titled “When Corporations Rule the World”. I found it fascinating because what the author described had started to become obvious. He had worked in third world countries for decades and came home to write this book. Sort of like a John Perkins maverick. Hm, I thought, why is he allowed to expose this disturbing topic and even get the book published. He was right about the corporations, but the author left me puzzled. Later I discovered he is one of “them”. He was given a cushy place and funding by tptb to come back to his old country to write books and publish a magazine “exposing them”.

          After that I do not trust anyone who claims, or appears to be, on the side of regular people – be it politicians or authors published by major publishing houses. They allow some facts to get out, makes people feel good that someone is exposing these oh so evil institutions, but know full well that there is nothing the majority of taxpayers and voters can do. Besides, they only expose a thin surface of reality, whatever that may be. And one thing I never could understand; why do we need a king, a queen, a president, a prime minister, a leader? I certainly don’t need any of them.

        12. Anne: that’s why we who favor Ron Paul (or Rand) do this in name of FREEDOM–do u grasp the meaning?–this isn’t rocket-science. We (at least many of us) don’t so much push the persons themselves AS THE PROGRAMS, principles, and ideals they feature–that’s why Ron Paul is such a favorite and winner among so many of us.

          Thus the political science considers HOW to best achieve this FREEDOM–and that was all the subject-matter of Madison’s and Hamilton’s expositions in the Federalist papers and state ratifying convention debates, etc.

          So I should stop here, but I’ll venture to add it’s often useful to have a “bogey-man” to oppose–and this is well provided in the US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam which now controls everything and everyone, practically, giving us ObongoCare death-panels and AGENDA-21 “population reduction” genocide. Here I will stop, but I do want to express genuine appreciation for ur (and others too) observations. Take care.

        13. Anne: u always give good info, and I’ll try to get to it, BUT can u sum it up for us in brief way? Thanks, A.

        14. Apollo. Oops, I forgot to mention the content. The article is about msm ignoring Ron Paul and instead favor the other candidates. It has some great photos of Paul supporters with large signs.

        15. Awesome article on Paul, Anne! Thanks for posting it. I could not have said it better myself. I particularly like the part where Reagan calls him the “most honest man in Congress.” I doubt RR would say that about Rand, sadly.

          But Ron is off to bigger things now, where he will have far greater effect then ever he could slogging through the wastes of Mordor.

      2. This was the case too when I was very active in a Los Angeles chemtrail awareness group. We contacted Green Peace, Bellona and some Hollywood actors who claim to be “green”, suggesting lending their famous voices to the cause. I even wrote to the lady who brought Love Canal to the forefront back in the seventies. She had an office in DC when I contacted her. No responses from any of them. So far we are on our own when it comes to controversial subjects in the twenty-first century.

        Excerpt from an AP story 11/2, 2013:
        NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (AP) — Thirty-five years after Love Canal’s oozing toxic waste scared away a neighborhood and became a symbol of environmental catastrophe, history could be repeating itself.
        New residents, attracted by promises of cleaned-up land and affordable homes, say in lawsuits that they are being sickened by the same buried chemicals from the disaster in the Niagara Falls neighborhood in the 1970s.
        “We’re stuck here. We want to get out,” said 34-year-old Dan Reynolds, adding that he’s been plagued by mysterious rashes and other ailments since he moved into the four-bedroom home purchased a decade ago for $39,900.

      3. Breaking out of the last column prison, I’d like to address apollonian, Violeta, and ann.

        First, I rarely comment here when the foolish idea that Israel rules the world, or America, or some other nonsense comes up, and I can barely stomach Veterans Today, no matter how fine much of the material there is, any more than I can stomach whatever they’re calling the Spotlight these days, because it is so thoroughly salted with such foolishness. I thought you were pretty level headed, violeta. “I see what you mean,” you say. Well, that article does not demonstrate it.

        Certainly, apollonian is correct about the Fed, even if he foolishly thinks Israel is behind it. This article nicely demonstrates the complete control the Fed has gained over ever aspect of the economics profession, and much else. It is shocking, not just in its truth, but in the fact that no one has a clue what has been going on. It is called Priceless: How The Federal Reserve Bought The Economics Profession (

        Now Violeta you are probably aware that while I patiently ignore most antisemitism until it goes away on its own, I have very little patience with the slandering of Ron Paul. I’d like a stop to be put to it. You say “It seems strange to me that you might think Ron Paul is an honest politician. We might all have our own blind spots.” If you can identify one dishonest thing he has ever done, and document it, I would be very surprised indeed. He is, so far as I can tell, the ONLY truly honest politician in the country.

        You tell apollonian ” I would keep researching Ron Paul if I were you. I didn’t come to my conclusion about him by what he didn’t say, so it’s not that he has to watch what he says that makes me wonder about him.” If you have done such research, then tell us how exactly you conclude that something you have uncovered “makes me wonder about him.”

        As for Anne’s comment that he is “controlled opposition,” that is simply ridiculous. No one has ever been able to control Ron, which is why he was always cheated out of seniority-driven committee assignments, and essentially silenced in debates, and had electors stolen from him by the Republican party, making his very plausible presidential run suddenly an impossibility.

        To complain about the campaign funds he had on hand when his campaign was thoroughly sabotaged is absolutely disingenuous. If you see the work he has put that money to in the last year, you can only feel a swell of gratitude and patriotism. You say “There have been questions about the almost 40 million Dr. Paul collected at the time and where the money went.” Well, so? Both “left” and “right” despise him, and wish to silence him. What else is new? He’s endured slander and libel, for decades, with grace and good humor. He’s lied about all the time.

        As for this: “As for Rand Paul, he kneeled in front of the Wailing Wall and has spoken at AIPAC events,” it is beneath contempt. I myself have been to the Western Wall. Are you suggesting that he’s converted to Judaism, and that that would somehow be a bad thing? And what is wrong with giving speeches to Jewish groups? Are they supposed to be shunned? Should he instead have introduced legislation that they be compelled to wear yellow stat patched on their breasts? And what do you mean, Violeta, when you congratulate Anne for having uncovered this scandalousness, saying, “Thanks, Anne, I had never seen anything that obvious.” WHAT is obvious? that Rand is not a Jew hater, and he should be ashamed of that?

        Next, Violeta said, “apollonian, Anne already showed without a doubt that the same money that you are talking about being printed by the fed is the money that has been given to Ron Paul.” What are you talking about, “the same money”? Appollonian has been saying that ALL money in America is counterfeit, and he’s quite correct about that–even the money people give YOU, Violeta. All of it. Are you suggesting that for Paul to prove himself to be an honest man he will have to foreswear the use of Federal Reserve currency? Should he only use Mexican Pesos? Euros? Those are all counterfeit, too.

        Violetta said: “Perhaps “they” have a plan so slick that the blind will think they put Paul in power, when it’s actually their choice” That is amazingly ill-informed. “They” HATE Ron Paul, and everything he stands for. Provide the tiniest fragment of evidence that he is an agent of the Elite. Make my day.

        Finally, leaving on a brighter note, I heartily agree with Anne that we don’t need no stinkin’ “leaders.” I spent quite a while making the case for that on a recent thread. I’m sure you read it.

        1. Patrick, stating facts is not slandering. And I don’t recall anyone here saying that Israel rules the world. It is probably a good idea to leave politics as much as possible out of the discussion about Sandy Hook, Boston, etc., although politics do set the tone for domestic and world events.

        2. Well, Anne, fact-free attacks on Ron Paul ARE a way of dragging politics into it. I did not start it, I simply came to the man’s defense. He is absolutely blameless, and I take umbrage when he is falsely accused. He deserves a vigorous defense.

        3. Anne: I submit relation of Israel is NOT mere “politics”–it has to do w. things like religion whence traitor/hereticalists who call themselves “Christian”–the “Judeo-Christians” (JCs) who back terror-state of Israel, these JCs most powerful, single gentile pressure-group in USA, getting HUGE funding–fm who?

          Also there’s problem of these traitors subverting freedom of speech, criticism of Israel and boycotting: see

        4. To Patrick, I did not attack Ron Paul as you say. I gave my opinon which was not an attack. I also mentioned that he accepted a large donation from a Bilderberg member – these donations are not given frivolously. All other politicians also accept donations, large and small, from the so called financial elite. Personally I can do with a lot fewer politicians (we agree on that), governments and organized religion. It can’t be disputed that AIPAC has a big influence on domestic policies in this country. Everyone should be free to practice the religion of their choice and participate in politics of their choice, even to the point of not participating at all. These two subjects tend to inflame discussions though.

          Some of the nicest people I have met in my life have been Jewish, both here and abroad. And some of the saddest excuses for human beings have been of my own origin. All this brought to mind a Jewish gentleman I knew in Connecticut, his wife, sister and other family members. He and his family were among some of most decent people I have ever met. He passed away in 1998 at a ripe age.

          His niece published a book with family photos and later this video was made from the book, 18 minutes long. If someone wants to see a true story of a prosperous Jewish family having to flee Germany, this is it. The niece is now 75, still photographing and having exhibitions in the scenic northwest corner of Connecticut. I knew her uncle Rolf and her mother Lotte in this video.

          Camera of My Family:

        5. Hi again Violeta: and thanks for that interesting citation about Thiel–it is indeed troubling, all that material about Thiel and Bilderbergers, BUT it doesn’t mean or even begin to PROVING Thiel or anyone CONTROLS Ron Paul–this should be obvious. I also much respect Susanne Posel too, a great writer/researcher. So I’ll just leave it at that. U do great research, indubitably.

        6. Musings I really want no part of this argument but when you said:
          ” I see that in his suit against Obama about NSA 4th amendment violations, one of his key talking points is that NSA failed to catch “the Boston Marathon bombers, the Tsarnaev’s.” How can you consider Rand Paul an honest broker when he insists on using this kind of talking point”.
          He really has no choice and must use this point to prove NSA is just a big Lie. At least he’s doing something or trying.

          I think the Pauls are honest men and pray they can stay clean swimming with the swine in D.C.

          All said with good intentions. We need to be united or they’ll hang us one by one.

        7. Ho ho ho–I actually disagree w. Anne about fearing to discuss any subject, long as it bears upon topic at hand.

          But tell us, Patrick: why is it wrong to criticize Israel which is a foreign country known and proven to be intensively, actively, and heavily spying upon USA, having murdered US citizens like w. USS Liberty incident in 1967? Do u think Jonathan Pollard, convicted spy for Israel should be turned-over to Israel?

          Is it a mystery to u that neo-cons like Sen McCain and others advocate for Israel for turning over spy-traitor Pollard to Israel?–doesn’t this bring McCain’s loyalty into question?–do u think Israel is seeing to McCain getting money?

          Finally Pat: tell us, yes or no–did Israel/Israelis STEAL Palestinian lands and horrifically mass-murder Palestinian people?

        8. These are deep issues, and I am very well acquainted with them. Of course, they have nothing to do with the topic at hand, so I will not divert the thread into those rabbit trails.

          But if I find anything wonderfully amusing, it is the notion of a supposed genocide of the Arabs; Jews are said to be very good at lots of things, like taking over the world, etc, but killing lots of Arabs seems to elude their abilities. They get “credit” for it, sure, but the numbers of those pesky members of the PLO, and their dependents, and all the terrorists they employ, just keep growing. Funny, that. They should have read about Lincoln, and his generals, and the plains Indian tribes, if they wanted to learn how to do it right.

          That is, if they are trying to eliminate the so-called “Palestinians,” they really haven’t tired very hard. Maybe they should get their Fed bankers on the case.

        9. Patrick: my questions to u have EVERYTHING to doing w. topic at hand. Sandy Hook “massacre” players are obviously heavily funded, subsidized, and mentored–fm whence is this all derived? Isn’t it ABSOLUTELY necessary to having a money-making machine like the Fed?–esp. when u see this BIG-LIE event is part of an entire series of BIG-LIES? How is it these events are always sooooooo perfectly synthesized w. the mass-corp. “news”-media? Do u think Sandy Hook is isolated event?

        10. Why do you suppose the issue of the Federal Reserve has not been more well known among the population? Ron Paul made it his and everyone who barely pays attention and thinks of politics as football ignores it because he was marginalized. However, occupy AND tea party would both agree, as would most people, of whatever persuasion, if they knew the truth. I can’t quite trust Ron Paul simply because he is a politician. The issue is of supreme importance and wedge issues will always overshadow it and keep it hidden from those who really ought to be aware.

        11. Susan: don’t forget Fed is itself huge, incredible BIG-LIE–it’s literally just legalized COUNTERFEITING, and the sheer enormity of this people DON’T WANT to accept–“noooooooo,” they say to themselves, “it couldn’t be just as simple as that–there’s gotta be more to it….” People thus FOOL THEMSELVES, integral and essential part of the BIG-LIE technique.

          No matter what else, Paul deserves tremendous respect simply just for this issue he has for the Fed fraud–Fed is KEY, for practical purposes, to everything else about big-bro., as it FUNDS everything else–everything. Thus these criminals literally OWN everything and everybody, w. only very few exceptions.

        12. Re: the Paul family, I see that in his suit against Obama about NSA 4th amendment violations, one of his key talking points is that NSA failed to catch “the Boston Marathon bombers, the Tsarnaev’s.” How can you consider Rand Paul an honest broker when he insists on using this kind of talking point. Is this some kind of a game, where you swallow the lie in order to make a point, as in debating when you concede some minor point to your opponent? Or is it that this is just some political game where we the people are manipulated to take sides in some artificial combat?

          His using this example means he is as phony as the rest of them, because ample information exists to inform him otherwise, and if her were truly revolutionary he would use it to waken the people.

          Instead, like all of them, he counts on a sleeping populace.

          “The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker – cast them out, knaves all three.”

        13. Disagree, musings. U seem to forget, Paul is literally risking his life against these mass-murderers who offed couple thousand on 9/11 and over a million civilians in Iraq since 2003.

          So it’s necessary, I submit, under circumstances to make use of the opponents’ premises in order for “legitimacy” in arguing against him.

        14. That is a very good point musings, Rand has to be a made man – I don’t believe his life is in danger. He is one of them. It’s nice to think there are elected officials truly looking out for the best interests of the people, but it’s just a dream. Plenty of other politicians know the fed is a scam, Ron Paul is a pressure release valve. They won’t challenge the banks. We must.

        15. Susan: no rational, honest person “looks out” for any but one’s own interests, primarily. Humans are creatures of will, hence naturally self-interested.

          Founders understood this basic self-interest and that’s why they set-up system of checks-and-balances, everyone looking-out for their own interests being natural ck on the others.

          It’s not good trusting anyone too much, if at all, but Paul deserves support simply because of his principles as he’s made clear–regardless of any personality.

        16. Musings, do you think it’s possible that Rand is making a larger point with a nod and a wink? Throwing up one of their own “illusions” in their face.

          “If you can’t even stop the Boston Marathon attack, what good is this NSA program anyway?”

          Knowing full well that there is no way to explain any of it without digging a hole further.

          While I share the near total distrust of politicians that seems to be the prevailing sentiment of this board, I want to believe that Rand has good intentions. I don’t know him personally, but I know people who have known him for years. I’m not going to go into detail, but they believe that he’s the real deal.

          He could be completely corrupted. He might be controlled opposition. But just maybe he’s one of the few things slowing the onslaught of whatever it is that’s coming. The part of me that wants to believe that we still have some chance clings to that.

        17. Maestro wrote: Musings, do you think it’s possible that Rand is making a larger point with a nod and a wink? Throwing up one of their own “illusions” in their face.

          If that is the case it will do nothing to expose the fraud to the masses, but rather reinforce it. They will not understand “the nod and the wink”. Especially after tonight’s flash mob performance at Copley Plaza.

        18. @annberg

          Most of us meet resistance in our day to day lives when broaching these topics amongst family and friends. How do you think they would be perceived if shouted from the biggest stage by a major politician?

          I think it’s obvious that the Paul family is “playing the game.” Conceding that a third party is not viable, and instead trying to move the dialogue and reshape the Republican party. Part of that process is picking battles carefully and dripping on the populace. The NSA stuff is easy because it’s in everybody’s face. That’s a battle where they have a chance to score points.

          Removing all emotion, I don’t agree with them. I think both parties are too corrupt to salvage. But then, I’m not sure what they really believe deep down. Maybe they are just attempting to increase their exposure through the Republican party, knowing full well that they will have to switch gears at some point. I understand why many would find that unsavory, but that is the nature of politics. Can a politician play the game but still stay honest underneath? I don’t know.

          Maybe I’m just an optimist, but I prefer to believe that there are still some people of integrity out there fighting the good fight. Rand Paul is real to me because I know people who were friends with him before he was Rand Paul. They are still friends with him today. Unlike our shady, mysterious president, I know where this guy came from. I realize that this could create a blind spot for me, but it also gives me a vantage point to observe him that I am not ordinarily afforded. I try my best to be a neutral observer.

        19. Will parasite “A” or parasite “B” “save the world”? The answer is NEITHER. It’s done, put a fork in it.

          “Politics” is a distraction. They work for the same masters, and that’s not us. “Media” is the corollary to this. It is designed to get people to endlessly debate which employee of the cabal is going to do what within the carefully controlled range of “options”. None of which leads anywhere but to further slavery.

          If they belong to a political party, especially one of the two branches of the bankster party, I don’t care what they have to say. If they are still a member it is obvious they have no intention of disturbing the status quo. They would neither have the stomach for it if they were honest people, nor would the party handlers allow it.

          They always have a couple (it used to be a few) of “apparent outlaws” in Congress (ha!). Their job is to convince the eaters that they in some way care about them. They don’t.

          So arguing about which Three-Card Monty game you wish to join is rather pointless. Ignore them all. “Salvation” is not attainable from politicians or their owners.

  7. Movie Playing At Theater Near U

    Ho ho ho–CONCLUSION: Sandy Hook “massacre” was/is huge farce, psy-ops, and BIG-LIE–another one in a long train beginning before and continuing after. And I suspect the obvious danger is the powers going to proverbial “well,” too often–law of diminishing returns.

    Just remember, folks, HOW the “big-lie” operates/functions–the perps must depend upon the suckers/victims FOOLING THEMSELVES, saying to themselves, “no, no–it couldn’t be–they wouldn’t have dared to do this or fake this, nooooooooo . . . .”

    What to do?–well, these criminals need to be CONFRONTED explicitly w. the “big-lie” they’ve perpetrated. And examples, well-known, need to be cited for the good people and “masses”–like the famous “War of the Worlds” radio hoax done by Orson Welles in 1938 and Gulf of Tonkin “incident” of 1964–these were TOTAL frauds made-up out of whole-cloth, don’t forget.

    Further, we need to note criminals will attempt to get us into a war, this necessary to cover-up, and muddy-the-waters, not only for these frauds, but also the imminent and actually on-going economic (and Dollar) collapse.

    Observe the war-mongering going on now w. Ukraine, trouble w. China in east Pacific ocean, etc.–this is all to keep people terrorized and hyped w. fear. This all, as I note here, is essentials of the plot in the movie playing at a theater near u.

    1. Other examples of BIG-LIES, though they might seem relatively minor to us now, still, they follow the very same, exact technique, were (a) the supposed “extermination” of the Albanians by the Serbs which justified the NATO bombing of Mar-Jun 1999–total, gross, putrid lie, made up out of whole cloth. Bombing was justified on “humanitarian” grounds, don’t forget.

      (b) Another was the pretended and alleged “brutality” of Moammar Ghadafi of 2011–total, gross, putrid lies for totally illegal war without Congressional declaration–like the one in Serbia.

      And I’ll never forget the prelude in the media just before the Serbian bombing–which left the land contaminated w. depleted uranium–was the Monica Lewinsky hype w. Clinton–just like Chandra Levy, all-day & all the time, preceded 9/11.

        1. Topic is Sandy Hook big-lie, one of a series, which is diminishing for returns, working-up to war, and rumors of war, keeping the people terrorized, subject to tyranny–get a clue, “geek” who is well and aptly-named. ho ho ho ho

        2. I agree–apollonian, please limit the length and frequency of your posts. “Use a scalpel,” as a law professor of mine once said.

  8. Wonder what Mr Halbig would think of 9/11 if he examined that event the way he has locked onto this one. bless his Soul. A true public servant.

    Orwell had the playbook and knew what was coming. The inbreds think tanks have been planning this stuff for decades – {at the very least)

    “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
    _ George Orwell (author of “New World Order) – 1939?)

    I think Mr. Halbig believes that the perpe-traitors ‘telling the truth’ would be an ‘evolutionary’ act. I love this man.

    Thank you for posting this one Dr. Tracy.

    A sign of peace: 26 Christmas trees donated as memorial to shooting victims.
    First photograph is from helicopter footage on the day of the shooting.
    PUBLISHED: 16:43 EST, 15 December 2012 | UPDATED: 07:21 EST, 16 December 2012

    If the trees were donated the day after the shooting, why were they captured by aerial footage beside the fire house the morning of the shooting?

  10. Wolfgang W Halbig = true American Hero

    I am almost 50 and I have never respected anyone as much as this guy. Wolfgang W Halbig is my role model.

    I can’t believe he just gives his phone number on the radio – this guy is the real deal.

    Godspeed and stay safe Wolfgang W Halbig.


    Wolfgang’s clamoring for honest information is getting a full court press by what appears to be someone with access to previously redacted and unpublished evidence on You Tube. However, instead of simply declassifying the full report, they are playing their devious Connecticut games.

    “Wades Vids” is the You tube name of an ‘expert,’ who has created several hours worth of videos in the past six days, two of which he put out today. His You Tube account is just a week old – and is designed to appeal to Truthers. His avatar is an American Eagle, over which lies a silhouette of the founding fathers signing a revolutionary document. He works his way, step by step, through the shooting scene and Lanza home, using multiple photos and recordings as yet unavailable to the public.

    In the Lanza basement, he explains everything – but ignores the electrical generator roaring away in the garage, and doesn’t pause to note that the toilets are dry. He points out the Dance Revolution mat, but not the fact that it isn’t hooked up. He focuses on Adam’s video game nest, but doesn’t point out that there is no screen at all.

    At least he cuts Nancy some slack. Adam is an evil genius,

    Whomever put the channel together thinks we’re idiots. Who does he follow? He subscribes to the following You Tube truthers: Kate Slate. ReviewManify. Alex Jones. JoyceRileyPowers. He is working around the clock to neatly sew up the Sandy Hook mess. He has fleshed out all the psychology and motivations for Adam, delivering his psycho analysis as fact.

    If children were actually gunned down in that school by a psychopath- RELEASE the full report! This back door persuasion, attempting to fight fire with fire against alternative media, is simply reprehensible.

    If Wades Vids can prove actual murder, that makes this situation infinitely worse. I sense that it’s all about to come crashing down.

    1. Sandy,
      I’m seeing a new fb page devoted to SH pop up fully formed and active. It is critical of Mr Halbig for trying to work through legal means, saying it is counterproductive to meet the liars on their own turf. The rest of it is a collection of random data points that have long since been noted. The person who put up the page promises some means of moving forward with more widespread disclosure being the goal:

      ” I don’t know if he’s a”plant” but I do know that a good investigator requires no outside sources, such as going to the liars themselves, to solve a case. You have to work around the liars. Also, after filing all of the FOIA requests and having received so many negative responses what makes Mr.Halbig believe that a lawsuit and an attorney will bring about the truth? I’d rather present the irrefutable truth FIRST and then demand action. I don’t need money to do that either. I take this work very seriously and I respect Mr.Halbig’s credentials but I did not hear anything along the lines of evidence I have uncovered to qualify him as to knowing any real dealbreakers. He did provide a long list of abnormalities surrounding Sandy Hook but we can find most of them listed on independent blogs. I stumbled upon all of my information and connected the pieces with no money, attorney or confrontation with the people who help put the lies out in the first place. When I release it I’m also going to give a step-by-step account of how to go about doing something on this level so that people will be able to, hopefully, use it in the future. If Mr.Halbig needs the money and a public legal battle to bring about the truth then he doesn’t know the truth to begin with.

        1. Not mine fv, somebody on fb who has a sandy hook page…Title: “The Unofficial Story:An Investigation into the Sandy Hook Massacre”

          If anyone has fb check it out & see what you all think.

  12. Sandy that is very interesting. There is a ton of disinformation out there. I have looked at psychic predictions for 2014, and one of them is astounding….”Civil War will break out in the USA, Spring 2014.” I wish to refrain from linking anything and I rarely follow psychic information, but it sounds very prophetic with Wayne Carver’s famous quote, “I hope it doesn’t come crashing down on the people of Newtown!”

    Did you listen to the entire audio interview with Wolfgang? He clearly stated that he is going to Newtown next month with a group and will demand answers to his questions, under oath. I support Mr. Halbig 100%! I do wish him the best and to be extremely careful and supported in all facets.

    The entire town, and I call it a town and not a city of 28,000 as some report, is definitely in on this deception. When the government has an agenda, they are usually successful and unchallengeable. Government employees (trolls) fill all aspects of the internet, and they do have active involvement with all websites. At one time (long before the internet age) I worked for the government and I am very familiar with the M.O. of the various agencies.

    1. Sandy, in essence, wades vids is CIA, and very unconvincing and laughable. The lies are getting supported with inconsistencies, firearm absurdities (firing 29 shots in 9 seconds which is impossible with any civilian firearm) and the Lanza home, well that is just a prop house from 1998. The more they try to convince the public that Sandy Hook was real, the more absurd the story becomes.

      1. Well, under oath, Wolfgang is going to ask her when the conga line picture was taken and why the children are not wearing coats and why is there ample vegetation present in the photo?

    2. I think Wolfgang Halbig’s plan to go to Newtown and demand answers is courageous. If he needs back-up, I hope he will say so on this blog. I am inclined to drive up there and join him.

      1. What he is doing is fantastic, and I believe that he does know exactly what he is doing! With that being said, a trip for anyone else would be similar to taking a trip to North Korea. It would take literally hundreds of like minded people, with a huge support network, and foolproof planning.

        1. If largely impoverished people could come together en masse to march in Selma, and on other occasions, we can do the same.

          I think we should set up our own “People’s Court” to do the questioning of the suspects, and to put their narrative on trial. We won’t get any type of fair hearing in a regular court.

        2. I do agree with you 200%, Please keep in mind though that the Constitution is completely missing in the Communist state of CT. It will take a million man march, not on Washington, but on Newtown, CT to resolve this issue once and for all!

        3. John Luv: But, but, but, Connecticut is the Constitution State. It says so on the vehicle license plates. I wonder how the esteemed Mrs. Llodra would handle a march on Newtown. She can chase out the occasional and accidental tourist, but a million man march on the Borough? On to plan B.

        4. I said the same thing about Washington D.C.. They should just build a fence around it, declare it a federal prison, and hold trials to see who gets out.

          From the look of it Connecticut has declared itself a “Constitution-Free Zone”. Of course this is largely with the blessing and assistance of the Obongo Administration. I think its a safe bet that there will be no help arriving from that quarter.

  13. Book 6 document – 00038691 Officer Figol was working the same private duty assignment as Lt Sinko. Officer Figol responded to the school shooting and Lt Sinki did not.

    1. Mark: ck my posts just above–NO, THEY HAVE NO “SHAME”–because it’s the BIG-LIE technique they’re using, u see?–it takes CHUTZPAH, gall, nerve–necessarily. BIG-LIE wouldn’t work without this sort of chutzpah.

      Again, ck my posts just above–the BIG LIE depends upon relying upon suckers/victims to FOOL THEMSELVES, u see.

      Not only that (above), but Sandy Hook BIG LIE is just another in a series of BIG LIES, etc.–ck my post.

      1. Mark: u want ANOTHER perfect example of HUGE BIG-LIE being perpetrated upon our poor people?–“climate-change” which used to be known as “global-warming.”

        Observe the gross lies told and pushed by ZOG establishment: (a) that “consensus” of “scientists” agree upon this “climate-change.”

        (b) That temp.s are going up.

        (c) That CO2 causes warming. All of these just flat-out LIES which est. CONSTANTLY repeats repeats repeats.

        So u see, CHUTZPAH in-ur-face is just obligatory, necessary part to this sort of BIG-LIE prop. It’s called Psy-Ops. It’s done by SATANISTS who hate Christians, for example.

    2. Danbury mayor Mark Boughton (R) is running for governor. According to his statement here he’s onboard with a “catastrophic event” in Sandy Hook.


      Connecticut lawmakers are considering a bill that would set standards for school security officers. Senate Bill 98 would require minimum training levels for security personnel who are not current or retired police officers. The standards would be developed in consultation with the state Department of Education and include training on drug detection and gang identification.

      “Hence like most communities in Connecticut, we opt for a private security. The problem is that private security folks are not trained on a similar platform..and I worry about another catastrophic event,” Boughton said.

    1. Boy, Johnson is pretty pathetic for his expo/analysis; just after first hr, a caller comes on and just demolishes the poor sap, in detail–but I’m still listening, still about 45 mins to go, ho ho hoo ho.

      1. Well, finished up w. Keith (above)–he’s an amiable sort, but not too sharp. Keith ended up taking about 4 calls, and they were all these sharp females (except for one guy) who’d done their home-work, u could tell, and they just nailed him good, by golly. At least Keith was polite enough to let them talk and give him a good smashing, ho ho ho.

      2. Keith keeps referring to this story as “the event” in his transmission. I believe that he does know that it is a complete Hoax and is being paid to sell it as real.

        1. Yes, wouldn’t be surprised–this (above) is the third “debate”/discussion I’ve hrd on American Free Press site, where they’ve had Fetzer on to debate Keith and Mike Collins Piper–Mark Glenn ( is another of their little circle who profess to “debunk” Sandy Hook “truthers.” If u ck, u’ll see quite a few blog-entries on Glenn’s site on this Sandy Hook subject.

          I read several of Piper’s books and thought he was respectable, but he melted-down against Fetzer, just a couple weeks ago. Keith seemed to do a better job as he stuck to details, but Fetzer had an over-all better presentation and analysis, I thought.

          I mean, after all, “War of the Worlds” by Orson Welles in 1938 was/is well-known & famous farce, and Gulf of Tonkin “incident” is ADMITTED fraud perpetrated by US gov.–why wouldn’t ZOG do this Sandy Hook “event” if they thought they could make mileage out of it?–which they did in NY and Cal. where they’ve started to actually confiscate guns, swat-teaming good, law-abiding citizens who were unfortunate enough to register and let ZOG know they had weapons.

  14. This article on “active shooter” drills using student volunteers seems relevant to the discussion, so I’m sharing it here.

    Wonder how Mom & Dad felt about the photo of their young daughter with the moulage bullet wound to the head.

    I seriously wonder what professional educator thinks this is not harmful to the student participants. Sick, sick stuff.

    1. Gov. is training them to think they’re targets, mere assets, that they have “enemies”–same as Gov.’s enemies, like patriots, truthers, et al.–look out for Constitutionalists, gun-rights activists, etc.

    2. The article paid for by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. WTF. Looks like dropping out is your best bet. Long live the kid who has the sense to cut school.

      1. “Education coverage for is supported by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.”

        This is education? Anything but education. The article states that there was an early dismissal of all students except for the participants. If SH was a drill, and the school was in operation, all students were told to stay home that day. They could not do this to 6 year olds – or could they? Maybe there was a drill in SH and a vacant school was the perfect location.

        We can’t blame the students, but the adults involved including the parents. The duck and cover scenarios from the past had nothing on this crowd. I doubt the Gates would let their own children participate in something as insane as this.

        Since more and more is coming out about these school drills, they want us to know about the BIG LIES. In your face and what are you going to do about it seems to be the prevailing attitude. I just don’t understand grownups going along with this. Can’t someone say NO.

    3. wow, truly disgusting. Where are all the bleeding hearts “for the children”. Brainwashing 101 and the exspense of all these drills nation wide at every level. I thought the Bleeding heart nannys would want all this money to go to the schools and the social programs not to DHS, FEMA, BATF ect. True colors showing

      1. True colors are blazingly obvious, brilliantly-hued red flags.

        This doesn’t look like “safety,” this doesn’t look “good for the kids.”

        This looks like an undeclared war (i.e. not announced on the telly)… paid for with massive amounts of money going to DHS, FEMA, Ma yors against Guns, Gun Sense (Bloomberg funded), etc.

        They have access to your kids and they’re using it.

  15. There have to be many more police and educators that smell a rat re sandy hook. Mr Halbig can’t be the only one. What about the Oath Keepers? Just wondering why people like Halbig aren’t coming out of the woodwork already.

    1. People are connecting the dots.

      I’m sure many acts of resistance are being done by police, first responders and educators that know much is fishy with all the “shootings” driving the need for more school “security” and “gun control.”

      I think of the first American Revolution where the Minutemen surprised the English by not fighting according to the “rules of engagement,” but by shooting from the cover of the woods.

      Mr. Halbig’s method may have success in waking some people, but direct confrontation against the “reality-creation” machine will be difficult.

      People waking others to the absurdities followed by massive non-compliance is what is needed. Perhaps that is why all these “leaks” and screwy “evidence-based” reports are available to us.

      1. Indeed, Wondering: observe Obongo caught lying-through-his-teeth about ObongoCare and “keeping ur doctor & health plan”–people have this confirmed as they’re kicked-off their old plans, prices sky-rocketing.

        Observe people, those dear heroes, who flooded the call-lines to Congress about NOT going to war in Syria over what we now learn was USA-instigated and -sponsored poison chemical attack by murdering thugs and hired assassins.

        And just wait–it isn’t long in coming now–USA economy and Dollar are about to collapse horrendously. No matter what else, this collapse is when people will begin waking-up, for sure. That’s why we thank God for things like this blog where people can get informed–even if they only half-heartedly consider all the info. For when things decisively happen, they, many, at least, will remember what they learned here and at like places.

        1. I was encouraged by the outpouring of phone calls, emails and visits to Congress when Obama dumped the decision of whether to do “surgical strikes” on Syria in the lap of Congress. It stopped Congress in its tracks. They were paralyzed.

          I firmly believe that the push-back we need is in our hands through local and State government (Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York, tread carefully). This is where people who see the Bizarro World of Sandy Hook and Boston can foil the agenda of dangerous liars.

          Don’t comply and go right up against them in State Legislatures and pressure the stuffing out of your Federal Representatives on the issues.

          As for the Dollar collapse, let’s hope it holds as long as it can so more folks can get ready to absorb that blow.

    2. Susan A. poses: “Why aren’t more speaking out?” More will speak out if we and others discuss the “history of illusion” with friends, thought leaders and countrymen. Write a letter to any editor or local rep., reach out to a naive leader of an illusion spawned cause, support Halbig, find a way to question the free flowing stream of lies.
      I planted a seed of big picture understanding with a volunteer leader of a gun control cause this week. She had no idea of the possibility that her efforts are being co-opted. I did not argue her noble intentions but simply questioned the group’s foundation blocks (notably SHE and oddly 911).
      Staffers for our politicians are especially naïve….”I just take messages”…but willing (sometimes) to receive a kernel of “big think”.

  16. I was disappointed as heck that Rand Paul would choose the fake terror of the Boston Marathon as a talking point, whether he had a gun to his head or not. I am fortunate enough to have lived through many eras of courageous men, from all over the world, some of whom were assassinated. Although I am not quite old enough to have heard these words in the original, I leave them here for your edification and hopefully grade school memory: “Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it Almighty God! I know now what course others may take, but as for me give me liberty or give me death.” Patrick Henry’s words are the gold standard. The deeds of men like Martin Luther King, Lech Walesa, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, etc. in defiance are very important.

    News flash (lest we forget): While writing this, the evening news in Boston reports a “flash mob” of obviously professional dancers appearing at a mall along with “Marathon Bomber survivors” suddenly springing into a reel and showing how very strong they are, like medieval people dancing off the Black Death….. Can you wait for the Tsarnaev “trial”? Is a head on a pike an appropriate punishment? I’m sure many will call for public torture first, drawing and quartering.

    Nobody who can be an American hero for me who does not refute this monstrous fraud. They have to remember that only courage will do.

    1. Whatever, musings. Pt. is, I say, if Paul was to switch-over to ur idea, then he’d likely be inundated w. mainstream prop. similar to what would happen if his dad questioned 9/11 for “inside job” it really was.

      Immediately establishment would ridicule him and he’d lose his place on the mainstream media which he calculates is still something to value for getting word out.

      It would be similar to upholding the real Christianity and condemning the Judeo-Christian hereticalist-traitors who back terror-state of Israel–how far could he get w. that?

      Issue is practical matter of rhetoric–politicians are all about the NOW, not the distant future–though perhaps the immediate future, like the anti-war agitators of Vietnam era. It’s much matter of calculation.

      Pat Henry’s words were just the thing at the time and place he chose–he calculated for rhetorical effect none the less than Paul does now.

      U give urself away, I submit, when u cite M. L. King–who was NOTHING but an agitator & propagandist following a script. Nelson Mandela?–are u kidding?

      1. Well, suit yourself. I am entitled to my own icons, you keep yours, apollonian. Seems MLK, who was after all just a man, put his life on the line for what he did. That was really what I was talking about: actual courage. Can you deny that each of these men risked his life? I don’t think you can deny that, no matter what he stood for, what war he fought in. The same cannot be said for today’s politicians – any of them. They simply will not risk their fortunes. It’s all about money, isn’t it? cf. anneberg’s observation about the slush fund created by the fake Marathon bombing. That’s a lot of samoleons.

      2. There is no defense for a coward. And you show your supreme ignorance (or worse) by denigrating Martin King, who was one of the few true heroes of the struggle against despotic rule. You do a great injustice to the courage of Jim Tracy and his sacrifices in running this website by taking such positions.


          “In a statement, the fund said its board of directors and community council recently met to discuss a future distribution of the more than $12 million donated to the fund since its initial $61 million disbursement in July. It said that even more donations are expected as the April 15 anniversary of the attacks approaches.”

          12 million + 61 million = 73 million

      1. I went back and looked at some of the earlier reports of the fund raising. As of April 25, 2013, about 60 corporate sponsors had pledged $26 million:

        The fund was set up jointly by Boston Mayor Menino and Mass. Governor Deval Patrick.

        This says “shake-down” and “protection racket” as much as it says “spontaneous reaction to a terrible tragedy”. In other words, political business as usual.

        The corporate sponsors are obligated to swallow the “official story” whole, without investigation, if they know what is good for them. Anyone stepping out of line or refusing would be sanctioned in some way.
        Thus, mere truth has very little chance to reverse the initial reports or examine the lies.

        You can see why individual elites, who might otherwise exercise courage and leadership, know it is in their interest to turn away, and maintain a code of silence.

        This was one event. How many more will there be before the collapse of this way of doing business?

        Other parts of the country carry on, indifferent to the thing, believing the vague outlines of the story. If life is otherwise good, they give Boston the benefit of the doubt.

        It is very much to the credit of so many to have put out the information to give the lie to the event. It is great that people still keep the flame of reality and truth alive, as here. But the reveal about the story, the prosecution of the fraudsters – well, they will flourish on their money for some time to come. Perhaps their confidence will make them slip worse later on. Perhaps they’ll do time on lesser charges. I don’t have a crystal ball.

    2. I can’t say that anything that Rand does surprises me, musings. I’m with you.

      As I see it, Ron Paul fans simply wanted to believe that Ron was passing the torch to his son, and if we trusted Ron implicitly, we surely could extend that same trust to Rand, on faith. I never did that. He had no track record, for one thing. Ron has been standing on principle, and taking the arrows–cheerfully–since the 1970s. He refused his Congressional pension, from day one, for instance. When Reagan wanted 100% of the Republicans to vote to support him by raising taxes, Ron refused–although all the White House pressure possible was brought to bear on him. Reagan was very persuasive, personally, but ideas–principle–made Ron immune. He did not care about the consequences, the shunning, the subtle, invisible punishments that would always result, as night follows day. Evidently, that can’t be said about Rand.

      As for the article Violeta linked to, it is certainly eye-opening. The concluding paragraph is a nice summary:

      “Thiel is playing puppetmaster with the Libertarian movement and its mascot Ron Paul, deciding globalist agendas with his seat on the Steering Committee at the Bilderberg Group, investing in Big Brother technologies and social media networking sites, financially supporting floating cities where the Elite will obtain their own sovereignty and advancing transhumanism that is expected to replace humanity as the new slave – automatons of the Elite.”

      I am confident that Ron was unaware of these things when his campaign staff was running things for him–and they are indeed very troubling. I can offer a very troubling anecdote that validates my confidence.

      During the campaign, Dr. Stan, who does five hours of talk radio a day, and supports freedom in every field, aggressively sought to get Ron on his broadcast; he would have had him on multiple times at all times of day. But Ron’s campaign staff always stonewalled, threw up roadblocks, and made excuses for why an interview would have to be delayed. This made Stan very suspicious–he’s got quite a keen set of antennae, sniffing whiffs that indicate an organization has been infiltrated. He’s watched as many fine organizations literally were being systematically destroyed from within by infiltrators, and he warned the noble, trusting founder, who inevitably refused to believe it–until it was too late.

      After the campaign, Stan was able to contact Paul, and asked him why he repeatedly refused to address the Radio Liberty audience. He had no idea any such offer had ever been made.

      I believe that. And Voileta’s article solves the mystery. Now we know why.

      1. Violeta, thanks for posting the Susanne Posel article on Peter Thiel. I was thinking of doing the same, but was not sure if anyone here was ready for the information. I should have known better, they are.

        The more wealth these beings accumulate the more insane they get. Perhaps the word insane is not sufficient in this case. They look like us, but may already have received some form of transhuman transformation for the élite. The outer resemblance of a human is where any similarity ends. Anyways, the surface of this planet is covered with more water than land. Bon Voyage to Peter Thiel and the rest of his ilk, leaves more space on land for humans and animals.

        Patrick, I listen to Dr. Stan as well.

        1. Anne, if you listen to Dr. Stan, I understand your caution, and skepticism. To trust public people is a dangerous business. I think Stan is overcautious much of the time, but he tries to avoid being duped, and as much of the conversation here involves how to detect when we’re being lied to, none of us around here can blame him for that. Trust is hard to do.

    3. How can you be disappointed in Rand Paul, Musings? He’s only doing what politicians do: act in their own self-interest.

      I’m a recovering political junky, and I feel better every day that I’m able to resist the urge to believe in any of them at any time and to any degree.

      Plus, what’s up with the hair thing? Rand…you’re a grown man, man!

      “Only nut cases want to be president. This was true even in high school.
      Only clearly disturbed people ran for class president.”
      ― Kurt Vonnegut, A Man Without a Country

  17. “…the CT State Police and the Danbury State Attorney refuses to share reminds me of Nazi Germany and East Berlin were many of my family members lived and died.

    My father spend four years in a Nazi prison camp…”

    Does anyone know if Wolfgang W Halbig is Jewish?

  18. Hi again everyone. I’ve been trying to apply the techniques used in analyzing media hoaxes to the smaller variety crimes whose meta-narratives are being massaged to promote The Party’s agenda to disarm us, repress our dissent, etc. One such latest story is the murders of two Pittsburgh residents, the Wolfe sisters. It’s incongruencies and oddities had my antennae buzzing, and when I researched further I found more evidence to suggest hoaxing going on. Mostly the angle that’s being pushed is more hysteria about the supposed mentally ill and the homeless, too. Apparently Jason from Halloween was inspired by real events…he he…

    Anyway, the photographs are either black and white or blurred, the victims recent arrivals in an unlikely setting with somewhat bizarre life situations, there will likely never be any DNA identification on a perp…etc. etc.

    Is anyone interested in checking it out? I think minor hoaxes are being perpetrated more often than we’ve either thought on here, or have talked about.

    1. Hi Sue, I live in this area, and have been posting on MHB for at least 13 months. The sisters are unfortunately deceased. They are also the sisters of a congresswoman from Iowa. The place where this happened was a middle class area of one of Pittsburgh’s not as nice neighborhoods. There is a suspect on grainy video who took their car to the Carnegie Art Museum and abandoned it there.

      My take on this tragedy is it was a crime of “racial rape”, silenced by murder and it was just another hit and run. This is common in many “trendy urban areas.” It is highly likely that these beautiful women were cased before they met their tragic fate.

      1. Sure I’m familiar with your posts, John, and know you to be quite sober. But I still have questions: did you know them personally or are you going by someone you know claiming something (is that guy still around who was claiming back in December that he knew someone who knew Adam and Nancy?) And let’s say you knew them and.or feel 100% certain they existed; does that necessarily mean they were murdered and/or raped? Couldn’t they have just disappeared somewhere, like some of the jewish WWII survivors who magically vaporised, only to resurface under different aliases in Israel or elsewhere?

        I mention that because I’ve encountered a fair amount of evidence for that phenomenon. I read an account of a jewish man who after the war changed his name upon moving to Israel. There may have been various motives for this name-changing upon relocating, but right now I’m just speculating that a disappearing act may have occurred if these two women really were living in Pittsburgh.

        Even if they were murdered, I still say they were quite odd. Two middle aged women who loved kids and were attractive, yet neither was married or had even one child. There are tons of oddities in the details so I’ll just stop at the issue of whether they were living in Pittsburgh for now. Rahm Emmanuel said ‘Never waste a crisis,’ and this one if real is being spun it seems to me. The lesson of MHB is that The Party’s real motto is ‘Never waste the opportunity to fake a crisis.’

        1. Sue, I know a few law enforcement personnel who work and live in Pittsburgh. They are on board with me concerning Sandy Hoax Elementary School and many other frauds, such as the Columbia Mall Shooting, The Navy Yard shooting, 9-11, The Boston Bombing Hoax, and many others.

          The Wolfe sisters double homicide is an active investigation in this area, complete with APBs, suspects, increased security in the East Liberty neighborhood, and lots of local media coverage. It happened in an area that many consider to be a mix of ghetto/trendy/liberal. The facts released so far indicate no signs of forced entry, grainy surveillance pics of a man accompanying one of the sisters on a bus, and several interviews with neighbors, co-workers, and friends.

          The fact that no one has been “caught yet” is puzzling in an area that is awash in “1984” surveillance on buses, street corners, red light cameras, etc. There doesn’t appear to be any gain by the MSM on this case. If anything, this case affirms the need to be armed in one’s castle!

        2. So I’ll conclude you didn’t know them personally. As for your patriotic LE personnel in Pa, perhaps some aren’t the highest level of ‘in the know:’

          There are always multiple levels of awareness of plots, conspiracies, etc. I used to be involved in progressive left circles, one of which was into street protesting. There were some at the higher level who wanted to provoke and then massage either civilian or maybe even police attacks against us. I can assure you that only certain individuals within the group were fully ‘in the know’ on this strategizing, and it didn’t get talked about openly among the whole group.

          The MSM gain is portraying the mentally ill as violent and strategizing, cunning, both characteristics are just the opposite of true psychotics (schizphrenics and manic phase manic depressives). Who knows what more could be woven into this…maybe they had a gun in their home and the moral will be even a gun in a woman’s home only gets used against here…

          But I’ve seen a difference in how this is getting spun by local pols and cops, which is into inducing the populace to accept martial law. This has been expressed in how they counseled people to react and in the oddities of the case. Even with security system you can’t be safe, etc.

          The bizarreness of these two women’s profiles and actions just aren’t adding up. And it seems not coincidental that one victim is a psychiatrist…and that’s where much of the speculation is coming from that Jason has resurrected to hunt the psychiatrist down. Bleach doesn’t destroy DNA, BTW…so I’m also sensing the foundation is being laid to not be able to link a perp to the crime scientifically (the fewer people, especially scientists and real perps, involved the better…) so that they can just grab some vagrant ‘mentally ill’ man, frame him and throw him back into the system.

          Am I certain it’s fake? No, but I’m certain there’s spinning going on and that nothing adds up right and there’s too much convenient props around…a men’s homeless shelter right nearby…a country which is increasingly trying to claim black crimes against whites are a function of ‘mental illness’ and whites complaining about it are too, and which is trying to pathologize the homeless as huge swathes of people, especially whites, are being displaced into tent cities across the country.

          Another irony is that that phenomenon is especially common in Iowa, where Katrina refugees were absorbed who then took over the Section 8 housing so that whites live in typically 10 below weather at night outside in these homeless settlements.

          Rest assured, all is not what it seems in America, and Prozac Nation is fast becoming Gulag Nation.

    2. Like yourself Sue, I do question just about everything. My background consists of 16 years military service, accounting, math teacher, and now back to accounting. In the Wolfe sister case, I really do not see an agenda, such as the others, but I could be wrong.

      So far the agenda has been “shootings” in schools, malls, and movie theaters, the big three. We have also had fake bombing as in Boston, and a real bombing on 9-11. So far, the only loss of life that can be verified happened on 9-11.

      Their (the elites and TPTB) goal has been disarmament of the population. It is not a matter of if, but when the US economy completely collapses; there will be unprecedented violence in the streets of America. It is apparent that they are actively trying to avoid that scenario at all costs.

  19. Former Florida state trooper Woolfgang Halbig does not believe that ANYONE was killed at the Sandy Hook gun confiscation hoax and has done the research to prove it. Not only does he believe that no one was killed there but he has ALSO been threatened for exposing this horribly played out hoax.

  20. Dr. Tracy,

    Radio interviews can be great but, Mr. Halbig should follow your example and document his actions for the public. He should make copies of his FOIA requests public, including copies of the delivery receipts for his certified letters. I, for one, would like to see these. Cost should not be an issue since anyone can do this with a free site like those available at blogspot and WordPress.

    Mr. Halbig should also try and make a CONNection with someone actually living in the state and willing to duplicate his requests, pressing the issue locally if those requests are met with insufficient response. Surely there is someone in Connecticut who is not afraid of the lunatic Lt. Vance.

  21. EMT’s rushed to the scene, but weren’t allowed in, although the threat was gone within 11 minutes, before they even arrived. Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton was dumbfounded:

    “Boughton requested counseling for the emergency medical technicians who were first on the scene. Boughton was initially briefed that the local hospital should prepare for mass casualties, but soon was made aware of the grim reality.

    “It was a stunning, shocking moment,’’ Boughton said. “They called back a little while later and said, ‘We’re only going to get three people.’ I said, ‘But I thought you had a mass casualty event?’ And she said, ‘You’re not listening to me. We’re only going to get three people.””

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