“Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electronically control the brain. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.”–Dr. Jose Delgado, Director of Neuropsychiatry, Yale University Medical School Congressional Record, No. 26, Vol. 118, February 24, 1974.

 “He always thought someone was trying to hurt him,” said Nutpisit Suthamtewakul, a friend of Alexis in Fort Worth. “He was afraid of people.”

Alexis’ paranoia was in full display again as recently as last month. He complained to police in Newport, R.I., about hearing voices speaking to him through the ceiling of his hotel room, seeking to penetrate his body with vibrations from a “microwave machine” to prevent him from sleeping. He told officers that he had no history of mental illness in his family.”

-“Navy Year Shooter Reported Hearing Voices Through Walls,” USA Today, September 17, 2013.


As BeforeItsNews reported in October (see here) alleged Navy Yard assailant recognized that he was under electronic attack and attempted to contact Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance, a support group established to assist such persons. FFCHS executive board member Max H. Williams brought Alexis’ emails to the attention of the organization’s leadership after being visited by FBI agents at his home regarding the email exchanges.

“The agent asked me if I had ever communicated with Aaron Alexis,” Williams recounted.

I told him no. Then, he showed me an email that I had received from Aaron and my answer. I told him that I get dozens of such letters, and I rarely remember the name, as they [Targeted Individuals] normally use assumed names.

He asked me what I thought prompted Alexis to do the shooting. I told him about the voices and how, after much time, some targets could not handle them. I told him that I placed the blame for the Alexis incident squarely on the U. S. Government. I added that the Federal Government HAD to know about our targeting yet did nothing about it!

From the FFCHS’ Derrick Robinson:

(October 19, 2013)

It appears that Aaron Alexis had contacted our organization just prior to the shooting spree that happened at the Washington Navy Yard.

Several email exchanges then ensued between Aaron Alexis and myself that clearly showed that  a) he had come under physical attack from microwaves and was experiencing voice to skull technology, but was not able to process the situation until he arrived at our site.  b) he had come across some information at the Washington Navy Yard that convinced him that someplace inside there was a source of our ELF targeting – establishing a motive for the attacks!!!

His email that he sent us is below.  It was addressed to the FFCHS board, however, we had all forgotten about this email until it was brought to out attention recently.  We receive such requests for help on a daily basis.

From: aalexis654@gmail.com
Date: Sun, Sep 1, 2013 at 10:31 AM
Subject: Need assistance on dealing with the direct energy attacks!!
To: [FFCHS Board Members’ Emails Deleted]


My name is Aaron. I am ex-navy, and have been working as a contractor for the DoD. I have recently come under attack after blowing up at Norfolk airport in Virginia.

The first attack started coming when I was on assignment in Rhode Island. I was hearing what I though was people next door telling lies about me. In truth I didn’t know that I was under attack and thought I could escape what I was experiencing, by leaving the hotel I was in. It wasn’t until it almost  cost me my job that I realized that one, I wasn’t crazy, and that two that I had to figure out what was going on.

I am glad I found this site, however I need assistance because, I have not allowed them to scare me off my job,  but I fear the constant bombardment from the ELF weapon is starting to take it’s toll on my body. I am currently in DC now near the pentagon.  I think I know the specific group in the military that is responsible for developing and assisting the military with.

Any assistance you can give me and at the same time what ever info I can give you on what I know please contact me ASAP.

Aaron Alexis

“Let there be Peace on Earth”

The email exchange was originally included in the post, “Artifacts From the DC Navy Yard Shooting on October 31, 2013.”

US intelligence and military agencies have been experimented with various methods of cognitive manipulation since at least the mid-twentieth century. For additional information and research, see the paper “Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights,” by Peter Phillips, Lew Brown, and Bridget Thornton, Sonoma State University: Project Censored, 2006.

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114 thought on “Alexis May Have Sought to Confront ELF Attackers Inside Navy Yard”
    1. That’s an interesting article. I live in an area with a huge Navy presence. Once in a while all the garage doors start opening and closing and cars lock and unlock on their own volition. They always deny doing anything but are usually found to be the source of the problem.

      ELF has long been used for submarine communication. Low frequency waves penetrate very deep and are all but unstoppable. I’ve read some articles about frequencies in the range of 4hz (which is VERY low). That is supposed to be the frequency that humans resonate with.

      He was probably referring to DARPA or one of its affiliates. I have read where this has been used as pure harassment by workers on these projects. Maybe they were trying to drive him out of his job.

      What I’ve read indicates that the breakthroughs in this technology have to do with singling out individuals. This is supposedly done by “mapping” that persons resonance. They say that once that’s accomplished they can talk to the person just like they had a radio in their head. As usual, ultimately this has to do with total control.

    2. Pascagoula “UFO” event took place directly in line of a sight of a naval facility complete with lookout and armed guards on duty, none of whom saw anything. As Keel discovered when he investigated, the first thing that happened to the two fishermen after arrival at the police station was that they were taken into the naval base by guys in full hazmat gear and debriefed. No one ever found out the content of the debriefing.

  1. Hee-hee!

    While I think what is described may very well be going on, caution is advised, because of a board member of FFCHS named Timothy White, billed as a telecommunications expert. I was contacted by a Tim White four years ago, by email, and have been in intermittent contact with him via an email group I am part of (where one person occasionally copies him in). In White’s initial email to me he said he was a granite contractor who had installed countertops in lots of homes of the “rich and famous” in Colorado, notably John Breit, an attorney who was killed in a plane crash in the 1980’s. White wanted me to give him my phone number so we could talk. (I did not do so.)

    This Tim White is COINTELPRO–at least, that’s on the web. So is Ted Gunderson, the former FBI agent someone posted a complimentary video about earlier (now deceased). White has flown into rages in the email exchanges. He also apparently disrupted a 9/11 truth conference a few years ago. Here’s a link (also, google his name with “Janet Phelan” and see what comes up):


    I have no idea if this is the same guy, but thought I would give this heads-up.

    1. You are wise to be suspicious of people who try to convince others of their “insider knowledge”. I retired from my career job several years ago. I’ve known these types personally and “up close”. Most are full of B.S., and others are simply fantasists.

      I know that Patrick shares my feelings about this. Most don’t have enough exposure to “military thinking” (an oxymoron), and a lot of those who do believe (incorrectly) that they are in charge of something or other. They aren’t.

      They are “useful idiots”. Basically, they profile these guys. If their profile indicates that they are uber-patriotic, they’ll use that ploy. They tell them that “the nation depends on them……blah, blah….”, and they believe it. They do not make decisions of any importance.

      I think that they are used to disrupt. They play on people’s belief that a “former military/FBI/CIA (you fill in the blank)” person has “special knowledge”. The one attribute you can depend on with these is conformity. If they rose to any level of prominence it wasn’t through being an original thinker. They hate those.

      So, I keep recommending that people read everything. That doesn’t mean BELIEVING everything you read. Sometimes there is valuable information contained in the most ridiculous writings. The recent revelations about spying are a case in point. It is certainly true that we are watched. It is also true that, unless there is a reason to single out a person, they simply don’t have the resources to paw through all of the data. They wan us to THINK they do in the interest of chilling the conversation.

      Every small technological change we’ve experience in the last several years has been aimed toward this end. From “debit cards” to “cell phones”, it furthers the agenda of absolute control. They will get there.

      1. All true, lophatt.

        So far as I can tell, there are only two ways people with genuine inside information about the secret government reveal what they know: they either know they have very little time to live, so they can’t be harmed; they have nothing to lose. The other is profound religious conversion, whereupon they perceive themselves to be on a mission from God, knowing full well that the only way they will not be killed, or horrible things done to their family, is by God’s protection; they become fearless.

        The problem with the religious conversion option is that it is often faked.

        As you say, or imply, even agents of disinformation, however, have to give enough of the real stuff to gain trust and credibility. People like Michael Ruppert, for instance, gain tremendous followings, and hold them even as their fraud becomes blatantly obvious. No one likes to think he’s been duped. Eventually, though, no one listens any more, and they fade away.

        Of course, if the genuine article keeps on too long, they are eventually taken out. God allows evil in the world because otherwise free will would be a lie. Evil people HAVE to be allowed to victimize good people, otherwise they are not actually free to act on their evil plots after all. So God protects genuine whistleblowers for only so long, and then allows the darkness to stop them.

        1. So in other words Patrick, you automatically believe anyone coming to you that says he’s a Christian. See, I normally discount any Christian Patriot ex-military type. That’s where we differ. But then again you also follow Judy Wood.

        2. @Apollonian I believe much of the photographic record of 9/11 is false. I’m sure there are such advanced weapons but they were unlikely used on 9/11. I believe 9/11 was a movie that they broadcast, they had the area evacuated from all the drills they were running that morning, probably used some form of military obscurant/smoke to obscure the scene from a distant, knocked out electronic devices in the area and just destroyed the buildings using conventional means. So when Judy uses these photos for evidence of her theory, I don’t believe these are authentic photos of what happened. Judy Wood’s followers also behave like a cult.

        3. Fair enough, Chris–that’s straight-forward answer, BUT how in the heck could they have evacuated such a large area before-hand then, and now no one says anything about it? Regardless, ur scenario is EXTREMELY unlikely, I think, and otherwise, given the evidence, including the photos, and assuming the veracity of the photos–which seems FAR more likely than ur assumptions–I submit Dr. Judy does the best job for analysis of things. Ur entire scenario depends on photos being phony.

        4. Chris, you say “[…] Judy Wood’s followers also behave like a cult.” Does my belief that Judy’s work provides the best answers to what happened to the majority of the material of the buildings define me as a “follower” and am I “behaving like a cult” because of this belief?

          You also say “[…] I believe 9/11 was a movie that they broadcast, they had the area evacuated from all the drills they were running that morning, probably used some form of military obscurant/smoke to obscure the scene from a distant, knocked out electronic devices in the area and just destroyed the buildings using conventional means.[…]”
          C’mon, now.

          It seems likely to me that thermite use, the devices that seem to have been attached to the planes, the Israelis taking photos and on and on were all calculatedly added to the mix for precisely the purpose that’s been achieved: divide us.

          That the assclowns that do these deeds are evil beyond normal human comprehension is an assertion with which I’m sure we can all agree, and we have to always remember how smart they are; their seemingly preternatural ability to evaluate and manipulate public opinion in a way that allows them to continue these activities is astounding, and being awake enough to perceive some of their machinations doesn’t render us immune to their handling.

          If you and I are in the pit of the latrine, we won’t find it useful to argue about what the person defecating on us had for lunch.

          As my old cracker aunts used to say, “bless all ya’ll’s hearts!”

        5. “If you and I are in the pit of the latrine, we won’t find it useful to argue about what the person defecating on us had for lunch.”

          no, but if it smells sweet and you can see little pieces of corn then you can be pretty damn sure he didn’t eat vindaloo.

        6. Are you the same Chris who admires and approves of the living Hell Castro made of once paradaisacal Cuba?

          Just checking; you’ve been gone a while.

          If you are that fellow, the one who a few months ago danced on the graves of all the people Ernesto “Che” Gevara murdered, declaring “viva la revolution!”

          If so, your opinion speaks for itself. If not, and such an evil position horrifies you, I will be happy to chat. Let me know.

    2. I am replying to my own post, because of the posts by Field McConnell, which surprised me. Speak of the devil! McConnell is one of the people Tim White (see above) routinely copies his emails on! I have never communicated with him myself, and don’t mean to insult him; but, frankly, I don’t understand the points he is making. Maybe it is my problem, but it may also be disinfo on his part.

    3. this is such a bulls&#t story it is ridiculous. sure the technology to do this stuff is well documented, old hat even, but the story about the email and the whole navy yard shooting is obvious bs. if it were real it would never see the light of day in the post or any other establishment owned media outlet. this was printed just to bolster the story about the navy yard shooting and to seed the idea that anyone who is aware of these types of technologies is potentially dangerous.

      Dinophile, what evidence have you seen that ted gunderson is a narc? I have only seen a few of his lectures but he appeared to be spot on considering his background.

      1. It is difficult to pinpoint just when an insider with privileged information becomes a BS artist expanding his notoriety and bank account. So much information they peddle makes perfect sense; then they run off the rails.

        Ted Gunderson’s case for support of Capt. Jeffery MacDonald (who is in prison for life for murdering his two small daughters and pregnant wife) IMO isn’t credible. And I question his analysis of the McMartin pre school child abuse affair in California some time ago. There was a rash of similar accusations floating around and some child caretakers did go to jail. The buzz surrounding these episodes was bizzare and seemed to fade almost as quickly as it had surfaced.

        Gunderson demonstrated hyper enthusiasm during recitations with graphic evidence that was never proven beyond the rumor stage. Tunnels in the McMartin pre kindergarten building and trap doors? Tiny children being used in Satanic rituals? And this went on for heaven knows how long? Sounds more in tune with psychological experiments than with reality if it happened.

        Gunderson also used the Satanic pitch in the MacDonald case. He bought the defense that drugged hippies entered the house, stabbed MacDonald and killed his family. As one person in the know pointed out, a group of drug-addled hippies couldn’t organize a trip to the bathroom, much less carry out the perfect murder on an Army installation.

        Just my own opinion on Ted Gunderson. This is the problem with sifting through old data; it can get very fuzzy. Experts going public with ‘inside information’ is a cottage industry.

        1. I’ll have to look in to the macdonald case, the only thing iv’e heard or read about it was that gunderson believed it to be a sra murder pinned on macdonald. you would have to be a satanist at best to murder your own offspring and I highly question any cases where such a thing is allegged. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen but I usually look for motives of others to set some one up in these cases as I think that probably happens more often than the alternative. killing a spouse is much different and probably quite common. as for the mcmartin case all I have been exposed to was gunderson’s lecture about it and I found it to be thoroughly convincing including the fbi’s sabotage of the investigation. I too am going from memory here as it was probably 2005 when I was exposed to the info.

          I really wonder how many of these news stories have been fake all along back when I was not looking at the stories with as much scrutiny.

          here is a recent bs story about the same thing complete with the police clearing the ex boyfriend on the spot and declaring the allegedly dead mother the perpetrator after a couple hours of yellow tape
          I once repossesed a boat from syracuse utah and can tell you there are some crazy mofo’s there but I can also tell you the cops are corrupt as hell. I’ll let the reader pick out all the obvious crap in the story but i’ll say it is as believeable as these other hoaxes.

          here is the max malone video that first informed me of the story.

        2. Fish: here is the a comprehensive study site on the MacDonald case. This lady started out believing Capt. Mac and as she watched his various poses and observed closely, came to think differently.

          I formed my own opinion after reading the CID account of the crime scene.These investigators from the Army investigation command were first on the scene and decided who was responsible based on evdence.
          It was Jeffery MacDonald.

          Later the crime scene was badly botched and proceedings became chaotic. This probably set the tone for Mac’s military trial aquital, no doubt. Plus that fact that no one could see motive as he had always been a model soldier and good doctor. The military brotherhood is tight, insulated from outside interference.

          However, there is such a condition known as the psychopathic personality and Mac fits that criteria. Characteristics include the ability to project a superficial charm and manipulate people to their own end. It also means the person lacks empathy and is narcissistic, only able to see the world in terms of self gratification. What triggered his rage on the night in question is the question. Only Jeffery MacDonald can answer that.


          I pursue this issue because we are faced with a few hundred-thousand men and women who fit that profile and they now lead the world. To understand why we are headed in the wrong direction, we must sort out motivation.

        3. Damn, that macdonald case is crazy. I am with you on this- macdonald seems like one lying murdering mofo. I would bet there is much more to the case besides one guy killing his family. I watched some of a video with gunderson talking about the case and he is an interesting speaker. I never get the impression as far as tells, that he is lying but his story about the isreali mafia putting out a contract on him is really not believeable and the informant woman’s confession about the macdonald murders is serious bs and reads as if gunderson et al. coaxed the whole fake story from her. I will have to reevaluate gunderson. thanks for the info.

        4. The McMartin tunnels are an interesting study in layer upon layer of truth and half-truth and mostly bogus until who knows what, really, is what.

          You may recall that the 1990’s and the ongoing McMartin trials gave us the “false memory syndrome” and the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, alleged by some (with seemingly convincing circumstantial evidence) to be a CIA front, and here you can veer of into another murky realm while forgetting you were trying to discover if there were or were not, in fact, tunnels. http://wemustknow.wordpress.com/2010/08/18/the-false-memory-syndrome-hoax/

          This fellow, E. Gary Stickel, Ph.D., took shovels in hands and says there
          were indeed tunnels consistent with the childrens’ testimonies, here:

          That there is disagreement should not surprise us: “[…]Others have disagreed with Stickel’s conclusions. John Earle wrote in 1995[…]concluded that disturbed soil under the slab was from the sewer line and construction fill buried under the slab before it was poured. Further, Earle noted that some fill from beneath the concrete slab was dated to the year 1940.[15]

          W. Joseph Wyatt’s 2002 report[40] concluded that the “tunnels” under the preschool were more plausibly explained as a rubbish pit[…] Moreover, Wyatt speculated that Stickel’s conclusions were colored by his collaboration with the parents of the McMartin children.[…]

          All of which leaves us where we started: a state of not-knowing.

          I do know for sure that I used to dismiss the idea of ritual child abuse and murder as products of overworked imaginations; now, not so much. A bit of MKUltra research brought me around some, and then someone I was reading at the time suggested that anyone with doubts should just compare FBI statistics on stolen vehicle recovery vs missing child recovery.

          Doing so and finding they haven’t much to say about the children doesn’t prove anything, of course, but it hints at a possibilty too terrifying and gruesome for many to consider.

        5. Excellent research, Another Patrick…But as you suggest, we end up back on square one because the truth is so fractured by those whose livelihood is premised on marching with the PTB. And those powers are relentless in pursuit of their own agenda. Coverup is part of the grand strategy. Every night on a local NYC tv channel, pictures of missing children are projected. And I, too, shudder at the implications. Trafficking in kiddie porn and child sex is rampant. I want to scream:
          “What in the hell is the matter with human beings?”
          We are destroying our own future as a species. The scouge is worldwide–no society can claim the higher ground. I wrote a fifteen page article on the issue years ago, sent it to three highly-heralded newspapers. None would print it, though it was complete with sources.

          Thank you for your contribution to understanding these unhappy tragedies. Sadly, they remain so much a part of the conversation.

        6. A. Patrick, I can relate. I certainly didn’t want to believe that anyone could do such things to children. Unfortunately, I’ve come to believe that they do.

          Having said that, we still must be careful when accusations are made. I can’t imagine a worse accusation if it isn’t true. Just as I don’t trust the “false memory” meme entirely, I also know that psychologists and others can and do influence what children say.

          I think I agree with Marilyn in that such confusion is pretty handy if you are up to no good. There is more than ample evidence of Satanic activity involving children. As to the specifics of a particular school or institution it is often next to impossible to sort through it rationally.

          I am also shocked at the seeming disinterest in tracking missing children. The numbers I’ve seen seem unrealistic, but then, I don’t know.

          Complicating all this is the fact that certain types of mental disorders mimic the testimony of alleged victims. That also works to the advantage of those who would abuse. On the other hand, few things in life would be worse than being falsely accused.

          I think, like it or not, that our approach must be that used when analyzing other events. Few things are “all or nothing” or “if it happened it must be true here”.

          It is impossible to overlook this activity as it seems to be a part of the behavior associated with those who push these agendas. Sick and twisted as it is it comes up again and again. I suspect it is related to their personal lust for power and the thrill they get from doing the unthinkable.

        7. Someone here mentioned Dave McGowan’s book Programmed to Kill: the Politics of Serial Murder. The first few chapters are actually a newsletter series he did on this subject. He’s a terrific researcher, and scrupulous. And he has an unfailing BS detector. He goes into some detail about McMartin, and the tunnels. One of the other related scandals at the time took place in Holland. Very weird. Another in South Florida. I don’t recommend the book if horrifying images haunt you, because this stuff could be crippling. Only those who can handle it should investigate these things.

          A personal example of this is when I was looking into the Franklin coverup. One of the principle victims was an unimpeachable witness–he had kept a diary every day for his whole life, and he wrote down the most soul-searing experiences. The description of what they did to him and another boy in Bohemian Grove took months for me to stop thinking about. (This event did not take place during the annual power-elite conclave there–apparently one use of the place is the production of snuff films.)

          Incidentally, one chapter in the book is about the extremely weird saga of Henry Lucas, including his residency under the tender hand of our very own George The Second, who, as one recent commenter rightly said, was the only person the heartless governor ever pardoned. McGowan at his best; he concludes that Henry was a hit man for the elite–as many serial murderers are, as well.

          For the best information I know of concerning the Satanic Ritual Abuse/Dissociative Identity Disorder (SRA/DID) plague, I recommend Doug Riggs. (http://www.dougriggs.org) Also disturbing, but also all true.

        8. Patrick, yes the snuff film testimony is haunting. there is not a chance in a million years that a child could come up with such a story if they had not experienced it themselves.

        9. Patrick, yes, I’ve read bits of that. There is also the Dutroux affair. It was very real. Authorities there knew about/participated in it, and many were tortured and killed before he was sent to prison. There too, when a victim/witness testified they pulled out all the stops to discredit her.

          There was even an interesting connection between Hunter Thompson and his photographer at Bohemian Grove for one of their “snuff films”. This stuff goes very deep.

          From what I can gather these beasts feed on depravity. The sicker, the better. They are very “well-connected”, worldwide.

          I was cautious about my opinions at first. I very much did not want to believe any of this. But, like so many things that are ugly, one must look at them, warts and all. I read a piece today that contained a partial list of government officials in the UK with convictions for this stuff. It was very long.

          So, like you mentioned earlier with the Kubrick film, this stuff is real. I think its important to know that when we make assumptions about what these mutts will do.

        10. I believe the guy went by the moniker hunter thompson rather than hunter himself. hunter despite his vices paid the ultimate price for starting to write a book about controlled demolition at the wtc. Nick Bryant discusses this in some detail in his book “the franklin scandal” which is a must read to accompany “the frankiln coverup” by decamp.

        11. fish, I’ll check that out about “Hunter Thompson”. I wasn’t aware of that. I suppose I formed somewhat of a tentative opinion based on him having a ranch in Colorado and knowing that some of the abducted kids ended up at a ranch in Colorado. There may be no connection at all. I read DeCamp’s book.

          There are obviously rings of these pedophiles worldwide. I’m not happy to know this but, there it is.

        12. In “The Franklin Cover-Up,” as I remember several of the children said the photographer of the snuff film involving the 10-year-old boy who was repeatedly raped was “Hunter Thompson.” It could, of course, have been a pseudonym.

          And it was right after that that I shut the book. I could not continue.

        13. dino, some things one wishes he never learned. As Bubba once said, in a different context, “I feel your pain.”

  2. Forgot one other name: John DeKamp. While I, too, believe his story about the Franklin Cover-up, he offered his services to Columbine victim Mark Taylor pro bono, then charged Taylor $117,000–and the case (against Pfizer) was dismissed.

    Taylor has had even more frightening experiences, at the hands of the government, since trying to get some justice, than he did at Columbine. He has been seized, incarcerated at mental facilities, and drugged.

    1. Yes, so true. While I believe his story of perverts in Omaha, I’m also suspicious of him as a person. I doubt that his motives are altruistic. Don’t forget, he was an enthusiastic participant in Operation Phoenix.

      He was also best pals with William Colby. More telling, perhaps, is that he is still out there. Usually, when you take on the real movers and shakers of the power cult you get “depressed”.

      1. I too found it fascinating his friendship with colby dating back to vietnam and operation phoenix and his role in the franklin affair. i heard a radio interview with him years ago b y i cant remember who and he was incredibly tepid with his words. the host was wanting to talk about bush allegations connected to the dc child whorehouse and decamp shut him down abruptly. he sounded scared to be doing radio at all.

        1. Yeah, that’s a good description, “tepid”. I doubt if any of them were shaking in their boots while naked ’round the cauldron in the moonlight.

      2. Just want to add: William Colby, despite his officiating the CIA, was found floating near his boat on a nearby river –an accident? He was known to be an experiened boatman. Perhaps his views were a bit too out of step with the main purposes. Was he depressed? Or a bit too curious?…
        Curiosity kills more than cats, you know.

        1. Then there was CIA director William Casey who was left speechless, literally, before he could testify before the House Select Committee on Intelligence. If they can take out presidents and others in high positions, what is Connecticut and the state’s subjects in the bigger scheme of things? Not much one would guess, but that could be wrong. There is something brewing in the Constitution State, specifically Newtown and perhaps all of Fairfield County. Only time will tell (perhaps) what it is and if history gets a fair shake of truth in this case. An experiment on a grand scale is unfolding and the participants may not know, or care, as long as they get well rewarded.

          The following day Casey appeared before the House Select Committee on Intelligence (HSCI). Alan Fiers, a colleague at the CIA who also attended the session, remarked: He stumbled and fumbled. at times it seemed he couldn’t talk. He had to be carried. He’d start to answer and wave to one of us to take over when his words or his facts failed him.”
          Casey was due to appear before the HSCI on 16th December. The day before, CIA physician, Dr. Arvel Tharp went to visit Casey in his office.

          According to Tharp, while he was being examined, Casey suffered a seizure. He was taken to Georgetown University Hospital and was not able to appear before the HSCI. Tharp told Casey he had a brain tumor and that he would have to endure an operation. Casey was not keen and asked if he could have radio therapy instead. However, Tharp was insistent that he needed surgery.

          Casey entered the operating room on 18th December. The tumor was removed but during the operation, brain cells were damaged and Casey lost his ability to speak. As his biographer, Joseph E. Persico, points out (The Lives and Secrets of William J. Casey): “one school of rumors ran, the CIA or the NSC or the White House had arranged to have a piece of the brain removed from the man who knew the secrets”.

        2. Yes Anne, if you remember the tale, his wife was starting to make a stink about his activities. She died in a plane crash shortly before this “mishap” overtook him. It was found that he had taken out a huge amount of insurance on her, a practice he’d never done before.

          Whenever we discuss these types we should remember how unspeakably strange most of them are. They don’t so much train them as “recognize” them.

      1. You’re very welcome Violeta. I think Dinophile and I share a belief in the Franklin Affair, but are somewhat suspicious of John DeCamp. I too have seen interviews with him and he doesn’t exactly strike me as the “fearless defender” of anyone.

        I was intrigued to hear about Mark Taylor. I am interested in the Columbine operation but think it is a somewhat different “twist” than the ones we’ve seen lately.

        I think what bothers me is that he is obviously terrified of the “powers that be”. That being the case what is he doing challenging them? In his home state he took on some heavy hitters and they crushed him like a bug.

        Of course I could be too hard on him. He apparently believed that if he simply exposed them they would confess. He seemed genuinely shocked when they did no such thing. He should have had a plan to finish them off before he began.

        Being a lawyer who has practiced a while he should have realized that laws are just words on paper. They only work when all involved agree to abide by them. I doubt you could “win” something like this in a normal court. This is borne of the mistaken belief that it is about what’s “right”.

        When he prosecuted this it was still at a time when he could have enlisted some “media” that wasn’t compromised. In a sense, he did, with the British company. They paid them off.

        Hearing that he is still getting involved with controversial issues is surprising to me. Maybe I’m becoming too suspicious.

      1. Supposedly, the ammo is for the law enforcement side of the postal service.

        Maybe their going to deputize postal workers when the sh*t hits the fan…hahahaha, gives whole new meaning to “Going Postal”. Yikes.

    1. Another bromide re paranoia is: “If someone is following you and you don’t know it, you get a clean bill of health…If someone is following you and you know it, you are suspiciously paranoid. Moral of the story, don’t tell anyone. Hire a private eye to confirm.” lol

      1. “The real meaning of the word paranoia is— a man or person who has the ability to link events that seemingly are not connected.”—John Coleman [Video] Committee of 300

  3. There is simply too much of this to be fictitious. All of the accounts of this I’ve read indicate that they select their victims based on some form of expressed dissidence. It seems to be a psyop program to see if they can control any opposition.

    I wouldn’t be too quick to rule this out. If they are knowingly targeting these guys they would be “greasing the skids” and putting people at risk just to see if their experiment worked.

    I can’t say much about the response from the “support group”. This is scary stuff. Just imagine being targeted and trying to get help. Everybody you talk to thinks you’re insane. Poor devils.

    1. Lophatt, so true (trying to get help and everyone thinking you’re crazy). The guy’s email, if legit, seems perfectly lucid. He was an easy target – he’d been in trouble with the law before, too.

      Years and years ago, I would think this was all insanity. But now, I would not put it past our government to engage in such experiments with certain members of our population or those who they would prefer were out of the way. It would be easy for them to do it and easy to get away with it.

      They have more to gain and the ability to track down such activity is likely fruitless…nothing for them to lose.

  4. Please read! http://cnslab.ss.uci.edu/muri/research.html This provides conclusive proof that major universities as well as the DoD Multi-disciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) program are very much invested in this technology.This MURI-funded project is guided by the Army Research Office and is pursued by researchers at three academic institutions. These institutions include the University of California, Irvine, Carnegie Mellon University, and New York University. The expertise of the faculty investigators ranges from non-invasive brain-imaging methods like EEG, MEG and MRI, to hearing and speech, linguistics, visual attention, and signal-processing technologies like feature detection, pattern classification and automatic speech recognition. Also see http://www.iraq-war.ru/article/86935 which suggests that the US military has used this since 1991 in the first Gulf War.
    I am amazed at how often people just dismiss the knowledge that this technology exists and has for quite some time.

    1. Yes, they’ve been studying this for quite a while. I find it interesting that our antagonist in the “Aurora” event was supposedly involved in this type of work.

      “Neuro-liguistics”, that’s the new buzzword. Said another way, communicating to the nervous system outside the usual paths. In a way “marketing” is such a “science”. It is primitive compared to this, however. This seeks to do this “directly”. Preferably at an unconscious level.

      The goal is to have it perceived by the target as an uncontrollable urge. This really speaks volumes about human nature. If you could do this would you? It is depriving someone of their free will.

  5. I know this sounds crazy but…….

    Personal story: In 2002, I went to an outdoor Tom Petty concert after admittedly smoking a small amount of marijuana (something I did regularly at that time). As I approached the venue and the masses of people I began to feel a heightened sense of awareness, particularly my auditory sense. It seemed like I could hear conversations across greater than normal distances and then to tell the truth, I felt like I could “hear” other peoples thoughts. I tried to convince myself I was having a “panic attack” and was just paranoid, but something unusual was occurring in my opinion. I decided to leave and began making my way to the exit. As I moved against the crowd, I felt someone grab my right elbow, from behind, and push something behind my right ear. I froze for a moment and turned slightly to my left to see a short, athletic, military looking fellow move quickly past me and disappear into the crowd with amazing speed. He was wearing some kind of headset and a generic “security” emblem on his back. He also appeared to hold some kind of electronic device in his right hand. After I left, my perceptions returned to “normal” and nothing like that has ever happened to me again.

    I’m agnostic about the experience, however I can speculate about it. I could imagine that public outdoor events would be a great place for DARPA type projects/experiments as a great mass psychology/crowd control/ect…

    1. Lev, you must be very intuitive. I think the average person would not have noticed. The fact that you did probably created some discussion for them once the experiment was over.

      Your type of awareness can save you. It is always a good idea to follow your instincts. I have not had your direct experience of this. I have been exposed to mass manipulation techniques and “exited stage left”, however.

      It is better not to put one’s self in a situation where mass manipulation can occur. I don’t doubt that this happened to you for a minute.

        1. I suppose I meant that “mass manipulation” is anything from attending a sporting event to a rock concert. The idea being “becoming one with the crowd”.

          When I was in college (when Custer was a corporal), they showed us a film of a janitor at Berkley giving a speech. It was total gibberish but he had the crowd in thrall. It was all done by inflections in his voice and his mannerisms. We were told to study it and do a report.

          It has gotten much more sophisticated now but essentially it hasn’t changed. People love to belong. I think its the herd thing. Safety in numbers. The problem is that it isn’t safe.

          So, should you find yourself in a situation like this, never lose yourself. If you begin to feel an uncontrollable urge of some kind…….LEAVE. Something else may be at work.

        2. Cheers! Good thing I’m a bit of a fringe dweller then! Very happy to find like minds in forums though 🙂

        3. Good advice, Lophatt. Just leave the area.

          “The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind”, by French social theorist Gustave LeBon….taken to the level of the 21st century.

        4. To clarify my previous statement a bit, it doesn’t have to be a “mass event”. We are inundated with more subtle forms of manipulation constantly. Everything from movies, to video games to cell phone applications, you name it. Even celebrity worship is a form. Those most affected seem to live vicariously through others or fantasies that are produced for that purpose.

          Our society has become increasingly violent and unsympathetic. It is a “chicken and egg” question as to whether this reflects changed perceptions or whether things have been used to change those perceptions. Ultimately they result in a new set of “standards” against which most measure their behavior.

          As a group, the world hasn’t changed as much as we have.

    2. Lev, wild story. Very scary. A perfect place for them to try these little experiments. Since you were self-aware of the event, it probably got them talking.

  6. Is the consensus that this event actually happened? I didn’t do a lot of looking into it, but on the surface there were a lot of things about it that seemed to indicate this was a hoax.

      1. Yes, think about it. The role of the “press” used to be to calm the public. It was all about “there’s been a temporary disruption in the order of things. Don’t worry, things will get back to normal soon”.

        Now, it’s the full “Chicken Little”. “We’re all gonna die! We need more surveillance, and crotch-grabbing cops”. Look at the article. “Lone-nut shooter” so they close National Airport? Why?

        He must have been the first wave of bald black invaders? They have somewhere close to 500 shootings a year in D.C., do they close the airport every time that happens?

        It’s too close to the “terrorist attack by the lone black woman with her trusty one-year-old accomplice”. “Why……she was driving, ERRATICALLY!”. Somebody save us all.

        1. Yeah, I was really worried about Obama’s safety. Who knows what she might have done to him. Babies look cute and innocent, but you can’t really trust them. And once they turn into toddlers, forget it.

      2. OK, thanks apollonian and lophatt. What I was getting from some of the initial responses was that the email was considered as real, which brings the story into reality. That seems to be a common subplot.

    1. Violeta, one thing doesn’t necessarily follow another here. In my opinion it was most likely a hoax. The “mind-control” story, or at least the technology to do it, is real. They may be using it here to cast aspersion at anyone who thinks the story is a hoax. In other words, “anybody who would believe that this wasn’t real probably thinks we can control them using neuro-linquistics”.

      What we have is a situation where any “normal” aberration will be hyped into a “terrorist” act in order to keep the Gladio effect in full swing. If nothing happens, they will create something.

      This one looks fake. I merely point this out to show that this can become more difficult over time. The MSM narrative will always be what they wish us to take away from whatever happens. If they created an event it will arrive fully-formed. If something happens that they didn’t create they will be in full spin mode.

      They want everyone anxious and terrified. They hope that they’ll ask that they take away what little remains of their “rights” and make them safe. They are actively doing that anyway, it just makes it easier if nobody resists.

  7. Choose2…thank you for those links – very interesting. We’re not just bodies – but carry around a bit of energy. It is common knowledge that even high EMF readings from appliances will cause issues. I can’t imagine a targeted attack.

    With regard to the link you posted (technology used in Iraq) this is simple stuff but terrifying – this could be done to all of us – What a great way to control a large population who seeks revolution against a corrupt and over-controlling government! They would need little ammo to control us – and yes, I believe it could happen here:

    “Subliminally, a much more powerful technology was at work: a
    sophisticated electronic system to ‘speak’ directly to the mind of
    the listener, to alter and entrain his brainwaves, to manipulate
    his brain’s electroencephalograph ic (EEG) patterns and
    artificially implant negative emotional states-feelings of fear,
    anxiety, despair and hopelessness. This subliminal system doesn’t
    just tell a person to feel an emotion, it makes them feel it; it
    implants that emotion in their minds.”

    I now have a new thing to keep me up at night. Good discussion, however.

    1. Our servants (governments & the parties behind this surreptitious activity) have become our masters. That’s not what Jefferson had in mind. We live in a World fashioned by adherents to Saturnian principles. Except Saturnalia is now 365 days a year. They’ve stolen all of our rights (LEGALLY, but NOT ‘lawfully’) and sell them back to us and call them privileges. i.e.. the right to be left alone, the right to travel and the right to declare our sovran status (OVER the CORPORATE fiction that we created and foreign bankers and their masters stole along with our gold.) Our ‘inalienable’ rights are next. This system of involuntary slavery is ‘voluntary’ because their ‘contract’ is in-valid from day one.

      maxim: “The created can NEVER be greater than the Creator.”

      therefore; The Creator (bestower of those inalienable rights) created me (and you) “Man & Womb-man (woman) and we, in our status as progeny of the creator, created a FICTION called government. Or so the tell us. Because, you see, ‘government’ means ‘mind control’ in Latin. Would we as newly self-declared sovrans in 1776 have created a ‘government’ – knowing that? No. We created agencies to serve our commercial activities. Because ‘we, the People’ ARE ‘the State.’ That’s the true definition of ‘the State.’ Not some government agency (beneath us in status – OPERATING as a CORPORATE FICTION).

      Like i said, it’s a voluntary system, and we can opt out. THAT is the most important ‘inalienable’ right that we have. Exercise it, People.

      Sadly, we weren’t taught this in our schools – “He (or she) who doesn’t (know) assert their rights, have none.

      This technological invasion (ELF, EMF, and EEC manipulation) is very real. What’s ‘unreal’ is the idea that the People hiding behind ‘the government’ (for lack of a better word) believe that they have the right to do this to us, period.

      I’m a realist. But I’m also a optimist. I believe that what we are witnessing and being subject to these days is the desperate death throes of the old paradigm of the ancient globalist/empire regime. Keep up the great work Dr. Tracy.

      1. Yes, well said. I too believe that “rights” are bestowed by The Creator, not “the government”. In this country, at least as preached, the government is supposed to “guarantee” our God-given rights.

        Obviously, this is not so. In a perfect world office for governance would be sought humbly and for altruistic reasons. But, on paper, they serve at our pleasure. So how do we get rid of them? I’m waiting.

        If we can’t get rid of them who is the “master”? If they are doing these things to us we are their victims. Who asked them to do this? Why would they want to do this? The answer is simple…..control.

        We are more than the sum of our parts. There is more to our universe than we are capable of perceiving. Whether one manipulates using occult processes or “scientific” ones, it is ultimately the same. They are attempting to make themselves “gods”.

        “Pride goeth before the fall”. In the end their hubris will be their undoing. Those who have no respect for the dignity of man or woman show themselves to be unfit to “rule” anyone. They think their greed and avarice are signs of superiority.

        Look at the system they’ve designed. Universities sell their souls to them for a buck. The taxpayers fund “research” for nefarious purposes and, ultimately, have it used against those who paid for it. Let’s hope that whatever fate awaits these monsters matches the misery they’ve inflicted.

        1. “Let’s hope that whatever fate awaits these monsters matches the misery they’ve inflicted.”

          You can count on it. God is perfectly just. Of course, He’s in eternity, and from His vantage point His justice is meted out very swiftly. For us, the wait is agonizingly long.

        2. Absolutely. Soon enough their “contract” will be up. Then its time to pay the piper (sigh!).

        3. Well said Lo. It’s ALL about control, bottom-line. It’s not about money – they created it as a tool to ‘control’ the herd. “power’ then? No. Because without ‘control’ they’d have no power.

          All of their concerted theatrics-drills-turned-hoaxes, bogus conflicts, man made disputes over borders, territories, religions, and/or/any future efforts in fakery (ie. fake alien invasions, aand/or any fake comets & meteors coming to bring plagues to the Earth, any second coming that triggers a Global war, etc., etc., etc. are operations in Mind and sadly, ‘population’ CONTROL.

          When I read the comments here on Dr. Tracy’s blog, I feel refreshed in my resistance to their efforts.

          (Youtube) “Meet Your Strawman” – it’s a 5 minute cartoon describing how we can take ‘control’ over our own lives back from ‘them.’

        1. Yes, Curious, there are numerous websites and videos on YouTube that raise awareness and point any sovran in the making in the right direction. Keywords – ‘sovereignty’ – ‘Jordan Maxwell’ – ‘Dean Clifford’

          Under-standing is the key to over-coming, I always say.

    2. Beth, thank you for reading and not dismissing these posts. I have tried over the years just to interest family and friends enough to simply examine the facts. but no success beyond the eye roll which often accopmanies any mention of a “conspiracy theory”. In fact my husband, and he’s a smart man, even told me that “he just didn’t care”. As long as people have food, entertainment and their comforts then most do not care enough to find out what is really going on. When the SHTF I’m afraid it will be too late. Most of us think we’re so smart. Liberals have been duped to believe anything that opposes their humanistic point of view. Conservatives have been brainwashed to hang on to the status quo. Movements such as Occupy have been infiltrated by the likes of Soros who play one side against the other. The media we thought we could trust such as “Democracy Now”, and PBS is heavily influenced by grants from the elite’s “charitable” foundations. I choose to know because the truth, no matter how obscured or convoluted, is still important to me. I suspect that it is ultimately a spiritual battle we are involved in and I want to be most cautious in which side I support. I believe Dr. Tracy is credible, non-biased and he attempts to ask questions that beg answering. If there is anything that reassures me it is that this blog and we as readers still exist. Again, thank you.

      1. TRUTH Against Lies, As Usual….

        Greetings “choose”: great choice u made and make, by golly. Well, as good Christian, u must know it’s satan working his lies against truth–that’s the main plot-line, as always.

        U mention SHTF; well, note there’s one thing happening right now, on-going collapse of US Dollar–which oligarchs will try, and are now trying, to muddy-up and complicate w. warfare, as always.

        Meantime, true patriots are getting word out to folks how we’re being mass-murdered, in accord w. AGENDA-21, and by slow-kill methods, fluoride poisoning in water supplies, poison GMO foods, food additives, poison drugs pushed by doctors and “health” industry, poison “chem-trails,” not to mention nuke radiation poisoning coming fm such places as Fukushima.

        It ain’t something in the future; it’s happening right now, as we speak. Keep up ur good work.

        1. Appollonian, interesting name you have there…makes me curious as why you chose it. I get the Greek reference but as a Christian it also brings to mind the Dionysian connection and the sun god, who I suspect is much more ancient than even Greece and has many other names. I completely agree with you regarding Agenda 21, slow-kill from many sources, and so many curious things happening all around us, and as you say….”right now”! I am intrigued by by my curious nature and a sincere wish to find the truth. I’m old fashioned enough to actually believe in absolutes yet open minded enough to question everything…always. It’s great to hear from you and Beth and I look forward to reading more of your comments on Dr. Tracy’s blog. Let’s all keep up the good work and support each other that we may be courageous as we face what is surely coming.

        2. Choose: note “apollonian” was Nietzsche’s rationalist part of dichotomy, distinct fm the irrationalist/emotion-driven Dionysian. Christian is Greek, advocating TRUTH, hence reason, logic, science, above all/any other principle(s) (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against lies (JOHN 8:44), truth the ONLY way to Godly happiness.

          US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEITING scam then is CENTRAL, KEY instrument/weapon to present, satanic culture-of-death built upon empire-of-lies which is raging–it’s presently tottering, US Dollar about to collapse–which is why satanists so desperately want to submerge USA into horrific war, as in Syria, Iran, etc.

          So u see: we’re up against absolute, purest lies–not merely “socialism,” but actual death-worshipping satanism (Obongo-Care death-panels, etc.), to which “socialism” is mere moralistic/Pharisaist pretext.

      2. Choose2, That was lovely note. I’m sorry your family and your husband will not engage in those conversations. I’m blessed with a husband willing to entertain lots of “what if’s” and sons that have been raised to question all – so we engage in some interesting conversations….until somebody brings up “zombies” to bring light and laughter into an otherwise scary topic.

        It’s all about control and we have a government that is drunk with it. The best way to control large groups is with this technology – they get good enough at it, they don’t have to fire a single gun. Well, except for those among us who can detect it and get away. I need to read more – I’m in my infancy on the subject.

        I agree heartily that it is good to come to a blog and find folks who are willing to engage in such discussions. I’m glad you’re here 🙂

  8. Alexis may have been used for previous false flag operations. He’s a ringer for a “man on the street” witness to the 9/11 event, and has a twin in the Kenyan Mall shooting.

    1. Hmmmmm, that’s interesting! Watching these things is a lot like going to a boardwalk and having a carnival barker trying to usher you in. “Step right up and see the New World Order…..”. No thanks.

      I don’t watch TV. My wife has it on some of the day and, if I happen to walk past it, especially when the “news” is on, it’s horrifying. I suppose people build up a resistance to it. When you don’t watch it it REALLY seems strange when you do.

      All the breathless news readers and political nonsense. No one can be exposed to that for any length of time without brain damage. I suppose they are preserving a reality that I don’t share.

      If they are oblivious enough to watch TV I suppose they wouldn’t notice a “character actor” who shows up time and again. We need to remember, that is their audience. Those are people who want to “belong” to that fantasy on the screen.

      1. Lophatt, as Fish said, “Good point” and I agree watching videos as well as reading these articles is a lot like being draw in by a barker who will show us the NWO. Yes, it’s exactly this way that I have seen the NWO come to power. But first there was this ceaseless, nagging doubt that things were not as they seemed, that the answers were too pat or not answers at all. Then I became aware of the memory hole too where information I read a week earlier disapppeared and was replaced by something else. Major events like 911, the wars, the developing facism in my beloved country, all of these things were the real barker, and they showed me the face of the NWO in practice. I don’t watch tv because I find it boring and insipid but I am drawn to people like Dr. Tracy who do not act as barkers but as harbingers. I am reading and supplementing some of the more sensationalized information with credible researchers, bloggers, and truth seekers. I read all the comments made here and I follow up on other’s suggestions and consider their point of view. It’s so good to meet like minded people in a forum like this.

      2. Whenever I can’t listen any longer to the pap on either tv or radio, I tune into classiscal music. It soothes my mind and I find myself humming along or directing the percussion. Just self-applied theorapy that works for me. Never would take a pill or imbibe the Schnapps. Poor Phillip Seymore Hoffman, found with a needle in his arm; guess he couldn’t take it any longer. Hollywood destroys the humanity in the human.

  9. If any of these shootings were in fact real then we would have plentiful and unimpeachable evidence of them in the form of photos, videos, and eyewitness accounts. They would look something like the iconic photo from the Kent State shooting of the woman kneeling over the slain student with an anguished expression on her face. Except we would have many more because nearly everyone now carries a camera around with them in their mobile phone. All that we get in the case of the Navy Yard shooting however, is a clearly staged photo of a “victim” four blocks from the supposed site of the event, taken by an assistant to a congressman who is sponsoring gun control legislation.

    1. Yeah, but Chris, if they were photos, then u’d say they were fake–like u did above about the 9/11 WTC photos used by Dr. Judy Wood. U don’t even say why/how the photos are fake.

  10. Although a little off point, Dr. Tracy’s post and the comments have reminded me of Adam Walsh, the 6-year-old boy who was abducted in 1981 from a Florida shopping mall, whose decapitated head was then found by some fishermen in a canal.

    My first problem is that his father, John Walsh, then becomes the host of a TV show, “America’s Most Wanted.” Is THAT a normal parent’s reaction? I have always been appalled by his seeking the limelight based on the hideous fate of his little boy.

    But there’s more. The police investigation was completely inept. Ultimately, Ottis Toole, half of the serial-killer duo “Lucas and Toole,” confessed to the murder. The police closed their investigation when he did so.

    Dave McGowan has published a riveting analysis of the cushy treatment of serial killers in the U.S. It became a book, “Programmed to Kill.” (I’ve only read excerpts online.) Get this: Henry Lee Lucas was the only murderer on death row whose sentence George W. Bush, as Texas governor, ever commuted. Ottis Toole’s death sentence was commuted by Jeb Bush, as Florida governor! Yet these two confessed to an “amazing array of murders,” hundreds, as I recall. McGowan makes a very strong case that, instead of the random and senseless acts they appeared to be, these were targeted killings. Lucas and Toole were mind-controlled and trained as assassins by the CIA, as part of a satanic cult.

    I recommend this article (“There’s Something about Henry”): http://www.whale.to/b/henry.html

    1. I’ve read “Programmed to Kill the Politics of Serial Murder” and it’s true, you can’t believe any of these characters acted alone based on the evidence and things they admitted, even Bundy implied that there were others involved in the murders he was accused of. John Gacy too.

      1. Yes–I’ve been suspicious about the Bundy case, too. The book by true-crime writer Ann Rule about her KNOWING him (“The Stranger Beside Me”) is just not that credible. She said they worked together on a suicide hotline in Seattle.

        Guys, can’t finish–every time I try to post this comment the weather (my home page) comes up, and so does the calculator. I believe my computer is being interfered with. I have been bumped out countless times while writing this. (Also, two days ago my mouse began doing strange things and I had to find an old one.)

        I’ll continue this from the public library at some point.

        1. Wow, that is interesting. I remember reading about Lucas being into Satanism. Pardoning him was completely out of character for Sparky. There had to be something else going on there.

          As to Walsh, whether you call them sociopaths or psychopaths, there are an astonishing number of people who are totally self-serving and shameless. Putting myself in his place I couldn’t do that if my life depended on it.

          I really think we have basic choices to make in life. If we live only for ourselves we contribute nothing and die graceless. This has been true since the beginning of time.

          You’re right that there is a certain “celebrity” associated with serial killers.

    2. You’re right about the McGowan article, dinophile; I’ve long been an admirer of Dave’s investigations, and one really has to wonder at the Bush Brothers’ excuse-by-commutation of Henry and Ottis. Good grief, what a pair (Bushes and H&O)!

      I’m not a proponent of executions for many reasons, but the Bush Brothers have proven that they both are. Who pulled what strings and why?

      Regarding the idea of mind control, this 10 page pdf might interest you:

        1. Thanks for the link to The Vigilant Citizen, Patrick; I haven’t seen the site before and a quick look tells me I’ll be spending time there.

  11. Oops: that first sentence had an incorrect modifier. It was, of course, my digression into the Adam Walsh stuff, not Dr. Tracy’s blog and the comments, that is a “little off-point”)!

  12. What are they distracting us from with all these fake stories?

    Seems to be a lot of news about the gov working on brain improvements like implants that will help wounded vets regain their memories after major trauma and such. All the while they have to wait 18 months or more in getting their normal medical care approved.

    This winter has been the worst ever in the minds of many, yet you would have to do some searching to see 100’s of thousands are without power and heat today.

    The healthcare debacle that the CBO admits will drive millions of workers to unemployment, is somehow a good thing as people will have the freedom not to work, while the remaining workers support that?


    1. Remember Historic Example/Situation Of St. Constantine The Great, 4th Cent.

      Gotta consider: at a certain pt., these people at the top leadership, including those “behind the scenes,” start to getting power-mad. Greeks pt’d out HUBRIS is madness–they eventually become their own worst enemies.

      Observe Obongo exposed lying-through-teeth about Obongo-Care and “keeping ur doctor,” etc.–he also said raising the debt-ceiling doesn’t mean we’re going further into debt, ho ho ho–almost comical if it wasn’t so disastrous.

      Problem is w. the mass-corp. “news”-media hyping crap so heavily along w. the “entertainment,” etc., the disaster happens suddenly and seeming without warning–as when prices sky-rocketing, causing then serious food-shortages, civil un-rest, etc.

      Obongo has also now been exposed blatantly violating the US Const.–they’ve reached a tipping-pt. stage, US Dollar about to collapse, cops murdering poor citizens, daily.

      At certain pt. it will get too much for these powers w. the juggling acts and endless lying fm “news”-media. We merely need a Christian revolution of sort of St. Constantine the Great–against these satanic, murdering psychopaths.

  13. I am an absolute believer in remote influencing technology and mind control in general, but I still tend to believe that this event was a hoax. I’m not saying that I couldn’t be wrong or that I’m 100% sure but there were many of the same tell-tale signs of hoax in this. It’s like they are trying to bait the “conspiracy crowd” with these events now. It could be what Cass Sunstein talked about. The fact that people who investigate these things are split could be the goal. To cause in-fighting amongst the parapolitical research community.
    By the way, I believe that I am a Targeted Individual, so again I absolutely believe in this stuff. I’ve actually contacted this group as well and it didn’t seem like there was much they could do. I would appreciate any advice Professor Tracy might have for me since I know that he does research this topic.

  14. To the Chris who thinks that 911 “was a movie”, this is patent nonsense from a probable troll. I am the Chris who posted on the OKC bombing, and will now be posting as Christo.

    1. I can’t speak for chris but perhaps he was referring to views expressed in many films about media fakery during 911. I had always thought they were disinfo designed to lead people away from evidence that the normal person can evaluate as true into something slightly fantastic and something the layperson has to rely upon an expert to evaluate(much like judy wood but less whacky in my opinion). why I thought they were disinfo was they made the leap of logic from video forgery of much of the plane footage(which only shows media complicity in the event which we already know) to no planes. I don’t know if there were really planes used to crash in to the buildings or not – even richard grove who was driving to the trade center in traffic in a convertible with the top down says he saw nor heard no plane. either the plane crashed into or a bomb went off into the very office he was supposed to be meeting at. was there a position beacon guiding the remote controlled plane into the offices of Marsh & Mclennon or a bomb? all I know is that they have used many of the same tactics promoting fake victims and photoshopped victims that they have used on the sandy hook hoax and other hoaxes recently. I don’t think it was a hoax I’m just saying that many of the same tactics were used.

      here is a quick version of richard’s account of that day.

    2. Explain to me what is nonsensical about it. If you’re here you likely believe Sandy Hook and Boston were hoaxes. 9/11 was somewhat different in that real buildings were destroyed, I’m just saying you didn’t likely see footage of the actual destruction. That what was broadcast has massive evidence of CGI, like “jumpers” who would be 14 feet tall if compared to the windows they were supposedly jumping out of. There were drills on the morning of 9/11 just like with all of these other events. There were drills in New York City for building collapse. They had all the personnel ready to go to evacuate the area. There are pictures that I believe are real of the area barricaded off with swat guys with machine guns standing guard. Yet, allegedly regular New Yorkers ran to the scene to help dig people out we were told that day. Honestly, do you believe our authorities would ever allow regular people into that area? There are photos from the day that also show how you couldn’t see down the street because of the smoke. I believe these photos are also real and what it really looked like. You have explosions where planes allegedly hit, that becomes the alleged source of all the smoke, people are evacuated from the area. No one can really see what’s going on, they take down the buildings using conventional means and then they broadcast you a simulation full of contradictory evidence and Easter eggs so you’ll fall all over yourself trying to figure it out. Or, maybe Patrick believes that it was the real face of the devil in the smoke and not a subliminal. I would recommend the movie September Clues. I don’t agree with every view that that group espouses either, and sometimes the people in there forum act like a cult as well, but the movie does do a good job of showing the video fakery.

  15. That is a valuable interview. Richard Grove seems to be the real deal–and he heard or saw no planes. Interesting that he apparently had to be interviewed in Sweden.

    His info about Maurice Greenberg is particularly interesting, because of those Sandy Hook actors alleged to be from the Greenberg clan (e.g., Jennifer Sexton-Greenberg, who poses as Laura Phelps, etc.)

    1. richard has told the story many times, project constellation being the thorough accounting of what happened, the red ice interview was much shorter so I posted it. let me clarify, Richard, to my knowledge, has never claimed to be a no-planer he just said that he did not hear or see any plane that day.
      yes richard is the real deal.
      I highly suggest everyone check out the Peace Revolution podcast if you don’t already .

  16. I can’t resist another tidbit based on the Greenberg connection. It is that “Mark Zuckerberg” (creator of Facebook) is rumored to be, in reality, Jacob Michael Greenberg, the grandson of Maurice Greenberg–and great-grandson of David Rockefeller. He created the last name “Zuckerberg” from his grandparents’ names (Corinne Zuckerman and Maurice Greenberg).

    Jacob Michael Greenberg was picked up for drug possession, and his mugshot looks identical to pictures of Mark Zuckerberg, in my opinion.

    But, boy, there is a lot of distracting noise about this on the web, not to mention that this information came from Ed Chiarini (Dallas Gold Bug).

  17. This posting is silly, the Naval Yard shooting was fake. Aaron Alexis (nice dubs AA) is a fiction and this whole thing mirrors a lot of the Sandy Hook conspiracies regarding “the hum” and ELF, rabbit holes put out there to make Adam Lanza look real.

    Take a look at the photos from the Naval Yard shooting, does it look any more real than the other hoaxes? I see a bunch of actor thugs doing silly goose steps and performing as many masonic poses as possible. It looks like utter bs

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