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Updated at 5:55PM EST, February 5, 2014

MHB received this communication from  attorney Eric Sanders at 8:25PM on February 4, 2014:

Please immediately remove this content from your website.  You do not have permission to republish it without the express permission of The Sanders, Firm, P.C.  Thank you.

The post has been removed in accordance with Mr. Sanders’ wishes. The original post may be found here.

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  1. This story has so many problems! I didn’t believe it was true while it was playing out in the news that day…and I don’t believe it today either. Does anyone here at Memory Hole believe this story?

    1. Mary, I read the story and noticed the part where Valarie claimed that she was shown a photograph of her sister covered in a blue sheet on a steel slab. She is next of kin. Does the photograph only part sound familiar? I believe that the event was just another government sponsored drill.

      1. I noticed that too, John…are we being preconditioned to accept mere photos as absolute proof of death? Come to think of it, wasn’t that exactly what the 911 operatives counted on as well? Plus, we have been warned to accept a very cheap electronic forgery of a birth certificate as absolute proof of eligibility to hold the highest position in our country…or else! Seeing is certainly no longer believing.

        I remember this Miriam Carey affair occurred during the “government shutdown”. If it was meant to be a diversion, I could have come up with a better story than this nonsense. I wonder though, what was the real intent?

        I simply don’t accept the story of Ms. Carey as being a true event, so any claims coming from her family or anyone else must also be fabricated.

        1. Absolutely Mary! If this event were real, the lawsuit would be in the 8 figure range (>$100M). They seem content with whatever settlement that they may have received already.

        2. I see that Eric Saunders further down the blog is stating that there is an open lawsuit in the amount of $75M. That will be one to watch.

        3. Really? The key words here are “may have”. You disrespect the family as well as James Tracy’s integrity. The same goes for Mary, who you have replied to. Just because …..??? How much research have you actually done here regarding rhis incident?

    2. Her ‘story’ is incomplete. It sounds more like an excuse for the ‘terrorists’ with weapons who have everyone in America in their sights for potential target practice – and by ‘terrorists’ I mean the police forces who work for the corporation known as ‘THE UNITED STATES’ which IS NOT “America.” (see: the UCC for clarification).

      * on the definition of a ‘terrorist’ I feel I must ‘articulate’ – since the government won’t define what they deem to be a ‘terrorist’ with any specificity, allow me – in the words of GW Bush – “A terrorists is anyone who isn’t ‘with’ us.” And by ‘us’ I more than imagine he meant ‘them’ – and by ‘them’ I’m certain he meant all of his inbred cousins, known as the ruling class. Therefore, ‘they’ are defining ‘us’ as ‘them’ and the rest of ‘us’ – we, the People – as ‘their’ terrorists. In 1933 their foreign agents (the Rothschild banking clans) stole our gold, and in writng, declared ‘us’ (the American People’) ‘their’ “enemy combatants.” (Look it up, if you don’t believe me.)

      This is why they’ve turned all of America’s Peace officers into CORPORATE ‘policy enforcers’ and re-defined them as ‘police forces.’

      Sorry for the tangent, but I believe the problem is one of definition.

      And she seems to be rationalizing (excusing) how the cop who shot her sister (allegedly) was just doing his ‘job’ and it is somehow the times we live in. She has more emphasis on the subject of the cop who shot her sister (allegedly) than she does on her surviving niece. Explainable, maybe, considering that she is allegedly writing about a ‘fellow’ police officer who ssupposedly killed her sister. Not enough ‘outrage’ in her tone.

      To definine ‘rationalization’ (andthe use of it in this context) I refer to the word ‘bullshit.’ Because every ‘incident’ or drill-turned-hoax is nothingmore than bulls%#t, designed by ‘they’ who are pre-serving themselves, at our expense.

      I call ‘bulls%#t’ on ALL of the stories, that eventually allow the powers-tha-be the opportunity to have their henchmen invade our homes while allegedly looking for ‘terrorists’ and fire at will on the American People, as if we are their enemy – terrorists.

  2. I will keep you and your family and your little niece in my prayers! God always brings everything to light so have peace knowing that one day their grand scheme will blow up in their face and they will have us to deal with!

  3. I am sorry. But I believe that if you expect ‘justice’ in this matter, you’re just whistling in the wind. The only way these cops will be held accountable is if something happens in the street. Otherwise, they’ll skate. If you have LEO experience, you know this.

  4. The sister has left out the part that she drove more than 200 miles to get there…and her boyfriend had called police saying that he was worried about her and the baby’s safety. Im with you on not trusting the media, etc. However, why did she drive all that way…? Her 911 calls prior to her death about being watched…? Police do love to go overboard that is certain, but why leave all of those other factors out in this letter…?

  5. Damn straight! She’s a police officer, as well as next of kin, and SHE DIDN’T IDENTIFY THE BODY??

  6. I encourage and, value greatly, blogs like this where citizens speak and debate openly and are not censored.

    Woe to any blog that calls itself an ‘open site’ (or some such) and ‘dedicated to truth, blah, blah, blah’ (or more of some such), and then in dark and ominous, cowardly mimickry of present and persistent modern centralized government(s) and plutocratic control centers, fails to do just that.

    To err on the side of cowardice, personal weakness and hypocrisy (and BIG MONEY) is a remarkably common action these days.

    Ned Lud

  7. If the family of Miriam Carey has so many unanswered questions, then this odd event needs deeper investigation. I wish I knew how to post photos, but the one taken during the Carey shooting, of a Congressman walking past a sniper, ignoring the gun, while he talks on his cell is very interesting,

    The attempted ‘police state’ Superbowl operation was a catastrophic failure. Fans were forced to pay $51 each to submit to airport style security and board designated trains into the arena.

    BUT, the crowd said “NO!” They crashed security almost immediately, then sweltered in gridlocked stations, where several people were reported to have passed out. Even medical responders were unable to move in.

    Yet, PR tweets praised the smooth and quick arrival of the fans.

    What is encouraging, is that the hero of all sports loving Americans has recently taken on the brass, and challenged them on 9/11 details, especially the Pentagon crash. Pete Carroll is a TRUTHER. No one can take him on. Go Carroll! Go Tracy!

    According to, “Security officers at first were checking every bag, but by 2:45 p.m., more than three hours before the game, checkpoints were overwhelmed by the crowds and people they were pouring through with little or no examination of what was on their person or what they were carrying.”

    Delays haven’t been the only issue on Sunday. The packed crowds let to overheating, causing several people to collapse while waiting in long lines. Emergency workers had to force their way to the crowds just to help them. Stadium officials implemented airport-style security measures at the entrances to MetLife, but had to abandon them just to get people through the door in time. Fans excited about the game quickly turned sour, leading to chants of “New Jersey, your Super Bowl sucks!”Read more at

    1. I tried to post this last evening, sorry if it is duplicated but did anyone else get creeped out by the beginning of the half time show with the bunch of kids singing, holding hands and standing in front of the word PREPARE? … A warning perhaps?

      1. Yes, that did creep me out, and I also was waiting for other shoe to drop to see if they would try to “false flag” the Superbowl in some day. Thank God that did not happen. I’ll be happy when every lands safe and sound.

    2. Has anyone bothered to connect the dots between OKC, Atlanta Olympics, and the Kenyan embassy?

  8. So what is the end game? More money and better training for a kinder, gentler security/police force? Public insistence on even more cameras to catch rogue cops in the act? (Not that footage is ever available when needed).

  9. Whatever this event was in the capital, I seem to recall it occurred DURING the government shutdown, meaning that federal employees were not being paid and on some kind of furlough. Nevertheless the Congress was in session and horribly gave a round of applause to the local police for killing a woman. How very Hunger Games.

  10. Ms. Carey – will be praying for your family that you find the strength to provide your niece a loving and happy life and the perseverance to expose those corrupted with their power for the evil criminals that they are. Seems ironic that this blog who historically questions the media lies, are asking you to explain what they reported. Perhaps Miriam’s death will lead this nation to a huge awakening.

    1. Maybe ‘the story’ was delivered to the masses in an effort to get us ‘used to’ the inevitable – that, in the future, cops will be shooting People at will, because ‘law enforcement’ will be rounding up the dissidents (enemies of ‘the state’) and sending us off to FEMA ‘safety’ camps or ‘over to the other side’ to protect us all from ‘terrorism.’ The masters of the ‘lawmakers’ (politicians) and their ‘policy enforcers’ (police forces) are pitting their private armies against ‘we the People’ because ‘WE’ are ‘THEIR’ enemies.

      This whole story is as hokey and obviously incongruent as ALL of these staged events.

      Don’t get me started on the mind-controlled ‘random’ killers, who all have entanglements to the military or some other government agencies prior to their actual shooting rampages – just before they ‘conveniently’ shoot themselves.

      Wake up People – the enemies are not only within the gates, they own the gates, the estates (the States), we, the People, & the guards who protect their status quo, power-base and their personal fortunes that we the People pay for.

      The ‘media’ (L. middle) are ‘their’ ‘middlemen’ (propagandists) who serve their masters well. Mesmerism & mass hypnotism are what they are doing to the masses, not ‘informing’ us. Between the media and their masters, they aren’t ‘transforming’ the World, the are ‘trance-forming’ (mesmerizing) the People who live on it.

      People can’t see the farce for the treason. So sad.

  11. I seriously question this case. Is Dr. Tracy being duped, or is he knowingly spreading dis-information?

    Does anyone really believe these three, especially Patty Bills? Looks to me like Patty went to the same smiling school as the Sandy Hook Frauds.

    Patty claims the cops pulled the child from the car before shooting the mom. Please run through this scenario in your brain and ask yourself if this is how cops would respond. Don’t you think it would be easier to turn the car off, or take it out of gear, then pull a baby out? Its safe to say the baby was still buckled in the car seat.

    If cops had access to the inside of the car, I think they would subdue the driver before trying to pull the kid out. In the video, at 3:30, the guy abruptly cuts Patty off because he knows she is full of crap with her baby-pulled-from-the-car story.

    Here is another clip showing proof this thing was staged.

    Watch at the beginning, at :06, the fake protestor lady with the brown sign does not hear racing cars and police sirens as the whip around behind her. Then at :20, she fakingly acts surprised and turns around with a fake shock. Bull crap.

    1. Bill, I don’t think Dr. Tracy is being duped, nor is he spreading dis-information. Perhaps he would like to see what others believe about it.

      I do agree with you about the whole story being garbage though. Just another in a long line of hoaxes with a long line of bad actors with their money grubbing hands outstretched. Nothing more.

      1. Maybe all of these events are staged simply to gauge public reaction(those who are asleep), or to measure our ability to smell a rat (those who are awake). To fine tune the machine, so to speak.

        Regardless, I’m sure it was another drill gone live, being that it happened during the shutdown, and especially when the Supreme Soviet… er, I mean Congress jumped all over the bandwagon with their standing ovation of the murder. I certainly hope they didn’t waste this woman for bad driving. Personally, I’m using the cruise control more than I used to.

    2. Guess I was duped again. Note the sister said she was a homeowner, and then they raid her apartment! There may be a pattern here, Newtown questioners asked were is the blood and lawsuits, Boston gave us fake blood and now we have a fake lawsuit!

      1. you were not duped. my sister had just been murdered when we spoke with the press. so excuse me if I interchanged descriptions of her Condo which SHE OWNED! my sister is dead at the hands of Capitol Police and Secret Service.. nothing fake about that.

        1. This is normally a place where most comments make sense. I am glad you pointed this out. I can’t believe the comments on here and am sorry people ate now attacking your integrity and speculating about your motivations. I believe you 100% and will pass on your story to everyone I know!

        2. Well if right after you made the site your ex husband threatened to kill you in front of your children, you spent the next 6 mo in courts to deal with criminal charges protection orders custody issues and making him pay his child support. Then Imagine being diagnosed with colitis diverticulitis and celiac plus ten polyps the size of marbles, fibromyalgia and possibly MS or Lupus, having seizures, trying thru all of this to get your two kids to counseling plus yourself, trying to find a job willing to deal with all the crazy schedules, one child who has nightmares and is suffering in school because he is afraid daddy is coming to hurt mommy you might have decided the blog you wanted to start needed to be put on hold. Who knew my timing was going to be off. But I will post something here soon as life is getting better and I now will have time to focus on my blog. Hope that satisfied your issues

        3. kind of a weird thing to do, talk to the press, when your sister had just been murdered unless you were planning on using the press to attack her murderers which you did not do. At least we all know she was a citizen now. good job val! I would like to present you with the law enforcement intelligence medal of honor to put next to your 70 million in blood money and your XL box of fruity pebbles!

    3. I did not post the statement to spread disinformation. If police officers recklessly murdered an unarmed civilian, as the story suggests, it would be yet another example of our increasingly militarized law enforcement gone haywire that must be addressed.

      I agree that we should remain skeptical of how public events are reported, especially those of this nature that have odd features and lend themselves to sensationalism, and appreciate the discussion the post has prompted. I remain open to the prospect that, as with Sandy Hook and Boston, there may be a number of subtexts the public knows very little about–ones that can only be brought to light with close study and analysis.

  12. Who was the other adult that was in the car with Carey who was “taken into custody”?

    1. The drill director who could bark orders while Miriam drove. Now that there has been no open casket funeral, the question of where Miriam is becomes important. A lawsuit with a fat fee for the lawyer is key and perhaps a new fund coming soon – should it be 20 Candles Fund or perhaps 30 Candles? What we’ll never know is where these so called victims wind up. Witness or participant relocation can mean disappearing forever. Working for the government in any capacity is foolish. What seems like a cushy well paid assignment can become dangerous if they decide on a different scenario as poor Dzhokhar Tsarnaev experienced, now sitting in solitary confinement.

        1. Thank you for this. Would you please explain some of anomalies in this story. The second driver? The daughter pulled from the car and not the mother – which could have easily been done. The crashed police car, not caused by Miriam, but then credited to her?

        2. Marzi, I had forgotten about the cop car. That was VERY theatrical. I got the distinct sense that this, like so many others, was filmed a piece at a time. Now you see it, now you don’t.

          As you say, there was another adult visible at one point in the car. They could have simply raised the bollards. She could drive back and forth all day, who cares?

          The whole scene was wrong. It only looks that deserted when they’ve closed the street. Normally there are tourists five-deep all around the block taking pictures. If they had wanted to shoot somebody they could have called the snipers on the roof.

          After all, what was really so dramatic about this. Contempt of cop? What threat did it pose? If this were SOP for cops nationwide there would be a half-dozen fatalities per day in LA.

        3. “I identified the photo that was shown to me. It was a picture of my sister Miriam as she lay lifeless on what appeared to be a stainless steel slab swathed in blue material covering her whole body only to expose her beautiful face which now looked like she was sleeping” No disrespect intended but those of us who have dealt with the death of loved ones, cannot fathom not hugging and kissing the last remains of our dearly departed. If they looked like they were only sleeping, surely would of done mouth to mouth resuscitation and anything else to bring them back to life. Death does not look like sleeping.

        4. Valarie, if it’s really you, can you please tell us about the funeral? Where was it held, who attended, were there any newspaper reports of it, is there an online guestbook we can examine?

        5. Not answering for sister Valarie, but I had not looked into the funeral part of this story as it was dwindling down pretty fast to make room for the next one. According to msm the funeral took place in mid October in Brooklyn. The lady in the link below, Miriam’s mother, is not wearing attire fit for that time and place. It must have been a hot day. Some reports say 60 people attended, others say 90 and still more claim in the hundreds. Several other conflicting “facts” can be found in msm.

        6. Valarie, it is not so much how many people attended the funeral, but to sort out what is being reported in msm. No reason to get upset, but it you have looked at this blog you’ll know that details matter quite a bit in resolving anomalies. As former NYPD you ought to be aware of that. No disrespect.

        7. In the picture in the article Anne Berg posted, the three sisters are dressed identically, in what appear to be choir robes (and the other woman is carrying hers).

        8. Valarie, it seems odd to me that you would say “the lady in the link is not Miriam’s mother”. The natural response would be “not our mother”, if indeed Miriam is your sister. And Dinophile is correct…the women in that picture are wearing choir robes.

        9. really Mary? No those were not choir robes that we were wearing the woman next to me is not MY mother. But if you MUST know the woman next to me is a family friend that came in from out of town to pay her last respects. I see you have nothing else to do other than to read into every word I write. I wrote this piece after walking the route my sister took to express myself. which I did not give this site permission to even post. they took if from my attorney’s site. and quite frankly I think it’s time that the moderator take it down. Your concern should be why my sister was unjustifiably killed in our nation’s capitol! not how many people attended her funeral, not what I was wearing or any other nonfactor as to why we’re even having this conversation.

        10. You are asking me to believe a story that is not believable or credible. That is exactly what the American public was asked to do with the events of 911, Sandy Hook, and the Boston Marathon, etal. So far, the majority of the American public has been willing to lay aside all common sense and discernment, and at the risk of being called uncaring, un-American, intolerant, racist, you name it, to just sit back, be silent, and accept whatever nonsense we are told as the gospel truth, against our better judgment. That is how people fell for Patriot Act I and II, and it is the same tactic that will be used to strip away any remaining rights that we have. We have already forfeited our first, second, and fourth amendment rights because of these outright hoaxes, and I for one, am not willing to forfeit any more. Questioning the facts, or lack thereof, of 911 does not mean I hate my country; questioning Sandy Hook does not mean I hate children; questioning the Boston event does not mean I am apathetic to the sufferings of others and neither does questioning the truthfulness of the Miriam Carey story. I no longer believe news stories that are not credible and backed up by facts.

        11. What’s this? “valcarey” which links to a bogus wordpress site vs. “Valarie Carey”? What’s with the abrupt shift in tone?

          WordPress site is timehacked February 11, 2011 with zero entries.

          Oh, please do tell us “what our concern should be” regarding this event.

        12. Have you spoken with Patty Bills? I would want to know how the cops were able to pull a baby from a car seat in the back, but weren’t able to subdue the driver, disengage the gear, or just turn off the car. I would guess cops are trained to be able to easily stop the vehicle from inside.

          If I had one chance to jump into a moving vehicle in an emergency situation, I would go for the keys.

  13. Thanks for posting this. I’m still not sure what to make of this story, though I obviously don’t trust the media version of events.

    Also, sorry this is off-topic, but I highly recommend the video below on Carlos Arredondo, the “hero” of the Boston Bombing Hoax. The video gets into all of the problems and inconsistencies in his report of what took place at the Boston Marathon, and then it examines media coverage he got years earlier when his son died in Iraq. It was interesting to see how his story was changed to make him a more sympathetic character. She also gets into how/why he might have been compromised into going along with a govt. hoax like Boston. Finally, the video suggests that perhaps TPTB chose to make him the hero of Boston in order to portray illegal immigrants in a positive light, which makes sense since the elite agenda is all about economic warfare on the middle class through mass immigration, and a lot of the coverage on Carlos mentioned how it was so good he wasn’t deported–otherwise, he wouldn’t have been there to save Jeff Bauman!! Anyway, I thought it was a very well done video and it brought out some new information.

    Carlos Arredondo – Boston Hero or NWO FRAUD?

    1. Amanda,

      I just posted a link yesterday to the same video under the topic: Video: Boston Marathon Bomb Simulators Exposed.

      It’s a brilliant expose that was created by Betsy McGee, who has several other equally exceptional videos. I highly recommend subscribing to her youtube channel.

      1. Thanks John, I’ll definitely subscribe and check out her other videos. I thought this one was exceptionally good, and it was great to see people are still trying to get the truth out on this.

    2. amanda, thanks for posting, that video was great! I knew carlos was a spook but betsy really opened my eyes to a whole new angle to the boston bombings. I have to post her video on ed charini since some people fail to see that this guy has preemptivly muddied the water before they started using crisis actors in all these hoaxes.
      this is funny.

  14. I have been in that same spot many times. There are bollards in the roadway that can be activated by a switch on the cop’s dash. The streets are public, as they said in the piece, but sometimes they raise the bollards to block a whole block.

    The gate that she stopped at is an ornamental gate. There are tourists everywhere and the area is busy. There are cops galore. It would be no problem to stop a car without shooting anyone.

    I think it is another staged vignette. The message is that the “authorities” are in charge and you have no right to question their actions. He’s also right about the cameras. They’re EVERYWHERE.

    So, if this was another drill, it should make you angry. If it was the “real thing” that should make you angrier still. All of these police shootings are not accidental. They are there to acclimate us to being murdered at will with no recourse.

    As far as the background story goes, who knows? If she thinks she was being watched, maybe she was. I suppose the message is, “we’ll kill crazy people if they get too close to their betters”? This country has become an embarrassment.

        1. Ha, ha, that’s right! There is a lady by the last name of Pope who used to hang with him as a teenager in Hawaii. The two salient characteristics she remembers were the lying and the fact that he had no interest in girls. She said he was busy “powdering his nose” and got the money to do that by spending “quality time” with gay middle-aged tourists.

          Who knows if he decided to “expand his horizons” or he’s just “bi”. We couldn’t ask because we know he doesn’t tell the truth.

      1. I don’t even believe that the two “first daughters” we are shown are his and Michelle’s daughters. In the summer of 2012, I heard Obama comment on something, and he said “my two sons…”. I wish I could remember where I heard that. I asked my sister and a friend, both of which have two sons, if they would ever make the mistake of referring to their two sons as their two daughters. They both answered “absolutely not”…we all agreed it would be absurd.

    1. My own curiosity led me to research this event at the time, as well as Miriam and her family. The official story made no sense, but at least the script was changed from a lone male with guns to a female with a young daughter and a car, possibly laden with explosives. Sort of a relief from the standard fare. Miriam had a fall, hit her head and ended up in a hospital while visiting friends in New Jersey. What happened at the hospital because she kept hearing voices after that? She lived in Stamford, not a good place to live these days. Stamford is 265 miles from Washington, DC and 45 miles from Hamden where we are told she worked as a dental hygienist. Long commute. No mention of a funeral. Neighbors said she drove around in expensive cars. The mortgage on the condo she lived in was in her name.

      Her sisters appeared shortly afterwards on camera, all nicely groomed and very much at ease. Very Newtownesque and no tears. Sounded scripted. One sister is retired from NYPD and that raised some questions. Why not demand to see the body in person? Another sister had, maybe still does, a feel good TV show. I believe she had something to do with Oprah too if my memory is correct. Miriam’s alleged boyfriend was twice her age and lived a good distance from Stamford. He has a heating and air conditioning business where Miriam was listed as one of the employees. That’s what I recall at the top of my head.

      At one point in DC the Infinity was completely surrounded by guys pointing guns at the car. Then they stepped away and let the car drive off – around and around. Pure theater. Looked like two people in the car. I do not know what to make of this letter from one of the sisters, but being former NYPD she must also be aware on how deep police corruption goes, including the NYPD. Just ask Frank Serpico .

    2. I think we should focus more on the point someone posted earlier, about the government shutdown.

      Perhaps the shutdown itself was engineered, so this event (and drill) could be staged.

      Also: what scandal did it distract from?

      1. I think its a cinch that, shutdown or no shutdown, Obongo’s place was heavily guarded. They have snipers on the roof, etc.. I’ve said before that there are bollards in the street. These things are heavy duty. I’ve watched the cops throw a switch in their cars and raise and lower them.

        If she were fleeing or they simply wanted to stop her all it would have taken is to throw a switch. Bang! End of chase.

        1. Here’s what I think. I am reluctant to state that nobody was killed. That is not because I think them incapable of it, it is just because I have no way to prove it adequately from where I sit.

          I think the MESSAGE is what’s important from their standpoint. Here the message is “Obongo, and his ilk, are more important than you are. If a cop ‘fears for his life’, that’s all they need. They have a ‘license to kill”.

          So, aside from ratcheting up the general “Gladio “B”” ongoing agenda of fear mongering and justification for creating a Soviet-style police state, they are sending a warning. “The government belongs to US, and anyone who refuses to obey will be dealt with harshly”.

          We are seeing it more and more every day. My initial impression is that this is entirely too “pat”. Again, as usual, we are shown only the footage released with accompanying narrative. We have been shown that we cannot trust the media to tell the truth.

          If the killing actually happened the cops who did it should be charged. Remember, on paper we still have a presumption of innocence. The cops are not supposed to be executing (literally) street justice. There is no excuse for the use of anymore force than is necessary to apprehend someone suspected of a crime. They are presumed innocent until they have their day in court.

          Crack dealer or choirboy, it is all supposed to be the same. So, if this was staged it was done for the purposes above. If it was real it is a crime. The silence on this is deafening. It means that society is OK with this.

        2. Eric Sanders, Esq. has left comments on several sites regarding the Miriam Carey case. What people are saying is no doubt being monitored by his firm. There are also statements on The Sanders Firm website by him and Carey family members about lack of helpful
          responses from media and the public.

          Excerpt from the link above:
          In the video below, Rev./Dr. James David Manning refers to a phone interview he had with Miriam’s sister, Valarie Carey, who is a retired New York City police sergeant, and points out many oddities about Miriam’s death:
          • Why did Capitol Hill police, who are trained to be temperate, instead shot to kill an unarmed woman who had a baby in the back seat of her car? No guns or bombs or threatening letters were found in her car. (To that I’ll add this: If police thought Miriam’s careening car was a public hazard, why didn’t they shoot out the car’s tires?)
          • Why did police not follow the usual procedure of notifying the next of kin first? Instead, according to Valarie Carey, police released Miriam’s identification to the public before notifying her family. Valerie found out about her sister from a reporter’s phone call.
          • When the Carey family traveled to Washington, DC, they were told they couldn’t see Miriam’s body but were just shown a photo of her body.
          • To this day, the Carey family has not been given an official notification of Miriam’s death, or of the autopsy report, or how many times she was shot.
          • Why are black race-hustlers like Al Sharpton and Charles Rangel silent about Miriam’s shooting death when they normally raise a hue-and-cry about any alleged police mistreatment of blacks? Sharpton’s silence is especially noteworthy because Miriam’s sister, Valarie Carey, is on the executive board of his National Action Network. Did somebody get to Sharpton?
          • Why did the police intimidate and silence Carey family attorney Eric Sanders?
          • Why is Miriam being discredited and portrayed as a mentally-ill, deranged woman when there is no evidence as such? On the contrary, Miriam was highly functional, being a dental hygienist. The only medication she was taking was prescription med for post-partum depression.
          • And the biggest question of all: Why did Miriam Carey drive to Washington, DC that day, and specifically to the White House? That last question is what prompted Valarie Carey to wonder if her sister’s 18-month-old daughter is Barack Obama’s “love child.”

          Interesting stuff. There are also reports that Miriam Carey drove to DC to shop. Sure, driving 265 miles from Connecticut through several states, all with plenty of stores, to shop in DC instead?

          There are similarities with this story and the way the Lanza affair unfolded. Police shot this woman we are told, and they also shot Lanza according to the latest. Next of kin was not notified by authorities, but learned the news from the media in both cases. Peter Lanza heard about his son being a mass murderer by a reporter in his Stamford driveway. Both Adam Lanza and Miriam Carey are described as mentally ill. Photos were shown of the dead in both cases, confusion about autopsies and so on. Conflicting details from msm about the age of Miriam’s daughter to a plethora of other contradicting statements – standard operating procedure.

          And where is Al Sharpton? The cat finally got his sharp tongue? Valarie Carey is on the executive board of Sharpton’s National Action Network. There is much more, but this is enough to realize that as usual what meets the eye to these mockingbird stories is not all. Media deception is at the core of this site. No one wants to blemish the memory of a true victim of a system gone mad, we all agree on that. And thanks again to professor Tracy for allowing free speech on this blog.

          Interesting info on Alhurra TV that captured the raw video:

        3. Best reply so far Anne.
          Each point is spot on. I believe the NSA has so much dirt on everyone that they can silence anyone. Sharpton is unusually quiet. I believe we will never know the truth and neither will the Carey family either.

        4. Just to play (Miss Cleo) here, my guess is that this will settle with a major gag order involved. There will be no serious inquiry about the use of force. If Congress (ha!), hasn’t screamed for it yet, they won’t.

          Where is the damage caused by the “bicycle rack” (formerly a “barrier”)? Where is the footage from all the myriad cameras? What happened to this hapless “officer” who was struck? Where did the totaled police car come from? When was it filmed?

          No, the lawyer representing “the sister” will go for the gold. It is a certainty that to get that there will be a sealing of records. Pretty handy I’d wager.

        5. Yeah, how did she total a police car with her g37 coupe? The video shows her backing up the one time and bumping into a police vehicle. Seems like right rear of the g37 was banged up a little, but not enough to total a Ford Crown Vic, which looks like it was broadsided by a freight train. A car with that kind of damaged would most likely still have the car that hit it close by, totaled, and not running around the streets of DC.

        6. I’ve read two versions of the crashed cop car:

          (1) He was chasing the would-be “terrorist” and here “accomplice” and crashed into one of the aforementioned bollards (the damage fits).

          (2) They had conducted a drill recently where they brought in a crashed cop car (having been the victim of one of the aforementioned bollards) in another incident.

          As I’ve said, I don’t think the film is contiguous. They probably took a clip from the earlier drill and injected it in there. In that one there is a barrier (as distinct from a bollard) clearly in the raised position. Those familiar with barriers will know that there is NO WAY to get past them.

          The location of the barrier seems to be the same as the alleged incident. That fits reality completely. The fence is ornamental and lovely. The barriers are hidden until raised. Any guard in the shack could hit the button and the barrier raises. I certainly don’t recall any bicycle racks there. Obviously, the roads leading up to the White House are not open to ordinary traffic.

          In option (1), if they raised the street bollards there would have been no chase. It is possible for an unsuspecting knucklehead to run into them. If that were the case she would have been trapped inside the bollards and incapable of escape.

          In option (2) it made great TV and added a bit of “flare” to the drama. I have been “lucky” enough to have been there no less than eight times recently. While I enjoy looking at the monuments and architecture, I don’t enjoy feeling like I have a bullseye on my back.

          There are literally so many different varieties of cops and security that any offender would have them on them “like a rat on a Cheeto”. This particular area of D.C. is run like a ballet. They are in constant communication with each other. It is like a constant drill. They move tourists easily and with a minimum of fuss. Very professional. Very controlled.

        7. Anne, those ARE interesting questions. The site you linked states that she thinks the “drills are a distraction”. I think not. She correctly states that “barriers are not bollards”. The scene described is one of those that make me think it was injected.

          Now, having Congress (ha!), applaud this act is depressing. I’m uncertain of the legalities of not allowing family to view a body. I suppose they could argue that it was “evidence”. Still, with an attorney, how could they “use” any evidence without sharing?

          As with most of these, it stinks. I couldn’t help but think of the other article this morning about our “mind-controlled” shooter. Who knows? Maybe she heard Obongo’s voice in her head telling her he was watching her from the Oval Office?

          These drills are not distractions. They are a method. It allows them to place their assets and control the “media”. Whether an incident is “real” or not the only version we hear is theirs.

        8. Lophatt, I agree that drills are not conducted as a distraction. They have become a way of life instead, sad to say. We on the outside have no way of knowing the cost, time and planning going into this new way of life in these united states. However, drills also happen frequently in other NATO countries. No coincidence I’m sure.

          The Cold War is over, a psyop war by design. Outliving its usefulness, the deep government needed a credible replacement and the War on Terror (fear) was born. Will it last as long as its forerunner The Cold War? Probably longer because it is so incredibly successful.

          Considering the source here, this article from 2004 is astonishing truthful:

          From Cold War To Code Red, The Aura of Fear

          The former publisher of the Washington Post, Katharine Graham, met her demise in Idaho in July 2001. Some say it was not an accident, some say it was.

        9. Since Dr. Tracy’s Memory Hole blog’s main core is media deception, and I just mentioned Katharine Graham, this article about Mrs. Graham and her husband is interesting. They played with the big boys and it does not always end well.

          The article below from August 22, 2001 is written by Michael Collins Piper who of recent had a discussion with Dr. James Fetzer about Sandy Hook. Seems that people associated with American Free Press these days are not so free anymore.

          Katharine the Great
          Eulogies for Washington Post’s Publisher Ignore Sordid Past, Intelligence Connections

  15. What if… this woman that is saying she was the dead woman’s sister is *not* her sister. What if the now dead woman was being held as a sex slave in the white house and she escaped but they chased her down and executed her in plane site and then came up with all these other inconsistent stories?

  16. Thank you Dr. Tracy for posting this and I understand that your intention is not to post disinformation but to allow a closer inspection of these ongoing senarios that simply don’t make sense to any rational person. I’m not sure the truth of this event will ever be discovered but I am assured that the events as described by the mainstream media are bogus. Just as we are supposed to believe that a “plane” actually penetrated DC air space and crashed into the Pentagon “they” now ask us to believe that an unarmed woman with a baby was actually a security threat to Congress and perhaps even the residents of the White House. Your followers may find the following video by Max Malone interesting Max also has a website here which further explores some of the controversies exlored here

  17. The fake government shutdown was scandal enough, too much effort was expended on putting up barrycades in open air monuments and private properties to keep veterans and vacationers out. Park police were posted where they never were before. What’s missing from this story? Where is the usual outrage from Sharpton and Jackson? Erica’s father gave a sizeable contribution to the Travon Martin case. Where is baby Erica? Only 1 temporary custody news report and she disappeared.

    1. The shutdown was a deliberate shuck and jive. The message was “the only services we’re closing are those of importance to the eaters”.

      There was never a shortage of “security”. The place is infested with it. Of course, the place is simply INFESTED.

      There are always tourists. There is always traffic. There are cameras everywhere. You are being watched by a thousand pairs of eyes if you get anywhere NEAR the White House.

      They are very used to sealing off streets so that the elite can travel unmolested. They have it down to a science. They run up the bollards and a team sweeps the tourists from the street. Ten minutes later, they lower the bollards and its life as usual.

      There is categorically no reason for a shooting. If dozens of cops can’t control one woman it says it all. Some of the footage indicates an assassination. Point blank. Of course, I don’t know if its real or not. I really do believe the message is that they will do this anytime they like and we have no right to question it.

  18. One salient point brought up by another commenter, is why there is not a single heart wrenching story about how these gun shot victims did not save the sight or life of a single person on the waiting list for organs? Is not the organization in charge of organ disbursements, totally aghast in the handling of these precious organs?

    1. In the case of Sandy Hook the bodies were so bullet ridden that families could not be shown their dead children. One exception was Noah Pozner whose body they were going to exhume at a later date and transfer to Seattle. Don’t know how that went. One has to assume that no organs were usable after the carnage, otherwise we would have an endless stream of happy organ recipients in addition to happy amputees and grieving, but happy parents.

      1. But, the families were shown photos of there dearly deceased to identify them. Cant have it both ways. were their faces destroyed and thus un-identifiable and therefore the retinas not available to transplant to blind folks? We are back to basic proof of the SH hoax, why weren’t the bodies transported to medical facilities that could at least keep them on life support until the remaining organs could be transplanted?

        1. Kathy, they were kept at SHES till the wee hours of the night. It is my understanding that transplanted organs have to be fresh, but I could be wrong. You can be sure that if transplants of organs had taken place the little ones would be declared saints by the pope, or at least Monsignor Weiss.

          26 bodies that could provide extended life for 26 living persons. Think about those headlines and additional major fundraisers. This is another clue that no one died. Of course no one would want to be associated with the organs of Adam and his preppy mother.

        2. Bullet ridden or not. At what point does a persons child, dead or alive, become the property of the state?

        3. In answer to Rich, a person becomes the property of the state when you give your property, ( your child) a name and hand it over to register it, Thats what I read, any one else that could add to that?… its done very cleverly and I for one would think its not admissable if you are not aware when registering a birth.. that you are actually giving your property to the state… It’s a funny one.

        4. Newborns are giving social security numbers now.

          One person’s organs could save eight lives.
          “Last year alone, organ donors made more than 28,000 transplants possible. Another one million people received cornea and other tissue transplants that helped them recover from trauma, bone damage, spinal injuries, burns, hearing impairment and vision loss.”

          Perhaps the ACLU should sue whoever made the decision not to render aid and thus deny all the poor folks hoping for a healthy organ.

        5. This discussion on organ donations falls into the category of macabre humor. I assume it is meant to be ironic. Having researched the seamy side of the practice and come away totally aghast, my reaction to the issue remains negative. Like any for-profit venture, life is reduced to efficiency models. And make no bones about it, somewhere great profit is realized. Pulling the plug on “comatized” patients is SOP. Keeping them alive long enough to “harvest” is also deemed moral.

          Check out how China has entered the world ‘donation’ market. Trafficking in human organs probably falls only slightly behind drug cartels in product distribution.

          I am also being ironic.

  19. Thank you for this blog article Valerie. I’ve often thought of Miriam and tried to research information into the incident with out any clear answers. This has evoked many emotions, sadness for your niece and her extended family,anger at the utter lack of professionalism by those sworn to serve and protect and fear, knowing this could be any of us. After hearing your story, i can only imagine how frustrating and difficult this must be for your family. I will to light a candle in honor of Miriam as well as ask the Lord to guide you to the answers you so rightly deserve.

    And thank you James for using your blog to keep the truth out there. You are a gem. Our world is a blessed place to have your shining soul among us

  20. Congratulations to MemoryHoleBlog and the magnificent fans and posters herein who seem to have subjected certain parties to such scrutiny that they now demand the suppression of info. Tsk tsk tsk

    By golly, gee whiz, but WHY would anyone demand info be removed and suppressed?–gotta get out of the proverbial “kitchen,” I guess, as heat is getting hot. Ho ho ho

    1. Now that the Carey story has hit a nerve, perhaps Dr. Tracy can do a story on the fake Columbia Mall Shooting (1/25/14)?

        1. Not only that about IRS being used against such as TEA party, but ck, whence not only is gov. and agencies thereof being armed to teeth. Further, note the un-questionably designed effect: gov. buying-up all the ammo (a) depletes supplies, and (b) raises prices for civilian market. Gov. is enemy, working for genocide of the people according to AGENDA-21 (“population-reduction”).

        2. Tax exemptions are given to organizations that tow the government line. The same reason there are no preachers speaking out against government wrong doing. They don’t want to lose their 501(c)3 tax exempt status.

        3. Sadly, the entertainment industry’s schemes have trickled over into mainstream life. Everyone is ‘doing’ it–projecting a shadow show on blank screens in dark rooms.

          A fan took issue, suing a team (Patriots) for unsportsmanlike conduct. The coach was stealing hand signals or somesuch nonsense. The judge in the case decided that a sports team is putting out an entertainment product and no fan has rights beyond simply taking in the games or venues. Do not expect applied moral values. It is entertainment, after all. So we know going in, a lot of sporting events are rigged; accept the ground rules or turn in your season tickets. Boo hoo.

          Now we are to accept numerous fake state-produced incidents–or what is the alternative? Leave the country? Reality is slipping beneath the waves of incredulity. If anyone feels smothered by trivia, you are not alone.

  21. Poppy, So true. That is why our name is all in capital letters on our birth certificate. You are made what is called a “person” in legal terms. A person and a human being are not the same thing legally. Basically, you are incorporated at birth(hence all capitals on the certificate). However, just because it is cleverly done, and the parents do not know is no excuse. What is the saying… “ignorance of the law is no excuse”.

    1. Sure Ben, it was implicitly–observe one of the folks there was actually responding to our fellow fans here in these comments section.

    2. The lawyer had commented with the next court date for the lawsuit, apparently that has been removed. It was working until it was not working anymore.

  22. OKay, time to connect some serious dots. I don’t know whether to take Val’s story at face value or not. Her association with the NYPD is of great interest. The number of government organs offering service to these incidents is uncountable. Was someone actually killed in D.C.? If not, someone is going to a lot of trouble to create the drama. Either way, it ties in with other narratives perpetrated by the PTB to disarm Americans literally and figuratively–with fear.

    Gun control: School shootings, and other staged horrow shows in Tucson, Colorado (twice with Columbine) Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook Hoax, Boston Bombing theatrics, the D.C. killing.

    The hint of psychological disorder: link madmen with guns.

    Returning vets: madmen trained with guns. In need of psychological therapy.

    Terror threat: always promoted as a backdrop for a burgeoning police state.

    Anyone questioning the status quo, the military/industrial/medical-pharmaceutical complex is obviously unstable. AND cannot be trusted to carry a GUN.

    Meantime, back at Ranch Reality, the country is full of foreign troops training for civil unrest. Hmmmmmm

    1. I do believe that fear is the weapon being used and it is the nexus by which this total onslaught of perpetual calamities derives its power. Fear will cause people to do drastic things they would never have done otherwise. The unprecedented results of the fear caused by the manufactured events of 911 gave us Patriot Acts 1 and 2, DHS, TSA, NSA and all of the other governmental agencies that have stepped so far over the line of what our Constitution guarantees us protection from. We gave it all away out of fear. My mom used to tell me that most of the time, fear can be spelled FEAR ~~ False Evidence Appearing Real.

      Have yall been following the many interviews that Dr. Jim Garrow has given lately? He is the man that spoke out about a year ago on the Obama “litmus test” for military leaders. They were being asked if they would have a problem firing upon Americans. If you haven’t heard him tell what he knows, I highly recommend it…but only if you truly want the hard truth about what is and has been going on. He was on Hagmann and Hagmann on January 1st and again last night, and what he has to say is most sobering. Jim worked in the intelligence community for 45 years and he knows about a lot of things that have been going on just beneath the surface that the news media will never even touch on.

      1. Big-Bro. Furiously Pushing Lies, Terror, Never Doubt

        U got it, Mary: note US Dollar is collapsing as we speak–this is “movie, playing now at a theater near you,” serious problemo for oligarchs–thus they’re trying desperately to getting us deeper enmired in wars. Have u observed the scum stirring up crap, now in Ukraine, of all places?

        Ho ho ho–and this (in Ukraine) is in addition to activity in Korea, in the eastern Pacific ocean, the Chinese claiming Islands against Japan and Philippines, etc.

        Note simply threatening and advocating dis-arming citizens, violating the law and Constitution, is itself TERROR. Did u hear about the precision shooting of 17 electrical transformers in California? “Wellinghoff toured the site with Navy Seals, according to the Journal, and they were convinced that it was a professional job.” See;_ylt=AwrBTzfuW_VSFkcAg2NXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTB0Yjkwb3VoBHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2JmMQR2dGlkA1ZJUDM3MF8x

        War is “health of the state,” perfect, typical, traditional pretext for police-state, overthrow of US Constitution as is happening already, Obongo unilaterally issuing edicts, abrogating law, etc.

        So don’t doubt for a second, Big-Bro. has the lies and mass-corp. “news”-media churning out propaganda, hysteria, and deception FULL-BLAST.

        1. Ck Note Russians and Putin, just like Chinese, Koreans, et al., are surely CO-OPERATING w. powers here in USA to ratchet-up the general war-hysteria and FEAR. Total psy-ops for purposes of world-gov. and genocide. War-hysteria and fear is just as good as actual war.

        2. WWlll was supposed to start last year. Obama is just having trouble finding the right Generals to attack any new enemies. Hence, his recent military purges.

    2. Guess they did not see this coming, or did they? Drone flies over Hartford, CT fatal car crash. In the video it is hinted to the drone possibly belonging to the press. And they would not want drones flying over active shooter situations or swat teams as the attorney suggests. Damn right. The drones could capture all these hoaxes and reveal to the world the truth. Wishful thinking, especially if the drones belong to the press.,0,6115392.story

      1. Don’t worry. The Pres will be all over it soon. Dept of Drone Affairs, complete with a new cabinet position. Drone operators license, Drone license plates, drone police(who I’m sure will need at least a billion rounds of hollow point ammo) who will no doubt investigate drone on drone crime, and operate their own drones to police the other drones, and lets not forget your drone inspection sticker. Mark my words, by this time next year, one of you will get a red teddy bear, and a chocolate heart box delivered by one of these things. Sorry, am I droning?

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