By James F. Tracy

Whenever the reclusive Peter Lanza wants to make a public statement concerning the Sandy Hook School massacre purportedly carried out by his son Adam Lanza, the press is contacted by Lanza’s “spokesman,” one Errol Cockfield Jr.

Lanza has thus been able to maintain his remarkable Howard Hughes-like withdrawal from the packs of reporters that would readily clamor for a brief interview with or even a snapshot of the reclusive dad. Since December 2012 virtually all of Lanza’s communications have gone through this man with strong ties to intransigent Democratic Party officials who’ve one way or another fallen from grace.

Who exactly is Errol Cockfield Jr.? “I am the day-to-day lead on what’s called crisis and issues management,” Cockfield explains.

So what I do is for large companies and organizations and universities is that when they have things that could become a media issue or have become a media issue, I lead a team of folks who help advise them and help them prepare to deal with those issues. For instance, Penn State has been a client of mine [and] General Electric is a client of mine. Companies like that.[1]

Cockfield’s services are most recently observed in early January 2014 when he made an announcement to the Hartford Courant on behalf of Lanza. “A statement released by Lanza’s spokesman, Errol Cockfield, said, ’As Mr. Lanza has informed law enforcement officials throughout this process, he is willing to approve the release of any [of Adam Lanza’s] medical records that he has the authority to release.’” The Courant failed to explain that Cockfield is not only a public relations expert, but once worked at the Courant as a reporter.[2]

Mr. Cockfield is a Guyanan-born journalist and former top New York Democratic Party staffer-turned-Vice President of Crisis and Risk Management for public relations firm Edelman. According to the trade publication PR Week, Edelman is the world’s largest public relations firm, with 66 offices and more than 4,500 employees worldwide, as well as affiliates in more than 30 cities.”[3] Operating out of the company’s New York office, Cockfield appeared to be assigned to the Lanza case roughly one week after the December 14, 2012 incident.

The Washington Post reported on Edelman’s relationship with the Lanza family after the paper questioned a New York Post story quoting a Facebook interview that was allegedly conducted with Adam Lanza’s brother Ryan.[4] On December 23, 2012 Cockfield came forward to correct the story, arguing on the Lanzas’ behalf that the interview was “a complete hoax” conducted between the New York Post and a third party who set up a Facebook account using Ryan Lanza’s name.[5]

Yet how is it that the Lanza family, during a domestic crisis of such magnitude, would see fit to retain the world’s largest public relations firm to correct a single sensationalized report of a faux interview published by an organ well-known for, well, its sensationalism? Are there more powerful parties involved seeking to manage the message, and perhaps Peter Lanza as well? Is Cockfield providing his services as a personal favor to Lanza? Or is he working as an employe of Edelmen? News stories, including published statements from Cockfield on behalf of Lanza, don’t exactly say. “The scope of work that the PR firm is providing to the Lanza family is unclear,” PR Week observes, “as well as whether it is charging for its services.” Cockfield would not return calls from the magazine for comment.[6]

Errol Cockfield Jr. was born in 1973 in the rural outskirts of Georgetown, Guyana. At age nine he moved to Trinidad, and shortly thereafter to the United States. Cockfield is a 1994 graduate of the State University of New York at Stony Brook, holding a bachelor’s degree in English. Following college Cockfield worked as a reporter for the Tribune Company’s Los Angeles Times, the Hartford Courant, then Long Island’s Newsday. In Los Angeles he reported on a series of random white skinhead attacks on blacks that led to an investigation by county officials.

At Newsday he was assigned as City Economic Development Reporter and the Nassau County Political Reporter. In these posts he covered the rebuilding of the World Trade Center in the wake of September 11, 2001. The young journalist also wrote on a controversial plan to build a taxpayer-financed football stadium in Manhattan.[7] In addition to some freelance writing on hip-hop artists for Vibe and The Source, Cockfield then worked out of Newsday’s Albany bureau.

The prominent journalist then segued into Democratic state politics in 2007 with the help of now-disgraced New York Governor Elliot Spitzer. Spitzer appointed Cockfield Press Secretary of the Empire State Development Corporation with an annual salary of $150,000.[8] Shortly thereafter in the midst of the Spitzer administration’s political surveillance controversy (also known as “Troopergate”) the embattled governor elevated Cockfield to Press Secretary, where he reported directly to Spitzer and his Communications Director. At this time Cockfield was recognized by New York’s political journal City & State as one of the region’s “rising stars” under the age of 40.[9]

Cockfield managed communications during the difficult transition of Democratic power from Spitzer to his Lieutenant Governor David Paterson. He continued as chief spokesman and adviser to Paterson, whose administration continued to be embroiled in controversy. In 2010 Paterson discontinued his bid for a full term as rumors ensued concerning alleged extramarital affairs and drug use.[10] Here Mr. Cockfield can be seen at work defending Paterson against one of the governor’s many suspected fiscal improprieties.

In August 2010 Cockfield was appointed Communications Director of the Senate Democratic Majority by then-New York State Senator and fellow Guyanese John Sampson, the Democrat Majority Conference Leader. In the position Cockfield served Sampson and other Democratic politicos.[11]

In April 2013 federal charges were brought against Sampson for embezzling $440,000 and financing an attempt to secure one of the most powerful posts in city politics—Brooklyn district attorney. Citing a record of corruption that dated to at least 2009, the indictment claimed Sampson even told an associate he could locate informants and “take them out.” A US attorney called the case “one of the most extreme examples of hubris and arrogance we have ever seen.” Sampson was charged with embezzlement, obstruction of justice, lying to FBI agents, and witness and evidence tampering. He pled not guilty to the charges.[12]

In October 2013 federal authorities charged one of Sampson’s chief aides, Melvin Lowe, with fraud and tax evasion – including charges he defrauded the New York Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee out of $100,000, and neglected to report over $2 million in consulting fees on his income tax returns.[13]

In late 2011 Cockfield was promoted to Sampson’s Chief of Staff with a salary of $140,000. But he unexpectedly stepped down less than one year later, in August 2012, to make the move to Edelman. “The timing of his departure raised eyebrows,” the Daily News noted, especially because the election deciding the fate of the Democratic majority was just three months away.[14]

And now for over one year Cockfield remains the official spokesperson for Peter Lanza, a man who has not had contact with the press since December 14, 2012.[15] The journalistic outlets reporting Cockfield’s pronouncements are more than likely aware that he is the Crisis and Issues Management director of the influential Edelman public relations firm, in addition to having an unsavory set of past associations with corrupt politicking. Why, then, do they maintain the pretense that he is merely an impartial (and politically isolated) agent of the Lanza family? Failing to do so clearly implicates such news media in actively perpetuating what more and more appears to be the Sandy Hook deception.


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169 thought on “Lanza Spokesman is Top PR Flack, NY Democratic Party Operative”
  1. Utterly fascinating article. Kudos. Cockfield is a smooth talker and can dodge any fake bullet from the press – remembering the questions are never too challenging anymore. This passage from his company, Edelman, is puzzling –

    “Edelman’s immersive approach to training gives crisis managers a set of skills and ways of thinking that transform the crisis from an unnatural crisis environment into more familiar terrain.”

    What is an unnatural crisis environment and how does Cockfield or associate transform it? Would love to see the steps in one of their inter-department memos. It’s certainly entertaining to see the state coroner laughing at his press conference for Sandy Hook but there was nothing to handle by crisis management since no one in the media asked him why he was chuckling.

    1. Marzi, I think they actually have changed the meanings of some words in order to create a euphonic definition for what they do.

      An “unnatural crisis environment” actually means_________________.

      And “bringing it into more familiar terrain” means_________________.

      Others here might be able to better fill in the blanks, but I’ll use this example to explain what I mean.

      In the SHS, the unnatural crisis is that GE and the government are involved in LIBOR.

      Bringing into more familiar terrain means that Peter Lanza was the GE crook, and now look! he and his family are involved in this terrible event in Newtown, Ct. Peter’s wife was killed by his son, and now lo and behold, no one really cares that Peter Lanza was involved in LIBOR. And for that matter, no one really even cares anymore about LIBOR.

      You can find that pattern in other scandals that Edelmen PR has been handling. Well, at least one other scandal that I have found so far….Penn State. Although Penn State and Sandusky didn’t get off quite so easily. It did break the upward chain of guilt, though. Paterno dies and the buck stopped there.

      1. Interesting about former Los Angeles mayor Tony Villar as he is known locally. He left the city in shambles, contrary to official glorification of the man. Edelman is not the only company to embrace the former mayor.
        “Antonio Villaraigosa adds another job to his resume, this time as a professor at USC’s Price School of Public Policy. He already accepted roles with public relations firm Edelman, Herbalife Ltd., and Banc of California.
        As a professor of practice of policy, the former Los Angeles mayor will lead the USC Villaraigosa Initiative for Restoring the California Dream, a program designed to create discourse and produce reports on policy issues and the functioning of state government. Villaraigosa will also teach graduate and undergraduate courses in a variety of subjects, including sustainable planning and public sector executive management.”

        As of present Mr. Villaraigosa has shown his face twice at USC. The second time he was ordered to come in. Wonder if Edelman will encounter the same problem with Tony Villar?

  2. Do you find it strange that Edelman is dealing with the Libor scandal?

    Let’s see. Ex-gov worker working for a company that’s doing pr for a company involved in the Libor scandal. Do you think that maybe the government was involved in Libor?

  3. This is just opening up a huge can of worms!

    Notice Errol’s tie to Penn State with their scandal, his tie to GE and the Libor scandal, and then look at this article about GE sending Immelt to Penn State (Cockfield’s name in the article, too) to donate $400,000 back in October of 2012.

    Another interesting tie in that this brings with it is the movie producer Amir Bar-Lev, who made the post Penn State scandal movie about Penn State, “Happy Valley”. PR at it’s finest.

    They call it PR, I’m wondering if it’s actually coverup.

    I’ve been noticing that in these scandals it seems as though someone usually has to “die”. Joe Paterno and Anthony Bevilacqua both mysteriously became ill and died so quickly after their scandal, and with the Libor scandal we see Nancy and Adam “die”.

    I can’t find a link between Bevilacqua and Edelman, unless they are doing the PR for the pope right now with the church’s sex abuse.

    1. There is also the case of still missing DA Ray Gricar.

      “In 1998, Gricar declined to press charges against longtime Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky following allegations of sexual abuse;[7] 13 years later, in 2011, Sandusky was arrested and charged by the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office on multiple counts of child sexual abuse.”

      1. Followed this story from the beginning. Very sad but not surprising. The rich know no bounds. I hope Ray Gricar was smart enough to get out of Dodge and is living the good life in Central America. But I fear that is wishful thinking. Dead men tell no tales and leave little evidence.

      1. mark, exellent comment! I just wanted to suggest that anyone that is perhaps new to studying all of this government corruption to read the franklin cover up by john decamp and the franklin scandal by nick bryant. it will open your eyes to an angle of current affairs you may not have ever considered before.
        decamp’s book is written as a lawyer and is very matter of fact much of it being direct testimony of the victims and summary’s of court hearings.
        bryant’s book is a story about his experiences trying as an investigative journalist to uncover what had actually happened in nebraska during the 80’s. it is a bigger book but an easier read as it is less graphic than hearing many of the child testimony’s published in decamp’s book. both are a must read.

        1. The death of the lead investigator and his son in the plane crash was the smoking gun for me. The farmer who’s field the plane crashed in was silenced. Feds immediately showed up to collect all evidence. So much relates back to the Franklin case. Great recommendation on the book as well. The website has alot of information and look up Ted Gunderson as well. Thank you for your comment. We all need to educate ourselves in this matter

  4. The Stamford article is quite telling and may be the reason the script was changed. The reporter broke the news to Peter Lanza at 1:30 pm as he returning to his home, moments after the police left. It was already reported that he was dead.

    Not reported here, but recall Ryan Lanza was traveling on a bus after leaving work early, and posting on facebook that he was innocent. Perhaps they had warning of what was going to happen and managed to stay away.

    “Police, who said they were at the home to conduct a “welfare check” hours after the shootings, returned to the scene with the FBI and State Police Friday evening. As darkness fell, flashes of blue and red lit up the block, and news vans peppered the curb along the once-quiet street.

    While the road was taped off during the investigation Friday night, Geralyn Petrafesa, who has lived on the street for 14 years, said the lights were never on in the Lanza home, which was one of the few on the block not decorated for Christmas.”

    1. Kathy your post was interesting as it brought up a neighbour of longstanding, Geralyn Petrafesa, who said the lights were never on in the Lanza home.. and the house not decorated for Christmas.. OK we can forget about the chrismas decorations as every one might not favour them, but the lights never being on is a tell tale sign.. a Big tell tale sign…. sounds like nobody was living there.. I’m sure they were long gone, I think these little facts grow into a huge questions of who is leading who down a blind alley… and who actually knows what is going on here. Somebody does.
      If it was all above board, Peter lanza would speak out for himself. Actually it is HIS son they are claiming did these atrocities – they have a story packaged around him.
      I agree with Steve in his post.. Thankyou Mr Tracy for keeping these questions alive, as long as there are people keeping it open, there is a always a chance something will slip, Big Time. I hope this enquiry about the redacted police statement comes to something.. surley they can smell a rat and prove these video and written statements do not serve there purpose.

      1. You’re right Poppy; we all owe Dr. Tracy a huge debt of gratitude for keeping this hoax on the front burner. What is amazing is that some researchers/investigators living in the NY area have not been hot on the trail of Peter trying to map his movements. He is very much a key to nailing this case.

  5. Deeper and deeper it goes. Thanks for this info, I’m so grateful that people such as Mr. Tracy are willing to continue covering this HOAX. More blatant cover up. I hope this is exposed in a big way. Thanks!!!

  6. This is so huge and opens several doors. After watching his performance in front of reporters, I have to wonder what is going on there. The reporters have a laundry list of suspicious expenditures going to motels, clothing stores, women, et c.

    Cockfield reports that his boss, Lt Gov David Paterson, wrote a tiny $250ish dollar check and that covered any unaccounted for spending. Huh? The reporters accept that? They have Paterson using the Gov credit card for far more than that – why don’t they make him answer/

    It’s like a press conference, not to get to the bottom of the corruption and abuses, but simply to allow Paterson to put all the allegations to bed.

    I have to wonder, if Cockfield has important journalists in his pocket, is that part of the ferocious attack on Tracy? Someone seemed to orchestrate a massive focus on the Professor, using Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” techniques to discredit him, although Professor Tracy’s arguments were completely cogent and logical.

    Another door to open is further inspection of the Libor investigation. Also, I am curious now about the medical records and full health history of Joe Paterno.

    Also, we should see some interesting maneuvers coming from Lanza’s ‘spokesman’ in the very near future. He is no longer operating in the luxury of the company shadows.

  7. Lanza has a PR flack likely because he has a considerable estate to protect. It is only a matter of time until victims’ and survivors’ families sue Nancy Lanza’s estate and Peter Lanza for what their son did.

    1. And they have been waiting 13 months…why? It seems logical you would want to do that while there is still an estate to sue. I doubt Peter is line for a promotion.

    2. I disagree. I don’t think it’s only a matter of time. We’ve seen absolutely no indication that any of the victims’ families have any intention or desire to sue anybody. They all seem very strangely happy and content with how everything was handled, and hold no ill will toward anyone. Robby Parker forgave the shooter the day it happened. They’re Newtown–they “choose love”, remember?

  8. This brings into focus other things that a PR firm could help with….Like say donation sites and other fund raising awareness for a particular effort like …Oh I don’t know…. Sandy Hook Promise?

  9. For what it may be worth, Mr. Cockfield previously worked for the Hartford Courant, owned by the Tribune Co. The Sun Sentinel, the paper that interviewed me and published the sensationalized “conspiracy theory prof” piece on Jan. 7, 2013 setting off the media firestorm, is also owned by Tribune. Not to mention the likely substantial Rolodex of media contacts such a person has in that occupation.

    “I think that what might surprise a lot of people,” Cockfield remarks in the interview referenced above in ([2] @ 15:58], “is that when you read the newspaper or you’re watching a television show, and you see a representative from a company or an organization, oftentimes there’s a lot of coaching that goes into that. Way more than you think. Or when you see a company respond to a crisis, and you see a statement in the newspaper or a statement on television, often those things are drafted or written months in advance. And that [laughs] might surprise a lot of people.”

    1. He’s so matter of fact about BP destroying life in the Gulf (because they failed to contain the oil with a recommended organic product and instead use Mobil’s Core-exit, a potent toxin.) Just your above average in intelligence sociopath.

  10. In a nut shell, here is what I believe so far:

    Peter Lanza, an upper echelon executive with General Electric and newly remarried, had financial motive and opportunity to have his ex-wife Nancy and son Adam murdered in the house on Yogananda St (see: He is but one tip on this multi-pronged spear of government sponsored treachery against the truth.

    He conspired with government officials to contract with professional assassins to commit the two killings. The hit men dumped Adam’s body at Sandy Hook Elementary school and made it look like Adam was the primary suspect for killing his mother and supposedly, the schoolchildren.

    No real evidence (bodies, closes circuit video of the shootings, etc.) of any deaths have been disclosed to the public because it was part of a coordinated and staged disaster drill.

    We have read numerous interviews with parents of the child victims such as Jimmy Greene (see: ).

    Oddly, the one civil law suit filed against the school district has been denied by Connecticut state officials here (see:

    and here (see: ).

    But why not sue the estate of Nancy Lanza since Adam was under her care?

    This case is filled with more holes then a brick of Swiss cheese.

      1. Dr. Tracy,

        I understand this, however my point is the aggrieved families could sue Nancy Lanza’s estate in a class action suit for wrongful death allegedly caused by her son, Adam who was under her direct care. The state has no authority to block the civil law suit since they would not be a named party as a defendant.

        What does this do? It opens up the case to present evidence (certificate of deaths, closed circuit video surveillance, testimony of witnesses such as first responders, etc. at the trial. The state would be subpenaed and would have to provide all relevant evidence in their possession.

        PI (personal injury) lawyers always go after the defendant(s) with the deepest pockets, in this case the State of Connecticut. But from our perspective as private sleuths, we need to go “small potatoes” so to speak, to uncover the truth.

        However, Connecticut has a three year statute of limitations which means a suit would have to brought no later that December, 2015 (see: ).

        So if somehow we could convince one or more families to pursue the case from the estate perspective, we might be successful in achieving a “Watergate” type discovery.

        1. How about the pain and suffering of the nation? I. as many I know cried for days on end, at first hoping it was not true as my gut told me it wasn’t, and then because they were able to pull it off. Can we claim we gave donations and were defrauded?

        2. Parents are part of the fraud, I don’t think you cold get them to file.

          If it seems obvious to us that Adam didn’t do it, and Peter isn’t filing, what do you suppose that means?

          Newtown already got their payoff through the government, GE, and charities.

          Nobody cares if we cried or sent our money to a charity.

          PS: Can you use your charitable donations as a write off?:)

        3. If you read my first post carefully, you’ll see the parents of a child who survived the “shootings” (a.k.a. Jill Doe) already filed a civil law suit. The problem was they sued the State of Connecticut which declared they are immune from the lawsuit.

          My point is the estate of Nancy Lanza should be sued as the State cannot extend immunity in a private lawsuit. All the evidence will have to be revealed such as the closed circuit video surveillance that Sandy Hook had installed in the school. Then we’ll see who actually broke into the school and did the shootings.

          Isn’t that our objective, to learn the truth?

      2. Although I haven’t checked CT statutes, they probably are like Colorado’s Governmental Immunity Act (both being based on a model adopted nationwide). These laws make it a jurisdictional requirement to submit a notice of your claim to the State, so it has an opportunity to settle the case before it goes to court. This requirement is legal only for state tort claims. They can’t put any such requirements on your ability to bring a civil rights claim under federal law, in federal court.

      3. My recollection was that Vance denied the case because the school district had no insurance, which made zero sense. This article actually states the lawyer had not heard from Vance, but rather withdrew the lawsuit because of new evidence he received. Wonder if it was in the form of greenbacks?

        “Irving Pinsky said that he withdrew the filing because he received new evidence, though he reserves the right to refile for permission to sue.”

  11. Exerpt from the above interview by his brother Selwyn Collins:

    Selwyn: So you deal with personal crisis too?

    Cockfield: Well, we… we more so represent companies. We don’t really represent individuals. You’ll find a smaller, more boutique type shop might work with a celebrity. We don’t work with celebrities. We work with multi-national corporations, universities, that kind of scale.

    1. I think this comment by Cockfield reveals that he is working for GE, not Peter Lanza. Why would GE need a PR man working on the SHS case?

      Because it is a type of diversion from the LIBOR scandal.

      This is just a theory, but I think the author of the script for SHS is Edelman’s PR Group. They take an “unnatural crisis” and “transform” it. Libor scandal is transformed into the SHS, Peter takes the fall for GE but gets well taken care of, and GE goes free.

        1. That’s just too interesting, Anne.

          They have a stronghold in Penn State, too. They sent a CEO there not long after the Sandusky scandal and donated $400,000. I know I mentioned that earlier, but it just seemed to fit in here, too.

          So we can see that Peter Lanza “worked” for GE, (if that part of the story is true), (but it doesn’t explain why GE has a vested interest in SH) but is it a coincidence that GE is involved in Penn State, too? What is going on with GE?

          Unless it is true that Edelman (through Cockfield) used Sandy Hook incident to cover for the LIBOR scandal.

        2. It is a safe bet that what happened in Sandy Hook was not orchestrated at town hall with Pat Llodra in charge. The Sandy Hook affair, as I call it now, was preplanned way above town hall. It may have served multiple purposes, perhaps gun control and mental health as smoke screens, but the magnitude of the aftermath suggests something much bigger and that usually has to do with finances. GE Capital is located in Fairfield, 25 miles south of Newtown. They have a large number of employees living in and around Newtown. GE in Stamford is not far away either.

          If they needed a location to stage a cover up for something much larger, it seems Newtown would fit the bill. Close enough to headquarters for easy management and a place where a school massacre “would never happen”. All the Swiss cheese holes have been created on purpose to lead away from the real deal which almost always includes vast amounts of money, large corporations and political hacks on all levels. Now PR crisis firms are added to the stew for better flavoring.

          “We owe our lives to General Electric for what they’ve done for this town for free,” Board of Education member John Vouros said. “It’s unbelievable what they provided us. It’s like fairy godmothers and godfathers running around doing whatever needs to be done …We’re very fortunate.”

        3. Yikes, this info, and the hypotheses, about General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt going to Penn State to award a huge grant from GE, to divert attention from the pedophiles in the school’s football department; and about the GE Capital employees involved in the Sandy Hook caper, and its donating $15 million to build this “community center” in Newtown, to divert attention from the LIBOR scandals and its outrageous tax avoidance, are intriguing. Very good work, all!

          The new community center is to be built at the “Fairfield HIlls campus,” no less! What are the tunnels going to be used for?

          Maybe another common denominator in all this is a GE-sponsored child sex trafficking operation.

        4. Violeta, I meant to say that GE seems to have a vested interest in the cover up itself. They are all over the place in Newtown and now at Penn State spreading their vast profits.

        5. Oh, yes, I agree, Anne. I didn’t know that’s what you meant, but I agree.
          Totally agree!
          And also, I just looked up children missing in Connecticut. Have you seen the picture of the black man who supposedly was the gunman at the Columbia Mall? Well, there’s a picture of someone much younger, of course, in with children missing in Connecticut. Uncanny likeness! Maybe a picture that looks like the girl who was shot, too. Please call up images of children missing in Connecticut and see what you think.

        6. dino, I have to admit I was wondering the same thing.

          And did you see my comment to Anne about looking at pictures of children missing in CT? I know there’s a lot of extraneous pictures in there, but there’s one that looks like the gunman from the Columbia Mall shooting. Weird.

        7. Violeta, lately I have not followed these shootings which are a dime a dozen now. You hear about it and the photos that follow seem to be staged according to a pattern. You’ve seen one and you’ve seen them all. The last one that differed somewhat was the dental hygienist from Stamford, CT who was hell-bent on doing a White House occupant in with her Infinity. A comedy for what is was worth to the organizers of the event. I checked into the background of the name given for this person. Her sisters had connections to the NYPD and to the TV industry.

          As for missing children, there can be no doubt that a large number are kidnapped and programmed for future Manchurian Candidates and worse. I have a morbid fascination with missing persons. The New England states, small in geographical area compared to the rest of the country, seem to have a disproportionate number of missing children and adults as well. How does a person, child or adult, just vanish never to be seen again. There are several interesting stories from the north west portion of Connecticut stretching north into Vermont about people vanishing, mostly females. Current stories as well from the same region.

          There was a woman outside the Columbia Mall who made me look twice. She was a dead ringer for Connecticut’s lieutenant governor, the stern looking woman always by the governor’s side. I was not able to locate the exact CT missing children photos you mentioned, but I’ll look
          some more.

          However, there are two current “celebrities” who seem to resemble each other more and more – Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus.

        8. Anne, did you read the comment from Lauryn Hutchinson from 1/27 in the attached article from the Patch? It is a very curious comment concerning the physical condition of the schools in Newtown.

        9. With declining school enrollment I suspect we’ll see many changes in Newtown in the coming years. The oldest school is Hawley School. If they tear it down and build a new one, money supporting this school from a Hawley trust will be lost – a concern to residents.
          From Wikipedia: “The building that now houses Hawley School was built from donations to Newtown by Mary Elizabeth Hawley in 1921, and was in fact named after her parents.”

    1. Nice catch. Excellent point.

      As is the “identical stranger” thing raised by the Paulstal Service and Namesnotmary on YouTube… Nancy Lanza / Ann E Haddad etc.

  12. It is impossible for most of us to understand how big GE is. You can find articles who attempt to explain how it is legal for them to keep over 100 billion in profits overseas and thus avoid US taxes.

    Their tax departments probably include thousands and yes they are paid well for a job well done. It is not surprising the link to a CT Courant article, previously posted here that had local reps boasting on how they obtained billions in federal business for the aerospace industry, is no longer available.

    GE’s profits rise largely to energy drilling and airplane engines.

    1. I’m appalled by this. Is GE also a contractor for the war machine, with these airplane engines?

      I think it is time to organize a boycott.

      How do we bring these suckers down?


        1. Duh! Of course it was. Thank you for that.

          What I want to know is whatever happened to the antitrust laws. So effective at the turn of the 20th century, they were apparently eviscerated somewhere along the way. Or…the DOJ was just seeded with corrupt puppets, so the laws are never enforced (as I’ve seen personally; sorry to let my pique show!)

      1. I am reminded of Khruschev’s memoirs, where he was recounting a trip to New York City he had made, I guess in around 1960. He was taken to a party, and remarked with amazement that there were all these men there in business suits, who looked just like he had always imagined capitalists would look, “except without the pigs’ heads our artists always gave them.”

    1. So, the bank is the newspaper, is the bank.

      Same with the Denver Post, 89% of which is owned by Bank of America (or was, last time I checked).

      It’s all just a puppet show! I mean the “news” we are fed. We only get to hear what they want us to hear, which is what will lead to greater profits for them.

      1. So the banks own the media. Don’t we own the banks when we bailed them out with hundreds of billions of our tax dollars?

        Here are two links reported in the news, was it 600 billion or 700 billion? As previously mentioned in the 3.2 million Sandy Hook Payout comment section, GE was a large recipient of these bonus dollars.

        Getting the feeling that money is not really money anymore, only bank transfers from the government to the industries that support it and back again.

        600 billion

        700 billion

    2. I thought this was interesting:

      [quote]Gabriel Magee, a 39-year-old JP Morgan bank executive, died early this morning after he jumped 500ft from the top of the bank’s European headquarters. His body was discovered on the ninth floor roof, which surrounds the 33-story Canary Wharf skyscraper.

      Just two days earlier, on Sunday, fellow American banker, William ‘Bill’ Broeksmit, 58, was found hanging in his South Kensington home.[/quote]

        1. Anyone need a job? I heard JP Morgan has a few openings.

          Actually, it sounds like JP Morgan has Edelman Group as their PR.

        2. Libor and bankers again:
          I am pretty sure I heard Gerald Celente say today that the Libor affair involves 700 trillion dollars rigged through the system. Celente does go over the top at times, but what is a few measly millions to Sandy Hook if that is true.

          “In early 2014, NYSE Euronext will take over the administration of Libor from the British Bankers Association.[93] The new administrator is NYSE Euronext Rates Administration Limited,[94] a London-based, UK registered company, regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.[18]”

        3. Anne, LIBOR! Good find! When someone dies like that, they sometimes use it to make the buck stop with that person.

          I looked up GE to see if they have gotten any fines yet, and the most recent link that came up from a simple google search is from Jan, 2013!
          The government is slapping JP Morgan on the wrist, but will GE get away with it? I see they put two men who worked under Peter Lanza in jail in October 2012, but is that GE’s slap on the wrist? Come on!

          Is GE uptight with the government? GE, the Government, and Edelman.

        4. I briefly dug in and found a couple of bizarre banker deaths in recent years that can be linked to Libor. One man was said to have stabbed himself to death and another died in a precarious incident involving prostitutes and now these two. Of course, none of the deaths were deemed “suspicious” by the authorities, even though they were.

          I think that GE may have already paid their fine by heavily participating in Sandy Hook.

        5. That’s interesting, zem. GE paid it’s debt by donating to Sandy Hook.
          And why did the government pay Sandy Hook? Why were they indebted to Sandy Hook?

          I wonder if GE had a debt to pay with respect to Penn State that they donated $400,000 after the Sandusky scandal.

        6. Well, its a start! Either they’re worried or they were thinning the bonus fund too much.

          Nobody is getting prosecuted anytime soon. It will take torches and pitchforks to get those.

      1. A deeper look into the world of banking going back several years. Then, for even more alarming exposes, follow a link to the Roberto Calvi murder; he was called “God’s Banker” because he managed monies for the Vatican. All tied in with the mafia and other disreputable organizations. An interesting sidebar on the Polish connection. Said that the Pope (John Paul 11) wanted to funnel money into the insurrection against Russian rule. Recall the Lech Walesa trade ulnion
        initiative that was an opening shot in the break-up of the old USSR.

        Amazing how all things are connected though they seem world’s apart…

        1. Shades of Iran-Contra in another hemisphere – but with Reagan as President both times, if this was how they were using Vatican funds.

          I don’t know how it’s going these days in Budapest. I have to drop in sometime soon. But that’s one country that improved immensely on the surface once the Russians were sent packing. It had been “death in life” where your time was being constantly wasted chasing staple items like diapers (an all-day saga for me when I brought my kids there to see relatives). My husband’s aunt had to scrub her kitchen twice a day from top to bottom due to the soft coal that was all they had to burn, and she lived in a suburb close to the city center which had once been rather tony.

          I tend to think of the quiet fall of communism as in many ways a great coup (however it worked), but the roots of such a thing can intertwine, as we know, with criminal networks which then become a menace to everyone. You let up on the repression, and things slither out.

        2. While Newtown is brimming with newfound riches, grandiose plans of world class structures and so much more, others have encountered less fortunate circumstances. It may all be connected in the end – high finances and massive corruption always have an incestuous relationship. Plentiful minions, witting or otherwise, it’s a necessity. Newtown and Sandy Hook will someday be forgotten and remain in the shadows of new theatres of absurdity.

          What is presently the most precious commodity? Energy. All roads, even unpaved ones in Connecticut, lead to that commodity. Try imagining what other roads to energy look like. The ones paved with blood, bribes, fiat money and charlatans, aka psychopaths.

          Let us not forget the still missing Robert Hoagland of Sandy Hook. Also, I came across an interesting story of the bridge in Washington state where the latest finance connected “suicide” victim was found. Two links cause moderation, so for anyone interested look up Tacoma Narrows Bridge 1940.

  13. There is a light after all at the bottom of the rabbit hole…and it appears to emanate from an brilliantly incandescent GE bulb. As Gene Rosen has willed us, we must all go towards the light, lol.

    Tracy is cracking this thing wide open – with a little help from his friends!

    Goodnight Pete:

      1. Thanks for the links, Sandy.

        I knew the words and the names of the artists, but unfortunately for me I had missed the depth of meaning and the passion.

  14. I find it inconceivable that Peter Lanza would accept the absurd story that his son actually committed this act unless he is under extreme coercive influence.

    There is virtually no credible evidence that Adam Lanza did anything and the evidence that exists publicly contradicts the official story. The student witnesses statements are all consistent with the second suspect that was apprehended and released and not Adam Lanza.

    Can you imagine a cross examination of the witnesses? Barbara Halstead ? Natalie Hammond? Sally Cox?

    Ms Cox and Ms. Hammond you stated that you hid in a closet until 1:15 pm ? You said that the shooter was wearing boots? Sunglasses ?

    Ms. Hammond you said that the shooter was wearing a mask ?

    The defense rests

    1. Callahan it appears that there is another individual with a separate name and email using your IP address. Just thought I’d let you know in case there might be an unwanted tenant up in the attic.

  15. Many wonderful possibilities have been discussed in this thread, and I have enjoyed reading them. So I feel a bit sheepish bringing up my own concern.

    I was kind of looking forward to hearing the guy talk. I like accents. Black people from the Caribbean have particularly pleasant accents.

    So why is it that this guy sounds like he was born in Peoria?

  16. The Edelman website posted a story about the difference between the informed public, and the general public. I posted the following to their website:

    The informed public is aware that you are protecting GE. Errol Cockfield needs to stop all the bulls&#t Lanza “spokesman” interviews, and get out of Newtown. The Sandy Hook cover-up for Libor is out of the bag – and you can’t put it back in.

  17. Going a little Off Topic I do apologize. It appears a sighting of a possible crisis actor/agent has occurred on location at the Columbia Mall shooting. Same lady seen at the Boston Bombing & Waterdown Shootout and even possibly at Sandy Hook according to some.

    Some say she is Victoria Munoz & others say CNN correspondent Barbara Starr.

    It is odd though.

    1. It is a 100% match! Victoria Munoz or whatever alias she uses. She has been present for at least 4 major events. I have seen credible evidence that the Columbia Mall was indeed closed on 1/25 and 1/26 for maintenance, aka the “Columbia Mall Drill.”

      1. I might add it was John Luv who first noticed the likeness of this specific Columbia Mall witness.

        If someone could call the following Columbia Mall advertising contact and inquire if a rebate for advertising costs are to be issued due to the 1/25 & 1/26 mall closing. And record the conversation to post at 😉

        For more information contact:
        Specialty Leasing

        [ID/Contact info deleted. -JFT]

    1. Comment away folks! The editor just might be paying attention. Someone left a link back to here on the brave Retired Cop and Educator Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook.

    2. Wow, Holder admits that he regrets not using photographs of (fake)murdered children for political gain. Such a kind and moral man that Holder guy seems to be.

      Comments are great!

    3. Posted the VeteransToday article on the Top Ten Reasons SH was a Hoax and received this response.

      Thanks for that. I had not seen so many investigational irregularities in one place. This is all making sense now. Even if something really happened, they are certainly covering something up. I think it has that much in common with the Boston bombing.

      The Boston bombing narrative fell apart due to an enormous amount of social media, that allowed the public to smell that something wasn’t right. I followed that one very closely. Unlike Sandy Hook, it was all there to be dissected by the public. The bombings happening right next to the Sandy Hook victims review stand – I’m sorry – something is just TOO “Potemkin” about that. The Craft guys everywhere. The picture of the captured brother who died, and the changing stories….. No. There is just too much weird stuff. I think there is certainly stuff being hidden, and it’s not just horror-show photos. At the very least, incompetence. At worst – a backfire on a sad attempt to “politically manage” a useful event, which may involve embarrassing fore-warning.

      I had not really followed the details of the Sandy Hook thing too closely – certainly not with the scrutiny of the Boston travesty – but methinks now that Holder doth protest too much. Something is up.

      Thank you!

  18. I am so glad to see this odd and important puzzle piece to SH unravel.
    Great information here , just watching the pile get bigger and factors making the CT official story weaker makes you wonder if it was just to send a message to GE bcause of the testimony …
    Anyway Prof. Tracy
    Thank you!

    1. Town Poised To Secure DOJ Grants For Long-Term Recovery Efforts
      By John Voket
      Saturday, March 1, 2014

      So he got the wrong month, we all do. No?

      “The first selectman said that the community has been hearing about “pieces” of several grant initiatives for several months, and she wants to be sure residents understand that those and other pieces are part of a greater plan.”

      A greater plan? Finally some truth coming out of Sandy Hook.

  19. Analysis of the shell casings and discarded magazines indicate anomalies inconsistent with the official story.

    I believe the document numbers are CFS 1200704597 document 00018466.

    This document diagrams the magazines, shell casings, and live rounds found in each class room and the surrounding area.

    1. There were 25 casings in the lobby and by the window
    2. 80 Casings in room 8
    3. 49 casings in room 10
    4. 1 live round by the car, 1 in each class room, 4 in the hall and 1 in his pocket.
    5. Magazines- room 10- 3 fully loaded, 2 with zero, 1 in the gun with 15.
    6. Magazines room 8- 1 with 13, 1 with 10 and 1 with zero
    7 Magazine in the hall way – 1 with 11.

    Now let’s assume the shooter was alone and all mags started fully loaded at 30 round each and did not manually reload any magazines. Go through and work out each scenario.

    The shooter either attacked room 8 first or room 10. What is noteworthy is that the victims in room 8 were found piled in the bath room indicating that the teachers had time to try to hide them.

    I. Scenario 1 – assault room 10 first- the shooter expends 25 casings in the front window and the lobby, and eliminates a live round by his car. His first magazine now only has 4 remaining bullets.

    A. He uses the remaining 4 bullets in room 10
    B. He uses another 30 rounds in room 10 and now we have 2 mags with zero live rounds.
    C. There are 15 rounds used and 15 remaining in the gun.
    d. Total shots fired in room 10 are 49 which reconciles perfectly to the number of casings.
    e. The problem however is that this is where the AR-15 was discarded with the magazine still attached so the assault ended in classroom 10 (theoretically)-

    II. Scenario 2 – Classroom 8 is assaulted first
    A. magazine 1- expends 4 bullets remaining zero
    B. Magazine 2 – expends 20 bullets remaining 10
    C. Magazine 3 – expends 17 bullets- remaining 13
    D. Hallway magazine – expended 19 remaining 11
    E. There are 5 live rounds in the hallway and in class room 8.

    In this scenario we would have discarded 4 magazines with a total of 60 bullets minus the 5 live rounds ejected for a total of 55 shots. However the report indicates that there were 80 casings not 55.

    The numbers do not appear to line up.

  20. Cockfield is at it again. Today’s new headline announces that Peter Lanza has just come forward with a huge public outpouring about Adam being evil, and that he wishes Adam had never been born. BUT…if you read further, you see that the quotes are from a series of interviews he gave to The New Yorker LAST FALL. (Anybody remember those? I don’t.) Another is from March 17. (Today is 3/10/14)

    Keep reading and boom – there it is: “a spokesman.” The entire article is another Errol Cockfield phony press release.

    The Sandy Hook Advisory Committee has lamented that all the promised mental health information on Adam, that Peter (Errol) promised, never materialized.

    1. Cockfield is referring to an interview/article written by Andrew Solomon published in the March 17, 2014 edition of The New Yorker, available online at the line below:

      Solomon writes: “Since the shootings, Peter has avoided the press, but in September, as the first anniversary of his son’s rampage approached, he contacted me to say that he was ready to tell his story. We met six times, for interviews lasting as long as seven hours. Shelley, a librarian at the University of Connecticut, usually joined us and made soup or chili or salads for lunch.”

      1. As usual it is interesting to look at new characters behind stories. This time it is author Andrew Solomon of the New Yorker article, not just a nobody the elusive Mr. Lanza would let into his new home. It was disclosed previously in this blog that Mr. Cockfield works for the PR firm Edelman – a corporate member of CFR.

        It is also interesting that the old home in New Hampshire owned by Nancy and Peter Lanza was sold not long ago to a physician in Newtown. This physician works with a professional with the last name of Engel, also the last name of one alleged student victim at SHES.

        “Solomon is the oldest son of Howard Solomon, the chairman of pharmaceutical manufacturer Forest Laboratories, and Carolyn Bower Solomon. Solomon described the experience of being present at his mother’s planned suicide at the end of a long battle with ovarian cancer in an article for The New Yorker;[18] in a fictionalized account in his novel, A Stone Boat; and again in The Noonday Demon. Solomon’s subsequent depression, eventually managed with psychotherapy and antidepressant medications, inspired his father to secure FDA approval to market citalopram (Celexa) in the United States.[19]
        As an adult Solomon became a dual citizen of the United States and the United Kingdom. He and journalist John Habich had a civil partnership ceremony on June 30, 2007, at Althorp, the Spencer family estate and childhood home of Diana, Princess of Wales.[20][21] The couple married again on July 19, 2009, the eighth anniversary of their meeting, in Connecticut, so that their marriage would be legally recognized in the state of New York.[22]
        In 2003, Solomon and longtime friend Blaine Smith decided to have a child together; their daughter, Carolyn Blaine Smith Solomon, was born in November 2007. Mother and child live in Texas. A son, George Charles Habich Solomon, was born in April 2009, and lives in New York with Solomon and Habich, his adoptive father. Habich is also the biological father of two children, Oliver and Lucy, born to lesbian friends who live in Minneapolis. The development of this composite family was the subject of a feature article by Solomon published in Newsweek in January 2011,[22] and in an April 2012 profile in The Observer.[23]”

      2. Thanks John. I just read the New Yorker article, which Solomon says is based on about 40 hours of interviews from last fall. I have a few problems with it.

        1. What editor in his right mind would sit on a Peter Lanza exclusive in-depth interview for six months?

        2. Why weren’t Peter’s four binders of e-mails between himself , Nancy and Adam, included in the official investigation and subsequent police report? Why would a divorced couple, who did not get along, and their famously non-communicative son, share hundreds of e-mails?

        3. How is it that Nancy was stunned to find that teenage sharpshooter Adam could tie his shoes?

        4. Screw mental health. Why didn’t Peter notice that a 112 lb, six foot son, should be treated for starvation?

        5. Why does the majority of the article explore mental health issues in general, and offer almost nothing about Peter’s personal history, with only a small portion devoted to actual quotes? There are no physical descriptions of Peter either – and this is telling.

        6. Always with the right-wing angle. So Peter lived an hour away – hadn’t seen his son for a couple of years, yet was aware that Adam was a Ron Paul supporter?

        7. Solomon’s New Yorker feed only lists this single story. His last blog post was about Aaron Alexis mental illness.

        8. The story says he watched the story at work, and went home knowing nothing about the Lanza connection – but was distracted and wanted to watch it from home. Really?

        The internet article is a summery – and mentions his “spokesman.” I believe all of the information actually came from Errol Cockfield.

        1. So, is Andrew Solomon upsetting the official police report? Only for inquiring minds. The focus on mental health may come from this as quoted above from Wikipedia:

          “Solomon is the oldest son of Howard Solomon, the chairman of pharmaceutical manufacturer Forest Laboratories, and Carolyn Bower Solomon. Solomon described the experience of being present at his mother’s planned suicide at the end of a long battle with ovarian cancer in an article for The New Yorker;[18] in a fictionalized account in his novel, A Stone Boat; and again in The Noonday Demon. Solomon’s subsequent depression, eventually managed with psychotherapy and antidepressant medications, inspired his father to secure FDA approval to market citalopram (Celexa) in the United States.[19]

  21. Sandy,

    Absolutely agree with the numerous problems you were able to come up with after reading Solomon’s New Yorker piece.

    One of the statements he made that really stuck out like a sore thumb was:

    “Scientists are sequencing Adam’s DNA to see if they can find anomalies that might explain what was broken in him.”

    For those of us who have been serious researchers of the Sandy Hook event, as I like to refer to it, a comment such as this, written as fact by Solomon, sends up a red flag. It’s pretty well established that this Adam Lanza DNA sequencing story is simply another in a long list of fabrications which has been debunked pretty thoroughly. Just to refresh our memories, watch this video which someone posted on one of the MHB topics recently.

  22. Slam dunk John!

    Since there is no genetic marker for mayhem, the only way a study could produce results would be to use Adam as a baseline, and compare it to other school shooter’s DNA – looking for unusual matching aberrations along the genome. One weird guy does not a study make – especially when the University of Connecticut is unaware that they are even supposed to be doing the research.

    A factual article would NOT have included the DNA nonsense.

    1. Maybe Lanza’s DNA “story” will some day be used in the government’s pre-crime and counter-terrorism efforts…bogus as it likely will be.

  23. Wow – the bogus active shooter spreadsheet is back!

    It didn’t show up in the search warrant. It didn’t show up in the police video of the Lanza home. It hasn’t surfaced anywhere in the huge final investigation report.

    However, it’s back in the New Yorker piece.

      1. Scanning through some European news sources I see we have a new hero by the name of Peter Lanza. A remarkable and brave man who’s met with several families of the Sandy Hook victims. His occupation is reported as bookkeeper with a firm owned by GE. Something lost in translation?

        If Peter Lanza was real, if any of this was real, would he as a father accept the official story as gospel? I doubt it.

      2. I recall the New Yorker also published an article ratifying the official account of the killing of Osama bin Laden, including backing that official photo of the generals, Obama, Hillary sitting around the table. Biden fingered his rosary and said, “We must go to mass tonight.”

        Codswallop, indeed.

  24. Here are a couple of posts with videos from Sherrie on the latest Peter Lanza interview. She actually recorded a call to a Danbury CT movie theatre about the “Dance Dance Revolution” game.

    Also, Fetzer was on Rense last night and the audio (commercial free;) is posted here: (and just as a heads up, in the comments section there will most likely be attacks on Fetzer by defenders of the MSM version of SH)

    And here we have the latest audio from Deanna Spingola, who continues to promote the MSM version of SH and to suggest that those of us who believe it is a hoax/fraud/deception have fallen for some sort of “Cass Sunstein” operation. The audio is here :
    (again, in the comments section, there will most likely be several characters, sometimes using multiple handles, defending their favorite radio host). This show was actually a follow-up to the appalling “interview” of Wolfgang Halbig, in which she focused on trying to discredit him (on issues such as mailbox versus suite #!?!?) rather than the infinite anomalies in the official SH story. That audio is posted here

    Finally, we have a good thread going that deconstructs Spingola’s attacks on Halbig here: (all 8 pages of the thread are worth reviewing IMO)

    And we have lots of information on Sandy Hook posted here: (on page 120 we have a couple of videos of the SH parents at a press conference, trying to keep the info from the public)

  25. I wonder how the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission feels about Peter selling his story to the New Yorker while stonewalling their multiple pleas for Adam’s mental health background.

    If Peter exists at all, well then Peter is good with money. He probably scored big from the New Yorker article, and is sitting pretty good with the $64,000 estate valuation of Nancy Lanza. Nancy, a former brokerage professional with a quarter million annual income would certainly have a fat investment portfolio – the Dow has more than doubled since the divorce. Perhaps she lost a lot at the Bunco parties.
    Just like Newtown, and the parents, he looks to profit from the event. Perhaps the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

    The New Yorker piece is full of oddities, The intro doesn’t describe Peter or his home, but lists the stuff people sent to the father of a mass murderer. Why would anyone do such a thing, and why would he save these gruesome mementoes, even moving them to a new house? Why would you send a teddy bear to Adam Lanza’s father????

    “strangers from across the world have sent thousands upon thousands of letters and other keepsakes: prayer shawls, Bibles, Teddy bears, homemade toys; stories with titles such as “My First Christmas in Heaven”; crosses, including one made by prison inmates. People sent candy, too.

    1. The candy story struck me as just the type of detail that would be added to make the story seem genuine, while actually achieving the opposite.

      Besides those mentioned, a couple of other points stuck out as problematic.

      1. Ryan Lanza’s ID. They go back to the story that Adam was carrying it. Does the official report say anything about this?

      2. The school situation. This new article talks about Adam being home schooled from 8th grade on. But when the radio interview/Smiggles connection was revealed back in January, we were told by Kyle Kromberg that he had Latin class with Lanza every day for 3 years. Freshman through Junior year.

      We are also told in this article that by age 16, Adam was going to school only for occasional events.

      We are told in this new article that Adam still attended Tech Club meetings after switching to home schooling. Why not mention that he was also in school every single day for 3 years attending Latin class, at minimum? Especially considering that this is where he made the only “friend” who seems willing to go on record about him.

      We are also told in this new article that he took coursework in German, but couldn’t understand it. Not sure this meshes with someone who took 3 years of Latin, but I suppose this could be used to argue for his deteriorating mental state.

      1. Good eye Maestro. The police report shows photos of Adam’s Eddie Bauer green vest, black tactical pants, long sleeved black shirt, size 8.5 cheap Nunn-Bush shoes with holes in the soles, black Gilligan hat with small bullet hole, and size small/petite woman’s tee shirt. However – no evidence whatsoever that he was carrying any ID – his own or Ryan’s.

        The Tech Club ID? – Schools don’t issue plastic ID’s for either social or academic clubs. The picture is clearly shooped.

        This article is a response to the pressure from Wolfgang Halbig.

        Errol Cockfield is certainly the spokesman who has been quoted as stating that this will be Peter’s final statement.

        1. Sandy, I totally agree–the article is most definitely in response to the traction Wolfgang Halbig is getting in the alternative media. No doubt about it!

        2. It would certainly seem to be…why else would this article be popping up now? 🙂

  26. Just read Peter Lanza’s latest “interview” — He stated he wished Adam had never been born and referenced him as a “weird little kid”. I wonder if these comments received the “ok” from the public relations consultant…

    1. Just read Peter Lanza’s latest “interview” — He stated he wished Adam had never been born and referenced him as a “weird little kid”.

      What loving parent would utter such a thing?

      Just one more example falling far short of passing the smell test in this whole sordid mess.

      1. That’s for sure. Of course critics of those of us who would think this are saying that Lanza deserve pity because they did all they could and Adam kept pushing him away.

        While I have not walked a mile in the parents’ shoes here…I can only imagine that I would never have given up on this supposed kid (assuming he exists). Two years without contact, Dad? Seriously? It seems to me that no one took the bull by the horns (again, if the kid existed) and took charge to manage his care. Instead, they allowed him to (supposedly) to block them out, tape up his windows and spend hours upon hours on the computer and video games. Really? They gave up on him – no one was managing this kid, then adult. They had enough $ – no excuse.

      2. Seems to me that Errol Cockfield has had enough of trying to piece together answers that people want to know, saying that this will be Peters final statement..They are sure making him work for his money!.. I don’t believe any parent would make the statement of wishing their son had never been born.. its the kind of thing someone would make up to sound sincere.. but comes across so you say.. ‘ what’?…the message isn’t getting across Errol… I think you may be getting overpaid. Did they wash all of Adams clothes before setting them out for all to see.. I would like to hear the verdict of a regular gun handler to see if these clothes are actually the remnants of an shooting. As for people sending thing to Peter…. hmm. what! a teddy bear?.

        1. Did the well-wishers and well meaning fools have Peter’s address? Or did they send the letters and gifts to Errol? I doubt these people have the brain capacity to locate Peter’s whereabouts if he existed and actually lived somewhere. Most likely it was all spin from Edelman’s HQ.

          I have said this before – organizers of this event, from the drawing board to PR spokespersons, did not anticipate the enormous backlash in such a short time. Did they take for granted that people would be shaking in their boots, willingly give up guns, submit to mandatory mental screenings and welcome the police state for their protection?

          Errol may go away, but the can of worms won’t.

        2. Good question. How did they get their goodies to the “father of the year”? I’m glad that this is a hoax. If it weren’t I’d have a hard time with the level of disgust I feel for someone who could have a child and say he wished he’d never been born. More “modeling” I suppose for that corporate, fascist “new tomorrow” they are pushing us into.

        3. lophatt, having a family is discouraged by the next phase of living on planet earth. If you are allowed to have a child or two they will be raised by the village and the state.

          In the meantime there are still parents whose minds and souls have not been robotized and function as normal people do. Think tanks and P/R flacks and hacks have not taken that into consideration while busy rolling out their latest spins, one more ludicrous than the other.

          If the New Yorker piece was a collaboration of Errol Cockfield, working for corporate CFR member Edelman, and Andrew Solomon the private CFR member, and when one takes a look at Solomon’s own current family situation, it is understandable that he does not have the best knowledge of real parents.

        4. The absurdities and illogical “details” of the Adam Lanza character has to be intentional.

          I love this post by another commenter, “How is it that Nancy was stunned to find that teenage sharpshooter Adam could tie his shoes?”

          Peter Lanza said he wishes his photoshopped child was never born.

          I wish that too.

  27. Well, here’s a strange question, does anyone here know how to contact someone with a youtube account? The reason I’m asking is that the last sentence of her last comment here Spingola is basically accusing the maker of the “Sandy Hook; GAME OVER! – NO Deaths NO Victims in Official Record” (by LivingonplanetZ) of lying, by suggesting that he/she wouldn’t have paid the fee required for accessing the SSDI master file. I’d like to get this information to the maker of the video, so that he/she can respond to Spingola’s accusation.

    1. Scroll down below a youtube video and you will see youtube accounts usually allow comments. Or, you can direct a one-to-one message to the channel account holder. Just click on the name of the channel. Unfortunately, youtube underwent a major change recently which requires you to post through your Google+ account, and requires you to link your phone number. So, all your contacts, plus the NSA, are reading along on You Tube. Anonymity is a thing of the past.

      1. Thanks Sandy. And yeah, that’s what I was kind of concerned about–the whole anonymity issue, which is why I don’t really use youtube. But I’ve contacted someone who already has a youtube account to see if she can get a message to that guy. I’d really like to see LivingonplanetZ defend his/herself against Spingola’s accusations, if possible. But it’s actually not that important in the long run b/c the evidence of this being a hoax is simply endless.

  28. Is there ANY hard proof this Peter Lanza character even exists?

    There is no video of him, he’s never seen moving- and the two different “photo shoots” we’ve seen him in consist of two men who look very different.

    The “original” photo of Peter Lanza:”

    “Peter Lanza Fireball Shots”:

    Nose is much longer in the fireball shots.

    Peter Lanza supposedly went to “Nancy’s” (Anne Haddad) memorial service- yet he isn’t caught on camera there either.. He never seems to get caught (Moving) on camera.. then, they show us this weird image supposedly taken the day of the shooting:

    But where’s the video for that image? Just one photo?

    Now he’s “speaking” through a third person- why? Why not show his face to the public, why hide- maybe because this guy exists in photoshop image form only?

    1. The only video I’m aware of is the pic of him leaving the police station with the other son (after questioning). I’d posted that link earlier but is on a fav place on my laptop if you can’t locate it. Weirdly, the woman in the passenger seat of that car (they get in to) looks like a haggard Nancy Lanza…but could just be me.

      1. It’s not just you. It DOES look like our Nancy. Someone would be footing the bill for Errol. Is it GE? If so, why?

        Now they will trot him out whenever the occasion merits. If they have a gun bill, or mental health act, etc., they’ll reference this.

        So they invent a reality and a story to go with it so that they can use it for their purposes.

        1. Marzi, The Tech club photo is a group photo taken during a time when Peter Lanza allegedly told The New Yorker that Adam was being home schooled. ( Do schools invite non-enrolled kids to join clubs?)

          Another thing odd about that photo: none of the kids are wearing their Tech Club photo ID’s. Adam’s bug eyed portrait is so ‘shoooped.’ My son is Adam’s age – and he never had plastic photo ID’s for any extra-curricular activities.

          I came across a story that we should watch as it develops. The libor mess is about to hit the fan, and Cockfield appears to be connected.

        2. Just wanted to mention — Our state (and others) are equal access states in that homeschoolers must be allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities and clubs. In other states, it is often left to a particular school district to decide. So, a homeschooler in a tech club is not unusual in most states.

  29. They continue to flaunt their big scam, the September interviews were just published now? Perhaps it was Halbig, or perhaps it is the backlash of gun owners refusing to comply with their illegal gun confiscation laws.

    Suppose this qualifies for the missing medical records? The interviews will culminate into a book, who would of figured that?,0,4825263,full.story

    1. It’s probably Halbig. He has hired lawyers and has firm plans to depose witnesses in Newtown. His sixteen questions are about to get answers.
      He wants public records, such as the food service billing for the school and the bus routes for the past few years – all are records that they have no possible reason to withhold from a National School Safety Consultant.

      1. That’s great news, Sandy. But how do you know all this?

        Moreover, you can’t just take depositions. You have to have a pending court case. Is he planning to file suit under the Connecticut Open Records Act?

        1. Does that type of suit have to be approved by Lance’ son? I’d love to see it. He could then call witnesses. I was thinking it was only tort claims that needed “approval”.

          Something tells me they’ll never let Halbig near them. On the other matter they definitely ARE getting flack over the gun grab.

        2. No, such a suit doesn’t need approval by the state, since it isn’t for damages. It’s for records, and sanctions for their nonproduction.

          That’s the only type of suit Halbig has standing to bring. While a taxpayers’ suit is theoretically possible, where the taxpayer asserts injury due to malfeasance in the spending of public funds, taxpayer suits are rarely successful; and Halbig would have to be a resident of Connecticut (to show his taxes paid to CT were misapplied). Possibly he could do it in federal court, vis-a-vis his U.S. taxes–but I’d have to research that!

        1. So a school selects a safety consultant. The consultant works for the school and either provides information about how to keep a school safe or can be used as a witness.

          I don’t see anything in there giving a consultant any power to require a school that he doesn’t work for to supply him with records. I doubt that he would have any power to insist that a school that he did work for to supply him with records. Am I missing something?

        2. I’m thinking he has issues in connection with the public offices not complying with the Freedom of Information Act, perhaps?

        3. Violeta, no and that is why he needs to go through the legal system. In CT it will be a very difficult task. Halbig is addressing that in the interview yesterday on Veritas Radio with Mel Fabregas.

        4. Violeta, Mr. Halbig said he has hired two attorneys and they are preparing civil lawsuits. They are going to Newtown he said, but did not give a date. Several people will receive subpoenas, including the school nurse and officers from NPD. He still has plans to attend a school board meeting while there and has no replies to his FOIA requests yet.

          During the interview his cell phone kept going off and he finally had to deactivate it. He’s a busy man these days. No wonder The New Yorker was commissioned into action at this time. Also this:

          Monday March 10th
          “In testimony delivered in quick succession Monday to two legislative committees, Senate President Pro Tem Donald E. Williams Jr., D-Brooklyn, strongly condemned post-Newtown legislation that would restrict public access to 9-1-1 recordings, police photographs and names of witnesses in drug or violent crimes.”

      2. Poor Wolf. I read that he was fired recently from his School Safety position, and he is coming under attack and scrutiny from every corner – including those who don’t believe the official story.

        My mother worked for INS and assisted people through the proper channels to become legal citizens. She was a caring person and so proud of their accomplishments. Her words: “They filled out forms, took buses, stood in long lines, toured government administration buildings, took history and English classes – did their homework and passed tests. When the big day came for taking the oath of citizenship, they arrived in suits and dresses, and there was never a dry eye in the house. These new citizen’s understood what it means to be an American, and are now part of our national treasure.”

        Halbig’s passion sounds real to me – and right or wrong, he has a right to ask questions. He is so open, he has publicly released his phone number and e-mail address, and responds to every challenge. I hope he doesn’t give up.

    1. That’s a good piece. I guess the guy from “Popular Mechanics” was unavailable.

      I think both Kathy and Sandy are right. The timing is suspicious. The article itself doesn’t read like someone meeting and interviewing someone would begin. It doesn’t say anything about him, really.

      All we have is one grainy video at Hoboken (I think), and Alfred E. Newman-like photos after that. A disembodied head.

      It’s too bizarre.

    2. John – thank you for posting this link to the story on Solomon…holy bajeebers…it gets creepier and creepier. Soon, big pharma and the gubbermint will be pushing “Soma” on all of us (book reference, of course).

  30. So peter lanza will give all this info to the new yorker but gives nothing to the the sandy hook advisory commission which made repeated requests for adams psychiatric history. This also comes out a day before the legislative hearings on the recommendations from the privacy commission.

    1. More damning evidence of a hoax. The obvious explanation is that the creation dates are correct. It’s now up to the official narrative folks to counter this evidence. I’m waiting.

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