By James F. Tracy

An integral and by now much-anticipated element of a spectacle such as the Boston Mass Casualty Event (BMCE) of April 15, 2013 involves establishment of charities through which the incident may gain legitimacy in the public mind. Such entities provide fiscal channels by which event participants may be compensated and are also vital for public participation via charitable offerings.

Here, perhaps predictably, one find the unusually swift development of “The One Fund Boston,” a now celebrated aid organization whose very name oddly resonates with the new agey themes of “resilience” and “unity” promoted by mass grief and woe maven John Woodall.[1] “We are one Boston. We are one community,” Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is quoted as saying on “One Fund’s” website. “As always, we will come together to help those most in need. And in the end, we will all be better for it.”[2]

One Fund is in fact the sole creation of the 2013 Boston Marathon’s chief corporate sponsors—the John Hancock corporation and the Hill Holliday advertising firm. Website captures from the Internet Archive indicate the entity was up-and-running with a logo and web presence on April 16, less than twenty four hours after the incident, just as the dreaded Tsarnaev brothers still roamed free and long before the professed bombing’s fatalities could be laid to rest.

“The rapid-fire creation of the relief fund is an example of how individuals, politicians and businesses in Boston unite in a crisis,” Advertising Age gushed, referencing an interview with Michael Sheehan, Chairman of Hill Holliday. “Communicating mostly by text-message, about a dozen key players at Hill Holliday, Hancock and the Mayor’s Office managed to create the foundation from scratch.[3] Within a week One Fund had raised over $23 million from corporate and individual donors [4] including John Hancock, Bank of America, and Bain Capital. The charity has to date raised a total $71.3 million.[5]

On April 17 at 9:29AM One Fund filed its articles of organization [6] with the Massachusetts Secretary of State. Yet One Fund’s quickly-drafted articles list only two individuals fulfilling the roles of president, treasurer, clerk, and board members—James D. Gallagher, Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel of John Hancock, the US subsidiary of Canadian-based Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (“ManuLife”), and Hill Holliday’s Sheehan. “If you can think it,” one of Hill Holliday’s mottoes reads, “we can make it real.”

Sheehan recently left Hill Holliday to become a consultant to the Boston Globe.[7] Examination of existing photographic and video evidence of the bombing’s aftermath combined with amateur videos taken from the scene now suggest how the Globe was likely given exclusive rights to photograph and videotape the BCME, as the video below tends to demonstrate. The paper has also played a direct role in propagating inflated injury tallies following the event.[8]

The One Fund even proffers a referral service to BMCE martyrs, many of whom sustained grievous “hearing issues,”[9] needing advice on how to manage their newfound wealth. Because of The One Fund contributors’ “unprecedented generosity,” a document on the charity’s site reads,

many victims and families may be receiving very large monetary gifts. To help address the management of the gifts that you may receive, the One Fund is happy to connect you with financial advisory firms that have volunteered to consult with you at no cost. If you are interested in learning more about this free consultation, please contact One Fund Boston at …[10]

John Hancock and the broader insurance industry’s benefit from the BCME and its influence in the intertwined public opinion and policy-making processes shouldn’t be underestimated. Both stand to profit greatly from the enhanced risk environment brought about by the renewed specter of international terrorism, the supposed cause of the BCME itself.

In light of the manifestly dubious nature of the Boston Marathon bombings [11] the active and multi-faceted solicitation of contributions to address the event’s aftermath suggests a fraud of extravagant proportions, even by today’s threadbare standards.

The true beneficiaries of the BMCE include not only the American police state that has grown by leaps and bounds since September 11, 2001, but more importantly the global corporatist class that likewise benefits from the quickening demise of a critical citizenry. Those select few with the control to shape public consciousness now recognize more than ever that the masses will accept as genuine almost any tragic domestic event, provided it is presented within the infotainment formulas to which the population has grown so accustomed.


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Republished at on January 17, 2014.

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83 thought on ““One Fund Boston” and the Boston Mass Casualty Event”
  1. I know there are on-line tools to quickly permit a person to build a website, but within 24 hours? Were those folks so jaded that the tragedy didn’t shock them most of that time? Or did they know in advance? And given that most banks and other financial institutions would close over nite, I really doubt they could have set up any vehicle or method for collecting funds in that amount of time – after all those electronic payments had to go to a specific account.

    But maybe I’m wrong. I don’t do that kind of work…

    Have any of you ever created a website, and a bank account, and connected them so the account could take payments from the website, and had it all done and on line in less than 24 hours?

    1. It could have been done through a third party contractors or a collection of third parties. People who are actually paid by the companies identified as providing the service wouldn’t get their hands dirty on this sort of thing. Actually, the division of labour is extensive and self-amputating for all things nowadays.

      1. OK, but doesn’t going thru a third party imply even more time involved than just doing the work oneself? This was in less than 24 hours, counting overnight time. Just finding and hiring a contractor kind of indicates advance planning, does it not?

        I’m just wondering if One Fund Boston wasn’t part of the entire false flag operation at the beginning.

        1. Of course they were in on it. Do you think insurance companies part with money easily? I mean just think of how a routine claim would be investigated.

    2. It probably took months just to get the new logo approved, wonder if there is a patent on that! They realized the many SH charities was too hard to control.

    3. With plug-ins, content management systems, code snippets and templates, it is definitely do-able in 24 hrs. Especially if you keep it simple (which it is) and you’re given free rein.

      Naming the fund, selecting the colors, approving the logo & text is typically a long process… but, could be done quickly if someone(s) is given free rein to “get it done.”

      Could be many people were taken for a ride on this to give free labor/expertise.

        1. Welcome. If the site was done that fast, it would be a small crew to ensure fast decisions.

          One person, with carte blanche, could do it.

          You’re basically just building a database of supporters, tracking their pledges and processing payments to a bank account.

        2. Yeah, but again, that it was accomplished so fast looks like the team, and everything else, was already in place–that they had advance notice.

        3. Possibly there was advance notice, but the speedy creation of the website is no smoking gun.

          The colors are the Boston Marathon colors. The logo is a box. The coding is standard, a bzillion Content Management platforms have plug-ins to handle the back-end.

          If an advertising firm put two people on this, or one person with a broader skill set, it could be done in a few hours.

        4. If there was advance notice, isn’t THAT in itself an indication of collusion in an event and presentation thereof that was apparently planned and staged?

          That was my entire point at the beginning – if the time to publication is too short – somebody knew in advance. If the company knew in advance, the event was OBVIOUSLY planned. Thanks for the confirmation.

        5. Also, your instincts are good if only because at best, they were like a runner waiting for the starting gun to fire, poised and ready to get the thing underway immediately. No recovery time, thinking time, gradually coming to the idea that we should make a web presence about this. No; they were off the start with the bang!

        6. My comments were not to prove or disprove your point, but to share information with you that the creation of a website along the lines of the One Fund is not difficult and can be done quickly… definitely within 24 hours, even two.

          Small teams with carte blanche move fast. Thus the “time to publication” was not “too short.”

          I understand your point that if the event was manufactured it is possible the PR/Web creation team for the One fund had advance notice.

          Collusion with the PR team may not have happened. They may have been asked in the aftermath of the event to “do a good deed,” or perhaps they volunteered for the public exposure.

        7. A major Boston-based public relations firm like Hill Holiday is obviously going to think of how they can contribute in the aftermath of a big event such as the Boston Marathon “Bombing.”

          Boston isn’t big. It is entirely possible that someone likely called someone else and the website was begun. This is what Advertising firms *do*… they’re pros at this & can do this type of thing quickly.

          It is certainly possible it is as you suspect with the website being created in a long process prior to the event, but the fact is it could also have been created less than a regular working day.

          As I said, the website is no smoking gun… meaning the story of its creation is a reasonable possibility.

  2. OOOh, well said, Dr. Tracy. Still all one hears on the MSM is the establishment account from even talk hosts (who should by reputation be more savvy with resources to match propaganda streams) parroting bogus information and tweaking the public empathy.

    There is method in the madness. And that end is money. Who on the large stage will confront this exploding evil which threatens to swallow American society? Will a true, fully-realized man or woman raise a hand in protest and mount the podium to say–enough! I await his/her statement on national TV.

    1. I think the end goes beyond money. I think it has to do with controlling elite opinion and getting policies put through which might otherwise get opposition from it. Mayor Menino announced that next year’s Marathon would be “even more spectacular” and I understand domestic drones may come into play, so getting us to accept that type of intrusion (although we already have helicopters and I am in LA right now where they shine their lights into everyone’s backyards while supposedly chasing robbers) may be part of the agenda. Demonizing Chechens in another piece of the puzzle. To what end? Stay tuned. It will all make sense soon, I imagine, say sometime in February.

      1. It is very unfortunate that the Boston Marathon was sacrificed for the bizarre agenda.

        This was a fun family-outing, a tradition in the Boston area. With “bombings,” a government that thinks nothing of screwing with public safety at large events, passive leadership from the Boston Marathon stewards, and possibly drones being part of “Marathon Day”… smart Bostonians will watch the action on Channel 5… far from the headache & stress.

        “It’s the Marathon! Let’s bring the kids! They’ll be drones!” Said, no one ever.

        What was once a revered tradition is now a slurry mess of lies and emerging war zone. Attendees will be the drunk & rowdy and the completely unconscious. I would bet the class of elite runners will re-think their participation in US Marathons going forward… unless sponsorship is sharply increased.

        Way to go Boston Marathon Leadership!! You blew a lovely 116-year tradition on your watch!!

        Boston Bollocks!

        1. As someone who took a picnic to Heartbreak Hill and gave out water cups along with my young children, I can definitely state that the Marathon is ruined for me forever.

          The Marathon changed, indeed, over the years from one with local runners being the stars to being a much more international event. There was even a joke on SNL by Zack Galifianakis where he’s baiting someone about wanting to run a marathon and asking him (a white guy) if he is Kenyan, because if he is not, he will not win. No, I am not making my own reference to any current president, because he is in my view American, but only saying this: Americans were not winning the Marathon for many years before this crap happened.

          So perhaps there was the sense that people could use the nostalgia about a local kind of event, something people who moved away from Boston could remember differently, and play on that, including the idea that there would be lots of people at the finish line long after the winners had been declared. Confusion about the Marathon is always present. It’s why Rosie Ruiz could be crowned in a few short years after they let women enter (she was a fake who ran in at the last moment, much like the actors in the latest one).

          No, the Marathon changed irrevocably when it became a world event in a big way.

          So that is why there were articles about treating it as a mass casualty event by a person writing at the Kennedy School whose name I’ve misplaced. There are people who look at any large event and see how a mass casualty would play out. The problem with the Marathon is that it so long, and that a problem could break out at any point along the way. That’s why I think they are trying to justify the use of drones, because they pretend it would make us all more secure. And after all —

          what do you do after police helicopters? The next system is always waiting in the wings. So partly, that is driving it. If they don’t work in Afghanistan, why not bring them here and kill crowds of people handing out water cups?

  3. Recall that the Boston Globe was owned by the New York Times when this happened. The NYT bought the highly valued, and highly respected, Boston Globe in 1993, and sold it for a fraction of its value in August 2013. It is possible the NYT (meaning the financial interests which I believe control it) acquired the Boston Globe in anticipation of using it as the primary “news source” in this hoax, then disposed of it after it had served that purpose and made everybody a whole lot richer.

    1. Wanted to add one interesting “coincidence,” which is that one Boston Globe reporter who filed stories about the Boston Marathon incident is Kevin Cullen. I believe (but have not confirmed) that he is related to Dave Cullen, a Denver Post reporter who wrote a book about Columbine which parrots and reinforces the official version of events, mentioning none of its inconsistencies, such as contrary reports given by by about 50 eyewitnesses.

      So they are both shills.

      1. Kevin Cullen has been following the fugitive and government (US and Britain) asset Whitey Bulger (who was on trial in Boston at the federal courthouse where Tsarnaev was later arraigned). Bulger seems to have been involved in informing on the IRA. Cullen was in the thick of it, and in fact was in Ireland lying about some father chasing his child’s leg as it rolled down the street after the bombing. His shameless whoppers to the Irish people are part of his charm offensive. He’s a total phony. I wouldn’t care what his genealogical connections are, he’s a piece of work in his own right, and I don’t even like the IRA so I’m not saying this out of partisanship.

        1. Yes, very perceptive, musings. I have posted before about the strong presence of Catholics in these false flag events, so won’t detail that again, but specifically I keep finding links to Northern Ireland.

          Ironically, I subscribed to the Boston Globe for a few months in 2012-2013, because I was interested in the Bulger trial (and then the Boston marathon happened, too). I never heard Whitey had “informed on the IRA,” but that would be huge, and would explain why, after all these years when the FBI undoubtedly knew where he was, all of a sudden they round him up and put him on trial.

          One difficulty I have, however, is that I don’t believe Whitey Bulger was an informant. I believe his version: that the information flowed the other way. I think he was a hired killer for the FBI, although he also murdered for his own benefit.

      2. Hmmm…we will have to watch for that name “cullen”…as in culling or cultivating, fertilizing, preparing the way….all pre-cursors to a bigger event, a paradigm shift.

  4. Using the money to help bankroll future elections is how i see it, including Connecticut’s Sandy Hook’s grand scale mega hoax. Let’s rename it Boston WRONG rather than Boston Strong.

    1. Always hated the way “Boston Strong” was affixed to institutions all around the city and nearby lockdown towns, from fire stations to the Museum of Fine Arts, to Fidelity wealth management posters. High production value banners everywhere. Not bottom up but clearly top down management of the reactions to this.

      One resistant element was 7-11 market in Cambridge which refuted the story they were robbed by the Tsarnaev’s (to put them in the proximity to MIT so they could be said to have killed the cop while running from their robbery). The CEO of that organization spoke out and said that alleged surveillance photos during the alleged robbery did not show his merchandise at the Central Square location (or in any of his stores). So you gotta think – someone made him an offer he COULD refuse. I think this shows there may be some resistance even at the top. It did sort of mess up the scenario at a critical point, but they pencilled in a new scenario about a carjacking, etc.from a different location.

        1. “Boston Strong”? Is that what you are when you let 5 thousand federal police dressed and armed like Delta Force into your city doing warrantless searches without so much as a whimper? It seems to me they chose the birthplace of the revolution to be the death place of the Republic. It sickened me to my soul to see people gladly stepping outside while their homes were invaded by troops. This should have been the start of a second American Revolution. There is no amount of voting, activism, or whistleblowing that will ever change what happened in Boston. It was a paradigm shift. Its not “going to happen”, It already happened.

  5. Let’s not forget the ‘smiley happy people’, totally resilient in the face of adversity after having their limbs blown off.
    I apologise for the crassness of the titles in the following links and there is some swearing in the articles. However, the photos and analysis are very in depth, the article also raises the possibility of the finish line set being filmed twice – (Boston was on lockdown), and also the irregularities concerning the time clock for the race.

    1. Makky, that’s quite alright. I swear under my breath every time we have another of these. The utter contempt displayed by these impossible scenarios are extremely insulting.

    2. Great articles.

      Really makes you wonder why the persons who claimed injury in US court, but were obviously uninjured after the “bombings” with abundant photographic evidence as proof of their nimble footed antics… aren’t in jail.

      Oh, must be the court trials were fakey-fakey, too? Or, at the very least the defense isn’t defending with effort.

    3. Makky – Thanks for posting! The author’s passion comes screaming out in his written words and there are times most of us find certain words are the only ones available to describe the audacity! AJ have you gotten through it yet? Take your time, there is a lot to digest!

    4. Thank you for the links! Man, that guy is perceptive! But his mouth might need a whole bar of soap ;). Anyway, he is actually funny, too, in the seriousness of it all.

    5. Made it through the second one. I think I’m going to be sick. Such open lying. Such utter shamelessness. How can these people face questions, congratulations, ten years from now? All of them will have to live the lie, forever.

      1. I know Patrick it’s disgusting. I don’t think the participators in this event realised, or didn’t bank on how much it would be scrutinised – if they even cared. They’ve been exposed anyway.
        When some of the participants are children though, it really sinks to a whole new level of depravity.

        1. Anne, yes it does happen frequently. I think his articles are a bit too close to the bone for some. I know he was preparing to release a major article on the Woolwich incident, so maybe that might have something to do with it.

        2. Hope I did not over share it! This was 100% proof Boston was a total hoax! Perhaps if we could convince him to exchange a word for something like ‘those dirty buggers’ Dr. Tracy might consider it as a self standing article! The error of Forbidden! reminds me of another time we all hoped we learned from. A typical kinder, gentler form of censorship used in the US is “The page you requested cannot be found, please check your URL and try again.”

  6. Thank you Dr. Tracy, excellent article. It’s just another example of the corporate/government melding under the umbrella of “security”. China makes things, we make prisoners and war.

    Notice the role reversal between “government assistance” and “corporate largesse”. Of course, the corporate part is at least partially financed by the eaters. And they can’t pass up an “opportunity” to solicit for their services when promising their “gifts”.

    As Makky says above, smiling, happy amputees. That may have been the creepiest part of this whole production. This modeling behavior that is so unnatural. These impossible recuperation’s.

    Instead of “finessing” the memes, they laid them on with a trowel. There was nothing subtle about it. Dr. Tracy’s point about “The Globe’s” exclusive coverage is important. That seems to be a definitive feature of these drills. They control the imagery. Nothing makes it to the airwaves without careful vetting.

    1. I’m still wondering if there isn’t some kind of brain-washing going on with these smiley happy people…it’s so Manchurian Candidate..the same story over and over again, with the same smiley faces…everyone is so happy and “resiliant”.

  7. Last night I walked in on a conversation at a party on the West Coast (where I currently am) to hear a respected friend talking about SHES in some discussion about whether a just God would allow such an event. He assumed it was real. He did not examine it in detail, but was using it as an example to discuss the nature of God (he is an atheist by the way). So here you have a skeptic in theological matters swallowing the media’s account.

    It being late, I did not offer the socratic method to elicit his understanding of the event, and in fact merely listened. I believe his sources of news are never television, but rather print. So reading about how the Boston Globe seems to have been taken on board early is quite interesting. Correct me if I err, but isn’t the Globe now owned by the New York Times? That would cover two major areas where subscribers still look for solid news (as opposed to tabloid) and where serious opinion writers who also publish in the Atlantic and New Yorker are found on the op-ed page weighing in on the issues of our time in mostly liberal commentary. My friend is a New Yorker reader even on the West Coast. I am sure he has been reading about these events through that filter, and he has trusted these media the way the average person trusts his local news station on tv.

    I’ve always felt that the Marathon thing was trying to take in a more elite crowd, to sway opinion in complex ways which as yet we do not understand. I think there is a component (as with Forum restaurant where allegedly so much carnage took place) of possibly organized crime. But as this article demonstrates, it is the elite they are after, with the stamp of Boston tradition and respectability being used to target a certain demographic.

    As with a visit from an alien spacecraft in some sic-fi movie, we are still trying to guess at the motive, even while feeling under threat. All of us feel under threat after this thing. It’s just that some people think it was Chechens, and others discern the threat is from within.

    1. The Boston Marathon takes place on Patriots Day, a commemoration of the first battles of the American Revolution. I’m sure for the Nutters it has some meaning to run this Psyop on Patriots Day.

      As for targeting the elite, I do think it can be more difficult for those who invested in the model of “right school, right career, right community” to see past their constructed world. The idea that the Boston Marathon was anything but an act of terrorism by a foreigner… threatens everything. Awakening is painful.

      That said, “elites” are not stupid. They worked hard to achieve what they’ve achieved and I think between Sandy Hook and Boston their cage has been rattled. I’ve had conversations with folks that skirt the edge of calling these events false, but my feeling is that more people find it BS than are willing to say.

      The resistance from the “elites” will be rejection of the Boston Marathon going forward. No financial support, no running in the race, no cheering on the sidelines. The Boston Marathon stewards and the City of Boston either cleans up this mess, or other races will attract the running crowd. (Maine has a nice one, founded by Joan Benoit.)

      If the elites weren’t “in the know” prior to the event & they attended with their families, it is more than likely they have the feeling their lives don’t matter in the psyop-games.

  8. I think we should also consider the point of these false flag ops to be distraction from current policy change. After all, one result is that many academic and investigation-oriented individuals focus plenty of their attention and time on finding holes in the official story instead of focusing on stopping the political change it paves the way for.

    1. Oh, good point Rick. I had assumed they were the excuse for introducing a policy change, but your point is definitely a good one. They do have that ‘look over there’ effect.

      Its kind of like the big fuss about ‘discovering’ that Al Qaeda attacked Benghazi – and the fact that it has completely overwhelmed any discussion or investigation into who issued the ‘stand down’ orders for our military reinforcements who were ready to go to the aid of the folks under attack. But to paraphrase Hillary – what, at this point, does it matter who attacked the compound? The real issue is who issued the stand down orders that let Americans be killed and whatever small arms or tactical weapons were in that compound be stolen.

    2. Right and there is so much going on. Remember the outgoing Homeland Security chief said our biggest threat was cyber attacks, we have been notified by two different government agencies that our personal records were violated and of course all that is in the news. Then there is the NSA with supposedly all of our data and the unaffordable health care act that has links to all government databases. Not to mention a president who has no qualms about writing his own laws and not enforcing those he disagrees with. Seems like shutting down the internet as we know it, is not far behind. Our utility company asked us all to sign a petition, if the EPA is successful with it’s latest regulations, our electric rates will go up 54% in the next 5 years. Could go on and on here!

    1. Not sure, but I believe Feinberg appeared as a Special Master (kind of a magistrate) when the Newton, MA former alderman and lawyer (and nephew of famous poet) Eric MacLeish, had to manage clergy sex abuse pay-outs in Massachusetts, from an $85 million settlement by the Catholic Church, after MacLeish brought charges on complaints of men abused as minors. Not questioning here the validity of these charges (some of which had been admitted to) but merely that Feinberg gets around and where there is a big pile of money to be had (in this case often from the sale of church property), he likes to manage it. Whether those beneficiaries were further abused in the pay-outs is one question among many. MacLeish later started the Massachusetts 9/11 fund when he met a widow of a WTC victim. Into this service, he developed PTSD and had to drop out of managing funds due to severe depression. (See interview, Bella English, Boston Globe, April 18, 2010)

        1. I did a pretty in-depth expose on Feinberg and his involvement in multiple hoaxes and payola in this video:

          Besides Sandy Hook, Feinberg was in charge of compensation for 9/11, Aurora Theater scam, Boston Bombing hoax, Agent Orange, the Holocaust, The B.P. Oil Spill, the Banker Bailout Scandal and the Zaprudar film, amongst other litigation.

        2. Yes, I believe that is also one of the pies in which he has his fingers. But really, it probably makes more sense to think of the big law firms he is connected with and the interests they represent.

  9. Hey Professor Tracy,

    Would you make a few blog pages with video only so ppl can see what’s been posted for the “various events”? It would be interesting to see a page with the “contra” videos too, like the Glenn Beck “debunking” vid and Anderson’s vile videos.

    For example, I have no idea if this has been posted:

    and I hadn’t seen this one before, although it’s probably well known:

    Thanks —

    1. I hadn’t seen the crisis actors video before–very interesting. I wonder: does anyone else hear those annoying beeps whenever a name is mentioned?

      I have had other experiences like this with videos on this blog. When I tried to listen to the Sofia Smallstorm vid, I got blasted with the Nutcracker Suite by Tschaikovsky. With the Wolfgang Halbig interview, it was Beatles tunes. I don’t mean faint crosstalk, but clear audio, so loud I could not hear what was being said.

      Anyway, bearing on the drill which of course must be planned for Denver International Airport–a drill we can expect will go live–I urge people to read my blog post from February 2011:

      The creepy stuff about DIA begins at the 9th paragraph. Don’t overlook the scary huge blue Mustang statue rearing up, with blazing red eyes (which are always lit)!

  10. These events would all make sense if we would simply remember that rather than living in the times we thought we were living in – of constitutional government of, by and for the people, we are actually living in a different system for which the recent series The Borgias with its non-stop hypocrisy, cover-ups, murders, power lust, financial abuse and general fakery is a better model for what this country is about (the one with Jeremy Irons as Pope and family man).

    Once you settle into the true dramatic fictionality of it all, it makes sense as a way to keep power for some made men, flunkies and hangers-on. It isn’t Renaissance Italy because we’re not totally illiterate peasants but it’s equally not the time most of us think it is. Faith is alive and well, but it is faith in other things than the miracles of the church. Our art is not about Jesus and the saints, but it is about us as good guys doing remarkable things while demons in human form assail us. As such, it is a narrow art drawing on a secular theology with American specialness at the center. Money is very important too. We don’t have the Medici family but other types.

  11. “Aye, that he would, sir. Me ould mother always said, tere’ nothin’ like a surprise when yer not expectin’ it, ’tis surprisin’ how it can surprise yer!” The Pearls of Lutra, Brian Jacques

  12. Does anyone remember the active live hoax which the media followed on tv back a few years ago often referred to as “Balloon Boy”. The location was Fort Collins, Colorado, Oct. 15, 2009. It was a very curious event, because scientists and doctors were brought in to comment on the fake balloon flight, up to the very point where the chase team comes upon it allegedly in a field in Kansas and they find that “tragically” the child is nowhere to be seen. The whole thing could easily have been dismissed due to the small size of the balloon, which could never have held up a child.

    Many features of this story have the same feeling as other such more recent events. Children were used. The whole thing was played straight up to the time the parents were unmasked as the fakers – people who wanted their own reality show. The public was drawn in by a kind of narrative which gave them tunnel vision, so that expert commentary could only be along the premises supplied by the news media – that this was a real and life-threatening event. At what point did it matter that any expert was called at all, when each was accepting without question the basic “news” premise of a real emergency.

    I remembered this because of another famous balloon-hoax in which the rather talented fiction writer Mr. Poe convinced media of his day that someone had actually crossed the Atlantic in a balloon (decades before this could be done given the technology). I’m not sure of his intent, except to create an example of how you could fool the press with a good enough story. But it was one man against the establishment, versus today’s establishment against the public.

  13. Carlos Arredondo and Jeff Bauman will be among Madame Obama’s guests at the upcoming State of the Union address:

    “— Carlos Arredondo and Jeff Bauman, Boston: A photograph of Arredondo, 53, and Bauman, 27, has become one of the iconic images from the April 2013 bombing. The photo captured Arredondo rushing a badly injured Bauman away from the scene of the attack. Bauman, who lost both legs in the attack, played a crucial role in identifying the bombers while he was in the hospital recovering. The two men have become close friends, the White House said.”

  14. I don’t think there’s any good reason to doubt the photo and video evidence of the Boston Bombing. I’m available to debate this matter with Professors Tracy and Fetzer at any time. I think this is a media epistemology issue and I would welcome the discussion, debate, and search for truth. See my recent article: Sandy Hook & Boston Bombing: Hoax & Reality?

    1. Well, just logically, and with experience of living in Boston, there is no way 250 people were injured nor were those low-level injuries uniformly possible without any other injuries. It’s a totally impossible story. Plenty of evidence no physical structures were damages. Yes, lots of amputees, but not by bombing.

      The death penalty is coming for fake terror? What else? Talking smack?

    2. By the way, mcdonaldjr, you are doing the same thing as the MSM – covering over the evidence (must it constantly be reiterated?) with belief. There is no debate that the “evidence” in the form of statements by authorities are not borne out either by photos OR logically. The fiction is living in the MSM because people are either coming into it late, have not examined the evidence, or need to believe their leaders are innocent and always right. Even I, who tend to be skeptical of our leaders’ bona fides, was shocked at the utter fakery of the Boston Marathon “Bumming”.

      Watching the role of the Chechens or “Chechens” in the run-up to the Olympics, I think there may be a reason that group was tapped to play the heavy in the drill-portrayed-as-real. It’s kind of like a death foretold – maybe lots of innocents killed in some operation aimed at the Putin administration (and I don’t even like him), to make it appear that the perps are his usual suspects (and they don’t like the US either). Whatever it is, it is of global scope, much like 9/11 was.

      1. musings, I have been intrigued by your speculation that the patsies selected were Chechens, to set up the public mind for a false flag at Russia’s Olympics.

        Two days ago, a commenter on one of these active threads embedded a video about Boston and recommended that we search for the 911 video by the same creator. So I did. It is in two parts; here is the first:

        It is a very strange, disturbing video. It is very difficult to know what to make of it, but it’s obviously true. The new Federal Reserve Notes were designed to tell the 911 story, and a lot more. But it is not until the second part of this video series that she (the film maker is a woman) gets to the new, about to be released $100 Note. She says that the picture, when you fold the bill just like the others, shows the Olympic torch. Very weird.

        We know all about predictive programming, and the way the monsters creating the New World Order laugh in our faces. But this is a new one on me.

  15. I have been briefly tooling around the web looking for what I could find about Steve Silva. A “Steve Silva,” which could be the same guy (although younger and with hair), has uploaded a number of videos about Satanic cults and the CIA, etc. Hmmm…

    Here’s a link to one–but look at the sidebar on the righthand side.

  16. Is any one else concerned about the Super Bowl? It seems odd that they are hosting the event in New York? Why?

    The Northeast has been a recent hot-bed of lone wolf activity – possibly drills presented as real life events. The following are a few off the top of my head:

    Sandy Hook of CT
    Stamford CT Mom tries to ram the Whitehouse
    Washington DC Navy Yard Shooting
    Maryland Mall
    New Jersey Mall
    DC Stenographer Grabs Senate floor for Freemason Rant
    Boston Marathon Bombing (Pleading Not Guilty)
    CT College Gunman with Spear
    Ciancia (Pleading Not Guilty) LAX shooter from New Jersey

    “Super Bowl XLVIII will be the first time that a cold-weather region has hosted the game in an outdoor stadium, although the 1967 NFL Championship Game was hosted at Lambeau Field and is now commonly referred to as “The Ice Bowl.” Super Bowl I was held 15 days later in Los Angeles, California.”

    Hopefully, they will just shut off the electricity for 45 minutes, or pull off some other harmless stunt.

    1. Yes it is very concerning, the last news was there was still 14,000 tickets available, which is unheard off. Have visions of them dressing up the inmates to fill the seats!

      Asked my subject matter expert why the game is actually in NJ, but NY has all the license rights to use the superbowl logo, answer, NJ does not have the infrastructure, hotels, etc. The major of the hosting city was not even invited!

      Found this news report disturbing, telling us not to worry, there will be snipers in hidden areas, while the video actually shows them in full view aiming their high powered rifles from the roof.

      Welcome to the police state, nothing to worry about here.

    2. You can add The Broncos getting completely destroyed to that list. But seriously, there has been talk on the internet for quite some time about FEMA district lll going live somehow. I believe it covers all or most of those locations. Lots of other strange things happening as well, HSBC banks limiting withdrawals without “good reason”.

  17. […] “One Fund Boston” and the Boston Mass Casualty Event January 17, 2014 An integral and by now much-anticipated element of a spectacle such as the Boston Mass Casualty Event (BMCE) of April 15, 2013 involves establishment of charities through which the incident may gain legitimacy in the public mind. Such entities provide fiscal channels by which event participants may be compensated and are also vital for public participation via charitable offerings. […]

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