Photos and Eyewitnesses Confirm BOTH Boston Marathon Bombs Were Fake

This brief (9:47) video presents a compelling argument and set of video and photographic evidence concerning the incendiary devices detonated shortly before 3:00PM on April 15, 2013 at the Boston Marathon finish line.

Specifically, the exposé uses footage of controlled bomb simulations and on-the-scene eyewitness testimony from Boston to suggest that the explosions appear to have originated from pyrotechnic instruments or props resembling trash cans. The purported “bombs” in fact consisted of mortars and flammable powder that generate a more-or-less benign explosion devoid of any shrapnel, a hypothesis that conforms with the absence of shrapnel at each bombing scene.

The theory involving detonation of controlled pyrotechnic devices and an overall staged event at the April 15 Boston Marathon was developed here on April 22, 2013. From Witnessing Boston’s Mass Casualty Event:

Available video of the first bomb detonating at the Marathon finish line suggests a direct upward discharge rather than the horizontal dispersion that would have wreaked the havoc to lower limbs so widely reported in physicians’ statements.

Moreover, the fact that whole pieces of the pressure cookers were produced by police further points to a more channeled dispersal of the bombs’ force–indeed, one that may not have involved a broad lateral distribution of shrapnel.(Comment on pressure cookers based on Jon Rappoport, “Is the Boston Pressure Cooker Bomb a Lie and a Hoax?Jon Rappoport’s Blog, April 17, 2013.)

From the Boston Marathon Bombing Timeline:

4:00PM [estimate]
An eyewitness tells WMUR Channel 9 that the second bomb originated in a trash can. The interview is broadcast on India’s ABP News. “I saw the first explosion happen,” the eyewitness recalls, “and there was some commotion. I saw fire and smoke, and I didn’t know what it was. And then from about me to where that gentleman is standing over there I saw a trash can explode and people started throwing down the barricades and running over each other and I just ran in the other direction as fast as I could.” “So the second explosion came from a garbage barrel?” the reporter asks to confirm. “Yes,” the man responds, “it came from a—I literally saw the garbage barrel explode.” “Boston Blasts: Eyewitness Accounts,” APB News, April 15, 2013.

In addition to highlighting the eyewitness account above, I suggested that a potential vendor for the Boston event might have been “Strategic Operation” or a comparable company offering such services. From Witnessing Boston’s Mass Casualty Event:

This brief news report profiles “Strategic Operations,” a private military training company offering “hyper-realistic” combat simulation complete with amputee actors.

[Since the posting on April 23, 2013 the channel owner with Strategic Operations’ video has terminated the YouTube account.]

A similar video from Strategic Operations is available here.


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71 thought on “Video: Boston Marathon Bomb Simulators Exposed”
  1. Very good video. I recall from the original msm recordings, the explosions released white smoke. White smoke is usually attributed to simulator, or weak bombs. Bombs that emit gray or dark smoke typically unleash far more energy and are incredibly loud in the decibel range. If they were “real” bombs, many within a hundred yard radius would have suffered hearing loss, in addition to severe shrapnel wounds.

    1. John, there were plenty of reports from people who suffered hearing damage and/or temporary hearing loss, as well as from doctors who treated them.
      The bombs were, by all accounts, “weak” bombs, relative to any stronger bombs with the energy to, say, cause structural damage to buildings. This much has already been established. The overriding factor here was the placement of the bombs in compact, densely populated areas.

    1. I think they are doing it because it is a new way to manipulate the public to get what they want. As we know, foreign policy has been driven by events which were either created or interpreted to drive action. If some ship’s boiler blew up in Havana Harbor, well then it must have been an attack by Spain, so, driven by malefactors of great wealth like Hearst, we had ourselves a war. Who is running things? Aren’t the politicians most likely the lackeys and not the originators of these policies? So does it make sense to “follow the money”? Or is there some bureaucracy at the heart of it all, more powerful than individuals? What do you think? I myself am inclined to the rich nut model of why this happens.Was it Hearst or the then-President who wanted a war with Spain to clear the seas for the US, the project for a new American century in the early 1900’s? Or was it the wealthy class that wanted it, a group? Today we have various lobbies who want us to conduct our foreign policy on their terms.

      Anyway, whoever did the Marathon bombing fakery, I’m going out on a limb (wink) and attributing the motive to one where we are to accept the idea of Chechen terror at sports events. Amen, for now.

    2. Steve, imagine that you are conducting a worldwide effort to cow the public into accepting your fascist regime. You want to make them anxious, you want to maintain that fear level just at the point where they start to panic. You know from your studies that people don’t tend to think logically when they are frightened.

      Meanwhile, you’ve already staged a mega-production and used that to enable you to seize powers you would never otherwise have been openly allowed to exercise. You’ve turned your various formerly semi-free countries into police states with almost total surveillance.

      You know that to continue, and even expand your plan you must have threats. Why what would be the purpose of giving up all those formerly guaranteed rights and supporting oppressive actions if there weren’t “enemies” out there, coming for our children, and athletes.

      Now imagine that you are planning another “event”. You have your usual cadre of psychopathic opportunists gathered. Each of them has been given a piece of the pie to parasitize. That’s their “reward” for their services.

      Some want more police power. Some want more surveillance. Some want others to fight their wars for land. All want their eaters to do as they’re told and pay up.

      You’ve contracted some of your favorite mercs, casted your actors, planned your camera angles, secured the scene, you’ve handed the scripts to the media monkeys, all that’s left is the command……roll ’em!

      Once its in the can it goes to “post production”. You trot out your wailers and gnashers, your proposed legislation is already written, the bribes have been delivered to various parasites. It’s a go.

      This is a continuation of the same methodology done in Europe during Operation Gladio. The psychology doesn’t change. The technology has gotten better. People are now accepting of having armed thugs break down their doors. They saw it on TEE VEE.

      1. Conspiracy theories tend to play into the power they question. For in looking towards what’s hidden, they fail to be horrified by what’s plainly evident. In this way it is structurally equivalent to the lover who’s always looking for signs of hidden infidelity when the lack of love is already plainly evident. Thank you! for that – I sometimes need to hear others perspective to regain footing and continue searching for the truth

      2. Thanks for that Satellite View, Lophatt,
        Yep! We saw it on TEEVEE. First impressions seem to be proving increasingly and troubling indelible as these staged events steam roll over public reason and scrutiny. There should be millions of views and contributions on this website. Public debates and public conversation should be all around us.

        The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty. James Madison

      3. Lophatt,
        Thank you for one of the very best descriptions I have ever read of how The Powers That Be (the “Elite”, “Establishment”, or whatever term is in current use to describe The Powers That Be) use fear to control the masses. The majority of citizens I have tried to share this information with are not at all receptive to these concepts, as they are too busy trying to stay afloat (financially), or attending to whatever else it is that they deem is important for their family’s well being, or just burying their heads in the sand (ostrich approach; denial is a huge obstacle to overcome).
        My very real hope is that the American (and global) public wake up to the propaganda machine we are being pummeled with non-stop; if not, we are in for some very scary times ahead.
        Also, thank you to all for all of the research and postings. This is my first time posting, but I have been reading this blog almost daily throughout 2013, since the attempt by TPTB to publicly ridicule Dr. Tracy for daring to question their MSM’s presentation of events (hoaxes).

        I also wish to thank Dr. Tracy from the bottom of my heart for providing this space in which those with rational and thinking minds can share.

    1. For starters, all key participants can be brought up on charges of treason by a military tribunal. The prosecution is going to have to come from a faction of the US Military who adheres to the US Constitution. Staging hoaxes such as Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon Bombing is clearly domestic terrorism and a long list of criminal charges. During wartime, the punishment for the crime of treason is execution. Lesser participants are guilty of conspiracy to commit fraud, money laundering, and wire fraud.. The Postal Inspector is responsible for investigating those avenues. A good place to start would be the donation sites of the “26” families.,

      What can we do? We can put continuing pressure on our peers, friends, families, groups, organizations, etc. My estimation is that about 20% of the general population believe these events to be Hoaxes. When that number reaches 34%, we have a critical tipping point that can not be ignored.

      With the event of Sandy Hook, it is possible that TPTB (The Powers to Be) have their sites more on the First than the Second Amendment! When we get near the critical tipping point, the internet might be curtailed quite a bit?

      1. Great post!

        Regarding your 34% tipping point- It could be even lower than that, but we’re almost there. The “fear” I had almost a decade ago regarding being a tiny minority is long gone.. To reach an unexposed group I often like posting these topics on football forums, and forums that usually people wouldn’t be exposed to these topics.

        I love posting on an FCS football forum’s politics area in particular, it’s hilarious the responses I get- a lot of girls in bikini pictures usually as they attempt to bury the information, but I am exposing a lot of people to these topics who likely will have the seed planted and look into them further.

        Even if they don’t believe the information the terminology of “false flag” and synthetic terrorism can’t be forgotten, as those terms become more wide spread and not fringe more and more people will openly discuss said topics instead of having a stigma attached.

        I encourage others to “post outside the box” on forums which aren’t “conspiracy” related, that is truly our best chance at educating the widest swath of the general public- Gardening forums, cooking forums, home improvement forums- any forum with a politics sub section really.

        Also, we should actively attempt to starve “conspiracy forums” of attention (stop visiting and posting) which use terms such as “lunatic” in their titles and sub titles, there are quite a few out there I can think of off the top of my head. I think we all see where posting in forums using the term “lunatic” is going….

        Also, people forget how easy it is to print out posters and make a whole bunch of xeroxed copies, you can make hundreds for less than 20 bones, it’s really a lot of fun to put those up all over the place, really evokes a big reaction, people can’t take them all down.

        Putting up some posters about Bohemian Grove at churches is always fun, religious people aren’t big one worshipping a giant false idol, that one snaps people out of the controlled paradigm faster than anything else I’ve ever seen. When they realize the media isn’t reporting on that, they usually realize the media is lying/ignoring a lot of other topics.

        1. Thanks! I have also suggested “Sandy Hoax Elementary School” bumper stickers and t-shirts.

  2. For months I’ve been writing here there were no shrapnel injuries such as cuts with excessive bleeding all over the face, arms and legs and there were no shrapnel scars later in the hospital either except for one vet. The so called amputee limbs in the hospital were totally smooth, no scars. Now, someone has proven this observation with experiments.

  3. Thank you! That explanation is logical. A garbage can is hidden in plain sight! My immediate reaction on the day of this theater was that the upward trajectory of the blast and lack of visible signs of shrapnel damage was opposite that of mass media story,
    The second video seems to be on the blink.
    Keep the chatter up folks….silence is as much the enemy as this hoax.

  4. There is pretty clear evidence that a blast wave was projected outwards at just above ground level also. Why ignore that? The very idea that “actors” would have been used defies not only logic and reason but the previous MO of the state security forces.

      1. I wanted to make sure you guys know about the videos of Betsy McGee, which are terrific. Here are two. Both deal with “superwitness Steve Silva,” associated with the Boston Globe–I will say no more. I couldn’t decide which was better, so am providing both links:

        Also find her video about the changes in our currency foreshadowing 9/11. It’s creepy.

  5. Boston had everything Sandy Hook didn’t. There is no legitimate reason for anyone to doubt the reality of the Boston Bombing. True, it was a false flag, but there’s plenty of photo/video evidence showing real explosions and real victims… unlike Sandy Hook, wherein there is no photo/video evidence of a shooter, shooting, or victims.

    1. There is plenty of video/photo evidence that this was another low rent movie, please do some research, this site has plenty of it. Miracle wheelchair dude Jeff Bauman appears to be the most severely wounded, with his white, square, stick like bones in the air, but is the last attended to. He did not get a stretcher, but a wheelchair, with his very realistic, [not] artery being pinched off in the air. He is rushed past stretchers past the finish line, only to have to repeat it, as his bandages got caught up in the wheels. There were no blood trails in his many travels. The cherry red movie blood and the empty vials of it left behind was laughable. Real blood turns brown when exposed to oxygen, but suppose they could not afford the bio-hazard cleanup costs that would entail.

      1. I second that, Patrick! Dave’s expose is not only riveting but extremely well written. Guaranteed entertaining and enjoyable read with just the right touch of humor when appropriate.

    2. perhaps your correspondence with dallas gold bug has tainted your ability to logically assess the situation. since there is video and photographic evidence to analyze there is actually more evidence proving crisis actors in boston where in sandy hook it requires some knowledge of human behavior to realize these people are actors. I find it very curious that you can’t see it. you look a lot like the stormin’ cowboy of boston btw.

    1. Totally bizarre. Like the virtual wall of policemen/attendants are not hit, and this runner is, on both legs? Everybody’s covering their ears and looking. Nobody reacts to any shrapnel. Anyone knows spanish and can translate?

      1. Its something to do with the woman in the green vest throwing a device to the grey haired man in the orange top .. He falls while catching it with his left hand.. what could that device be? You can plainly see that in this video..

        1. I think the old guy falls BECAUSE he failed to catch it, deliberately staging a fall so he can have the excuse of being there to pick it up. If he runs away after fumbling the catch, he’d have to go back. Obviously, his fall evokes pity just at the moment of the explosion, but maybe that is not what this is about. It’s a “feint” to conceal that he NEEDS this thing, whatever it is. I’m not ready to define what it is, but when I saw him fall on the news, I didn’t think it was an accident or a reaction to the explosion (nobody else reacted at all, which, even for something staged is kind of weird).

    2. Dr. Tracy, I just made a great astonishment that provides more evidence. I was at the doc’s office today and noticed the issue of Sports Illustrated with the Boston bombing on the cover. On the the cover is this man who appeared to catch something. Two interesting points.

      1. When he falls, the black hat is in his right hand. Watch around 2:07 slow-mo and he appears to be looking at the hand, and then drags the black hat towards the left hand. In the SI cover photo, the hat is in the left hand and the right hand appears to be empty or maybe even photoshopped. Try get an original magazine to see the detail. In the cover photo, just to the left of the man is a small white packet of some sort.

      2. This might be the great astonishment. Look closely at the SI cover and then go back and watch the video and see at what time were the 3 or 4 cops in that position. It happens around 2:37, watch the group of cops run past the man, then a man in a blue jacket runs up to them and tells them to get in position for the photo. The group of cops run over for the photo, but the man did not act quick enough to get the blood packet open. When you watch the injured man the whole time, he is squirming around doing something. Maybe it was Gene (joke). Then, after the photo, all the cops run away except one, pulling the man up not knowing if he is hurt or not. Also around the same time, the camer man runs up wearing yellow and black. He has something very large over his shoulder but can’t tell what it is.

      I did a quick YT search to see if anyone was talking about this, and this is all I came up with. Interesting angle.

      1. Can you link to a video that shows that scene you’re describing Bill? I found the Boston Glob one, but they pass the fallen man by early, and shoot smoke and chaos after that.

        1. The video that the Dr. posted above that came from a reader via email. Do some image searches and there are alot of pics that show the scene, and high-res pics of the players. Also, a street shot of the exact time when the SI cover photo was taken. I realized the reason the man in the blue was yelling at the cops was because the other bomb was about to go off, and the pic was lined up so that you could see the second bomb blast in the background. But the cops were just a split-second late and only smoke was left.

    3. Ok, c’mon. Could it be this video is making something out of nothing? I do agree that overall, the evidence does point to this being a false flag, however, the real time view in this video appears to show a piece of paper that comes out of a runners hand and coincidentally flies towards the falling runners hand. It even looks like it falls on the ground after that.

    1. Also: It’s hard to see in the clip above, but I highly suspect that Anderson is greenscreened in the interview (look to the right of his left arm and you’ll see a line of green that was not keyed out). Here’s a high quality version:

      and, oh my, most of the amputee actors are only visible via the wayback machine:

      1. “It’s really hard to hear”….does not sound like it. This is so lame. She would not be laughing and joking just after going through a major trauma and losing a limb and, especially a dancer loosing her foot! Cooper says, “you are incredibly optimistic”. This is just too goofy. Is this not the biggest BS time in the history of the world?

        1. I think the Sandy Hook bystander and Boston Marathon bystander were one and the same, and I also she was listed as a “victim’ in the DC Shipyard shootings, Kathy Gaarde. Maybe she won’t be used anymore? Reminds me of old Hollywood, where you had a stable of stock actors to play the same parts over and over again or the old Gunsmoke series, same actors, different parts.

        1. If anything, I thought the SH lady was the oddball, but I’m pretty much convinced all four are the same lady.

        2. I agree, the first three are identical, especially if the eyeglasses are removed (3 different pair). The first three have the same tooth gap on her right side. The New Mexico profile seems different in facial structure and is in a different sector. CIA agents are assigned to regions.

        3. We can’t rule out these people using temporary cosmetic applications for different interviews. This is easy work for Hollywood pros. Watch Johnny Knoxville as the old man in Jackass.

          In the SH interview, it seems obvious that she is trying to talk different, or hold her mouth kind of weird.

          Lets also not assume that we think we know how the CIA operates. With the s#@t these folks are up to now, anything is on the table.

      1. I agree that the last woman is not the same as any of the others. I think the Boston women ( woman, in this case) are definitely the same person ( 2nd and 3rd photos), although there does appear to be a difference in the noses–the first one looks to have a wider nose while the second woman’s nose appears thinner, but that could be because she’s shown from the side, which could be intentional. However, their voices are drastically different, but the second women’s voice sounds “put on” to me–like she’s intentionally trying to sound different and her accent also seems forced. I’m torn on the first woman being the same–she does look very very similar, but not identical, in my opinion. I think she’s definitely a crisis actor, though, and it’s obvious she’s lying about knowing Nancy ( if “Nancy” even existed.)

      2. While they all share generally similar features, it seems, to me anyway, that with closer scrutiny they are all different people. Never really understood this line of reasoning anyway. That, for some reason, the powers that be would think that it’s of the utmost importance to hire the same actor when there were already so many other interviews out there. As if there is only this one actor they could hire? And they need to put makeup on her to look like different people? Just doesn’t seem credible to me.

  6. I’ve written here before that the set of photos purportedly putting one of the accused at the bombing site, actually show him behind people at the rails. These photos were part of an earlier post here.

    And it’s plain to see in the sequence of photos that there is a man an woman at the rails (apparently ‘together’), she’s holding a package, which she then places in front of the railing and next to that ‘garbage can’. Then she walks away and leaves her bundle there. And that is the spot where the first bomb was supposed to have exploded. Whichever brother it was did not leave that package – she has it before he’s even close to her, and she puts it down as he turns around and walks back to the left of the photo.

    IMO, the brothers were set up.

    1. Agreed. The news kept saying the FBI had video evidence, was convinced at their news conference where they only showed vague pictures of the still ‘guilty’ culprits running the streets, it was another hoax. Interesting that I kept telling my husband they never showed the video evidence, he insisted they did. Get the feeling he is just worried about my well being and just changes the subject! When they released the staged picture of the blown up backpack, there was enough of it left to show it looked nothing like the ones the brothers were wearing.

      1. Funny you say that Kathy.Every time I’ve brought up the fact that I’ve never seen the incriminating video to my friends they either tell me that indeed it WAS shown and that they remember seeing it or my favorite-“hey,they have the video,they don’t have to show it to us…”

        1. There were a few seconds of them walking with their backpacks, none without them and one obviously photo shopped picture without and the same picture with, guess we weren’t supposed to see that.

  7. The real question, is what again is the motive in doing this, and I think that is this is a fore-shadowing of creating a “pattern” of bombings that can be attributed to “terrorists” so again, FEMA, Homeland Security, a “national police force” can perpetuate themselves to infinity..Along with global warfare, the Military Industrial Complex are those who profit from the sales of weapons,guns, ammunition, body armor, commercial jails, …would want us to be at war here on our own home turf…not just abroad. Their desire for greed and power and money, just cannot be satiated. Peace is the answer.

    1. Everwiser Bewiser to the evolving tricks of the government to create a crisis in order to better farm the people according Gov’t and Lobby dictates.. This indeed was a drill to quantify the level of effort required to instantaneously trigger and sustain a manipulation of the behavior of a city. The high level of education and wealth in Boston may have favored the demonstrated successes. The score card for the event produced metrics and was studied for what worked well and items requiring additional work.
      When I heard the oddly instantaneous helicopter vantage play by play from the CBS Boston Sports Station, (Felger said- “blood, blood everywhere…” ) the obvious nature of the hoaxy exercise smacked me. On the heels of Sandy Hook hoax I felt that the theater producers were trying to provoke a response from the aware. Well, any voices of truth were quickly demonized and belittled with the help of the Boston Strong Sports Stations and other media. So, bring the topic up at half times. Have that debate and let the analysis above help win the argument for you.

      1. Yeah, this was every bit as obvious as SHES. It didn’t have quite the level of sentimentality (due to lack of kids), but it was essentially the same production with a different agenda. The Fourth Amendment was the target of this one.

        Of course, like I always say, they NEVER have on goal. We got the Chechens in there for the Israelis and the state dept. spin for their ongoing taunt of Russia. Most don’t know that the U.S. has been using Chechens to destabilize Russia for a long time.

        There was no detectible shrapnel. They “pushed” the fence over. Clear images of the Merc. company employees milling around. First the Phase I of the drill – BANG -, then Phase 2, “The Chase”. then Phase 3, “The Capture”.

        Utter steaming piles of B.S..

        1. lophatt and all, So wouldn’t the 1776 era Patriots be proud of the 2013 Bostonians. On Patriots Day 2013, it seems King George III rose from the dead to rally support for the Crown, exercise authority to search, seize and extract wealth under fraudulent pretenses. The Crown passed out Boston Strong t-shirts and the town rejoiced.

          “If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy” James Madison

        2. Well said fv. While all this was going on they were “quartering” soldiers in the resident’s homes. These guys like to make “statements”. They made a big one in this.

  8. And the Baumans are not the same person. There’s one on the day of, all curly haired and tufty browed, and then there’s the baby face Bauman who is not at all the same person. Look it up. Amazing.

  9. From the video embedded in this post, watch at 3:50, the lady in the blue jacket talking about the trash can, doesn’t it seem like she went to the same crying school as the Sandy Hook parents?

    Now watch the video below. At the beginning, you see the explosion. Watch how people barely react, they put their arms up and shrug their shoulders like a fire cracker went off?? The guy in the pink shirt towards the front of the group doesn’t even flinch until 3 seconds later. Hello people!! If that was a real bomb under a real scenario, everyone would be screaming bloody murder and would hit the deck.

    If you watch the video again embedded, watch around 7:02-7:09 where soldiers are training. The explosions happen almost right on their bodies and they aren’t even phased. Looks like the same bomb stuff to me.

  10. Another story that has been overlooked in this Boston bombing hoax story is the bomb threat and evacuation of the Moakley Federal Courthouse on 4/17, only two days after the bombing. I think its connected, and my theory is that they were getting someone OUT of the courthouse and a bomb threat is a great way to keep people distracted. Any other theories?

    1. I remember at the time, “the authorities” said there was a suspect in custody and they were due to have a press conference about it but then the alleged bomb threat conveniently happened, and after that, the suspect and the press conference was just never mentioned again. Straight down the memory hole.

  11. I already TOTALLY believe (understand) that Boston was as much of a hoax as Sandy Hook…. but am very disappointed at the quality of the videos presented in this post… By themselves, I cannot use them to help ‘convince’ any skeptic. Extremely poor visual quality and presentation.
    I will now go back and read the ‘Comments’, as I see there are many additions.

  12. In the video below, at 3:44 you can clearly see the base of the pyrotechnic launch tube which has been detached from the rest of the tube being carried away:

    In my video below, I showed that the windows were not blown out shortly after the staged bomb went off, but later they were boarded up for no reason: @ 16:20 below check that out:

    Also, I showed there was extra glass added to the scene after the fact @ 12:54

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