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On January 6, 2014 the U.S. Department of Education announced it is awarding an additional $1.9 million to Newtown Public School District to help with ongoing recovery efforts following the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012.

The grant is being made through the Department’s Project School Emergency Response to Violence (SERV) program, which awards Immediate Services and Extended Services grants to school districts, colleges and universities that have experienced a significant traumatic event and need resources to respond, recover, and re-establish safe environments for students. Newtown received its first Project SERV award—a $1.3 million grant—in May 2013. The $1.9 million grant will continue to support the school district as it strives to restore a safe and healthy environment for teaching and learning in its schools.

“We will do whatever we can to continue assisting and supporting the healing and recovery of Newtown,” U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said. “This additional grant will help students, teachers, families, school district and community move forward after such an unimaginable tragedy.”

Newtown’s first $1.3 million Project SERV grant financially supported both the actions taken by the district immediately following the shootings, as well as the district’s comprehensive school-based behavioral and academic recovery program. Those services aimed to meet the needs of students, school staff, parents and family members affected by the tragedy and included support groups for parents, siblings, students and teachers; creative expression and wellness activities; counseling; training for educators and school personnel; and additional support staff.

The $1.9 million grant will go toward additional grief support services for siblings and those who lost their peers; classroom-based psycho-education and skill-building strategies; skill-based interventions for affected students identified as needing assistance for posttraumatic stress reactions, traumatic grief, separation anxiety and other behavioral and functional problems; tutoring for students demonstrating academic decline since the incident; additional security; additional nursing services; and more.

The Department’s Office of Safe and Healthy Students administers the Project SERV grant program. It has awarded more than $34 million through 113 grants, including Newtown’s additional grant, since the program began in 2001.

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318 thought on “Obama DOE in $3.2 Million Sandy Hook Payout”
  1. I think it would be interesting to try and track that money all the way to where it is spent on goods and services – hot just handed out to some additional lower-level ‘agency’. Unless that is done, how do we know its not being just handed out to the families of the ‘victims’ as hush money? Or as bonus payments to the crisis actors?

  2. Creative expression and wellness activities(what?): whoever invented the world wellness? I am so sick of hearing it. Classroom based Psycho-education and skill building strategies(what?). Skill based interventions(what?). School based behavioral and academic and recovery program(wait, what?) All of this garbage speak and programs are designed to interfere with the normal human processes of coping with stress and trauma(even if there really was any in this instance). The Family and its love is supposed to take care of that. When will people realize that all this garbage is designed to separate children from the family and turn them into good little wards of the state. Re-engineering of hearts and minds is all they are out to do. This is why home schooling cannot be taken away as a legal option.

  3. It is not clear where the highly indebted state of CT obtained the $50 million to rebuild the school. As a previous poster pointed out, GE donated $15 million to Newtown for a new community center in Nov. Seems reports related to early summations of charities have been scrubbed, here is a blogger that lists $28 million and they are still going.
    GE, the owner of NBC and MSNBC, received $340 Billion in tax payer bailout money. Suppose that means the government bought them.

      1. This accounting smoke and mirrors is enough to make your head spin. What we know, regardless of the latest campaign speech, is that they are all a very tight family, taking care of one another. From the lower upper class on down, we do not stand a chance against their power. Tried to found the announcement were they paid back the money we loaned them, silly me even if I did find it, what value is that printed article? Here is what was found from 2010 –
        “The FDIC will lower its available credit limit to GE under the program to $75 billion from $126 billion. GE has issued about $12 billion in debt not backed by the government since November.” The headline makes it appear it is paid back!

  4. I guess that’s one way to get rich quick. Get involved in a fake shooting and rake in the dough.

    Has anyone else noticed that the new norm is for people to set up “gofundme” online fundraisers anytime anything bad happens. Family member dies from the flu and the family responds by setting up an online fundraiser. I see it in the news on a regular basis. I don’t recall seeing it prior to Sandy Hook.

      1. It’s disconcerting to see the Corbett Report posted as a source so near to Professor Tracy’s own post here when Corbett interviewed Sibel about Boston and not once did she or Corbett mention that terrorism was the side story and the event was a drill. The brothers were patsies. The sources for information about controversial news stories are compromised and muddied now on almost any site. So much nonsense passes for insider information now.

        1. Marzi, I’m glad you brought that up. I would like to see that expanded on. It makes me take Sibel’s information in a totally different light.

        2. Violeta,

          I’m no expert on her, but I believe her. She’s a real whistle-blower, who suffered greatly for doing the right thing.

          There are lots of people who are unwilling to go all the way to the center of the maze; they believe the official story is false, to a degree. Marzi, if he is to be believed by what he posts here, for instance, believes that 911 was an inside job, but accepts the half-way explanation of cutting charges and explosives, even though the evidence does not allow for that. If he’s not a liar, he is in a large community: most people don’t want to go all the way in. They LIKE the MATRIX, or at least are terrified by the unknown of leaving it; they want to have it both ways.

          Sibel was a translator of Turkish documents, who saw the corruption when she tried to do the job she hired on for and the American establishment was not interested. When she pressed harder, she was warned. Believing the Matrix is real, she pushed harder, and was destroyed for her nobel efforts. She still thinks the Matrix is real, and is still fighting within it, albeit from a position outside the established order. She thinks she’s on the high moral ground.

          Because of the documents that she saw flowing through the visible government, and because she is unaware of the secret government, she thinks it’s a matter of corruption. She knows that Chechnya is a real problem for the visible government in Russia, and she knows about the visible government’s dealings with Chechens here. She believes Boston, I’m guessing, because she has what she thinks are real fish to fry, and thinks those who reject the official story are wasting their time. In other words, if she read what we discuss here, she’d think we are nuts. She would not be lying, either. She really would think it.

          There are very prominent people whom we initially take a shine to, like Glenn Beck and Alex Jones, whom we gradually start to become suspicious of because they should know better when they accept the false narrative of this or that official story. One suspects that they are allowed to retain their prominence because they have been corrupted (if they were not plants all along). But Sibel Edmonds is not in that category.

        3. As I’m not able to respond directly to Patrick’s comments, I’ll do so here as he was responding to yours.

          I agree with Patrick’s analysis of Edmonds. I’ll add that she is the only person I’ve ever heard point to the National Security Council as being completely rouge. That seems too far reaching a statement to be coming from an agent of the State. So, together with what Patrick provided I have to assume she is just unaware of the full extent of the problem in the case of the Boston Bombing.

          To expand on the Security Council issue, when someone is appointed to the Council they bypass certain extensive security clearance checks. I think when Richard Clarke screwed up and said too much regarding the events leading up to 9/11, he was appointed to the council for the explicit purpose of preventing investigation of what he knows.

          Kind of sad to think bin Laden himself could have been appointed to the Council and there’s not a damn thing any of us could have done about it.

        4. Violetta and Marzi,

          I think Patrick has done a great job in his analysis of Sibel. The most important thing to emphasize here is that she is a real whistle blower, as Patrick said. I’ve followed her case and her blog for years and have found her revelations to be not only insightful, but often ahead of the pack.

          I wouldn’t be so quick to dispel her observations because she doesn’t come right out and use the word “hoax” in her early investigations of the Marathon incident. If you look deeper into her research and reporting of the Boston Marathon you will find that she was the first to break the story about Uncle Ruslan’s past, including his marriage to the daughter of CIA operative Graham Fuller and the fact that Ruslan actually lived with his wife in Fuller’s house.

          Who is Graham Fuller? Long story short, he was one of the key people inside the CIA in the 1980’s who influenced the Reagan administration to recruit, train and direct Muslim Jihadists, better known as the Mujahideen into battle in Soviet occupied Afghanistan. Of course, one of those insurgents was named Osama Bin Laden. I’ve seen Fuller referred to as the “Godfather of Al Qaeda.

          It’s hard to find anyone at all who doesn’t have an agenda or, as Patrick notes, hasn’t been corrupted in some way, but I believe Sibel Edmonds is someone we can trust in our search for the truth.

        5. And who says you have to agree with every viewpoint of any researcher? I like Corbett but don’t agree with his every conclusion.

        6. I beg to differ tyranny; she has a website and is 100% involved in seeking truth so there is no excuse for her not being aware of these events in detail. My main argument with her is her misleading info regarding Atta and other alleged hijackers on 911. There is no way one can reconcile her beliefs on the hijackers with the indisputable evidence of an inside job as produced by many good researchers. I am also distressed to do a search on her and find virtually no criticism of her views from the usual debunking websites. She seems to be the only one in the truth movement who is accepted across the spectrum. In my opinion, she is not for real. It disturbs me that normally no-nonsense researchers like Corbett continue to not only support her, but heavily promote her. She never really comes out and states her 911 views directly and nobody seems to ask her the tough questions.

    1. I have also questioned Sibel’s view on 911. Her LIHOP story, which concedes the official government story of 19 Arab hijackers, is totally inconsistent with the scientific evidence regarding the collapse of the 3 buildings. I cannot understand “inside job” advocates in any way associating themselves with Sibel’s drivel.

      1. Edmond’s version is not so different than Michael Moore’s. They lead us to think that some people knew what was going down but didn’t bother to stop it because it would benefit them. Once that narrative made its way into the left’s 9/11 conversation they became irrelevant on the subject. It’s difficult to say whether Edmonds, who while touting her 9/11 version was invited on the Ford Foundation’s “Democracy Now,” is working an angle or being fed on an angle. The same is true for Webster Tarpley and countless others. There is also the possibility that certain predispositions prevent these individuals (and anyone, really) from seeing the entirety of things, not to mention the fact that the thing (the establishment, the covert network), in it’s entirety, is not in view. What’s not made public is not public, is not visible to the public. We are trying to piece clues together.

        I wouldn’t give anyone an alibi, finally. Yes—men and women are manipulated by circumstance just by accepting the corporate identity of personhood. But yes—things circumscribe the circumstances for us to operate within. The money system itself is the first way in which this is done—we’re not just talking bribery here; we’re talking the very use of money. Besides this, you have agents (or, knights) using this system to guard and set parameters. Who, exactly? A number of hints are left around for us to play with. Is a red lion a beehive; is it also a Lydon Larouche? Derrida said, “there is too much meaning,” there is an endless overflow. I may only be playing with names then. Then again, Derrida died not seeing what 9/11 meant beyond what it was widely said to have meant. What is this massive intelligence network we know, for a fact, exists? Is everyone just employed to be hackers and assassins, if they’re not reading press releases and typing memos? We know this isn’t so. What is covert intelligence then? What’s a double or triple agent? What is normality? Does anyone still believe their culture is organic? Just about every cultural change of the last 150 years depended on the dirty money of some very old families. Many families are disappearing. A select few are as old as time. What do they want?

        1. Under, well said. Yes, the Sibel Edmonds thing is like so much else that is superficial. I’m not saying she is dishonest, what she says may be the extent of her knowledge. Those of us who have looked at these matters a long time know better.

          It’s a “graded scale”. The MSM is busy pushing “Left vs Right”, the “gatekeeper” sites are trying to keep everyone from looking too hard. Few know they are looking at a total stage play.

          I suspect that if Edmonds had an inkling of what these demons were like she would be scared silent. They laugh at stuff like hers. You mean government is corrupt? Really?

          Our choice is to spend our lives living in someone else’s manufactured scam or turning our collective backs to them.

      2. Precisely. No matter what Sibel revealed about translating documents, she refuses to admit it had nothing to do with the buildings coming down. Unlike what some have written here, Sibel is only half a whistleblower because she only reveals half the story about Boston and 9/11.

  5. With the Trentacosta article that I read back on, came the idea of money laundering. That thought is still with me. More funds will help muddy the waters…

    1. I’m with you Marzi. Sibel needs to be called to answer for her stories and to reconcile her information with what we already know to be true, such as the demolition of the 3 towers. She seems to get a free pass from almost all researchers for some reason.

  6. The local implosion should be interesting, as this is beginning to bear out Dr. Wayne Carver’s prophecy.

    Carrie Lendroth Battaglia is postulating that all the children of Sandy Hook have PTSD. I see a lot of free college ahead for these families.

    Police Chief Michael Kehoe wanted to fire officer Thomas Bean, whose PTSD prevented him from returning to work. First select-woman Pat Llodra jumped in to prevent the termination and assist in his award of continued salary for the next 13 years.

    Despite the federally financed tranquilization of Sandy Hook, not everyone is on board. A newly elected school official in nearby Brookfield responded to a Sandy Hook initiative, urging folks to commit to an act of kindness for 26 days. Gregory Beck posted a Facebook response to the effect that he planned to purchase ammunition for 26 days to give to gun owners. 6 to 8 people protested, and the coverage of that protest was on the level of Chicago in ’68. A petition demading his immediate termination ensued. Angry comments accused him of “obviously supporting school shootings.” He has since, stepped down.

    However, once again, he wasn’t fired.

    Looks like the money faucet will need to run for a long time in order to keep these cases out of court. However, once the current bunch is out of office and the faucet runs dry…

  7. Mark Boughton, Danbury’s longtime mayor, has announced his candidacy for CT governor. He is referred to a blue collar Republican. No matter who gets (s)elected next time around, he or she will be taken to the basement and read the rules of the real rulers.

    As a longtime mayor Boughton is firmly ensconced in the lower ranks of the establishment and has some knowledge of what is expected of him.

    1. I am nominating Governor Dannel Malloy for his quote, “We saw something like this playing out …”

      The second nomination should go to Gene Rosen. I call him the Paul Revere of this story. If it wasn’t for his unbelievable acting, many less would be awake.

      Third nomination goes to the 26 victim’s families. Each and every one of them looked as though they just won the lottery instead of suffering a perceived tragedy.

    2. By far, the honorable Dr. Carver , “sure hope this does not come crashing down on the folks of Newtown,’ excuse my chuckles, deserves the highest of honors!

    3. Robbie Parker brought professional acting techniques to the stage and has my vote for an actor in a leading role, but who can forget Mr. McDonnell’s edgy psyched-out crowd-scanning paranoid trip that fairly shouted: “I want out of this charade. Don’t use me anymore because I can’t be trusted to look sane.” He deserves a Supporting nod in my book.

      1. I do agree, Sandy, Mr. McDonnell does deserve a nod. But of course, Robbie Parker will most likely win for his ability to display two contradictory emotions in the matter of seconds.

        I suppose (since we are making up the rules) we could have several categories…..parents, helpful bystanders, governmental authority.

        Helpful bystanders nominees… far….Gene Rosen.

        Government authority nominees……Daniel Malloy(alias Daniel Badboy), President Omamma.

        What would be the category for Carver?

        I think there should be a category for best media reporting. I’ll have to see if I can find a Diane Sawyer release. She’s always so convincing.

        Oh, yes, and of course, the “survivor” category.

        1. I like the David Muir 20/20 interview with the little girl from Kaitlyn Roig;s class who said that her teacher read “The Nutcracker” while “The Event” was going on. The smirk on his face is priceless.

        2. Poor Katie Couric in her interview with the Silbey’s was valiantly attempting a look of sad concern throughout-she is my media nominee.

      2. I’m putting my vote in for Anderson Cooper. His righteous indignation act aimed at Prof. Tracy was Oscar-worthy. We should all be ashamed of our suspicions regarding this event. We’re really sorry, Anderson, for upsetting you so.

        1. Nooo! You’re kidding! I hope that’s on the net, I’m going to look that up.

          You all have to admit, though, when Obama wiped that flood of tear out of his eye…..well, what can I say. Very touching.

    4. The little boy on Dr. Oz that acted like he didn’t know what they were talking about, definitely. Oh wait, he wasn’t acting. he really didn’t know what they were talking about.

    5. Sorry guys, but Mr. Neil Heslin has my two thumbs up…way up…for his portrayal of a grieving father that was so broken down, he regressed into a pseudo vegetative condition. He played his role of a determined gun grabber so well, I would swear he was actually drooling at times. Alas, he almost over-played his hand when he insisted on showing those photos of himself and his infant son. You know, the ones that were supposed to have been taken only six short years or so earlier, and yet poor Mr. Heslin looked at least 15 years older in them! Oh well, I guess grief will do that to a feller.

      1. Neil definitely brought it.

        A special lifetime achievement award needs to be created for the Wheelers as they have brought us so many hair-raising performances, not just recently, but over the years. Sarah Bernhart could not have bestowed more poignant gravitas to her gun control speeches. Awesome job with the profound lines and righteous delivery. It was so powerful, I had to cover my face and groan every time.

        And there’s more. David, who apparently doesn’t like guns much either, actually pointed one at his own head. How did we all miss that film? I thought Mrs. Wheeler could never top the Dream Jam band, but I was wrong. In her porn anime, she inspires a long series of locomotive/ missile/ power tool images in the underwear of her leading man. Wow!

        It looks to me like David had a dual role. Watch the three armed tactical guys who were filmed marching all over the school area and eventually ended up on the roof. The tall heavier one with the 5 o’clock shadow – who tries to hide his face several times, looks like David. He’s wearing what appear to be women’s sunglasses. Francine’s?

        1. You have a point there. Leni Reifenschtahl would be proud. I was thinking the “Best Supporting Actor” should go to the “Sally Fields” lookalike who interviewed the nurse. Of course Katy Couric and her are BOTH trying to be Sally Fields.

  8. Arne! What about all those families of murder victims on the South Side of Chicago?? You know, YOUR & OBAMA’s “HOME TOWN”??? You know – where LOTS more kids (and others) are murdered EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND….

    Why Sandy Hook, Arne? An already incredibly affluent community…

  9. That much money is not going to anything vague- it’s going directly to the part of the military-congressional-media-psychiatry complex running the enslavement program.

    1. This fund raising ruse reminds me of all the enormous donation rackets surrounding many real crises, such as Haiti, AIDS. Recall “Hands Across America”? Remembering “We are the World”, sung by celebrities, to feed the poor. Nothing much accomplished. I could go on and on. Where does the money really go? Seems there is a concerted effort to fleece good citizens and pocket the spoils.

      Everywhere you look, there is a cause. Can corruption be far behind?
      Sheer madness!

  10. If you think about it, this ties neatly into the overall plan for their “model community”. With all that taxpayer money for shrinks and their related services, they’ve gotten us eaters to pay for the whole thing.

    Two grants totaling $3.2 million is “just a start”. Then there’s the $50M for the fortress. Kathy mentioned the “community center”. I’ve noticed that in all of these “disasters” that’s the first thing they build. I think its related to the A-21 master plan.

    So, all of this gratuitous funding doesn’t see a vote. All they need is the right drill and the money starts flowing. Anyone who mentions this gets violently shouted down.

    It is interesting to note that, in the beginning stages of the Agenda 21 program, the proponents used the “Delphi Method” to sell this at local gatherings. This is the same dynamic in use here, but on a more developed scale. They essentially “shame” people into “consensus”, and ostracize anyone who objects. When done properly the victims think its their idea.

    1. I wonder if they really will go through with the $50M construction for a new school, or just use the money for something else, and keep the change. Do they really need a new school for 500? I thought that enrollment was declining, and the “misplaced” students, if they exist, are currently going to school somewhere.

    2. Yes, I do think what we will see is a model Agenda 21 style community based on resilience, sustainability, forgiveness, “parenting together”, etc. And it will be paid for by the taxpayers. It will be a Stepford village or like a set, that one we might see while visiting Disney World. This model community will show us the type of ideal life we can all aspire to.
      I definitely think the school will be built. It may not cost $50 million but it will be built. This model village will need it’s model school to show the rest of the world what a “good” school should look like. It will be complete with state of the art security. A children’s prison of sorts, where young minds can be shaped to readily accept what is to come.

        1. That is absolutely creepy. It’s a prison with a “school” front. A bastion against a non-existent threat. A center to teach little ones to worship authority.

        2. Excuse me for going back to occult numerology, but I can’t help thinking the number 26 means something.
          I was wondering if the boston bombing incorporated 26, too, and doh, a marathon….and Joker’s brother was 26.
          Those towers look really bad. How could an architect make something so ugly and sleep at night.
          Did you hear the one guy say they are going to raise the whole area up 9 ft! The whole area! Imagine that!

        3. I don’t know, but I googled cupolas with occult and there are some hits, which I haven’t read yet.
          A link also came up about the subject of forgiveness with respect to the occult.

        4. State capitols feature rounded cupolas – a symbol of capitalism and power.

          The lifting of 9 feet caught my attention too. I have suspected, perhaps wrongly, that the SHES always was connected to Fairfield State Hospital via the tunnels in the area. I do not believe, as we have been told, that these tunnels have been filled in. Perhaps the lifting will give improved access to what’s underground.

        5. Interesting theory. But we’re now talking about the Chalk Hill site, aren’t we? How far away is that from the Fairfield State Hospital site?

          For that matter, the Sandy Hook School isn’t (or wasn’t) that close to the hospital. The 1963 USGS topo map shows it’s 1-1/2 miles away, as the crow flies. Also, the elevation of SHS is about 300 ft, and Fairfield State Hospital is 450 ft. Don’t know how that info factors in to the 9-foot thing, if at all.

          I earlier searched for newspaper articles about Fairfield State Hospital in the 1950s, and found some about a superintendent named William F. Green, who was charged with vindictive and abusive treatment of employees; inmates escaping (two different occasions); an emergency commitment of a woman. The lead article in the 6-1-57 Naugatuck newspaper advocates for more centralized supervision of state mental hospitals.

        6. Thanks, Larry, is the recording live/real? It’s hard for me to tell.

          Anne, I was thinking the raising by 9 ft. had something to do with underground whatever, too. What makes you think SHE is connected to the state hospital? And do you know if the state hospital is still in use? In our state, PA, state hospitals, at least the one near me, (at least the one I used to be in:) is closed.

          And AJMcDonald has a post about SHES, Boston Bombing, and the number 26.

        7. Actually am just adding to my comment about SHS and Fairfield State Hospital: the Pootatuck River is between them, too…

        8. And, in fact, adding one more thing, which is that I am not convinced that the black L-shaped blob on the 1963 topo map is, indeed, Sandy Hook School. It bears no label, although the high school, junior high school, and Hawley School are labeled as schools. Also, schools are marked on these maps with a little pennant. There is one on the putative SHS, but it looks, to me, not quite the same as the others. Finally, the SHS is about twice the size of the junior high school.

        9. dino, can you see if the line that the crow would fly between the hospital and sandy hook el is crossed by the pipeline or not. I have to go to work.
          Thanks. Also, I couldn’t find the hospital through google maps, would you mind giving me the address? Thanks

        10. And the new principle is, Vlad the Educator. Who knows when another “lone nut shooter” will assail the children of Newtown? The only way to read this is that it is to be a “model” for other schools. Get your child used to living in a fortified institution early.

          If you ask me there’s more danger inside from the tendencies of these cultists than outside from any threat.

        11. Anna, Tunnel entrances could be the reason workers who demolished the school had to sign nondisclosure agreements and why the school had to be demolished in the first place and then buried under 9 more feet. Makes me wonder what’s down there.

        12. One should get very good at spotting the path of the “pipeline” and follow it around the map near Newtown, Ct. Very interesting, to say the least.

        13. Yes, if you read up on or watch the actual hearing detailing the demo of the school they do talk about tunnels. So i can confirm that for you. If you like i will go back and find the link to the meeting. The garner correctional facility is fascinating, i looked into it right from the start. Skakel was there. I get the impression it is for the upper crust criminal.

        14. I would assume the tunnels and footings discussed are just those that support a building when it is built on soft ground. I hope. The school was built in 1956, I think – so unless there was some piping monkey business going on at the time, I would think there would be anything other than just the structural supports in the tunnels.

          But, why the Non-Disclosure Agreements for demo folks? If crime-scene clean-up did their job, shouldn’t been anything to hide/talk about, right? Hmmmm, it is curious. I could see keeping the “hey, I’ll grab a souvenir” nonsense from happening but not being able to talk about the demo is truly, truly disconcerting.

        15. Yes, Larry, I would appreciate that. That’s a strange location for a correctional facility….so close to two schools. Did you follow the “pipeline” trail around the area, over to Western Ct. State University? See how many schools it passes on it’s way?

  11. There is another $14.6 million dollars CT has thrown into the education pot to join the latest, greatest federal government education plan of common core! Sounds like it stinks to high heavens with patent payments and totally negates the latest studies that show kids with too much computer time are going crazy! Not to mention poor kids, do not have computer access, and are once more disadvantaged..

    1. The commission discussion is a very sophisticated coverup. Legal eagles and PhD’s reinforce the legitimacy of the hoax. Very strategic, but very dubious and will only fool the fools among us. When did lying become such acceptable behavior? The new normal?

  12. Lol, lol, lol, if there was some guide or index to help us make sense of this bs but sorry there is not, thus we all are crazy, please send us another 100 million we will straighten it out!

  13. Just a quick ‘charity’ comparison…United Way raised and dispersed roughly $10.6million dollars for Hurricane Sandy relief (October 2012). The East Coast of our country, 7 states, received aid due to damages, loss of livelihood, homes, etc., over 160 people died.

    United Way raised over $11.7 million for Sandy Hook (December 2012), which was dispersed to 40 families.

    1. Forty families? Based on what criteria. I’m sure Hocksprung’s daughter earned a spot – especially after throwing herself prostrate over her mother’s grave in a wedding dress. How coincidental that a professional photographer was able to capture the touching moment.

      Her mother, an award winning career educator, was no doubt rolling over in her grave. No, not from her daughter’s performance, but because of the severe capitalization issues engraved onto the headstone.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/erica-lafferty.jpg

  14. @violeta: Alexis Israel,” I mean, I knew her because we lived in the neighborhood. I knew her through neighborhood events. My mom knew her. I mean, she was a very nice woman, a kindergarten teacher, obviously. So, I didn’t know her personally.” My nominee for troll quote.

    She was being interviewed from London by Piers Morgan. Because…no one who really knew him was found in CT? or the U.S.? But wait, she didn’t really know him either…So off-script, so many times. It’s a great interview, if it can still be found. Funny enough, earlier in the same broadcast, none other than Mark Boughton, Danbury mayor. I have the transcript. Amazing how many times gun control and stricter measures and mental health issues are mentioned in that segment. Oh, and that the ‘Bushmaster’ was found in the car.

    1. Karen,

      I fell off my chair laughing the first time I saw the Alexis Israel interview. It IS priceless and could easily be used as a model to expose the hack MSM personalities such as Piers Morgans as nothing less than expensive script readers and contributors to the lies.

      Couldn’t find the complete interview, but did find this segment which emphasizes Israel’s comment that Nancy Lanza was “a kindergarten teacher, obviously.” Obviously… Israel didn’t get the script change.

      1. John, the best part comes at the end. She describes Adam in great detail – toting a briefcase, clutching a pocket protector and slinking silently from class to class. She stumbles a little when forced to admit that she wasn’t exactly a classmate since they never had any actual classes together.

        1. Maybe they got her confused with Allexis Haller, attorney/brother to Veronique, turned nemesis. “Uh, I don’t actually know him, but I like my appearance on TV”.

  15. Also, I’m very curious if anyone has any information on this?

    Jean Henry was the lady who supposedly showed Adam Lanza’s body to her husband and got relieved of her position by Dr. Carver. On leave,with pay, not fired. She did get fired in April of 2013 and was appealing it. She went up against Malloy, Andrew McDonald, who went up to Supreme Court, and Jepsen. I’m just wondering if she got anywhere or if it’s been dismissed like everything else. All I know is, if I were her and I had any questions about what/who was in that body bag, the first thing I would do is bring in my husband for a look and affirmation, no matter the consequences.

    1. Karen something went on there, I wondered at the time if it was a ploy to get people thinking his body was really there, how did the information that she sneaked her husband into to view the body get out to the press? and if her husband saw something.. what was it? Anybody got info on this.. It is one more question that hasn’t got any further.

        1. Lophatt – this thing is imploding fast. The Commission is pushing for valid information – which is why they trotted out the PR guy Errol with what on the surface appeared to be an offer for Peter to help with background mental health info. Turns out it was an empty statement Errol released to the press just for the headlines.

          It’s a car wreck I can’t stop watching. The Oregon alternative radio show was quite a stretch – it’s a long monologue by a young man caller who was fascinated by an account he had been following about a chimpanzee raised in a home – and how the tragic attack by the chimp on it’s owner was a result of our screwed up society. Adam or not, the press release story (probably by Errol Cockfield) was a desperate attempt to paint Adam as mentally ill, but has fallen on deaf ears – people don’t think it is relevant, or even Adam.

          They tied the caller to Adam because both used the pseudonym Smidgie (or something like that.) First of all, on a radio show you call yourself Dave if you want to be anonymous, not Smidgie.

          I’m cheering for the commission – because they are forcing this hoax out of it’s hiding place.

        2. Hi Lophatt, here’s what I’m thinking about the “report” on the unauthorized viewing of Lanza”s body. HIPAA rules have breach notification regulations (issued in ’09 and health entities (those covered by HIPAA) and their business associates (firms, sub-contractors, etc.) to provide notification following a breach of unsecured protected health information.

          So, while it was likely just some sensationalism…if a breach like this occurred, I think it has to be reported to the family – unsure how the news got a hold of it – but the staff person should’ve been fired.

      1. I remember looking into her, she had been demoted from another position within the state gov after Malloy was elected, I think her position was an executive appointment from the previous administration who was a repub, I recall. It seemed cooked up regardless.

        1. Perhaps they invited her to show her husband so they could control her with a suspension and threat of termination. In essence – a gag. Looks like she and her husband weren’t sneaking in, and her supervisor was aware. He or she didn’t get fired – why not?

          The copy following is and excerpt from the Courant on April 26, 2013.

          “Access to the medical examiner’s office is controlled by strict procedures. The public cannot go in without signing in at the front office, and then being escorted by an employee – and even that public access is limited to the administrative offices in the front of the building.

          The only people allowed into the building’s rear area, where autopsies are performed and bodies are stored, are authorized staff members of the office and law enforcement personnel attending autopsies as part of their investigations. All authorized personnel have key cards to get into the building.

          Sources have said that Henry and her husband openly went in and out of the refrigerated area at the medical examiner’s office, and at least one superior was aware of what was happening. But when Carver learned of the matter, he placed her on leave about four days later. An internal complaint was filed, sources have said.

          A “pre-disciplinary” hearing was held last month in the matter. Henry is being represented in her grievance by her state employees union, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. A hearing on the grievance is expected to be held soon, sources have said.

          Henry worked at the medical examiner’s office since early 2011, when she was moved there after having worked for 14 years in the governor’s budget office — the Office of Policy and Management — during the administrations of two Republican chief executives, John G. Rowland and M. Jodi Rell.

          Henry’s loss of the $100,000-plus job at OPM happened when Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy took office – and she filed a lawsuit in June of 2011 in U.S. District Court against Malloy and his chief legal counsel at the time, former Democratic state Sen. Andrew McDonald, who since has been appointed to the state Supreme Court.”

        2. I had hoped she was someone who might turn whistleblower because of her situation. Do you think there is potential there for that to happen? Maybe not, this production goes much higher than state gov, apparently. I have hoped over the past year that some individual from Newtown would step out of the shadows and describe what is going on, for the benefit of the investigation. The best we can do is an expat in Brazil??

        3. The whole demotion and lawsuit can be a cover for having a “higher up” moved “lower down” into operator position. It is fake opposition, controlled opposition in extreme. She made Adam seem real and can figure in public stuff about Malloy to serve as a red herring or smoke screen. Look into her.

        4. That’s an unconventional job switch, too. What credentials would a budget analyst have to qualify for a job at the medical examiner’s office?

        5. Yes, it is. Thant’s why I suggest it might be artificial, to get a faithful accomplice into an operative position.

          I have an idea that the whole Sandy Hook atrocity happened as a decoy for something else. If you direct all media and all public discussion onto murdered children and gun control, you can do a whole lot of other stuff without it being noticed much.

        6. Sandy, yeah, it should be a good lead. To be honest, we have no way of knowing. I can’t imagine that such an “offense” would be taken too seriously at the coroner’s office. They’re usually pretty hard bitten.

          Sounds like she was punished for being of the wrong political persuasion. It would be nice if she would come forward. Dangerous though, I would think.

          I found this piece today:

          For some reason my player won’t run it. It looks suspicious to me. Too “pat”. This whole mess is one of the sorriest things I’ve ever seen.

        7. I agree, Teresa and dino. Although I’m wondering if it involved some of the people with those names but just at a different location. The death certificates showing up in Danbury may mean something…although all paper work is easy to falsely construct.

  16. This small town is getting 50 million from CT for a new school, presumably so no one will have to look at the old one, and almost 4 million from the federal govt for all these new healing SERV psycho-skill recovery… eh …whatever.

    At the same time – they passed a new law requiring lock-in drills every THREE months. No parents allowed in. No cars allowed in. That should be excellent therapy for all these kids with PTSD.

    Interim Superintendent Dr.John Reed, who recently thanked Newtown parents for their important role in supporting “OUR” children, announced the following:

    “It appears a new law will mandate drills for emergency conditions as regularly as every three months,” he writes.

  17. Professor Tracy – Have you had a chance to look into my video investigating the lady who I am now sure was playing Nancy Lanza? Annie Haddad?

    Sofia Smallstorm has used my work before, but I have noticed neither you or her, or Fetzer have looked into this character- Annie Haddad (one of her 7 at least known aliases)

    Check out these “Coincidences between: “Annie (Anne) Haddad” & “Nancy Lanza”

    1. Anne is a nickname for Nancy –

    2. Anne was married to a Peter – Nancy married to a Peter

    3. Anne lived less than a mile away from Yogananda – Both “women” would exit their neighborhood using the same surface roads, and would visit the same stores and bars/restaurants “My Place” for example.

    4. Anne attended a once monthly “mom’s night out meet up (so did Nancy)

    5. Diapers were shown in the Yogananda crime scene videos – Anne had a son young enough to need diapers, Nancy did not

    6. Anne has at least 7 different aliases (not normal), her husband Peter also has multiple names, this would be consistent with an agent of some sort (Mossad/ CIA who knows).

    7. Anne looks exactly like Nancy- there is no video or audio of Nancy speaking- which would give us a voice match- strange there is not one video or Audio of Nancy- except the “Adam boyscout” video, which is very old and she is not shown clearly, nor is her voice audible.

    8. Anne worked as a teacher at St. Rose of Lima (a school “Adam attended”) and likely also subbed elsewhere- and Nancy worked as a substitute at Sandy Hook a school “Adam attended” after that story changed multiple times.

    9. Anne has admitted she teaches “special needs kids” and might have a special needs child. – Nancy also has a special needs child.

    Too many coincidences here Professor Tracy – Please take a serious look into this lady- In my opinion we have found a 100% match to the Lady playing “Nancy Lanza”. – Annie Haddad The eyes do not lie- she has the same face, the same skin etc. It’s the same person.

      1. Nancy Lanza is a fictional person- they can say she is whatever age they want.

        Annie Haddad has had at least 7 aliases, who is to say that she wasn’t just calling herself Nancy (a nickname for Anne) and lying about her age- women do it all the time.

        There is no proof Nancy Lanza existed- not one shred of evidence, her husband appears to exist in picture for only as well.. all we are shown are images of a woman- who appears to be a younger Annie Haddad, they can say Nancy was younger than Annie, or older, it really doesn’t matter because she never existed in the first place.

        1. I meant to say that the fictional character created from Annie Haddad – Nancy Lanza can be given whatever age they want (what was her “Nancy’s” original name at this point, nobody knows, she’s changed it so many times). Annie Haddad, Anne Haddad, Anne Giorno, Annie Jiorno etc. etc. etc. Annie Sweenie Haddad.. etc.

          As we see- Nancy used to be called Nancy Champion – So, “Nancy Lanza” has already had a name change- I know a lot of people who go by their nicknames instead of their actual first name (Bill Clinton ring a bell?) Jesse Ventura.., and Nancy and Anne being related names makes the likeyhood that Nancy Champion is the lady who changed her name to Anne Haddad much more likely.

          Anne (nickname for Nancy) Married to a Peter, teacher at St. Rose of Lima, likely a substitute at Sandy Hook, attends the ONLY mom’s night out meet up group in Newtown (confusing the group into thinking they saw Nancy), lives less than a mile away from Yogananda, has multiple aliases, looks exactly the same as “Nancy”- this is too much to ignore.

          Look at those eyes- that’s a 100% match, the skin type is the same- wrinkly Irish looking skin- the face is the same shape, everything matches- The nose looks different because of the lighting mostly- but in this image you can see “Nancy” has wider nostrils, looking much more like the Annie Haddad interview:

          Notice how wide her nostrils look in that image? A lot different than the other images of Nancy Lanza. Did she get a nose job? Or have some of the images been edited to make her look a bit different than Annie Haddad?

          Of course, anyone with any skills in Photoshop can tell you how easy it is to slightly change something such as narrowing someone’s nose or removing an elongated septum- they do it all the time in Cosmo and other magazines- but these women are the same woman, the eyes and the rest of it are too close a match- it’s the same person.

          Notice “Nancy” and Anne have a “lazy” looking kind of bulgy upper eyelid on her left eye? and she has a bulgy looking under eyelid- the area around the eyes are the most identifyable features of a human face- it’s a 100% match given an age difference of a few years same eyes, it’s the same person.

        2. I agree that Ryan Lanza is the only “flesh and blood” of this whole story. I would bet the farm that Ryan Lanza is not his real name.

        3. To date, no one has claimed the “body” of Nancy or Adam Lanza. There has not been one article concerning a burial, cremation or disposition of either entity. The last article active is from the UK Guardian Jan 2013. Since then, nada, nothing. That is proof enough for me that they are computer avatars at best. Something as simple as a secret location burial, cremation or disposition would have been noted by last January at the latest. The only exception to this rule is Osama Bin Laden who was kept on ice for well over a decade.

        4. Exactly-

          And the only person who showed up at the Annie Haddad fake funeral- I mean Nancy Lanza fake funeral was “Ryan Lanza” notice how they claim Peter was there, but there are no images, or video of him attending?

          Did you see the security around that memorial service? The church was locked down like Ft. Knox.

          Kind of an iconic picture to miss- Peter showing up at that funeral and talking about Nancy, don’t you think? They got Ryan (who we have seen plenty of) but Peter is very elusive, doesn’t talk on camera, hasn’t been seen in person since, and had aspects of his likeness photoshopped already as I pointed out in Sandyhoaxed 2nd Edition (that image analysis research done by Hollywoodpastels).

          Peter was likely never married to Nancy- this whole family seems fake and “Peter Lanza” is probably is just a photoshop creation- the “fireball” party images of him look different than the other grainy images of him we were shown.

          Ryan Lanza appears to be the only real person out of the entire “Lanza” family who is flesh and blood.

          We’re told Peter worked at GE- the same people who own NBC.. so, excuse me for being skeptical about what they tell us.

        5. Correction – Ryan and Annie Haddad (Nancy) are the only two people who can 100% be verified as “flesh and blood” – The images of Peter appear to be edited from whoever the elite character was in the “fireball” shots – Adam Lanza’s very staged images are obviously just derived from photos of Ryan – That’s why the age gap and Adam going to college 2 years early came into play.

          The “Lanza Family” wasn’t a family.- they were images brought together to fool people into thinking they were a family- how many images do we have of Ryan and Adam together? Zero.

          How many images of Adam at Western Connecticut State do we have? Zero.

          How many images do we have of Adam and Nancy together? Zero.

          For a mom who loves her kid, that’s kind of bizarre..

          No pictures of the brothers together, no pictures of Adam with his mom, no pictures of Ryan with his mom- what kind of family is this?

          An autistic child who only communicates with his mom via E-mail goes to college 2 years early!! Give ME A FRICKIN BREAK- after his sophomore year in high school? Haha, are the American people really dumb enough to fall for this?-

          The image of Peter look at this Nonsense:
          1. The fireball image:
          (look at the length of his nose) That is a long, hooked, wide SCHNOZ!!!

          2. “Peter Lanza”
          (notice length and width of nose- unless “Peter” got a nose job, this isn’t the same person)

          (this image was just a copy/pase of the 2nd image above, with one strand of hair added) – As I showed in Sandyhoaxed 2nd edition.

          So, Peter’s images have been edited, Adam’s images have been edited, Ryan is real, and Nancy Lanza is just derived from Annie (Nancy) Haddad the woman who fooled the city into thinking she was Nancy Lanza- who showed up at My Place and who attended the Mom’s night out meet-ups.

        6. PaulstalService – At image #3, it looks like they are on a stage – see microphones to left of image – this is a false front of a building like you might see on SNL or something don’t you think? The structures on both sides of the stairway are stage-like.

        7. It can also be that Haddad has taken over Nancy Lanzas identity because she is a near doppelgänger. I think Nancy Champion has a background. I also think that they are not exactly alike, but, she is alike enough to be able to act as this Lanza to 99% of witnesses, The real Nancy Lanza/Champion might be exiled/paid off and surgically altered/dead for all we know.

        8. It’s possible- but based on those eyes, skin tone, bone structure etc., I am convinced this is the exact same person. In my humble opinion, Annie Haddad was definitely the same woman as “Nancy Lanza”, just about 6 years older, as tan as her Irish skin would tolerate and without the acne break-out.

          It’s too strange that Haddad has at least 7 aliases, that just does not happen for a “normal housewife”. It happens for CIA agents, but not a normal house wife. Her husband also has multiple names.. Very strange, unless we’re dealing with a CIA/other intelligence created fake family here that’s just not “normal”.

          One thing’s for sure- if both of these women were attending the Mom’s night out meet-ups at the same time, people would be asking them if they were twins.. But that didn’t happen, because there weren’t 2 women, they were one and the same.

          The Yogananda house doesn’t look lived in- because it wasn’t lived in, Annie lived less than a mile away @ [address deleted -JT] [Phone number deleted -JT] (feel free to give her a call and ask her a few questions), still lives there) with her husband Peter (who also has the alias Norman interestingly).. and would likely make a few visits to Yogananda every now and then-

          That’s why the neighbors didn’t know the Lanzas, The “Lanzas” didn’t live there. Annie brought the gun out to show the gardener, but wouldn’t allow anyone in the house because it was just her and her toddler aged kid in there when she visited from less than a mile away.

          That’s why the Mom’s club night-out meet up would always “skip her house” – because Annie couldn’t have people see there was no Adam Lanza alive in the house and that’s likely why there were diapers in the Yogananda house – so her young boy wouldn’t shit all over the house when she visited.

        9. I agree with everything, except that the nose looks slightly different, but that could have been adjusted some time ago. All photos of Nancy (and all other victims) are so 1 old, 2 blurry, 3 low-res. Her chin has also fallen victim to gravity, but hey. She’s blond and may have had too much sun in her days. I know. I have too.

          Keep up the good work PaulstalService!

    1. Nancy was not a teacher she was in Finance.

      The shooter’s mother was reported as a kindergarten teacher because the shooter was almost certainly Scott Vollmer who was an affiliate of Bloomberg.

      Google Scott Vollmer and Sandy Hook and see all the coincidences.

      When you switch Scott Vollmer with Adam Lanza in the narrative all the puzzle pieces start to fit. Motive, son of a kindergarten teacher, Janet Vollmer’s friends were all off or not shot fatally, New York Area man cuffed in parking lot originally from Newtown with no explanation, buzzed in because he was recognized as the son of a colleague. –

      1. “Nancy was not a teacher she was in Finance.”


        “Dear Mrs. Lanza. Thank you for being such a special volunteer. The children achieved a most successful year with the dedication from your active involvement,” is a letter reportedly found by the police thanking Nancy Lanza for volunteering at SHES during the 90’s.

        1. Aaron… sorry… but…
          I never said she was a “teacher.” Just pointing out that it was reported that the police supposedly found a “thank you” note to her from Sandy Hook Elementary School, so, if you believe the police report, Nancy actually did work at the school as a volunteer in the 90’s.

        2. John, Aaron is right. Volunteering at a school means absolutely nothing. And how can you trust any ‘evidence’ coming from them? This might as well be a fake letter that was created in an attempt to cover for the Andrea McCarren/Nurse Cox debacle.

        3. I’m not buying into the McCarren report, just as I don’t believe there’s anything to the initial reports that floated early in the event that the shooter’s mother was a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School. (Sorry all you Scott Volmer advocates.)

          I know for a fact that McCarren has been contacted by several people asking her to elaborate on her comments about the SHES nurse she claims to have interviewed who told her she made eye contact with the shooter. And then, upon further questioning, McCarren claims the nurse told her that the shooter’s mother was a kindergarten teacher. McCarren has refused to answer any questions posed to her about her “report.”

          We know that McCarren wasn’t the first one to report that the shooter’s mother taught kindergarten at the school. So…could it be that the PTB got to her? Could it be that someone gave her that script to read, and she simply went along like a today’s reporters do with the first reports that were coming out amidst all the confusion?

          Why would I suggest that McCarren, who was known early on in her career to be a pretty tough investigative reporter who wasn’t afraid to mix it up with the authorities and higher ups? Perhaps she had been beaten down by repeated attempts to expose corruption in government and realized that it was a losing cause. Judge for yourself:

        4. I would imagine any kind of solo ventures into investigating SH issues would be dangerous — there is so much that is “off” …we know something is very wrong.

        1. Anne Haddad’s Husband’s know aliases are apparently Peter and Norman Haddad. Sometimes he goes by Haddad Norman to switch it up a bit and further confuse people.

          Here we see Anne Haddad and Peter Haddad listed under the same number:

          There- Anne Haddad is also listed as Anne Giorno which is another one of her favorite aliases.

          So, both have multiple aliases listed under their land line as we clearly see from those public white page records. Peter also goes as Norman.

      1. I have not been able to find out if she has an alleged brother- this is mostly because she has used at least 7 (apparently more) aliases, Annie E Haddad, Annie Sweeny Haddad, Anne E Sweeny, Annie Jiorno, Anne P Haddad, A Haddad, Anne Giorno, Anne E Giorno, there are too many other linked names to find out.

        I guess you’re wondering if she has a brother James Champion the retired police captain who now works part-time as an officer in Kingston? It’s hard to tell- there are of course no images of them together- I guess just like “Nancy Lanza” “Anne Haddad” doesn’t like to be photographed with her relatives 😉

        I have not been able to place any of her aliases to New Hampshire, but I have only done searches for her main aliases regarding that link – Annie Haddad, Anne Haddad, and Anne Giorno. That’s the beauty of using 7 or 8 aliases it makes researching your background 7 or 8 times more difficult.

        Where did that yearbook photo come from anyway where she has the nickname “beanie?” I haven’t seen too many yearbooks where a person has a full page devoted to themselves. The geneological book from Kingston, NH is just a name- Lanza, so do we really know that’s a legitimate connection, or could it just be a common Italian name?

        The fact that she has so many aliases in its own right should be suspicious to most people though.. Do you know anyone with 8 aliases? I sure don’t.

        1. CIA agents typically have numerous names, ids, social security cards, driver’s licenses, addresses, etc.

  18. I heard on the news this morning that the players in the Boston Bamboozle are also being compensated (rewarded, actually) for the terrible injuries they suffered. I get mad all over again when I hear news like that.

    Yall need to check out a new post on Hunter News and Media here:

    He has found photos from the AP that shows this hoax has been in the making for a long time. And not only Sandy Hook, but Boston and Aurora as well. One of the photos that really got me shows a police car blocking off Yogananda Street on 12/14/12, but the creation date of the photo is 7/10/08! Just how long this was being planned and the number of people involved may be more than we thought.

      1. Does anyone find it disturbing that this “baby picture”, even if you remove the low definition, looks to be from the 1960s? Who knows, maybe it really was an Adam Lanza, 1962-1982?

  19. I wonder if anyone on this blog is following the recent shooting in the Tampa area movie theater during the showing of “Lone Survivor.” My first reaction to this shooting was it was just another of many shootings that occur in the state of Florida. I watched the two minute clip of it on the news and my radar went into high gear because of three main points that the media focused on:

    1) The shooting happened because a 71 y.o. retired sheriff decided to shoot a 43 y.o. movie goer because of his texting. The victim was texting his three (3) year old daughter during the opening credits. His wife was with him at the theater. How many Three year olds receive and send text messages? Perhaps I am out of touch with current times?

    2) The alleged shooter, wearing a white hazmat suit, walked out of the theater, grasping a bottled water, and he was at least 30 feet away from any deputy. That is absurd, yet it is on all of the videos. What is the white hazmat suit covering up? Bloody clothes or no bloody clothes?

    3) The witnesses, as in Sandy Hook, do not appear very shaken up, yet a man was “coughing up blood” in their laps just a few minutes earlier. The witness (actor?) is made to look credible by wearing a Vietnam Marine Vet cap. How patriotic! (I am not ripping on the Marines, I am ex-military myself, just in another branch)

    Do we have another gun control hoax, making an evil presence out of the CCW holder?

      1. The School shooting in Roswell appears to be real, and the reporting on it indicates that it is real….with an emphasis of emergency vehicles being the only ones with access, etc. Unfortunately, this is what a “real school shooting” looks like in the news. SHES was the complete opposite.

        My radar is way up on this Florida theater shooting, just one day later. A murder suspect is hardly allowed to leisurely walk to a patrol car all by himself, without deputies physically touching him and at least ten yards away. This is completely wrong. Why is the suspect wearing a hazmat suit? How many 3 year olds text daddy at the movies? The first hand witnesses do not look horrified, or at least disturbed. Too many things are wrong with this msm story.

        1. Interesting thoughts and observances here. My thinking is that this is a long, drawn out false flag. Lots of cops “gone mad” across the country. If you cannot trust a cop with a gun, can you trust the American public? “They” are trying a different tactic toward the removal of the 2nd Amendment?

        2. I agree that there’s funny stuff going on regarding the cops. First, does anyone know that Obama, or Holder I think, appointed as head of the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division the attorney, black or ‘of color,’ who defended Mumia Abu Jamal? Mumia murdered a cop named Danny Faulkner in the 1980’s in Philly and became a cause celebre in liberal bastions like Paris and San Francisco in the ensuing years as he fought to avoid the death penalty. In the wake of the recent appointment of his defense attorney, cops all over the country have been aroused again in Faulkner’s wife’s crusade to defend Faulkner’s honor, etc.

          There are sheriffs all over the country, like Arpaio in Arizona, also who are resisting the dictatorial edicts of the federal government and so the feds may be attempting to undermine them. The irony of that is that the cops are probably the most mercenary and soulless group of public servants that exists. I assume some on here have heard that the cop monsters who murdered Kelly Thomas were acquitted of all charges on Monday?

          It’s all so incredible, what’s going on in this country, as all the factions and elements of the empowered jockey to maintain their respective positions in the increasingly soviet-like state we once called home.

        1. That’s ok, I found it. Very interesting indeed! I think this event at the theater is an attack on CCW…what better characters to use, a retired chief of police, a loving dad just texting away to his 3 y.o, and the MO of detached witnesses who are not upset.

          They (FBI) are spitting out pre-packaged news rather quickly this winter.

        2. JohnLuv…I’m in FL and all I can think of immediately is that if this is a set-up, they picked the wrong state. There a ton of CCW permits here and this is a state where you do not need a permit to have a weapon in your glove box. FL pro-gun people will put up a huge fight if the gubbermint…you’d think they’d pick on another state – one which residents that would put up less of a fight.

  20. I think they are trying to kill several birds with a few stones. They are demonizing:

    1. Guns, especially the AR-15

    2. Lone/Wolf mentally ill

    3. Law enforcement officers. As a whole, LEO’s are making it clear they refuse to confiscate guns, because our Constitution trumps just about any new any new gun-ban legislation they pass. Without enforcement – this whole thing is a big waste of time. Perhaps arming a special type of TSA/DHS officer will provide a means for confiscation.

    4. Conspiracy theorists. The LAX shooter had the anti-government NWO note in his bag (duffle/garment bag/ back pack/ rolling suitcase/two-bag combination) so it would be crystal clear to everyone that these ‘types’ are dangerous nuts. (Professor Tracy et al?) At the same time, they martyr a TSA officer. Three birds in one event here.

    1. I doubt that the TSA officer is deceased. In the interview, his wife seemed just as jovial as the SHES families. Again, she looked like she won the lottery instead of losing her husband.

    2. I don’t think they’re trying to demonize the mentally ill, but instead are attempting to further broaden the ever-widening definition of ‘mental illness’ to include basically anyone who resists group think. They’re also trying to empower the state and schools, etc., in that overreach.

      I read a law book in my state’s public law school library that discussed a lawsuit which set some precedent. In it, the defense attorney argued that the state had become overbearing in imprisoning (and let’s not delude ourselves that committals are not a form of imprisonment) a man for too extended a period of time. The main argument was that the man did not suffer from schizophrenia or manic depression, so that when he did have some sort of a nervous breakdown due to circumstance and overall psychological, as opposed to biological, issues, he shouldn’t have been kept for like five or six years.

      This case happened in the late 1970’s I think. It was a time, before the advent of Big Pharma, when society admitted that there were really only two actual mental illnesses, and that both featured psychosis – the inability to grasp material, as opposed to relational, reality.

      So IMO what’s really happening here is the logical conclusion of what’s been going on since the 1980’s. The government is not only claiming that dissident opinions or even actual emotional problems are ‘mental illness,’ instead of just being what they are – disagreement, or in other cases emotional and *character* issues. Basically, if anyone disagrees with those in power, according to this schema, the state can just imprison and medicate them. No real psychosis is necessary.

      The only reason we as a society attempt to take power away from the truly mentally ill is to protect them and whoever they might hurt, due to mental illness is how laws are written. But that should only mean due to psychosis, where a person truly can’t discern concrete reality.

      All other issues are just ones of character. Some poster said psychology and psychiatry are junk science. They’re not science at all, is the problem, especially psychiatry. We have the technology to map the neanderthal genome; it’s no coincidence that psychiatrists are still unable to give the most basic empirical medical truly scientific evidence for their ‘diagnoses’ in the way all MD’s are required to. It’s the purposeful refusal to identify the genes involved in manic depression or schizophrenia so that anyone can be said to have some form of a whole made up list of ‘mental illnesses.’

      We really as a people should be standing up to this lie, and all of the lies we’re being peddled. If anyone on this site wants to start a group of some kind to lobby for transparency in government or something along those lines I’d love to join. We can’t wait for someone else to defend our basic freedoms – no one else will, certainly not The State.

      1. ETA: I have heard of people being committed because they simply had nowhere to go. So increasingly, the homeless can be simply imprisoned, and, federal law I believe (as opposed to state) stipulates that once a person is committed they cannot be discharged to the street. I actually know of a woman who does have manic depression who got imprisoned in a state mental hospital where she languished for five years!!!! because she had nowhere to go. As an inmate she had no access to making money or to finding a place to live. She became asymptomatic shortly after being admitted but five years of her freedoms were stolen by the the Nanny/Big Brother State. Remember too people that if you build it it sustains itself, meaning that state bureaucracies never shrink and instead only grow, so there are various elements that seek to expand these facilities which unnecessarily and even abusively tax the citizens.

        I am not that woman if anyone wonders, but I do know a lot about the insanity of what we call the Psych system. Another horror is that people these days can simply call the cops or whoever to ‘report’ alleged behaviors or comments and get their friend, etc., imprisoned (I don’t believe in using the euphemism ‘committed’). There is no trial, only a hearing that an inmate is supposedly guaranteed, *but* that is only after being taken into custody where the ‘authorities’ can force a person to take drugs. Literally force them. I know of cases in which people had insurance and therefore needy hospitals ‘commit’ them and drug them to make it appear as if they are symptomatic. I know of a case in which someone was denied the right to attend their hearing because of side effects of a drug forced on them, and they had expensive medical insurance which motivated the hospital’s malfeasance.

        The hearing is only that – a quasi-hearing. It’s not a trial. No witnesses are allowed to come who could provide testimony to defend the inmate. A ‘public advocate’ is a state or county-appointed attorney who is supposed to argue for the defendant (and that is what they are, a citizen defending their right to liberty, although the state refuses to call them that) but these people do mostly nothing for the citizens. I’ve researched several cases and only those people who have money to hire a private attorney ever succeed in these quasi-hearings, in which it is ASSUMED that because the defendant was taken into custody that they have a ‘mental illness.’ Even when there is a private attorney from what I can discern any denial that a defendant has a ‘mental illness’ is taken as proof that they have one!

        Pure insanity, this laundering of the american citizen though the psych system. There is much much more to say about the system but it’s gist is that because someone made some claim, and especially if you have medical insurance, you will be deemed ‘mentally ill’ and trafficked through the system with zero recourse whatsoever. The cops can take you and then when you and then you have a ‘mental illness.’ It is assumed definite right there. No exaggerations here folks, this is the USSA. To make matters worse, many of the older drugs that psychoatrists like to force on people they want to railroad have lasting side effects, some for months after someone ceases taking the medication. I know of people given these drugs precisely so that they could not sue upon leaving (when there was cadillac health insurance at a poor inner city hospital).

        1. Psychology-
          DSM 1952- 106 Disorders
          DSM-IV – 297 Disorders
          DSM-V – Medicate Them all!

          Physics- Find a new subatomic particle so we can explain this stuff!

          Biology- find me a new bone fragment so we can explain this stuff!

          Earth Science- Park your cars or we will all be underwater in 5 years!

          Its all publish or perish, and bow to the priest at the top to seek his favor.
          Science is just like government. It will grow to serve itself whether it serves the truth or not.

      2. The charities set up for the deceased ( so called) children are alarming! especially one I have just come across.. its Chase Kowalski – a charity run set up in his name- and the poster is really disturbing.. it shows a deliberate connection with the all seeing eye..- so we know who is behind the money..! Sorry I can’t give the link but you can see it anywhere on the web.

        1. Poppy – Is it the pic of him looking w/one eye through his two hands – which are formed to make a heart? Otherwise, couldn’t locate. Thanks!

        2. Yes Beth, that is the poster of the boy with his hands around one eye… an illuminati sign.. and we all know about the pics they showed us of the children with other signs, very subtle, the parker child, and the man in the photo with Vicki Soto… these signs are shown in lots of the footage of the S/H event – even the video of the supposed gym with the horrible devil horned pic on on the wall, very creepy.

        3. I was looking up information about the Yogananda guy, and saw that they use the eye symbol inside a triangle, (I think illuminati use it inside a triangle, too.) Also, another thing that has been mentioned as being seen connected with the children’s fundraiser and facebook pages is the rainbow, which is also a symbol in the yogananda’s religion.

          When you read about how followers of Yogananda explain afterlife, you can understand how someone who is a follower would gracefully accept the death of their child. Death is merely a passage from here to astral heaven, which they describe as a lovely place to be.

          I am in no way saying that I believed 20 children were killed at SHE on December 14th, 2012.

        4. Have you seen the link to godlikeproductions by poster neti to a possible explanation of the happenings. It says that there were children at SHE that day, but only two classes. The poster at godlikeproductions suggests that SHE students had already been moved to Chalk Hill, and SHE was being used for this. They were there to make gingerbread houses. That would make more sense and also make it possible to have a group of children whose parents were likeminded spiritually.

          And PS: I’ve seen reference to gingerbread houses and Hanzel and Gretel, but don’t understand the significance.

        5. To Violeta.

          From Wikipedia:
          “Hansel and Gretel is a well-known fairy tale of German origin, recorded by the Brothers Grimm and published in 1812. Hansel and Gretel are a young brother and sister threatened by a cannibalistic witch living deep in the forest in a house constructed of cake and confectionery. The two children save their lives by outwitting her.

        6. Beth, one reason I linked the article I was reading for Violetta has to do with this scenario. Obviously, I can’t say for certain if this is a factor. There are a lot of occult overtones and the people involved are certainly playing with belief systems that mimic those described in my link.

          I certainly think that SHES was not fully populated. If it was, we have seen no proof of that.

        7. Lophatt – Interesting. Well, the lack of people and children would certain lead a person to think that SH was not a fully occupied school.

          There is certainly some bazaarly freakish occult-like symbolism and conduct associated with Newtown people. I mean, just once I would like to have seen a parent (or parents) break down and scream and cry – I mean, I wouldn’t care what anyone would’ve thought of me but 1) I’d be unlikely to get interviewed on TV after my child was slaughtered; 2) I’d be screaming for vengeance (or something like it) about the Lanza parents not properly caring for their mentally ill son and putting guns in his hands and 3) I can pretty much guarantee you that I would want to cause extreme pain to the Lanza estate — for retribution and to let it be know to any other negligent parents of monsters that they will be held accountable.

          OK – does that sound insane or does that sound like a mother who adores her children and would do anything to protect them and seek vengeance on anyone that hurt them? Well, then – why did I not see one crazed Sandy Hook parent?! I saw nothing but fakery and robots.

        8. To Violeta.

          I see it as being parents giving up, or abandoning, their children. As for gingerbread houses, I found this information:

          “Major European Gingerbread Centers
          Gingerbread is considered an art form in Nuremberg, Ulm and Pulsnitz in Germany, Torun in Poland, Tula in Russia, Pest in Hungary, Pardubice and Prague in the Czech Republic, and Lyon in France where gingerbread baking guilds were sanctioned by the government starting in the Middle Ages.

          Vast antique mold collections are displayed in the Torun and Ulm museums, and some are used to make beeswax Christmas ornaments that are in great demand.

          Gingerbread Houses
          The gingerbread house became popular in Germany after the Brothers Grimm published their fairy tale collection which included “Hansel and Gretel” in the 19th century. Early German settlers brought this lebkuchenhaeusle – gingerbread house – tradition to the Americas.

          Gingerbread houses never caught on in Britain as they did in North America, where some extraordinary examples can be found. But they do exist in other parts of Europe.”

          Also, the pretty gingerbread house stamps we could buy at the post office around Christmas originated not far from Newtown:

        9. As a postscript to my last note, “Hansel and Gretel” is a cautionary tale. It came into existence because people realized that there are “entities” to beware of. The gingerbread house analogy is interesting in that we know they like their little “insider jokes”.

          Just like all the Monarch Butterfly imagery. For initiates those are signs saying “we did it”. For those who are aware they are intended to mean “we did it, now what are you going to do about it?”. For the uninitiated and the unaware they mean nothing.

          For generational Satanists, it means little to sacrifice a child. Some do not believe that this happens but there is ample evidence to the contrary. I’m not saying that’s what happened here. It is just information.

          It would be great to explore this further. I sense that because of the high level of occult activity there it may have played a role in its selection.

        10. I agree, the monarch butterfly representing most of the children, the colour purple, the rainbow.. all these symbols have meaning within the illuminati – and the majority of people would not see these images as anything important, but they are there, again and again. The speech used by the parents made me think that some faith or sect or something bigger was organising this whole event.. I didn’t hear or see one family who was ‘ down to earth’.. that said.. ‘ this is my child we are talking about and I want to know what on earth happened” with a few expletives in there..!.. They ALL accepted it… very strange in the least.. as some one said, ‘we have come full circle’, we know something is not right, again I ask the question, why does the media not go down this path and delve more ..they must be controlled..or poor reporters.

        11. I also find it odd that so many “parents” are so old. They ought to have kids of 12-15, not 6-7.

        12. Anne, yes, “giving up”, i.e. “sacrificing” – “offering up”.

          Items like gingerbread houses, even though they became popular in the mid-nineteenth century, were around previously. Such items are the residue of older beliefs and thought patterns.

          In pre-Christian times people saw the world as containing both the seen and the unseen. Christianity did not teach against this, but its influence tended to change the focus.

          Holiday seasons were both celebratory and communal dedications to keeping the forces of darkness at bay. There was no question as to their existence. Items like gingerbread houses were symbolic of building a pretty and safe place to reside in a darker place. There is a magical element to them.

          In Briton, wicker was used in much the same way. They could be used the thatch images and burn effigies. Certain ritual practices coupled with sacred materials could “imprison” unwanted spirits.

          These practices exist in a dimension that we have largely lost the ability to understand. Just because they have been relegated to the junk heap of “superstition” doesn’t mean they weren’t real or efficacious.

          In modern times the only real difference is that those who play with these things may have no understanding of what they are playing with or how they are used. At any rate, for our purposes here, they can be helpful in identifying players in events such as this.

          It is wise to consider that whether someone is designing a completely false event, or covering up an actual event, the released information is carefully vetted. If it was on TV it was on there for a reason. Little, seemingly meaningless tidbits, are there purposefully.

  21. What in the bajeebers do they need more money for? They got a $50 million grant to build a new school, they are currently using a pre-exisitng school, they have millions in other monies – including millions upon millions in donations. Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. This is a telling video. I think we need to satirize and ridicule the mental health industry wherever we can. Not only are these people venally creating opportunities for themselves to be paid handsomely and treated with reverence as “experts,” they are an integral part of the overarching plan for domination of the rest of us.

      Psychiatry and psychology are junk science.

      1. Uh huh, the truth about the connection between psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry must be exposed. Bad enough probing of the human psyche is problematic (not a hard science, after all) but its use and abuse for control and profit is unconscionable. Jon Rappoport has been on this issue for years. Just Google his name and the subject to find many articles re this outrage. Here is one:

    2. Thanks Larry!
      Wow – another $1 million plus, eh? What the heck!!!! I have to say that I am positively shocked at the amount of money thrown at Newtown…not even including the millions in donations.

  22. To Violeta.
    Fairfield State Hospital, or Fairfield Hills as it was called for short, closed its doors officially in 1995; doors that opened in 1931. Construction on SHES began in the early 1950s when the Fairfield Hills tunnels were already in operation. Tptb plan decades ahead, so why not connect the tunnels to this new school where then first selectman Fenn Dickinson met his early demise. Perhaps he was an honest man.

    The state built a high security prison on the Fairfield Hills campus. It opened in 1992 despite objections from Newtown residents. This campus is huge, several hundred acres. Who’s to say that the tunnels were not extended to the prison? Underground booms were reported by Sandy Hook residents.

    When Fairfield Hills closed they dumped hundreds of patients on Danbury streets. I remember it well because I lived in the area then. I also visited Fairfield Hills once in the early nineties. It was job related. Still vividly remember the grip I felt around me as I was led through one of the buildings with doors locked shut behind me throughout.

    I no longer live in CT, but I have sent tons of material to old friends there who believe in the official story because they know people who have relatives in Newtown. What I sent was met with deafening silence. Newtown and the surrounding towns are very close in so many ways and that may answer one of the questions of why they can’t see and why they don’t speak.

    1. Anne – What were the people thinking of the dumping of the mentally ill in the streets? Heard about this as an adult and could not believe the inhumanity of the whole concept. Were the authorities just hoping they would just die off and the problem would be solved? Worked many years in a downtown, freezing area, where they kicked out hundreds of homeless men everyday at 7:00 am from the emergency shelter, many would commit crimes and wait to be caught – jail was better than that life. Am certain it still is happening.

      1. Kathy – this happened all over the country as I recall. Mental hospitals closing and patients scattered for the wind. In Danbury they closed an unemployment office close to downtown and used that facility as “daycare” for the displaced patients. At night they were left outside to care for themselves.

        There are several senior citizen housing developments in the same area and the elderly were very concerned for their safety. Now it’s water under the bridge and Connecticut has much larger concerns. The state is a study in how the very rich (much richer than Newtown rich) and the very poor share such a small geographical area.

        1. It is pure evil that would send helpless people out into the bitter cold to fend for themselves. In my old city that has brutal winters, a lot of effort was spent forcing them to move along in public places such as malls and libraries. The fast food joints even had a time limit on how long one could sit with a single cup of coffee. Certainly many have died, but that is never anything that will be reported in the ‘news’.

        2. Most of the people interned in the state mental hospitals don’t actually have brain disorders, aka mental illnesses. In a nearby state, at least one is filled with people who just don’t fit into society. Some floors devote to caring for geriatrics who are too violent (these types are almost all ex-mafia) for their families to want to deal with, and they can’t get along well with private facility staff. Why should the tax payers fund these people’s old age when their own families don’t want to (usually the mafia has money…)? Another features buildings which house what used to be called ‘retarded’ people. Most units purporting to deal with the ‘mentally ill’ only have about 30% brain-disordered people in them, and even those might only account for perhaps half of the units. The other inmates are maybe criminal, or just crazy and dysfunctional. Some are simply railroaded by their family members and society and the system.

          But get real people. There just aren’t very many ‘mentally ill’ people in the world. If the human brain developed psychosis easily, we’d have never evolved. Paying thousands and thousands of dollars to ‘care’ for the ‘mentally ill’ is just a big racket of the psych establishment, and also of the state bureaucracy. It is fundamentally unhealthy to devote huge amounts of money to a fake malady. Rewarding society’s abusive system and the individual character issues of it’s wards is just throwing money down the drain. It benefits no one.

          I’m of the opinion that until the ‘doctors’ can furnish medical evidence in the form of the same kind of biological empirical evidence all other doctors have to submit, we should just ignore the infinitesimal number of schizophrenics and manic depressives. We’d literally be a whole lot healthier and safer as a society. Last, people need to realize that truly mentally ill people are rarely if ever violent. This was something the psych system admitted back in the 1980’s, before Big Pharma started trying to conflate criminality with mental illness. Anger is at the core of the issue; calling the often justified anger at the system’s abuses ‘mentally ill’ or some silly made up ‘diagnosis’ like ‘bipolar’ is just a way for the elites to justify their abuses. It’s not that half my friends who attended high school or college in the late 80’s or 90’s were raped or sexually assaulted and therefore had the right to be angry. No, instead we have to call them ‘bipolar,’ a ‘disease’ made up to distract from the reality of manic depression, a real genetic illness.

        3. Interesting,
          I just read an article that says 1 in 6 males claims to have been raped by a woman, and they are having psychological problems from the experience. The endless creation of psychological maladies continues.

        4. This morning on the radio there was a short clip that said that comedians usually have some type of psychosis. They went on to say that they tend to over think, or something like that, and they tend to be unusually good at making something seem funny. Not the exact working, but if I don’t reply to this comment right now, I for sure won’t be able to find it again latter.

        5. What I think you mean is that comedians are excellent observers of pretty much everything. They have the ability to point out the ridiculousness of things the rest of us may take seriously, or at least things the government and the press take seriously. It would be in the best interest of the powers that be, that comedians be labeled as psychotic. If only we had a comedian who could point out with humor the obvious hoaxes that are continually being pulled over on people, and how ridiculous most of the official narratives are. But then maybe they do, and most of us just don’t listen. a lot of great comedians do end up dying young. Personally, I was waiting for George Carlin to drop the bomb before he died. I’m sure he had feelings on 9/11. He always did such a great job with his humor describing how bad corporate greed, and big advertising were sticking to the people. He must have known, right?

        6. Allow me to interject a couple of things. When I lived in California we had good mental health facilities, good roads, healthcare for the indigent and no state taxes.

          Then we got Ronny Ray Gun for Governor. The hospitals closed, the mentally ill roamed the streets, the roads went to Hell and we paid taxes.

          Thankfully, I don’t live there any longer. It has become a national model, however. That said, I read quite a bit about Fairfield Hills being used in the MK Ultra program. There are indeed tunnels. In fact, our “dear leader” received his social security card number from a former inmate (deceased).

          I haven’t been able to put this all together yet either. There is certainly a LOT out there. It can’t ALL be a weird coincidence. Their push for “mental health” has little to do with helping people.

          We should remember that the two “growth industries” are prisons and “security”. Look at all that green stuff rolling in for their assistance in this. There is a multi-faceted agenda here. Some of the recent “hand wringing” over questioning the tale from newcomers to the site may be compelling if one doesn’t consider that we have no OBLIGATION TO BELIEVE.

          When something is pushed as heavily and as ludicrously as this has, are we supposed to just say “its our duty to obey our betters and it they say purple giraffes fly, they fly? The group here is unusually bright. These are not people who would chase phantoms because they are bored. This has been insulting.

          If there is a need for mental health services in Newtown they should start a little South in the metropolitan D.C. area. The hubris involved in this has been staggering.

        7. Lophatt, speaking of Fairfield Hills and MKUltra, yesterday I was reminded of a murder in Brookfield, CT – my former town in the state. It was the town’s very first official murder. Brookfield borders Newtown/Sandy Hook. While listening to an Internet interview, the guest mentioned Sandy Hook and Connecticut being a weird, demonic state. He also mentioned this event which I had forgotten about; the Demon Murder and the Devil in Connecticut.

          Shortly before it happened I had stopped using this kennel for my dogs as I did not care for the “new management”. The kennel is where the murder took place. Ghostbusters Ed and Lorraine Warren lived in Monroe, widow Warren still does. Wikipedia also has a page on this murder.

          “DANBURY, CT: A major lawsuit is pending against world famous ghost-buster Lorraine Warren of Monroe, Connecticut, for her involvement in the authoring of the book, The Devil in Connecticut, originally published by Bantam Books in 1983. The book details the supposed case of demonic possession of an 11 year old boy which lead to the much publicized “demon murder” stabbing death of forty-year old Alan Bono by nineteen year old Arne Cheyenne Johnson in Brookfield, Connecticut in 1981. Carl Glatzel Jr. and David Glatzel of Brookfield are suing Warren, along with author Gerald Brittle,, the agency who recently republished the book, and the William Morris Agency of New York, who represents both Warren and Brittle. Other charges and defendants are expected to follow.”

          From Barnes and Noble: Overview
          “It is a case that stunned the world. In 1981 a legion of devils, 43 in all, invaded the home of an unsuspecting Connecticut family and possessed their youngest son. Then it got worse. The spirits had come to take a soul. And take it they did-in a bizarre, out-of-control murder that violated the very rules of God. Here Amityville demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren reveal the facts the courts refused to hear. Judge for yourself why The Devil in Connecticut is considered to be one of the worst cases of possession in the twentieth century.”

        8. Lophatt – Your perspective is always appreciated, you might chuckle that I almost searched for Gov Ray Gun, as he didn’t sound familiar! Was that when the craziness started? When folks agreed letting the crazies out on their own, would be the more humane thing to do? Was that the beginning of the police state? The trolls have changed their strategies to being more polite, and their attempts to distract and confuse appear to be a team effort. Dr. Tracy performs a stellar task of keeping them out, wish there could be a troll alert button that we could select. Enjoy pouncing them on the bud, but once they have grown into a tangled web of confusion, do not bother to play their game or read their drivel. BTW noticed the latest provided a new picture of SH to support a circular wall in the back building in support of his circular state of the art library. It was previously pointed out that that section of building was crumbling in video evidence. Makes one wonder, are they monitoring this site to determine what new evidence needs to be photoshopped?

        9. Anne and Kathy,
          Lorraine Warren is the real thing. Whether one agrees in the existence of evil or “demonic possession” matters not. Although, I would suggest, that those who do not do so at their peril.

          In the times we live in if someone substituted “psychopath” for “possessed” it would be perfectly acceptable. However, they are not necessarily the same thing. Psychopathy is incurable.

          I don’t pretend to know why certain areas become magnets for this type of activity, but they do. While it is an interesting and worthwhile study, it is more important to recognize the fact that there are centers of this type of activity, worldwide.

          Kathy, regarding Gov. Ray Gun, no, I don’t think it “started’ with him. He was the figurehead in place when they decided to pull the string on that part of the script. They were changing the paradigm from expecting services for your tax dollar to “you’re on your own”.

          The police state has really taken off since The 9-11 Movie. It provided a sort of “excuse” (if you don’t think too hard about it), for that action. It’s part of the “Gladio Effect”. Make people scared and they’ll allow you to do anything in the name of “keeping them safe”.

          We’ve come full circle with this line of inquiry. I think that if people actually died it would be a sacrifice. On the other hand, I came to the conclusion that the kids didn’t die. I could, of course, be wrong. At the risk of sounding gruesome, there is a strong cannibalistic thread to some of these beliefs. There are also pedaphilic aspects as well, if the group is primarily Thelemic.

          As usual, without more information it makes it very speculative to draw any conclusions.

        10. Lophatt,
          Your comment about evil being among us — it reminded me of a book I picked up to read before the holidays. A new edition had come out but it was originally written in the 60s, I believe…the minister had passed on in the late 60s or early 70s, I think. I would have to search for the name.

          Anyway, it was an eye-opening book from a minister who was trained to believe that evil was a form of mental illness (depression, obsession, etc.) but after many years of facing off with these issues and not being able to help people – his research lead him to demons and not in the “movie theater” way…but in our everyday lives – from corrupt politicians to adulters to ? may have be wrestling with evil – which can even take the form of JUST PLAIN apathy…even among the ministry / priesthood.

          Now, I originally viewed the contents with some skepticism but Satan really runs this place (and the White House, apparently…sorry, couldn’t stop myself) – and it was interesting to see apathy, depression, obsession and other forms of bad behavior being viewed as a form of evil influence.

          Sounds nutty perhaps but the minister was well respected in his day and he was very aware and respectful of those who didn’t believe. I found him to relate his beliefs in a most interesting and believable fashion. If you’re interested – let me know and I’ll locate the name.

          It says a lot in terms of why people may act the way they do or fail to act when they should.

        11. Lophatt, full circle may indeed be it.

          Six names were posted somewhere here as recorded by the Danbury Town Clerk and deceased on 12/14/12.

          I checked out The Danbury News Times obituary for deaths on 12/14/12. The six names were all included in the obituary for that day. Three we are familiar with and the other three were older adults with no connection to the Sandy Hook affair.

        12. OK…so we have 3 Sandy Hook victims who have Danbury death certificates. The certificate is issued in the place of death. As my young teen son said, “Well, that’s pretty easy – they died in Danbury.” Thank you…and then we discussed Occam’s Razor.

        13. To add to what Anne said, I just read an article about Danbury hospital being the place that all the victims were to be taken. The article said the hospital was ready for a lot of victims, but only got three, all children.

        14. OK..other than the person shot in the foot…does anyone remember three victims being rushed by ambulance or chopper to the hospital? Did the news folks totally miss this one?

          Dr. Begg, in his own words said only minor injuries arrived at Danbury hospital. So, how did 3 of the victims end up “deceased” in Danbury…and death certificates issued there?

          Dr. “Nervous” didn’t even respond to the question about actually treating Sandy Hook victims – truly bazaar testimony. PLEASE check this out -:

          So, Dr. Begg at the Danbury hospital is all over this “funds to study gun violence”, etc. Interestingly, before than he had been involved lobbying for funds to study underage drinking with a Representative Frey who also happened to be the person whose sister allegedly drove 5 kids to the police station the morning of the Sandy Hook event – kids who had supposedly fled Soto’s classroom.

          This doc apparently spent years and years at John Hopkins.

          Oh, and here’s his testimony…apparently after receiving 1-2 acting lessons in fake crying:

          There’s something “wormy” about this guy.

        15. Anne,
          That’s certainly important. We should have open minds. One suggestion that was made early on was that the kids were taken elsewhere. You might be surprised by how many kids “disappear” every year.

          As I keep harping on here, all we know is what we’ve found. So, based on what that is, and its veracity, we can only speculate as to what actually happened.

          We know that they SAID they were taken to “area hospitals” (plural). The ER doctor who participated in the Great Gun Grab assault hedged when asked about numbers and specifics. The State Attorney stated that three wounded were taken to hospital. He SAID one died.

          So, if you count the one that died in the hospital, that would leave nineteen bodies unaccounted for. I don’t totally trust records as they are easily forged. Also, news articles are notoriously inaccurate.

          I have a tentative theory based on the absence of blood and the handling of the alleged dead. It is hard for me to believe that they would bring in a temporary morgue right on site for something like this when they have hospitals and ambulances to transport them. What would be the point in that, besides high theater and/or something else happened (or nothing).

          So that leaves us with (1) nothing happened, (2) something happened but we don’t know what that was, or (3) it happened as described. I think number three is out of the question based solely on the “evidence”. Item two is still possible, as is item one.

          Alternative explanations are not off the table for me. I think they are a greater “leap” and less likely for some to believe. That doesn’t make them impossible or that surprising. The fact that there is so much confusion after this much time as to exactly where the “wounded” and witnesses went is extremely unusual.

        16. It seems so long ago, but in the Sandy Hook aftermath I listened to a police recording where they tracked the infamous purple van through the Stony Hill section of Bethel to Crosby Street in Danbury. Supposedly it was found abandoned at 33 Crosby Street, a commercial district. The recording may have been theater, but the word Griffin was mentioned. There is a Griffin Hospital in Derby, about 15 miles from Newtown.

          That little boy who mentioned a drill on a TV show while being questioned about Sandy Hook – out of the mouth of babes. There is also the possibility of a drill gone horribly wrong. Not all that farfetched.

        17. Hi AnneBerg…yes, could you imagine a legitimate drill going on and then the crisis actors letting in an actual shooter? Holy crap. What a nightmare.

          Purple van: Reminds me of the “Purple” thing going on with Sandy Hook victims in general (another poster mentioned). Too odd – how common are purple vans? Geez, I just happened across a picture of Gene Rosen being interviewed and he’s wearing a purple “puffy” jacket.

          I wonder if Adam smashed his hard-drive because it contained evidence of communications with partners to the event – have always wondered why he would destroy the evidence if he’d planned to commit suicide (he seemingly didn’t bother w/a fire fight…or so we’re lead to believe). I can only think he was trying to protect partners…who maybe didn’t show up on time or were to be the getaway vehicle.

          Supposedly the van wasn’t around the school – it was a few miles away and the occupants were acting strange. So, could be completely unrelated. Maybe one of those reports designed as a diversion – in terms of trying to figure out what’s was going on.

          I spent too much time wondering about the two black hooded sweatshirts that were left on the ground by Lanza’s car. Disguises for more than one shooter? Nah, while not to be discounted entirely – I felt it was more likely he used them to cover up the guns on the car seat or something.

          I don’t know if this is true – but there is a post on this chat site and a person (near the very bottom) posted a statement saying that someone they know mentioned that the purple van was parked outside the high school for a time and that it raised concern – but then it took off. So, I wonder…just maybe…if some accomplices from out of town (Adam may have chatted w/on the web) pulled up at the wrong school? Just a thought…

        18. Beth, re: your minister reference. Please, if you have the reference I’ll look it up.

          There was a whole school of thought beginning in the ’60’s, that seemed to center around “modernizing” Christianity. This coincided with Vatican II, beginning in 1965.

          The seminaries began to treat the problem of “evil” as a psychological disorder. This movement, while somewhat abated (mainly because it is wrong), is still among us. I too went through a skeptical period.

          I was raised a protestant and converted in my late 30’s to Catholicism. That’s a long story in itself involving agnosticism, various Eastern practices, Native American religion, etc., but……here I am.

          The Church had a priest named Malachi Martin who I originally thought was a nut. He wrote various “novels” but they were actually disguised truthful accounts of his years as an exorcist. He died a few years ago.

          One of his pet themes was the old saw that “the Devil’s best trick is convincing people that he doesn’t exist”. His works are actually a great deal more subtle and theologically correct than most give him credit for.

          So, I think I know the type you refer to regarding the minister. Many did this in order to make the church more palatable. Some tried to mix Jungian psychology with theology. Having sat through those seminars I think that they are primarily designed to ease the fears of believers that they will be laughed at for being “religious”.

        19. Lophatt! Thank you for your post! Excellent notes and you sparked my memory – thank you!

          Yes, Deliverance Ministries –.that was what this minister turned to after decades of believing that the Devil really didn’t exist — that evil in people had a psychological basis. After too many personal experiences he started to believe that his training lead him in the wrong direction. His book started out a little dry but I found it to be an interesting account of his experiences.

          As soon as I read your post – a light went on in my head. I found it: Don Basham’s was the minister and author of “Deliver Us From Evil” (1972). This author also mentioned the same phrase about the Devil’s most clever trick (convincing people that he doesn’t exist). He has since passed away.

          I am always fascinated with the topics of “free will” and “Good vs. Evil” and the like. What most intrigued me about the book’s subject matter was the belief that people who do everyday bad / evil things are really being lead by an evil spirit that has infiltrated them without their knowledge. They perhaps were fully aware that they were doing bad things and/or were obsessed with evil thoughts – but they felt they were mentally defective vs. the possibility that evil spirits were at work. Therein lies Satan’s power.

          I haven’t shown up to church in a few years – not one for organized religion and the politics of churches…but I am deeply spiritual.

          I have heard of Father Malachi Martin – thank you for mentioning him! I have bookmarked him and will read more as time permits. I am grateful for the information you’ve provided!! Thanks again, Beth.

        20. Christianity: Worship Of Truth, Hence Objectivity, Determinism–“Free” Will Mere Conceit

          Hello: forgive me for butting in, but I understand Beth appreciates the free-will vs. determinism problem/issue regarding Christian philosophy–if I’m not presuming too much here.

          And it isn’t off-topic, I don’t think, long as it bears with the satanic lies vs. TRUTH theme, Sandy Hook “massacre” a huge fraud in the campaign to overthrow Christian culture in USA, along w. Constitutional gov., etc.

          And note the Sandy Hook fraud is outright satanic attempt to create a false reality. Sandy Hook is classic “big-lie” whence the sucker/victim is relied upon to fool him/her -self, the idea being such a lie “couldn’t” be true.

          Note we have (at least) two solid philosophic sources fm New Test., St. Paul, who can be complicated, and then, my favorite, dear Gosp. JOHN, who’s more brief, JOHN holding Christ is allegory of TRUTH, the only way to Godly happiness (JOHN 14:6).

          So truth requires an objective reality (as criterion for truth) which must be DETERMINED (absolute cause-effect) vs. a perfectly “free” will–St. Paul agrees, noting we’re all sinners and no one is perfect, “no not one.”

          St. Augustine clarifies it all when he opposes Pelagius and his doctrine of “good works,” which Augustine denies, saying we’re hopelessly doomed to perdition, and only God’s grace can save us–later, Martin Luther agreed most emphatically w. Augustine.

          Humans then, don’t and can’t have a perfectly “free,” Godly-type will, and remember the issue isn’t “good vs. evil,” but rather TRUTH vs. lies, satan the “father of lies” (JOHN 8:44).

          It’s simply HUBRIS (madness) & Pharisaism then to pretend to “good.” We can only strive to temper our natural will to self-interest w. REASON much as possible–“altruism” (selflessness) is impossible and dis-honest.

          Satanism then is a kind of sustained hubris (madness), rejecting the God-given, hence DETERMINED reality–it isn’t “good vs. evil,” as it is reason & honesty vs. madness. For who in his/her right mind would willingly do anything deserving hell-fire, which is for children, actually?

          And serious psycho-pathology then would have to be that conscious & deliberate refusal to heed to objective reality insisting that one’s will and desire is the only thing to be pursued, the only reality. For “good-evil” could only exist in a subjectivist reality, there being no possible TRUTH in subjectivism whence anything goes, and everything is both true and false at the same time.

          Sandy Hook fraud is sustained & elaborate attempt to overthrow Christian TRUTH and that God-given, hence objective reality. I hope this Christian philosophic exposition helps.

        21. Whew, Apollonian, my brain just blew a cylinder. That was deep! I only had 3 hours of sleep last night (long-term insomniac) and had to read that slowly 🙂
          Most interesting!

          In very basic, sleep-deprived terms, my gut has long-suspected unspeakable evil in much of the goings on in Newtown and other events that appear to be government-sponsored.

          How can anyone dig into this mess with eyes wide open – and come away without the overwhelming sense that something is very, very wrong? Yet, the majority of the population could care less. This is how “they” will win.

          “Apathy and evil. The two work hand in hand. They are the same, really…. Evil wills it. Apathy allows it. Evil hates the innocent and the defenseless most of all. Apathy doesn’t care as long as it’s not personally inconvenienced.” — Jake Thoene, Shaiton’s Fire

        22. Heavy. I am trying to absorb this, and you are obviously well studied on the subject, so maybe you could help me with something that has vexed me for some time. Simply put, my Christian upbringing, and my renewed interest in my faith, which I see as a quest for truth, is clashing with my interest in Rand’s objectivism, and the beat down she threw on religion.

        23. Yes Beth: that’s how I hope to offer any help for this Sandy Hook fraud problem.

          For u see, if u consider it (Sandy Hook fraud) in context of DETERMINED reality, we see it’s all part-parcel of the general CYCLIC “Decline of the West,” by Spengler, the people, many if not most, corrupt in the false, mammonistic “prosperity,” hubristically pretending to “good-evil,” etc.–that’s how they allow demonizing, thus horrific murder, of the poor “moooooooslims,” for example.

          But don’t doubt, if Palestinians and others can be so horribly treated, we ourselves won’t be far fm being next. Observe militarized cops murdering people, the NSA grossly ignoring 4th Amendment, Obongo now issuing dictatorial, imperial-type edicts.

          For in determinist (hence rationally understood) reality there couldn’t be “evil” (which is really just for kids)–only insanity in mad (hubristic) pursuit of subjectivistic “good.”

        24. Apollonian – Indeed. The powers that be are clearly on a mission and it is one that will not end well for the rest of us.

  23. We all speculate how a seemingly large number of citizens could possibly participate in a massive fraud that duped the world, here’s a possibility. The very liberal segment of society must be realizing their policies have not lifted the very poor out of their misery, rather it has increased despair. While the town of Newtown is very affluent and pays huge amounts of taxes, it is surrounded by cities overcome in poverty. “Poverty in Connecticut continues to be concentrated in the cities with a high of 38 percent in Hartford followed by 26.1 percent in New Haven and 25.2 percent in Bridgeport,…” Why not have a massive fundraiser and opportunity to obtain massive federal grants by participating in an exercise that will be for the greater good? Alex Jones has a compelling piece on poverty which includes how food stamp money is exchanged for another type of currency and poor folks are begging medical personnel to declare them insane so they can collect their crazy checks!
    37.6% of children in Bridgeport live in poverty.
    Harsh realities of poverty….

    1. Kathy, those are good points. Someone said “inside every liberal is a tyrant screaming to get out”. I don’t subscribe to the “Left/Right” manufactured agendas. There is a lot of truth in the stereotype, however.

      A lot of these people “mean well”. Of course they have a penchant for “imposing” their ideals on others. So, yes, I can see some of that in this. Others have different motives. The Government angle is just employees doing what their bosses say.

      As to the number of “involved”, it really isn’t that large. In all likelihood, the locals who are not involved would just go with the news. And, of course you are right about poverty. When the only “industry” is police, prisons and security, that’s where the money is.

  24. “Spingola Jumps Shark, Supports Gov’s Official Sandy Hook Story”

    It *kills me* to have to post this criticism of Deanna Spingola [henceforth “DS”], as I’ve seen her as a fountain of high quality ‘Truthy’ information ever since I first discovered her a couple years ago. […] So it was crushing for me to listen to yesterday’s (15 Jan 2014) DS show, which she did solo, discussing her [proclaimed] view of the Sandy Hoax controversy.

    read more:

    1. I missed that program with Deanna Spingola. It does not sound like her so something happened there in the suburb of Chicago. Today the program is about excessive use of psychotropic drugs across the board from youngsters to the military. “And the military has guns” she exclaimed. Yeah, and a lot more than just guns. Sounds to me like she too has been spoken to, sad to say.


    Now why would Peter hire this NYC Hip-hop Obama PR guy? Errol Cockfield is not a lawyer.

    The Sandy Hook Commission recently rejected the sloppy and absurdly voluminous report as worthless – and demanded they interview Peter Lanza. Peter has not yet come forward, BUT…they heard from his “spokesman.” Apparently Peter is represented by a hip-hop loving Obama insider and politico/journalist named Errol Cockfield.

    From Facebook posts and his Twitter feed, we see Cockfield’s constant support of Bloomberg, DeBlasio and his Stony Brook alma mater, which just received a 35 million grant. He grew up in Guyana, and somehow graduated from Stony Brook in New York.

    Multiple news reports announce Peter’s willing cooperation in providing Adam’s mental health back ground. However, a closer reading shows that this offer is all coming from Cockfield – who has said that Peter will provide any reports that he is allowed to share. No one has heard from Peter. They only received a ‘statement’ from his spokesman.

    Cockfield also has ‘Peter’ publicly requesting any doctors, or caregivers who treated Adam to come forth.Cockfield’s statement did not actually mention whether Peter Lanza would meet with the commission members.

    I found a picture Cockfield took at Obama’s Inaguration, but don’t know how to post it.

    1. Wow – Lanza picked an interesting one, that’s for sure. Well, if he’s an Obama man…he’ll be well versed in the art of lying.

      I think the medical records, etc. offer that was noted by the PR guy is bunk. Adam Lanza was an adult and I have not heard anything about Nancy Lanza having power of attorney over him. How could Peter Lanza authorize the release of his estranged adult son’s medical records?

      1. Excellent point Beth. Why would they need Peter’s permission? If they can get a court-sanctioned coverup, why wouldn’t they go for a court-directed records grab?

        1. This to me is saying ‘ tell the public anything and they will believe it” getting a ‘ spokesperson’ he will deliver what they want us to hear. They don’t need Peters permission as you say Adam was 2o yrs old. The Dr who treated him (if that’s what you believe ) has been stripped of his medical licence and emigrated, that’s so conveniant, I have not seen one relative that is convincing or friend or neighbour.. all we hear ‘Adam not been seen or heard of since 2009’.. what does that tell you. Going back to when Nancy stayed in the posh Hotel, has there been any reports of her talking to Anyone?.. staff or visitors.. NO.. not that I am aware.. fill me in if I am wrong please.

        2. PoppyL –

          Nancy had dinner with someone that first night. I looked at the receipts during her stay (dinner, breakfast (room service), dinner). Her bill was pretty hefty that first night. She was not a huge woman – so assume she didn’t eat all of the food itemized on the bill. I suspected she met up with a fellow. Manager said she checked in alone.

        3. Beth you would have thought if she dined with some one, the media they would be ‘hot footing’ to catch the ‘ last moments with friend’.. wouldn’t you?.I wonder who was it with her.. I am trying to established if she ever existed- or was she acting out ‘ Nancy’ .. so the story fitted . The more things that come out the more I think this person has either a new life somewhere, or didn’t exist at all… The funeral by all accounts was a closed affair.. with plenty security.. Did anyone see Peter there? A story can be put together to satisfy the community and onlookers and pulled off with backing and spoke- persons who have a acting skills… that is until cracks appear in the walls. If she was a ‘ real person’.. even her so called friends ( who spoke on tv in a group) might have thought it actually happened, while she is away in some far off country with a different identity.

        4. Hi PV…most certainly — maybe Nancy was meeting with her spook (CIA) partner. Seriously, you are right on the witness thing…but I have had this suspicion from the get-go that whoever she was with is married and it has been buried. There was reference to her having at least two connections with married persons.

          Peter was supposedly at her funeral – per fuzzy pic of him in a car – which could’be been taken any time; any where. That and did you read her autopsy? Of course they only took enough samples to run their DNA and assorted tests and had none left over. How convenient!

    2. Sandy, that’s big. I saw him initially but thought he was a lawyer. They’re probably footing the bill (I mean, “WE”).

      It is precisely stuff like this that is over the top. He needs a “PR” guy? He needs somebody to tell the story the way they want it heard.

      The whole thing stinks like some Chicago scam gone national.

      1. Right on lophatt! What dad hires a NYC professional Spin Doctor following a school shooting???? I think this is a solid link to the SH event creators.

        On his LinkedIn profile, Errol lists his present occupation as a ‘specialist in crisis management.’

        Peter has me confused. He pays a quarter mill in support, gives her the house et c, but doesn’t appear to be rolling in it. The house he shares with his new wife looks very humble. In my town, it wouldn’t be worth over $175K. How can he stay in hiding from the press for over a year? Is there really a Peter? or an Adam? or a Nancy? Was the house owned by Lansa, or as Google Maps shows – by Pat Llodra?

        Erroll Cockfield’s social media comments are full of fawning, and sycophantic Obama love. If anyone in the present administration asked him to set his hair on fire, he’d be proud to light the match.

        1. Sandy, If I were him the first thing I’d do is change my name! At any rate, a LAWYER would be more useful. Wouldn’t he be concerned about some judgement on his parenting to turn into a lawsuit?

          I thought about his obligations and his apparent lifestyle precisely as you did. Of course, this is the STORY they are telling us. He would have to make a tremendous income to do this. Besides, “Nancy” has been successful and most states don’t allow alimony for spouses who have worked. “Adam” and “Ryan” are adults.

  26. We are all cheering for the Sandy Hook Commission to do their job, hoping they are professionals who can see the truth in all the smoke screens in front of their eyes and have the guts to call it out. Couldn’t bring myself to review the latest lies in the MSM until several commenters brought it up, not surprising the usual media outlets have broadcast the further proof that there is no evidence with their endless bizarre proof of nothingness.

    1. Besides the head of the commision it is quite homogenous, i wouldnt get my hopes up. Watch the actual meetings they are totally cowed by the state police, basically begging them on their knees for help.

    1. I attempted to go into teaching as a career change a few years ago. I discovered that it wasn’t worth the aggravation and hassle. I actually enjoyed doing it, but new regulations were put in place at the time which made the occupation very difficult for both experienced teachers and newcomers. “No child left behind” became known to many of us as “No child gets ahead!” I can only imagine what the common core will do to both the profession and students.

      I subsequently went back into business for myself where I remain today.

  27. Did anybody see the report filed by TFC Carlo Guerra whereby he was instructed by Sgt Cario to photograph the victims prior to assessing their vitals and commencing resuscitation efforts ? document number 00025303

    1. I noticed a few strange reports by deputy Guerra ( ‘war’ in Spanish and Italian), and Gunsoles?- can’t remember the weird way it was spelled, just looked like ‘ gun sales’ to me. I believe they were also the first two with file dates of January 2012, a year before the incident. A lot of ‘mistakes’ and strangeness.

  28. Who would of guessed CT wins big in the latest spending program passed into law, it is difficult to say exactly how much, but when billions are mentioned, really what difference does it make?

    “Sikorsky is in the winner’s circle as well. The omnibus bill contains $333.5 million that would allow the U.S. Air Force to replace old Sikorsky-built Pave Hawk helicopters with 112 new ones that would perform combat search-and-rescue mission.
    Despite the Air Force’s call for open competition, the only bidder for the new program was Sikorsky,…”

    Hope they do better than the no-bid contractor who totally failed in building the unaffordable health care website and who has since been fired and will suffer no penalty!

    1. “replace old Sikorsky-built Pave Hawk helicopters with 112 new ones that would perform combat search-and-rescue mission”

      That means we are in wartime – who knew?

      In regards to Madame Sebelius – the more baggage they have, the
      more prominent (and arrogant) they become:

      Lawmakers: Sebelius failed at government website projects prior to serving in Obama administration
      Read more:

  29. There is still much to be found in the ‘report.’ I love the three hour dash cam showing a group of bored looking police standing around,occasionally joking, and eventually setting up lunch on the hood of the patrol car. They are so relaxed, even the police dog lays down for a nap. If the massacre actually took place as reported, these officers would be milling around in a crime scene due to the bullet holes in the green Honda. The happy luncheon is attended by one officer wearing blue gloves – so it seems he would have been in the school with the 26 horrific bloody little bodies, Doesn’t seems to have affected anyones appetite.

    I’m willing to divide up the report for our own exhaustive investigation. Who’s with me?

    1. Praise the Lord! Even hard drives can be risen from the dead! Refuse to read these last new revelations to support their lost cause, lest they might get one more red nickel on this total hoax!

    2. So Adam Lanza was an aspiring pedophile, at 6 ft. 112 lbs? How does that work out? He would have needed cases of ensure, IV fluids and a cane to get around Michael Jackson had 40 lbs. on Adam Lanza and he didn’t get around too well at the end, lol!

    3. Larry,

      This last week’s run of incredibly zany press releases, simply reek of desperation. The heavily redacted police report filled with useless and time wasting nonsense was not the final word at all, as they had announced – but instead produced the opposite effect – thrusting this event deeper into hoax territory. Because of the sick, twisted, and convoluted ideology behind this false flag, public interest is still sky high and growing. None of the other staged active shooter events can touch this one for potential damage. The fall out is already destroying the credibility of this administration – especially the DOJ.

      The commission, quite reasonably, wanted the mental health history on Adam. Headlines soon came up with a psychiatrist in New Zealand who had destroyed Adam’s records. When that turned into a joke, ‘Peter’s’ PR spokesman offered up all kinds of cooperation – which amounted to nothing, and did not produce ‘Peter.’ Since they can’t create medical records, they are throwing everything they can at this unworkable script, just to see if something will stick. More and more reader’s are commenting with incredulity – pedophile Smiggles and chimp has completely jumped the shark.

      I used to think the Lanza family was real. I still wonder about Ryan,but I think the rest were all created out of whole cloth.

        1. One by one they are leaving Newtown. Former NHS principal Mr. Dumais is the brother-in-law of Tracey Eastman who’s selling Dawn Hochsprung bracelets together with a cousin of Dawn, a Melanie Buhrmaster-Bunch. A new Intelius search on Peter Lanza shows that he is also known as Peter Buhrmaster and works at GE. This info about his alias did not appear during researches on him in the past.

          NHS principal Charles Dumais has a new position. One comment to the news:

          Tom KJanuary 14, 2014 at 11:57 PM
          I welcome you to your new position. I’m sure you will be an improvement over our previous superintendent. I only have two simple requests: First – PLEASE leave the Newtown/Sandy Hook/Adam Lanza/Gun control agenda in Newtown. Second – don’t expect to get an auditorium, football field, library, or anything else named after you. You are being compensated handsomely to perform a specific job. If you do a good job you will get to keep your job. Maybe we will give you a raise or a bonus. The fact that every time I attend an event at Amity HS I am reminded of our previous superintendent is revolting. Finally, welcome to Amity and good luck with your new position.

        2. AnneB – loved that posters’ message to the new superintendent! Thanks for sharing. Will check out the link, too. Thanks!

      1. I have always taken this position. Here is a message i posted on jims blog from june 24 where i explain my position. I am far from the only researcher who thinks this. The ones i trust the most have had the same feeling, here it is:
        am i losing my mind or was this 2 hours of nothing? most of this {besides the foia stuff, which was given a very shoddy overview} was covered over 4-5 months ago. jim, please check out my videos at odinrok channel on youtube. i go in depth about the role of ken feinberg (which i would expect you would find interest in jim); the role of the newtown clerks office; the deep connections between players in the fire dept, the clerks office, the selectmen, the newtown bee and the capitol; the long history of bomb threats and intimidation before and after the event; the lack of lawsuits (Vances son is in charge of who can sue the state!); the deep history of corruption in fairfield county(see my newtown dead wives club video); the role of bahai. the real issues are who pronounced the kids dead after minutes of supposedly being shot? why were emts not allowed in the building? why are there no lawsuits from parents whose children were not taken to hospital? instead of dithering over all these little anomalies (we all know its a scam already!) and inconsequential new age blather, how about the fact that the head clerk is bill halsteads fiancee? i have always had the utmost respect for you jim, but to fawn over these people and say that their research is cutting edge is so far from reality. im glad they are doing research and i know im coming off like sour grapes but i think you are one of the only forums for this and this is purely me just wanting this quality information out there. im not the only one, kate slate, royan rosche, qk ultra, ghenghy, all youtubers who know this stuff inside and out. it just frustrated me to hear 2 hours wasted when i was really looking forward to this. on the other hand i thought the woman from oklahoma was great. we can dwell on esoteric symbolism and meaningful colors after the truly investigative work is done. i have the utmost respect for you jim, as ive been studying jfk for 30 years. i would be honored if you wanted to ask me some questions.

        If you want to call me a drama queen, fine. You are right i never get into this internecine fighting, and besides this post i havent called anyone out and i dont intend to start. Going into a debate and bringing up the superbowl or photoshopped pictures (both compelling, dont get me wrong), when there are provable and massive inconsistencies we have been hammering away at all year is just silly. The first rule of this hall of mirrors is dont hitch your wagon to anything but your own instincts. My instincts on smallstorm were always bad. I had high hopes for this debate and i took no joy in fetzer being routed. But if he is going to tout this amazing research crew (in my experience having a phd means zilch) he should have actually researched his claims. He got his ass kicked and was left spluttering, not a good showing for someone who teaches critical thinking. My latest video is on the outlandish claims being made about lanza with zero proof. I also realize fetzer is juggling many different things. I hope he can see fit to opening up to some different researchers being on his show, not this closed circle headed by smallstorm.

        1. Just do not know what you are talking about. Guess there was a radio show or something I missed.

  30. Larry,

    I know you are troubled by the way the debate went, but it was a slam dunk for Fetzer. Give the listeners a little credit! Let them evaluate Johnson’s claim that he actually tracked down an unnamed photo subject and called her at her place of business. Keith tried, but did not succeed in debunking the claim that she was connected to Federal Intelligence.

    Whether she is FBI or is not, Keith’s lack of debate preparation, lack of case knowledge in general, and specifically – his unwillingness to provide any specifics as to where she worked or her name et c was far too vague to lend any credence to his claim.

    My impression was that Jim chose to move on and fight other, more significant battles.

    Keith Johnson made a very poor showing in last night’s radio debate. It was obvious that he knew very little about the case, and had put in about an hour of prep time. Jim Fetzer on the other hand, had Keith up against the ropes from his opening statement.

    1. Keith continually shifted the focus to minute trivia, such as his fixation on the Hazmat bio waste. He was worked up about his huge breakthrough – that the regulations are directed by a Federal statute, rather than a CT state regulation. Big deal – he never identified who actually cleaned up the blood.

    2. Keith suggested that it was standard operating procedure for agencies to respond to the horrific shooting of 20 massacred first graders by immediately creating ID cards and issuing lanyards.

    3. Keith became apoplectic, and his radio feed had to be cut. Although Keith claims he actually called one of the locals who was at the school that day, he went on to attack Fetzer, threatening that Jim was lawsuit bait, and even conjectured that crazy conspiracy nuts would shoot someone and it would be all Jim’s fault.

    4. Keith should have been at a tremendous advantage – it’s much easier to prove an event occurred, than that it did not. Yet, he had nothing. He spluttered through an explanation of who can call death, and actually quoted the law requiring resuscitation. Jim’s position, that the children should have been helped by EMT’s and rushed to hospitals, seems so obvious. Yet, Keith was fine with official story which had the pile of bodies left in the school for fourteen hours or more, till they were spirited away under the unseeing noses of thousands of reporters.

    5. Keith was so flustered, he created dead air, and after one such episode asked it anyone was there!

    6. The radio transmission of the plate was made by several people, some who knew how, and one woman that was obviously untrained. Those of us who are paying attention found Fetzer’s radio information very important, especially since he backs it all up with screen shots.

    7. Smallstorm’s contributions are limited to presenting evidence in a scientific and academic style that is highly persuasive to a large segment of those previously believing the official version. What she unraveled, was already unraveled by others. It’s OK. We know who did the digging. But, she is helpful on this, and did not deserve to be called “that Smallstorm creature!”

    I hope there are more debates, and next time I would like Jim to have a team to help him since there is soooooo much evidence.

    1. He did identify who cleaned up the blood, and he did do more than an hours research obviously. Im not going to defend this guy, but he obviously won the debate on the points fetzer brought up. It should be a lesson to other researchers. We should be cognizant of lawsuits concerning slander. You cant just wade in willy nilly and make everyone look bad. That sandy hook is fishy is obvious, yes. But if you are going to have an actual debate on it you dont bring up hearsay about the content of phone calls from an anonymous person. We cant make assumptions or determinations on what actually happened, but we can bring up the cover up of evidence, the lack of, and all the unanswered questions. Whether this guy is part of the cover up or honestly believes the official story, he actually did us a service in showing us how to present our argument. We cant just all get behind and fawn over someone like smallstorm, our points have to be backed up, and this guy showed us what a real investigator does in these cases. It is super boring mundane work where you wade through documents, meeting minutes, phone calls, just to find maybe one or two gems. You dont roll in making blanket statement especially conjecture on the behaviour of people.

      1. Larry you said ‘ He did identify who cleaned up the blood,’.. who was it and when did they go in? did anybody see them go in? and is there proof of the cleaning, Did he find out all that info.. if he found a document to say a company cleaned the School, was that followed up? ‘ Nothing has come about to say this actually happened. This is a big find if its true, and you would think they would produce this information outright to put their case forward.

    2. Sandy
      Thank you for the clarification of this debate, imagine it is virtually impossible to find an informed participant on this subject with an opposing view, as Dr. Tracy has clearly demonstrated.

      They have no evidence, here say is not allowed in a court of law. Clearly, the corruption is ramped from the bottom to the very top of our government. They can create records, persons who do not exist, fake news, false reports with thousands of blacked out pages, and actors only allowed speak what they are told.

      Sophia Smallstorm, and the whole Top Ten Reasons team did an amazing job of bringing together important pieces of what is evidence of the corruption and coverup. This is still America, and we have the freedom to make a case on what other evidence is more important in our view, we would love to have that earth shattering proof that a judge would agree with.

      Until then, our goal should be to support everyone’s effort to seek the truth. Divide and conquer is always their mantra.

        1. Larry, that’s not accurate. We have the evidence of the un-maintained building, and a parking lot that was non-compliant with The Americans With Disabilities Act, for decades.

          We have the excellent, repeated, testimony of Gene Rosen, and the even better words of Dr. Frankenstein Carver, who let the dying tots expire, and only absconded with their corpses, Igor-style, in the wee hours.

          We have the clear video and photographic evidence of a complete absence of children.

          We have the video of the cast of Night of the Living Dead mindlessly circling the firehouse, too.

        2. I agree with all that, but think we should exercise some caution in pointing to the people “mindlessly circling the firehouse.” I’m not sure that is not the same recording being played over and over in a loop.

        3. I agree larry, but could you say no evidence of any body’s being removed from the school is evidence? may reporters where staked out all night watching.. and saw nothing.. also the aliases of a lot of the relatives, could that be proven.? Their story has many inconsistancies

        4. I agree 100% with Patrick. We have evidence of Fraud, and that is enough to never close the case.

        5. Yeah, but we have no burden of proof. The officials are required to prove their case, so their lack of evidence (not to mention all the inconsistencies in their story) means they have NOT proven it.

  31. Christmas in February:

    The DOJ and an unnamed GE Representative (Errol Cockroach?) are working together to award a 6 MILLION dollar ‘consequence’ grant to Newtown.

    So that’s up to 10 million total from the DOJ, and 50 million from CT for the new school/fortress. Apparently, silence is very expensive.

    If this keeps up, they should put a statue of Adam in the town square.

      1. According to first selectwoman Llodra they have a great(er) plan that will extend for 15 years. Read 2029. She may not live long enough to harvest the fruits of her labor:

        “I don’t think the issues will go away after 18 months,” she said. “We actually expect the demand for services to increase during that time, so we want to plan for a sustainable model that will extend for 15 years.”

        The first selectman said that the community has been hearing about “pieces” of several grant initiatives for several months, and she wants to be sure residents understand that those and other pieces are part of a greater plan.

        1. Gobbledygook, eh?

          Or, in keeping with the theme of the blog, “newspeak.” From Newtown.

      1. ‘A Gift”…$15 ?… where is GE getting this money from?.. Didn’t Peter Lanza work for them..? and still does from what I know.. as Beth Says.. This is Wild Stuff..this sounds like ” shhush’ money.. Can you believe they can pull this whole thing off..

        1. Last year, under the leadership of King Cuomo, New York gave GE a $12.5million grant. Then they turned around and gave it to Newtown, apparently, and cut 200 salaried positions in Schenectady, NY. But besides that, check a March 2011 news article (CBS) about Obama appointing CEO Jeffrey Immelt to head one of his advisory boards. GE doesn’t have to pay taxes, basically, so it’s probably a lot of crony favors going on.

        2. Boy, does all of this look unconstitutional!

          Public funds being given to private interests all over the place.

        3. I agree PoppyLavender – I don’t recall seeing such huge influxes of funds in other types of events. Hey, where’s Boston’s cut? Others? This is some serious cash and I can only imagine that it has strings attached.

  32. “…she wants to be sure residents understand that those and other pieces are part of a greater plan.”

    They have to pay experts to come up with expert ideas, then pay other experts to ‘influence’ Newtown with all those the expert ideas. Or something like that.

    So -doesn’t look like students or teachers, or probably anyone who was in Sandy Hook on 12/14/12 will be gettin’ any.

    1. And that’s only the tip of the Malloy iceberg.

      Not to be outdone by anyone, Newtown with its official population of 28,000 and dwindling student enrollment, has more visions of grandeur. And we thought the Newtown saga had pretty much ended. Nope. They have plans now of building a world class performing arts center. You heard that right. There is plenty of land left at the Fairfield Hills campus next to the high security Garner Correctional Institution. Good spot for their new building. They already have the performers.
      The platinum-selling country music singer will play an “active role in promoting the foundation’s arts programming, supporting its fundraising efforts, and building awareness for the organization’s plans to build a world-class performing arts and education center in Newtown.”

      1. I guess they are subscribing to the “If we build it, they will come,” theory. I wonder if in the performing arts center they will be offering crisis acting classes for those interested in performing in government sponsored drills 🙂

  33. CT is spreading FIVE HUNDRED MILLION around little Sandy Hook, to compensate for business losses. The local laundry mat will get almost a million bucks. Apparently, people lost their enthusiasm for washing their clothes because of all what Adam did. This is a pic of ‘downtown.’

    “Doherty is one of 29 business owners who applied for half of a $500 million state economic grant to help compensate for business losses suffered after the Dec. 14 mass shooting at the nearby Sandy Hook Elementary School. The other half of the grant is to be used for future grants, business marketing or loans to help business growth.”

    1. Jeezus, i forgot about that, we really are looking at over a billion dollars. Somebody please afd up all this money and them compare it to other comp funds for massive natural disasters and such. It would be a giant game changer

      1. That some serious cash being spread around the businesses…kinda like the BP settlements passed around the Gulf (such as in this area – I’m not in LA or MS…where so many people have collected cash on bogus “harm” complaints – there are real ones, of course, but so many that are bazaar).

        So, the dry cleaning biz was harmed because people don’t need to dry clean after a school shooting? Sorry about that off-hand remark – but tourists typically don’t dry clean, so how was this business harmed?

    2. No wonder businesses went south. People coming to town with out-of-state license plates were chased away, even by the ever present Mrs. Llodra herself. Probably why downtown Sandy Hook is deserted. If the chasing continues, all the money in the world won’t help – unless something entirely else is going on.

      Newtown Savings Bank, headed by Lanza neighbor Mr. John Trentacosta, has big plans for a parcel of land they own on Church Hill Road. I’m sure they’ll get their fair share. When all is said and done the laundromats will have gold plated washers and dryers, Llodra will be riding in a gold plated chariot, the fire trucks will be manufactured by Rolls Royce and the world class performing arts center will have no riff raff audience from out of state.
      Public Hearing:
      Applications of Newtown Savings Bank for site development plan, special exception and village district approvals for construction of buildings on property located at 32 Church Hill Road and upgrades to property located at 30 Church Hill Road, Newtown, CT.

      1. Hey, don’t forget there were lots of players involved in Sandy Hook production–they need that hush-money–and their friends too–and all the reporters and sources who would otherwise spill the proverbial “beans” on the great hoax production, still a success if it isn’t reported on the mass-corp. “news”-media. Ho ho ho ho

        1. After all, Sandy Hook massacre was one of the all-time great productions since Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” in 1938–seriously–these master-pieces don’t come cheap, u know.

        2. In Sofia Smallstorm’s interview with Henrik Palmgren on Red Ice Radio she mentions that she’s not sure how the town got the name Newtown, that perhaps they really had some plans for a new sort of town.

          The original European settlers were of British descent and naming their new town Newtowne makes sense. It was later changed to Newtown. Information about Newtown from different sources:

          “This area was known as Pohtatuck. In May 1708, the General Assembly voted that the land on the west side of Stratford or Potatuck River should become the town of Newtowne. In 1711 it was incorporated as the town of Newtown. Town Birth records begin 1820. Marriage records begin 1700s. Death records begin 1700s.”

          “The original name of Newtown was Quanneapague. The history of Newtown really begins in 1708, when 36 men petition the colony’s General Assembly for permission to settle a town in an area north of Stratford. Although at least seven individuals had been given permission to settle in this area before this date, the 36 “petition proprietors” were really the first settlers of Newtown.”

          “Coming primarily from the towns of Stratford and Milford, the men were in their late twenties to late thirties. All were farmers and, being second and third generation immigrants from Britain, were finding the coastal areas cramped. They, therefore, moved to the interior where land was more plentiful and larger farms could be built.”

        3. The lawyer who is handling the family’s affairs is a big Sandy Hook guy…(he was working p.t. in an attorney’s office – and I’ll bet they are one in the same). I wonder if Mr. Hoagland ran across some records he was supposed to see. He was supposedly critical of some of the changes going on in the town prior to the event…

        4. Beth. Yes, probably one and the same. I checked him out before and his website lists law offices in Bridgeport and Newtown. Mr. Hoagland, we are told, worked part time in the Bridgeport office of a lawyer. The lawyer’s wife is engaged in a plethora of Newtown charities and their historic home on Main Street in Newtown was saved from flames last October. Main Street in Newtown has some beautiful and very old homes, an image they have tried to preserve. Plans for a new towered, state of the art school does not fit in here, not even hidden in the woods.

        5. Hi AnneB – Maybe Gaston’s job is to help the family to “rush” his “missing and never to return” status. Maybe that’s part of some deal made. Just bazaar.

      2. Anne, what an imagination opening statement….
        “unless something entirely else is going on.”

        This is where my imagination takes me. A NWO town for beaurocrats and business men, complete with huge mansions on the periphery, a beautiful new school, new arts center, etc, etc. Complete with underground tunnels for protection from whatever. Drones, yeah, protection from drones.

        1. Yes, a town for “bureaucrats and businessmen”–AND ANYONE ON TAKE FOR GOV. MONEY–a huge and massive Hollywood-like production, truly. EVERYONE HAD TO HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD–or a long hist. of taking orders, instructions, and money fm the gov.

        2. Exactly! When “they” build it, “they” will come. And it will be “theirs”!

          That’s no ordinary school they’re going to build. Raise the ground level (was it) 9 ft!!! What are they putting under there?

          And I would bet that’s no ordinary “gas pipeline” running around the school and Yogananda St. development!

          Just conjecture, mind you.

        3. Sounds like they needed lots of money for this project of theirs, with a long term plan by the look of it..why would they need a school -when there deosn’t seem to be a huge amount of children wanting places in the area.. I mean have you heard of bulging classes in other schools in the area so this ‘ New ‘ school could take the overload..Something big is happening here.. I don’t know what.. but it sdoest fit.. The money has come through without hiccups, nobody high up seems to question it, a huge amount going into a small community. What business is going to say’ No Thankyou!..’ This scheme is flowing along nicely. So they think.!

        4. I’m wondering now if, with the emphasis on tunnels, they are building bomb shelters.

          Someone else commented about being safe from drones when you are underground–and by golly, that would be the case!

          With Denver International Airport, contractors made a network of tunnels that were square in cross-section–built to drive trucks through. They also laid gas lines, and built three-storey buildings, all over the property, then were told these facilities were “put in the wrong place” and instructed to bury them.

        5. Maybe it’ll be the new underground government headquarters in the event of a national emergency. Like the old Virginia hotel (The Greenbrier).

          This whole school construction project is just a tad more than outrageous in terms of expense.

        6. Poppylavender – You hit the nail on the head… the school board just a short time prior had determined that nothing was needed in terms of school buildings, etc. (other than “maintain”) due to dwindling numbers.

        7. Remember then folks: ALL IT TAKES IS MONEY–and what’s the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)?–but literally a COUNTERFEIT scam which prints-up and digitalizes so-called “money” (actually money substitute, “notes,” but which has legal-tender status which people are forced to accept as payment for goods and svcs).

        8. Sorry to attach this to your fine statement… but after reading more of today’s posts, I’m convinced we should organize a MemoryHoleBlog convention in Newtown 😉

        9. As a concept I agree. What I think we may be seeing is a sort of NWO Center. There will be the “provisional” governments who will be run by the “Center”. So the local psychopaths get to keep their scams.

          The “Centers” will be very exclusive (see Anne’s comments about Liordra above). “We don’t allow eaters in the Imperial city”. Each of these examples we’ve been watching represent aspects of society. Art, religion, politics, education, etc…….

          Once the Central HQ issues marching orders on these aspects the “Center” will make certain that the local political lackeys implement it. Those who don’t pass the “sniff test” will not be “allowed” to support themselves.

          Picture a continent (or several) inhabited by a number of these “Centers”. It’s a bit like the old Soviet Navy having a “political officer” on board. It is quite clear that the politicians and LE in Connecticut are not representing their citizens. They are taking their orders from elsewhere.

    1. Rich, the more I think about the common purpose theme, the more I think you hit on the bigger picture.

      I think that all the crappy little details that they keep releasing are to keep us busy like little ants down in tunnels so that we don’t figure out the big truly important picture.

    2. I was wondering if there might be religious institutions based on the Common Purpose, and found this church which just happens to be have the name Columbine in it and have the words common purpose on it’s link! It will be interesting to see if some sort of “church” shows up in Newtown.

  34. I hadn’t heard of Common Purpose, Rich. That’s interesting.

    I was wondering of some of the other crises were pre-shows for Common Purpose, too. I googled Aurora + common purpose, and you do find those exact words being used a LOT.

    1. After a quick search, there does seem to be “Common Purpose” talk in the higher levels of our government. I’m not sure it is the same program as in the UK. Over there, they actually recruit people at all levels of government and spend a good deal to send them to a training program. The scary part is that it seems upon completion, the trainees primary loyalty is to the “Common Purpose” program and its goals. It is infiltration of government on a massive scale, and at all levels. The common purpose graduate is to return to his/her position and not just do their job, but do it in a way to influence public policy for the “common purpose” Scary stuff, for sure.

      1. I’m sure that as the Common Purpose plan starts out here in the USA, it will of necessity be not so bold, but as it takes hold it will be easier to see who is involved in it. What it is accomplishing will most likely always be undercover. Common Purpose seems to be a euphemism for an evil plan. From the small amount that I’ve read about it, one of the most important parts of the plan is to take away free will through mind control. I think that fits right in with the topic above about Satan and his plan for mankind.

        Also, it seems that Common Purpose is a blending of corporations and government.

      2. Yes David Cameron has been plugging away just recently abroad trying to sell the Common Purpose courses.. wanting all minds thinking alike.. I think its a plan worldwide, our police force – NHS- and the councils,with government workers sent on these courses, which through the ‘freedom of info ac’t my son decided to investigate.. turns out a lot of MP’s and council staff have been on them, they cost the taxpayer quite a bit of money, government is involved and they are supposed to be a Charity run organisation… Anyway do we want our police force to act like robots? ‘The UK Column’ an alternative news programme on the internet knows all about common Purpose and how they are supported and the way they want their followers to think.!. Our MP think there is nothing wrong with the Charity and only helps to improve leadership…. Oh Yes……. Newtown.. here it comes…

        1. I’m sure it’s the two types of charity we’ve been seeing at Newtown. The government gives GE $15 gazillion, and then GE gives Newtown, oh gee, $15 gazillion. Money laundering. Also, the send your money to Newtown because of what they’ve endured type charity.

          The Common Purpose is very deceptive. It draws people in with the “for the common good” candy coating, and to secure the deal, rewards them with money or empowers them to earn lots of money.

          All one has to do to be involved is be willing to give up their discernment.

          I’m sure there will be a lot more “newtowns” along the way.

        2. Perhaps they are the same organization behind the “Common Core” school program being plugged worldwide. Easier to teach the children than the old dogs.

        3. They’ve done the same here. It is just more clandestine. These “treaty groups”, the EU, NAFTA, NATP, etc., are just a ruse. They have always taken orders from their masters. They are only now moving it into the light of day.

          When we were discussing Agenda 21 I kept saying that it was but a small part of a much larger whole. The training classes for that, like the ones for “Common Purpose” teach their students that many of these policies must be implemented surreptitiously. Most of the drones think they are doing something “positive” and that they know best what that is.

          These controllers have plans. We hear of Bilderberg, for example, but that is too visible to be a policy meeting. That is there to sort of “adjust” each players agenda for the coming year. They advance these things relentlessly, like a glacier.

          If they encounter too much resistance in one area they simply develop a “work around”. They isolate it and come back to finish it off later.

      1. Thanks for the Stop CP link and for the other links for reading from everyone else. I had not ever heard of this “Common Purpose” jazz before and it appears to be something I really need to study! Much appreciated!

        1. Be aware of anything with the word common or related words. For instance we are now told that we live within communities, not neighborhoods. If Common Purpose is not scary enough, imagine when Common Core is in all schools. Hence the push for all day kindergarten, more time for indoctrination. Poor little ones. In monarchies they have the lower rank of commoners, another words for slaves.

        2. Agreed, Anne B. We homeschool and have for years. I was a trustee for a while years ago…pub schools are such a mess. This common core is being rejected in several states…but not enough of them (so far). I agree with the whole “community” crap. How I wish I could go off the grid sometimes 🙂

    1. I don’t want to express more cynicism than I have to, but the Common Cause “mission” is about Money in Politics, Elections and Voting, Ethics in Government and Government Accountability. They have been at it since 1970. Good job. Bringing in a Connecticut bureaucrat will fix things.

      Get ready for production of better citizens:
      Miles Rapoport, President, Demos. “We know what it means to get better leaders. But how are we supposed to produce better citizens? That’s the question …”

        1. Yes violeta… ha.. that’s us!.. and what is wrong with the citizens now, we think for ourselves, thats the problem, they want to change that – change our language, make us feel bad about saying the wrong word.. or jokes, which are funny, not hurtful to anyone.. but not ‘ politically correct’ .. If we can’t laugh at ourselves now and again its a poor world.. it’s the common man being treated with disrespect as if we didn’t know any better.. Old – Young – middle aged, no matter who you are you are an individual.. Demos and the ‘accountability’ wallys – Cameron being one of them, have a plan and its a shame some of the young people can’t see it happening. Wiping out original thought and not asking questions. Don’t accept the slick words, look beyond them.

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