By Stephen J. Sedensky III, Connecticut State Attorney for Danbury

The following is excerpted from the introductory pages of the document, “Report of the State Attorney’s for the Judicial District of Danbury on the Shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School and 36 Yogananda Street, Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14, 2012.” This document was released with additional materials by the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection on December 27, 2013.

The report is duly sworn as a full and accurate accounting of the incident by Stephen J. Sedensky III, State Attorney, Judicial District of Danbury,  who closed further inquiry into the case effective November 25, 2013.

Numbering 285 pages, the document provides a detailed narrative and timeline of events, suggesting several internal incongruities, in addition to inconsistencies with what has been broadly reported as factual by major news media and accepted by the American public from the event’s initial occurrence to the present. These contradictions include the specific weapons and ammunition reportedly used and recovered at the scenes, in addition to the alleged positions and relative proximities of the perpetrator vis-a-vis victims and witnesses to the event.

Most importantly, in a move with few precedents the names of victims, victim family members, and witnesses, in addition to crucial photographic and video images of the crime scenes, have been wholly expunged from all released materials, including Sedensky’s report. Because the principle crime scene, Sandy Hook Elementary School, was slated for demolition in October 2013 and is now fully leveled, there is no way for future investigators or the public at large to corroborate the accuracy of documentation now accessible.

The intent to preserve the anonymity of figures intimately involved in the event should not be considered apart from the fact that local, state and federal agencies were directly involved in the overall inquiry, including the United States Attorney’s Office, which “was stationed at the Emergency Operations Center overseeing the investigation into the possible commission of federal crimes and the issuance of federal legal process [sic].” Many of the local and state law enforcement and emergency response agencies, as recipients of $2.5 million disbursed by Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice in late 2013, are now invariably bound to federal prerogatives concerning the Sandy Hook Massacre event.

For additional information and analysis of the event please see the Sandy Hook School Massacre Timeline developed from corporate and alternative media reports of the event, and The Sandy Hook School Massacre: A Compendium of Research and Analysis, that provides links to all articles appearing here.-JFT


The purpose of this report is to identify the person or persons criminally responsible for the twenty-seven homicides that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, on the morning of December 14, 2012, to determine what crimes were committed, and to indicate if there will be any state prosecutions as a result of the incident.

The State’s Attorney for the Judicial District of Danbury is charged, pursuant to Article IV, Section 27 of the Constitution of the State of Connecticut and Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) Sec. 51-276 et seq., with the investigation and prosecution of all criminal offenses occurring within the Judicial District of Danbury. The Connecticut State Police have the responsibility to prevent and detect violations of the law and this State’s Attorney has worked with and relied upon the Connecticut State Police since the incident occurred.

Since December 14, 2012, the Connecticut State Police and the State’s Attorney’s Office have worked with the federal authorities sharing responsibilities for various aspects of this investigation. Numerous other municipal, state and federal agencies assisted in the investigation. The investigation materials reflect thousands of law enforcement and prosecutor hours. Apart from physical evidence, the materials consist of more than seven-hundred individual files that include reports, statements, interviews, videos, laboratory tests and results, photographs,
diagrams, search warrants and returns, as well as evaluations of those items.

In the course of the investigation, both state and federal law enforcement personnel received a large number of contacts purporting to provide information on the shootings and the shooter. Although many times these “leads” would go nowhere, each one was evaluated and often required substantial law enforcement time to pursue. An abundance of caution was used during the investigation to ensure that all leads were looked into, despite the fact that more than 40 such “leads” proved, after investigation, to be unsubstantiated. Information that was substantiated and
relevant was made part of the investigation.

It is not the intent of this report to convey every piece of information contained in the voluminous investigation materials developed by the Connecticut State Police and other law enforcement agencies, but to provide information relevant to the purposes of this report. While no report is statutorily required of the State’s Attorney once an investigation is complete, it has been the practice of State’s Attorneys to issue reports on criminal investigations where there is no arrest and prosecution if the State’s Attorney determines that some type of public statement is necessary. Given the gravity of the crimes committed on December 14, 2012, a report is in order.

On the morning of December 14, 2012, the shooter, age 20, heavily armed, went to Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) in Newtown, where he shot his way into the locked school building with a Bushmaster Model XM15-E2S rifle. He then shot and killed the principal and school psychologist as they were in the north hallway of the school responding to the noise of the shooter coming into the school. The shooter also shot and injured two other staff members who were also in the hallway.

The shooter then went into the main office, apparently did not see the staff who were hiding there, and returned to the hallway. After leaving the main office, the shooter then went down the same hallway in which he had just killed two people and entered first grade classrooms 8 and 10, the order in which is unknown. While in those rooms he killed the two adults in each room, fifteen children in classroom 8 and five in classroom 10. All of the killings were done with the Bushmaster rifle.

He then took his own life with a single shot from a Glock 20, 10 mm pistol in classroom 10.

Prior to going to the school, the shooter used a .22 caliber Savage Mark II rifle to shoot and kill his mother in her bed at the home where they lived at 36 Yogananda Street in Newtown.

The response to these crimes began unfolding at 9:35:39 a.m. when the first 911 call was received by the Newtown Police Department. With the receipt of that call, the dispatching and the arrival of the police, the law enforcement response to the shootings began. It was fewer than four minutes from the time the first 911 call was received until the first police officer arrived at the school. It was fewer than five minutes from the first 911 call, and one minute after the arrival of the first officer, that the shooter killed himself. It was fewer than six minutes from the time the
first police officer arrived on SHES property to the time the first police officer entered the school building. In fewer than 11 minutes twenty first-grade pupils and six adults had lost their lives.

The following weapons were recovered in the course of this investigation: (1) a Bushmaster Model XM15-E2S semi-automatic rifle, found in the same classroom as the shooter’s body. All of the 5.56 mm shell casings from the school that were tested were found to have been fired from this rifle. (2) a Glock 20, 10 mm semi-automatic pistol found near the shooter’s body and determined to have been the source of the self-inflicted gunshot wound by which he took his own life. (3) a Sig Sauer P226, 9 mm semi-automatic pistol found on the shooter’s person. There is no evidence this weapon had been fired. (4) a Izhmash Saiga-12, 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun
found in the shooter’s car in the parking lot outside the school, and which was secured in the vehicle’s trunk by police responding to the scene. There is no evidence this weapon had been fired. (5) a Savage Mark II rifle found at 36 Yogananda Street on the floor of the master bedroom near the bed where the body of the shooter’s mother was found. This rifle also was found to have fired the four bullets recovered during the autopsy of the shooter’s mother.

All of the firearms were legally purchased by the shooter’s mother. Additionally, ammunition of the types found had been purchased by the mother in the past, and there is no evidence that the ammunition was purchased by anyone else, including the shooter.

At the date of this writing, there is no evidence to suggest that anyone other than the shooter was aware of or involved in the planning and execution of the crimes that were committed on December 14, 2012, at Sandy Hook Elementary School and 36 Yogananda Street. From the time an unknown male was encountered by the Newtown police outside of the school during the initial response, until well after the staff and children had been evacuated, the thought that there may have been more than one shooter was a condition all responding law enforcement worked under as they cleared the school. Individuals located in the wooded areas surrounding the school as the searches and evacuations were taking place were initially treated as suspect and handled accordingly (including being handcuffed) until their identity could be determined. The circumstances surrounding all of these individuals were fully investigated and revealed no additional shooters. DNA testing of evidence recovered from both the school and 36 Yogananda Street also revealed no potential accessories or co-conspirators.

It is the conclusion of this State’s Attorney that the shooter acted alone and was solely criminally responsible for his actions of that day. Moreover, none of the evidence developed to date demonstrates probable cause to believe that any other person conspired with the shooter to commit these crimes or aided and abetted him in doing so.

Unless additional – and at this time unanticipated – evidence is developed, there will be no state criminal prosecution as result of these crimes. With the issuance of this report, the investigation is closed. Should additional reliable information related to the existence of accessories or coconspirators come to the attention of the investigators, the investigation will be reopened.2

In the course of his rampage the shooter committed a number of crimes in violation of our Connecticut Penal Code. The most significant are those where lives were taken and people were physically injured. In Sandy Hook Elementary School, the crime of Murder under Special Circumstances, in violation of C.G.S. Sec. 53a-54b, was committed twenty-six times and Attempted Murder under Special Circumstances in violation of C.G.S. Secs. 53a-49 and 53a-54b was committed twice as it relates to the two individuals who were shot by the shooter and survived. The crime of Murder in violation of C.G.S. Sec. 53a-54 was committed by the shooter
in killing his mother.

The obvious question that remains is: “Why did the shooter murder twenty-seven people, including twenty children?” Unfortunately, that question may never be answered conclusively, despite the collection of extensive background information on the shooter through a multitude of interviews and other sources. The evidence clearly shows that the shooter planned his actions, including the taking of his own life, but there is no clear indication why he did so, or why he targeted Sandy Hook Elementary School.

It is known that the shooter had significant mental health issues that affected his ability to live a normal life and to interact with others, even those to whom he should have been close. As an adult he did not recognize or help himself deal with those issues. What contribution this made to the shootings, if any, is unknown as those mental health professionals who saw him did not see anything that would have predicted his future behavior. He had a familiarity with and access to firearms and ammunition and an obsession with mass murders, in particular the April 1999
shootings at Columbine High School in Colorado. Investigators however, have not discovered any evidence that the shooter voiced or gave any indication to others that he intended to commit such a crime himself.

This State’s Attorney expresses his sincere sympathy and condolences to the victims of the incident of December 14, 2012, and to their families. He also expresses his appreciation for their continued patience and understanding during the course of the investigation and preparation of this report. He acknowledges and thanks law enforcement, which responded to Sandy Hook Elementary School in minutes and entered the building believing someone could be there ready to take their lives as well. He also acknowledges and thanks the staff of the Sandy Hook Elementary School who acted heroically. The combination saved many children’s lives.

This report would not have been possible if not for the assistance and cooperation of numerous agencies at the state, local and federal levels of government. The State’s Attorney expresses his sincere gratitude and appreciation to all of these agencies and to all of the men and women who contributed so much to this investigation. The assistance of federal authorities has been invaluable. Particularly worthy of special note are the men and women of the Connecticut State Police, and in particular, the Western District Major Crime Squad. The thoroughness and sensitivity with which they conducted their investigation is unmatched in my experience.


On the morning of December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza, the shooter,3 age 20, went to Sandy Hook Elementary School (also SHES) in Newtown, Connecticut, where he shot his way into the building and killed twenty children and six adults and wounded two other adults, all with a Bushmaster Model XM15-E2S rifle. The shooter then took his own life with a single shot from a Glock 20, 10 mm handgun. From the time the doors of the school were locked at 9:30 a.m. until the time it is believed the shooter killed himself at 9:40:03, fewer than 11 minutes had elapsed.

Prior to going to the school, the shooter used a .22 caliber Savage Mark II rifle to shoot and kill his mother in her bed. This occurred at the home where they lived at 36 Yogananda Street, also in Newtown.

With these unprecedented horrific crimes came a responsibility for an investigation to determine what crimes were committed and, more importantly, if the shooter acted alone. Any person who aided and abetted the shooter or who conspired with him had to be held accountable.

Beginning on December 14, 2012, the Connecticut State Police and the State’s Attorney’s Office worked in cooperation with the federal authorities sharing responsibilities for various aspects of the case. The federal involvement has been invaluable. Though some evidence is still being examined, there is no indication in the investigation by either state or federal authorities to date that the shooter acted with anyone on December 14, 2012, or had co-conspirators or accessories
who could be prosecuted.

In addition to physical evidence,4 the investigation materials contain over seven-hundred individual files that include reports, statements, interviews, videos, laboratory tests and results, photographs, diagrams, search warrants and search warrant returns as well as evaluations of those items. Investigators interviewed individuals who were present at SHES on December 14, 2012, and witnessed the incident, among them students, staff members, parents of students and neighbors. Special attention and consideration was given to the interviewing of child witnesses,
given their traumatic experience. Also interviewed were police officers and other first responders who were present at SHES during the course of the incident itself and in the course of the subsequent search, evacuation of the school and processing of the scenes.

Investigators attempted to obtain as much information about the shooter’s life as possible in an effort to determine the reasons or motives for his actions on December 14, 2012. Interviews were conducted with members of the shooter’s family, those who knew the shooter or his family throughout his life, as well as teachers and school personnel who had been involved with him and his family over his time in Newtown.

Efforts were made within the limits of privacy laws to gather information on medical
consultations and/or treatments the shooter was involved with over the course of his years in Newtown. In doing so, investigators found no evidence to suggest the shooter had taken any medication that would affect his behavior or by any means to explain his actions on December 14, 2012.

An investigation of this magnitude requires careful planning and review. The interviews took substantial time, first to identify which individuals should be interviewed and then to conduct the actual interviews. Physical evidence had to be examined and forensically reviewed. This included ballistics, fingerprint and DNA analysis. Additionally, all of the information collected had to be reviewed and summarized in written statements that have since become a part of the investigation, reflecting thousands of dedicated law enforcement and prosecutor hours.

I had been working closely with the Connecticut State Police, who conducted the state investigation, and federal law enforcement officers since December 2012. Once the investigation was delivered for my review, I took the time to read, digest, evaluate and summarize the material, mindful of the privacy interests involved and the approaching December 14, 2012, anniversary.

The federal authorities have stated that under federal law many of their reports and materials cannot become part of the public record due to rules regarding the dissemination of information obtained pursuant to grand jury subpoenas, sealed search warrants, and federal Freedom of Information law. Therefore, information obtained by federal authorities will not, for the most part, be incorporated into the Connecticut State Police criminal investigation file.

While the reports and materials will not be part of the state investigation record, such materials have been examined and considered by state law enforcement authorities. Based upon a review of all of the documentation, both state and federal, we are left confident at this time that the evidence developed to date does not reveal co-conspirators or accessories. Accordingly, as a result of the investigation to date, there will be no state criminal prosecution of anyone.


The State’s Attorney’s Office for the Judicial District of Danbury is charged, pursuant to Article IV, Sec. 27 of the Connecticut State Constitution5 and Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) Sec. 51-2766 et seq., with the investigation and prosecution of all criminal offenses occurring within the Judicial District of Danbury. The Connecticut State Police have the responsibility to prevent and detect violations of the law and this State’s Attorney has worked with and relied
upon the Connecticut State Police since the incident occurred. The investigation has been tirelessly conducted by the Connecticut State Police (also CSP) with the assistance of multiple local, state and federal agencies, both in and out of Connecticut.

While no report is statutorily required of the State’s Attorney once the investigation is complete, it has been the practice of state’s attorneys to issue reports on criminal investigations where there is no arrest and prosecution if the state’s attorney determines that some type of public statement is necessary.7 Given the gravity of the crimes committed on December 14, 2012, a report is in order.

The purpose of this report is to identify the person or persons criminally responsible for the twenty-seven homicides that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut,8 on the morning of December 14, 2012, to determine what crimes were committed, and to indicate if there will be any state prosecutions as a result of the incident.

Many witnesses to this case have expressed great concern that their identities will be disclosed publicly and make them susceptible to threats or intimidation as a result of their cooperation or connection with the investigation.9 This cooperation has been essential and greatly appreciated. As a result of the witnesses’ concerns, this report will not identify lay witnesses, except where necessary.

Consistent with Public Act 13-311,10 exceptions to the state Freedom of Information Act11 and C.G.S. Sec. 17a-101k(a) 12 this report will not list the names of the twenty children killed in Sandy Hook Elementary School, nor will it recite 911 calls made from within the school on that morning or describe information provided by witnesses who were in the classrooms or heard what was occurring in the classrooms. It is not the intent of this report to convey every piece of information contained in the voluminous investigation materials developed by the Connecticut State Police and other law enforcement agencies, but to provide information relevant to the purposes of this report.



On the morning of December 14, 2012, the shooter parked his 2010 Honda Civic next to a “No Parking” zone outside of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.13 Shortly after 9:30 a.m. he approached the front entrance to the school.14 He was armed with a Bushmaster Model XM15-E2S rifle (also Bushmaster rifle), a Glock 20, 10 mm pistol and a Sig Sauer P226, 9 mm pistol and a large supply of ammunition.

The doors to the school were locked, as they customarily were at this time, the school day having already begun. The shooter proceeded to shoot his way into the school building through the plate glass window to the right of the front lobby doors.

The main office staff reported hearing noises and glass breaking at approximately 9:35 a.m. and saw the shooter, a white male with a hat and sunglasses, come into the school building with a rifle type gun. The shooter walked normally, did not say anything and appeared to be breathing normally. He was seen shooting the rifle down the hallway.

Just down the hallway from the main office, in the direction that the shooter was to be seen firing, a 9:30 a.m. Planning and Placement Team (PPT) meeting was being held in room 9, a conference room. It was attended by Principal Dawn Hochsprung and School Psychologist Mary Sherlach, together with a parent and other school staff. Shortly after the meeting started, the attendees heard loud banging. The principal and school psychologist then left the room followed shortly after by a staff member. After leaving the room, Mrs. Hochsprung yelled “Stay put!”

As the staff member left the room, the staff member heard gunshots and saw Mrs. Hochsprung and Mrs. Sherlach fall down in front of the staff member. The staff member felt a gunshot hit the staff member’s leg. Once down, the staff member was struck again by additional gunfire, but laid still in the hallway. Not seeing anyone in the hallway, the staff member crawled back into room 9 and held the door shut. A call to 911 was made and in the ensuing moments the telephone in room 9 was also used to turn on the school wide intercom system. This appears to have been done inadvertently, but provided notice to other portions of the building.15

At the same time the shooter was firing in the hallway, another staff member was at the far east end of the hallway near classroom 1. The staff member was struck by a bullet in the foot and retreated into a classroom.

Both Dawn Hochsprung, age 47, and Mary Sherlach, age 56, died as a result of being shot. Both wounded staff members shot in the hallway were later evacuated to the hospital and survived. After shooting and killing the two adults and wounding the two others, the shooter entered the main office. The office staff had taken shelter in the office. They heard sounds of the office door opening, footsteps walking inside the office and then back toward the office door. Staff members heard the door open a second time and then heard more gunfire from outside the office. They called 911.

Where the shooter specifically went next is unclear. The evidence and witness statements establish the shooter went down the hallway in an easterly direction ultimately entering first grade classrooms 8 and 10. The order is not definitively known. While in classrooms 8 and 10, the shooter shot and killed four adults and twenty children with the Bushmaster rifle. Twelve children survived, one from classroom 8 and eleven from classroom 10.

The shooter finally killed himself in classroom 10 with one gunshot to his head from a Glock 20, 10 mm pistol. This is believed to have occurred at 9:40:03.16

Classroom 8’s substitute teacher was Lauren Rousseau, age 30, who was assisted by Rachel D’Avino, age 29, a behavioral therapist. Fifteen children were found by police. Fourteen who were deceased and one who was transported to Danbury Hospital and later pronounced dead. The two adults were found deceased close to the children. In all, seventeen people were killed in classroom 8. A sixteenth child survived and exited classroom 8 after the police arrived.

Classroom 10’s teacher was Victoria Soto, age 27. Working with her was Anne Marie Murphy, age 52, a behavioral therapist. Five children were found, with Mrs. Murphy partially covering one child. Four of the five children were deceased. One of the five children was transported to the hospital and pronounced dead. Miss Soto was found deceased in the room near the north wall with a set of keys nearby. Nine children had run out of the room and survived. A police officer found two uninjured children in the class restroom.

In all, eighteen children and six adult school staff members were found deceased within the school. Two more children were pronounced dead at Danbury Hospital. Two other adult school staff members were injured and were treated at nearby hospitals and survived.

The two classrooms on either side of 8 and 10 were numbered 6 and 12. Classroom 6 was on the eastern side of classroom 8 and classroom 12 was on the western side of classroom 10. Staff and students hid in the class restrooms, locking the restroom doors from the inside.

Throughout the rest of the school, staff and students hid themselves wherever they happened to be at the time they became aware of gunfire. The staff used various ways to keep the children calm, from reading to having them color or draw pictures. Those hiding in rooms closest to the shooter kept silent. Some people were able to escape out of the building prior to the police arrival and went to Sandy Hook center, nearby residences, or received rides from parents going to the school or from passersby.

One staff member heard a loud crashing noise and ran toward the front lobby. As the staff member got closer, bullet holes could be seen and gun powder smelled. Realizing what was going on, the staff member immediately called 911, turned and went back down the hall from where the staff member had come. During the incident, while staying on the line with the 911 operator, this staff member sent other staff to their rooms or had them stay in their rooms and this staff member went about locking doors. The staff member remained in the hallway on the telephone with the 911 operator until the police arrived.


Upon the receipt of the first 911 call, law enforcement was immediately dispatched to the school. It was fewer than four minutes from the time the first 911 call was received until the first police officer arrived at SHES. It was fewer than five minutes from the time the first 911 call was received until the shooter killed himself. It was fewer than six minutes from the time the first police officer arrived on SHES property to the time the first police officer entered the school building.

Below is an abbreviated time line from the first 911 call received to the time the police entered the school building.17

9:35:39 – First 911 call to Newtown Police Department is received.

9:36:06 – Newtown Police Department dispatcher broadcasts that there is a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

9:37:38 – Connecticut State Police are dispatched to SHES for active shooter.

9:38:50 – CSP are informed that SHES is in lockdown.

9:39:00 – First Newtown police officer arrives behind SHES on Crestwood Rd.

9:39:13 – Two more Newtown officers arrive at SHES and park on the driveway near the ball field. Gunshots are heard in the background.

9:39:34 – Newtown officer encounters unknown male running along the east side of
SHES with something in his hand.

9:40:03 – Last gunshot is heard. This is believed to be the final suicide shot from the
shooter in classroom 10.

9:41:07 – Information is relayed as to the location of the last known gunshots heard
within SHES, the front of the building.

9:41:24 – Newtown officer has unknown male prone on ground, starting information
relay regarding possibly more than one shooter.

9:42:39 – Newtown officer calls out the license plate of the shooter’s car.

9:44:47 – Newtown officers enter SHES.

9:46:23 – CSP arrive at SHES.

9:46:48 – CSP enter SHES.

As the gravity of the situation became known, local, state and federal agencies responded to the scene to assist.

From the time the unknown male was encountered by the Newtown police outside of SHES until after the staff and children were evacuated, all responding law enforcement operated under the belief that there may have been more than one shooter and acted accordingly.18

For example, K-9 units were brought in to search the area and officers were posted to act as lookouts to ensure the safety of those evacuating the school building. Some people were located in the areas surrounding the school as the searches and evacuations were taking place. Some of those individuals were treated initially as suspects and handled accordingly, including being handcuffed, until their identities and reason for being there could be determined.

Some of these detentions included:

1. The initial unknown male who turned out to be a parent with a cell telephone in his hand;

2. Two reporters located in the woods around SHES, who were held at gun point by
Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) police officers until
their identities could be determined; and

3. A man from New York who was working in a nearby town and went to SHES after
an application on his cell telephone alerted him to the situation at the school. He
drove to the firehouse and went up to the school on foot. He was taken from the scene of the school in handcuffs and later to Newtown Police Department. It was later determined that he did not have a connection to the shooting and had gone to SHES to see what was going on.

As noted above, on December 14, 2012, there was a concern that there may have been more than one shooter. This was based upon a number of factors:

1. The initial police encounter with the unknown male outside SHES;19

2. Reports by school personnel during the shooting on a 911 call of seeing someone
running outside the school while the shooting was ongoing;

3. The location of two black zip up sweat jackets on the ground outside of the shooter’s car;

4. The discovery of an Izhmash Saiga-12, 12 gauge shotgun and ammunition in the
passenger compartment of the shooter’s car. A police officer moved this shotgun and
ammunition to the car’s trunk for safety purposes;

5. Shell casings that were located outside of the school; and

6. The apparent sound of gunfire coming from outside of the school;

The subsequent investigation revealed there were no additional shooters based upon:

1. Searches of the area and examinations of local business security surveillance videos;

2. Persons detained revealed they were not connected to the shootings. In the case of the initial unknown male, he was identified as the parent of a student and had a cell telephone, rather than a weapon, in his hand;

3. Witness interviews which indicated that no witness saw anyone other than the
shooter, with a firearm;

4. Witness interviews in which it was determined that a number of SHES staff had
escaped from the school through a window and had been running outside the school
building during the shootings;

5. The shotgun located in the shooter’s car had been purchased by the shooter’s mother previously;

6. The two sweat jackets were both C-Sport brand black zip up hooded sweat jackets
with no size listed and were located immediately outside the shooter’s car;20 Both are believed to have been brought there by the shooter;21

7. The live shotgun shells (other than the one found on the shooter and the ones found in the shooter’s car) that were located inside and outside of the school were in locations where first responders had been. Additionally, there were first responders who reported missing live shotgun rounds. Moreover, the shells were found in locations where there had not been reported sightings of any non-law enforcement individuals;

8. There were no expended shotgun shells found in the actual crime scene nor were any expended 12 gauge shotgun pellets or slugs recovered;

9. The only expended casings located outside of the school building were 5.56 mm
casings located just outside the school’s front entrance, consistent with the shooter’s
entry into the school; and

10. The officer who heard what he believed to be outside gunfire was in a position to
have heard the shooter’s gunfire coming from window openings in the classroom in
which the shooter was firing.

Stopping the active shooter was the first priority. Once that occurred, the location and treatment of the victims, the search for additional shooters, and the safe evacuation of the school were of primary importance.22 The collection of evidence and the preservation and documentation of the crime scene, while important, came second.

Two command centers were set up, one at the firehouse on Riverside Road and the other at Newtown’s Emergency Operations Center, located on the Newtown Fairfield Hills Campus. In the week immediately after the shootings, services to victims’ families and victims, as well as support to the investigators in the school were handled out of the firehouse. All other aspects of the investigation not related to the school itself were run out of the Emergency Operations Center.

Investigation responsibilities were handled as follows:23

Connecticut State Police (CSP)

CSP-Western District Major Crime (WDMC) squad was the lead CSP unit for the entire investigation and acted as the coordinating law enforcement agency for other agencies and units of the CSP.24 The van unit processed the interior of SHES.

CSP-Central District Major Crime (CDMC) squad van unit processed the exterior of SHES, including the shooter’s car, and established the temporary morgue25 with the OCME to identify and document the decedents prior to their being moved to the OCME in Farmington.26 CDMC also attended the autopsies at the OCME and did a secondary search of 36 Yogananda Street, as well as photographing doors and locks in SHES.

Eastern District Major Crime (EDMC) squad processed the scene at 36 Yogananda Street and were the investigators for the shooting of Nancy Lanza, the shooter’s mother.

CSP-Emergency Services Unit (ESU), Tactical Teams, were assigned to both SHES and 36 Yogananda Street to handle the clearing of the scenes and rendering them safe.27

CSP – Troop A, Southbury and CSP from other troops and units, in addition to being
first responders, worked to secure the scene and worked with WDMC and the OCME.

Computer Crimes and Electronic Evidence Unit handled the seizure and examination of additional electronic evidence from 36 Yogananda Street together with EDMC, CDMC and WDMC.

CSP – Collision, Analysis and Reconstruction Squad (CARS) was assigned to produce the sketch maps for both the interior and exterior of the school.

CSP – On December 14, 2012, virtually every aspect of the CSP was engaged in the response to SHES and 36 Yogananda Street. For example, included in the first responders were troopers and detectives, not only from Troop A in Southbury, but other troops and units as well, including the Statewide Narcotics Task Force.

Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) provided first responders at SHES.

Forensic Science Laboratory, Division of Scientific Services, Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) examined items seized and collected from SHES and 36 Yogananda Street.

Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) was responsible for investigating the cause and manner of the deaths involved in this case and worked with the CSP in setting up the temporary morgue at SHES that was used to identify and document the deceased prior to their being moved to Farmington.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in addition to responding to both scenes, worked on the firearms aspect of the investigation.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – in addition to responding to the scenes, handled interviewing of witnesses and investigation both at a local level and on a national level. The Tactical Team assisted with the clearing of the school. The Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), as part of the search warrant execution for 36 Yogananda Street, was provided with materials for review. They provided their expertise in the preparation of witness interviews. The Victim Assistance Unit worked with victims’ families, victims and witnesses.

United States Attorney’s Office was stationed at the Emergency Operations Center overseeing the investigation into the possible commission of federal crimes and the issuance of federal legal process, as well as coordinating the various federal agencies involved in assisting with the state investigation.

United States Marshals Service, Technical Operations Group provided technical and investigation assistance.

United States Postal Service looked for mail that may have been relevant to the investigation.

Municipal Police Departments from around the state assisted throughout the Town of Newtown, including being first responders at SHES, handling calls in town and the tremendous inflow of media and visitors to the Town in the weeks after December 14, 2012.

Newtown Police Department in addition to being first responders, worked to secure the scene and assisted WDMC.

Office of the State’s Attorney, Judicial District of Danbury (SAO) – oversaw the state investigation, working with the Connecticut State Police. Together with the assistance of the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney, the SAO was stationed at the Emergency Operations Center starting December 14, 2012, and oversaw the legal issues and state aspect of the investigation including search warrant review, child witness issues, working with the federal authorities, etc.


2 It should be noted that potentially important evidence, i.e., a computer hard drive recovered from the shooter’s home, as of this date remains unreadable. Additional insight could be gained should efforts to recover data from the hard drive ever prove successful, which at this time appears highly improbable. It is because of this improbability, coupled with the current determination of no accessories or co-conspirators that the case is being closed.

3 Throughout the remainder of this report Adam Lanza will be referred to as “the shooter.”

4 Over 270 evidence designations were used, many grouping related items as one number.

5 Connecticut Constitution Article 4, Sec. 27. There shall be established within the executive department a division of criminal justice which shall be in charge of the investigation and prosecution of all criminal matters. Said division shall include the chief state’s attorney, who shall be its administrative head, and the state’s attorneys for each judicial district, which districts shall be established by law. The prosecutorial power of the state shall be vested in a chief state’s attorney and the state’s attorney for each judicial district. 6 Sec. 51-276. Division established. There is hereby established the Division of Criminal Justice within the Executive Department, which shall be in charge of the investigation and prosecution of all criminal matters in the Superior Court. The Division of Criminal Justice shall be an agency within the Executive Department with all management rights except appointment of all state’s attorneys.

7 See for example: Statement of David I. Cohen, State’s Attorney for the Judicial District of Stamford/Norwalk, in reference to the February 16, 2009, attack on Charla Nash by the Chimpanzee Named Travis, Issued December 7, 2009; Statement of the State’s Attorney for the Judicial District of Stamford-Norwalk Concerning the Fatal Fire on December 25, 2011, at 2267 Shippan Avenue, Stamford, Issued June 8, 2012; and Report of the State’s Attorney for the Judicial District of Ansonia-Milford on the Murder of Shangyl Rasim on January 17, 2010, Issued May 24,2010.

8 Newtown, Connecticut is within the Judicial District of Danbury.

9 In fact, some witnesses have had that occur to them.

10 An Act Limiting the Disclosure of Certain Records of Law Enforcement Agencies and Establishing a Task Force Concerning Victim Privacy Under the Freedom of Information Act.

11 See C.G.S. Sec. 1-210.

12 Sec. 17a-101k. Registry of findings of abuse or neglect of children maintained by Commissioner of Children and Families. Notice of finding of abuse or neglect of child. Appeal of finding. Hearing procedure. Appeal after hearing. Confidentiality. Regulations. (a) The Commissioner of Children and Families shall maintain a registry of the commissioner’s findings of abuse or neglect of children pursuant to section 17a-101g that conforms to the requirements of this section. The regulations adopted pursuant to subsection (i) of this section shall provide for the use of the registry on a twenty-four-hour daily basis to prevent or discover abuse of children and the establishment of a hearing process for any appeal by a person of the commissioner’s determination that such person is responsible for the abuse or neglect of a child pursuant to subsection (b) of section 17a-101g. The information contained in the registry and any other information relative to child abuse, wherever located, shall be confidential, subject to such statutes and regulations governing their use and access as shall conform to the requirements of federal law or
regulations. Any violation of this section or the regulations adopted by the commissioner under this section shall be punishable by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars or imprisonment for not more than one year.

To conclude that all such information, including the basic facts of the incident itself is confidential would prohibit even the disclosure of the children being killed. Such an interpretation would be unworkable and is not taken here. It is concluded though that the C.G.S. Sec. 17a-101k(a) is applicable in the present case and will be applied in the manner described.

13 On December 13, 2012, the student enrollment was 489. Official attendance had not yet been recorded as of 9:30 a.m. on December 14, 2012. The staff for the school is 91, but on December 14, 2012, there were nine staff members absent. The staffing was at 82 for the day.

14 A more complete description of the school building and the front entrance starts on page A119 of the Appendix. For the purposes of this report, the front of SHES faces north.

15 Intercom system could be accessed from nine phones located in seven rooms. These telephones and rooms were three phones in the main office, the principal’s office, the nurse’s office (room 57), room 9 conference room, room 29, room 32 and room 60. The “All Call” which opens the intercom to the entire school was accessed by pressing “#0” from the telephones mentioned. The All Call-except quiet rooms was accessed by pressing “#1.”

16 See the time line in the Appendix starting at page A84.

17 See page A84 of the Appendix for full time line put together by the Connecticut State Police Western District Major Crime Squad. This time line was compiled from 911 calls, witness statements, police car cameras, police radio and police dispatch transmissions.

18 In fact, the possibility that there was more than one shooter remained a consideration beyond December 14, 2012. It was only after potential leads were investigated that investigators became confident that the shooter was not aided
in any way by others and that no one knew of the shooter’s plan prior to December 14, 2012.

19 The man was later determined to be the parent of one of the school’s children and the item in his hand was a cell telephone.

20 See the Appendix at page A174.

21 A parent who arrived at SHES as the shooting was taking place saw the shooter’s car parked in front of the school with the passenger side door open and the two sweat jackets on the ground near the car. To the parent, the jackets looked like two black blankets on the ground.

22 One of the difficulties encountered was the inability of state police radios to operate within SHES.

23 This report does not include a listing of all of the law-enforcement and non-law enforcement service providers and their actions. In the days and weeks that followed the tragedy, local, state and federal agencies provided help to the Town of Newtown and its families through counseling, funeral protection, traffic control, handling bomb threats as well as many other services. Additionally, the CSP set up an invaluable law enforcement liaison program with the families of the deceased victims in which a state or local police officer was specifically assigned to the family of a deceased victim to provide communication and protection in the days and weeks that followed December 14th.

24 WDMC Squad and Van, as the lead CSP unit, over the course of the week that followed was there for seven days processing the interior scene, the shooter and victims’ personal effects, including assisting with the packing and removal of furniture from the immediate scene.

25 The Department of Public Health provided and set up the portable tent used for the temporary morgue.

26 WDMC and CDMC personnel were also assigned and paired with the FBI to conduct interviews and neighborhood canvasses as well as assist with the identification of victims, investigate a report of another shooter at a hospital, as well as prepare search warrants and attend autopsies.

27 There were numerous law enforcement agencies that worked on the clearing of SHES and the protection of those who were doing the clearing.

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172 thought on “Sandy Hook Elementary School – Incident and Response”

      I. SCOTT VOLLMER – Affiliate of Michael Bloomberg. Mother Janet Vollmer is a Kindergarten teacher at the school. The school nurse described him in detail to Andrea McCarren after she said she met eyes with the shooter. The nurse later changed her story and lied multiple times saying that she hid in a closet for four hours and that she only saw the shooters boots. (The shooter was wearing shoes) Google Scott Vollmer + Sandy Hook – this man is at the heart of this incident I have no doubts. All day it was reported that the shooter was the son of a kindergarten teacher. Now we know why. This video BROKE the mystery and the case.

      II. Chris Manfredonia – His story makes no sense and by all appearances he is a participant. He lives right behind Lanza. He arrived precisely when the shooting began. He was caught fleeing the scene immediately after the first wave of shots and confronted by police on Crestwood. He said he dialed 911 but there was no record of him calling. He said he was looking for his daughter but why did he think he could find her on Crestwood? It was reported that his daughter may have been in Roig’s class. This is potentially huge because Roig’s class was not attacked even though it is the very first classroom and was completely unlocked for the whole event. WHY WAS ROIG’S CLASS SPARED? You would think Manfredonia would have been interviewed by Diane Sawyer with all of his interesting connections that day but we have not heard a word.

      III. The armed off duty SWAT guy caught in the woods. This was reported only once by the Newtown Bee that an armed off duty tactical weapons officer from another town was in the woods. Here is an apparent picture of him. If he was a real officer and was legitimate he would have presented his credentials instead of hiding in the woods.

      Some Newtown PD personnel believed there were shots from outside the school and there are bullet holes in multiple cars yet no explanation remains for who this man is and why he was there.


      IV. The Second Shooter taken into custody and brought to Newtown PD. Fox news reported that SWAT was deployed to his house and a body was found. That report was scrubbed and purged.
      The official report said this was a New York man working in the area and was determined not involved. WE MUST IDENTIFY THIS MAN- Lanza had NYPD standard issue ammo in his gun (SPEER).

      V. What happened to the Purple Van?

      1. So let’s review how absurd the official story is shall we ?

        1. For no evident reason Adam Lanza (the subject 6 ft tall and 112 pounds) get’s up and shoots his mother.

        2. Adam makes his bed and it is uncertain if he did this before or after he killed his mother.

        3. Adam straps on 30 pounds of gear and drives to the school and arrives precisely when the doors are locked.

        4. Adam exits his car opens all 4 of the doors and throws two hoody sweat shirts on the ground and blasts his way through the glass by the door.

        5. Adam then shoots the principal and Mary Sherlach in a kitchen closet ? Only shoots Natalie Hammond in the hand and leg (Why Adam’s accuracy declined on Hammond is a mystery)

        5A. Adam goes into the nurses office and Nurse Sally Cox can only see his BOOTS and then he walks out. Then Sally Cox and Barbara Halstead hide in a closet for 4 hours and emerge at 1:15pm. Apparently multiple sweeps by the State Police and FBI never discovered them. Good thing there were no other shooters hiding huh? I hope they did one last sweep before they tore down the building.

        6. For some reason Adam passes Kaitlin Roig’s class despite that it is unlocked and the very first room in the hall.

        7.Then Adam goes down the hall to room 8 and kills all but 1 student.

        8. While Adam is busy in Room 8 Vicki Soto is unable to lock her door in Room 10.

        9. After Adam is done in room 8 he moves on to room 10

        10. Now Adam still has quite a bit of time remaining before the police eventually walk into the lobby. The windows on the classroom doors and the conference room are huge and the doors are all unlocked and open outward yet he takes no further action despite having hundreds of bullets ready to go in magazines.

        11. At this time Lanza’s neighbor, Chris Manfredonia, is confronted by police fleeing the scene toward Crestwood st. Mr. Manfredonia stated that he was looking for his daughter in the fray yet fails to explain why he might find her on Crestwood instead of her classroom. (There are suggestions that his daughter is named Alexa and may have been in Roig’s class- what a coincidence if that proves true) Manfredonia lives right behind the Lanza’s.

        12. Also at or about this time Newtown officers believe there is shooting from outside the school and it is later discovered that an armed off duty SWAT officer is in the woods.

        13. Lanza apparently shoots himself with Glock’s most powerful hand gun in the back of his head. The shot results in a small hole in the top front of his hat with two hairs and a drop or two of blood.

        14. Newtown PD takes into custody a man they believe to be a second shooter. Fox reports that SWAT was deployed to his house and a body was found there but then suddenly ceases that news coverage and purges that report.

        15. Despite killing 26 people his mother and himself he has virtually no blood in his hat (the top of his head should be in there), his vest, his pants, shirts or shoes. Neither is there any glass or blood tracked on the bottom of his shoes. He wore tactical trousers that were at least 4 sizes too big for him. Maybe his shoes are clean because he changed his footwear because nurse Cox said he was wearing boots when he walked into her office and the evidence report clearly shows his black shoes.

        And people actually believe this story ?

        1. They want us to believe that there were no recordings from inside the school. Most of your questions could be answered if there were.

        2. Thanks for the good review, Callahan. It’s good to go back to the starting point every now and then.

      2. I want to know what regular posters think about these loose ends. Were they part of the script, and intended to distract or create a sense of authentic chaos? Or are some people thinking that some of the event was real? It’s confusing because there seems to be such a range of opinions and if you think it’s all fake then interpreting details is very different.

        1. Inspector Callahan puts forth a solid case that exonerates Adam Lanza completely. If you do a quick search of youtube, which isn’t censored as greatly as msm such as yahoo, faux news, etc. the consensus of opinion is that the whole incident is FAKE. If you check the recent comments on CNN, AOL, Fox News, Huffington Post, etc. (the comments that are new within 3 minutes and then get quickly scrubbed), you will find an overwhelming opinion that says it was a HOAX. These either get ridiculed if they are vague, or immediately erased if they are accurate.

          Being former Military, I was convinced it was a complete psyop within the first 3 hours of reporting.

        2. Okay, so then how do you interpret the camo pants guy and Chris Manfredonia? Are you of the opinion they were scripted distractions or that there was just some spontaneous chaos?

          Also, do you and others think that all the media there were in cahoots? Certainly much of the editorializing I’ve seen supports the idea that much of the media was. What do you think of people like Katie Couric and the other ‘big names’ who did interviews? If the actors came across as ridiculous to us, how could they not have to these experienced interviewers?

        3. I agree with Sue, how could Anderson V Cooper sit there with the McDonnell’s and the “busting out the sharpies” story and not be mortified by their performance?? All he could do was his concern troll expressions and hope they would come across as authentic.

        4. Sue, based on all of the evidence that we have seen, I am convinced that this was in the planning stages for at least a decade. These anchors knew about this ten years in advance. Someone on youtube has an astounding find, that all of the vehicle’s in the SHES parking lot have registrations that expire in 2007. The cell phones are from 2003-2006. The bubble screen tv sets were not uncommon in 2004 as found in the Lanza home. It clearly looked abandoned and then staged to me. They forgot to upgrade the props, and it is as clear as day.

          The anchors are asking meaningless questions, or are they? The interview with Kaitlyn Roig who stated that she read “the nutcracker” to her students huddled in a closet on ABCs 20/20 made me say, WTF?
          A true journalist would have the same reaction as any of us would, and that is….”Could you say that again please?”

        5. Do you have a link to the YouTube video of the registration numbers on the Sandy Hook School parking lot?

        6. Sue, in a complete nutshell I have found three distinct groups…

          “The Left” = ban guns, more government control
          “The Right” = Yeah NRA, the shooter was on psychotropic drugs, Armed guards in schools.
          “Truthers” = Complete Hoax,

          I fall in category 3, not because I wear a tinfoil hat, but because I at one time worked for the government and know the MO.

        7. If he was wearing camo pants, he was in uniform for the Drill, that everyone must check in for. He is just part of the cast. The big question should be….Is he alive today?

        8. I’m trying to figure out what was the point in having him do what he did. Do you or anyone else have an opinion as to why they had him play that role?

          My guess is it was created to both distract from the problems of Adam’s unlikeliness, and to make things seem chaotic outside – maybe distract the press or simply the viewer from the fact that there wasn’t enough real action going on in the school. Sophia Smallstorm’s video showed footage from a real massacre of children that featured adults carrying wounded or dead children’s bodies out of a building. People were running and things were authentically chaotic and panicked.

          The camo guy was meant to distract from the unnatural calm surrounding the school is my theory.

        9. Yes Sue, Camo Pants guy was going to be “the shooter” in this play, but the narrative quickly changed. I believe that multiple shooters was going to be used by the media for greater effect before they changed course for the lone gunman narrative.

        10. I disagree on a micro and macro scale. The narrative is my mantra. It’s far more important than people think IMO. A single gunman accomplishes their ‘mental health’ agenda in a way that two or more gunmen would undermine or even negate it. If only one person committed such a horrific crime, then we can chalk it up to ‘mental illness,’ even if that’s actually contrary to the truth of schizophrenia or manic depression (the only two genetic mental illnesses that are real and cause actual psychosis). As long as ‘doctors’ can point to a lone unique person they can call him or her ‘sick’ in that their actions are conceived of alone and can be interpreted or distorted as internal to that person. Once even two people are involved in planning something, no matter if it’s the exact same act, then suddenly it can’t be a ‘mental illness’ because mental illness isn’t shared. It matters not that no one who is psychotic could plan or carry out such a concretely-focused plan (or one at all), only that the ‘doctors’ can’t spin mental illness to include two individuals suffering from the same delusions, etc. etc.

          So I seriously doubt that camo pants guy was planned as an accomplice but that for some reason the narrative changed. What his role was intended for I don’t know for certain though.

        11. Sue, in a multiple shooter role, camo pants guy would have played one of the actors, sort of an alive James Holmes., because he in fact is flesh and blood, unlike Adam Lanza who is just a computer avatar. The multiple shooter would have played into a white supremacist militia involvement angle.

  1. I was never a writing expert, but please count down to paragraphs no. 7 and no. 8 of the executive summary (they are rather short, yet descriptive.) It states that it is unknown which classroom was shot up first, either classroom 8 or classroom 10. The very next paragraph states that he was found dead in classroom 10. So, how could even an amateur writer state this paradox? I haven’t read the rest of it, but I must say that this shows very shoddy writing skills on the State’s part!

    1. Also worthy of consideration is that if the sole shooter was busy in classroom number 8 why did not Vicki Soto have time to lock her door ? The shooting started at the front door, moved into the lobby then all the way down to room 8 and yet Vicki Soto had no time to lock her door? Same issue with Roig? Why do lock down drills if they cannot lock the doors?

  2. A document was discovered among the thousand in the Sandy Hook Report File. It stated ” male was fatally wounded by police at the scene”.

    Part I, book 8 #71 (hoboken report). Top paragraph on Page 4

      1. This is a very good lead! This victim must have family that can be interviewed. Victims have rights, And there must have been an internal investigation by the Police Department. Compensation must have been given or considered …

  3. “…an unknown male was encountered by the Newtown police outside of the school….”

    How is it possible that this person is still “an unknown male”? WHO is hiding WHAT?

        1. This is directed to all of your recent comments / replies. Your sarcasm and derogatory words are accomplishing nothing but to demean people you do not know. People who care deeply about the truth. No one needs ro be an expert to have a discussion. What I’ve noticed lacking in your superiority style of commenting is the lack of any type of rebuttal to the issue at hand. Have you ready this blog for awhile? Or are you hear as a paid troll, simply to be rude and disrespectful to our freedom to brainstorm and discuss an event that makes no sense to us “regular folk” who apparently you feel are beneath you. Go away. Nothing one forced you to come to this website, or did they?

    1. “Unknown” must mean he had no ID on him. What kind of person has no ID on him in this day and age?! CIA operatives who do dirty business and are released later with one phone call perhaps?!

  4. No, the obvious, most important questions are: Who declared 27 souls dead in 11 minutes after the beginning of the shootings? How could 17 agencies be credited to responding to this crisis and not one is qualified as Emergency Medical Technicians or Emergency Medical Doctors? How could the weapon used have been legally procured if it is illegal in CT? It is perfectly clear with the non-release of the reported hundreds of 911 calls, even after a judge ordered them to be released, the mostly redacted thousands of pages of garbage that focused on doorknobs and toilets, that this was a staged drill and CONnecticut was successful in scamming the country for probably hundreds of millions of dollars. The final proof of all lies in these keystone cops loosing their live rounds only to find them later in places they had not been, case closed.
    “7. The live shotgun shells (other than the one found on the shooter and the ones found in the shooter’s car) that were located inside and outside of the school were in locations where first responders had been. Additionally, there were first responders who reported missing live shotgun rounds. Moreover, the shells were found in locations where there had not been reported sightings of any non-law enforcement individuals; “

    1. This play was not written by a master playwright, but perhaps affirmative action type writers who had less than mediocre scores on the SAT and ACT exams.

    2. This is apparently what the narrative dictated. And even marginally competent propagandists are well aware of the power of narrative when striking up “the mighty Wurlitzer.”

      1. One of my questions, and forgive me if I missed the answer, is the lack of information about or from Peter Lanza. Of all the strange connections, lack of evidence and most of all lack of insights into Adam and Nancy’s lives this stands out. If you were the father, wouldn’t you want the world to have thuthful information, even if it’s negative? The other question, or observation is the connection Peter Lanza has to Aurora shooter James Holmes. James’ father, Robert and Peter both testified in the LIBOR scandal. I cannot accept that this is merely coincidence.

        1. Well….
          I searched my bookmarks and the two I have came up with the lovely oops! This page is gone along with the 404 code.
          Here is my ixquick search link

          There of course is the alternative media making the connection as well as snopes and the rest of the troll pages debunking the info. One senator who refused to be named said no hearings were even scheduled. I just find it odd how many pages I saved right after the incident have disappeared, as well as videos from youtube. I guess we just have to decide who to believe.

    3. You’re right Kathy. Just “WHO” declared “some” dead and others (allegedly) were sent to the hospital? Are they saying that the feds overruled the state law? I read where the EMT’s were not allowed to do that.

      Where and when did these ambulances leave? Anyway, this think continues to smell. I suppose I was expecting damage control. All we got was CONTROL.

    4. I appreciate your outrage, Kathy, and I think that the remarks of John, James, and lophatt in response are perfectly apt.

      What we are observing here is, in my opinion, is unique. It’s far more remarkable than anyone here might be noticing, the enthusiasm for the details being so heady. Much of the discussion on the most recent threads (one of which is 626 comments and going strong) reminds me of Nancy Drew. That’s not a bad thing. It’s the excitement of digging in, and solving a mystery.

      But if we stand well back, we can watch, in slow motion, as per James’ metaphor, the organ music carry the country away. It is the secret government’s crowning achievement to date, seemingly. Sofia thinks it’s about shaping us psychologically, and I’m with her. A commenter here, I can’t remember who, linked to a great radio interview with her where she went into it in some detail. In it she said that the gun control meme was really a red herring–and I agree with her entirely. She said that the media reacted with the line “Oh, well, gun control failed this time, etc.” It was a yawn, because it was never about gun control. Gun control was a fake-out. The experiment has far broader implications.

      I say it’s unique, because we can see 911 relatively clearly, now. Every building with a WTC in front of its number was destroyed that day–although only two, and if we get really lucky, three, are ever mentioned. Why? But set that strange thing aside. It was real. It was all a lie, but the buildings, and people, were in fact destroyed.

      Here we have, with Sandy Hook, an amazing progression. An entirely fake event, as all our Nancy Drews (no offense–only accolades) on this site have proven beyond doubt, is nonetheless universally accepted as real. As real as the 911 event.

      When we stand far back and observe the power the myth makers have acquired in a mere decade, it boggles the mind. Has an entire society, indeed the world, since the dawn of the media age, ever before been hoodwinked so completely?

      Anyone who already does not know 1984 very well needs to catch up ASAP.

      1. Not sure what this means, I’m hoping that something more will come my way at noon.

        Re: [New comment] Sandy Hook Elementary School – Incident and Response *When* Mon, January 6, 12:00

      2. “…universally accepted as real. As real as the 911 event.”

        I believe that the fake terror (which had to be proven through many means because it was so complex) of 911, lowered the threshold of belief and taught everyone how to react so that they would not have to be told twice.

        After 911, everyone at the ballet stood for the Star Spangled Banner before the performance. That was not routine. Every organization jumped in to show solidarity. This was heartfelt and spontaneous, not in response to tacky, flimsy stories like the Boston Marathon Bombing which makes no sense (those pressure cooker bombs that only hit legs were absurd). But I think brains softened all over the country after 911. Hypnotism? People under suggestion? Perhaps. I would say Columbine softened people up for SHES, but I have no opinion about the reality of that event because I didn’t study it as carefully as 911.

        One thing I noticed at a recent military funeral in my area, of a hapless guy who just arrived in Afghanistan and was promptly killed, were the testimonials of people in dress blues trying to make him sound heroic for the people of his little town. They seemed to have come to “show the flag” and whether or not they really knew him, to eulogize on cue. It occurred to me that they were as much of a professional mourner contingent as people playing bagpipes or doing a gun salute. And that tone of voice that I heard sounded like Sandy Hook “parents’ mourning their children, endowing each of them with specialness yet being so very detached they could never have known these allegedly dead children.
        So this type of work (wearing a Marine dress uniform and “spontaneously” eulogizing for a person killed in a war whose purpose is long since lost) can easily translate into other “work.”

      3. Patrick – it is amazing all the discussions this topic provokes and thank you Dr. Tracy for allowing it. While I would never dream on infringing on anyone’s freedom of expression, and certainly delved on theories and questions on what was wrong with this picture, there are times it appears some commentators are suspect trolls who want to cloud the conversation with many theories that at this point seem to be distracting from the already known conclusion. Wouldn’t it be grand if comments would be required to be categorized before submitting, into categories such as: 1) here’s what can be concluded from this subject, 2) here is other information that needs further investigation, perhaps with subcategories that would reveal it has been covered, 3) how about a discussion on 911, the President’s lineage, Is Snowden real, etc. Who knows, with more practice at this debunking thing, we might get really expert at it!
        While I would agree gun control was a minor part of this movie, Senator Boxer and Governor Cuomo had very detailed, lengthy bills ready to be signed on it, immediately. NY was successful in the dark of the night and suspect some at the federal level were shocked their debacle was squashed. Colorado Senators were stunned when they were recalled for forcing through their gun control agendas and my state, as well as others are welcoming the businesses whose products were declared illegal up north. NYC has sent notices to registered owners of guns with more than 5 bullet capacities to turn them in, they do not produce guns with less than 6 bullet capacity. Most of the other county sheriffs in the state have declared they will not enforce this new law. No doubt there will be court cases and previously law abiding citizens jailed for non-compliance. On the upside, could not believe the MSM reported on this uprising of citizens shocked and not complying to the latest roadblock detainments funded by no less the our over taxed burdened citizens and the comment section from this fine newspaper, while previously inundated with one side bashing the other are pretty much in agreement, the tyranny has to stop.

        1. I’m not sure, but I’m guessing that you are complaining about what I wrote, Kathy. If so, I’m confused as to why?

          Is it that you see Sandy Hook as obviously a pretext for gun control?

          I take Sofia’s instincts very seriously, and in this case she makes more sense than anyone, I think. As our Nancy Drews dug in very deeply into the strange details of the official story in recent days, particularly about the Chalk Hill building and the obvious fakery of the Lanza house, it has become clear that there are many layers of weirdness. That was entirely unnecessary. They have plenty of MK Ultra/Monarch mind control patsies ready to use at any time, with clear, clean stories. If they want a mass terror event for gown control, it does not have to be a circus inside an acid trip.

          More and more, Sofia’s thoughts strike me as the most reasonable: it is a strong possibility that they set it up to LOOK LIKE a fake event designed to take away guns–but it was REALY about some deeper social programming experiment. Perhaps, and I’m just thinking out loud here, it has to do with testing to see how many awake people can be skimmed off, and how many truly critical thinkers there are, and what effect that core of free humans will have.

          Certainly the avalanche of new trolls that have crowded in here over the last couple of days indicate–at least to me, that the MHB is starting to seem a real threat, and they want the conversation diluted. I believe that getting very close to the truth can bother the secret government.

        2. Yes, it’s interesting that Sofia is so spot on. From what I have gathered, she has worked with fiction scripts in some way. Sounded like she would judge what would be plausible and believable in fiction. She is probably trained to zoom out and se the whole picture (further than most of us can zoom out), and I find that very interesting.

        3. Did not mean to complain, was only wishing that those of us on the same page, could just jump to that discussion. Perhaps it is my IT background that compels me to organize data in a searchable format. There is one lengthy comment, for example, that questions much of the misinformation spewed by the MSM, that appears to me to be a duplication posted in many places. Will not bother to verify that, I just skip over it, but there are some programs that do not allow duplicate entries. The trolls are soon to be unemployed on this project and this may be their last gig in town!
          In conclusion, Sofia Smallstorm’s work is amazing, she has tremendous talent to see and explain the broad picture. Believe this movie was intentionally bizarre with many motives, possibly one was to demonstrate to us there is nothing we can do when the system is corrupt from top to bottom. Seems every day in the CT news, some other pol or lawyer is pleading guilty to fraud. Perhaps that is their #1 industry, you are just supposed to hire the right lawyers to not get caught! New, ridiculous gun laws were enacted in some states, we will see how that plays out. Know a few hunters in NY that are not very happy and they already had a problem with freedom loving citizens relocating elsewhere.

  5. To anyone keeping track of attendance, per the report we have a potential of 489 students, which contradicts the School District number for SHES of 458 as of 11-30-12. That means that 489-458=31 additional students between 11-30-12 and 12-13-12 per their own data. We need to see an evacuation of 489 + 82 – 26 = 545 people. Not only are they bad at writing, but they are also poor at math.

  6. Let’s see, the feds were in charge and Connecticut got $$$’s. Per this, there were 12 survivors. How is it that we are just now hearing about this? The names will not be released because they fear people will be “threatened”? How so?

    1. I’m still hung up on the “twelve survivors” who were taken to area hospitals…….”. One died. I also wonder why two classes had special needs aids. Was this a school for kids with developmental disabilities?

      They are using the federal involvement as an excuse not to release any evidence. If this were true, wouldn’t the “wounded” be victims too? What about all the charities? Where did all these people go?

      They talk about “threats”. Threats of what? What happened to the “100’s of rounds…..” narrative? Look at the timeline. Impossible. They are essentially saying that they came out when they heard the glass break. An AR-15 is decidedly louder than breaking glass and I don’t recall any broken glass at first. One of the reports said that the cops broke the glass, although that didn’t make any sense either. It was broken from the inside.

      The janitor is supposed to have “gone down the corridor….” in search of the noise and encountered the shooter. Does anyone believe that he wouldn’t know gunfire?

      Well, their State Attorney is swearing that this is true.

        1. Indeed! I remember WAY back, in the beginning, when most were trying to figure out what happened, the thought was that a team broke in there, took care of business and left “Adam” as the fall guy.

          Eventually we came to the conclusion that the whole thing didn’t happen. I didn’t understand the news reportage about the cops breaking the glass either.

          What would the purpose be in having a camera and locking door if you aren’t going to use it? We’re told our Ms. Hochstrung (sp?) ran to the door to see what all the racket was about. Then he proceeds to one of the classrooms (presumably not the one he died in) and “shoots the two adults”. How do they know this? How did the children get under the dead adults?

          Then “he walks on down the hall (like the old Doors song)”, and “shoots the two adults there”. Again, is there film of this? Then he hears the cops at the door and shoots himself, making the cops “heroes”. Of course, there’s a police report saying that they shot him.

          While all this is going on our “Acting Head Custodian” goes down the hall “to see what the noise is about” and calls 911. Then he makes sure all the doors are locked. Meanwhile, back at the scene of the crime, pop, pop, pop…………..! He doesn’t rush the guy, or pick up a fire extinguisher and let him have it. He talks on the phone with the cops, pop, pop, pop…….!

          Somehow in all this we end up with twelve wounded (which is actually more believable than a 100% kill rate). The shotgun is out front in the car (later moved to the trunk for safety (?)), and he’s dribbling shotgun rounds as he moves.

          You’re right, who writes these things? I’m glad my signature isn’t on it.

  7. Anybody else notice the extreme blurriness of the Rousseau class picture and no pictures of the teacher? Since this was the class that was wiped out entirely except for one student I wonder if in fact it is a composite picture?

  8. I have a theory that these hoaxes are for gathering a group of people who can be trusted to some day in the not too far off future pull off something really big.

    I wonder if the heads of governments are approached and if they go along with it, they’re in and they get some sort of reward. What they give up is their free will because now they are blackmailable. If they don’t cooperate their state gets a disaster such as Hurricane Sandy or horrible tornadoes or they are ousted.

    Lots of people would be needed in every state. Lots of practice drills would need to be run. Just a thought.

    1. Violeta, they can control the weather, we are kept in the dark with most things, nothing surprises me and what you say could be quite rellevent . follow the money as they say.. This report states that 2 were pronounced dead at Danbury Hospital.. not sure if they were children, or staff mebers..but did Danbury Hosp back this up?.. did anyone see ambulances leave the school ?.. the road looked pretty bunged up with all the vehicles. The thing that got me thinking was the quote ” some children were able to escape out of the building prior to police arriving.. ”… Really?… the first police arrived in 4 minutes.. How did they escape.. the doors would be locked..maybe they climed through the broken window..!. and Quote…”they went to Sandy Hook centre nearby residence or received rides from parents or passersby.”.. What?.. Did they interview and passerby who said.. ” I picked up children running from the school” No way.. the report reads crazy.. and I haven’t got through all of it yet.

    2. Wow, you really have no common sense. So let me get this straight…Germany (or France or England) could be in on it, but if they dont comply they get a hurricane!

      Hate to break it to you, but these countries don’t get hurricanes, nor can we manufacture them. They are formed in west africa with the southern Atlantic as an engine

  9. Is there any photo evidence of Adam Lanza at the school in this “final” report?

    Wasn’t the car with the shotgun in the trunk plate registered to someone other than Lanza’s mother?

    How can the cammo pants man in the bush not be publicly identified and his alibi/explanation for being there not be part of the public record?

    1. You know, I could swear I remember an early report (but after the date) that said that Lanza had ridden to the school in Chris Manfredonia’s car. At that point in time, they claimed Lanza didn’t have a car of his own. So who’s car was that shotgun found in? Is there video footage showing the license plate to prove whose it is alleged to have been? And why was that car in the driveway of the old guy’s house – the one where the kids got off the bus – covered with a blanket on the driver’s side in that interview with him? Was the window shot out? Wasn’t it the same model car?

      Camo pants guy was taken into custody. They MUST have a record of this fact AND who he is and what he was really doing there. But all we have is a video of him in cuffs claiming he didn’t do it. Perhaps he was cuffed for show. Maybe he didn’t do it – but maybe he was the handler, or the actual driver, or the guy who brought the ammo to Lanza? Regardless – involved or not – where is he in the report and WHO is he? He was taken into custody, and procedure says there MUST be a report. Where is it? FOIA time?

      This cover-up is nearly as lame as the 9/11 whitewash job. Worse than the Batman shooter job. This is shoddy work, and I’m appalled that our government thinks this will pass muster. Maybe it’s all Bloomberg’s work? His stuff usually stinks from a quality perspective. I could do a better cover-up job than this was. But then – I could plan a better ‘incident’ than this was too with far fewer holes to cover up.

      1. In addition: No report to my knowledge of who is the registered owner of the black Honda at the shooting scene. Simple DMV check would clear that matter. Did Adam know how to drive? Did he have a drivers license? If so, his photo ID should be available (not the spooky image we constantly see).

  10. SandyHook begins to make sense once you listen to clues from this imposter: named “Nancy Ruth Owens” but then you read this article: and then you cross reference the similarities between Ayers’ book Fugitive Days, and Dream *from* my Father, -Bill Ayers!… with Nancy Ruth Owens clues, she keeps telling her readers to connect the dots… – white dad/black mom and white rabbit/brown rabbit references about look-alike white relatives which turn out to be the Dohrn-Ayers brothers; not Bill. Nancy Ruth Owens mentions the mailman in her video so I went and watched that YouTube for myself and it is so staged and scripted to make the mailman seem like a hostile witness but really the bottom line was establishing that Mary Ayers said that Obama was a “foreign student” and not her GRANDSON. Because America might vote for an African Muslim but they probably would NOT have voted for domestic terrorist Bill Ayers *SON* and mob boss Thomas G. Ayers grandson, if they had known Obama’s true identity. Somebody else must have come to the same conclusion:–48930.jpg Obama is Bill Ayers’ SON not his neighbor, not his protege, not just a fellow board member…

  11. I have only read a few paragraphs yet, but want to point out that it is annoying that they use the erroneous nomenclature “5.56” to designate the caliber of the rifle (that Nancy Lanza could not have owned). It is probably politically motivated to make it sound more like “exotic military hardware”.

    Fact is the NATO 5.56x45mm and the civilian .223 Remington are not identical. The military version has different headspace and pressure. It is not recommend to use the NATO cartridge in firearms chambered for the civilian version.

    1. I do not think there can be that kind of error in the designation of physical evidence like ammunition cal. Col. Guano.

      If they say 5.56 was the cal. used in the school, then Lanza had access to 5.56 cal. ammo.

      If all the remaining ammo found in the Lanza home is standard .223 cal. then someone has a lot of explaining to do.

      1. Official story is that the ammo was hollow point bullets. The same kind mostly used for vermin shooting. No hollow point ammo is available for 5.56 NATO, I dare say! There is a Hague convention that forbids such bullets for warfare since at a least 100 years.

        1. They sell both versions here. I have never seen hollow point 5.56 ammo. Not that it doesn’t exist, I just don’t know where (or why) to get it.

    2. Not true. Most, if not all, modern civilian semi-automatic AR 15 manufactured in the U.S. today are interchangeable for 5.56 NATO and .223Rem.The key is the “MIL SPEC” chambering in non-military sporting rifles which will tolerate the higher pressures produced by the 5.56mm NATO.

      It just plain smart marketing on the part of the firearms manufacturers

      1. Thank you, I look into that! But the civilian version is still .223 Rem, and Not 5.56 Nato. And all indications are that “AL” used civilian ammo.

        1. Teresa I think you check the button at the bottom of the reply box where it says “notify me of new posts via e-mail.”

  12. Who is/was registered owner of Honda in front of the school? Simple DMV check of 872 YEO should resolve issue. Did Adam drive the car? Did Adam know how to drive? Did Adam have a drivers license? If so what does the photo ID show? Hope fully not the spooky image that we have seen for the past year.

    1. Those are two absolutely easy questions to answer. So far, I haven’t seen those answers. The state has said that they are not going to release that sort of information, due to “threats”. How do you threaten a dead man?

    2. Original reports stated that the Honda was registered to Chris Rodia. The Honda was later spotted in Gene Rosen’s driveway, minus the tags. The Everyone must check in sign was clearly visible in the background. The true owner of the Honda is very easy to ascertain if you understand the whole picture….it is owned by the State of CT and it is just a prop. It may resurface in another bogus story.

      1. Yes, of course. I meant that the “reports” do not “confirm” the alleged ownership. It is pretty easy to screw on a license plate. If we had the VIN number, in theory, you could trace the owner. My guess is that you are right. It would trace back to either Connecticut or the federal government.

  13. “It is known that the shooter had significant mental health issues that affected his ability to live a normal life and to interact with others, even those to whom he should have been close. As an adult he did not recognize or help himself deal with those issues.”

    … So in the future we (the State) will make laws to make sure we can force our help on anyone of you wretched souls who are to handicapped to understand you need our help …

    1. Col. Bat, they are pretty good at getting the wording of that part of their message straight, aren’t they? “As an adult he did not recognize”……..
      that leaves us all wide open for being declared mentally ill, if that’s the politically correct term for it.

      Also, isn’t it amazing how much “detail” they have on his mental health?

  14. It seems they created all these newly injured, not previously reported, to quell all the uproar that no medical care was provided. Recall a report that a police officer brought one child to the hospital, no way in he11 that would ever happen, he and his department would be liable for that death. Even the local paper is calling the investigation Kabuki theater!,0,7194868.column

    1. It’s like a “mixed metaphor”. In the FEMA drills they trot out the triage mats. The “medics” make the call. In “real life”, the EMT’s don’t have that authority. So, in a not so subtle way, they are saying, “now that we’re in charge of the scene, we make the rules”.

      So we’re just to accept that they made an assessment, sent some to the hospital, and left the rest.

  15. Hmmm, no further investigation; case closed.

    Only one burning question remains, then: who will play Adam Lanza in the coming movie? The film industry and media are tethered together in a ghoulish, rattling dance of death. The carnage may be virtual but the demise of democracy is a clear and present danger.

    1. Some truly unfortunate young actor will be cast to play “Adam” and what an appropriate name – the first “man”. I worked in the film industry for 15 years and you are right on the money (pun intended), Marilyn.

      Also worth noting in reference to the points in the comments below about “gingerbread houses” and the building of them and the number of movies about the Hansel and Gretel fairytale that were released by Hollywood in the years surrounding the Sandy Hook incident.

      None of this is an accident and is incredibly evil and why I quit the movie biz. I feel so sorry for people who don’t understand or can’t see how reality and fantasy are being consciously melded in order to produce the upcoming nightmare that we are already living.

      God Bless.

    2. I think this is another common factor of false flags..the TV movie of the week has already been scripted out long ago….thinking about how much time it takes to make a film, get financing, etc. It would be totally tasteless to do a movie on this subject, but I bet one will come out, probably having to do with the “resiliance” of the town. I already can guess the name…Newtown Strong…UGH!

      1. “Newtown Strong” indeed. I think the effect of a movie is to take in the younger generation (who doesn’t always follow news) as well as new immigrants. It then becomes a firm part of “history”, and will be referred to as fact, and be a sort of marker in conversations about the state of things in the wider world. I’ve been watching this trend lately with a lot of historically questionable events. But then “Remember the Maine” and the resulting “heroism” of “San Juan Hill” that did so much for the political career of Teddy Roosevelt. This is an old American story, but the resent events are creepier and cheesier than an old fashioned war on Monroe Doctrine principles (vaguely and wrongly applied).

        1. P.s. Just looked up the story of the Rough Riders at San Juan Hill, and saw that T.R. was awarded a posthumous Medal of Honor for his role in it (never mind the false flag that started the war) in (wait for it) 2001.

  16. Supposedly the guy captured in the woods was there to “make gingerbread houses” with his daughter. What moron dresses in full camo to go make gingerbread houses?

    Someone else pointed this out and it never occurred to me. Most of the parents on the scene supposedly are professionals coming from work. Why is EVERYONE dressed in jeans and sweats? Was it casual day in Newtown?

    And my favorite question that still blows my mind even with the “police report” photographs……WHERE ARE THE STUDENTS???? in any of the pictures.

      1. Laura,

        The non appearance of the 400-500 students that were supposed to be in that building has been one my arguing points when I discuss the incident with people who believe what has become the “official story.”

        Most people that I ask, “Where are all those kids?” answer with the line, “They were evacuated to the Firehouse down the road.” That’s the storyline the MSM has pushed from day one and since they are all following the same script, that’s what your average, on-the-street American citizen believes. When I ask people to show me proof that the kids were brought to that location, emphasizing that we’re talking about close to FIVE HUNDRED KIDS, all they can point me to is the Shannon Hicks photo of what looks like a classroom of about 15 kids holding hands being escorted away from the building by 4 adults, 2 in uniform and a picture of the inside of the firehouse (with plenty of water bottles in clear view) with people milling around and a handful of kids.

        I’ve watched hours and hours of videos and interviews, looked at the countless number of photos from that day in Sandy Hook and as far as I can assess, I’m still coming up 300-400 kids short of what should have come out of that building. Any sort of cursory research of the visual material from that day should be enough to lead someone with average intelligence to question “the story.”

        Your quip questioning whether it was a casual dress day in Newtown actually pierces the heart of another what should be obvious point- NONE of these people in the videos and pictures are dressed for professional jobs, unless they are all employed by the local McDonalds burger joint. In conjunction with the “dress code” of jeans and various other informal casual wear for the day, it’s also obvious that an unusually large number of what appear to be civilians were adorned with badges of various colors, either clipped to their jackets/tops or draped around their necks. The only pictures I’ve seen with the usual ties, suits and dresses you might expect to see at least part of this upwardly mobile Newtown population wearing are the ones snapped of Malloy and his troupe arriving at the scene.

        No matter how many times your mind tries to rearrange the puzzle of Sandy Hook,you will always be left with either too few or too many pieces to assemble a clear picture. And that’s exactly what I think the controllers or directors, whoever they may be, want you to feel.

        1. Well, of course the “out” is, they only release what they want. They can say “we have hours of video and it hasn’t been released yet”.

          There was one teacher, a male, who was in a coat and tie (according to the story). He supposedly hid somehow and made it out a window.

          The “beauty” of this is they leave themselves an easy excuse. “We didn’t show you everything we had”. It’s a federal operation.

          I would still like an answer from them as to whether they think they can just supplant state law regarding declaring people dead. How is that done? Why would it be necessary?

          I kept looking for the evacuation too. All we have is the “conga line” over and over. Where did they go? Even some of the “news” guys said; “they must be in the school somewhere”.

        2. Yes, Lophatt, “they must be in the school somewhere” and that is correct, if taken in context. They were at school on 12-14-12, a calendar school day, at 375 Fan Hill Road. Some of these youngsters (out of 489 give or take) will rebel one day and come forward in a very big way.

        3. So we do “see” the extras, the gingerbread man and the camo man, but we don’t see the shooter or the victims. The extras are even confronted by police, maybe just to make sure attention is drawn to them.

          We do see Peter being arrested, even though the shooter is already dead. Arrested to have attention brought to him.

          These characters in the play don’t make sense, but they do keep it from being totally abstract.

        4. John Luv has brought up an excellent point where he thinks students might rebel one day and tell the real story. Do you think the handlers have taken this scenario into consideration? No, I’m not trying to say that these kids are under lifelong threat. I’m just wondering if the so-called Fan Hill Road school is real or fake as well.

          I wonder about a lot of events now which we have been told are genuine, but I am sure that if the feds have a long experience with staging them, they know how to seal off the “set” and not worry about being told on during some future political campaign in which an opponent party can make political hay. It is all politics. War is politics by other means. Even H. was a politician.

          I would love there to be rebellious teenagers talking to the world over Youtube or somehow about what they did or did not see. But I don’t think this is allowed for, because I think it was staged. True, there are real kids who were used to play the parts. You cannot overlook those in plain sight of the show. And I suppose there is some explanation for that. After all, how can you conscript a child at such an early age? The only possible explanation for those child actors is that they have somehow been cleverly directed not to really know what was going on, and not to question it (as apparently the kid on Dr. Oz demonstrated). That’s a matter for study I should think (without the usual jumping to conclusions).

          It could also be that this is something the perps don’t fear down the road for some reason we have yet to understand. Again, in speculating one might jump to conclusions.

          I keep seeing it as some kind of religious event (from the Latin root meaning ties and adherence). The dates have become new feast days on the American calendar. The French Revolution renamed the months of the year and for all I know the days of the week. But these dates (like the one “which will live on in infamy”, Pearl Harbor) have become terribly important to the ongoing coup which probably began around 9/11 and continues no matter who is President.

        5. “The French Revolution renamed the months of the year and for all I know the days of the week. ”

          Not just that, he Revolutionary Calendar had 12 30-day months. And being thorough going Bible-haters, changed the week from seven to 10 days.

          Musings, I doubt anything said by one-time kids involved in the experiment ten or more years ago will be heard or thought about in the new society they are using these events to build. They’d probably locked up in a lunatic asylum or chemically lobotomized. Certainly, they won’t find a wide platform to speak from.

          The New World Order will not allow rebellion. Ask O’Brian.

    1. Chris Manfredonia was the one on site to make the Gingerbread Houses with his daughter. He was the one running outside the school that Newtown PD briefly detained. He was holding his cell phone and they didn’t know what was in his hand. He was wearing regular clothing. The man in camo was a dude from the woods, not the same guy. He was the one who said “I didn’t do it.” and was placed in the front seat of the squad car. (why? I don’t know). They say he was “chopping wood” or was an off-duty tactical officer. Other reports now say he was a member of the media. (Well, still doesn’t explain the camo pants and dark top.).

      1. How can “we” all come up with so many critically important questions, and not one Main Stream Media outlet is on the record for asking for answers to any of these questions?

        My sincere thanks to the host of this dialog blog!

      2. My guess is that when they started the drill he was a “key player”. After the rewrite, he didn’t fit. You know what happens to “characters” that no longer fit the plot.

        1. When they no longer have use for them, well, let’s just say it is a very dangerous business…

  17. Some questions:

    Who or what made the bullet holes in the car in the parking lot?

    Did the state of the art video security cameras store any images? If not, why didn’t they? My cheap game cam can store hours of video on a tiny inexpensive card.

    What about traffic cameras at intersections? Did Lanza pass any of these on his way to the school?

    What happened to the earlier story that Lanza was obsessed with the Brevic massacre in Norway and wanted to exceed the body count? Did it conflict with the more important storyline that the victims were too mutilated, with three to eleven shots each, to bother bringing to the hospital?

    With the driveway so clogged with cars, (so that no uninvolved people could interfere with the drill) why were no medivac helicopters called?

    What real parent would accept that their child was pronounced dead without having been sent to a hospital? Why were there no scenes of hysterical parents demanding to see their dead child?

    Why are there no lawsuits, with doors that do not lock, children pronounced dead without proper legal procedure, mentally disturbed dependent given access to firearms?

    The behavior of the parents, both on the day of the shooting and on camera afterwards, is utterly inconsistent with that of parents undergoing such a tragedy.

    Why all the confusion about guns involved when all the bullet casings found were for a 5.56? rifle .

    etc., etc., etc…..

      1. I think that’s like the guy in the woods. They originally were going to do a shoot out in the woods and parking lot. Then they changed their minds. The arriving cops either didn’t know about the drill and chased him, or did and thought their part was to chase him through the woods. They had the chopper footage, after all.

        That made a little problem for them. How do you explain that? The “new and improved” official story, signed by the State’s Attorney, says that all the shooting occurred inside, except for the rounds fired outside (which made the glass blow out!), and those are all accounted for.

        So, like you said, who shot up the car. How is it that one round comes from the inside of the car? Did they tow that car in there as a prop? Maybe they were going to have some cops crouch down next to it for some glamour shots but the plans changed.

      2. John, yes, it does. The only thing that “makes sense” (at least to me), is that they had thoughts of “framing the shot” for the cop who was going to kneel by it, gun in hand. Somehow, there was a last minute script rewrite and they moved the action indoors.

        That left the guy in the woods (and probably the purple van crew) unemployed (actor wise). But, hey, when you’re casting around for emotional shots to use in bolstering your story, how can you pass up a few of a car with bullet holes? Never mind that it doesn’t fit the story and the holes are too big.

        So, later, they had to stitch all this disparate narrative and random images together into what they thought would be a coherent story. They did a crappy job.

        1. Thanks. I still believe that the Rosseau prop car (green) was brought in several days or weeks after the initial film shooting of 12-14-12. Many of the initial youtube overhead shots supplied by MSM show nothing but black, white and gray four door government vehicles. There was a complete absence of any Prius, Corollas, Soccer Mom Suvs, Corvette, Pick up trucks etc Nothing was obvious but the communist colors of our government vehicles. The only common car shown of course was the black Honda, which seems to get around CT a lot.

        2. Yeah, that could be true. I’ve said many times that just because some of it appears sequential, doesn’t mean it is. I’ve seen pictures of the parking lot with the green car in it. Of course I don’t know when they were taken.

          Like you say, they could have just put it there for “effect”, but it doesn’t match the story.

        3. Great video Lophatt, thanks. What I find most interesting is what many other people do not notice, but I find right off the bat. (The guy’s testimonial fits what we believe to be true, btw). The most controversial aspect of all of the videos, both pro and con of SHES that I find is that the weather does not match up very well with the date, unless the location is CA or Fla, not CT in December. There is way to much greenery, green grass, vegetation, blue sky, lack of winter clothing by almost everyone to convince me that the date is anywhere close to 12-14-12. Records indicate a 39H, 21L on that date, and cloudy.

          Yes, they did a very crappy job with this whole story. But why?

        4. Wow! Thank you for pointing this out. I’ve been focused on other details and the weather issue never occurred to me. Great observation! One more thing to add to a long and apparently still growing list of inconsistencies.

  18. I saw this one in 172566.pdf book 1…. Regarding the alleged hero Vicki Soto – “an officer stated there was no truth to her engaging the shooter, or hiding kids in the closet or shielding some of the kids…” “was likely she was one of the first killed.”

    1. Good point Dan. How would they know, unless they claim to have video footage? The story is holier than the car. “We can’t ascertain which classroom he entered first (presumably not the one he died in!). But we know he shot the adults first (how?)”.

      So the “final” cut version is “that’s our story and we’re sticking to it”.

  19. On page 27 of the report (p. 31 of the pdf), it says that Lanza at the time of his autopsy was 72 inches tall and weighed only 112 pounds. Yet, in the photos of the clothing worn by the shooter provided in the report released to the public, there is a pair of black pants shown. We can clearly see the size of “32 R”. (In other words, a 32″ waist and average or regular length). With that height, pants should have been “L”, or long and the waist for someone that height and weight can not be more than 24″, and would probably be smaller than 24″. A “32R” would have slid off of the body. If the investigators fabricated the pants, what else did they fabricate? Where is the explanation of “18 kids and a teacher in a closet near the kitchen” announced by one of their own officers on the police scanner? This is as big of a whitewash as the Warren Report. .

      1. they probably grabbed his baby shoes from the house…or else they raided Cinderella’s place. You know, precious little of what we were told has remained consistent throughout the “narrative”. The report is just a clumsy white wash.

      1. Yes, shooter did…but shooter in mask escaped with purple van and was stopped by an officer who reported the ski mask…and the nun outfits. The van was permitted to go on its way and drove back to Greenwich Village where the shooter lived. It is my understanding from NY news reports that the shooter relocated to Israel after he and his girlfriend were busted in the month following SH for making and storing a very unstable explosive in their brownstone apt.

      2. soon to be censored from the Newtown Patch

        Marilyn why don’t you ascertain the facts before you start running your mouth off accusing people of being CTs?
        Fact MULTIPLE TEACHERS COULD NOT LOCK THEIR DOORS! Deborah Pisani was one of them and she was shot! Don’t you care ? Kaitlin Roig could not lock her door! Vicki Soto could not lock her door! Lives could have been saved BUT YOU DON’T CARE FACT- the police report documentation said the shooter was fatally wounded by police. Rick Thorne’s 911 call corroborates this. Fact- Natalie Hammond said the shooter wore a mask – yet there is no picture of this with Lanza’s clothes Fact- The report said Lanza shot himself in the back of the head with Glock’s most powerful gun. HOW DID HE DO THAT- and only a drop of blood and two hairs were in his hat. Newtown Bee reported and armed SWAT officer from another town was in the woods and Newtown police believed there was shooting from outside. Fact- Two hoodie sweatshirts were outside of Lanza’s car. YES TWO Fact – Fox news reported a potential second shooter was taken into custody and a body was found at his house. The suddenly the report was expunged. You can’s handle the truth can you. The writing is on the wall Marilyn the truth will be exposed with FACTS!

        1. Do you have the link of the Fox News Report of the 2nd shooter, complete with reports of a dead body at that person’s house? That is the first time I have heard of a body at a second shooter’s house.

        2. Fox purged the story – Chris Phillips is questioning Fox excec after being banned from their FB page.

          There were also tweets that SWAT was deployed to a house on Philo Curtis Rd (By Treadwell park where the pressers occurred) and that story was hushed too.

          Sorry for duplicate posts-I replied in the wrong spot

  20. The problem with a case like this is that no one of any clout wants to touch it. Too much possibility of being ridiculed. Or threatened. Even if there are more plot holes in the story than the latest Transformers movie.

    Interesting side note: Google “Mark Glaze” and click on the The Advocate article (should be one of the first hits). Look at the date and time that the article was published.

    1. I would like to see Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, or Gerald Celente touch this case again, lol! I have heard Jeff Rense on Coast to Coast come right out and say that this whole event was a Drill and a Hoax.

  21. I can’t help thinking of the key players having a planning session for the SH event. Someone said, “follow the money”, and there is plenty to be found surrounding this supposed ‘tragedy’ which I don’t believe happened. Maybe it was concocted with the help of one of the best and celebrated over dinner the August before it happened?
    Malloy encouraged 60 attenders to this $35,800 a plate fundraising dinner at Weinstein’s $15.5mil Westport estate.
    Malloy helped Obama get re-elected and in turn, because of SH, there is a $1.9million grant (1/13) another SERV grant $1.3million (5/13) a $2.5 million grant from the Justice Dept. for the responders, $150,000 federal money for new school resource officers, appeals to the federal gov’t for money to rebuild (the CT government has $50mil allocated in a bonding bill), CT STEAP grant of $500,000 to the town, United Way funds of about $12million…all the tip of the iceberg. Tragedy is apparently big money. And so few were affected, compared to natural disasters, yet I don’t know if the payouts compare. That, of course does not even compare to the emotional manipulation value used by many to promote their agendas. Funny, too, the Hunger Games was released that year (Weinstein again involved) and instead of people being upset over children being slaughtered, the movie won awards. Yet…we cannot see any blood or proof of SH children in a supposed real-life event.

    1. Karen,

      Yup! If you are able to “follow the money,” you generally can begin to eliminate the smokescreen that the power/money grabbers use to hypnotize the masses.

      There was quite a bit of $ flowing and planning going on at these high profile events in Stamford and Westport, CT, four months before the incident at Sandy Hook. Obama’s remark regarding the Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises,” is pretty eerie in light of the Sandy Hook visual that appears in the film, don’t you think?

      Don’t know if you are familiar with the 2012 movie Killing Them Softly, but I recommend if often to friends as an allegory about the reality of capitalism. It’s worth the watch for entertainment alone and possesses a fine cast; Brad Pitt, Ray Liotta, Richard Jenkins, James Gandolfini and Sam Shepard. Ironically, it’s a Weinstein production!

      Here’s a clip of the final scene:

  22. Has anyone seen photographic or film evidence of the 7 foot spreadsheet that Adam was purported to have concerning past Mass Shootings in any released reports? I didn’t see anything that resembles that big item that is touted in all MSM outlets, even to this day.

    1. Guess that fable had to disappear as the harddrive was so completely destroyed nothing could be gleaned from it. It was just another of many that had to disappear, anyone who works with spreadsheets would never describe them by how many feet they take up – it was also ridiculously several feet wide. We normally print on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper with one inch margins. The MSM also reported they were reporting live, the school was in lockdown, the school was evacuated and the same ‘live’ footage of several minutes of video kept repeating itself, over and over. The iconic picture shown over and over, was actually a tweet posted by the principal of an earlier drill…

  23. Pretty much the SHH was my launching pad into understanding the MSM is in total cahoots with our corrupted government. Always had nagging suspicions about 911, but could not bare the pain of knowing how screwed we are. For some reason, on the SHH, hubby and I were both at home and compelled to watch this tragedy live. I was at my normal kitchen station, where I had free roam to switch channels. I pretty much wigged out on them showing the same video over and over, even though they claimed the school went from lockdown to evacuated. He was probably worried about my welfare and insisted there were multiple videos that showed children being evacuated. It was later brought out that video was also shown from a completely different school, which I am not sure my brain computed at the time. It reminded me of the movie Speed, where the hero was able to convince the madman ransom seeking lunatic, that the video he was watching on his remote was actually true, even though it kept looping back to a few minutes of the bus patrons, and the hero was able to miraculously save the bus patrons disembarking at 50+ miles per hour. It is a good movie, if you like action and suspense ! Suppose we are now considered the madmen who will believe anything and certainly should not be gun owners!

    1. Kathy, nice to hear your story. I too was in denial about 9/11 until I saw Robbie Parker smiling at the press conference. Learning about all the aspects of Sandy Hook was quite an adventure! Then, when I started on 9/11, I was blown away at the information, especially the controlled demolition stuff. My next step was JFK. Incredible how screwed this country is. Spread the word, talk to your friends. I think the 9/11 controlled demolition is our only salvation, and when people see that, they awaken. SH is a good compliment to waking folks up too, Robbie Parker maybe our other salvation!!!

      1. People like you two reinforce my optimism, and backs up my opinion that SHH is and will be for the future a “Conspiracy 101” course for the masses!

      2. How come you and Kathy have not yet been attacked by Vaporizing Toilet Man, Patrick? He has unabated attacked my posts for mentioning controlled demolition. So glad you’re at last on board and if SH is the event that does it, fine.

        1. Marzi, I think it might have to do with long-time students of phenomena after a while having very little patience with other students that are preoccupied with misleading facts, like they have been themselves, in the past. Getting through the disinfo is a slow process, and it’s not all done in a day. We all get set onto things that sound plausible, and investigate it until something more plausible gets our attention.
          I’m in the mini-nuke division myself, but I was held back for quite some time by the Khalezov (or whatever his name is) theory because it sounded so outlandish. Not until I read Don Fox’s and Jeff Prager’s writings on it, did I realise this was much more plausible.
          It’s like that for all of us. One has to be patient. Some are frustrated. I’m frustrated, too.

        2. “Not until I read Don Fox’s and Jeff Prager’s writings on it, did I realise this was much more plausible.”

          I’d love some links if you have any? Khalezov is a fascinating person, I keep coming back to his theory once in a long while.

        3. I realise it sounds like I believed Khalezov was closest to the truth before I read Fox and Prager’s work, but that is not so. I didn’t read anything about nukes on 9-11 because I knew of Khalezovs theories, and found it too fantastic.
          I was more of a Woodian, to be honest, although not everything fell into place (too many unknowns), and before that I was in the “conventional demolition but with thermite” camp, and was preoccupied with it for some time. I still have some open ends when it comes to mini nukes, but they are fewer. I’m trying to make sense of all the theories put forth by John Keller to Jim Fetzer on two of his shows:

          So I’m by no means all decided, but if I had to bet, I’d go with Fox and Prager.

        4. The disinfo such as…”the hunger games author lives in the area”? Come on. People on here cling to any fact as if its earth shattering. Its not.

          The illusion you want to believe is the one preexisting in your sick heads. You then look for “facts” such as authors or pants sizes to back it up. Smarten up.

        5. I looked at Prager’s theories and found totally inaccurate observations that aren’t borne out by witnesses like the firemen – who heard loud noises/explosions or others who escaped from the towers after the explosions on the top floors and sub-basement – I spoke with some survivors. Prager is just more nonsense on this topic and a waste of time. By the way what degree does Prager have – couldn’t find that out either.

        6. @Birtram…so it’s disinfo that Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins supposedly lives in Sandy Hook?

          It’s info, for sure. Is it relevant? Not sure. Collins is famous for writing a blockbuster series of books about children being essentially sacrificed (forced to kill one another) in the name of the greater good and security of a nation.

          Collins was raised by a military father who discussed with her issues such as necessary vs. unnecessary wars.

          Collins said she got the idea for Hunger Games while flipping through the channels one night and and noticing the lack of distinction between coverage of the Iraq War and reality TV. She questioned whether we were all becoming desensitized. Interesting concept…the blurring lines between what is real and fake on tv, what is war and what is a game.

          Here’s a link to an interview with related quotes…

          The fact that this real person with her background supposedly lives a very private life with her husband and kids, presumably a stone’s throw from this alleged massacre – I find it intriguing.

          Somebody did this. More than one somebodies. In Wag the Dog, a prominent Hollywood producer ran the show. How close does life get to art? If you’re going to put on one of the biggest shows in world history, would any big time players want to put their stamp on it?

          Whatever the case, spreading disinfo is not my intention. I simply find this bit of information to be interesting.

        7. If you want to read more into 911 Dr Judy Wood has good videos on youtube…Its the only one that makes sense to me. Things are happening without our knowledge. We could have free electricity proven to work 60 yrs ago.. but governments have too much of a high stake in private energy companies..They would never let this new technology into the hands of commoners.. The military have this device it actually can turn steele into dust.. Think about it!

        8. I am not a scientist but am a realist that believes anything is possible. They love it when we get divided and fixated speculating on the how things happen. To me, it is more important to focus on the hear and now and what is in our power to do. Waking as many people up as we can is a step and can only be accomplished with reasonable discourse. Pray for all the people of the world that they can overcome their fear to face the truth!

        9. You are not a scientist but a realist who believes anything can happen? Really? So at sea level, under one atmosphere of pressure can water boil at 10C?

          Didn’t think so. That’s real.

          Now lets talk division…

    1. OK, that is a serious film about politics and all that the term entails. I came away with a question: why did FDR confiscate gold in an executive order in 1933? How did that affect the blooming Great Depression–pro or con?

      A little Googling here and there was interesting. People were hoarding precious metals,a hedge against the coming crisis from what I could glean.Gold backed our dollar and the dollar was floundering. Just as now, people were encouraged to get some gold or silver coins. Seems rational. FDR seized the gold and used it as a subsidy to restart the economy. That, also, seems rational. In a war (and economic
      collapse is a war of another kind), all’s fair. The burden falls on all.
      I may not agree, but I get that. On the other hand, what precipitated the cause from the start and who did the most to exacerbate the spiral from a deep recession into a global depression of Biblical proportions?

      Differing economic schools of thought offer insights that I found engaging. Seems our old friend the Federal Reserve deserves some close scrutiny.

  24. From the report:

    “The subsequent investigation revealed there
    were no additional shooters based upon:

    1. Searches of the area and examinations of
    local business security surveillance videos;”

    Is there a record of any locations and field of views for the security cameras reportedly installed INSIDE and AROUND the school?

    I can’t find any other mention of “video” or “security” within the school in this report. Why would the police look at security camera footage OUTSIDE the school but make no mention of footage taken inside?

    At the very least I expected to see a report of Lanza locating the camera recording device and destroying it. Else this is a glaring omission which many have been heralding all along.

    We still have no single frame of video showing Lanza with the gun which the establishment wishes to ban. How unfortunate.

  25. One of the shooters is most likely serving some time in Rikers Island. His name is Aaron Greene and he was convicted for planning to blow up the Brooklyn Arch. He was arrested with his girlfriend Morgan Gliedman on December 29, 2014. They rented a purple van that was tracked that day from Sandy Hook Ct to Greenich by Satelite. Greene stabbed a bouncer in 2005 at Max Fish. Aaron Greene is a very dangerous person and a terrorist. Did he have connections to the Mossad? These are things the FBI should be looking at! Who gave this couple a cake walk out of being investigated for Sandy Hook?

  26. Reading different info about Zionist terrorist Aaron Greene. Read that he was convicted and sent to Rikers Island then read he escaped to Israel. Anyone know the real scoop on where he is. I believe he drove the purple van along with his girlfriend who was the nun( holding her stomach) that is the cover up and the media is involved.

  27. Because this was a non-event, we will can learn from what is missing, rather than what is shown in the heavily redacted report. The following evidence and info is AWOL:

    1. CAT: Although there are three 20lb plastic jugs full of cat litter by the sofa, where they appear along with what looks like recent purchases, there is no evidence of a cat living in the house. No cat food, litter box, water dishes, or cat. Adam is reported to have loved animals, and had a cat.

    2. WATER: The toilets in the Lanza home are either dry or almost empty, as are the showers and tubs. Perhaps that goof was noted, and is the reason we are shown countless toilets full of water in the school, despite these rooms being completely unrelated to the shooting.

    4. POWER: Basement fridge does not appear to be placed near an electric source, yet it is closed up, PHEW! Most of the video games aren’t actually connected to a power supply. The downstairs game corner, complete with chair and footstool, has no television or monitor of any kind on which to view the game.

    5. DATES: We see three different Ryan graduation photos, and one team composite, complete with text, but there is no date or alma mater shown.

    6. ANSWERING MACHINE EVIDENCE. 50 callers left messages, still unlistened to at 19:24 of 12.14. The phone rings during police taping but the tape goes to redaction just as machine answers. Is this Nancy – or someone else?

    7. BABY. Three packages of diapers are under the bathroom sink. A little girl’s pink playhouse is downstairs in the closet under the target sheets. The yard has an elaborate timber playground of to the side of the home.

    8. UPDATED FURNISHINGS. Yellow brass. White kitchen cupboards. White bathroom fixtures. Baskets from the 80’s Lonaberger craze. Grey, white and blue color scheme with toile puddle drapes on thin narrow rods in living room – thirty year old décor. The appliances were updated, but the old ones moved to basement. Two washer and two dryers setting together?

    9. CHILD ACCESSABLE BATHROOMS AND SINKS IN SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. The placement of one stool is hilarious. Even standing on the stool, an elementary school child would not be able to reach the faucets or see into the mirrors. Good luck on those toilets kids.

    10. BALLISTIC EVIDENCE. Autopsy info is critically important to determine how the fatalities exceed wounded on such an unprecedented level, especially considering the huge impact this event is having in shaping gun laws and public policy.


    12. BLANKET ON THE BED. At 112 lbs, and six feet tall, Adam would not be warm enough at night. Even prisoners get a blanket.

    (Still viewing the report)

    1. Did anyone see the DNA report? It states that swabbing excluded Adam and Nancy Lanza’s DNA from the gun trigger, the pistol, the magazine clips and the birthday card. It went on to say that the DNA on the birthday card was a hit to someone in the NY offender database. IS THAT NOT A SMOKING GUN? Someone from a DNA database? Who? The DNA report in the CSP exonerates Lanza. Other eye witness statements state that through the courtyard 3 or 4 people with a long shotgun were seen near the computer lab. The sweatshirts on the ground say more than one shooter. The police scanners go into the purple van, the masks and the nun. Is the state of CT fucking kidding me? You are closing a case and the real killers are still out there!

    1. Thanks for the post Sandy,
      Do you know if the commission has access to the same redacted file as the rest of us? I have seen discussion of images(?) of Adam L. at the school, is this true? Where are they? Do you know if there were any security camera images in the redacted info?

      1. THE COMMISSION IS APPLYING PRESSURE! Me thinks the group in charge of this little project are getting pushed into a corner.

        No, the SH commission members have the big fat redacted file and are sick of the Easter Egg hunt in looking for mental health info. The pictures of Adam are just close-ups of a huge gun in a pocket. There are no security camera images. However, there is a three hour video of bored cops standing around in a parking lot, eating lunch, telling jokes and laughing – no stress, even the police dog lies down for a nap.

        The commission wants to meet with Peter. Peter is still AWOL. Soooo…..out trots the spokesman, Errol Cockfield who issues press statements.

        Errol is the guy who told us that Peter had collected Adam’s body.
        Errol is the guy that told us that Adam was buried in an undisclosed location.
        Errol is the guy that said Peter met with the Parkers.
        Errol is the guy who is now asking for anyone whoever treated Adam for anything to come forward.
        Errol is the guy who said that Peter wants to release any medical records that he is allowed to release.
        Errol is the guy who did not say that Peter would actually appear before the Sandy Hook Commission.
        Errol is the guy standing about ten feet from Obama at the Presidential Inauguration. (See his facebook page for his photo and comments.)

  28. Errol sounds like the guy they have nominated to keep the questions quiet.. with answers that tell us nothing in reality, he sounds close to ‘higher up ‘ people, but knowledgeable enough to feed the rank and file public with as little information as possible, as if he is trying to solve something.. but in reality its just keeping enquiry’s open, but going nowhere. If you get my drift.!



    (time) 1:03:50

    There were rumours of Obama revealing his plans for making some executive orders. Lo and behold, the ONLY PLACE in his address where he foreshadows this is pertaining to “gun violence” beginning at 1:03:50.

    PRESIDENT OBAMA: “I intend to keep trying WITH OR WITHOUT CONGRESS to help stop more tragedy’s from visiting innocent Americans in our movie theatres and our shopping malls or schools like Sandy Hook”.

    Notably absent from the assembly was anyone associated to any of those events. In other words, for example, no-one from the Sandy Hook event was highlighted even though the White House invited several civilians who appeared in the audience and were spotlighted to represent each major topic spoken to.

    So especially where Obama is using the words “with or without congress” – I mean, this is significant and yet no-one is there to represent these tragic events. Sandy Hook, of course, would have been the event of choice for impact on this topic.

    * * *

    Also noted:
    1. HELPING WOMEN BY PROMOTING PRE-K (In my opinion, just another smokescreen for getting kids out of our control asap to get the propaganda started early…)

  30. This is not what the police report said. DNA on guns DID NOT belong to the Lanza’s!!!!!’ Why are you twisting the report I read it and you must no of! DNA found on some of the evidence belonged to a convicted NY offender! This article has totally rearranged the truth. Read the police report as an eyewitness states she seen 3 or 4 people near the computer lab with a long shot gun and listen to the scanner about the purple van !

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