The photograph below, likely taken in mid-December, shows the remains of the Sandy Hook Elementary School crime scene, where all evidence has now been destroyed. The demolition of the 57 year old structure commenced in October, shortly after a $50 million appropriation made by Connecticut Governor Dannell Malloy to rebuild the school and a $2.5 million payout by President Obama’s Department of Justice to local and regional law enforcement agencies participating in the December 14, 2012 event.

For additional information and research please consult the Sandy Hook School Massacre Timeline and the Sandy Hook Massacre Compendium of Research and Analysis.

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159 thought on “Sandy Hook Elementary Now Leveled”
  1. Just as we’ve seen with the Word Trade Center, Boston marathon bombings etc., it just wouldn’t due to have so many loose ends left untied for prying eyes and inquisitive minds to sort through.

    Make no mistake: What you see in this and other examples is nothing short of the revision of history Orwell predicted in “1984”, writ in concrete and brick. If the history is dangerous, and you can’t be sure you can control the story in the future, you bulldoze history. Such is the morality of current “leaders.” They lead only in the depravity and duplicity they conjure on a regular basis.

    There is only one avenue left for the individual to express his utter contempt for the psychopaths at the helm now.

    I. Will. Not. Comply.

    1. That’s my take as well. We need to become a herd of cats. I used to call this “the Italian method”. They’ve had dozens of governments. The victims of them just say, “yeah, sure”, and go right on with what they were doing before the government got there.

      These guys are just “boils on the ass of time”.

  2. I read an article in the Courant recently and was surprised to find that Governor Malloy created a 16 member Warren (er…Advisory) Commission to “make specific recommendations in the areas of public safety, with particular attention paid to school safety, mental health, and gun violence prevention.”

    As a group, they ridiculed the recent 10 page summary which was released in lieu of an actual investigation report. They were apparently stunned at the absence of any substantive information regarding Adam Lanza’s mental health history.

    With the crime scene wiped clean, and the report basically AWOL, the commissions options for ending this fiasco are reduced to one final mandate: It’s time they apply for 28 exhumations, starting with Allison Wyatt. I doubt they will be in any way grisly.

    1. Good luck. Malloy just wants a plausible excuse for more stringent gun control. Most likely the group’s conclusions are already written – much as the Patriot Act is too detailed to have been written in 3 weeks and was a desk drawer plan in search of a crisis. I’ve got $100 that says that Malloy’s group will decide that our state’s NAZI style gun laws need to be tougher – and probably need a special ‘gun police’ to enforce them.

      1. Rev. Dave, I believe the aim is not primarily gun control, but rather “mental health” control. It would appear they would like have the power to declare certain persons as “pre-violent”. To do this they would pass legislation to coerce mental health workers to report patients who, during therapy, they deemed to exhibit certain signs of possible future acts of violence. These people would then be denied certain rights and subject to no telling what kind of surveillance. No doubt this would also apply to priests and other religious figures who hear confessions and would be obliged to report people they found suspicious.

        1. Good observation Joel. I think it is a combination of mental health and gun control. The set up to replicate the circumstances of Dunblane are just too obvious.

          Since everyone in the country is on zoloft, paxil, selexa or some type of anti depressant virtually the entire country would then be subject to government approval for gun ownership and there would be raids on their houses to seize their guns. (this has already been happening)

      2. Malloy is either in on it, or his life, and his family’s lives are being threatened. I’m trying to watch his body language. Go back to the first press conference when he says he was warned about this happening. Probably has to do with the program Holder brought to town just before the event. I don’t remember the name of the program…

      1. This group is not the same as the members of Project Longevity. My gut feeling is that PL orchestrated SH, and the Advisory Commission is made up of people who’s professional expertise appears to be relevant – yet they are all stakeholders in the community and hardly independent.

        I was referring to their December 20th meeting where they responded to the Police Timeline Response Report, as well as the SORRY EXCUSE FOR AN INVESTIGATION REPORT summary which was released by Sedensky’s office. They were not impressed.

        Commission members are quoted in the Courant, (can’t find article just now and must get back to the Holiday stuff.) You can also see a video of the meeting if you go to the “Danial P. Malloy – Governor of Connecticut” webpage and scroll down to meeting minutes for December 20th.

    2. Totally agree with you. The group gravesite of Bacon, Pinto, Green, etc. is unbelievable. Who would say good-bye to their child by placing him in some horrible group – that is culturally un-American because the relatives (any grandparents? cousins? I don’t think so) would be up in arms that the child not be buried in a family plot but treated like a child soldier in some creepy country under a coup d’etat dictatorship.

      1. MUSINGS! This is stunning information.

        I had no idea several of the children were tossed into one hole. If I thought it possible that any children were actually murdered, I would find that absolutely shocking, maudlin, gruesome and horrifyingly cheap.

        Group grave-site? Really? Sandy Hook Promise and scores of donation sites were available with enough reported donations to build each child a private marble mausoleum. Let’s face it – losing a child is much less expensive than raising and educating same.

        I do think the 26 playgrounds named after murdered children is a very dark and creepy memorial. Just imagine the parent child conversations in the sand box…

        1. No headstones yet? There are some religious ideas that the headstone is placed one year later (Jewish), but if it still isn’t there, or if the child is not even Jewish, this argues that they are trying to obscure the fact that there is nothing in the ground. They don’t want anyone going in and finding out what a lie lies beneath the ground, I would imagine. But who is curious enough to press this? They are relying on indifference to the details.

        2. Thanks. Not even a year and those graves look like crap.

          Not only that the one for Ana is just a pro forma message – “Well done good and faithful servant.” For a six year old? How whacked is that? Came out of a catalog. But the “singing the Jesus opera” takes the cake for cheesiness, for Miss Bacon.

          This is pitched at middle America, where people go for this kind of mass-produced maudlin stuff. When my stepmother picked out the headstone for my dad, we all winced. “Together forever” like a cheap tattoo. These are the most déclassé imaginable and as Sandy said, each child could have been set up with a marble mausoleum given the cash that flowed in.

          What’s Pinto doing with a middle name that’s FFV? Not to say it might not happen, but again, the name was a random flip I am sure.

        3. All four now have headstones. There were alot of trinkets placed around each grave. Pinto had footballs, baseballs etc, there was an arrangement of pumpkins in the shape of a heart between the 4 separate graves.

        4. What name is listed on the very last grave shown in this video? It appears to be a piece of paper with the name of the funeral home, but I can’t make out the name of the person.

        5. Ana Greene’s Headstone says…

          “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

          WhooHoo…Well done getting shot and killed!

          That’s right up there with this lil gem from Carlee Soto re: a phone call from Derek Jeter.

          Vicki’s sister Carlee tweeted the family’s excitment.
          “Derek Jeter just called my mom!!!!! Thanks Vicki, she needs it thank you @yankees this meant a lot to my mother and all of us.”

          “Thanks Vicki” for getting shot and dying so Mom could talk to Jeter.


        6. Calling “Carl’!!!!

          Where are you when we need you? You are frequently on the scene, in Newtown, investigating, asking questions of the locals! This is a mystery only YOU can handle!

          “Carl,” please come back! Tell us what this all means!

        7. I admit that I haven’t made much of an effort to get to the bottom of the burials. With them refusing to release death certificates I’m assuming that the rest of the record is probably sealed.

          It’s one thing to stage a closed casket funeral, it’s another to have mortuary records, etc., and any transfer records if they are buried elsewhere. I’m actually a little surprised that they haven’t taken steps to pour concrete or something around them to prevent anyone from getting curious.

          As a starting point it would be interesting to get the disposition records of this. The cemetery itself doesn’t care. They certainly don’t check the contents. I notice that there are cards with the name of the mortuary. Of course those may be provided by the cemetery based on a phone call.

          If I called a cemetery and said “this is Mr. Jones from Dewey, Cheatum and Howe and we have a funeral planned for Saturday at plot 16, and plot 16 is all paid for, I can’t imagine what else would be required. Of course I don’t know this for sure.

          It would make an interesting investigation.

        8. Dewey, Cheatum and Howe.

          I made my daughter watch those movies, too. None of her friends’ dads did. They have no idea what she’s talking about, much of the time. She wonders how they never learned our culture. Dads do it.

          Merry Christmas, everyone!

        9. “That’s Klaus,……..S Klaus……….! That’s pretty interesting. All present and accounted for (with a few MIA’s). I thought Veronique was taking “Noah” back to Seattle? Strange too about the responses.


    I cannot believe with all of the obvious false reports and conflicting circumstances that it is not obvious the “official investigation” is compromised.

    Most obvious is the shooting time line. The official report states that the last shot was at 9:40 am yet CLEARLY there are audible shots on the 911 call at about 9:47 which is corroborated by an officer’s radio transmission at 9:49 am – “shots fired 3 minutes ago”

    Also check out the report appendix Ballistics Report Room 10. Lanza’s “suicide shot” was to the lower rear of his head exiting the upper front of his head going through his hat. That sounds like an execution shot to me. Also two bullets were expended from the Glock 10mm. and they could not find one of the bullets ? Was Lanza “double tapped”?

    Wouldn’t the NRA, Oathkeepers, Nugent anybody in Congress have an interest in exposing this lie?

    1. No one “official” will touch this, it is an instant pariah maker Dr Tracy has big balls to be the exception! This crime must be solved via grassroots work. And it will be, once enough people know about it someone official will touch it, and then it’ll fall like a lead zeppelin. It has only been a year, give it time!

      1. its been 12 years since the towers fell & everyone that tried to ‘touch the subject’ ended up “mysteriously” DEAD in plane crash’s ( seem to be a favorite) or they hit a ‘tree’ in an out of control car ( another favorite way of ‘mystery’ deaths ) . The same will happen with this subject . the bush,clinton & obama white house ‘dead pile’ grows daily .

        deaths connected with the obama white house::::

        the clinton dead pile :::

        and of course that is without the MASS DEATHS from geoengineering of the weather & chemtrail deaths via deadly toxic chemical dumping ,man made weather terrorism & wars against the people of the united states & the world .

        the jets that are flying over us DAILY and poisoning and killing everything on the planet with man made weather & chemical poisoning ( illuminum,lithium,arsenic,strontium,barium,lead,tin molds & virus’s i the spray ) ( actress brittany Murphy had all these toxins in her body when she died) – just go to the ONE HOUR & 10 MINUTE mark on this video and watch the globalists in washington RUN down the hallways to get away from geoengineering/chemtrail questions ::::

      2. A good sentiment. Yet given the nature of the “crime” even most media outlets otherwise beyond the pale will not delve in to the matter. I agree that settling this scandal and what are deemed representative politics has to begin locally.

        Also, the death certificates of the 26 alleged victims were released to the New York Post in June. Attempts to contact the Post by me for copies of the documents were met with silence.

        1. Yeah I went into the death certificate thing big time and it looks like the post is saying they got the death certificates, but did not release any of them to any other news sources, even local Connecticut papers. What’s up with that? Why the post? Bloomberg? At this point there is no evidence shown of any certificates that I have seen. That combined with the whole aurelia thing. The best evidence for conspiracy lies in the coverup.

    2. Ha ha hah ahaaa hha hhaa hhaa Congress??? Ha hha ha ha NRA??? Ha ha ha hha haa. Haaa hha aa, I can’t stop, haa ahhaa… Independent??? Haaaa ha hhhaaaahahaha.

      You crack me up Callahan. Stop it.

    1. To remove asbestos certain safety measures need to be used. Can’t just knock down the building. Workers need to wear masks, too. So does anyone have a photo of the school’s destruction in progress? Or was it done fast and in a way to endanger the whole community of fruitcakes who drive Honda Civics?

      Outrageous video of NY Times editor showing his talent as an actor.

  4. What if the Church and the State are the mob at the door? For all of recent history whenever the Church needed a miracle, they staged one. Life offers up no miracles, unfortunately, it needs assistance. The State is following in the steps of the Church. We don’t question the miracles of the Church. Why question the ” miracles” of the State.

  5. they have destroyed all the evidence that NOTHING happened at this location – just like they shipped 911 remains to china – they dont want any evidence to their crimes against the people of the united states , i am sure a lot more deaths will follow too just like 911 , not only ‘evidence’ has to be destroyed but so do witness’s

    1. I really wonder how many people actually died not in Sandy Hook Elementary School (0), but because of it??? I am sure that anyone who was not completely on board with this play was silenced forever.

      1. John, well, we have the “disappeared” guy, the bicycle guy and the guy that the cops shot in his kitchen. There may be others. The local guy who made two videos was believably scared. I suppose if you live somewhere where the cops, the judges, the state government and the feds are all in on it bad things could happen.

      1. Has anyone checked out the names and birthdays on the headstones to see if they match up with birth records? Are birth records searchable online? It would also be interesting to see if any life insurance claims were made for any of the alleged victims.

        1. I believe that for some states they are searchable online. You have to know the state first. Also, in the last 20+ years, all children are issued social security numbers at birth.

        2. @musings….Not quite true, although hospitals present the papers to parents of new borns in a manner that would give the impression it is “the law”. Neither of my two sons had SSNs until they were “employed” in our family business and we issued them W2s. When my first son was born 18 years ago, I was handed the papers to sign etc., and I managed to stall and sweet-talk the nurse that I would bring them back later. When my second son was born 17 years ago, a hospital admin insisted I complete the papers. I refused and told him that I was taking my wife and new born child out of the hospital and dared anyone to physically stop me. Nobody tried to stop me.
          More and more people are resisting the demand to get SSNs for their newborns.

        3. Charlotte H Bacon born in New Jersey, same dates as headstone, has a social security number. I have not checked contemporary records in New Jersey. We are living in an electronic era in which all information can be faked with government connivance. I do NOT wish to begin a thread here on Obama, so please spare me while I look up other SHES kids. But we live in a time of “legends” – what the Soviets were able to control in their very clamped-down society, but which used to be recoverable here and disputable as faked. Now it will become harder.

        4. Mary, I’m thinking that if they were in school they would have SSI numbers. If they do you should be able to check the Social Security Death Index.

    2. The paint ball splatters on the walls was evidence it was a drill, and whitewashing it over would be too obvious. Something did happen – A drill!

  6. So they’ve demolished a school that maybe wasn’t even an active school and sworn all parties to secrecy and we’re handing out $50 million in government largesse. Merry Chistmas.

    We’ve got all these 2 dimensional characters, almost literally paper cut-outs like Adam er… Ryan Lanza,Nancy and the teachers, pasted on what we were told was an ostensibly “real” event, in the 3rd dimension in S.Smallstorms model, I think. Our oddball cast of the 3D characters includes Carver MD (pilot show now in production for NBC), Creepy Gene and the kids who couldn’t keep their stories straight, not to mention the Smitten Parents who have achieved such ‘Ba’hai’ transcendence.

    From a 4th dimensional perspective we can watch how our “comedia dell’arte” plays out among our gibbering unaware media sock puppets, the social media and the skeptical minority. For those select few, we have a special treat, Nuns with Guns! in a Purple Van!, Multiple Shooters, CGI and Photoshop blooper reels, oh and of course a twist of evil to get all those Christians worked up about Satanism.

    Back in the 3rd, our handful of assets, agents, the bribed or coerced, the patriotic and the Bahai true believers can disappear into obscurity. All safely compartmentalized. The gov’t will push the gun buttons and the mental health warnings. Observe, assess the results….this is a Meta-game where the object is to create “new realities”, illusions presented as truth where perception becomes “reality”.

    1. Exactly so. Consider the dreamlike nature of it all. Sort of like “Alice in Wonderland” MK Ultra programming. When you create an illusion like this the mind scrambles to “make sense” of it. Cognitive dissonance is the term they’ve created for this condition.

      They create the “answers” to your “questions”. All normal impediments disappear. As mentioned above, asbestos? What asbestos? $50M dollars (let’s say that again), FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS, (sorry!) for an elementary school. Of course it will be a fortress. Always a good idea AFTER an event that has never happened previously in the life of the school.

      This is just part of the national delusional state we now inhabit. Tornadoes blow towns away and they build “art centers”. Imaginary shootings happen and they build $50M fortresses to replace scenes and disappear the evidence. Cemeteries sprout shiny head stones for some and cards for others amid vast amounts of cash. Committees of bankers are formed to decide what to do with the influx of donated money.

      If your town is bankrupt, better get on the “drill plan”. Guaranteed to bring dividends.

      1. I guarantee that a “new school” will not be built soon. It will be delayed for many years if not even built at all. Why? Because they do not need one, unless suddenly 400-600 new kids move into Newtown, Ct.

        1. Yes John, that’s true. Of course they wouldn’t need a “fortress” if they did. I don’t know legally how they approved this money (if it’s even true). I said the whole thing is like a dream.

      2. Yup, not even 24 hours after this happened, I noticed Wikipedia has the “Sandy Hook shooting” in it’s catalog of “memory”. This is ‘gossip” instead of hard facts and now this is supposed to be a part of our national consciousness, our collective memories, a “history lesson”, an accepted fact? Maddening! I see glimpses of this “reality” in newspaper articles, letters to the editors in women’s magazines, Oprah, ugh…ad nauseum peddled as “fact”. Those who would question these facts are the ones who will have to worry about being “determined” with not being in touch with reality. The mental health issue is really about that. Very Orwellian.

        1. Today’s CNN has important “news” events from 2013, and a very “thorough” timeline of “the Boston Marathon attacks”. Of course with Wikipedia, you can go in and edit. There does not appear to be a comments option today at the CNN site, with canned truth for the masses.

          There’s a man who posts on Youtube from London named “Morris”, who gave the best description I have seen of what is going on with this false history-making. He said we are being led to “converse in lies”. Yes, it is a discourse in which the marker words of the discourse, the examples given which we used in rhetorical remarks (about our enemies, reasons for going to war, need for security, need for government funding, health of our society) are placed there deliberately by authorities, not having risen spontaneously out of human interaction or the will of individuals acting on their own (or in small conspiracies). To me this is the ultimate purpose of all these hoaxes: creation of false discourse for the benefit of the leaders.

        2. Yes, that too, is being censored and edited, the comments section. While it’s OK to have a tin foil hat on and say, “Aliens did it”, if you do happen to give a reasonable, plausible, doubt to the official narrative, your comments most likely won’t been seen.

        3. Bewise, that’s an important point. We shouldn’t forget that if we use other websites or MSM comments to determine what the climate of the country is, we will be mislead.

          Many of them censor the comments. As you say, it’s OK to say “Ancient Aliens abducted Michelangelo” or something, but questioning the official meme is “crazy”.

          Cue the “mental health” contingent.

        4. Yah, comments sections under MSM articles are always controlled and moderated to make it appear as if the ‘truthers’ are all nuts. Sober challenges to official narratives are censored.

          In terms of ‘cue the mental health’ reeducators, I would love to see memoryhole devote more focus on that. I happen to think posters underestimate the importance of the larger narrative and how accessible it is to people to speak in terms of it. Maybe Sophia Smallstorm could further develop that theme for people. It’s absolutely critical. Anyone heard of the soviet dissident Bukovsky? He’s said publicly in Europe in the last few months that there is a narrow window in time to prevent the complete sovietization of the continent.

          It’s not clear to me that America even has that but I’d rather go down fighting than continue to slowly boil like the clueless frog.

  7. Dr. Tracy: What a year you have had!

    What a joy you ave been to all of us. Some have visited here and wandered away; some have stuck around. Some, like me, became addicted to the environment you created. We love it.

    I wish for you, and your family, a very merry Christmas, and an even better New Year.

    I know I’m not alone.

    Patrick Murphy

    1. I too thank Dr.Tracy for giving us somewhere to go that is SANE, when all the crazy around us is so overwhelming, He has given us a place to go where at least truth still exsists in our make believe world, I have thanked God ( my higher spirit being) for Dr.Tracy & this page at times when the crazy lying world has been unbearable, at least we have had memory hole to find truth. Thank You & Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to Dr.Tracy & the truth seekers that have brought sanity to the insane world we are living.

    2. Thanks Patrick. Merry Christmas to you and all here.

      And thanks to all who’ve made “the Memory Hole” a regular destination and continue to create thoughtful discussion here.

      Best wishes for 2014.


      1. My wife and I would like to wish you and your family a heartfelt Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year,Dr. Tracy. While I rarely make comments of any note,trust that I eagerly look forward to reading and digesting all that I find here. Truth, much like energy,may neither be created nor destroyed. Thank you! -Ray Moseley

      1. Christmas is a banker’s holiday… spend a lot of monet but you’re restricted in your mentioning the supposed reason for the holiday.
        I feel like scrooge saying that. 🙂

    1. Merry Christmas to you too Larry. Assuming that the numbers are true (and you know what they say about “assumptions”), that’s a lot of dough.

      Presumably those souls who send their money to these things are concerned with the “victims”, not the community projects and “mental health”. So if this were on the “up and up” the “victims”, those most impacted, would be seeing little, if any of this.

      If I lost a child to something like this I would not want a “memorial” bench somewhere to remind me every time I walked by. One would almost suspect that the desire to make a public spectacle out of this was more important than the care and feeding of their citizens.

      I don’t know what the laws are related to “charities”. Surely there are laws that provide guidance as to who is to receive donations and what can be done with them. This appears to be a case of public financing of a government/cult agenda. I doubt that anyone who sent money was planning for it to be used for political or propagandistic purposes.

      1. I should have mentioned the donation GE (peter Lanza’s employer) just made of 15 million as well. In fact there are so many other channels of money flowing into newtown I didn’t get into here. Like I said this has been a super hairy time for Larry so bear with me. I will be making more vids of things that have piled up in my research depository over the last 6 months, but I think it would be a great idea if someone did try to come up with some kind of realistic figure of how much money was generated overal from this, including the millions from the Feds and state. This figure would definitely be shocking to the general public.

        1. The figure was shocking almost a year ago. What was more “shocking” to me is who gets to decide where the money goes. Now granted, not having real “victims” does present a rather thorny problem.

          As these things are supposed to be “charities” I thought there might be laws that govern how this is supposed to be done. Sending money to these scamsters only encourages them.

    1. Mary, good find. I couldn’t agree more with the sentiments in the article. The nerve! They produce this “thing” and use it as a springboard to destroy our liberties and then whine that they are being harassed? I call that Chutzpah.

      If I go around putting my face to every camera in view and push an agenda, should I not expect to hear from those who are in opposition? Oh, I forgot. Those with such “superior ideals” trump the rest of us unwashed heathens who have other ideas.

      1. Yep, the Sandy Hook Hucksters are all a bunch of media hogs. They are like all the other media hogs, i.e. the Kardashians, Obamas, etc., that seem to have their ugly mugs on t.v. every time it is turned on. Then they have the temerity to say they just want their privacy and to be left alone. It’s like the people you see out in public wearing something that makes them look like a freak of nature, and then act like they are offended when they realize people are staring at them.

        I have just a few simple, straightforward questions at the moment. Is Newtown and/or Sandy Hook Connecticut a REAL place? Do REAL flesh and blood people live there? If so, why do they not speak up about this?

        1. Based on all of the evidence, and lack thereof, that has been compiled concerning Newtown, CT, I would bet the farm that the whole place is a work of fiction.

        2. Let’s just say that if a renegade sub commander decided to fire a cruise missile into the coordinates of downtown Newtown, CT, I know that the damage, collateral and all, would be quite minimal.

        3. Yeah, I’ve been calling it a “Potemkin village” for a long time. There were a couple of short videos of people who tried to visit. There was a guy who claimed to be from there who posted two videos that were quite good from the viewpoint of explaining what the place was like. He said he was scared and quit posting.

          From the sketchy stuff I’ve found it seems that it used to be a sort of working class place that had deteriorated. Biker bars and hookers, oh my! Then something happened.

          There was a “leveraged property sale” via eminent domain that was supposedly related to the gas pipeline. The story was that some people were up in arms and filed suit. There was a settlement whereby some land was set up for “public use”. The school (SHE) was in this zone.

          Somehow (the details are sketchy), some development was “allowed”. This would be the neighborhood were the Lanza drama occurred. The alleged local claimed to have grown up there and, after the development, “different” people began to arrive. They were “city people” and looked down at the locals.

          Some of the local businesses, while not prosperous, were surviving but had their leases cancelled, etc., only to have new businesses come in. These had a distinctly different ambiance than the old ones. Very “tony”.

          Now that the action has died down somewhat, there is talk that the place is drying up. From what I saw it looks like it would be difficult to go there and talk to people. The stuff from those who tried looked like something out of a Stephan King novel.

          There was one video of a guy just walking around up Yogananda Street. It was creepy. Everything looked perfectly tended but there was no sign of life, anywhere. The cops came and hustled him out of there.

        4. What do people make of the reports that the surviving children were funneled into a neighboring school? That would require a real school of real people to pretend they received fugitive people.

        5. Sue, you know, I just don’t know what to think about that. When we were researching this on another site, there were mixed opinions about it. One school of thought has no kids whatsoever going to SHE. Another has a “greatly reduced” or “special ed.” group there.

          There was talk of the firehouse being a small school, maybe for special ed.. I suggested looking at district utility records, bus drivers, etc.. Nobody could break through the iron curtain.

          There was the period where they said they swooped in there, gathered up all the stuff and ran off to Chalk Hill School. That doesn’t wash with me. Who cleaned up “the blood”. Why would supposed victims of an assault want to bring their “memories” with them?

          This seemed like a convenient way to disguise the fact that the school wasn’t in use. Come to think of it, why is there ANYTHING there now?

          One part of me thinks that it would be hard to pull off something like this. Another part of me thinks that it wouldn’t be that hard, and if anybody suspected anything, who would they take it to?

          I don’t know if anyone has looked at the Chalk Hill angle. Did new kids arrive? I mean, frankly, the kids would say what the grown ups told them.

          I guess I was convinced enough that this is a hoax that I didn’t dig too deep into this angle. They have the records pretty well locked up. There appear to be a lot of questionable characters and it isn’t easy to trace their history. I suspect most (if not all) of them are complete fabrications. All we have is what was on TEE VEE and we all know that “seeing is not believing”.

  8. I was watching Tim Burton’s movie the Nightmare before Christmas with my kids last week, and started to see some parallels between the movie and Sandy Hook. Please forgive me if anyone has brought this up before and I missed it. In the movie the Halloween king, Jack Skellington, kidnaps Santa Claus and tries his hand at Christmas with predictable results. It seems terror and Christmas cheer don’t mix very well. Little goblins called Lock, Shock and Barrel were singing a song about imprisoning and torturing “Sandy Claws”. I also watched a video about the imagery of Sandy Hook, and it seemed an effort to take all the sights of the holiday, bells, snowflakes, stars and angels etc.and tie them in with the idea of dead children. Like a Halloween king’s idea of Christmas, it seems an effort to equate the holiday with unexpected horror dealt by a random and chaotic world, the exact opposite of the idea of “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men.” The angel of death played by a troubled young man who was of course into guns but conveniently not on any prescription medications. Watching the lockdown of the school in Colorado the day before the SH anniversary, I wondered if this is designed to get kids used to the idea of feeling controlled and imprisoned for their own well being and safety. The Serco, Robbie Parker connection to Sandy Hook is worth further exploring as well. So instead of a sacrificed Christ on Christmas we are presented with the idea of little children sacrificed because of Adam’s freedom. I am still putting this together, but just wanted to thank Dr. Tracy and all the researchers here, who help me make sense of the propaganda. I will not comply, and I will not fear either, because that is clearly the desired take away message from Sandy Hook CT. for parents of school age children.

    1. That’s very profound. “Sandy Hook Kids died for our sins”. I have said many times that they are actively trying to create a new “religion”. This is the religion of the state. It is a death cult with the state as pontiff.

      The new orthodoxy will be decided by these NWO “theologians” and “evangelized” via TEE VEE. Always remember, NOTHING gets on TV without a purpose. It may appear to be a “documentary” on the sex life of the German Cockroach, but there will be some social/religious programming buried in there somewhere.

      I have actually seen documentaries that were aired previously with new bits inserted to further sell the agenda. The destruction of our ancestral inheritance and the establishment of a “new” reality is paramount.

      1. I agree man, they are screwing with our heads. I think one of the examples is the changing of our holidays (Christmas replaced with Happy Holidays, Independence Day replaced with Fourth of July, Columbus Day replaced with Discoverer’s Day, George Washington’s Birthday replaced with Presidents Day).

        The other day at the mall I was walking past one of the ridiculous brand stores, and in their display for the holiday season was a duck pulling a purple sleigh. It was the stupidest looking thing I have ever seen, just about. And I remember thinking about how they are changing the imagery of Christmas.

        1. No doubt about it Bill. The scariest part is that people are afraid to resist. Whenever somebody says “Happy Holidays” to me I say “Merry Christmas” as loud as I can.

          Easter is now “Spring Break”. Other’s beliefs are sacrosanct. Ours cause offense. This is all part of the same playbook. It is just so obvious. That guy with the weird hair keeps pumping out that nonsense about “Ancient Aliens” being responsible for anything worthwhile in the history of man.

          Maybe they’re trying to create a new myth about Santa being related to the Duck Dynasty crew. You can’t make this up. And yet, people go right along with it. Talk about your “zombie apocalypse”.

        2. I don’t think you’re the only one, lophatt.

          I was a little taken aback when I spoke with a customer service representative at my phone company prior to the holidays. At the end of our call, she said, “I thank you for calling and I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas.”

          I was so not used to this from a corporation that I started to reply, “Happy Hol…, uh.. Merry Christmas to you as well.”

          She said, emphatically, “I appreciate that.”

          From then on, I’ve been saying, “Merry Christmas.”

          Non-compliance. Gotta love it.

        3. One of the children’s movies released in 2012 was “Rise of the Guardians” from Dreamworks. The previews depicted a militarized Santa Clause and other armed children’s characters (the tooth fairy) engaged in battle.

          I viewed this as an obvious attack on childhood and any parent who let their child view this crap is complicit in dismantling the imagery of Christmas.

          Thankfully, as studios like Dreamworks trash childhood… wise parents turn to more appropriate Christian programming which is experiencing a boom in production quality due to new media.

        4. That is why my son doesn’t watch the new trashy cartoons of the current generation. I was pretty much disgusted when I saw Shrek for the first time. All that crap is bad for your mind – and our kids are constantly getting dumped with violent and immoral cartoon characters. It is sad and pathetic how our media continues to peddle their ridiculous movies on our kids.

          We used to have a book about Rise of Guardians and I scratched my head when we would read the book to my son. Strange stories. Threw that one in the trash.

          Here is another example of how screwed in the head Hollywood is. Toy Story is a rare great movie from the freaks. But what do they do with a great movie? Mess it up. Did you see the extremely violent fight between Buzz and Woody at the gas station? Why? Why do they show kids how to start fires with a magnifying glass? Did they really need to used the explosive rocket? And lastly is the always reliable slutty Hollywood ‘hook-up.’ At the end, Woody gets to hook up with Little Bo Beep and they switch screens leaving the viewer thinking about what happened, they they come back and Woody has lipstick on his face. Sick disgusting %$&@ing people make these movies.

  9. In obscure news today, Paul Cia-N-Cia has plead NOT Guilty in his preliminary hearing on the “LAX shooting of a TSA agent. I wonder if we will hear much more about this in the news?

      1. Kathy, it PAYS to be good, obedient global citizens. We’ve got people starving in the streets and here’s Obongo and Holder raining down money on the hapless enforcers of Newtown. It’s enough to make a buzzard hurl.

      2. Kathy,

        While we’re on the subject of money/donations, take a look at this research done by swan song and posted last week on The piece focuses on the next-door neighbor to Nancy Lanza on Yogananda Street, John Trentacosta, the President and CEO of the Newtown Savings Bank and recently appointed member of The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council…

        Follow the $

        1. John, yes that is very interesting. Isn’t it telling that the former “playmate” describes the swimming pool and creates a story just like the “couple on the street” did?

          When we were researching this I kept calling it a Potemkin Village”. I still think that’s what it is. We have also said many times that those involved in this sort of thing enter a “faustian bargain”. They generally receive something of value for their services.

          It would be interesting to know just what they were doing at the Trentacosta’s. I remember that there was a report of a domestic dispute in the neighborhood. I don’t remember if it was there. I seem to recall that it was supposed to be the Hockley’s (sp?).

          We’ve talked a lot about drills. Besides getting your forces to the site and controlling the situation, drills are excellent practice for organization. There would almost certainly be a funding component to this. Maybe our CEO, being the eager, aggressive A-type that he undoubtedly is, jumped the gun on his responsibilities. Wouldn’t want to miss a dollar now would we?

          Beyond that, how could they make “mistakes” that blatant with the houses? Well, they didn’t expect anyone to notice that the footage of the storm troopers rushing St. Rose of Lima wasn’t Sandy Hook either.

          Well, they say “we are what we eat”. Maybe we have become what we watch.

    1. Kathy, I don’t get it….what kind of “relief” is necessary? Not that this is even a legitimate question, since we know there was no shooting to begin with. What, are we supposedly supporting the Sandy Hook families for the rest of their lives because there was a tragedy that didn’t happen? I do know one thing though, the participants in this scam, including the Obama-Holder conglomeration, all have their filthy fingers in the money bags!

    1. Adam Lanza had the same motives Micky Mouse and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer have: whatever their inventor decides when they created him out of whole cloth. No video, not autopsy. He never existed.

    2. Adam Lanza was crazy. He overpowered Christopher Rodia while he was walking toward SHES and carjacked his black Honda. Then he proceeded to open fire on the school, Rambo style, overpowered 6 larger adults, and made 26 kill shots with Mossad proficiency, which he learned while playing Dance, Dance Revolution. This is the government story in a nutshell. The video footage was recorded on someone’s cell phone camera, because the school’s state of the art electronics (circa 1967) were not working that day, lol. I really hope that this same exact scenario happens 1000 more times in 2014, until Joe sportswatcher or Jane the churchgoer finally get it.

      1. If you can learn commando skills from Dance, Dance Revolution, you can equally well learn to pilot jetliners by being rather poor students of Cessna single-engine aircraft flying. Do we really have such a dumb country? Or is it something else? I suspect we are like the Incan tribe or something, ready to fall apart at the touch of a finger by some invader, because we have organized our society in a very vulnerable way. I suspect the couch and television are part of that vulnerability.

        1. Maybe he swapped a leaf blower with Chris to get one of his brother’s brother’s converted AR’s?

        2. The only item of value in the Lanza garage, besides the Mercedes, was the power washer, lol!

  10. LAX Shooter Paul Ciancia has pled NOT GUILTY.

    News film of his roommate’s (1) little black Honda looks just like the Sandy Hook Hondas – (2) the one in front of the school,(3) the one in Rosen’s driveway, and (4) a green one with bullet holes (Rousseau.)

    I’m convinced that Nick Pugh is “Harley Guy.” Nick admits on his Twitter page that he was both at LAX during the active shooter event, and in New York on 9/11 – stating that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, twice. His voice and manner are the same, same gesture habits, as well as logical age progression of his appearance.

    At LAX, Nick was interviewed at least eight times for ‘man on the street’ interviews, during which he describes an improbable series of events which had him standing just in front of the shooter on the escalator, running out onto the tarmac, being held facedown and handcuffed because he didn’t have a ticket or ID, then released ten minutes later by police.

    Nick (Harley Guy) was the first person to coin the term “Ground Zero.” He was interviewed at least ten times on 9/11 for television ‘man on the street’ interviews. He jumped to the conclusion that the towers collapsed because there was loss of structural integrity due to the intensity of the heat.’

    He works in Hollywood and until recently, had a company called Rhythm and Hues. He specialized in animation set within actual film footage.

    1. Wow, I should ask him for the winning “Power Ball” numbers. Any idea what the odds of that would be? All the people in LA and NYC and they interview him. What a “lucky” guy.

    2. “He specialized in animation set within actual film footage.”

      Do you think he could add to real footage of the Manhattan skyline a jetliner plunging into a building like it was made of jello?

      Maybe he was there to supervise the production, make sure it looked real enough, and ensure that the news reports got the modified footage lickety-split. That done, he could then kill some time giving eye witness interviews to those same reporters.

      1. Patrick, absolutely. Remember that interview “on the street” during the Boston operation? They caught the “reporter” yukking it up with the “witness”? Then, BAM!, into character, all serious, wide-eyed, etc..

        I remember “Harley Guy’s” schtick from 9-11. Just happened to be strolling through the neighborhood and decided to deliver an engineering dissertation.

  11. When they show footage explaining sequences of “events” on tv lately, they show them in animated form. Have you seen that? Maybe not if you don’t watch t:). (I catch a few things on tv as I’m passing through the room where my husband is watching it, so really, I can’t say that I never watch it.)

    1. t….that’s the abbreviation for tv,
      just thinking, maybe those animations are made ahead of time and used as tutorials. He must be an important guy. He should spend some time on disguises, though, if he’s going to be videoed at so many events

      1. Well, maybe because they’re bombarding everybody with “all of man’s accomplishments are due to ‘Ancient Aliens’, redneck millionaires, that “Honey Boo Boo” thing, assaultive tow truck drivers, punk pawn shop owners and gawd knows what else, nobody will notice.

        Even their documentaries are full of lies, distortions and propaganda. “Subtlety” is not their thing.

        1. Honey Boo Boo????? I’ll have to google that one. What do the Duck Dynasty guys do?

          And there are a TON of documentaries on lately!

        2. Violetta, I seldom watch any TV. When I do I can’t take too much of it. I was in a hotel a while back and I couldn’t believe the crap on there. “Honey Boo Boo” is some “reality show” about a bunch of trailer trash and their fat little daughter (Honey Boo Boo)! Quite an inspiration.

          I don’t know what the “Duck Dynasty” guys do. I don’t have the stomach for it.

        3. Obviously, you don’t read the Daily Mail.

          If you want to know what Britain finds fascinating about us, scan through that venerable rag. Right now, the biggest obsession seems to be the various Kardashians, and the cosmetic surgery history of Bruce Jenner. Certainly the kind of thing Herodotus would include about us, were he writing today.

        4. Lophatt, yeah, I looked up Honey Boo Boo, and the 6 images they showed of her and her family were more than enough detail. Reality???
          There are people who watch that?

        5. Yeah, they’re the ones who scream “conspiracy theorist” at us. “Honey Boo Boo” is “reality”. Y’all just don’t get it. Once them Ancient Aliens come down and “rapture” us’n outta here, it’ll all be ducky.

        6. Reality is being re-somethinged, I can’t think of a word for it. Rearranged? If you see things the way they are and have the nerve to say so….I’m having trouble verbalizing what I’m thinking.
          Good is called evil, and evil is called good.
          I’m sure we could make a whole list.

        7. Every culture has it’s myths. We are in no way more sophisticated than any previous or alternative culture. The MSM are the druids of our time! In fact, they have about the same powers and responsibilities as the druids of iron age Northern Europe.

        8. Maybe Colonel, but I have a hard time visualizing Merlin conjuring up “Honey Boo Boo”.

      1. Aside from being a weird name-coincidence it’s hard to see what function this would perform as part of a plan. Unless it’s a just a mind-f**k.

        I don’t know – I think we have to remember sometimes weird coincidences do just happen. So, I’m just not sure.

        1. This book was written in 2005, and the plot of multiple shooters seems rather curious. We give way too much credit to the government for being intelligent and creative…

        2. It is part of the gaslighting operation (that I’ve mentioned many times elsewhere). This crime is perpetrated by a cult in SH, but I’m starting to believe it has much wider spread.

          A “Smoking gun” is when you have undeniable proof. This is within the “total deniability” boundaries needed to confuse and disorient the victim in a “gaslighting” operation.

        3. I agree it can’t be called a smoking gun. I think it’s another example of how they laugh at us.

          Remember how they visibly told us in the Batman movie that “Sandy Hook” was part of Gothem, and had a sky scraper emblazoned with the word “aurora”? And the “coincidence” that the writer of The Hunger Games lives in Newtown?

          These are games they play, like the cat who toys with the mouse he’s caught, taking great delight in the terror he’s causing. They love leaving these little clues. In Kurt Vonnegut’s book God Bless You Mr. Rosewater, a repugnant lawyer is physically tone deaf, and his colleges openly tell them what they think of him in a way they know he can’t perceive: whenever they pass him in the hallway, they whistle “Pop Goes the Weasel.” It’s like mocking a retarded person, and feeling good about yourself afterwards.

        4. chemtrails ( our organs surrounded by heavy metal chemicals) -geoengineering of the weather- haarp-elf towers – this goes much deeper then sandy hook then most can even fathom – and if we dont stop the chemtrails & SOON we are all doomed because all our organs are floating in heavy metal chemicals

        5. Colonel, there is an element of “gaslighting” in it. Patrick’s points are exactly on target. Why else would they do something like that? The only people who would recognize it are the perpetrators and the aware.

          It’s like saying, “we’re doing this right in your face and you can’t stop us”. That’s why I keep bringing up the Bushite and the manufactured reality business. They see it as “feeding the eaters”. They have fund with it. “What are we going to do today? Well, let’s tap into a Batman meme, or Alice in Wonderland, then we can……….”.

          Now that the media is totally controlled it’s a snap.

        6. I agree with you guys, we are being constantly gaslighted now and it is so “in your face” it is shameful! I saw a YouTube video yesterday about the “Emilie Parker Fund Facebook Page”, and it was disturbing. Ever since the SHES hoax began, I have seen and heard that there is indeed a branch of the Church of Satan in that area. I sort of discounted it at first and let it go. Then I noticed that even after several months, people were still insisting this was true. As a Christian, I personally didn’t want to do a web search for all the locations of the Church of Satan. I was afraid of what I might find, and I have seen things before that I wish I hadn’t….and once you have seen something, you can’t un-see it.

          Now, back to the video I saw about Emilie’s Facebook page. The number of “shares” on this page is stuck at 666. People that found this out have been sharing the page like crazy, but the number 666 remains the same! So yesterday, people started posting some serious messages there, calling these hoaxers out for what they have done. Finally, I guess an administrator for that Facebook page changed the number of shares by one number to 667, and posted a message saying “There, I fixed it!” Shortly after this though, the number was changed back to 666 where it has remained stuck once again. You can check for yourself here: These wicked liars are absolutely thrilled and proud of what they have perpetrated upon us. And why not? They’ve gotten away with it for over a year now, and they know that they have permission from the highest offices in this country to continue with their filthy lies and vile scams. Nothing will ever be done about this crime.

          So I’ve had to reconsider the Church of Satan angle and it explains how these people are able to do what they do; they are void of all feelings except their own and completely amoral…there is no right or wrong and anyone that has a problem with that…well…that’s their problem! They are worse than sociopaths. What I see going on in this country is shameful and it sickens me.

        7. Mary, I totally agree with you. All I can say is that the Creator knows what’s going on and is control, and actually holds “them” in derision.

          The people that Satan is using are deceived. He uses money, drugs, and power to tempt and fool them to do what he wants them to do.

          Gaslighting is used to make people feel as if they are going crazy, isn’t it?

        8. Ahhh…Psalms Chapter 2…one of my favorites! When people try to tell me there is no conspiracy, I point them to these verses where God says there certainly is. 🙂

          You’re right, Satan will use whatever it takes to get people to do his bidding. Just a quick look-see at the entertainment industry should convince us of that. What is difficult for so many people to see is that those who are involved in satanism or whatever kind of occultism they may be involved in, do not walk around with horns on their heads, a tail, and holding a pitchfork…they do not look monstrous even though their deeds certainly are. They look just like everyone else…maybe even better. That’s often how they are able to continue doing their evil deeds and get away with it…nobody suspects them because we tend to believe what we see.

          I saw a documentary a few years ago, where a current day investigator at Scotland Yard set out to determine if Jack the Ripper would have been caught if his murders were committed in today’s world with all of the technology we have available. I don’t really remember what they decided, but I do remember that they determined that, to a large part, it was his appearance that enabled him to elude the police. They were looking for a monster and he didn’t look like one. Of the few eyewitnesses that saw a man with a woman that was shortly thereafter found dead, he was always described as being very well dressed and looked like any other “dapper English gentleman” of the time. Our eyes can deceive us!

          When people see these “parents” of SHES, they look just like normal, everyday people instead of the crooks and con artists…and possibly even satanists…that they really are. People don’t want to believe that such evil exists.

    1. That is strange…and I no longer believe in such “coincidences”. I looked up the name Robbie Parker, just to see if his middle initial is B…it’s not, it’s K. Well, I happened onto a blog page called “Journal of the Bizarre”, where amateur sleuths like me do exactly what we do on this blog. Anyhoo, they were also interested in Robbie Parker and checked out his alleged claim to be a physician’s assistant. It does seem to check out on the surface, but they found some very “coincidental” info in regards to the only other Robert Parker that is licensed as a physician’s assistant in the U.S. He just happens to be from Littleton, CO…the home of Columbine High School. These coincidences just keep popping up! Here’s the link:

      1. They call them actors, crisis actors, useful idiots and non-existent to an extent. I call them for what they really are…..CIA employees….they usually assume the identity of someone who cannot challenge them….Barrack Hussein Obama is another CIA employee, all working on a stolen identity at taxpayer expense.

        1. Yeah, I read Mary’s link and don’t think it ‘challenging’ at all to us truthers that Parker was licensed in I think it was Colorado. Like the government can’t fake that so easily? I do wonder what his wife supposedly did, given that this town was ‘tony’ and I’d doubt a Physician’s Assistant’s salary could cover expenses in Newtown.

        2. Yeah, I did look at real estate there just for fun one day. A home of modest standard seems to require a sizable income if you want to live in Newtown. Someone like the Parkers who allegedly had three girls should find what i’ve seen them live in impossible to afford w o a good inheritance!

        3. Yeah…or a sizable stipend from the US government! Did you happen to catch the creepy video the Parkers did recently, showing a specially decorated room they did for “Emilie”? What a couple of hucksters they are!

        4. Yes, he certainly is…how is it that this usurper-in-chief has been allowed to use stolen identities? I don’t believe the congressmen that now say they knew nothing about Obozo’s citizenship/identity problems until recently. Why did none of them think it was important enough for our president to be who he says he is, to do a little research into his past? Have you been following the investigation of this by the Cold Case Posse led by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo? The last I heard which was from a couple weeks ago, is that the information their investigation has turned up dwarfs all of BHO’s identity problems big time. And I don’t believe for one second that the death of Loretta Fuddy, director of the Hawaii Department of Health who was allegedly killed in a plane crash on December 12th, was any accident. She was the official that witnessed and attested to the copying of BHO’s long form birth certificate in Hawaii. She was named in two affidavits that were filed in the U.S. District Court in Seattle, WA in October, along with many other people who are involved, for the crime of misprision of treason. I am not naive enough to believe that she wasn’t permanently silenced on purpose.

        5. I am going to hypothesize that there are many unrecorded deaths due to Sandy Hoax Elementary School. I am sure anyone who refused to go along with the official story was made an example of to keep all participants in line.

      2. Mary, thanks. I’ll look in my files to see if I have an old profile that was posted on him last year. That jives with what it said but he had prior experience in some non-profit fund raising thing as well.

        Hiring actors does not mean “professional actors”. Many people have an interest in drama. Certainly there were a lot of those “Up With People” folks who appear to have had involvement in this. The truth is that a lot of people have acting training and/or experience but don’t earn a living at it.

    2. Our “Robbie” is Robert K. (Knowlton) Parker. But, maybe its a family business. We could use the services of a “wise-cracking detective from Boston”, no offense “Musings”.

  12. I went to google maps on my new Surface tablet, which is actually an older model, and found that a zoom feature is available where you drag a yellow guy to the spot you want to look at, and he takes you practically in the door.

    I decided to go to Sandy Hook Elementary school. You don’t have to put in the address, just the name of the school. Google maps took me to the same old place that I googled last year, but when I dragged the yellow guy over, he wouldn’t stay there and the message came up, no data available.

    So I went to Chalk Hill, and found that it is a MIDDLE SCHOOL, and the elementary school right down the road (Fan Hill Road) is called Fawn Hollow. (It’s HUGE!)

    Then I went back to try to view Sandy Hook Elementary school, and the address for Chalk Hill came up on the side bar, but google maps took me to the old address of the old Sandy Hook Elementary school.

    I hate to complicate the matter…..

    1. I went back to Sandy Hook Elementary, the supposed site of the shooting, and I was able to zoom in, but not drag the guy there, and judging by shadows, the cars in the parking lot look as though they may have been cut and pasted in.

      I don’t know of a way to find out when that part of google maps was made.

    2. I know it is confusing. The best theory is that SHES has always been (at least for the last dozen years or so) at 375 Fan Hill Road. It is far easier to lie about a move and lie about readying a new school than to actually make the move.

      1. I do agree that the what real children a living in Newtown and going to school have been going to school at 375 Fan Hill Road. I am just saying that the elementary school at 375 Fan Hill Road is named Fawn Hollow. Chalk Hill is a middle school.

        1. Well, if you’re not confused you will be after reading my really messed up message. I’m not even going to try to do it over again.

  13. Does anyone have a roster listing for the SHES for 2012-2013? I was curious to do a comparison of this year’s staff (which is readily available) compared to last year’s, but have been unable to relocate the page with the previous year’s roster. I know it existed and I’m pretty sure I found it under The Sandy Hook Elementary School Handbook for 2012-2013. All my searches have been futile…. would appreciate any help in pointing me in that direction. Thanks.

    1. How about the fact that SHES would not pass CT school buildings standards set forth in 2001 or CT school glass standards set forth in 2010?
      Public records should show when SHES last passed inspection but public access to Newtown records is no longer available.

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