By James F. Tracy

As the nation approaches the first anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, mainstream media are predictably excluding from their tragedy porn any substantive analysis of the idiosyncratic, misleading, and in some cases flagrantly propagandistic reportage of the event that might call the official story into question.

As with a majority of scandals and coverups over the past several decades where powerful interests are implicated, American journalism has become more and more complicit if not actively involved in delivering dubious information that establishes a dominant narrative, while thereafter failing to vigorously interrogate and amend faulty coverage that leads to vast public misconceptions.

The assassination of JFK, the falsely-reported Tonkin Gulf incident that sparked the costly Vietnam War, and the similarly questionable events of 9/11 that have together brought the US to the present national and geopolitical impasse all come to mind. One is left to ponder how the behavior of a wholly government-controlled media system would differ from our corporate-run consciousness industry that routinely and shamelessly showboats its First Amendment protections.

The consequences of such a communication breakdown are vast, with countless lives and entire nations having been undermined and destroyed. Moreover, the “first drafts of history” become plagued by myth and distortion that eventually cohere as collective memory, thus robbing a people of their self-determination, nullifying their humanity, and ensuring that the cycle repeats interminably.

Those rationally dissenting from the official record and who occupy positions to alter public opinion are usually written off by establishment-controlled media outlets as “conspiracy theorists,” “wackos,” and so on. If such individuals cannot be neutralized through defamation or blackmail, and if they possess information or occupy positions where they are capable of posing a serious and immediate threat to official fictions and thus the power structure itself, they are prone to becoming oddly “suicidal,” (see, for example, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here), or are simply killed outright (e.g. here, here, here, here, here, here, and here and here).

What else won’t we see in the corporate media’s series of heart-tugging memorials devoted to the anniversary of Sandy Hook? The two most recent and obvious indications that the event itself is at the very least a coverup include, first, the wholly unreported story of the Obama administration’s $2.5 million payout (read: bribe) to state and local law enforcement agencies directly involved in responding to the incident, and second, what is by almost any measure the entirely illegal destruction of pertinent evidence in the demolition of the crime scene itself.

Empowered by the internet as their primary means of communication, a broad array of independent researchers have conduced an impromptu “truth commission” that together calls the Sandy Hook narrative presented by corporate news media into serious question. For those with eyes to see and the ability to think critically they have also shamed the mainstream journalists directly involved in (mis)representing the event to the American public.

Yet without a genuinely independent investigation of the incident apart from the oversight and influence of the [Governor Dannel] Malloy and Obama administrations, the broader public will likely never know what actually took place on December 14, 2012 in Newtown Connecticut. As has too often been the case throughout the last half century, the prospects are high that yet another “big lie” has again taken root in the ever-malleable and somnambulent public mind.

Republished at on December 21, 2013.

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  1. Some of the items that haven’t been addressed are: #1) Why did Adam Lanza have his brother’s ID on him? #2) Why was it first reported that Peter Lanza was feared dead in his Hoboken, NJ home? (He lives in Stamford). #3) Why was Ryan Lanza simply arrested for questioning, but his apartment turned into a crime scene and yellow police tape outside and the street closed down and it was treated like a homicide site? This seems to me, that part of the plan that didn’t work, was there WAS to be a homicide in Hoboken, NJ. It never happened, and the people operating this Staged Event had to quickly start erasing these items from the media and place the focus squarely on the Elementary School. Any thoughts?

    1. I agree with you that the scene did seem set for both Ryan and Peter Lanza to be in some way deceased. But for some reason the plan had to be changed and the awkward inconsistencies hastily covered up.
      The same things can be seen, if less blatantly, in Boston.

      This is why I feel we should be cautious about assuming all the inconsistencies and errors are planned and part of some subterranean master agenda. Obviously there are deep agendas here, but those operating them are still merely human, and mistakes and confusion would be inevitable, especially in such a covert and liminal situation as this, where each part might be operating in total or partial ignorance of its place in the whole.

      Maybe some of the screw ups are intentional, I can believe that, but I am pretty sure *all* of them are not, and we shouldn’t make the mistake of overestimating the perps. Let’s face it, they are at best megalomaniac psychopaths and at worst low level grunts, none of which make the best or most imaginative scenarists.

      Psychopaths are notoriously bad at inventing believable or coherent cover stories for themselves since the same lack of empathy that makes them capable of their deeds also renders them INcapable of perceiving how plausible or not their own lies might be.

      It’s worth bearing that in mind when analysing the childishly ridiculous falsehoods being rolled out about Sandy Hook et al.

      1. The drill planners besides being sociopaths are also dull boring government bureaucrats. Their intelligence like that of Richard Serino is suspect and their lack of empathy goes hand in hand. Their plans always screw up but the press covers for them nicely.

    2. Think this one through- if Adam Lanza was found dead identifiable only through his brother’s ID, why was his brother looked for in the first place? As far as they allegedly knew they already had him, dead, at their feet…

      Ryan Lanza leaving work by bus derailed their plan to silence another Libor family completely.

      1. First, the piece was excellent, thank you.

        The comment about psychopaths is very insightful. I too believe that, sometimes, these idiotic scenarios are truly the result of that. They don’t “relate” to people.

        The whole “Ryan”/”Adam” dichotomy puzzles me too. That was my first clue that this is a “drill”. In these drills it is a common practice to have siblings “switch” identities for the scripts. Maybe that was the original plan but something went wrong.

        After all, this was sort of “built up” around the core story. The “characters” were edited in later. We could spend a lot of time on things like this, but in the end, they don’t matter because they weren’t real.

        1. This is just a though about the Adam/Ryan thing. I had a theory that some of the family pictures from Sandy Hook families with more than one child were photos taken with a child and then photo shopped to add in that same child at an older age. This would make the family appear to have more than one child, and then after the “younger” child dies, they are still left with the older child. The “older” child may have at some point had a small identity change of name.
          That doesn’t explain why they would be looking for Ryan when Adam was already “dead”, but it certainly does add to the confusion.

        2. Violeta, that’s interesting. One of the things that I notice when we discuss this is that we, being human, begin to assume that at least some of this is as described. In other words, that there really is a Peter or a Ryan, etc..

          There may be, but then again, maybe not. It is much easier to disappear a character that is fabricated than it is to do that with real people. My pure “guess” is that some were real, many were actors, some were real but their stories weren’t.

          All we have are their statements. Many appear to be too old for having children of that age. Granted, that doesn’t make it “impossible”, but it is suspicious. The point is, all we ever have with events like this is what they tell us (unless we do the research ourselves). The presumption is that we are being told the truth.

          When you dig into how they do these drills you can see that they essentially write scripts for them Mostly, they are not professional quality. They are just sort of a general outline. They pick who will play what part and they run the drill, complete with police transmissions and phone calls. When they are through they critique the thing.

          I believe that the original drill segments, as well as possibly some from other drills, show in the coverage. People who are not trained actors usually feel silly reading prepared material. It’s one thing to be an “extra”, quite another to be a “lead”.

          I think the “Ryan” confusion may have been due to a prior script where something was supposed to have happened involving him. They changed the script but that piece was left in. It makes no sense to the finished storyline.

          In the first two or three days of the “9-11 Movie” this happened as well. I remember quite distinctly little vignettes that were put on TV, never to be seen or heard again. They were done to increase the drama. They were not intended to make sense.

          In fact, it just may be that the intent is to establish “camps” early on. If you question the small things they can scream you into a “camp” and try to discredit you for heresy early, before you get to the more meaningful parts. Sort of a neutralizing function.

    3. Outstanding questions Dan- there may have been a homicide in Hoboken and the victim was mistaken for Peter Lanza. Something happened and is another part of the puzzle that remains a mystery.

      1. There was nothing to cover up, Carl. It’s fake, planted evidence, designed as a rabbit trail to mislead honest researchers, so they waste their time on their way to dead ends. Its the CIA way. They always do it: they want us to have too many clues. Then they hire people such as yourself to insist that those of us who know the technique focus on the planted evidence and accept the official story, just modified.

        You want us to believe children died. You want us to believe that building was being used as a school. But you will not explain why the REAL first responders, who did not know it was fake, just a drill, who tried to do their job, were not allowed in the building–they were told to cool their heels in the Fire House. You will also not explain why none of the supposed “victims” were not allowed to be treated–they could have been only injured–and why the buffoon posing as medical examiner (perhaps he was just on LSD at the time) told the world that the bodies were removed by Dr. Frankenstein’s assistant, Igor, under cover of darkness, in the middle of the night. You will not explain why none of the “parents” insisted on seeing their supposed children; why they were only allowed to identify them by photographs.

        You will not focus on these key elements of the fictional story, because you want us to focus on the planted evidence. You want us to waste our time. And I guess you succeeded with me. The time I just spent writing this could have been better spent.

        1. Patrick I think that you are on the payroll. You respond and try to discredit my post within a half hour of posting ? You assert that there were NO deaths and yet you cannot produce a single picture of a living victim not one out of the 27 including Lanza. I appreciate the lack of evidence and indicators so I am relatively neutral on the issue but I am getting a number of indirect confirmations that these were real people who were really killed. The HOAX is that Adam Lanza was the one who did this. There is no evidence that Lanza ever fired a gun in his life. The evidence is that multiple shooters were there. A SWAT guy was reported in the woods, a suspect at large was reported on the radio, a kindergarten teacher’s son was reported by multiple reporters.

          When Vance asked if the shooter’s mother had any affiliation with teh school he conspicuously evaded the question ? Was he covering for Scott Vollmer ?

          I don’t think anybody expects that Lt Vance will be joining the faculty at Yale anytime soon but he does at least seem to be intelligent enough to answer that simple question and yet he is like a deer in the head lights. Why was that question so difficult ?

        2. Oh yes and a 911 call confirmed there were “shooters”. Notice none of the 911 operators asked if the shooter could be identified? Also we only have 7 calls ?

        3. Something I don’t understand is that, on the website of the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue Co., they do not show that they responded to any calls on Dec. 14, 2012!

        4. “you cannot produce a single picture of a living victim not one out of the 27 including Lanza”

          Of course not. There were no “victims”, so they cannot be photographed. There never existed a person called “Adam Lanza.” Duh.

          Oh, and the fact that I was working at my computer and curious if you would respond to my challenge, well, that sure proves I’m…what, exactly? I’m confused. Who would you suggest is paying me? Who benefits by my pointing out that your focus on the planted evidence, your insistence that the official story is true-but-slightly-different, is a giant charade? Who would pay me to point out that you are defending a giant lie? The forces that created this hoax pay people like YOU to try and add verisimilitude to an unbelievable story, by reinforcing the planted, false, “evidence,” in a feeble attempt to get us to accept the idea that the hoax was not a hoax. No one I can think of would pay a person to flatly deny that the hoax was real. Who do you suggest? Who financially benefits by my pulling your mask off?

        5. “When Vance asked if the shooter’s mother had any affiliation with teh school he conspicuously evaded the question ? Was he covering for Scott Vollmer ?”

          Because there was no “shooter” and therefore no “mother” neither could have any connection to the “school” which was a defunct, mothballed, shambles for many years. IT WAS A DRILL, Carl. He was playing a role. He could not answer the question because it has no answer.

          “…but he does at least seem to be intelligent enough to answer that simple question and yet he is like a deer in the head lights. Why was that question so difficult ?”

          Ali G asked John Glenn if he was afraid of the people he would meet when he landed on the Moon. He also asked him if we would one day land on the Sun (if we go there in wintertime). The question is Vance was asked is just as nonsensical. It has no answer, because it’s about a fairy tale.

        6. No one should be accused here of being on some payroll. Some people are writers and thinkers, that’s all.

        7. I think all of these hoaxes are designed to either sniff out those who are awake, for future separation from the herd, or to warp the minds of the awakened ones into believing that those who will not wake up must be eliminated from the herd. Either way, those who see through the lies will lose. The hoaxers are trying to drive the sane into a corner, hoping we will all turn into… Nazis.

        8. It’s ridiculous to think that to see through what our government is doing, or even to identify the guiltiest group, aka the Zionists, is to somehow morph into a nazi, which is not to say that same ‘nazis’ were not also victims of hoax-mongering.

        9. So you weren’t implying that ‘Nazis’ are bad when you allege the hoaxers are trying to drive ‘the sane’ into a corner so they become them?

          I’m shocked at how fragile the skepticism on this site can be considering how in depth an analysis has been performed.

        10. Levels of deception Sue. I assume most of us are here on this blog because we are not happy with the way things are going, and with the lies. However, maybe we are part of a bigger plan. Who is to say social engineering and propaganda has not been perfected beyond our comprehension. I was merely implying that no one can be completely above the mind games played on us every day.

          No, I detest Nazis. Nonetheless, they changed a lot of good people into bad people in a real short time. As I look around in my own town, I see local cops shooting unarmed people far too often. I see Homeland Security protective services cruising the street, I get felt up way too much at the airport. To put it simply, I don’t like the way it makes me feel in my own country and I know I am not alone. I fear what that may create. That is all.

      1. Yes, please take a drive around the current Sandy Hook Elementary School, aka Chalk Hill Elementary School (Monroe, CT), and just observe a few things. Look for holiday decorations on the windows, such as snowflakes, snowmen, xmas trees, stars etc. A lack of any kind of decorations would immediately raise questions, regardless of our stance on this town!

      2. I have a great suggestion, my good buddy! Go to Gene Rosen’s house, and interview him about the kids he comforted that tragic morn; get it on tape, and post it here. I would spend the majority of the interview focussing on his FEMA job, and how it related to his Sandy Hook assignment. Ask him what it felt like when he saw how poor an act his television performances were, when he saw the news reports. Did he get reprimanded? Did his FEMA bosses know he wasn’t up to the task? Did they suggest he take some acting classes?

        If you want more advice, dear friend, I’m here in my sick bed, tapping into this website in the hopes you will speak with me, and I’ll provide you with more questions for Gene, poor, traumatized fellow that he is.

        Oh, until we speak again, I’ll add this: make sure you ask him if the kids have contacted him since that fateful day. Do they still keep saying “My teacher is dead!”? And do they have fond memories of the toys you gave them to play with?

        As I say, I have a lot more for you to ask Gene. Just reach out. I’m going to hold my breath…

    1. It seems CT lawmakers have ‘new reports showing sizeable deficits looming after next fall’s state elections.’
      It was previously reported the state gifted SH $50 million to build a new school, wonder if they re-appropriated funds slated for mental health care? And we cannot forget the charities, this report indicates $21 million was raised
      And while the parents stated in their news conference the other day, they would like to remain private, they announced a new website to keep in touch with them. Each child has a short paragraph bio and there are 33 links for contributions to charities.

      1. My read on the Rekos family is that there is more stress in their faces NOW than there was in the interview they did just days after the the Sandy Hook event in which they allegedly lost a child.

        But, still no tears from any of them.

        In that kind of situation, with the anniversary of the event, a press conference… there are enough triggers for tears… if it were true.

  2. Why don’t we just admit that capitalism, by definition, is a system that produces events like JFK & Sandy Hook. There were but there doesn’t have to be a conspiracy because the class structure breeds atrocities that the authorities can “allow to happen” scenarios. The conspiracy usually ensues as the coverup of the fact that authorities knew enough to stop the event but chose to let it happen.

    1. I’ll reiterate what I wrote earlier about New England and Sandy Hook in particular: where are all the cousins of the victims? Is no child form SHES descended from and related to long-time New England residents? If there are no such people, then the operation was more slipshod than 9/11, which had some celebrity victims in the planes (both of whom had ties to a certain mideast country where they could go and never be found; one could have already died of AIDS or alcoholism). But you don’t see that at Sandy Hook. You see culturally off people who do not have a New England kind of character, not a one of them. They are more like mobile media types, airbrushed for wide appeal.

      So I maintain that even if vicious killers lurk among the upper 1%, and I think they do, they are as careful about where they invest their murder as where they invest their venture capital, always remembering that there is no statute of limitations on homicide. Regimes change. They would prefer to retire in comfort and esteem.

    2. “Why don’t we just admit that capitalism, by definition, is a system that produces events like JFK & Sandy Hook.”

      Because it’s probably the silliest thing anyone has ever said.

      You will have to define “capitalism,” obviously, if we are to make any sense of what you are trying to say.

      1. Why don’t we just admit that capitalism, by definition, is a system that produces events like JFK & Sandy Hook. It is unlikely that there was a Sandy Hook conspiracy but there doesn’t have to be a conspiracy of the stereotypical kind. Since the capitalism of Marx is a conspiracy by definition the capitalist generated class structure breeds atrocities that the authorities can “allow to happen”. The conspiracy usually ensues as a coverup of the fact that authorities knew enough to stop the event but chose to let it happen.

      2. Absolutely! people need to learn that capitalism is not just a bunch of rich folks running around making a bunch of money. Hello! there is very little capitalism left anywhere!

    3. FREE MARKET ie real capitalism has nothing to do with this. Monopoly ie big business capitalism is the best friend of socialism. And it’s socialism which produces the state sponsored murderers.

      1. The “consolidation of capital” as Marx describes it has its origins in the wishful thinking of chimeric free market libertarian mythology of the Ayn Rand ilk. “Consolidated capital” is all about the nature of capital to evolve into corporate capital. It is inevitable. We are engaged in a war for attention. The colonization/commodification of children’s minds by capital, i.e., the “war for attention” leads to a breakdown in the socialization process.

    4. @spearman3004 –

      a) The most recent ‘no class’ society I can recall was Cambodia under Pol Pot. Are you suggesting that atrocities there were minimized by the Killing Fields? I’m confused, or perhaps it’s OK to take thousands of lives if you’re the government, intending to save a few dozen by destroying class structure?

      b) We don’t even have a ‘capitalism’ economy in the US. We started deconstructing that by at least 1820, if not sooner. Subsidies, government granted monopolies, trade restrictions, regulation agencies run by industry insiders and writing regulations with the force are just a few of the ways we’ve destroyed capitalism in the US. I don’t know what to call our economy today – fiscalism perhaps? – but it’s absolutely NOT capitalism. Maybe ‘economic feudalism’….

      1. The last stage of capitalism is imperialism accd. to Lenin. Along the way capitalism can resort to fascism which is where we are now. We have exported the class war to the 3rd world thus 1000 US bases surrounding Eurasia & repression @ home by the NSA. Capitalism is in its death throes as it resorts to the commodification of children’s minds for the sake of creating a new profit center as the 3rd world rebels against US imperialism.

        1. More gibberish. But for some reason, you refuse to define “capitalism.” Are you impaired in some way?

          Please. Go ahead. Define the term.

  3. “Yet without a genuinely independent investigation of the incident apart from the oversight and influence of the [Governor Dannel] Malloy and Obama administrations, the broader public will likely never know what actually took place on December 14, 2012 in Newtown Connecticut.’


    This is why I’m so damn frustrated. I deeply sense something is amiss with the Sandy Hook narrative and yet no compelling smoking gun (NPI) has surfaced which would unseat the official narrative, which has taken deep root as I speak.

    If this was a psy-ops event, orchestrated from the very top, then I see little reason to expect them ever being outed. By now TPTB have this stuff down to an exact science. The truth be damned. Can’t help but feel pessimistic.

    1. The only smoking gun is that there isn’t one. Is there a smoking gun from the latest crime drama? It’s the absence of indicia of reality that makes the case, not crime clues.

  4. I originally considered Sandy Hook to have been in the ‘allowed it to happen’ category. I figured that Adam’s homicidal outburst was obviously preventable, but that negligence and a systemic refusal to abide common sense about guns caused the damn to break as it were.

    Then a conspiracy to both ‘cover up’ and massage the incident took place, according to this theory. But the more hard core skeptics convinced me otherwise, or at least caused me to look more deeply into what was already a fundamentally illogical and counter-intuitive narrative.

    The payout doesn’t seem to assess costs of therapy for cops who would have had to have encountered the mass of dead children, a task which normally would have caused at least some to develop PTSD or thereabouts.

  5. Let’s not forget the payouts in the form of foundations and funds for the actors involved in Sandy Hook, ibid Boston. They’re raking in millions for their treasonous work. Buys a lot of silence.
    As to journalism participating, we should now rename the illustrious schools turning out crank journalists such as the Columbia School of Propaganda/Journalism. No one should donate to these schools anymore.

    1. And of course SHES families had a ringside seat at Boston, so you had one smarmy fake charity event tightly bound up with the genesis of another scam. Each person who paid in voted that it was real, as one would vote on American Idol. TPTB have not been “American Idle” (sic)
      in that everything they know about the habits of Americans have been exploited here to advance an agenda. It’s very much like the public relations ad people doing a political campaign (which is in its core, the advancement of the agenda of whoever paid for it). Ah, the talent gone unsung. But here I hold it up for admiration. Let’s hear it for the hard-working Mad Men.

    2. Has any journalist actually tried to contact Ryan Lanza or Peter Lanza and if so what was the outcome, they seemed to be steered down the path of ‘forget the arrest of Ryan ‘ when ordinary folk in the street are asking ‘ what happened’.. Journalists are keeping quiet. Why

      1. R + P Lanza could rake in lots of dough if they went on TV. Why don’t they. I thing Peter should by shamed for not talking to the public at least once. What kind of person does not want to offer his condolences to the public and parents?

        Peter Lanza has failed as a parent. Why should the American people forgive someone that won’t even show his face.

        There are plenty of smoking guns, but the manure if spread so thick u have to dig them up!

  6. The damage to the MSM has been done and Sandy Hook may have very well been its undoing. It’s getting more and more obvious that the news is manufactured pap, and even those who discount conspiracy theories have lost faith and do not believe MSM can produce news that is investigative, unbiased, or not serving a special interest.

    I can tell even local newscasters who know better are doing the news “tongue in cheek” suppressing rolling their eyes in disbelief as best as they can. News is non-news now. Congratulations, DOD…job well done!

    1. My feeling is more somber. I could do without the US MSM, which has always been cheesy compared with that of more serious countries. What I am sorry about is the intellectual bankruptcy of so many American intellectuals, scientists, engineers, who have personally and socially carried on the discourse that they have been handed by the MSM, giving it the luster of their high status.

      If there is a crack of light showing through, it may be in that Nobel laureate who expressed his outrage that modern scientific journals of note were publishing work based on non-scientific criteria. He seems to be trying to turn over the rock and expose the creepy-crawlies massed under it. I hope he starts something.

    2. Do not think the reporters have a choice to investigate or question when they get the marching orders of here is your script, period. A reporter today explained that when events like SH happen, all the press converges and it becomes a motion picture show. Was he trying to say something? What is different today, from my recent memory, is that while some outlets have decided to eliminate comments, many have not. And that lately it has given the reader of them a true pulse on American thinking. Posted a link to Chicago outlet, awhile back on canceling a charity event for SH firemen, in a city where civil service has been drastically reduced, the comments were not understandably kind and many were declaring it was a hoax. With the advent of Drudge and RealClearPolitics, many outlets are getting national exposure they never could of dreamed of. This outlet that previously only had left vs right bashing, now has solidarity that the press has not been reporting the truth, things are not better and the middle class is being crushed. Have even seen commenters apologizing for their previous voting! Got to hope the writers and editors are reading the comments and are thrilled to have a huge response!

  7. This is an open question that I hope that someone can answer. Who is the most prominent US citizen, whether it be a TV celebrity, journalist, athlete, or politician who has come out and stated that Sandy Hook is a complete Hoax? To date, I have not heard, seen, or read about anyone who holds these tenets, except for Dr. Tracy. Even Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, and Gerald Celente allude to the fact that the shooter was on psychotropic drugs, which is the conservative spin. Hopefully someone can answer this simple question for me?

    1. I find that the lack of prominent voices not uttering a verbal, written, or implied opinion on Sandy Hook Elementary School the most disturbing aspect of this 100% slam dunk of a case that the entire event was a HOAX.

      1. A very sharp comment and observation from you, John. Thank you. I’ve also noticed that the non-Zionist community of jews has not spent any effort lambasting the Zionists amongst them for the Palestinian horror show. To do nothing is to be complicity, was that Jefferson that said that?

        Continued hard work will expose this ripe melon to our ravenous appetites. Let’s push on……


        2LT Dennis Morrisseau USArmy [armor – Vietnam era] retired
        W Pawlet, VT

      3. John, that’s a good insight. When the cheerleaders are Obongo, Holder, the governor, the state police, the “media”, ad nauseum, it is probably considered career suicide. Look at how they swoop, vulture-like, upon the heretics.

        When did it become an obligation to “believe” the “news”? Instead of “reporting” what they see, they are chanting the storyline like a litany and demanding a response.

        We waste a lot of time wondering why the MSM doesn’t act like journalists. We know why. It’s a business. They are not selling information. They are selling propaganda. That’s what they are paid to do. They are “readers”. Real investigative journalists have auto accidents.

    2. Jim Fetzer and others from VeteransToday published several articles and this one may be the first I read when trying to understand what went on. Unfortunately, although there was thorough reporting, they go off in tangents blaming the Zionists and if my husband is representative of the general population, he refuses to read anything that is stating a personal agenda.

      1. Thanks, this is good reading and as a veteran, I highly respect Jim Fetzer’s journalism. However, I was looking for a name as prominent as Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, or Gerald Celente who have come out and mentioned Sandy Hook as even being the possibility of a Hoax??? Can anyone name a big name who comes right out and says it??? The three I mentioned just regurgitate the conservative viewpoint on this issue and are very far from the truth.

        1. Yes, it is “disturbing”, John, but hardly unexpected. As Prof. Tracy found out, this is a very, very thorny issue and not even the so-called truthers are willing to expose themselves to the kind of abuse that it would bring. SH is a unique event in that it exposes the media not only as a means for cover-ups, but as actual co-conspirators in the crimes. I believe that SH was a crucial test by the PTB to see just how brainwashed Americans really are. To see just how much the daily infusion of Reality TV over the past years has succeeded in disconnecting their cognitive powers and rendered them incapable of knowing what’s real and what isn’t. I think they can rest assured that most of the population is sufficiently neutralized. It is important for those who know better to continue to keep this issue at the forefront. Thanks to a few like James Tracy and Sofia Smallstorm, there is still hope.

      2. “Veterans” did do some fine work on SHE. I happen to think that it is impossible to discuss these things without mentioning “Zionists”. Why do they get a pass? I could pretend that they are not heavily involved in all of this but that would be naive.

    3. John, it’s only been a year since the event (whatever it was) happened. We who are following it via alternative news media can already see it is a hoax. Something this evident can not be a secret forever. It is not a story that one needs to use much intellect to understand, so the potential market for converts to our side is enormous!

      You will never see any celebrity come out and say it is a hoax. This is part of the design (it has worked before). It is a story that focuses on emotions via shame and guilt. Anyone that opens his or her mouth agains this crime will become a pariah.

      There is only one way to fight this fight, and that is to show the masses the larger picture of this hoax. And that takes time, and must be done carefully. Normally the public is only shown small pieces of the story in MSM, and they lack the skills to put stuff together into a complete picture (they do not search for facts).

      MSM programs the public with emotions, so they can’t use their intellect to think rationally. The news, and everything else, on TV is theater! One day people will wake up to this fact and MSM will lose all its credibility. TPTB will be w o a means to communicate, because no one is listening to them.

      Our civilization is about to end! Let us hope we can make the next one better!

      1. Colonel, alas, I think you are right. I have to ask, however, why do people “need” celebrities to tell them what is real? My assessment of this is not dependent on some person with alleged credibility. This particular one is so full of holes I’m amazed that people don’t see through it.

        If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck…….it probably IS a duck. In essence this is a test to see if we will believe the evidence of our own eyes or the appointed authorities and their minions. If you wondered what the purpose of all that “reality TEE VEE” was, you have your answer.

      2. Quote from Col Bat Guano: MSM programs the public with emotions, so they can’t use their intellect to think rationally.

        I think the term you’re looking for is SOCIAL MARKETING. It’s an entire field of academic study. I believe this has been heavily incorporated into these recent events. The intentional use of guilt and shame for even questioning events seems to have been somewhat successful on the American public.

        Makow did an article on this recently.

        “Social Marketing is the primary tool of behavior modification for all institutions from governments to corporate advertisers. The aim is to to control behavior through positive or negative emotional reinforcements. As Social Marketing works at distance (i.e non physical stimulus) it must work on universal emotional memes.”

        The Swinburne University of Technology in Australia did a rather in-depth study in 2008.

        “This study was undertaken to assess the potential value of three common social marketing appeals – fear, guilt, and shame – in terms of their capacity to induce compliant behaviours.”

    4. John, this is going to have to come from bottom up, not the top down, when each community has their eyes and ears open to this kind of deception, they will be immune to it when it comes to us on a larger and larger scale. Be involved in your communities, your schools, your churches and local politics.

    5. I agree with bahmi, that is a good point, John. It makes me think that everyone at the top is united. Or another way to say it, the top is under seige; maybe if you’re not in on it, you don’t even have a chance of being in the top.

      1. Thanks to all for your answers. This was a very tough question to answer. I remember after 9-11, the event was questioned by many celebrities, such as Roseanne Barr, Whoopie Goldberg and many from all sides of fame. After Sandy Hoax Elementary School, not one prominent athlete, celebrity, politician, religious leader, business leader, no one of high stature has even touched it!

    6. Well, if this is any comfort, it looks like “Lew Grant” aka Ed Asner, has supported the architects’ and engineers’ coalition who deny that airplanes brought down the towers on 9/11 and who reminds us of the third tower which went down without an airplane alleged to be involved in exactly the same way. He’s an old guy, his career is mostly behind him, and his reputation for integrity in his characters seems to carry over. He also played a cruel CIA man in the film JFK. I think that no matter what solution he proposes (a new investigation for instance), at least he denies not just questions the official story. So what might he make of SHES? The Boston Marathon? I sense there are real radicals in the wings, who though they will not stand up and defy the MSM, they do not give it any juice either. They are perhaps passive resisters.

    7. Nobody wants to talk when there are kids involved. That is the genius thing about it. Same with all the high level abuse scandals. Too dangerous or you are a ghoul or hate kids. What I’ve been doing is turning it around and saying “you must not care about kids if you don’t think they should have been transported to hospital” etc.

    8. Nobody is touching Sandy Hook despite the overwhelmingly obvious anomalies. Jesse Ventura is drinking and serving the Kool Aid. Jones -nothing, AMTV Chris Greene – nothing. I winder if they are afraid. Even Smallstorm with her “meticulous digging” completely ignored the 800 pound Gorilla in the room.

      Why isn’t anybody asking about this ?

      1. Because it’s NOT an “800 pound Gorilla in the room”; its a purple giraffe with orange polkadots. It’s fake, planted “evidence.” Nothing happened that day, Carl, except a really poor excuse for a drill that the media pretended was real. Sheesh.

        1. Patrick do you have a day job or do you just spend all day monitoring posts on this site and trying to discredit substantive comments with your drivel?

        2. Carl, If you have evidence that this was a real shooting, then why don’t you do some research and then share your findings with us. I do not believe that you will convince anyone here that this was a real shooting by simply repeating what the mainstream media has told us from that day. It’s been a year since the “shooting” and I think that most anyone who has been digging since that time has already looked into all of the things that you repeatedly tell us to focus on to the exclusion of all other evidence.

        3. I am a paraplegic leper, Carl. I’m also a black lesbian–but with my health issues I have trouble attracting sexual partners. I have nothing to live for but conversing with you, so please don’t hurt my feelings, Carl. Oh, and they’re about to cut my electricity off, because I can’t afford it any more.

          If you want to know.

        4. Carl,

          You need to open your mind. Step back. Patrick is trying to save you a few months of wasting time reviewing old YouTube videos.

          Sandy Hook was a drill. The media reported it as a LIVE event. It never happened. It was a LIE.

          Mind blowing, but it is true. The media and the government lied. Together!

          Good luck.

    1. Susan A.,

      It sure is! I watched it a few days ago and although I usually have trouble seeing facial connections, this short video spoke volumes to me!
      I highly recommend all of QKultra’s youtube videos.

        1. Yes the Illuminati is going to stage the murders of these children and then place them in the middle of the Superbowl broadcast ? OK yeah sure. I think there must be a contest to see who can come up with the most absurd theories that the ignorant masses will believe.

        2. These videos are quite damning to the Sandy Hook Hucksters, aren’t they? Like others here, I am wondering if the kids that performed at the super bowl, whose old pictures were used as pictures of children that were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary, know that they have helped scam the majority of American citizens. They are not small children anymore, as evidenced by the video and pictures from the super bowl…do they understand what was done? With all of the electronic imagery that is right at our fingertips nowadays, I can’t help but believe that they do know. Did the hoaxers just make up the children’s names for the victim’s list? Wouldn’t kids as mature as the ones in the super bowl video be able to see that pictures of them at a much younger age have been given names that are incorrect? I’m not trying to say that these kids are guilty, but I don’t think they could be completely in the dark either. Kids that are 11 or 12 years old understand what lying means. God only knows what kind of parents would allow their kids to be used for something so vile!

        3. This is in response to Mary’s question: “Did the hoaxers just make up the children’s names for the victim’s list?”

          Yes, I think so. I think all the “families” are constructed, i.e. not real. There are certainly several couples who are not married to each other.

          To me, evidence on the Internet of the “acting careers” of the Sandy Hook parents and photos of the “families” are suspect. These are likely constructed pasts for the purpose of confusing researchers/the public.

          These folks are possibly not even American.

      1. My sentiments exactly. What does this tell us? It seems to support the assertion that there was an “acting troupe” employed to pull off this caper. Some of the children, Dylan Hockley in particular, are supposedly autistic. If the children are alive, and some or all have learning disabilities or are on the autistic spectrum, they don’t know what they are participating in exactly.

        1. They don’t need to be autistic to not know what they’re participating in. They just need to be insulated from the media by their parents/producers or raised in such a manner where they follow a cultural system where this kind of thing is consistent with their beliefs.

          But, really, if someone can watch that video and not recognize those kids… they need their head examined and eyes checked.

          I had reached the conclusion that Sandy Hook was a false event some time ago, but still good to have it confirmed that the kids are not dead. But…,worrisome to have it confirmed that these people are trained from birth.

          Be sure to train your kids/grand kids to be truthful, see the truth, etc. in order to counter the next generation of psychopaths.

        2. Susan, let’s just imagine for a moment that you or I wanted to pull something like this off. You would need “leads” and you would need “extras”. There are some “cameo” roles in there as well.

          Where would you go? Well, of course we have the “Crisis Actors” that are so popular (and busy). And, we have “Up With People”, and all their relatives and fellow cultists.

          These are people who are accustomed to the smell of greasepaint. Some of their sons and daughters doubtless have kids of the proper age. Growing up with such “gregarious, outgoing, not to mention WILDLY enthusiastic” role models it isn’t such a leap to imagine some collusion.

          On some of the blogs associated with this there were numerous emails from “UWP-ers” communicating with each other and every one of them was chatting it up and using their “production number” as a sort of “code”. It was clear that they were still actively involved in this cult. They had a remarkable interest in this operation and, a careful reading would indicate that some of them had been present.

          So, we tend to think of this as “monolithic”. It is actually a consortium of different groups and players acting together under the direction of someone. Some of the action doesn’t even have to take place on site. It can all be easily spliced in if needed.

          So, what would a kid think if they played a role in this? They would think that “Grandma took me to a production and I had a part”. They wouldn’t have to tell them the script, just their part. That’s how its done. If their part is traumatic, it is easy to make up a nicer story to explain it.

          Many of the photos clearly appear to be non-digital older shots. It wouldn’t be difficult at all to intersperse a few “child actor” pictures in there.

          This is all speculative, I admit. I have a very strong feeling that the UWP People were involved. They appear to be the sort that would believe that what they are doing is for the “greater good” of us all and wouldn’t have any compunction about inflicting it on us.

    2. Anyone claiming these are the “dead children” will have to sell the notion that the world is run by large conspiracies as a side dish…so it is totally deniable to the general public at this time. This is Gaslighting!

      1. Had to look up “Gaslighting.” You are likely right.

        Pretty ballsy putting those kids in the Super Bowl.

        There is definitely effort here to strike a sort of Ominipotent tone with this Psyop… as if the perpetrators are untouchable/have expansive power. Kind of like a Puffer fish.

        What a bunch of weirdos!

        1. Agree! But we have to judge the scenario by the characters involved…

          Just look at them, they are babbling idiots! I have posted links under other articles, go look at them. If one is a member of this “Unity Project”, a Baha’i cult, you can’t be rational enough to be all that omnipotent. These folks are not comic book super crooks!

        2. Likely there are many layers to the people behind the scenes. The people at the top of the pyramid are well isolated from the foot soldiers, so they will always have total deniability. The morons from Newtown CT we see on the news, are probably some unit that works as ideologically motivated contractors with no or little contact with handlers. And this is how they could hijack the event for individual profit.

          Kenneth explains who is in the top of the pyramid very well. It is not very complicated at all! And yes, as soon as we stop listening to them they will disappear. Because everything they do is fiction, the economy is a BS con game.

  8. “For those with eyes to see and the ability to think critically they have also shamed the mainstream journalists directly involved in (mis)representing the event to the American public.”

    Everything in the essay is perfectly stated, as usual. Even this quote which I am about to critique. Those who have eyes to see and the ability to think critically indeed shame the hacks and shills who populate the MSM. The great shame, however, is the utter impossibility to get the perpetrators who are shamed by we freelancers to FEEL that shame–or even detect the reality of it.

    I attribute this to the rise of the concept of Journalism School. Columbia Teachers College ruined education–its message spread from there. Columbia School of Journalism ruined reporting–the same. Coincidence?

    I love the brief scene in (the long version of) the movie Once Upon a Time in America, when the corrupt police commissioner (Danny Aiello) is confronted by a reporter on the day of his son’s birth. The guy (the reporter) is asking nasty, true, questions, about his corrupt administration, and the top cop is on the edge of reacting the way Joe Pesci would, in Goodfellas, but (remembering all the cameras present) suddenly gives the man a dispensation–because it’s such a special day. Kind of like the opening scene of The Godfather. The reporter is unshaven, unkempt, and uncouth. And honest as the day is long (when it came to genuinely ferreting out the story behind the story). He certainly didn’t mix with the swells at tony parties–not a chance in Hell he’d be invited, and in the event would not in a million years accept. Like all ink stained wretches in those days, he held all big shots and politicians suspect, if not in open contempt.

    No one that emerges from a university college of journalism–that is to say, anyone on the “press” today–could possibly be like that guy. He’s extinct. And people like that, who were not ruined by passing through journalism school, who would do the job the way the old timers did, could not be hired in today’s market. The guy certainly had a bottle of bourbon in the lower drawer of his desk, and smoked as he typed up his stories in a newsroom where everyone else was smoking and drinking as they did their reporting. He’d meet with Mencken’s approval. (No one in the MSM today would meet with Mencken’s approval.)

    If that guy, depicted in Once Upon a Time in America, pulled his punches, and it was pointed out, he would have felt shame. He probably did not take the money, but even if he did he’d never have tried to blend in with the assholes who were corrupting his world. The shame would never leave his consciousness.

    1. Patrick, “for those with eyes to see” applies to logic. What we have now is “seeing is NOT believing”. We have cognitive dissonance.

      That is an important ingredient for manufacturing reality. Put another way, that is an essential tool if you wish to collapse logic.

      This exercise is pure emotion. It is intended to be absorbed through the brain stem, not analyzed. “The children…….how can you….DOUBT?”. “Didn’t you hear ANDERSON COOPER?”. “There were PEOPLE IN UNIFORMS!”

      It’s not so surprising, really. When evil people set out with unlimited resources to do something, they will accomplish it to some degree. For most, having to form their own opinions is a frightening prospect.

  9. “The consequences of such a communication breakdown are vast, with countless lives and entire nations having been undermined and destroyed. Moreover, the “first drafts of history” become plagued by myth and distortion that eventually cohere as collective memory, thus robbing a people of their self-determination, nullifying their humanity, and ensuring that the cycle repeats interminably.”

    You’ve written a lot of good pieces, here, James, but this to my mind is one of your better ones. It clarifies a lot a things for me. Many thanks for that and, of course, what you are attempting, here, at MHB.

  10. I wanted to add to James’s list of “suicides” and hit jobs made to look like accidents the following:

    Clifford Baxter (Enron accountant) found dead in car of gunshot wounds:

    Jennifer Paige Clark: dedicated attorney harassed by bogus disciplinary proceedings, then found dead (no cause ever reported):

    Gary Webb: investigative reporter who exposed CIA’s management of drug running, dead from TWO gunshots:

    There’s also James Forrestal and George S. Patton, both likely political murders.

    Also see my blog (“Chronicle of Accidental Deaths”), where I have talked about such deaths in Colorado specifically. In particular, deaths related to skiing are NEVER investigated:

    1. I was just thinking about John Denver and Sonny Bono today, and wondering if anyone had found any information about their “accidental” deaths. Very interesting about all the deaths in Colorado.

      1. Sonny’s murder was thoroughly researched by Bob Fletcher. I believe the only way to get it is to buy it. It is called #8 DVD.. ” DESTINY DENIED “:

        Bob had given Sonny his report on the DIA drug smuggling, and Sonny had set up a public congressional hearing for just after the new year to expose it. He was beaten to a pulp, murdered by two men on a ski slope before that could happen. His staff, who had been coordinating with Bob, became silent as the grave.

        Bob has been on Dr. Stan many times, and some of those interviews spend the whole hour on Sonny Bono (800-464-8427). The person taking your call probably won’t know which DVDs those are, so I’d imagine they’ll have to call you back after looking it up.

        I have never seen anything about John Denver

        1. That’s interesting. When I first heard that theory I sort of snickered. I never thought of Sonny as much of a “thinker”. It seems he actually was trying to do the right thing and look what it got him.

    2. Absolutely fascinating information on your Blog, Alison!
      The connections to the Denver International Airport, child trafficking, Big Private water interests, the underground Bunker, the Illuminati symbolism of the airport mural, the Secret Government…and on and on… all just fell into place for me after reading your work!

      1. Oh, wow, I did not know about this. No cause of death even identified in this article–and he was an Outward Bound instructor, so not likely to have been caught unawares in a snowstorm or the like.

        Thanks for finding this.

        1. Mary, she decided to close it for now but she said that she may reopen it at a later date as a private blog. I requested access but I don’t expect to hear anything until she decides what she wants to do with it, if anything at all. I do hope she brings it back, so much great info there.

  11. Quote – American journalism has become more and more complicit if not actively involved in delivering dubious information that establishes a dominant narrative, while thereafter failing to vigorously interrogate and amend faulty coverage that leads to vast public misconceptions.

    To that point…twice last night during Anderson Cooper’s program they showed video of police running into St Rose school while intimating it was Sandy Hook.

    Of course they had to do that because there’s no images of any cops running into Sandy Hook.

      1. Yep, I couldn’t believe it either…not once, but twice…although I really shouldn’t be surprised at this point.

        I can’t imagine they’ll put ol Gene back in front of the cameras again…not in a starring role anyway….but who knows. It certainly would be entertaining.

  12. Do you think these kids don’t even know they were part of a big hoax, they were just acting and then were not exposed to tv reports? Maybe they don’t even know anything and they are just thinking they got a acting/singing gig. Maybe they think they were in a movie, I just don’t know how all these kids are kept so quiet.

  13. The pictures of the kids, show them at a younger age, a few years younger, so they weren’t actually there. The carefully orchestrated picture of kids walking in line was a picture of the “drill”. The pictures of the drill at the fire station and Chalk Hill Elementary School were then passed off as being pictures of Sandy Hook. Maybe these kids were fooled, maybe they weren’t. Whatever they were being told is carefully delivered and repeated by the adults who are around them. I still think this is an incredible hell to have to live in, pretending and living this lie for the rest of your f#*$king life, that would be misery. Trust me, somebody will crack. It’s just a matter of time.

  14. It would also put a very short life on your acting career. These aspiring actors who sign up with the crisis actors network are stuck playing these pathetic parts for the rest of their lives, no Hollywood fairy tale for them.

  15. I was suspicious when I started watching the events of Of Dec 14, 2012. The reaction I had, like so many, was “why no videos and photos of the shooter(s)….” If he/they were wearing masks (as reported early on), then why would they have been “buzzed in” ? Of course, with technology today, they could have very easily put together all the fake photos and videos they needed and the gullible American public would have accepted them as real. So why was that seemingly important part dropped from the hoax ?

  16. They are still finding ways to collect money, though, aren’t they?
    Here’s an article about a music professor at Lehigh University who is going to write music about the event because he cares. He will start writing the music in January, after donations are collected.
    He really cares about kids. He’s asking kids to send in pictures that they draw depicting how they feel when tragedy strikes. What a guy!

  17. Who has the motive, the organizational capacity and the moral license to perpetrate a fraud on the scale of Sandy Hook?

    The followers of a movement that developed around Shabbetai Tzevi (b. 1626, Turkey) argue that outward acts are irrelevant as long as one remains inwardly a Jew. They embrace the theory of “sacred sin” and believe that the Torah can be fulfilled only by amoral acts representing its seeming annulment.

    After Shabbetai’s death in 1676, the sect continued to flourish. The nihilistic tendencies of Shabbetaianism reached a peak in the 18th century with Jacob Frank, whose followers reputedly sought redemption through orgies at mystical festivals.

    Talmudists believe God does not redeem us, we are here to redeem God who fell into dis-unity (good and evil) by the act of creation.

    A teacher and practitioner of Shabatainism explains more in this audio interview recorded in 2008:

  18. Reblogged this on Taking Sides and commented:
    Carefully read Prof. James Tracy’s post. It underscores what the role of a ‘free’ or ‘independent’ press should be in a social democracy, that is, in a society where government is ‘of, by, and for the people,’ in contrast to what a ‘dictatorially controlled press’ does in a society where government if ‘of, by, and for the multinational corporations.’ To quote while slightly altering that quote from Prof. Tracy’s post,
    “The consequences of such a [perversion of the ‘press’] are vast, with countless lives and entire nations having been undermined and destroyed. Moreover, the “first drafts of history” become plagued by myth and distortion that eventually cohere as collective memory, thus robbing a people of their self-determination, nullifying their humanity, and ensuring that the cycle repeats interminably.”

    1. Being new at this kind of thing, because I wanted to change my comment as appended to the ‘reblog,’ I messed up, and I am now unable, it seems, to correct my mistake. Hopefully I’ll be able to ‘fix’ the issue. In the meantime, I apologize.

    2. Today in Boston on the public radio station WGBH, a gun control advocate got on with a seemingly off-the-wall remark. He said he learned all about violence when his teacher showed the class pictures of the concentration camps and he realized that he would have been sent to one given his surname had he been in Europe at the time. While I will grant him that – because I am no Holocaust denier – I saw in his statement a kind of attempt at creating a sense of trust with the audience that at first appeared irrelevant to the discussion which followed, although he seemed to have singled out a co-religionist or co-ethnic for shaming, an owner of Cerberus I believe who apparently profits from the industry. He said we had heard promises that this industry would work with government to make sure lunatics no longer got guns, and to make possession of firearms more regulated, owning and driving a car is. But then the NRA got going and Cerberus or whoever dropped the ball, reneging on promises apparently made in the wake of the reaction to Sandy Hook.

      I won’t go into whether owning firearms would have helped safeguard the lives of Europeans attacked by Hitler. I would assume it would have put the Germans off from some of their confidence they could just round up and deport whole villages of human beings who once they showed up could only hope they were not being taken off to be murdered, even though they could heard gunshots in the distance. Being scared of the people is a good corrective of government megalomania.

      When the guest then launched into arguments that Sandy Hook was apparently meant to settle forever – whether the 2nd Amendment was to be absolute – it was clear that the journalists interviewing him on the program had no interest in the underlying truth about the event. It was all about the publicity that some nut could shoot up a classroom unless there were stern regulations in place to prevent such a thing. They don’t particularly care about whether what has been reported is factual any more than they would care whether a commercial is true in every respect.

      I’m not even sure that it is ever okay to contradict received information if you want to remain in broadcast journalism. But the real story, that an outrageous hoax can be passed off as a fact, a much bigger story than its underlying purpose, is not up for discussion. To raise the issue is taboo. Those who screened calls to the show had been told that such a question was never to be asked. It would have been irrelevant, you see.

      1. ” I would assume it would have put the Germans off from some of their confidence they could just round up and deport whole villages of human beings who once they showed up could only hope they were not being taken off to be murdered”

        I know this is not central to your point, musings, which I heartily agree with, but this comment reminded me of a wonderful movie, a true story, about just this truth. It is called Defiance.

        1. Very interesting. Thanks for that information.

          As for changing my enthusiasm for the picture, I shall decline your request.

          An excerpt of the relevant posting:

          “The daily has claimed the Bielskis tended not to engage in combat with Germans as depicted in the film, but rather spent its energy stealing civilian supplies in order survive.

          Ed Zwick, the director of Defiance, has admitted his film, based on a
          historical account by Nechama Tec, is not a simple fight between good and evil.

          “The Bielskis weren’t saints,” Zwick said in a statement. “They were
          flawed heroes, which is what makes them so real and so fascinating.
          They faced any number of difficult moral dilemmas that the movie
          seeks to dramatise: Does one have to become a monster to fight
          monsters? Does one have to sacrifice his humanity to save humanity?”

          The movie certainly oversimplifies, and cleans the boys up a bit, but they are not nice fellows in the picture. They learned a lesson about being too nice, for instance, when they let the milkman live, and he ratted them out. They learned that they would have to kill civilians if they were to survive. But that happens in war. For Jews, it was fight back or be murdered.

          The point I was making (and flesh out more fully in another comment down below this comment) is that the Jews who did not fight back were removed from even the remotest villages, and never returned.

          No one on the web page is denying that they did in fact survive by fighting back, just as the picture says.

          The web site you link to is quite explicit that almost all Poland’s Jews no longer existed after the war. Whether they were murdered with gas and burned up, or murdered and their bodies disposed of some other way is quite beside the point.

      2. I appreciate your posts musings, but have to again heartily disagree with something you, not I, brought up here. Watching Smallstrom’s presentation was one of various final catalysts of a sort of zeitgeist for me – of confronting whether the H olocaust was real or not. Her video really engaged the issue of various dimensions and levels of ‘knowing’ or ‘witnessing’ something in a way that helped me figure out how so many people might be willing to lie about something. Since I’m unclear as to whether or not Dr. Tracy might be interested in traveling abroad, I’ll demur from commenting further, except to say, when I finally countenanced actual scientific evidence about this phenomenon, I was profoundly shocked. It is absolutely no wonder TPTB have criminalized any debate on that issue for once entered there truly is no way out for them. The evidence is irrefutable, both forensic and circumstantial, as it were, and it is far more conclusive in a very concrete way than that surrounding Sandy Hook. I was shocked for days by it.

        As for Adam and Nancy, I was immediately struck by how preventable the official narrative of events was. If Adam were really coming to some place where Nancy felt he needed to be committed, why’d she leave guns around the house? How did he get into the school? Why, if he supposedly had gone into it days earlier in a rage, had the cops not gone to his house and demanded to confiscate the guns (as they do in domestic violence cases)? Since when does a very upper middle class woman in a swanky town like theirs ‘prep?’

        Someone remarked to me recently that it’s easier to brainwash/control one person than it is to fake something this big. I don’t agree, with either point, especially because the real agenda here was not to pull off a hoax per se, but to effect a scenario in which taking down the 2nd Amendment becomes somehow seemingly imperative. The underlying purpose was to control the alleged victims/survivors of this alleged tragedy, so if I understand you correctly, that is the bigger purpose, and one of the reasons my friend was wrong about his guess. You can’t control real survivors of a real homicide, at least not significant numbers of them.

        1. In a painful way, the “Holocaust” and SHE are connected. But it is much like the manner in which ALL things are connected. The fact that we refer to this event as “The Holocaust” at all, is a propaganda triumph.

          It goes beyond that even. It is distinctly “taboo” to discuss any aspect of this tale as possibly being historically inaccurate. The same effect is being used with regard to the SHE operation.

          When discussing the Hitler years there is a prepackaged version that is constantly droned from the TEE VEE and other sources. There is but ONE story. You must believe it absolutely. There are those ready to gas light you, or worse, should you stray from the path.

          It is a formula that has been extremely successful for a few. It is, unfortunately, not true (at least as described). SHE was about more than the 2nd Amendment. It is about modeling. It is about “media” creating reality. It is about our supposed obligation to “believe”.

          When real historian attempt to examine WWII and the various aspects of it, if they dare to explore the actual events surrounding the camps and what transpired there, and to who, they are met with the same reaction as we are for questioning the obvious problems with SHE.

          It is a pattern that has proven to work over time. Scream, howl, gnash your teeth, rend your garments, and all discussion ceases. Call people names. Threaten to sue. Whine about the victims.

          The funny thing is, after all of that is over, it is exactly what it was before it all began. Those tactics are designed to shut people up, period. By keeping them quiet the hope is that none will be brave enough to question.

        2. I only know of the “official” story of the holocaust. If someone who has researched this would be kind enough to point me in the direction of a source that seems most credible I would appreciate it.

        3. What phase of the Holocaust is historically inacurate?

          The stacks of bodies, the dead and dying at liberated death camps?

          What are we to say? They are photo-shopped pictures of a time long gone and cannot be authenticated? They are somehow connected to the mirages presented at SH and the BMB? Yes, they are in that respect as there is a linear thread throughout recent history…we have discussed it at length and put up links; it is a cabal referred to as the “The Illuminati” (the enlightened ones) or “The Committee of 300 (the superior caste) and its tributaries. Power blocs began eons ago and was polished up and resurrected ironically in the pre-modern era–when humans were aroused from their stupor and medieval chains to think of themselves as individuals, not a collective of homogenized subservients.

          But let’s begin with some facts on the Holocaust, which some do not want to accept, for reasons beyond my logic. Is it the sheer number of victims that escape into mental ether? One pair of baby shoes outside the cremation oven stirs empathy; one hundred thousand pairs of shoes or a million pairs of eyeglasses or the tangle of six million cropped human hair pieces, and we close our minds in self-defense.


          For those who insist that Germany is victim of Jewish agitprop and Allied revisionism re the past two world wars. The German people are susceptible to the machinations of authoritarian cliques and seem willing to follow without due deliberation. It may stem from their paternalistic society with a stern family hierarchy, ruled by the father. It is interesting they do refer to Germany as the ‘fatherland’ whereas many see country as the ‘motherland.’ Just a thought.

        5. Marilyn, when I read about possible fraud in historical accuracy or truth of reporting the holocaust, I have to admit that I went to the thought of people claiming that it didn’t happen. And maybe there are those who say it didn’t happen; I don’t know. But a thought just broke through my brain with respect to what lophatt has said about the Holocaust and SHE being connected. The connection is who is masterminding them, not whether the deaths happened.

          The breakthrough was when it popped into my mind that “main perpetrators” of the holocaust, the men called “nazis”, after all was done, were perhaps protected and brought to America (and other countries) and used in various sciences or retired.

          In other words, two huge slaughters were accomplished, the Jews and the German army. Those on the lower levels of armies are virtual sacrifices, lured into service for their “country”.

          Too sad. I see a lot of young men and women from among my friends joining the armed services and being honored for doing so.

        6. I am not one to jump on bandwagons. I understand that “Holocaust” is a word which like “slavery” means many things to many people, and that those trying to control the dominant narrative have agendas NOT NECESSARILY SHARED by actual survivors of Nazi deportation, slave labor, starvation, persecution, and crimes. Case in point: the author Finkelstein, whose parents were survivors and who deplored what he called “the holocaust industry.” I would class in that industry many Holocaust wannabes I have met, who are always reminding people how they would have been chopped liver had their ancestors not emigrated from France or Germany in the 19th century. Yeah, and if I had been an Indian I might have died of smallpox. But where were their closer ancestors when the bad stuff was happening in Europe? Laying low.

          For the record, and because I am a doubting Thomas, I believe the stories of the diffident survivors who, like real soldiers with vast combat experience like my dad, find that discussion of these real and persistent trauma is the last thing they want to do. Maybe, like my mother-in-law, they will testify to the Shoah Project when the interviewers show up. This permanent record of her starvation and imprisonment, and her witnessing the deaths of others whose only “crime” was in being Jews by ethnicity (not even practicing faith), shows she cared passionately about telling history right. When the interviewer sought to lead her into both demonizing everyone who was not a committed Nazi at the camp, only a hapless person dragooned into the role of guard, what did she do? She kept her memories clear and the record as straight as she could. She had a sense of gradations of moral wrong, and credited some with doing what was right (as in the slave situation in our own American South and elsewhere). She could not be forced to join the in-group and look on everyone else as the out-group. You see, she survived mostly through luck (as she believed) but also through using daily acts of judgment and discrimination to get people to help her through and to draw on human cooperation even from a few of her captors. Don’t read too much into this. It was ad hoc.

          I cannot deal with the prejudice of anyone who thinks she is actually some sort of an evil person by virtue of her membership in an ethnic group. I cannot deal with blind prejudice from neo-Nazis who mollycoddle the memory of Hitler and try to morph him into a decent guy.
          I also cannot deal with the willful falsification of history such as we see in our MSM about these fake events. To me, I see the Soviet hand in that.

          My mother-in-law’s brother, who continued through his life to live behind the Iron Curtain (another meme, isn’t it – like Holocaust – but equally useful at expressing something big) – — well he foolishly decided there were only two forms of government, fascism and communism, and for personal reasons, he picked the latter. He died prematurely of a health problem which would have been treated in the US by a week of antibiotics, but which took the “useless eater” at 59, still trapped in his polarized view of the world, and very much pitied by those who dared to come to America at some risk to themselves.

          So that’s my take. I hate, hate, hate the ideas which have given rise to the current fakery. But I cannot hate most people. I think they are mostly dumb followers, like Uncle Imre.

        7. Norm Finkelstein, IMO is just as guilty of exploiting history as those he accuses of participating in the “Holocaust Industry.” He is a very angry man who has put himself in the untenable position of fighting against his own people. His anger seems misplaced. Few Jews engage in what he decries. But it just takes a few to gain the attention of the Holocaust denier faction. Norman takes his show on the road and is quite popular among the throngs who trash Israel–for whatever the reason. Then he wonders why he is the target of reprisal. Why doesn’t he leave America and settle in the Arab Middle East?

          The range of denial runs from no Holocaust to a few NAZI victims–not only Jews, deaths crossed ethnic lines (the underclass) of European peoples–to noting exaggerated totals that don’t add up. “There weren’t that many Jews in Europe,” etc. So Jews shouldn’t hijack the event.

          My point above cetainly unmasks the hidden agenda for world domination. With the aid of a rampaging technocracy, all things now seem possible to supermen who rule by fiat. Nothing evolves in a vacuum; all things are connected and the agents of this new coming holocaust hide within a contrived mythological world of lies and dark sorcery.

        8. The best I can offer to you is to go on Youtube and look for this video (although there are a number of revisionist ones): it’s one by a group or someone called ‘Ry’ that’s called something like Auschwitz and gas chambers, which is 30 minutes long. Then check on for another one by Ry that’s called More Than Taboo that’s 1 1/2 hours long.

          After that, go back to Youtube and check out Montel Williams’ show devoted to the subject. It should come up now, although I don’t know for how much longer given that the longer video by Ry is already impossible to get on Youtube (anyone uploading it will have their account deactivated).

          Just watching the half hour video by Ry will change a person’s entire perspective. The fact that their longer presentation is banned on Youtube already tells a devout skeptic what they need to know.

          I don’t provide links as I suspect doing so could get me arrested in Europe.

          Good luck.

        9. Marilyn, I think it is important to separate current academic battles over the actions of a modern nation state and the reality of the persecution of a group of people who were considered to be a part of an entity of the same name (before the state), i.e. Israel (as it is invoked to mean the group itself). Yet I see that if you have problems with the actions of some of the Israeli leadership today or make overtures toward Palestinian issues, you suddenly turn into a self-hater who secretly would have allowed Hitler free reign because you’re just a wimp, lacking the balls of a jerk like Netanyahu.

          If I had to choose between Dershowitz and Finkelstein, I’d have coffee with the latter.

        10. Marilyn Jay – As to Finkelstein “in a difficult position of fighting against his own people”, what do you think we are doing here?

          Right now on 60 Minutes which my husband is watching without swear words (though I am using them), General Alexander is defending NSA’s blanket mandate to suck up anything it wants of our communications, but invoking the cattle-prod of “9/11”. It worked so well I guess on people who could be brought to heel and agreement to awful things by saying “Holocaust”. Anyone willing to take that kind of conditioning and break it down is a hero to mankind, even to his own people he is supposedly bringing to task. A prophet is not without honor, save in his own country.

        11. Sue, what Holocaust are you referring to? In the first post where you bring it up it seems to me you are talking of SH, but then ‘LoPhatt’ shows up with nazis in the next post. The tread continued with you jumping in and questioning the Jewish Holocaust.

          I just watched ‘More than Taboo’, one of the films recommended by the Jewish Holocaust questioners, or at least the first 30 mins out of 90. I stopped when the dupe/holocaust apologist from ‘war is always by deception’ was complaining about Jews merely being starved to death, and not gassed. I’ll take the gas any day thank you.

          There were plenty of alarming points before that, notably the complaint that the holocaust is used to justify modern imperialism. If it works so well, why did they need to pull off 911 and constantly use that?

          In fact, the most common use of antisemitism I have noticed these days is the assimilation of ‘conspiracy theorists’ to anti-Semites.

          Perhaps that is what you are trying to do here? Save Professor Tracey from slander? If so you have me quite confused, so please clarify what on earth you are trying to accomplish.

          I am just having all anti-Semites shot . . . -Dionysus, January 1889

        12. Badnews have you posted much on this site heretofore? Because while I don’t check in religiously, I do with some frequency (at least to read, occasionally I also post) and I don’t remember reading your comments – and as for your intentions with this question I can’t read your mind.

        13. HI Sue, I have only been here about a week. My post was partly out of genuine curiosity about your position and motives.

          But it was also an attempt to provide a very genuine and strong anti-antisemitic presence on these comments, as I suspect Professor Tracy will be assimilated to antisemitism, if he has not been already.

          Alex Jones already has his own page at SLPC:

          While I find Alex a tad nutty and more than a tad lacking in rigor, I do not see any signs of real hate or racism in him. He is howerver prone to ‘elite-baiting’, and while I think his elite baiting shows a lack of style, I do not think it justifies a page on an anti-hate site. I suffer that lack of style myself, and should probably not call the leaders “psycho” and “psychocrats” nearly as often as I do, but rather instead criticize more politely, and I should also look at the positives more often.

          They are quite fascinating; esp. the spooks, and have given me some much needed purpose in this life:

          So live your life of obedience and of war! What matter about long life! What warrior wisheth to be spared!

          I spare you not, I love you from my very heart, my brethren in war!—

          Thus spake Zarathustra

        14. I want to know where all the “info” really comes from, regarding Nancy prepping, Adam doing DDR, practicing shooting at the range, were they reclusive, etc? Did anyone see Adam in the last few years? Was the Honda Civic Adam’s? Where does the story “raising Adam Lanza” come from, etc. I would love to see track back on all the tidbits of info that we take for real. I’m not sure of anything anymore…

        15. Adam overpowered Chris Rodia and carjacked him, and then proceeded to Sandy Hoax Elementary School, carefully avoiding the no parking zone. Alternatively, he could have been picked up hitchhiking by Christopher Rodia and stated that he wanted to be taken to the school to do his business. That would explain the two jackets on the ground, lol!

      3. It appears these talking machines are not able to accept the reality of the situation, their plan of declaring gun free zones and throwing the mentally ill in the streets to cause chaos and mass shootings in order to confiscate all guns is not working. It may of worked if the citizens were not enslaved with ridiculous taxes, the government not exposed to scandals such as the IRS targeting the opposition party, NSA capturing all of our data, the Benghasi coverup of our arms dealing and the murder and abandonment of our brave men there, the green energy and global warming scam with the declaration of our leader that ‘the price of energy must necessarily have to sky rocket.’ The food stamp program turned into a debit card grand theft that allows users to buy just about anything, including bail money! The unaffordable health care act that is sure to bankrupt the middle class who cannot keep their health plans, doctors or hospitals and will pay much more for less, inspite of promises to the contrary. There are probably more but the point is Americans are tired of being lied to, and even if the majority believe SH is just another lie, it is clear the fix is in, from the local cop, to the ‘newspaper’, to the keeper of the records, to the state attorney, the judge, the governor, the doj, the president, the records are sealed and if a judge demands they be unsealed, you will only see more lies and proof that this is a hoax for the greater good. The anti gun proponents outspent their foes 7:1 in advertising for their cause and will probably be tripling down soon
        So sad they did not take the NRA up on their offer to assist in protecting our schools, there is still hope they can admit to their mistakes, reversing the gun free zones is the first step.

      4. Hating how we eventually get crowded to the last corridor of this format, I break it back.

        musings just said: “This permanent record of her starvation and imprisonment, and her witnessing the deaths of others whose only “crime” was in being Jews by ethnicity (not even practicing faith), shows she cared passionately about telling history right.”

        Everything she said in here comment was wonderful, and could easily stand alone without reply, but I will add something. I rarely wade in to conversations here about Jews. Some people who like this place really like that topic, the way Mark likes racism. That is, monomania.

        So the question of why national socialism determined to exterminate that particular race of people has broadened to the denial that it even happened. Which I find telling.

        There is no question at all that survivors went back to their ancestral homes, villages all across Europe, and found no one (of their race) there. Everyone else was there.

        Deny that, you deniers.

        Watch the true story movie Defiance. Netflix will send it to you in a day or two.

        1. It’s the truth about those villages and the sheer documentation I have seen of my husband’s own family (full of working class tailors and shoemakers with lots of little children), wiped out by being taken from where they could raise their own gardens and live as they had for centuries, among Christians by the way, because when Hitler invaded Hungary (after pressure on its quisling leaders which nevertheless had been stalled by the same) the word was “deportation” – my mother-in-law even used that phrase. The deportations added up. She herself was selected in one of those mass selections at the camp for work (being without a child and in her early 20’s). People who were not like her – some physical deformity, ill that day, middle-aged, mothers with children – she never saw again, including her own relatives. And this is a little lady, completely without religious practice, who had rather be living in Paris than some backwater village, but who got trapped there at the wrong time. She survived by what she regarded as dumb luck. Now she’s dead of course, having succumbed to old age and Parkinson’s disease. Her life was small, hard-working and somewhat miserable. But I am forever put in the shade about her deep honesty – in fact she told her son that the religion in their household was “We’re honest.” She of course was impressed when she visited Israel – but she liked other places too. She rarely spoke of any country that she thought was super terrific, but obviously she chose America (the Swedes repatriated her to Hungary and she thought of living there for a time).

          I see racism in some people who should know better, who I wish had learned from what it felt like when it was directed at them. But what are you going to do? It’s one of the dumb ways people have always acted.

          My mother-in-law was a saint and a genius and everyone who knew her felt she was special. I’m glad my kids remember her as their grandmother. I’m glad she enjoyed life after her sufferings. I cannot be responsible for people who might try to use her. I’m glad she gave such a good interview to the Shoah Project, so that is now part of the permanent record. It did not seem like exploitation, but recording history the way the Library of Congress collected slave narratives before they all died and carried their memories to the grave. So whatever else he did, Spielberg deserves credit for helping to sponsor that.

          But today’s issues are not yesterday’s, except in principle. I would worry about Palestinians today bearing the brunt of prejudice and ill treatment. I know that about half the Israelis feel the same way, so there is hope.

        2. I’m going to ask Dr. Tracy how he feels about entertaining debate on the experience of jews in WWII Europe.

          One problem I see in engaging the issue is that it alone could overwhelm a site. There are other obvious issues with it but so far I have ignored baiting and wholly inaccurate assertions about it in part because it’s not my blog and so I simply ask if debate on the issue is entertained.

        3. This is not something I wish to host to any degree on this site at this time.

          Perhaps if this is a focus of yours then it may also serve as an impetus to begin a blog along these lines, where you may facilitate moderation of such discussions.

        4. Well then this is for the record. I never once brought up the ‘holocaust’ on this site. Another poster did and I responded to his comment. I have also not responded to other comments I deem distortionist in spite of having an arsenal of evidence and arguments but because it doesn’t seem apropos to the site. People have raised challenges and questions to which I have plentiful answers, but I I’ll simply continue to ignore the discussion, although it does sort of violate the spirit of debate to only entertain one side to opine. Perhaps other posters will honor your wish that that topic should cease to distract people.

        5. Really? You’re serious? Do you get all of your information from Hollywood movies? lol Ok.

  19. “Moreover, the “first drafts of history” become plagued by myth and distortion that eventually cohere as collective memory, thus robbing a people of their self-determination, nullifying their humanity, and ensuring that the cycle repeats interminably.”

    Profound and eloquent, these words speak to the hearts and souls of patriotic Americans as Thomas Paine’s writings in Common Sense must have in colonial times.

    After the “aha, we really are being lied to” moment arrives, it doesn’t leave us. Very much like coming home and realizing our home has been broken into, we feel we’ve been violated and want the culprits identified, apprehended, and brought to justice.

    Michael Bloomberg is a rich and powerful man who honestly believes he is changing the world for the better by limiting people’s access to guns, by limiting people’s intake of sugary beverages, by ordering New York police to stop and frisk Muslim Americans without probable cause.

    Are there connections with Michael Bloomberg and participants in the Sandy Hook Hoax? Of course there are. Are any of these connections to the country’s richest and loudest proponent of gun control ever reported on main stream media? No. Not once.

    The CIA and the Mossad are state sanctioned criminal organizations that work for powerful interests and carry out criminal activities to achieve established aims and objectives. Powerful gun control proponents are also powerful Zionists such as Bloomberg, Feinstein, Boxer, Blumenthal, Menendez, Lieberman. The list goes on and on.

    “Conspiracy theorists.” “Anti-semites.” Yeah, yeah. As we watch our constitutional rights become obliterated, as we watch dual citizens convince us that Christmas can not be mentioned in public schools and that the Constitution and its protections is really only just a piece of paper.

    Look for the Zionist element and you will it in everyone of these hoaxes. Why is it there? In Boston, they had to fly in the top Israeli security official to help us “solve” the bombing. What an insult to Boston PD and the FBI. Oh geez, turned out the bad guys were Muslims don’t ya know.

    In Sandy Hook, Gabby Giffords had to meet in an unscheduled office visit first with Michael Bloomberg before visiting Sandy Hook. Does this make any sense? The Green family of actors were ever present throughout Sandy Hook and members of the Tribe. FEMA employee and very bad actor Gene Rosen, on and on and on.

    An Israeli citizen, Fischer, in now the United States Vice Chairman of our Federal Reserve System.

    All evidence points to our country, its foreign policy, its educational system, its main stream media, the regulation of our money supply, our culture being dominated by a minority culture representing 2 percent of our population.

    Dismissing this control and takeover by a domestic and foreign entity is fine if we wish to continue this accelerating erosion of our basic freedoms.

    1. Benjamin, Michael Bloomberg is on the Committee of 300–the global-wide cabal with tentacles in every human function and institution. It is peppered with rich and powerful men and women (mostly billionaires, their pilferred fortunes premised on the belief that they are superior, therefore, masters of our universe and above the law). It isn’t just Zioinists; as to Jews, is it possible they have been placed in high-authority slots–a first wave of soldiers–to absorb the frontal assault of criticism? Someone else made this same observation. It occurred to me long ago. It would tend to divert attention from other power brokers.

      We must look deeper to truly ascertain the schemes of these driven
      miscreants. Fear of losing control is the major impetus behind the
      the inhuman attack on humanity. The 300 mete out commands; the Bilderbergs, Club of Rome, national apparatchiks, et al. fall in line, toe-to-toe. Rings upon rings of secret circles insure the power pyramid remains in tact. Surprise, but according to a leaked list of the 300, Pope Benedict (recently retired) is also a member. (Find the list link posted in MHB’s article which precedes this one.)

      1. The issue of the Committee of 300 is so crucial to our understanding of Sandy Hook, 9/11, OK City bombing, and other tragic events, I am going to post the link again. It explains the agenda of the globalist in great detail and lists the names of people who have positioned themselves into an ironclad structure which seems an impenetrable fortress. But it is a house of cards; only We The People have the power to overcome. All we need is information and the will.

        1. If this is the source of a lot of our “alternative history”, then perhaps the tentacles project into institutions, testing the power of coercion along the way – Boston being a prime example with hospitals, universities, federal courts, media, each being penetrated in an effort to show ownership from above. While it may be possible to ignore this for a time, the influence will create dangerous levels of distrust, and of course big gangsters always have other big gangsters they perceive as their mortal enemies, which will necessitate calls to sacrifice from us underlings when they finally decide they have to tangle (even in death throes) with their rivals.

    2. As much as I didn’t want my research to lead in the direction of disturbing conclusions I found, it seemed every thread I pulled from numerous “oddities” at play in our political sphere pointed to the Israel Lobby.

      I do wish to point out that the forces that perpetrate lies and crimes against the American Public do not necessarily represent the interests of Jewish Americans.

  20. Not all media is complicit in the brainwashing to the extent that they are allowed to report the truth. Here Charles Cook of the National Review speaks of the Sandy Hook Template and how they failed in their goal of taking all guns. “What sort of “progress” is passing a law that has nothing to do with the problem you’re trying to solve? The answer is none at all. In truth, the Left’s knee-jerk reaction to gun violence represents quite the opposite of forward thinking, based as it is on fear, superstition, and good old-fashioned ignorance.”

    1. I guess you did not see that the House passed the “plastic gun” bill and passed it onto the Senate where it has bi-partisan support led by Chas Grassley and Chuck Schumer.

      1. This will probably sound silly, but think about it. Most people’s WHOLE idea of what is real comes from the TEE VEE. They walk around with their noses buried in their I-Phones and only look up when there’s a TV screen to look at.

        So, for them, the people they see on TV are real……period. They live their little lives vicariously through them. What a tremendous tool for social engineering.

        In a strange way that is what makes these fakes so important. All they know is what they see on TV. NOTHING gets on TV without being carefully vetted. If it’s on there, it’s on there for a reason.

        Our ancestors were great observers. They looked up and down, left and right, and saw things. They formed opinions and discussed them. They invented choices for themselves. Today, TV defines the “choices” available and desirable and people merely consume them. They have no imagination and can’t envision it being any other way.

        When I was a kid there was one TV on our block. Us kids used to go to that house on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons. The rest of the time we were outside inventing things to do. We MADE our entertainment, we didn’t consume it.

        Inventions like the TV, or the I-Phone, are there because they are useful to those who wish to control. If you see “reality TV” on the air, it is there for a reason. Of course it is cheap to make. But I think it’s real intent is to further dumb down and provide more “modeling” for the happy viewers.

        1. Yes sir! Cancel the cable. I did 5 years ago. Its similar to putting on those dark sunglasses like Roddy Piper found in the movie “They Live”. No smart phone either.

        2. Rich, if you just received a reply from me that baffled you,, it may be because I thought I was replying to somebody else

          I agree on the cable, about the only thing that has been better for my mind than living my adult life without cable is that I didn’t pay attention in School.

        3. I disagree on the smart phone though. I have music and a library of ebooks in my pocket, and a really slick remote for my home stereo. I am getting paranoid and thinking of putting tape over the cameras though lol

    1. I’m going to add this in here because it relates to your above comment, but also to one musings made on this thread or a very recent one. Does anyone wonder if the advent of reality TV was not totally spontaneous? Might it have been engined, at least in part, by a governmedia that had the plan all along to eventually perpetrate these total hoaxes? I had thought it appeared just out of nowhere, but perhaps it’s emergence was part of a longer term plan.

      Even if it didn’t directly impact the psyches of the viewers of Sandy Hoax, somewhere deep down I think it normalizes these not-so-real ‘situations’ and also, the actors in them must have some sense of their participation being more legitimate or ‘normal’ given that they’ve been watching reality TV for at least 10 years or so.

      I have parents who were in their teens in the 50’s. When reality TV would come on, like Survivor, in its early years and I’d be in their family room entranced with it, they would start screaming irrationally about how ‘phony’ and ‘fake’ it was. They would become almost emotionally violent towards the whole concept. At the time I just thought it was a generation gap thing, and that they mistook my age group for dupes in not understanding that we knew much of it is contrived and didn’t take it all that seriously. We seemed narcissistic to them, I figured.

      But now looking back I wonder if my parents were on to something in their violent rejection of what seemed like simple vapidity at the time…

      1. I agree with your observation, Sue, that reality tv has set the stage. People who lived through the game show era and discovered that it was faked (I was a little kid then) might have more sensitivity to this. At one time putting out willfully false information was perceived as a violation of FCC regulations as well as being like running a crooked gaming table.

        The reality show format has certainly helped to blur that.

        Another stream into the reality show concept has been those shows on PBS where, for a space of time, a family tries to live as though they are time travelers back to another era with constraints they would experience then (although always in contact with medical doctors, adequate nutrition for children, etc.). That seemed somewhat more genuine than more corrupted forms (the dating shows including Secret Princes, where the story became so transparently fake it is probably going off the air).

        The contest type reality shows are kind of related to the earlier game shows, I would say. Don’t follow them, except Season 1 of Survivor. Didn’t the winner of that one wind up in trouble about his taxes? Facing jail time? Maybe he talked too much?

        1. “REALITY TV’ is not the problem , the TV period is the problem ,the TV is the biggest form of mind control that has ever exsisted , NOT ONE word of truth is on the TV , the weather is even a lie , there is no such thing as a reporter or a meteorologist or a journalist on the Tv they are ALL ACTORS who’s only concerns are that their hair and make up is looking good on screne , they dont care what LIES they read off of the teleprompter. the large majority of actors are narcissistic & sociopathic in nature , what YOUR concerns are mean nothing to them, they dont care if what they are reading off the script is the truth or a lie , they only care about their hair & make up

        2. in response to Violeta , you can ask meteorologist Scott Stevens & ask him about his experience about his dismissal from television, he won like 10 awards for his meteorology, he was a well known TV figure but about 10 years ago he was told to read the scripts basically & not to sway from them,being an honmest person, he is of course no longer on Tv ( he is with the chemtrail fighters now & fighting for our lives)- he has a you tube channel & he does a lot of things with i think too & other organizations fighting chemtrails & geoengineering ( he knows that all of these latest ‘stomrs’ are all MAN MADE , he was black listed for being a TRUTH TELLER .So yes you would have to question any ‘mystery’ deaths that happened to Tv personalities when the truth was a good thing , there where those people that would have refused to which i am sure they met their maker for being honest individuals.

        3. I agree. After spending months observing persistent contrails, and seeing forecasted blue skies become overcast, I wrote to several of my local metiorologists, curious of their take on the phenomena. I did hear back from two, who tried to squelch any conspiratorial “chemtrail” thinking, and chalk it all up to coincidence. When I came upon this article, it suddenly made sense to me. Meteriologists don’t even really need to look up in the sky these days to observe anything about the weather:

        4. exactly CE, But actually the truth is much much worse when it comes to chemtrails.The truth is there are no such things as ‘contrails’,a non persistant ‘contrail’ is the conspriracy( it is so rare that we will never see one in our lifetime) a ‘contrail’ is 99% non exsistant, if something is coming out of a plane or a jet it IS A CHEMTRAIL-PERIOD,The horrifying truth is chemtrails are covering the sky in every state in the nation & the program has amped up significantly,they are much more then just heavy metal toxic chemicals( illuminum,barium,strontium,lithium,lead,tin,molds & virus’s ) that are being sprayed all over us, to not only dim the sun but for us to breath in with every breath, then all the gwenn towers that are going up all across the country can be used to haarp us all with electromagnetic currents, like they are doing to whole animal populations ( they are imploding animals from within so there are no outwards signs of trauma , then the TV LIARS & the scientist LIARS ( why would scientists lie ? because who funds them ? the global regime/government funds them thats why every word out of the scientists mouths are LIES TOO ) these animals are breathing in the metals & then being imploded by haarp, we couldnt have the ‘weather people’ & the ‘news people’ telling the truth about these mass animal deaths even if they are mentioned on the TV, so more lies from the ACTORS. The new world order death machines & the mechanisms they are using on us ALL will not be mentioned on the TV or they will be lied about. But ALL these FACTS I have mentioned are referencable & can be checked , Massive animal die offs elk,deer,star fish,bats,bees,butterfly’s, whale,dolphins,mantees, sea lions,moose,pelicans,pigs,squid ,arctic birds -ARE ALL BEING KILLED BY CHEMTRAILS & HAARP – we cant let the people know the truth so they must be distracted by kim.k, dancing with the stars, the voice & all these false flag NON events like sandy hook , the LAX’shooter’ that wasnt, the washington ‘shooter’ that wasnt , the high school ‘shooters’ that never happend either, THESE FAIRYTALE STORIES are all to keep the public dazed & confused about what they are really doing to us. We are in much worse trouble then most people even know, when animals are being imploded from within by these chemtrails & we are all breathing them in every single day the nano particles by the millions with every breath we take, these imploding experiments have been on the animals so far, but soon we will have mass human die offs & the lies will continue, the TV actors will continue to be complicit in these crimes for the lies they spew to the TV viewing audience. we are all in GRAVE DANGER from the TELEVISION . When you look up & see a plane spraying you , please KNOW with 100 ABSOLUTE FACTUAL CERTAINTY it is NOT A ‘contrail’ . but a CHEMTRAIL OF DEATH & the TV is LIEING to you about almost everything.

        5. Yes, of course, they have to control the minds of the meteorologists and any and all weather reports and predicitions. One day at work I mentioned something about weather control, I can’t remember if it was the chemtrail “clouds” or what, and a friend of mine had a daughter who went to school to be a meteorologist(I didn’t realize that) jumped on what I said as being “untrue”, and she knew it wasn’t true because her daughter told her it wasn’t true. So they are being taught lies.

          With the weather controls came a new way of predicting weather, and for a few years, if you remember, the weather stations just couldn’t seem to get the weather predictions right???? Now with new “methods”, they are much better at it. When you see horrible, destructive weather happen with no forewarning given, well, gee, I wonder why?

          Also, about 8 years ago a third grade teacher had a poster of “clouds”, and it had a new cloud…….I forget what it was called, but it was the chemtrail “cloud”. So they are now teaching kids that what they are seeing is a cloud.

        6. That and the silly computer games they are obsessed in playing every spare minute, they even post on facebook how hard one particular game is and offer each other advise on how to ‘win’. Aside from all the poisoning the weather modification is doing, it has a huge impact on making people depressed by depriving them of sunlight. The north has been especially hard hit with blizzard after blizzard, winter is already hard enough going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. The first day of winter is December 21! The last 3 storms have been named Cleon, Deon and Electra.

        7. I live in Seattle, so I really take it personally when a clear blue sky becomes clouded over by airplane “contrails”. I feel robbed of my sunshine! Suprisingly, no one else I’ve tried to talk to about this cares.

        8. And did you ever think about how often you have to use quotation marks when you talk about the most mundane things …….”clouds”.

        9. And “contrail” is quite an interesting word, because it is actually being used to “con” us.

  21. Dec 14th, Just another day

    While the nation stops to remember the lives of the 20 children and six adults gunned down a year ago Saturday at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the families still grieving for their lost loved ones say Dec. 14 will be no different for them.

    “In all honesty, it’s just another day. It’s just another day without Dylan. There’s no need to mark it because every day we miss him,” said Nicole Hockley of her 6-year-old son. “I think the rest of the country and people feel that the one-year mark has some significance. But it’s another passage of time. It doesn’t change anything.”

  22. one year after the rape of a country, and the victims are just laying there allowing themselves to be raped all over again. this whole thing is so SICKENING it makes me physically ill knowing that the whole country is being raped by a TV SHOW and a school that didnt even exsist. The global regime ( the non exsistant U.S ‘government’) counted on the infinite stupidity of the people of the nation & they where correct, they got exactly what they counted on.

    1. Yeah. I’m always torn between who I’m disgusted by the most — a) the perpetrators, or b) the sheeple. I generally give the sheeple a break since they’re so brainwashed as well as drunk on “entertainment” which was all provided by the perps. Still, I sure want to shake them and wake them!!!

  23. So much fancy talk. What a waste of hot air. Here is all you need to know in plain and simple language from someone who did not attend college: if they weren’t afraid of an armed populace, they wouldn’t be making such a desperate grab for defensive weapons in the hands of citizens. It really is that simple. Despite all of their posturing, they fear us and they are going to a lot of trouble trying to disarm us.

    Here is another simple truth. The consitution is what makes the US United. A contract cannot be partially broken. If any part of the bill of rights goes away, especially by official decree of any kind, then *all* laws which are attributed to US government immediately become null and void. On that very day, police authority at all levels becomes null and void. On that day, when a police person or any other ex-authority tries to stop me from going about my business I will not even bother discussing it with them. I will be armed. If they go for their gun in order to force my compliance with whatever defunct laws that they might be spewing verbally at me, I will immediately and without a second thought act in self defense.

    1. “It really is that simple.”

      No, it’s not.

      The conclusions drawn by the research and note-comparing that this web site has generated over the past year indicate with almost certainty that the gun aspect is a shallow, surface explanation of the “why did they do it” question; the REAL purpose of the exercise was to test how perfect has become their control over the public mind. 911 was a real event with a false explanation; the lies generated lots of outrage, and everyone is well aware that the official story is open to question (that is, it is acceptable to acknowledge that there are questions, even if it is not acceptable to be known to be one of the questioners). A decade later they promote an event that did not actually happen, and hardly anyone disbelieves the official story–and it is regarded as a moral outrage to suggest that the thing is a tissue of lies. This is a huge advance in social engineering.

      So this situation is far from simple; what we are examining is a very deep, hidden reality–and it is of the utmost importance that we see below the surface. This reality is well hidden, but the entities behind it leave clues that we can examine to draw an outline of who they are, what they are after, and how close they are to achieving it. At this point, this much is certain: they are getting better and better very quickly at achieving the complete control over the public mind Orwell describes in 1984.

      As for your second paragraph, it is a fantasy that is belied by what I just said about your first paragraph. You, yourself, might behave that way, but when they finally spring the trap, they will have total control over the public mind; the country won’t think like you. They will accept. Almost everyone will have joined the Borg, and will wave the American flag to defend their new outlook on their lost freedom. It will feel to them patriotic. If the Constitution of the United States is still the official governing law of the land this side of the waters that separate us from Air Strip One (I doubt it), Americans will believe it is being adhered to, no matter how ridiculous that belief will be in fact. People who hate Big Brother will be perceived as a threat to one’s very identity (that’s why in the book one of the hapless individuals is proud of his child for turning him in to the Thought Police–he didn’t know he was a thought criminal until his excellent tot ratted him out. In other words, at the culmination of this process, they will love Big Brother; they will truly believe that freedom is slavery, that their slavery is proof that they are free.

      1. I’m going with the demonstration of control too Patrick to explain the events of this alternative history lately. And also with the ability to penetrate civil society’s institutions and to puppeteer them any time they want, which is a big red flag that they are after that kind of control.

      2. Yes I have to agree with most of what you say. At the same time let’s not underestimate the numbers who DO question and DO think for themselves. All power is a kind of illusion, and the ability to make every doubter feel he/she is alone with their doubt is perhaps the primary power and purpose of a controlled media.

        A crowd can be manipulated into cheering for a man even if every member of that crowd privately hates him. This is a phenomenon we have to be aware of. There may well be many many more of us than we can possibly imagine.

      3. Well Said Patrick! What tipped me off to this was when the RCMP was breaking into peoples homes in High River Alberta to take their guns during the flooding some months ago.

        Yeah right! Albertans like guns more than other Canadians, but I doubt TPTB are afraid of them. Psyop much?

        What I found interesting in Keep it Simple’s comment was this (you seemed to allude to it indirectly):

        Here is another simple truth. The consitution is what makes the US United. A contract cannot be partially broken. If any part of the bill of rights goes away, especially by official decree of any kind, then *all* laws which are attributed to US government immediately become null and void.

        Let me put you on hold for a sec. Patrick, and address another reader:

        You really have them fooled don’t you big bro’? I know it is your constitutional right to read these comments, but I also know you are digging about where prohibited by the 4rth

        Ok back to you Patrick, in many ways it is comical, but it will not be so funny when the borg take to the streets with their assault rifles and are quickly cut to ribbons or blown to pieces by the drones overhead. 🙁

      4. Before the current President was elected in 2008, the NRA claimed there were 80 million gun owners is the USA. Most likely many more now. I wonder if there has been a study showing how many of those gun owners believe the official stories of 9/11, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Boston, and so on. I wonder if armed America is any more “awake” than unarmed America.

        1. The conscious willingness to defend oneself, and one’s family, is not congruent with a broader understanding of the cultural matrix.

          That is, just because you will refuse to allow the 2nd Amendment to be abrogated, it does not mean you have any idea what’s really going on. You might have an unpleasant feeling about it, but you won’t likely explore it.

          The truth is, most people want nothing to do with the dark history, the deep politics, and don’t own guns because these realities inform their lives. And they don’t want to know the really ugly truth. If you try to tell them, they will not listen. If you think that they are open to the truth because they are into self defense, you will be surprised. You might make them dislike you.

          I wish it were not so.

        2. Patrick, sadly, I agree. Most people are not just ignorant. They are WILLFULLY ignorant. Given the choice between knowing and ignoring they will go with the later. It is scary and unsettling to “know”.

          Knowing may mean that there isn’t much to be done about it. That is not an excuse not to know. To be an adult means that you have an obligation to yourself and others to look at what’s out there, warts and all. Being an adult isn’t “going to your happy place”.

          Taking charge of your life may mean your death. It’s always been so. If that is to be at least you have the dignity to hold your head high and accept it. You have no free will if you allow others to decide for you.

          The Constitution does not GIVE us rights. It, in theory “guarantees” our enumerated rights. They come from God, we’re born with them. If those who swear to abide by the Constitution fail to do so, it is just a piece of paper. It’s a noble concept and a great idea. It is also clearly hated by those who wish total control.

          Survival under such circumstances means being smarter. It means taking charge of ourselves. Using our heads. We must become cats. It is hard to herd cats.

  24. @Violetta et al

    Regarding “Holocaust Denial”, I admit I was until recently firmly convinced only lunatics and neo-Nazis could ever question any aspect of that narrative. But then I saw this video. David Cole, a young Jew, questioning the existence of gas chambers in Auschwitz.

    I can’t say I am convinced of the truth in either direction, but it did make me realize the inherent danger in regarding any “fact” as being beyond question.

    1. The premise of this video is wrong. The Holocaust has to do not with the death camps, but with the fact that Jews were evacuated from every village the Germans could access as they expanded their scope.

      People whose families lived in those tens of thousands of places, who were not put in camps, or who survived the camps because the war ended before they were forced to die, later returned to their homes. There were no Jews. All gone. No one can deny that.

      That is the Holocaust. The removal of the Jews. All gone.

      The details of the camps are irrelevant. What is essential is the systematic removal of the Jews from every corner of Hitler’s Europe. That can’t be denied. And the reason Hitler’s regime did it is the most important issue. Jew hatred.

      Lots of people who come to this place hate Jews, and are proud of it. I wish it were not so. But if you believe that the Jews are the key to the mystery of what’s going wrong with the world, I wonder why you don’t feel comfortable admitting that Hitler set out to exterminate the race, that he probed every nook and cranny of Europe to root them out. Why do you wish to deny it? If you hate the Jews, why do you find it easy to believe that the Jews were not being exterminated? It happened (the villages WERE emptied out; the Jews are gone), and for a Jew hater, that’s just as it should be. Why would you be glad to watch this shabby kind of fake history? Odd. You should be saying what I’M saying, instead of finding technicalities to explain away what happened. You should be glad it happened.

      It may be because openly proud Jew haters can’t admit something. They hate the Jews, and theoretically are happy that Hitler tried to exterminate them, but since they survived, and rose out of the ashes, they hate them even more for rubbing our noses in those ashes. That is, Hitler didn’t get the job done, and you can’t find a way to deal with what you regard as a tragedy. If only he had killed them all, all our troubles would be over.

      That’s the best I can come up with.

      Hate is inexplicable.

      Again, why would Jew haters deny that that happened? It would be a GOOD thing, to their way of thinking. Hitler was like Saint Patrick, who drove the snakes out of Ireland. For a Jew hater, what’s not to like? Focussing on the camps is a very strange thing. Even the most remote Bulgarian outpost was scrutinized for every Jew, like a man trying to eliminate poison ivy in his back yard; one remaining specimen being one too many. What’s not to like about that scenario, if you think the Jews rule the world? Why deny the goodness of the possible extinction of that poison ivy? Why focus on the camps? Do you Jew haters wish that Europe had never lost its Jews? Should, in your view, all those villages still have flourishing communities of happy, faithful, fecund families, as if the second world war never happened? Aren’t you glad that’s not the case?

      So why deny the Holocaust?

      I just don’t get anti-semitism.

      Watch the movie Defiance. It is a true story. The defiant ones survived, because they fought back. Good for them. If you meet one of their children, explain to them why their fight was nonsense.

      And get back to me, after your broken nose is healed. Better yet, send me a selfie of your bandaged nose, so I can have a hearty laugh.

      1. Patrick, actually, they can deny that. This is neither an “all or nothing/right or wrong” proposition. It also doesn’t mean that I or others like me “like” Hitler, or his policies.

        They did not send ALL Jews to the camps. Sending any of them, or any other group to the camps was wrong. They were work camps. That’s where they sent all forms of dissidents. They were not sent there to be exterminated. A lot did die due to typhus and other diseases that really took hold during the last days of the war in Europe. The Allies had devastated supply lines and those stuck in the camps suffered terribly.

        I spent over two years in Germany. During that time I befriended an older German librarian who happened to be a Jew. I was dating his niece. I was young and believed all the usual propaganda concerning this subject. I was reluctant to discuss it with him, even though we had become good friends.

        He told me that he continued to work right where he was working at the time all through the war. I asked why he wasn’t “rounded up”. He said that those who were sent to the camps were primarily in the bigger cities and a lot of them belonged to anti-Nazi groups.

        He said he continued to practice his faith and that all of his neighbors knew full well that he was a Jew. He said he was not bothered by anyone during that period nor any of his associates. He said that he was a German first and a Jew second.

        I told this to a Zionist Jewish lawyer who I work with and he became apoplectic. He started screaming that my friend was lying to me. I calmly told him that I trusted my friend. He was a brilliant and peaceful man and had absolutely no reason to lie to me. This story is not the only reason I believe this to be true. It made me curious and I did some homework.

        It is a testament to the power of propaganda and emotional imagery that this evokes such a visceral reaction to this day. There are certainly other examples of “holocausts” involving even more lives and less propaganda that don’t even evince a grimace.

        People are free to believe what they will. One element of this current exercise with SHE should enlighten at least a few that things are not always as described. The facts remain the facts no matter how much time and energy has been devoted to creating a reality.

        1. You know, lophatt, I really like your contributions to the conversation on this site. They are always advance it very nicely. But in this case, I wonder why you completely ignore the core issue I raise. The Jews of Bulgaria and Greece and Hungary, living in remote villages, were not “dissidents.” Every land the Germans conquered, they systematically sniffed out every single Jew, and removed them. If you don’t know this, you should. If you know it and lie about that knowledge, you should be ashamed.

          This is historical fact. Not propaganda. Even the remotest outposts had flourishing Jewish communities. Then, all at once, all the Jews were gone. But everyone else was left to go on with their lives.

          Those Jews were systematically hoovered up because they were Jews. The Nazis had very detailed, well thought out opinions on why the Jews had to be eliminated. This is not myth. It is truth.

          Your pal may have expressed the perspective you relate: ” He said that those who were sent to the camps were primarily in the bigger cities and a lot of them belonged to anti-Nazi groups.” So what? He was talking about Germany. I am talking about Romania and Belorussia and the remotest parts of Bosnia. The remotest, most inaccessible villages, where no German politics was even known. ALL the Jews were removed, BECAUSE THEY WERE JEWS.

          Whatever that guy said is anecdotal and contradicts the reality that Nazis had a religious reason to exterminate the entire Jewish race. It doesn’t matter how calm you are when relating your trust in your friend’s brilliance, or peacefulness, or his reasons not to lie. This is not a question of emotion. It is a question of villages emptied of Jews, whose survivors returned to to testify of the fact that none of their relatives were there anymore. If your research did not include that, then it was woefully incomplete. It was a primary objective of German expansionism to find every living Jew wherever they gained control, and remove them. Oh, and it just happens that they all died.

          It is also not a question of “belief.” One can believe that thousands of villages still have Jews in them, even though they really don’t. We call people like that “mental cases.” We don’t really care what they believe; we just want them to get the help they require.

          The virtual elimination of Jewry in Europe in almost no time at all is a remarkable thing. Because it was intentional, and coordinated on an industrial scale, it can’t be denied. That’s why Jew haters focus on discrepancies regarding the details of the death camps. Jew haters may wish to focus on big city Jewish anti-Nazis, in a dismissive sort of off-hand discounting of the historical reality. But they NEVER talk about the Belorussian village. Why do you suppose that is?

      2. Firstly, I don’t deny the Holocaust. I am simply open to the possibility I may be wrong. And I believe we have a duty to question everything, and be prepared to listen to POVs we might find disturbing, because we aren’t infallible and nothing should ever be beyond the possibility of debate.

        Secondly, I think detail does matter. The devil is in it, as we are frequently told, and if we ignore it, then we are probably playing his game somehow even if we believe otherwise. What the Nazis did to the human race was an awful thing. Millions of people died. But the detail of how they died is as important as their lives. If (and I do mean *if*) there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz then we shouldn’t pretend there were because it makes a better story. That’s cheap and cheapens those who died. Six million dead from disease and starvation and abuse is bad enough.

        Thirdly, I’m not a Jew hater. I find racism of any kind childish and ignorant. In fact racism is one of the few human traits I really loathe, along with sloppy thinking, hypocrisy and wilful blindness. – I’m also half Jewish, so you really are wide of the mark there I’m afraid.

        It’s sweet that you leap into your defense-of-the-oppressed mode so easily, but there’s really no need in this case, as a more careful reading of my original post might have made obvious to you. I don’t think there’s a Zionist conspiracy of International Jewry and tbh I rather doubt the sanity of anyone who does. 🙂

        Fourthly, I’m sorry, but I don’t have a broken nose, and have no idea why you seem to think I do.

        1. I did not say that you are one of the Jew haters that frequent this place, Hilary, and I’m sorry for implying it. You have not demonstrated such a predilection, so far as I can remember. But it IS true that certain commenters here are very, very open about their Jew hatred, and I always bite my tongue–rather than rebuke them I remain silent until they go away.

          But my point is valid. Videos that “debunk” the camps are not made for the reason you posted this example; they are made by Holocaust deniers. I replied at length for the same reason I stop Carl in his tracks most of the time: someone should be on record to counteract an important falsehood. I don’t care if the people who make Holocaust debunking videos believe a lie; I care that the readers of your comment will watch it and, by extension, forget that all the Jews of Europe were in fact systematically tracked down and removed from their villages and never came back. Almost all were killed. Just because they were Jews. Some people who frequent this site like that fact (I’m glad you are not one of them), and I don’t like talking to such people; I will not be able to persuade them to change, and don’t try. But other people might watch that video and perhaps it is their first step into Jew hatred and Holocaust denial. I feel responsible to block that from happening.

      3. Just a comment Patrick on your smack down of Holocaust deniers: you have leavened with your wit one of those dark and noisome subjects, which issue forth from some minds like dirty water from a leaky toilet every time it is flushed, promoting the growth of black mold and rotting floors. Your arguments are well-supplied with caulk and caustic cleaning soap. Carry on, thou plumber of my dreams.

        This last one is a keeper – if only because saying something forbidden and un p.c., taking the position of devil’s advocate, is the essential weapon without which no decisive smack down may occur.

        1. Also, appended to the above comment – I did not mean to imply that lophatt is not a great contributor to this forum nor that his remarks should brand him a holocaust denier. I am talking about the organized people who have recruited haters to their ranks.

        2. Thank you. Your words are quite remarkable. And coming from you, that’s saying something.

          lophatt is one of my favorite commenters here. He’s a tough guy. I did not fear he can’t handle the truth.

        3. Oh come on musings, you aren’t falling into the trap of negating debate by simply calling people a name, are you? Why do people’s psyches and principles collapse when they’re tested on that front? If one has to be ‘branded’ to negate their arguments then somethings really wrong; the truth does not need to be enforced.

        4. Musings, for what it’s worth, I am not a “Holocaust Denier” or “Jew Hater” or any other such label designed to inspire silence I think what I think because I know what I know. There is no subject I will not think about and I will not be intimidated by name calling or worse.

          It is fine to ignore the subject because it obviously has such programmed reactions associated with it. It isn’t worth wrecking an otherwise enjoyable discussion forum because something hits a nerve with some.

          James Tracy has said he doesn’t want it discussed here. It’s his site and that’s his choice. I totally understand. I think it is sad, really, but I understand. I don’t have an agenda. I am entitled to my beliefs.

    2. I haven’t clicked on your link because I’ve already encountered David Cole’s presentation of his findings. Cole made sober, measured statements bolstered by solid evidence.

      But I only evaluate Cole’s assertions based on the evidence he could proffer, and on his overall demeanor. I don’t take his jewishness much into account.

      Why do we need a jew to somehow be allowed to question something jews, and others, claim happened? Isn’t that sort of like asking the people who oversaw the handling of the Sandy Hook incident if it was all true?

      I am of a small part german extraction, so I have to ask: do the Germans have a right to a fair trial? Were the Nuremberg Trials not a total set up?

      Should history be written solely by the victors (being in this case the Allies)? Should such biased parties as the jews and the Allies be trusted to conduct a ‘fair trial?’

      I think not.

  25. It is imperative that we all support President Barack Obama and Michelle in their efforts to get crazy people away from having guns in their hands. PLEASE SUPPORT THEM. OUR HEARTS BREAK FOR THE SENSELESS DEATH OF 26 INNOCENT PEOPLE BY AN INSANE AUTISTIC PERSON!!! WE HAVE BEEN READING THE CRAZY CONSPIRACY THEORIES ON THIS SITE, YOU ARE ABUSING YOUR PRIVILEGE OF FREE SPEECH!!!

    1. If only it was true that those who decided it was more humane to throw crazy people out in the streets to fend for themselves, have now decided to bring them in to a safe environment where they could do no harm to themselves or others. If only it was true they would admit declaring gun free zones was the same as declaring open target zones, come get us, reverse their insane stance and actually protect the unprotected. Sadly, it is not true, they only desire to cause more mayhem to achieve their goals of a military state. Not too worry, while our children are still at risk, the entourage has a wonderful 17 day vacation planned in the warm climate of paradise, at taxpayer expense of course.

    2. “You are abusing your privilege of free speech”. No, it is not a privilege. It is a right. It is a primary right in every human being on earth. A privilege may be taken away for failure to comply. It’s secondary. Therefore, speech cannot be abused except in emergencies. Our leaders would like us to think we live in a permanent state of emergency. This is a lie. Saying that they lie is our right.

  26. Tyronne, Rich,,? was he insane because he was autistic, or was he both insane and autistic? I am not expert on autistic meltdowns, but I think the movie Rainman [in spite of its inaccuracies] gives a far more realistic account of it than SH.

    1. Insanity. What is it. I don’t think such a state really exists. Manic depression and schizophrenia exist and both involve psychosis as part of the effect they have on one’s brain, psychosis being defined by a break with *material* as opposed to relational reality. A manic depressive, for eg, thinks he’s Thomas Jefferson during a manic episode, or a schizophrenic hears voices that are only in his head. Autism isn’t psychosis so it’s a different animal altogether, and we know that gunmans who do this type of thing (in this case it didn’t happen but in the rare case that it does) aren’t psychotic because they clearly know what material reality is. They’re evil, as Alex Teves’ father says, not ‘sick’ with some organic brain disorder like schizophrenia, etc.

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