By Dennis Cimino with Jim Fetzer

The following is an excerpt from an important article* originally appearing at Veterans Today on January 30, 2013.-JFT

We can now prove that the entire CT State emergency communications system was ‘hijacked’ and ‘unplugged’ on December 14th., 2012, per an elaborate frequency change plan implemented merely 5 hours in advance on that morning, effectively supplanting and replacing normal police and EMS with FEMA / DHS ‘shadow’ command center personnel, where it turns out that they (the HOAX perpetrators from FEMA) made one critical mistake that they hoped nobody would catch.

But last night, I caught it.  During the listening to the plethora of radio scanner audio recordings, I finally had a chance to hear the infamous plate run of the black Honda.  I had for weeks taken for granted that others who heard it would have validated it as either fakery or reality but nobody caught the fact it is in it’s entirely, FAKE.

Police and Dispatch, nation wide, use a very time honored ALPHA PHONETIC System to enunciate alpha numeric data between the officers and the dispatchers.  It is different from what military use, and it is so ingrained and dyed into the wool of real law enforcement and dispatchers for a good reason.  Any error can cost not only the officer his life, but potentially cost others their lives either by sending people to the wrong address or by implicating the wrong person in a crime, or missing a criminal during a CODE TEN run on the person through the system.

During the course of the running of the black Honda, this ALPHA PHONETIC police and dispatch protocol was totally out the window and not used at all.  I listened to that audio last night in utter disbelief.  Between the alleged officers running the plate through dispatch, and the dispatcher herself, the data was read to and fro like any normal citizen would read data on a radio.  They did not use the ALPHA PHONETIC protocol that is ingrained in both the officer and the dispatcher. While other questions have been raised about these communications, this one is decisive:

Suppose for the record that had the officer deviated and read data to dispatch improperly, the dispatcher would have read it back with PROPER PHONETIC enunciation to the officer under any and all circumstances, not as a correction of the officer but to make it clear that to all on the circuit who are listening that they pay attention to the data readback, as many backup units in the vicinity may need that data to properly B.O.L.O. find a car they need to intercept. B.O.L.O. is Be On Look Out, by the way. So on the 14th of December, we know that 5 hours earlier, a comprehensive frequency change plan for all emergency communications in Connecticut, State Wide, got implemented.  It wasn’t just a coincidence.

As it would now appear, a ‘shadow’ dispatch center went into operation on December 14th., presumably run entirely by FEMA and DHS or MOSSAD possibly, because they used non trained, non familiar with the ALPHA PHONETIC protocols police use, to do radio transmissions that day, which now clearly must have all been staged for us like the rest of this hoax was.  This is a strong allegation to make, but I make it now based on the way this information was transferred by clearly non law enforcement personnel, intentionally in a way that was interceptable and recorded by someone, if not wholly fed to us via calibrated feed or leak by the perpetrators of the hoax.

It is pretty clear that the entire emergency radio apparatus of Connecticut was unplugged altogether on December 14th., with possibly a back channel to allow non HOAX or NON DRILL emergency information to be handled by real law enforcers and real dispatchers.  As is now certified by this analysis, clearly there is evidence of circumvention just as NEADS was circumvented and not allowed to have live radar feeds from radar facilities on 9/11, but had data that was 26 seconds OLD, for good reason:  that being to cull out and remove real targets that the perpetrators needed never to be intercepted, while loading the system up with pre recorded exercise radar tracks and artificial targets to confuse not just military but CIVILIAN ATC personnel on 9/11.

So back to this HOAX in Newtown CT, for example, when a police officer calls in ‘A B C D’ to dispatch, he or she phonetically enunciates it as; “ADAM BAKER CHARLES DAVID” over the radio, and the dispatcher will read back the same PHONETIC information for clarification.  On December 14th., the plate data was not read to and from dispatch like this at all. The way the officer and dispatcher read this data was; ‘A B C D’ AYE BEE CEE DEE’ and that is clearly not correct and NEVER EVER DONE as it is too easy to mistakenly misunderstand transmissions coded thusly. This is now a record, not conjecture, not speculation, but stuff everyone has in their possession that was disseminated and NOT CHALLENGED by Lt. Vance of the CT STATE PATROL or other law enforcers now for several weeks, had it been not their transmissions.  Why is this such an important issue?  Dispatchers and Law Enforcement personnel are trained and trained and trained and trained. Even in high stress environments which they train in simulations, by the way, they are ingrained to not deviate from these procedures.

So it is important to point out here that the people on the radio in Connecticut that day clearly were not law enforcement or dispatcher personnel.  They could not have been. They so grossly deviated in the data reads over the radio that no law enforcer or dispatcher would so deviate like that.  Absolutely never.   Much of these recordings clearly are indicative of non law enforcement personnel on radios.  Persons without intensive training as to how to report information to dispatchers and other officers.  Other people familiar with the normal POLICE alpha phonetic system also concur with my evaluation that these are not police nor are they trained dispatch personnel on these recordings.

FEMA or DHS Personnel in Charge

They are FEMA personnel most likely or DHS personnel, or maybe even MOSSAD agents, given the dynamic of how much control they have here in the U.S., in direct collusion with this government.  They provide intelligence to the acting director of DHS, Janet Napoletano, and they are integral to most of the fusion centers in the U.S., effectively legitimizing a foreign secret police force on U.S. soil who’s sole purpose is to spy on and harass American Citizens, who, for many reasons, do not like what is going on in this hijacked by Israeli spies,  nation. The 33 frequency change modification to the communications plan for Connecticut that went into effect 5 hours before the staged hoax went down, happened for a reason.

It entirely CIRCUMVENTED ALL NORMAL RADIO DISPATCH and POLICE FUNCTIONS in Connecticut on this day. The screen shots of these 33 frequency changes, which were made just hours before the event, and of the ‘dummy’ non-named frequency allocation to one “phantom” that would not normally be blanked out like this in any normal frequency allocation chart, are published here. To whom does it belong? DHS? FEMA? FBI? This is the de-facto smoking gun that virtually all scanner radio traffic heard on police scanners or whomever provided these to us, are STAGED. And here is a scan of the Connecticut Statewide Emergency Radio Network at the time:

For comparison, here’s a parallel scan for the Fairview County Simulcast, which under normal conditions it would resemble:

Plus there was an addition that day of one more communications site for which the data is mysteriously absent altogether:

It would not be unreasonable to conclude that Site 1-22 was the DHS or FEMA master control site, which was monitoring every communication related to Sandy Hook that day and make sure that no information that would blow its cover got out.

*From “The Nexus of Tyranny: The Strategy Behind Tucson, Aurora, and Sandy Hook.”

Dennis Cimino, who has extensive engineering and support experience with military electronics, predominantly US Navy Combat Systems, was the Navy’s top EMI troubleshooter before he went to work for Raytheon in the 1980s.
Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

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141 thought on “CT State Emergency System Hijacked on Dec. 14, 2012”
  1. If they forgot to use the proper phonetic protocols for the Honda license plate (which was not registered to Christopher Rodia), then they also forgot the size of a Honda Civic glovebox:

    “A loaded 12-gauge shotgun was found in the glove compartment of the Honda Civic Lanza drove to the school with two magazines containing 70 rounds of Winchester 12-gauge shotgun rounds.”

    It seems that all this “forgetting” cannot be because they are stupid.

    1. There were actually two 10 round magazines found with the shotgun. How Lanza squeezed 70 rounds of shotgun shells into two 10 round mags is yet another mystery of physics attributed to this incident.

      I also will never believe that Nancy Lanza bought that shotgun either. There were pictures of multiple 20 round shotgun mags in addition to the numerous 30 round mags for the AR-15. Are we really expected to believe Nancy Lanza bought ten 30 round mags for an AR-15? Interestingly the search warrant inventory didn’t seem to indicate the recovery of the standard magazines (14 rounds) that normally accompany a new AR-15. Where did those go?

      I don’t believe anyone ever saw Nancy or Adam at a gun range anywhere and I don’t believe either of those guns were hers. The gun store where she “allegedly” bought the AR-15 was 70 miles away from her house? None of the circumstances on this case make any coherent sense and yet where is the media asking question?

    2. “Glovebox,” might be an honest mistake. ( I know I need to site sources but lack the time right now.) I recall reading “passenger compartment” elsewhere, which may have been interpreted by another officer or journalist as glove compartment, I also read that the gun was found propped against the open door in an attack/defensive stance when it was discovered, and that it was put into the car for safe keeping. The rest of the gun scenario is bullshit.

    3. There are many testimonies from kids and adults from that day describing the noise as “Popping noises” “loud pops” “bangs… we thought the custodian was knocking stuff down” “Knocking on a door … saw bullets whizz by”

      It happens that I am too familiar with what a gun sounds like indoors. It is one reason why I live with tinnitus. I have owned an AR15 and many handguns. Indoors they are very painfully loud. Especially the .223 (AR15), it is so loud one gets physically ill w o protection. And just a pair of earplugs is mild protection!

      So what can sound like what they describe? Not a full powered gun blast! That leaves us with either suppressed fire (silencer of some sort), or more likely the very excellent innovation “Simunition”.

      It is less powerful than many air guns, so you can probably see the bullets “whizz by”. I am an avid air gunner and I often can see my pellets in flight when the light is just right. And if they were just a little larger I’d say seeing them would be easy!. Simunition is loaded with a very low pressure load – so it can most likely be mistaken as “knocking on a door”.

      And it is used in drills!

      1. Considering all of it is a crock anyway — but in the interests of a good fiction, they fell down on that one or have some fictional ‘splainin’ to do.

      2. Colonel, with all due respect, my guess is that there wasn’t any shooting. If there was, it was probably blanks from the drill footage.

        I have an AR too. So, (1) the tapes are fake (duh!) or (2) those calls were made from inside the “cone of silence”.

        It is just more fodder for my pet theory that they want us to believe crap. How hard would it have been to dub in some gunfire before they “released” those tapes?

        While it’s fun to poke more holes in this sieve, it is kinda silly to analyze much of anything they “say”. I could just as well say a purple giraffe ran amok through the school. Hey, why not?

        1. The tapes are probably “radio theatre” made after the fact. They (the Newtown cult) had planned to win the battle on not releasing them.

          “While it’s fun to poke more holes in this sieve, it is kinda silly to analyze much of anything they “say”. I could just as well say a purple giraffe ran amok through the school. Hey, why not?”

          You have already forgot about Occam’s razor!? 😉

        2. Good point. There is the “possible” and there is the “plausible”. A LOT of things are “possible” but highly unlikely. The official tale has failed the plausibility test to the degree that, if it were a court case, it would have been thrown out long ago.

          If we applied the same standard of proof to the rest of our daily lives as they are expecting with this we would all be unable to move in our houses for the number of Kirby vacuums we owned or the thickness of our new vinyl siding. This would make a used car salesman blush.

  2. Sohpia, in a comment under a different article you said that parents and quite a few other people in the Sandy Hook area were notified by Smart 911 that they should report to the school or firehouse. I was wondering where you found that information.


    1. The point of research is to be able to infer things and get a deeper understanding of how different angles fit together. Research does not mean you have to read something that is reported somewhere else. For instance, when you see someone wearing a wedding band, do you have to see documentation of a marriage to believe the person is likely to be married? (I am not trying to be rude here.)

      1. Well, you said it as if it was a fact. There are other alternatives as to why everyone was there. For example, if it was a hoax, the actors could have arrived there because that was their part in the play.

      2. Also, the reason I brought it up under this article is because if the state emergency communications were hijacked, would that affect the Smart911 system? That question is almost mute, though, in comparison to the idea that Sandy Hook was a school with kids in it, and that there was a list of ALL parents of those kids on a Smart911 list.
        So I’ll ask you again what I had asked under another article, do you think that Sandy Hook Elementary School was in use during the 2012-2013 school year, that the kids whose pictures we see were really students there, and that the people who showed up at the school and firehouse showed up because they received a call from Smart911?

  3. Terrific article, BUT… Conn. citizens, we were threatened by Lt. Vance to NOT have a differing view of what happened at SH than that of the Police State “official” opinion. Were we to differ, we would be open to prosecution. I’m assuming that Vance is not judge or jury on this issue, he was told to say these exact things to us citizens as a clear and distinct warning that was actually HIS removal of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. Vance was a predetermined agent to strip our first Amendment rights from us.
    That said, I remember this original VT article and I ask what has happened on a proactive basis such that we could move against the authorities on this issue? Has it been like Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Mena, Arkansas smuggling, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City, in other words, long forgotten thanks to due process of the alleged law by renegade judicial rogues? The US is under attack by Americans and their ilk. The elites wish to destroy our government and replace it with a government that will be free to kill us willy nilly for any or no reason.
    I’m no lawyer, but why have concerned and capable lawyers not received these facts so they might move against this government?

    1. I forgot to post this to you directly, so sorry for the double-post.

      Bahmi, you are taking what Lt. Vance said out of context. He is on recorded video saying, and I am paraphrasing, anyone who knowingly and intentionally hampers the investigation sending false information to throw the police off their course of investigation will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. He NEVER said no one could have a differing opinion or they would be arrested. He then went on to state that if you read posts on social media, don’t necessarily take it as truth but rather wait and listen for law enforcement authentication.

      It is this very kind of misunderstanding that makes things even more confusing and gives a false impression of law enforcement intent. Use common sense and don’t twist the context.

      1. Loucy Pepin, I heard the statement made by Lt. Vance, and I interpreted it the same way as Bahmi. If you spread information contradictory to the official government “story”, then you may be subject to prosecution. That, in affect, takes away 1st Amendment rights.

        1. Listen to him again and you will see that what he said was not infringing on anyone’s First Amendment rights. Context comprehension.

        2. James, I sent this to Bahmi and I am sending it to you in case you don’t see my initial reply. NOWHERE does he say if you spread information that contradicts the official government story will you be subject to prosecution. Here is my copy/paste reply and the link at the bottom is to the website.

          Here is a direct quote from the CT.GOV website, issued by Lt. Vance as an update dated December 16, 2012. There is no other way to interpret what he says to fit a conspiracy agenda as his words are clear, concise and within the boundaries of the law. This admonition does not go against the First Amendment rights of the citizens of the United States of America and it is the latter portion of the update that I am referencing.

          ** UPDATE **


          The Office of The Chief State’s Medical Examiner completed the post mortem examination of the last two deceased in the Newtown school shooting incident.

          The female found deceased at the secondary scene located at 36 Yogananda Street in Newtown, CT, has been positively identified as NANCY LANZA DOB: 9/6/60. Her cause of death is multiple gunshot wounds and the death has been ruled a homicide.

          The male subject identified as the shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary School has been identified as ADAM LANZA DOB: 04/22/92; he resided at 36 Yogananda Street. His cause of death was gunshot wound and his death is ruled a suicide.

          Additionally, “anyone who harasses or threatens the victims, victims’ families or witnesses of these horrific crimes, or who, in any manner interferes with the ongoing state or federal investigations will be referred for state and/or federal prosecution to the fullest extent permitted by law. Harassment not only includes in-person contact, but also contact via the internet, social media, and telephone.” Social media includes, but is not limited to, Facebook, Blogs, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and MySpace. Harassment or interfering includes, but is not limited to, making claims of your involvement in the crime or making claims that hinder the advancement of the investigation.


      2. Come on, Lt. Vance used such a broad brush to paint differing opinions as being illegal that it was unmistakable. In the first place, why did he even TOUCH the subject of verboten differences being subject to Police State interpretations anyway? Who are they, interpreters of the First Amendment? Vance was part of the overall conspiracy. Show me the evidence, show us all. Why no pictures, why the total secrecy with brick and steel demolition? The event and coverup subsequently stinks to high heaven. Is that not obvious? Remember, if one thing is proven rotten, the rest can be assumed to be, also. Are you not totally suspicious like the rest of us thinking people?

        1. His statement was due to many people making prank calls to the families saying they were coming to finish the job, and countless Adam Lanza Facebook pages cropping up out of nowhere. His admonition to not hamper the investigation is within the boundaries of the law and he had every right to warn those who chose to intentionally lead investigators on a wild goose chase that they could and would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Just because you don’t think any of it was real does not mean you can take something out of context to match your theory. There is stock video online where you can listen again for yourself.

        2. Here is a direct quote from the CT.GOV website, issued by Lt. Vance as an update dated December 16, 2012. There is no other way to interpret what he says to fit a conspiracy agenda as his words are clear, concise and within the boundaries of the law. This admonition does not go against the First Amendment rights of the citizens of the United States of America and it is the latter portion of the update that I am referencing.

          ** UPDATE **


          The Office of The Chief State’s Medical Examiner completed the post mortem examination of the last two deceased in the Newtown school shooting incident.

          The female found deceased at the secondary scene located at 36 Yogananda Street in Newtown, CT, has been positively identified as NANCY LANZA DOB: 9/6/60. Her cause of death is multiple gunshot wounds and the death has been ruled a homicide.

          The male subject identified as the shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary School has been identified as ADAM LANZA DOB: 04/22/92; he resided at 36 Yogananda Street. His cause of death was gunshot wound and his death is ruled a suicide.

          Additionally, “anyone who harasses or threatens the victims, victims’ families or witnesses of these horrific crimes, or who, in any manner interferes with the ongoing state or federal investigations will be referred for state and/or federal prosecution to the fullest extent permitted by law. Harassment not only includes in-person contact, but also contact via the internet, social media, and telephone.” Social media includes, but is not limited to, Facebook, Blogs, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and MySpace. Harassment or interfering includes, but is not limited to, making claims of your involvement in the crime or making claims that hinder the advancement of the investigation.


        3. “bahmi” you are a troll. You have posted on this site under a variety of other names, such as “Gil Favor,” and sought to divert meaningful discussions. Your Facebook profile is bogus. Troll be gone!

  4. The analysis of the communications was good, as the 911 calls seemed very amateurish as well. I can’t even imagine a real 911 officer responding in the ways that were being done. No who, what, where, why? There was very little interest in WHO was calling in that day for 911 events. Most times the 911 operator will ask for the ID of the caller immediately, their location, nature of the emergency, won’t they? I would not suppose that these things were set up by outside forces (i.e. Mossad, etc. ). That puts the context in the “tin foil hat” club. It may very well be true, but I think we should only comment on what we actually know, so we don’t sound extreme. Ask logical questions that anyone would ask. I think it is very fair to say, that FEMA and/or DHS did have something to do with this, but not proven yet?

    1. Study the Israeli Lobby if you don’t think the Mossad and ‘our’ government are essentially inseparable. Also check out the history of Bloomberg’s Gestapo cops in NYC. They were mostly an arm of the Mossad, and even came out and declared they were under no obligation to work with or under the FBI and could spy anywhere, any time.

  5. What would have been very convincing in this article is an excerpt from the Police officers manual. Something like this must be stated in there as an order, I would think!?

    1. Col., yes, that would help, but is pretty well known that there is a standard phonetic alphabet that is used. They don’t vary it in order to avoid confusion. Any cop or dispatcher would have to be familiar with it.

      I think its a pretty important clue that this is fake. In a drill, it is quite possible that they merely had someone “play” a dispatcher or a cop. It would be less noticeable if they’d just dropped the phonetics entirely. No one would “invent” new ones.

      The same thing happened in the Aurora drill. There were clear mistakes and the “on site commander” would ask the dispatcher to contact him on his phone. When the “real” cops arrived from out of the area, they had all sorts of difficulty talking to the “dispatcher”. They were on a different frequency than normal.

      It’s a small but telling detail.

      1. I’m not a cop, I have no insight in what this “phonetic alphabet” would be. The author can repeat the fact that the dispatcher “should”, or “never would”, but it is not authoritative at all! A typical VT article in fact … (Yuck!)

        1. Col., I’m not a cop either. I was in the Army once upon a time and they taught it there. It is used in all English-speaking countries to avoid misunderstanding on radios. It’s sort of like Morse Code. Dispatchers, as well as cops, would be tested on their proficiency. No doubt about it.

          It would have been far more acceptable if they’d just said the words. That would also violate protocol but it happens. I have never heard of officials “making up” the phonetic alphabet.

  6. Everything about Sandy Hook is obviously fake, from the School Building, 911 calls, the character actors, the stage props, right on down to the comfort dogs that were used. The events of 9/11 are far more believable than the Sandy Hook play. After Sandy Hook, it will be difficult to believe anything at all that the Government says or does.

    1. Why do you say that 9/11 events were far more believable? Because more people know about them and more therefore believe them? Or because they were better produced? It does not make it any more true no matter how many people believe anything.

      While Sandy Hook and Boston each had a brief credible moment, any analysis revealed a hoax. It took more expert analysis to investigate 9/11, and in that it resembled the skepticism about how many bullets actually hit JFK and from which directions.

      But then the plain sight view of three buildings falling so neatly into their own footprints required anyone seeking truth about the event to look at them squarely and to remove all reference to who made this occur, just to be able to class that kind of thing with all other such building removal in urban settings, so strong was the public fear and the drumbeat of propaganda and call to unity. Therefore when something is plainly not what was said (the implosion by whatever means of buildings), the propaganda must be that much stronger to make it believed.

      In this the government plays the role of an adult misleading children in a lie. That adult may be planning further things which subject those children to risks for his own exploitative purposes. Sandy Hook is therefore a synecdoche of the whole story: children and the women who care for them slaughtered. In the case of Sandy Hook, it is an event taking place during the “Mommy” party’s reign, while the “Daddy” party was in power for the war-kindling.

      But neither event, 9/11 or Sandy Hook, is entitled to claim a greater hold on reality. The scale is different, but both are movies. One is Ben-Hur, the other is the Blair Witch Project, but both are products of someone’s imagination.

  7. I lived 21 years less than 20 miles from Sand Hook, so I know the territory-for lack of a better word. I’m retired in France now, so the shootings came as a surprise. In 1990, I wrote an anti-war letter to Ridgefield Press ie Iraq, and joined the candle light vigil that ended at Ridgefield Town Hall. The yuppies, out of their Ford Explorers’ screamed: “Kill the sand niggers!” Mostly women I hate to add. Regardless, I got a few calls of praise (“don’t tell anyone”). Oh was I happy to leave in 1999!

    It’s a beautiful state-visited this May-but what it had is gone. Had lunch with a friend; took the train back to NYC hotel. So I’ve been there, lived there for 21 years. I can’t believe New Town/Ridgefield/Danbury aren’t doing vigils.

    I hope they’re happy-I am. I like Dr. Tracy and Alex Jones.

    1. A few years ago, I did a family tree and learned that my father (who is the IV of his name — very WASPY) came from generations of people in Connecticut (I’d always thought of him as a New York guy). Our family helped to found Ridgefield along with another family from whom George Bush is descended, making him a cousin. Both sets of ancestors were in Ridgefield during the Revolutionary War. When I mentioned this to a native Connecticut in-law, he immediately categorized my family as Tory. People in that area originally voted against the Revolution, and only changed their minds through local pressure from counties around them. Not that this affects people today. They were doing good business with the Brits all the way down to NYC, so why mess with success? I’m not sure there’s even a lesson here, except that your sense of who your ancestors were and (who the residents of your town are too) might be colored by wishful thinking. Sounds like Sandy Hook was a Potemkin village.

      1. Musings, I’ve said that elsewhere many times..”a Potemkin village”. There seems to have been a rather rundown, working class version and a “newer” imported one. My guess is that this had been in the works for quite a while. It seems to have started around the period of the “eminent domain” seizure of land for the gas line.

        My ancestors too landed in Boston in 1635. From there to New Hampshire and Maine. MOST people were against the revolution. That too, is another “myth” to live by. It was not a popular uprising. It was founded and fueled by aristocrats. Most were quite content to remain British subjects.

        History is always written by the victors. What today seems like bravery and high ideals was at the time seen as sedition. It is a fascinating study. Even then the psychopaths always rise to leadership positions.

  8. These occult-reality synchronicity-laden type events are orchestrated by evil higher-dimensional beings who simply direct and give the human executors their marching orders, which can be as simple as a thought implanted in the psyche- with no idea that it came from anyone but one’s own self. Other humans actually consort with these Fallen Ones at Satanic Rituals where they actually materialize and deal directly with their upper-eschelon minions.

    When the truth is outed (and it will be), I guarantee there will be a mk-ultra/monarch programming/sex-trade/pedophilia/satanic ritual abuse (SAR) connection with Sandy Hook- there will be no doubt that High-Level Pedophilia and Satanic Ritual Abuse are discovered as an aspect of this operation in CT.

    “LINDA WIEGAND claims there is a payoff network between judges, lawyers, clients accused of sexual abuse, and court appointed psychiatrists in CONNECTICUT ( DRs BLACK, DAVID MANTELL, and KEN ROBSON) to cover up this pedophile network.”!topic/

    An Int’l sweep netted a HUGE Pedo Ring in CT. a few years back. Everyone knows that CT. is a transition state for many people doing hi-level Corporate work in NYC and the surrounding areas.

    So many of these Corporate Execs are Pedophiles and members of Secret Societies~ They love to party with elite members of high society and these parties are often supplied with children.

    This is how these people are controlled by the Illuminati, once they are drunk and plied with children offered for sexual use, hidden cameras capture photos and film so that these sickos are “black-mail-able” for the rest of their lives.

    Apparently, the VERY FIRST of the worldwide arrests was made in CT: “Arrests so far have been made in Georgia and Connecticut. ICE continues to pursue the leads provided by Europol,” she added.”

    1. With such a heavy-handed set of accusations it would be helpful to have some additional evidence/materials for readers’ perusal. For example, the Youtube video of Smallstorm’s presentation has been posted on this forum and has prompted extensive discussion. And the NBC News piece references Connecticut only once. This is not to say that such affiliations don’t exist, but any such rant appears irrational to those not privy to such and might be accompanied by additional documentation.

    2. There are a handful of people who think it is so EASY to dismiss peoples’ reasoned explanations by calling them “conspiracy theorists”. Not so. Each website offering differing views from government and some of these sensitive issues is aware of the many shills that are trying to cover up the real facts of an issue. Most are so obvious, they can be dismissed immediately. Others demand more digging. I’ve always said that the more important an alternate website becomes, the more it becomes a target for shills to try and neutralize the message of these sites. We all know of some of these websites that are even compromised as very compelling, powerful writers lurk in them. Look at our main street media, all those disgusting and traitorous news anchors and others who can’t get enough of this crooked government and daily present more and more lies in support of their communist hero, Obama.
      Americans, unite against these sniveling worms and throw them out!

    3. It’s not really necessary to trail off through the forest after a unicorn when the horse is standing in front of us. The unholy trinity: Holder, Bloomberg and Malloy are on record, having stated their goals and agendas so clearly, that the fake Sandy Hook Massacre was just a logical step in their desire to effect gun control.

      We have their words. And we have precedent. December 14, was also the same date, two years before Sandy Hook, when Holder’s secret Fast and Furious operation blew up in his face with the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. The gun that killed him was traced to one of the 2000 that Holder put in the hands of the Mexican Drug Cartels in order to track the sale of AK-47’s to the cartels. Over a dozen men are sitting in federal prison for their participation in Holder’s scandalous operation.

      Another event to achieve their anti-gun legacy? Why not. The Atlantic Eastern three are untouchable, and they know it.

      Having given up on the legislative process, they accomplish their goals through creating public outrage, and have stated such. Our President, the community organizer, has set the mold, and his guys are trickle down devotees of Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals.” They want to make history, and believe the end justifies the means.

    4. I’m not into the David Icke school of demonology. I think we have many demons walking on two feet who look an awful like someone you might see on the street on any given day; they aren’t shape shifters.

      But the human fascination with kinky sex is lamentable, especially when it involves children–very young childen and teens. Why can’t we catch the big names? Because they are living behind a barrier of protective rings that insure secrecy. In Webster Tarpley’s unauthorized book on GHW Bush, he goes into details of how power works. The Omaha Franklin Savings Bank saga is highlighted; their is a youtube video on this case. No one went to jail (save a young woman who was a witness for the prosecution, charged with perjury) for child sexual abuse. The ring leader Lawrence King was sent to prison on bank fraud charges, not for pedophilia, assuring his silence. (Tarpley’s book is online at his site.)

      Direct tie between Omaha and the Jerry Sandusky crimes at Penn State. He will never reveal names. The names include high-level people in business, politics, the legal system, among others. We can assume this because offenders exist but the biggest are never apprehended; we can make broad assumptions based on past events. GHW Bush was seen at sex parties involving underaged prostitutes on more than one occasion. The witnesses were the abused children; who has more clout–a child or a wealthy offender? The exercise of misplaced power is never more diabolical than when it is directed at the most innocent.

      The link leads to the bust of a kiddie porn ring on the Internet–70,000 strong and international–New News, but what’s new?

  9. John Luv said: “After Sandy Hook, it will be difficult to believe anything at all that the Government says or does.”

    I keep wondering if one of the points of all of the hoaxes is that sooner or later whoever is doing all of this WILL do something, but we won’t believe that it has been done. If that makes sense.

      1. I can’t bear to go to the website and look…it makes me ill. If there is anyone worse than a liar, it is a thief. And the Sandy Hook scammers are both!

  10. As sinister as this sounds, I personally, still think that all these errors were on purpose. TPTB wanted this exercise to be thing that sent the american public into revolt. The errors in this whole case were blatant, “in your face” types of discrepancies. They want civil unrest so bad, they aren’t even trying anymore with these staged events.

    1. I agree with you Dan, and I am also thinking that “they” will let us think we get away with a revolt, but they will replace themselves with themselves.

      I’m thinking that’s why they allowed a picture of obama with the Robbie Parker family. Did you see that photo? Obama and the Parkers, smiling like they were celebrating something.

      1. Right, whoever is staging these events is probably thinking… Wow, what is it going to take to get these people off there collective ass so we can throw a beat down on them? Instead they get strength through ignorance! They probably never suspected just how “asleep” John Q. Public is.

        1. It is not so much that John Q. Public is asleep, it is a case of being too smart to approach all this strangeness as a Mob out in the open.

          Given that the police departments now sport tanks and drones, it doesn’t take a genius to realize “taking to the streets” is a losing strategy. Arab Spring, much?

          This is a war to gain public opinion and how it influences legislative action. The American Public runs this country, it just doesn’t fully realize it yet. For all the dumping that is done on Public Education, its shining achievement is that every American child is taught the story of the Pilgrims and the story of the American Revolution… and that American’s fought to be FREE.

          This isn’t going to be a cakewalk for TPTB. They can set Obama up as their fall guy… but the American Public isn’t clamoring for a war against Iran just because Obama doesn’t want one. We also aren’t clamoring for “more security” in our schools or elsewhere, American’s don’t live in fear… it cramps our style. And, given the weirdness of things, we sure as hell aren’t giving-up our guns or our kids (Common Core).

          There is a reason our politics are so contentious… it is because an embedded group is working against what is best for the American Public and they’re unhappy when they get push back… Senators and House Reps. are not free to vote with their pocketbooks when John Q. Public is sending emails, calling and visiting his office with petitions and friends.

          So, FU to the Sandy Hook engineers. See you in the Halls of Congress.

        2. Adding this: As I recall, in the Revolutionary War, the American soldiers did not comply with the British “Rules of War.”

          The Americans shot at the Red Coats from the woods, rather than march into an open field to do battle as was the British custom. And, thus, they won those first few battles and went on to win the war.

        3. I think the obvious errors are only there to ferret out who is awake vs. who is asleep. I have personally been under surveillance every since I woke up, but (for them) it’s a little like watching the Truman Show, yawn..nothing happens. They like the American public being asleep, makes their lives easier. I do agree they are trying to incite racism and division, but good luck with that! Anyone who grew up in the 60’s and 70’s all ready knows better.

        4. Besides having it officially confirmed, as a friend of mine has had, how does one know when they are under surveillance? Another friend reports to me that she hears occasional unexplained beeps on the phone, and also gets dummy calls from 000-000-0000. Other people I know who would be termed subversive by the government report the same phenomena.

        5. Throw away your smart phone, and keep a tracfone for emergencies instead, with only talking and texting capabilities. Disable the Skype from your laptop, and at the least, put a small piece of electrical tape over the lens in the modern laptops, even if it is just temporarily used. I ditched cable 5 years ago and just use a rooftop antennae, so that I can watch the propaganda that I want, lol!

    2. Yes they were purposely blatant with their boldness in order to bring the rest us into the obedient herd. Think they have slyly hidden some well spoken shrills on this site, as they are the only ones tolerated here. Seems they have diverted from their left and right floggings to blasting this country for being racist. They fail to see the poor are enslaved by the fostering of their poverty and the leaders who encourage their rage with hate speech are only keeping them blind to the way out. This unaffordable health care act is the current huge lie to the face of all of us. It is too expensive and less care is given, if it is not stopped, the entire health care system will crumble. Only the very rich will have health care. Seems to me, paying cash for the occasional doctors visit, makes a whole lot more sense than the many tens of thousands it will cost individuals not in the employer paid market. The law says you cannot be discriminated against for pre-existing conditions, so why not wait until then if you need it?

      1. Yes, TPTB want reasons to call the attack dogs of DHS and FEMA against us. Just as Obamacare is meant to fail so one payer comes in with an even more heavy handed financial disaster in a medical delivery system. It’s pretty clear us common folk are being herded like cattle for the slaughter. Be aware of these tricks, be hard and remember these lying scum are not your friends even if they give you an ObamaPhone.

    3. Heya Dan. You know, I can’t help but wonder if this is so. As I said earlier, what could Sedensky’s motive possibly be in risking his job, credibility, and self-dignity by saying last shot was fired at 9:40, which is patently ridiculous? The only way I can think of him (the state) to benifit is in declaring the children dead so early in the event that literally no one but a patsy shooter can be held accountable for ANY deaths that day. When in reality, gunshots are heard over, and over, well after 9:40 a.m.

  11. The bumbling that Smallstorm notes may be due to Homeland Security, and Fema, which are taking over these homicidal scenarios from the CIA, which initiated the Kennedy Assassination. Homeland Security has a budget of about 100 billion and 200 hundred thousand employees. It ranks with the military and CIA as a power organ.

    The CIA was given a military head to link it to the Pentagon. Obama has named Jeh Johnston, a military lawyer to head HomeSec. So instead of martial law being the main threat, it may be control by HomeSec, with a backup of the military. Public relations wise, this would be less offense than having military officers to charge.

    Obama is circling the wagons by putting African Americans in crucial positions: they will do what they are told by the White plutocracy, in the same way that antebellum plantation owners recruited Black slaves to flog other slaves in line.

    This would assure the loyalty of the professional-managerial African American class, who possibly are even more reactionary than the White professional-managerial class, having more to lose. HomeSec is essentially functioning outside the control of Congress, as are the military and intelligence agencies.

    But since it is HomeSec that may now be responsible for domestic repression, this article might indicate that they are now conducting the homicidal scenarios.

    1. People are involved in this mess if they do NOT smarten up, get the facts, and lay the cards on the table. People who do not do their homework on this issue are part of the PROBLEM!!! That by itself should show us all that we all have a part to play here and we must all do our part. You are complicit if you are lazy and fail to realize the scope and import of this event. WE must all be aware that we are an endangered species and our lives are in danger.
      People ARE speaking up, but we need far more to do so.

      James Tracy deserves much praise for his involvement in this drama. Jim, you took a lot of shots to the chin, but you persevered. Bravo!

    2. If you had a cult of nut jobs living in your community would you make them notice you?

      The Unity Project have infiltrated the school system, and the rest of society. They have established themselves as moral leaders. To criticize them would make all their minions of “mom’s” and other good hearted but uncritical followers angry. This bunch has the last word on any subject. They would quickly turn you into a pariah!

      I do not think anyone would dare do anything that could potentially make property prices go down. If Newtown becomes known as a place for criminal cultists, who wants to live there then? Few can even afford a modest home there!

  12. The chaos of many alternative scenarios which do not make it into the final version of the SHES massacre have led some people astray who believed in a false flag with lots of shooters and two passengers in a NJ-plated vehicle. But it’s just noise. It seems that a repeated phrase identified by the article as “fowl hunting” or whatever could be a coded message that this was part of the same game. Whether this was a drill or an excuse to unleash civil unrest and new calls for a new Prohibition on gun ownership is only part of the question. The real question is how anyone can believe anything the officials tell us. If we cannot, then we live in a dictatorship.

    I’m not sure they are going to lose believers. That’s the problem. We are distinctly in the minority on this, so far as I know. Therefore true events will be believed along with false ones.

    We are the people who are going to agonize about sorting them out. We are the ones who will perhaps hesitate to save the shepherd boy from the wolf.

    The others will just keep on keeping on. But they will also start to form opinions about the world based on things like terror attacks which did not happen, and volunteer for military service, death and family ruination based on those falsehoods. They will welcome drones in their cities, hovering over them 24/7. They will welcome manipulation of teen social media to prevent bullying and suicide. They will accept all sorts of totalitarian remedies for problems they are too scared to handle as citizens – made fearful by the phony violence they have been told surrounds them and for which they need men in military gear and tanks to protect them. I do not forgive and I do not forget what is being done to my sleeping, childlike countrymen.

    1. “The real question is how anyone can believe anything the officials tell us. If we cannot, then we live in a dictatorship. ”


      And the more you dig on any issue of social significance, the more you find how much you’ve been and are being lied to. There is no end to the bullshit. In one respect or another, it’s ‘all’ bullshit. And people are killing and dying on account of it. It’s crazy. Astounding. Surreal.

    2. musings said: “We are the people who are going to agonize about sorting them out. We are the ones who will perhaps hesitate to save the shepherd boy from the wolf.”

      Not to worry, I’m sure their plan encompasses all to being led down the wrong path. The others are agonizing about other stuff, and the alternative that we all will believe we find will most likely be exactly what “they” want us to find and choose. I think, anyway. Who knows. Maybe we are all being steered like cattle. Maybe that’s an expansion on the inside joke that lophatt mentioned yesterday.

        1. Ha! I just thought of something else, even the people playing all the parts in the hoaxes might be deceived, too, in some way.
          Deceived, and deceiving others.
          Just one deception on top of another on top of another.

        2. I believe your perspective is Kantian. He says we cannot actually know reality (or at any rate the undergraduate popularization of his philosophy says that). I cannot accept that because it leads in a circle back to believing anything (and nothing). In order to criticize these acts for the traitorous ones they are, you have to believe in truth and know that when it is absent and when it is present.

          I am willing to state that some things cannot have happened and that some things did. Whatever else I believe about the events, whatever details of who is responsible, etc., pales beside the basic facts.

          The towers did not fall due to planes hitting them. People cannot have conversations on cell phones from planes using 2001 airline technology found on common flights. The explosions at the Boston Marathon did no real damage.

          Those are some propositions which I consider to be true. The rest is sleuthing and commentary.

          The people who lied to us about those statements and the powerful people who refused to used their positions to refute a lie which they had the means to contradict (even if they seem otherwise decent, if their external character as we know it appears good) are simply not exercising legitimate leadership. I think the Ionesco play Rhinoceros has come true in my country, my state and even my own city. It is chilling. And yet, at the present, it hardly seems to affect me at all. The one place I encounter it is the TSA invasion of my personal physical being, where I am essentially nude before strangers.

        3. In looking at these hoaxes, we are doing the best we can to figure out what is not true in the information being spread about them. But we can’t find actual truth because at this point it is being well hidden. It’s good practice to realize that they are not what they appear to be to most people, but we have to be aware that there may be different layers of deception.
          To find truth it is better to look other places.

    3. Musings wrote:

      “The people who lied to us about those statements and the powerful people who refused to used their positions to refute a lie which they had the means to contradict (even if they seem otherwise decent, if their external character as we know it appears good) are simply not exercising legitimate leadership.”

      That’s putting it mildly.

      Remember how we got to this site: James Tracy publicly spoke about the contradictions and implausibilities these “powerful people” were insisting we accept as definite truth, and he was viciously attacked because of it.

      He never backed down. But he has always spoken judiciously, with the voice of a scholar. He’s never called the obvious lies “lies,” so far as I can recall. So very much of our current understanding has come from we, here, helping each other, in the comments, to make sense of the strangeness and share new elements of information we find over time.

      What we have learned, perhaps most importantly, is that these powerful people are shameless liars, and they are increasingly emboldened.

      I have always told my daughter that the chief end of education is to be able to detect when you are being lied to. This takes a lot of learning of facts, true things, as musings also mentioned. The problem is, as evidenced by the self-selected group that flock here, very few Americans care to know how to tell when they are being lied to. Part of it, certainly, is that they don’t know very many true things, so they can’t sniff an obvious lie, much less a subtle one; part of it is fear: if I face the reality, my world will fall apart, so I accept whatever I am told.

      1. Yes James Tracy definitely one of the most courageous people I’ve come across.

        And you are right that facing fear is a very important component in figuring out how the world works (understanding when it is a lie). It does not take a very intelligent person to understand that AL is a fake story, or that jet fuel do not melt sky scrapers (High School physics). But it takes courage to be able to have a pov that does not fit in with mainstream views.

        This is why the mainstream spread this culture of bullying anyone with a different perspective, derogatory terms like “conspiracy (something”, tin foil hat wearing…, are spread around. If they have such solid cases why do they need the put downs?

      2. There are other factors. One is the energy it takes, which the vast majority of white middle class people don’t have – by design. And yes, I said ‘white’ middle class for they are the group targeted to be broken. They are funding their own genocide.

  13. What we really need is Eric Snowden to come out publicly and tell the whole world something really earthshattering such as what the whole purpose was behind Sandy Hook Elementary School. We need him to actually name the actors, politicians, and agencies involved. This will let those of us who are awake know if he is legitimate or just another government sponsored player.

    1. Yes indeed. Pierce the veil Snowden and spokesperson (smokesperson?) Greenwald. That would be a great day and the beginning of our own Truth and Reconciliation. We sorely need one.

        1. That’s an interesting perspective Marzi. In the law, when someone has been shown to have lied in some things, they may be doubted in all things (“Falsus in uno, falsus in omnium”). Although it is probably true that newspapers simply print boilerplate which they receive from other sources, it is depressing to consider that they do not apply their own filters. I don’t want to explain away their complicity so easily, if that’s what it is, however. But you have articulated a very important thought about all the information we receive. How are we to know how great the reporting about Snowden really is? Not that it isn’t true in broad outline, but might there be more to say which isn’t being said? I think so.

        2. “might there be more to say which isn’t being said? I think so.”

          Absolutely. That rag has 100% of what Snowden took, and only has published less than 1% of it, none of it at all damaging–just embarrassing to some activities of the state.

          I don’t believe that a mainstream paper in England or here would dare reveal the deep darkness that rules our world. We tend to be delighted by the little trinkets we occasionally are treated to–or not. I’m always amused when I hear neoconservatives fulminate that Snowden is a traitor for revealing the government’s crimes, when whatever it was he took with him is mostly unknown to us, and what we DO know is not very damaging. It’s all for show–even if some people on both sides really believe their emotional reactions.

          But expecting genuine revelations in the MSM is asking too much.

  14. My response is awaiting moderation? Do not think I said anything too controversial! The jest of my comments were yes they were blatant with their lies to suck the rest us into their fear mongering machine. The unaffordable health care act, was chalked full of lies and it is now right in our face. There have been shrills here that attempt to change the subject. namely that this is a racist country. Yes it is, but you are confused over which races, or groups of people they are attempting to eliminate, we need to unite, it is us against them and we are many. This story broke my heart, and as much as I hated it, had to read it, not sure what the answer to poverty is. While I am against abortion, can’t really believe I am saying this, but if you cannot take care of the children you have, you should not be paid for having more that you cannot take care of. There are more homeless children in NYC, than during the depression.

  15. Dr. Tracy,
    1) What have you or any of the investigators been able to uncover re: WHERE WERE THE OTHER 500 SOMETHING KIDS on this school day? The only thing I’ve ever heard was a gentleman who called in just after the event on the Alex Jones show. He told Alex word in Sandy Hook was the kids were at a local bowling alley. Your thoughts?

    2) Re: Police audio timeline compared to live video feed. The police audio shows the janitor on the line with the emergency operator stating the female school officials saw two shadows running past the gym – in present tense. The live video feed showing the three or four “reporters” then would have to have been captured AS THE SHOOTING WAS HAPPENING b/c it was captured on video. We were never told that footage was occurring simultaneously as the shooting, which means a) how was the media tipped off to get there before the police or b) the shooting event occurred earlier than we’ve been lead to believe in the AM; Even twitter feeds of reporters covering the story had time stamps earlier than what the official story says. Your thoughts?

    3) Reporters NEVER run from the scene if they are trying to capture pictures (ie war-zones and athletic events), they embed themselves and hunker down. Also, where the reporters were running was weird – to the danger vs away from the danger. Why not escape to safety – the firehouse? This also means, reporters were on the grounds while the shooting was occurring b/c remember the janitor said two female school officials saw the “reporters” run past the gym while the janitor was on the phone with emergency operators. Your thoughts?

    1. Your observations suggest that this was a drill, as does the recently posted video by Smallstorm (Unraveling Sandy Hook) that in part draws on a SH study group’s observations.

      Further, consider the footage from the “news chopper” allegedly capturing the absconding gunmen. No such footage could be captured without foreknowledge, and the media’s presence likely involved the their participation that morning in covering a series of exercises.

      As for the listener’s observation on Alex Jones, they are consistent with such an exercise. Further, drills are among Jones’ specializations, so it’s unusual that he was not more enthused about delving into the incident than he was. At the same time SH is a hall of mirrors, and the fact that children are implicated makes the entire affair especially volatile to question.

      1. Exactly so. They took a drill and interspersed some “emotion shots” and interviews and, voila, instant tragedy. I agonized over this for months. It is the only scenario that makes sense.

        All the chopper footage, the amateurish radio transmissions, etc.. Think of the timeline. This thing supposedly took minutes. Where did the chopper footage come from? Is it normal to have them up there “just in case”?

        Recall the actual coverage. It was essentially the same vignettes over and over with the “voice of reason” narrative. Your eyes were watching something that your brain was struggling to digest. “The voice” explained it all.

        When some expressed doubt, they put on the full Pinocchio. It was an “outrage” to doubt this. This is not the first time this tactic has been used. It may be the most egregious case, however.

        1. I love it – “the full Pinocchio”. There are probably two or more schools of thought about when all this began. I would imagine many people return to this site because they wonder just how many of the events are real and how many are staged. Extreme skepticism can set in as one struggles not to give any juice to what we know is a staged event, while our friends, neighbors and colleagues treat it as a “watershed moment” to quote the not-very-savvy Stephen King in his recent book about the Kennedy assassination. Each of these events is a marker for the people of our era, and they shouldn’t be, not in the sense in which they are sold. They should be important events but for a different reason. They prove the power of falsifying history is very real.

        2. Musings, very well said. Most of history is falsified, at least to some degree. I’ve had to “unlearn” more than I learned in school. It soon becomes apparent that “education” isn’t for your edification.

  16. As with 9/11, there are some “actors” and agenturs too controversial for most people to accept, even when there is high likelihood of their involvement.

    Mishpucka must surely be one of them, as the Vets article is alleging.

    However, there is a very trance-like Stepfordian quality to the families, which is much more than chance. It seems very Jonestownian or like the heathen child sacrifice cult in the original Wicker Man film. A very different value system leading to what seems to modern judaeo-christians as utterly alien and evil reactions to what we would consider tragedy.

    But once upon a time whole cities would gather to watch the elite put their own children into the fire, in order to gain fertility, wealth especially- and power.

    1. FlyingTiger nailed it! Newtown came across as a very weird town. If you study the last 5 years in the town, you’ll see that many uniquely strange people came to town.
      As for Robbie Parker, he can act but he’s a lousy actor, everybody knows this guy is as phony as a 12 dollar bill.

      Not sure yet if we are talking pedophilia coverups,but Newtown just has a very strange atmosphere to it.

  17. Way to go, Rain Land. Sandy Hook was a mock drill, yes, but was it JUST a mock drill. There were real bullet holes in the car in the parking lot, and apparently a real death certificate for Nancy Lanza. And apparently real people injured at the hospital, and other indications as well. What else happened besides the mock drill?

    In the bin Laden caper, which preceded Sandy Hook, there appeared to be real soldiers killing real people involved, bumping Obama’s approval rating up 6 points to help him win the Election. And there is no question about the illegality of the Sandy Hook operation, since millions of dollars were raised by at least 79 organizations under false pretenses. Fraud, yes, but was it not homicidal fraud?

    Were there not real people killed at Sandy Hook, some adults? If so, how does this square with a mock drill? It doesn’t seem to make sense.

    1. Sorry Mark, but any information you have about any of these capers or operations is going to come from the same sources which created the event in the first place. Given the pre-emptive rights of the federal government in this hierarchical society, any state agency will have to fall in line. When you wonder how anything can remain a conspiracy, ask yourself if you can live without money. If you cannot, then you have some price which will probably buy your silence. What is the alternative? Having to hang out with a bunch of crazies like us who write these posts for nothing? On the other hand, killing someone triggers a cascade of events which cannot be controlled and which produces much bad feeling.

      I think about the passenger lists on 9/11 sometimes. As you recall there were a few well-known names. We don’t really know what happened to them, but I have some working hypotheses. One was Berry Berenson, a society woman and relative of some prominent people (including a few who might have the right to emigrate to Israel). Her husband died a few years before of AIDS. So there are two places she would be, besides crashed into the WTC. One is she went to Israel, where she can live without disturbance. The other is that she simply died in a hospice somewhere on Cape Cod and her name was put on the list of the dead.
      It wouldn’t be necessary to kill people in any of these events. The bin Laden thing would not even have to happen in Pakistan. Burial at sea indeed!

      1. “The bin Laden thing would not even have to happen in Pakistan.”

        Not so, musings. Paul Craig Roberts has done very good reporting on this:

        Now, it is a certainty that Bin Laden died more than a decade ago, and all the videos of him in the interim years were fake. The date chosen for the raid on that compound was very carefully chosen: Jerome Corsi’s book on the birth certificate was to appear the next day. They also slaughtered the silver market in an unprecedented way at the same time–which indicates, at least to me, that the distraction value to turn eyes away from the book was very high. Everything but the kitchen sink.

        It is obvious that the Bin Laden raid was being held as an ace up the sleeve for an October Surprise, and that Corsi put the fear of God into them, so they had to use it too soon.

        Since it was a grand lie (but people DID die, and we DID invade Pakistan to commit those murders, which no one seems to care about, and a help crashed there, which no one seems to care about either), the guys who committed the murders all had to die, so they were all packed on the same chopper and sadly (HA!) crashed a few months later. Dead men tell no tales.

        1. I very much respect Roberts so thanks for that reference. I also imagine that assuring bin Laden was really dead would raise the status of whoever could claim it, so yes taking the corpse out of the morgue freezer, so to speak, would have been a plus on a poll numbers count. I had long heard that bin Laden was already dead and that he’d somehow been allowed beforehand to flee to Pakistan. So your scenario makes sense. As for how it was done, well movies have cuts and that one could too. Whether the whole team is now dead (and when would they have died? shortly after offing bin Laden ten years ago or more recently?) isn’t necessary to the plot, if indeed they were the ones who killed him and not his own health problem. While it’s true that dead men tell no tales, dead men also create risk emanating from their bereaved family members from which we might find that live men told tales shortly before becoming dead men, and they also take photos like selfies with corpses. That kind of thing could get out.

        2. “Whether the whole team is now dead (and when would they have died? shortly after offing bin Laden ten years ago or more recently?)”

          No, no, no! The surviving Seal Team Six guys who killed the fake Bin Laden were all packed onto a helo and crashed, a few months after, so they could not tell the real story (the one Roberts reproduces). The neighbors witnessed a genuine invasion by the Americans, but not the one we Americans were told it was. But our guys did the deed.

          It reminds me of Goodfellas. Tommy had to kill everyone who had a part in the Lufthansa job–too much heat.

        3. I have heard it confirmed directly from someone in direct contact with DHS and State Department personnel, Deep Throats as it were. Bin Laden died of kidney failure or something in a hospital.

        4. Yes, absolutely, it was either December 12 or 21 (I hate getting old1) of 2001. Of course he had nothing to do with this but, it is convenient to make a walking dead man a patsy.

          He used to go by the name “Tim Osman” when they were training him at the Post Graduate School in Monterey. Those were the heady days when he was “our guy” fighting the Ruskies in Afghanistan.

          So you see, SHE isn’t the only hoax. “Hoaxes are the whole purpose of being for “the media”.

    2. I’ve wondered about the bullet holes in Ms. Rosseau’s car. One of them was shot from inside the car, and one was shot from outside the car. Both, I believe had rust starting to form along the paint. These holes didn’t occur from the so-called shooting that day, but has anyone checked with the Rosseau family or friends to see if they were noticed earlier,and how, indeed did they get there? Not sure if that has ever been answered.

      1. The holes are not from a .223 caliber round of any kind.

        Remember they claim AL used hollow point bullets to get maximum effect (shilling!). The hollow points you most commonly find in gun stores around the world in that caliber are made for vermin shooting. To be effective they expand violently very easily in light targets. At the angles the bullets hit I’d say such a round would ricochet (fail to penetrate). And yes, you can’t bend something outwards by pushing in on it, so it was shot from the inside or through the car in one instance.

        To me those holes are most likely from a .30 caliber rifle (or similar) or a 9 mm handgun. And none of the holes are from an angle that you can reach from inside the school.

        The rust, if it is rust, will form very quickly once the Zinc and paint are removed from the steel. But not in a few hours.

        This is “evidence” only a true maniac would plant. Someone with no grip on reality.

        1. Col., I think you’re right on both counts. They look like .30 cal. round holes to me. The “hollow point” story was probably used because they felt that a “death star” wouldn’t be as readily believed.

          Maybe they thought that a car with some bullet holes would add “panache” to the tale. Hollow points are the opposite of penetration. Again, they can “say” anything. They could shoot holes in it if they liked. They could have towed in a car. Who knows? It’s very dramatic though.

  18. Not entirely, Musings, there is info which seeps out which is accepted by the majority of honest investigators. Some of it is provided by truthers of other countries, such as the female journalist in Pakistan who examined the “bin Laden’ site and asked: if a battle occurred where are the bullet holes in the walls and roofs.

    This led to the admission that the famous picture of Obama and his cabinet watching the battle on tv was untrue. Since many if not most Americans prefer the emotional Faith-based truth of authority to evidenced-based truth, the picture still endures in Almanacs, etc. Still, the evidence is there if one wishes to pursue it, and implications can be derived from its existence.

    I’ve never seen a denial that there were bullet holes in a parked car in the parking lot at Sandy Hook. Is this consistent with a mock drill? Perhaps. But perhaps not. The tendency is to wish away the unexplained details because it would require an historical period to explain them all. But this doesn’t mean that there are not loose strings, and they may provide insight into further explanation.

    1. We have no control of our country at all. Benghazi- no accountability, Fast and Furious- no accountability, Obama Care – no accountability.

      Now dozens of unanswered questions about Sandy Hook and we are provided 7 of the 911 calls? The dispatchers received awards for handling hundreds and we receive 7 after nearly a year long court battle with the prosecutor that supposedly did not even listen to them ?

      Will we ever get the other 911 calls? Will we ever find out who the SWAT officer was that was caught in the woods? Newtown officers thought they heard shots from outside and an armed SWAT guy from out of town is caught and nobody has any questions?

      The media spoon feeds us what they want us to believe.

      The pricipal, Dawn Hochsprung and Mary Sherlach, confronted the shooter and lunged at him ? But the police audio indicates that police found them in the kitchen closet ?

      It seems pretty hopeless. The masses collect their disability, welfare, government paychecks and they watch Maury Povich, Gerry Springer, Oprah all day and just believe whatever the news tells them.

      1. Piggy-backing here so it will come up early. List of names of those who
        actualy run the world, The Committee of 300–useful when putting faces on theory.

        I recognize many such as KIssinger, GHW Bush, the late Arlen Specter, of course the Houses of Windsor and Orange and other Black Nobility of Europe (so invested in blood lines and blood sports), the Rothchilds and Rockefellers, et al. British and American politicians (Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, David Cameron, John Kerry), banking luminaries–Bernanke, Stiglitz, Tim Geitner, Greenspan. So many, so evil, so wrong. Take a look; use your imagination. They haven’t stolen that–yet….

    2. In regards to the bullet holes in the car: its odd that the bullets hit metal andno glass. There are magnets one can but that are very realistic. Also note that one bullet hole is clearly an exit shot from inside the car, if its indeed real.

      1. The bullet holes in the car are so out-of-place with the flow of what supposedly went down at Sandy Hook. I am inclined to think that they & the vehicle itself were placed there as a red herring. Did they find any casings there? Those bullet holes could have happened at a different location on an entirely different date. I’m not clear whose car that was but my sense is that it was placed there as a distraction & those bullet holes had nothing to do with the event at the school. They just don’t make any sense. Could be a car in police custody that was in an unrelated gun battle, I suppose.

  19. As I pointed out before, we live in a virtual world were nothing can be taken on face value. How far down that path can we go and still be considered sane? Psychopathy is rampant and it infects like any disease, the innocent and half awake. There is nowhere to run at this stage. We have to stand and fight–winner take all.

    Big dustup re the Nobels in Norway. A biologist who won for medicine and physiology is boycotting high-profile “luxury” science magazines, stating they are open to fraud through their practice of paying large commissions to scientists who often skirt protocols to get published. He likens the magazines to manufacturers producing designer handbags. Given the trend to foster science advances in all manner of deceits, this issue crops up across the political spectrum. Welcome to an “infinity of mirrors.”

      1. The Nobel Peace Prize is the one that is given in Norway. Not too many generations ago, the countries of Norway Denmark and Sweden were under one political umbrella. Not sure how that works. I have a gold ring from that era which is incised with a triple crown representing that entity.

        1. Via Wikipedia: Three Crowns is a very old symbol, probably 13th century. And Denmark has never been a part of any Nordic union with Sweden (or Norway) other than as an occupying force. Sweden and Norway were in a union during Alfred Nobel’s life.

        2. From what I read, now one really knows what the three crown meant originally. But today “Three Crowns” means Sweden, noting else. It was also the name of the royal palace that burnt down in the 16th century.

  20. I was going to splice this in somewhere, in direct response to someone’s comment, but can’t remember if it’s one on this thread or the next recent one. Anyone remember that ‘white supremacist’ guy, James Von Brunn, who allegedly shot a black guard at the Holocaust Museum in 2010? Well, he didn’t. I don’t know if I should really spell out how I know exactly, but these points are worth mentioning: 1) he had ceased what had been constant daily contact around 15 days before the shooting with his intimates 2) he was so sick at 88 with his heart condition that same intimates know that he could never have climbed the stairs into the museum, or even have traveled there 3) he was said to have had child porn on his computer – problem being that there is zero way to discern *when* something is downloaded onto our hard drives, for the time frame is totally changeable. I get this info from one of the top computer specialists in the country. But von Brunn didn’t even like to look at what he described to an intimate as ‘porn’ – pics of naked women 4) let’s just say people who were mere associates of his were threatened by the FBI into silence about some of these points.

    This happened and in the following years our constitutional rights have been under assault every week. Recently we lost the right to peacefully assemble anywhere near where Secret Service has been assigned, according to government’s own whim, and now same Secret Service can arrest any peaceful citizen protester for a felony conviction for exercising what used to be their right to peacefully protest.

    Forget what von Brunn was portrayed as, for in the end it doesn’t matter that much what he believed in. The point is hoaxes grand and minor are being perpetrated regularly to manipulate us into marching willingly into our own enslavement.

    1. Our civil liberties are certainly being eliminated, but it should be noted, some states are worse than others. We had to leave NY, as hard as it was to leave my sleeping family, the taxes are ridiculous. My young, maybe ten year old daughter, proclaimed after I was struggling to pay the property taxes on a house that was paid in full and she overheard my lament, “So there is no such thing as property owners in America, we all just pay rent to the government?” Worked for an electric utility company that spent a lot of effort in arguing with the gov over which taxes were allowed to be visible on your utility bill, many are hidden. Stupidly forced my husband to take me to Atlantic City, NJ, as that was the destination my family always enjoyed when I was young. It was awful, road tolls every few miles, stark poverty everywhere, and there are “clean’ beaches that you can pay to go to. The reports of police abuse in NM and TX are shocking, always thought the wild west was the most free, but will not be going there!

  21. Von Brunn was a Natzi, anti-Semite, and racist. According to Wikipedia, he shot and killed a Black guard and was wounded by returned fire. He was old and died before he could be tried for murder.

    Sue is defending him because she is also an anti-Semite and racist, as she, if it is a ‘she,’ has exhibited explicitly on other posts.

    1. Way to further an argument – resort to personal invective, name-calling. I am not a racialist, in that I either don’t fully believe that race is more than superficial and cultural, or that if it is the differences aren’t pivotal. I don’t care about some Jewish person’s biology so much either and therefore cannot be deemed anti-semitic. Jews are hardly the only semites so the term is nonsensical from a couple of angles. I absolutely reject abrahamic religions and consider judasm – the belief that Jews have the god-given right to invade, subjugate and even genocide the lowly goyim – to be nothing more than racist imperialism Yes, I am pro-egalitarian and therefore anti-judaism. Guilty as charged and proud to defy true racism.

      You parrot the lies told by the same government and media posters on this site consistently accuse of lying. I didn’t ‘defend’ von Brunn, I merely proffered evidence, which I desist from assigning a source to to protect his anonymity, that the same governmedia perpetrated a hoax in the case of von Brunn. If you believe Wikipedia so blindly I don’t know why you’re here.

      Evidence, that’s what directs us to the truth. Von Brunn died many days before he allegedly did something he was physically incapable of doing. Any computer specialist will tell you there is no way to decipher when something was downloaded onto a computer as time frames can be changed easily. It was a hoax, not unlike Sandy Hook. Evidence overwhelmingly proves that blacks are perpetrating racist attacks against my tribe (remember I’m not a racialist like you), the germanic celts. In the last two months alone there have been hundreds of hate crime attacks committed against my people, including dozens and dozens of murders, thousands of rapes, by blacks.

      Overwhelming evidence powerfully refutes other claims of ‘anti-semitism’ on the part of my people, but if I proffered any of it, or made a more specific claim I and Dr. Tracy could be arrested in several countries. Debate and questions are only repressed in service of a lie.

      1. Sue, it’s maddening, isn’t it? What is the take away here? If he was an “anti-semite”, he deserved to die? I don’t think so. It is clear who is the “hater”.

        People are entitled to their beliefs whether one agrees with them or not. You do not need someones imprimatur to speak your mind. I see no little irony in the fact that at a site like this, where we are talking about hoaxes and memes, that someone has no tolerance because they totally accept another meme.

        Nothing should be “taboo” to think about, study or write. Any conclusions I have reached on any subject were arrived at by study, thought and logic. People can disagree if they like, but I can explain why I think anything that I do. I don’t have any “beliefs” that I accepted from someone else without question.

        I don’t know anything about Von Brunn, but, if he was attracting the ire of some group it wouldn’t be surprising to see him “get depressed”. We should all have serious sympathy for anyone who is killed because of their ideas, whether we agree with them or not.

  22. First of all, take all references to Mossad and shove it where the sun don’t shine if you hope to have any credibility whatsoever. Our government is infiltrated by the radical Islamic Muslim Brotherhood whoare here to take over the country and your spouting off Jew hate?

    There are 30,000 Hezbollah agents already here who came over from Mexico and you’re talking about Israelis?

    You ass—– muck up what could be a real conspiracy by bringing in this anti-Semitic horseshit.

    We know that Russian Spetnatz were training here. That’s a fact.

    We know the blue helmeted UN has been training here.

    We know that FEMA has detention camps.

    We know that DHS has 7,0000 machine guns, 2,700 armoured vehicles, and 1.8 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition.

    Do you really need to bring in Israel when they have insane Iranian mullahs threatening to wipe them off the earth? Iran, the biggest exporter of terrorism in the world who run both Hezbollah and the Republican Guard – the Iranian equivalents of the Nazi SS who helped Assad murder 150,000 Syrians civilians?

    Iran, who has killed more Americans than any other country since Vietnam?

    And your sticking Israel in under your tinfoil hat?

    If you have a fact to report, then just report the fact backed up by concrete evidence, and forget about this “Whodunnit” crap. You do not conclude you’ve found three possible perpetrators (one of which is total nonsense) before doing a thorough investigation. That’s what the government does.

    FEMA is not an independent agency that acts on its own. It takes its marching orders from the White House or the DHS.

    Who stands to gain from this? The anti-American government looking for ways to grab American’s guns? Or a country the size of Rhode Island surrounded by 1.5 billion Muzzies sworn to exterminate them?

    Try again.

    1. I really have to laugh at the assertion the Muslim Brotherhood is overtaking the U.S. when it is politicians named Bloomberg, Feinstein, Cantor, etc. that go after our gun rights or put themselves in key positions in the shut-down of our government!

      Where is the Muslim Brotherhood?

      Seriously, how can you not see that there are many Jewish individuals loyal to Israel in high power here in the US? Today, for instance, current **Bank of Israel** Chairman Stan Fischer is reportedly to be the next U.S. Federal Reserve Vice-Chairman.

      It is not so much Jew-hating, but the fact you can’t move in any direction when looking into the weirdness in the US over the past ten years without tripping over an Israeli-firster.

      That said, do I think those loyal to Israel are the culprits behind all the oddness? No, I don’t. But, I do think they are deeply involved in pursuing an agenda.

      1. I think you make a good point about the Muslim Brotherhood being insignificant in US politics, except as a whipping boy. If people here were as dumb as some of our manipulators believe, we’d think that all Muslims were joined against us instead of being played off against each other by richer entities. But I don’t think that story is quite as believed anymore and many cats have jumped out of many bags over the past several years.

        By the same token, while Muslims are not a monolith, neither are Jews. Nor do all believe in taking away Americans’ firearms, because guess what – some of them would rather be Americans and they take their right to defend themselves seriously too.

        I suppose when historians (if they exist in the future) come to sorting things out about this era, they’ll find that there were people trying to create an oligarchy that could control the country and the world, but that they eventually were run over by China and blew away like dust. Too bad they forgot about where the real power came from.That source they despised, and it took everyone down when they fell.

    2. Radio chatter was picked up, that Obama is trying to bring in as many as 100 million muslims, for complete takeover. They are coming in on private charters, financed by US citizens. Doesn’t surprise me one bit. They bragged they were going to take over America by the loins of their women, and they breed like rabbits.

        1. John, the info was culled by Rachel Mordechal who worked for the Israeli government for years, her job was to monitor Arabic Radio broadcasts. She picked up this info in 2009 while translating an Egyptian TV Broadcast.
          She is the wife of Ari Lipkin aka Victor Mordechal.
          The foreign minister at the time said O swore to him, he was Muslim, which he did admit when he was in Egypt, when he said I am one of you.
          There might also be a YT video of it also. As well as interviews with Dr. Manning and Avi.

        2. Lipkin goes on Dr Stan when he’s in this country, too. I’ve heard him say stuff like that. Of course, the fulfillment of his predictions over the years have been pretty uninspiring.

  23. James, what are you thinking of? “Sue” is interrupting the conversation on Sandy Hook to intersperse a defense of the murder of a Black guard on racist, anti-Semitic, and neo-Nazi grounds. And you are against printing a rebuttal of it?

    Do you think racist terrorism enjoys the same rights of Free Speech as normal dissent? “Sue” (and my experience of neo-Nazis is that they are all male) can deny the Holocaust till the cows come home, since it has been used to oppress the Palestinians and steal their land. But killing guards in Holocaust museums, of any color, or justifying or defending this killing, is obscene. It shouldn’t be printed at all, and most certainly not without a rebuttal or notification of its source.

    1. The blog is open to all points of view as long as the conversation maintains a civil tone. Note that I tolerate all of your remarks because they are thoughtful and well articulated, even if in my estimation you reduce just about every issue to solely race-based dimensions.

      1. Is that a comment to me? I can’t tell from the format sometimes. If one collected all my comments on here about a maximum of 35% would reference race. I personally believe the elites use ‘race’ to accomplish their goal of herding most of us into serfdom, so it’s intrinsic to analyzing much of the higher level dynamics.

        1. I am addressing Mark as he is a long time commenter. Mark, I don’t consider Wikipedia a very authoritative source. I would also suggest that the focus on race especially here has taken the conversation/topic far afield form where it was originally intended to go.

    2. My real name isn’t Sue, but I definitely am a woman. I could name the source ultimately, since he is a known entity and DHS investigated his dealings with von Brunn. I’d have to ask him. He was threatened by the FBI for doing essentially nothing but technically helping von Brunn speak out, that’s all. He’s ranked in the top ten IQ’s in the US.

      Have your people (I’m avoiding the buzzword which trips the censor on here) not learned that calling everyone and their brother (or sister) a ‘neo-nazi’ has sort of lost it’s kick? While your Chosen People’s men were collaborating with the Nazis by helping arm and supply them, my great uncles were fighting the Nazi army. You have an incredible amount of nerve. My great grandfather and his irish people also fought in the Civil War and freed the black slaves, so your insipid charge of racism also smacks of a projection. Last, my uncles and father and cousins fought in Viet Nam. Some died. I’ve never met one of your people’s veterans of that war. Not one, and I grew up around a majority and plurality of J’s.

      My family fought, unlike yours, for my right to free speech and your faux moral outrage can’t change that.

  24. I’ve just had an idea about the Newtown families which may on the face of it seem utterly frivolous. But I think it would show that the identities of these people are “legends” in the spy drama sense.

    If you come from a sunbelt state or some recent place, you imagine that everyone else is from some place with roots as shallow as your own. I thought that way about myself living in California and only knowing my grandparents “back East”. But when I came to New England I discovered very deep roots here and that I was related to a lot of people still living in Connecticut, for example. There are many people who never left that state. In a group of school children, you are going to have some who can trace their families back generations before to the place where they live, even if they are upwardly mobile as the Newtown people seem to be.

    There would be associations in the area going back generations, there would be cousins by the dozens. Even I find that is true for me. My niece lived around the block from her second cousin in Connecticut and only the older generation (mine and my parents) knew this was the case.

    So where are the Newtown extended families? Who are they? There have to be at least a sprinkling of them who have deep roots IF THEY ARE REAL. In fact, this does not seem to be the case. It is a flat Potemkin village from every account I have ever seen.

    Thus it is a very abnormal school for the area. Granted Americans are ambivalent about admitting they didn’t “just growed” or spring up like mushrooms. There is a fear of being snobby. But blood is thicker than water. I do not think anyone’s cousin’s blood spilled at SHES, or we would have heard from more than just the muppet parents.

    1. THere has been so much homework done on this case by some reputable people. Investigators that can find no evidence of Adam even existing. From the moment it was happening, it felt off. Having worked emergencies before. You never block in emergency vehicles. Why turn down EMT help from neighboring areas?
      Why did the school have an abandoned look about it from the onset. Nothing in the windows, no playground equipment, etc. I would imagine it had been long emptied because of lead or abestos. Just a guess.
      Why tear down a good building? Even Columbine reworked their building. Why was Holder there meeting with people the month before.
      Why did a resident hold up a sign in his window that very day, that states, it is fake, then gave shh sign?
      Why were the same people walking in one door and out the other over and over t the FD? WIth some women changing costs and purses if there was no deception being played out?
      Why did a British paper say one of families were from England and had only lived there a year and the father was listed as an actor?
      Why were the families all fairly new residents?
      Why was there a pallet of water already stacked in the FD ready for use that day and name tags already made?
      What happened to the pictures of the little brunette that was taken off her mothers personal website a few years earlier and was never in that town and was alive,and well?
      After listening to some of the witnesses at the shooting in Aurora, home of the crisis actors, much is suspicious of that,shooting also. I.e., two men both said the shooter was 5’8″ when he is 6’4″?
      Seems we are being taken for a ride here an agenda.

      1. Do people on here think that Aurora was another staged production? I don’t, mostly because of Alex Teves’ father, who, besides doing a better acting job than Meryl Streep, has come out in opposition to the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex by insisting that Homes was evil, not mentally ill. That really doesn’t fit into the government’s agenda, so I’m inclined to think the event was real, unless Teves is a disinformation element, added in to convince the skeptics. Somehow I doubt that though.

        1. Yes Sue, I believe that Aurora was fake. The last real mass shooting was VA Tech, although I still find the number of kills (31) and injured (30) quite a task for just one shooter. The official report states that he had approximately 100 rounds of ammo actually fired…with 60 plus hits that is quite difficult to do with only one named shooter (VA Tech).

        2. Hard to say how people think, but nothing is too evil for this regime to further their agenda.
          Money can make even the most honorable people think and act differently. Sad.

        3. Sue, I’m afraid I think its another fake. I’ve said before that I don’t think every event is a fake, although I do believe that, even if they’re real, they are used in opportunistic ways.

          There are several problems with the Aurora scenario. There are several witnesses who saw a “guy in a checkered shirt” involved, and it is pretty obvious that “Holmes” didn’t waltz in there in full body armor. They say that “he” (whoever that was), got up, took a phone call, and let someone in through the emergency exit. Oddly, no alarm, etc..

          That would imply at least two. They found two gas masks and, if you listen to the police tapes carefully, you will hear that they had another car, same make and model as the “Holmes” car, quarantined in the front parking lot waiting for the bomb squad. Did I mention that they were running a drill?

          Lastly, there are some very interesting video tapes made by employees of the theater who live around there. They were actually yukking it up. They are very believable. The language is a little “rough”, but it is how young people talk.

          So, not speaking for anyone else here, I think it was a fraud. And, by the way, I enjoy your posts.

      2. Isn’t it AMAZING that the real truths about Sandy Hook have not reached more citizens in Connecticut and the nation? Are truth seekers aware of their verbal ineptness? Why have we not been much more successful at spreading the word? I try very hard to impress on those around me that SH is a hoax, I explain the events and interpretations, and still I am modestly successful. Is it not amazing that we are so mediocre?
        However, we all know should we reach a breakthrough soon, there will be hell to pay. Many politicians are heavily involved with Sandy Hook, I mention no names. What happens to those people once the cat is out of the bag? All if this absurd, yearlong garbage about Sandy Hook, pseudo-scientific psychobabble about Lanza, etc is all going to blow up and citizens will then know lots of really well known and powerful people stink to high heaven.
        Sure, Fast and Furious has fizzled, so has Benghazi, so has Waco, Ruby Ridge, 911, Boston Marathon. All swept under the rug.

        We can rail against the forces of the government in their quest to steal our guns and deny us our rights, but sooner or later, there will be hell to pay once we are ready to go public with the total story. Yet, we must become far more efficient at delivering these truths. That is really our main goal. That is what we have to fine-tune.

  25. OK Sandy Hook is once again creeping me out, as it appears designed to do. The one-eyed kid logo on the new playground. The fundraising artwork! Naked kid titled “Be Still”. Yikes! My kid’s school was on lockdown yesterday because a student noticed a man taking pictures of the play ground. Please be vigilent everyone but don’t fall into fear. Best wishes to all here.

  26. It just occurred to me that after all of the hoopla on releasing information and when they finally do, it is more bogus than we could of possibly imagined. This along with other news in the MSM, they are preparing to reach their final goals.
    Steven Colburt exposes weather manipulation:
    Ankle bracelets are not stopping the teenage thugs

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