Kevin Barrett interviews Nolan Higdon and James Tracy on Truth Jihad Radio.

Higdon’s article, “Disinfo Wars: Alex Jones War on Your Mind,” was published by Project Censored in September 2013. Tracy posted a critique of the piece at Memory Hole earlier this month; a response from Higdon appeared shortly thereafter.

The interviews were taped the week of October 21 and are programmed into one hour segments, airing at No Lies Radio on October 28 and 29.

Nolan Higdon on Truth Jihad Radio

James Tracy on Truth Jihad Radio

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48 thought on “Delving Into “Disinfo Wars””
  1. in general i think it is a waste of time questioning what motivates people and stick to the information > i scan podcast for interesting interviews > alex has interesting guests and allows them to tell their stories

  2. I believe that the internet is such a powerful tool for the masses to promote truth that the only defense against truth published on the internet is to flood the web with disinfo.

    This can most readily be observed in the crazy theories on 911 and hoax theories on Sandy Hook.

    I live in Sandy Hook and I don’t know a single person that believe or states that deaths were faked. The focus of the investigation should be on the perpetrators. I am convinced that Bloomberg Employee Scott Vollmer (son of kindergaden teacher Janet Vollmer) is the primary suspect. Chris Manfredonia, and the officer caught in the woods also needs a thorough scrutiny.

    Instead of babbling on about how the whole incident was faked why not ask about the real evidence against these people? Did Manfredonia have a daughter in Roig’s class? Why was he running away ? Manfredonia lives a few houses away from Lanza so did he know him ? Why was Manfredonia the only parent there to build gingerbread houses ?

    Did sally Cox identify Scott Vollmer on the 911 call ? to Andrea McCarren ? or to Law Enforcement ?

    I would focus all my efforts on the Scott Vollmer theory as it makes perfect sense on motive and all other evidence variables reported at the scene.

    To this day I am unaware of a single law enforcement officer, or anyone else for that matter, that witnessed Lanza do anything.

      1. If it’s like the argument for no planes, well, that’s an air tight case. If you understand the argument, you are solid that no one was killed at SHES. If you don’t understand the argument, you might look into it. If you don’t bother to look into it, you are a fool.

      2. Get out the sappy violins for Jason because he would have us believe people died. How did 200 kids fit in the fire station? They must have had clown training fitting into impossible spaces.

    1. it amazes me to see the amount of new trolls that hit this site when personalities like jones or barrett are included in the subject matter of an article. It seems they both have people assigned to them. I find it equally amazing the online presence of the people of sandy hook. sandy hook is a small tract of land in a puny little newtown,ct. (27,000) yet a good 5-10% of commentators online claim to live in sandy hook or has a cousin that does and they all claim the murders were real!! so convincing! perhaps we should investigate that damned Pat Healy from something about mary (did you know he is actually matt dillon?) or research whether or not those were really pot plants pictured in cheech and chong’s Nice Dreams. That would be as relevant as studying every nuance of the 911 calls from newtown or tracing the license plate of a staged prop for some shit assed theatre like the sandy hook production. before I waste my time running around pointing fingers I like to find out what actually happened that I am projecting blame for. In sandy hook it appears that nothing happened at all.

    2. To Jason,

      Couldn’t agree with you more that the internet is a powerful tool.

      In reference to your statement that you “live in Sandy Hook” and “don’t know a single person that believes or states that deaths were faked,” I’m curious if you know any of the many parents who, according to the official story, lost children on December 14. If so… how well do you know them?

      Also, from your other comments regarding “the perpetrators,” I wonder why you are convinced that Vollmer is “the primary suspect.” And that others, such as Manfredonia, were involved?

      Would you also please elaborate on the statement that you don’t know anyone, including law enforcement officers, that witnessed Lanza do anything? What about the two adult witnesses and the surviving students who supposedly identified Lanza as the shooter? Are you saying that they are all lying? Do you know neighbors or other Sandy Hook residents who believe that others were involved? Or that Adam Lanza may not have been?


      1. John , if I may interject, this thread has alot of information that would answer your questions.

        If you are aware of any documentation that indicated that Lanza was positively identified by anyone I would appreciate the reference or link.

        I am also intrigued that ay 9:45 am officers were in the classrooms and that the shooter was not located. (per radio transmissions) Then at 9:52 we have a report that the suspect is down. In the search warrant Lanza’s body was in the middle classroom so how did he get there when all the police were in the area at 9:45 am and supposedly Lanza didn’t go down until 9:52? How did Lanza get his dead body in the middle classroom?

        The fake death theories are part of the flood of disinformation intended to create sufficient noise around the truth to conceal the truth and impugn all truth seekers. There are real problems in the integrity of the reporting including the Allision Wyatt pictures and other issues such as photo shopped victim pictures but that doesn’t categorically nullify the whole event. The continued emphasis that “nobody died” only serves the perpetrators.

        Personally I highly doubt that he was capable of shooting a gun because the weed whacker noise at his house would freak him out so I don’t know how he would last at a firing range.

        1. Thanks, Patrick. Since Jason says he lives in Sandy Hook and seems so convinced that there were others that he names that were involved in the incident, he could be a valuable source of information, especially since he states that all his friends and neighbors from that town believe the murders are very real. That’s why I attempted to begin a dialogue with him. However, he seems to have disappeared.

        2. Hi John. Regarding Gene Rosen I believe he is an inveterate liar and he was doing his own act to push the anti gun agenda. In one interview at the very end he said to a reporter ” I hope the children are the basis to our solution”. If he story was true you can bet the press would reunite Gene and the parents and kids for a photo op. I have seen no compelling evidence that he is with FEMA.

          I am connected indirectly to one victim’s family through a family work connection which I will not detail. I also have an indirect contact that works at Danbury hospital.

          As I said nobody I know believe that any deaths were faked not a single person here believes that.

          My IP address from my initial post can be verified to a Connecticut address very close to Newtown however this address I am using now is California based.

          Bottom line is there is no evidence Lanza committed this crime and all evidence points to multiple shooters. Every time the picture of the SWAT guy caught at the scene is posted in the Newtown Patch it is immediately censored. The motive was gun confiscation and the method was to recreate Dunblane which resulted in gun confiscation in the UK. Sandy Hook is an identical planned replay of Dunblane. Immediately after Sandy Hook NY politicians proposed confiscation.

          Here is what I believe are some significant points :

          Lanza found dead at the school and so far nobody ever stated that they saw him shoot a gun there or elsewhere at any time.

          His neighbor Chris Manfredonia was caught running away from the school toward Crestwood with another guy who kept running.

          Kindergarten teacher’s son (Bloomberg employee) identified as the shooter by the school nurse and her 911 call is being concealed.

          Now do you have a theory ?

        3. Correction – the theory is a Bloomberg employee and the 911 call should likely prove that one way or the other.
          Kindergarten teacher’s son (Bloomberg employee?) identified as the shooter by the school nurse and her 911 call is being concealed.

  3. Prof. Tracy, I just listened to all 1:52 min. here. I think it’s interesting that I see no effort by Project Censored to interview Jones directly for this article. I think it’s interesting that I haven’t seen a single mention of that anywhere yet.

    I think that this statement by Higdon is important as well now:

    Nolan Higdon – “The hypocrisy of Tracy in his article is disheartening as he lambastes all of Project Censored for an article written by one individual.”

    This is nonsense when seen in conjunction with this statement beneath:

    Nolan Higdon – “Special thanks go to Mickey Huff, Andy Lee Roth, and Peter Phillips for consultation, editing, and other assistance with this piece.”

        1. Being a frequent commenter, and usually immediately posted, I have a theory as to why my comments are sometimes “subject to moderation.” If you include more than one link, the software triggers James has set up flag your comment. I’m very happy about how “clean” this website is; the conversation is almost completely intelligent conversation. So I don’t mind it when I occasionally hit one of those speed bumps.

        2. Prof. Tracy, let me attempt to clarify my question then please. Is there a moderation staff on this site? Who other than yourself were you referring to above. My questioning you on this is fair and necessary in this situation, sir.

  4. That is a very persuasive video, Derrick. Followed Alex off and on for several years. Found out about the FEMA camps, Cass Sunstein, how The Black Aristocracy of old transmigrated seamlessly into the high-tech kleptocrats of now. Nothing changes except oganizational names and faces of those who pull the strings. Defying laws of nature, the money runs uphill and into the coffers of the ruling junta.

    Have always thought Alex does more good than harm. Simply sift through his monologues, articles and ferret out what works for you. Loved the way Kevin Barrett handled his interview with Nolan Higdon.(blew him off the set). James Tracy, as always, brings a deep background and solid analysis to the conversation. Very good job!

    1. I don’t see his actions as cointell at all. He seems to be an egotistical prick but anyone who listened to his show religiously ought to already think that. He seems to want to be thought of as a modern paul revere and spends way way too much time asking others to talk about him ad-nauseam. to his credit he seems to be less bad about this compared to the old alex. A better critique of alex is done by jack blood after that gun rights rally and after alex destroyed the gubernatorial campaign of deborah medina. I wont post a link but it is all over youtube. All of the legitimate critique of alex revolves around his personality which like anybody has flaws. The cointell stuff unfounded in my opinion.

  5. This video was posted here about ten days ago. I agree, Alex Jones’ behavior is out of order and indefensible. Who knows why? .Someone should pin him down and demand an answer, not a slippery sidestep.

    Once a person reaches this level of notoriety, many seem to lose all sense of propriety. I find Michael Savage guilty of this same type of adolescent disregard for reality and for his audience.

    1. Gee, Marilyn, then who do you follow when it comes to the rapid descension of this country into a police state? My (conspiracy) theory is that some inflitration ops are going on where operatives attempt to sow seeds of doubt for Savage and Jones, calling them crazy/govt operatives/in-it-for-the-money to prevent their audience from growing to a critical mass. Have you been listening to Alex Jones lately? The police state is accelerating. Who else is sounding the alarms? He sounds crazy because the acceleration of the destruction of our civil liberties IS crazy.

      1. Terroy, I try to give credit where due and cast a critical eye when necessary. Agree about 85% with Alex Jones and about 20% with Savage. Listen to Jones when he is coherant but tune out when he sounds hysterical. Savage..I .can hardly listen because he is so ascerbic, so totally one-sided. Both talk hosts offer some alternative reasoning; both often go off on tangents that only serve to undercut their major themes. And both have enormous egos that often trump their message.

        The video of Alex at the local Austin pro-gun rally is a perfect example. His language to the little gal who challenged him shows him in a totally different light than his on-air persona. I would like him to fess up and tell us why. He is the one causing the stir; as a truth-seeker, I want some semblance of balance, if not perfection. Perfection, of course, only comes from the divine. He is mortal and should always remember that.

        This comment only covers two talk hosts. They are legion across the political spectrum and maybe Nolan Higdon should inquire into that pervasive culture.

        1. Marilyn,

          Didn’t Alex look really odd. Not his boisterous self? Not quick on the uptake when interacting with the people he bothered to recognize? I find this disturbing. Think of him with his bullhorn calling out Bilderbergers. Completely different. Weird.

  6. Let’s talk about this Jonathan Kay for a moment. It looks like he took an unlikely trip to (Skull and Bones) Yale for a law degree, after previously studying Engineering. He apparently then became a member of the New York Bar before taking up an editorial position at the Neoconservative National Post. There’s more dirt on this guy but we need to re-emphasize that Higdon, to establish his critique, quoted a man who is likely a Skull and Bones Neo-con. How cannot this not reflect badly on Project Censored?

    I’ve said my piece on Jones in previous comments. More needs to be said about the likes of Jonathan Kay. We spend hours on Alex Jones and not a minute on those who are, without question, venomous criminals. When will Kay be held to the fire? Kevin Barrett stated that he interviewed him and found him to be genuine in his evil beliefs. I’ve spoken to this sort before as well. Around ten years ago, while attending university, I confronted a student provocateur who was involved in creating (dreaming up) a hysteria over rape on campus. They were having people believe there’s a rapist behind every bush (in fact, rape is more prevalent than some imagine, but occurs less at the hand of strangers than one would dream up). I told this provocateur people are being frightened for no reason, for a ruthless fabrication. Very coldly and slyly, I was then informed this didn’t matter. The truth didn’t matter. So long as the agenda moved forward the means would not be scrutinized.

    Let’s rethink Barrett’s summation of Kay in mind of the provocateur. Here is an individual that places no value on truth, has no appreciation of facts or of things as they really are. It’s not that Kay believes what he’s saying, as Barrett concludes. The truth is not relevant to Kay in the slightest. What he believes is that he is serving an agenda. He believes in the agenda, whether he believes what he is saying or not.

  7. I listen to Alex Jones almost daily. Glad he’s there. The example Marilyn Jay points out is one often used. I can’t explain his behavior here and I don’t care. I do appreciate him pointing out the big conspiracy which is sitting right on top of us. I thought his interview of Professor Tracy was excellent. There is no evidence that people are tuning Alex Jones out. On the contrary his audiences are growing.

  8. I find Jones’ on air personality a bit pompous and over the top which I find takes away from the subject under discussion. However, occassionally on the point of discussion he or a guest are sometimes giving information that is vital or even ground breaking. I only tune into Jones when I want to see his take on something of importance. I thought he and his team did excellent work surrounding the Boston Bombing. Other than that I take anything on the web with a very large grain of salt until I can cross reference with multiple sources. Every web site has agenda, even if it is just to make money. The danger of the Jones’ are those who believe at face value what they are viewing or hearing falling prey to sensational stories meant to be just that. It boils down to do your own research…or fall prey to the illuminati.oooooh.

  9. The major problem with Project Censored is that:

    1. they want to tell the truth about American power.

    2. they want to be academically respectable.

    The two goals are incompatible.

  10. I am lad to see. Others believe too, that Scott Vollmer is the only suspect. Sally was a nurse at SH for fifteen years, Janet a Kindergarten teacher for 18 years. I would think Sally knows who she “recognized”” then the next day with George stephanapoulus she changed her story completely from “locking eyes with him” to only seeing him “from the knee caps down. There has to be a reason why Cox radically changed her story. The reason is because Gungrabber Bloomberg’s employee was involved as the staged-fake shooter.we know nobody died because we know that no contract was signed for any biohazard s to be cleaned up. The people who live in Newtown being convinced, of course, they have been told a million times people died but only those who live in CT believe this story, few outside of CT believe it happened.

  11. Disinfo wars….. What is going on is just so strange to me. If Alex Jones is cointel(and I do agree with that opinion), what is the purpose of his releasing of information? And why is the media making it more and more obvious that these tragedies are hoaxes? If you look on google news page, (you don’t even need to delve in and search anymore) there are pictures of very obviously two different LAX shooters. Also, in the only video that I watched on the shooting, a dummy was being pushed to an ambulance that was far, far away!

  12. Nails in the coffin of reality: The Boston Globe hosted comments on Sunday from some famous people about the Red Sox victory. All of them had to weave into it the “triumph” over the Boston Marathon event. Such people associated with New England as Stephen King and Ken Burns were fulsome in their praise of the Sox, but obsequious in turning in their assignment with what the “teacher” wanted to hear about how it relates to the Marathon and how amazing Boston is. Didn’t they see the online pictures? Don’t they know about how long a marathon lasts? Or were they obligated to produce this “historical” message for the public, for people who trust them as artists and pastiche historians (whose pictures rarely match the words in many of the treasured PBS broadcasts which play so much on the emotion of nostalgia)? Accuracy is not a virtue with Burns or King, but drawing on the emotions is what they are all about. So I guess they are writing true to form. The contrasts of the a tragic bombing and the team coming up from behind to win the Series was just too good a myth to pass up.

    But it’s still a myth.

    1. The way it works is by daily reinforcement, the way commercial jingles go. The underlying facts don’t matter anymore.

      It’s like watching the story of torture at Guantanamo – perceptions are skewed to believe a confession made under severe torture. The way for the public to stomach this fact is simply to treat the torture like a “tort”, a harm to a person and bemoan it as “beneath us” – all the while buying the product of the torture – the story created by government and wrung out of its targeted patsy. In the end, the false story has a life of its own. They know that. They rely on it. They know “us” – the general public.

  13. Think the comment board DISCUS used by many sites such as The Hill is infected. Noticed a commenter warned if you see a reply to your comment that makes no sense, force a virus scan on your computer. There appears to be a lot of computer driven garbage out there now. There was nothing unusual on my scan but am glad it disconnected my auto logon to that site. Received a vulgar reply to a comment I made almost a year ago in my email account that was not related to the subject. Reported it to Norton. Guess this is a handy trick to eliminate public discussions!

  14. For me, what I think is important is that people don’t become “followers” of internet personalities, period. Some of the most meaningful information I’ve found has been buried in otherwise poorly thought out pieces. The information, however, was priceless.

    What’s needed is discernment. Alex Jones rubs me the wrong way on a number of levels. Occasionally, he gets a “scoop” on something. What he does with that is another matter.

    There are a number of sites that I visit often. From those I find things that are either useful, or not. I don’t know of a single site where I could say “that’s what I believe” 100% of the time. I’m not looking for a guru.

    Often the guys who put up sites have a need to be worshipped. I know of some who put up very good information but are totally off the wall in some areas. I have an open mind. I plan to keep it that way. If someone points out something I haven’t considered previously, and that causes me to change my opinion, fine. It doesn’t happen too often but I’m slow to form opinions.

    My hope is that Alex Jones continues to attract the attention of those who are largely unaware. There is hope in the notion that they may run across something that causes them to research on their own. Those who flock to Alex like they flocked to Jim Jones are trading one form of control for another.

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