NewsCopter 7 over Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut as the school was demolished following last year’s deadly shooting in which 26 students and teachers were murdered. (WABC Photo/ NewsCopter 7) More photos at WABC News 7

Associated Press / WABC News 7

Workers have begun demolishing the elementary school building where a gunman killed 20 children and six adults, the town’s top elected leader said Thursday.

Newtown First Selectman Pat Llodra said small-scale demolition is underway at Sandy Hook Elementary School and the project will take several weeks.

“The process of demolition is incremental, staged precisely and executed carefully,” she said. “There is no wrecking ball action; it is rather a piece-by-piece, section-by-section removal.”

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65 thought on “Demolition Underway at Sandy Hook”
    1. Does anybody know the source for the Adam Lanza “Picture”? It is an obvious photoshop creation. Is there any reason Lt Vance cannot produce his driver’s license picture ?

      1. The Adam Lanza picture appears to be at least 20 years old, and was not taken with a digital camera. It was scanned and then digitized. The clothes that he was wearing in the “picture” are clearly late 1980s early 90s, along with the “hairstyle.” The majority of the pictures of the 20 angels look about late 90s early 2000s. The same can be said for the 6 teachers. If the children actors and teacher actors are alive now, very few people would recognize them. From all the information I have gathered and studied, Sandy Hook Elementary School was closed in the late 1980s to mid 1990s. 1. Holes in the roof 2. Parking lot that has not been coated or lines painted (yellow) in over 20 years 3. Plywood visible from aerial footage taken the day of the incident lined up near the car with the four doors open 4. Yellow handicapped parking spaces….that has not been allowed in almost 20 years, they are blue and white 5. All photos of alleged victims have been photoshopped, and they all appear quite dated to even an amateur photographer. The pictures are real and the people they portrayed are real, just the time frame and the names have been changed.

        1. I think it’s interesting that at least one girl who knew Adam said she didn’t recognize him from the picture in the news. I’ll see if i can find that quote. It’s very confusing; there are two Lanzas who look quite different, in family photos, and neither looks anything like the “killer Adam” photo. If Adam existed, it’s likely that he is the tall, lanky, brown-eyed boy shown in photos with Peter Lanza on vacation. The blue-eyed Adam seems to be a fabrication; almost every photo of blue-eyed Adam looks as if the eyes have been inserted, enlarged, the whites whitened, etc. Very odd. Also confusing the issue is that Ryan was at some point called “Jamie.”

      2. here is a link – seriously who created this picture ? Adam Lanza’s identify was verified to both selective service records as well as probate records so please don’t go into wild theories that he never existed or is really Ryan.

        Here is the pic which is clearly altered – apparently modified from his college ID picture


        Here is his college ID which appears unaltered


        What I find noteworthy is that you can see his coat collar is upward and twisted so can you imagine him suiting up with military BDUs loaded with 10 thirty round mags, an AR-15 a Glock and a Sig and then performing an assault with the precision of a navy SEAL team ?

        This boy could not even put his jacket on straight for heaven’s sake. He was a frail little rich kid that did not want to leave his basement. No history of angry outbursts, no evident history of any firearms proficiency, the lawn mower noise would freak him out so I don’t know how he could function on a firing range. Anyone who has been to a firing range knows how nerve wracking it is even when you have sufficient ear protection. There are random multiple load bursts everywhere around you. Please show me one witness that ever saw this kid with a gun in his hand other than on his video games.

        Has the media such a grip on our society that they can create this myth and get everyone to believe it without as much as a shred of evidence ? Yes Lanza existed but there is no way in hell he committed this act.

        1. “Adam Lanza’s identify was verified to both selective service records as well as probate records”

          Please provide proof of this.

        2. I’ve tried until I was blue in the face to get people to accumulate and evaluate the evidence that really came from the Sandy Hook “event”. People have been influenced by the normal, untrustable media like TV, radio, newspapers. From the get-go, when Lt. Vance glared at TV cameras and warned, upon penalty of prosecution, that people profferring opinions differing from those of the Conn. Police State would be prosecuted severely. Imagine, Lt. Vance stole our First Amendment from us before our very eyes. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, what Vance did was highly ILLEGAL!! Not even a lawyer, a judge, not a person who could make such demands, Vance still delivered these threats against the inhabitants of Connecticut, formerly a free state under the US Constitution.
          People must wake up, people must realize that we have a cancerous Marxist in the White House that wishes to destroy this nation. We must save this nation.

        3. bahmi, Ive often wondered if anyone was prosicuted – those who offered differing opinions as to Vance’s reports.. If the US Consitution says you have free speech… Free speech it is… and Vance had no right to say otherwise.. It seems he just wanted to put the frightners on people.

        4. These are the most blatantly ridiculous photos I have ever seen…both of them! You don’t honestly believe that one of them is real, do you?

          I second Patrick…I would like to see evidence of Adam Lanza’s records.

      3. This whole issue, the complete demolition, on a broader scope applies to evidence preservation and analysis.

        Another interesting observation recently disclosed in the latest link is an allusion to Jessie Heslin in this article.


        The details on his cause of death are consistent with a professional precision execution and not a random assault of wild AR-15 shots sprayed from the hip. This is extremely telling as would be the details of the other victims, which I highly suspect, would be very similar. Unfortunately such details are being concealed. As is so much other evidence.

  1. False flag….many complicit accomplices. Totally absurd and superficial explanations for such “diligence” in demolition. No longer the Nutmeg state, we are now the Liar State.

        1. I was only pointing out to you – cannot imagine the reason for your rude reply – that no matter what happens today, this is no earthly paradise and never has been. Not really for you, since you are stopping your ears with rudeness, but for any others who happen by – when Sandy Hook happened, I immediately flashed on something I noticed driving through the area which my actual ancestors pioneered – the presence of campus-like settings for advertising and magazine companies, no doubt associated with New York commercial activity. It’s kind of a on a continuum with New York City and their history of selling image to the American public (Martha Stewart being a recent avatar of that long-standing relationship with the rest of the US).

          So I stick by my image of the wooden nutmeg. I won’t get into the history of secret brotherhoods in the region, which is also well-documented. You’re looking at a place where fantasies are concocted, as a region, the way corn is grown in the Midwest.

  2. they are making sure that all the evidence of the “massacre” that never was – at the school that was’nt- never will be figured out, at least from the evidence that is’nt there. Why ? It never happened thats why, sandy hook was a propoganda TV show brought to you by the CFR, nothing more. there is no evidence it ever happened & now there is less then no evidence that it ever happened. all they have is a TV show , thats it . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJNgm4kM24s

  3. When someone asks why the JFK murder conspiracy is relevant 50 years later, draw the straight line from Dallas to Sandy Hook.

    WTC site, London tube tracks showing explosions from below, Madrid train carriages, Colorado cinema sidewalk with curious blood trails, Sandy Hook school, Castro’s rape house…

    Destroy the set when the movie has wrapped.

    Crime scenes should not be destroyed in this way, and wouldn’t be if the crimes were being genuinely investigated.

      1. That’s rich! Many deniers post on this board. Even in the face of evidence people respond with the logical equivalent of ” I know you are but what am I”. In other words, unreasonable

  4. Can somebody FOIA Adam Lanza’s drivers license picture from the State of Connecticut ? I initially doubted that he had a license but the divorce decree apparently indicated that his father had to pay for Adam’s car so in all likelihood he actually had a license. But why hasn’t the picture surfaced ?

      1. All 28 purported victims never existed in 2012 as portrayed. They definitely existed at some point in time but the names have been changed and quite a bit of time has elapsed since any of the photographs have been taken. Who they are and if they are alive is unknown. Only one person has come forward from Texas stating that one picture of a female student was stolen from her Facebook page and passed off as one of the victims.

      2. Why then would Adam be named in the divorce decree? why would Adam be named in Nancy Lanza’s probate records and will dated years ago? Why would Adam have a record in the Selective Service data base ? Why would Adam be mentioned in the High School year book ? Why would Adam be mentioned in a little league game article 10 years earlier?Why would Adam have his own social security number ?Why would Adam have college records?

        The problem with people that support crazy “no plane” theories for 911 end up discrediting the truth movement Did you notice when Tom Bittman went on his diatribe about how all the Conspiracy theories? We made allusions to all of the whacky theories and therefore the intelligent legitimate questions on the “official story” get lost in the slop and discredited or dismissed. Obviously much of this is intentional disinfo with the intent to discredit the truth movement.

        So Adam Lanza did not exist huh? So Ryan is really Adam huh ? Well why don’t you prove that ? Maybe You don’t exist ?

        1. No victims ? Prove it – get me one date stamp picture post 12/14 of any victim. (no Greenbergs count)

          There was a lawsuit by Irving Pinski which was suddenly dropped. Why don’t you ask his opinion on the subject.

          I will say this- a civil lawsuit deposing the nurse, the police and everybody involved would definitely help the mission of truth.

          I focus on the substantive issues:
          1. Who was the kindergarten teacher’s son identified by Sally Cox?
          2. Who was the SWAT guy caught in the woods
          3. Was Manfredonia’s daughter in Roigs class and why was he running away ?
          4. Who’s house on Philo Curtis Rd was raided by SWAT
          5. To what extent did Manfredonia know Lanza since they lived only a few houses apart?
          6. Why did the secretary call out sick that day?
          7. How did the nurse hide in a closet for 4 hours while state police were on the other side of the door and after a minimum of 4 sweeps?
          8. Why did Nancy Lanza drive to a store 60 miles to buy an AR-15?
          9. When did anyone ever see Nancy and or Adam at a gun range ?
          10. How did Adam become an expert marksman frequenting gun ranges when the lawn mower noise freaked him out ?
          11. Why is Andrea McCarren refusing to clarify her interview with the nurse ?

          So others can keep repeating that Lanza did not exist, the school was not operational, everyone is an actor and reptilians did 911 with no planes and a death ray etc. I will focus on the substantive facts.

          There is a disinfo campaign to discredit truth seekers and do not delude yourself into believing otherwise.

        2. What a wanker I must be, Calloway. I thought I was very well informed about this case, but you have a long list of hard evidence, evidently, I’ve never encountered. Could you provide it to those of us here, most of whom, I’m assuming, are equally amazed at your trove of newly uncovered materials? Please do.

          By the way, if you honestly think the no plane problem is crazy, I’m afraid you lose any credibility. Did you know that it is physically impossible for a jet liner to fly at the stated speed that close to the ground? No? It’s a matter of physics. Jet engines can’t perform that way when the air is that thick. Science, Calloway, science.

          Did you know that the holes the Towers acquired could not fit the planes claimed to have made them, Calloway? Did you know that? I suspect you do, Third Man.

          Did you know that the Towers were a steel grid, and that it is physically impossible for a plane, traveling at any speed, to be simply “absorbed” into them, as of they were made of vapor? Any plane hitting those buildings, Calloway, would splash against the facade and fall to the ground. But you know that, don’t you, Harry Lime?

          Pointing out the impossible “discredits” the quest for truth, Harry? These become “whacky theories”? I think if you are looking for “intentional disinfo,” you need to look into the mirror.

          Anyway, I think we’re all grateful for your brining Tom’s true identity to our knowledge. Say hi to him for us. Buy him a drink, next time you’re calculating your next move together, and say it’s on me. And don’t forget to tell him I don’t exist, while you’re at it, Harry. Or are you Holly. It’s all such a confusion on the ferris wheel.

        3. If the Sandy Hook episode was a complete hoax it should be very easy for you you get live pics of some of the victims. Out of 26 victims you should be able to come up with at least a few right ? So go ahead and prove your whacky theory. Go find pictures Dawn Hochsprung or Vicki Soto and not the Greenbergs either

          Just out of curiosity why would they bother faking this incident when the real deal is more effective and less costly?

          Why would we have a fake SWAT guy caught in the woods ?

          Are there legitimate questions about SOME victims? yes but to suggest everything is fake is pointless and counter productive and serves only to undermine the truth movement as a bunch of kooks. Which, for some of the hoax proponents, is the intent.

          So instead of doing real research and discovering that Lanza could not tolerate the lawn mower noise and therefore highly unlikely to have frequented gun ranges you instead just make baseless allusions to his non existence.

          Instead of questioning who the armed SWAT guy is that got caught at the scene you say “nobody got shot”.

          So who is serving the truth here me or you ?

          I could rest my case but I would rather point you to this thread that has the best compilation of fact based questions and observations.


        4. Just to make a point, I want to remind you that Dawn Hochsprung made a cameo appearance four months after Sandy Hook. In April 2013, right after the (hoax) Boston incident, the same woman in the exact same photo as Dawn Hochsprung of Sandy Hook, was shown in news coverage from the Boston Marathon as being “a few blocks away when the bombs exploded”. That is some trick…how did she manage to accomplish this?

          There was also the lady that made three appearances so far, one in Sandy Hook, one in Boston, and one in Watertown, MA. Granted, she was a purported witness and not a victim, but I am mentioning her to point out just how much we are lied to by the media. This woman was interviewed after the Sandy Hook hoax, immediately after the Boston hoax, and then again a few days later as a witness to the hoaxed capture and killing of the oldest Tsarnaev brother. She sure gets around!

          When a true crime is committed, there is simply no need for faked photos…not of the victims and not of their families…and certainly not of the assailant. And don’t even get me started about the fact that we have not been shown a single scrap of untainted evidence that anything happened at Sandy Hook on 12/14/2012.

          The American people have been reduced to squabbling back and forth over one freak show after another. When someone is found to be a pathological liar…as the news media are…why in the world should we believe anything they tell us? Only a fool would be so gullible.

        5. Callahan, if you even mention to people that the official version of events that took place at Sandy Hook that day are suspect, you will immediately be labeled a kook. The simple act of asking questions regarding glaring inconsistencies will even earn you that label. Don’t delude yourself in thinking that the mainstream finds your version of the truth to be so much saner then those who believe that there was not a real shooting that day, just a drill, with both actors and.or computer generated images. If you’re going to have an open mind about the fact that the official narrative surrounding the event is likely not true then at least take the time to think with an open mind and realize that just because people have come to different conclusions about that event does not mean that they did not think and research and think some more before coming to said conclusions. It’s easier to offhandedly dismiss people as being “disnfo agents” then it is to truly consider what they are saying and deciding for oneself if it makes sense or not. I don’t agree with everyone else’s theory about what happened that day (including yours) but I do respect people for researching and keeping an open mind and being brave enough to share their thoughts and opinions, even when others may not agree.

          There are lots of reasons for faking a shooting rather then actually shooting people. One of the biggest I can think of is control. It would be really hard to control the parents of murdered children. They would demand to go into the school. They would raise hell if the police told them that the bodies would remain in the school overnight. They would not be satisfied with identifying their children’s bodies via a photograph. They would not be smiling and giving interviews or promoting gun control so soon after. We would see tears and grief and anger and sadness. Sure, maybe you’d have a couple who would act like what we have seen on TV but not all of them, not even close. You’d also have lawsuits and a lot of push back and demands for investigations. Just look at Columbine to see how things would go if this was a real shooting.

        6. Is there evidence of photo shop pictures – yes.

          Was Allison Wyatt’s picture initially faked with another kid’s picture yes?

          Does CNN use actors and people to manipulate news projections ? Yes

          Does that mean the WHOLE incident was faked ? No

          The motive is gun confiscation
          The method is create a Dunblane incident to accomplish the motive

          I believe the method was to kill real children and I see no advantage cost or effective to faking it.

          So you “hoax” advocates continue to let the criminals off the hook

        7. I am not a hoax advocate, and I am not the village idiot either…which is what I would be if I believed this absurd story.

          Cost effectiveness? Have you seen any politician in DC that is concerned with cost effectiveness? No, of course not! They have an unlimited budget that you and I and every other American citizen funds, and they spend it like they are printing the bills in their basement. Oh, wait a minute…that is what they are doing…silly me. Killing 20 children would not be easier or more cost effective than faking this hoax when it is so easy for them to do. They knew there would be debunkers of the hoax crawling out of the woodwork…but they also knew there would be more people that swallowed it and would try to debunk the debunkers. That’s where you come in. You use a lot of the same jargon that the perpetuaters of this hoax offer up, i.e., “fact based questions”, “pointless and counter productive”, and “undermine the truth movement”. You pretend to be a truth seeker, but you fail to admit that a half truth is a whole lie.

          You also say you want proof photos of supposed victims, so here is the one I wrote about yesterday…Dawn/Donna Hochsprung. You can clearly see that Dawn the principal in the left photo is from Sandy Hook, and Donna the witness on the right is from the day of the Boston event:

        8. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha adriana victoria munoz was also an ACTRESS at several events http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDMzbmxISIA

          she is clearly been used in several of the false flags – my my how gullible humans are http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=el3254neBk0

          the boston “bombing” we had several actors playing in parts at several of the false flags including sandy hook and the naval shooting too – these actors have been busy busy busy lately , LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03UMewFYD6w

          check out this below par acting job , lol i wouldnt hire these 2 for a local theatre , but obviously they where good enough to fool the nations fools

          these 2 actors where at the gabby giffords false flag as well as sandy hook http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGgBOgWfRDE

          it just goes on and on and on for anyone that cares to look , there are many others who where used in many of the FF events

        9. Well said, Mary. All of the questions that Callahn says that should be focused on to the exclusion of everything else have all been based on information that the mainstream media has reported and I think that anyone who has been interested in this “shooting” from the begining has already considered all of those questions and many of us have moved on from them. I think it’s pretty clear at this point in time that the media is complicit in the secrecy surrounding what really happened that day. If we’re going to point fingers and suspect others of being disnfo agents, I’d say that the msm is the biggest suspect of all.

        10. I wasn’t going to dignify Calloway any longer with another reply, but Mary and zemblanity1 inspire me to say: well done!

          This person is a very clever operative. I’m guessing he’s the “good cop” to Tom’s “bad cop.” Note that he keeps asserting proof he has that no one else has any awareness of, that, when we request that he share it with us, he completely ignores. Any time the things he says are proven to be false, or he needs to prove to be true, he breezes right past. He tells us that he’s the “reasonable” one, and we are nut-cases. And we’re supposed to trust him?

        11. Agreed, Patrick regarding the “good cop” comment. I get the distinct sense that the purpose of Callahan’s comments are to steer the conversation and the narrative in a certain direction which is, imo, away from what really happened (or didn’t happen) that day.

        1. Mary,

          Those are the same pictures. They place her in the same place at the same time. They do not place her in one place in Dec and another in April of the following year.

        2. JZ, I’m not sure I understand what you mean. I am trying to show that this photo of purported Sandy Hook principal Dawn Hochsprung was shown during news coverage of Sandy Hook and then again in April during news coverage of the Boston Marathon event. You can tell from the banner at the bottom of each photo that they are being used in both events.

        3. Mary,

          That’s my point–they are the same picture taken long before April. I was hoping you had an actual picture of her taken in April. That would have been news, as that would prove she was still alive, which there is no evidence to date to prove as such. Thus,the April picture/caption can easily be explained as a technical screw up.

        4. I’m sure they’ll next claim that he wasn’t taking the med that he was prescribed. This narrative is going down pretty much as predicted by the skeptics. Oh well…

  5. What do these blog post have to do with the actual demolition? I would find it of interest if, for 5 straight posts, people would stick to a germaine thesis. Amazing actually. As someone said earlier, most people here are all about themselves, relevancy be damned

    1. It has everything to do with the demolition of an “abandoned” school. No one can produce any photographs of Sandy Hook Elementary School interior that are newer than 20 years old showing a functioning school with real people doing real school stuff, such as class pictures, assemblies, games, that pertain to the actual structure in question. I have theorized in the past, going way back to last December, that the game players may have simply moved the School lettering between Chalk Hill Elementary and Sandy Hook Elementary School. This is very easy to pull off when there are two schools and one is and has been empty.

      1. you are 100% correct – there is zero evidence that this was ever a functioning school with over 600 or so students, 1200 parents – where are they ? where are the survivors ? WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE that this was a school ? there is NON. not a shred. Geeeesssssh people are so gullible , it is mind boggling . the TV could tell them anything and they would believe it as long as the CFR ( counsel of foreign relations) owned & operated TV told them it was true . sandy hook was nothing more then a TV SHOW , they are produced every single day.there is no proof people – wake up.

        1. I agree with you! It was a made-for-tv movie…all of it. I believe the photos of the 20 children that were shown to us as the victims were most likely photos of children that were born around the year 2003. Since these children would now be approximately 10 years old, the chances of someone recognizing them would be extremely low, not considering relatives, of course. Why do I believe this? A photo album/book that contained photos taken in 2006 by none other than crisis actress extraordinaire Jennifer Greenberg-Sexton, entitled, “End Times”. The album contains photos of many children that closely resemble the Sandy Hook children a little too much, with captions like Revelation, Cover-Up, and Misinformation. The photos are disturbing and all of them are two or three year olds that are crying hysterically. I believe the gentleman that discovered this is truly onto something, and he is the only person I have seen report it. You can see for yourself at http://hunternewsandmedia.wordpress.com/2013/05/03/were-the-sandy-hook-victims-really-in-the-news-in-2006/ I am not sure exactly what he believes transpired on December 14, 2012, but he has certainly connected some dots!

        2. The link is unbelievable. That is, it’s perfectly believable. Incredible. Wow! Thanks for finding it, and sharing it here. I’m speechless.

          Maybe Mr. Tom has an explanation. I do hope he’s still trolling around here.

        3. I am glad you found it interesting. Tim Hunter (I think that is just a name he uses) does a really good job in his research and he writes well. I found him on YouTube one day and spent the rest of the day reading on his website.

          What do you think about his theory on the pictures of the children? I find it highly questionable that these pictures would appear in a book authored by a woman that is an actress, and is clearly identifiable playing the role of “Mrs. Phelps” in the Sandy Hook production. When you throw in the other disgusting pictures that she has done to denigrate anyone that doesn’t hold her political views, that tells me that she is a woman that will do whatever it takes for “the agenda”.

          Furthermore, I want to know what she did to the children in those photos to get them to look so desperately upset. I have kids and they cried when they were little, but they never looked anything like these children!

        4. This question was Sandy Hook elementary an active school could easily be cleared up if a Memory Hole blog reader goes to Newtown and knocks on the doors of residents near the campus and asks them if it was an active school. They would know just like we all know if the schools near our homes are active or not.

        5. That would prove nothing. People lie. Documents can be probed, tested, to determine if they are fraudulent. Photos and videos can be examined, and if they have been altered there are ways of knowing that.

          One commenter suggested that the school’s utility bills must exist in the records of the companies that provided those services, and the companies that provided food for the cafeteria as well. Bills can’t lie.

          We are told that the security cameras were only recently upgraded; what company did the work? Which employees did the installation?

          These things would constitute proof.

        6. One guy went there to talk to the guy that was on the news saying that they arrested a man with an AR-15 behind Sandy Hook that day. The man refused to talk to anyone about it citing fear of the FBI. (Two articles down).

  6. Why was the side section of classrooms demolished first? Sedensky is no fool. He knows that at any moment an injunction could be sought halting demolition; so, imo, he’s going to remove the most sensitive evidence first. Why does was that located in a completely different section of the school than where we were told the shooting took place?

  7. As Sophia’s video points out quite nicely, the point of this drill is to see if they can sustain a totally manufactured “reality” over time. If they can do that, and even effect legislation and/or social engineering by using it as leverage, it was “successful”.

    If the point were merely to see if they could get people to believe it they would simply manufacture supporting evidence. That is the reason they are suppressing evidence, besides that fact that there isn’t any.

    There is much that can be spun from this. It is all about conditioning an d manipulation of reality. In this way, when needed, they will simply announce that a purple giraffe charged a convent full of nuns and wreaked havoc last Thursday. If people display their obedience by accepting that they get a “gold star” on their achievement daisy and earn extra credit in the new and improved A-21 Order. For those “naysayers”, they get coal in their stocking and a visit from the Stasi.

    1. Today in Boston there was a gala at Forum, the restaurant where (either on the sidewalk in front of, or inside, or near the windows) the second bomb went off, doing no damage except to lower extremities or causing instant death. Two brothers from Stoneham, the J.P. and Paul Norden were there, to lay the ghost as it were. They each had a leg amputated and it is said that their best pals from boyhood in Stoneham were there to cheer on these pretty obvious amputees. So here is the Agatha Christie moment for anyone refuting the bombing story. We can accept that many people had amputations for other reasons, but two brothers may be distinctly odd. It’s the same leg for both, too. In the universe of possibilities it could be they both are long-term type 1 diabetics, and their lifestyle of smoking and drinking exacerbated the condition leading to amputations. One had one in the past, the other more recently. Or they were in an accident together – motorcycle perhaps, where they both fell on the same leg. Etc. Because if you accept that there was no bomb at Forum (which anyone looking at the pictures completely, and at the evidence after must do), then how do you explain the legs and the seeming genuineness of the tight-knit little town they come from where “everybody knows your name?”

      1. That is precisely the point. It wouldn’t prove anything if they manufactured a believable story and people “believed”. It must be absolutely over the top.

        It is substitution of emotion over intellect. They push all the programmed buttons. “Athletes”, “patriotism”, scary terrorists, etc.. Horrible injuries. “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my”.

        As we can see, a lot of people fell for it. To me that’s more frightening than the “amputations”.

        That doesn’t even touch the Israeli-designed “Smoky and the Bandit” chase all night and the trashing of the Fourth Amendment Stasi attack in a neighborhood. Pure conditioning.

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