In this brief email an individual attending university observes faculty hypocrisy and student anger when attempting to discuss and understand the most significant event in recent world history.

(Received October 6, 2013)

To: James Tracy
From: _________________


I came upon your blog through a recommendation of Kevin Barrett´s.  I wanted to write and say that I read the Huffington Post article written about Sandy Hook and your standing at the university where you teach.  The comment thread was full of  ignorant comments calling for your termination as a professor.

As a college student I find it disturbing that many professors, while they preach critical thinking skills, blindly accept the mainstream media and America´s War on Terror rhetoric and narrative as the absolute truth.  Many will not entertain comments or conversation regarding the subject.

In one class we spoke on the topic of fables and I brought up 911.  When I explained why I believed it was a fable and a myth the class turned into an angry lynch mob and I became the subject of their anger for questioning the narrative that they grew up embracing.  It was scary to see such anger and rage at questioning the official narrative.

Anyway, I appreciate a free thinker and I think our country and the youth are doomed.



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52 thought on “US College Student: Questioning 9/11, “War on Terror” Discouraged”
  1. Being a contrarian will not win you any friends among the lemmings but it has its own rewards including (but not limited to) laughing in the face of those that parrot the “official” conspiracy or lone-wolf theories – and that is exactly what they are.

  2. It’s not surprising that the comments on the Huff post are so negative – after they censored Jesse Ventura about 9/11, we stopped looking at the site. As to professors discouraging students from thinking, how about asking them a couple of physics questions about how the Towers and Building 7 came down instead of clobbering them with intellectual concepts on freedom of thought? See if they can answer basic physics first. As to your student peers, yes, it’s sad to see so many stuck in a deeply wacko belief in the State as a source of good.

    1. No professor wants to believe he is in Plato’s cave. They want to teach it and think they have a better understanding of the world than the janitor that sweeps the classroom. It’s not that the janitor has more insight; it’s that they have the same; they are at the same level. (Kind of funny.)

      There’s also a very real threat of dismissal that prevents them from straying from official narratives. I wouldn’t say they are afraid because they don’t face the fear. They stay in the cave where it is safe. The threat exists as a sort of illusion itself.

      An academic like Noam Chomsky, who would not lose everything (career wise; otherwise, who knows) if he told the truth, says nothing of 9/11’s brute facts. He is obviously a leader; many would follow any position he took on world affairs. In fact, many academics memorize Chomsky’s opinion before repeating what they have convinced themselves is their own. Imagine if he had discovered what a controlled demolition is! The “left” may have been worth something!

      Chomsky often directs us to Bernay’s text “Propaganda.” If anyone has read this sinister handbook for mass manipulation, recall that public opinion is contained though the management of every group’s leaders. The minute you have a circumstance where humans identify with groups you have them half-way deceived. Thereafter, “the masters” don’t have to control every “herd” of every type of “animal.” They just need to filter the ideas of each group’s leaders. This is best accomplished by providing the group with someone to follow before a following is even gathered. Can it be this contrived? It can. Done and done. Chomsky ought to re-read “Propaganda” before he speaks of it again.

      1. Chomsky is really a disturbing case. As a linguist, he knows the power of a term such as “conspiracy theory,” and he knows that to use such a term, for the purpose of dismissing an argument before it can be rationally investigated, is intellectual dishonesty of the highest magnitude. Yet he has used the term repeatedly to dismiss questions about 9/11 and the JFK assassination. It has taken me a long time to come to terms with the fact, but Chomsky is playing for Team Evil. There is no other explanation.

  3. Ask questions, then question the answers… Funny thing, in Germany today it is illegal, and punishable by imprisonment, to question, or even debate, certain events in their history. Wonder why? Though not illegal yet in the US to question events like 9/11 and others, people are ridiculed and marginalized for doing so. Why is honest debate shunned and feared? Could it be that those who prevent it or discourage it have something to hide? Could it be they fear the TRUTH being revealed?

    1. What group of ‘people’
      would want to setup and frame 2 billion Muslims worldwide
      as the patsy for September 2001 Psychological Operation?

    2. John, who are the laws forbidding a frank discussion of the Holocaust protecting? It is against the law to deny the Holocaust in some of the very countries most involved in deportation and genocide.

      Those include Germany, Hungary, Austria, Romania. Suppressing dialogue can actually work to their advantage. A trick in psychology, perhaps? I have read accounts that whole pages are torn from library books in German libraries. Who is being shielded? I don’t think the victims are a paramount factor. Covering tracks is most likely the
      higher priority. The less said, the less scholarly pursuits, the less
      names to be exposed. Many are still hiding behind the paper-thin veil of secrecy. As are their heirs. Jews seem the only ones interested.

      1. Marilyn, I think that is very insightful. In a lively community where no one is afraid of discussing any event in detail, there are unknowns that will come to light and be very embarrassing. It may be that those sympathetic to Nazis are the poster boys for Holocaust denial, and that the fear of a resurgence in racial attacks and state-sanctioned violence and deportations keeps the lid on Holocaust studies and the official story cemented into place. But we still hold true to press freedom (not just media domination) and also to speech without criminal penalties, then we must see the European laws on this matter as very foreign to our system, the fruit of Enlightenment debates and revolution. The so-called protective effect of these laws may indeed primarily protect those who perpetrated the crimes against humanity.

  4. I’m really sorry to hear the reaction from this student’s classmates, but I’m not surprised.

    My nieces and nephews were quite young when I lost a friend on 911, the pomp & circumstance surrounding the event made an impression on their young psyches. In the recent Boston events, a nephew of mine was very offended and confused when I suggested the event might not be “terrorists.” I think he thought I would be among the most outraged at “terrorists.”

    Hopefully, my suggestion that he question the “facts” has begun to make him wonder.

    I don’t envy the journey these young people need to make in order to open their eyes. But, I do think they can and will make it.

  5. It’s very true that the generation that is now college-age has been fully indoctrinated with the official story of 9/11. When I strike up a conversation with a 20-year-old and bring up the evidence that 9/11 was an inside job, they don’t want to hear it. They just want to go about the business of building a life and not have to think about something so disturbing that traumatized them as little kids.

    Our daughter was raised differently. She watched “Loose Change” as a junior in high school, and was convinced. Though it was painful at first (“I’m not sure I even want to know this information”), she began questioning “global warming” openly in her Environmental class. A classmate shouted out, “Right, Lauren, and 9/11 was an inside job.” She turned to the student and said, “That’s right, it was.”

    In her freshman year at Duke, she has popcorn night on Thursday with fellow students with showings of “Loose Change” and the demolition of WTC-7. Some are blown away, others don’t want to hear about it and call her a conspiracy theorist.

    Suffice it to say, much like the courageous young man who wrote the letter posted above, she sees the world in a very different, insightful and mature way.

    1. And she’s in good company – at least among those of us who realize that real liberals do and did exist who are not co-opted by the lies arising out of the movie that was 9/11 and the many spin-offs which have followed. I found a website where old “Lou Grant”, Ed Asner, hosts 9/11 Inside Jobbers, and directs us to consider the curious anomaly of Building 7 (along with the others). One of my earliest encounters with “truthers” was a former Scientific American puzzle master and mathematician, Key Dewdney, a Canadian and a Moslem convert who proved conclusively that cell phone calls were not made from the planes allegedly hijacked on 9/11. These two men may have begun from different places. Mr. Asner would have noticed, perhaps, the eagerness to use 9/11 to go to war. Mr. Dewdney may have been struck by the technical impossibility of feats claimed by the 9/11 myth-makers. There are many such people with concern and integrity who have attacked the giant frauds of our time. Yet they haven’t the power to refute the myths so utterly that they are no more taught in school than is the flat earth or the divine right of kings. So children must grow up as dissenters in a world drowning in evil orthodoxies. It’s always been a dangerous place to be. Is now any different?

  6. I’ve written a number of pieces in regards to the events of September 11th, and I’ve been sure to stick to the cogent arguments.

    It’s absolutely certain that the “19 Muslim hijackers” meme is naught but a made-up misdirection. There is no way that any of the people listed had anything whatsoever to do with what happened over twelve years ago.

    Asking questions is germain to what America is supposed to be about.

    One question I’ve not ever heard posed is what kept the passport found by Bernard Kerik suspended in the air for over an hour, to finally land on a pile of debris so clearly that Kerik was able to identify it as such?

    This, along with many other questions, are enough to brand what’s posited as the “official” narrative as nothing but a fantasy to lull the American public to sleep.

    I would advocate anyone who doesn’t believe that something of this magnitude could be put over on the American public, to go rent or view “They Live” by John Carpenter, starring Roddy Piper and Keith David.

    Also, look up Pearl Harbor, Operation: Northwoods and Operation: Gladio, among others.

    Think critically about the murders of JFK, RFK, MLK, Jr. and Malcolm X.

    Remember with Benyamin Netanyahu first stated about the events of September 11th.

    Think about WHO BENEFITTED from 9/11.

  7. Americans, especially Educated Americans, are threatened by simple truths that conflict with traditional American ideology. Such as America historically has been a highly racist society and the racism is swept under the ideological rug. Or that the Terror War is largely based on the racism against dark-skinned Muslims. Or that America is ruled by a White plutocracy whose idea of freedom is to enslave and subjugate people, including the American people, and especially non-White people.

    In order to maintain the traditional ideology of Freedom&Democracy, the American people have been inculcated with a lynch mentality, which this student experienced. This is a form of homicidal racism instilled by the American history of the killing and enslaving of non-White people, which is applied to Whites as well who defend them. Or who tell subversive truths, such as the horrible Communists or the terrible Terrorists, which threaten the official narrative of the media and other truth institutions.

    Therefore America has to undergo an ideological and cultural revolution which transforms how we think about and perceive political and social reality. This is an historical process which takes years, and must be conducted by the people against Educated power. A few of the Educated will join the people, but the majority of the professional-managerial class will support anti-people power.

    This revolution in political culture is currently occurring all over the world, what Zbig Brzezinski calls “the global political awakening.” He is against it of course and warns his fellow imperialists against it. But the American White people must join it if they are to effectively oppose the Orwellian gangster state being imposed on us. And this requires that we accept the simple reality-based truth that subverts the traditional American ideology, which is racist, classist, sexist, and anti-children.

    1. “the traditional American ideology, which is racist, classist, sexist, and anti-children.”

      Shabazz, you forgot to include furry animals in your comprehensive list.

      You do make me laugh.

      1. Don’t forget birds, Patrick. America was quite murderous there. Trust me, this is a country which even among the kind has been racist for quite some time. I grew up in a place where teachers tried and failed to be inclusive of the children of the people who were picking the lettuce and strawberries that they ate (and the kids worked too). I’m sorry, but if you have seen a certain kind of callousness and use of other people first hand, well then you know its there. But you’re Irish. No need to tell you, is there?

        1. Just in case you haven’t heard, on Nov. 1 a formal complaint (62 pages) was submitted to the Senate Committee of Investigations (the SCI) in Trenton NJ.
          The complaint was drawn up by attorney David Meiswinkle, founder of the group, which is closely aligned with Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth ( The ball is now in the court of the SCI. Let them not talk about that for awhile, those apathetic fools.

        2. “But you’re Irish. No need to tell you, is there?”

          Precisely. The wonder of America (one of many, actually) is that a race of people who were more vilified than blacks (in fact, in the mid 19th century Irish were used for the most dangerous jobs, because they were hated and millions of them were coming here every year, and they were essentially free labor, whereas black slaves were very expensive–you don’t destroy a large fixed investment if you have an alternative that costs nothing) could a mere century later have no racial memory of that abuse. Wow! Has such a thing ever happened before in history?

          America is, in other words, the least racist place in the history of the world. By far the most tolerant of differences. But it’s not that we are immune from the inborn suspicion of the “other.” As long as an ethnic group remains unassimilated, they will always suffer prejudice. That’s the way of the fallen nature of man. But once assimilated, fully americanized, this marvelous place has always utterly forgotten the antipathy that came so naturally. This applies to every ethnicity that has flooded our shores all at once, in large numbers; they initially produce a shock to the system, because they are so different.

          What’s unique about the experience of Mexicans is that it wasn’t a huge blast of newness that then stopped. Something like four generations nave been continuously migrating here, so in a sort of Chinese water torture there are always lots of dramatically “other” Spanish speaking, Indian-looking, uneducated poor showing up, no matter how many of those who came earlier are now completely assimilated.

          Thomas Sowell has written lots of wonderful books about racial clashes here and all over the world, but the first, Ethnic America, has a chapter for each of our major ethnicities, telling of the conditions they left, how they were received, and where they are now. All were hated. Jews, Poles, Italians, Irish, etc. Sowell deals with this unique fact of Mexican immigration. (His chapter on blacks is very interesting–he shows the difference between the decedents of former slaves and immigrants from the West Indies.)

  8. People definitely become unhinged emotionally when their deepest convictions are presented even potentially as fables or ‘National Myths’.
    We’re about to ‘celebrate’ Columbus day, in honor of Cristoforo Columbo, an Italian slave trader and murderer who allegedly ‘discovered’ a continent with millions of inhabitants and thousands of years of civilization.
    The Myth of 911 was handed down from on high by the Media/Government from day one in its present form. No real investigation into those events has ever been permitted. What do we really know?
    Something happened at the Pentagon, something happened in Pennsylvania. The WTC complex was destroyed in dramatic fashion by something that doesn’t fit any known models of behavior. Building 7 resembles a “controlled demolition”, but the twin towers do not resemble anything remotely like a standard controlled demolition.

    We’re told fables of Planes defying their physical abilities, buildings defying their own structural integrity, strange Arabs in caves and stripclubs with cellphones and boxcutters and indestructible passports.
    We’re told we need to go to war and give up our rights. We need to believe in this Myth because it has become the basis of so much of our reality. To dis-believe the myth today is like denouncing the Pope in Cristoforo’s day and age. It’s not a matter of convincing anyone to look at the subject “rationally”.

    1. “To dis-believe the myth today is like denouncing the Pope in Cristoforo’s day and age. It’s not a matter of convincing anyone to look at the subject “rationally”.”

      Just so. The challenge to the paradigm the Pope represented led to centuries of bloody war. Fox’s Book of Martyrs is a collection of the nightmare fate of individuals tortured to death for standing with those willing to rethink received reality. It’s not the only apt comparison in history, but it fits the pattern perfectly.

    2. but the twin towers do not resemble anything remotely like a standard controlled demolition.

      It may not have looked standard, but do we have a standard by which to compare the demolition of 110 story towers? It certainly was amazing that they both came down in exactly the same fashion, speed, and in the wrong order if burn time meant anything, which I’m sure is meaningless in this case.

      1. We do not have anything to compare it to because it was a demonstration of weaponized Tesla technology. The mass of the buildings was dematerialized. Judy Wood’s investigation is comprehensive, and in my opinion conclusive. Building 6 is far more important than 1,2, and 7. Look at the pictures of it and ask how those holes were made? Answer: the same way the rest of the buildings were made to go away.

      2. We do have numerous demolished buildings, albeit smaller, to compare to the WTC and none of them compares remotely to the visual evidence of 911. I’m not saying it was a ‘Directed Energy’ weapon a la Judy Wood, but that we don’t know because it was never truly investigated.
        Generally speaking, controlled demolitions are ‘implosions’, whereas the WTC was clearly seen ‘exploding’. A real investigation would have to look at the evidence and come the best conclusion. NIST’s kerosene fire/pancakes theory is absurd, of course, so here’s a radical solution…..let’s finally have an independent investigation of 911.

        1. With all respect, Leviathan, an independent investigation of ALL the evidence has already been done. Judy Wood did it. She concludes that it is Tesla technology because the evidence all points there. The mass of the buildings is missing; that would not happen if the buildings were exploded. But they were not exploded–what little remained of them ended up in the buildings’ footprint; nothing of it was cluttering the adjacent streets.

  9. If you fear ridicule and being ostracized, do not think out loud. If you believe that the world must be made to change, you may be the one among your peers to have to put himself out there. Your hide does thicken with use, however.

  10. Whenever subjects that differentiate from the official narrative, concerning 9/11, the Boston Marathon or any other event that has ‘occurred’ under the umbrella of the ‘Terror War’ – come up in conversation people often give the same replies. In my limited experience of such discussion and the observations that can be made concerning awareness or complete lack of it I’ve had replies such as: “No way I’m not having that”, “How could they?, they wouldn’t be so evil to do such a thing”, You’re off your head/weird you are”, and the best – “You’re going to get arrested for talk like that.”
    Don’t let any sort of victimisation deter you from sticking to your beliefs.

    1. The real question, is what is the distraction for? The Debt Ceiling, the inability of congress and the senate to work together? If there is a crisis, there will be a reason behind it. What laws will be enacted because of it?

  11. It’s pretty obvious, bewisetoday. The repubs hold the country ransom ostensibly to shut down Obama’s signature measure, knowing he won’t do it. Obama holds firm on a flawed medical care, and they Compromise by cutting social security and mediicare.

    They do so because both the Dems and Repubs are financed by the plutocracy, who don’t want to pay for welfare measures. An indication that they are in favor of shutting down the government is that in its initial stage, the stock market went UP.

  12. The British newspaper, the Guardian, has done a great job of supporting Snowden and allowing Glenn Greenwald to print some of his revelations. So they are now refurbishing their credentials with the American intelligence and other truth agencies.

    In their leading article they emphasize how important it is to reach an agreement on the debt ceiling, which the Dems and Repubs in the Senate are now negotiating, no doubt how to cut social security and medicare while causing the least outrage. Obama will give a speech saying what an outrage this is, and then enact into law.

    However, what is most interesting is that they repeat, in another article, an account of the Kennedy assassination as the media fable told by the Warren Commission. While admitting that most Americans reject the media story, as does most of the many books published. These assassination critics are labeled ‘tin foil crackpots’ in the usual media way. But why would they bring this up now when they know that most of their readers would strongly disagree?

    Because of 9/11. Nearly half of the American people now suspect that the official media story of 9/11 is false, according to the latest most credible poll, and this number has been increasing. Therefore it is necessary to label Conspiracy Theorists, such as myself, as paranoid crackpots to intimidate the population from questioning the Free Press of the American power system, and thus the power system itself. This is a textbook example of how the Free Press has been perverted by power relations under terminal Free Enterprise, and this pathology extends from national deception to international deceit, due to the power American imperialism.

    What the Guardian is doing is trying to prevent the American and Western people from understanding that leading elements of American power murdered nearly 3000 Americans to initiate the Terrorist War. Although most Americans are still afraid to understand the political implications, accepting this truth tends to de-legitimate American power. By combating this acceptance, the Guardian is atoning for its subversion of American power by telling the simple truths of Snowden and Greenwald.

    1. Accepting the truth that there are factions of U.S. power that participated in the planning of 9/11 leads one to recognize that America—control of it’s people and riches—is the prize sought by both domestic and foreign enemies. Our political process at the State and local levels is the route to reclaiming our country from these monsters.

      For younger readers: The storyline between the Evil Queen and Snow White in “Snow White and the Huntsman” is a good analogy for what has happened to the U.S. Government and what must take place. (America is Snow White).

    2. Thanks, Mark

      The link to that JFK piece was so far down the page I totally missed it ( I try to keep up with The Guardian regularly). So I had to go read it. Hmmm. They say the percentage of people believing others were involved in killing Kennedy has gone down. Really? Where is their source for that? If true, is it possible that the propaganda machine has been working overtime to dispel that notion?

      Then you mention 9/11. I do wonder that if there is any info in the Snowden files re: 9/11 if it will see the light of day. Would that be too hot for even The Guardian?

      Interesting point about “atonement”. Guess we really have to keep a sharp eye on all our media – and do our best to hold them to some sort of journalistic standard.

    3. I’m stunned! Just learned that Glenn Greenwald will be leaving The Guardian; seems as tough he will be head journalist at a new media outlet financed by the creator of E-bay.

      What do you all make of this? I don’t know what to think, but I am concerned about what will happen to NSA coverage.

  13. During the week leading up to the 2013 anniversary of 9/11, I stopped into the local high school to speak to the principle. Both the principle and vice principle were present when I asked them if they would distribute copies of the newspaper that Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth puts out, if I were to supply them with some. They said no. I then asked them if they would mind if I handed some out when the students were getting out of school and this idea was verboten also. No handing out of material on school grounds, I was told. So I then asked where the school boundaries were and the principle directed me to go see a woman in another office to get that info.
    I walked out rather disgusted. Apparently academia has it’s marching orders.

    1. We need to discern between K-12 public education and academe, where there are still some distinguishing features, although to an increasingly limited degree in terms of instruction. At the same time, you have obviously sought to introduce competing ideas into a system that is more or less controlled by overwhelmingly powerful forces, where it should almost go without saying that “competition is a sin.”

      1. Zuber Productions has a new film coming out, “9/11 In The Academic Community”, that delves into the problem of the universities not delving into the facts, laying aside critical thinking, and demonizing any free thinkers in their ranks. On my opinion, they are criminally negligent, and fit into the worst categories that are delineated in the YouTube video named “9/11 IS the Litmus Test”. As far as I am concerned, they are nothing more than accessories after the fact and should be given a fair trial and hung along with the perpetrators. With their supposed intelligence, when they fake their “cognitive dissonance”, it just makes me want to puke.

  14. “Your failure to be informed does not make me a wacko.”—John Loeffler

    There was a time when my fear of what if the 911 truthers were right, kept me from listening to any ot it. Waking up to the reality of our current state is terrifying and critical for survival. One student has little chance of changing the programmed group think, you are brave for trying! Perhaps there are individual discussions you can initiate, starting with those who are beginning to notice all is not well in this country, For those who will be tasked with paying back those college loans, question what you were sold and at what cost. The loans my daughter received, were outright criminal in the manner they administered interest payments and penalties. Her plan was to declare bankruptsy, not knowing student loans are not forgiven by the court. If she had not had me to intercede, she would of carried that debt her entire working life.

  15. But Kathy, why don’t these student loans politicize the young? I can’t understand it. The bankers borrow money at a few percent and lend it at 7 or 8%. Why don’t the students get together, mobilize their parents, and attack the financial system? A large part of their lives are at stake.

    1. Imagine some have the good fortune of wealthy parents who just foot the bill others, like my daughter refused to face the reality of the total obligation. Have to plead ignorance on my part, while I strongly recommended the more affordable state colleges, [of which she utilimately received her degree], she insisted she needed the attention the private, extremely expensive institution promised. Co-signied on the first loan, which showed an extremely easy payment plan the first ten years after graduation, we failed to comprehend how many decades it would take to actually pay it off. Never imagined the school did not have our interests at hand, my pride and joy would not repay her debt or that my name would be forged on future huge amounts. When the bills finally found their way to my mailbox, paid off the small ones and sent the maximum I could afford on the 3 remaining huge bills, that I could not bring myself to calculate the total amount. Noticed no matter how much I sent, hoping to bring down the debt, most of it went to interest. When I inquired to the bank why, there was a complicated answer on how the interest is recalculated and compounded on the day the payment was received, blah, blah, blah. Thank the Lord! I had a 401k that had grown enough to take out loans, an understanding step Dad and retired those blood suckers! Will be paid off next year, 14 years after she graduated! Yes, we were hoodwinked!

      1. They had alot of talk about how we qualified for this grant and that grant, come to find our grants had to be repaid! Something tells me if we weren’t caucasion Americans, alot more aid would of been available to us with our very limited means!

    1. Had to throw that in there for a bit of humor. Everyone who takes out these loans are victims of exploitation and are enslaved by them. It is a well known fact that members of certain minority groups and non citizens are elligible for scholarships not available to all.

  16. I am humbled and amazed at the sensible, erudite and informed comments on this forum. My hope is that enough people who share many of these sentiments are sharing bits and pieces with enough other people to make a difference somehow.
    Blessings to all of you…

  17. As a professor, it can be difficult when topics such as these are brought up during discussion. I always encourage my students to think critically, apply critical literacy to any texts they read or text through which they participate, but it does require some serious facilitation on the part of the professor. I am perfectly comfortable with these types of discussions in my class and certainly encourage my students to ask questions and be open to ideas other than their own (doesn’t mean they have to accept them). I am one who believes these “horrific events” are elaborate hoaxes; however, I do avoid saying it out loud to incriminate me as it isn’t directly related to my field of study as it is for Dr. Tracy. Moreover, we are required to take oaths prior to teaching as I assume all professors do. It’s unfortunate that this student felt this public educational space wasn’t safe enough for him to articulate his concerns about world in which he lives. I personally believe if we had more educators who took on more of a critical pedagogy approach in institutions, students like these will be more willing to voice their analysis of these types of events, in turn, promoting others to think for themselves. Henry Giroux does a lot of work regarding this. My two cents.

  18. Reinforcement of the fact that the corporate media is tightly controlled comes from an unlikely source. Mrs. Karen Hudes is the spokesperson for a group of whistleblowers from within the World Bank. She and her friends had been investigating the corruption for years, and most of them got fired. She herself would report that certain individuals were crooked, only to see them get promotions. Conversely, she would report others as being honest, and that person would get fired. For over 20 years she was the chief counsel for the World Bank, and for years they tried to fire her, finally being successful in 2007. During her time there, she was able to ascertain that a small core of evil men control most of the banks, most of the international corporations, and most of the media. They would have no qualms ordering the murder of anyone who got in their way. On YouTube, there are at least 8 clips of interviews she has given to various venues. What she has to say is very revealing and MUST be disseminated widely. When you get a chance, get to see her videos and visit her website, and get the word out. She is another inside expert who cannot be dismissed, like Susan Lindauer.

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