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Connecticut political leaders are moving decisively to destroy the site of the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. On September 24 Governor Dannel P. Malloy announced the state’s $50 million commitment to tear down the 57-year-old Sandy Hook School structure and replace it with a new high-priced facility.

“The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School is never far from our minds,” Malloy told the press. “With strong resolve and a determination to move forward, we can do our best to support the people of Newtown.”[1]

The $50 million appropriation was formally approved by the State Bond Commission on September 27. On October 5 Newtown residents overwhelmingly voted to pass a referendum that will lead to Sandy Hook’s demoltion.[2]

“As far as the $50 million [is concerned], it comes without strings, it does not have to be repaid, it has no impact on the tax rate,” Newtown Interim School Superintendent John Reed said. “It is an attempt on the part of the state to make Newtown whole. That means we had seven schools when we started the school year last year, and I think it’s the state’s judgment that we have seven schools now.”[3]

There remain numerous unanswered questions concerning the Sandy Hook School shooting—the most severe in recent history. The press has not yet been provided with photographic, video, or related forensic evidence customarily released following such events.

A comprehensive report on the shooting compiled by state investigators is expected to be released by early November following a careful review by Danbury Assistant State’s Attorney Stephen J. Sedensky III, who is leading the inquiry.[4] That report was originally due in early 2013 and its release has been repeatedly postponed.

In August US Attorney General  Eric Holder distributed $2.5 million to Connecticut and Newtown area law enforcement agencies for their assistance during the December 14 Sandy Hook event and subsequent investigative efforts.[5]

The Newtown Bee newspaper is a major player in public relations that led to the successful passage of the referendum. The news outlet has been involved in organizing interviews and meetings between Newtown officials and residents “to respond to questions and help residents understand the implications of the upcoming October 5 referendum.”[6]

Newtown First Selectman Patrician Llorda and Newtown Interim School Superintendent John Reed respond to questions from the Newtown Bee editor John Voket.

Online researchers accused the Newtown Bee of partaking what they have termed the “Sandy Hook hoax.” For example, Newtown Bee Associate Editor Shannon Hicks claimed to have taken numerous photographs in the parking lot of Sandy Hook Elementary as Adam Lanza proceeded to murder over two dozen women and children. Hicks then refused to release the photographs to law enforcement or the broader public.

“The photos I took on 12/14 have not been shared with anyone,” Hicks told James Tracy in a March 25 email. “We have no plans to do so, either.”[7] One photo Hicks says she took on that day appeared on the front pages of newspapers the world over to drive home the tragedy’s gravity and significance.

Figure 1. Students evacuate Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012. Photo by the Newtown Bee‘s Shannon Hicks.

The State of Connecticut and Town of Newtown have been especially uncooperative with news outlets in providing public records as simple as death certificates concerning the tragic event. A state-appointed task force commissioned to address whether Sandy Hook-related documents should be released to the public is not expected to make its final decision until January 1–likely well after the school’s demolition.[8]

The swift move to level Sandy Hook arguably has precedents established in momentous terror-related incidents. On May 24, 1995, just 35 days after the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, the US government moved to have the structure demolished before a proper investigation could be conducted on the structure’s remains.[9] A similar set of circumstances played out in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks as New York municipal authorities arranged for the remaining steel from the Word Trade Center towers to be shipped to China and India. 9/11 victims’ families and independent experts say such materials would have aided in understanding what actually took place on that fateful day.[10]


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  1. Connecticut, interestingly, was the original stomping ground of the Beelzebush clan. Prescott S. Bush, father of Bush 41, was US senator from Connecticut — as well as a Nazi-affiliated banker, a founding father of the CIA and an occultist Bonesman. Nice going, Connecticut.

  2. It does not appear the Newtownbee is a real newspaper. They failed to cover one of the biggest stories happening in the last two weeks – the CT railroad that brings 125,000 to NYC everyday failed due to power outages. The Newtimes News and others covered extensively the misery commuters endured trying to get to work and were initially advised to stay home. Apparantly, as is well today and here’s how to get your refunds for your trouble! http://www.wtnh.com/traffic/trains/metro-north-back-on-track-after-outage

    1. “If the Party could thrust its hand into the past and say of this or that event, it never happened—that, surely, was more terrifying than mere torture and death?…But where did that knowledge exist? Only in his consciousness, which in any case must soon be annihilated…’Who controls the past,’ ran the Party slogan,’controls the future:who controls the present controls the past.’…All that was needed was a series of victories over your own memory.”
      ― George Orwell, 1984

      1. “We were packed like sardines! And the train would not make it’s normal stops as it was already beyond capacity, had to express to Stanford, and then catch a train back to my destination…”.

        1. Kathy, nobody died – just recall joking Chief Medical Examiner Carver, smirking cops and bystanders, and the ecstatic “mourning dad” Robbie Parker. In moments of doubt, replay those videos, that is if they are still available. Nobody died, but for me the hoax marked the true beginning of the reign of terror in the USA. I missed 9/11, I was then too naive and idealistic about the US to question the official story.

      2. Hi Onslow,

        Terrifying, indeed, to think that the bastards have that much control over our collective memory.

        And the truth is exactly as Blair puts it, that it doesn’t matter what ‘actually happened,’ but what we are made to ‘believe’ happened.

        How do we exit the madhouse?

      3. I’d like to reference “Wag the Dog.” I’m not too fond of Mamet, and he often seems like he is trying to justify the worse abuses of power, but it’s a genius film. The part where Willy Nelson puts together a fake “oldie” – “Old Shoe” – and gets everyone to think they heard it before, so as to associate it with the fake Albanian war hero coming back from a special ops mission to rescue a girl with a kitten that everyone saw on tv after it was faked on a sound-stage — total send-up of this kind of thing. So funny I forgot to laugh.

  3. They can say what they want. But from what little they showed of the school, it appeared to already be abandoned to me. It felt empty, nothing in windows, playground? Etc.

    1. Today’s lies and deceit are directly tied to those who have spun lies and events throughout history to sway opinion and indoctrinate masses to accomplish their quest for a new world order. Many “enlightened” people who are discovering how manipulated the people of this country are by mainstream media and those who control them truly overlook the bigger picture. I myself am guilty of believing what history books, documentaries, and official authorities on history have passed off on us and indoctrinated into us as history. The truth is, however, that we have been lied to for a very long time and one very big lie that has been ingrained into our psyche is the facts surrounding WWII. Most everyone has accepted the portrayal of how Hitler and NSDAP Germany are the epitomy of evil. Still now almost 80 years later the the one sided story is reinforced over and over, but there is another side of this story. If one tales the time to think for themselves outside of the box that is the history written by the victors, much truth can be found within that other muted out other side. Most Americans are unable to grasp the fact that just like the wars based on lies of today, the same can be said of WWII and Germany. The cabal who produced atrocity stories and demonised Germany and her leaders in the 1930’s are the same that manipulate events today in their quest for a NWO. Understanding this fact is key to understanding what is going on today. I understand that most of you can’t grasp this, as I too have been in your shoes. I merely suggest you seek the truth and question history as we have been taught. Think about why is it illegal and punishable by imprisonment in Germany today to question the events of WWII. Who fears debate? Shouldn’t debate be welcomed in a free and open society? There is truth to be found that goes against the stories passed off as history. You have to seek the truth. I suggest the following sites for those of you who dare to exercise you mind on aquest for truth. They are: justice4germans.com, Martin MMueller,among others. These two sites spew no hatred. They do, however offer views and evidence that tells a different story that is essential for anyone to form an opinion on what the Truth really is. It is quite disturbing when enlightened people comment with statements like “evil nazis” which is based on a lifetime of indoctrinated deceit. Research for yourself by hearing reasonable voices from the other side of the story and you just may figure out what the truth is and how it still effects our word today. JEFF, who posted here earlier knows more about the truth than many of you give him credit. Many are blinded by the thorough indoctrination of their thoughts and beliefs, which cast a dark Vail over the truth.

      1. John, you have your work cut out for you if you are attempting to whitewash Hitler and his NAZI compatriots. You will have to explain away visual evidence of atrocities, eyewitness accounts of mass murder (state sponsored), general malaise of the German populace in their refusal to lift a hand to counter evil. The SS was the economic agency within the 3rd Reich, the well-organized troops who looted and salvaged the wealth of a continent. Most of that wealth was retained by loyal
        devotees of fascism and used to rebuild Germany (the miracle of rebirth, as it was called). Evil knows no borders nor holds no loyalty to place or
        ideology…however, it does attract like-minded proteges who, having found a home, will do anything to maintain their status.

        1. I will again point out basic research on the rise and fall of the Third Reich, the Martin Borman economic organ with global reach, and how the old German tradition of racial superiority is much in evidence today. A young German investigative reporter, Michael Schmidt’s book,
          “The New Reich: Violent Extremism in Unified Germany, and Beyond,” is a good place to start. Published in 1993, it is a chilling indictment of current attitudes that were never fully quashed by time. Also, Martin A. Lee’s “The Beast Reawakens: Fascism’s Resurgence from Hitler’s
          Spymasters to Today’s Neo-Nazi Groups and White-Wing Extremists.”

          Passing the buck (responsibility) to US involvement does not exempt Germany from her past; she devolved from brutality to demonality. Nice try, though. I’m willing to listen to actual facts.

        2. Marilyn Jay A….I respect your opinion concerning NSDAP Germany and grew up believing all that was taught and portrayed about it. However you and others should examine the other side of the story and perhaps your view may change somewhat. I suggest you try the site justice4germans.com which is a site that in no way associates with the neonazi types and offers documentary evidence that suggests that everything we are taught about the subject is not true. I myself could never change someones mind who, like myself (at 58 years of age) was indoctrinated with one side of the story all my life. When I discovered this site it opened my eyes to a different view of history, one that is worth looking at. Peace to you.

        3. Hi Marilyn, Hi John,

          Did the Nazi Germany murder people in a systematic manner, by the millions? I think there are reasons (read ‘evidence’) to believe that they did. However, in the ‘official’ account of what happened, the vilification of Germany under the Nazi regime serves a potent ideological purpose among the populations under the rule of the ‘winning side:’ to deflect attention away from what were equally criminal actions committed by ‘our’ side. I fail to see any moral distinction between incinerating men, women, and children beneath the blast of an Atomic bomb or incinerating men, women, and children after poisoning them in a gas chamber, and the numbers murdered, ethically speaking, are completely irrelevant. And as for holding the German people responsible for the crimes of the tyrants ruling over them, I say nonsense. They are no more responsible than any of ‘us’ are responsible for what our tyrants perpetrate in our name. The ‘evil’ is everywhere equally apportioned.

        4. John, I appreciate the support. The sad truth, however, is that many here on this site, although they are enlightened to the fact that we have been lied to by the Press and various Federal agencies, they will just accept those truths about world war 2 — ironically coming from the same source who lies and deceives us today. Our critics won’t even bother to investigate the ‘other side’ of the story. It is very sad for people like Ernst Zundel who truly care about humanity but will suffer injustice for people who don’t even give a damn. “Truth” is the highest virtue in life. I wish everyone would pursue it, despite how hard it can be.

        5. I like your comments here, Norm. Recently, in conversation, a friend assumed that I considered Hitler the worst monster of all time, or something like that. I said, as far as the 20th century goes, he runs a distant third, behind Stalin and Mao. He was shocked. He’d never thought of that–and he’s a smart guy. He has no idea, that in terms of numbers, communists are the all time champs in killing.

          We must ask ourselves, why? Hitler is the demon of demons, denuding Europe of its Jews (almost), murdering 6 million of them and many millions of other “lesser races” (Gypsies, etc.), but the tens of millions murdered by Stalin and Mao go largely unnoticed. For some reason, all the Cold War rhetoric aside, our elite rulers have wished to protect the image of the communist dictatorships, by shoving the evil visage of Hitler in front of the line. Everyone “bad” is compared to Hitler–but never Lenin, or Stalin, or Mao, or Pol Pot or Castro. Why?

          These are deeper rabbit holes than a quickie blog comment can navigate.

          But John is correct inasmuch as facing the fact that we should assume that official history is always largely lies.

          As far as the extermination of the Jews, it is not “official historical fact,” it is historical fact. The tiniest villages in Rumania and Greece, and everywhere else in German occupied Europe no longer have Jews, while before the war there was a rich, vibrant, community all over Europe. Survivors and their descendants travel there, looking for their relatives. All gone. No one can find them, because the Germans rounded them up, hauled them away, and killed them. If John does not believe this, I suggest he take a leisurely tour of the villages of remotest Europe to verify if these survivors are liars. If a continuous, thriving, Jewish presence exists, and Hitler’s ideology was wrongly accused.

        6. All of the contending regimes from times immemorial to this day are guilty of crimes against humanity. And those who committed more of these crimes by head count are not any worse than those who committed less. Each person dies his or her own death. Each person who has died at the hands of these criminal regimes is in and of herself a testament to a crime that has been committed against us all. America, as a murderous regime, is responsible for the death of millions, just as are others. But even if it was only the murder of a single child . . .

          And I will absolutely grant what I think is the crux of both John’s and Jeff’s position: the ‘official’ history is overall one big fucking lie. I don’t know how many people were murdered by the Nazis. Are you going to persuade me that they did not undertake a war? And what the fuck do you do when you are literally on the war path? You kill! You murder! Indiscriminately! And who during WWII was not wantonly engaged in such atrocities? What is there to absolve? What isn’t there to condemn? Does it matter to the ‘child’ who it is that murders his or father or mother before his or her eyes?

          What is this parlor game of trying to decide who killed the most and in the most brutal fashion, so as then to be able to declare who is the most deserving of my ire and contempt?

          The question is how do the existing regimes manage to bring entire nations to war against one another? They all resemble one another in their power structure, in how the centralize control and how they manage public perception. That is the issue.

          And so remind me, once again, what the name of this blog is: Memory Hole. Except that it isn’t only about recovering the details of what actually happened. For evidently that appears to be an effort ultimately doomed to failure, in exactitude, impartiality, and accuracy. So what is left? To believe what the corrupt bastards who rule us want us to believe? Do we not have enough evidence to convince us of their corruption? How many times do we have to prove it to ourselves before we become convinced of the fact?

          But what is left to us?

          We know that the future is not a foregone conclusion even if our present situation is precisely that.

          And we have a sense of justice, of what is right, of what is wrong.

        7. I’ll tell you what is left to us Norm – knowing the hearts and minds of our fellow men. Knowing why someone would repeat lies in front of a camera when they otherwise believe themselves to be good and sincere people – artists, thinkers what have you. We have a right to know how far the “Rhinoceros” metamorphosis has proceeded in our environments. Why people I know think they heard the actual gunshots that killed Officer Sean and MIT, and whether repeating that to others they can be trusted with other things. Whether a doctor you might depend upon for your life in an emergency is going to claim to have treated victims of the bombings. One can go on and on. It isn’t about what power decided to do. It is how corrosive is its corrupting power on the ground, among acquaintances, upon the fellow citizens we depend upon. Imagine living near Newtown. Imagine living in Boston. You’re going to breathe that air, hear the lies dripped into your ears. You are if you are young and idealistic going to feel like Hamlet.

        8. Hi Jeff,

          You write: ” The sad truth, however, is that many here on this site, although they are enlightened to the fact that we have been lied to by the Press and various Federal agencies, they will just accept those truths about world war 2 — ironically coming from the same source who lies and deceives us today. Our critics won’t even bother to investigate the ‘other side’ of the story.”

          It is indeed my experience that the ‘official’ narratives under which we live are politically motivated, that is to say, true when the truth is deemed suitable to establishment purposes, and lies whenever a public acknowledgement of truths might undermine such purposes.

          And like everyone else, I have never been immune to deception nor indoctrination. Recognizing this about myself and given the context in which we live, I will bother to investigate in good faith the ‘other side’ of the story if and when I find the time. And if I never do, I here take note of the fact that on yet another important issue I may simply be misguided and misinformed. It would most certainly not be the first time.

      2. “….No one can find them, because the Germans rounded them up, hauled them away, and killed them…. If a continuous, thriving, Jewish presence exists…..”

        It is true that the nsdap ’rounded them up’ much the same as the US rounded up Japanese Americans following Pearl Habor. No difference. The reason you can’t find them now is that most of that population after the war emigrated to the US and many to Palestine. Thousands died as a result of typhus and hunger because the supply lines were bombed by the allies. But not in gas chambers! And there was no final solution. There are logical and reasonable explanations if one is honest enough to investigate.

        My Grandmother was a National Russian who fled the Bolshevik scourge. She once described “villages” much like Patrick describes. But her village does not remain today. Is this evidence of genocide? I think not.

        Research the Red Cross census data for that time period.

        Logical and reasonable explanations.

        1. “The reason you can’t find them now is that most of that population after the war emigrated to the US and many to Palestine.”

          This is a comment worthy only of ridicule. It is nonsense.

        2. Hi Jeff,

          In case you missed it, a message for you, from me, above, at the stamp “October 9, 2013 at 12:48 am”

    2. “What is this parlor game of trying to decide who killed the most and in the most brutal fashion, so as then to be able to declare who is the most deserving of my ire and contempt?”

      I don’t really understand what you mean here, Norm.

      You say: ” But even if it was only the murder of a single child . . .”; personally, I’d gladly accept the death of a single child, if it would mean that Mao did not kill 60 million people. Sad for the kid; happy, happy, happy for the tens of millions who remained alive. Call me heartless.

      I’ll say this. People who kill tens of millions (so as better to enslave all the rest) are more to be condemned than people who kill a mere few–bad as that is. Call me deluded.

      The core to my argument was the mystery of why we are taught to hate Hitler, when Stalin and Mao were way, way, worse. Hitler did not enslave his people, destroying all freedom in the realm. Stalin and Mao did that.

      The ancillary point I made was that there are essentially no Jews in Europe today, whereas there was a vast, thriving community all across the continent prior. So when you say “And what the fuck do you do when you are literally on the war path? You kill! You murder! Indiscriminately! And who during WWII was not wantonly engaged in such atrocities?”, I can only wonder if you actually read my comment. It was a systematic extermination of a race of human beings. That wasn’t at all what you describe. It was a cold, carefully executed plan, under cover of a larger war.

      1. Hi Patrick,

        My sincere apologies. A badly written post. I elided the content of Jeff’s, John’s, and your post together in my response. And I do not doubt that European Jewry was exterminated by the Nazis. And as you yourself attest, there is a slant to the narrative of WWII that minimizes the crimes of some while amplifying the crimes of others, and this is the part of Jeff’s and John’s positions that I wish to acknowledge as correct, and it is in this sense that the official historical narrative about WWII is bullshit.

        Addressing all of the posters as a whole, as to who bears more responsibility or less in proportion to the severity of their crimes, to my mind, all involved were equally guilty. And I stand by my indictment of even only on the basis of one child, woman, or man.

        Existentially speaking, no matter how many are being slaughtered, each child, woman, or man only experiences his or her personal fate, and it is that fate which he or she is brutally and needlessly made to endure that is the sum of the crime in its concrete manifestation, as experienced from the inside. One or a million, it is all the same to me.

        I only wish that the insanity would stop.

        And it will not.

        Not for a long time, yet. Perhaps never.

        And what has happened can never be undone. And to think that it has happened . . .

      2. Good comments on the WW11 thread. I will, at the risk of overtaxing a topic, just add that we were not at war with Mao or Stalin in the ‘hot’ war sense. They, at the end of the war, became closed societies and little info leaked out or at least news that the press found engaging after four long and brutal years of conflict. The cold war ramped up
        intrigue; the Russians became the new boogeyman. I, personally, tended to forgive the Japanese because they were not decendants of Greek democracy and Roman civil law. The Germans were and knew better. Under rule of law, the NAZI regime plundered and murdered at will. With advanced science (if you can call it that) they fostered a lethal, dehumanizing program to render our species irrelevant.

        Then the Dulles cabal brought the worst of them to our shores to ply their trade. Who can count the ways they have embedded and distrupted our sociey? Operation Paperclip–for your continued education.

        1. Sorry, for some reason the computer jumps when I type beyond two short paragraphs; I can’t reread sometimes or edit my copy. It almost seems that I am being monitored for content, but who knows?

        2. “…The Germans were and knew better. Under rule of law, the NAZI regime plundered and murdered at will….”

          Wrong. Study some more. Start here — http://codoh.com/

          Try the documentary — “holocaust, hate speech and were the Germans so stupid.”

          Here is an article relative to this thread —

          Israel to pay students to defend it online

          August 14th, 2013

          JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel is looking to hire university students to post pro-Israel messages on social media networks — without needing to identify themselves as government-linked, officials said Wednesday.

          The Israeli prime minister’s office said in a statement that students on Israeli university campuses would receive full or partial scholarships to combat anti-Semitism and calls to boycott Israel online. It said students’ messages would parallel statements by government officials.

          “Everyone who believes in the cause, and wants to join, can join,” he told The Associated Press. He said the office was looking to budget $778,000 for the project, and that the national Israeli student association would select participants from a pool of applicants.

          This initiative is intended to combat what officials see as popular discourse that goes beyond legitimate criticism of Israeli policies and constitutes hate speech that threatens the very legitimacy of Israel’s existence.

          At the time, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the volunteer media recruits in a video conference.

          “We are (operating) on four fronts: The military front, the home front, the diplomatic front and the public diplomacy front,” Netanyahu said. “We must fight for the truth, for the facts, and your help is worth more than gold … refuting the industry of lies.”


        3. Jeff–you think the Israeli self defense propaganda initiative is a BAD thing? Weird. Do you think they should just lay down? Commit national/cultural suicide? Do you think we should do the same thing (i.e. not promote our own worthiness to survive)?

  4. Don’t you wonder why Pat Llodra and Dr. Reed supposedly all the associated elected representatives are putting on the hard sell. Where is the opposing voice in this interview? Their body language communicates awkwardness which is odd if accepting a free new school is such a wonderful opportunity.

  5. “Connecticut political leaders are moving decisively to destroy the site of the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.”

    So they must have read a draft of the official report on the massacre and been satisfied that it’s not even remotely possible that any further investigation is needed. I mean, they wouldn’t want to, I don’t know, be responsible for the destruction of evidence or anything stupid or criminal like that, no?

    Say… where is that report? Wasn’t it supposed to be released in March 2013?

  6. “….as well as a Nazi-affiliated banker…..”

    Here we go again! Blame everything on those evil dreaded Nazi’s. It is enough I have to be bombarded on the History channel with negative propaganda regarding the NSDAP. Now I have to hear it here too. It is amazing to me that people on this site are now enlightened as to the mainstream media/press lies, lies and more lies. But somehow ‘their’ version of ww2 and Hitler is the utmost truth. Come on people! Do some research. Study the revisionists. Learn about Ernst Zundel and Robert Faurisson. They have done great work. We here have awoken to the lies of the mainstream. They lied to us about 9-11 and weapons of mass destruction. Why wouldn’t they lie to us about ww2?

    “Thinking is the hardest work.”

    1. That’s a pretty generalized statement, Jeff. Can you specify which vision of WW11 history you find discredited? “War is a Racket” (a book and philosophy proffered by Marine General Smedley Butler–hero and recipient of two medals of honor). Profiteers and financiers funded Hitler but also sold arms to both sides. Their closest encounter with the conflict was counting their spoils. Research the Martin Bormann organization, which is still influencing German economics and by extension, world geopolitics. But it was the German people who idolized Hitler, turned a blind eye to his atrocities and whose military carved a swath of destruction across Europe probably not seen since the black plague.

      1. Alex Psyop’s comment regarding Bush and the Nazi’s has a nefarious connotation. The truth is, is that nothing nefarious happened under the nsdap. Even you have bought into the lies. You say the Germans turned a blind eye. Turned a blind eye to what? Nothing nefarious happened. Hitler’s atrocities? What are those? You mean the atrocities that we have been lied to about? People here on memoryholeblog have been enlightened as to the lies of the media and various government organizations. So why should we just accept the mainstream’s version of ww2? There were no gas chambers. There was no final solution. The same people lying to us today and creating all of these false flags, are the same people who have manufactured ww2 history. Go and study the revisionists. What Hitler did in those camps is the same thing we did to the Japanese. Nothing more.

        1. I wanted to ask if you were a Holocaust denier, Jeff, but that sounded too off-the-wall for even a Hitler apologist. I saw the films as a child at movie theaters–filmed on location at liberated death/concentration camps…Gen. Eisenhower (German roots) said he was ashamed of being a German and ordered his media crews to take photos of the stacked, skeletal remains of camp internees. He also made the townspeople view the horror and clean up ,and I assume, bury the dead inmates. He said the pictures were proof of the depth of depravity that future generations would never believe. Obviously, he was right.

          You are either pulling a ruse, as a troll, or simply delusional. This is no laughing matter.

  7. Joe Lieberman still in charge of the donation fund?
    Is the ‘donation’ fund still under investigation / still being investigated?

  8. I remember the moment I heard about Sandy Hook. My immediate thought was that if the alleged shooting had happened in a totalitarian regime, it would have most likely been the work of the government determined to disarm the public or accomplish another goal. Christmas season, innocent beautiful children savagely murdered, the most heart-wrenching scenario imaginable. But, I thought then, this is America, a free country, this kind of monumental deceit by the government does not happen here. The realization that Sandy Hook was indeed a hoax intended to sway public opinion against 2nd Amendment, marked the moment I woke up. I no longer believe ANYTHING the regime or its media say or said in the past. If you are a proven liar, you cannot be trusted to tell the truth, especially when the “official story” supports your agenda.

  9. It’s traditional to destroy the evidence in these homicidal spectaculars. One might find evidence of bullet holes, or the lack of them, that subverted the media story, as occurred in the Coconut Grove in the Bobbie Kennedy murder.

    But what I still don’t understand is the lack of response of the people of Sandy Hook and Newtown about this homicide. Can you bribe and threaten a whole town into silence? What would be the mechanics, including the media mechanics, of such a process. How could you prevent people from going on the internet and telling what they know.
    Why did the people vote to tear down the school, if they actually did?

    The questions are relevant because of the homicidal conspiracies that are no doubt planned for the future. Do the people identify with these spectacles? Did the Boston people really cheer “USA! USA! when Boston was shut down to pursue, and try to kill, a scared teenager?
    Can the media, by itself, create such an ideological culture?

    The questions are important for the future of the Orwellian gangsterism no doubt planned for the future. And for our future as well.

    1. Hi Mark,

      You write: “But what I still don’t understand is the lack of response of the people of Sandy Hook and Newtown about this homicide. Can you bribe and threaten a whole town into silence? What would be the mechanics, including the media mechanics, of such a process. How could you prevent people from going on the internet and telling what they know.”

      To answer your question and it’s nothing very mysterious: It has to do with the manner in which information in our society is controlled in a top-down fashion. For example, one objection raised against the claim that 9/11 could have been an inside job, is “that too many people would have needed to be involved in the plot, and therefore someone would surely have come forth with an admission. You cannot keep an operation of that scale under wraps.” Not so. As few as a dozen people is all that would have been required. All bureaucracies are top-down operations, and all the information required to coordinate the various ‘departments’ or branches, as well as ‘discretionary decision making powers,’ toward a specific purpose either are or can be at a moments noticed concentrated in the hands of the highest echelons of the organization, leaving everyone else working blind on a ‘need to know’ only basis. The police and people charged with the task of ‘investigating’ crimes are under tight ‘supervision.’ Everyone is assigned his ‘terms of reference,’ that is, the very specific focus of that aspect of the job the ‘team’ as a whole has been tasked to do. Likewise, ‘journalists’ are told what they can or cannot investigate and what they can or cannot write about, and how they can or cannot write about it.

      Consequently, given the structure of our institutions, it is possible to have large numbers of people actively involved in a “conspiracy” without even knowing that they are.

      So it is not that people are ‘being prevented from telling what they know,’ it is that ‘they don’t know’ even as they find themselves in the midst of action.

      1. To quote:

        (Beginning of quote:)

        A phenomenon and strategy that explains why not very many people need be in on the overall plan and execution of a covert operation for it to be successful.

        “Compartmentalization is an organizational strategy analogous to the old parable of the blind men and an elephant — each of the men is asked to describe what the elephant is, and all accurately describe their perception (trunk, tusk, legs, ears, tail, body), but none of them understand what the entire elephant is. Covert operations succeed by keeping most of the participants focused on their particular task, unaware of the full situation. Compartmentalization means that only key people in key places need to know what their role in a covert operation is — others nearby might not be aware of those ensuring the success of the operation. This practice refutes the claim that too many people would have had to know about 9/11 for a conspiracy to allow it to have been possible.”

        So, in other words, one person turns a particular screw here, another punches up a computer war game over there, someone else is told to ‘mock-up’ a phantom airplane to challenge controllers involved in the war game over there, another is told to leak a piece of information next door, another is told to delete some damaging information to protect their department downstairs, a commander from a squadron is told by his superiors that communication has been lost with the Pentagon and to ‘wait’ for further orders, tapes and testimony from principals involved are either ‘lost’, ‘classified’, or outright destroyed, and a few at the top who do know exactly what is happening just go on stirring the pot of chaos and confusion, pumping out subsequent PR material through their public network of channels to rewrite the story into everyone’s consciousness before anyone has recovered sufficiently from the ‘shock and awe’ to start connecting the disparate dots.

        (end of quote.)

        source: http://www.911hardfacts.com/report_20.htm

  10. In my opinion, the controlled NSA “leaks” by the so-called whistler blower Snowden (couldn’t they come up with a less contrived name?) serve to instill fear in people. Sandy Hook hoax participators who may have otherwise breached the confidentiality agreements with the regime and spilled the beans via the internet, now fear they can be traced and punished. Incidentally, why hasn’t “Snowden” shed any light on 9/11, Sandy Hook, Navy Yard “shooting”, Aurora, Kenya mall, and Capitol events? Regarding your ideological culture question, the people who shouted “USA, USA” in Boston, were not passionate marxist ideologues; they were crisis actors paid with taxpayers’ money. Although reminiscent of the frenzied and loyal crowds surrounding Hitler and other charismatic dictators, the individuals who partake in Obama regime’s pseudo-shootings or pseudo-bombings are quintessential fakes and opportunists.

      1. Thanks for letting us know about Barrett Brown.

        No, I don’t think Snowden is anything but what he says he is. Has some fear been a fallout of the NSA revelations? Sure. But manyfolks have become outraged, certainly more are aware because of them.

        Why hasn’t Snowden said anything re: 9/11, etc.? Well, we certainly haven’t seen all the revelations yet; so we don’t know if any of those events will be addressed.

        BTW – J. Scahill has said that he and G. Greenwald will be working on a joint project about NSA’ s involvement in – assassination programs?

        And just to keep OT – I’m glad to see the demolition of Sandy Hook Elementary discussed here. When I saw the headline, I was wondering if it indeed would be.

      2. “Snowden” spilled the beans on NSA to one of the most liberal rugs, the Guardian. The problem is that the spilled beans are very old. Has a hair fallen off Barry’s head because of the revelations? NO! The whole thing is bizarre and in my view largely intended to distract and intimidate the public. Are you more scared of expressing your views online than before “Snowden’s” whistle blew? That was the point. How about Hastings’ violent “death,” where again any witnesses of the non-event were forced to sign confidentiality agreements? Wasn’t the e-mail which Hastings allegedly sent prior to his “death” about FBI being after him just too convenient? Had the FBI really killed him, the e-mail would have never been revealed, let alone in the regime media. In my opinion, this was yet another hoax intended to scare the shiiit out of journalists and others speaking out against the regime. Incidentally, if “Snowden” (what a fake name!) is a true whistle blower, why hasn’t he shed some light on 9/11, Sandy Hook, Benghazi, Kenya mall hoax, Navy Yard “shooting,” to name a few? And how about the IRS scandal? With “Snowden’s” help, we should be able to get an e-mail or telephone conversation which directly implicates Barry. Where is the evidence? Sorry, I don’t buy any of this.

        1. I’m not with you on this. Sorry you think so little of The Guardian, but they are one of the very few outlets to report the revelations.

          As for you asking – has anything changed? Well, I’m not exactly holding my breath, but the fact that the Amash Amendment was so narrowly defeated – is a sign that there is maybe a slight ray of hope. Keep in mind three things – 1) the MSM is not carrying the story (not surprising, I know) so there are a lot of people still unaware of the depth of the problem. 2) things like First Amendment rights are pretty abstract and many people are not going to see how it affects them and 3) so many people are struggling economically, they probably give very little thought to First Amendment issues – or hoaxes or just about anything else. The Powers that Be will do everything to fight even the smallest meaningful reform – so I don’t know if there will be enough public pressure for larger change. Tough call.

          You complain that Snowden hasn’t shed light on 9/11, Sandy Hook, etc. Remember that Kenya and Navy Yard happened AFTER he leaked what documents we’re learning about was granted asylum and for now can’t leak any more docs. Also, nothing about Snowden’s past suggests he was a “Truther” or had any interest in conspiracies. So it seems that he most likely went after documents which detail what he knew about – the boundless, suspicionless snooping. I’ll venture he has indeed awakened some people to the abuses around us!

          Now as far as what has not been revealed yet – we don’t know. I know some have wondered, hoped for documents to support Russell Tice, for example.

          You might be surprised that commenters at The Guardian are aware of Michael Hastings – and there even were discussions of Barnaby Jack’s death.

          You ask if I’m more afraid of expressing myself online now. I think a lot of people had suspected that there was some level of snooping – but Snowden showed the absolute breadth of it. Have I changed my habits? I don’t really think so at this point, but I have given thought to somehow not using at least some of the big tech firms “involved.” When all is said and done though, I for one, am grateful for what he did.

        2. I agree that it is irrelevant to his purposes that Snowden failed to disgorge all the information which might exist is some kind of database about the perpetrators of 9/11 more than a decade ago. Perhaps 9/11 was actually a very simple (K.I.S.S.) operation, reducible to a few orders to do various things, and to the work of contractors. How hard is is it to make a special effects movie? Of course you have your in-place intelligence operatives feeding out the news. Not a big deal with a long trail anyone can find. That’s the point. Something like Sandy Hook is even simpler, with the action all “off stage” and no bodies. Another example of Wag the Dog being a kind of simple basement operation – with the advantage of government money, power and secrecy. But we cannot necessarily get our wish for someone to show us exactly how it was done. Perhaps no one person or entity (NSA) ever knew. It “just growed.”

  11. I find it odd that that a group of people clamor for evidence, yet when the tables are turned and evidence is asked of them, those same people are agast. Bioengineering, vaccines, Global warming, Big Pharma creating disease, etc. Let the scientists do the science. Most, if not all of you, are not scientifically trained.

    I would request a little housekeeping before you hop onto your high horse. Before you go cutting and pasting somebody’s blog to “prove” me wrong good journalism cites primary sources.

    1. I find it odd that you visit a site with such ninkapoops! Surely it is beneath you and may I dare say, you strayed from the subject at hand? The fact is, all evidence has been suppressed on this issue and if you are representative of our currently trained ‘scientists’, am afraid that true science has been outlawed in this country.

  12. With respect to Sandy Hook, and with all due respect to everyone who posts here, I admit that I myself do not know one way or another whether the alleged massacre happened or not, or whether, if it did, it was not the handy work of the deep state.

    Thus far, I have not been acquainted, to my personal satisfaction, with any ‘evidence’ to persuade me of anything one way or the other. For the time being, I elect to withhold my judgment.

    The kind of evidence that would persuade me would be of the following kind:

    Recall 9/11. A detail: NIST, after being pressured by ‘AE911Truth,’ admits that Building 7 did, for a period of roughly 2 seconds, collapse at free-fall. Anyone who has even only an elementary grasp of physics will immediately grasps that for anything to drop at free-fall for even a fraction of a second, no resistance whatsoever must exist beneath the falling mass, and the only way for that resistance to be absent, is for all matter beneath the falling mass to be falling along with that mass or offering zero resistance. In other words, the roughly 2 seconds of free-fall of Building 7, all by itself, in the absence of even one additional shred of evidence, to my mind, proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Building 7 was brought down by explosives, for no other hypothesis even comes close as a ‘reasonable’ explanation of the ‘fact’ of the free-fall, admitted to on all sides of the 9/11 controversy.[1]

    I now ask the question: does this ‘fact’ (the free-fall of WTCB7 for approx. 2 seconds) to which even NIST now admits justify the conclusion that 9/11 is an inside job? I would argue that what it does justify is a call for a ‘re-investigation’ into the matter, a ‘criminal investigation.’ But it does not by itself add up to the information needed to determine exactly ‘who’ was responsible for this crime. I have my suspicions and there is much circumstantial evidence pointing in a very specific direction. But the work of an impartial criminal investigation remains to be done.

    I now ask: can anyone who posts here point me to the kind of forensic evidence that, like the element of free-fall of Building 7 in the 9/11 controversy, would clinch in my mind that Sandy Hook was a in fact a hoax (which I do not deny that it might be) or a ‘false flag.’

    Please do not misinterpret anything that I am writing, here: I have my reasons for suspecting that Sandy Hook might be those very things, i.e., there is a history of ‘proven’ false flags committed by operatives of the US and the MSM are not to be trusted. But these grounds for my suspicions, as good as they are, prove nothing about Sandy Hook.

    I would be much obliged for more . . .

    [1] http://www.ae911truth.org/en/component/content/article/35-key-facts/275-nist-admits-freefall.html

    1. Have participated in many emergency drills, it is critical to keep the emergency lane open for emergency responders, there was no lane, there were no emergency responders allowed in. No helicopters, no rush to save lives, there are proticals on who declares the patient dead, these were not followed. They showed one person sitting in a gurney being weaved in and out of the parked cars to the ambulance many of hundreds of yards away, offsight. TV channels kept playing the same few minutes of footage over and over. claiming it was live, turns out some of it was a drill at an entirely different school at a different time. Records are sealed forever, all evidence soon to be destroyed, untold millions siffoned to who knows what, and the state is giftting the town $50 million to build a new school and they have to vote if they will accept it? Those who benefitted will never admit to their crimes, those so frightened they might be next on the hit list, are too scared to speak. Actually could go on, but that TV footage that day, woke me up! Will always hope, those babies did not die that day!

        1. Norm, if you click on “archives” near the top of the home screen on this website, and go back starting with January, you will find a wealth of astonishing conversation on the topic. It’s what got me hooked on this web site. It will be interesting to watch how the conversation changed as the various participants in the conversation digested the facts as they were presented to us, and how most of those facts turned out to be lies.

          Of particular interest is the creepy Gene Rosen, who claimed to comfort a bunch of kids who inexplicably escaped and ran away from the school. Some intrepid researcher discovered that he’s FEMA, and his story is all lies.

          The reporting was very strange indeed right from the start. It seems likely that Adam Lanza never existed; at first they were reporting it was his “brother”, Ryan, but sadly (for the official story), he came forward almost immediately, announcing that he was not dead. It just got weirder from there.

          Indeed, it seems likely that the building was not a school at all. And a great many of the “victim” families were either new to the region and/or their houses are in the path of a pipeline soon to be built, so they are conveniently no longer there (their houses purchased to make way).

          But this is an analysis of the story elements, which is an argument from silence. That is, if the event never happened, you are asking to prove a negative, which can’t be done.

          In any great media event that is very emotional across the entire society, there is a sequence of questions we need to obey as we make sense of the thing. The first question is: did something actually happen? In the case of 911, we know that the answer is Yes–because the buildings went away. In the case of Sandy Hook, and Boston, and the Navy Yard, there is no evidence that anything actually happened. All we have is assertions, and proven liars’ stories. Only after we know for a fact that something really did happen can we move on to the next question: What happened? In the case of 911, there are numerous theories.

          You think that an independent investigation needs to be done on 911. Well, one already has been done, by a qualified scientist named Judy Wood. Her exhaustive examination of ALL the evidence, most of which almost no one is aware, points to a weapon quite different than explosives. In fact, it’s impossible to explain what happened by postulating explosives, whatever the architects and engineers’ group says. You can learn all about it at her web site: http://drjudywood.co.uk (but I suggest buying and reading her book). It will settle the question for you. Go to the page on “holes” (http://drjudywood.co.uk/articles/DEW/StarWarsBeam4.html). Look at the pictures and ask ho such holes can possibly be made by explosives. Building 6 is the key to the whole event. Pictures 55b and 55c ask the question: where is the mass of the buildings? Why so little material?

          When the media tell us an event happened, and present us with no solid evidence, just lying liars, we can’t go on to ask what exactly happened. It’s just a story. All we can do is disassemble the elements of the story. Boston, it seems, was a smoke bomb with lots of unharmed actors pretending to be hurt. We know that because of the photographic evidence. With Sandy Hook we don’t even have that; if the building was actually a school, we should have lots of pictures of the front door, the piles of spent rounds, the blood-splattered walls, the damage caused by bullet holes in desks, etc. Not to mention photos of victims. We have none of that. Just official assurances.

        2. Hey, Patrick,

          Thanks for the info. Much reading ahead. On 9/11, we are precisely on the same page. In my bit above on the “Detail” of free-fall, I was only pointing out the ‘limits’ of what could drawn from ‘it.’ Of course, a ton of most excellent work has been done on 9/11, and the evidence is overwhelming!

          Many thanks.

      1. History is all washed now, may have saved some, but at this point what does it matter? The other functioning gradeschool , k-4 school was built in early 1900’s! The teacher who lost her life, had a five year tenier, but was listed as an intern the year before on the website..

    2. If you are naturally attuned to “Microexpressions” you can easily see there is a lack of stress in the faces of those who profess grief over the loss of relatives at the Sandy Hook event.

      You can read about Paul Ekman’s work, but reading Microexpressions is not easily taught. If you know (and trust) someone who is Deaf from childhood, ask them to review the interviews, press conferences and Firehouse footage.


      1. Of course, ‘expressions’ do convey much about individuals, and for someone likely trained in the art of interpreting ‘microexpressions,’ as much can probably be inferred about the individual being scrutinized. I do, however, take this away from the article for which you have provided a link:

        “Matsumoto: […] What you don’t want to do is jump to conclusions based upon these things.” (see the link above)

        As for how people are ‘supposed’ to behave in the grip of grief, I myself have witnessed what on the surface may appear to be incongruent behavior of people who were indeed under that stress — laughing, joking, seemingly completely oblivious to their loss. And I myself, having experienced grief more than once, have certainly behaved in ways that must have seemed ‘odd’ or ‘out of place,’ given the circumstances. We are not, under this condition, in possession of ourselves.

        So I will leave it to others, in this connection, to draw conclusions from the ‘behavior,’ expressions, and microexpressions of people presumed to be in the throes of mourning.

  13. The reactionary forces behind black ops such as Sandy Hook, and our escalating descent into tyranny, can be traced directly back to Nazism –which is alive and well within the secret corridors of power.

    It’s a mistake to believe that the elite backers of Hitler, which are still the ruling American families of today, were just seeking profits from “both sides.” The reality is that America and the Nazis were covertly on the SAME side. The Nazis were supposed to conquer the USSR and vanquish socialism, while America conquered Japan — thus making the world safe for capitalism. It is only thanks to the Red Army that this scheme did not fully materialize.

    As soon as Hitler was finished, all of his elite backers immediately took up Zionism and the Neocon Age was born. This overnight conversion shielded the American elite from scrutiny for their crucial role in Nazism and the Holocaust. The Jewish people, regrettably, bought into this deal and embraced the neocons in what is essentially a pact with the Devil.

    1. I have come to the conclusion those in power who make war for profit don’t really think that far ahead. They may put out a white paper and declare their plans, but profit is their only motivation with power the ultimate goal, leading to more profit. Their immediate creature comforts and physical whims, appetites take precedence over all other processes.
      Perhaps that is their Achiles heel where sane folk can begin an assult on the lunacy. Viewing the size of their homes and servant staff, they are obviously out of touch with reality. How much money can you spend in one lifetime? How many palaces does Elizabeth 11 need to quench her frenzy for immortality? Boggles the mind.

      Just wondering aloud….

      1. “those in power who make war for profit don’t really think that far ahead

        Ah, but they did. Alex is right. Dennis Cuddy tells the amazing story in his recent book

      2. MJA, A big picture for your consideration…. Look back to the vision of Technocracy from the 30’s with incubation at Columbia University. In this model, government is not by the people but from appointed technocrats (sounds familiar). Electorate are irrelevant in this plan of international control of society and energy (sounds very familiar). This NWO is now possible due to many technologies including big data…total surveillance. Our Smart Meters are one of numerous examples. SHE, BMB, 911 etc. illusions are measures of and instructive of public compliance to control. These compliance measurement drills indicate how best to control. On the wish list is: Gun registration data and license plate readers feeding a central data base. So, as you are driving along MJA, your friendly G-man captures your license plate number. Up pops your complete physiological profile and gun cache….a decision is made: do you fit the model citizen of NWO society MJA?

  14. Question for Dr. Tracy and the group: Do we know of any surviving wounded people from the alleged shooting at Sandy Hook? I don’t recall seeing any interviews with survivors. I would be very surprised if the casualties included only deceased and no wounded.

    1. Yes, the number of deaths to the number of those wounded, as a ratio, seems to be telling, in my mind. It is, officially, I think, 26 to 2. Over 90%. That is an oddity. Certainly does not sit right in my mind. Not impossible, just not very probable.

  15. A very good post, Norm, about evidence, and one answer to the question as to why the people of Newtown are so silent about Sandy Hook. They may not be sure as to what exactly happened either.

    1. Outside of those people who were directly acquainted with the details of the events on that day — and that may even exclude the first responders who actually came upon the actual scenes of the murders, assuming there were any — I doubt that there are but a handful of people in a position to fully appreciate what went down.

      The problem is the complete top-down control that exists in terms of access to documented and verifiable information. Unless you are near the top of the hierarchy charged with the task of investigating a crime, you understand very little of the designs of the investigation of which you are a part. For the detectives investigating crimes, their terms of reference are stipulated from on high.

      Think, for example, of what NIST was tasked to investigate or explain: nothing beyond the exact moment at which collapse was initiated.

      Or think more recently of the UN team sent in to investigate the alleged use of Chemical Weapons in Ghouta, Syria: look for proof of use, but not at anything that might confirm whether Assad or the mercenaries were responsible.

      So if the individuals who are part of the teams tasked to conduct an investigation do not themselves become privy to the overall pattern of the details they are collating, it is unsurprising that the residents of Newton themselves would have no more clue about what happened than the rest of us, except, of course, for those who may have lost their children and loved ones, or others acquainted with the deceased, assuming that the massacre even happened.

      Something needs to be dismantled or reconfigured.

  16. Those who have issues to hide will always cover up their tracks. I’m not surprised at the swift move to demolish Sandy Hook. Too much here does not meet the logic test.

  17. There is a pattern of premature determined elimination of “crime scenes” something in the manner of the striking of a set for a film- the location endures in its post-event form for a brief period and then is systematically stripped and devoured, even if the elimination of the site entails danger to first responders or demolition crews.

    It is a raised flag of oddity that indicates something is going on and that there is at least one hidden level to unpackage in relation to the event.

    For example the Castro sex slave case- the horror house has also already been demolished. And with its elimination what has also been eliminated is any question in relation to other sex monsters who participated, including neighbours, relatives and devil cult members.

    1. I did a lot of research early on into Sandy Hook, and discovered that whitepages.com listed Shannon C. Hicks as “associated with” John H. and Maureen A. Will, at the same address (which my notes show was 2 Zoar Rd). It is likely that Maureen Will and Shannon Hicks are the the same person, therefore.

      Maureen Will is also the “director of emergency communications” for Newtown or Sandy Hook, and under HER name whitepages.com brought up two adult females, both of whom are licensed real estate agents. It is likely Maureen Will’s real name is “Maureen Williams,” and she is a real estate agent, herself. All three real estate agents come up in the license listings for the State of Connecticut. Since this search was done, whitepages.com either no longer works or is no longer free.

      The Sandy Hook incident is a hoax which likely has been pulled off as part of a big real estate deal. Many of the players–including not only Will/Hicks, but the Halstead crowd, who include several fire department officials and the school secretary who reported “Adam Lanza” as a shooter in the school–are involved in real estate transactions in the Sandy Hook area. Maureen Will has bought, or was (in January) in the process of buying, a house across the street from the “school,” as I recall, which was listed by “Halstead Properties.”

      I posted this information and more on the SandyHookTruth website, but Lynne Blanchard, who runs that blog, removed that and other information I found out about these actors, on insubstantial grounds (i.e., she didn’t want “personal information” like people’s addresses posted on her website).

      1. Look up youtuber namesnotmary. It might be namesnotmerry. Anyway she made a very good video using real estate sells records in the area. Several houses surrounding the Lanza home were gifted to people on Christmas day 2009. Sell price $0.00. I’m not in real estate, so I don’t know…just putting that out there. One commenter said they may have done that for tax purposes as it was year end, but its 18 houses if I recall correctly. Would post link, but my phone isn’t that smart.

        Go Hawkeyes!

        1. On Feb. 6. 2013, I called the Newtown city clerk’s office about all those “sale” dates showing up as Dec. 25, 2009. I spoke to, a deputy clerk named “Monica,” who said they had installed new software and just picked a date for each “conveyance” that they were sure would never be used for a real transaction. She said it was a “conversion date” from one program to another. “To make it function, we had to put a date in.”

          This answer was so bogus, so contrary to the recording laws in every state in the Union–which establish a number of rights and priorities based on date and time of recording, as well as date and time of conveyance–I could not believe my ears.

          She also said that the documents themselves (it was deeds I wished to see) could not be viewed because the people in her office had to redact social security numbers. I said, “I have never seen a social security number on a deed”–and she disagreed, saying there was a “chunk of time” when there were lots of SSNs. (If they were in fact doing this, they were altering recorded documents, a felony.)

        2. Dinophile, have you seen any FOI from the Charities that are capitalizing on the fraud of SHE?


      This was posted and removed today:
      Nurse Sally Cox reportedly told Andrea McCarren that the shooter was the son of a kindergarten teacher and went on in great detail to explain that she knew his mother. She never reported that Nancy Lanza was a kindergarten teacher she said the “SHOOTER’s MOTHER” was a kindergarten teacher.

      Cox later said that she only saw the shooter’s feet and then hid in a closet with Barbara Halstead for 4 hours ? Avoiding a minimum of 4 police sweeps of the building into every nook and cranny ?

      Now anybody that makes an inquiry to Andrea McCarren’s twitter page gets blocked and both she and Cox refuse to clarify what transpired between them.

      Sally Cox did report that she called 911 so that record should clearly determine whether or not she knew the shooter. Such a critical piece of evidence I have to wonder why Sedensky has not listened to it yet ?

      We also have not heard a word from Natalie Hammond or Chris Manfredonia either have we ?


  18. Kathy says that it is routine to keep an emergency lane open for responders, and all the lanes were clogged, so they apparently didn’t want responders. And she questions why would the newtowners would have to vote to accept a 50 million dollar new school, free. I would guess to make them complicit in tearing down the old one.

    This kind of manipulation, and Kathy raises other points, would answer to the question of why the newtowners don’t raise a fuss about the Sandy Hook scenario.

  19. I predict the $50 million replacement Sandy Hook school building will be above average architecture, multipurpose and through many themes reinforce the “top down story” (TDS). It will be a perpetual memorial and touch stone of the TDS. With it will come more TDS believers. Upon seeing jobs and community rise from the ashes it will diffuse, distract and dilute the mental conflict of questioning the mythical allusions of the TDS. The new building should be dedicated as “Memory Hole Community Center” or ?

    1. So much of this false history and building campaigns to cement the myths into place. Why does it remind me of medieval cathedrals centered around some relic brought back from the holy wars in Jerusalem? The virgin’s mantle, the crown of thorns, the wood of the true cross, you name it. Then you build a great big repository, you bury and anoint your notables there. What’s not to like? Of course they usually weren’t as cheesy as our monuments. But just as founded on irrational premises about relics which were fakes.

  20. In regards to the $50M for the destruction and BUILDING of a NEW school, I think everyone is missing the smoking gun question, WHY? By the government’s own narrative, the students (approx. 450-550) were transferred to the nearby and conveniently EMPTY Chalk Hill Elementary School back in January, 2013. Therefore, are we to believe that there is need for ANOTHER school for an additional (450-550) students that may have suddenly moved into the Sandy Hook neighborhood since January, 2013? It doesn’t matter if the new school costs $50M or $50K. What is the new school replacing? The students are already in the remodeled and redecorated Chalk Hill Elementary which was renamed Sandy Hook!

  21. Dinophile’s comments on real estate dealings of Sandy Hook are quite interesting and possibly may be quite valuable. Not that real estate fraud could possibly be a PRIMARY motivation for this homicidal spectacle, since the fingerprints of American power are all over it.

    But it introduces a rather routine form of financial scandal that American’s are accustomed to, and thus is less scary than confronting American power directly over homicidal fraud. This is true as well with the money collected from the American people by the over 79 organizations, much or which no doubt has disappeared down the memory hole along with its organizers.

    If a book is ever written about the homicidal conspiracies of Aurora, Sandy Hook, and the Marathon bombings, such conventional financial scandals can legitimate the much more important duplicity of power. If the media lets these kinds of routine scandals slip down the memory hole, and are critiqued on that basis, in doing so the legitimation of the critique of the homicidal conspiracies can be institutionalized en passé.

    A book on 9/11 of individual essays, 9/11 AND THE AMERICAN EMPIRE, edited by David Griffin and Peter Dale Scott, was published in 2007 by Olive Branch Press. I don’t know how well it sold, but what has been done once can be done again. I can see it now: RESCUE FROM THE MEMORY HOLE Aurora, Sandy Hook, Marathon bombings.

    With the research essays done by commenters like Dinophile and other truthers, some journalistic, some academic. But of course it would need an academic editor.

  22. Odd isn’t it how it is now reported Sally Cox was in the command and control room for hours and they didn’t bother to sweep the small room.Yeah right. This hoax really does get more absurd by the minute.

  23. The real estate dealings are primarily interesting in that they support a theory. Sophia Smallstorm’s video touches on it. These people were “chosen” as participants. They were placed at the location because it was already designated as a “model” of what they would like for all of us.

    Every aspect of this psycho-drama supports the new “Resilience” in living meme of Agenda 21. It is pretty obvious if looked at closely, that a great deal of effort went into the selection, placement and overall narrative of this operation.

    The hiding of evidence is just a continuation of the drill. For the drill to be deemed a “success”, they must succeed in burying any discoverable evidence and continue the tale based on their say so entirely.

    The story is deliberately sprinkled with obvious impossibilities. There would be no point in having mass belief in a believable story. While there are certainly “sub-memes” buried in the storyline the ultimate meme is “believe the impossible because we say so”.

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