“It’s as close as we can get to the real thing without people getting hurt. The [new] drills coach officers to directly engage the shooter instead of waiting for specialized SWAT teams to arrive.”-ALERRT Program Research Director J. Pete Blair

With the school year now underway a flurry of federally-coordinated “active shooter drills” are taking place across the country. The exercises are part of a broader program the FBI is carrying out as a result of an Obama’s directive following the December 2012 Newtown school massacre.

The FBI has teamed up with an existing active-shooter training program —Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) — begun in Texas after the 1999 Columbine High School shootings and funded in part by the US Department of Justice. The FBI sent roughly 100 tactical instructors to ALERRT training and then placed them throughout the US to oversee mock terror exercises with local law enforcement agencies.

“Officers and instructors were divided into gunmen, responders, hostages and victims and given real-life scenarios that test their ability to enter a building and confront a shooter,” according to an Associated Press report.

“The officers, in blue protective helmets, fired non-lethal projectiles from lookalike handguns — enough to make a loud “pop” and sting on impact … “In that kind of event, you can never get to the point where it’s real life. Always in back of the officer’s head, they know, ‘I’m not actually going to die. No one’s being killed,'” said J. Pete Blair, the ALERRT program’s research director and an associate professor at Texas State University-San Marcos. But, he added, “It’s as close as we can get to the real thing without people getting hurt. The [new] drills coach officers to directly engage the shooter instead of waiting for specialized SWAT teams to arrive … The protocol marks a stark shift from past training that focused on containing the scene, controlling the perimeter and calling for SWAT help. That strategy, though widely accepted at the time, was criticized as too slow and painstaking after the Columbine shootings.” [1]

Since these exercises are designed to be as realistic as possible, students, school personnel and the broader public may be unsuspectingly caught up in the contrived terror, unable distinguish whether the “actors” alongside the accompanying gunfire and explosions are real or fake. This important facet is left up to the relevant agencies to explain to the press.

Further, such events are purportedly carried out to ensure civilians’ “safety” while sharpening police officers’ skills in “real life” environments. Yet local communities and the families of frightened children might wonder why military training-style maneuvers have to be carried out with their loved ones as props, especially in light of the fact that the entire program is based on an event the public still has only limited information about.

Such government mandates and exercises also call up several deeper questions that will scarcely be considered by those claiming to act in out best interest. For example, aren’t these trainings a fundamental component toward convincing young people and the broader public that virtually no place is safe? Through such drills and increasingly militarized policing isn’t it safe to conclude that those authorities suggesting the sole remedy for possibly being in the wrong place at the wrong time is a virtual police state?

Moreover, when one takes into consideration the slipshod and even downright dishonest nature of so much journalism today, such drills may in fact provide the basis for the carefully coordinated news spectacle should they “go live,” thereby providing further rationale for the perpetual state of terror and surveillance the nation presently finds itself in.

It is important to note that just as these drills were taking place a real event transpired in Decatur, Georgia—indeed, one that at first glance is difficult distinguish from the many federally-orchestrated shooter drills, not to mention the 2012 Sandy Hook School massacre. A 20-year-old gunman dressed in black and carrying an AK-47 allegedly found his way into the Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy  where a school secretary occupied him with small talk long enough for police to arrive. “The gunman also held other employees hostage,” the New York Times reports. When police made it there

the gunman stepped outside of the building and fired four to six shots, and went back inside, the police said. An officer returned fire. [school clerk Antoinette] Tuff said he wanted to go back outside but she told him to empty his pockets and backpack and to put his weapons down. “He got down on the floor, but when the police officers came in, he was actually laying on the floor with his hands behind his back,” she said. [2]

The Decatur Township School District received FEMA training in emergency management response less than one month ago. At the conclusion of that training Decatur Township School Board President and Fire Department Chief Dale Henson observed, “As leaders, there is no better way to spend our time than preparing for incidents which we hope will never occur, but for which we must be ready, in order to protect our most precious resources – our children and those who work in our schools to enrich their lives.” [3]

The following are brief excerpts and citations of news articles on some of the mock terror events carried out throughout the US since August 1, 2013.

Rossford, Ohio

“In the scenario: A school bus is en route to an event when suddenly it’s hijacked! A camera inside the bus captured the whole thing while an audience of school teachers, administrators and transportation directors watched it all unfold on a live feed. ‘Every driver, administrator will take something away from this saying that this could actually happen on my bus. That’s what our focus was. This could happen on any bus’, says Jeff Culler, Rossford Schools Transportation Director.”

School Bus Hijacking Drill Takes Place in Rossford,” WTVG 13 ABC, August 14, 2013.

West Orange, New Jersey

“’The police came in and they were like, “Get down! Get down!” becausethey didn’t know if there were shooters or not,’ said student Brian Cheda. ‘I actually thought I was going to get shot for a moment. I was really scared.’ Cheda, who played the role of a student calling for help, gets shot in the drill — not by police, but by an active shooter. Other students were inside too.”

Volunteer Agencies, Volunteers Take Part in NJ ‘Active Shooter Drill,” CBS 2 New York, August 20, 2013.

Houston, Texas

“The scenario is terrifying: An armed gunman is atta[c]king students at U of H Downtown and the university police are learning state of the art tactics to protect the students and faculty.”

Active Shooter Drill Held at University of Houston-Downtown,” KPRC Houston, August 20, 2013.

Long Beach, California

“Will Nash, spokesman for the Long Beach Fire Department, said emergency workers were particularly focused on practicing a process called simple triage and rapid transit/treatment. The idea is to remain calm in an active-shooter situation while quickly caring for those most injured … The wounded were carried to a small lawn near the 7th Street entrance to the campus, where staff from St. Mary Medical Center, clad in bright orange vests, cared for them. By 10:35 a.m., about an hour after the exercise started, campus officials released the first injury count, which included 11 critically, with three “transported” to St. Mary Medical Center, two to Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and one to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, a county-run trauma center near Torrance.”

Agencies Conduct Active Shooter Drill on Cal State Long Beach Campus,” Josh Dulaney, Long Beach Press Telegram, August 13, 2013.

Washington County, Pennsylvania

“Joy Ranko, who also works in the prothonotary’s office, kept watching the clock waiting for the drill to start at 3 p.m. But when the “gunman” fired three blanks in succession near the office, Ranko took cover behind the front desk and saw a stranger standing just a few feet away. She still had goosebumps and was flustered moments after authorities apprehended the fake gunman.”

Mike Jones, “’Active Shooter’ Drill Prepares Courthouse Staff, Police Officers,”  Observer-Reporter.com, August 19, 2013.

Hanover, Pennsylvania

“Penn Township Police Chief James Laughlin never wants to face a scenario like the Sandy Hook school shooting. Even so, he realizes that preparing to respond to a similar event is a valuable exercise. ‘These incidents are real and happening today,’ Laughlin said. ‘That’s why we continually have to train and be prepared. We have to have some sort of edge to help ourselves. The citizens expect that and deserve for us to be prepared to encounter that.’”

Adam Michael, “Local Police Train with Active Shooter Drill,” The Evening Sun, August 14, 2013.

Buffalo, New York

“The drill … will include staged first responders from the Sheriff’s Department, Springville Police Department, New York State Police and Springville Fire Department. There will be five staged ‘victims,’ and SWAT members will take EMS personnel to the victims. Plastic weapons will be used.”

Active Shooter Drill at Spring Valley High School Wednesday,” The Buffalo News, August 20, 2013.

Santa Maria, California

Video: Active Shooter Drill,” Santa Maria Times, August 13, 2013.

Homewood, Alabama

“Students and teachers are only days away from the start of the new school year, and the Homewood City School district is taking time to revamp security measures. Educators with the district met at Homewood High School for active shooter training.”

Josh Zavadil, “Homewood City Schools Hold Active Shooter Drill,” WIAT CBS 42, August 15, 2013.

Elko, Nevada

Two unidentified hostages are escorted after being released by an Elko County Special Response Team member Monday during a report of an active shooter on GBC campus during an active shooter drill.

Ross Anderson, “Great Basin College Active Shooter Drill-3,” Elko Daily Free Press, August 20, 2013.

Johnstown, Pennsylvania

“These instructors are top-notch. They’ve been all over the world,” [Johnstown officer Erin Kabler] said. “We’re drawing from all their experience and things they’ve done, things they’ve seen and actual action reports.” “The whole paradigm changed. Up until the late-’90s – in fact, 1999 – the local officers would surround the situation and isolate it, then call a SWAT team,” [Kentucky policeman Don] Alwes said. “After Columbine, everyone understood you can’t wait for a SWAT team. A SWAT team is at least an hour away and people are dying.”

Justin Dennis, “Video: Officers Participate in ‘Active Shooter’ Drill,” The Tribune Democrat, August 6, 2013.

Clarksville, Arkansas

“What [this drill] does is it is designed to make you start thinking about possible scenarios that could happen,” said Clarksville Superintendent Dr. David Hopkins. ”It allows you to work through these scenarios in your mind so that at least you’ve thought about it, at least you don’t lock up because you don’t have a plan.”

Clarksville School Staff Takes Part in Active Shooter Drill,” KFSM 5 News, August 16, 2013.

Carrollton, Georgia

“’We had our shooter first go into the Community Center, and he “shot” some people there before making his way to the Suite 3 of the dorms,’ Chief of University Police Tom Mackel said. ‘Once there, our officers were able to locate and confront him and then neutralize the shooter.’ The two buildings were populated by student actors who will be working as RAs in the coming school year … The department set up a mock dispatch center, which received calls from the students who were present in the sites. The dispatchers handled the calls as if they were normal calls, sending officers where they were told they were needed.”

UWG Holds Active Shooter Drill,” Times-Georgian, August 19, 2013.


Waverly police officer Tony Krull works his way through a hall make Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2013, during a training exercise at Wartburg College. The scenario featured an active shooter on campus.

Photos: Active Shooter Training at Wartburg College,” WCF Courier, August 21, 2013.

Taos, New Mexico

“For the second year in a row, the first week of school will see increased police presence around the schools, particularly in the mornings, at lunch and when school lets out. Superintendent of schools Rod Weston said he appreciates law enforcement’s efforts to keep the schools safe. He said strong relationships between teachers and students is [sic] an integral part of ensuring safety at schools. ‘Students often know if something is up, and if they have a good relationship with teachers they will feel comfortable enough to bring it up,’ he said[, adding] Taos schools are probably safer than most schools around the country.”

Elizabeth Cleary, “Taos Schools Use Active Shooter Drill to Prepare for School Year,” The Taos News, August 18, 2013.

La Mirada, California

A training instructor, right, watches as a Sheriff's Deputy, left, encounters a suspect as Biola University hosts an Active Shooter training drill with simulations and less lethal weapons systems at Biola University on Aug. 14 with simulations and less lethal weapons systems on Wednesday August 14, 2013. Training instructors from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Tactics and Survival Training Staff will provide briefing on “Active Shooter Response and School Safety.” (Whittier Daily News/Staff Photo by Keith Durflinger)

“’In this day and age you have to look at what’s happening around the nation, said John Ojeisekhoba, chief of campus safety for Biola. ‘It can happen anywhere. We’re not immune.’ More than 100 sheriff’s deputies and 12 Biola public safety officers participated in the two drills that took about one hour. Ojeisekhoba said it went well. ‘We have trained with the Sheriff’s Department at Monterey Park,’ he said. ‘We do training regularly with their tactics. Now we had the chance to conduct a joint training exercise.’”

Mike Sprague, “Biola, LA County Sheriff’s State School Shooter Drill,” Whittier Daily News, August 14, 2013.

Priceville, Alabama

“’I’ve had a lot of people come to me and say they don’t really care what the education provides if you can’t keep your children safe,’ Morgan County Schools Superintendent Bill Hopkins said. Multiple law enforcement agencies were involved in the drill, including the Alabama Alcohol and Beverage Control Board, the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department and the Priceville Police Department. ‘This really gives them, the school administrators and the faculty, the tools they need to deal with the situation prior to a law enforcement response,’ said Alabama ABC Sergeant Wayne Mackey. About 30 school administrators attended the drill, which began with a Power Point presentation and finished with the shooting and lockdown simulation.

Christina Pae, “PriceVille High School Hosts Active Shooter Drill,” WAFF 48 News, August 1, 2013.


[1] “FBI Works to Train Police on Mass Killing Response,” The Buffalo News/Associated Press, August 20, 2013.

[2] Kim Severson and Alan Blinder, “Clerk Thwarts Gunman, 20, at Atlanta-Area School,” New York Times, August 20, 2013.

[3] “Decatur Township Leadership Team Completes Incident Command Training,” Decatur Township Schools, July 25, 2013.

Reposted at GlobalResearch on August 23, 2013.

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50 thought on “Nationwide Post-Sandy Hook Terror Drills: Real or Fake?”
  1. It is a never-ending drumbeat of “threats” foreign, domestic, from outer space, from the floor of the oceans, from both poles, from rising seas to sinking land…never ending “threats” to our way of life.

    It just so happens that way of life is becoming a paralytic, psychotic sense of dread about everyone, everything, every day and in every way.

    Is there an answer? I think the best one can do is resist, refuse, revoke, remember, and in as many situations as one can, pour unmerciful sarcasm and scorn on these “heroes” who would have looked splendid in brown shirts in the 30s.

    DON’T lower your voice, afraid they may notice you. It will only be harder to raise it tomorrow. Make a stand, in whatever way you can, today.

    They are stealing everything good about America before our eyes and laughing at our inability to even see it let alone be outraged. There is no time left to ponder or hope for them…they are past redemption.

    The only thing that remains is deciding what YOUR response will be. Choose wisely.

  2. I think this ‘trend’ has multiple purposes. All on the conditioning side.

    One new (to me) is that as often as this drills ‘leak’ to the press the more the public will think when it happens to them “oh, this is just one of those drills. Never mind.”

    That’s the moment the total lock down will happen in an increasing pace.

    “Oh, the FEMA camps, yes, that’s part of the drill.” “OK, now we have seen it, experienced it a bit. Now, let me out and go home. Let me out. LET ME OUT!”

    Too late.

  3. What Aschwin says is frightening, and perhaps it is the answer to the question below.

    This is all such B.S. The real “Boogeyman” is that the DHS is afraid of budget cuts and is expanding quickly to assert the need of its services… kind of like creating the problem and stepping-up to solve it. The layers of contractors that comprise the DHS and NSA are numerous, but it is worth having a look.

    Exercise your rights people, demand information, pull your kids out of school (home school, co-op school, private school), write those letters to your political reps. Frankly, if your kids is bloodied in one of these exercises… it is actually a big success for the organizers.

    Work for the way of life you want, fight for your rights… because this is a very good question:

    – “..local communities and the families of frightened children might wonder why military training-style maneuvers have to be carried out with their loved ones as props.”

    Off topic, but relevant: Nearly spilled my morning coffee with the new plot twist in the Bradley Manning saga. I liked the characterization that the Bradley Manning story has “jumped the shark.”: http://willyloman.wordpress.com/2013/08/22/manning-wikileaks-psyop-jumps-the-shark/.

    From the media stories of School-based Terror Drills to Bradley Manning we are swimming in a sea of distressing news about life in our country. The slant of all of this is psychological warfare to erode our faith in our government and each other.

    1. Agree totally, if we are consumed with fear, we will cower down and be afraid to speak against the evil doers or take action to preserve our rights. The Manning thing is as bizarre as all the other brainwashing techniques they have deployed. It is a new recruitment tool, for those who cannot afford to change their genders as they would like! Was happy today to see the frightening video of huge, live trees being swallowed in seconds into the LA Sinkhole in the msm. There has been a total news blackout of this ongoing, from last year, catastrophy where hundreds of Americans have been evacuated from their homes, and some can’t or won’t leave this toxic area. Texas Brine and all gov officials have been lying to the folks about how bad it is, and dragging their feet with low ball buyouts as they continue to drill away. And now the media is caught right out lying too, by not reporting what is going on there and shockingly [not] reporting DHS is closely monitoring the situation that started in August, not mentioning what year and all the homes are safe of course. One blogger did an excellant job of capturing the reality of this dire situation. http://gawker.com/terrifying-louisiana-sinkhole-swallows-up-entire-trees-1182340826

  4. So the ‘drills’ are in place early on in the school year to protect and to help the public ‘deal’ with imaginary and contrived events.This is just an illusion.
    The situation almost looks real, hyper stylised and could come to a town or city near you. We need to be prepared, is the message. Just look at the comments from people who participated. They were involved and at the time they weren’t sure if it was real and were genuinely terrified at what was happening.
    You can easily imagine, with the help of the ever so obedient, self sufficient / indulgent media, that one of these could easily ‘go live’ and would be seen as real as you can get within in the narrow parameters that we define as being reality.

  5. I just don’t understand why more parents aren’t pissed-off by this dangerous intrusion. In 2011, there was a “soft” terror drill in our community where the kids hid in the corner of their classrooms. No extra personnel was called in, it was just teachers. A kindergartener explained to me, “We hid in case there was a bad guy.”

    None of the parents were notified the “terror drill” was scheduled. Interestingly, there was an uptick of private schooling/home schooling in this region for 2012-2013.

    The folks who participated in the drills featured above, willingly and unwillingly (as in kids required to be in school), likely experienced terror as a result of their animal instincts reacting to a very real danger.

    It is sad that all this “busy activity” of finger pointing to Middle East “terrorists” or disenfranchised kids with autism as the “Boogeymen” has blinded people from the critical thinking needed to question what they are being told.

    Like, “So, you say. Hmmm… can you cite statistics as to the probability of a lone shooter or terrorist event **ever** happening?” And, “Is it possible that the solution you propose—having armed soldiers invade the school for a ‘terror drill’—is perhaps more damaging to our students… and, perhaps even more dangerous to their lives given the probability is so much higher of a drill event occurring?”

    1. “…a ‘terror drill’—is perhaps more damaging to our students…”

      I think your point here is one of the best arguments against abandoning the “terror drill” practice entirely.

      I want to share an idea that some may not have considered. A motive for conditioning us with these drills, leading to an even darker scenario.

      First, I should be clear that I do NOT suspect this IS going to be the result. I’m actually fairly optimistic about our near future and don’t swim in paranoid conspiracy. But, it still needs to be considered because of the opportunity it might present to TPTB.

      Assume, for a moment that there is a desire to either eliminate or at least imprison a large part of the US population. Especially with the current mistrust of the government, the logistics of this would be staggering. It would require brute force, unless deception was possible. Probably a little of both.

      For years, people have been warning of FEMA camps for the purpose of incarcerating large numbers. Few have presented a theory of how we would be rounded up. If soldiers were to visit each residence, that would require huge numbers and could be a flash point. Transporting groups would be another possible flash point. As quickly as they could act, they couldn’t prevent word from spreading and growing resistance.

      Knowing everyone’s location would be unlikely. There are problems of timing an event like this, whether pre-dawn, late evening or afternoon. Ultimately, it would require multiple waves to round up even a few cities. But, that might be all they require before some further action.

      Sometime after 9/11, I came to oppose the US educational system and to support home schooling and alternative options. The issue of mandatory attendance was always a puzzler until I realized it was clear and simple totalitarianism. Now, with active shooter drills and the recent staged terror hoaxes it seems the real threat is having your kids anywhere near these people.

      Imagine how easy it would be for a large number of schools to be told they were going to be transported to a safe-zone due to some environmental or undetermined threat. If that began at around 9:30, that phase could be over by 11:00. The parents would then be phoned, texted or emailed with limited details that wouldn’t arouse suspicions. In all likelihood, it would be the parents scrambling to accommodate the state and hurrying to retrieve their kids.

      The collection-point could be located with only one-way access on a large road with few exits, like an express-way. Then, just as you’ve seen done with checkpoints the road would narrow out and police presence would increase. Anyone who tried to bail would be too late. Once past a certain point, vehicles would be disabled and occupants herded into the facility as their cars were driven away and parked by personnel.

      The bottom line is, if you got a call from your kids school informing you that a truck carrying ammonia had upended nearby, and asking you to pick your kids up at the nearby fairgrounds, what would you do? What could you do to avoid the above scenario? How much could you accomplish before being compelled to retrieve your kids?

      I’m simply unable to imagine any situation where TPTB would attempt such a thing. But, I still think schools are too convenient a target for the state and whatever plans they have.

        1. That is a chilling scenario. This actually occurred to me last year, but I hadn’t developed the scenario to the degree that you have here.

          What prompted me to consider this possibility was a school event that took place last year (after the incident at Sandy Hook) where the students were bused to another location for the parents to pick them up. As I recall, the parents did not know where the children were for a number of hours. If I were one of those parents, I’d consider myself lucky to get my kid back & take my kids out of that school.

          I believe this event was posted on the Sandy Hook Truth forum. I just checked over there now, I couldn’t find it… but I did see that they are having this same discussion.

          In the recent “shooting” event, the parents were asked to wait at Walmart. Seems convenient to reduce the number of witnesses to the weirdness of a fake drill pretending to be a real event:

          “Parents were asked to go to the Walmart near Gresham Road and Interstate 20 to get their children. Hundreds of McNair elementary school parents flooded the parking lot to be reunited with the students, who were bused from the school. Parents were required to have a photo ID to pick up their child.”


    1. I did see this.

      It appears to be an anti-gun narrative. It reminded me of the Senate intern who said, “When the gunman realizes that nobody else is armed, he will lay down his weapons and turn himself in…. that’s just human nature.”

      Lovely that she was able to talk the shooter into disarming… but, as many have commented this is not a wise strategy to present as a solution. She was lucky.

      Others who attempt to talk down a person who woke up that morning and decided to kill a bunch of kids…, may not be so lucky.

      Personally, if I found myself in a similar situation facing a deranged shooter, I’d want to have a gun.

      1. Tracy,

        In your world, a “made to order” event would have dialed up multiple fatalities, with no or little evidence. Here were have a thwarted attempt, and oddly I have yet to see the dissection of the event hinting that it was a ruse of the FBI, CIA, NSA, or UN. You know why? Because it was exactly that, and not some crazy scheme.

        Occam’s Razor, Tracy. Look into it.

        1. Sol, you are missing the point. Which was to demonstrate you don’t need guns, just common sense, to defuse an explosive situation. I.E., the gun grabbers win a round. Turn in your guns and smile for heaven’s sake. Who writes this stuff? Is Hollywood contracting out its scenarios to the local gendarmes?

      2. Hi James –

        Interesting post.

        But why I’m posting is a bit off topic. I saw that some FAU students were disciplined for protesting an Israeli speaker, and demonstrating for Palestinian rights. I’m hesitatingly asking what you make, if anything of this… hesitatingly because I know this might stir up some – ah – intense discussions.

        I certainly have no axe to grind against Israel, but I do feel as though the Palestinians have not been treated at all well.

        And of course, thanks!

        1. You are most welcome.

          Not to worry. Because of this and similar incidents the university’s administration has now embarked on an endeavor that’s sure to keep us from thinking (and uttering) undesirable or dangerous thoughts.

      3. Thank you, Prof. Tracy, for this interesting compilation of 16 active-shooter events which took place over the past several weeks.

        I’m wondering now if we should make that 17 – ? This story is not adding up for me. I just watched an Atlanta local news story which was introduced as “We will never forget the images from earlier this week (at McNair Discovery Learning Academy).” What followed was a montage of images with sound bytes, accompanied by heart-rending music — very reminiscent of what we saw after Sandy Hook.

        Have you seen this? –

        1. Hi James –

          Thanks for replying. In view of what you say your administration is planning, I guess I should say – “God Help Us All.”

          Take care,

    2. “Dearth of comments” might signify the incident in question is too pat for my skeptical, highly-honed and questioning nature. I speak for myself, however, if you were a frequent visitor to memoryholeblog, you might have noticed the comments are smart, concise, illuminating–unlike many chat blogs. But then, I have disengaged from the Matrix to explore and unpeel America’s tightly-configurated onion. It gets to be a habit and you can’t go back to old paradigms or delusions. Ever! Shucks….

  6. Is there a way to find out in advance if your school is going to have a drill? Does anyone know of a list,web site or a advanced way of knowing about this so people can keep their kids at home?
    Does the school have to post this somewhere in advance?

    1. Hi Anne,

      As far as I know, no. You could talk to your principal and ask if there is a schedule for “security drills.” I would think regular security drills (of the sort where the kids hide and then are led from the building) would be planned like fire drills.

      As for the other kind (the ones that look like SWAT Team raids), I believe those are planned as “need to know” events to ensure the responders, staff and students are “tested” on their training. I think the best question to ask your Principal is, “Has school or staff recently been involved in security training or planning?”

      Good luck.

  7. Theres a tropical cyclone forming in the Gulf…Hmmmm…fishy! Wonder who’s up to that! We could waste countless hours devoting time to something that happens on a given cycle or…….we could fall on our swords, surrender our egos, and say there is no dictating cause!

    Now, don’t dismiss this storm! You opened Pandora’s box by making a big deal about humans dictating weather events. I think you should get to the bottom of this.

  8. Here’s another drill that recently took place.

    (Cut & Paste from a recent email sent to GWC faculty and staff)


    On Wednesday, August 21 the GWC Public Safety Department is coordinating with the Huntington Beach Police Department to conduct training on our campus. The training will involve members of the HBPD SWAT and Crisis Negotiating Team. These teams train monthly for various emergencies and will be focusing the training on an armed suspect on campus. The actors involved in the training will be police officers and explorer scouts. All weapons will be inert training weapons that only fire blanks. The utmost level of safety will be maintained. In order for the training to be realistic, the actors may scream or yell and the officers will yell commands and may fire blanks. The area to be used is the western half of the Humanities Building. The areas nearby will have warning signs posted to indicate a police practice area. The training will begin sometime after 10:00 AM and continue until approximately 6:00 PM.

    The benefits of hosting this training on campus will be to allow the police department to become more familiar with the campus layout and to interact with the Public Safety officers. The training will enhance their response in the event of an armed individual coming onto campus. You may see a number of police and fire vehicles parked near the Public Safety Office including an armored rescue vehicle. Please contact me if you have any questions. [END]

    GWC’s Academic Senate recently passed a proposal implementing a variety of new “safety measures”, including the requirement of faculty and staff to wear their official name badges at all times, in order to be more easily identified as ‘first responders’ in the case of disaster, catastrophe, or threat.

    The designation of “first responder” is a term generally reserved for someone trained and certified as such. Faculty and staff are neither. A name badge is going to do nothing other than act as a target, in which case, the wearers are fools. Similarly, if the administration expects GWC faculty to throw themselves in the line of fire to protect their (adult) students, in the style of Dawn Hochsprung, Hero Principal, they’re just as misguided as the stupid name tag requirement is.

  9. I know York smart, that’s why you ask open ended questions and base the answers in the most unscientific data/analysys possible. I’m a a professional scientist.

    As far as concise…post by people who answer in riddles or deviate from the central thesis is far from concise.

    Or who accuse me as working for some authority and getting paid for your responses. You would call that concise? Or mildly neurotic…following a similar pattern

    1. Your are busted dear professional scientist! You spoke of how we should be afraid of the next approaching storm and a very detailed link was provided to you on weather manipulation and you responded with your snark before an adequate time elapsed for a serious consideration of the authors’ presentations could of been considered. There were no riddles proposed on my part, but clearly you regard yourself as a scientist and the only science that exists in your world is that which you agree with!

    2. Sol, can you verify your credentials? Just to calm natural iconoclasts like myself. We don’t fit the pattern of legions who consume force-fed pap, rendering nutritional value moot.

      Physicist, Dr. Christopher Busby interviewed on Alex Jones yesterday (oh, stop rolling your eyes; where else will you hear this info except through way-off-mainstream channels?), said the academic community has been hijacked by the powers who offer incentives to universities and other organizations in the way of money and prestige. In return, they must toe the party line and LIE about science. Climate change is one of those payoff areas confusing the public dialogue. Al Gore is carrying water for that specious cause. The true reason is to pump up acceptance of carbon taxes to quell coming catastrophies. Clever, these furtive bottom feeders.

  10. We always knew they were out there lurking and pouncing. Sometimes they appear to be mindless robots that short circuit and continue to sputter gibberish and even vulgar comments, before their master unplugs the power supply! Appreciate that you allow some outlandish conversations in that can spur a humorous debate in the otherwise serious and critical topics covered. http://intellihub.com/2013/08/09/us-military-caught-manipulating-social-media-running-mass-propaganda-accounts/

  11. Thank you for this interesting and illuminating post, Dr. Tracy. It is my contention that these incessant terror-izing drills are, in great part, an expansion of the military-industrial complex into The Homeland for fun and profit. These drills are funded by the public, with personnel, equipment, and munitions purchased from the corporate entities that provoke and sustain the incessant wars abroad–and which are looking inventively for ways to increase their profits.

  12. 1) There is something the government wants to do, but it would have no public support; 2) The government-media creates a crisis for which this “something” is the solution to the manufactured “crisis”, which was designed to frighten the public; 3) The public begs for government protection from the manufactured “crisis” and demands solutions. 4. The government Institutes their “something” as the solution; 5) The public believes they are safer, although they are actually in more danger after the “solution” is instituted than they were before the manufactured “crisis”, and they have no idea they have been manipulated by the government-media into accepting a new government policy which would have had no public support whatsoever had it not been for the government-media manufactured “crisis”. See: Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes – http://monoskop.org/images/4/44/Ellul_Jacques_Propaganda_The_Formation_of_Mens_Attitudes.pdf

  13. Reading Jeremy Scahill in “The Nation” and came across this:

    “I encountered ISI operatives, all former Israeli soldiers, manning an armed check-point in New Orleans in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. At the time, in 2005, its website described ISI’s personnel as “veterans of the Israeli special task forces from the following Israeli government bodies: Israel Defense Force (IDF), Israel National Police Counter Terrorism units, Instructors of Israel National Police Counter Terrorism units, General Security Service (GSS or ‘Shin Beit’), Other restricted intelligence agencies.”

    Guess what services ISI is now offering? You guessed it: School Security. http://www.isitrainingcenter.com/school-security.html

    Americans are being brainwashed to accept a paradigm similar to Israel in that we must be afraid of “terrorists” and boogeymen 24/7.

    I don’t wish to live in an open-air prison. I don’t want to live in Israel 2.0.

    (Scahill article link: http://www.thenation.com/blog/firm-tied-israeli-special-forces-wants-us-security-contracts-jerusalem-iraq-afghanistan#axzz2dINYWvIx)

    1. The people should state loud and clear that they do not want their taxes to be spent on drills and security measures that hype up Fear.. I thought USA was supposed to be in financial difficulty.. they seem to have plenty money to spend on tactics involving security firms..

  14. Every day, in every way (nearly) I am losing my faith and confidence in the USA. I have bravely fought in two wars for this country…and to see this level of degradation and deterioration frightens me.

  15. What were fire drills ever for? They may seem harmless but we’re talking about massive response conditioning. They are the step before you get to the one detailed in the above article. That some “official” can come into your workplace or school and run a surprise drill is emasculating. If you choose to hesitate on the fire alarm’s signal to leave you are, of course, threatened with a fine.

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