James Tracy’s Wednesday July 3rd appearance on Stephen Roberts’ Cancel The Cabal includes a far-reaching discussion addressing the public anxiety surrounding conspiracy research alongside the history of American public education, propaganda and media and government collusion.

Listen to MP3 of broadcast here.


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11 thought on “Cancel the Cabal, July 3, 2013”
  1. I absolutely do not think citizens are “anxious” regarding so-called conspiracy research. Let’s face it, people are too often stupid, ignorant, non-questioning and anxiety is really just a proxy for “Gee, I don’t believe all these conspiracy theorists because I don’t know anything about them or their subject matter”. Tracy has weathered many storms from ignoramuses and he’s proven his mettle. Say it like it is, Jimmy. People are too often ignorant and the mythology that they can make accurate and dispassionate evaluations on things they know nothing about is absurd.

    1. Since “most” people believe the MSM is broadcasting the “truth” of events from the mundane to the spectacular, they pretty much don’t doubt anything they hear. Their naivete shows when stating “why would the MSM, govt., corporations, religious leaders,etc lie to us”? Casting any “doubt” of the “official” story as “conspiracy” –as if it’s a bad/stupid thing– relieves them from doing their own research and finding out info that takes them out of their comfort zone. Most people don’t question much that is going on until it directly affects them. They know more about redecorating,remodeling, endless childrens’ sports/dance events,celebrity news,music,etc. than the fact they are being programmed.

  2. Thank you for what you’re doing prof Tracy.. And being the voice of reason in the dark. You seem like a very sharp and honest gentleman. Unfortunately today we find ourselves in a world where just being able to see straight and ask serious questions that demand answers sets us up for scrutiny and attacks. This of course has been the case for a long time. It’s a lonely path right now but the tides are turning.. If ever so slowly. You will be looked at as a hero one day for pointing the obvious that so many ppl have been programmed not to see. Take care of yourself and family. Regards, RP

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  3. No doubt that even getting 5 % of the younger folks involved with some form of push back is kind of living in hope! They have been overwhelmed by trendsetters. Thinking for themselves and producing special commentary on their angst has been flattened out with twitter depth remarks. Conversations that challenge what is going on around them isn’t encouraged. The tricks used are evident. Sex drugs and self deprecating silly chatter consume what free time they have left from gaming. Ridiculous references to what is real are boundless.
    John Taylor Gatto believed by the end of his significant teaching career that the utility of a teacher was to subject the children to restraint and limits. His fame was due to the explosion of imagination those in his company experienced. He taught contrary to the curriculum. The children were encouraged to define their boundaries. Exceeding them brought a WOW factor that motivated further pursuits.
    Who let them down?
    The teachers are trained to love the money, not the children.

    1. The color of money~

      I think people should only be allowed to wear lime green and blaze orange.

      There should be checkpoints and police lookouts and lockdowns and surveillance everywhere.

      Otherwise, something bad might happen.

      And it is our duty to educate the children.

      On this and other aspects of civilized life.

      Ned Lud

  4. I watched the whole hour and kudos to host–and guest (aka James Tracy); it was a primer on our tilting ship of state, questionable educational processes and political malfeasance. Requires a wide knowledge base to talk for an hour on various issues.

    I then went to spitfirelist.com and discovered this term that fits right in with the video: “panopticon.” Wikipedia had it all broken down into particulars. Invented by English philosopher/social theories, Jeremy Bentham in the late 18th century, the panopticon was applied to prisons (though it was said could be adapted to schools, asylums, hospitals, sanitariums, daycare centers).

    The name means ‘seeing all around’ while authorities remain virtually invisible; the roundhouse construct places them in the middle.

    Spitfirelist extrapolated, putting the theory into modern context. Our online social media networks–Google; Facebook; Twitter; Yelp; and even Paypal–constitute such a high-tech, all-seeing eye. They see us; we don’t see them.

    Brilliant…the personal information gleaned is a tool for mass manipulation of product consumption. The ‘people shapers’ of old would be amazed at how far we have progressed in just a few generations (she said sarcastically).

    1. There are a number of academic titles that address the topic of interest, such as those by sociologists Kevin Robins and Frank Webster. I have also found Mark Andrejevic’s work, iSpy (2007) worthwhile. More research that addresses the ties between the “panoptic sort” and transhumanism would be apt, since this is where things are going as evidenced, for example, in Ray Kurzweil’s new appointment at Google.

  5. I differ with Mr. Roberts regarding why conspiracy is a negative within our culture today. When it was to the governments advantage, conspiracy was everywhere – the communist conspiracy, radical anarchist conspiracy, the “mafia” conspiracy, etc. The result was to brand conspiracies as that which opposes OUR government, OUR way of life. To have citizens of OUR nation accuse OUR government of such behavior brings up a conflict, a direct contradiction in the minds of citizens who have been trained well since the Palmer Raids, the McCarthy hearings, and the advent of the Cold War that conspiracy is THEM, not US.

    Facts are thus not heard, as long as the “wrapping” smacks of “conspiracy”, especially when the media can lay that label on you very quickly, before your message becomes known by most citizens. What, beside our own media (which can be branded just as well), can overcome this, unless the government gets to the point where they can no longer satisfy the demands of the populace regarding economic and social well-being? I belive we are on the way to this situation, and the government will (indeed , must) do itself in by such means. Revolutions have occurred for no other reason, and our work for the truth cannot go beyond it.

    1. Yes, and a limited amount of research would render most “official” conspiracy theories untenable. This likely has more to do with the broader public’s obeisance to authority figures–be they media personalities or government figures–than it does with the ability for analysis and presentation of arguments. Of course, this assumes that the masses have some platform for articulating a countervailing position, which has only become a possibility of late via the internet.

  6. Curious what you think of this. Normally do not pay attention to TruTV, but found this compelling with information on microwaves and radio frequencies bombarding us. If nothing else, guarantee you and Jesse Ventura could have another compelling conversation. There has been so much discovery since SH that was at first shocking, nothing seems impossible now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18PtOXrzDVE.

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