A central assumed data point of the December 14 2012 Newtown Connecticut shooting as evidenced on the Sandy Hook Timeline and through government pronouncements and press reports is that at 9:30AM a deranged Adam Lanza, dressed for combat and wielding several firearms, gained entry into Sandy Hook Elementary School and slaughtered 26 students and educators.

This is in accord with Sandy Hook Elementary principal Dawn Hochsprung’s September 2012 pronouncement of the school’s new security system where

[d]oors will be locked at approximately 9:30 a.m. Any student arriving after that time must be walked into the building and signed in at the office. Before that time our regular drop-off procedures will be in place. I encourage all parents to have their children come to school and return home on the bus and to remain in school for the entire school day. The beginning and ending of our school day are also important instructional times and therefore we want all our students to reap the benefits of full participation in our program.

Such a statement follows the established story line–that Sandy Hook began it’s school day at 9:30AM, a time shortly after which Lanza arrived to mete out the horrific carnage.

Yet at no point following the massacre did law enforcement authorities, public officials, or journalists actually highlighted or questioned the routine time Newtown schools open their doors or commence classes. It is common knowledge, however, that few public schools in the United States start classes as late as 9:30AM. If recent screen captures of the Newtown School District‘s individual websites provide any indication this is the exact case for Newtown, most of which cite a classroom start of 9:05AM or earlier. Perhaps for some reason the school district began classes later in 2012, yet no query has been put forth in this regard and there is no way of confirming a 9:30 class time because historical access of Newtown school webpages on the Internet Archive data bank has been uniformly blocked as of at least April 13, 2013.

SchoolHours, elementary SchoolHours, middle

With a parent drop-off time of 7:10AM, the Newtown Middle School class start time is likely much earlier–somewhere around 8:00AM. Nevertheless the 9:30AM school start time was not only suggested by authorities and in major corporate news media, but also by pillars of the local community sharing their personal experiences of when the school day began. For example, a well-known attorney and Newtown resident Joel T. Faxon, who also serves on the town’s five-member police commission prominently advocating for stricter gun control measures, explained to the Connecticut Law Journal how he was driving one of his three children to Newtown Middle School on the morning of December 14th. Faxon makes no reference to the fact that, based on the suggested time sequence by which the shooting took place, he is dropping his son off to class at least one half hour late.

As noted, for most Newtown schools the school day begins at 9:05AM but parent drop off at Newtown Middle starts at 7:10AM. According to Faxon’s account, as he approaches the middle school’s front doors, he receives a text message that all the town’s schools are on lockdown. The official timeline suggests that this must be no earlier than 9:40AM. “I told my son, ‘Okay, something’s going on. Let’s get out of here.” Returning to his vehicle with his child Faxon sees

the chief of police in his official car, headed to the Sandy Hook school, and I looked at my son and I said,”‘Oh my God, there must have been a shooting.” The chief doesn’t respond to anything other than a very serious incident. Within a minute of that time, I got a news report text from the Hartford Courant, that said police were responding to incident on Dickenson Drive [sic], and I thought, “There’s only one thing on that street. And that’s the school.”

Faxon pulls over to the side of the road. “At that point, literally 50 state police and Newtown police cars went by us, and they all went to Sandy Hook Elementary School. I knew there had been some kind of a catastrophe there,” Faxon recalls.

If the magnitude of response is as great as Faxon describes then this must be at least 15-to-20 minutes after the initial 911 call of 9:35AM, or close to 10:00AM. The attorney then claims to text Bridgeport police captain James Viadero, who he works on the police commission with. “He was filling me in on what was happening, in real time.”[2]

If there were qualifying circumstances on the morning of December 14th where for some unusual reason classes began a full 25 minutes or more later than normal, why would federal, state, and local law enforcement authorities and political leaders fail to explain this important point to the American people? This clear lacuna in the official storyline is one of many suggesting an intent to mislead the public on an event of immense significance.

Alongside Newtown and Connecticut state officials recent scramble to prevent public disclosure of important evidence that would confirm the Sandy Hook shooting took place as reported, such an anomaly should prompt political leaders with some measure of integrity and devotion toward their constituencies to demand a genuinely rigorous independent investigation of what may be, alongside the “Fast and Furious” scandal that the Justice Department has failed to come clean on, a direct attempt to swindle the American people of yet another Constitutionally-protected right.


[1] “Principal Outlined New Security Procedures at Sandy Hook Elementary,” Hartford Courant, December 14, 2012, 8:25PM EST.

[2] Thomas B. Scheffy, “Joel Faxon Has Been Part of the Gun Debate in His Hometown,” Connecticut Law Tribune, December 21, 2012.


Jennifer Lake contributed observations and information for this article. She blogs at jenniferlake.wordpress.com

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  1. I just went to the Wayback Machine. It is a little odd that the Newtown school district website was sampled at least once a month for several months in 2012, up until September, but there was no sample downloaded in October or November. It was sampled heavily in the days following the event.

  2. Once again question ? I think its appalling that certain information will not now be shown about the Sandy Hook insodent.. when more anomalies about the story appear. Its hard to believe that this event is not questioned by higher authorities.

  3. It does seem strange that other schools in Newtown would begin very early in the morning, and Sandy Hook so much later. Imagine the inconvenience for families with children at different schools. Here’s an excerpt from an interview with Mark Barden, father of Daniel Barden (S.H. victim, see full story at http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/social-issues/newtown-divided/jackie-and-mark-barden-parents-of-newtown-victim-daniel-was-a-kind-little-soul/)

    “On the morning of the 14th, I was walking James down the driveway. It was still dark at 6:20, and we hear little footprints behind us on the driveway. And Daniel had gotten up and realized that the house was dark and empty and that we were on our way to the bus, and he ran down the driveway with his pajamas and with his little flip-flops on so he could hug and kiss his brother goodbye. That’s the only time that ever happened. … He and I came back into the house, and I said: “Look, the sun’s not even up. You can go back to bed and sleep some more if you want.” And he said, “No, Daddy, now we have more time for cuddling.” So that’s what we did.”

    If you have to get one child ready for the bus by 6:20 a.m. and another for a 9 a.m. or later pickup, that means you are dealing with morning family prep for as much as 3-1/2 hours a day! Maybe as a “progressive school,” Sandy Hook wanted its kids to get plenty of sleep and arrive at school rested, but wouldn’t the parents want things to be a bit more coordinated just to make life easier?

    P.S. The house could not have been so “dark and empty” … with Jackie (mom) and Natalie (sister) inside and getting ready for the day…?

    1. although I think Barden’s story sounds contrived, I can say from experience that it’s not uncommon for there to be a 3 hour gap between school start times. I had 5 kids in three different schools (elementary, middle and high) and this was the standard – it’s because the buses have to make multiple rounds/trips, so they need to do each school level separately. It IS a pain for parents, and makes for a very long morning before finally leaving for work.

      1. Thank you for clarifying. Again, because Newtown was a commuter town with many people traveling to coastal CT cities for work and even to Manhattan, it would be very hard for dual-income working commuter parents to deal with such staggered bus pick-up schedules. I would imagine that one of them would have to have a flexible work schedule or work from home, which is more common now than it used to be.

  4. To the rational ear, the stream of heart-wrenching encapsulated recollections of child victims sound almost identical. They were all full of life and loved everyone of their fellow beings and were usually quite artistic, leaving behind grapic evidence of their short existence.

    Is it me, or do these eulogies ring hollow?

    Also, my classes through 12 years of public schooling started at 8:00 a.m. At least, we were in our seats by then. Same with my own children a generation later.

    1. I can find information about my childrens’ school start in the “progressive” community I live in. Also, on the day Sandy Hook happened, I made sure to download some info. at the school website, knowing a “way-back machine” would be in order, as I have lived since 2001 with the sense that we are being manipulated and that official facts can easily change. But somehow the 9:30 start of school never jumped out at me as it should have. Would such a set-up have created the need for nannies to drop off kids – if both parents worked? It just doesn’t seem like today’s world otherwise. So yeah, some homework in order on this one.

    2. For my community, Newton, Mass., the crossing guard is available at all the elementary schools from 7:50 AM – 8:35 AM, implying that she may be there for stragglers. I now seem to recall that class started around 8:15 for my kids. It looks similar today.

      One approach might be to look into the manning of crossing places under Connecticut law and whether there was one assigned to Sandy Hook, and what hours they were assigned. This might be found in a district-wide book of regulations, as I found for my kids’ school, treated as a general rule. This would indicate opening times for other places, if the town of 25,000 has more than one elementary school.

  5. PS – My kids have now graduated from college, so perhaps they are the ones to ask when they started elementary school. I have the typical amnesia about that. The school they went to is still there, so I could easily go online to find out about current times.

  6. This link for the 2011-2012 Sandy Hook Handbook still works for me. Very odd that children should not arrive before 8:53 for the 9:05 starting time. You will be considered tardy at 9:06. How in the heck do you get 600 kids in their classrooms in 12 minutes? http://newtown.sandyhook.schooldesk.net/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=KSkLZ-fxuvQ%3d&tabid=8068
    The other elementary school, Hawley, opens the doors at 8:45 and start time is 9:05, Thought breakfast was now mandatory is schools, only for the highschool in Newtown!
    What caught my eye about this older handbook was the hero first grade teacher who sacrificed her life, was only an intern in the previous year! All the eulogies stated she had a five year tenure as a teacher. http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/12/19/16001132-light-amidst-the-darkness-heroic-teacher-victoria-soto-remembered?lite

    1. It turns out that Sandy Hook was quite a small school in terms of physical size, with only about 450 kids enrolled (the 600 number is exaggerated). One actual teacher who visited the location after the event reported that it was way too small for 450 kids and maybe 250 would be more like it. What I find interesting is that the children who were allegedly massacred were from two first-grade classes; for Victoria Soto’s class we have lots of varying stories of how they got out and how many survived or did not; for the other class (teacher Lauren Rousseau) there is no storyline. The Starbucks at which Lauren Rousseau worked before getting her permanent job as a Sandy Hook substitute teacher was closed down after the shooting. (Since when do they close Starbucks?) These are just my wonderings …

      1. One of the features of the Boston Marathon bombing is that few of alleged injured have been featured in interviews. They give you the bogus numbers (like 600 kids at SH), and then tell you who was hurt, and you kind of fill it in. Did anyone ever see the alleged 3 people injured at SH? Before the announcement of the carnage at SH, there was this hour or so pantomime of minor injuries being taken out in ambulances (you never actually saw people being put into them I think, or maybe just one). It was like they were waiting for the audience to arrive (is it possible they were waiting for the lunch hour?) If you start looking at this as a play production, you have to take that into consideration. We’re supposed to suspend disbelief and imagine we are watching something unfold. The carnage, for instance, is backstage, like the grooms and King Duncan killed by the MacBeth’s. I cannot remember if I ever saw them or not, and it really doesn’t matter. All you have to see is Desdemona’s handkerchief if you are Othello to “know” she was unfaithful and to see before you that act of infidelity. Shakespeare told us how it was done in the Prologue to Henry V. And Freud and other gave it a name: the power of suggestion.

    2. And why was the 2011-12 year available to me and not the current year? The good old boy coroner said in an interview, all his people are working in the school, [really?] but he has not spoken to a group who was working on the 2nd floor of this one story building!

  7. Thanks for your continued essays on Sandy Hook. This one still interests me the most, mostly because it has a bigger effect on society than one would think.

    For example, I am Canadian, and I have a young child. Since Sandy Hook, the school policies have gotten much stricter and money that could be going towards children is now being redirected towards security. Some parents do not even trust to open the door for arriving parents. It seems that if one wanted to create terrorists and madmen they could start by creating a society where nobody trusted their fellow neighbors anymore.

    One cannot question this event to their family or coworkers, regardless of their political stripe, without getting people very upset and blocking the conversation from happening.

    If only some of these people would take time to look at the very basics, they would at least see that the story we saw on the news does not add up. For me it has always been about the small details, such as the one published today regarding the time.

    Judging that there were apparently 700 children in the school from kindergarten to grade 4 makes one wonder how many classes in each grade. An average of 140 kids in each grade, with probably about five classes in each grade seems a little over the top for a town. I am not from the US but would this be normal?

    Also, If there were 700 children we would expect to see at least 1,500 people at the scene in the firehouse. I found an image of what 1,500 people looks like here, just as an example: http://nolavie.com/2012/03/new-orleans-entrepreneur-week-succeeds-with-local-engagement-and-more-17036.html. Why did the media never at one point capture a flock of people even close to that big at the firehouse?

    And, also if this happened would these people just be standing around the firehouse, or would they be going to the location of the school demanding to see their child. I know what I would be doing, and it would not be walking in circles around the firehouse, nor would it be standing at the corner of the firehouse where ALL of the grieving pictures of the families were taken, in a rather staged kind of way as verified from the AP video

    1. A major problem is that most people don’t look beyond the headlines, soundbites and official pronouncements, when these should be far more scrutinized than the ideas or behavior of our neighbors. I think you’re correct in that there is a broader program to (re)create a society that is perpetually on guard. That’s not necessarily anything new if we recall how the “red scares” and Cold War of the twentieth century were similarly used by the federal government to mobilize the population toward certain ends.

      The corporatist “Homeland Security State’s” agenda is coordinated alongside much more sophisticated technology (for example, digital tracking and storage tech aided by most everyone these days willfully divulging their innermost ideas and behavior on social media; those who don’t can’t escape the grid) and it is more insidious in that we are increasingly conditioned to distrust each other and thereby look to the state to address problems and mediate social relations.

      1. Right, James. People don’t know what they “don’t know” and don’t want anyone telling them what they “don’t know”. Becoming really “aware” that we are being emotionally manipulated/played and lied to on a ginormous scale is very SCAREY! Becoming “aware” means that what we’ve been told is “reality” by the powers that be is “not”. Who can one believe for truth if not the government and the media? That means “one” has to discern and evaluate info and come to their own conclusion. People cannot fathom, for various reasons, that the “folks” behind these depraved events are doing this deliberately–really– my government and media outright lying to me?

        Being a truthseeker and critical thinker in these times means even within your own family you can be the “odd” man out for shunning the “official” explanation. It can be a lonely feeling definitely. People seem not to want to believe what their own eyes and ears are telling them re: past national shock events,chemtrails,etc unless some “higher” authority validates their view. I think this is called “cognitive dissonance”. Once you have “crossed” over, there is no going back and you see everything thru a different kind of filter.

        1. The MSM is the controller that the 1% use to manipulate the the mind-less 99.999999% of consuming masses & because they have been entrained to believe everything that they see on TV is the truth, the intellectually-oppressed populace, not possessing their own analytical faculties, can’t even contemplate that these ridiculous stories that they’re being force fed on a daily basis are complete BS. The 1% completely control most of the belief systems of the 99% because the 1% OWN 100% of the mainstream media.

    2. I agree with all you have said. No one would stop grieving parents from storming a school if they thought their children were in there – maybe even alive but thought dead. Americans are not that self-controlled.

      Those Newtown parents seemed so cult-like that some (who didn’t believe the official story) even joked that perhaps they were members of a long-term secret witchcraft coven which did child sacrifices to Moloch. No. They were actors.

      What’s being sacrificed is far more subtle.

      Your pointing out the sheer numbers not adding up is something which originally alerted me, before anything else, to the lie of the Boston Marathon bombing. The numbers were never what they kept repeating all over the news in Boston. They would never have fit on those strips of sidewalk and they were never lying in the street, not even in the most grisly photos. So even with propaganda photos, the public actually does the work for them by not questioning the numerical scene.

      In primitive man (say in New Guinea), people used to count no farther than their own digits, hand-waving the rest as “many”. That’s how I think our brains our wired, but we have to work to incorporate more. In this case, we have to reject what we are told by “trusted news sources” rather than ignore what we saw (we then ascribe it to incomplete information on our part, which “they” somehow know better). It doesn’t work well with me, because I live near Boston and know the way the Marathon works – not so many watchers at the bitter end, precious little room on the sidewalk.

      It then becomes cognitive dissonance, when you reject your own view in favor of the deceptive official one. I’m sure there are psychological experiments around that which advertising experts have studied.

      1. musings,

        your contributions here are so very insightful. You mention the Boston hoax. Some postings ago, you triggered in my mind the most recent posting at Dave McGowan’s web site (http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com), which at that time was part six. That entry is a catalogue of the flat lies that everyone who claims to be a medical professional “first responder” has told about that day.

        As it happens, I’ve been away from the computer for a couple days, and while Dave has kept on posting his research into the Boston matter ever since the one I mentioned then–every instance an intensely helpful and often belly-laugh inducing crack in the ridiculous shell of the official story–it was only on the day of this comment of yours that his most recent, “Part 11″, was posted. I’d have sent this along sooner, but it’s never too late.

        Here is how he starts it off (anyone who hasn’t been reading all along will enjoy Part 11, but really would benefit from reading them all, in sequence, to enjoy the whole show):

        ” It appears that nearly all of my working assumptions concerning what happened in Boston on April 15, 2013 have been proven wrong. Before beginning this journey, I had thought that recent claims that crisis actors have been involved in these type of incidents were pretty far-fetched, to say the least. But I was wrong (which I can occasionally force myself to admit).

        “My next assumption, in the early days of my investigation, was that there were only a few actors planted in the crowd, specifically the Jeff Bauman and Associates grouping (hence the title and initial focus of this series), who were there to inflict maximum trauma on the American people through the display of unbelievably graphic disfigurement. But I was wrong again.

        “My thinking next evolved into the belief that the Boston incident had been run as a drill/training exercise which was sold to the American people, and the world, as a real attack. But I appear to have been wrong about that as well, because it has become perfectly obvious that this crime scene was in no way handled like a real crisis situation should be handled. And if it was, then we’re in a lot of trouble if there ever is a real attack on these shores.”

        Skipping a paragraph, I will quote just one more:

        “As will become increasingly obvious over the course of the next couple posts, the ‘responders’ on the scene were not real first-responders being trained and tested for disaster preparedness. No, they were in fact every bit as fake as the purported victims. No one on the scene seems to have known how to respond to or react to a real mass-casualty event. The scene that played out was, I have to say, pretty comical at times.”

        He proceeds to goes through the photos, frame by frame. Devastating.

        You, musings, say

        “The numbers were never what they kept repeating all over the news in Boston. They would never have fit on those strips of sidewalk and they were never lying in the street, not even in the most grisly photos.”

        Just so.

        Everyone who reads this site should go to Dave’s website, and at a minimum click on Part 11 (http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com/nwsltr124.html) of The Curious Case of the Man Who Could Only Sit Down. Then go to the first one and read them all. musings is correct, and Dave McGowan is proving it with exactitude and searing wit.

        1. Thank you Patrick. I’ll go have a look.

          I tend to discount some event when there are red flags like the numbers in Boston. Subsequent tampering with the evidence like breaking up benches, taking out a tree in front of Forum, are also reinforcing.

          I agree that it does not look like a real drill, although there are those who saw officials there from DHS, wearing distinctive lanyards. So we have to realize there is some kind of a propaganda event around security, not training for crisis, even though the article in the Boston Globe (op. ed. by A. Bogis of 9/21/2008 — I think that’s the date, sure it’s the year) speaks of all such events as potential disasters and thus perhaps in the FEMA sub-group of DHS, where you might even have National Guard involved in the training. But DHS has more categories, more sub-agencies than just FEMA.

          Now that the whole NSA thing is being recognized officially, and by the conventional media, not in all its details but simply as a reality (or is it?), it seems possible that events designed for instruction and patriotic sentiment creation can be imagined as an aspect of social control and propaganda about who our enemies are and how as some have suggested, we must express “resiliency”.

          Never mind the crazy-making that Chechens are being armed in Syria’s “rebel” (aka mercenary) groups even while alleged Chechens allegedly attacked Boston (something all the credulous still believe).

          The Charge of the Light Brigade by Tennyson comes to mind as our troops must make common cause with “al-Qaeda”:

          “Theirs not to make reply
          Theirs not to reason why
          Theirs but to do and die
          Into the Valley of Death….”

          Such are the imperial wars in which we have mired ourselves. And blind trust, with even more irrational loyalty are demanded. “Boston Strong” has morphed all over the area – “Newton Strong.” “Watertown Strong.” All those “brave” little towns that were shut down under martial law principles. Can there be any more silliness than that?

          So once you have the information about the events being staged, once you understand the leadership has taken part (very deeply, a la Northwoods) in a sham, what then?

          Orwell said it about the boot on the human face forever.


          In the short term, I shall be interested to see them eagerly sweeping the Snowden revelations under the rug, trying to acclimate the public to what they always like to call “the new normal” (such an invitation of capitulation).

        2. Musing, with your statement ‘there is some kind of a propaganda event around security, not training for crisis’ you have struck the nerve of our ‘directed’ modern day collective preoccupation with securing security. We are in the midst of a modern day crisis of thought.

          Why would a crisis in thought arise from the collective preoccupation to secure security? Securing security has become such a massive collective endeavor it is becoming a ‘custom.’ A custom is defined as a ‘ widely accepted way of behaving or doing something that is specific to a particular society, place, or time.’ Customs become rules of conduct which is obscurely and always has been, one of the elements of social control.

          The modern political and social pursuit to secure security throws up the problem that the free development of individuality which is one of the leading essentials of well-being is being lost to increasing social control enacting itself out in modern society as a format of varying strategies where it has become a political model for a ‘determined’ way of thinking which becomes determined thinking of only security.

          Because this preoccupation of ‘securing security’ has become a collective endeavor, the people involved fail to understand this is a new ‘model for civilizing.’ The people’s thought gets destructured by the repetition of ‘securing security’ and the people don’t realize their thought has now been determined for them. As Martha Nussbaum, American philosopher implied in her work on the philosophy of the political, ‘any life that devotes itself entirely to safe activities would be for a human to become impoverished as they take the risk of becoming unable to risk and hence they suffer a loss in human value.’ [Idea re-quoted in Politics of Security, Michael Dillon, pg 137]

          You are absolutely correct in being suspicious of the events occurring around security!! This too, is my suspicion and what is directing me to be somewhat specific as to the study of why we are involved in an excessive preoccupation with security.

  8. musings:
    Here is one such experiment:

    google Solomon Asch conformity experiment if the link doesn’t work.

    The experiment is quite enlightening and shows that (as of the time of the experiments) almost 40% of people will go against their own logic even when the evidence is right before their eyes if the group around them supports another (wrong) idea.

    Noteworthy also, and more hopeful, is that that percentage drops significantly if only one other person defies the group. And that’s why each one of us must try and be brave and face the loneliness of being the only person ‘in the room’ who sticks to their own sense of what is right and wrong. And we have to be courageous enough to say so, too.

    1. Thank you Sherri.

      I believe that advertising agencies are deeply, provably involved in this kind of street theater, and that the early studies (Edward Bernays) of that industry are also brought into their thinking.

      I used to read a lot of Vance Packard, and of course Betty Friedan. They all understand the power of suggestion in the “lonely crowd” which urban mankind is. Also that conformity experiment where black is white.

      I read that when the Jesuits left Spain in a quasi-military group in the Counter-Reformation, and literally came to rule whole countries in Latin America (Paraguay for instance), they were told by one of their leaders (Ignatius Loyola or Francis Xavier, perhaps) that if they were told black was white, they were going to have repeat that and treat it as true. I know a lot of them have evolved since then into thorns in the side of power, but their start was as much like the Boston bombing as can be, with everyone signing onto the folderol without investigation of the truth, eager to repeat that black is white. When you embark on a Conquest of other human beings, it is essential to have everyone obeying orders.

      When Boston One fund lit up one of the tall buildings, with windows like a big number 1, I took it for how it looked: a representation of the fasces. We do have it on our coins, and the early founding fathers looked to Rome for inspiration. But isn’t it interesting how such things come back to haunt you? Especially after some history in living memory, even the Franco era and certain governments in Latin American which repeatedly come to power. Black is white with them.

    2. Sherri – looking over the Asch experiments in wikipedia, one thing jumps out that can apply to many of these fake terror attacks: “when physical reality testing yields uncertainty, social reality testing will arise” – and then based on that model, Asch proved that “uncertainty can arise out of social reality testing.” This would apply to actual witnesses of the Marathon explosions who saw one thing, along with small numbers of apparently wounded, and were told another afterwards (the presence of shrapnel in the explosions, the much larger number of wounded, in the hundreds, and the presence of severed limbs). They claim eyewitness status, but their real view was deliberately limited and they pieced together its impact from later news.

      Shakespeare refers to the theater-goer’s suspension of disbelief when he describes in the Prologue to Henry V how the vast fields of France and the armies clashing there will have to be symbolized by a few actors:

      “O pardon, since a crooked figure may
      Attest in little place a million;
      And let us, ciphers to this great accompt
      On your imaginary forces play.”

      The audience does the work of making a poor stage into a battlefield.
      As at the Boston Marathon “bombing.”
      Some watched it live, apparently, and some at home second hand.
      But the work was done by trust in the teller of tales, the trusted news sources which tell us what we cannot know otherwise about the world.

  9. From memory, I’m pretty sure Sandy hook started at 9:05 but didn’t lock the front doors until 9:30.

    Musings wrote: “I agree with all you have said. No one would stop grieving parents from storming a school if they thought their children were in there – maybe even alive but thought dead. Americans are not that self-controlled.”

    This is especially true when no medics are rushing in to help, all those shot children inside and the EMT’s are all just standing around in triage areas rather than going into the school. If parents saw that nobody was tending to the victims then for sure they would rush the building.

    The medics in the triage areas eventually got told to stand down because those victims inside the school were all dead, who pronounced them all dead is still a mystery. How would it ever, in a million years, be acceptable to medics and/or parents in a real mass shooting that the victims not have all resources put into saving them?

  10. As a teacher in a public school for 22 years, I noticed this inconsistency right away. The boy who said he was taking the attendance to the office is not credible. The school start time was 9:05 (as their website said shortly after the shooting, I remember seeing it, but didn’t save a screen shot, a mistake I won’t make again). There is no way a teacher would wait until 9:30 before taking attendance if school started at 9:05. The attendance (which most schools now take on computer so students don’t need to take it down to the office as they did a few years ago) has to be taken as soon as school starts so the office knows whether to start contacting the families of children who have not yet verified their absence to see if the child is truant. A teacher would not start teaching for 25 minutes and then stop everything while she took attendance. I question both the boy actually being in the hallway to take the attendance to the office and, even if he did, I question the timeline. It’s simply not plausible.

    I also question the two or three parents who claim they drove to the school after they heard of the lock down and indicated they drove right up to the school. If the school was in lock down, the very first thing that would have been done would have been to block off any and all access to the building at the intersection where Dickinson goes off of the main street. Absolutely nobody but police or other first responders would have been allowed down that street after the lock down started. There’s no way a parent would have been able to drive up to the school as a couple of them claim. That’s how lock downs work.

  11. Right off, I also noticed the delayed start to the school day. In our region, the elementary kids are expected to be sitting at their desks at 7:50 AM… and, we’re on the East Coast not far from CT.

    To start a school day at 9:30 AM in New England is a slacker’s fantasy. Perhaps it is possible, but that is pretty much considered mid-morning.

    The tweet by Victoria Soto’s sister Jillian (time stamped at 8:01 AM on Dec. 14th.) would indicate the event occurred earlier than 9:30 AM.

    1. 9:30 AM in New England is a slacker’s fantasy – but it’s the crack of dawn for actors. Wonder where they all stayed before they took their places?

  12. Somewhere on the FAU campus…

    “You wanted to see me?”

    “Yeah, get in here and close the door. I need a detailed report on what he’s up to. By the way, your rug looks like a dead beaver trying to eat your head.”

    “Haven’t heard that one before. To your question, it looks like he’s still getting a lot of input from his readers and continues to write on major inconsistencies with the official narrative. This time it’s school start times not adding up. Did you have skunk again for breakfast? Your mints ain’t cutting it.”

    “With a slice of melon and orange juice. By the way, you ever wash that thing? I think I see some mold around the edges. Got a serious plan on how to get rid of this guy yet?”

    “Talked with my old frat buddy at the NSA. We’re getting phone, email, text, and internet search records for the last 10 years. If he even so much as typed the words “domestic” and “terrorist,” we’ll be able to send him on a one-way ticket to Gitmo just as fast as you can say, ‘My breath smells worse than Rosie O’Donnell’s armpits.”

    “Good. That should take care of the troublemaker once and for all. Now get out of my office. I think that thing just moved.”

    1. Apologies! This may just be a pr stunt – now the story has changed to he was stopped and surrounded by police and let go after questioning. Like his articles anyway!

  13. I don’t want to tell you what to post on this blog, but this is just another dumb anomaly. There are hundreds in this event. Isnt the whole FOIA denial story and the refusal to release death certificates by the town clerk a much larger and nationally pertinent story? I haven’t heard a peep on that here. Again, it’s your blog, but really, is the exposure of another small inconsistency going to make any difference? I am starting to wonder about this blog

    1. Of course it is good to get the big picture, the framework in which government acts to suppress what should be routine compliance with the law – FOIA. But FOIA requests have often be denied. There is a long history of foot-dragging. I do however think that the little details are important. If we are rational citizens and not just people who are loyal partisans to one group or another which repeatedly sells us out, then these glimpses of the reality, the evidentiary side of the story, are critical to a rational rejection of the official story.

      There are several such turning points in false stories which allow us to see the underpinnings. We may or may not have all the necessary expertise to see exactly how something was accomplished in every detail (magic bullet theory, impossibility of shots in the time allotted, so many little details in the Kennedy assassination it could be made into a movie and still not tell it all). But we do have the ability to take simpler events like this and to eliminate the impossible. There’s nothing futile in that, in terms of maintaining our own integrity as citizens, if not actually changing how the rest of the world reacts. But as one person put it – “We are being made to converse in lies,” and this process of sifting through the facts makes us less likely to do that, less corrupted in how we see something, less useful to those who would add our voices to the chorus of people repeating the talking points to accomplish goals we do not yet understand, but which probably involve tyranny over ourselves and our loved ones.

      1. Requests of death certificates by major newspapers have often been denied? Denied by a woman who is the fiancee of the fire chief and first non responder? No pictures of Lanza entering school? The ct legislature attempting to deny these requests statewide? These seem like issues that would be much more up Tracy’s alley. No lawsuits from parents whose children were not taken to hospital? Who pronounced these kids dead after being shot minutes before? These are major questions. Dithering over 2 dimensional zits is a waste of time.

    2. Larry, actually there is alot of detail in this blog on the refusal to surrender relevant documentation and secretly passing new laws to make it ‘legal’. They are blatantly in our face that this mafia like government can control all levels from the clerk, to the chief of police, to the senate, governor, all of it, including the media. Yes, crimes were committed here, most notably extortion of the broken hearted citizens who willingly contributed their hard earned money, Interesting, that in Boston, they blasted us with many, staged, fake blood and injury pictures of a few people and more outright lies about the number of injuried. The photo record clearly contrasts what was reported to have happened. Anytime the news is saturated with a ‘news’ story’ alarms go off in my gut. Wonder why we hear very little on the CO wild fire that has destroyed 500+ homes and is still uncontrolled? Now that sounds like a news story to me…..

      1. I’m sorry, I guess I missed that. I didn’t mean to come off as some kind of infighting dick, I guess I really see this forum as important as are Tracy’s contributions. I heard smallstorm on fetzer talking about the 3D picture and not getting bogged down in small details and it resonated with me because I’ve done quite a lot of work myself in terms of my YouTube vids. It just feels like we have laid a solid foundation as far as the details that this was fake. I think there are steps we can take that are concrete; for instance, I started my own petition against bill 1040, I posted it here and it only ended up getting 20 signatories. There are things we can do. Teaming up with Pinsky maybe, organizing a group to go to the town clerks and demand death certificates,etc. we can talk about these small details forever, but we’ve already established its fake so what’s the point? It’s academic, but I guess that is to be expected here. I would love to team up with you guys and figure out effective solutions, not to toot my own horn but I feel I’ve done good research. I will remain hopeful?

  14. One thing I’ve noticed over time is that Sandy Hook ‘survivors’ seem to all unite in this stance to take down the 2nd Amendment, of course they use the euphemism ‘gun control.’ But has anyone noticed that the survivors/families of other gun tragedies rarely are in such unison? It’s just very odd that only this incident has produced such a uniform reaction in the alleged survivors of it. I find that to be one of the most suspicious things about it.

    Another thing I’ll note: Asperger’s is no longer categorized as a mental illness so this idea of cataloging those diagnosed with an alleged mental illness really does nothing for their situation anyway. Alex Teves’ father (Alex was shot by Holmes in Aurora) has come out against the psychiatric pharmaceutical industrial complex in pointing out that Holmes is just spiritually sick but not mentally ill.

    1. The Connecticut legislative emails leaked to (and by) the Courant contain an interesting reference, largely unnoticed, to a mother who is trying and apparently failing to obtain records pertaining to her own son:

      “[Sugrue] mentioned a proposal to “allow the written consent of one immediate next of kin” – to accommodate one parent’s “desire to obtain records that relate to her son.” But, he added, that might be unfair to “the other families if one member thereof gives the consent.”


  15. This article like many about Sandy Hook is based on wild speculation. I have a theory..the school decided for whatever reason to start later than other schools in the area..very plausible. It happens all the time. Where I live there are high schools that start at 8 am, some at 9 and some at 9:30 am. Its incredible that the author can write an article this long on such a meaningless subject.
    Here is another theory..there is no video of the children coming out of the school because people did not want any video of dead childrens bodies shown on national television out of respect for the parents.
    Why would the government go through all this trouble to stage an event like this?? How could you possibly silence all these supposed crisis actors?? 911 is one thing..there is strong scientific evidence that the official story is bogus and the boston bombings also has some very suspicious qualities to it but Sandy Hook seems very legitimate to me.

    1. Most theorizing, including that which would be observed in a court of law, is indeed speculative. The extent to which it is deemed “wildly speculative” versus well reasoned and plausible corresponds to how far removed it appears to be from the existing facts and knowledge of the given event, in addition to the likely motives and past behavior of the potentially culpable parties.

  16. I attended school many years ago, my daughter started 30 years ago, both in small and large towns. In all cases, the doors especially at the gradeschool level, were always locked. Responsbile adults monitored both ingress and egress and stood by for a minutes after the regular start of the day for the stragglers. Schools receive their government funding based on the number of attended school hours and it is in their interest to ensure a tardy student is not declared absent. That letter retyped and published in the paper declaring a new security system was installed to lock the doors at 9:30 is bogus just like every other piece of misinformation given. Schools are liable for the safety of the children in their custody and must ensure criminals are kept out and non-authorized people do not have the opportunity to kidnap them.

  17. Possibly the reason that there have been no lawsuits over Sandy Hook is that Lt. Paul Vance’s (the Conn. State Police spokesman)son, J. Paul Vance Jr. was made the State Claims Commissioner in 2011–he decides who can sue the State or who can’t — making him the “Gatekeeper” of the truth. If there were lawsuits, there would be real investigations, real proof of deaths, etc. One family tried to do a lawsuit and he turned it down and was pretty much never mentioned again! I came across this information as he was the one that just turned down the woman who had her face ripped off by the chimpanzee and he refused to let her sue the State! Could this help to explain why there have been no lawsuits for Sandy Hook?

  18. Let’s contemplate this, the Sandy Hook investigators seeking the truth, have asked for solid proof, as there is none, this event happened as has been reported. Laws are passed to seal all records, and millions in donations will be dispersed to the silent victims and who knows who else. Silent victims, is not the right term as they continue to romp about the country spewing the need for gun control. Absolutely think that I would be doing that after the loss of my child! The Boston bombing, in contrast, has horrific [fake] bloody pictures, displayed on MSM. This is the first time in history that it is alright to show bare bones that somehow create bloody flesh and veins later. And miracles, above all miracles, double amputees can be at sporting events, not many days later, all happy and throwing out the ball, or whatever, this is not reality……

  19. There are two possibilities: either children were killed or they weren’t. If they were killed, it doesn’t seem possible that “Adam Lanza” killed them (because of the rifle being in the trunk, because no one but a professional sniper could shoot with that kind of accuracy, because we don’t have video surveillance of him entering the school, because of conflicting reports about how he got in, because there are seemingly no records of him in the last three years, etc.) What I would normally assume, because it seems that actors were used as parents and witnesses, is that it was all faked as most people who doubt the official story seem to assume. But if it was faked, then why have an “off-dty officer from another town” armed and fleeing through the woods, or nuns fleeing in a purple van? Would these people have been assigned to plant Adam Lanza’s body on the scene? But if it was faked and no children were lying there dead, then obviously also wouldn’t have been any need to plant Adam Lanza’s body there.

    So who were these people and what were they doing there? Why was Chris Rodia’s car there, this man who was a low-level criminal living in a household with other goons such as neo-Nazis and pornographers, and why were all four doors of the car open? Why do all the parents have personal “sheriffs” assigned to them? At first I thought it was because there were no parents, only actors, and they’re trying to hide that fact from the public. But what if it’s worse than that, and the parents are kept under armed guard? Is it possible that the six children who found their way to Gene Rosen’s lawn actually did manage to escape being murdered or kidnapped, and that his description of them sitting nicely on the lawn in a circle, and all the phrases he kept repeating on television, were some kind of programming code to frighten them and other children who might know something? Is it significant at all that there is an old Masonic lodge right behind the school, and that Gene Rosen’s family is high up in masonic circles? Or that Newtown, CT is the location of the Eastern branch of the Satanic Church? What is the significance of the fact that all the houses the victims’ families lived in were purchased on the same day, Christmas of 2009, a day when no offices are open? Is there ritual significance to the date Dec. 14., near the winter solstice, reminiscent of another six-year-old child who was possibly ritually killed in 1996 in Denver?

    I know this sounds terribly far-fetched, but it is no more far-fetched than the Franklin scandal or the Dutroux scandal or the McMartin school cover-up (someone mentioned Dave McGowan – his book goes into all of that in detail). Also, the multiple shooter scenario is similar to Columbine, where people really were murdered and where a lot of the families seemed to know ahead of time what was going to happen. (See WIlliam Zabel’s analysis of Columbine here: http://binnallofamerica.com/boaa4.20.9.html).

    This whole Sandy Hook thing drives me crazy, because I want to know whether children died or not, and I can’t comfortably make up my mind one way or another with the information that we have. I would love to believe it was a false flag and that no one died, but I don’t believe the Obama administration has anything to do with these psyops – I think they are planned and executed by people with their own much darker agendas, and that the agenda is NOT gun control. So what is the agenda? Child sacrifice? Silencing victims who were about to talk about abuse? Needing to tear down that school because of incriminating evidence there? Some other sort of cover-up of drugs of money laundering or child trafficking or hiding taxes? I don’t have any answers, only questions, but I wish someone who is a better researcher than me could find out more about some of these people and what their histories are. A good idea with these events is always to follow the money – which I why I think the most important first place to look is who sold those properties in Sandy Hook in 2009.

  20. Where are all the bodies?. I have spoken to several emergency people that were there for hours—no bodies. Why were they not removed from the building? Were there any bodies? Why did Dr Carver say that the long rifle was used but when asked said the bullets were still inside the bodies? That is impossible especially since they were shot at close range with a very powerful long range bullets. Can anyone possibly believe that Adam Lanza killed anyone? He simply doesn’t fit the profile of a mass murderer. he was completely withdraw and didn’t interact with anyone. Klebold and Harris were supposedly picked on at school. But Lanza wasn’t persecuted or mocked.

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