To posit that one’s government may be partially composed of unaccountable criminal elements is cause for serious censure in polite circles. Labeled “conspiracy theories” by a corporate media that prompt and channel emotionally-laden mass consent, such perspectives are quickly dispatched to the memory hole lest they prompt meaningful discussion of the political prerogatives and designs held by a global power elite coordinating governments and broader geopolitical configurations.

Cultural historian Jack Bratich terms such phenomena “conspiracy panics.” Potentially fostered by the coordinated actions of government officials or agencies and major news organs to generate public suspicion and uncertainty, a conspiracy panic is a demonstrable immediate or long-term reactive thrust against rational queries toward unusual and poorly understood events. To be sure, they are also intertwined with how the given society acknowledges and preserves its own identity—through “the management and expulsion of deviance.”[1]

In the American mass mind, government intelligence and military operations are largely seen as being directed almost solely toward manipulation or coercion of unfortunate souls in foreign lands. To suggest otherwise, as independent researchers and commentators have done with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the CIA-Contra-crack cocaine connection, and 9/11, has been cause for sustained conspiracy panics that act to suppress inquiry into such events by professional and credentialed opinion leaders, particularly journalists and academics.

At the same time a conspiracy panic serves a subtle yet important doctrinal function of manifesting and reproducing the apt ideational status quo of the post-Cold War, “War on Terror” era. “The scapegoating of conspiracy theories provides the conditions for social integration and political rationality,” Bratich observes. “Conspiracy panics help to define the normal modes of dissent. Politically it is predicated on a consensus of ‘us’ over against a subversive and threatening ‘them.’”[2] These days especially the suggestion that an official narrative may be amiss almost invariably puts one in the enemy camp.

Popular Credence in Government Conspiracy Narratives

The time for a conspiracy panic to develop has decreased commensurately with the heightened spread and availability of information and communication technology that allows for the dissemination of news and research formerly suppressed by the perpetual data overload of corporate media. Before the wide access to information technology and the internet, independent investigations into events including the JFK assassination took place over the course of many years, materializing in book-length treatments that could be dismissed by intelligence assets in news media and academe as the collective activity of “conspiracy buffs”—amateurish researchers who lack a government or privately-funded sinecure to overlook or obscure inquiry into deep events.

Not until Oliver Stone’s 1991 blockbuster film JFK, essentially an adoption of works by author Jim Marrs, Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty, and New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, did a substantial conspiracy panic take shape as a response to such analysis thrust upon the public in popular narrative form. This panic arose from and centered around Hollywood’s apt challenge to traditional journalism’s turf alongside commercial news outlets’ typically deceptive  interpretation of the event and almost wholly uncritical treatment of the Warren Commission Report.

Shortly thereafter investigative journalist Gary Webb’s “Dark Alliance” series for the San Jose Mercury News demonstrated the internet’s capacity to explain and document a government conspiracy. With Webb’s painstaking examination of the CIA’s role in the illicit drug trade hyperlinked to a bevy of documentation and freely distributed online, the professional journalistic community and its intelligence penumbra fell silent for months.

In the interim the story picked up steam in the non-traditional outlets of talk radio and tabloid television, with African Americans especially intrigued by the potential government role in the crack cocaine epidemic. Then suddenly major news outlets spewed forth a vitriolic attack on Webb and the Mercury News that amazingly resulted in the Mercury‘s retraction of the story and Webb’s eventual departure from the paper and probable murder by the US government.[3]

Criticism of Webb’s work predictably focused on petty misgivings toward his alleged poor judgment—specifically his intimation that the CIA intentionally caused the crack epidemic in African American communities, an observation that many blacks found logical and compelling. So not only did Webb find himself at the center of a conspiracy panic because of his assessment of the CIA’s role in the drug trade; he was also causing mass “paranoia” within African American communities allegedly predisposed toward such thinking.

Since the mid-1990s conspiracy panics have increasingly revolved around an effort by mainstream news media to link unorthodox political ideas and inquiry with violent acts. This dynamic was crystallized in Timothy McVeigh, the principal suspect in the April 19, 1995 Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bombing,  who through the propaganda-like efforts of  government and major news media was constructed to symbolize the dangers of “extremist” conspiratorial thought (his purported fascination with white supremacism and The Turner Diaries) and violent terrorist action (the bombing itself). Conveniently overlooked is the fact that McVeigh was trained as a black ops technician and still in US Army employ at the time of his 2001 execution.[4]

Through a broad array of media coverage and subsequent book-length treatments by the left intelligentsia on the “radical right,” the alleged lone wolf McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing became forever coupled in the national memory. The image and event seemingly attested to how certain modes of thought can bring about violence–even though McVeigh’s role in what took place on April 19 was without question one part of an intricate web painstakingly examined by the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee [5] and in the 2011 documentary A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995.

The Quickening Pace of Conspiracy Panics

Independent researchers and alternative media utilizing the internet have necessitated the rapid deployment of conspiracy panic-like reactions that appear far less natural and spontaneous to neutralize inquiry and bolster the official narratives of  momentous and unusual events. For example, wide-scale skepticism surrounding the May 1, 2011 assault on Osama bin Laden’s alleged lair in Pakistan was met with efforts to cultivate a conspiracy panic evident in editorials appearing across mainstream print, broadcast, and online news platforms. The untenable event supported only by President Obama’s pronouncement of the operation was unquestioningly accepted by corporate media that shouted down calls for further evidence and alternative explanations of bin Laden’s demise as “conspiracy theories.”

Indeed, a LexisNexis search for “bin Laden” and “conspiracy theories” yields over five hundred such stories and opinion pieces appearing across Western print and broadcast media outlets for the week of May 2, 2011.[6] “While much of America celebrated the dramatic killing of Osama bin Laden,” the Washington Post opined, “the Sept. 11 conspiracy theorists still had questions. For them and a growing number of skeptics, the plot only thickened.”[7]

Along these lines retired General Mark Kimmitt remarked on CNN, “Well, I’m sure the conspiracy theorists will have a field day with this, about why it was done? Was it done? Is he still alive?”[8] “The conspiracy theorists are not going to be satisfied,” Glenn Beck asserted. “Next thing you know, Trump is going to ask for the death certificate, and is it the real death certificate? And then all hell breaks loose.”[9]

Like 9/11 or the Gulf of Tonkin, the narrative has since become a part of official history, disingenuously repeated in subsequent news accounts and elementary school history books—a history handed down from on high and accepted by compromised, unintelligent, or simply lazy journalists perpetuating nightmare fictions to a poorly informed and intellectually idle public.

This psycho-symbolic template is simultaneously evident in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and Boston Marathon bombing (BMB) events and their aftermaths. Indeed, the brief yet intense Sandy Hook conspiracy panic, and to a lesser degree that of the BMB, revolved at least partially around the “conspiracy theory professor,” who, as a credentialed member of the intellectual class, overstepped his bounds by suggesting how there are many unanswered questions related to the tragedies that might lead one to conclude—as social theorist Jean Baudrillard observed concerning the 1991 Gulf War—that the events did not take place, at least in the way official pronouncements and major media have represented them. It is perhaps telling  that critical assessments of domestic events and their relatedness to a corrupt media and governing apparatus are so vigorously assailed.

Yet to suggest that the news and information Americans accept as sound and factual on a routine basis is in fact a central means for manipulating their worldviews is not a matter for debate. Rather, it is an empirically verifiable assertion substantiated in a century of public relations and psychological warfare research and practice. Such propaganda efforts once reserved for foreign locales are now freely practiced in the US to keep the population increasingly on edge.

Still, a significant portion of the population cannot believe their government would lie to or mislead them, especially about a traumatic and emotional event involving young children or running enthusiasts. To suggest this to be the case is not unlike informing a devoted sports fan that her team lost a decisive game after she’s been convinced of an overwhelming win. Such an allegation goes against not only what they often unconsciously accept to be true, but also challenges their substantial emotional investment in the given mediated event.

In a revealing yet characteristic move the reaction by corporate media outlets such as the New York Times, FoxNews, CNN, and in the case of the BMB the New York Times-owned Boston Globe, has been not to revisit and critique their own slipshod coverage of the Newtown massacre or BMB that often bordered on blatant disinformation, but rather to divert attention from any responsible self-evaluation by vilifying the messenger in what have been acute conspiracy panics of unusual proportion.

As a disciplinary mechanism against unsettling observations and questions directed toward political leaders and the status quo, conspiracy panics serve to reinforce ideas and thought processes sustained by the fleeting yet pervasive stimuli of infotainment, government pronouncements, and, yes, the staged events that have been part and parcel of US news media and government collaboration dating at least to the Spanish-American war. Despite (or perhaps because of) the immense technological sophistication at the dawn of the twenty-first century a majority of the population remains bound and shackled in the bowels of the cave, forever doomed to watch the shadows projected before them.


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Republished at on May 24, 2013.

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94 thought on “Media Disinformation and the Conspiracy Panic Phenomenon”
  1. It sure would be helpful to hear from some journalists and reporters on their revelations of the validity of the news stream they are passing along to us.

    1. The Borderline idiot will always see the world as some sort of gigantic conspiracy. They say the dumber you are the more conspiratorial things may seem, so in many cases the participants may be asked to step outside their intellectual comfort zone.

      Generally speaking a conspiracy is a theory not substantiated by facts, not to be confused with a concept one disagrees with and worse yet one in which he is too unmotivated to explore for himself. Conspiracy unfortunately is an over used cliche many hide behind to mask their unfamiliarity with sometimes complex subjects or dodge a weighty issue they feel uncomfortable discussing. There are very few conspiracies, simply issues we may not yet be aware of.

      The old adage that truth is in the eye of the beholder comes to mind here. What seems apparent to one may seem complicated to another. Many times it is simply a case of what we might term intellectual harmonics. As we acquire knowledge and facts somethings appear as intrinsically needless to debate. For others further down the scale they seem perplexing and these intellects often insist upon a Fox News broadcast or link to justify their validity. Others who are forcefully confronted by facts they should have known lash out in in vindictive terms in a very unbecoming manner.

      In modern day terminology I think it compares with examples of the slow learner holding back the class. Imagine yourself trying to explain to say a spider monkey that two and two equals four. Most of us have already accepted this as reality, however the spider monkey if he could even fathom what you were saying would view this as some gigantic conspiracy being thrust upon him.

      I have heard many use the term well that is just your opinion, everybody has one. It is obvious that such a person has little or no exposure to Logic 101. It is really quite simple, some may hold the view that 1 plus 1 equals 5, some may feel that 2 plus 2 equals 5, etc etc. However one may feel that 2 plus 3 equals 5. In this particular instance it is not an opinion it is a fact. This is what we are looking for.

        1. This is a great example but people are waking up.

      1. Conspiracies occur much more frequently than you are speculating. The disconnect is categorizing conspiracy theory as delusional thinking when it is being used as a tool for critical analysis.

        1. “conspiracy theory as delusional thinking when it is being used as a tool for critical analysis.”

          I like that, consider it incorporated into my repertoire.

      2. The least logical people seem to mimic loudest message they hear, verbatim. After the boston marathon production, a woman I observed to be a crackhead approached a telephone poll near the place I stood and was about to tear a piece of paper down. She looked at me and said “oh—I thought it was to support those boys.” It wasn’t, but what the hell did she mean? I soon realized she thought someone may have hung up papers pleading for the brothers patsy of the marathon bombing story. Here you had a visible drug addict, stomping around the city, defending it from critical thought and the “bad guys”. I think you’ll find the loudest defenders of an official story always have something terribly wrong with them.

      3. “The Borderline idiot will always see the world as some sort of gigantic conspiracy.” So says “Dublinsmick” in a statement that is about as vague and generic as can be.

        I suppose I am a borderline idiot because I disagree with the official lone gunman explanation of the Kennedy assassination? I suppose it makes no difference that John Connally and his wife Nellie repeatedly insisted that he was not hit by the same bullet (magic bullet) that hit Kennedy, a fact clearly illustrated in the famous Zapruder film, which shows Connally turning all the way around to look over his right shoulder after Kennedy is hit in the throat. Connally said he did not feel the impact of the bullet that hit him until he turned around to face forward, another fact clearly seen in the Zapruder film.

        Perhaps I will need to earn a masters degree to understand how the magic bullet caused all those wounds in two fully grown men and came out looking like it had been fired into nothing denser that cotton wadding or a tank full of water. In fact, in 1964 the Warren Commission did indeed enlist the help of the U.S. Army’s top wound ballistics expert, Joseph Dolce, who test fired 100 bullets of the same make and caliber of the magic bullet into wrists of human cadavers and goat carcasses. They were test fired from Oswald’s Mannlicher-Carcano and not one of them came out looking anywhere near as pristine as the bullet now in the national archives. To his dying day, Dolce insisted that the single bullet theory was simply impossible, but I guess he is just a “borderline idiot” as well.

        i would also wish to someday attain a sufficient degree of intellectual accuity to understand how and why the BBC reported the collapse of Building Seven twenty five minutes too soon and how it is possible for the building to collapse straight down into it’s own footprint at freefall speed for nearly eight floors without the assistance of some type of explosives.

        These and many other troubling questions continue to haunt the minds of countless undereducated peons such as myself, but I guess we just aren’t smart enough to understand it all. Until we can, I guess we will just have to defer to lofty academics and mainstream media “experts” to tell us what is and isn’t true.


    2. Don’t worry, most of them I have run into down at the seven eleven have a handle on this as the actors are so bad. The only real questions is why they can’t make it at least look half way real.

      The guys living on slurpee, donuts and red bull are getting it.

  2. Meaningful discussion hasn’t gotten anyone anywhere against the powers of “government”. Discussion is spin. Spin means rotation, most often in the same or similar place. Of much more interest and impact is meaningful action. Alas, for all the “activity” there is mostly inaction.

    1. The administration wasn’t thinking to anger the media giant that was always supportive of an overreaching gov – Fox. Fox has carried water for the administration’s lack of investigations on public panic events like Sandy Hook and Boston, and now is upset.

      So after this event with Rosen, is it back to carrying water or break away and do some real reporting?

      1. Fox news continues to be, among other things, a tool to co-op the patriot movement (assuming there was ever one). It looks like they are very close to succeeding.

        After all, when you can figure out what a controlled demolition is but can’t figure out Ron Paul wasn’t really running for president, you’re not as smart or awake as you thought.

        There’s a con for anyone. Figuring one out while being taken in by another doesn’t get you too far.

        1. Paul, that could have just as easily been a picture of a Benny Hinn event. The money disappeared all the same.

          People need to believe in Ron Paul like they do Jeff Bauman, I guess. I’ve been conned on things. We all have. Once you find out as much, does a “normalcy bias” take down the truth? I wouldn’t want it too.

    1. The internet isn’t what it once was, nor will it become what we want it to be. They have an off switch. They’re going after anonymity-on-the-internet with a vengence. “Disruptive Technologies” want you to willingly tie together all of your family, friends, and associates and the various ways they can be contacts: phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

      IMHO, the only disruptive technologies may be retro, like before Microsoft gave the keys to its Windows back-door to the government, before technologies “effortlessly” talked to one another and left a breadcrumb trail of log entries of all you did.


  3. Dr Tracy, You’ve captured the essence of what the people are up against. Even someone like me comes under their fire. I doubt various “official narratives” on any range of issues, but Sandy Hook, at least for me, was different. The narrative there didn’t make sense to me before reading even another person’s take on the matter. I was also skeptical of the OBL killing, but didn’t pursue it with any intensity. I’ve always been skeptical regarding the pharmaceutical industry, but didn’t consider myself that dreaded conspiracy nut that the New York Times implies anyone who questions any official narrative as being. It’s almost as if some desire to brand anyone who questions anything official as a quack. Isn’t that generally the practice under autocratic regimes? So much for plurality of thought. Are pre thought thoughts from the top the only acceptable ones? To those in relative power, who benefit from the ethos of conform, consume, obey, I’d say the answer is an emphatic yes.

    The older I’ve become, the more skeptical I’ve become regarding many mainstream narratives. When it comes to government, in particular, especially big government at the national level, my operating theory is that there are not a few rogue elements within said government that fly pretty much under the radar of the larger government oversight apparatus. I’m certain the Patriot Act has allowed these largely off the radar rogue groups to flourish even more. All in the name of “national security” I’m sure. I don’t necessarily think it’s a grand conspiracy at work, but rather a symptom that overreaching big government breeds–non accountability. If I opine that government is too big and thus open to abuse, then many would label me anti government, when that is far from the truth. Of course that’s merely a tactic of the zeitgeist in which to promote docility and thus mass conformity. That mindset is certainly not a breeding ground for those who desire limited government. It is a breeding ground for the total state sentiment.

    I guess the bottom line for me. though, is simple–In a world of 7 billion people, where power consolidates in a relative few, there are various groups of people who have agendas, and promote said agendas, whatever they may be, under the cover of, in many instances, legislated secrecy, absent the light of day. Criminals in the general, law abiding, populace work outside proscribed boundaries this way. Criminals within the largely law abiding government work this way too. The job of a democratic republic viz, “the people” is to expose and root out said elements within, no? What’s so “conspiratorial” or illegitimate about pursuing that end to furthering good and responsive government? How bout it, New York Times?

  4. America is under attack.

    Excessive taxes are a financial attack on the populace.

    The psy-op of overpopulation, the “planned parenthood” psy-op, discourages natural born US citizens, of whatever race, to delay or completely forgo the natural act of reproduction. Consider the phrase “emergency contraception.” What’s the emergency about having a baby? It’s completely normal, ther are 7 billion people in the world, how did they all get here?

    Physical attacks, these are the ones we talk about the most. “Black Ops” is a phrase becoming popular with our young males, thanks to the Call of Duty Black Ops video game series, and perhaps we should use that phrase instead of the slightly antiquated “false flag.” A President removed from office by a magic bullet, a federal building destroyed by a truck bomb too far away to do much damage on its own, two giant buildings built to withstand an accidental air strike are supposedly brought down by just such an event, and a nearby building (7) supposedly collapses in perfect symmetry by the burning of desks and paperwork.
    Etc, etc, etc

  5. Although the last ten years has been somewhat of a blur raising my two children, what really made me begin to question the way events are shaped and presented by the media, was the way Robbie Parker acted on the night [after] his six year old daughter was killed. I have a six year old, and I felt there was something clearly wrong with his reaction. The Nietzsche book The Birth of Tragedy talks about how drama arose out of religious ceremony as a catharsis for the audience to experience heightened emotions and the release of those tumultuous feelings. I am still trying to understand it, but what came across on television seemed like a badly acted play. It was not cathartic at all but raised many questions.

    Gary Webb was a tenacious investigative journalist who died too soon, and it is good to see his work highlighted here. I am heartened by how many people are doing their own investigative journalism about recent events, with theories ranging from plausible to wildly implausible. I understand that we have the right to do this under the first amendment. For a long time I thought the mass media had killed true journalism, but I am heartened to see it is alive and well. Thank you Dr. Tracy and many others who keep the flame burning.

  6. Don’t forget the U.S.S. Liberty incident. Do a quick search to find out what ‘ally’ was behind that attack to see that it is largely the same criminal group behind many of today’s ‘false flags’ and war propaganda.

  7. George W. Bush talked about the “strategy of tension” and “shock and awe”. Little did I know at the time that these ideas were applicable to the American public. The social engineering techniques pioneered by such depraved minds as Bernays, Lippmann, and Skinner are failing because of the free flow of information over the internet. We the people now have access to declassified government documents and corporate think tank writings that reveal the plans that have lead to our current state of affairs. The only remaining factor needed is enough personal time to review such information. But, as unemployment rises, more people are finding that they have this time, unshackled from the nine to five rat race.

    Truth requires no maintenance and stands on its own. In contrast, fabrication requires much time, effort, and money to perpetuate illusion. It’s a house of cards. Human souls, worldwide, are presently being polarized between those that cling to this crumbling house and those that don’t.

    May God bless and protect you and yours, James Tracy. I see you as having a vital role in undoing the damage done over several generations to the “bewildered herd”.

  8. The U.S.S. Liberty was attacked under direct orders from President Lyndon Johnson. He was no stranger to ‘attack-a-ship blackops’ (The Gulf of Tonkin farce, The U.S.S.Maine down in Havana Harbor, and many cite the Lusitania sinking, which plunged us into WW 1). Johnson was feeling the power that comes with the US presidency. Many men sucumb to heady, raw power–Teddy Roosevelt, The Bushes 1 and 11 come to mind. (And some would make the case for FDR and Lincoln; I would not.)

    When an American president speaks, few refuse to listen and most will take the hint, direct or implied. The Israelis got the message to sink the Liberty and accuse Egypt. An old gambit that went awry. Protecting Western oil fields in the Middle East was the goal. So much of our foreign policy still revolves around oil. Oil is an international issue. Globalism is an international agenda with many countries getting the message; if you want in the game, you play by certain rules.

    In the meantime, we witness perpetual Kabuki theater–all style, sound and fury, signifying nada.

    1. Marilyn I reading what you wrote correctly, are you saying that Israel took orders from Johnson?I think it was the other way around.

      “I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it.” —Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, October 3rd, 2001, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.


        This is one of the saddest episodes in American history and as with all incidents involving war, truth is the first casualty, as the saying goes.

        Depending upon who writes the narrative, Israel was responsible; another will say it was a joint effort, with LBJ committing treason of the highest order. Who benefited? Both Israel and the US are joined in a desire to control the MIddle East for obvious reasons–one to survive and one to secure oil interests. Seems enough guilt to go around.

        Intelligence communications went straight to the White House on the day in question and Johnson did indeed order the attack to continue by phone. Also, he ordered his naval commanders to stand down and to call back American fighter planes that had been dispatched, which could have prevented further damage and death. Many top US officials have, when interviewed, ducked the issue–including former CIA director Jesse Helms and former Sec. of Defense, Robert McNamara; they simply refused comment. McNamara went on to head the World Bank–a clue to where his loyalties lie. (He certainly did not earn his scout badge overseeing Vietnam, IMO.)

        There are so many recent crimes that cannot be exposed and adjudicated because the wall of secrecy is impenetrable. The top brass and politicians protect their own.

        Ariel Sharon has been a burr in the flank of Israel politics for a long time. He tended to bloviate and excite Arab passion and it seemed difficult to keep him on a short leash. I can recall Truman had the same problem with Gen. MacArthur; he had to be relieved of his command.

        I don’t claim expertise on this issue; but I do have opinions at variance with the old “Israel rules the world mantra.”

        1. I am glad you posted this, Marilyn. In fact, Johnson said “I want that goddamn ship going to the bottom.” Why? As a pretext for war with Egypt, which was of course a proxy. Russia had built the Aswan dam for Nasser, the man in charge at the time, and from the point of view of America’s rulers, Russia had no business mucking up our sand lot over there. The 6 Day War was a perfect pretext to make it look like Egypt attacked the US, so we’d have the perfect excuse to “take Egypt back” from the USSR’s sphere of influence. Israel, our cat’s paw, dutifully complied when Johnson ordered her to pretend to be Egypt.

          None of the Jew haters and Israel haters who love to use the USS Liberty as a “proof text” can explain what was in it for Israel. Why would Israel do such a thing? What could they possibly gain? There is no plausible answer. They did it because they are our tool, and the Cold War was at its peak. Johnson had already gotten away with it once, at the Gulf of Tonkin, and Egypt was a lot more important to the US than Vietnam ever was.

          I’m no fan of the Israeli government. It has been despicable since before the Transfer Agreement. And anyone who knows the inhuman deal America made with it, to hand over nuclear technology, has trouble sleeping at night at the thought of it. But Israel is in fact just a tool of the forces engineering a world government, and the “hands” those forces use to wield that tool are the government of the United States.

          The Israeli pilots, when they realized, almost too late, what the assignment was, pulled back. They could have sunk that ship, but defied orders (not before killing lots of our guys, unfortunately). Moshe Dayan, America’s reliable puppet, was livid. He failed to carry out America’s orders–but the men he ordered to do it made the right choice. Good for them.

          The people of Israel are our best friends in the world. Their government, sadly, is best friends with the dark forces that are shaping the world Orwell foresaw in the book 1984. Of course, OUR government is even more evil than Israel’s.

        2. Thank you Patrick for further illuminating this tragic event. I agree that the people of Israel are caught between oil and a hard place. Their government is being skillfully managed into doing things against their own best interests, IMO. But politics and global agendas are impossible to divine in the particular; we must take each event and study carefully in hopes of predicting longrange purposes.

          Incidently, it was Richard Helms, not Jesse Helms who was ex-CIA director…Jesse was a five-term Republican Senator from North Carolina, an avowed racist and general nuisance. Thirty years in the Congress was perhaps why he took so many liberties at his post. ( I sometimes get so caught up in punctuation, etc., my mind wonders.)

  9. As usual, this is a fine article which throws illumination on the phenomenon of conspiracy panics. In a broad view, conspiracy panics are effectively attacks on our civilization. The laws of cause and effect are suspended, and our common language of reason is debased leaving the real victims, the unsuspecting population, in a malleable condition of confusion, disorientation, and fear.

    Part of the art of creating these events has to be making the actual objective(s) of the action impossible to ever determine by rational analysis of evidence. Indeed, so complex are these actions, involving so many players, that a long shopping list of objectives are likely involved. For example, despite the apparent missteps in carrying out the Boston Marathon action, it is quite possible that an element of chaos was deliberately thrown in to test the tolerance limits of the population and the performance of players who are in on only a portion of the game. The most recent actions, with close coordination of actors and authorities, and very little convincing evidence of the advertised victims, seem to have such diffuse objectives that they may perhaps be thought of as experiments in the “technology” of mind and population control.

    Like many people, I have been struggling to understand what the Benghazi kerfuffle is about. A couple of articles, including “Benghazi, Petraeus, and the CIA” by Horace Campbell ( posited quite convincingly that the cover up was that the Benghazi “consulate” was actually a CIA station being used to funnel weapons and/or fighters from Libya to Syria. Although dismal reading for anyone who still expects any grain of truth from the US government, the revelation of US manipulation in all aspects of the Middle East horror makes sense.

    Today, in this article (, yet another account of the Benghazi mission emerges. Two whistleblowers, reveal that:

    “Stevens’ mission in Benghazi, they will say, was to buy back Stinger missiles from al-Qaeda groups issued to them by the State Department, not by the CIA. Such a mission would usually be a CIA effort, but the intelligence agency had opposed the idea because of the high risk involved in arming “insurgents” with powerful weapons that endanger civilian aircraft.”

    So the plot thickens with two new yet unnamed whistleblowers with a fairly incredible, superficially plausible, inconsistent story of the Benghazi adventure. Temperatures will be rising in Washington!
    These sorts of revelations and leaks illustrate a technique the perpetrators of conspiracy panics are deploying. These stories feed not the mainstream media and their adherents but rather the conspiracy theorists themselves. So many competing sets of facts emerge that it becomes extremely difficult to separate any wheat at all from the chaff.

    There was clearly an element of this going on in Boston in April. There was a drill, there was not a drill. There were men in black with remote control devices, and backpacks as far as the eye could see. There were at least three different sets of suspects. I listened to “our” sources gleefully dissect all this evidence, as they marveled at the sloppiness of whoever planned that action, not realizing that they themselves were playing the chump.
    In both these cases, there is now so much “evidence” that it is becoming extremely unlikely that any outside observer will ever be able to develop anything like a coherent, plausible explanation. Meanwhile, the fear and foreboding of the population at large continues unabated.

    1. My sense is that while it isn’t so hard to determine what happened at the Marathon, once you study the pictures, the other parts of the story such as the alleged killing of Sean Collier and the alleged gunfight in Watertown are less open to scrutiny.

      Like the triple murder in Waltham, all point to the involvement of the Tsarnaev’s, perhaps, in criminal behavior, although they must be innocent of any bombing. This is where the public continues to link the events as though all are true

      The place where the public was “conscripted” is at the bombing, which involves widespread government fraud, reinforced with each night’s human interest story about victims (very frequent in Boston, maybe less done elsewhere) after which you cannot expect them to tell the truth about anything else. Nightly requests for money for the victims’ fund goes on to reinforce the message.

      One British or Canadian commenter (Morris on You-Tube), who seems like an ex-professor of philosophy or religion, states that the purpose of these broadcasts is “to make us converse in lies.” I don’t think I have heard a better summary of what this is. My own sense of “why” is also philosophical. We have long prided ourselves on being a nation founded on a Constitution which was itself created during the period called the Enlightenment, in which reason replaced obedience to authority and the divine right of kings.

      This obvious “conversing in lies” seems to me the acceptance of dogma over understanding, of obedience to authority over voluntary acceptance of governance due to rational assent. Events like this have been created to reintroduce authoritarianism and central control.

      Totalitarian systems of the twentieth century were not based on tradition although giving a nod to it. Neither is this new system arising before us, although it plays on romantic sentiment towards iconic figures of victims, first responders, military families, and it asks for the ordinary person to make the smallest of financial sacrifices to buy into it by making charitable donations, which reinforce the idea the story is true and that we are a generous people. Compassion for suffering is manifested in memorial candles set up the way teenagers and others set up such impromptu sights at places where cars hit trees and their friends were killed.

      Candlelight vigils for murder victims in small towns is a form co-opted by these events. It’s a return to a certain form of religious expression, which puts the rational faculty into neutral while experiencing the sublime transformation represented by death. But at the back of it is the armored and uniformed deadly force, which fights terror and denies death. It is the war brought home, and played out as teenagers would play it out. Give early and give often.

    1. Mr. Friend, in all seriousness, the blood libel has been done to death. This is a way of dividing the world into the innocent (stupid and gulled) Christians and Moslems and the brilliant, Lucifer-like Jews. I am not going to dignify such tripe with any respect. Normally I am cordial to everyone on this forum, but you have created a website which is a magnet for genocidal maniacs. Not buying it.

      Yes, there are guilty parties and some of them are Jews. Most are not Jews, but equally guilty. Your “blood” does not save you, not even misquoting the Christian gospels will fly.

      What we are dealing with a system of control and a strategy undertaken in a world with more people competing for scarce resources. The “sleeping giant” of Napoleon’s nightmares (although he should have been more concerned about General Winter) which is China, has awakened and is armed to the teeth to get the resources it requires. The Middle East is indeed the battleground for that.

      I do not consider myself a dupe of Zionists – I realize they are playing psychological games, but so is my own government (which didn’t fall off a turnip cart yesterday). I have enough understanding of other people like the clever little Mafias of Boston to know that they can play a mean game of Three Card Monty and make the sidewalk look like it just exploded. This is their turf, and so is the FBI. That is whose had I see in this, though you can throw in their associates like that scene in the Godfather with Florida and Cuban mobsters of “the Hebrew persuasion.” This is a mobbed up game.

      1. I’m with you, musings. I thank you for the gentle rebuke. Many people around here want the “it all stems from the Jews” model to explain it all, and seem to assume that this site agrees, without noticing that James Tracy has never implied any such thing. Normally, I don’t dignify it. Sometimes, a reply such as yours is needed.

      2. LOL, well musings, my main point is that international Jewish interests dominate the global power elite, and criminal Jewish networks are behind virtually every “conspiracy theory” you can learn about in the alternative media. International Jewry sits atop the global power structure, and essentially controls the West via their domination of the media, politics, banking, and academia. Can this really be denied at this point?

        I suggest you open your eyes and objectively analyze who is controlling the levers of power in this country. Just take 9/11 for instance: who was behind 9/11? Who benefited from 9/11? Can it really be denied anymore that Israel and an international network of Jewish criminals was largely responsible for organizing, perpetrating, covering up, and benefitting from 9/11 and the entire “Global War on Terror” fraud?

        1. Sure, but why not?
          Isn’t Western Civilization itself partly derived from Judaism?
          The Greco-Roman-Judeo-Christian Empire has dominated the planet.
          Where is its seat?
          Why not in Israel?

        2. It’s important to examine every event on a case by case basis, because mental sloth will take over otherwise.

          I said nothing about 9/11, which had its own set of actors in New York City (and Washington) who undoubtedly colluded with each other.

          I live near Boston and have been here for decades, seeing a lot of ethnically-based organized crime playing out their scenarios (while they are protected by their guardians in high office).

          As far as I know, the Jews and Catholics have not totally merged yet. Even so, I do not condemn all Catholics in this matter nor regard them as puppeteered, every one of them, by the Vatican. Therefore, even if I notice a lot of Catholic “actors” behind the mini-me of 9/11 in this event, I don’t slack off and say it’s been the Pope all along. I would say that Operation Gladio and the fascist support in institutions like CIA are well-documented today, though not understood at the time.

          Our job here is not to solve all the crimes, but to deny acceptance of the official story when we can prove, point by point, that it is off.

          We may speculate as to “cui bono?” I will go so far as to see a long-term strategy of stirring up the Russian-Chechen conflict, to benefit anyone attacking Tehran, though this is still speculation. But this is the piggy-backed element of Chechens onto the bombing story.

          I reject the first premise of the Tsarnaev guilt story, that they did the bombing, because it’s a hoax. Everything else they are alleged to have done becomes a story manipulated by the FBI and lied about faithfully in the press. “Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus” impeaches these officials and scribes in all their testimony. They have told us to believe their big lie, so why accept their further evidence?

          To give Morris the last word (paraphrased): “(They are going to lose their jobs if they tell the truth. They have to make a living. Saying what they are told to say is their job. There are no investigative journalists anymore)”. If he traces it up to ownership of the media, I would also look lower down to the acts themselves and the motivation of unjust enrichment. It looks to me like a deal between thugs. That involves a lot of criminals of various ethnicities. They are so in-your-face these days that we can be said to be living in their pirate state, region, and perhaps country.

          How do you deal with it? By a refusal to give lip service to it in any way. “Just say no.” Greet with silence any discussion about the matter. Not sure how long this will work, but I have tried.
          If someone tells you they are torn up about the dead policeman Sean Collier, state that in solving a crime, generally you need evidence. You don’t have to wonder aloud if that too was a hoax.

          It’s a very funny thing, but the minute I heard about the shooting of the MIT policeman, I told people I thought it was related to the Marathon bombing. They scoffed at me. But I saw a work of fiction unfolding (though at the times I thought it was real), I could anticipate plot points. The timing was perfect. And oddly now I am the one who does not believe it. Hearing that the conversation in the carjacking sounded like a Quentin Tarantino dialogue is not accidental nor attributable to Tarantino’s perfect ear for criminals’ dialogue. It is about what will entertain the public. All of this has been a grand entertainment.

          “All the world’s a stage” came from deep in Elizabethan politics in London of the time. Sir Walter Raleigh spreading his cloak over that puddle for the Queen, changes through time into a fireman carrying a beautiful student with drips of stage blood on her ankles, spread out in color on the front page of the Boston Globe. We’re more down-market in Boston, but the principle holds.

        3. John Friend..they just don’t get it do they. When what happened in Russia comes to America….they will get it!!! I have never assumed that this site agrees with us and I am aware that Mr.Tracy has never implied any such thing ,but I thank Mr.Tracy for letting me post my comments.

      3. I wouldn’t say John Friend reached the correct conclusion, but he’s right to reach beyond the evident. Everything I’ve seen tells me there is more to this than imperialism. There is every reason to believe a sort of religion, and certain religious beliefs, guide an agenda far bigger than getting more than the other guy. We only see hints of some very private belief system. Hints of eugenics programs: Realization: bpa isn’t just in plastic because it’s cheaper. It mimics estrogen. It does. Is this to be incidental? Unlikely. See—there’s something else going down here. We need not name it. There’s not enough of it visible to give it a name but you are failing yourself if you don’t take the hint.

        When you follow the money trail far enough, you eventually find people who print money. They print it! They state it and it is! And what is money then? What do they use it for? They are not in the game we’re in. You find that they are cloaked in symbols you thought, for the longest time, were just decor. What’s their symbol doing as your decoration, in your pocket on your money?

        Who’s behind them? Above them? What do they want? What do they believe? People should look this far into it. Don’t stop at made-for-television characters like Obama. Know thy enemy.

    2. John Friend..thank you for all your efforts and sacrifises in exposing our real enemies,you are a true hero!!Keep up the excellent work.
      God bless!!!!!
      Ephesians 6:11-17
      11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. 12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand . 14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; 15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; 16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. 17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

      1. be aware that as soon as you are convinced of your position, your mind becomes closed to new information, and consequently you no longer are thinking critically.

  10. Where the article posits that these propaganda attacks “are now freely practiced in the US to keep the population increasingly on edge,” my question is “Why?”

    What is the point to all these macabre productions? With so many of them executed with odd “loose ends” that just don’t make sense, is the point to dislodge us from our “illusion” that the news is true?

    To actually consider that Diane Sawyer is perhaps not being truthful when broadcasting from a tragic scene is a big leap for Americans to make.

    The possibility that the “news” is a lie challenges not only Americans, “substantial emotional investment in the given mediated event,” but also their substantial intellectual, emotional and physical investment in the “reality” of the society (where the news is supposed to be true) we all live in. If the “news” isn’t reality, but is in fact a lie…. what is reality?

    We, here in the U.S., are under psychological attack. As the “news media” reports on the growing number of Obama White House scandals, I can’t help but wonder if this is connected to the odd events in Boston and at Sandy Hook. It does seem as though PSYOPs are being used as a tool to wrest political capital from the White House.

    According to Wikipedia, Psychological Warfare (PSYWAR), or the basic aspects of modern psychological operations (PSYOP), is designed, “to induce confessions or reinforce attitudes and behaviors favorable to the originator’s objectives, and are sometimes combined with black operations or false flag tactics.”

    I found the paragraph below on what could be called “peace aggression” from the Wikipedia article to be interesting. Basically, a working theory for “Why?” could be that some entity is waging aggression on the U.S. Government via PsyOps directed at the U.S. population.

    “In Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes, Jacques Ellul discusses **psychological warfare as a common peace policy practice between nations as a form of indirect aggression in place of military aggression. This type of propaganda drains the public opinion of an opposing regime by stripping away its power on public opinion.**

    This form of aggression is hard to defend against because no international court of justice is capable of protecting against psychological aggression since it cannot be legally adjudicated. The only defense is using the same means of psychological warfare. It is the burden of every government to defend its state against propaganda aggression. “Here the propagandists is dealing with a foreign adversary whose morale he seeks to destroy by psychological means so that the opponent begins to doubt the validity of his beliefs and actions.”

  11. One obvious advantage that the “tin foil hat” contingent has over the agi-prop believers is usually a better grasp of detail. I have seen–and participated in–several discussions/debates where angry believers had their clocks gently but thoroughly cleaned by those who knew timelines, changed narratives, obvious contradictions and easily detected falsehoods being spun as truth.

    Left sputtering, some seemed willing to at least reexamine the whole story while others dug in their heels even more–they are The Lost.

    Those who have taken the time and responsibility to learn of these anomalies should think long about how best to be the real voice of reason when these topics arise. There is an art to overwhelming someone’s position without them resenting it, and it is hard to leave our anger/frustration at the present situation outside when we are exposing this corruption.

    But we should NEVER hesitate to speak plainly and passionately for TRUTH, as Dr. Tracy has done at no small cost. The truth is being assassinated before our eyes; it is up to us to stand between it and the assassins.

    The good news is that behavioral researchers say the tipping point of belief systems is 10 per cent of the total class involved. Ten per cent of people discovering the truth, presenting the truth convincingly and unapologetically…that will begin the transformation from a society built on squalid lies at every level to a return to a moral foundation.

    It seems like a bargain at just about any cost.

  12. The weapon the MSM seems to be wielding is fear mongering and the answer is that there is more of “us” than there are of “them”. It will be up to us, we, the people whose eyes and ears are open to be able to communicate with our friends, our neighbors, our communities. Most people are not the enemy, we have to communicate that, in spite of what we are being told, most people are good, more places are safe. The enemy is fear, the enemies are liars, and our the truth, and the truth will always prevail.

  13. What the MSM is peddling is fear. Don’t buy into it, and don’t let your friends, family and communities buy into it, either. This is the only way “they” can gain control. Keep your eye on the ball, all of these theatrics are there for entertainment’s sake alone, follow the rule-makings and what is going on in your local goverment, state government and at the Federal level. Pay attention to that instead of these soap operas.

    1. I completely agree that we all need to keep our eye “on the ball” at the local, state and Federal Government level. I’ve been doing so over the past few months & it is eye-opening to say the least.

      Yesterday, I posted here about the nature of the “News Media” spewing lies and asked, “What is reality?” The question has been rolling about in my head these days.

      This morning, in celebration of the March against Monsato, I spent my hard-earned dollars in a one-room store, no more than 12′ x 12′ purchasing organic food grown and produced in my town and State. I could’ve gotten more food for less money at the grocery store… but, have decided to stop poisoning myself and my family. I’ve cut back in other areas.

      Later today, I’ll enroll in a Community Supported Agriculture program at the organic farm at the bottom of the hill. In these two actions, I am engaged with “reality”… my neighbors, real food, grown in real soil in a real place to support a real family.

      I’ll be looking for more ways to “unplug” from what I see as a constructed reality designed to serve purposes unknown to me—that I may not necessarily agree with.

    1. I consider it somewhat suspicious that the FBI should reveal their connection with Tsarnaev. They don’t have to do that.

      Of course it’s one of those things which causes speculation, doesn’t it? It certainly diverts from the “knowns” and puts you into the realm of the “unknowns”, such as how two could slip, instead of just one unlucky guy. It makes you want them to tell you a story, to get the larger story, which they will do in time, to satisfy the very curiosity they have aroused.

      I recently re-watched Wag the Dog, and then read the novel from which it was loosely adapted, American Hero. The novel emphasizes that anticipation is what is needed in selling anything, including a war. The public begins to gather, to grow tense, and to require spectacle and explanation (leadership). Then they have us where they want us.

      Yes, we can speculate as to whether these agents were offed. But their connection to Tsarnaev never needed to be told, I would imagine. It seems the opening gambit in another psyop.

  14. Such an excellent article and amazing observations by those following this line of reasoning. So many dangling issues…the question is where to first attack the cloud of deceit and disinformation. No doubt the puppeteers are staging events; they control the message and the means of delivery.

    Having said that, let us look at the home base surrounded by the D.C. “beltway,” so insulated from the people they profess to serve. The political duopoly–aka the Democrat/Republican party system–is a brilliant scam inducing illusions of differences that do not exist. All the finger pointing and blaming is heating up as we move into the 2016 presidential campaign, with midterm elections always an inticing bit of ramped-up hyperbole to keep pundits and round tables in constant chatter-mode.

    It is really about selling advertising, which supports the whole theater company we call news production. Crews work in tandem and like tag-team wrestling matches, the action is intensified, difficult to follow. The flow is electric; the mind can’t fully comprehend each blow, which is followed by another. We choose sides, a natural instinct. What we sometimes fail to perceive is that the match is rigged for the sake of entertainment value. We argue our case based on political positions that don’t really exist. The news bites are sent down from a central committee headed by a controller. The left/right spokespeople grab them and spin each morsel into propaganda appropriate for their position. (Watch and listen to MSNBC versus conservative outlets.)

    What, we may ask, is the reason behind Benghazi or Boston bombings or Sandy Hook shootings, et al. Partisan politics–a calculated mind-buzz to divert attention and confuse the issue–has been successfully adapted for purposes of crowd control. Pull back, let your lens view the globe from outer space…you will see that borders don’t exist. They are products of the imagination and human will. Black magic is going on under the radar.

  15. Conspiracy Panic, although not a term coined by the msm, definitely suits the agenda. Individuals or collectives that dare question the ‘official narrative’ are marginalized in order to contain their thoughts, which ultimately put them on ‘the fringe of society’.
    Anyone who looks at a situation differently, or has a separate analysis, cannot process the idea ‘that this actually happened’, and therefore has to scrutinize the evidence to make sure ‘it was real’.

  16. How appropriate that Sunday’s New York Times magazine (5-26-13) should feature a cynical 2-page conspiracy-panic article purporting to discredit the whole lot of conspiracy theorists through the ingenious method of print-psychology: “Why Rational People Buy Into Conspiracy Theories.”

    “While psychologists can’t know exactly what goes on inside our heads, they have, through surveys and laboratory studies, come up with a set of traits that correlate well with conspiracy belief.”

    While our theories are “crazy,” apparently we are mostly “quite normal.” A most entertaining offering from the paper of record:

    1. I think we should take that as a positive sign.No need to counter an idea that no one is paying any attention to. I think beneath the false reality-construct sold by the MSM the idea that false flags and conspiracies really happen is possibly becoming more widely held. After all the last few psy-ops have been very badly executed.Maybe badly enough to start waking some of the lighter sleepers?

    2. Vivian, I suppose they feel there is a need for articles like this, something similar to rogue power needs a standing army just like pseudo-science needs its spewing of important name dropping, the mention of laboratory studies, scientific journals, research and of course an image of the brain that depersonalizes people into thinking they are only a working or non-working organ in their head.

      This image especially is ‘bio-power’ but you have to study bio-power, a term coined by French scholar, historian, and social theorist Michel Foucault It relates to the practice of modern nation states and their regulation of their subjects through “an explosion of numerous and diverse techniques for achieving the subjugations of bodies and the control of populations.”

      But just how much would this article stand up to real scientific rigor, defined as the quality of being extremely thorough, exhaustive, or accurate?

      I’ll let the scientists speak for themselves about scientific fraud from their new website:

      Check out member biographies:

  17. Save your time, energy to what is real and true. Now that we know the MSM is spinning stories, we really don’t have to worry on whether it’s real or not, and that is liberating. Keep your eye on the ball and spend time on those things that are important, our civil liberties, the laws that are being constructed.

  18. The attempt to push evidence of the Sandy Hook event continues to be pushed down the memory hole:

    A founder of a local military museum was gunned down by police at the start of the Memorial Day weekend:

    No real connection, just the overall inability of “the authorities” to solve or prevent major crises…

  19. Evidence surrounding the Kennedy Assassination was locked away until 2038. Such secrecy can only protect the perpetrators and could have been overridden by executive order any tim in the past fifty years. The fact that no president has done so suggests that the conspirators have controlled all the presidents, congress, and both political parties since 1963! Who has that kind of power?

    1. It’s funny coming from John Voket, the guy supposedly (but not identified publically) of interviewing Dawn Hochsprung even though she was already dead. Someone needs to hold this guy accountable (if it is true).

  20. Thank you, Larry. I listened to your very sensible objection to the black-out of routine information about shooting victims based on the “arbitrary and capricious” behavior of the city officials who are using the excuse that people seeking it are engaging in idle curiosity or “conspiracy theories”.

    They are currently breaking the law, are they not, by refusing to release public records? What are the standards in Connecticut for getting a death certificate? How do they compare with the standards in other states?

    Are they hoping to seal those records in just this one case and to create an end run around FOIA requests themselves, as though they are going to be abused if released (“identity theft”)? Do they have an eye on shutting down all such requests, except on a “need to know” basis (a need they want the power to determine)? I know that in seeking a death certificate for an old friend in the state of California, someone I was not even related to, I met with no such objection.

    Is it generally easy throughout the country to obtain death records? I find that it is possible to see them on, but I don’t know if there is some time gap for some states. I have had no trouble going into the family tree and finding out cause of death and such for relatives I was able to access simply from the generally available public records of many states, whatever had recorded in bulk.
    If identity theft is an issue, hadn’t it better be approached differently that holding back on the investigation of such a publicized event?

    It’s difficult to imagine how such a public event with a lot of public display of photos and descriptions (even in some cases birthdays mentioned?) would never result in identity theft, whereas seeing the actual death certificates would. The cat is already out of the bag, isn’t it?

    So getting a death certificate is really not to see the death date so much as it is to force the city to acknowledge that these were not “crisis actors”. Getting a full picture of who these kids were (or are) is what an investigative reporter would want to do. They are trying to stand in the way of that, and the motive is not completely clear. They are expressing a lot of stone-walling attitude (something every attorney practicing in New England should be well aware of), and coming up with arguments for “the greater good” in doing so. They are pretending to want to shield families. But was this their policy in other cases? Why is this story unique? Have there been other cases where reporters sought the same information about murder victims? Was it once okay to release the death certificate of a child who was abducted and murdered, but now it isn’t for a child who was killed in a mass shooting?

    Why change the rules now? Have they been so inadequate in the past, or do they have something to hide this time?

    Larry, I do urge you not to be specifically rude about the women as women. This is bigger than those individuals, and they may be under a lot of pressure to take this direction. If there is a cover-up, they are playing their part in it or they are fired or worse. We all have to make a living. It’s creepy yes. Newtown parents when interviewed make the Stepford Wives look natural. That’s because they aren’t who they say they are. I am thinking about 1950’s Twilight Zone-type stories – I wonder if Connecticut has always been a “playhouse” of these fakes, as part of some long-term psychological warfare and experiments.
    Think the advertising and magazine industry, which always tried to create self-images for American consumers, especially in the post-war, Cold War years. They have been partly based in the same area, along with New York City’s Madison Avenue. It’s part of a puzzle.
    The Feminine Mystique if you will. The Hidden Persuaders. It’s a big ad campaign and it’s rolled out another product, that’s all.

    1. Larry, one more thing. FOIA is about requesting records held by the federal government. How does this apply at the local and state levels? Does the State of Connecticut have its own version of FOIA? I know I used that term, and I think we all believe that it should be broadly applied at every level of government, but is it the norm at those lower levels, or is the right to that information simply one of courtesy on the part of the record-keepers?

      1. all your questions can be answered if you look at the links provided in the description and if you watch my previous videos,
        as far as any denigrating comments towards these women, i thought i was very reserved considering, and i am aware that many of the people involved in this could be threatened. look at my previous video “newtown dead wives club”. On the contrary i think i did the women of connecticut a favor there. . thank you for the compliments and consideration. i could not look at those women and not think of Macbeth.

  21. Regarding the death records, a good Private Investigator can get all this information from a PI database with name and birthdate, sometimes even name and address. It might cost some money, but the amount of information you would get would be well worth it. Not all information is complete, but there would be a death record report if someone really is deceased.

    1. I’m not sure that’s going to be accurate though. These things can be ordered to be faked. How do you suppose the federal witness protection program works? Surely they can generate a social security number if required. I think it has to be more multidimensional.

      I just looked up Dawn Hochsprung, and she has a social security death index notation.

  22. Our boat was boarded on the water by two heavily armed, young, brawly men for a license, safety and fish check. After we nervously, apparently passed the criteria, we complemented how awesome the powerful boat was. The response almost seemed programmed, “It’s all from the federal government, if it was not for the federal government, we would have nothing.” We both wanted to challenge where all our taxes, licenses and fine fees go, but it was too intimidating to speak. The regulations on what type, size and maximum amounts of each species that are legal to keep are very strict, change every year and vary from state to state. Many off shore fisherman have given up their trade as it costs thousands to get the boat out to the fishing holes and the limits make it impossible to even pay for the gas. Back in the good old days, it was legal to clean your fish at sea, thus making it impossible to take an inventory….

      1. This was Sunday in Beaufort, SC. They were checking all the boats in sight and even chased one unaware boater with the sirens and flashers on! We were stopped years ago in NY, they just asked to see our fishing licenses and inquired about our fish and safety gear, but did not bother to verify. It was a friendly experience, do not recall any guns. These boys were all about business. Fines for having an illegal fish can be very expensive, as high as one thousand dollars per fish and they usually confiscate them!

        1. Just wondering if you were being targeted for special attention – doesn’t sound like it.

  23. Here’s another suspicious story from the recent news. It was reported that a bridge on the I-5 over the Skagit River in Washington State collapsed after a truck with an oversized load clipped a steel truss.


    1. The Globe and Mail reports ( that “the I-5 truck’s cargo suffered only minimal damage.” How could a truck clipping a steel truss, causing only minimal damage to its load, result in an entire section of a bridge collapsing?(Thanks to Ab Irato ( for noting this point.)

    2. Why is the load missing from the photos of the truck? See photo 2 here:, or photo 7 here:

    3. Why is this surveillance video ( doctored? Notice the smooth advance of the first white vehicle, moving ahead one section of bridge per video still (two seconds apart); the second vehicle, which is presumably the one claimed to have triggered the crash, inches along the far end of the bridge for the first three stills (two seconds apart), then suddenly leaps four sections ahead in one second (why one? the other stills are two second apart). The bridge is now collapsed. What’s in the missing segments of the surveillance video? Is that a trace of smoke we see in the photos before the truck reaches the section of bridge that collapses? And why doesn’t the vehicle in the video look like the truck in the photos?

    3. Why did the one witness quoted (here, at about 4:50: see the bridge simply crease and collapse without seeing any trigger, e.g. the truck impact?

    4. In that same video from King 5 News, why was the collapse such a clean break (as noted at about 5:41 by the reporter)? And perhaps most importantly, why do we see rust right around the areas where the metal is bent? Was this a thermite demolition?

    Obsolete bridges are regularly demolished in order to build afresh. Perhaps this was just a convenient opportunity for another distracting bit of fake news.

    1. Good catch, I live here in WA and had the same questions. I’m seeing a pattern of small precursor events (i.e. bridge collapses), etc. The next AM there was a FEDEX semi truck that supposedly crashed at 4:30 AM and was still on the freeway long after (6-10 hours) blocking downtown Seattle traffic. Don’t know what all these small events are leading up to, but it seems like some kind of dress rehearsal?

      1. Well, accidents do happen. I think we need to resist the natural human tendency to assume that concurrent events are connected.

        My tentative hypothesis is that FEMA has become a back-door route for infrastructure spending that used to go through more ordinary channels. The nation is so politically polarized that the only way your government can invest in anything without being attacked (in the mainstream press) is to frighten people into thinking their security is at risk.

        It’s interesting to look at the more dramatic events, like the BMB and the Woolwich incident, as propaganda, and ask: what is the intended message? Both of these events reinforce national myths or templates for handling crises. In the US: gun-toting authorities shoot first and ask questions later, while ordinary citizens assist them to nab the bad guys; even victims show an indomitable spirit of optimism. In the UK: ordinary individuals demonstrate remarkable courage to face frightening situations. These are familiar national clichés, designed both to calm frightened home audiences, and to discourage potential attackers. As the line goes from Wag the Dog, “It’s a pageant.”

        Perhaps most importantly, these events portray the US and UK as victims, not perpetrators – an increasingly necessary propaganda goal, as the internet makes their brutal foreign policies more visible every day. These may be “necessary” to sustain Western economies in their current form, but there’s always a danger that ordinary people in Western countries will start feeling sympathy for those suffering the worst consequences of the war for oil dominance, and the obscene profits that few of us are seeing may start to slack off.


    It is May 28, 2013, a mere 6 weeks since the alleged bomb-caused amputations. He made an appearance May 4 at the Boston Bruins game (2 1/2 weeks post-op supposedly), and now this venue, Fenway Park for the Red Sox. Photographed standing at the Marathon, he wore long pants over prosthetics and now he cannot use them in public. He is waiting for better ones, but I suppose until then he must remain wheelchair-bound.

    I’m not normally the sort who enjoys beating up on someone so unfortunate. There’s a taboo on questioning this kind of misfortune – although I note that the Republicans attacked a triple amputee senatorial incumbent Max Cleland from Georgia a few years back, claiming his war wounds were acquired in Vietnam when he was on the way to get a beer. I didn’t like that kind of attack on a veteran, and I have no idea what is behind Jeff Bauman’s disability, but it sure isn’t some smoke bomb. Maybe as horrible an event as Cleland suffered. Maybe some kind of accident at home.

    But is he modeling “Resilience” or what? (Obama used “resilient” today at the Jersey Shore, which one of the astute people here observed is the watchword these days). Yes, I am sure he is resilient, but I have a feeling it took him a long time to reconcile to his loss and to get used to it enough to crack a smile. I hope he and the other amputees get their high tech prostheses, but it would be nice if they didn’t lie about it.

  25. Was he not playing ball? Or what? “Embattled Boston Fire Chief Steve Arbraira Resigns”

    It is in the context of his non-participation in supervising during the Marathon bombing, as stated. He’s made out to be a publicity hound, but this looks to contradict that. He is also an outsider. So was he just there for the duration of the event in all its stages or was he excluded from it because the gang didn’t trust him? It really doesn’t look like the real fire department had much to do, since there were no fires (only lies about burn victims).

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