Authored in 2008 by Richard Serino, then-Director of Boston’s Emergency Medical Services, Marathons – A Tale of Two Cities and the Running of a Planned Mass Casualty Event (PDF) provides a detailed and fully operationalized plan for carrying out a mass casualty drill uncannily similar to what transpired at the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, 2013.

In 2009 Serino retired from his post at Boston EMS after being appointed Deputy Administrator at the Federal Emergency Management Administration by President Barack Obama.

The 39-frame slide presentation details how emergency personnel and resources are to be coordinated and deployed. It also emphasizes “Working with the media.” “Their mission is to get a story,” frame 11 instructs. “Building a longstanding relationship with journalists and reporters ensures that they get the right story and that they serve as a resource when needed.”

Several maps of downtown Boston “based on consistent grid coordinates” and including “zone designations for incident reporting” (frame 26) delineate the Marathon route and finish line area on Boylston Street. Specific procedures for medical providers, including electronic patient tracking via barcodes (frame 31) further indicate the scope and precision of the mock event.

The video below provides an overview of Marathons and still footage suggesting Serino’s on-the-scene direction of the BMB exercise shortly after 2:50PM when the explosives were detonated.

Many thanks to “Skeptical” for bringing this to my attention.


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75 thought on “Obama’s FEMA Director Planned Boston Mass Casualty Event in 2008”
  1. You are a disgrace and hurting these families.

    No, not really, sir. That was meant in a joking, sarcastic light. If only more people were asking the serious questions about this ‘event’ instead of blindly following the storyline fed to them. Here is one question I would like answered by a poll within the borders of the Boston and Watertown vicinities: How did it feel to have your town under martial law? I suspect a resounding number of residents were not thrilled with this ‘test’ being perpetrated in a major city; which is precisely what I believe was what it was meant to be from the beginning. A hunt for an alleged ‘terrorist’ as a reason to shut down the city. Those brave people asking the right question, like you Mr. Tracy, will continue to receive my eyes, viewership and support.

    1. I’m still waiting to see where the legal authority for the Boston PD or any military units to abrogate 4th amendment rights originated. Who gave the police the power to empty homes without a warrant? When was it given, under what language, with what restrictions, using what terms of necessity?

      Has anyone seen the legal declaration or is this just another ‘fly by the seat of your pants” while shredding the Constitution junket?

      1. Living in the Boston metropolitan area as I do, I heard on the night of pursuit that buses were taking residents out of Watertown. In my opinion the stake out and the whole thing (even the friendly fire episode) was a movie like the bombing itself. The very attractive looking people interviewed afterwards who objected to how they were treated (one woman showed bullet holes in her house and the windows shot out of the car in her driveway) could well be actors. They looked far too well-groomed and poised to be the sort of people who normally inhabit that community, but seemed to be ringers.

  2. I recognized the face of Serino as soon as the video started. It is hard to understand HOW there could be so many culpable people involved. But today while watching news of the tornado in Oklahoma, the MSM were showing actual videos made by REAL people during and after the storm, unlike “real” people in Boston or Sandy Hook.
    I have become so cynical of any event. The tornado’s are real in my opinion, however; do we have capabilities of creating storms. I think we (the collective USA “we”) have been working on this for many years. With the Sh*t going down in the gov’t, this could be construed as a smoke-mirror.
    It is very sad and very important not to loose focus in this hope n change atmosphere.
    God Bless America

      1. Let us not forget to watch for those “special” appearances on mindless game and reality shows.
        There is something so remarkably dissonant about a recent trauma victim posing for film crews and being ceremoniously wheeled into a ‘colosseum’ full of slavish spectators.

        1. Perhaps nothing, yet when one has gone through the traumatic experience of losing an immediate family member or their own limb I would contend that the first impulse is not to bolt to the computer and set up a donation page but rather to heal. Yet we see such unusual behavior time and again in the SH massacre and BMB event aftermaths.

    1. “do we have capabilities of creating storms. I think we (the collective USA “we”) have been working on this for many years.”

      You are correct in your suspicion. Bob Fletcher did a fantastic report on the subject. In his research, he actually got the UN to send him a copy of the secret international treaty the US signed in the 1970s, wherein all signatories agreed that now that we can modify the weather we all agree not to use that capability as a weapon.

      go here:

      The link is a list of all his excellent investigative DVDs. The one you’d want is: #3 WEATHER CONTROL AS A WEAPON

      1. Thank you Patrick. I spent some time today researching Bob Fletcher. Adds some credibility to my thinking. Is it called, Wag the Dog? Or “SQUIRL!!!”

    2. Even with real people horribly affected in Oklahoma, I think the characters we know as crisis actors, who are shaped and trained to appeal and to market tragedy, may well be called to the scene to fund dramatize and fund raise. And of course the press can put them in front of a blue screen so they don’t have to travel. It could be a mixed message – after all crisis actors are so much more “resilient” and on message than common people who have lost everything. Hate to be a Cassandra here, but wait for it.

      1. it’s very strange how the victims in the bombing were so alert and chipper in interviews done within 24 hours since the event. Most ppl would need heavy doses of pain medication which the victims don’t look like they are under the influence of at all.
        Also, in the amputee interviews I saw, they don’t have any wounds on the surrounding tissue even when it’s only been a few days. How does a person get their leg blown off w/nary a scratch on the other leg?

    3. “It is hard to understand HOW there could be so many culpable people involved.”

      I have been wondering this as well. Maybe they are detached in their thinking somehow, like how a scientist is emotionally detached from his or her specimen? The fact that the public believes what they are told to a certain degree is, in all probability, one of the measurable results they are analyzing. In that context, it is likely they merely have an objective view. They are on the outside looking in. They probably do not consider themselves part of “the public”, but rather see themselves as the developers of society.

      1. I have never wondered this—i.e., how so many people could participate in such a scam. People do it everyday at their jobs. Do you realize someone given the title “manger of subway” is often someone that thinks he/she is a big deal! People, in general, live in the twilight zone. They are down the rabbit hole and they aren’t going anywhere else.

  3. Most people who do evil can rationalize it in some way. I think the people who run these drills actually believe they are “preparing” us for disasters. But when were they planning to come clean about it? Well, one more thing to add to the long list of impeachable offenses.

    All you have to do is look at the normal, non-actor Americans in Oklahoma reacting to the horror of a real storm to know that there are some things you just get through and almost cannot prepare for, except in the vaguest sort of ways. I think there is a Flannery O’Connor quote on the subject.

    I wonder if killing Officer Sean Collier was part of the drill or if this was a separate thing run by CIA? Was he already dead with his brother playing him? That photo of him looked like an age progression for a missing child. The hairline was wrong for a man. But one tends to get down the rabbit hole pretty fast. I guess that’s why they had SO much trouble with the “Chase” sequence of the the story – as though it hadn’t been planned by FEMA for all those years, but was made up on the fly.

  4. My theory, is since the President Obama is now under attack even by MSM for the supposed AP wiretapping and IRS scandal, the nail that will seal the coffin will be an admission by a lesser bureaucrat, that this in fact was a planned drill meant to deceive.

  5. I’m encouraged to see that more questions are being asked…

    Official Story Has Odd Wrinkles: A Pack Of Questions About The Boston Bombing Backpacks
    By Dave Lindorff on May 20, 2013

    [NOTE: is founded by Russ Baker, author of the book _Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America’s Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years_

    “A tour de force…Family of Secrets has made me rethink even those events I witnessed with my own eyes.” -Dan Rather

    “One of the most important books of the past ten years” -Gore Vidal

    1. Robert Parry’s book, “Secrecy and Privilege” (Parry runs is also revealing…the subtitle: “Rise of the Bush Dynasty from Watergate to Iraq” summarizes the thesis.

      Investigations have connected GHW Bush to many unseemly events, including Dallas, 1963. His name pops up when researching American history for the past 50 years–and his father before that. (Prescott Bush, who was implicated in bank scandals which financed Hitler.) The question is, how does this clan manage to escape apprehension and punishment?

  6. What? We have more than enough evidence. If we were investigators and detectives working to crack a case, a prosecutor would definitely tell us to make arrests and bring charges of fraud, and conspiracy at least.

    Which, now that I am thinking about this: Could that be the purpose for using crisis actors, and not actually having anyone harmed? Just in case there was a monumental screw-up, and the majority of the public knew it was a hoax….would there actually be any crime committed by the planners and actors? (The private gofundme and charitable websites are another matter altogether, although from what I understand, gofundme does not promise anything- it is just a place to ask for donations. In fact, those sites might not even overtly “ask” for a donation; Those sites may just “accept” a volunteered donation.)

    Let us assume none of the planners or crisis actors used in the BOston Marathon Manufactured Event (BoMME, pronounced “bomb”) asked for or accepted any financial donations.

    Let us also assume that all of the people involved, from the cameramen, to the crisis actors, to the marathoners, to the police, to the medics, ALL were crisis actors, and the set was 100% controlled- 100% hygenic, meaning, no ‘strangers’ were able to enter the set.

    What crime could have been committed?

    I mean, I know if I was part of the legal defense team, or public relations team, or “marketing” department for any of the three-letter agencies (FBI, DHS, CNN, BPD, etc.) that I would push this angle: “Look, reality television got boring more than five years ago. You, the public, have been constantly telling us through focus groups, and informal online and telephone surveys, that you want more realistic reality t.v. programming. And, you know what we always say in Hollywood, ‘The Customer is Always Right!’ So, we had to give you what you wanted. In fact, at first we were quite hesitant. So, we had our top Psychiatric Specialists at the top Universities and with HHS confirm that this would actually be beneficial to not only you, the public, but it would also enable the brave men and women who so gallantly protect our freedoms overseas, and it would also ensure that the most innocent among us, our children, would be protected and able to live in a future full of hope, a decent world not marred by tragic, senseless violence. So, ultimately, we thank you, the viewer, for making America a safer, better place for all of us to live. <>”

    1. Still, it would be a tour de force to change the public perception of what happened to the true story. It might make people start asking for truth more often. There’d be collateral damage – they might not always respond to the “wolf” when they know the little boy cried it too many times already. But how refreshing to face up to deceit like this. And most of all: no one can predict where this will take us as a society. It would be revolutionary. The first bureaucrat who admits to it will need to be protected from sudden death. The tenth bureaucrat will be a regular on the talk show circuit and Jay Leno will make jokes about it.

      1. “And most of all: no one can predict where this will take us as a society.”

        ‘Musings’ I think we can predict where we are going; in fact, I think we are already there. We are living in a world totally disconnected from the physical reality, an engineered universe (bioengineering, social engineering, geoengineering) which in no way represents grounded and stable natural forces.

        The human life form is the product of more than a million years of natural selection with improbable genetic mutations that serve us well. The moneyed elites want to revamp, improve–to conform to their warped vision–our whole biosystem, demoting the human species to robotized androids. They are seeing how much they can get away with now.

        Unplugging human perception from cognitive, sensory reality is step one.
        The next is reeducation of nonbelievers. It is tyranny with a very advanced technology and unimpeded power. They are just getting started. Use your imagination and follow the Yellow Brick Road. But look behind the curtain at your own risk.

        1. If that is the plan, it will be interesting to see how far these Nuts get with it. Simple shifts can and will plug people back into reality pretty fast.

          Cash flow. Food. Shelter.

          Big “jolts” such as losing your job due to the economic downturn (allegedly engineered by the global elite) can push an individual from his/her comfortable perch in front of the telly zoning-out to “Biggest Loser” to actively seeking answers.

          When the dollars aren’t coming in… one begins to “wake-up” to how much things like food cost… and, then, when the attention is on Googling “Budget Grocery Shopping”… they come across information on GMOs… which may be the thread that leads to unraveling a host of other con-games.

          The “System,” for lack of a better word, is a con-game. A confidence game where the public places its trust in the System believing it will serve the larger community. Without the public trust, the System can’t exist.

          I would argue that Systems are necessary and good. It is Systems that seek to promote resource monopoly and scarcity to oppress the bulk of humanity which are bad.

          I’m optimistic enough to believe that Humans won’t tolerate totalitarian BS for long. My concern is that if there are efforts afoot to dull human self-preservation instincts…, not enough will “wake-up” to put a stop to it.

      2. poppylavender, you’re right of course, but the key thing is to put a stop to this absurdity, and try to prevent it from happening again. I hope we are on the cusp of a change in public perceptions. I hope Americans will demand a new legal framework to protect them (and their friends, like me) better from predatory U.S. government policies. If it can be done in a humorous, face-saving way, so much the better. Few of these people, perhaps none of them, are monsters. The policy of staging these pseudo-crises is a foolish and bad one, but this is only perceptible to the relatively small (but growing) number of people who aren’t living in blissful ignorance. I’m sure many of the participants are uncomfortable knowing what they have done, and fearful of exposure. And many of the rest of us are troubled by what we’re seeing, and fearful of what’s coming next, and of reprisals if we should speak out. What we all need is a damn good laugh about the whole thing, and an honest conversation, and a promise to start again on a better footing. If Obama can pull that off, he’ll really close a wound that opened on 9/11.

        1. As the phrase went at the end of Apartheid in South Africa: We need Truth and Reconciliation.

    2. Ive been thinking about the Boston Event, could they have staged this explosion after the race had finished.. brought in their own people? Some one mentioned the time didn’t fit.. I haven’t looked into that but if that’s the case.. Everything we saw on TV the interviews, explosions..could have been filmed after the race ended, in one TV broadcast ( the real race ).. a comment came along the bottom saying wheelchairs, womens, mens race closed..or complete…. or something along those lines.. as if every one who had participated had finished.. but the explosions hadn’t happended … Can any one shed any light on this.. This could be challanged if true..

      1. The fact is that the runners were stopped before they turned onto Boylston St. from Commonwealth Ave., about a mile away and out of view. When were they stopped? They were later diverted, so I believe they ran all the miles they came for, just up another street – these were the more ordinary runners, not elite.

        A long time ago, I witnessed the Marathon in which a woman named Rosie Ruiz sneaked in about a mile from the finish line and claimed the crown. She probably was about to do this because of the way the course changed. I had not seen her from my vantage point on Commonwealth, so it surprised me to see her take the crown. I had been watching all the women contenders in the elite class very carefully. Yet the officials went ahead and it was believed for about a day that she had won. Which lowered my opinion about officials…

        So were the runners we saw at the explosions so many “Rosie Ruiz” fakers? Were they there to lend verisimilitude? The old guy who falls down – a lot of analysis has been done of his actions. Yes, he was a real runner – but was he really on his last legs of the Marathon, or did he come in with some gap between his start and this finish? With careful planning, this isn’t that hard, especially if it is done for effect.

        This is just the sort of scenario which the public will not buy of course, but as we see, they initially bought Ms. Rosie Ruiz hook, line and sinker, in spite of all evidence. It’s something a witness like myself never forgot.

  7. Amazing that these pernicious devils are so blatant in their evil deeds!
    As in 9-11, O.K.C., on and on! They claim total impunity!
    Our deep gratitude for the tremendous detective work!
    The planet is in deep peril from these monsters’ “nazi” agenda!

  8. More background on the (amazingly apt) planning for just such an occasion, which Boston officials are priding themselves on:

    Richard Serino reportedly organized a conference in 2009 called “Tales of Our Cities: Planning for Interdisciplinary Response to Terrorist Use of Explosives”: This conference featured Daniel J. Kaniewski, a firefighter/paramedic who became Deputy Director of the Homeland Security Policy Institute (HSPI) at The George Washington University and an advocate for FEMA’s continuing role ( Actually, a lot of the work on organizing this conference seems to have been done by a Ms. Rebecca Phillips:!search/profile/person?personId=1186276305&targetid=profile

    See also this item on the 2009 marathon from WBUR’s website, which notes that “at least eight state agencies have been part of the planning in case something unexpected goes wrong during the marathon”

    An Israeli doctor, Dr. Pinchas Halpern, acted as a visiting professor at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center to “share his experience with terror attacks”:

    They also reportedly had a medical professional come in from Aurora, CO to speak about what they learned from the shootings there.

    And here are some highlights of an article from the New Yorker, by a surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital who spoke to some nurses about the response, including Deb Mulloy, who was in charge of the OR schedule on April 15:

    “Change of nursing shift is at three o’clock. So she immediately notified the day shift to stay on. No one wanted to leave, anyway. This doubled the available staff.”

    So the timing of the blasts at 2:50 p.m. was fortuitous.

    The article goes on:

    “The nurses put all scheduled surgery on hold and began readying eight rooms. They ordered equipment trays for vascular and orthopedic procedures to be brought up from stock supply. They called an orthopedics-manufacturer representative for extra hardware to be mobilized. They got in touch with the blood bank, which was already securing blood from other states. They communicated with other operating rooms around the city to make sure they had enough supplies of equipment, too.

    “How did they know to get eight rooms ready, I asked. And how did they know to get them ready for vascular and orthopedic procedures? ‘Did someone tell you?’

    “‘No,’ said Brenda McKonly, one of the senior nurse leaders. She just saw the descriptions of the explosion like everyone else, made a surmise about the injuries, and recognized that they needed to get as many rooms ready as they could. To be on the safe side, the staff also got equipment for one room to be ready for a neurosurgical injury and another for a thoracic injury. But as word filtered down from the emergency department, it became clear that their original surmise was correct. All eight rooms would be required, and nearly all the cases involved vascular and orthopedic injuries.”

    Impressive foresight. Only, I wonder why Ms. McKonly didn’t let Ms. Molloy answer the question herself.

    1. Now that the FBI/local police killed Todashev, a friend of Tamerlan, they have DNA of both and can “paint” them on the scene of 2011 drug murder in Boston that is unsolved. Also, killing Tamerlan’s friend, who was not arrested but merely being questioned by the FBI, makes Tamerlan seem more worthy of the police having killed him. They would have the public believe the boys were both “bad”, so it’s okay for law enforcement to wontonly kill them. The Feds said a violent confrontation but where’s the tape? They won’t be able to prove anything happened. The question is why Todashev cooperated with the FBI instead of leaving for Chechnya like he planned. He also didn’t know to contact a lawyer apparently. Just tragic that the gov now needs to beef up the Boston story line with another murder of a compatriot of Tamerlan, now that the official plot is seen by many as complete nonsense.

        1. Not at all. Who would sign a confession the way they said he was beginning to do when he changed his mind? They meant to kill him to force prosecutors to conclude he was in on the murders. They had a long time to arrest Tamerlyn or even prevent his leaving the country. Why didn’t they? Some say he was an active agent in the region. He sure seems like the type.

  9. In the NYT magazine so-called ‘experts’ weigh in on the conspiracy issue.

    I would refute this article by quoting Sociologist, C. Wright Mills:

    “The sociological imagination enables its possessor to understand the larger historical scene in terms of its meaning for the inner life and the external career of a variety of individuals. It enables him to take into account how individuals in the welter of their daily experience, often become falsely conscious of their social positions. Within that welter, the framework of modern society is sought, and within that framework the psychology of a variety of men and women are formulated. By such means the personal uneasiness of individuals is focused upon explicit troubles and the indifference of public’s is transformed into involvement with public issues.”

    “The sociological imagination enables us to grasp history and biography and the relations between the two within society. That is its task and its promise. To recognize this task and this promise is the mark of the classic social analyst.”

    [Both quotes taken from Society in Question: Sociological Readings for the 21ST Century, Robert J. Brym, in reference to The Sociological Imagination, C. Wright Mills, pg 5-8]

    Scanning through Mill’s work reveals the Sociological Imagination is the quality of all that is intellectual excellence, from it comes brilliant and ironic insight. It is the ability to make many-sided constructions of reality and is the basis of profundity and clarity and It is an abundance of moral energy. It is through the Sociological Imagination that man grasps what is going on in the world and is an absorbed realization of of social relativity and of the transformative power of history and is the most fruitful form of self-consciousness.

    Mills warned in his discussion of issues and troubles in our time that these issues and troubles would be described in the terms of ‘the psychiatric’–a pathetic attempt to avoid the large issues and problems of modern society and statements will rest upon a provincial narrowing of interest to Western societies, or even to the United States–thus ignoring two-thirds of mankind and this would arbitrarily divorce the individual life from the larger institutions within which that life is enacted and which on occasion can bear upon that life grievously. The social sciences will become the common denominator of our cultural period and the Sociological Imagination our most needed quality of mind.

    About all I would ask of these so-called professional ‘experts’ in this article, is: do they realize there is a difference between having a world-view and being able to recognize and discern the patterns of a developing world-view detrimental to individuals, humanity as a whole and the underlying pillars of value that determine a healthy civil society?

    Too bad for them that men of greater minds like C. Wright Mills thought to shine a light on the direction we were going; that direction taking us into changes that would entail the very structure of continent-wide societies and efforts to transform the very ‘nature’ of man and the conditions and aims of his life.

    Mills quote: “Man’s chief danger today lies in the unruly forces of contemporary society itself, with its alienating methods of production, its enveloping techniques of political domination and its international anarchy.” [C. Wright Mills, The Sociological Imagination]

    1. The New York Times does a hit job claiming that anyone questioning the party line narrative is a “conspiracy theorist”. So scary! How many of whom I choose to call skeptics are truly irrational nutjobs? I’m sure some people are, but are most? I, for one, am skeptical of many “official narratives,” whether they be on diet, financial matters, foreign policy, activities of covert intelligence agencies, etc, etc. In other words there’s a lot more than meets the eye, and the corporate MSM is certainly not the last word on any matter.

      BTW, doesn’t every law enforcement agency also operate under generally the same assumption as so called conspiracy theorists, especially covert ops? Oh, and isn’t the New York Times itself paranoid about right wing Christians, just to name one group? LOL.

    2. The fact they are even publishing these types of articles is an indication of the impact non-mainstream journalists and researchers are having in the public discourse.

      I would venture a guess that the buy-in for acceptance of the official narrative is not as solid as they would like.

  10. It’s puzzling. The evidence is clear events are orchestrated and media is somehow controlled. But, basic logistics require “many” people to cognizant of operation. How can this be? Some are likely manipulated, but many MUST know. How can this be? How is it that a group of people come to cooperate in this way? Clearly they do, because the events occur. Who are these people? How do they get together? How do those in charge recruit participants they can trust? Money helps, but there is a lot of risk in being found out. There is a some strange social dynamic going on here, no? I suggest people read “Politcal Ponerolgy” by Andrew Lobaczewski. I think the phenomena is somewhat explained there.

    1. Joe, have you never witnessed the credits roll after the end of a Hollywood production?
      It really is not that difficult to believe that you could unite hundreds, if not thousands, to participate in something that they believe in or feel compelled to participate under duress.
      If I had not had the experience of mental, physical and emotional control within the parameters of my own birth family then what I am experiencing on a collective level would be difficult to discern much less believe. Families, it has been historically noted, can keep secrets for generations and usually are guarded by those who stand much to lose.
      We are not using our personal family experience as a larger model of community. Each individual comprises the whole…..functional and dysfunctional alike.
      We, as parents or leaders, operate under a sort of Stasi indemnification program. We exact all kinds of penalties on those who do not “hold the line” and require some type of compensation if that line is crossed. One could pay with their own life if the “crime” offensive enough to those who are the gate keepers of corruption. I know this well and can thank my parents for my early education in coercion, torture and manipulation. It has given me clarity of vision.

      Lobaczewski’s work is invaluable in that it helps others to understand that which they are experiencing, but, not unlike most authors, he clearly lacks a deeper understanding which could bring about emotional and intellectual growth for the reader.

      I can see that we are not unlike those little Bonsai trees.
      We are born into a world that forces us into a restrictive vessel. We are carefully pruned and cultivated so that we do not grow out of the vessel, forcing our roots to grow shallow and atop our soil. We depend upon the constant tending and manipulating of our branches so that we remain within the confines of this finite environment, ensuring our forced stagnation and shallow existence.

      Time to send those roots deep into the soil.

      People can keep secrets…especially if they have been raised to worship their cultivator.

  11. Some more possible connections, or maybe just coincidences.

    The Denver Post reported that on the same day as the Aurora, Colorado incident (July 20, 2012), Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine was “holding specialized classes in disaster life support for 150 second-year medical students”, noting that “one of the scenarios being used to train the students is how to respond if a shooter fires at people in a movie theater and also uses a bomb in the attack.” ( The article quotes Dean Bruce Dubin.

    The President of the American Osteopathic Association in 2011-2012 was Martin S. Levine, a doctor from New Jersey who specializes in sports medicine at marathons. He was also the doctor who looked so much like Steven Spielberg at the BMB’s first explosion site.

    Dubin and Levine both made presentations at the Osteopathic Medical Education Leadership Conference in January 2012:

    Dr. Eric Bluman, who appeared with his patient Heather Abbott, is also an osteopathic physician:

    Osteopathic medicine, by the way, appears to be a bit questionable from a scientific perspective, although doctors of osteopathy are extensively trained and regarded as equivalent to medical doctors:

    The fact that osteopathic training involves some clearly unscientific components must allow instructors to classify students (and probably colleagues) as independent-minded skeptics/ whistleblowers/ “troublemakers”, or as willing to go along with what they’re taught – a rather useful kind of information to have, if someone were looking for medical fraudsters to assist them.

    The suggested connections here are entirely speculative, of course. I’m just putting the suggestion out there in case anyone else can connect some of the dots with actual evidence.

  12. We’ve seen the role of FEMA, but the second event, the Chase of the Suspects looks more local and here is an interesting reference. Not to say that the choice of the suspects was anything but federal (after all, people who resemble the Chechen brothers are supposed to be at the Marathon). Still, this shows how much play-acting goes on these days:

  13. Think proving these horrific ‘natural’ events are man-made would expose these evil doers. Live in a normally sunny, quiet part of the country. Spend a lot of time gardening and the last few weeks, the skies were blasted with the sounds of very loud planes almost constantly, they could not be seen with all the cloud cover. Today, the skies cleared up and the noise was gone. Found it strange that USAtoday would warn us – we all live in tornado alley with all the weather changes – And we now hear there are secret meetings in CT to make laws about withholding Newtown investigation documents – hurry and get your FOI requests in!,0,2316671.story

  14. The section in the PDF on the role of medical tents is interesting —

    “All tents can function near the capacity of an emergency room.”–

    The fact this was a specific focus of the drill might explain the bizarre insistence on relocating all the( allegedly) gravely injured to the medical tents that day, even though in the context of the (allegedly) real event it made no sense and would have endangered many lives.

  15. What we know is that some False flags are real (with some acting and hoaxing), with real deaths and injuries, and some are fake (without real deaths or injuries). Given the number of drills with faked victims, I think a very real question is: What is the REAL agenda here? What are “they” trying to do. It is obvious that gun control, and city shutdown is there, but what is the bigger picture? Thoughts?

    And yes, the crime is Fraud and Conspiracy and no excuses.

    Thank you Dr. Tracy, I would take your class any time.

    1. I agree that it has gone well beyond benign multistage drills when the FBI goes out to another city and uses the bombing to get access to someone they are trying to frame for conspiracy.

      Bringing in the Waltham murders, which they had plenty of opportunity to pursue in conjunction with the Middlesex District Attorney (the drug dealing allegations made it a federal offense as well), and then never apparently having the forensic evidence to pursue someone they knew, Tamerlyn Tsarnaev, makes this kind of an odd exercise. It invests the fake with more reality than it would have had just on its own, by taking a couple of cast members and reifying the message they sent as cast members. This elevates the drill to a whole sinister level.

      I still have no reason to believe the amputees were injured during the drill nor that it was a mixed event with real and fake. I maintain the fakery of the whole thing. I’m not even sure the people identified as bombers in the pictures meet the test of actually being the Tsarnaev brothers. I’m especially not convinced of the elder brother’s appearance.

      If the people identified as Tsarnaev’s were actors, then the subplot about them may be false as well.

      Given that Chechens are allies with Israel and the US in taking out Assad in Syrian, and probably given that we are arming the rebels, then pressuring Chechens in the US is some kind of a given. It now becomes an extension of the war in Syria into the “Homeland” (a name which I hate worse than the phrase “Boston Strong” if that is possible).

  16. Psychdoc, the program goes deeper than what most are willing to contemplate. There are many seemingly disparate events unfolding simultaneously;Climate change, “political” corruption, “financial” collapse, social unrest.

    You can bet your life that the first event is one of extreme ( and only ) challenge for the Asymmetrical Power System ( they control all the other systems ) and their desire for continuity after the collapse of our natural world. The climate is unraveling faster than a coiled spring yet few are aware as they wait for “officials” to release their personal reality ( The carbon taxes that the IPCC would like to implement are the LEAST of our worries and only distract from the larger picture )…as if these “officials” have the capacity to suspend the reality of what we can see with our own eyes. does mankind a great service in explaining the “positive feedback” of deglaciation….., although, they, too, fall short in collating seemingly disparate information. It is a grim and dire forecast for humanity.
    Chemical aerosols are being used to block the intense, radiant heat from the Sun as Earth’s magnetosphere diminishes, allowing for these ultraviolet rays to penetrate deeper into Earth’s Ionosphere…..but, you won’t hear this on any MSM channel. Why? That APS does not want you or your offspring to survive what is coming: Many are not surviving the intense storms ravaging our planet at this time.

    So, as we continue to examine photos for anomalies that contradict the “official” story the APS is busy building ships and space stations, sending robots to Mars to analyze environmental factors for possible human settlement ( not yours or mine ) , underground bunker systems and seed vaults…..all the while they dismantle every social structure that they initially installed.

    This is the what and why of that which they are doing in secret.

    We have been trained to not trust our own eyes, our grandparents’ personal experience of the natural world, our thermometers, barometers or any other modern instrument of detection. We ignore our natural surroundings and the implications of dying boreal forests; The extinction of species, mass die-offs and migratory responses of threatened wildlife. We focus on the gossip and inanity of the power structure as it leads us straight off of that proverbial cliff with all the other lemmings.
    We curtail that inherent curiosity to know, to discover and to understand. We just “go with the flow”.

    They keep our focus so off the mark that most won’t even know how to react to a global catastrophe much less a life without the convenience of electricity.
    They, that APS, will have modern convenience, but, those totally dependent upon the grid will not. They don’t want people who are pro-active, independent and future oriented ( not talking financial portfolios here ). They need us continually and perpetually insulated from reality…and, for the most part, we are.

    Our natural world is changing: We had better take heed.

  17. Our natural world is being deliberately changed…that is a universal difference than normal, natural ebb and flow, Jamie. The space age is being thrust upon us too quickly for adjustment. That is for the average person to adjust. The controllers know and will respond as benefits their own survival. All else is smoke and mirrors.

    1. I am sorry to tell you, Marilyn, that is just not so. They would like for you to believe that. Have they come forward yet to dispel this myth? No, so the next question should be “why”?

      Again, the average person is being duped into believing that Earth never experiences change. Ice core samples have proven this ridiculous theory to be erroneous.

      The idea or “theory” that the APS is the cause of all super storms, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions appears to me to be an extreme reach of logic.

      It might help to read a little Immanuel Velikovsky.

  18. Jon Rappoport has issues with authority figures. He humorously relates an encounter with a psychiatrist when he was only nineteen.

    And he has turned the whole regime back on the experts The brain doctors have coined a useful phrase, “Oppositional Defiance Disorder” to single out individuals who won’t comply with prevailing social norms.
    (ODD; does the term sound strangely Orwellian, out of the Ministry of Rehabilitation and Personality Adjustment?)

    So Rappoport has invented, “Challenge to Authority Syndrome” to characterize authority figures who hold posts of, well, authority.

    1. It is getting tiring keeping up with these little skits.

      With the earmark of the alleged criminal being an enraged Arab upset about the British troops in Iraq… I suspected the incident in Britain was neatly scripted.

      This article is downright silly, an unarmed woman asks a man whom she has just witnessed hack-up and behead his victim, “Why?” And—rather than chop her head off—he takes a moment to tell her.

      Improbability factor = Very high.

      The topper to this is the “Rambo” lines she is given:

      “She has emerged as an unlikely symbol of British fortitude. When the assailants told her that they hoped to spark a war in the streets of London, she told one of them, “Right now it is only you versus many people, you are going to lose — what would you like to do?” “I would like to stay and fight,” she quoted the man as telling her. With those words — “you are going to lose” — British Prime Minister David Cameron said she spoke for the British people.”



        This is a link to the full video which was originally put out by Itv News.
        It was taken down from their site within hours.
        The ‘cut’ version shows the lady with the shopping bag walk towards the ‘murderer’, but the video quickly jumps to the next ‘scene’. It’s as if they thought it was too ridiculous to believe, so it was edited out.
        Again, with this incident, early indications indicate that it could easily have been staged and with the official narrative being both unbelievable, yet predictable, questions will be asked.
        However, the interviews with the dead soldiers’ wife, mother and stepfather were completely emotional. I don’t think the grief and sense of loss portrayed could be faked. There are also photos of Lee Rigby with his whole family, which also back up the parroting of the msm.
        The impression remains though that it all doesn’t add up.
        One plausible explanation for the contrast of the family’s grief, to the implausible events that occurred, could maybe be explained by knowing the true whereabouts of Lee Rigby that day.
        Was he really situated at Woolwich Army Barracks, upon returning from duty? Or could he have been killed in an entirely different scenario, i.e Afghanistan.
        Just a thought.
        It’s looking more likely that this type of ‘terror’ is now a globalist agenda. That’s if it wasn’t already.

  19. In regards to the Oklahoma tornado and previous posts, I knew about it’s possibility before the event, because I am a subscriber to Dutchsince who works tirelessly on this issue and it’s science…..

    Here Dutch refutes damaging disinformation on the part of the MSM….

  20. I was looking at the MSNBC coverage in the days after, noticed this Dr. Alasdair Conn from Mass General ( and that he is listed at the same address as FEMA’s Serino here ( where “Metropolitan Boston Emergency Medical Services Council, Inc.” is located. No smoking gun, to be sure, but maybe worth looking into.

  21. The witness interviewed at 3:30 here is New Brunswick politician Mike Murphy…_politician%29 He talks about “limbs” like lots of the people interviewed. Also interviewed by CBC here…ort=MostRecent He also took this supposedly disturbing video in the moments after the bombings

    1. I was interested to see that the Canadian guy also had trouble focusing his lens on the actual event, so anxious did he seem to focus his attention on everything else around him while telling us rather than showing us with his camera about what he was talking about. The disconnect looks deliberate in retrospect, and he must have been in the loop.

  22. You know Dr. James Tracy has been scrutinized in the main stream media for voicing his opinions of the truth. I think it’s a shame that this has happened to him. I don’t believe the main stream media’s reporting on topics such as Sandy Hook, The Boston Bombing or 9/11. I believe society has been conditioned to believe everything the main stream media tells us. We need to condition ourselves to look elsewhere for the news as there has been proven times where the media has lied to us. I too used to think main stream media was true and accurate until I was shown just the opposite. We need to start thinking for ourselves and not what they want us to think. There are people that believe everything the president says just because he is our president and that we should respect the president. Why? The president has lied to us and has been very sneaky and cold hearted on a number of issues. I believe there should be educators that show us how to think for ourselves and not follow an agenda. I had been taught at an early age til high school distorted facts regarding history. I only learned the truth after I left high school. I had to relearn things because what I was taught was actually propaganda to follow their agenda. I believe in some cases the teachers weren’t aware what they were doing because they too were victims. Now that I have seen the things that main stream media does, I cannot trust them so I have to turn elsewhere to get the truth. I do not even watch TV anymore. All the people that get into soap operas or sports or sitcoms, I feel sorry for them because they have no idea behind the reason these things came about. They did it to keep our minds busy so we don’t pay attention to what our government is up to–just like the Boston Bombing. All the people that turned on their TV’s to watch the coverage over and over and all along the government slipped in a piece of legislation to pass CISPA. The same thing happened with 9/11. It was created so that the people would agree with our rights being taken away from us all in the name of being protected–protected against a group of people that never existed. People need to start paying more attention to what is really going on, stay awake and never let your guard down.

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