In a recent letter to local newspapers I have been publicly accused by colleagues of being a “conspiracy theorist.” The statement’s authors are asking that I resign my university post because my extracurricular commentary is deemed offensive and allegedly interferes with my ability to properly assess and articulate complex ideas in a scholarly manner.

In addition to blithely accepting official narratives they have not seriously interrogated, these would-be thoughtful and meticulous academics carelessly adopt and wield the “conspiracy theorist” pejorative without deeper consideration of its etymological meaning and cultural significance. In this way they awkwardly violate the exact professional code and etiquette to which they claim an academic should adhere while contradictorily upholding a popular perspective they might otherwise–following their own criteria–see fit to reject.[1]

Disparaging labels draw on and reflect the cultural and political beliefs of the given historical era. They may be used as disciplinary devices that at once legitimate certain worldviews and their attendant assumptions while designating others as dangerous and verboten. As the histories of many religions and political regimes suggest, concerted and vocal alarm directed toward unorthodox thought has typically been the focus of the state-sanctioned intellectual, reflecting the prevailing interests and beliefs of the given time.

With this in mind, the text of the colleagues’ letter is presented with various discursive trappings of particular periods in American history.

Revolutionary Era

“Why James Tracy, FAU’s Yankee Doodle, Should Resign”

Florida Atlantic University associate professor of communications James Tracy infuriated the public with his diatribes against the Crown and Parliament of Great Britain.

In many instances, he claims that the King and Parliament do not have the right to quarter royal troops in colonists’ homes, tax (“enslave”) their foreign subjects, or blockade colonial ports. Despite the suffering that he has caused King George III and the Ministry of Prime Minster Lord North, the poor example he has set for his students and the damage that he has done to the university’s reputation, Mr. Tracy continues his pamphleteering unabated.

He and his supporters quickly reference his inalienable right as a sovereign being to express his ideas. Ideas, they proclaim, lie at the heart of the human pursuit. What James Tracy does not understand is that ideas represent the end product of an intellectual process beholden to our glorious King and Parliament. Before they can be publicly espoused, ideas must be considered in terms of their value to His Majesty’s will and design. In this regard the King’s ideologues test ideas to prove their merit; revolutionaries simply state them. The King’s thinkers expose their theories to other English noblemen and clergy; pamphleteers scribble them to each other and thereby foment disloyalty. The King’s brain trust builds on the royal intellectual tradition, people like James Tracy court misfortune by speaking treason toward King George III.

James Tracy should not resign from FAU because he has upset people or brought shame to his fellows. He should resign because of his odious predilection toward “freedom and liberty.”

Antebellum Era

“Why James Tracy, FAU’s Abolitionist, Should Resign”

Florida Atlantic University associate professor of communications James Tracy infuriated the public with his talk of why he believes enslaved Negroes should be emancipated from their servitude and enjoy equality with White folk.

In almost every pronouncement he maintains that the black savage is equal in his mental and emotional faculties to White people and should therefore no longer be regarded as the rightful property of his master and owner. Despite the suffering that he has caused to self-respecting Whites and those whose wealth rightly springs from Negro labor, the poor example he has set for his students and the damage that he has done to the university’s reputation, Mr. Tracy continues to keep company with Negroes and speak at “abolitionist” meetings.

He and his supporters quickly reference his First Amendment right to express his ideas. Ideas, they proclaim, lie at the heart of their pursuit of equality. What James Tracy does not understand is that ideas represent the end product of God’s just and prevailing will embodied in the peculiar institution. Before they can be publicly espoused, ideas must defend the sanctity of White womanhood. The fairer race tests ideas to prove their worth; agitators simply state them. The properly-bred gentry expose their notions to other gentry; abolitionists blurt them out to each other and put dangerous thoughts of freedom in Negroes’ minds. Our race builds on a rich Anglo tradition, people like James Tracy want to magically make men out of beasts.

James Tracy should not resign from FAU because he has upset people or brought shame to the Southern gentry. He should resign because he seeks to unleash heathen hordes upon White Christendom and upset the God-given harmony of the races.

Cold War Era

“Why James Tracy, FAU’s Socialist Agitator, Should Resign”

Florida Atlantic University associate professor of communications James Tracy infuriated the public with his denunciations of free market capitalism and the noble American effort to thwart the Red menace in Europe, Asia and elsewhere throughout the world.

At every turn he claims that the Communist plot to overthrow this great country is exaggerated. Despite the suffering that he has caused all truly patriotic Americans, the poor example he has set for his students and the damage that he has done to the university’s reputation, Mr. Tracy proceeds to speak to industrial workers while cavorting with New Deal intellectuals and other fellow travelers.

He and his supporters quickly reference the Wagner Act and the workers’ right of free association to communicate their ideas. Ideas, they proclaim, lie at the heart of their collective interests. What James Tracy does not understand is that ideas are only possible to the extent that they abet American free enterprise and do not pose a national security risk. Before they can be publicly espoused, ideas must overall recognize the genius of American ingenuity and entrepreneurship. American-minded thinkers test concepts to prove their worth; rabble rousers simply state them. True Americans remain cognizant of the ideas they espouse in light of their loyalty oaths; subversives perch themselves upon their soapboxes, yelling at passersby. The genuine American reflects on and is enriched by his national heritage of technological and industrial innovation, people like James Tracy seek to kill the golden goose.

James Tracy should not resign from FAU because he has upset people or brought shame to the university. He should resign because he is an enemy of progress.

“War on Terror” Era

“Why James Tracy, FAU’s Conspiracy Theorist, Should Resign”

Florida Atlantic University associate professor of communications James Tracy infuriated the public with his conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook massacre and is doing the same with the Boston Marathon bombing.

In each instance, he claimed that the events as we know them may not have happened and were perhaps staged using crisis actors. Despite the suffering that he has caused to victims’ families, the poor example he has set for his students and the damage that he has done to the university’s reputation, Mr. Tracy continues to blog unabated.

He and his supporters quickly reference his First Amendment right to express his ideas. Ideas, they proclaim, lie at the heart of the academic pursuit. What James Tracy does not understand is that ideas represent the end product of the intellectual process. Before they can be publicly espoused, ideas must be subjected to rigorous and intensive examination. Academics test ideas to prove their worth; commentators simply state them. Academics expose their theories to other academics; conspiracy theorists blog them to each other. Academics build on a rich intellectual tradition, people like James Tracy spin tall tales out of nothing.

James Tracy should not resign from FAU because he has upset people or brought shame to the university. He should resign because he is not an academic.


[1] The Western notion that knowledge should be the province of a learned few has obvious political implications, for it has been a principal claim over the [often divine or hereditary] power to develop and impose customs and beliefs. “Since Plato’s day,” political philosopher J. S. McClelland observes,

knowledge claims had also been claims to moral and political power. Knowing, really knowing, had always in the past been the privilege of the Few, and the claims that the true kn0wledge of the Few was superior to the ordinary opinions of the Many had been the most important part of the Few’s claim to rule the Many. J. S. McClelland, A History of Western Political Thought. New York: Routledge, 1996, 406.

The continuing phenomenon has impeded the university from making more meaningful contributions to public discourse. This is at least partially the result of an attitude among scholars who steadfastly believe they are right–even on topics or subjects of which they know very little. The social and cultural insularity of the modern university tends to cultivate this condition. As sociologist Diana C. Mutz has found, those with the highest degree of education have the lowest exposure to those with opposing points of view, while those with much less formal education have a far greater variety of potential interlocutors. Diana C. Mutz, Hearing the Other Side: Deliberative Versus Participatory Democracy, New York: Cambridge University Press, 2006.

This dynamic is reflected in a 2010 study by American Association of Colleges and Universities, which discovered that less than 20% of 9,000 faculty surveyed believe it is safe to hold “unpopular views” on campus. Along these lines, the research also suggested how the longer students are enrolled at university the less open-minded they become. Of 25,000 students polled, only 40% of freshmen feel safe expressing unpopular positions versus 31% of seniors. Eric L. Dey, Molly C. Ott, Mary Antonaros, and Matthew A. Holsapple, Engaging Diverse Viewpoints: What is the Campus Climate for Perspective Taking? (pdf), Washington DC: American Association of Colleges and Universities, 2010, 7.

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108 thought on “Why James Tracy Should Resign”
  1. Mr. Tracy, your efforts are most appreciated by truth-seekers!
    Ignore those despicable, venal trolls at FAU. Yours is the true academic
    Shining Light. The scientific evidence proves that “authorities” engage
    in false flag/ frame-up/inside job Atrocities habitually in their pursuit of
    Fascism, perpetual military slaughters, PoliceState repression.
    Of course, nazi-type stooges in academia want to silence voices of
    reason, just as their mentors did during the previous REICH!
    Continue your brave work, sir, we’ve got your back.

    1. “….Of course, nazi-type stooges in academia want to silence voices of
      reason, just as their mentors did during the previous REICH!……”

      Stephen Freer…………….you are on this site because you have taken the Red Pill. But perhaps your Red Pill still had some blue in it because your mind is still being held captive by the propaganda of the power elite.

      Hitler and WW2 history is probably the most “tainted” and false history since time began. Please do more study!

      Read the works of Veronica Clark. Deanna Spingola has done remarkable work in this regard as well. Carolyn Yeager as well.

      Please……….stop helping the power elite.

  2. They should all resign from FAU because they are all HUGE P*%#&’s and are too scared to stand up for what is right. They would rather comply than actually be human and admit that they too have wondered about this government! Never stop James never stop if you promise that i will promise to continue reading and following and spreading the word!

  3. Jim Tracy has certainly aired his ideas. Have you ever tried to convince somebody of some idea that is difficult, vexing, hard to comprehend? Just the other day, I was trying to convey a complex idea to a person and he blew up at me, called me names, and said I needed a shrink fast.

    It’s real easy to call somebody nuts, to say they need to see a mental health professional, preferably somebody who can kill them fast.

    Let’s go back and look at some events in American history.

    Woodrow Wilson was severely compromised by an extra marital affair and this was used to influence our policy toward WW1. Wilson buckled when the concept of the Federal Reserve came up, ditto the income tax. Have these events proved out to be beneficial to this nation, especially now?

    FDR wanted WW2, he got his war when he colluded to get the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor. His contact in Honolulu collaborated with FDR and did not relay critical information about Japanese plans to invade. What happened next?

    JFK was murdered, partially because he wanted to rid the nation of the Federal Reserve. He wanted to go after organized crime. What happened when he printed silver certificates? That’s right, he was murdered.

    Waco? Oklahoma City? Ruby Ridge?

    James Tracy has ruffled feathers, why? Why has he whipped some people into murderous rages? Do these people fight against the laws of physics, mathematics, biology? Why not? Because experts in the field have tested and cross-tested these theories and proven them solid.

    Have all people done due diligence and exhausted all evidence regarding the Boston incident and Sandy Hook? Do people find it OK to “feel” that the government is giving us the truth, whether or not these theories are fully tested by all who have strong opinions?

    I was recently attacked by someone who insisted, vehemently, that there was NO dust at the WTC site. Everybody was lying, even those 500 people interviewed by the NY Times as first responders, said this man. It’s impossible to create dust from steel girders. All reporters are liars. All firemen were liars. All medical personnel were liars.

    Are you aware that Dubya Bush stonewalled against having a thorough investigation of the destruction site? Are you aware that Mayor Bloomberg had to be coerced by the Federal Government to allow information to be obtained from ground personnel by investigatory people? Are you aware that firemen were strapped with gag orders? Are you aware that thousands of engineers and architects ruled against the government analysis of the event? Are you aware, and do you even care, that nukes were used to destroy the buildings?

    I’m only aware that you want Tracy’s neck and it appears many of you are total slackers who refuse to give good effort into studying this event so we can all benefit. Tell us why, please.

  4. Seeking, demanding, scrutinizing and valuing truth in evidence of a crime before passing judgment seems a logical pursuit and perhaps a necessary one for our country to exist.

  5. Noam Chomsky emphatically hates the term “conspiracy theorist” which had its origins back in the day when the JFK Murder was being reinvestigated. For the hearing, thinking and visually impaired I will place in caps what he suggested was a more acceptable term. Ready?
    James Tracy analyzes institutions.

    1. Needless to say, Noam Chomsky has failed to the extent that he preforms institutional analysis. The term “conspiracy theorist” has become a bad label but nothing in it is inherently bad. It could be that a new term is needed which better describes what’s taking place as we pick apart the official narrative. It could be that we need to use the power of this label and re-apply it to Anderson Cooper, Karl Rove, Sarkozy, etc. Just call them conspiracy theorists instead of assuming for a second they are otherwise. That could be a big part of the problem we have in debunking an official fairy tale—it still seems, and is still called, official.

      Reading what Tracy shared here bought back bad memories of academia. Stomach turning stuff.

      1. Who be “we,” eman? “It could be that a new term is needed which better describes what’s taking place as we pick apart the official narrative.” Well, I’d like to believe “we” have some power, but the institutions have all been corrupted, and, as the icon James so aptly tagged his last vignette with tells us, They Live. What was it that was on the wall in that movie? Ah, yes. They Live, We Sleep. That’s the “we” I’m afraid holds sway. The sleepers. The billions of sleepers.

  6. You know the word “vetted” – I think it crept into the American lexicon in the 1980’s. People and ideas were to be “vetted” like the guests at a royal wedding. It’s not so much a test of reality as a test of trustworthiness, based on criteria other than objective measures, and having more to do with bloodlines (horses in a race), ownership (politicians), and loyalty (sticking with someone even if they behave abominably, simply because you belong to their tribe). A well-vetted academic will not challenge certain people or things. If he does, he is automatically placed in an out-group, along with some truly despicable people. Therefore, to avoid being classed with such people (often the only reason he refuses to examine reality in an objective way) he goes along to survive.

    The late Michael Dertouzos, of MIT, wrote that something very bad happened in the Renaissance while all the good stuff was happening: the scientific mind (techne, he called it) split off from the humanities mind. The scientific zoomed ahead, with minor setbacks, while the humanities were regarded as the province of random thinking and a kind of expensive diversion. You had people of talent and intelligence who hid out in the technical fields and turned politics and humanities over to the less capable minds.

    I think that being a Greek, he was looking at Europe (and all its wars), but in America we were fortunate to have revolutionaries who combined all the disciplines in people like Franklin and Jefferson. We don’t have that kind of world anymore. It really is in a pair of mutually exclusive boxes.

    The technical people are now dependent on a government which acts arbitrarily and without integrity, claiming the field of human endeavor for itself. They shrug and go back to the lab, hoping the axe won’t fall on them. Meanwhile, the vetting of intellectuals goes on apace in the humanities, always trying to please authority.

    But their minds are desperately needed in these recent crises.

    Michael thou shouldst be living in this time, America hath need of thee.

    1. The word, ‘vetted’ is exactly as you describe, musings.

      Basically we live in a closed money system where everything has to be ‘vetted’ by the top level technocrats (who make and decide the money, the ‘worth’ of things, the goals, the agendas) or you lose your little pile of money and your other personal precious items and/or relationships and your overall human ‘worth’. Hardly anyone dares act against this ‘vetting’ protocol, this receiving ‘permission’ from the top of the technocrat and totalitarian evil pyramid. Most don’t even see it.

      So it works like a charm. And it is. A spell, a life and death spell, decided by evil and where a certain kind of currency only, applies,. Jesus called it: mammon.

      Might want to think this over and decide for yourself how valuable your life is and to whom it is valuable, and for what reason(s).

      Maybe getting out of here (this evil place), by dying, isn’t such a bad idea.

      And any gains you made through mammon are no gains at all–not in the next world–the very opposite in fact.

      Might want to think that through, too.

      Death has not the same result for everyone.

      Ned Lud

      1. ****Applause here***** for what you have stated, Ned.

        In my years of study and research I have come to understand what you have put forth. In my line of work I delve into an area that not many are aware of ( it may surprise many that those in power are well aware, and possibly adepts, of Astrology, and, have used it as a tool for timing ) …and there is a very specific yet insidious reason very few humans are aware of this reality; The power elite do not want humanity to “understand” but rather they have installed systems of “belief to obfuscate the natural state of the human being.

        It would be wise to remember that anything of true value is intentionally marginalized and ridiculed by the Asymmetrical Power System.
        If you want to understand how this science/art works just ask….but, then again, few possess intellectual curiosity so I won’t hold my breath for questions.

        While I find Dr. Tracy’s work invaluable in waking up the unconscious masses I still see that a perennial lack of understanding permeates most conversations. Without a profound “understanding” of who we are and what it is we are doing here on this planet we will continue to flounder in the doldrums…just waiting for those trade winds to blow us into our safe harbors….but, what safe harbor can we find if we are not the safe harbor ourselves? Who should be that wind of direction? And why must we wait for those winds to change? Should we not be the change?
        We are plagued by a system of utter ignorance, and, whilst wallowing in this putrid pool of still waters, we misuse our energy …spending it in ways that take us closer and closer to that recycle vat.

        Death indeed, my friend, does not produce the same results for everyone.
        Thanks for making my day, Ned, with your profound understanding.

        As for those “colleagues” that call for your economic and emotional lynching, Dr. Tracy?
        What “colleagues”? You seem to exist, alone and unsupported, in a vacuum of intellectual, spiritual and emotional midgets.
        Perhaps it is best to get out of that black hole while you can and start your own Lyceum?
        Just a thought.

    2. Musings, you just described the Mafia here——> “You know the word “vetted” – I think it crept into the American lexicon in the 1980′s. People and ideas were to be “vetted” like the guests at a royal wedding. It’s not so much a test of reality as a test of trustworthiness, based on criteria other than objective measures, and having more to do with bloodlines (horses in a race), ownership (politicians), and loyalty (sticking with someone even if they behave abominably, simply because you belong to their tribe). “

  7. Couple this, “Along these lines, the research also suggested how the longer students are enrolled at university the less open-minded they become”, with this recent finding, “College Students Are Less Empathic Than Generations Past ” (Referenced from this article —-> ), and you have yourself a recipe for a culture of future SS Soldiers…….but then again, we do have the likes of Black Water, DynCorp and those that give them their orders.

    I encourage everyone to read anything on Quantum Physics because it is the lack of profoundly life altering information, such as this, that has led us to this dark place again and again and again.

    1. Jamie,

      I’m sufficiently intrigued by your posts recommending the study of Astrology and Quantum Physics to ask you to point to a batch of articles to read.

      Whether we ourselves believe in esoteric knowledge, it appears that enough “clues” are present in these events to make the case that the perpetrators either place them to be “spooky” and freak people out…, or because they believe.

      The thing about “belief” is that when followed with action, we create what we believe. So, preordained or not, it doesn’t matter if people are actively working to make something happen… they shape the world to conform with their beliefs.

  8. I love the “They Live” cartoon. Didn’t have time to read the whole article, but will come back. It simply amazes me how pliable the human mind is. My background is Hi tech corporate sales….I was urged to write a book about it, specifically about the company I worked for, (many years) and it’s transformation into the multinational giant it is today. I bled (not-IBM) blue. No more. I see things for what they are. Conspiracy in Gov’t and the press(which simply is a CIA front since its exposure in the 70’s and the Church Commission) is similar to collusion in business (biz ethics is a yearly course requirement, nothing more) The new user friendly term spun out of marketing and PR (or the press) is Cooperation/Coopetition, But it all boils down to ‘The Ends Justify the Means’. And I’m afraid I have a reasonably good idea what the ends are.

    1. I know this is off topic….but, really, is any information NOT related to all that we experience?

      Anyway, Bill, you mentioned IBM in your post and just wanted to share some information about one of their former CEO’s. I became acquainted with a woman who was married to this former CEO and she shared some very damning information about her ex with me that I think is pertinent to the ongoing conversation about the Power Structure we are captives of.

      I will not name this woman but only use this story to illustrate what these types of people engage in and what kind of society it is that we support with our time and money. This woman revealed to me that she caught her husband with child pornography on his computer….not just once but multiple times.

      These people engage in acts that are the epitome of evil and go about their demented business with impunity. This is not an isolated case of a powerful person gone astray but rather a glaring reality of the mentality that permeates the upper echelons of that pyramid. Child abuse is rampant among the filthy rich.

      Is this really the kind of world we want to support? It is really the kind of world we would even put our name to? Even though we may say that we would never participate in such an odious and vile crime we nonetheless do with our money and emotional support of this system.

      Something has to give…..changes must be made or we will all be consumed by this ever evolving cesspit.

  9. 2001-09-11 proved this statement, as well:

    This dynamic is reflected in a 2010 study by American Association of Colleges and Universities, which discovered that less than 20% of 9,000 faculty surveyed believe it is safe to hold “unpopular views” on campus.

  10. Thus it has always been. To expect the mass of humanity–whether in the general population or in the groves of academia–to overcome the inherent drive to be accepted as part of the crowd, to be held in high esteem, to avoid subjecting oneself to intense scrutiny–has always been the overriding motivation of most of our fellow human beings.

    It has been said there is no religion higher than truth. There is also no political system, no academic luster, or personal distaste higher than truth, either.

    I read recently that the tipping point for fundamental change in any pool of humans was 10% of the population being whole-hearted believers. At that level, the paradigm flips and we are in a new world.

    I believe we are approaching that level in our collective ability to understand the massive deception, corruption and violence that has been perpetrated on the common man around the world by the controllers.

    I would urge everyone who reads these words to understand we are ALL Tom Paine now. We can–each of us–take the time to speak out, blog, submit comments to news sources that make our points clearly and with as little inflammatory tone as we can muster. WE ARE WINNING. Yes, we are winning. Do not let the mass media convince you that most folks don’t get it, are lazy and indifferent. There is a sense afoot that we are seeing, waking up and now reacting.

    What James has done in a very high profile and courageous way, each one of us must do in our own circle of friends, acquaintances and other contacts.

    Do you have the courage of your convictions to stand up for the Truth? We know James did and does. It’s our turn to at least take the time and trouble to add our voices of reason to the conversation and overwhelm the superstitious fear of STANDING UP when others cower.

    Today is the day to begin.

    1. That 10% of true believers causing a paradigm shift statement… Has there ever been an example where the 10% didn’t do it at the extreme peril of the other 90%, as in the case of the nazi party of Germany, and the communist party of the USSR. What I mean is, how can we as believers change the paradigm while at the same time maintaining a society that respects the right of others to believe and live as they wish. It seems to me we are screwed because we are not the extremists here. Those who will tell any lie to stay in power are the extremists, and it seems to me they have the edge right now.

  11. Ironically, or not, it is at the university level one finds the least amount of free speech or free thinking and too, if it even seems to be a view a slight bit old fashioned or *traditional* it must also be crushed post haste! Ivory towers indeed….remove the ladders and fill the moat lest any stray random thoughts approach that are not approved.

  12. We can read throughout history of courageous individuals who have risked their safety to challenge orthodoxy. Today, history has come alive with many thousands who seek to challenge the dangerous ” end product(s) of the intellectual process” that threaten our freedom and even our survival.

    Of course, those who feel most threatened by the challenge are the guardians of the orthodoxy who make sumptuous livings supported by that very orthodoxy. There is no surprise: the money is just too good to countenance any other way of looking at things.

    Flushing them out in public is the only way to expose the fallacies of their untenable position. Conspiracy theories are indeed theories, theories purportedly based on fact. Most theories are, by nature, false and rejected when tested against a growing body of fact. Things get tense when those facts reveal that the orthodoxy itself is false.

    In short, the authorities charged with laws and law enforcement have utterly failed to adequately explain what occurred at Sandy Hook and Boston. They have not explained what has been observed regarding the alleged crimes but worse, they have not explained their own actions. This has given rise to serious questions that are unanswered except by vilifying the questioners.

    It is not the theories that matter, it is the facts themselves and the disturbing dereliction of authorities in explaining them. Those who seek to vilify Professor Tracy are emperors with no clothes because they avert their eyes from facts, thus undermining the academic precepts on which they rely.

    Thank you James Tracy for your courage in challenging a dangerous orthodoxy.

  13. James, bravo for your courage in standing your ground. You must be under enormous pressure. But you have the consolation of knowing that you are doing the right thing, and inspiring many others. You are almost uniquely courageous in coming out publicly to ask these questions. We are all in your debt.

  14. James Tracy equates himself with persons or movements in history. Sort of “I can analogize or cut-and-paste myself into history, therefore I am a truth seeker.” It’s not an argument. But it is an example of his sloppy thinking and critical skills. Rather than providing first-hand evidence or reports from these events (e.g. Boston Bombing), Mr. Tracy shtick is a grammar platitudinous quotes and pastiches of ideas from one skeptical thinker after another, which are used to decorate his “analysis” of photos and press reports. I’m sure Mr. Tracy is sincere in his efforts, but they are a poor reflection all the same on his objectivity and respect for truth.

    1. Listen, I don’t think you have mimicked cnn and fox news enough in your critique. You have to repeat what you hear on tv word for word because you sound illegitimate. Throw in a quote from Janet Napolitano here and there. Make a few things up on your own if you can. Maybe you knew Jeff Bauman and maybe you played basketball with his brother. Maybe your cousin had his legs blown off and he didn’t bleed either! Pretend to analyze what you claim to be sure of. At least pretend! Or else, just say bahh. I like it when sheep just say bahh.

    2. Don’t know how we are to report from a muddled scene as convoluted and obviously micromanaged at the Boston Marathon bombing. Dozens of photos from bystanders are all over the ‘Net for review. They were generally taken by cellphone cameras, not professionals with expensive equipment on assignment.

      When a compliant media mediates the scenario, the facts are often impaled on rigged agendas. When the whole government apparatus collaborates and puts out false information, when medical professionals offer skewed testimony with a straight face, digging for the truth can be as daunting as mining for gold.

      Kudos to Dr. Tracy to go where few men/women have gone before.
      Give credit where due. He explores the outer space of unknowns.

      1. Dear Ms. Marilyn Jay A., you wrote the following assumption:

        Dozens of photos from bystanders are all over the ‘Net for review. They were generally taken by cellphone cameras, not professionals with expensive equipment on assignment.

        I disagree with this assumption. Unlike a U5 soccer game, the Boston Marathon sidelines was littered with professionals with expensive equipment on assignment. It is a major sporting event. And even if we lop off the word professionals, you’ll note in the photographs many photographers with expensive equipment.

        How do we know this? First, the quality and high resolution of so many images and their zoom lens. Second, the fact that these asshole photographers snapped picture after picture instead of aiding those injured. I can’t image the first thought of a bystander to a blood draining amputation would be to whip out the cellphone to take a picture. Third, the speed with which their images flooded both mainstream media and the internet.

        I am particularly intrigued by the dark haired man with a full & long bushy beard, camera, and pant-legs ripped from cuff to hip but without much injury or blood. In fact, a worthy study would be the tattered clothing of victims, how they are conveniently ripped along seams and in other cases completely peppered with holes but without bloody injury underneath.

        I also like the stage managers… guy in flouressant yellow hat who directs others but doesn’t get his hands dirty; the heavy-set woman in brown sweatshirt… the lady in pink/purple…


        1. So where are all those expert photos? I admit I don’t watch the MSM. Get most of my info from the ‘Net. Those pictures were, to my thinking, the product of amateurs on the fly. That is my point of reference. If the BMBs were staged, the professional press had an agenda, not to expose, but to act as cover. That would come as no great epiphany if you follow their modi operandi over time.

          I have been doing a lot of reading on psyops by our clandestine agencies. One former CIA operative is outing, for example, both Daniel Ellsberg and more recently, Wikileaks guru, Julian Assange. Both had close ties with our intelligence community. That puts them outside the mainstream of public perception. The more one learns, the more convoluted the whole system becomes until it dissolves into nothingness.

          Sandy Hook and Boston are child’s play by comparison.

        2. Went to the CNN site for pictures of BMBs and they are much larger with sharper resolution. Size does show details missed in the small photos. But it really doesn’t change my mind. Something strange is still going on and we have a right to know the what, when, why, who, and where–basic journalism 101.

    3. I’ve yet to see a single on-the-ground, in person, reported fact provided by Mr. Tracy. I yet seen him write about an interview he’s had with anyone at the scene of the bombing. He’s a Monday Morning quarterback. His work little more than that of Creationist who try to find holes in Evolution. I think the university has grounds to fire him, just as I would look for a way to fire a math professor who blogged about 2+2 = 3 and actually believes it.

      1. Ahem……don’t you mean “theory of evolution” and not “Evolution”?

        “Theory”, Phyllo, is not truth nor reality. It is but a “proposition”. The Theory of evolution is a proposition so perforated with holes that it resembles a sieve…..and everyone knows you can see straight through a sieve.
        Perhaps your issue with Dr. Tracy is merely a cover for your blind obedience to the Asymmetrical Power Structure….an issue you refuse to face.
        Would your time, Pyrex, be better spent in the pursuit of reclaiming your mind rather than throwing ‘darts’ at others for using theirs?
        It certainly sounds like a win/win solution for all if you were caught in the act of such a noble endeavor.

        I wish you warp speed in the discovery of your own thoughts.

    4. Pyrex……..if you examine closely what you just wrote you will find that what have accused Tracy of you, yourself, are actually guilty of.

      You offer no contradiction ( or support ) to his analysis…only a critique of his methods.

      Tracy has called for those who were first hand experiencers of the Boston Scare-a-thon ( and Sandy Hooked ) to come forward and tell their side of the story….. the story that would corroborate the “official” story. So far, no one has taken him up on this generous and honest offer.

      Truth? I dare say you would not know truth if it bit you in your platitudinous mouth.

      1. Thank you, Jamie, for correcting Pyrex of his errors. Was thinking the same but didn’t have the courage to post like you did. Keep up the good work!

  15. I love this article and comments. I feel at home. Didn’t those democratic Greeks of antiquity kill Sophocles for attitudes unbecoming?
    Today, many sip the Koolade of floridated water and flushed pharmaceuticals (just as corrosive as hemlock).

    They further ignore the signs of impending disaster, believing government knows best. Other institutions mirror and mimic that tried, tested system of heirarchical and vertical power. Universities are no exception. But no human is infallible, no system free of corruption.

    Ah, there is the rub.

    1. You mean Socrates, don’t you?
      And unfortunately he accepted the rule of Athens, the popular will, and drank the hemlock.

      Sophocles (according to Wikipedia) lived to be 91. He wrote Antigone. I like that girl very much.

      1. Oh, heavens, I’m dyslexic but that doesn’t excuse this type of gaff. I had a small voice saying, that looks wrong but I sometimes insist on pushing on without further examination. Thank you for pointing it out without being too snarky. On other boards, I would have been pummeled–rightfully so! Fortunately, I can still laugh at my own errors, when caught.

  16. Dr. Tracy was disciplined for ‘tarnishing’ the reputation of FAU. Will the authors of this babble be disciplined for mentioning the university no less than a dozen times? Wonder if the ranters are aware there are 3 major government scandals acknowledged by the leaders of this country currently? One made more incredibly sad when true American whistle blowers came forward to testify against the wishes of their bosses and have been subjected to demotion and intimidation. Another where the IRS has admitted silencing Americans with different views from the status quo with intimidation, multiple audits and flat out refusing to give charitible status to organizations with opposing views. All the while liberal charities are rushed through and how many of them are pure fraud? We will continue to question, for we are the true patriots that want to save America from the ruling elite who could care less about the lowly or the truth.

    1. Pure fraud? Because Kenneth Feinberg manages the Boston 1 Fund, and is talking about all the injuries, the so-far (alleged) $30 million pot, and telling the injured to “lower their expectations” , I now question all the other funds he managed, including the pay-offs for pedophile priests. He managed BP oil spill money. 9/11 money (that was a big one – people dug deep into their pockets for that). Is he managing a “liberal” or a “conservative” charity? Does it matter?

      Looking at the big picture, I am seeing a presidential acquiescence in a war against Iran or a resignation. I know that is a leap. But this Boston story implicates so many complicit Democrats, that it looks like a slam-dunk to lead them into a place they did not want to go or face lost power.

      Whatever one’s personal views, it is all about power and who has it. Right now it is the power to lead people through shock and awe. Somebody has it, don’t they? And I think it leads to war.

  17. A clever, creative and instructive response. Well done, Professor Tracy.

    Given the lack of serious investigation the authors of the letter have given to the subjects about which Professor Tracy has written, I can not comprehend how they could include the following statement with any sense of honor, “…He should resign because he is not an academic.”

    As a human, and professional researcher, I can attest that it would not require a serious academic any more than a few keystrokes in Google to discover something is amiss in America.

  18. Very witty and truthful, Professor. FAU should applaud you for putting them on the map. Without you no one outside of Florida would have heard of them. What is happening in this society is that the media are making anyone who investigates unpopular events and government corruption a social outcast. That way the public feels uncomfortable and also becomes ostracized from society if they follow said critic.


    Source: Wikipedia

    The White Rose (German: die Weiße Rose) was a non-violent, intellectual resistance group in Nazi Germany, consisting of students from the University of Munich and their philosophy professor. The group became known for an anonymous leaflet and graffiti campaign, lasting from June 1942 until February 1943, that called for active opposition to dictator Adolf Hitler’s regime.

    The six most recognized members of the group were arrested by the Gestapo and beheaded in 1943. The text of their sixth leaflet was smuggled by Helmuth James Graf von Moltke out of Germany through Scandinavia to the United Kingdom, and in July 1943 copies of it were dropped over Germany by Allied planes, retitled “The Manifesto of the Students of Munich.”[1]

    Another member, Hans Conrad Leipelt, who helped distribute Leaflet 6 in Hamburg, was executed on January 29, 1945, for his participation.

    Today, the members of the White Rose are honoured in Germany amongst its greatest heroes, since they opposed the Third Reich in the face of almost certain death.

    * * *

    Our freedoms are at stake here, people. Keep up the good work Tracy.


    P.S. Again, there are no victims and no victims’ families in these events (Sandy Hook and Boston) – do some research for heaven’s sake.

    1. Lori — what about the countless Germans who were hanged/executed for things like “Human lamp shades made out of Jews” or “Shrunken Heads”, or “Soap made out of Jewish fat”. Which now even the Jews admit this was fabricated lies? But yet many were executed with no apology still from the jewish elite.

      What about those people? What about the countless people like Bishop Williamson who simply questions the gas chambers and loses his job?

      Why is it illegal to question the holocaust in certain countries?

      Just perhaps…………..we haven’t been told the truth about just ‘who’ those were who were apart of the white rose society.

      perhaps they were Bolsheviks. Ever thought of that??? Just who were these people? Are we going to allow the power elite…the main stream controlled media to inform us just who those people were???

      1. I’ve always thought those soap and lampshade stories were propaganda. But I have never doubted the deportation of Jews from countries their families had lived for generations, after which they were sent to camps which became death camps due to typhus and malnutrition. The decision to send such people away from their homes as enemy aliens began the death march, and people who could not keep up were killed along the way. When they arrived, those once protected by their families were killed by the state as Germany killed its own diseased, retarded, malformed and elderly and even spoke proudly of doing so. My uncle nearly died of starvation in a POW camp in Poland where he ate grass. The other Rangers he served with died and he was one of the few survivors. This was not a humane regime. I would never carry water for them. Their leaders deserved what they got.

  20. “Mr. Tracy, your efforts are most appreciated by truth-seekers!
    Ignore those despicable, venal trolls at FAU. Yours is the true academic
    Shining Light. The scientific evidence proves that “authorities” engage
    in false flag/ frame-up/inside job Atrocities habitually in their pursuit of
    Fascism, perpetual military slaughters, PoliceState repression.”

    Stephen freer, I agree.

    However I respectfully disagree with the following you wrote:

    “Of course, nazi-type stooges in academia want to silence voices of
    reason, just as their mentors did during the previous REICH!”

    Statements like this only help to perpetuate lies of those who are responsible for many past and present atrocities. It is important to expose the truth about past events to prevent history from repeating itself.

    “Hitler and WW2 history is probably the most “tainted” and false history since time began. Please do more study! Read the works of Veronica Clark. Deanna Spingola has done remarkable work in this regard as well. Carolyn Yeager as well.”

    Jeff is correct here.

    Rick Adams, Brother Nathanael Kapner, David Erving, Ernst Zundel, David Cole, M. T. Goodrich are just few others who have provided valuable sources of information that tell the world the truth about various aspects of Hitler and WW 11

    Professor James Tracy is better off joining others who are exposing Sandy hook and Boston Marathon by way of allowing them to post links here to their sites as well as posting links on their sites to his research.

    Professor Tracy has not done any wrong to lose his job.

    This is what people in the truth movement ought to do instead of trying to fight their battle alone.

    I applaud Professor Tracy for staying on the path of truth which is not easy but the right thing to do.

  21. Cowards. Academic cowards parroting words from FAU Administrators and doing their dirty work.

    Hey Patricia from the crappy College of Wooster. Why don’t you do something really risky and write about German Americans who lived and died 70 years ago?

    Yeah, that’ll make a big difference how we live our lives and understand the encroaching police and surveillance state.

    Is there going to be a “Brown-don’t worry-we-won’t-grade-you-University” historian 70 years from now analyzing what’s really happening today?

    Nope, of course not. We have Wolfie-Boy and A.C. recording history perfectly, as it happens!

    Dr. Kollander … Thanks for leading this lynching on a fellow colleague. No one now should take you seriously as an historian or as a feeling, caring, compassionate fellow human being.

  22. I once worked for a university department of 30+ faculty, most adjunct, a dozen or so tenured. The competition among them was fierce. They were always looking for an excuse to get rid of one another. And faculty from other departments in the division were eager to help if they smelled blood. Every time someone is brought down they themselves rise a tick on the seniority scale. Not an academic? “Disingenuous” characterizes their motives. Dr. Tracy.

    We who post here are noncompliant by nature and disposition. I liked this video demonstrating research by Solomon Asch on group pressure and conformity, 4 min, 10 sec.:

    1. It’s all true, yet I must point out that colleagues in my department are quite civil and I am thus fortunate. In fact, some explained how they found the letter rather silly. Being in a professional position predicated on so much poorly compensated (adjunct) labor has always concerned me. The method of “divide and conquer” employed by administration is unmistakable.

  23. it’s a strange paradoxical use of language where a “conspiracy theorist” is someone who would rather be directed by the authority of evidence rather than thoughtlessly fall back on emotion driving myths created by media corporations and other government bodies.

  24. Does anyone remember “Balloon Boy” and how the mainstream media, including doctors, weighed in on the story? No one stopped to ask about the engineering questions posed by it. Could that size of a balloon hold up a small boy? Could it even lift him?

    But the story was too fascinating while the balloon was in play, moving fast in the atmosphere. The experts went forward about whether a human could live at the altitudes achieved by the balloon without freezing to death? It would have spoiled the whole joke, almost, to go deeper into the physics of the thing. Booorring!

    And when the rescuers arrived and found no one under the balloon, they began to talk of the “grisly” work of finding the child somewhere on the ground along the way.

    The essential fact was that the balloon was too small to carry a 65 lb weight, nowhere near. But this was ignored in favor of a story. That is how it works today in the news business.

    When it happened,it told me how sensational news works. It also shows how “experts” pile on to embellish a story, one later proven to be a fraudulent one generated by dishonest reality show parents, while their child was hiding. Then of course the story became the prosecution of the parents for wasting all that money on the search. But why search when it is easy to dismiss it as fraud if you just do the first calculations? No one wanted to calculate and the parents are going to have pay?

    The mechanisms of this story are present in the fraud around the current one. The acceptance of the premises without sufficient reality testing and then their use as an object of exchange, a counterfeit coin of the realm, is what we have in this bankrupt culture. Manhattan was bought for $26 worth of wampum. Boston was bought for less.

    The woman with the yellow balloons led the suspects to their places in the drama. She released them and the ballooning of credulity began, the test of how far those balloons will travel is not complete.
    In Boston it is such an article of faith, everything revolves around talk of it, as with 9/11 in New York.

    But then in a small state, once distinguished for great poets and thinkers, where three new casinos are proposed, I should not be surprised. Or, as police chief Davis promises, the 2014 Marathon will be “even more spectacular.” Impossible, unless he adds chariot races.

    1. It occurs to me that large events with instant media coverage are targets for staging false-flag events. The audience is primed and ready; local TV cameras trained on players with point-by-point color commentator stationed to wrap it in a neat bow. That is the way all entertainment is packaged today. “If it bleeds, it leads”– the mantra of modern news, print and electronic. A desensitized public demands more drama, reminding us of Roman orgies in the coliseum, also known as ‘bread and circus’ extravaganzas.

      When someone drops the ball, skilled backups come into play to explain away any incidental oops. The film unspools at such speed, the naked eye can’t catch these gaffs. That is where the skeptic and the curious rise to the occasion. They question; they observe; they dissent.

  25. There is an interesting study that is applicable here, and it demonstrates why even one person standing up for the truth can have such an outsize impact– and why that one person must be squashed at all costs by those wishing to perpetrate lies.

    It’s called the Asch Conformity Experiment; a summary is here:

    Asch demonstrated that even when the correct answer is incontrovertible — can literally be measured with a ruler — a large number of subjects will give the same (wrong) answer that all the others have given. Yet if even one person out of a ten gives the correct answer, the number of subjects willing to buck the crowd and join that one other person in an unpopular truth goes up considerably.

  26. I seldom watch VH-1, but tonight I happened upon three minutes of “Forty Funniest Fails” on VH-1. In the list of “fails” was a “local color news report” from a “reporter” who was “interviewing” an ice sculptor who had supposedly just finished eight hours of sculpting a block of ice. Then the reporter, with his mic in one hand and the ice sculpture supported by the other, “accidently” lets go of the ice sculpture, which crashes to the pavement in a thousand pieces. In feigned shock, the ice sculptor makes some frustrated statement in disbelief, and the reporter “sends it back” to the studio.

    Interestingly, the program spent a minute or more examining whether the “news report” had been faked, a set-up for comic relief. Showing still captures from the video and using red arrows to point out anomalies (not unlike the ones used here to analyze some of the curious pictures from Boston), the amused “producer” of the gag is revealed, just to the left of the two protagonists. “Real or Fake?” the “Forty Funniest Fails” show asks. The conclusion is revealed; the entire skit was faked… but apparently broadcast on TV anyway!

    So, this is the double-standard in which we find ourselves immersed. The red arrows and video-captured still photos are “OK” and legitimate tools of analysis for a VH-1 comedy show. But corporate media implicitly forbids anyone from applying those same useful and appropriate tools to all the “official” evidence associated with “Terror” crime scenes, etc.

    Popular culture, crime non-fiction, and today’s TV programming (“NCIS,” “CSI Miami,” etc.) is overflowing with detailed analysis, critical thinking, and “forensic” examination of real ~and~ fictionalized crime scenes, but this same thoughtful review is completely PROHIBITED according to the corporate media when the crime scenes (NYC/9-11, Sandy Hook, Boston, etc?) are potential sites of State Crimes Against Democracy.

    Consider the immense level of cognitive dissonance required to engender this level of schism in the mass mind; fascination with, and competence in critical assessment of “The Murder du jour,” i.e. Jodi Arias, Oscar Pistorius, concurrent with unthinking, passive acceptance of the official pronouncements about much more significant events such as occurred in Sandy Hook and in Boston.

    Also striking is the distinct absence of genuine investigative journalism that makes the pointed questioning and justifiable skepticism of people like Professor Tracy appear — to the lazy, sensory-dulled masses — to be completely “beyond the pale.”

    1. You have definitely identified the mind game. It’s okay to analyze some things to death – major crimes by minor criminals, or fakery by would-be reality people. But once officials with real power have committed to the story, it must be believed uncritically or there is hell to pay.

      I think the perfect intersection of this is “Balloon Boy” where the medical experts were weighing in before the physical impossibility of such a balloon flight was discussed by the engineers to eliminate the story at the root as bogus. Later the reality-show parents came to the fore as potential criminals(calling in a false story) or child exploiters, and that was a whole other story. But it played around the edges of being a bit like a drill “gone live” in that peoples’ sympathies for a small child being carried high up into the atmosphere across the country and into another state were fully engaged. The possibility that it was never real to begin with and that the part where the balloon “came down” was staged, never came into it. Could it have been used to assess coordination between two states (and thus be a test of federal communications)? Could it be justified on that basis, the way these drills are justified? Of course. Is it secret? Is it a matter of national security, while played for laughs? It reads that way to me.

  27. “What James Tracy does not understand is that ideas represent the end product of the intellectual process. Before they can be publicly espoused, ideas must be subjected to rigorous and intensive examination.”

    Subjecting the media/”official” narrative of events to rigorous and intensive examination is EXACTLY what Dr. Tracy is doing on this site.
    Personally, I am extremely grateful for people like James Tracy, and it’s frightening that the authors of that absurd letter are basically saying that questioning what one is told is somehow dangerous or wrong.

    1. I did not notice any evidence of a bomb being real in this video. men in space suits walking around in no way satisfies any questions formed by the anomalies brought up about both sites. I have no way of knowing if that fireball was photoshopped.

  28. You are 100% correct to relate the conspiracy theory label to history, labels have been used throughout time to keep maintain the status quo.

    Labeling someone a ‘conspiracy theorist’ is no more sophisticated than calling them a ‘witch’ centuries ago, it not only threatens the individual but also anyone who listens to the message.

    Your colleagues are merely joining in the chorus of “he’s a witch, burn him” as I would be sure the supposedly intellectuals of a bygone era did so as well.

    The fact they are in modern universities and are participants in such a backward and odious witch hunt should be a source of shame for them all.

    They cannot even pretend to be using the term “conspiracy theory” in an objective, rather than subjective, manner because the official story is also a “conspiracy theory” of two or more people.

  29. Somewhere on the FAU campus…

    “Damn it. This is all your fault. I warned you about hiring this troublemaker.”

    “Calm down. We’ve got it under control.”

    “Like hell you do. I’ve got the Board breathing down my neck. First Sandy Hook and now Boston. What’s he going after next, Obama and the whole Larry Sinclair thing?”

    “We’ll find something on him. We’ve got Ari looking at his hard drive and Sticky’s going over his viewing history and phone records.”

    “Think again Kojack. Just heard back from those trolls. The guy’s clean. ”

    “How about HR? They done with his employment application yet?”

    “Yeah, not a single lie or exaggeration we can pin on him. This guy’s a freaking Boy Scout.”

    “I know what. Let’s get Interim to write a letter of discipline. Nobody messes around after getting one of those.”

    “Been there, done that. Even got three flunkies to write a letter telling him to leave. Had the opposite effect. Instead of insulting him, it made them look silly.”

    “Yeah, I noticed that too. This guy’s got more Teflon than Reagan.”

    “We haven’t tried working on his students. We bribe one or two to trash him in the media, he’ll be forced to take the Community College job!”

    “Tried that. No takers. They love this guy.”

    1. Okay…..I laughed so hard that I scared the beejeebus out of my neighbors, BF!! Thank you for stating the obvious dialogue going on in the back channels of FAU! I wonder what that acronym REALLY stands for?
      I can only imagine………..

  30. I am so sad to hear this but not surprised, as I graduated from FAU. Seems they just want to keep the group think mentality and not foster real divergent thinking. I guess they all feel empowered over there since FAU’s president is leaving. What a bunch of phoney politics at that school.

    Don’t give up Dr. Tracy. You never know, this might all give you a much wider audience in the future!! Wouldn’t that be nice? I really think a TV show would suit you much better and get your ideas out to a wider audience.

  31.     Excellent writing, James. I take my hat off to your guts and integrity… to bad there aren’t a few thousand more like you in academia!   cheers,  Stuart Davies


  32. It’s like Stalin said, “Words are more powerful than bullets.” When the Government is seeking to enslave the people they must be disarmed in every way.

  33. The letter written about Dr. Tracy is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. The very fact that academics would believe they are the final authority on all ideas confirms the suspicions of so-called conspiracy theorists!

    On the other hand, the nonsensical pontificating makes sense, as academia is in many ways no longer about seeking truth. Rather, it is too often about promulgating a worldview that elitist academics believe is more beneficial than reality.

    Recent students know that most professors don’t want to hear what they have to say. Such professors grade on how well students can parrot the prof’s views. (If you’re a current student, that’s the trick to getting good grades.)

    In addition, perhaps some will remember the efforts made by faculty of the University of South Florida, aka Jihad-U, in support of Sami al-Arian? It seems that in the exclusive world of academia, telling the truth is more dangerous than supporting terrorists.

    To all the truth-seeking academics: thank you and don’t back down. The world needs you.

  34. The town clerk in Newtown is still refusing to release the death certificates for the 26 people who supposedly “died” there on Dec. 14. Yet, such documents have been available to the public for centuries in all civilized countries. Until now. Could they be doing this because some, many or all of those who “died” never in fact even existed? This stonewalling offers continuing support for your skepticism about the Sandy Hook hoax. Keep fighting for the truth.

    1. SH Timeline updated here.

      Note also early timeline entries showing that CT lawmakers sought legislation in 2011 to make the release of such documentation more difficult. ME H. Wayne Carver II opposed such legislation at the time, arguing that the laws on the books were sufficient.

  35. I think is important that we, who are skeptics, make sure we also don’t go overboard and think that everything about the Boston situation was fake and that no people were injured. A drill, a partial drill, planned destruction, some combination….quite possibly. Frankly I see some sites where people put up pictures or some video and make wild assertions that are not supported by anything solid but are borderline crazy and those make me cringe as much as those people who believe all that they are told by officialdom. It is wise to flee from that thinking as much as swallowing the official version. My list of something stinks boils down to 1) Jeff – who is numero uno witness since he looked ( so he says) into the older brothers eyes….something which is hard to do considering the older bro had sunglasses on. Jeff and his cowboy media hog friend are certainly suspicious and the inattention to the legless Jeff rolling around while others are attended to is definitely bizarre 2) naked man who looks like Tamarlan gets into police car alive. Witness says police SUV ran him over. 3) no shootout with the gunless younger brother in a boat 4) younger brother appears unbloodied and unhurt exiting the boat 5) brothers’ backpacks were not black but Craft employees had them 6) FBI asks public help in identifying brothers they had had contact with for years 7) a new tech device for triaging “mass casualties” was going to be used for the 1st time at Boston (well….did it work or did it not?). Reports from medical personnel are either sketchy because THEY were traumatized by the sights or they are embellished and combining injuries from varied people in one giant mix up.

    Now Sandy Hook – no evidence at all to look at. Very weird.

    WT towers – people did die. Did you see people jumping out of windows? I did and also know someone that died in the Cantor Fitzgerald offices. And no, I don’t believe a jet fuel caused fire brought the towers down.

    1. Whatever your premises for thinking it was mixture of fake and real, there really wasn’t much going on at the second explosion site, Forum. They never made the case for the numbers of dead and injured and have been back-pedaling desperately ever since (talk of a third explosion never originally mentioned, interviews on a nightly basis with hospitalized amputees not seen in the photos of the first explosion, a lot of hocus-pocus).

      If you are an amputee in the hospital or rehab, you are probably there because at some point in your life, you lost a limb. The only question is when that happened.

      Everything we know about the WTC comes from privileged sources. The purpose of the attack was to allow us to have wars without end in the mideast and control what we now know are dwindling supplies of oil (why frack otherwise?). We know that people have died from breathing the demolition dust. There may have been Americans sacrificed there to a “higher cause” (American supremacy). But none of that was necessary at the Marathon bombing, which may very well have to do with diverting attention from many other things. I do not think a single person has died as a result of it, not even CIA asset Chechens (of whom there is a tiny number in the US – some say only 200 – who are our allies among the rebels in Syria – and also Israel’s allies). It doesn’t add up, except as fake terror. The latest silliness is the message the kid brother left in the boat about why he did it. Pulllease – get some better writers folks! The plot doesn’t thicken, it congeals like stage blood.

  36. Who is requesting James Tracy resign? How is critical thinking an impairment to sound judgment? Prof. Tracy made an observation and voiced that observation. Many people agreed with his point of view.. This is still the United States, and freedom of speach has not yet been amended out of the Constitution. If you find his opinion offensive, you still have the” right” to disagree! However, sensor is not an option!

    1. Tell that to Norman Finkestein, who was denied tenure at DePauw University for exposing the fraudulence of Alan Dershowitz’ ‘work’ on the history of Palestine. There’s an excellent documentary about it called American Radical. Thankfully Dr. Tracy has tenure but I still worry about the increasingly totalitarian power of our government and it’s seeming propaganda wing, academia. God bless you, James Tracy, and godspeed.

  37. I think these people who are writing these articles about Prof. Tracy are displaying the old “chicken with specks gets pecked to death by the all-white chickens because it is different” syndrome and that’s my being generous. Doesn’t seem educated or intelligent at all, just primitive.

  38. I’ve been away so upon arriving home I thought that I would just relax and catch up on the blog here. Boy you guys have just ‘wowed’ me! This is such wonderful support for the Prof and I just immensely enjoyed reading all your powerful posts.

    Because I have a good working knowledge of the problems that can arise from the corporatist move to create ‘intellectual silos’ I am certainly not shocked at the level of attack against the Prof in this article but I am astonished that those authors who would see themselves as ‘learned’ are incapable of recognizing the rising up of the citizenry.

    This entire article is laden heavy with the intent to use written language as a weapon of power. It’s an example of what philosophers of communications Harold Innis and George Steiner called ‘the decay into writing.’ Quite frankly writing is an art when it is expressed from a mind of clarity but it’s an atrocity when wielded to belittle, demoralize, destroy or place another on a ladder of ridicule. We should always be reminded of the old adage, ‘the pen may indeed be mightier than the sword.’ Now we can add the computer to that little age-old truth.

    It simply boggles the mind that those who see themselves as learned fail to grasp the insight that the Prof and those who come to this blog, have come with full fruition into their own sense of social and political consciousness. What’s so difficult to understand about that? It exists as a possibility and potential for everyone, for it is our only assurance that we will live in a just society.

    Continuing kudos to the Professor! Thank goodness some of us understand what it means to walk to the beat of your own drum.

  39. Nice refutation of foolish cricism.

    Is America a free society?

    Is the university supposed to teach critical thinking?

    If yes to both, then it is the poor logic of your critics that has brought shame on FAU — as I have discussed here.

  40. Just a quick note. My daughter who works on films and has no interest in “conspiracies” mentioned after her first viewing of the better-quality pics at the Boston “bombing” that I sent her said “whoever made those prosthetics should be fired.”

    Wonderful to see the support for Professor Tracy here.

  41. I had never heard of these two brilliant and erudite individuals until yesterday when my husband handed me a book called ‘The Good Life’.
    Maybe you have heard of Helen and Scott Nearing, Professor, and I risk asking you to look upon something you have already visited, but, I will take the risk and share this link.
    This was 80 years ago that this story began to take shape and I am truly amazed that we have arrived at the very same place…..time and again.


      1. You must read their book, Professor. They were persecuted for their noncompliance and basically exiled from “society” by the Asymmetrical Power Structure, forced to forge their own industry for survival.
        Riveting and profoundly insightful book that is relevant in these times.
        I think you could relate.

  42. Sad but not unexpected. People don’t like feeling uncomfortable and Tracy makes these other profs uncomfortable by questioning authority and believing – and you might need to sit down for this – that our public servants should be held to account by We the People.

    But these profs worship the god they call Government. It is beyond reproach and Tracy has committed blasphemy by daring to ask honest questions of it.

    This god of theirs is beyond questioning – it is infallible and divine. These profs are cowards who fear that a Prof Tracy might reveal to people the evil that they know in their heart lurks under the smiling masks of politicians. They are afraid and when men are afraid they strike out.

    I admire Prof. Tracy’s courage and can only hope that there are some at FAU and in the community who will defend him. We need more Tracy’s in this world.

  43. It’s terrific to see the professor maintain his sense of humor while his intellectually inferior colleagues take to the local paper to moan and squawk about

    On the one hand, it seems as if they’re insanely jealous of Prof Tracy’s international fame — on the other hand, their third-tier argument is pathetic and lame.

    Keep up the terrific work, Professor Tracy . . . and kudos to your regular commenters. They’re a smart, savvy and energized community.

    1. It difficult to say. I remember an attempt to bring down and discredit anyone that was in the public being a public intellectual. People like Chomsky were held up as reasons not to speak to the public.

      It’s odd that they use peer review as the reason their work is not merely pedestrian. Anyone that’s spent a second in a graduate school knows friends do most of the reviewing, and the review takes place in an area of interest, not subject to outsider critique.

    2. Mr. Tracy believe me many of us already understand that. Thank you for proving there are at least a handful of honest people in academia and not pale peanut butter sandwich eating sellouts pimping for the planetary regime. Many do not realize the hunted existence of the truth teller.

      Beware of this also, new training drills coming up.

      And those burial sites!

      Don’t forget to take your flu shots

      Preston James Ph.D of veterans today leaves valuable advice on how to deal with the conspiracy flamers.


      From Preston James, Ph.D
      May 17, 2013 – 8:29 pm

      “Professor Tracy is a very politically middle of the road moderate man who does not overstate any evidence. He takes no sides and is not a radical or an extremist in any fashion and is a true gentleman and scholar who has done some very high level academic research.

      He is a professor that teaches issues related to mass media and has every right to discuss its use or misuse to manage public beliefs and sentiments. These folks after him are perhaps mouthpieces for the IZCS , adl, splc and the USG Beehive and just cannot stand any free thought or research which deeply analyzes such social phenomena as staged false flags and how the controlled mass media is used to manipulate public opinion, beliefs and sentiment.

      These control freaks hate freedom and are acting like petty East German Stasi informants, folks that Janet Napolitano just loves and admires (Comrad Janet of the “see something, say something” campaign to make America strong and safe for DHS, the Queen Bee and the Hive).

      Professor Tracy is a credible academic researcher who deserves highest commendations for a job well done. His work is well balanced based on the evidence and outstanding in every way. None of the folks criticizing him have accomplashed squat but have climbed the food chain through despicable means in most cases. Most are paid news shills and minions of the USG Hive and are working hard to destroy America without even realizing it. Good work for nothing you dumbells”.

    4. exactly my thoughts Ted,
      It is a damn shame that this university employes so many inferior minded professors, that are passing this closed minded -ness onto so many students, yikes. But Prof. Tracy is not one of them – keep up the great work Prof Tracy, at least one of you has some functioning brain cells left .

  44. This is an absolutely astonishing and disgraceful behaviour from so called fellow professionals. If they reasoned that the professors analysis was wrong should their comments not have been dealt with more internally, instead of involving the local rag?
    The reason they chose this course of action to discredit is obvious and ultimately comes as no surprise. Not only do the people continue to sleep, they actually back up and help perpetuate these horrendous psychological hoaxes.
    Don’t let these traitors to your freedom put you off the excellent work that you do here. We are going to need this sort of clarity in the wake of more ‘events’ such as this one, as I’m sure many of us now live under the presumption that there will be more.
    Indeed, it really is about time for people to wake up or stop ignoring what is in front of them, and start to question this mass deception. If they don’t who knows how far their version of reality is going to take us.

  45. Dr. Tracy – Thank you for choosing to be who your heart tells you must, America needs many brave soldiers right now. The IRS person currently in charge of the unaffordable health care act, was promoted as she did an outstanding job of denying conservative groups their non charitable status and subjected them to totally ridiculous questionaires and intimidation. Take Catherine Engelbrecht, for example, it appears no less than 8 government agencies attacked her, her family and friends, including the FBI! for daring to ask for a tax free status for their organization!
    A conspiracy theory is an explanatory proposition that accuses a person, group or organization of having caused or covered up an event or phenomenon of great social, political, or economic impact.

  46. This kind of “criticism” is actually very complementary; when you start taking this kind of flak, you know you’re over the target.

    “When faced with uncomfortable or irrefutable facts, respond with an attack of your own. Ridicule works best, and if used in the right context, ad hominem attacks may work even better. The objective is to redirect the point which the speaker or writer is making. Remember, if the ground beneath you becomes unsteady, you have nothing to lose by attacking. Be bold. Be outrageous. Most people raised in average American homes will be intimidated. ” – Saul Alinsky (private papers, U.C. collection)

    BTW maybe the learned colleagues can explain why we never saw any evidence implicating Osama bin Laden for the attacks of 9/11/01. Or perhaps they can explain how it was that Hyman Brown was able to get himself on National TV, on 9/11/01, falsely introduced as the “architect” and the “project engineer” of the WTC towers, when he actually had nothing to do with them. Or maybe they can explain why the imposter went on to make a series of demonstrably false statements about the design and construction of the towers (that he had nothing to do with). Or maybe they can explain: if Bruce Ivins was the anthrax killer, who created bioweapons while at work, on the taxpayers’ dime (when he was ostensibly supposed to be doing something else), as the “U.S.” “government” claims, then why was his boss at Ft. Detrick not even reprimanded, let alone fired? Or perhaps they can explain how the so-called “underwear bomber” was somehow able to board an international flight, in Amsterdam, without a passport and without going through any kind of security check?

    How about let’s see some of that highfalutin “rigorous and intensive examination” in action. Let’s see the critics apply their “rich intellectual tradition” and come up with a compelling, exculpatory counter-explanation for what appears on its face to be a pack of laughably absurd “government” lies and cartoonish media fakery.

  47. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

    That quote should be updated for the times & also include the line – “And after you’ve won & they call you a conspiracy theorist.”

    Hang in there Prof. Tracy. Future generations will be looking for the truth & they can one day refer to your story the way we now look to the lives of Gandhi & other such ‘theorists’ & ‘agitators’ – who, in despite what the establishment ‘experts’ told us at the time, WERE telling us the truth.

  48. Dear Professor,
    What I find hard to believe is there are not more academics as forthright as yourself.
    I know of others that have lost their positions for speaking out about 9/11. The obviousness begins at in my opinion.
    I have found it hard to believe anything in the media and now have a contempt for those who refuse to subscribe to science and willfully/knowingly propagate lies and ignorance.
    ‘Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear’.
    It’s all ‘too hard’ for some.
    There are many, like myself, that are critical and examine the MSM.

  49. That was brilliant!!!!! I love it. I hope 500 years from now, there’s a paragraph in an important history book for you Dr. Tracy. You knew that your character would be assassinated and the head hunters would come for your career before you embarked on this journey. Despite all that you stood for what you knew what was right. You stood for the truth. A real man, a real American. Thank you Dr. Tracy. I wish there were more like you in academia.

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