Exactly how many people were injured as a result of the April 15 Boston Marathon Bombing (BMB)? An official tally from the Boston Public Health Commission puts the number at an incredible 282 injured and four killed, including MIT police officer Sean Collier. “Only two patients wounded in the Boston Marathon bombings remained in critical condition” on April 22, the Boston Globe reported, “but the count of injured people who were treated in area hospitals has risen sharply to 282, according to the Boston Public Health Commission. That is far higher than the initial estimate of 170.”

According to the Globe,

The number rose because dozens of victims delayed seeking medical care for minor wounds or symptoms that they thought would go away on their own, said Nick Martin, a spokesman for the health commission. He said the latest data … show patients were seen at 27 hospitals in Greater Boston.

The threshold for allegedly having sustained a bomb-related injury is not high.

“One of the best examples is hearing issues,” Martin said. “People might have first thought their hearing problems would be temporary.” Instead, hearing loss or continuous ringing or buzzing in their ears remained. Others sought delayed care for minor shrapnel wounds.[1]

On the same day Reuters reported 264 people injured.[2] Each of the exorbitant figures trumpeted by these organs differs sharply with the tallies provided by the New York Times-owned Boston Globe and listed on the popular Globe-owned website Boston.com. Here one finds only 55 victims out of the purported 268 (Reuters) or 286 (City of Boston and Boston Globe) injured and deceased.

“This is a list of confirmed deceased and injured victims of the Marathon explosions and their aftermath,” the website reads.

“We will continue to update this list. If you have some information, please click here … If you would like to donate to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, please visit onefundboston.org.

The 55 victims listed on Boston.com are categorized below by name, age, hometown, injury description, and the news source where initial reportage of their injuries or deaths appeared.[3]





News Source

Krystle Campbell



Fatal injury


Martin William



Fatal injury


Lingzi Lu



Fatal injury

The Boston Globe

Sean Collier



Fatal injury


Sydney Corcoran


Lowell, Lowell High School Senior [sic]

The Boston Globe

Richard H. Donohue Jr.



Severe injury


Kaitlynn Cates



Severe leg injury

The Boston Globe

Heather Abbott


Newport, R.I.

Severe leg injury

The Boston Globe

Jeff Bauman Jr.



Severe leg injury [sic]

The Boston Globe

Roseann Sdoia



Severe leg injury

The Boston Globe

David Yepez



Head and arm injuries

The Boston Globe

Jarrod Clowery



Hearing loss, leg injuries

The Boston Globe

Aaron Hern


Martinez, Calif.

Leg injury

The Boston Globe

Remy Lawler



Upper leg injuries

The Boston Globe

JP Norden



Severe leg injury

The Boston Globe

Paul Norden



Severe leg injury

The Boston Globe

Beth Rothe


Highland, Ind.

Severe leg injury

The Boston Globe

Marc Fucarile



Severe leg, chest injuries

The Boston Globe

Michelle Connolly


South Boston

Head injuries

The Boston Globe

Nicholas Yanni



Temporary hearing loss

The Boston Globe

Ascer Barlatier



Wounded in chest and leg

The Boston Globe

Jenny Chung

Shrapnel wounds

The Boston Globe

Dan Soleau


Hearing loss

The Boston Globe

Unidentified female


Severe leg injury

The Boston Globe

Zhou Danling


Chinese student studying actuarial sciences [sic]

The Boston Globe

Gillian Reny



Senior at Buckingham Brown & Nichols School in Cambridge [sic]

The Boston Globe

Marilyn Kight


Redding, Calif.

Severe leg injury

The Boston Globe

Erika Brannock


Towson, Md.

Severe leg injury

The Boston Globe

Darrel Folkert


Redondo Beach, Calif.

Leg injuries

The Boston Globe

Unidentified male


No longer in critical condition, severe injuries,

The Boston Globe

Celeste Corcoran,


Lowell, Sydney’s mother

Severe leg injury

The Boston Globe

Denise Richard


Severe upper body injury, Martin Richard’s mother [sic]

The Boston Globe

Jane Richard



Severe leg injury, Martin Richard’s sister [sic]

The Boston Globe

Lee Ann Yanni


Severe leg injury


John Odom



J.P. Craven



Head injuries


Patrick Downes


Cambridge, BC alumnus [sic]

Severe leg injuries


Jessica Downes


MGH nurse [sic]

Severe leg injuries


Brittany Loring


Ayer Boston College JD/MBA student

Severe head, leg and arm injuries

Boston College

Liza Cherney

Boston College MBA student was a spectator [sic]


Boston College

Jacqui Webb

Severe leg injury

Fundraising website

Ryan C. McMahon



Back and arm injuries


William White


Severe leg injury

Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Mary Jo White


Hand injury

Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Kevin White


Moderate injuries [sic]

Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Nicole Gross


Charlotte, N.C.

Leg injuries

Charlotte Observer

Michael Gross


Charlotte, N.C.

Head injuries

Charlotte Observer

Eric Whalley



Severe head injury, other wounds


Ann Whalley



Severe flesh wounds


Kevin Corcoran

Lowell, Sydney’s father [sic]

Minor injuries

The Lowell Sun

Denise Spenard

Manchester, N.H.

Abdominal injury


Victoria McGrath


Northeastern student

Severe leg injuries

Connecticut Post

Sarah Girouard,


Falmouth, Maine

Injuries to lower extremities, received surgery

Portland Press Herald

Michelle L’Heureux



Severe arm and leg injuries

Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal

As indicated in the above table, The Boston Globe and Boston.com are responsible for the initial and in many cases only reportage on 37 of the 55 victims, with Boston.com otherwise referring readers to either Boston College’s website, eight local or regional newspapers’ sites, and in one instance a donation page, for information on the remaining 18 injured.

The 231 added to the overall City of Boston count of April 23 appear to be phantom victims who might have sought care for modest injuries in the week following the incident but for which no records have been made publicly available. Even Boston.com’s list of 55 has numerous informational gaps. For example, eleven of the 55 have no age recorded, an especially glaring oversight for medical authorities administering care, while five have no injury listed.

Boston.com provides an online form for victims to submit a description of their injuries and the hospital where they are being treated. When I contacted Boston Globe newsroom via telephone on May 11, 2013 to clarify why the injury list had not been updated in accord with the City of Boston’s figures, or whether entire names and injury descriptions might still remain unpublished, a reporter identifying herself as Mary Covlu [4] responded that the website “is just for people with serious injuries.” When I inquired whether “temporary hearing loss,” listed as the medical condition of 32-year old Nicholas Yanni of Boston could be considered a “serious injury,” the reporter expressed astonishment and could not respond.

Repeated email inquiries by Memory Hole to Boston Globe’s chief and associate editors asking whether the newspapers have obtained autopsies or death certificates for the four decedents remain unanswered.

If temporary hearing loss can indeed be counted as a demonstrable injury and the figures provided by Boston’s Commission on Public Health are comprised primarily of those complaining of such minor problems, then roughly eighty percent of the BMB-related injuries might be negligible.

The 248/286 figures stand in even greater contrast with the original injury count in the immediate wake of the BMB, which was reported as a much less sensational 23 injured and two deaths—figures in rough accord with the number of individuals whose images were recorded on CCTV and surveillance cameras involved in and around the initial blast that exhibited ostensible injuries.

This estimate of injured also conforms with arguably excessive eyewitness accounts, such as those of Roupen Bastajian, an off-duty Rhode Island State Trooper who told the Associated Press that he just completed the race when he heard the first detonation. “I started running toward the blast. And there were people all over the floor,” Bastajian recalls. “We started grabbing tourniquets and started tying legs. A lot of people amputated. … At least 25 to 30 people have at least one leg missing, or an ankle missing, or two legs missing.”

Early reports lend further credence to the event’s drill-like qualities, with acknowledgment from “a senior U.S. intelligence official” who said “on condition of anonymity” that “two other explosive devices found nearby were being dismantled.” According to the AP,

A third explosion was heard about an hour after the first two after authorities warned spectators to expect a loud noise from a water cannon that police apparently were using to destroy one of the devices.[5]

This account closely conforms with reports in alternative media outlets that drills were being carried out around the Marathon.

In sum, the photos, videos, stories and figures comprising the mediated BMB do not add up and suggest elements of a manufactured event. The inflated injury count provided by the City of Boston is not readily supported by existing visual documentation of the two bombings, where at most several dozen individuals may have been seriously impacted. Nor are the calculations supported by the information made publicly available through the primary news outlet reporting on the event.

The Boston Globe has played an inordinately powerful and arguably suspect role in framing the BMB narrative. The outlet’s distribution of information concerning victims—information that remains inconsistent or sorely lacking in important details–clearly diverges from the dubious and unusually high “official” casualty counts so heavily propagated in corporate media.


[1] Deborah Kotz, “Injury Toll From Marathon Bombing Rises,” Boston Globe, April 23, 2013.

[2]Boston Officials Say 264 Injured in Boston Marathon,” Reuters, April 23, 2013.

[3]Victims of the Marathon Bombings,” Boston.com, n.d. Accessed on May 11, 2013

[4] In a May 14 blog post, “FAU’s James Tracy’s Mistakenly Yells at Boston Globe Intern,” a New Times writer rightly notes that the Boston Globe employee’s name is Mary Pavlu, yet erroneously posits that Pavlu is an intern. At the conclusion of my May 11 early afternoon conversation, correctly recounted above, I asked for the spelling of Pavlu’s name and repeated the spelling of the last name to her–c-o-v-l-u–which she confirmed before we concluded our conversation. Pavlu identified herself as a Boston Globe reporter at the outset of our conversation and again midway through. Indeed, Pavlu’s  Twitter profiles, @GlobeMaryPavlu, and @MaryPavlu both indicate that she is a Globe reporter, as do numerous Globe stories with Pavlu’s byline and job description.-JFT, 5-17-13.

[5]RI State Trooper at Boston Marathon Says Blast Tore Limbs Off Dozens,” Associated Press/Providence Journal, April 15, 2013.[5]


Republished at GlobalResearch.ca on May 11, 2013.

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87 thought on “The Boston Marathon Bombing’s Inflated Injury Tallies”
  1. Dr. Tracy, thank you. Your analysis shows that the BMB is not intended to be literally true, but rather figuratively and “morally” true. It’s message is that the American warfare state is inclusive. The Costa Rica native in the cowboy hat represents that inclusiveness. His son died fighting fanatical Moslems, and that Group is excluded from this policy of inclusion. Hispanics are in. Moslems of the Islamic type, inclined to “terrorism,” are out.

    The Jewish doctors at the hospital also interpreted the event clearly for us. The Israeli Jewish doctors are used to operating on terror victims. So you see, innocent blood unites the U. S. and Israel. The former does not cause any mischief in the 70 odd wars in which it is currently involved, while the latter, thirsting for peace, suffers from the Palestinian addiction to “terror.”

    That message is, of course, completely false.

    The so-called perpetrators, like Arredondo, have most likely been on the FBI/CIA payroll for years. Strung along until needed. Then, on one fateful day, central casting gave Carlos a hero role, and the two Moslem brothers villain roles. And the controlled media took care of the rest.

    Please keep up your courageous work.

  2. The photos I have scanned from the bombing show far less than 300 people in the area of the two blasts . . . After looking at realtime video footage of a person spreading dust over several people, I am more convinced that this was a false flag and the government used the event to Beta test the City of Boston to see how Marshall Law would be reacted to during the follow-up pursuit of these so-called bombers.

    I personally do not believe it was a terrorist bombing by the two Tsaranaev brothers, but rather by the US Government.

  3. I can see how they would pad the numbers with people who are experiencing hearing issues. Even if those explosions were not real, exposure to noise at 100 decibels can cause damage to your hearing pretty quickly. So a loud explosion, meant to scare, could realistically cause hearing loss/damage.

    “-When listening to a personal music system with stock earphones at a maximum volume, the sound generated can reach a level of over 100 dBA, loud enough to begin causing permanent damage after just 15 minutes per day!
    -A clap of thunder from a nearby storm (120 dB) or a gunshot (140-190 dB, depending on weapon), can both cause immediate damage.”


    I work in an audiologist’s office and it’s pretty common to see hearing loss for the above reasons.

    That being said, the media is just running with the word “injury”, most likely to hype the situation. Classic, typical media spin.

  4. Bizzare and mind bending evidence of mass control. There is only one reason those with too much money and time on their hands go to such extremes to cower and manipulate others…they aren’t satisfied with a pound of flesh, they need the whole body. What are they lacking psychologically and ethically? Is it contagious? Is it akin to a substance addiction and will it self-destruct before it goes systemic?

  5. The Boston Globe is owned by the NYTimes, a pro-war, pro-Zionist paper. It hyped Judith Miller on its front page for months plugging the Weapons of Mass Destruction that led to the Iraq war. It is a major institution in the American power system.

    1. If you read the NYT and conclude that it has anything but the bitterest hatred of Israel, you must have an amazingly active imagination. There are few media organs more fervently anti-zionist. They ALWAYS take the side of the Arabs, however preposterous the mental gymnastics required to justify their opposition to Israel. They publish the asinine rantings of Tom Friedman, for heaven’s sake! I can’t imagine where you get that notion.

  6. What is the nature of the motivation, commitment and secrecy that is required of these victim participants and their families ? How are they compensated for their services? As I see on WMUR news tonight in NH, Baumann fundraising activities are in full gear with friends and family and it makes me wonder about the legal limits of this deception. Where is this donation money going?

    1. This we will never know, and it is likely it will vary from one person to another.

      The driving force could be money, political or religious affiliations, the enjoyment and excitement of being a part of such a notable event (I imagine most would be on a high afterwards and will be begging to be a part of the next one), some may even be bribed into taking part (maybe some pending charges will be dropped etc).

      I somehow doubt there is a shortage of willing participants.

      1. Where does the cast begin and crowd end? At the finish line scene this photo (http://letsrollforums.com/imagehosting/9049518fde1821cdf.jpg) appears to show people being held back, or blocked, from entering “the set”. Why is that odd, if true? It’s odd because of who is holding them back. It appears that people in civilian clothing are doing crowd control. Maybe not. That’s an interpretation. Draw no conclusions. But I would like to hear from the white haired man in the picture who is being “held back” (as I say) or held up (as DHS contractor would say) by the tan coated woman.

        The photo also shows a woman who, allegedly, had a portion of her leg thrashed by an explosion. Nothing in the photo evidences her claim.

      2. 10-4 Andrew. Who do you believe is playing the role of the Bauman double amputee character. A local reporter here in NH is fawning over his alleged family and friends and I can not legitimately argue her story line.

  7. The lack of identification of the victims and their injuries is very important to the official story, it stops any independent research from referencing official information regarding injuries or cause of death.

    The case of Krystle Campbell highlights this, she is photographed with what looks like severed and/or badly distorted legs in photos from the scene… after that she is miraculously photographed on a stretcher with structurally normal legs… then there are reports from a Dr in the medical tent of, what can only be her, having legs severed at the thigh(1), and another report from a nurse of her left leg “broken and facing the wrong way”(2).

    Photos: http://anywho.simplesite.com/201858941

    Both reports can be only related to Krystle (I will be happy to be shown otherwise), and can also only be related to one set of photos of her, which prove to be deceptive photos because the images of her on the stretcher show structurally sound legs.

    The medical staff in the tent present confusing testimony most likely because the play acting finished as soon as the actors got inside the tent, they can’t exactly report seeing Krystle sitting up, sipping Champagne, and laughing, so they rely on a set of photos from the scene to describe her injuries.

    Here is where having 100 plus victims that no details are available on saves the official story, there remains the possibility that there is another unknown victim with two legs severed at the thigh that has not been reported.

    They completely stuffed up Krystle’s death with irreconcilable photos and irreconcilable testimony, it will be very interesting to see the autopsy report from Krystle Campbell should it ever be released.

    (1) In the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr Sushrut Jangi of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston writes “At the tent, I stood in a crowd of doctors, awaiting victims, feeling choked by the smoke drifting along Boylston. Through the haze, the stretchers arrived; when I saw the first of the wounded, I was overwhelmed with nausea. An injured woman — I couldn’t tell whether she was conscious — lay on the stretcher, her legs entirely blown off. Blood poured out of the arteries of her torso; I saw shredded arteries, veins, ragged tissue and muscle.”


    (2) This nurse seems to conflate Krystle with someone else, a common deceptive practice, as Krystle has no abdominal injuries, yet it can only be her he is talking about because he says she died, and blonde and blue eyes rules out Lingzi Lu.

    QUOTE: “One of his first patients was a young woman, he thinks maybe 20 or 22 years old, whose abdomen was torn open. Her left leg was broken and facing the wrong way and she wasn’t breathing. He and his colleagues did CPR on her and kept checking for a pulse, but there was none. They stopped when they realized it was futile.

    She became the first patient in their makeshift morgue.

    Segatore and others checked her pockets for a wallet, an ID, a cell phone, anything that would help them find her parents’ names. There was nothing.

    “I still don’t know who she was,” he said. “She had blonde hair, blue eyes, the all-American girl. She was probably a student somewhere in Boston.”


    1. Just to clear up that it is Krystle Campbell on the stretcher and not her friend Karen Rand I wrote this in a response on the other article:

      100% it is Krystle Campbell on the stretcher, Karen’s jeans are a lighter colour, you can see part of Krystle’s blue top, and Dr Panter is operating the air mask – he gives very conflicting reports (as they all do) but one thing he is very consistent about is that the woman he accompanied to the medical tent died, which can only be Krystle.

      1. Yeah—that was just a co-intel trick. They were saying “ha—you guys can’t even get your victims straight.” I know on a previous post we had a number of people obsessing about a blue mail box being there or not, as if that’s the most important thing ever mentioned.

        There are a number of photos that show (the person known as) Krystle Campbell’s position changing. Here (http://imgur.com/a/9MPLT#H6G1teu) is a collection of her falling and screaming, spotted in front of the pink vested doll. Her injuries are uncertain. Her status in the final picture of the collection differs greatly than that of her exit on a stretcher: http://cryptome.org/2013-info/04/boston-bombs/pict58.jpg. As observed in the wheelchair guy exit, a white coated individual is in charge of pushing. Note the victim’s clothes are now completely ravaged. What happened between this photo (http://i.imgur.com/tPx6W5Dh.jpg) and this one (http://cryptome.org/2013-info/04/boston-bombs/pict58.jpg). Have I mixed something up? seeing things? Maybe the pink vested doll could provide some answers.

        The only thing missing from this story is a Robbie Parker press conference.

      2. Jeez, “Looking”, gimme a break. It was not a “co-intel trick” to say that the woman on the stretcher was Karen Rand – it was an honest mistake.

        But there was something right about it, too. If we go back to this site:


        …we can see in the 5th photo, Karen has black and green shoes, a black shirt, and light blue pants, torn at an angle on the left leg. In the 4th photo, we see that Krystle has dark blue jeans, and her left pant leg is shredded.

        Now, if you look at the photo at the top of the page here:


        …you can see Karen’s and Krystle’s legs at the left edge of the photo. If you zoom in on the wounds on Karen’s leg (see 6th photo on that page), you can see a large chunk out of her calf, and a triangular wound on her thigh. The shape of it goes up in a straight line towards her knee, then drops down, making a wedge-shaped wound. Notice also that the visible leg of Krystle’s is her right leg (at least, it’s wearing her right shoe) – the left one seems to be amputated above the knee.

        Now, look at the picture of Krystle on the stretcher:


        This is, indeed, definitely Krystle – at least, the person is wearing her pants and her shoes and socks, and her light skin tone looks like Krystle’s, to the extent that one can tell. But look at the wounds on her leg. There’s a wound on her thigh that goes up in a straight line towards her knee, then drops down, making a wedge shape. Just visible, on the calf, there’s a large chunk missing. Both this leg and the one we saw on Karen also have a strange, unnatural shape – look at the lines flowing from the upper to the lower leg, and the direction of the knee relative to the direction of the foot.

        In other words, either Krystle received exactly the same wounds on her left leg as Karen did, and it’s the same odd shape – or she’s wearing Karen’s prosthetic leg, now with Krystle’s shoe and sock on it – or a duplicate prosthetic.

        If you don’t agree, how about some counterevidence?

    2. It is striking the level of gory details the “witnesses” use to embellish their stories. This is a strategic plan being executed.

      In a polite and civil society one wouldn’t expect a trained physician to describe his wounded patient’s injuries in this manner:

      “…when I saw the first of the wounded, I was overwhelmed with nausea. An injured woman — I couldn’t tell whether she was conscious — lay on the stretcher, her legs entirely blown off. Blood poured out of the arteries of her torso; I saw shredded arteries, veins, ragged tissue and muscle.” — Dr Sushrut Jangi, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston.

      This is unprofessional and unbecoming of a trained physician. Certainly, a physician may have had thoughts of repulsion upon seeing a serious injury, but to publish a statement—in the New England Journal of Medicine no less—with such a description of a patient’s injuries is unprofessional.

      Must be a proud moment for Beth Israel.

      I used to think the hospitals in Boston were topnotch.

      1. Yeah scary. Just imagine needing to trust them.

        In my opinion, they are normally good places still. But this is a drill, and they have been commandeered into doing it.

        It wouldn’t be the first time, but this one has gone way over the top. I read that these drills were facing budget limitations due to the sequester and all that. Only by having one like this can it be used as a talking point to get more money.

        The doctors who speak might even be constructed cut-outs, with the real ones left to do their important work. I just don’t know.

    3. According to one source, a Krystle Campbell of Wilmington, MA, died April 21, 2012.

      Her so-called grandmother, Mrs. Lillian Campbell Bunker, died April 23, 2012 and her obit appeared in the Boston Globe April 25, 2012.

      The two women were woven together in stories. I believe someone cut and pasted them into the story, probably with some family permission or perhaps altered enough so they didn’t require it.

      So whoever appears in the pictures, she is not the dead girl.

      Perhaps the original Krystle fake girl was invented for last year’s marathon drill, and then dropped?

      Mrs. Bunker a real deceased woman was a hero with associations with veterans’ organizations. She served as an Army nurse in the Korean war. I imagine that orders were given to use her story as the grandmother of fake Krystle.

      It’s really easy to find this stuff. It is all in the public domain. Any reporter with an ounce of curiosity would fact check. Unless we are at war and under orders of secrecy. Why didn’t they tell us.

      Meanwhile, just think of me as a slightly dotty man who believes in oh, let’s see, necromancy and astrology. Yeah, that’s right. And ghosts. I channel Hamlet regularly.

      1. I checked the SSDI for Krystle Campbell, and she is listed as having died on April 15, 2013. There are no death records for that name in April 2012. How accurate is that index? Can it be faked? However, the Facebook page that was set up for Ms. Campbell on April 16 looks very odd, similar to the 911 memorial pages. The majority of posters there do not seem to know her personally. The first comment that came from a person that claimed to know her from her work had the page moderator requesting that she send him/ her a private message about the connection. That seems like an odd thing to request. Also, another page which is an RIP page requests that any photos be sent privately. The RIP page has almost no comments, and people who post on the “Krystle Campbell” page claiming to know her just say something very vague such as “I knew her at work” or “I went to school with her.” There are people posting on other websites who claim to know her or be related to her, yet they are clearly shills. She seems to have been a real person with some real photos…but no photos of her with her family though as far as I can tell. I wonder if anyone here who is a better researcher than me can find out more, such as if she really graduated from Medford High, etc.? She has no Facebook presence as far as I know before the event. I don’t know how to search to see if she has any other web presence, or if she had a Facebook page that was removed. But I do know that a friend of mine died this year, and the family used his own Facebook page to respond to friends who wanted to give condolences. There were hundreds of posts from friends and acquaintances, nothing like what is on Krystle’s page. He was not especially popular, but he was a real person so people had stories about him. If anyone here can find out anything else about this, I’d be very interested.

        1. Sorry about Lillian Campbell Bunker. Looks like the woman claiming to be Krystle’s grandmother is still alive. Mrs. Bunker however lived in the same area and has a lot of contact points where she might be related.

          I realize that the funeral for Krystle was supposed to be on April 21, 2013, and that the place where I saw the death date was ancestry.com at U.S. Cemetery and Funeral Home Collection. It said she died April 21, 2012 (but this wasn’t SSDI data) something connected with this obit from Dello Russo Funeral Home, Medford, source location given as Wilmington, Massachusetts. The rest of the obit sticks to the story that she died in the Marathon bombing. I couldn’t understand the discrepancy. The publication date was April 20, 2013. They say she was to have a Mass of Christian burial at St. Joseph’s and to be buried at Oak Grove cemetery.

          Was it a typo? I think it gets more complicated. On television I saw a picture of the funeral church for her, which was Episcopal (judging by the sign) one which I noted at the time, as slightly not what I expected given her working class Celtic image in my mind.

          But this obit says St. Joseph, 118 High St., Medford, not the place shown on tv.

          When I went to the website for this Catholic Church, I got a “Malware” warning about it and a warning not to open it, though I had found it on Google. (stjoesmedford.org)

          Attempts to get to that church’s website were frustrated by a second malware warning. There is still a Catholic school, at 132 High St., Medford. Could it exist separate from the original parish church?

          Many Catholic churches in Massachusetts have been shut down and sold off to pay the plaintiffs in the pedophile priest cases. Interestingly enough, one person who has managed the settlement money is Kenneth Feinberg, who is managing the Boston 1 Fund, for victims of the bombing. Was this church actually a shell? I am responding to you immediately, but did not pursue that angle. Perhaps there is another explanation.

          I think I want to know if St. Joseph, Medford is one of the extinct parishes in the Boston area, and who was buried from there in 2012, if anyone.

        2. I have since connected to St. Joseph through the Archdiocese of Boston. They have a current Mass schedule so I guess they are up and running.

        3. Aha! I found something. There was an interfaith Memorial Service at Grace Episcopal, Medford, where Krystle Cambell’s family lit candles with the community. No wonder I thought this was the funeral. I imagine the funeral was private, not the one the majority attended. I seem to have read it was full of Teamsters and police. Whole different crowd. Interesting. Very interesting.

        4. Anna – a little more on your statement about how impersonal all the info. about Campbell is. You mention no pictures with family. Someone finds a picture of her with her friend who went to the Marathon with her. The picture is on a bridge I recognize in Boston’s Public Garden (across a street from the Common) where in summer you see the swan boats. From there, the Finish Line of the Marathon where there were pictures of her is several blocks. If she was going there from that direction, she was bypassing the path of the Marathon and must have focused on getting simply to the Finish Line (the runners are coming from the west and she is coming from the east).

          The other well-known picture of her in the low-cut blouse is at Fenway Park, because off to the left, barely visible, there is the Red Sox mascot, Wally, who appears at the beginning of the game and entertains fans. He has been there since 1997, so the picture could have been taken any time after that. There are a lot of people with cameras on the field and a player standing at the plate. Don’t know what this event was. It could possibly be another field than Fenway, because Wally supposedly showed up in New York. I’m not sure how the mascot thing works.

          There are two other different Krystle Campbell’s in public life. One is a former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader who married a baseball player, Mr. Howard of the Phillies in 2012 (name spelled the same way). Another is a reality tv daughter of a family of feral pig hunters in American Hog, the Campbell’s.

          Whoever she is, I live near Boston and I can tell you today was her big day, because a scholarship at a local community college was named for her and the girls’ softball team of Medford honored her and are now Medford Strong, which gave the newscasters something to smile about what with that killer tornado and the Amber Alert otherwise making them all downcast.

        5. Hi Musings,

          Yes, I saw that too, about all the teamsters and police at the funeral. They said it was because the Westboro Baptist Church was planning to picket it. Makes me wonder if that organization is a convenient way to create a wall of police around a casket at a funeral where no one wants anyone to get too close? They threatened to picket Sandy Hook funerals as well, allowing an excuse for that enormous police protection scene.

          I blew up the photos of Krystle Campbell you mentioned – the one on the bridge and the one at Fenway Park – and they both have been altered. Once you blow them up you can see they are cut and paste jobs, with messy blurs of pixels revealing blurs that only happen when you paint over pixels. What might be the reason for this? My guess is that Krystle, like Jeff Bauman, was already an amputee, and these pictures were created to prove that she had legs before the marathon. Here are the two photos:



          This is photoshopped too:


          This one is interesting, showing her at work presumably at Summer Shack:


          At first it looks real, but if you blow it up to 300% or 400% you can see where the neck was sliced off and a different head was inserted. Also note the older and chubbier arms of the person whose body is used here.

          Even this photo, where she is sitting down, has been photoshopped:


          Especially the left arm is badly done.

          They also created a right-before-the marathon-with-legs photo of Jeff Bauman, which is the worst cut and paste job I’ve ever seen:


          Try blowing this one up and you’ll see what I mean. They didn’t bother to smooth the cut at all to his right, where the photo was sliced vertically. Also note the shadows of the legs of the three people going in three different directions.

          So I think it’s safe to say that if all the available photos of Krystle standing are cut and paste jobs, then she probably was an amputee before the event. Most of the other photos of her are just of her head. The thing that made me look more into it is that she is listed on the SSDI as having died on that day, and so is Martin Richard. So based on all of the evidence, I would have to conclude that the SSDI report was somehow faked.

          The odd thing about Martin Richard though is that here he is listed as Martin William:


          Sometimes he is listed at “Martin William Richard,” but I think it’s odd that if it’s an official death and injury report his middle name would be used. Also, his sister who apparently lost a leg or something is not listed at all there.

          Krystle’s friend Karen Rand is also being shown wheeled out with prosthetic legs, so she must also be an amputee. I’m going to look for more photos of her. The photo of the woman with the prosthetic legs with gashes in them getting CPR is usually identified as Krystle, but if you compare it to the group photos the legs wounds and jeans color match Karen, not Krystle – you can see both of their legs here:


          Also, in these photos you can see where a blob of silicon has dribbled onto Krystle’s jeans.

  8. Missing from the list – Arianne Haslet who is nowhere to be found among the photos or videos of the second blast and who shows no signs of fatigue in the hospital.


    The dance studio where she supposedly worked has a fund raiser for her on their blog site. They don’t write what her last day of work was at that location.


    1. THANK YOU for mentioning her–I thought I was the only one who watched her being interviewed just a few days after the marathon, and was amazed and suspicious at (a) how healthy her complexion is, (b) how calm and composed she is, (c) how easily she sits up, with her bandaged leg in front of her.

      I’d say I’ve earned the right to be critical. Years ago I myself had foot surgery after an accident–serious, but certainly not an amputation!– when I was much younger than Haslet appears to be. Like all genuinely injured people, I was a pale, haggard ghost for months afterwards, as my body devoted so much energy to the healing process. I also generally dissolved into an emotional mess if asked to describe the accident!

      Consequently, for me, the Haslet interview constituted sufficient proof, in and of itself, that this is all a hoax. NO WAY this gal had just lost a foot. NONE.

  9. Patrick’s view, that the New York Times is bitterly anti-Israel and always takes the sides of the Arabs, is quite astonishing. It’s advocating war in the Mideast entirely supports the interests of Israeli imperialism, not American imperialism. The Iraqi war was disasrous for American imperiialism, and the Iran war would be more so. It’s support for an American police state, through the Boston Globe, would make these Mideast wars easier to initiate, to the horror and devastation of the people’s involved.

    Should I be accused of being anti-Semetic, which I assume is the next step, let me say that I and my family are of Jewish origin and my grandparents were killed by the Nazies. And I am bitterly anti-Israel and take the side of the Arabs, to the dismay of my familiy. Anyone who thinks Jews are smart have obviously never met my relatives.

    1. Obviously, you do not read the New York Times. If you did, you’d notice that, like you, they are “bitterly anti-Israel” and ALWAYS “take the side of the Arabs,” however crazy the Arab side of the story may be. To notice this is “astonishing”? To deny it is the astonishing thing. That paper many days seems a propaganda arm of the massive movement to isolate and delegitimize Israel. They’re quite open about it. You can’t see that?

      As for this strange idea that there is such a thing as “Israeli imperialism,” I find the idea amusing. Israel, I suppose, fits your quip about “anyone who thinks Jews are smart…” if you notice the suicidal pattern that country has fallen into. In the foolish, desperate, hope that their sworn enemies will play nice with them if they unilaterally give up land; they gave the Sinai peninsula to Egypt, which was won in a war Egypt started. They gave up the buffer zone in southern Lebanon they established after liberating that country from the Arafat street gang’s tender mercies, only to see it filled with a far more deadly foe than the despicable Arafat. Then, “imperial Israel,” inexplicably, didn’t slice Arafat’s throat, as should have been done to the monster that was terrorizing them, and eliminate his band of pirates. No, they gave them all safe passage to Tunisia. Some empire. Then, years later, they ACTUALLY INVITED THEM BACK, and gave them a large part of Judea and Samaria! But the empire wasn’t satisfied with having a deadly enemy living within it, blowing up school busses and restaurants. No, they abandoned the Gaza strip, and handed it over to those murderers to run as they see fit.

      This is the strangest “empire” in history. Giving back every bit of growth made in wars its mortal enemies start, and then some. Always in exchange for empty promises of “peace” that never are kept. Ever shrinking, ever willing to give more away if truly evil men promise to tamp down the evil a little bit. Truly odd. One for the history books.

    2. @Mark:

      Patrick might be being sarcastic. I don’t know, you’d have to check and see what else Patrick has written in other comments and perhaps get a feel for his way of talking.

      I believe Tom Friedman (mentioned by Patrick) is just one of the many buffoons (mouthpieces for the state) writiing propaganda for pay, isn’t he? So no one needs to pay any serious attention to him, except to properly categorize him as such.

      Again it could be that Patrick is being sarcastic and if not, well he is making no sense, clearly.

      Ned Lud

  10. an observation I hadn’t seen yet – footage of the elderly man we all saw fall down after the explosion…but it appears that one of the other runners “handed-off” something to him, and he went down while trying to catch it? Also, when the police run over, they kick the object to another participant:

      1. So, the Only person we actually saw fall down never actually “fell” from the explosion. Ha – that guy was the best actor in the whole bunch!

  11. Thnx James and all

    I was to tell u that sandy made them mad
    So they were planning something BIG!!
    What do u know
    Certainly da sheeples now have a warm fuzzie freeling

  12. See the Prologue

    “O pardon! since a crooked figure may
    Attest in little place a million;
    And let us, ciphers to this great ac-compt
    On your imaginary forces work.”

    The willing suspension of disbelief – and the militant defense of the illusion, are all that has been required of us so far. To admit to having been fooled is to confess to folly in something very great, which cannot be allowed.

  13. Ned, you don’t haave any experience with neo-Zionists like Patrick. You think, reasonablly enough, that they can’t be serious. They are. They’re like the Bible Belt truthers talking about the Rapture. Even so, Patriick may be Exceptional; he may actually be one of my relatives.

    Most people don’t know that there is a fascist wing in Zionism, led by Jibotinsky who wrote THE IRON WALL. They cooperated with Hitler to send the German Jews to Palistine. Emigration was on the cards before mass murder, with the murder and displacement of the Palestinians. Ben Gurian, the first Israli president, had his protege, the next president, bring Jibotinsky’s bones back to Israel, to be reburied there.

    Even from a geopolitical standpoint, they are ideologically insane. There are a billion and a half Muslims in the world. There are 5 million Jews in Israel, and more are leaving than are settling there. To survive they have to make peace with the Muslims. But their leaders have political views similar to Patrick’s. They are gibbering dingalings.

    Worse, they influence American policy. American Jewish billionaires have views like Patrick. They influence both Israel and the US to engage in loony policies for ideological reasons.

    Although most Jews aren’t religious, they are influenced by the Old Testiment tribal god who was a homicidal maniac and had the vanity of the schoolgirl (although here I may well be slandering schoolgirls.) He gave the ancient Hebrews lands that belonged to somebody else. And the homicidal racist imperialism has been inherited by Israel and, through Jewish and Crhistian neo-Zionists, the USA.

    And they all have thermonuclear weapons.

    1. Mark your thoughtful contributions are appreciated yet it is again suggested that you please turn on your spell check so that form does not undermine content. I am no longer going to correct these errors or publish comments that could be more carefully composed. See, for example, “Palistine,” “Crhistian.” Further, this thread specifically seems somewhat far afield from my post.

      1. @James:T.

        re: Mark and Patrick, et al

        Grin and bear it?

        Again I make my case (or plea or argument or claim) for free speech to the fullest extent humanly possible.

        It is one thing to attempt to be helpful or instructive to someone who is not communicating effectively or ‘appropriately’ (according to you or to Mr. Phd with a 180 IQ) and it is another thing to declare a person’s efforts totally undesirable and to eliminate them.

        It is quite easy actually, in this way, to turn the public into the private and the exclusive and still call it ‘the public’.

        Uh huh.

        Happens all the time. Just about every website you go to.


        It’s partly why the world is as bad as it is now.

        KEEP OUT.

    2. James, with all respect, I understand why you advise that we not veer far from the topic at hand, so it is with reluctance that I reply to Mark. But I wish for you to let my comment through.

      Mark. You have no way of knowing what I believe. If you wish to find out, you might start by reading the works of Barry Chamish (http://barrychamish.com), who has written quite extensively on the subject you bring up (the Transfer Agreement). He is a very harsh critic of his adopted homeland (which he had to flee because the government kept trying to kill him). I have absolutely no affinity with, or agreement with, the policies of the government of Israel. You are assuming facts not in evidence.

      While it is not particularly unusual in internet conversations for assumptions to replace thoughtful questions, it would be nice, in this internet place, if you replied to me directly, and addressed the point I actually made (the fact that Israel’s history looks exactly the opposite of what empires do as they grow–or my laughter at your bizarro world, where the New York Times promotes the right of the Jews to thrive in their ancestral homeland). Can you not refute these things? Of course you can’t, because it is actual history. Israel keeps shrinking, keeps offering more to its enemies. Yet it’s an empire? And as for the NYT, well, good luck with that.

      As for the views of “Jewish billionaires,” and their congruence with my own, well, again, how could you have any idea what I believe? All I did was demonstrate that Israel keeps giving up land won in wars it did not ask for. Can’t you deal with irrefutable history? Please don’t add opinions to me that I did not express. Read Barry Chamish’s books, take two aspirins, and call me in the morning.

      And please, have the decency to reply to my comment directly, next time.

    3. In LOOK magazine, Jan. 16, 1962, former Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion predicted that a one-world system, presided over by Jerusalem, will be set up in the near future. “All continents will become united in a world alliance at whose disposal will be an international police force, all armies will be abolished, and there will be no more war. In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly united nations), will build a shrine of the prophets to serve the federated union of all continents: this will be the seat of the supreme court of mankind to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah.”

      Yesterday, on the four-week anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, Secretary of State John Kerry and Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis formalized a State Department effort aimed at bolstering cooperation with overseas law enforcement.

      Video of Davis and Kerry signing memorandum, about 2 minutes:


      Davis’ notes for use before the House Committee on Homeland Security describes collaboration he engaged in before the bombings in Boston: “Working with police officials from Northern Ireland, Israel and Jordan has given me invaluable insight in dealing with what is now a global problem. Such meetings and exchange of information going forward should be a fundamental part of our preparedness in this country.”


      1. It is striking that the mindset Davis has is that he is, “…dealing with a global problem.” It appears this is a key objective: to plant the seed that terrorism could happen, as one ABC reporter stated, “anytime, anywhere.”

        Frankly, there are too many incentives to keep the “terrorism train” moving forward for me to believe this is anything but manufactured hype to promote a greater “security state.” America is being thrown under the bus in order to line the pockets of scum.

        In December 2012, the Senate began looking at Homeland Security and whether it should get so much money.

        From Sen. Coburn’s website: “Senator Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK) released an oversight report, “Safety at Any Price: Assessing the Impact of Homeland Security Spending in U.S. Cities.” The report is based on a year-long investigation of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) grant programs and the Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI). More than $35 billion has been spent on DHS grant programs since 2003 with the intent to make Americans safer from terrorist attacks. However, 10 years later, DHS has been unable to establish goals or metrics to ensure that funds were used to make Americans safe, and cannot accurately measure how much safer we are today after spending $35 billion.”

        Sen. Coburn’s report is available for download here: http://www.coburn.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/oversightaction

        Other articles questioning spending by Homeland Security Grants:






        Note: Prior to looking into this, I had no thought one way or the other on Israel. In researching the financial issues of the “War on Terrorism,” it is impossible to avoid the topic of Israeli Contractors. Research from IDC on Israeli Contractors of Homeland Security:


  14. The following may or may not apply but hopefully provides parallel insight regarding reporting of injuries.

    Researchers were a bit surprised to see in the reporting of civilian deaths and injuries in Afghanistan and Iraq that the numbers appeared in distinct groupings, say, 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 50… In other words, you’d never read about 7, 11, 27, or 32 victims, but you would read about 10 or 30. In other words the count was not accurate, maybe even inflated; its purpose was to give readers a ballpark estimate, not to provide accurate stats that could be tallied by the arm-chair generals state-side.

    The military and the press came into an agreement about HOW to report the casualty numbers, and they were to appear in such “buckets” of numbers. They diverged away from trying to be 100% accurate, and the buckets of numbers provided sufficient shock value to give a reader a general understanding of the extent of the destruction.

    The above may be true for the reporting of the BMB victims.

    I recall some of the same fudging with Aurora and certainly with 9/11. With regards to 9/11, I think they were trying to reach the casualty levels of Pearl Harbor [3000] in order to justify war. However, I think [just MHO] that some level of simVictim hood existed in the 9/11 tallies to help inflate the numbers and to give inroads to simFamilies (actors) of certain 9/11 simVictims who could be controlled to give EMOTIONAL speeches invoking the memory of their simFamilyMember while speaking on some agenda item helpful to the govt.

    Also, some validity exists to the rumor about the towers (a) not being fully occupied and (b) not being fully COMPLETED or FINISHED. Let’s see, the Rockefellers retained almost 30 years of bragging rights of having two of the tallest office buildings without having to flesh-out and complete all 220 floors [which itself could have devastated the NY office space rental market]. They accomplish the same thing on the cheap by having some finished floors up top and bottom and inbetween, but NOT EVERY FLOOR. Think Seattle spire but with the illusion that floors in between were FINISHED and occupied.

    I know nothing for sure. Just tossing it out there for thought that there are reasons why the numbers get inflated.


    1. Yes, now that we see all this, it’s hard not to wonder how many people really died on 9/11. I assume that many readers of this blog have seen the carefully done video “In Plane Sight” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igX7Z8VstN4). We know that the damaged wing of the Pentagon was under construction; and it sounds like maybe none of those passenger planes really went down as described. What if the towers and other collapsed buildings were really empty too, and those who said otherwise were really actors? I know that’s a much bigger can of worms than the Boston Marathon, but given what we’re seeing here, one has to at least pose the question.

      1. When I first came across the “no one died” speculations about 911—I was shocked anyone could come to that conclusion.

        I lost a good friend in one of the Towers. If they didn’t die that day, where are they? I’ve spent holidays with the family members since then & I can tell you this friend was not the sort of person who would put their family through that sort of agony. This was a good person who was not a liar. This person died on 911 in their office, there is no other explanation for this person to be missing.

        When I began looking at what happened on 911 to satisfy my question of “Why,” I never dreamed it would lead me to the conclusions it did. It is hard to fathom the evil behind all of this.

        I did look into some of the 911-personalities that led researchers to believe “no one died,” and I believe characters were placed ahead of time to drive the “official narrative.” From my personal experience, I have a hard time closing the door on the possibility that innocent victims may have been injured in the Boston Blast #2.

      2. Wondering Aloud’s comment below matches my experience as well. Like many, I began researching 9/11 after seeing the reaction of controlled demolition expert Danny Jowenko while he watched WTC 7 collapse.

        While researching, I began asking questions and commenting, and inexplicably was called “an anti-semite.” That set me on the path I’m on today, convinced that powerful, evil people with connections to Israel are hurting my country.

        All areas of 9/11 research lead me to this conclusion. The hypothesis holds up and can be tested. For example, pick just one component, who quickly told us Osama Bin Laden did 9/11? Not the FBI.

        At BBC, it was Israel’s Defense Minister, a guy by the name of Ehud Barak who just happened to be in the BBC London studios on 9/11.

        John Miller, then at CBS, told us here in the states. Research his bio and his parents’ bios and you will see deep connections to Israeli history and power.

        At CNN, of course it was Wolf Blitzer, former head of AIPAC.

        At NBC, it was Jerome Hauer who was the “Osama” clairvoyant. A simple read of his bio tells us Mr. Hauer and his family have close ties to Israeli power.

        Not a fan of Fox News, there were however different in their reporting. They gave us great insight to Israeli involvement with 9/11 with their AMDOCS / Comverse report, Carl Cameron and Brit Hume reporting. The main take away was the “Five Dancing Israelis” who were arrested on 9/11 and that Israel, through these two companies, has the ability to telephonically spy on all Americans.

        “Anti-semite.” “Racist.” “Conspiracy Whack-Job.” Whatever. I’m convinced we’re under attack and it’s from an enemy from within.

        1. Yet keep in mind that within the White House itself the main purveyor of the official bin Laden threat and narrative was Richard Clarke, who has no ties along the lines described above.

  15. In Israel, when there is a terrorist attack, they count everyone who had contact with the event in any way as a casualty, because of course they will experience Post Traumatic Stress. Since so many of our police are trained in Israel these days, perhaps they’ve counted everyone in the viciinity, just on principal that this will wound their spirits in future.

    I think the medical profession needs to track closely the amputees from this event, who survive such severe bloodloss, despite being transported down the street sitting up in wheelchairs. (Why did untrained civilians dare to pick up terribly wounded people and put them in wheelchairs, rather than wait for the ambulances to drive up to them? The ambulances never did drive up to them.) Their recovery is miraculous: ten days later the dancer was photographed on the floor of her studio working out. She’s out of rehab, and her terrible wound is completely healed.

  16. Can someone help me comprehend the in-hospital patients featured in their beds (YouTube vids) such as Marc Fucarile displaying his shrapnel injuries and discussing the BMB and his subsequent care . Are we witnessing legitimate injuries (BMB or otherwise) or continued drill acting with family and friends. There are three different Fucarile videos ( i.e. May 10, 2013 post).

    1. I have a background/training in science, and I tend to see things in terms of evidence but rarely do I see anything that I consider to be “proof”. The photographic evidence is full of contradictions to the official story and makes many of the individual stories highly implausible. (The “cowboy’s story, I have to say, is impossible based on the timeclock and the photographic record of his actions).
      Anyway, I was reading about Nicole and Michael Gross yesterday and it gave me pause. From the first time I saw the pictures of her (She’s the one in the red/black shirt sitting and looking dazed in every picture) I thought her wounds looked fake, that the skin on her legs didn’t look real or freshly injured. Then I read her history, and thought she surely has to be who she says she is; how do you fake being on a college swim team? I even looked her up on the Ironman triathlon site to see if she really participated. I couldn’t find her in the 2010 results and thought AHA…but she was in the 2009 results, so either she or the reporter got that wrong. I don’t know how you invent that.
      But…her husband’s story is that he went toward the finish line to take pictures, the bomb went off, he got some minor burns and shrapnel injuries (and/or 3rd degree burns and head injuries), was treated and released the next day, and says he looked for her and couldn’t find her until they ended up in the hospital.
      First: She was on the finish line side of the group of injured people, and there is no evidence of anyone further toward the finish line (except one woman beside that wrought iron fence near the building) with injuries and if he was far enough away that he couldn’t see her I don’t see how he got injured at all. She wasn’t wisked off to the hospital immediately, so there is no (plausible) way he looked for her at the scene and couldn’t find her. It just doesn’t make sense.
      Second: Her sister was with her and had to have a leg amputated due to the injuries. Based on the photos, and pictures published of her sister, I haven’t seen anyone anywhere near Nicole that could be her sister.
      I guess this applies to the whole event, but one part of my brain tells me they couldn’t just make this stuff up and get away with it and the other part says, but they must have made up at least some of it.

      This is a recent story about them


      1. And now that I’ve looked more closely…I don’t know how to link individual photos but look through this series and in the first minutes after the first blast there is a tall, bald young man with a camera in a dark gray jacket/sweatshirt and jeans walking around the scene. In one photo he appears to be looking directly at where Nicole Gross is sitting (although she is mostly hidden in that view). I’m not saying it definitively is him, but comparing photos it looks a lot like Michael Gross.
        Also…there is one photo with Cowboy Carlos standing on the fence as there are injured people trapped under it…what is up with that?


      2. Dear Mr. SEO,

        I like your initials, but hope no one confuses you for me. At any rate, you wrote:

        I guess this applies to the whole event, but one part of my brain tells me they couldn’t just make this stuff up and get away with it and the other part says, but they must have made up at least some of it.

        I disagree with the part I bolded. The track record from 9/11 suggests otherwise. (Apologies for the detour…)

        The powers-that-be (PTB) strong-armed NIST into producing reports about the WTC pulverization that stopped at collapse initiation, that tried to convince us how a 20-30 story (structurally weak) pile-driver could fall through 80-90 stories (structurally stronger) at near free-fall speeds all the way to the ground while pulverizing it into fine dust, and that blatantly skewed 100 feet (8 stories) of free-fall in WTC-7 in stage 2 of 3 stages over 18 stories by averaging and saying those 3 stages or 18 stories combined were slower than free-fall.

        It is my substantiated opinion that the Shanksville hole does not contain a plane, and that the Pentagon plane did a fly-over and did not crash into the building. These two anomalies alone raises questions about alleged victims on those flights.

        Some validity may exist to the claim that the towers did not have 110 floors of fleshed out office space, and that the emptiness may harken back to their creation. The towers were known to have government front companies. Thus, these anomalies together with many others in the legends of digital simVictim raise questions about alleged victims from WTC companies.

        Moreover, it is my substantiated opinion that the WTC towers were destroyed by multiple neutron nuclear bombs, yet the spin even within the 9/11 Truth Movement to this day wants to park understanding at super-duper nano-thermite, which has neither the brissance to pulverize materials nor the explanation for the duration of under-rubble hot-spots without massive quantities.

        All the while, the media from day 1 was feeding us the story the the PTB wanted most of us to belief: Osama bin Laden and his band of coke-sniffing cave-dwelling muslim extremists did it.

        Yep, they could just make this stuff up and get away with it with regards to Giffords, Aurora, Sandy Hook, BMB…

        You know, all of this focus on Jeff Bauman has taken attention away from several others who allegedly lost their legs or limbs. I mean, we’ve got the little sister of the little boy who was killed; I’ve seen “images” of at least two others with severe lower limb injuries that would have had them bleed-out too by the time they were carted away (after Bauman); I’ve seen nothing in the photos of the sister of Nicole Gross who was next to Jeff Bauman when it went off but then was inching-on-her-butt many feet away from him (towards her one-leg-shy sister maybe?) before the famous pictures were snapped.

        Indeed, I disagree. They could just make this stuff up and get away with it.


      3. Senor El Once,
        That’s Ms. SEO 🙂
        I don’t think you were really disagreeing with me, at least not the point I was trying to make. It isn’t that I don’t believe they would make stuff up, I’m just trying to wrap my head around how they do it and how much is made up. I did say only part of my brain is saying they couldn’t make it up…
        I would like someone to look at the photos I mentioned and see if they concur that the man I mentioned could be, or is, Michael Gross. If so, his story falls completely apart.

      4. Thanks for posting the link. There are two glaring problems for me about “Nicole Gross” at the hospital and also about her talking about learning to walk again at Spaulding Rehabilitation.

        The wrappings for her injuries look sloppy. Ace bandages? How about something more appropriate like a dressing you would put on scrapes or burns or stitches from removing shrapnel? The bandages are the opposite of what you’d use. You’d want air to circulate around it.

        And do you have to learn to walk again if you get the kind of contusions we saw in the photo? Do they think the readers will even remember the photo of a woman who appears to be an actor at the Finish Line and whose lovely form graces the cover of plenty of newspapers? Why is she heading to Spaulding Rehabilitation?

        So much is out-patient these days. Anything which does not go into the body cavity and need drainage, they want to get you out of the hospital as soon as possible. Hospitals are places where people can get infections. Better to recuperate at home. I am sure people have lots of experience with it out there. But the bombing has set the clock back decades to the leisurely hospital stays of the past. Why? It’s so as to work on your pity and terror. That’s what drama is about.

        The more questions you ask about her, the more openings for evasion.

        But what they rely upon is the “primary processing” of the human brain. You see a trusted source like your evening newscaster or your favorite newspaper, you see the caption, and you buy it. We are familiar with this from war propaganda. This is crossing the Rubicon where at home, in response to this alleged attack, we are supposed to be on the side of the victims to such an extent that it means accepting their injuries uncritically. We weren’t where they were that day. How can we question it? Look how they are suffering. Boston Strong and the permanent state of crisis can be seen that way. It’s supposed to “mobilize” the people (cf. China’s Cultural Revolution). They better hope we don’t get mobilized past our tv sets. No telling where it would lead.

  17. While look over the numerous photos and videos, like this one (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLbbsirVI_k), we do not see the wounds nor injuries during the blast. There is no blood nor gore on the victims until minutes after the blast and they are being wheeled away! If there had been real explosives used, nails and ball bearings would have cut through flesh much more severely and more people would have been killed. Ambulances would have needed to be driven up to the blast site, not having DHS workers and actors wheel away victims in wheelchairs!

    I also thought the large number of injuries was a huge anomaly. Many news sites reported the common number of 170/180 wounded and then just skyrocketed to 280+.

    Is there any way we can see the names of all the wounded?

    I’m sure more people signed themselves as injured by the amount of money One Fund Boston has received ($28 million) for the victims. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57583456/boston-bombing-victims-told-not-enough-money-in-one-fund-to-pay-everyone/ and not one lawsuit filed against the FBI nor DHS for their failure to “stop” the suspects and keep Boston safe.

  18. Can you imagine the conversation at the College of Arts before Dr. Tracy was hired?

    “So who’s this Tracy guy you’re thinking about hiring and why?”

    “We’ve got a slot open in Communications. His area of focus is “Media History and Analysis.”

    “Media History, eh? Like studying the propaganda that convinced a reluctant U.S. to go to war against the Nazis, that sort of thing?”

    “Yeah, pretty harmless actually. The most controversial thing would probably be the whole ‘Oswald couldn’t have possibly done it’ and how Life Magazine tried to suppress the Zapruder film.”

    “Could it backfire on us? Could the government pull some stupid stunt on the American people and this guy Tracy would see right through it?”

    “Hmm. Don’t think so. President Obama is all about change and transparency. Besides, false flags are a Republican thing.”

    1. I’m glad to see that FAU is continuing to support Dr. Tracy’s academic freedom, and that he remains safely in one piece. So the US is still a free country to that extent, anyway.

    1. Yes. And they are generating so much cash for themselves that the Boston Globe reported this week (week of May 13, 2013) that other local charities (including the once popular Hunger Walk) were coming up shorter than usual because people had already contributed to the so-called bombing victims. This is the profit center. It is being managed by Kenneth Feinberg, who has managed the 9/11 fund, the BP oil pay-out to the Gulf residents, the pedophile priest settlements in the Catholic Church in which local parishes were shut down to pay out to the victims. He has handled serious money and I imagine this is almost chicken feed for him. But not for the people donating it. And not for those not getting what they need.

      There’s a certain anger, almost rage, which you can feel when you see real disaster like tornados whipping through towns. You start to ask if they could fake that too and whether people are eligible for care or whether they are like these malingerers.

      If the effect of an expose of this is to make people think, then good. If it is to create unending cynicism, not good. But it does cut into the fabric of trust holding society together. That’s why people don’t like to see it was a hoax, because they know that’s what the effect is. It almost seems better to let it pass, because it opens such a can of worms.

      But the trust is already broken. It was set up to drive a wedge between peaceful people living here as immigrants, who happen to come from Moslem backgrounds, and the majority of Americans who think these people are plotting their doom behind their backs. Admit it, the stereotype was reinforced and you want to somehow preserve the idea that YOU were a victim of their crimes when the cops shut down Boston. I have such trouble letting go of that thought. Every FBI sting reinforces it. They never pan out, do they?

  19. The following may be of interest to readers of Professor Tracy’s blog: Police-Staged Reality and its Implications for Politics (Part I)
    by Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D.
    Within a Police-Staged Reality (PSR), counter activities of all kinds are perpetrated by the state itself… What becomes of political activity, for example, when the state can and does produce its own enemies only to later silence and/or kill them with nary a shred of justification? What becomes of “real” opposition when the state arms its supposed terrorist opponents (as in Libya and Syria), while disarming its own citizenry? Political activity is a “blend” of simulation and “real,” a mixed bag of committed, sincere actors, along with paid and state-induced actors, all performing on a stage, the limits of which are provided by the apparatuses of surveillance and an all-abiding potential for annihilation.

  20. It is interesting that there is no follow up on the injured – their recovery whilst in hospital and their rehabilitation: Here in the UK the media and politicians would have a field day following up on the injured; especially those that “lost” limbs. But, as there is not evidence of any of this, at least none reported here in UK media of this Boston event, I will assume none has been reported over in US…

    This would further back up the fact that these people are actors and the event staged.

    1. On the nightly eleven o’clock news in Boston, there have been steady hospital bed visits with the amputees, but few with the 250 or so victims of other types of injuries, except for two attractive young females who showcased the groups of males who rescued them (one a buxom coed from Northeastern passed from arm to arm and the other a runner from Boston College).

      Recently, Gabby Giffords, a former Democratic party representative in Congress from Arizona, who was actually gunned down in a parking lot (there are those who think she is faking it – I don’t), a veteran of much rehabilitation, went to Spaulding Rehabilitation Center in Massachusetts “to meet with victims” of the bombing.

      Later that day, she received an award from Caroline Kennedy, someone whose family was genuinely and horribly touched by gun violence (but these were political assassinations just as both Reagan and probably Giffords had attempted on them).

      Ms. Giffords may or may not be at the normal level of intellectual functioning, and certainly needs physical help in getting around. The visit means that both she and Ms. Kennedy accept the official story on the public level.

      It is possible that just in general terms a person of Ms. Giffords’ stature could give some hope to genuinely recent amputees who want to feel they can recover functioning. Giffords however resigned from Congress because she did not feel she could fulfill all that would have been required of her.

      Someone came upon a book either online or somewhere else of profiles of amputee actors. The main cause of amputations in young people seems to be automobile and motorcycle accidents where the vascular damage was too great to save the limb. In every other way, they are healthy enough to continue their theatrical careers, so they are available for mass casualty events in a society which is a movie-making culture with vast funds for defense. I am sure the women are happy when they get cast in something. Probably more amputee women than men in the story we have seen. The men can work in military scenarios.

      I think that in older people, there must be a lot of diabetic amputation. I understand that actress Mary Tyler Moore, a long time type 1 diabetes sufferer, has been faced with this possibility (as well as blindness).

  21. Dr. John Cowin, a Florida orthopedist in town for the Marathon, sounds like a real fabulist. He is at one point treating an amputee with his belt and then going off to talk to the mother of Martin Richard, who is holding her dying son and conversing with Dr. Cowin.

    We have heard that Mrs. Martin sustained a horrible head injury and that her daughter’s leg was blown off. Yet she had time to look up and converse with the doctor while holding her dying boy.

    This orthopedist is quoted in several Florida papers and his “testimony” of witnessing the Boston Marathon is cited to render James Tracy’s analysis false.

    His ridiculous “eye witness testimony”

    supposedly gives him an edge over mere analysis of photos.

    But too bad he didn’t stick to the ever-changing script. I realize it’s hard to do.

    I won’t stoop to questioning his billing practices nor his right to compensation out of the Boston 1 fund. But I do question anyone who would accept his statement uncritically. On the face of it, he treated the Boston bombing like a cocktail party, hobnobbing with victims instead of treating even one of them. I wonder that even in Florida that does not look like malpractice.

  22. There is a thread at Let’s Roll that’s attempting to correlate all the medical testimony.


    These are some of the issues that seem to be outstanding:

    Almost everyone interviewed describes more bodies, blood, amputees, screaming, general carnage than there really was. There are basically two scenarios. The one we see in the photos and vids and the one being described by most of the “medical personnel” present.

    Many of them describe unnamed amputees, all dramatically pumping blood from their severed arteries in ways conspicuously absent from Bauman and other photographed amputees.

    Medics describing the same victims as having different injuries. Sometimes to the extent of the same nurse/doctor changing his own story.

    *The Role of the Medical Tent.*
    The tent seems to be identified as a possible weak point in the narrative, because a lot of effort has been spent on “explaining” or obfuscating its role. Some narratives claim it was being used as a “makeshift ICU” for the severe trauma patients, others claim the same severe trauma patients were not treated in the tent at all but wheeled straight through it to the ambulance waiting on the far side.

    Some narratives even seem to claim both at the same time.

    I suspect the second claim is damage limitation for the first.

    I think whoever wrote this scenario was obviously a person or persons with no medial knowledge and only limited common sense and intelligence. They constructed a wonderful melodrama about the first aid tent being turned into an emergency room, complete with taglines about “war zones” and fantastic tales of bravery and improvised treatment, and it was only after it went live that the sheer insanity of this story began to hit home.

    Any person who has worked in medicine, or any person with sense would take one look at this narrative and go “why the hell were you setting up the tent as an ICU when there were hospitals with real ICUs five minutes away? Why are you playing out a scenario as if you are in the middle of a desert? This is Boston? All you’re doing with this crap is risking people’s lives”

    I think we can bet that people have been questioning this, even if not much of it gets into the media.

    Hence, I suspect, the contradictory stories about the severely injured not being treated in the tent after all, but wheeled straight through too the ambulances.

    But that doesn’t really fix anything for them, as it only makes other parts of the story seem more bizarre. It raises the obvious question – if you were putting the severely injured straight into ambulances then why didn’t you move those ambulances closer to the scene? Why did you insist on all these severely injured/dying people being wheelchaired up the street and through the damn medical tent before they could even get to an emergency vehicle?

    They can’t answer that plausibly – because there is no plausible answer other than the victims were fake, and the tent was being used to hide this fact from the world.

    1. The medical tent photos would say more to me if there was some way the time and date were associated with the scene visibly. It’s a case of plausible deniability.

      I realize the lack of carnage at Forum, the sight of the second explosion, reinforced for me the drill characteristics of the Finish Line. They didn’t even bother too much at Forum (which is where I think they used the powdered Ben Nye mass casualty blood which goes red in contact with water). They just kind of blew it onto people, which is probably why there were so many shirtless actors there to get their body make-up.

      But the doctor component could be presented with more precision (in an ideal world). Those privileged to be in the tents (even people claiming to be tuckered-out runners) may have photos. There has to be a before and after sequence of photos, including the period around the high performance people earlier and then the thinning out of the crowd.

      Obviously someone could make a time lapse. Probably this is the kind of thing that could get you in big trouble with whatever authority put this thing together, so maybe it just isn’t public and I sure don’t want to be asking for someone to put their neck on the chopping block out of my personal curiosity.

      A little something about Massachusetts is that it is at core a very crooked place, smaller and less powerful than New Jersey, but if you could rip off the federal government billions for the Big Dig, you are in the big leagues for crime.

      Anecdote: I once served on a jury in the Middlesex courthouse in Cambridge for an extremely minor fender bender asking pretty small damages. The security for our jury was insane. Each elevator ride was accompanied by four sinister-looking plainclothes fat guys I could only call “torpedoes” and we were watched at every turn. I really wondered if we were being set up for a fake terror attack. Then, when it was over, I went home and discovered that Richard Reed, the alleged shoe bomber, was said to be held on an upper floor in the jail. Sort of odd to have such “informal” body guards that stuck out like a sore thumb.

      1. Just a small point – that blood powder seems to be red before it comes into contact with water too. So it doesn’t look like that’s the (whitish) powder we see being dumped at the Forum site.

  23. Professor Tracy:

    I found your article to be quite insightful and you are right to highlight the very liberal count of victims which is a very important element of the Boston Marathon incident.

    Your article reminded me of the late, great George Carlin said in his 2005 HBO special “Life is Worth Losing”:
    “And no matter what kind of problem humans are facing, whether it’s natural or man-made, I always hope it gets worse. Don’t you? Don’t you? Don’t you have a part of you, a part of you that secretly hopes everything gets worse? When you see a big fire on TV… don’t you hope it spreads? Don’t you hope it gets completely out of control and burns down six counties? You don’t root for the firemen do you? I mean I don’t want them to get hurt or nothing, but I don’t want them to put out my fire. That’s my fire – that’s nature showing off and having fun. I like fires. You know something else I like? Those spring floods in the Midwest! Aren’t they great? Like clockwork, spring floods in the Midwest. Now I’m starting to notice… I’m starting to catch on, that every year… it’s the same story. Another flood, in the same place, with the same people, on the same river- SAME PEOPLE! And these people do not move, they will not f—ing move! They repaint, put down new carpeting and wallpaper and they move right back into the same f—ing house on the flood plain, next to the river, and then they wonder why grandma’s floating downstream with the parakeet on her head!”

    In many ways the media wants the superficial “victim” numbers to be higher because it makes the story “more important” and results in a ratings spike which, in turn, delivers higher ad rates.

  24. A real tornado just hit. Real schools hit, real amputations probably. No terrorists, just Mother Nature. This doesn’t look like Fantasyland to me. Chinese and Haitian earthquakes, Japanese tsunamis. This is a real world of pain. To honor these true victims, we expose the fake ones.

    1. I’m going to reply to myself here. At the moment, when you click on CNN, you’ll see a family of four who appear to be fleeing a tornado. The father is in the fore, the mother back with a small child and all are dripping in blood. There is a film attached, on which you can click, which does not show them. So they are like a cover illustration on a book. There is no interview with them. There will be scenes of interviews with residents, but is there any requirement that these not be crisis actors for the purpose of interviews? I think journalistic standards may now be so nebulous, we will never be sure. Yes, the tornado struck a town. Yes it is massive. Years before it struck the same place in “Tornado Alley”, but is the reporting industry required to use real people in their interviews, or can they fake it for the purposes of pushing our buttons so that we will contribute to charity? Is this a new marketing tool, to use crisis actors as a way to reach the public in the most effective way, so that we will identify with these people in a devastated place? I don’t know the answer, but the picture supplied by CNN looked so “iconic” and almost a Bible illustration that I doubt it refers to actual victims of the disaster.

    1. It reminds me of the movie Steve Martin/Eddie Murphy flick, Bowfinger. They make a movie on the cheap by moving into certain places and pretending they are supposed to be there, and by using Murphy’s cousin who is a big star, on the fly (when he is backing out of his driveway for instance). Student film-makers, without permission, often take over an aisle in a store for a scene, or pretend to be coming out of a busy restaurant. You could go to a hospital and pretend to be visiting someone, then find a spare bed and set up your little scene before you get caught. Although there has been a lot of support for amputees in this deception (maybe in a sort of Robin Hood way to get them to the front of the line for good prosthetics), the less injured might have more trouble be accepted in the hospital settings?

      As a greater Boston area resident, I find this hospital hijinks side of things very disturbing. I wonder what else they get up to in hospitals. Would they kill people while posing as staff? It boggles the mind. If you think the rules don’t apply to you, there are no limits.

  25. Revised post:

    This video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWxLD01oWHM&list=UUlZ50s4vLWoaCD5JNAIjCqg&index=1) proposes that a presentation at the 2008 “Integrated Training Summit” (an event sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) outlined key aspects of the plan for the Boston Marathon Bombing.

    The document itself is fairly mundane, but note the striking concept of a “planned disaster”, and the slides on media relations and checking credentials: (http://www.integratedtrainingsummit.org/presentations/2008/main_training_summit/course_18_-_tale_of_two_cities_and_the_running_of_a_planned_mass_casualty_event_-_serino_richard.pdf).

    The name of the presenter is Richard Serino, now Deputy Administrator at FEMA (http://www.fema.gov/leadership/richard-serino). The YouTube video claims that Serino was actually present at the BMB. Not sure, but the images do look quite similar.

  26. Perhaps a bit of a stretch – but could this person (http://www.cityofboston.gov/ems/medicaldirector/fellowshipprogram.asp) be the African American woman who accompanied Jeff Bauman, and was later photographed on a stretcher (e.g. here: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2013/04/16/doctors-medical-crews-on-scene-describe-trauma-following-boston-marathon-blasts/)? She is a coauthor on a recent paper about the Marathon response, which refers to the Marathon as a “planned mass-casualty event” (http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp1305480), following Richard Serino’s terminology (see my other recent post about this).

    Her forehead (as seen in the Ben Thondike photos) and her nose (as seen in the stretcher photo) look similar. But I’m sure there are gazillions of other people who look similar too.

  27. More on Feinberg and the Boston One fund, including casualty reports at 250, with 20 lost limbs. This isn’t going away if you live in Boston. In fact it is center-stage most of the time. You have to wonder who needs all that money and why.


    It can be found at today’s paper May 25, the writer is Lawrence Harmon.

    The inflated figures of amputation have grown even more. So far only a small fraction of amputees have been seen on tv, perhaps 5, although recently there has been talk of bringing out Jane Richard, the little girl (sister of Martin Richard, who allegedly died in the bombing at Forum).

    Since the scene at Forum never contained so many people, the in-your-face deception continues with plenty of Globe Staff up to their eyebrows in these uninvestigated stories.

  28. As we know in American history there have been altruistic movements by high-minded citizens – almost always originating in the North among the middle class – which began with good intentions and changed into something divisive and destructive which left permanent scars. Abolition in America didn’t work quite as smoothly as it did in England, for instance. Prohibition brought on unintended consequences (as would a lot of outright gun bans in our time).

    If you look at Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax, you can see, if you look very hard, some good intentions in the behind the psyop.

    If you see that people in the US – particularly people in black communities – are badly impacted by gun violence and you are a black First Family, you’ve got to find a way to stop it if you can. This is not something you want to leave to chance forces of the marketplace, any more than you want to leave obesity to that. You use your powers to effect change (you hope) by making such an outrageous case that no sensible person could want their neighbors to be able to build up arsenals. Under it all, the forces of Iran Contra and Disaster Capitalism are still going to be moving. They will still find ways to exploit your naivete and good intentions to their own ends, which are not about everyone coming out of it in better shape.

    Today (Monday, Memorial Day, May 27) on the Diane Rehm NPR radio show, there was a long and informative discussion about the difficulties of amputees, as well as the statistic that 500 amputations, mostly of lower limbs (remember the statement about the bombs only getting that part of the body?), are performed daily in the US. Not annually, but daily. The majority are to save someone whose leg vasculature has broken down from diabetes (long term diabetics like Mary Tyler Moore have been faced with this as well as with blindness). But the technology for improving their lives, including bionics using computers (Sean Collier shot outside of a computer science lab – look for a connection down the road) is both expensive and promising. Military veterans are covered by the budgets of the Defense Department in this – but not civilians like those allegedly victimized at the Marathon. Every single one of the alleged amputees was a civilian.

    Not only that, the center for development of this technology has centered in two places, Johns Hopkins and Northwestern in Chicago. I am sure that other cities want some of that R and D money too, and to create “centers of excellence”.

    We can see the connection between 9/11 and the war for oil – or as someone put it Oil Israel and Logistics. The peak oil crowd got it that the war cabinet of the Bush junta were going for the black gold.

    But these events point, in the Mommy party, to public health developments.

    The fact that all of this is faked and covert allows for black budgets and top-down control. It segues into other needs, such as a mind game with Russia over its Chechen population, which continues to play out in places like Syria and potentially Iran. That’s the subplot which brought in the Tsarnaev’s as bad guys. But it was superimposed on the plot to develop prosthetics by using this advertising campaign to entice the public into the issue.

    It seems to have been the price the “Mommy party” leader had to pay to get what he felt was a greater good. I find that an inescapable conclusion from having listened to this hour long show about how each amputee needed technology which cost well over $100,000 even in the early stages.

    Like Prohibition, there are unintended consequences.

    1. “Not only that, the center for development of this technology has centered in two places, Johns Hopkins and Northwestern in Chicago.”

      Check out this website, for a bionic ankle and foot manufacturer just outside Boston, headed by an MIT prof: http://www.iwalkpro.com/

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