By Andrew Whooley*

The Boston Marathon bombings have a lot of features that can only be reconciled as being a mock training exercise, and the recent history of using the Boston Marathon for bomb training exercises makes that comparison even more compelling. The Boston Herald reports that emergency drills were conducted at the 2012 Boston Marathon in which maneuvers included training for “bombs at the finish line”(1). Further, an experienced athlete and eyewitnesses at this year’s Boston Marathon, Alastair Stevenson, also testifiesthere were dogs with their handlers going around sniffing for explosives and, and, we were told on a loud announcement that we shouldn’t be concerned, it was just a drill”(2).

Also worth noting is that the use of existing amputees to play the role of bomb victims is an established practice in military training(3). Therefore, the horrendous injuries seen at the Boston bombing are not a deterrent to establishing that the bombing was a training exercise and that the victims, and their rescuers, are mere actors.


If the bombing were a hoax the bomb would have to be benign rather than shrapnel-laced. The above photo shows no shrapnel tearing at the banner or flags, nobody on the road was hit by shrapnel, the smoke does not show any signs of being pierced by, or trailing, high speed projectiles. There also appears to be a dearth of spectators in the immediate area of the blast.


In a real bombing common EMT protocols dictate that victims, by and large, get treated according to their needs. A person with life threatening injuries would be attended to with more urgency and receive more attention than those with lesser injuries. The same approaches may not hold for a mock bombing where roles may be assigned to rescuers, and a rescuer who was assigned to one victim would not depart from that role for fear of upsetting the entire role playing exercise.

The above photo shows Jeff Bauman lying on the ground, conscious, missing both legs, yet unattended even while others around him with lesser injuries get attended to. There was even one female victim who was beside Jeff who has been removed on a gurney while his life threatening injuries are ignored. It takes at least 2.23 minutes for Carlos the cowboy hat hero to arrive at Jeff’s side, belying media reports he jumped the fence and rushed to Jeff Bauman’s aid.(4) It would appear as though the script calls for Jeff to be rescued by Carlos the cowboy hat hero and nobody else. (See photo essay [5] for evidence of timing.)

The above photo shows a blonde EMT taking Krystle Campbell’s pulse (in blue), Krystle is reported to have died and in this photo Krystle’s legs appear to be either severed or badly mangled beneath her. This EMT also took at least 2.23 minutes to make it to Krystle’s side. As if that is not bad enough the photographic evidence also shows that the EMT stays with Krystle for less than 48 seconds before walking away (See photo essay [6]).

A trained EMT staying with a dying patient for less than 48 seconds before she is photographed departing with her back to all of the injured is very difficult to reconcile with a real EMT in a real life and death situation, but could be reconciled with a mock drill where she need not be a real EMT and her sole role may be just to pose for a quick photo shoot.

Above the two rescuers are seen standing over their respective wards, neither are focused on the injured in spite of the supposedly serious nature of their injuries. The blonde EMT takes time to have an intercourse  with some man on the sidelines (which is most likely the man hidden in front of the policeman), and Carlos has taken his card off from around his neck and is seen here reading it.

The focus away from the victims while standing over them could be more indicative of poor actors stumbling with their roles, rather than genuine rescuers in a serious life and death situation. (See photo essay [7] for Carlos Arredondo’s card reading, and video [8] for the EMT’s actions.)


The rescues of the victims that occurred at the Boston Marathon bombing were not what would be expected in a civilian setting, but much more fitting for a war zone, or a military bomb training drill. In a civilian setting normal procedure would necessitate treating the injured where they lay until ambulances arrive, whereas in a war setting responders get the injured out of the immediate danger zone by whatever means necessary.

What was seen at Boston closely resembled a military training exercise; one where people were picked up and run down the road–sometimes carried, sometimes in a wheelchair. While a medical tent in fact lay some distance up the road, why were victims sped away with such makeshift transport and why didn’t ambulances attend the bombing scene for at least 6 minutes? Was this rushing-of-victims to the medical tent and ambulances, as opposed to taking ambulances to the victims, deliberately staged for dramatic, war-like effect?

Note that police vehicles, as seen in the picture above, come and go from the scene during this crucial 6 minute period where ambulances do not attend. The man in the above photo is a uniformed officer. Why in the world does he pick up a victim and run down the road against all protocol?

Here is the now-famous mad rush to the ambulance for the two worst injured at his bomb site. At least 5 minutes has passed since the bombing and Jeff Bauman’s life is still in the hands of Carlos the cowboy. Bauman is sitting upright, which is inappropriate for his injuries, and he has been seated in a wheelchair, which is also entirely inappropriate for his injuries as apparently loose skin or something synthetic is seen getting caught in the chair’s mechanisms. Underscoring how ridiculous a wheelchair is for his injuries, Jeff has to hold his own leg up.

The photo of Krystle has a number of anomalies also. For example, her legs have a marked structural soundness in contrast to earlier photos where they appeared to be either severed or severely distorted beneath her, and in this photo the EMTs are supposed to be doing CPR while running her to an ambulance(8).

Anyone who has ever participated in a rudimentary CPR course knows that one is supposed to use two hands to do CPR, be directly over the patient, and both elbows should be locked straight to ensure transmission of the maximum force to the victim’s chest. It takes considerable pressure to perform CPR yet with Krystle we see them attempting to conduct CPR while running, standing off to one side, and with a bent elbow. Is this just a sham CPR for the cameras? If Krystle genuinely needed CPR why would EMTs have not properly administered CPR where she lay and proceed to bring the ambulance to her?


These and other Boston bombing anomalies cannot be dismissed as myriad results of “chaos” following the blast. For instance, any immediate chaos can not explain how a double amputee, in an area swarming with uniformed personnel, is left rolling around on the ground unattended for well over 2 minutes. Chaos can not explain why an EMT would leave a dying patient after spending less than 48 seconds with her for a quick photo shoot, and chaos can not explain why victims were rushed out of the area as though they were under fire in a war zone, against all normal civilian procedures.

Chaos can not explain how the media portrayal of Carlos the “cowboy hat hero” rushing to the aid of Jeff Bauman is both demonstrably false, yet also furnished with dramatic photos of Carlos running Bauman down the road supposedly proving the story true. Every story needs a hero, especially scripted ones.

The medical response to this event demonstrates both the injured and the respondents were mere actors in an elaborate stage show, manufactured to suit political agendas both domestic and foreign, a day of false victims and fake heroes to usher in a new chapter in the so-called “war on terror.”









(8)  (Blonde EMT seen at approx 30s, and CPR on Krystle at approx 1:14)

*Andrew Whooley is an independent researcher originally from New Zealand who resides in Perth, WA, Australia.

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98 thought on “More Photographic Evidence Suggests Boston Bombing Was Training Exercise”
  1. The “thing” which is caught in the wheelchair mechanisms and dragging along the ground is nothing other than his tourniquet which has fallen off which means he would have been squirting even more blood which he’s not squirting any to begin with, plus there is no trail of blood seen on the concrete behind the wheelchair. A complete hoax, fabrication, con job, whatever you want to call it.

    1. Maybe the “thing” being caught in the wheelchair mechanism is what pulls off the prosthesis – or whatever it is that obviously comes away in that excellent video clip. Something clearly falls off Jeff’s right leg, and the cop in yellow runs round to the front, grabs it and puts it back. Thereafter he’s running along, holding on to Jef”s stump.

    2. That may be true for what is seen under the wheelchair, and I share your dismay at the tourniquet, but to the right hand side of the wheelchair a loose part of his fake skin looks stretched as though it is caught in the wheelchair, or at the very least it is in danger of being caught.

    3. “A complete hoax, fabrication, con job, whatever you want to call it.”

      And now totally legal. In 1948, Congress enacted legislation that prohibited government-sponsored propaganda on the American people.

      This was known as the “Smith-Mundt Act,” only to be overturned by President Obama’s December 2012 signing of the National Defense Authorization Act.

      Well, what would our government’s first big act of propaganda on the American people look like?

      Probably pretty amateurish, with used up old actors sputtering nonsense and actors and actresses failing miserably in trying to convey grief.

  2. Great summary of the photo opportunities driving this amateur drill. What is galling is the authorities who staged the drill didn’t need to make it better rehearsed or tighter because they knew the press, now in total propaganda mode, would report everything as real without an investigation. There seem to be no photos of “really injured” Arianne Haslet being rescued and her location is a mystery, and none of the departed Richard Martin from the second bomb location in the aftermath of the perhaps photo shopped fence photo and no photo of Lü Lingzi – both being wheeled out. Where were they taken if they were on location at the drill?

  3. While there are so many anomalies and curiously suspicious images, one question I keep asking myself is why haven’t any of these ‘actors’ spoken out to any media source, mainstream or alternate, when the hunt for the accused ‘terrorists’ would have been obviously in error if this was all a drill and a staged event?

    1. One possible explanation, assuming that we suspend our naive disbelief long enough to conclude that this was a drill (my attempt at some levity here), is that such actors may have signed papers with DHS and perhaps federal law enforcement preventing them from speaking on the matter. At both Boston and Newtown those involved may have been apprised of the Felony-Murder Rule, and thereby intimidated into silence. We know that actors involved are assigned specific roles and are thus largely unaware of the scope of the overall exercise. What they participate in becomes “real” via major media, and there is probable uncertainty as to whether individuals may have in fact died–be they in a school building at the hands of a shadowy killer, or down the street where another ordnance has detonated.

      Another explanation specific to Boston, if we are to take Kenneth Feinberg at his word, is that participants who sustained “injuries” may soon be issued substantial sums for services, and/or the use of their name in publicity efforts.

      1. We may be seeing a long-term project of team building in the arena of DHS drills and exercises, which are ostensibly for emergency preparedness but which have a much bigger agenda: the coordination of government, its agencies and the public in the creation of a virtual society in which we are all participants responding to cues, rather than living our real lives.

        The threat of prosecution or punishment for any departure from “the script,” “the protocol,” “the training” will be enough to keep people in line. All drills and exercises are a form of controlled chaos in which it is easy to become confused and make mistakes. Imagine the worry that your confusion might have caused someone’s death elsewhere down the line. Much easier to keep playing the part and pocket your pay for your “contribution.” Plus, you get to see yourself on TV! There might also be a “diffusion of responsibility” at work in such sprawling situations, involving dozens of scripted participants and perhaps hundreds of proximal others acting on common sense and instinct.

        “Drills going live” are an escalation of the Program taking over. And raised on action films, disaster blockbusters and reality/survival shows, the masses are readily joining in.

      2. Thank you for you reply, professor. I genuinely believe this was an orchestrated test of the American populace to see how we would react to martial law in a major city. And we passed that test with flying colors (a failure in my opinion) as people happily paraded in the streets, chanting like zombies, “U-S-A!” and calling for the only living suspect’s rights to be denied (Miranda) and treated not as an American citizen, but as a combatant on our own soil. Also, test number 2, was to see how easily we would approve of labeling citizens ‘enemy combatants’ and suspending Miranda, habeas and other violations of our rights. We have failed our Founders. More importantly, we have failed true freedom lovers, like myself (and I suspect you, Mr. Tracy.)

  4. Excellent article. I suspect that some of the “victims” (Christian Wiilliams, “Krystara,” “Nicole,” Caroline Patsavos) have done a Gene Rosen and departed from the script in order to pad their own part to get attention and a nice fat share of the Victim Fund. They are now telling stories about their injuries that are clearly unsupportable with reference to the photos taken at the scene. We need more close study of these people and their stories.

  5. Great Job by Andrew.. I hope you are sending this to the MSM.. it will tell them what they are missing.. Duping the public is a crime.. Questions must be asked.. The evidence is there for all to see… In an interview I noticed a genuine first aider ( first responder) said he was turned away as they told him they had everyone covered. Another sign it was staged.

  6. Reblogged this on Quid Sapio and commented:
    I hate to become firmly adherent to any belief system, but the evidence coming out of Boston requires the acceptance that what seems absurd may indeed be possible, if not likely….

  7. “…so I can throttle you to within an inch of your life.”

    Huffington Post allowed this threat against me yesterday after submitting a rather polite question regarding what this excellent article is speaking to.

    Dr. Tracy, you and the truth are under serious attack, both figuratively and in a very literal sense.

    This is going to get ugly. There is strength in numbers and we’re going to need some kind of strategy going forward.

    As a husband, a parent, a businessman, and a football, basketball, and softball coach, I really don’t want to be “throttled to within an inch of my life.” And neither do any of else seeking the truth.

    1. Wow! Well all of those hundreds involved in these scandels better realize that they should fear the American public (finding out the truth) more than they fear TPTB.

    2. @Benjamin Freedman:

      The major so-called alternative newsites are pathetic. My experience is with Op-Ed News, a kind of minor Huff-Po spin-off and wannabe run by a Mr. Rob Kall. In early 2009, a great number of its readers and writers were banned for not being with the Obama ‘hope and change’ troop, for voicing dissent and expressing a difference of opinion there. Recently, another round of readers and writers were banned there for questioning the authenticity of Sandy Hook, Aurora, et al. I was one of them.

      These are all faux news sites, involved in ongoing masquerade and a kind of charlatanism and truth perversion, very, very tragic.

      Thank god for sites like this. However, you do join those ‘other’ (laff-out-loud) sites to attempt to reach others. What you get, invariably,, is a permanent discharge.

      We are in serious trouble.

      Still, we must continue to try.

      Ned Lud

      1. I do agree that the inconsistencies of the “drill” events that have been passed-off as real tragedies must be pointed out on “real news” websites. (HuffPost isn’t “real news” to me, but lots of people use it.) It is the only way to support others who see the irregularities and help them also speak out/engage with real questions.

        There was an interesting article in the Canada Free Press about a team of “cyber warriors” being hired to promote certain viewpoints (propaganda) in online forums. Approximately, 3,500 were hired. (This relates to what Ben. Freedman said about the Smith-Mundt Act).

        If enough “volunteers” espouse a more truthful viewpoint, there is no possible way any force can have enough paid staff to counteract it.

        I am heartened today by the US-Russia talks to discuss a peaceful resolution to troubles in Syria. Looks like a nice end-run around Israel’s attempts to begin a larger war front leading into Iran.

      2. If anyone wants to witness the ping-pong game that is going on with different factions in the U.S. government, the false news stories on Syria are becoming increasingly absurd. If it wasn’t so serious, it would be comical.

        My post earlier noted an agreement between the US and Russia to work together for a peace agreement in Syria. It seemed the Obama administration has found a way to de-accelerate the calls for US military engagement in Syria. Oddly, this big development (which appears to be a true news story) was not widely reported today in the U.S. press.

        An hour ago, the New York Time reported “U.S. Fears Russia May Sell Air-Defense System to Syria.” The NYT cites an anonymous source for its information, buried in the story is a mere mention of the agreement between the US and Russia to work towards a peace agreement in Syria. (

        An article similar to the NYT’s appears in the Jewish Post: “Report: Israel warns of Russian arms sale to Syria.” (

        The key here is that Team B wants the US Military to engage in another Middle East conflict. Team A, doesn’t want to commit the US Military to engagements in Syria or Iran.

        It makes me wonder what the Boston event was actually all about.

    3. True enough. The dramatic scene has now been proven such, but people’s response to the charade has had some very sad and horrible consequences. We cannot be certain that wasn’t the point all along. Think of the Orson Wells(‘?) “War of the Worlds” broadcast, known quietly as a completely authorized psychological operation—not a mere hoax by a “playful boy genius”. This fiction raised mass hysteria. It’s result wasn’t (altogether, we’re told) a massive put-on by public full of “extras”.

      Mass hysteria may have been guided by professional provocateurs, tearing up and down the streets screaming”run for your lives”, in the “War of the Worlds” case (this is not evidenced here; just a suggestion). We know the “news media” cannot be said to serve less of a function in its “Boston bombing” narration. Provocation appeared to be as grass roots as the man running through the streets though. A seemingly local, seemingly organic movement may have been pre-fabricated to facilitate/embolden and anger the herd. Vigilante websites “dedicated to finding “the ‘bombers” popped up, reportedly, quickly after the Boston Marathon production took place—perhaps not as quickly as the donation sites, which tend to come online before the event even takes place. Who set them up? The unthinking patriots mentioned in the comments of a previous post? When did they find time? in between “tweets”? during the commercial of some playoff game”? Despite appearances, the ringleaders of such initiatives are often counter intelligence assets themselves (as too are the leaders of anarchist, racial, etc. groups, time again).

      The drama utilized, by plot or not, a mechanism to pull people in so emotively that they would herd together, behind a single guiding light/narrative, to charge at anyone who interrupts the story by telling them “the end” before the authorized narrators do. The victims could not end up being frauds, especially while playing such loveable, flawless characters. If you are involved at Huffington Post, you may also be engaging with a “paid poster” from a large PR firm, hired to shut out honest considerations, interludes People are paid to steer conversation. It’s a big business.

      Finally, let’s not forget how Huffington Post rose from obscurity a few years ago. That’s a protected domain, a domain protected at the highest levels we may assume. We may assume the same quite often.

  8. I want to point out that the good Dr. (J) Allan Panter is in the photo wheeling Krystle to the emergency tent. Jeans and yellow/khaki shirt although his head is not in your picture above.. Go back and listen to his abc interview and note what he says. You can match him up in many of the photos but only after race time 4:11:04. In the interview he says that Krystle expired at the medical tent Doesn’t jibe with the visual evidence and the actions of the responders.

    If you search for him in the photos he’s not within 20 feet of the blast. It appears to me the cowboy was signaling the start of several ‘action’ events with his hat and flag and note that he knelt on the fence for a full 20-30 seconds until the Dr. entered the scene. (The photo of Cowboy reading his cue card includes the Dr.)

  9. Also note in the article that Panter’s wife says he was covered in blood…must have happened at the medical tent because there is no visual evidence other than the fact he changed his shirt for the interview…he also seems to claim he untangled the mess of bodies…but he wasn’t any of the photos pre and immediate post-blast and there’s this

    :”I started trying to control the airway, another gentleman started doing CPR and we worked until we got a stretcher there,” said Panter. “We had a pulse until we got her to the medical tent and then we lost her.”

    Although it’s apparent he wasn’t with her the entire time. I found the link above after reading another article or seeing a report…don’t remember which one among all the disinfo.

  10. Many Threats Being Issued
    coerce extort blackmail bribe
    not to interfere with hush money
    not to interfere with blood money

  11. All the world’s a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players:
    They have their exits and their entrances;
    And one man in his time plays many parts,

    ~William Shakespeare from “As You Like It”

  12. Why go to the trouble of an elaborate hoax when they could have simply detonated a real pressure cooker bomb and achieve the same effect without risk of exposure?

    1. They have discovered that some real victims won’t accept pay off money and continue to fight for the truth (remember the Jersey Girls?). Fake episodes lock the “actors” in to a giant, prosecutable fraud, and leave them easy to bribe and blackmail.
      Plus any real victims have a huge pile of crappy actors and revolving facts contradicting and confusing anyone who might listen.

  13. I’d like to address Haps question about the search for the bombers:
    (when the hunt for the accused ‘terrorists’ would have been obviously in error if this was all a drill and a staged event?). I haven’t been studying this event to the degree many have, and I think it is a good thing that there are people who do so. Here is my opinion: These drills-gone-live, aren’t completely fake. Actors are told it is fake and that their job is to make it look real. Meanwhile, in the same way police sting operations are set up, I think real FBI agents solicit willing would-be-terrorists, and draw them into action to play out the desired scenario, further desensitizing people to the growing police state, and breaking down their resistance to omni-present surveillance. The indignation on the part of the terror suspect’s mom, and the allegations of a “set-up” are probably true to a large degree. The bombers do what they agree to do, and then they are either killed or captured, charged and either kept in custody indefinitely, or quietly deported like a bear who inadvertantly wandered into the city, set free to go on doing what bears/terrorists do, only elsewhere. The crisis has served it’s purpose, and in the eyes of the PTB, “so what if a few lives were sacrificed” as long as the agenda is served. Meanwhile, everyone is so busy arguing that the whole thing was fake, or the whole thing was real and how dare you suggest it’s fake, that no one sees the other alternative. I believe there were real victims in Newtown, there were certainly real victims of 9/11. Terrorists do want to bring the U.S. down, but unfortunately, our own government is complicit. Obama himself is a terrorist. We as a nation are now in the hands of the globalists. It’s their job to take America down, so the New World Order can arise, and those who will sell out the U.S. with no compunction, are each “gunning” (pardon the pun) for their coveted place of power in that new Order.

    1. Shekinah,

      I believe you’re right. I personally know two individuals that died on 911. One on a flight out of Boston. Another in the South Tower. I never saw these people again, attended one memorial and grieved with the family. So, when I hear “no one died” on 911… I’m pretty certain it is not true. Where would these people be??

      Were there players positioned to drive the narrative on 911? I now think they were. But, peopled died as well.

      I can see from the evidence that the “emergency response” to Newtown and Boston were unusual, but I personally can not state for certain that no one died.

      The two “drill” events we’ve seen in 2013 appear to me to be a show of power from one of the “Powers” seeking dominance in the current shake-up here in the U.S.

      Now, the U.S. and Russia have teamed-up to seek a peaceful resolution in Syria….

  14. WOW! After seeing the CNN Amputee Training piece, my whole prespective on the Boston Bombings has changed. By itself it doesn’t prove anything one way or another about the Boston Bombing…but it does prove that the ability to decieve what one is preceiving does exist, especially if what one is seeing is only on the TV screen.

    Ultimately, the real kicker for me is the pushing of an Agenda immediately following any of these “major” events…for instance the entire martial law lock down of Boston and the warrantless door-to-door searches. And the entire Gun Control push after Sandy Hook.

    Problem-Reaction-Solution, aka the Hegelian Dialectic is a powerful and proven model used countless times throughout history. However, these days, more and more people are catching on to the entire ruse!

  15. Okay, I don’t believe they are actors, I think Carlos was taking off his neck strap from the card it was attached to, perhaps to use as a tourniquet. I also don’t think we all can be so critical as to exactly HOW people are going to respond in a situation like that. Many people could have been shocked and confused. I think thinking and open mindedness is great, but sometimes it may go a bit too far. Over reaching if you will. I’m sure they were saying there was drills, maybe then even knew of a threat. Maybe they even planted it and blamed someone, but I think the victims are real. I dont think the govt has a problem with sacrificing some americans for the greater cause (picture).

    1. “Most of the ‘pictures in our heads’ we have gained from these media–even to the point where we often do not really believe what we see before us until we read about it in the paper or hear about it on the radio.”-C. Wright Mills.

    2. What proof do you have that the “victims” are real, other than the media telling you they are? And how do you explain a prosthesis falling off a “victim,” faux blood packets at the scene, and the guy dumping dust on the victims’ head? It has been said that the greater the lie the more likely people will believe it because they can’t see themselves saying such a great lie. People believe the Sandy Hook hoax, the Boston bombing hoax and other hoaxes just because they are HUGE, although outrageously obvious, lies.

    3. Bonnie, How do you contend with the evidence that the Police allowed civilians into the emergency scene? Why are civilians “working” alongside the “emergency responders” and not fellow civil servants like firemen/police?

      Why are police standing by doing nothing when civilians are tending to the wounded?? Wouldn’t it be more prudent to clear civilians from the area… as the risk for another bomb would still be unknown and real?

      This was a drill scenario at the first bomb.

    4. Why would Carlos apply a tourniquet when Dr. Panter was there with him, both at least a minute and 20 seconds post explosion…Not real…I was a pre-med student for half my college career not to mention first aid experience…wishing away the evidence is hard when you’re in the Skinner box. I spent much of my career in the computer graphics industry (on the supplier side), long before it was mainstream, Most eyes don’t attenuate to the particulars in an image unless they literally examine it. Some of these images have clear elements that don’t belong, or are missing. In other cases the interviews don’t jibe with the cctv images….

      1. Bill,The lanyard certainly was NOT used as a tourniquet,as it is still there during the great wheelchair race,tucked under Cowboy Carlos’ shirt (as it was during the interview, I think).

  16. I just read the May 4, Palm Beach Post article about Prof. Tracy. I want to give my many thanks to you, Prof. Tracy, for providing this platform and continuing to post on the anomalies of the Boston bombing despite intense criticism. Efforts to persecute, ridicule, and silence those questioning official narratives are vehement. Your courage and perseverance is laudable! I point anyone I come across, who is receptive to truth, to your blog. Thank you for what you do!

    1. And a fine analysis it is, Ms. Casey… of just one part of the multi-part distraction foisted on us. This is the part that they can obviously control and spin. As I’m learning, what other things in the news is this designed to distract us from, whether or not we believe that any part of it was faked from the get-go?


  17. Apparently the Boston Marathon was dedicated to the victims of Sandy Hook. The 26 miles each representing one victim (Forget Nancy Lanza, no one remembers her). The VIP section for Sandy Hook survivors was near the finish line of the marathon.

  18. The abundance of people who willingly participate in terror hoaxes put up by the Joker Regime speaks volume about the degree of depravity in this society. Incredibly, this not only includes struggling third-rate actors, but also professionals who are supposed to be bound by ethics. This brings me to Dr. Levine, the DHS/Gestapo physician. Levine,who lied with straight face about the “injuries” sustained by the Boston “victims” should lose his medical license.

    1. MDs and their hospitals have a squeaky clean image. Alan Watt of has referred to medical doctors as our era’s white coated priests while pondering stories about organs being stolen from deceased children (,,450736,00.html), or stories about how pedophile/tv charmer Jimmy Saville, accused of abusing even dying children, was allowed his own room in a UK hospital (,,450736,00.html).

      We also have the charities run by hospitals that raise money for big pharma (often indistinguishable from the bio warfare industry responsible for disease production). We have ridiculous television MDs, dressed up as if they just left the hospital, hosting talk shows in television studios. The Wizard of Oz, Doctor Oz, comes to mind. Here’s a guy that admits he doesn’t vaccinate his children even as he pushes flu vaccines on the bewitched masses.

      I cast no aspersions on medics as a whole. I wouldn’t call funny business at a hospital unusual though.

    2. I used to trust dr’s also (I am not a dr but I play one on tv) but no longer. The way they push vaccines(gardsil) and other meds . More people die from medical mistakes and hospitals than guns. We have been fooled into thinking they are smarter than us. I don’t blame all drs but the profession as a whole has really changed.

    3. One thing I have seen in foreign alternative press discussions (Ireland for example) is the notion that this was an actual attack on Boston by the CIA. I am sure this is widely believed.

      Because they do not live in Boston or have experience with marathons here, they tend to believe that this event is widely attended in its last hours, even once the winners have crossed the finish line. This is not the case. People do not stick around in huge crowds to the bitter end.

      Nor do they get the levels of control at the finish line, which can basically “cage” whoever is there and eliminate those who are not part of the drill. There unfamiliarity with Boston street layouts does not allow them to see that actual runners, stragglers, were held back out of sight and to the north of Boylston Street – I believe at Commonwealth.

      There are runners shown crossing the line. Whether they were part of the pack or brought in after to run a few blocks is the question. The runners we saw may have been part of the illusion.

      So they have this problem with the control of the set. They cannot believe “it” was a great conspiracy due to “too many people.”

      And while they compare and contrast the Finish Line photos, what few they may have, with other photos released of suicide bombings and such (assuming those too are genuine), they miss the numbers game and the absence of evidence for two dead, 11 lost limbs and hundreds injured at the almost pristine sight of Forum.

      Why the drill has been stretched out this long, has involved physician statements and a 6 city lockdown, eludes them.

      It then seems to this alternative foreign media that anyone seeking to defend the exercise as a drill is covering up for the US government in a disinfo. The logic to them is all on the side of a real attack by the US on its innocent citizens, aided by Muslim extremists who were put up to it by the secret government which coached them.

      Our country doesn’t just seek to control its own populace, but to leave this wider impression in the world at large, and to that extent it reinforces anti-Muslim stereotypes which are far more prevalent in European countries fearing this growing demographic, some of which is the result of wars for choice and the refugee crisis it causes.

      The impression is prismatic, in which things are weighed abroad without some of the vital clues Americans might have if they just took them out an evaluated them: this is a movie-making culture, we use mock drills all the time, those drills are very complex and multi-layered, and the haves and have-nots are in a delicate balance. There are huge riots in living memory (Rodney King in LA was massive). Keeping the population under control has to be part of the planning in city governments. A place like Boston, with so many hospitals, is also subject to biological outbreaks. The drills are not optional but deemed necessary.

      I don’t think my country killed its own people that day, nor did a couple of Chechens. I think it is an elaborate pantomime, but I think it has turned into something else, far more pernicious. It may make us far less safe rather than more.

    4. Too bad we do not have a fund to reward some of those actors to come out and tell the truth since they have no conscience to do that on their own.

      1. But remember the bit in “Wag the Dog,” where one of the actresses asks something like, “So what happens if I put this on my resume?” and Robert De Niro says, “They come to your house and they kill you.”

  19. Another great post. But we should be cautious in assuming that ALL the deaths and injuries were staged, and there were NO real ones. They DO kill people. Nancy Lanza in the Sandy Hook caper was apparently really killed, and the older brother in the marathon bombing was killed by the police.

    Also, they tried to kill the younger brother, the number of bullets making the boat, according to the owner, appear like “swiss cheese.” According to a video of a cop who saw the originally wound, the boy’s throat was cut, not made by a bullet. I’m sorry I can’t remember where I saw him describing it, and of course it was eliminated from the mainstream media.

    The people conducting these drill may be Orwellian, but we shouldn’t forget, they are also homicidal.

    1. What proof do you have that Nancy Lanza was killed? And when did that happen? The neighbors who lived steps away from the house of horrors where she was allegedly shot in the face did not see her (or her fictional son Adam) for years. And it is a friendly neighborhood where everybody knows each other or at least of each other, as one of the perplexed neighbors stated. If I had to guess, I would guess 1) Nancy has been dead for years, (2) lives abroad, or (3) is in witness protection, or (4) there has never been a Nancy Lanza..

      1. Is it just me, or does it appear as if the other members of the SWAT team are slightly perplexed by the comments of their colleague?

  20. Maybe you’re right about Nancy Lanza, Hyacinth. I’ve always been very gullible. But I seem to remember a will being adjudicated.

    Thanks for the video, Bev. That’s the one I saw.

  21. What I am reminded of, when I see the videos of Carlos Arredondo putting his hat on for the cameras, and then playing his role of pushing the double amputee in the wheelchair, is Ken Salazar (Obama’s Secretary of Interior until this past January). The hat’s the same. Their fashion consultants are probably also the same.

  22. I am a 9/11 truther and I believe Sandy Hook was a multiple shooter false flag. But you guys are really doing harm to the cause of skepticism and I am surprised Prof. Tracy is being shoddy in his research. Below is a Boston Globe article naming a dozen people on the record who say they work with Jeff at Costco and Skyped with him. There are your interview subjects. Look them up and ask if he had two legs.

    I agree that a few things seem strange like Jeff unattended in the photo, but isn’t it better to ask him for his recollections about these moments rather than immediately conclude he is a fake? The tragic thing is this was a false flag blamed on patsies, set up by the FBI, and we have clear evidence of it. But anybody saying so will be associated with the incredibly offensive “no one got hurt.” Prof. Tracy you did great work on Sandy Hook, but you have tripped up badly this time.

    BTW a doctor told me of the wheelchair, one guy can run faster pushing a wheelchair that four guys can run carrying a stretcher. Speed is a factor, and he saw nothing unusual.

    Bauman at Costco

    1. It’s not that a few things seem strange about the photos. It’s that a few things are impossible in them. Your citation of “a doctor” is really not appreciated here.

      A few facts have been established (the identity of the amputee at the scene is not one of them). You don’t want to read them. Instead, you present a fluff piece about how wonderful Costco is (if you like being in prison, Costco is great). That doesn’t change the fact that arteries bleed.

      The truth isn’t a movement. It’s your movement to find truth. If you want to stop at a false flag that’s your business. That’s become a safe position; even George Bush was taking it to serve some larger aim. A growing number of people see where truthers can be assimilated when not vigilant (Look at how many desire the approval of politicians and the MSM). They, in large, have failed to cover how this event may have likely been staged. It’s easier (perhaps conveniently) to prove it wasn’t a false flag than to prove it wasn’t staged. Maybe that’s why the default position.

    2. Do you really think they couldn’t get a dozen people to say this? People will do anything for $ . I am not saying it is 100% true just don’t be so quick to believe because someone knows someone who knows someone who lives next door to your mother… question it all. Rather than ask the “co workers” I would stand outside the Costco and ask the customers if they are regular customers there and if they ever saw him there before. He healed wayyyy too fast Hard to believe.

      1. They could present video of him doing cartwheels at a Costco workers picnic on April 1, 2013. That doesn’t changed what’s been proven.

      2. The actors themselves, not being at Forum, could have believed their live drill was exploited to do the bombing at Forum and the new emerging one of a third site (perhaps to explain the two Chechens to them, with two bags of explosives).

        Or they could be active duty military under orders. This would make questioning it a matter for court martial and severe economic penalties. If there is a carrot, there can also be a stick.

        We could project many economic incentives – student loan forgiveness would be great. The hope of future success with a top agency. Amputee actors can continue in their careers, this time as victims of the bombing.

    3. Your doctor told you there is nothing unusual in putting injured people in inappropriate wheelchairs and running them up the road? What about the (at least) two people who were carried way from the scene in peoples arms, nothing unusual in that? What about Krystle getting fake CPR-on-the-run, nothing unusual in that?

      If this is your Dr telling you this, I would change.

      There is nothing unusual in some guy in a cowboy hat picking up a double amputee and sitting him upright in a wheelchair to run him down the road? All the while the bandages and fake skin are getting caught in the mechanisms.

      There would be nothing unusual if they stemmed the blood flow and waited for an ambulance.

      Have a look at this man and how awkward a wheelchair is for his injuries, yet they run him up the road with someone holding his leg awkwardly like that the whole way (there is video of it).

      Nothing unusual in that? His injuries are not life threatening so there can be no fake pretense about necessity, why not leave him where he is until an ambulance gets there.

      This was a closed set, all the actors were in position before the blast went off, they acted as the injured, they acted as the first responders, and lastly they acted as the ambulances clearing people from the scene. This “closed set” formula stopped any random and unembedded first responders from turning up and seeing anything they shouldn’t have.

      1. SKeptical wrote “Hey folks, there are some photos on this site ( showing that that photo we’ve seen of a woman on a gurney is actually not Krystle Campbell – it’s her friend Karen Rand.”

        No, 100% it is Krystle Campbell on the stretcher, Karen’s jeans are a lighter colour, you can see part of Krystle’s blue top, and Dr Panter is operating the air mask – he gives very conflicting reports (as they all do) but one thing he is very consistent about is that the woman he accompanied to the medical tent died, which can only be Krystle.

      2. You’re right, Andrew! I realized this earlier today. And it’s good news, I think. I think the photos show that, once on the stretcher, Krystle is wearing the leg that Karen had been wearing only a short while before. In other words, we have evidence that someone put a prosthetic leg on Krystle. Which, I think, we can reasonably take to indicate that she was just acting. I’ve created an essay about this, and will forward it to James to see if he can post it.

    4. James Madison’s point that fellow Costco workers support Jeff Bauman must be resolved.

      Many of us have $50 we’d be happy to apply towards a private investigator to seek out some of the people and interview them.

      With forty or so feeling the same way, we’d have enough to hire an ex-police detective for $1,000 a day and report back.

      After all, it’s just our country we’re talking about.

      1. Gotta be careful with trying to raise money. There’s been so much fraudulent soliciting of funds from kindhearted souls wanting to help the victims – it might be wise for us to fund our research efforts individually (or at least extremely locally) for now.

        To make the truth public, asking questions is best done on record by a reasonably skilled interviewer. This could be done, if there’s someone willing with the relevant skills and tools – but it could be risky. Asking the “wrong” sorts of questions quickly attracts attention. We have no idea what the result would be.

        What I personally feel comfortable with is just to try to convince a few people (who I trust very much) that all this is not sheer craziness. If we all keep doing that and documenting the issues, awareness will gradually spread.

        Just my two cents.

        1. Yes, you’re right, both about the need for a skilled interviewer, as well as to be leery of fund solicitations.

    5. At Dr. Stanley Monteith, retired orthopedic surgeon notes that Baumann’s injuries would call for blelow-the-knee amputations, but photos at the game show he has 2 above the knee amputations. I suggest that the phoney injury prostheses are responsible for the discrepancy. I personally regard this event as the most obvious hoax yet. It actually made me laugh. If you just LOOK at the videos of the event, then read what’s written about it you MUST come to the conclusion that there’s a conspiracy to tell the public lies.

  23. With the Boston marathon bombings, America appears to be returning to the lynch law of its past traditons. This is the murder of persons of ethno-racial groupings based on accusations in the media. It is usually attributed to ‘mobs,’ without mentioning in either the learned or mass media that it was often instigated by affluent owners of the media who were influential in legal circles, including the police. The police and legal system turned a blind eye to the lynchings when they were not themselves parties to it.

    The lynching in Boston is being directed against the two brothers of Muslim origins. There has been no evidence whatever presented against the brothers that they were guilty of the bombings, which, James and the commnenters have shown to be at least partially faked. Indeed, the evidence that has been released publicly shows that the younger brother did NOT participate in the bombings, leaving the area still holding and carrying his knapsack in which the bomb was purportedly carried. In order to obtain evidence against him, his friends have been arrested and pressure presumably exerted to get them to testify against him.

    The older brother was brutally murdered by the police, and apparently run over by a police SUV. A fusillade of shots were directed against him, as they were against his unarmed younger brother. The American power system has even prevented him from being buried, since his burial would might serve as a gathering place for a martyr lynched by the police.

    According to an article in the British Guardian, a hundred offers have been made around the country of burial places for him, but the officials of the cities have vetoed having him buried in their towns. This illustrates a systematic policy of American power to prevent an American resident from being buried in his home, a continued effort to conceive him as The Other.

    At the same time, an African American woman convicted by an all White jury of murder has been made a Public Enemy. Apparently during the Terror War we have returned to trial by the media, where the US Constitution does not apply. We are fortunate, however, in having the Constitution professionally shredded by a Constitutional lawyer in the White House,, who has publically assumed the guilt of the brothers and approved the ignoring of the Constitutional requirement of the Miiranda warnings that the accused is entitled to a lawyer.

    The request for a lawyer by the imprisoned younger brother, according the civil rights truther Glenn Greenwald, was ignored. During the Terror War we apparently will not only enjoy endless war abroad, but a return to lynch law at home. The notion of being innocent until proven guilty has been gutted along with elementary rights of the American people by a lawless power legitimated by the bottomless deceit of the media.

    1. It all depends on whether you think the bombings were a fiction.
      If this is all from start to finish a movie (which is how I see it), then you’ll realize that no Chechens were killed in the making of it. Chechens were a great choice for someone seeking to control this. All 200 Chechens in this country are likely to be tightly controlled intelligence assets. None of them is going to “avenge” the death of Tamerlane.

      Real lynch law could have happened if this thing played in gun country. You’d have seen bands of people with weapons and dogs, militias, hunting down the younger brother rather than sitting passively in their homes. I know that kind of person. They don’t make that breed in Massachusetts. It dies here from lack of stimulation. But the breed lives on farther south. It would have been risky to run this drill in many states I could name.

  24. My question is, why are there thousands of pictures of one of the bomb scenes, but very few of the other scene? One scene is secured and thoroughly examined (the Forum one), while the other has nothing going on. I don’t even remember seeing crime scene tape around it. It kind of makes you wonder if one scene was staged and the other was real. After seeing videos of the “shootout” in Watertown, and see them placing the “dead guy” who appeared to be walking to the patrol car, under his own power, although naked, and being put in the back of the car. The next thing you see is him lying in the road, supposedly run over by his brother. I have seen many people run over in my life, and even been partially run over, and that is not usually how the body is lying after the incident. This incident sure has a lot of questions. And the biggest one is, how did this happen when this is the exact scenario they trained for last year?

    1. Brian, I believe you may have reversed the scenes. Forum is the site of the second blast, where, though it was reported that most of the carnage took place, it is pristine except for broken windows. They didn’t even bother with blood. You just have pictures of guys in Hazmat suits standing around looking for clues. There was an earlier set of pictures, but it didn’t look like hundreds of people and a dozen amputations.

      There was some hocus-pocus in the press at Forum – a picture of an open shopping bag at a barrier – one picture shown inside the barrier, one outside. I remember looking at that skeptically and being shouted down by my family as having it all wrong – no such attempt at duplication or mind games. Not even worth pursuing anymore. Of course that is how they played it, but it is trivial.

      The Finish Line is the site of the staging which most have studied in detail. That’s where we find the real clues (as opposed to an absence of them), and where most of the actors did their thing.

  25. Has anyone mentioned the lack of blood on the Careless Cowboy Carlos’ Right sleeve while making the galloping wheelchair ramble;yet,during the interview just after,magically it appears! Check it out.

    1. There’s that. There’s the guy with his clothes shredded who isn’t bleeding. There’s the Christian Williams character who seemed to get his injuries after the incident; there’s the pink coated doll (check her out in newest post on this blog), the red vested women changing positions, acting out various injuries . . . It goes on and on. It’s difficult to mention some of the people involved because it will generate anger for obvious reasons. But just look at Christian Williams and the shredded clothes guy. Look at this cowboy and his past.

    2. that was the first thing I noticed that wasn’t right. Then the interviews that didn’t jibe with the race clock and image timeline, and then the interview with Dr; Panter, who is with Carlos in many of the still shots…he mentions the double amputee in his interview but doesn’t say he attended to him…mentions Krystle and what he did for her but not by name. But it was the statement that he was 20 ft from the blast and his wifes claim he was covered with blood that made him a likely prevaricator. Neither confirmed by any of the pix.

  26. It is one thing to see clear evidence of a deception but quite another to see that the President of the United States plays his part just as surely as the woman in the pink coat. The next step is to identify the perpetrators of these false flag operations that have the power to get our highest government officials to deceive us.

    1. Phylax, Humanity languishes in the mental and spiritual doldrums. The trade winds of intellectual curiosity have come to a complete halt. The stagnate air is only pocked, now and again, with shallow words that were stolen from some other time, some other mind……some “official” decree.

      There is no “government”. There are no “officials”. These are merely illusions that we cling to for our personal comfort. To address reality means to become that trade wind that propels one out of those doldrums.

      This is an epic opportunity to become not only that proverbial “wind of change” but a “safe harbor” as well.

    2. I think the perpetrators are Jesuits–and the Vatican. Look at the extreme Catholic involvement in Sandy Hook, for example. We have seen an almost complete takeover of law enforcement and the judiciary in this country by Catholics.

      I fought corruption as a lawyer in Colorado for 25 years, and realized late in the game that I was dealing with an inside track, whereby my opponents were able to trigger a phone call to the judge from someone very powerful, telling him or her how to rule. I believe these crooked judges rationalize the violation of their oath to “uphold the Constitution and statutes” by telling themselves they are serving a higher power–and that that “higher power” tells them it is OK. The Jesuits are trained in deceit.

      As conspiratorial as this sounds, apply this theory to just about any of the false-flag events and massive lootings we have seen in this country in the past 20 years, and you’ll find evidence for it. Look at Charles Keating’s looting of Lincoln Savings & Loan, which delivered billions of depositors’ dollars to Mother Teresa, basically a conduit to the Vatican. Look at the connections to Opus Dei in the FBI (e.g., Louis Freeh and Robert Hanssen) and on the U.S. Supreme Court. Look at Whitey Bulger, who committed contract killings at the behest of highly placed Catholics in the FBI. We won’t get to hear about the government’s directions to him at his trial, though.

      1. I’m uncomfortable with the bigoted tone of this comment. I’ve been impressed so far by the courtesy, rationality, and “focus on facts” on this website, which sets it apart from many others. I for one would be happy if we could keep it that way.

      2. Barack Obama is controlled by the Jesuits? George Bush? Mitt Romney? Bill and Hillary Clinton? The media is owned by the Vatican? Congress and the Supreme Court are dominated by Catholics?

        The false flag operation is a tactic used to pit one’s enemies against each other. How does a bombing of the Boston Marathon, blamed on Muslims, benefit the Vatican? A shooting in Sandy Hook or Tucson?

        “Muslim terror” has justified an eleven-year ground war in Afghanistan and Iraq that cannot be seen to benefit Catholics.

        There was a real fight between Catholics and Muslims in Spain about five hundred years ago, but when Muslims were said to renew the fight by bombing trains in Madrid in 2004 it was beyond the comprehension of Spaniards – that is to say, it was as though the Wampanoag had regrouped to continue King Phlip’s War with an opening salvo at the Boston Marathon.

        The false flag tactic is most useful to the relatively small group fighting against two formidably-sized and equipped enemies. Christians and Muslims number in the billions.while there are only about 15 million Jews worldwide.

      3. I worry about latching onto an all-explanatory theory. Each connecting point can be subject to an entirely different direction. There are those who put Zionists in the role into which you put the Catholic Church. I’ll stipulate to this: each network is large, but its connection to this crime is only speculative. The idea that it could be both is rarely entertained, except as some theory which goes into crypto common origins and takes it out of the present day real world and into a real of shadowy history. I don’t like to go there because it has no teeth.

        For instance there are those who always note that each US President seems to be related to several prior ones (distantly usually) and in some instances to the Queen of England. This seems to be some kind of revelation of hidden sinister forces, when in fact, if you are a middle class American with some WASP lineage (as little as Obama’s or Reagan’s) you can come up with this kind of ancestry because of the population bottleneck at the founding of the country, giving two distinct lineages at least in North and South, which intermingled occasionally.
        I have to reveal that I am a ninth cousin of George Bush and that his father played golf once with my cousin (who is too) and I am sure they never knew they were related, except in a vague WASP-y sort of way which influenced their choice in clothing and automobiles (bland). So don’t assume I am a member of Skull and Bones or Bilderberg or whatever because I wouldn’t join if I were tapped and I wasn’t.

        Yes, people live in vast networks. I suppose that is why crime like the Boston Marathon bombing shocks us, all of us, whatever we believe about it. Outsiders did it or Insiders did it or some evil combination of the two. I’m still leaning towards corrupt city officials and organized crime, combined with higher level trouble-makers in secretive governmental roles. Whoever makes movies in this society, and has decided Boston is a great place to do it (quite trending) as well as to Beta test forms of social control on a normally passive and patriotic populace, where faith allows them to accept “six impossible things before breakfast” and a seventh more for good measure. Catholic? Jewish? Does it even matter?

  27. I wonder if this is a crack in the facade in Boston:
    “Deputies criticize Boston Fire Chief Steve Abraira in letter (that he didn’t “assume command” in an event they claim was huge (and which he doesn’t).

    A columnist, Kevin Cullen, has told a real barn-burner of a tale about the firemen’s participation at Forum where so many lost life and limbs according to the story:

    1. Well, nobody wants to hear that their play had casualties, although friendly fire does apparently happen. The “Twilight Zone Movie” aspects are the exception that proves the rule.

  28. Interesting, that the Boston Globe reporter hyping the official version is Kevin Cullen. Is he the brother of Dave Cullen, the shill who has spent years hyping the official fiction of Columbine?

  29. Another sequence of interesting photos and videos:

    This video ( suggests that the first bomb was detonated by a female runner in green, who passed the detonator to Bill Iffrig.

    If you look at the CNN video (here’s another place you can still find it, at about 3:00 minutes at, the runner in green clearly lifts her right arm up and outwards just before the white object flies from her hand towards Bill Iffrig. I’ve watched this sequence frame-by-frame several times. Anyone can verify that the object originates in her hand, by watching the video frame-by-frame (try forwards and backwards).

    The woman in green is not Jennifer Dagnall (as suggested on the Vimeo site), nor Rebecca Roche (as NODISINFO states). 
According to an NYT article (, she’s Peggy Boren, a 47-year-old homemaker from St. George, Utah. A look at Marathonfoto shows that her number was 18430. Ms. Boren seems oddly untroubled by her experience ( The KUTV reporter even remarks on her peculiar attitude, explaining that “the tragedy is still sinking in for Peggy and her husband.”

    Is Mr. Iffrig trained in sleight-of-hand? The two participants presumably would have had to practise this move many, many, many, many times in order to get it right. An Italian newspaper refers to him as “Magic Bill” (“the nickname given by the media and by the people who in these hours followed the evolution of dramatic events in Boston”) – probably just a coincidence, unless this is a glimpse into what media participants “in the know” were saying:

    Where does the object go after Mr. Iffrig catches it? I don’t think it gets kicked away. I’ve watched the Boston Globe video of the first blast carefully, and (unless it’s been doctored) it seems that the object seen flying *away* from Mr. Iffrig in the Vimeo video is actually genuine debris – but the object flying *towards* him is not. In the video I linked to above, there are at least 7 frames in which the white object is visible in (or immediately adjacent to) Mr. Iffrig’s hand – which I think would not be possible if it were simply flying by. Then it is invisible, presumably concealed in his hand. So where does it end up?

    Mr. Iffrig is holding a largish black object, perhaps a bag, in his other hand – see, and also (put in Bill Iffrig’s name to see his photos). I’ve done a fair bit of running, and in my experience, runners try to avoid holding things in their hands for long periods of time – they use waist packs. Why would Mr. Iffrig be carrying a largish black object throughout the marathon (even a hat or gloves, as one commentator on NODISINFO suggested)? Could it be to conceal the object that is thrown to him? In the photo that appears as the “cover image” for the video labelled “Long form of the interview with the two operatives” on, it looks as though Mr. Iffrig is handing off the black bag to someone wearing a race volunteer’s yellow jacket, light beige pants and white New Balance shoes. This doesn’t seem to be the person who escorted Mr. Iffrig away – that person was wearing a blue jacket, as shown in this video:

    Did Ms. Boren carry the detonator, trigger the blast as she ran by, then get rid of the detonator by tossing it to Mr. Iffrig? Did he (with impressive skill) catch the detonator, create a distraction by falling, conceal it, and pass it off to an accomplice?

    Take a look at the photos and videos; you be the judge.

  30. I just wanted to note somewhere that two “emergency exercise” drills are or have been planned for the Gainsville area. Craigslist carried an ad from the National Guard seeking volunteers to play the role of victims during a training exercise on May 23. The ad is still up, at:

    Also, on May 30, there is supposed to be a drill on the University of Florida campus. I have posted below the email from the police chief:

    From: Linda Stump, University of Florida Police Chief and Assistant Vice President for Public and Environmental Safety

    Re: Emergency Exercise at UF

    A communitywide emergency exercise, which was postponed in April, has been rescheduled for Thursday morning, May 30, and will affect access to campus around Ben Hill Griffin Stadium between 7 a.m. and noon.

    The exercise will involve volunteers with simulated injuries and a large number of law enforcement, emergency and other personnel. UF police officers will be stationed around the exercise area to help direct pedestrian and vehicle traffic. There may also be increased activity in and around the Academic Health Science Center.

    Important Impacts and Times:

    · Gale Lemerand Drive

    o The road will be closed from 9 to 11:30 a.m. between the O’Connell Center parking lot entrance and Stadium Road.

    o Access to the O’Connell Center parking lot from Gale Lemerand Drive will remain open.

    · Garage 7 (O’Connell Center)

    o Standard parking in the O’Connell Center lot will not be disrupted.

    · Ben Hill Griffin Stadium Access

    o Pedestrian access to the ground level of the Stadium concourse between Gates 1 and 18 will be closed from 7 a.m. to noon.

    o Pedestrian traffic outside the southwest corner of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium and the southeast corner of the O’Connell Center will be limited between 8 and 11:30 a.m.

    o All University Athletic Association Administrative offices, University of Florida offices in Stadium West, Gator Ticket Office and the Heavener Football Complex main entrance will remain accessible.

    UF remains committed to the safety of the campus community, and participation in this exercise is an important component in maintaining and improving university emergency operations.

    Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

  31. The small child who also supposedly lost a leg at Blast Site 2 is a farce. She is seen in post Blast pictures used for nothing other than propaganda with her legs totally intact and of equal length with shoes on. The actual little girl who does have a prosthesis was seen in the 7News crowd. The US Government is EXPLOITING disabled Americans and children to carry their agenda. This is criminal and in violation of human rights and International Law.

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