(Updated 5-7-13.)

A chief narrative of the Boston Marathon Bombing (BMB) is that Jeff Bauman was tragically maimed when the first “pressure cooker bomb” detonated at the finish line. The charge blew both of Bauman’s legs clear off, leaving him with the disturbing remains of apparently exposed tissue and bone.

Such profound injuries would have severed Bauman’s femoral arteries, causing him to bleed out profusely. Indeed, with wounds so severe Mr. Bauman would have lost blood pressure and consciousness in a matter of minutes.

Yet, Bauman does not lose consciousness after having had both legs violently shorn off. On the contrary, little-if-any blood is observable, while the blood on the sidewalk around him is bright red–an unusual hue as normally upon secretion blood swiftly oxidizes and turns a dark red.

As nodisinfo.com points out:

Two stumps, two exposed femoral arteries, yet there is no blood. That is a physical impossibility. There is no heat to this bomb, so the claim for cautery is ruled out. The only other explanation is that this man isn’t wounded and that this is a Hollywood play.

With exposed, traumatized femoral arteries there would be arterial spurting. There would be blood splattering in the direction towards the two people before him. Despite this, not a drop of blood can be seen anywhere.[1]

Two_circlesThis photo is a closeup of Bauman holding his leg with both hands as he is transported in the wheelchair. Note the two circles on his skin directly above his left thumb. Are these marks intended to identify where to affix a prosthesis?

Further, despite experiencing what must be tremendous pain and trauma, Bauman makes an unusually earnest and persistent effort to keep his head lifted off the ground, while appearing to be particularly concerned with what others are doing close by. Below while arching his head he is seen accompanying a woman close to him making what appears to be a hand signal to parties unknown.

According to CCTV video it took Boston’s Cowboy Hero Carlos Arredondo more than five minutes to preempt more qualified medical personnel, apply a tourniquet, and transport Bauman the equivalent of one city block to an awaiting ambulance.


What effect might injuries as grave as Bauman’s have on those unfortunate enough to witness the carnage? A glimpse of such horror took place at a Buffalo Sabres-St. Louis Blues hockey game on March 22, 1989 when a Blues player was flipped over in a tangle with a Sabres opponent, his skate piercing Sabres goalie Clint Malarchuk’s jugular vein.[1] Malarchuk lost about one pint of blood in the 10 seconds it took his trainer to halt the flow and save his life.



Following the incident 11 fans fainted in the stands and two had heart attacks, while three players vomited on the ice. Malarchuk returned to play within days but his near-death experience still haunts him.[3]

Malarchuk’s disturbing injury was multiplied many times over in the BMB. It might be suggested, then, that dozens if not hundreds of onlookers would have been thoroughly shattered in the wake of the attack. Corporate media would have jumped at the opportunity of graphically relating such horror to those at home. Many would have been laid out or doubled-over with stress, trauma, and dread. Yet the aftermath–particularly at the bomb scene itself–is arguably far less chaotic, contrasting with the many eyewitness accounts carried in major news outlets of rampant pandemonium, bloodshed and gore.


[1] drkresearch, “The Photo Which Proves it All,” nodisinfo.com, May 5, 2013.

[2] Canadian Press, “Malarchuk Still Haunted by Accident,” The Sporting News, February 12, 2008. Thanks to Memory Hole commenter “Cheyenne” for bringing this to my attention.

[3] Ibid.


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  1. Incisive commentary, as always, at MHB.com. Bauman is key to the BMB narrative, as he allegedly told his brother Chris that the younger brother looked him in the eye before the bomb went off. Who took the iconic picture with the chaotic scene and the Hollywood style blood? It appeared as if there was a red cup on the scene (did this cup hold the fluid?).

  2. according to Wikipedia:

    > Some geckos,skinks,lizards and salamander that are captured by the tail will shed part of the tail structure and thus be able to flee. The detached tail will continue to wriggle, creating a deceptive sense of continued struggle and distracting the predator’s attention from the fleeing prey animal. The animal can partially regenerate its tail over a period of weeks. The new section will contain cartilage rather than bone, and the skin may be distinctly discolored compared to the rest of the body. The technical term for this ability to drop the tail is caudal autotomy.

    Maybe figures of authority will use this as an explanation.

  3. The blood on the street where the girl is sitting up in front of the negro woman who was later taken by stretcher, I call that blood “advertisement” red. It looks like someone dumped over a can of red ink. It is not blood, no way!

  4. Walt Disney, Suzanne Pleshette and Dean Jones rule.

    Oh, and Tommy Kirk and Kurt Russell.

    Don’t forget Fred MacMurray!

    Son of Flubber.

    This is the way we work and play.


  5. The Huffington Post this morning has launched an attack on New Hampshire politician Stella Tremblay for saying that things don’t add up with the official Boston narrative.

    After posting polite comments in support of Ms. Tremblay’s observations, Huffington has taken away my ability to respond to people’s replies.

    A one-sided viewpoint trashing Ms. Tremblay is being achieved.

  6. As I stated before on this blog , this was a mass casuality drill and for the sake of common sense from E.M.T. Paramedic , Shock Trauma Nurses or Doctor…. when are “they” going to grow a spine and speak up on this outrageous atrocity.
    Thanks for the diagram Dr.Tracy , but anyone with basic medical or anatomy & physiology education or training will be confused with the shown injuries of Mr. Bauman.
    My question Dr.Tracy is have you been contacted or have you reached out to the medical team at the hospital where the injured bystanders were taken to be treated.
    I have personally challenged some former U.S. Navy corpsman (FMF) Army medic`s and active duty medical personnel to review supposed injuries and the medical response time for the “bombing” and I`m still waiting on answers …. “We will see ,says` the blind man to the dog”
    (Fleet Marine Force – FMF) for my non-military readers.

    I wouldn`t waste my time with the ” sprinting boy/man with the sharpnel torn clothes” skipping away with no sign of blood on his flesh. I`ve never seen a Marine sprint away after an I.E.D is dentonated nearby.

    1. Mr. SharkyDeChef wrote:

      E.M.T. Paramedic , Shock Trauma Nurses or Doctor…. when are “they” going to grow a spine and speak up on this outrageous atrocity.

      Growth in these instances of false-flags whistleblowers doesn’t always stop with a spine. Nope. Sometimes their growth includes being suicided and having some other sort of freakish accident… or a loved one.

      Who butters their bread and on which side? The age old question, does the end justify the means? Would you play along if the bigger picture seemed brighter?


  7. Nodisinfo.com continues to do an excellent job in exposing both Boston Marathon and Sandy Hook false flag events.

    It is nice to see professionals in the truth movement working together to bring the truth to the world without allowing people who are behind these crimes to come in between to create division and sabotage results of both parties doing the honorable thing. These people know that unity among truthtellers help to spread the truth faster.

    Memory Hole Blog is a reliable website with well written articles based on the truth that can appeal to people across the globe.

    Work of Memory Hole Blog and Nodisinfo.com cannot be replaced.

    By visiting these 2 sites and sharing their information with as many people as possible can help the truth to spread. By taking this simple action of sharing we each can do our part to protect humanity without having to do the hard work Professor Tracy and researchers of Nodisinfo have to put in on a daily basis.

    I do appreciate their hard work!

    1. I, too appreciate Professor Tracy’s blog and nodisinfo except with nodisinfo you have to wade through unnecessary Jew Seuss diatribes.

      1. I grew up in a neighborhood full of Jewish people, had a Jewish girlfriend at one point and had a Jewish business partner for 25 years. While Nodisinfo does some good research, I too wish they would back off on the anti-Zionist rhetoric. It damages their credibility and I find it offensive.

    2. New cell phone video by Max Malone at nodisinfo.com captures the actors (who are, one by one, slowly being identified) getting in place for the performance. Great capture of the Hoodie Guy sitting calmly with his back against the wall, waiting… while he reaches down for and readies… yes… the fake remains of the “amputated” leg we know he will later put in place on actor amputee Jeff Bauman. This is an explosive video (forgive me) especially when slowed down and viewed frame by frame:


  8. I grew up in Buffalo NY, and I was watching that game’s live broadcast when the goalie, Clint Malarchuk nearly died. I remember the moment clearly, over 20 plus years later. It was a shocking and profound moment for the t.v. audience let alone the people at the game.

    Malarchuk returned to the league the next season, but he was never the same. He was plagued with night terrors and undiagnosed PTSD.
    This led him down a spiral of drug and alcohol addiction that lead to a near fatal suicide attempt.

    After years of therapy and medication he was able to recover and now is the goalie coach for the Calgary Flames.

    That’s what real trauma does. It ripped apart his family and almost killed him years later. He had the support of the whole hockey community and the city of Buffalo, but that didn’t matter.

    1. Yes, real trauma has consequences. We don’t know what caused Bauman or whoever’s legs to be amputated. It could have been a crushing accident or diabetes or even an IED where the vascular injuries eventually had to be addressed by amputation. What we do know is that the actor is being trotted out for hockey fans and visiting rehab centers to show how happy and well-adusted he is only two – three weeks later. The President spoke to all the amputees from the Marathon stating that they would walk and even run again on prostheses. Which would really be a call for each individual case, don’t you think?

      The crowd reactions filmed are just lame. But I don’t think there will be much consequence for the theatrical troupe. They have done what they came to do, and the general public totally bought it.

      At one point, I dared to question a family member’s sobbing as fake and my husband called me heartless. I was watching it on tv. He knows I have a heart. But he (a very well educated person with much success in his field) had become so caught up in the story, he was a satisfied customer with the “truth” of the media. He never breaks down and studies this. He is too busy with things of day to day importance which keep us secure and comfortable. This is true for the vast majority of Americans: for one reason or another, they are satisfied with the story. Those of us on the margins have no effect on its power now or probably ever. All we can do is to gently keep most of our kinfolk and friends on a safe course and never give any more juice to the leaders who carried it out. I didn’t vote last Tuesday. That was new for me.

    2. Are you sure that he did not make a guest appearance on ‘Dancing With the D List Stars’ three weeks after the near death experience? No photo ops in the hospital with “celebrity” sports figures or heads of media corporations? No smiling images of Malarchuk in the hospital recovering?
      I am going to guess that these things were not on his mind during or after the near tragedy he suffered.

      Keep bringing stories like these to compare with the faux trauma that the cabal keeps generating.

  9. It’s all a lie that continues. Mr. Bauman was wheeled into a pro basketball game over the weekend to a hero’s welcome. Who, may I ask, after loosing both legs just a few weeks ago would be so energized? I believe most would be fighting depression and struggling with the loss. He was shown in a photo with his arms outstretched with a huge smile on his face. It looked more to me like a “mission accomplished” show.

  10. Again, it’s not the Boston Marathon that we should be focused on, it’s the shenanigans going on at the White House and the House and Senate we should be worried about, why all of this distraction? Let’s keep our eyes on the ball, and what laws are or are not being enacted at this time.

    1. I agree these shock&awe incidents are a distraction. We are being prepped and tested for increasing civil rights abuses in the name of making us “secure.”

      I’m watching for new legislation and also press reports on how we need to change our approach to security here in the U.S., i.e. our freedom putting us at “risk.”

      The unfolding story of Syria and Iran have a great deal to do with what is happening on the streets in the U.S. My guess is that Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon were a show of muscle and a thinly-veiled threat. It looks to me that we have witnessed soft-lobs in a pretty sick ball gall.

      An aside: I was fairly annoyed when purchasing a new shirt the other day when the cashier asked if I wanted to donate a dollar to “Boston Strong.” I declined.

      Pretty gross they are now getting their donations at point-of-sale. It is a scam of enormous proportions from top-to-bottom.

    2. The words the author Earnest Callenbach left for his audience upon his death are a good summary of what we are witnessing:

      “We live in the declining years of what is still the biggest economy in the world, where a looter elite has fastened itself upon the decaying carcass of the empire. It is intent on speedily and relentlessly extracting the maximum wealth from that carcass, impoverishing our former working middle class. But this maggot class does not invest its profits here. By law and by stock-market pressures, corporations must seek their highest possible profits, no matter the social or national consequences — which means moving capital and resources abroad, wherever profit potential is larger.”


  11. When you take in all the medical facts of severing an artery in both legs not just one..Its as plain as day that these pictures of the man in the wheelchair can not be real, surely Dr’s and nurses could speak up, and bystanders who know about medical matters should give evidence to someone to state this is phyically impossible..
    It has shocked me that they have stooped so low, if this is a staged event, and have brought shock and horror to people gathered around. Or did they have the area cordened off for the event.. Has any one pictures of the actual area where the explosion happened beforehand ?when I watch it the explosion seems to come from behind the barrier.. not in front as they say. There may have been casualties in one of the explosions, but we havent seen any of the ‘ real’ carnage .. in my mind..

  12. Note that in all the post-blast photos Bauman is in a “sitting position,” even when on the ground, which suggests that his body is accustomed to being in such a position (i.e., occupying a wheelchair). He is also always holding onto his legs (fake prosthetics?) with one or both hands. The EMT and Cowboy Man also take pains to hold onto his legs (see worldwide wheelchair photos).

    If you look closely at the high-resolution wheelchair photo taken from the side, you will see two faint circles that appear to be drawn on Bauman’s left thigh, right above his left thumb. What are they, I wonder, and how did they survive the blast?

      1. We can’t even confirm that’s Bauman. A search using the nsa picture search engine (what you may call google) brings up photos of a young man resembling (though with completely different hair) the man known as Bauman. Very conveniently, he’s wearing the grey with navy sleeves shirt in a few pictures. There are obvious similarities between the man pictured above and the man currently touring around sporting events. What’s striking are the dissimilarities. They’re almost not worth mentioning yet they’re there.

    1. YouTube Boston Marathon Bombings – Clear Footage or Video Moment of Boston Marathon Explosion. Clear footage of the first bomb going off, shot center stage from right behind the finish line. Bloodied runners collapsing in a hail of shrapnel? Nope. They just glance over and keep on running. Note the about five foot high fence of vinyl advertising banners and international flags on wooden poles on the right. Pristine. No holes or shredding here. Cops standing in front of them are unaffected. However, they immediately start tearing the banners and flags down. The explosion looks like a rock-
      show pyrotechnic smoke bomb, not a WMD.

  13. Harriet is right that professional specialists like James provide an invaluable service to the American people, and it is crucial that they unite. But there are only a few of them. They can serve as truth leaders, but the commenters influenced by them must be the central force in enlightening the American people, who do not want to know the truth.

    Out of these commenters will develop the political leaders needed to unite the American people against odious American power. Which is led by the neo-plutocracy currently stealing anything that isn’t nailed down. The commenters must be active in trying to convince the American people, using the truths that they and the truth leaders reveal to counter the horrors that may well be in store for us in the future.

    However, these crisis acotrs have a positive side. If many of the homicides are faked, it may mean that American power does not wish to shed much American blood. But I wouldn’t count on it.

    1. Mr. Mark wrote:

      If many of the homicides are faked, it may mean that American power does not wish to shed much American blood. But I wouldn’t count on it.

      You are correct to ~not~ count on the supposition that the PTB don’t wish to shed much American blood. The wars in the Middle East tell a different story.

      IMHO the reason crisis actors would be used is that in “death” the victims and their families can be controlled and spun. In other words, get crisis actors playing the roles of certain family members yet mouthing the talking points of the government: “If we would have had naked body scanners, my [relative] would be alive today. If we didn’t allow assault rifles, my [relative] would be alive today. If we don’t put up with door-to-door searches, my [relative] would die again today.”

      The emotions can be played up and trotted out again and again.


    2. ” If many of the homicides are faked, it may mean that American power does not wish to shed much American blood.”

      Or it could be that real victims don’t look as awful as the zombie like actors they give us…this is “shock and awe”.

      1. Mike Rivero at What Really Happened spoke about this and made a good point. Adam Kokesh, a former Marine, is leading this effort to march on D. C. with everyone carrying a loader weapon (illegal in D. C.).

        Mike’s comment – it takes one infiltrator to fire off his weapon and hello police crackdown and rallying propaganda for the bad guys.

      2. Spoken like a true, unconscious male. How about we DON’T fight for a system that holds little to no value for women and children? How about that for a novel idea? How about we collectively create a new “system” that supports the dignity and rights of all humanity?

        Think about this long and hard. You, nor I, created this system so what is to prevent us from creating one that is more balanced and equitable? Absolutely nothing is preventing us from taking on such an endeavor except for our mental shortsightedness and emotional immaturity.

        I would not urinate on this putrid “system” if it were literally on fire…..and metaphorically it is on fire.

        You will not catch me running down the road with America’s femoral artery in my hand….pinching the flow of blood to preserve it’s life for another day. I would let this beast bleed out.

        Please, all men who chant for war against the asymmetrical power structure, do the children and women of this world a favor and ask them what they would want. Ask a mother what kind of world she wants to raise her beautiful children in. Ask a child what kind of world they would feel safe in. After you have asked the majority of women and children what kind of world they want then ask yourself this question, “Why have I never considered the voice of women and children? Why have I not created a world safe for them?”

        Marching against the system will win you nothing. It is their game. They have all the tools and weapons of destruction…..courtesy of the ignorant masses. They like their system and are prepared to fight to keep it in place. You are prepared to fight them for this system with your little guns and indignant rage. That should work out well.

        So, as the men of this vulgar world strategize to best each other for the spoils of this entropic system, the children will suffer great loss to not only their mental and emotional well being but to the security of their physical well being. Look around you in the world theatre of ‘War”! Children are sold into sexual slavery in Iraq and Afghanistan because they no longer have parents to protect them!
        What madness is this?!……. and what is even more maddening is that most of you men who post here cannot make the connection to such mind bending sickness and perversity that permeates the very foundations of our “civilized societies”. Children are to be protected from all harm ….mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. It is the only job that holds any real value.
        You are fighting over something that holds no value to children. Just look around you….please…open your eyes and your hearts. This place is not safe for children…never was.

        These times call for extraordinary and profound changes that have nothing to do with “fighting”…..but everything to do with maturation and balance.

  14. There are indeed obvious problems with Bauman’s story. But he’s far from being alone. The more you dig into the details of the alleged injuries sustained by specific individuals that day the more bizarre the anomalies become. To name just a couple:

    1.”Nicole” with alleged multiple leg fractures and torn achilles tendon photographed sitting there, bracing her weight with obviously intact legs.

    2. “Krystara” with alleged dislocated ankle, photographed running alongside a gurney.

    3. “Christian” aka “Hoodie” who now claims to have been the most seriously injured person there, with “shredded legs,” “exposed femurs” and a “de-gloved hand,” photographed leaning on his allegedly damaged hand, and with his legs clearly in view and totally un-shredded. Even his jeans are barely torn.

    4. “Caroline” (who is apparently both Caroline Patsavos, wife of Jon Patsavos and Caroline Reinsch, g/f of the above named “Christian”) who also now claims to have had “shredded legs” buy who can be seen walking after the event, with legs and even trousers apparently intact.

    There’s more, and others keep turning up. There’s an ongoing list here:


    1. Thanks. I was wondering about the other things they dreamed up. Imagine what kind of demon this hoodie guy must be. The photos clearly show him uninjured yet he has no problem pretending he is and shaming anyone who questions him. Let it be known: you cannot reason with someone like that.

      1. There is a link elsewhere in the comments to a popular, local paper seeking to verify the GoFundMe account for the “hoodie guy’s” girlfriend. The article quietly links both the Williams and Patsavos individuals with Caroline as male companions.

        People in Boston are not stupid. Trust me.. the people of Boston may be quiet on this, but they’re not stupid.

        The thing I can’t figure is the young lady who died, Miss Campbell. If she wasn’t real… that wouldn’t stay quiet for long.

  15. Also, Senor, you get good photo ops with crisis actors that you might not have with real people bleeding and moaning. How could you ever get the dramatic footage that you get with Bauman-Vogt. It may all just be better staging.

    But Obama said publicly one time that when two many people were killed that it was “sloppy.” There appears to be an economic ethic among trained killers.

  16. Wheelchair guy is all one needs to see in order to know there is something fishy going on. This type of evidence corroborates with evidence from SH and Colorado. These plants must be paid well and they must be convinced they are doing it for the greater good. More disturbing though, is the fact that the public is unable to deduce the deception. This is the challenge before us. We now know, for certain, we are living in a nightmare. Do we try to wake the masses or is there no hope for them? Should we instead focus energies on confronting the power structure? I suggest a multi- angle approach. We must recruit spokespeople to speak up wherever possible. We must figure out a way to break the trance. We must be patient yet absolute. We must be cunning and overt. We must create an alternate reality and foster it until it can slowly challenge and eventually supplant the current reality.

    1. Truer words were never written. I’m commenting now on a Huffington Post article trashing a New Hampshire politician named Stella Tremblay who has questioned the official narrative.

      My posts, when allowed, are polite, respectful, and are discussing the ridiculousness of wheeling around a traumatically injured victim, as well as the photographic evidence that this was staged.

      We must coalesce, as you suggest, and run to support any public official, university professor, well-know personality who comes out against the official lies.

      Talking points are in order. For instance, I keep forgetting that there’s actually a Boston Globe Tweet that says there’s going to be a bomb drill and a University of Mobile coach named Ali Stevenson that told everyone he heard the loudspeaker mention that drills were going on.

    2. Read this, it confirms PCGeeks’ post regarding Jon Patsavos and William Christian. This article was published April 19th in Caroline Reinsch’s hometown newspaper:


      Note: “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” was published in 1886. It was on an Island named Jekyll that the F e d e r l R s v. system was planned beginning in 1910.

      1. Steven Kolander started the fund for Boston Bombing victims Christian Williams – Jon Patsavos and Caroline Reinsch. Kolander writes:

        “This is it:
        Some of you know me as a former recording artist on Polygram Records. Some of you know me as a creative director of an ad agency. Others might say, “What the hell? You’re a Jekyll and Hyde.” Not so. What advertising and music have in common is the ability to communicate with thousands of people at the same time while each person thinks you’re talking just to them. The idea is to take a personal story and make it just broad enough so that others can relate as if it’s their own. It all comes down to stories; whether it’s music or advertising. People love stories and they especially love stories about themselves or someone they know. This is what I do. I tell stories. And as a creative director, I help shape others so they can become better storytellers. I also help clients find their own voice to tell their story to the world. Groupies in dressing rooms and panties flying on stage are simply informal focus groups that offer anecdotal evidence that the storytelling is working rather well.”



        This is Christian and Caroline’s YouTube Channel named “smallarmyinboston”, that’s Small Army In Boston:


  17. We need a new science that counters Propoganda/ Public Relations. Maybe it could be called Public Empowerment? Base it on questioning the PR narrative and scrutinizing facts. Objective reasoning that ignores subjective reactions.

  18. This is a bit off topic for the thread, but it is definitely the weirdest thing I’ve seen yet.

    Here’s the YouTube video showing the CNN interview with someone who saw the police take someone into custody: http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_218411&feature=iv&src_vid=MrNMhQ4Rx08&v=VS8CAUFFSMU

    That man-on-the-street being interviewed?

    It’s Tom Hanks.

    I mean, listen to his voice. Here’s an interview with Hanks to compare: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPLWKBWkn3s

    And look at his ear. Here’s a photo of Hanks to compare: http://showbizglow.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/tom-hanks-looks-cool1.jpg

    He’s got heavy makeup on, I’ll grant you. But that voice is unmistakeable. And under the makeup, it still looks like him. Look at those mischievous eyes. We know them.

    Folks, we’ve been had.

    1. Oh boy, was I ever wrong! (Kind of a relief, actually. I was having a lot of trouble understanding this if it was true.) The guy is Gabe Ramirez and the fifth profile picture here (http://vimeo.com/gaberamirez) is a photo that looks like the Gabe in the video, and does NOT look like Tom Hanks. Amazing how similar their voices are, but these things happen. I guess it’s always best to stick to the facts.

      1. Good catch. We’re all human, and researching these things makes you start to suspect everything! I wasn’t very comfortable with the Tom Hanks connection, but, wow, this guy looks even more like him in his profile picture. He works for CNN. That wasn’t clear from the video clip, but it explains why he doesn’t sound like a typical bystander.

  19. Patriot121 is starting to ask the right questions, but he does so under the wrong ideology. Patriotism is precisely the problem. It proclaims the Goodness of America while operatively supporting American power. We are currently living at a time in history when we try to function between two ideologies, a dying ideology of Patriotism and Free Enterprise of the 20th century, and a new ideology of the 21st waiting to be born.

    Patriotism is the racism of nations. It is the reason that the American people are afraid to oppose the preposterous absurdities of American power; they don’t want to be Unpatriotic. It is conflicted with White racism which has been a driving force of American rule by a White plutocracy, and a White professional-managerial class that operatively supports them. The Educated classes. The Patriotism is driven by the fear of loss of power of the White population, with the rise of the non-White countries, nearly 90% of the world’s population.

    And this is precisely the ideological problem, why the American people will not look at the evidence and consider its implications in a general way. Americans are highly Patirotic. All American children throughout their youth are compelled to take a Patriotic loyalty oath every day at school.. They must pledge that the USA is a nation with Freedom and Justice for All.

    This is increasingly absurd in a time of Orwellian despotism, but Americans cannot free themselves ideologically enough to unite to oppose odious American power. It’s Unpatriotic. And the opposition to the homicidal conspiracy theories of American power have come largely from the Right, which identifies with Patriotism. And White racism. And it is necessary to identify with the American people, who are increasingly non-White.

    This is one, but only one, of the ideological problems that must be overcome, and the reason why James work and those of the commenters are so valuable. It illustrates how American power through the government-media deludes and oppresses the American people. And soooner or later Americans will break the ideological chains that bind us to the past, and to oppressive power, and will reject the nationalism, racism, and Patriotism that legitimates it.

    1. Yes, but a blind patriotism that is in reality an allegiance or faith lacking any substantive historical or political knowledge is what must be feared in any context. I don’t think pride in nationhood is inherently bad. Yet most Americans conceive of “USA” as they would of their favorite sports team. This predisposes them to unthinkingly support the craziest military and foreign policy exploits from a position of phony pride that the national security apparatus (which couldn’t care less about the US) chooses to pursue for the transnational cartels. Start sending Americans a monthly bill for how much the military-intelligence-security-industrial complex is regularly bilking them for would curtail this inane cheer-leading in a hurry.

      1. I am confused by this statement and hope that you can help me to understand what “political” knowledge is and why it is important in a compassionate world? ( I am in no way implying that we live in a world built on a foundation of compassionate values.) I need to understand why “political knowledge” is valuable.

        As far as “historical knowledge” goes we are well aware, at this point, that history is written by and for the victors. Truth is obfuscated by the elimination of details and omitting of information from an expansive perspective. Men create and write history so how accurate could his- story be?

        Patriotism, in any form, is an insular world view and just might need to be abandoned for a more intelligent system to manifest.
        I am in no way speaking of a One World Government or any governing body, like the UN or WHO, but, rather, something so refined and benevolent that it requires no allegiance or demand of any form of service to it.

        Has humanity been so numbed to their own cognitive abilities that they wait for “official” release of “reality”? That humanity has no reality other than the one that they were given…or adopted from previous generations?
        Is it such a great loss to abandon “patriotism”? “Government”? Or any other form of personal identification to a group, state or country of origin? Are these things really all that important when looking for what binds us rather than for what separates us? Does this loss have anything to do with ego?

        Perhaps I am asking all the wrong questions.

    2. I would contend there are two versions of patriotism here. One is a propagandized version of patriotism exemplified by the masses. The version I represent is one that seeks to free everyone from the propagandized version. I am a Desert Storm veteran and that fact defines who I am, so this is the perspective I am coming from. As famously quoted, “A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against its government.” At the core, government is the problem. Mismanagement and misapplication of government paved the way for the cartels to flourish. Government allowed the establishment of the Federal Reserve and it allowed the CIA and black budget to grow out of control. We have failed to heed the warning of Eisenhower and we allowed ourselves to be fooled regarding Kennedy’s assassination. This trend continues to develop.

      Seeking to re-establish the principles that allow citizens to choose freely and live how they want, that made us the most prosperous, most sought after country in the world may not be the most ideal path, but it is a path that rejects what we have become, and that is good enough. Any other ideology that moves us away from the corruption and despotism, I may be able to get behind – just get us moving there and then let’s talk about the details. Heck, I can even see the positive aspects to Peter Joseph’s Zeitgeist Movement, although I don’t agree with it entirely. We need to meet on common ground instead of poking holes in our perceived shortcomings. The fact that we are meeting in this virtual space with similar concerns is a positive step, no? I believe our hearts and minds are (roughly) in the same place. We want a better future for ourselves and our children. Let’s form a coalition first. After the dust settles we can debate structure and semantics.

      1. “Seeking to re-establish the principles that allow citizens to choose freely and live how they want, that made us the most prosperous, most sought after country in the world may not be the most ideal path, but it is a path that rejects what we have become, and that is good enough”

        This is a fallacy. There was never a time when this was a reality on planet Earth…or America. Where do people get the idea that we are a nation built on values of equality, liberty and justice for all??

        It might help to visit a Native American Reservation to get a taste of all those “principals” and the “freedom” to choose how one lives their lives. Prosperity for single mothers? Native Americans? African American?…and the most underrepresented and marginalized group of beings on the entire planet, Children? We must take a long hard look at who has done the “prospering”.
        This is Cognitive Dissonance at it’s finest. Patriot, you are obviously a male, in a male dominated world, so it would be easy for you to have a perception of equality that I cannot share in as I am a female….and, no, women do not have equality in 2013. It may appear so but it is an illusion and to this I can attest to with conviction from personal experience.
        This is the major problem on Earth. Until and unless men allow for the perspective of the female and of their children there will be no peace or equality on Earth.

    3. A lot of people in the patriot community figured out what a controlled demolition looks like. Very few preoccupied with the “racism of nations” did.

      I’m interested in good-willed people against things like murder and who really committed it.

    4. Your mind is sharp and aware, Mark. Patriotism is merely an impediment to the broadening of one’s horizons as ‘Lashedbutnot leashed’ so eloquently stated in his/her epic poem she penned to another poster named Jeff. It is worth going back in the archives on Memory Hole to read it. It is called ‘Scuttle the Ark, Noah”.

      Patriotism is insular in it’s very nature.

      “This is increasingly absurd in a time of Orwellian despotism, but Americans cannot free themselves ideologically enough to unite to oppose odious American power”

      Opposing a rigged system is tantamount to asking the rigged system to remove itself from power. It is the same as drawing a rosin bow across the strings of fixed instrument and expecting to hear a different tune.

      These are childish fantasies born of historical precedence. We keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. We keep quoting old, wealthy white men who were not opposed to enslaving those they deemed inferior to them.
      When are we going to mature? Grow wise? Would it not be wiser to create a new “system” rather than oppose one that has not served the collective? When are we going to create a “system” that includes the vision of women and children? When will men stop behaving as though they are entitled to create a world that panders to their selfish desires?

      These are the questions that live in my soul. They are not just intellectual questions but ones inspired by personal experience.

      Julie Ward Howe could not have expressed the massive chasm of inequality better in her impassioned treatise to the women of her time, implicating the distorted and insane Asymmetrical power Structure.

      It would be beneficial if all were aware of this important piece of historical perspective…..from a woman’s point of view.

      I really enjoyed reading your perspective on patriotism all the same, Mark, and hope that we advance this understanding to a place that we have never been before.

      I can only encourage others to engage in taking their minds out for a long, arduous stroll.

  20. That’s one of the differences between us, James. I am against a thinking pride in America as well as an unthinking pride. When Carlos spent so much time fumbling with the Flag to display along with the descecration of Bauman-Vogts legs, it appealed to both. As did the selection of Boston as a site of a new atrocity, historically home of the massacre, Patriotis, and bean.

    The first definitiion in my old dictionary of PRIDE is “a high or inordinate opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, merit or superiority.”

    It is not commonly used that way, conceived as a synonym for “self-respect.” But the USA has been the greatest power in the world. Pride in being an America is qualitatively different than pride of being a Mexican. I know you are not proud of Am erican imperialism or American domination, but the American people, consciously and more importantly unsconsciously, are. Why else would Patriot characterize himself as a PATRIOT. And he served a useful purpose in doing so.

    The simple truth of the matter is that we are emerging from a time of nationalism to a consciousness that people all over the earth deserve the same respect. This is an unpopular ideological notion in the USA, largely because globalization has meant rule by the banksters. A world governance can also be acheived historically, next century if not in this one, controlled by the earth’s people to serve the people. And the identifciation with earthpeople is necessary to replace national pride for this to happen. And the most perncious of national pride is the unconscious pride of the Ameican people in American imperialism.

    1. Here’s something on a viral verge on FB. Having lived abroad, I concur with its “10 Things Most Americans Don’t Know About America.”


      A lot of the patriotic USA rhetoric that is influenced heavily by football-mentality is simply media induced hype for the sheeple. Likewise, our impressions of the greatness of our country and the shittiness of others is skewed. Even more striking is the misbelief that other nations are out to get us. No. They don’t really even think about us.

      I’ll cut this short to give readers more time to read that other blog.


    2. Mark, your logic is flawed and your analysis is incorrect. Your logic: “A world governance can also be acheived historically, next century if not in this one, controlled by the earth’s people to serve the people.” – assumes that the people controlling a world government would be benevolent and free from corruption. Positions of government, generally speaking, are vacuums for people who seek to dominate their fellow citizens. Benevolent people rarely seek positions to govern/rule over others. Truly honest politicians that seek to empower populations and are driven by the cause of freedom are few and far between (e.g. Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich) and are ultimately demonized for appearing as “weak” leaders unfit to govern a “strong” society. Your analysis that American patriotism boils down to a simplistic idea of “pride in being an American” is extremely short-sided and fails to capture the true meaning I seek to convey. My version of patriotism stems from the principles that this country was founded on and made this country great (at one time). The principles of limited government, sovereign rights and individual liberties is a moral model of governance for the world to follow and benefit from. It serves the principles of live and let live and do unto others as you would have done unto you. A better model may be possible, but the world has not yet seen it on a national scale, and you do not present such a model in your post. Feel free to address me directly if you feel inclined to respond. Although not nearly as knowledgeable as Prof. Tracy, I feel I can adequately educate you further if you like.

      1. Marks’ subscription to a “world governance” suggests a vision of the world I do not share. I have to question Marks motives for support. One government controlling all the people is the end goal of those in power, and I have serious doubts about anyone that believes this is the answer.
        It is appearant to the common man, of which I include myself, that those in Government, and those that control the Governments, do not seek the betterment of their fellow man, but of themselves. To assume that this will change, not only in America but worldwide, one would have to make a leap of faith beyond reason that I am not capable of making.
        Jamie, you asked several questions: “Would it not be wiser to create a new “system” rather than oppose one that has not served the collective? When are we going to create a “system” that includes the vision of women and children? When will men stop behaving as though they are entitled to create a world that panders to their selfish desires?
        Jamie, how would you implement a new “system” while the old “system” is still in place, without opposing it? Those in power will not willingly give up their power. It is only through opposition that we can achieve change. I believe that men and women should have equal seats at the tables of government. Both the masculine and feminine are needed for a fair and balanced system.
        I am not, however, prepared to embrace the Godess, as that seems to be the platform you are speaking from, though you have not called it such. I understand very well the oppression and persecution that women and minorities have endured over hundreds of years, mostly at the hands of white europeans. Although I would like to see this aspect of human culture change, now is not the time to place such ideology at the forefront, as we are faced with the enslavement of all peoples, worldwide.
        Patriotism and Nationalism are not the problem, as Mark would have us believe. They are simply the biproduct of the manipulations that society has been subjected to.
        The American self image of today has been corrupted, twisted and manipulated beyond recognition. Our self image as a nation has been shaped by those with a vested interest in keeping us misinformed, confused and obedient. Most Americans believe that the rest of the world is either largely impressed with us Americans, or they hate us with a deadly passion. Truth be told, the rest of the world doesn’t think about us, one way or the other, most of the time.
        Our Patriotism today has been warped. The men and women that have fought for this country did so out of courage and honor, and I am forever greatful. Unfortunately, the country they fought for doesn’t exist. Those in power today use fabricated terror, domestic and foreign policy, main stream media, and the failing economy to keep us fearful and blind to the truth. We have become a paranoid society, afraid that we’ll be killed by a terrorist, a virus, an assault weapon, or drinking water. We are convinced that everyone is out to get us. True Patriotism cannot be derived out of such melancholy, based on lies. The only possible outcome is a deranged sense of Nationalism.
        It is only by becoming aware the truth that we will all be free. When you strip away everything, and we are left standing bare before one another, we are the same.

    3. Mark says: > A world governance can also be achieved historically, next century if not in this one, controlled by the earth’s people to serve the people

      Patriot121569 says: > .. assumes that the people controlling a world government would be benevolent and free from corruption.

      or, to paraphrase the famous saying: “with great power comes great abuse of power.”

      Yeh .. Once a community grows beyond a natural human scale (village) where everyone is known to everyone, a self-perpetuating elite evolves to govern. According to community size, an alienating police force, para-military, and intelligence units evolve to ensure the behavior and thoughts of the people do not stray from prescribed bounds – the reason being the benefit of the people. At the root of any atrocity committed by the government will be that it is for the good of the people.

      The greater the distance between the lowest and the highest, the greater the severity of crimes against the people committed by the regime against the people (and against other communities in their name) supposedly for the benefit of the people.

      Ideologies aren’t what people should be fussing about. The scale of the community that is governed is the most significant factor. Arguments about Socialism/Capitalism/Fascism only matter when an individual is a de-humanized cypher in relation to the scale of the state – and at that scale, they all morph into exactly the same power-abusing, elite-serving regime.

  21. Here’s a video of the Steven Spielberg look-alike who describes the scene at the finish line.

    Interview starts at @ 3:22…
    “How did you know right away, when so many people mistook it for cannons or fireworks or something, that this was something altogether different, cause i know you told everyone “Get ready we are going to have a lot of people that we are going to need to make room here to treat!”

    “…one of the initial individuals had lost both of his legs…”

    “…there were only explosions…within their bodies.”

    Steven Spielberg Was Not the 1st Responder at the Boston Bombings

  22. OK, we have clear evidence, this was one part of the grand hoax to deceive and scheme Americans into buying a scam that resulted in their [our] willingness to give away our constitutional rights without question. Can we step back a bit and ask how we were scammed in the Benghazi attack that murdered our Ambassador and 3 other brave citizens, and the mother of one is told she is not a close enough relative to be spoken to??? Hearings tomorrow, praying the right questions are asked, and the press finally has the nerve to report the news! http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/05/07/mother-of-murdered-benghazi-victim-tears-into-hillary-clinton-during-emotional-interview-i-blame-her/

  23. Marathon ‘hero in cowboy hat’ Carlos Arredondo in SoFla

    By Michael Mayo
    Sun Sentinel Columnist
    12:10 p.m. EDT, May 7, 2013

    In the three weeks since he became known as “the hero in the Cowboy hat” for his swift response to help a grievously-wounded victim after the Boston Marathon bombings, Carlos Arredondo has shaken hands with President Obama, sat courtside for a Celtics-Knicks playoff game, made four hospital visits to the man he saved, Jeff Bauman, and met with the president of his native Costa Rica.

    Today, Arredondo is back in South Florida — where he once lived and nearly died after setting a Marine van on fire after learning of his oldest son’s 2004 death in Iraq — to tape a Telemundo television special.


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