By Sam Feeterson

Arrangement and analysis of still photos from the aftermath of the initial Boston Marathon bombing blast reveals incongruities in the appearances of injuries, absence of wounds where wounds should be readily observable vis-à-vis punctured and torn clothing, and possible application and donning of makeup by figures present.


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84 thought on “Video Analysis: Boston Marathon Bombing Injuries”
  1. I can see all this evidence and believe that the “bombings” weren’t as portrayed to us, but I can’t figure out how so many hospital personnel could be in on it. Was it a mix of real and fake injuries? Were patients brought to so many different hospitals in order to confound the tally of injured?

    1. How many hospital personnel have testified they treated or even saw the injured? If there was any ability to scrutinise hospital staff we may find answers to how they were either involved in, or disengaged from, this fake event.

      Similarly, ambulances did not attend the scene for at least 6 minutes, in spite of there being ambulances there for the marathon, and then only one ambulance arrives (and that need not have been a real ambulace).

      Perhaps this suggests that rather than them all being in on it, the ambulance personnel were, either totally or at least for the most part, excluded from this operation.

      I don’t think it would be too difficult to exclude the vast majority of hospital staff from a staged event, just organise a separate triage area within the hospital, staff it with selected personnel who could even be homeland security mass casualty specialists who are rushed to the hospital to help it cope, then give all regular staff normal duties to attend to.

      This is all pure speculation of course, but in the absence of any ability to scrutinise hospital and/or ambulance staff there is little way of knowing how they either involved, or excluded, hospital staff in this fake bombing.

    2. CE- I share your perspective. Interesting to note that on May 1, 2013 the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Assoc in support of “Boston Strong” (institutionalized propaganda org.) reported- the bombing killed three, left more than 200 injured, several of whom lost portions of their legs as a result” Only several!!

      Out of curiosity I politely emailed a note of concern (via LinkedIn) to the photo featured injured blond women (athletic trainer) seated on the sidewalk with the multiply ripped red shirt. No reply.

      Trauma MD’s Fagenholz and Velmahos at Mass General are on YouTube in press conference discussing their alleged patients. Seems odd they would take the time away from health care. Fagenholz stated that 3 patients were admitted….which turned out to be the “tip of the iceberg” !!! Velmahos states eight patients are in treatment and discusses in detail the shrapnel- steel balls and nails.
      The Mass General website Bios of these two Docs show they spent time in Africa in the war zone areas. Unusually special training?

  2. Here’s how it would work, I imagine. The hospitals get a chunk of the big grant from Homeland Security for participating in the full-scale (live) drill. Staff are told that it’s important to find out how a real crowd would react to a real terrorist event, so the drill will be conducted deceptively. Several hospitals are involved, so no one knows that there are in fact NO injuries – they assume the real injuries are being treated at another hospital. It is made clear to everyone involved that their job, the hospital’s grant funding, and National Security all depend on their keeping their mouths shut. Medical staff (like police and firefighters) are used to following orders and keeping information confidential. It seems entirely believable.

    Look how few professors are willing to put their “academic freedom” and reputations to the test by openly saying what James Tracy is saying. Their jobs are more protected than anyone’s, and they’re almost silent. Part of the problem is that we’d all (and I include the docs and nurses) rather believe that our governments, police, employers, etc. can be trusted to act in the public interest. People are especially keen to convince themselves that they themselves are doing the right thing, so they come up with all kinds of rationalizations. Otherwise they’d have to face some tough decisions, like whether to speak out, lose their jobs, be discredited and perhaps hunted down by the FBI – or keep their mouths shut and let the lie stand. I don’t think we can blame anyone involved for not blowing the whistle.

    1. Blow the whistle to who? Nobody would even listen to them, even very few of the independent media. they would risk death for telling their story to some show that has an audience of a couple hundred people that are already being ignored. when the government and the media are the perps there really isn’t any place to run to.

    2. Money is the glue. Everyone does it for the money. The money is all kept under the massive umbrella of the techno-controllers-leaders-bosses-cult lords. Look, they (the techno-cult lords) killed (genocided) every other possible ‘competing’ culture. What else has been going on for the last 500-1000 or more years, picking up a really great BIG head of petro-nuclear-advanced genetics steam in the last 200?

      Can you spell G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E? R-A-P-E? T-H-E-F-T? M-U-R-D-E-R?

      So now it’s all about money. See money, want money, need money, suck, get boned, drunk, high, act out or do anything for money, ‘cuz money is sooooo good. Kind of a Pavlov thing. And plus if you don’t, you’re dead. Geronimo!!!!!

      Great comment, Skeptical. Everybody does everything, for the money and to be modern and scientifically advanced and hip and cool…

      Ned Lud

      1. I’m afraid, after many attempts to avoid it, I have been brought to the conclusion that what is symbolically represented as End Times in the Bible has a large dollop of truth in it. Not the literal, fundamentalist variety but the sketching out of a foundational principal of evil that “infects” human souls who give themselves up to it. The level of violence, corruption and depravity on the part of our “elite” in all areas of life is beyond the average person’s ability to even take in. As we end this eon (not the end of the world, the end of this age), it looks like the myth of the battle of the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness has a very considerable ring of truth to it.

        For those who are so inclined, I suggest looking into the Christian mystic Jakob Boehme’s extensive writings on the principal of evil. It has been the single most persuasive and helpful writing on this topic I have ever come across.

        If you begin to resonate to it, you will see that all the things we are talking about here, as hidden as they are, are really only the superficial appearance of a much bigger issue, that of a ‘principal of evil’ that is loosed upon humanity now.

        I know this will sound very far-fetched to the strictly rational among those who read this, but I consider myself in that camp and I have been brought to this conclusion. If so, actors posing as terror victims will be the least of our problems going forward.

      2. @Laughter Curve:

        Thanks for comment. I, for one, appreciate and have read various writings of mystics of earlier historical eras. It could be that some of their works are damaged in translation (to English), just as that is often said about the Bible itself. Taking that into account, I would still say their words are of high value to us today, as we live in the ‘Hollywood’ era where everything is damaged (or lost or stolen) in translation. Where everything is so dreadfully, woefully, tragically phony.

        I have heard of Jakob Boehme, but have not read him, specifically.

        I do believe we are living in very dark times, made darker still by the belief that so many people have, that modern science has eradicated darkness or will eradicate it (in due time) and this simply is not so. Science has become phony (or worse) too.


      3. Ned & Laughter Curve,

        I agree money is a big driver channeling people to one-way of being in the world… to serving the existing power structure. The money is as big as the Homeland Security contracts that boost the bottom line of a foreign economy and as small as the paycheck made out to the actors.

        I also see the interesting parallels to the “End Times” prophesies and have been studying-up on this.

        What I do not know is whether the engineers of these events are “believers” creating the world they want. Or, if this is further deception… creating events and illusions that look like “End of Times” in order to manipulate mankind.

        What I know for certain is that there are many liars involved. From looking at Revelations in the Bible, I learned liars do not go to a good place.

      4. Laughter Curve,

        In light of the Christians who believe the events of the Revelation must unfold in order to hurry-up the second coming, I found this interesting: Boehme said God did not see evil as “as desirable, necessary or as part of divine will to bring forth good.”

        “In his Threefold Life, Böhme states: “[I]n the order of nature, an evil thing cannot produce a good thing out of itself, but one evil thing generates another.” Böhme did not believe that there is any “divine mandate or metaphysically inherent necessity for evil and its effects in the scheme of thing.”

        According to Wikipedia, Jakob Boehme’s first book was, “Aurora: Die Morgenroete im Aufgang (The rising of Dawn)”. Also, interesting.

    3. I agree with Skeptical, The Dr’s I saw on TV talking about the injured brother brought in to their hospital would not name him, or describe any injuries, just that they had a casuality and they were attending to just like any other casualty.. I noticed they seemed ‘ ill at ease”… when questioned how many other casualites they had in their hospital.. and didn’t acually give a number if I remember…. just rambled on about amputees….It seems incredible that this kind of ‘ cover up’ could happen.. but realistically .. people will go along with their work colleagues, and follow the instructions.. and told ” This is what is going to happen”…. and presume casualties are taken eslwhere..
      Drills seem to be part and parcel of the USA every day life now… and ‘ National Security”.. top of the list,…. to Protect, and keep the population safe….. I wonder why people are taking all this in… Protection from What?… I think you are more likely to get your purse stolen than anything else.. Trust in the Police is vital… but how many can trust now..

      1. @poppylavender:

        You got it, poppy. There is an institutionalized hierarchy very strongly established in our world, where everyone just does what they’re told to do, believes what they’re told to believe, to collect their paycheck and–if they’re really really good at it–then to advance to the next level of income to an even bigger paycheck.

        So you move up the ladder (of so-called ‘success’), and you get that bigger paycheck and then you get to tell other people what to believe. And if they don’t, you fire them and send them to a lower economic and social level. You call it their suicide, their choice, THEIR MISTAKE by failing to follow the directed and explicitly drawn orders. You make them responsible for the cowardice, sycophancy and evil that is actually yours and that of your -uhhh- superiors.

        It is quite ignorant and barbaric and militaristic and aggressive and violent and malevolent in the extreme, but so what? ?? It’s modern life! It’s the business of living.

        James Tracy would know all about this…

        Ned Lud

      1. Dear Mr. Fish & Roaches,

        That was a fine video, but your commentary was a bit glib about why someone should follow the link. And they should. Two points about why they should.

        If the wrong story slips out by a whistle-blower, it isn’t just that the whistle-blower could be harmed or suicided, but the loved ones of the whistle-blower could also be targeted. Talk about taking the wind out of someone’s whistle, killing their pre-school and kindergarten offspring would do it (for me at least) while having the media pin it on a 50 year-old nanny who slit her own wrists and throat upon completion of the deed.

        Point two, which is the main point of the video, is BAIT-AND-SWITCH… We need to ask ourselves: what is being covered up by the circus of these main tragic events? In the video above, the fingering of the banksters in their misdeeds by the whistleblower is important, as is the fact that they have the clout to white-wash it out of the memory hole.


  3. Um, let me amend that. I think we can blame the people running the show, knowing full well what’s going on – FEMA and whoever else may be involved at that level of awareness. But let’s not be too hard on the police, firefighters, nurses and doctors. They’ve probably been manipulated and may be scared stiff.

    1. That idea doesn’t apply in reality. You incorrectly hypothesize that once people realize they have been tricked into going along with something they oppose they will then be able to speak out, be given an outlet to speak out through which would reach everyone, be corroborated and supported by others, and be believed by everyone. It just doesn’t work that way.

      1. You would need a core of devote followers too. Really, it’s not that hard to imagine the most powerful people in the world having the capacity. Your question is more for people that want to dismiss what happened before even looking. We’ve reached several conclusions about this false flag. It was never difficult to conclude that 50-100 people could be found/made to go along with such a ruse. You’re doing a bit of acting yourself if you believe that.

  4. If the injured were fake and makeup was used, how did they change into costume so quickly? Wouldn’t they have to already be in makeup before the blast? Seems like people would report that they saw people injured before the blast. These are just questions I have.

    1. I wondered about this too. It occurred to me that the first blast site was just to the left of the rows of bleachers at the finish line. People in the bleachers wouldn’t be looking at the people behind them. And the fencing and flags made the area nearly invisible from the street. It also seems that at least some people were actually told that an emergency drill was going on. So there are lots of ways that the first blast site could have been filled with people in odd costumes just before the (smoke) bomb going off, without anyone noticing much. Video footage suggests that the area just near the blast site was cleared beforehand.

      The actors were probably using Marathon Sports as their backstage area. It’s notable that Marathon got lots of free advertising from the event – e.g. many reports claiming, I think falsely, that they’d had windows broken (I heard nary a mention of Lenscrafters, which actually did have windows broken). As an aside, isn’t it odd that a sporting goods store has a restaurant-style patio separating potential shoppers from the store windows? Seems like a bad marketing decision. The fence wasn’t there when Google Maps photographed the store a few years ago. Hmmm.

      As for blood – Sam Feeterson’s second video seems to show one woman applying her own, and there are a number people with tattered clothing who didn’t even bother applying blood where their clothing was shredded, purportedly by shrapnel. There’s also a strange photo here ( that appears to show blood outside the fencing, on the side of the grey metal bars that faces away from the blast. This just doesn’t make sense if the blood came from the people behind the fence. Could there have been “water balloons” filled with fake blood attached to the fence, which deployed at the same time as the bomb? This might make sense of the big random splashes of blood near the fence, into which actors placed themselves.

  5. You should see the movie, “The Invention of Lying,” It is a comedy with Jennifer Garner, but this reminds me of that. In the movie no one has ever told a lie because they are unable to and when one guy speaks the first lie, everyone automatically believes everything he says because they can’t even conceive of what a lie is.

    I will also add I think there were real injuries in a different area possibly where a second real bomb maybe went off and they just show absolutely no footage of that, however??

    I am hearing reports from people in Rhode Island being asked for supplies to aid injured people, so it seems the people who really were injured there is no footage of. Does anyone have any footage of people who were really injured? Just my thoughts…

    Obviously the whole set of footage we have been seeing is all the fake stuff. Is there any real stuff anywhere? Anyone?

    1. Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.


      Nothing was faked.

      O.J. was guilty. No wait, he was innocent! Manson did it.

      p.s. I grew up watching Walt Disney and so that is how I know about animals and people. Micky Mouse is a special genetic mutation. So is Donald Duck.

      p.p.s. What I’m trying to say here is, media is all lies. Even the ‘real stuff’ is lies.


  6. Did Adrianne Haslet lose a foot? It’s hard to imagine the coincidences surrounding her injury that would make her so appealing to the media. A ballroom dance teacher with a husband coming back from Afghanistan has horrific amputation during marathon blast all the while smiling and cheerful while Dancing with the Stars is running their series on TV, just so this optimistic woman can appear on it. She and her husband claim he put a tourniquet on her immediately. Was she in the actors’ zone or was her injury real along with the little boy who died, real or not in another blast area?

  7. James_
    I so appreciate your continued reporting on this fake event; no other professional from media, or university professors teaching such, are exposing what they can.
    Thank you from the populace that is baffled as to how to exploit government’s deceptions.
    What can we do? Can we file a lawsuit against who?
    kathy san francisco

    1. AJ, I looked at your site. I don’t mean to be rude but it’s pretty dumb. Nowhere do you refute anything discussed on this blog or in the videos posted in this thread. you post many of the same photos under scrutiny and CLAIM they are real with no explanation or refutation of the anomalies in them. You accuse the people here of ignoring the evidence but you don’t address it at all. I wonder why you even post here?

  8. Unless we get a certified “expert” to comment on this, it’s like a tree falling in Siberia. No one knows it happened. I, myself, being no expert, need more corroboration too. Doesn’t mean I don’t think something fishy is going on with Boston. I do. I’ll be more interested in what the surviving brother has to say about all of this. Will be waiting to see if he claims he was set up. If he doesn’t, then I’m afraid the official narrative will win the day.

    1. Since the media (as the public’s surrogates) have no direct access to Dzhokhor Tsarneav, he will perhaps utter whatever the narrative’s creators (Dept. of Justice and FBI) write in to the developing script. Further, as another commenter has suggested here days ago, how do we know he is not under duress, drugged, or otherwise compromised? For those old enough to remember, it appears that Tsarneav the younger may have been given the “Bill Casey treatment.”

      1. Bill Casey treatment from Wikipedia:
        “Hours before Casey was scheduled to testify before Congress related to his knowledge of Iran-Contra, he was reported to have been rendered incapable of speech, and was later hospitalized.”

    2. I don’t understand your need for a “certified expert.” If something impossible is part of the official story, it’s impossible–whatever an authority figure says about it. Wheelchair No-legs and Cowboy Hat Guy are exhibit “A”. No blood spurting on Hoodie Guy/Black Lady, with the fake stumps pointing directly at both of them. No blood on Cowboy Hat Guy. Wheelchair No-legs sitting upright and alert, not in shock, many minutes after the blast–and still not bleeding as he’s wheeled toward the camera.

      Since they are obviously lying about that, and clearly lying about lots else, how can we believe anything they say about this situation?

      It’s certainly possible, perhaps even likely, that the second bomb was real. Consider that, in contrast with the finish line blast site, the second site was soon swarming with explosives investigators in white coveralls. If people were actually injured there, Boston is a hybrid event, a mixture of real and fake. But since it was coordinated (no way the two blasts happening at the same time was completely coincidental), the real bomb was placed there by the authorities. Think about that before requesting an authority to tell the truth. That would be confession of a crime, and accusation of conspiracy to commit murder on the part of a group of government officials. How likely is that to happen? And how long do you think the criminals would allow the whistle-blower to live?

  9. It would be very interesting to compare these pics of the Boston bomb blast victims to pics other bomb blast victims.

    I just can’t rap my head around how tattered some of those peoples’ clothes were and they sustained no injuries at all.

    Do other bombs blast victims have their clothes tattered in the same manner?

  10. Perhaps a bit of foreshadowing of security changes to hit the U.S.

    Published today: an article comparing security at the Boston Marathon to that of, “the European-Israeli way of doing business in security.”

    The article relies on heavily on interviews with two Israeli security officials for analysis and perspective.

    “”Security in the United States is all about bells and whistles,” says Rafi Sela, a former official with the Israel Defense Forces. “You see the guards standing at stadiums and bus stations. It’s not even considerable deterrence anymore.”

    …. “It is all about people and not their belongings,” Sela says, referring to Israel’s use of individual profiling, a controversial subject in the U.S. (

    While the article does state that Rafi Sela is now an “international security consultant,” it omits to mention that Sela is a Co-Chairman with AR Challenges, “a leading Homeland Security consultant” with offices in Israel, UK and the US.

  11. Just a couple more oddities I have found, here.
    I screen capured this video from the live bombing feed.
    It is especially odd when compared with the lady from this photo…
    (The photos show two similar looking women with opposite “joker smile” wounds)
    They can be seen about a minute and a half apart in the “live footage”. This footage was shot by a single cameraman, who I’ve only seen once identified as a local CBS guy, but uploaded to all the networks and used on a constant loop throughout the coverage. There are a couple other shorter videos but this is the predominant one.
    You can see the befuddled anchor (@.45sec), Sheppard Smith, unsure if the video is live or not after it “jump cuts” Another interesting thing is(@2:15) where the camera turns around and (Anchor stops talking), and we hear one man explaining “the official narrative” to another guy.

    As far as how something like this could be faked…it would likely be shot ahead of time with green screen and then married to other video. The agencies, authorities, hospitals would have all their information compartmentalized just as they train to do in a “drill”. The area would be tightly controlled because of “security concerns”. Maybe a second explosion of BeeBee’s ect. would cause a climate of live panic/hysteria with minor injuries. It just reminds me of the Aurora shooting where a large number of the victims had relatively minor injuries from buckshot after the “joker”s ” AR jammed.
    Just some thoughts.

    1. Good eye. The single-camera jump cut is a big tell.

      In these events, the local news show videos on youtube are a way better source of info since the national shows converge on the party line almost instantly (if they’re not orginating it). The Asian and Arab news videos are even better. Not for the reporting per se (which I can’t understand)–but for their b-roll footage.

  12. I thought there were two explosions, no? I only see images from one, which is obviously staged. But until I see photo evidence from the other blast, I can not determine whether it was staged or not. I have not heard any corroborating stories to the “victims at hospital” narrative, therefor, that story could just be made up (so no hospital staff would be keeping it secret).

  13. Again the WSJ had a feature article about 2 brothers who each lost their R legs. Both are union roofers who, because of the economy, were unemployed at this time. Their other injuries were described as burns to the back, arms and shrapnel. One on them had a TWO inch nail removed from his neck just recently. Huh. Yeah, really. They were pictured in their hospital beds lying presumably on their burned backs and the only apparent injury was the missing legs.
    Didn’t the original description of the innards of the bomb say tiny nails, bbs? The lid we we were shown in pics was the cooker lid of THE bomb. It certainly didn’t look like it had any dings from sharp objects or projectiles and truth be told, it didn’t look or behave the way a lid would (pressure relief mechanism intact!!) with one side that had a small peeled back area where the pressure was applied. Oh yeah, metal was removed but the relief button was happily doing its job. And it was found (hee hee) on the roof? Excuse my skepticism re the lid.

  14. Having successfully shut down Boston, USA power is moving on to other towns. A little town of 3500, Valley Springs, a rural community in central California, was put on lockdown because of a murder. Not a Terrorist event, a personal crime. The people were put under house arrest and noone could enter or leave the town. Hundreds of polce from outside the town invaded and searched homes without a warrant. The local school was crawling with cops.

    This is done not only out of fear and power delusion, it is also a consequence of simple geopolitical ignorance. The American people simply do not understand the political implications of a country sheriff able to house arrest a whole town of people. If this passes without comment or protest, larger and more urban towns are next.

    It is necessary to penetrate the fear with the simple truth, to mobilize the American people against the new form of Orwellian American power.

    But power is currently winning without opposition. The stock market reached new highs this morning.

    1. In an effort called “Towns don’t need Tanks,” the ACLU has filed public records requests to determine how the massive influx of federal money may be driving the trend to equip our police forces as if for war zones.

      It is worth a visit to the site to read the round-up of short stories, including:

      – Police in North Dakota borrowed a $154 million MQ-9 Predator B drone from the Department of Homeland Security to arrest a family of anti-government separatists who refused to return six cows that wandered onto their farm.

      – Police in Arkansas announced that they planned to patrol the streets wearing full SWAT gear, carrying AR-15 assault rifles, and threatening to stop anyone they wanted to, for any reason or no reason at all.

      – Two SWAT Teams shut down a neighborhood in Colorado for four hours to search for a man suspected of stealing a bicycle and merchandise from Wal-Mart.

      How are the Request for Proposals for Homeland Security grants designed… what is the objective? If the War on Terror is a “light on your feet” kind of war…, why the push to put Stormtroopers and Tanks in American towns? Why are Police outfitted as though Mayberry is as dangerous as Afghanistan? As they wear their SWAT outfits to descend upon their communities, what the h*LL are they thinking???

      I did find legislation that allows for false news, but am interesting in finding legislation that allows for unannounced drills in communities and schools. There is a public safety risk & this is not OK. If anyone has leads, please post.

  15. One of the world’s three top bionic prosthetic manufacturers is located in Bedford Mass. (30 min from Boston), and headed by an MIT professor, himself a double amputee (who “uses words like ‘sexy’, ‘cool’ and ‘powerful’ to describe his disability”

    The research and development of their sole product (a bionic lower leg) was funded by the US Armed Forces. Remember the news reports of how the shrapnel damage affected people’s lower legs (e.g., see 0:44 to 0:48 in

    Does anyone really think it would be that hard to find amputees so desperate to regain lost mobility that they would be willing to trade their integrity for a top-of-the-line prosthetic device? It’s being signalled that the news for the next year will feature the amazing recovery and developing skills of these patients, culminating in their participation in next year’s Marathon. I’ll stick my neck out and hazard a prediction that at that point the manufacturer’s name (iWalk) will become a household word.

    I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to have lost a foot. We have no right to judge any amputees who have been caught up in this charade. Their most basic human fears and desires have been played upon to manipulate them into cooperating. Anyone might do the same.

  16. “Dr Peter Burke, who treated the most seriously injured victims of the Boston Marathon explosions, says all doctors are doing “the best they can with the situation”.”

  17. Am I the only one that noticed the incongruity in the statement to the press by Dr. Panter? He claims he was 20-25 ft. from the ‘pile of bodies’ yet is not evident in any of the photos until 4:11:04. of race time; and if you check out the abc press photo he is there with cowboy hero around someone (likely the famous double amputee). which nails the CB hero myth at the very least.

    Did anyone notice that the smoke increased around that pile of victims at the 4:10:40 mark? almost as though a (the)smoke bomb was covered (maybe with Jeff’s missing jacket) and removed to blur the doctors entry to the scene. He arrives in pictures right near where the CB was kneeling on the fence for between 20 and 30 seconds.(check the sequence of photos 4:11:04/10) Sure doesn’t seem like they were too anxious to ‘help’. It seemed more like CB’s antics were a signal to raise the veil for special effects prep. I was also amazed at the likeness to S.Spielberg (the white jacketed guy that waves his hands alot but aside from wheeling a patient out, doesn’t get his hands dirty. Probably to brand anyone that made the association as delusional.

    I could go on about the milling around the scene, the activity of several of the actors and the human ‘shield’ of bodies that obscured most of the photography from then on. Early on people were held back. It seems like they packed it in when treatment started rather than spreading people out….and surely they had some clamps in a med kit for Jeff’s arteries.

    I could go on but you get the point. The media narrative is the implausible story.

  18. Oh I forgot to mention this…in one of those videos above there is a picture of a rather beefy fellow captured in full run and his pants have large areas of missing material from the thighs on down and his shirt has the looks of being snipped by scissors ( people who sew can recognize this). I read a comment from a textile expert on another site that said this man’s pants were cut purposely because fabric rips along the direction that the threads run and will not rip diagonally across that weave. That textiles expert said this proves to him that this particular man was wearing a *costume*. And the victim really had no obvious damage under his exposed legs.

    1. Very mainstream approach by the media in their attitude towards anyone daring to question the events as reported. These “articles” are meant to attack her credibility and attempt to incite hate in others. I’m constantly amazed by the people commenting for not taking a couple minutes to see for themselves what it is she is trying to say – actually making an informed decision – instead taking everything they’ve heard on the television or newspaper as the be-all-end-all.

      As a lawmaker, I would EXPECT her to question “authority” and not have people demanding she loose her job for speaking her mind. These articles and the one above from Peter are just hateful, preplanned attacks without one bit of interest in what she has to say.

  19. Looking at another explosion in Detroit right after the Boston incident did anybody else notice that the oil installation was called ‘Marathon’??

  20. We should all email that Rep from NH a note of encouragement . I can’t believe people could actually be blind enough to buy the store the MSM and govt are trying to sell.

  21. At the risk of belabouring the point, here’s another faker and another questionable pair.

    There’s a man in a Northeastern University sweatshirt who can be seen in the sequence of photos by Ben Thorndike. In the series of photos shown here (, his face can first be seen in the 11th photo, number 8730 ( – he’s wearing sunglasses and his head appears just above the horizontal window frame, above and to the left of the man in the red jacket who seems to be trying to help a woman get up (more about them below).

    As the series of photos progresses, he joins up with a pair of women, placing his hands on their backs in a protective gesture. One appears to be the same woman later photographed helping him lift up his leg – she’s wearing the same style and colour of long sweater, though here she has sunglasses on. The two women help a woman in black get to her feet. In photo 8735, we see another man standing directly behind the man in dark glasses, facing him and apparently (based on his hand gesture) talking to him, though we can’t see their faces.

    In photo 8739, we clearly see the letters NU on his sweatshirt. For the next few photos he appears to be standing and talking to the others. Up until photo 8741, he seems completely healthy – one of the survivors.

    In photo 8742, he turns to the left (his right) and starts walking towards his position against the wall. He leans on some people and bends over. The smoke conceals what is happening. But we know he ends up in front of the candy store with his leg up in the air.

    The first time I saw these pictures, I thought there was something weird about this man’s post-blast progress from healthy to ill. But I thought that maybe he’d become faint at the sight of all that blood and had had to lie down, and the others were just helping him overcome his feeling of faintness. Lifting someone’s legs is actually recommended for this.

    But photo #10 here ( shows that this man was part of the fakery too. See the makeshift tourniquet around his lower leg.

    Well, just some more evidence.

    By the way, that woman who the man in the red jacket is trying to help up is Celeste Corcoran, of whom the Daily Mail reports: “Doctors were forced the amputate both of Celeste’s legs below the knee because they were so badly mangled in the bomb blast” ( In the same article, her son says, “‘Once [my dad] realized she was alive, he noticed both her legs hanging on by skin. He asked a guy for a belt.” But in photo 8728 (, we see Celeste’s apparently unaffected left leg bent at the knee and lifted in the air.

    What actually happens is that the man in the red jacket, reported to be Celeste’s husband Kevin, helps her to a sitting position in the early photos, then holds her arm up in the air, as if trying to pull her to her feet. This continues until photo 8739, after which we see him starting to kneel down, and the window frame gets in the way. Now, I don’t know how people really react in crises. But surely it would take someone less than 20 seconds to notice that his wife’s legs had been badly mangled, and realize that trying to pull her to her feet is not a good idea?

    The couple’s daughter, Sydney, was also reported to be severely wounded in the blast. The family raised $500K in four days to cover medical bills.

    Fraud charges, anyone?

    1. Please continue to belabour these points :-). This is good information to have documented. I found a later photo of the red jacket man where it looks like he’s putting a belt around her leg. Photos 5 and 6 at this link that you provided… She has her hand to her face. Wouldn’t she be screaming? And wouldn’t he be running for a doctor after seeing his wife so wounded? It feels like entering the twilight zone to look at these photos and try to see them as potentially real, maybe that’s the point…to keep us guessing and confused.

      Also, in those photos, the woman in red who became famous for her dazed look while sitting on the ground is first laying down behind Christian Williams and then she seems to be propping him up from the back (sitting back to back with him), then she is magically several feet away but still sitting.

      The daughter, Sydney, had also been severely injured in a car accident in 2011 where she had a fractured skull among other injuries. I haven’t found anything more about her accident, but it makes me wonder what other injuries she might have already had from that.

      1. I had a theory (not to be confused with the facts offered on this blog). I supposed that some of these amputees and other cast members had enormous, back breaking, family destroying, medical bills from hospital stays in the last few years. Then I imagined that someone came along and said something could be done about these bills and the best possible treatment could be delivered, but a life-long agreement would have to be come to. Someone may even have to take part in a drill and pass it off as something that actually happened.

        Just a theory I felt like sharing after reading your comment, and since people have had a hard time imagining other people committing to something like this. Believe me—getting the hoodie guy involved was easy like Sunday morning. Others’ participation may need more explaining.

        1. Plus, let’s not forget the civic-minded volunteers. Check out this website for Region A Medical Reserve Corps: The postings include multiple calls for volunteers to act as casualties in a “Natick Labs WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) Drill” on May 9th. Apparently 24 members of the MRC did end up volunteering.

          The Medical Reserve Corps helped out as volunteers in the 2013 Boston Marathon. They might have had nothing to do with the fakery, but the MRC might be worth a bit more investigating. I found them by looking at the website of Sports Medicine Consultants, whose president is Chris Troyanos, one of the coauthors of this paper ( I’ve cited elsewhere on this site.

        2. I like this tack in how to think about motivation for going along with the story. We have heard a lot too about Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital where all of the amputees have gone. What I didn’t realize (because there was an older one in Boston) is that this is a brand-new facility in the Charlestown Naval Yard (near the berth of the USS Constitution!). It is designed to be interactive with the community, with tourists and shoppers. So inaugurate a new facility with an iconic event and then offer these people the very latest in prosthetic devices. Could it be that MIT is involved in their development? Yes, this is good stuff. But why introduce it in such an event? The deviousness is really disturbing – but that’s politics. War, as they say, is politics by other means. Of course there are budgetary problems in Congress holding up certain projects. So black budgets (Iran Contra anyone?) and money from defense appropriations and FEMA — could that be a way of financing some of the health enhancements? The charitable donations are up in the tens of millions already. Where is that really going?

  22. If you click on this link, here is more video of the marathon “victims:”

    If you pause the video and take a snapshot of each one and enlarge at least 400% in Photoshop, it becomes clear that the video these stills are taken from is a composite, made in layers. I would encourage each person who is interested in the matter to do just this, and you will see what I mean. The foreground people bending over to help are pasted on top of Krystle and Karen. There are jagged cuts, disappearing heads and elbows, unidentified blobs of blurred and painted-over pixels, etc.

    In one still, the lady in the army green jacket actually has three arms, and her head is mostly half-missing or just disappears and doesn’t sit on her shoulders. There are also many other odd looking artifacts and rectangles and missing parts of heads and arms and shoulders and blurs that can’t possibly be from anything other than crude Photoshop cut and paste and paint jobs.

    I have also blown up and analyzed every photo of Krystle Campbell I could find, and it turns out that in every one her head was pasted on someone else’s body. This is quite clear when the photos are blown up. Some are quite crude, others more subtle. So I was thinking, if that’s not her head then she might be either a computer-generated morphed persona, or a dead person whose image they’re using. And I thought, but if she’s in the video footage, then that can’t be. But the video footage suggests that she was not actually there, nor was Karen. They must have used pre-recorded footage of crisis actors on a set and inserted them into the middle ground of video that was shot at the marathon.

    Therefore that photo of a woman with a big chunk out of her leg on the stretcher is most likely neither Krystle nor Karen, but someone else. The prosthetic leg seems to belong to Karen, but the body looks more like Krystle. It’s possible that it’s Karen and that she was there, because we see photos of her at the hospital (I haven’t blown those up yet to see if they are real), but I don’t think Krystle exists or is alive.

    The photo of the two girls lying there with heads together, although much better done, is also a cut and paste job. Whoever played these roles must have already been amputees, because those legs are definitely fake.

    I have been disturbed by the case of Krystle because the footage of her at first seems so much less fake than the footage of Jeff, and so I thought there might be a possibility that there were both real and fake victims, and that she may indeed have died there. Also she is listed in the SSDI as having died on April 15 in Massachussetts, and when I saw that I started to doubt. But the fact that there are no real photos of her anywhere that have not been photoshopped with her head replaced or her body fakely inserted makes me certain that there is or was no such person, and that the SSDI report must have been faked.

    1. I’ve also looked at these photos in great detail, as I’m sure many of us have, and I’m not seeing any of this.

      Can you post some of your enlarged images, showing the evidence of fakery? Where are the jagged cuts, for example? Which photo has the three-armed lady with her head amiss? Where are the other “odd looking artifacts” and so forth?

      Sorry to be a stickler, but just asserting that these images have been photoshopped is not evidence.

      1. I have to figure out how to host the images somewhere so I can link to them, and I don’t know how to do that, which is why I suggested that others just look at them. Seeing these things requires at least some knowledge of how pixels look when enlarged in a normal photo, and what pixels look like when they have been tampered with and worked on in Photoshop. For one thing, you can’t just look at them in great detail. You have to blow them up so that you can see the pixel noise. Dead giveaways are lines that go straight down, slicing across all color information uniformly. So you have a guy in a purple shirt in one still where the purple pixels stop as if sliced, leaving off part of his shoulder, and another one where part of the lady in the khaki green jacket’s arm in sliced off vertically, clean hard cuts on the lady in pink’s back, a hard cut line around the heads of people standing in the foreground, and areas which when small look like motion blur, but when enlarged are clearly areas that have been so manually blurred as to erase peoples’ heads. Each photo has several vertical slices like this.

        Pixels in normal digital photography have what is called “anti-aliasing,” which means that the pixels of one objects blend into the pixels of another object in a sort of gradient. So, edges will never look sliced in real photography. If you have a black object next to a white object, at some point in enlarging the photo you will see black pixels, white pixels, and the anti-aliased pixels off different shades of grey blending in a diagonal pattern to make the join. Any time this anti-aliasing is missing, you know that the photo has been tampered with. In these photos the vertical slices are mostly not blended at all, and when they are they just look like a mess of nonsensical blurred and painted-over pixels which are also not anti-aliased. All in all they did a very bad job, which they can get away with in video more than in still photography because most people are not freezing and blowing up individual frames. It’s also easier to get away with this stuff when it’s very low-resolution. The still photos are much more subtle and carefully done, so I had to look sometimes for awhile to see the tampering. They counted on motion blur and smoke to excuse the mistakes in the video, and the fact that most people don’t know how to look at digital images, but I can guarantee you that these things (including the woman with three arms and the missing head) don’t happen because of motion blur and smoke. It’s nothing but a sloppy cut and paste job. What stumped me at first was that it was clear that Krystle and Karen themselves have not been tampered with in these videos, It’s the only time Krystle’s head has not been photoshopped in. The pixels in that layer are not corrupted, only in the foreground layer and in the join between that layer and the background layer, where Jeff Bauman is. So the only explanation is that that footage of the Krystle-Karen layer was shot at another time and combined with the footage of people actually at the marathon.

        If I can figure out how to host my own blown-up and cropped images and post them here I will, but in the meantime if you are able to freeze the frames in the video I posted and blow them up so you can actually detect the individual pixels, you can do the detective work yourself now that I’ve explained what to look for.

      2. Hi Skeptical,

        It turns out it was not hard at all to host an image. Duh! So here is the first one:

        And here is my analysis:

        1. Straight edge of pink vest sharply cut horizontally. (Whose back comes to a point like that)?
        2. Straight vertical cut on arm.
        3. Jagged painted outline of head.
        4. Impossible blob that’s supposed to be smoke I guess painted opaquely over fence slat and to define fake edge of pink vest.
        5-9 I’ve placed these numbers at the top right corners of rectangles with straight edges. Nothing in nature, especially not something organic such as smoke, has edges like that.
        10. Krystle’s shoulder cut off with straight edge.
        11. Bizarre brown blob of a head with sliced upper and left edges. One might say it looks like this because it’s been blown up, but note that Krystle and Karen’s heads retain real head detail at this pixel size.
        12. Grey photoshop paint blob.
        13. Crude head paste, showing head coming to a point and part of it missing.
        14. Enormously wide collar that doesn’t encompass the head and neck which are partly growing outside of it. Clear hard black outline around jacket.

        There’s more but you get the gist. I’ll post the one with three arms shortly.

        1. pbutterfly2000, this is impressively careful work – but I’m afraid I can’t agree with your conclusions. The features you describe are actually downsampling artifacts. If you look at the high-resolution photos (, most of those features just aren’t there. As for the remaining ones – the pink vest could be made of some kind of semi-rigid material that forms peaks when it bends, or maybe pink vest lady is hiding something under her jacket. The green jacket looks fine to me, just a somewhat ungainly fashion. I’ll check the one with three arms too, but I suspect something similar is going on there.

        2. HI Skeptical,

          The photos you are linking to are actually of a LOWER resolution than the ones I posted. When you blow them up they become much more pixelated than the ones I linked to But even though they are much more pixelated, they don’t contain artifacts like the ones in the photos that I am referring to. They are not in fact exactly the same photos. In the photos you linked to, there are no such artifacts as the ones I have pointed out. There are no necks three times the size of a neck, no ladies with disappearing heads and three arms, no “slices” of smoke, no misaligned pixels, etc. But they are also so small that you can’t see any real detail in them about who anyone is or what’s going on. Someone messed with the photos I have pointed out. They are not the same photos. I am analyzing only the photos I am posting, which are screenshots from the video I linked to.

          Here is the lady with three arms:

          I’ve circled the area with three arms. Most of the numbers refer to horizontal slices of smoke that slice across the entire width of the photo. #4 is a painted deformed head, #2, #3 and #5 are unidentified strange objects, and #16 is a vertical slice. I suggest you show these images to anyone you know who has experience with altering photographs in photoshop. They will see it.

        3. Here is a detail from photo 8739, from the website you linked to:

          You can see that even though it is much more pixelated and has less detail than the photos I’m analyzing, that it doesn’t have all of those bizarre artifacts and places that were painted and layered on. The edges are UNIFORMLY jagged.

      3. Also I just noticed: the lady in the green jacket has a head that is composed of a paint blob at the top and one to designate a clump of hair hanging down, with a brown rectangle between. And above number 14 at her collar there is a strange black rectangle.

      4. Analysis of another photo:

        1. Fake painted arm and hand.
        2. Bizarre collar, 3 times the size of a neck.
        3. Disappearing head.
        4. Paint blobs on seat of jeans.
        5. Horizontal slice and paint.
        6. Jagged hard edge around girl.
        7-13 Superimposed rectangles (rectangles do not happen like that with natural photographs – natural photographs have anti-aliased edges so that object appears to have blended edges. Smoke does not have straight edges).
        14. Horizontal slice. Fake paint blob to right.
        15. Rectangle.
        16. Vertical slice. Note also the opaque paint blob covering part of that person’s face (smoke is not opaque).
        17. Horizontal slice. Pixels are not lined up above and below.
        18. Paint blob with odd leg slice to left.
        19. Brown paint blob with horizontal slice below.
        20. Horizontal slice above number, vertical slice to left of number. Paint right underneath number.
        21. Horizontal slice that covers entire width of photo. It goes both in front of and behind the people.
        22. Paint blob leg.
        23. White paint blob.
        24. Pixels from lady’s red jacket in from of head in foreground, with unidentified aqua pixels.

        1. Dear Mr. pbutterfly2000 (and apologies if I got your gender wrong),

          I was a big fan of September Clues, their Clues Forums, and all of their nifty pixel-analysis… until I started stumbling into their disinformation and their — out of necessity to the disinfo they peddle — stilted, narrow, and unreasonable explanations for the alleged imagery tainting that they thought they were pointing out in addition to lame speculation for what really happened. They supposedly had keen eyes for detail, yet little conception of a bigger picture for why? and for what purpose? and does it jibe with other pieces of evidence? I was duped by the No Plane Theory for several years until a proper analysis of various videos compiled together proved not only a singular flight path for the 2nd 9/11 plane but also agreement with radar data. Their disinfo was only hammered home by their beliefs that none of the 9/11 imagery — including even that of the destruction and aftermath — was a more-or-less accurate depiction of reality. Nope, they couldn’t go there.

          I can only speculate on just a few of the reasons about why they created the OVER THE TOP imagery tainting propaganda. At the top of my list is that they wanted their disinfo disceet to be discovered and thereby the whole genre of imagery manipulation AND “no planes” be dismissed with prejudice. Why? Because valid instances of imagery manipulation existed (in the form of the “legends” of some of the simVictims plastered on the wall and social media). Its design-to-be-debunked hides media complicity, the concept that Shanksville had no real plane, and the Pentagon plane did a flyover (so no real plane crashed there).

          With respect to the more recent false flag operations and the role of imagery manipulation, unfortunately I view it with a jaded eye that efforts into pixel-analysis are a bit too eager. When one studies pixels, one loses sight of the big picture, literally, in addition to pictures/videos in sequence from multiple sources. Too much credit is given to the concept of someone having manipulated it, as opposed to digital technology by its very nature introducing glitches from the sampled digital resolution. [Case in point: Ma Bell used to have the best telephone network in the world: crisp, clear, and reliable. Today with my smart phone, I suffer all sorts of poor quality, poor connections, no connections, disconnections, … Isn’t technolgoy great?]

          Okay, just above, I said studying pixels can make one lose sight of the big picture. The big picture to me is that various bodies lying around and standing more than block the prying lens of cameras as to the application of special effects make-up. I find the shredded pant legs with nary associated bloody scratches pretty suspect.

          Oh and before I forget, the lady with three arms? No way. You follow the pictures in sequence you’ll see how she puts on her fashionable coat with help from others. Its style and her putting it on accounts for something you try to flag before as being too large a collar, huge next, no head, etc.

          These three images dispute your three arms theories…

          The arm in question belongs to the bearded man in black, who we’ll see later had lots of camera equipment and pant legs shredded on the seams from ankle to hip (yet no bloody scratches).

          … So… I am in disagreement with your photo analysis being significant or valid. Your focus on pixels wants to distract readers from the accurate depictions of the scene [even if acted].

          The way I see it, this event would have had too many cameras available that the perps could not control. Their best option was to have the actors clustered together, such that the fence, the smoke, and their bodies could shield prying lenses of any preparatory actions.


        2. Dear Senor,

          Thank you for your comments. After looking more at the photos that you and Skeptical posted and thinking it about it some more, I also think that I was mistaken in my conclusions. I too have been seduced by September Clues. I don’t necessarily know what to think about their motives and whether or not it is an attempt to provide disinformation. What I rather think is that they are attached to their theory because they discovered it, and have convinced themselves that any other theory is wrong and can’t be entertained. But if you are correct, then I guess that insisting no one died could be a way to deflect attention away from the deaths so that the criminal acts of those involved could be seen as less heinous. What is confusing is that they themselves accuse Alex Jones of perpetuating disinformation and doing what you are suggesting that they are doing. All of this makes my head spin. I really don’t know what to think about who is who and what anyone’s motives are. I do know however that September Clues seems often to be over-reaching and wrong in their conclusions. They are also very closed to seeing any victims as real victims, which seems to belie their purported attempts to “get at the truth” of what happened on 911.

          As for my theory that the photos have been painted over, I conclude that I was wrong about them being part of a layered photo where some people were filmed at another time. I didn’t see anyone else in the area that was wearing khaki that those parts of arms could belong to, but now I see what you mean. What I now think is that the photos were at such a low resolution that someone tried to “up-res” them, producing many of the artifacts I mentioned, but it also still looks to me as if a retouching occurred on the up-res where parts of the photos were misinterpreted and painted over wrong.

          I take your point about the big picture. I agree that the big picture is always most important. It seemed to me that if some were faking their injuries, then probably all were. But Krystle Campbell seemed like she could really have been killed there, and I used the September Clues logic (I discovered them very recently, since I started looking into the Boston event) to try to figure it out for myself. What is more convincing than my pixel analysis is an analysis I saw on another website – not so much the analysis itself, but comments by someone named Leo who was an EMT – who claimed that Krystle’s injuries as depicted are not consistent with someone surviving, and that her coloring is not that of a dead person. Here is the link:

          I apologize for having been over-zealous in trying to play detective. This whole thing is making me quite ill, as, like the person Leo who comments on the link I provided above, I came upon all of this quite by accident and out of concern for the injuries of the people involved. It’s a lot to process in such a short amount of time, and I’m sorry if I added to the mess with my amateur analysis.

        3. To me the greatest problem with the pixel analysis is that it takes us away from the genuine facts on the ground: all the lead-ups to the drama (an empty space of the explosion, the diversion of the old man falling down, the coverage ripped back only when the actors had moved into it, the make-up and faked bloody wounds, seen to be put on in real time). If you say it’s all fake, then you are removing the evidence just as surely as the perps cut down the tree outside of Forum and broke up those intact benches near Finish Line. You are wiping out actual evidence. Jeff Baumann’s phony legs are worth a million pixellated faces.

          I don’t have a total theory on the 4 9/11 planes, but to my mind they are virtually irrelevant compared to the towers and that other building dropping as they did. I don’t think we need photoshopped evidence to tell us the score on that one, or even a lot of deep forensic chemistry, what with WTC-7 and the actual pulverization of the buildings. So spare me.

        4. I don’t think analyzing pixels is removing evidence. I decided that I was wrong in my analysis when I was presented with images I hadn’t seen and the possibility that some of the artifacts and oddities were from up-resing very pixelated photos, but it’s not removing anything to try to figure out what happened through the photo evidence. For instance, there is a photo of Jeff Bauman out there that is supposed to show that he had real legs before the marathon with a woman on either side of him holding a sign that says “Team Stork.” You can clearly see that this photo has been sliced. There is a different background behind the woman’s hair that is to his right that is showing through. If this is true, than it’s important forensic evidence, as well as all of the photos we have that look so fake of him with his non-bleeding stumps. And the photos we have of Krystle Campbell have been photoshopped too. The photo of her working at Summer Shack where she appears to be standing has her head sliced at the neck and the pixels don’t line up. Those photos being tampered with provides more of a case that the event was staged. But yeah, I now see that it’s a bit stupid to analyze those other photos the way I did. It doesn’t really matter when the photos or pieces of them were taken. But there are so many other strange things in the photos anyway, such as people appearing to appear and disappear, that one has to wonder a bit how so many different photos could be taken that don’t match up with each other. It was just a theory; not a very good one I admit, but not a dastardly one either. I do still think the photos have been painted on, but probably more for reasons of sharpening detail than to make a composite of images taken at different times.

        5. Dear Mr. PButterFly2000,

          I totally appreciate your gracious and courageous response from May 23, 2013 at 7:47 pm. One could say, “it takes a real man [/person] to admit they are wrong.” Emphasis is on “real”, because insincere agents-with-an-agenda as well as bots do not have that ability, I’ve learned.

          And your great response from May 24, 2013 at 1:46 am to Mr. Musing demonstrates an important technique by honest seekers of truth, namely that of “mining, refining, and re-purposing nuggets of truth from disinfo sources.”

          In summary, I agree with your reasoning:

          … it’s not removing anything to try to figure out what happened through the photo evidence. For instance, there is a photo of Jeff Bauman out there that is supposed to show that he had real legs before the marathon… You can clearly see that this photo has been sliced.

          Indeed, we know that some imagery manipulation can and will happen in the process of manipulating the voyoueristic public’s emotions. As demonstrated by some [but not all] of the September Clues research into 9/11 simVictims, this tool from their bag of tricks is particularly useful in the realm of establishing the legends of actors and/or simVictims. Feeds right into social media and its manipulation, as well.

          Our challenge is to find the instances of imagery manipulation that are actual and then meaningful in terms of helping pull off a ruse, as opposed to the instances where, say, the imperfections and glitches of digital technology mislead us [and get overhyped for the nefarious purpose of getting itself debunked so that the entire genre of imagery manipulation gets a pre-mature dismissal.]

          Speaking of which, I just starting watching the video at … which seems to have some nuggets of truth (like the area being unoccupied, the actors moving in under the cover of smoke, preparation and the assistance of the woman in pink vest…) as well as disinfo. I think the video’s maker is mistaken with:

          – Krystle’s real versus fake torso stuff.
          – Krystle’s supposed left ankle. (It looks to me like the bare feet of someone sitting under a lady in long brown boots.)

          Here’s some things that I noticed:
          3:18 One of the X cross-beams of the scaffolding has red paint on it almost the same color as the blood on the ground. That vested lady in pink really gets around.
          3:21 The jury is still out whether the cyan shoe with foot in the lower-left is Krystle’s. When your eye scans just above that, there is something in black that is digitally smeared. That may or may not be imagery manipulation to hide a real leg. The naked foot just above that black smear comes from someone else and clearly debunks a later disinfo nugget in the video.
          3:55 The video maker does a three picture side-by-side of Krystle and hints that the third one (from the scene) isn’t here. The jaw, teeth, node, hairline, etc. to me suggest that it is.
          5:21 The video maker implies that Krystle’s left ankle is there. What I see is that the right foot labeled A is attached to the same body as the left ankle labeled in yellow, and the body isn’t Krystle’s; it is someone intertwined with a lade in long black boots.
          5:56 The video maker implies that the black bag that was emptied had a plastic torso in it [I haven’t the foggiest idea of what for.] Makes more sense to me that it would have a mangled leg in it or other props for the scene.
          6:34 I could believe (maybe) that she’s strapped in a special way so that real legs are hidden under the white sheet and made to look like lumpy mattress on the gourney (sp).
          6:40 I think an important thing to note is that she is breathing and with her right hand clenching the belt of the gourney. And by 6:51, her mangled and gashed left-leg is not bleeding profusely (as I would expect, but WTF do I know… I’d probably pass out if I saw the real thing.)

          I could go on, but clearly we have nuggets of truth buried in disinfo rubble of this video, and we have to distinguish between the two.

          The second video proves imagery manipulation. It says that the media admitted to editing out gore in the picture. However, in another disinfo twist (IMHO), the video maker says the image on the left showing a horribly gashed leg is real, while the image on the right doesn’t show the gash. Yeah, well, that doesn’t make sense to me. If the lady truly had gashed legs, why would the helper in red kneel directly over that wound with the heel of his left shoe practically touching it. If I were him, that would be the injury I’d be treating, maybe by trying to stem the flow of blood by applying pressure to that big-ass artery that goes down the inside of our legs. Also, how does he keep the blood from getting all over his shoes, socks, and pants? How does he prevent himself from tracking blood all over the place? Fast-drying blood, eh?

          My belief is that the faked image is the one with the gore, although I cold see them digitally blurring the image without the gore as a pretext for getting us to believe that the gory version of the image is real.

          I’ve seen other still images and videos of this man in red and the lady in gray hoodie and black shirt. He tries to help her up, but then she sits back down. I find it curious that she didn’t register the gash in her leg until after she attempted to stand.

          … So… I lump those two video as well as the hosting blog into the category of hyped-up misanalysis. I think they are purposely distracting us so that we won’t see other things, or that we will discount all possibilities of imagery manipulation. I suspect the images of Krystle’s leg being practically ripped off and under her should top the list of those that are questioned for imagery manipulation, if the pixel artifacts offer clues.

          Have a good weekend.


        6. Sorry for being so curt with you about this analysis into which you clearly put a lot of effort. I hope you have a pleasant weekend.

  23. I do however like how Zaurus snape went about it with pointers. He’s using close-ups and analysis which allows your perceptions to deduce what is there, what is actually stipulated to be there by all parties, including the perps who have been using it as “evidence”.

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