Carlos Arredondo has been widely praised by an array of corporate news media as among the most valorous figures of the Boston Marathon bombing. He was “heralded as a true American hero,” the International Business Times gushes, having allegedly “risked his life to help the victims of the two explosions that rocked the Boston Marathon.”[1]


A resident of Bangor Maine who tragically lost his son in the Iraq War in 2004 and thereafter turned to peace activism, Arredondo and friend John Mixon were at the Boston Marathon to support participants running in honor of Maine’s fallen Iraq War veterans. Following the blast, the two say they crossed Boylston Street and began tearing down the snow fence and scaffolding to get to the bombing victims. “Arredondo vaulted it and tried using his clothes and towels to stanch the victims’ bleeding but they were hurt too badly,” Maine’s Portland Press Herald reports. “Both men helped get one of the spectators, missing both legs, into a wheelchair that race medical staff had brought. ‘I kept talking to him. I kept saying, “Stay with me, stay with me,” Arredondo said.”[2]

Followers of the story will recall that while in the hospital and through a narcotic-induced stupor Bauman uncannily came to and provided a stark recollection of the  Tsarnaev brothers as the bombers. “He woke up under so much drugs [sic], asked for a paper and pen and wrote, ‘bag, saw the guy, looked right at me,’”Bauman’s brother Chris told[3]

In the above photo Arredondo is seen allegedly holding onto an artery as he helps rush Jeff Bauman to an awaiting ambulance. Newspapers report “After jumping the security fence to help on Monday, Arredondo rushed to help the young man whose legs were so badly damaged. He asked the man his name – Jeff Bauman – and then told him, “Stay still. The ambulance is here.”

The Washington Post ran an even more sensationalistic account that wholly excerpted Arredondo’s efforts at moving the fencing and scaffolding:

Carlos Arredondo ran across Boylston Street, jumped the security fence and landed on a sidewalk smeared in blood. In front of him, two women lay motionless. Another woman walked around in black-powder smoke, looking down at the fallen bodies. “Oh, my God,” he said she repeated, dazed. “Oh, my God.” Arredondo had been a Boston Marathon spectator, carrying a camera and a small American flag. He dropped the flag. He took four pictures — focusing on a young man crumpled on the sidewalk. The man had a blank expression, and a leg that was only bone below the knee. Then Arredondo put the camera away. He asked the injured man his name. “Stay still,” he remembered saying, in accented English. “The ambulance is here.”[4]

There’s a major problem with the above scenario. The photos taken that day of the overall scene and Arredondo’s activities therein suggest that he went about his purported heroic exploits in a much more time-consuming–and perhaps somewhat less noble–fashion.

This CCTV video at 2x indicates that at exactly 3:05 Arredondo commences his valorous gallop with Bauman to the waiting ambulance. This is over six minutes after the initial ordnance was detonated.[5]!

What exactly was Boston’s “Cowboy Hero” doing in the interim as Mr. Bauman lay suffering on the nearby sidewalk?

Arredondo can be seen here on the left waiting by the fence before donning his hat and springing into action as the wounded lay before him. Bauman appears to be behind the black woman dressed in dark pants, white shirt and red jacket

Rather than rushing to assist the man who allegedly lost both his legs, as we are told he “instinctively” did by the Washington Post, Arredondo now pauses here to attend to the fencing.

The official casualty count of 264 injured cannot be readily demonstrated in these photos, unless perhaps a far greater percentage of casualties could be evidenced where the second bomb detonated further down Boylston Street and away from the finish line.

Here is another shot of Arredondo still far more preoccupied with the fencing and scaffolding than the injured and maimed.

With the fence finally dismantled  Boston’s “Cowboy Hero” now has his back entirely turned away from the fallen.

Arredondo the Boston Cowboy Hero is seen here continuing to wrestle with the scaffolding.

As Arredondo assists with the fencing, a severely maimed Jeff Bauman is left unaided on the ground.

Arredondo the Cowboy Hero now appears to be leaning against the scaffold framework and possibly partaking in another slight breather.

Meanwhile no one is assisting the severely injured Jeff Bauman.

Army Reservists are among those who appear to assist Arredondo the Cowboy Hero in his struggle with the scaffolding, while the injured and maimed continue to be left unattended.

Here the fencing and scaffolding are wholly removed. Yet Arredondo has still not proceeded to assist Mr. Bauman. Further, while the entire area is swarming with uniformed emergency medical personnel, the would-be severely injured and traumatized Bauman is left unattended.

A high resolution version of the photo above shows the precise time on the overhead timers for the marathon (over the road) as 4:12:06. This is 2 minutes and 23 seconds after the blast (timer reading 4:09:43 at time of blast). This is a very long time for the many bombing victims with reportedly lost limbs and devastating shrapnel wounds to be left unattended while potential responders who have been presented as unyielding and chivalrous defenders of the massacred struggle with fencing.

The series of photos suggests how it will be several more minutes before Bauman is taken to the ambulance. Why is it that proper medical personnel in the interim didn’t attend to the grievously wounded man? Perhaps this is nothing a dramatic photo shoot couldn’t take care of.

Boston’s Cowboy Hero Arredondo adjusts his hat as he finally locates and rescues Jeff Bauman, prior to accompanying him in the wheelchair.

The last photo which shows the timers is where they are being removed (why?). The time shown is 4:14:26 which is close to five minutes after the blast. In this photo Arredondo may be seen bending over where the injured lay, yet he is mostly obscured.

Thus in contrast to mainstream media’s account of Arredondo’s heroism, it appears that six minutes transpired before Boston’s Cowboy Hero escorted Bauman to hospital.

And finally a key photograph successfully captured that will strongly imbue the severity of the Boston Marathon bombing into the public mind.

In summary, in spite of there being ample personnel attending to the wounded at the bombing, and despite apparently having both legs blown off, Jeff Bauman was left completely unattended for at least 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

Then, after going so long without attention it is not even medical personnel who attend to him. He is instead in the care of a civilian in a cowboy hat who, after several more minutes, puts him in a wheelchair to wheel him to an ambulance. Why didn’t medical personnel take over at some point in time?

Why didn’t the ambulances go to the actual scene where the injured lay?  If the police vehicles can come and go, then why couldn’t the ambulances?

Is Carlos Arredondo really the hero US news media portray him as? Are such news outlets perhaps perpetuating a misconception? Did Arredondo really jump the fence and rush to assist Bauman? Or was this perhaps a contrived scene where Arredondo fulfilled a particular predetermined role? Was the apparently maimed man who would later play a key role in identifying the Tsarnaev brothers as the alleged evil culprits deliberately left unattended for a photo shoot? Why otherwise would Bauman be ignored by everyone including his valiant rescuer for so long?

Moreover, why have the major and even certain alternative media failed to forthrightly examine what appears to be an increasingly curious and implausible event?


[1] Connor Adams Sheets, “Meet Carlos Arredondo,” International Business Times, April 15, 2013.

[2] David Hench and Glenn Jordan, “It Was All Innocent People, Just Defenseless,” Portland Press Herald, April 17, 2013.

[3] Asjylyn Loder and Esm E. Deprez, “Boston Bomb Victim in Photo Helped Identify Suspect,” Bloomberg News, April 19, 2013. 

[4] David A. Farenthold, “Boston Marathon Bystander Carlos Arredondo Says He Acted Instinctively,” Washington Post, April 16, 2013.

[5] Further, the same CCTV video suggests that more than one trip may have been necessary to produce the desired shots, including one involving an awkward interruption midway through after Bauman may have lost a lower appendage.!

-James F. Tracy and Andrew Whooley. Mr. Whooley is an independent researcher originally from New Zealand who resides in Perth, WA, Australia.

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173 thought on “The Unlikely Antics of Boston’s “Cowboy Hero””
  1. If the hoax is ever officially admitted to, which I doubt, it will all be presented as a necessary frame up job to “stop them before they could do what they really wanted to do, which would have been far worse”

  2. Damning evidence. But I guess that fence really needed taking care of. It’s the cowboy way.

    I don’t want to be divisive, but we should also note that the patriot news sites are conveniently avoiding this evidence. I’m sure they’d be pointing out the dramatization of this event if the cowboy had instead been cast as the villain.

    1. Those “patriot” sites have really fallen in line, haven’t they? I think that was the intent behind the media fingering them first – accuse them, then throw out the token “muslim mastermind” so they’ll rally behind ‘proving’ it wasn’t “a white guy”. And who better to launch that than Glenn Beck – protector from the caliphate. I see he made the rounds on fox last night –

      All in one week we’ve been fed the standard islamophobia and Syria’s undocumented WMD. The scoundrels need money to finance the police state – they’re determined to get a war going one way or another, as they need to fire up that revenue stream.

      1. Honestly, I become suspicious when Glenn Beck is even mentioned. I was thinking more of the sites that included mention of actors during previous false flags, but that now have nothing to say outside of talk about “the brothers.”

  3. I watched Arendondo being interviewed on tv.. alongside a lady who had helped, They both gave an indepth interview about how they helped the injured. I took everything in, until a pause in the interview and the lady said.. ‘ He is still in shock, he is shaking’.. or something on those lines and I started to think critically and it passed through my mind they were both acting, she also mentioned another friend who had gone off to the second explosion, and worriedly stated she didn’t know what had happened to him… ( as if he was caught by the second bomb).. but then I though if he had hurried off to the second explosion it would have already gone off, so he wouldn’t have been injured by it.. It made no sense. Arendondo was also holding a USA flag or some flag and mentioned the blood stains.. He was seen on video with the man without legs and I thought then….’ something seems set up’…. I read some where the photo of him in hospital does not fit the man in the wheelchair tall and thin with curly hair…Hospital man was more full in face and stockier. Can anyone verify this?

    1. Poppy – was that “lady” by any chance the red-haired woman noted in my video post from PlasmaBurns?

      1. Regina Ive found the clip its now on you tube, Aredondo and the lady – she has long hair brownish in her 40’s or 50’s brown rimmed glasses, lots of rings on her fingers.. they don’t say her name, but the fella she is worried about -who went to check the second explosion was named as John Nixon, if I heard correctly. Aredondo actually states he saw legs and arms off !

      2. ahhh – Poppy, “lady” would be his wife Melinda. oic

        This really is bad – they make sure to show all the blood (a little on his shirt sleeve), they mention something that isn’t mentioned much….that the cell service was shut down (!)…the reporter is a wreck too, and keeps making bomb noises – jeez.

        truly ‘Bad Cinema’ =)

      3. On this video clip of Carlos, I’m seeing something weird. At about the three minute mark, the background seems to ‘flex’ like maybe it’s a green screen. Does anyone else see that?

    2. This man A. He is the First Aid trained to help of what ? Fences ? Taking pictures ? Taking care of bloodied flag ? And to keep his hat and his clothes very clean ,with no stain whatsoever ? Completely composed to provide comprehensive interwievs ? I believe firmly now in that MAGIC dust ….

  4. In the first 2 and half minutes, of this cowboy wrestling with the fence, it is apparent that he is holding a flag while simultaneously trying to “get to the victims”…supposedly to valiantly assist the injured and maimed…..while determinedly holding onto his dime store flag.
    Now those are the actions of a true “Patriotic Hero”! ….. and no less wearing an iconic symbol of “Americanism”…the cowboy hat. (******blinking rapidly here******)

    Again, as with Sandy Hooked, there are a myriad of bizarre and anomalous behaviors that scream “fraud”. I have had two C-sections performed in my life and can tell you that you do NOT smile for days after being cut open…yet, Bauman was photographed in the hospital, after having both legs blown clean off, smiling from ear to ear. Really? Would he not be sporting some type of concussion from such an intense blast? A blast that blew his legs clean off? Would he not be showing signs of PTSD and shock from losing both of his legs???
    He looks, for all intents and purposes, to be totally at peace with his traumatized body. Friggin’ surreal!!!
    Maybe I am just too attached to my legs and need to just let go of any fear or shock of possibly living without them! Who believes this shite?

    I can remember falling face first on an icy pond when I was a young child and suffered a concussion that caused me to black out for hours. When I awoke I can remember being severely nauseated and in extreme pain. I blacked out again until the following day and can remember being miserable for days suffering with this swelling of my brain….but, not Bauman. He is alert and so alert that he can look off to the side to see what other people are doing as he is being wheeled to an awaiting ambulance.

    What a trooper! He can focus on his surroundings as his cowboy savior fondles his femoral artery!

    Liars, frauds, deceivers, charlatans, carpet baggers and scalawags are they all.

    I suppose that we can use this blatant insanity and three ring circus act as a future lesson in creating a different world…one that does not include the toddlers getting hold of the matches.

      1. “Hey, everybody! I’m Adrianne and I got my leg blown off in the Boston Marathon! Look! I can raise my nub this high!” poses for the camera man…who really cannot believe that he takes pictures of traumatized people with limbs blown off for a living…but continues to snap that shutter….again and again and again at one false flag event after another…..prostituting himself for fiat currency.

        Significant other beams with pride at the notoriety Adrianne will experience from being a ‘vicitm’. Adrianne tells the reporters, “Being a victim is cooool! Like….I never would have thought I’d be shopping for a peg leg buuuut….I heard that United Way is taking donations for it right now!”

      2. Thank you, thank, thank you, Andrew, for providing the link to Adrianne’s nub. No swelling, no ptsd, no pain, no anger…..just smiles. Insane.

  5. “Won’t it be obvious if I keep holding the flag in my hand while I’m trying to work with the fence?”

    “How many times do we have to go over this? It’s all about demographics. We’ll have one demographic wheeling the chair, one demographic being the hero who ID’s the evil Muslim, and your demographic who will be wearing the cowboy hat.”

    “A cowboy hat? But I live just outside of Miami. Nobody wears a cowboy hat in Miami. You sure people are going to buy this?”

    “Look. We didn’t bust you for setting the government vehicle on fire, remember? This is the payback we talked about. Consider us even now.”

    1. Roll on the floor laugh my femoral artery off!!!!!!! Thank you for the ‘behind the scenes’ dialogue.
      Now all we need for background music is Lee Greenwood’s “I’m Proud to be an Amurikin”………

      1. Yes. Thank you. You and I, and surely a host of others, are seeing the same ridiculousness in all the images Dr. Tracy is making available.

        My fear is that this blog is too persuasive and convincing. On the American Association of University Professors article, James received a not too subtle threat about losing his paycheck. They may be incompetent, but they’re still powerful.

  6. One could do no better than to simply repeat what appears at the top of each of these columns:

    “Our disinformation program will be complete when everything the American public believes is false.” -William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987

    Any questions?

    1. so you reckon cowboy guy rushed amputee guy off in a wheelchair … then returned to struggle with some important fence fixin’?

    2. “How can we be sure that the fence-adjusting pictures weren’t taken AFTER the rescue?”

      The photographic and video evidence is conclusive, it is irrefutable that the fence and scaffolding were removed first.

      Unlike with the media stories about this “hero”, you are not being asked to believe anything on good faith, the evidence has been presented, not misrepresented

  7. Think we have a “Jessica Lynch” wannabe. As I recall, Ms. Lynch finally convessed to the PR campaign surrounding her capture and valiant rescure, which gave substance and moral authority to the pointless Iraq invasion.

    Is that a posse comin’ up over the hill, Tonto?

  8. I don’t think Jeff *is* pushed down the road twice. I think it’s two different people. But it surely does look as if something comes off at the point his entourage comes to a halt. Pity we don’t get a better view.

  9. Another great post, and great comment as well by Poppy. It helps to subvert the media truth about Bauman’s fingering the brothers, and expands the circle of crisis actors. Sooner or later it may well be possible to definitively identify a crisis actor in his past life, hopefully Bauman, and leave authoirty naked of their media story.

    If the American people understand emotionally as well as intellectualy that not only what American power tells them but it shows them as well is fake, a people’s consensus will form over time that will confront American power. And this is essential to slow or stop the police state being imposed, or to overturn it.

    The crisis actors initiated as central at Sandy Hook, and continued at the Marathon bombing, is a two edged sword. They may be effective in the short term, but they may well be utterly corrosive of delusive power in the long term.

    1. Give me a freaking break! Actors? Are you kidding me? You folks take a series of photos or clips from a shaky video and think you can say with certainty what transpired?

      Can you see what you are suggesting? That all of these people are somehow cooperating in a live, on-camera hoax? That they perform their roles flawlessly, convincing both police, marathon attendants, national guard soldiers and many others? Are you kidding me?

      The man had his legs blown off, there is no doubt. He may have seen the bomber or he may be associating another person with the bomb.

      How about getting the video showing the younger brother headed west away from the site? Gather all the evidence and consider it very carefully before the jury casts its verdict.

      Not until you have a chance to review everything and taken the time to interpret all of it, will you have done your job properly. Removing snippets from here and there and allowing other media sources to do the review for you will only cause more confusion.

      Put yourself under his hat and see what you would have done.

      1. Well Dave – personally, I think these people are simply doing a job…a job that involves perpetuating a hoax. Work isn’t easy to come by these days –

        You haven’t read much on this blog, have you? This is a pretty informed group, and just because we don’t post every single thing we read, little gets by without analysis. And before you accuse us of acting as a jury, check out a mirror and see if you can spot the guy making the judgments?

  10. Not drawing any conclusions on anything else, but the “awkward interruption” evidenced on the CCTV time lapse is clearly, upon consideration of the associated photographs, the wheelchair getting a bloody (?) towel stuck in the right front wheel. As the CCTV footage continues, the towel remains in the street. the failure to consider such evidence does damage to other rational considerations.

    1. From an interview with Arrendondo,

      “When he saw the extent of Bauman’s injuries and the rapid loss of blood, he knew Bauman needed his help the most. He ripped up a sweater and used it to try to stop the bleeding from Bauman’s legs and immediately got the attention of a woman with a wheelchair.

      He placed Bauman in the chair and began pushing, but the fabric he used as bandages kept getting caught in the wheels. Arredondo took matters into his own hands, literally, throwing off the fabric and pinching closed an artery on Bauman’s right leg – the image of humanitarianism seen around the world. ”

      Apparently you have seen the video evidence to back up his statement.

      1. I wouldn’t say so, CM. A very clear picture above shows ems guy is running behind the wheelchair while cowboy hat guy runs ahead, holding the said artery. Later, after chair is stopped to make adjustment (seen in video), ems guy is running ahead.

        There is no visible sweater in this photo. There is no clear bleeding in any video/photograph. There is a small rag beneath the wheel, which the above “concerned citizen” (I always smell a freemason when I see someone called that) notes is “clearly” the reason the wheelchair was stopped. I guess that’s possible. But the hand movements of ems guy look like something is being placed back on, not wrapped back around. So maybe they took a dirty rag that had been caught in a wheel and placed it on wheelchair guy. This is explicable like cowboy hat guy tearing the fence down is. Watch the hands.

        I agree that the video is inconclusive. But it’s there and it contributes to an overall case if proved legitimate (how does a video like that make its way to the net?). We may also note that a photographer with a teal jacket appears on the roof below the camera when the wheelchair makes its departure from the scene (something that hasn’t been explained either, i.e. rolling a man away like that would probably kill him, no?).

      2. ChelseaMorning,
        The only video I had seen is the time lapse from YouTube. I downloaded it so that I could run it at any speed and scrub it forward and back. It is very clear that as the wheelchair is stopped and whatever all adjustments are made, that something like a white cloth remains in the street in that location after the wheelchair proceeds. I couldn’t see how to post a photo here, but I’m looking at one of the two dramatic close photos of the wheelchair which I found online. It has what appears to be about a 4-foot long red-stained white cloth touching the street at both ends and the right front wheel of the wheelchair in the middle. If it is a sweater, it is a very thin sweater. I will post the very clear picture if someone can tell me how to do so.

      3. It was difficult to find this photo online again!

        purchasing: I’ll retract my statement that “clearly” this is the cause of stopping the chair. Reasonably, though, it is — when considering the time lapse video, the above photo and the statement ChelseaMorning posted. The event should be studied very carefully, given the long history of false flags and the identifiable issues so far that do not add up. The answers, however, are not as obvious as some present them to be (though the stopping of the chair seemed clear to me – but their may be another plausible explanation.) I hate to see this investigation headed in the wrong direction. This event is not as obvious as others. Yet.

      4. @Concerned Citizen.
        He likely was referring to a tshirt or sweatshirt that had been ripped up, and just couldn’t find the right word in English to express at the moment.
        It appears it was getting caught in the wheels just as he stated.

        I don’t really think it is reasonable to expect every movement or action in a chaotic and tragic situation to be perfectly rational or even logical; and sometimes the brain moves faster than the body. It is shortsided to make sweeping judgments without factoring in human imperfection. Human beings are flawed. I know I have a few flaws. How about you?
        And BTW, I have family who call themselves “concerned citizens” group. There is no freemasonry in my family, just po’ white folk. 😉

    1. The redhead has been of much interest to me. Its seems she broke position once to turn back and talk to someone(cowboy man perhaps?), and then returned to her semi-fetal position as if someone said:” not yet, not yet” Of course It could be the stills I have seen are not in the correct order. Who found this picture of her with Bauman in the video?

      Arredondo however seems like he may have been “turned” at one point. I read that he had quite an “incident” with some government folks after finding out his son was killed in Iraq. Perhaps he thinks he is truly helping end our wars, by helping to defeat those who killed is son. As a veteran I am sorry for his tragic loss. However if he is reading this, I would implore him to think about what he is doing and blow the whistle about what he knows of the first bomb scene.

  11. Regarding that video above that says Bauman was pushed twice through the scene….those 2 wheelchair people do not look the same to me. The 2nd wheelchair person has a long dark left leg/pant hanging down. And it looks to me that it wasn’t that the R leg, fake or not, that was falling off, but that shreds of something….tendons, cloth, whatever, were getting caught up under or in the wheels as pictures do show strands of the unknown were swinging around. The guy in the yellow green jacket shoved that stuff back up. All that aside, I still believe this was a planned attack which the PTB knew about and probably planned.

    1. Perfectly possible that cloth or something else obstructed movement or that at least EMT guy thought it did. Look at 03:14 to 03:16 in the above video to decide. Compare it with the first picture cited above. EMT guy’s hands look like they are clutching something bigger than the few pieces of hanging cloth, clearly photographed. The hanging cloth does not appear to obstruct in any way. Yet EMT guy could have determined it did.

      None of this will tell us why the wheelchair was used at all, the close up photographs showing what they show (e.g., cowboy hat guy tearing fence down while victim lies unattended), or anything else. If you isolate the 2 seconds of video and consider nothing else you can’t conclude anything. But why would you, unless you really, really wanted to.

  12. At :30, the 1st ambulance-type vehicle arrives.

    At :50, the 2nd ambulance-type vehicle arrives.

    At 2:30, the 1st one leaves.

    At 3:00, the 2nd one leaves.

    After they leave, at 3:10, cowboy and the wheelchair crew come out of the crowd near the center of the screen, heading to the bottom of the screen. They are not trailing blood. They stop to adjust the fake leg, getting ready for their photo op. This is over three minutes in, at double speed. So, over 6 minutes after the explosion, after the ambulances leave, this guy with his legs supposedly blown off gets rolled out in a wheelchair.

    (At 3:05, another “victim” is unloaded from the black van into a wheelchair.)

  13. One real bomb and one fake bomb, it appears. They may have over-estimated what the real bomb could do in the dead and maimed siblings and another missing foot or two. As for the guy that the cowboy helped wheel out in a wheel chair; I think that was part of the drill and fake (based superficially on the leg-less guy not bleeding out, not being attended to, being taken out in a wheelchair, and his resemblance to a maimed US Vet.)

  14. It occurs to me that “crisis actors” may be a legitmate academic subject in media studies. There must be half way honest journals around, one that would accept a paper on, say, “Crisis actors in the Television age.” or something perhaps more tarted up schcolarship wise.
    We have observed the movement of actors into the political arena–Reagan, Swarzchnegar, etc– ( I really have to learn to spell some day) and the evolution of real sports figure, etc in advertising, has provoked the reverse, the evolution of media figures in reality narratives.

    Legitimating crisis actors in academic discourse– while not incidentally protecting your ass from further academic harassment– might give you, and us, some academic company, and enrich the field with new talent.

    Should writing such an article be feasible and useful, however, I insist that you give credit to the ‘commenter Mark.’ Or commenter anone for that matter. It is important to legitimate commentors as well, since they provide evidence and insights that are achieved in no other way by no other truth source.

    1. Perhaps this is simply an extension of the theatrical phenomenon from the political to the civilian sphere, thus further negating the possibility of people’s genuine interaction and self-determination.

    2. That’s Schwarzenegger–a real brain-teaser. But his place in power politics is even more convoluted. He was pushed into the governor’s house by a curious recall of Gov. Gray Davis in a murky sting operation. Californians seem easily duped, nurtured on Hollywood fantasy from birth. They wanted a real cool guy to run the state. Recently, Mark Dice and Alex Jones ran a survey in CA asking if citizens would support a NAZI style takeover to save the planet. Most who signed the petition were convinced out-of-hand that it sounded like a responsible position. Who knew???? Movements start on the coasts and move inland, like haute fashion.

  15. Funny how you keep removing comments from this page that explain in perfect detail what actually happened and why your assumptions are completely off base.

  16. ~~~ Professor Tracy, I have a question?
    (feel free to shout out, class =)

    Do you know if anyone has ever successfully argued that they can’t obtain a fair trial due to excessive internet exposure?

    moving right along…because this is directed at a new demographic (the nesara/dinar crowd), I expect this is meant to be the next round of fear porn:
    Rogue Nuke Threat –

    note: my spidey-sense tells me that all the low-level contacts are acting Genuinely on what they believe is true intel. I don’t question the blogger, or her Source, or anything she’s done in the past. Although I always raise an eyebrow at posts that suffer from terminal fontitis…and rarely make it through more than 3 paragraphs. I guess there are people who actually Work a font that hard – still….if it’s meant to be alarming, it’s failing with me.

  17. Where is the ACLU when they are really needed? An entire city shutdown for a 19 year old! How many innocent American homes were illegally swatted? What effect did this military takeover have on all the precious children? Big cities such as Chicago have hundreds of murders every year, suppose they figure their lives are less valuable than those in Boston.

    1. ACLU is part of the British Tavistock Institute to keep the lid on serious things.

      Joe Mac beside Jeff Bauman at finish line, Joe Mac friends with Joe Wayne a boxing trainer. He is the son of Jerry Wayne of the Boston PD. Not only is he friends with several cops, including swat, MIT police, and even Ed Davis (police spokesman) and his son. And not just distant aquaintences, but posting comments on each others pics type of friends. But what’s crazy, is he works as a trainer at Micky Wards gym, the same Micky Ward that was photographed with Tamarin Tsarnaev. Eric and Tammerlan were both golden gloves but they …. don’t know each other.

  18. Professor James Tracy has been right about not going along with the main stream media lies and the deception of the establishment.

    Here is an interesting link to further prove that the material posted here is valid:

    Thank you Professor Tracy for your courage that enabled you to stand up for the truth on behalf of citizens of the world.

    People like you are a blessing to the world not just to your university.

  19. Not enough spurting blood for the wound severity…Insulting to my intelegence as usual. A planned, staged bombing.

  20. Has anyone seen the video “Dust in the Wind”???

    A man is shown throwing a bag filled with dust over the heads of the act…I mean victims. Was he throwing lime on them to speed up the process of decomposition? Or just setting the scene?

    Really, I cannot stop laughing at all of the comments on this particular thread. I cannot seem to stop laughing at the complete inanity and chicanery of these infantile people who nest at the top of that pyramid.

    For some odd reason I can hear this —–> ——-whenever I watch anything from the MSM. It will take an extraordinary snake oil salesman to get me to buy any of this excrement.

  21. The scariest part of all this is what are these psychopaths going to do next? This is now wide open all over the web and here in Vancouver hit our mainstream FM Pop radio station 104.9 with DJ Kid Carson. I am sincerely concerned on what they are about to unleash to take focus off Boston, as they did with Sandy Hook.



    1. What I have come to realize, Rick, is that those in supposed positions of power feed off of our 1) ignorance and 2) fear. As soon as we can eradicate the former the latter cannot take root.
      Safe journey to you as well….

  22. I am a Peace Officer in Southern California assigned to the Detective Bureau for about the past five years. I have investigated several murders and other crimes of heinous nature. I have learned over the years to remain objective during the course of an investigation and not allow myself to be swayed in one direction or the other until I have worked through both sides of the story, which believe me, is much easier said than done. Clearly there are two sides to this story, and the MSM propaganda machine has been running at a fever pitch to churn out the false reality being swallowed up by the still blind masses. When I initially read of Professor Tracy’s claim that the bombings may have been a complete hoax, like most, I blew it off as implausible without taking five seconds to check the evidence, but I have since found my wayward objectivity, and have spent several hours taking a closer look at the available photos of bomb area one, as well as other relevant information. It’s 0200 right now and I would not be up writing this if I had not been blown away by the enormous inconsistencies in the photos, as well as by the fantastic peace Professor Tracy put together destroying the MSM’s false narrative of their ‘Cowboy’ hero. This is a lot to process, I certainly have been swayed, but I need to spend more time deciphering the available evidence before I upgrade from run of the mill ‘false flag’ to mind bending ‘Hoax.’ Either way, we are facing pure evil that will stop at nothing to bring this country to its knees for the purpose of bringing the New World Order to its feet. The ultimate goal is global tyrannical governance, which cannot and will not coexist with a free and patriotic America. What will you do? Will you lay down or will you stand up and fight for what you know is right? God help us…

    In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. -George Orwell

  23. The Zionist/Illuminati/Globalists have gone mad. If Obama accepts Israeli intel that Bashar Al-Assad used chemical weapons against the insurgency in Syria – and moves to take out Assad – I’m moving to Iceland. Nine out of ten times, any event that benefits the corporations, banks or Israel (globalists all) is a hoax. The closing of the small airports signals to me that Obama is going to war against the 1% – those airports are used primarily by private jet owners – Saudi Princes, the British Royals, Bankers (terrorists all). I think Obama may be on the fence, if he decides to fall in with the globalists – we will have to resist in order to retain our liberties and constitutional rights. — After all of this hoax, part-hoax, no-hoax – it’s bad no matter how you cut it – I’ve felt Christ calling to me or stirring in my heart again. He’s telling me to pray for the Jews that they might be at peace, contented and willing to share the land with the Palestinians and look out for their interest as if they too were chosen.

    1. I fear you are 100 percent accurate in your analysis.

      I hear, in what you linked to, exactly what is happening to my country.

      Henry Ford believed it too, and wrote at length about this.

      “Morris” on YouTube talks everyday about this.

      “Brother Nathaneal” talks each week about this.

      Anthony Lawson speaks to this in their videos.

      All “hate mongerers?”

      The speak with intelligence, evidence, and use logic to make their points.

      I don’t want to believe this is true.

  24. I spent most of yesterday reading Medical Journals trying to grasp some insight into just how serious and life threatening blast or force amputations really are. I know there is a lot of discussion about femoral severing but in most of the journals there is emphasis that damage is much more extreme including venial severing, muscle tearing, nerve damage, extreme alterations in body temperature, extreme levels of pain and how a person can lose their life to irreversible shock…etc…

    I did find this quote very interesting:

    “The femoral artery is a very large artery. When it’s severed, you bleed profusely. You lose consciousness and die within minutes,” said Dr. Anthony Manoukian, Maui County medical examiner.

    Then I found this Medical/Military pdf dated Jun 18, 2011. Its quite lengthy but if you go down to pg 18/19/20 you will find some interesting data on pre-hospital care and risks to the victim.

    1. Solana Beach, CA 2008: A great white shark bit through both legs of a swimmer, not severing them, but causing deep puncture wounds. The victim was brought to shore by accompanying swimmers, yet died within minutes of the attack due to femoral-artery blood loss. It seems very unlikely that Jeff Baumann could sit up and be conscious for any length of time after suffering such devastating injury to both his legs. The shark-attack victim was only able to blink a few times while being towed to shore, after which he lost consciousness entirely and could not be revived by CPR or any other means.

  25. The combination of the cowboy hat and flag are particularly hick and gives a bad name to real cowboys who might be patriotic, now that Chris has established his crisis actor bona fides. In Times Square there’s the naked cowboy in his underwear who has more credibility, as he’s playing himself.
    Meanwhile the DWTS announcement and the drugged artificially happy interview already given with Adrianne are reason enough to not watch and let their ratings slip. Losing a foot is serious business, not a time for sweet delirium.

  26. I’ve been exploring the role of Israel in the US Homeland Security sector as it may relate to the Sandy Hook incident and the Boston Marthon bombing. There is much evidence to suggest that Israel may hold significant, and inappropriate, influence in our “homeland” security affairs.

    It is interesting to note that immediately after the Sandy Hook attack it was announced that Obama would make his first Presidential trip to Israel… which he did in January 2013. Then, immediately after the Boston Marathon bombing, it was announced that Chuck Hagel would make his first visit to Israel as Secretary of Defense.

    If you’re watching the US-Israel relationship, the dance this week of the Obama administration trying to outfox Israel’s attempts to force/embarrass it into another Middle East conflict has become so transparent… it would be comical if not so serious. It is my hope Hagel and Obama can keep deflecting Israel’s outrageous pressure (The United States should take the lead: From the comments on recent new stories, it appears American sentiment is on the side of letting Israel pursue should they wish.

    I’ve been wondering if these absurd media stories we’ve been seeing are somehow strong-arm attempts to engage the U.S. further in the Middle East.

    This week, Israel claimed it had “photographs of victims” of chemical attacks in Syria. I think, by now, even the White House is aware you can not trust photographic or video “evidence.”

    A great article to read for background on the Israel-Obama relationship:

    1. …when Beck’s drama started, my first thought was that he was being brought out to do a little pre-emptive finger pointing before too many people picked up on the Israel/Zionist connections here. The Israeli police “assisting” with the investigation, the fact that the brothers were taken to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center instead of the nearest hospital, and placed in the care of an Israeli surgeon, quotes like this from Boston Mass administrators:

      “Conn said his staff was better prepared because a few years prior, Israeli emergency medical experts traveled to Boston to help upgrade the hospital’s disaster response plan.

      “We obviously have a limited experience of explosions in an urban area,” Conn said. “The Israelis unfortunately have this [kind of experience] and I’m very pleased that we went through that orientation and additional training.”

      “It’s worked well today,” he added.”

      I think we all agree that most mainstream news articles are scripted for the masses, but I’m Certain this story is getting close oversight and guidance. Reporters write/say what they’re told – obviously, they’re being told to clarify stories using the words israel/israeli in a benevolent way.

      Why? Is/Was this intended to create empathy for Israel (bombings), as a prelude to invading Iran?

      1. The Asian Tribune posted a short article yesterday entitled, “There’s something ‘fishy’! It is now only available via Google Cache:

        There’s something ‘fishy’!
        By S.H.Moulana – Riyadh

        Without any exception every country in the world has expressed its grief and concern over Boston bombing where three innocent people, including a child were killed and over 200 people were injured.

        Of those injured 13 lost their limbs. More than 50 people still remain in hospital and three of them are in critical condition.

        The brothers Dzhokar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the suspects, moved to the United States in 2001 and their father, who now lives in Dagestan, a republic bordering Chechnya, strongly believes that his sons have been framed.

        The US security officials are to face question in Congress over whether they mishandled information about Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

        Read more

  27. corrected name here

    Marzi says:
    April 27, 2013 at 11:14 am

    The combination of the cowboy hat and flag are particularly hick and gives a bad name to real cowboys who might be patriotic, now that Carlos has established his crisis actor bona fides. In Times Square there’s the naked cowboy in his underwear who has more credibility, as he’s playing himself.
    Meanwhile the DWTS announcement and the artificially happy interview already given with Adrianne are reason enough to not watch and let their ratings slip. Losing a foot is serious business, not a time for sweet delirium, which may have been pharmaceutically induced.

  28. Cultural creep: Military/industrial/pharmaceutical complex; terrorism; terrorist threats; suspension of Posse Comitatus; militarization of community police; DHS; TSA, crisis management; crisis actors; gun confiscation; stockpiling of homeland arms and ammo; trafficking in arms, drugs, human sex slaves; imposition of martial law…

    I think I see a trend here. We are not talking about a failed Third-world state.

  29. Maddow’s ramping it up –

    I love her obvious chain-yanking when she states things along the lines of ‘right now these people claim the White House bombed the Boston marathon’. lol – that’s one I Hadn’t heard yet!

    1. I’m not too sure what you ‘loved’ about this? I believe that one of the many goals of these recent events are to paint all who question the ‘official narrative’ as crazy and dangerous. In other words, we can’t let them continue to spread their toxic lies online, and/or they need to be rounded up so they don’t do any more harm. It is essential that they stop the free flow of information, and the best way to do that is to convince the naive public that ‘conspiracy theorists’ are medically unstable, hate-filled domestic terrorists that are a threat to the nation.

      1. poor choice of words – because I don’t watch television and rarely view news clips, I’m always amused when I see how consistently they lie. But you’re right…there are many who think this garbage “informs” them, and that is a true shame. Thanks for calling that out –

        Back in the days of good public education (50+ years ago) my grade school had a program similar to today’s “Red Ribbon Week”, where the entire school takes part in a course of study, specific to each grade level. The difference was that this had nothing to do with drugs – it was called “Don’t Buy It” week, and the content was about modern advertising. We were taught how colors were used to trigger emotion – music, voiceover methods, all sorts of tricks that were used to make people believe they Needed to have a certain product. Probably among the most valuable lessons in my life – I wish they still taught this.

  30. I think the characterization of Arrendondo is harsh; and it is unfair to make such assessments based on still shots.

    Here is a video, apparently unedited, that shows the initial blast a 4 seconds.

    At 1:16 Arrendondo is already over the scaffolding, and moments later seen helping while the camera man is still saying “Oh my God”.

    If the cameraman is still grappling with the ongoing aftermath minutes in as he films; wouldn’t it be fair to grasp that Arrendondo, an untrained person, would have moments of assessing a difficult and chaotic situation?

    It is likely that Arrendondo, within the chaos, was just trying to figure what to do next to help in whatever capacity was needed.

    If his story is as he related it, he found Mr Bauman, and tried to stop the bleeding until a first responder could arrive. Personally, I cannot imagine a more helpless feeling.

    I have witnessed first hand how differently people react in a crisis. The brain first denies, then processes until there is a mental shockwave.
    At that point, some leap to action while others stand paralyzed. And it is usually those that seem most “unlikely” who actively respond.

    1. He took pictures of the victims. What kind of human takes pictures of bombed people? …right before he “helps” them?
      You probably have not seen the video where he proudly shows the reporter the gory images that he caught?

      I want to be very clear about what I am about to say to you…totally unambiguous: If anyone takes pictures of a human suffering they are dead in every conceivable way. They are not human. If anyone defends the actions of a ‘human’ taking pictures of dying people then that person is dead as well.
      Words of loving advice.
      Be very, very careful who and what you bond with.

      1. And yet you are analyzing those same “pictures of human suffering”. So what exactly does that say about you?

        Your words betray you.
        When you start, as you say, “bonding” with an agenda, your critical thinking goes out the window.

        I don’t have a dog in this hunt. Nor am I taking a side. I am just weighing the evidence.

        1. Chelsea I believe you may be bending the stick too far here. What I find of intrigue especially with regard to this Youtube clip you’ve provided that was also circulated far and wide, was that while the videographer gasped, “Oh my god! Oh my god!” on the soundtrack he arches the camera upward-and-away-from the victims on the ground, thereby documenting very little apart from sporadic above-the-waist shots of those moving around on the opposite side of the fence.

          Further, Arredondo was certified with some first response training via the Red Cross in 2011, according to his identification tags which he curiously had on his person and displayed in media interviews shortly after the bombing. Trouble is that he was obviously in the way of and thereby likely endangering the life and welfare of Mr. Bauman given that there were without question more-than-competent paramedics available on the scene.

      2. @James, Well, if I am to bend the stick too far in any direction, I would rather lean to a more empathetic analysis.

        I would suggest that you put yourself in the same situation. This is all of two minutes after a bomb blast. Two minutes….Heck it will take me two minutes just to type this comment for heaven’s sake!

        People are human beings, not machines that go into action. Was Mr Arrendondo in the way of first responders? Perhaps. Has he exaggerated his own role in the scenario? Perhaps. It just appears he did what he knew to do. If he fell short of everyone’s expectations….oh well.

        As far as Red Cross training, I think you must have more faith in that organization than do I. 😉

      3. Chelsea in the Morning…….. taking pictures of humans dying or in extreme trauma at the TIME of the event …when assistance is of the utmost priority… completely different than examining photos of a supposed event. I do not enjoy looking at gore or examining such imagery but feel compelled to examine the evidence in order to authenticate the event. My husband was to attend the Marathon with a friend who had qualified for the run…so this event was a little too close to home for us.
        How you could equate my actions with those of the supposed Cowboy Firefighter Doctor Priest leads me to believe that you either have few critical skills in discernment or that you do have a “dog in this hunt”.

      4. @Jamie,
        First, let me start by saying that I am glad your husband did not attend the marathon and he s safe and well.

        I am not surprised that you are offended by my comment as I mirrored your own comment back at you.

        I found your guilt laden warning extremely offensive with because a “you must be for us or you are against us” attitude is unproductive and you also assigned a motive to me that is blatantly ridiculous.

        I am not going to exchange tit for tat with you.
        I participate in this forum because I like the analysis and the freedom to weigh the facts and decipher information. I will not always agree, but
        I don’t fault anyone for disagreeing with me.

        I sincerely see this particular analysis from a different angle, and I respect that we simply differ in opinion.

      5. Chelsea…you are participating in “tit for tat”. I am going to explain why I first posted a response to you,

        “I think the characterization of Arredondo is harsh; and it is unfair to make such assessments based on still shots. ”

        I was in no way making an “assessment” of Arredondo based on “still shots”. I have first hand experience in the loss of a child to the Iraq “War” so I can understand Arredondo’s motives a little better than those who have not shared in the same experience. Arredondo’s past actions speak of a highly disturbed and narcissistic individual…possibly just a condition of extreme immaturity.

        Watching the many videos of Arredondo, in regards to the Boston Massacre Part deaux, I am struck with his inane and irreverent actions when he, personally, has had the experience of tragic loss of a loved one. His actions speak volumes of his level of maturity and many people have a very difficult time with discerning reality over fiction…..actions over words. He held a dime store flag throughout the process of rescue. He struggled to remove a fence while people were reportedly dying. He took pictures of people without their limbs…supposedly without their limbs.
        I asked my 22 year old son if he would want someone to take pictures of him after a bomb blast and he looked at me as if I were insane to even ask such a question. I asked him again if he would like people to see him in such a way and he said that there is no way he would want someone to be taking pictures of his blown up body.

        Demented, callous, soulless creatures that could do such a filthy, cowardly thing. If someone took pictures of my son, lying on the ground in his own blood, his body blown to pieces, I would find this person and create for him the very living hell that he created by taking those images.

        I know what it is to have a child blown up by an IED….do you, Chelsea in the morning?

        In your above statement you seemed to take personally the assertion that Arredondo is a fraud and I found this rather tragic. I am in no way offended by your comments to me, or about me, personally but about the subject matter in question. This is not about “for or against”, “us or them” but about clarifying thoughts and actions of the Boston “hero” and I do have the ability to discern reality over fiction.

        ” I participate in this forum because I like the analysis and the freedom to weigh the facts and decipher information”

        Your above statement implies that what the media reported is evidence of “facts” and this is exactly the mindset I was alluding to in my response to you. We should be weighing evidence.

    2. Chelsea, your comments would hold true for most people, but Arredondo stated that he’s a member of the Red Cross Disaster Team.

      First, do you agree that would require someone have training? And second, do you think the Red Cross training includes throwing a double amputee into a wheelchair and moving him away from the available EMTs, who could possibly save his life?

      1. Thank you Regina for your reply.
        I have no way of knowing what this man’s training entailed.Did he have training as an EMT or was he part of team that handed out water in a disaster? I just don’t really have that information.
        Based the the information I have and based on the video I have seen, it appears that he was doing his best in a bad situation. So in all fairness, I am not going to assign fault.

  31. Things you should try and avoid

    Parties where you wake up with a hangover and all you can remember is strobe lights, handlers, electric shock and drugs.

    Never ever over indulge while visiting the magic kingdom or hang around people singing thanks for the memories

    Sporting events where strangers ask you to hold their back pack while they get a soft drink

    Invitations to be part of emergency drills with more than 12 agencies involved, plastic caskets and lots of wheel chairs in the background.
    Men with tan pants and caps with red eye skull emblems, carrying geiger counters

    Craig list bargains that offer 5 pressure cookers for the price of one

    Halloween parties where people look like batman

    Hair salons that specialize in orange hair

    Strangers who hand you booklets on Jihad and then disappear from your life shortly afterwards

    Sporting events of any kind or stripe where bomb sniffing dogs appear. This goes double for marathons where little old ladies tell you if you participate you will die

    Never run out of duck tape and saran wrap, you just never know
    People who read books upside down

    Airplane flights with unruly passengers, especially if NORAD has stood down

    Physicians or Dentists who insist that lead, vaccine, aluminum, radiation, fluoride, GMO and formaldehyde are good for you, time to go down that approved doctor list

    People who think jet fuel melts steel, they will eventually drive you nuts also

    If your uncle is from Chechnya and worked for USAID, try not to get on his bad side

    If you are from Chechnya and your uncle works for USAID, you are on the Jamestown Foundation payroll setup by William Casey, to help former soviet defectors earn money, don’t hang out where they are having terror drills.

    They have given Kevin Barrett a lot of headaches also. Must be a way to reprimand all of the Veterans also, they have no right to freedom of speech.

    1. Thanks… Dublinsmick ! good stuff . I was laughing my arse off.. But the pathetic part of it is its` all true. And it may be too late for most Americans to wake up.

  32. I believe this event was either a.) staged or b.) allowed to occur when the FBI was alerted to it in advance. To what end? A test. It was a full-blown test on how Americans would react to a full scale martial law episode in a major city. This one man was not proliferating nuclear assault, nor was capable of being in possession of devices or explosives on a large enough scale to shut down an entire area of this magnitude. Gangs in LA, parts of NY and other large cities have run roughshod over its populace for decades and never have they been shut down completely to root out those villains. This test passed with flying colors and I find it disturbing that the residents cheered in approval after his ‘capture.’ As we slowly dismember the Constitution, the populace are blithely acquiescing to it while immersed in reality television and celebrity gossip and obsessed with consumerism.

  33. We see many posts here discussing Israel.

    While researching the incredulity of the official 9/11 narrative, Dr. Kevin Barrett tells the story that his Wikipedia bio was edited to describe him as a “Holocaust Denier.”

    He was amazed at this because he had never studied the Holocaust nor indicated in anyway that he was a Revisionist. He did what you or I would do, went into Wikipedia and removed this false reference. The accusation immediately reappeared the next day.

    My fear is that somehow, in someway, Dr. Tracy is going to be labeled and stigmatized by the powers that be as a NeoNazi anti-semetic conspiracy theorist and Holocaust Denier.

    A smear worse that being called a Communist by Senator McCarthy in the 1950’s.

  34. The guy in the wheelchair is all you need to see to know there was a drill and he is an actor. Just imagine if that had actually happened to someone: the shock, the disbelief, the anguish, the unconsciousness, the blood. We see none of that. This is proof positive. The remaining questions are why are they covering up the drill and what is the scope of the operation…

  35. In regard to the obvious mistakes and sloppiness of the two drills in 2013 (Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon), one must consider that these are intentional and it is not that we are super-clever to have spotted them.

    Googled the topic of psychological warfare today & found this: “Psychological Warfare and the New World Order: The Secret War Against the American People”

    The book was published in 2010.

    The point of psychological warfare is to get the enemy into a position where it no longer fights back. So, parents that laugh when their child dies and dancers who vow to run marathons and dance on National TV… are creepy and unsettling… for a dark purpose.

    Will be reading this book.

    1. He’s wrong. It’s not completely different people around her. Once you’ve studied the scene enough you can put things together and figure out who was where. There are a few minor inconsistencies, but nothing major.

      Jeff is in both the photos he’s talking about, you just can’t see him too well in one. He might have moved quite a lot for a guy with no legs, but he’s there – his spike of bone is just visible if you look. The black lady who is in the first shot is gone in the second – presumably taken off on the trolley she’s photographed on.

      Of course that raises the question of why she and even lesser injured people were treated before Jeff, and why they got trolleys and he got a freakin wheelchair!

      I think you can see Jeff was being kept back for the major photo-op. it’s as if people have been told to leave him alone until Cowboy Carlos is ready to do the Rescue Dash.

  36. Allow me to add some grist to the already beyond-ludicrous Cowboy Carlos mill, which Prof. Tracy does a fine job exposing. Aside from being the Marathon’s resident cowboy and doctor, did you know that Carlos served as a fireman at the bombing as well? Oh, yes–to extinguish the flames from Bauman’s clothing, according to Carlos himself…

    “What happened next, he later recounted to a reporter: He found a young man, a spectator, whose shirt was on fire. He beat out the flames with his hands. The young man, who turned out to be Jeff Bauman, had lost the lower portion of both legs….”

    Years before the Marathon, Arredondo appeared in the role of Father Carlos…

    That photo, by wild coincidence, was taken by Charles Krupa, who also happened to take the iconic wheelchair photo of Cowboy Carlos and Bauman. In the latter photo, you’ll notice that Father Fireman Cowboy Carlos, M.D. is remarkably free of blood stains.

    One must ask, then, if administering 2 tourniquets to staunch blood from a pair of severed femoral arteries isn’t enough to stain one’s clothing, then what is? We’ll have to ask Dr. Arredondo, whose right sleeve, like his ubiquitous flag (did someone hold onto it for him during the Bauman emergency), is awash in blood during his post-event interview. What was he doing in the interim?

    As to Prof. Tracy’s point about 2.5-minute lapse between the time the bomb went off and when someone finally reached poor old unattended Bauman, readers might be interested in what a REAL severed artery looks like. Check out this video of Sabres goalie Clint Malarchuk, whose jugular vein was sliced by a skate, releasing a torrent of deep purple blood…

    Malarchuk loses about a pint of blood in the 10 short seconds it took his trainer to staunch the flow and save his life. Even though professional hockey players are tougher than hell (they scare pro football players and boxers), 3 players vomited on the ice when it happened (not shown in vid). In fact, the grisly scene caused 2 spectators to have heart attacks in the stands.

    Funny. I don’t remember seeing anyone reacting like that to Bauman.

      1. Thank you for the link. This man is clearly unbalanced and apparently so long before he lost his children.

  37. Apologies for the multiple postings today. I appreciate this forum.

    This article points to legislation that changed the nature of what propaganda can be targeted at the US population: “New Bill Targets “Psychological Operations” at U.S. Citizens”

    “An amendment that has been added to a new defense bill in Congress would make it legal to target propaganda and “psychological operations” directly at U.S. citizens. The latest version of the National Defense Authorization Act would overturn the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 and the Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1987. …..The government would be able to bombard us with propaganda messages on television, on the radio, in our newspapers and on the Internet and ****there would not even be a requirement that those messages be true.*****”

    Read more: Family Security Matters
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

    Another take on the overturning of the Smith-Mundt Act is that the legislation is outdated in the Internet age and merely, “restricts the broadcast in the United States of any programs produced by Voice of America.”

    Read more:
    Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

    1. Notice the women with a stork team symbol on her shirt, seventh photo from top . The “stork team” is a group of “dedicated runners” that “raises funds” for Brigham and Women’s Hospital (in Boston), “for healthier babies and moms” (as stated on

      Brigham and Women’s Hospital would also have to deal in “sophisticated artificial limbs” and limb transplants (

    2. Wondering Outloud, Great work uncovering a legal premise. I’ve done some checking:

      Home / NDAA – National Defense Authorization Act / FY 2013 NDAA / FY 13 – H.R. 4310

      Amendment #85, Version 1, Thornberry (TX), Smith, Adam (WA), Bi-Partisan

      “Would amend the United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 (known as the Smith-Mundt Act) and the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1986 and 1987 to clarify the authorities of the Department of State and the Broadcasting Board of Governors to prepare, disseminate and use public diplomacy information abroad and to strike the current ban on domestic dissemination of such material. Would clarify that the Smith-Mundt Act’s provisions related to public diplomacy information do not apply to other Federal departments or agencies (including the Department of Defense).

      MUST READ: Blog by Adam Smith (WA) one of it’s sponsors: he writes in part, “…if there is a possibility this language could be misinterpreted to allow a U.S. government agency to develop propaganda for a domestic audience please be assured, changes will be made to make sure it does not happen.”

      Odd that this man’s name is Adam Smith, same name as an economic philosopher of enormous influence. Smith introduced “the invisible hand” to economic planning. His father was the accountant to Moses Bauer aka Rothchild (audio bio) 7:50

      We should look too at the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act.

      1. Peter,

        Thank you for the links. I am interested in this topic.

        You may also be interested in Google results found for “propaganda contractor,” “information operations contractor” and “military information support operations.”

        Also of interest:

        ““Act of Valor” was born not in Hollywood, but in the Pentagon. It was commissioned by the Navy’s Special Warfare Command and its success will be measured not in box-office receipts, but in the number of new recruits it attracts to the Navy SEALs.

        This may be the U.S. armed forces’ first feature-length recruiting film, but ***it’s far from the first time unsuspecting audiences have been treated to Pentagon propaganda at the movies***. As early as 1927, when military assistance on the film “Wings” helped it win Best Picture at the first Oscars ceremony, the Department of Defense has long maintained its own production office that offers filmmakers the latest in arms and high-tech vehicles at cut-rate prices — as long as their scripts are deemed worthy.

        Info on the name change from PSYOP to MISO:

        … SOCOM’s commander, Adm. Eric T. Olson, announced last week that the PSYOP name will be dropped because of bad connotations and changed to Military Information Support Operations (MISO).

  38. Here is more on the Boston event.

    I sincerely hope President Saunders will read information posted by other researchers who have been truthful and courageous like Professor James Tracy himself in order to understand the deception of the main stream media and the establishment about the Boston event, Sandy Hook (and also even visit the past events like 9/11) and be a real American hero by joining hands with other truth-tellers – and ultimately protecting individual rights of each citizen in addition to his efforts to protecting academic freedom of professors of all institutions of higher learning.

    President Saunders is in a unique position to do so much good.

    Will President Saunders stand up to the occasion and answer to the higher call?

  39. They are going to stage another Terrorist attack, this time with mass casualties and WITHOUT crisis actors. They have to, in order to divert attention from the crisis actors in Sandy Hook-Boston marathon.
    Crisis actors are now a subject that is dribbling onto the pages of the more marginal mass media, and since the media has already conceded that they are used in mock drills, this is dangerous for the people to know. The Aemrican people might start believing in Conspiracy Theories, which would put them in confrontation with American power.

    A precedent has been set for a third attack. The first attack on the Trade Center was in 1993, when the explosive supplied by the FBi was not placed properly against the buttress support, only producing a few casualties and no good pictures, A lot of people were injured but this was not useful for Shocking and Awing Americans into a War on Terrorism.

    In 1995, explosives were used in the Oklahoma bombing, blamed on a truck of fertilizer explosive. They got away with it, even sover the objections of the general in charge of investigating explosions, and resulted in Clinton’s passing an anti-Terrorist bill.

    This led to the 9/11 bombings,, the Trade Center buildings being exploded by internal demolition. Highly effective visually, and again, American power got away with it. At least so far. So its time for the third shoe to drop in the Sandy Hook-marathon bombing. This speculation has a basis in a precedent set in past history. It is a time to remain vigilant.

    1. I agree with Mark that the ante may be upped by the perpetrators of these events, obviously a plan has been made and is unfolding before us.

      That said, I do think the events themselves and the subsequent oddness of the “victims” and the media reports… are intended as psychological warfare to demoralize and confuse the American Public. The ultimate design of psychological warfare is to basically overwhelm the weak minds of your opponent into submission.

      To what end, I have no idea. I just believe—after looking at legislation that allows the U.S. to direct propaganda at the American Public, our recent financial recessions, foreign policy, etc.—that everything we are seeing is intentional.

      The lies that are being told are astounding—and can make a person feel all is hopeless. But, consider that in the long history of humans… this has happened before. Keep your faith in yourselves.

      1. Wondering Aloud,
        I agree with your comments about this aspect of psychological warfare. The Big Lie is painted with a broad brush and sent down the Media echo chamber and the masses believe. The sloppy weird aspects create cognitive dissonance among the believers. The skeptics and non-believers are further polarized with each new sloppy brush stroke of “evidence” in this theater of terror.
        You’re right that were not especially clever to find out these inconsistencies/oddities, so they are likely on purpose. Especially the high weirdness of 9/11, Sandy Hook and now the Boston thing. One reason would be to track the dissemination of mis/disinformation through electronic media. Another would be to send us all on endless “wild goose chases” while obfuscating the levers of power at work.
        Good posts.

    2. Here’s my prediction….the next event to take place will be a kidnapping…something high profile so they can then force children (and adults) to be microchipped and they can track everyone. They now know they can shut down an entire city and drag people around in handcuffs naked …so now they will monitor every move we make. Hunger Games not so far off…

      1. ctconcerned…you nailed it! I think that is exactly what is happening with the events transpiring in Cleveland, Ohio right now! What a “coincidence’ that a previous victim of kidnapping was testfying just as the 3 kidnapped women are found. This is more than likely the start of the big push to get everyone to voluntarily (at first) have their children microchipped.

  40. There’s been a bit of peripheral evidence that’s been troubling me with this Carlos Arredondo character. One of the first troubling aspects seems to be his amazing luck for strategic photo op type pictures. One of them of course with this controversial bombing amputee, and the other depicting him in the literal definition of false flag. Holding up an American flag soaked in blood for the cameras, which is more than a bit garish considering the proceedings of the day.

    The main, detail that’s been troubling however is this bit of evidence concerning the murder of the MIT campus police officer Sean Collier. Collier was shot execution style for no discernible reason whilst seated in his car on Thursday, 18, April. The reported shooter in that case was a white male, 5′ 5″ tall with dark complexion wearing a cowboy hat. Also, at 12:07 AM on the 18th, Cambridge Massachusetts police reported the active shooter on the MIT campus, who fired at least six shots as being a Hispanic male in a cowboy hat. Suspect is alleged to have the blood of Officer Collier on his person.

    I’m not coming outright and stating that the suspect is perhaps Arredondo, however how rare is it in Boston, in March, for there to be Hispanic people wearing cowboy hats? Especially Hispanic people who can appear to be white males with dark skin?Just some food for thought that’s been bothering me for a while in this Boston false flag case. It’s vitally important to collect and analyse all evidence until it can be dismissed with verified facts and counter evidence. The shooting at MIT was explicitly reminiscent of the shooting murder of Officer J.D. Tippett in the JFK assassination, and sold to the exact same effect in this Boston Bombing case. There was no real reason for the shooting incident to take place at MIT, other than to tie the patsies and their backstory to the campus, and elevate their criminal status to wanton “cop killers”.


  41. You can see how hard they are working to discredit any logical thinking on this event here:

    It’s the conspiracy subreddit of Reddit. I’ve been there 4 years and never seen anything like this. Most of these people lauding the cowboy and criticizing James Tracy are brand new to Reddit, days or hours. We know there are jobs for people to do nothing but comment on blogs and public forums to drown out legitimate inquiry. I’d bet that most of these people who are so supportive of the official story are getting paid. Meanwhile most of us who are questioning it have been downvoted so heavily our comments aren’t visible.

    Thank you James Tracy for your courage and insight into all these events. So many people are afraid to say what is evident to all.

    My, my, doesn’t the emperor have lovely clothes?

    1. Red Pill, I was over on Bloomberg posting two days ago and it was completely theater of the the absurd on the story of the the wife. I read Bloomberg and the comments all the time and has NEVER been one post after another that are so vitriolic and one-sided. The names looked like they were chosen to reflect Indians or Pakistanis, Russians, Americans, Hispanics…it was ridiculous.

      None of it was factual, it was all what you would hear from a vicious gossip, completely ungrounded, just stirring up hatred for her. I went after them post after post. At one point, posts that had no name reappeared with the same message but the names were like all-American phony stage names…it was unreal.

      What is interesting is there was not ONE, SINGLE reply, snide comment or attack made on me…none. No matter how nasty I was, NO ONE attempted to refute me or even vilify me. It was as if they couldn’t even seen any replies. And the negative stories all had like 15 upthumbs which you rarely see on Bloomberg…the few Truthers like me at most registered one.

      We are being jammed, jacked and spun like we have never been before. If you see it happening, get on it and hammer the SOBs back. If you don’t, the only voice the sheep will see are the devils.

      1. Dear Mr. Russ,

        Your experience on Bloomberg has all of the bottish hallmarks of infiltration.

        I’ve read about software that enables a single entity to assume and manage many different online personas/aliases, whether on the same forum or across forums. I can well imagine that a lazy, unimaginative, or overworked operator of the software with assigned internet playgrounds would be inclined to shove the exact same words (copy & paste) into multiple personas, or slightly re-written words of the exact same tenor. Can you say talking points?

        [When I consider the benefits of such persona management software to me, I can see scant few at this stage of my “real” life. Not only would it be a major time-suck, but it could be tempting to play. However, after I am retired with tons of time on my hands and with less of a CYA-for-employment attitude, then maybe such software would be fun to operate across forums. Within the same discussion? I’d for sure consider it dishonest, particularly if I was faking support for some talking point. On the other hand, if I was arguing both sides of the fence in mock battles? My hope would be that at least one side was argued well. But you know what they say about serving two masters.]

        I haven’t read how you were attacking them on Bloomberg, but your comment about none of them going after you is telling. Insurance and a strategy.

        The insurance is that a single entity could easily get confused, even with persona management software, about who knows whom, who has written what, who should team with whom.

        The strategy is that by ~not~ engaging you, they create no new opportunties for you to respond. You’ll have your one say. And if you continue to go off on that tangent, you’ll only look to be the obsessed one and could put yourself into violation of forum decorum to get yourself bounced. Meanwhile, their bot team of personas will talk around you, marginalize you, and crowd your opinion into the flood of their many (innane) posts.

        You wrote:

        We are being jammed, jacked and spun like we have never been before. If you see it happening, get on it and hammer the SOBs back. If you don’t, the only voice the sheep will see are the devils.

        I agree with your first statement.

        I partially agree with the second statement. If you mean by “hammer” to “voice truth (as you understand it),” I agree. However, if your “hammer” term refers to ad hominem, flame bait, flaim wars, and being nasty against them, I disagree. Doing the nasty only reflects poorly on you.

        It may sound counter-intuitive, but my most powerful strategy has been to ~ALWAYS~ take the high road. [Disclaimer: I admit to sinning against this precept a time or two.] When I’m called names and simply acknowledge the slur, it is the equivalent to catching someone else’s snowball (and throwing it back more accurately). Just acknowledging it in the form “I love how you called me an SOB. I even agree.” This introduces another technique to embrace the insult, or doin’ the Jeezus-thang of “turning the other cheek” and “agreeing with the advosary whilst thou aren’t in the way with them.”

        With regards to your third statement, I agree that truth must be sought and championed, otherwise it is as you say what the sheep will see. Just use some high level and high-road strategy in those endeavors, else you’ll be the one played as your hand in the flame wars derail the discussion and other latter-day lurker-reader’s search for truth.


  42. I love how even in the pictures where “Jeff” is laying on the ground, there is still no blood squirting out of the exposed arteries. It’s also interesting that he’s had his legs blown off, but there are no remnants of legs anywhere to be found. They must have disappeared like a plane. It’s ridiculous how people aren’t yet waking up to this farce.

  43. I see red haired women wearing a team stork shirt. One of the above photos shows a man wearing a team kerto t-shirt.

    Any anyone proved that wheelchair guy was in the same vicinity as “the brothers”?

    Why is wheelchair guy looking to his right as he exits the scene?

  44. way to go, Hei Hu Quan! Carlos Arredondo has an interesting biogoraphy. he was an anti-war speaker around the country who was fast tracked for citiizenship, not something usually done for anti-war activists. He was part of the anti-gun movment and held a peace vigil at Newtown after the Sandy Hook shooting.

    the killer of the cop was described as a Hispanic and 5 foot 5. So there must have been at least one witness. The police have been known to pressure witnesses to change their storiies, but it is already on record.

    But I cannot find how TALL Carlos is. He would have to be smaller than average size to be considered a suspect. Any suggestions?.

    1. Thanks Mark, I too could not find out how tall this Carlos is in my searches so far. One thing I did find a bit peculiar was how this alleged anti-war activist could be so anti-war, and yet so curiously pro-military. His contradictory stance seems to be far from the organic Cindy Sheehan type activist that one would normally encounter.

      In regards to the witness who reported the alleged cowboy hatted shooter in the Collier shooting, it wasn’t just his statement. Massachusetts law-enforcement had an active BOLO (Be On the Look Out) out based that exact description. Police don’t just issue those on the basis of wild theories, or sketchy information unless there is something convincingly tangible or multiple witness reports to support that action.

  45. Here’s what someone I know analyzed about the shootout at Watertown

    The reason I consider the Bostom bombing scenario suspect is that the account of the shootout at Watertown is totally unbelievable. There are a great many contradictions in the various reports about it, but beyond that, the “elephant in the room” is that it is incredible that police could fire over 200 rounds at two men at short range without killing them. The younger brother was even able to get back into the hijacked car, start it up, and speed away while a fusillade of bullets was fired at him. The older brother was purportedly able to come toward the police to within a very short distance, and had to be tackled — and then died because his brother ran over him. I don’t believe any part of it. And if one major aspect such as the shootout is unbelievable, that gives reason to question the entire episode, going back to the bombings themselves.

    I notice that none of the media raise the point about how it was that the two weren’t killed, and how the one was able to get back into the car without being hit. That has been studiously ignored. At the very least, the question would be raised of “how can the police be such awful shots?”

  46. Hospital conducts disaster drill

    SARASOTA – Sarasota Memorial Hospital conducted a training exercise Friday, simulating an explosion within a pressurized and oxygenated hyperbaric chamber. Rescue workers responded to 15 staff and visitors with simulated injuries ranging from third-degree burns TO DISMEMBERMENT [emphasis added] as a test of the multi-agency response to the medical facility.

  47. Any pictures of wheelchair guy at the scene, before the explosion? People could not find limbs. But if he wore prosthetics, shouldn’t they be visible somewhere too? Maybe there was a clean-up job before the pictures were taken.

    It must have been a chilly day (despite global warming) because most people were wearing pants in the photos. It wouldn’t be much to conceal artificial limbs. Where did all the evidence go though. In photo 2 what exactly is hoodie/sunglasses guy leaning on? Prima facie, he’s laying against a black panted body. Maybe not. A red coated guy tends to this black object in picture 4. I can’t see anything from a waist up.

    Wheelchair guy identified a “suspected brother” (in a crowd of people watching a race), while in the hospital? Where was he standing when he said he saw the brother(s)?

    I keep thinking of the “pro wrestling” shows, or magic acts, or televangelist cons, where you have people planted in the audience to act as sheep dogs.

    1. There is one photo of him in the crowd and one of him holding a sign that i know of, this does not mean he was not a double amputee before the bombing, it just means as part of the planning of this event they made sure there was seemingly able bodied photos of him.

      The one of him in the crowd could be using a double with the same top on, or he could be on prosthetics. The one where he is holding a sign could be easily staged also because the sign covers his hips and most of his legs.

      I don’t have time to search for them but if you google image his name they should be there somewhere.

      1. I see a few possible difference in eye brows, hair, and nose of wheelchair guy and man identified as Bauman.

  48. Rgina shows a video of Carl;os talking with two women. he is no more than 2 or 3 inches taller than the women. I don’t know how tall the women are. But the averagae height of American women, according to an internet source is 5 ft 3.8 inches. The two women are about the same height.

    This would put carlos in the same range of hieight that was witnessed in the cop shooting. Of course this in no way, in iself, implicates Carlos in the shooting. But it does not rule him out. As it would if he were 6ft 4 inches.

  49. Another thing to me that looks odd is the bright candy apple red color the blood is on the pavement. I’m a deer hunter and unless a deer is lung shot, the blood is always a much deeper dark red. This looks like the fake blood used in World Wide Wrestling.

    1. I don’t hunt but been around shot moose when growing up so I have the same reaction. However, I suspect using flash when taking the pic could alter the color to look like candy apple red. But I’m not an expert… Also, I live in a part of the world where fist fights is a normal weekend thing, and the blood on the street they leave is almost brown.

  50. In the last picture, wouldn’t Carlos have blood on his shirt if he helped Bauman get into the wheelchair since Bauman was bloody on his legs, I don’t see any blood on Carlos’s shirt at all or am I not seeing it?

  51. If you look closely at the photo above of Bauman lying on the ground, the one that shows the back of his leg with the bone sticking out, you can clearly see the line where the prosthesis covers and meets his real thigh. I’m surprised more people haven’t mentioned this as more evidence that “Bauman” was an amputee actor..

    1. They reset the clocks as runners from the three waves come through. This way, if you are like me and started at 10:40, the clock is not at 6 hours when you come through… it’s at 4:09:43

  52. I’m curious…I’ve looked at a ton of pictures but have not been able to find Jeff Bauman anywhere in the crowd before the explosion. Has anyone seen him in any of the pictures? What does he look like?

    1. This is, allegedly, a picture of Jeff Bauman in the crowd: He does appear to have a different hair cut and different hair color. The photo is blurry but I see no sign of the African female or the hooded Caucasian man. I haven’t done a thorough analysis to see whether any of the people in this photograph are also in the amputee scenes, other than (by appearance) a wheelchair guy allegedly named Jeff Bauman that by many interpretations has a new hairdo.

      If there are other doubles we may say there are no doubles or actors at all. We may also contrarily say the lie is even bigger. We can’t get anything conclusive out of these pictures but as a building collapsing at freefall speeds into it’s own footprint is possible only if assisted by controlled demolition, we can say what in the pictures is incongruous with what the they are said to be of.

      Funnily enough, the in-crowd Bauman pic found its way on to and was used to lambast people for claiming there were actors involved. If I’m not mistaken is a support site for Ron Paul, who does his own kind of acting and phony fundraising every time a presidential election comes about. I’m not surprised these people aren’t interested in mass deception.

      1. I mentioned the kinky hair and different hair color of a pre bombing person called Jeff Barman on another site and was told it was because of the hair being singed. Does singeing color the hair so uniformly and perfectly? Wouldn’t his pull over shirt reveal singeing too? I don’t know.

        The WSJ had a HUGE article about the unlikely duo of Bauman and the cowboy hat guy. They certainly are getting lots and LOTS of press!!! Aren’t they? Hmmmm.

        [WSJ article may be found here. Another article appeared in People just hours ago.-JT)

        Want to add…if you haven’t checked out the youtube video called *Jeff Bauman Boston Hero* do so. It shows the Jeff man and his jeans display something about his thighs that don’t look leg-like. Forget the rest of the video….it is deceiving IMO.

  53. Well things just keep getting stranger. I do believe there were three blasts and several witnesses mentioned three blasts. The Boston Globe sent out a tweet telling of a drill blast about to happen near the library. I think that is where we are seeing many of the pictures and fake blood. You can see people with blood packets. Sadly there was life loss as well as the drill. The same thing happened at Aurora and SH, drills nearby the same time.
    Now Cowboy guy, his story is strange. He gave one address in Miami and when interviewed gave Boston. He is a war protester and marched with Cindy Sheehan all over, even Bush’s ranch.
    Some of the runners that didn’t react right away, we’re told that a drill was about to happen. So did the brothers or whomever planted the bombs know that? And what is with all the guys dressed up as Kraft, but aren’t Kraft. One was standing in the doorway and watched one brother walk past. Some were standing in the blast area and left right before.

    I do think there are false flags happening all over the country. In Aurora. Several witnesses said, there were two and that the original guy went outside and left the door open. When they found him he was almost comatose with drugs, not bad shooting for that. Several said he was 5’8″‘ the red haired guy is 6’2″ they have also showed two pictures of two different guys with the red haired, but they screwed up,on the eyes, differènt colors. He roommate said he was a stable solid guy. Strange.

    For SH, many investigators can find no evidence that shooter even existed. Too many weird stories there.

    Here is a lot of info out there covering this. before its news and no disinfo for two of them.

    1. I don’t believe a single ounce of the story to be quite honest. I have 100 photos to prove this was a hoax, BAA physicians laughing and joking at the scene, a guy with completely shredded clothes leaping over victims and running away right in the centre of the first blast…

      Incidentally, were are the 250 or so people who were in injured from these photos? Where are the dead people? There are two TV cameramen down there and the only footage we have here is no more than a dozen people being attended to.

      You said yourself there was blood packets, so why are you believing the official story. It’s utterly ridiculous!

      Judge for yourself at this link. There is even a guy there who looks remarkably like Steven Spielberg. The whole thing screams production set.

      1. It’s almost as if the shirt colors amount to the role they are playing, or “team” they are on. It’s rare to see so many people wearing red shirts in close proximity, at random. Am I looking at team red or am I seeing red dots.

        Do note: There are photos of the apparent deceased at the scene. You can deem whether they are more or less believable than wheelchair guy. You may find the camera shot interesting too. This is not to say “no decent man would take pictures at a time like that.” People recruited into photography go by a “get the shot” doctrine and act as double agent intelligence assets when in war-zones.

        I would be careful about saying the whole thing is staged. The one thing everyone can agree on is those in power have no problem killing people—you could say that’s their final agenda, though most don’t see how “the great culling” could ever include everyone. I guess they think being a certain sort of citizen magically puts them in relation to the likes of Henry Kissinger.

        The reason to stage one crime scene and commit a horrible crime at nearly the same time has to be carefully assessed. We do know they want to control the story, start to finish. You can do that by directing actors more than by trying to give orders or persuade or threaten actual victims.

  54. I have no doubt that there were injuries and probably even deaths at the scene of ONE of the bombings. The problem that I have with the media is that they have yet to delineate which victims were injured by which blast?
    Why is this relevant? I have watched video after video and there is a huge difference between the first blast and the second. The first appears to be what might be called a squib load. A blast which sounds real but is relatively harmless. The look at the second blast. Much more powerful and ‘hot’. Huge fireball on the second. In my opinion the first blast was the ‘drill’ that has been widely reported and witnessed by many people. In the aftermath of the first, there is hardly any investigation being done. Why is that? Because it was a drill. The aftermath of the second shows people dressed in paper gowns going over the area with a fine toothed comb as a true investigation would be conducted.
    Again, my opinion, the first blast was a drill and the second blast was a surprise to everyone except those that planted the bombs. Maybe the brothers. Maybe the brothers were supplied with the material and told where to place the devices. The real question becomes, who knew that there would be the exact same type drill going on right up the road? Seems to me like that would be classified information that the general public, much less two Chechan brothers would know about.
    In summary, one of the bombs was tragically real. Now we need concrete answers as to how that site was chosen.

    1. I don’t remember seeing any photos of the destruction at the bomb site that actually killed people. The one in front of the restaurant. I don’t want to be morbid, but there is so much focus on the first blast where there were only a few injured people on the sidewalk and no unattached limbs. Are there any photos of the second (and real)bombing and the aftermath?

      1. Dear Ms. Beth, you may have hit the nail on the head with your statement:

        I don’t remember seeing any photos of the destruction at the bomb site that actually killed people.

        Or stated in other terms, the accidental real victims did not sign waiver forms to have their likenesses broadcast nor were the scores of press cameras tipped off to the real bomb location “in front of the restaurant,” because they were told the bomb would be across from the Library where the emergency-response actors were to perform. Let’s not forget the announcements that it is was a drill as well as the awesome abilities of those bomb-sniffing dogs. When the surprise (to the actors) real event went off shortly after the first, it was deemed expedient to get the actors off the stage so as to not up-stage the real, so at least one leg-less actor was removed by wheelchair, coincidentally by the Cowboy flag-waving camera-assistant who helped move fencing to achieve unobstructed angles for the camera crews — who obviously were not versed in 1st aid but were trained to get the shot and leave the bleeding (actors) to the care of others being drilled. They then could divert FBI crime scene analysts to the real bomb scene.

        [I hereby make the assumption that the restaurant was not across from the library. If I am mistaken, please correct me, but it shouldn’t take a lot away from the sarcasm. It was sarcasm in general, and not aimed at you or anybody else, Ms. Beth.]


    2. Sorry buddy and no disrespect intended, but until I see some real evidence from the second blast this is all hearsay in my opinion.
      I’ve seen the fake tears of Krystal Campbell’s mother (one of the deceased) and it just reminds me of all the fake tears of Sandy Hook and the complete lack of evidence that that actually took place too. There is a trend here now. Aurora shooting were the same. All staged.
      I can’t believe anything that comes from the US media or anything the US government says anymore.
      They just lie about everything, they’re devils.

      1. Yeah, but if they’re devils they could make something real look fake just to make a fool out of people who know about false flags.

  55. Is it just me or should that thin wooden fence directly in front of the bomb location be damaged? We are talking about a bomb powerful enough to blow someones limbs to rags but seemingly unable to break a single piece of wooden fencing. Anyone care to take a second look at all those pics of cowboy hat dismantling the undamaged fence and find at least one broken slat?

    1. You are correct. From all the videos and pictures we have been shown, and the government has the media in their pocket, from,what I came to is, the drill was held behind the wooden fence, with the fake victims.
      They have shown us, the backpack was left just outside the metal fence, not a wooden slat in sight.
      You go through the videos and the double amp. Is one of the last one carried out????? When clearly he is the most in need. They have timed the cowboy, as standing and wrestling the fence for over two minutes before he helps the double amp. He would have bled out by then. And to not take him out on a gurney is ridiculous.
      There is another video showing “victim” being pushed out in wheel chairs by the dozens and not one drop of blood on them. Really, they were in the most need.
      I think the government has grossly under estimated the intelligence in the public putting it all together.
      And closing the whole town down for one snotty nosed teenager and entering houses without warrants… Sounds like conditioning to me. What did they do while in there? Were the houses searched on a gun ownership list? Did they plant anything while in there? Many more questions than answers.
      Why no explanation of who the Saudi kid really is and why did MO feel compelled to visit him and not the victims?

      1. I concur and wouldn’t have much to add at all to that. They really are evil people and this is just another exercise in how they have control over the people.
        There is far worse to come I believe….

  56. Carlos the Cowboy uses some very interesting wording as he relates his heroic tale to the reporter in this interview. He says: “It’s a (unintelligible) situation with no scripts. Suddenly it just happened and you gotta do the best you can, you know?”

    A situation with no scripts. Wouldn’t that go without saying if, in fact, it really WERE a real event? A very odd choice of words to describe what is supposedly a genuine situation.

    He begins his telling statement at around the 1:35 mark:!

  57. Dead give away? Carlos Arredondo looking at his phone before helping Bauman/Vogt. Nor did Arredondo have any blood on him and he allegedly picked up and put the double amputee onto the wheelchair.

    1. Dear Mr. Zaurus,

      Your video does a great job of highlighting the backstage crew, like the camera men themselves.

      The actions of the service men is also curious. They come running in as if they had orders on what to remove or take down. Alas, I am left to wonder that so many of them have been in “bloody” situations in the Afghanistan and/or Iraq, so in a parallel universe scripted by Hollywood, I would have expected them jumping the fences, performing first aid (just like they would have on the battlefield to their comrads), taking command of the situation, and yelling for “Medic!!!” Alas, their uniformed presence was to remain largely behind the scenes and to dismantle some of the scenes.


      1. I guess you are assuming they are military, when in fact they could have been actors in uniforms.

    2. Your interpretation is stunning. It fits the events perfectly. Similar but less complex things happened at Forum. Kudos to you for laying this out so well, annotating the pictures to keep the critique going at every point.

      I think the perps were worried about the effect of this, because we sometimes heard about a third bomb never mentioned as having caused injuries on April 15.

      Maybe they wanted to keep open the possibility that this would (in spite of media support) not be believed and throw off the scheduled chase of the suspects after their “identification” announcement which made them so desperate to escape Boston and head to Times Square with more bombs. If the first bombings were seen to be hoaxes right away, they had to have some kind of a fall-back position to explain the deaths and injuries. Even today, there are those who keep harping on that mystery third bomb.

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