Two notable professional academic publications examine disciplinary measures taken against James Tracy for media attention given to articles appearing on memoryholeblog that questioned the official Newtown narrative.

Chronicle of Higher Education: Florida Atlantic U. Disciplines Professor Who Questioned Accounts of Newtown Shootings

April 11, 2013

By Peter Schmidt

Florida Atlantic University has formally reprimanded a tenured professor for mentioning his institutional affiliation in blog posts in which he questioned official accounts of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, Conn

The university’s decision to issue a letter of reprimand to James F. Tracy, an associate professor of communications, comes three months after the height of a public uproar over his blog posts, which questioned whether the December incident in Newtown took place as law-enforcement officials and the mainstream news media have described it. In the weeks after Mr. Tracy’s initial posts, Florida Atlantic’s administration resisted widespread calls to fire him but distanced itself from his controversial remarks.

The administration’s willingness to stand behind the professor, however, clearly hinged on his compliance with a demand that he distance himself from Florida Atlantic in his controversial blog on politics and the media, Memory Hole, according to recent correspondence between Mr. Tracy and administrators obtained by The Chronicle.



Inside Higher Ed: Reprimand for a Blog

April 12, 2013

By John Jaschik

In January, Florida journalists noticed that a professor at Florida Atlantic University had been blogging about his doubts that a massacre really took place at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school in December.  The professor, James Tracy, teaches communication and writes, among other things, about his view that mainstream media is inaccurate or deceptive in many ways. He has taught about conspiracies.

Of Newtown, he wrote on his blog: “While it sounds like an outrageous claim, one is left to inquire whether the Sandy Hook shooting ever took place — at least in the way law enforcement authorities and the nation’s news media have described.” Tracy speculated that the Obama administration was using Sandy Hook to advance a gun-control agenda.

The university responded at the time (in public at least) the way many institutions do when their faculty members say things that are controversial. A spokeswoman told local reporters that “James Tracy does not speak for the university. The website on which his post appeared is not affiliated with FAU in any way.”

What wasn’t clear at the time is that the university was meeting with Tracy, complaining that he had not done enough — in the opinion of FAU officials — to distance his views from the institution that employs him.

Read more: Inside Higher Ed

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40 thought on “Higher Ed Outlets Address Reprimand of Professor for Blog”
  1. So let me get this straight…academic Professors (intellectuals) are no longer able to openly debate social issues as their views may tarnish an institutions image? Isn’t the process of institutional learning at any level the ability to debate theories, to encourage and engage in discussions with 2 or more people with opposing ideology? How do we further evolve as a society (humanity) if our individual ideas are subject to scorn?

  2. To: Dr James Tracy Private Citizen
    It would appear that cash flow, donations,and registrations are more important than free speech and debate at a certain place not to be named. It seems these places want their livlihood to come from a certain segment of society as well. They could be afraid of the kind of potential students a certain private citizen may attract to the registrars office.

  3. We are seeing the making of The Hive Mind. “Authority” questions and punishes those who take a different position, attempting to force them into silence. There are many, many people who are noting the same things Professor Tracy is posting on his private blog, and there are those who are actually inspired by his inquiries to look more deeply into the very strange reports issuing continually from our mainstream media about Sandy Hook. I thought people at and about universities are supposed to be curious, intelligent, active thinkers pursuing “higher education.” I was a communications major in college. We were encouraged back then to be creative, to go the extra mile, to think outside the box. Professor Tracy is an example to his students and a credit to FAU, not the other way around. Students should WANT to take courses with him!

    1. I’m with you. I would like Florida Atlantic University to know that I never heard of it before–until James Tracy spoke out about the “Crisis Actors” and the Sandy Hook incident. Then, I was stunned and impressed that there was still a university that would stand behind a professor who questioned an official account, of ANYTHING. We never see that anymore.

      So now it appears FAU is, in fact, no different from the rest, not interested in protecting free speech, after all; not willing to lead the charge and carry the standard high into this battle; not courageous enough to carry out its crucial role as a participant in a free marketplace of ideas.

      Just a toady like the rest of them.

  4. Interesting. What we in the West have come to know as scientific inquiry was one of the principal means we were able to extract ourselves from speculative thinking/hallucinations that bred such unpleasantries as The Inquisition.

    We’ve come full circle. Now, asking for evidence, pointing out inconsistencies or outright untruth and opening new channels for full-throated debate is the problem when one doesn’t swallow media orthodoxy hook, line and sucker.

    Give these folks a little more latitude and they’ll be polishing up the Iron Maidens.

  5. That’s how the Global elite ruling class use THEIR institutions and agencies to stifle any opposition to their ‘official’ stories. The list of victims is simply too long to post here, but James Tracy is just the latest casualty of the inescapable conclusion that we the People are ‘subjects’ of a foreign-owned corporation (look it up) and our ‘alleged’ Sovereign status has been a ruse all along. The Supreme Court has ruled that if any of us weren’t ‘physically’ present in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776 and signed the Declaration of Independence ourselves, then it doesn’t apply to us anyway. (also see other decisions; i.e. Padelford Fay & Co. v. The Mayor and Alderman of the City of Savannah 14 Georgia 438, 520)

    Is it any wonder that the (foreign) ‘owners’ of the CORPORATION (USA, INC) don’t want brave and independent-thinking men like Professor James Tracy opposing the ‘opinions’ that they want us to adopt without question and make our own. The American People are living and dying for a massive LIE. Keep it up JT.

    Remember hearing, “the meek” shall inherit the Earth? “Meek” is what the Roman soldiers (2000 years ago) referred to their horses as, when they wouldn’t spook in combat and were ready for battle. That means that true American (information) warriors, who don’t ‘spook’ easily, like Professor Tracy, will be one of the beneficiaries.

  6. Easy to see the machinations of the corporate state’s apparatchics and functionaries–left and right…refer to the US Congress re gun control: one for all and all for one, a veritble closed society. The trickle-down theory?

  7. I would have posted this in the appropriate thread, however the comment there are closed so this will suffice. I hope you read this Prof. Tracey.

    This link is from statements by an EMT on scene at Sandy Hook.

    “A person who experiences tragic events will inevitably look back and try to identify that last moment where there was still hope – that instant before all was lost and their life changed forever. For the EMS teams staged in front of Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, that moment came when the [B]Newtown EMS captain ordered us to stand down[/B], that there was no one left to help, no one left alive. ” Peter Houlahan EMT at Sandy Hook.

  8. Question: How do you know when you are over the target?
    Answer: When you start taking direct fire!

    You are most definitely on point with your analysis…don’t forget that there are millions of people standing with you and behind you on this.

    Keep Fighting the Good Fight Professor, Godspeed!

  9. Professor Tracy, I swallowed your work Sandy Hook, line and sinker! Seriously, three months ago I was at our cabin at the lake, it was a cold snowy day and I couldn’t fish so I lit a fire and since we had just had WiFi installed the day before I thought I would get out my computer and look up Sandy Hook as I had missed almost all of the coverage since I work both days and nights and just wanted to see images and read what all had transpired and the first thing I saw was Anderson Cooper’s assault on you. After watching Anderson I thought, wow, what did this professor write that was so inflamatory and to get “Mr. Keeping Them Honest” mad enough to send a reporter to the University to get you fired. What I read was well written, logical, sympathetic, polite, intellectual and what I thought was a wonderful piece. I looked at the timeline and the transcript of Dr. Carver which then made me You Tube Dr. Carver as I had never seen him or heard of him before reading your timeline. Then I went from one You Tube video to the next watching video from the Connecticut Channel 12 skycam, helicopter footage, interviews on national television shows and 3 months later because of you making me question Sandy Hook, I have become “political”. I just called 14 senators today beginning in Alabama and will go through every state telling them what three months of research has led me to realize all thanks to YOU! The aides to these Senators are listening to every word I say as I have developed a speech in which I start out saying “I’m going to rattle every belief you have in the Sandy Hook story and I’m going to begin with these words…”not a single soul died that day, nobody even had a band-aid wrapped around their pinky finger” and from there I go into all the evidence that shows this was nothing more than an active shooter drill. When I get through speaking to these aides they have all said “wow” I tell them, “everything I will be telling you has come from what was shown on television, and in statements taken from interviews and press conferences, nothing more nothing less” I then tell them that this happened at 9:35 am and people would have been at work or at least leaving for work and if they pay attention to the live feed that day they will not see one person in work attire. No suits, no women in heals or dresses. I say “these people are dressed for another type of work that they signed up to do, that of volunteering for an active shooter DRILL” and it goes on from there. These aids have been speechless after my 30 minute speech, I promise you I am making an impression and it all is because of your blog, that’s what got me started. I will now be giving Sandy Hook Hoax speeches at my local library, thanks to you. I WOULD HAVE LOVED TAKING YOUR COURSE!!
    Very Sincerely,

  10. You might consider fighting this letter of reprimand, professor Tracy It is not only a question of free speech, it is a matter of professional responsibility. About 70 different organizations are raising money from the American public based on the the media’s interpretation of the Sandy Hook homicide, which is highly questionable. Last month they have raised more than 15 million dollars, and the state of Connecticut is publicly concerned about where this money is going..

    There is also a question of the basis on which it is raised as well, whether the media information is adequate to give the American people an accurate picture of what happened. The American media will continue to degenerate if those in a position to do so do not keep their feet to the fire in resisting the pressure to deceive the American people.

    I know that the administration is just covering its ass in this letter, but it might be important to make them understand that they can’t do it without a cost. There may be lawsuits growing out of the use of this money, and by censoring you, it is conceivable that they may become a party to these suits. If this reprimand is accepted passively, it will just encourage them to go further next time, against you or someone else.

    On the other hand, it just may be too much trouble, or not feasible for one reason or another. This is understandable; it’s your decision.

  11. I have read both reports carefully and I can only say that it is really alarming when an institution of higher learning portrays through statements, a misunderstanding or politically correct ignorance which denies that citizens who doubt and question define the very essence of a healthy society.

    Thanks for staying the course Prof and adhering to avenues that ensure transparency for the public. We must care about the form our society takes and for all those who mistakenly think society needs a hero, let it be known that it is only a true individual citizen who can bear up under an enforced ‘hair shirt’ and it takes strength of character to hang on the gallows of criticism and strength of mind to persevere through adversity for these virtues exist and can be called upon in various situations of life in the interests of the greater good.

    I can sleep in peace tonight with the assurance that we individual citizens are not afterall a dying lot but more a mass of struggles breaking out of an enforced cocoon of passivity and we shall persevere.

    I wish the very best to you Prof in the coming resolution of this matter!!

    1. I have not read either report carefully, nor will I, but I will still add here my high level of support for Prof. Tracy based on other things I have read and based on my own observations of all the deadly bullshit and crap and neurotic and psychotic stupidity that substitutes for truth and/or honest inquiry and natural and common decent behavior nowadays.

      In the face of indecency it is not altogther wrong to act and to be declared indecent.

      A great (indecent) website and a very fine (indecent) man….James Tracy.

      Ned Lud, another indecent decent.

  12. Pretty obvious that educational institutions are all part of the blackout process we experience and accept in the media. I mean, think about it, all these elite and media folks are educated somewhere right? We all seem to go through the education system until some point in our lives. Maybe these institutions of lower and higher education need to re-evaluate themselves first, to see how they contribute to this mess, before re-evaluating those on the outside. Maybe if we all change the education system we can change the media, government and businesses…..just saying…

    1. As I have pointed out here, the educated professional is in fact the most highly indoctrinated. Mystified by their credentials and titles, they exhibit the greatest faith in and defense of the system that produced them.

      1. Thanks for your honesty about the educational system, Dr.Tracy. I tend to think the indoctrinated, educated professional has more to lose by facing the realities of the system. The majority of humans seem to be rather self serving.

  13. Your article, James, IF THERE IS HOPE… is marvelous, and there is also an interesting comment by the New Zealander Tony Ryan (he won over the NZ police?)

    Unfortunately, to your question whether we can conclude that the population recognizes that war is the ultimate crime, the answer in the USA must be no. The American people have been indoctrinated by Smrtivsn power to identify with homicidal racist imperialism, the killing of non-Whie people to steal their collective and personal property and power. Americans have been indoctrinated to regard homicide as manly, courageous, realistic, and effective, especially when conducted by uninformed Heroes against non-White people. The homicide rate in the USA is the highest in the Civilized world. The USA power system has killed literally MILLIONS of non-White people since world war 2.

    But still, that you can voice such sentiments as a genuine academic gives hope not only to Americans, but apparently to persons all over the world. I agree with Tony, most academics are useless politically.

  14. Dear Professor Tracy, when I read the fine work you have done on this serious issue, you make me proud to be an American professor!
    (I sure don’t feel that way very often these days…)

  15. I am truly amazed by the new observations people keep coming up with on this blog. Thank you all. I try to open peoples eyes to the anomalies of Sandy Hook every day. But my heart sinks and anger swells, because it just seems hopeless. How do you convince someone that all is not well here, when you find out that after 12 years they don’t even know what building 7 is, or what happened to it. After 12 years I begin to wonder if any of them are worth it? And yes people, I realize this is exactly what those who stage these lies and cover ups want me too feel. They want me to give up. But really, Its like being in an SNL skit from 30 years ago where they ask everybody if they remember where they were or what they were doing when Kennedy was assasinated, and each person says… what? Kennedy’s dead? I remember laughing so hard at that joke. I’m not laughing anymore.

  16. Not long ago, I believed that comparisons of Obama’s marxist America to Nazi Germany were slightly exaggerated. I no longer think so. In Nazi Germany, university professors who questioned or spoke against the National Socialist Workers Party were harassed, intimidated and removed. Same thing is happening today in the US.

  17. The questions surrounding the Sandy Hook event do not belong in the realm of “conspiracy theorists,” but as part of honest, public discourse. It is sadly telling, that the discussion is marginalized and Professor Tracy is reprimanded for his participation.

    The public firestorm of questions is not pleasing to the perpetrators. Florida Atlantic University is likely under great pressure to censure Prof. Tracy. Continuation of funding might be a concern.

    Sandy Hook, and the issues surrounding it, are literally the Elephant in the living room of Congress. We are being told, “Don’t look behind the curtains, folks! Nothing to see here!”

    The answer to “who done it” and “why” begins in Sandy Hook then ends in the halls of Congress.

    Sadly for the perpetrators, the average American can figure this out by following a few breadcrumbs. You have to be blind not to see.

    1. You have to keep in mind that liberals/socialists/communists/fascists aspirations are ultimately so “noble,” that the means used to reach them are inconsequential. Stalin and his NKVD henchmen murdered and starved to death close to 20 million people, but in their view that was entirely justified in order to reach the ultimate goal of social equality (i.e. collective poverty). Disarming America is, in view of America’s marxist leadership, such a noble goal that staging faux shootings and thereby terrorizing the nation is a wholly justified means to make America a gun-free country.

  18. Wrong, Wondering Aloud,, Sandy Hook DOES belong in the realm of conspiracy theorists. The stigmatizing of conspiracy theories is a way that American power intimidates the American people to prevent us from thinking reasonably about political events. The Lincoln assassination was done by a Southern conspiracy and the theory that Vice president Andrew Johnson may have been involved may or may not be true. As is the case of the president Kennedy assassination, one of the biggest public relations frauds since the Dreyfus Affair.

    No proof has been presented that Adam Lanza killed those kids. It is reasonable to conjecture that it was done by others. Conjecture IS a theory or hypothesis, the same kind of theory used by prosecutors to allege that criminal conspiracies exists, which a jury may or may not find to be true.

    If you rule out conspiracies because they may have been committed or endorsed by the American powerful, and because it is unpopular to tell the simple truth because it is Unpatriotic, you will be deluded by the nature of reality by American power for anti-people purposes. Power has always conspired against the people throughout history, and it is crucial that the population understand it. They cannot understand it if they are afraid to make theories about conspiracies.

    1. “No proof has been presented that Adam Lanza killed those kids.”

      No proof has been presented that Adam Lanza ever existed.
      No proof has been presented that any mass shooting took place or that any kids were killed.

  19. Bare with the brief diversion.

    My pen-name’s alter-egos somewhat regularly encounter difficulties by opponents after they have run out of arguments (to counter that 9/11 was an inside job and nuclear). Previously disarmed of ad hominem and insults, their last desparate attempt to get an upper-hand in the argument is to turn it personal: “Who in the ef are you posting anonymously and not under your real name? Got something to hide?”

    As a matter of fact, I do.

    I’ve experienced what an immoral agent can do — without my knowledge at the time — in seeding a real name into a discussion that runs it through the mud. Ever had a potential employer (for you or your spouse) perform a Google-Background check on you?

    Google and especially Facebook have been a bit over-zealous in promoting the “real name on the internet” thang, and want you to associate your telephone service to your internet accounts. They know where you sleep and receive quaint stamped mail, and they can triangulate off of cellphone towers to find you, if your cellphone doesn’t have a GPS signal.

    Returning to the topic. Regrettably, Professor Tracy demonstrates what can happen to you if you use your real name on the internet and offer up real validation of employment. That employment will suffer.


    1. This country is completely in the toilet. I am done with “higher” education. I have already recommended to my younger cousins not to attend college at all. One at least, took me up on this. He is now a line-man and making good money. The only solution for them at this point is to shut down the internet. They are never going to be able to completely control the narrative. Keep up the good work Dr. Tracy; what you are doing is important. I check your blog almost everyday.

  20. Hi – Just listened to your interview with Kevin Barrett on April 12th…you’re really great to listen to (gee..maybe because you’re a teacher? haha). Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with ‘all the latest’ on things via post, so thanks so much for doing these interviews – and hang it there for the truth!! I have no doubt that in the end you’ll be rewarded for your courage –

  21. Professor Tracy, You continue to display the characteristics of a free and thinking man! Clearly there is something amiss, that the University that continues to employ you has not been able to shut you the hell up. If I ever visit Florida, I will go out of my way to visit such a radical institution, because it demonstrates the kind of tolerance we appear to be lacking in academia, and the country at large. Please keep the articles coming you scoundrel!

  22. It is a courageous stance for college professors to actually speak their minds these days as we seem to be moving back in time to the age of witch burning. I realize it is very uncomfortable when one deviates from the party line. In places like Colombia University they bring in outside professors like Dershowitz to handle the castigation.

    Is Dershowitz not controversial? Yet he faces no censure from Harvard or demands to censure himself.

    We cannot have free reign for some views while rocks are thrown against the heads of those with an opposite viewpoint. If it digresses to such a situation there is no need for a college education, it becomes worthless.

    Ward Churchill did not fair very well with his defense of Native American Indians.

    Boston terror suspects uncle was married to CIA officer’s daughter and even shared a home with the agent. It is now surprisingly in the main stream media … but in another country.

    Read more:

    Sami spent two years in jail as a terrorist before a jury found him innocent for defending Palestinians.

    Margo nankoe, a Palestinian

    Anti war activist Loretta Capeheart

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