Recent entries on the Sandy Hook Massacre Timeline suggest how March 28, 2013 was an especially important date coordinated to bring together the United Nations-led campaign to address the conventional weapons trade and accelerate gun control-related public relations efforts directed toward the American people.

  • March 23

President Barack Obama uses his weekly radio address to call on Congress to pass a ban on military-style assault weapons and restrictions on ammunition sales. “These ideas shouldn’t be controversial – they’re common sense. They’re supported by a majority of the American people. And I urge the Senate and the House to give each of them a vote,” the president declares. Obama has campaigned for a national program of stricter gun control measures since the December 14 Newtown massacre last year claiming the public wants strengthened laws to curb mass shootings.  Senate majority leader Harry Reid introduced firearms legislation earlier in the week that excluded the assault weapons ban, saying there were insufficient votes to pass such a bill. The National Rifle Association and its congressional Democratic and Republic allies oppose such measures. Paul Harris, “Obama Urges Assault Weapons Vote Despite Senate Decision to Drop Ban,” UK Guardian, March 23, 2013.

  • March 26

News media and Connecticut state political representatives anticipate release of crime scene evidence by the state attorney’s office on March 28. Whether or not this new information will bring the General Assembly closer to voting on a package of gun control bills is still not clear. Chief State’s Attorney Kevin Kane is anticipated to release portions of the Sandy Hook investigation on Thursday morning. Kane and Danbury State’s Attorney say they have briefed lawmakers but will not  take questions from the press. “There may or may not, his words not mine, be things within that information that would be helpful to us,” observes Rep. Larry Cafero. Mark Davis, “Sandy Hook Details to be Released,” News8, March 26, 2013.

March 27

Attempts to enact a “small arms treaty” banning a $70 billion annual market for conventional weapons may be realized with a final draft sent to governments of all United Nations member states for ratification. Supporters are confident the Arms Trade Treaty will be approved by consensus at a final negotiation session at UN headquarters in New York on Thursday. The treaty will set a historical precedent by establishing international standards for conventional weapons sales that link such transactions “to respect for human rights, the prevention of war crimes and the protection of civilians.” Advocates say the treaty is the strongest attempt to halt the illegal exchange of weapons prompting lethal conflicts around the world. If passage is not secured proponents will likely seek approval by achieving support of two-thirds of the UN General Assembly at a vote the week of April 1. In the summer of 2012 the Obama administration objected to the treaty and this brought about postponement of negotiations until now. Neil MacFarquhar and Rick Gladstone, “UN Close to Curing Arms Trade with Treaty,” New York Times, March 28, 2013.

The National Day to Demand Action on Gun Control to take place on March 28 will be marked by President Barack Obama holding an event in the White House East Room with mothers, victims of violence and law enforcement officials who support gun control. Over 140 events are scheduled in 29 states and are intended to target lawmakers on spring break.Vice President Joe Biden says on March 27 how an anticipated Senate April vote on background checks and more draconian penalties for gun trafficking are only the start of the White House’s campaign. Limits on “military-style-assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines will not be a part of the Senate bill. “That doesn’t mean this is the end of the process. This is the beginning of the process,” Biden remarks during a conference call organized by Mayors Against Illegal Guns with thousands of gun control advocates listening in. “The American people are way ahead of their political leaders,” Biden contends. “And we, the president and I and the mayors, intend to stay current with the American people.”  Nedra Pickler, “Joe Biden: Gun Control Votes ‘Only the Beginning,'” Huffington Post, March 27, 2013.

Superior Court Judge John Blawie approves Danbury State Attorney Stephen Sedensky’s request to withhold for an additional 90 days details from search warrant applications related to the investigation of the December 14 massacre. With several motions Blawie removes the name of a “citizen witness” referenced in various parts of the search warrant applications for Nancy Lanza’s house and car. A press report cites a lack of clarity on whether Sedensky is referring to more than one witness. The State Attorney also asked for omission of serial numbers of several items retrieved by investigators from Lanza’s 36 Yogananda Street home in Newtown, in addition to phone numbers and credit card numbers related to the case. John Pirro and Libor Jany, “Judge Approves Redaction of Details in Lanza Search Warrants,”, March 27. 2013.

  • March 28

In a speech at the White House President Barack Obama tells parents of gun victims that the US needs to be ashamed if the Newtown massacre had been forgotten. The speech is part of National Day to Demand Action, organized by the New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns campaign. Gun control activists complain that Obama failed to take advantage of the Newtown victims’ deaths as an opportunity to speed such legislation through Congress. Obama dismisses the criticism. “Less than 100 days ago that happened. And the entire country was shocked, and the entire country pledged we would do something and this time would be different. Shame on us if we have forgotten. I have not forgotten those kids. Shame on us if we have forgotten,” the President says. Obama wants the Senate to vote on gun control measures upon its return from its Easter break on April 8. Ewen MacAskill, “Gun Control: Obama Invokes Memory of Newtown in Emotional Plea,” UK Guardian, March 29, 2013.

Search warrants held under wraps for 114 days reveal that authorities found a large cache of guns, more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition, Samurai swords and knives in Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza’s home. The extensive list of weapons and related artifacts were recovered in a search of the residence on December 14. Still, areas of the warrants were blacked out, including the name of a witness who told police that Sandy Hook Elementary was Adam’s “life.” The following is a list of the astounding array of weapons and ephemera law enforcement authorities claim they recovered from the Lanza residence, including:

  • A copy of Adam Lanza’s Sandy Hook report card
  • Two rifles, including the .22 rifle allegedly used to kill Nancy Lanza
  • One BB gun
  • Several thousand dollars worth of computer equipment and video gaming consoles
  • A receipt to a gun range in Weatherford, Oklahoma
  • One gun safe in Adam Lanza’s bedroom
  • Ammunition inventory that fills nearly two pages, including full boxes of shotgun shells with buckshot, hundreds of rounds .22 rifle ammo, and numerous boxes of handgun ammunition
  • One instruction manual for the Bushmaster used in the shooting
  • 12 knives
  • Three Samurai swords
  • One bayonet
  • Eye protection, ear muffs for a gun range (unspecified number)
  • One pair Simmons binoculars
  • Paper targets (unspecified number)
  • Adam Lanza’s National Rifle Association membership certificate
  • Unidentified medical records
  • Printed email conversations (unspecified number)
  • Books about living with Asperger syndrome (unspecified number)
  • Three photographs of a dead person covered in plastic and blood
  • One bank check to Adam Lanza from his mother for “the purchase of a C183 (firearm)” [A C183 is in fact a digital camera.-JT]
  • One military-style uniform in Adam Lanza’s bedroom

Families of the victims briefed March 27th about details of the search warrants expressed their hope for more stringent gun control measures “It was obvious his intention was to do a lot of damage and he was certainly capable of doing that…considering the amount of ammunition he had,” says Mark Barden, father of slain first-grader Daniel Barden. “As a parent, I would think that [Nancy Lanza] probably could have made different choices with how she came to spend her time with her son. Fishing comes to mind,” Bardan remarks. Barden says he hopes the release reminds the public of the grotesque and horrific nature of the tragedy. “When people forget about it they do nothing,” Barden observes. Commenting on the snapshot they’ve gotten into Lanza’s life, Barden remembered his own son’s kindness and said Daniel used to sit with the lonely kids in class. “I think if there were a Daniel Barden in Adam Lanza’s class this may not have happened,” he says. Nicole Hockley, the mother of slain first-grader Dylan Hockley, was among family members who were briefed. “I haven’t spent a great deal of time pouring through them,” she notes. “Everything I learn about the investigation is painful because it reminds me of the pain of that day and that Dylan and the others aren’t ever going to come back. I’m much more focused on the need for change,” says Hockley. “The search warrants contents aren’t as important.” Dave Altimari, “Lanza Had Arsenal of Guns, Ammunition, Swords, Knives,” Hartford Courant, March 28, 2013. See Reuters original story, Mary Ellen Clark, “Connecticut Gunman Had Large Weapons Cache,” New Hampshire Union Leader, published at 10:33AM, March 28, 2013.

The National Rifle Association contests any association with Adam and Nancy Lanza. Itemized findings from search warrants posted online from of Lanza home references an “Adam Lanza National Rifle Association Certificate” discovered in a blue and white duffel bag that also contained a “‘Blazer’ .22 cal long rifle (50 rounds),” as well as eye and ear protection, cartridges and “numerous paper targets.” “There is no record of a member relationship between Newtown killer Adam Lanza, nor between Nancy Lanza, A. Lanza or N. Lanza with the National Rifle Association,” the NRA responded “Reporting to the contrary is reckless, false and defamatory.” A review by Politico of the NRA’s website indicates the organization offers many “education and training programs,” in addition to “online templates for certificates. Organizations around the country also offer what they bill as NRA certificates upon completion of certain classes,” the website reports. “A spokeswoman for the NRA confirmed to POLITICO that it is possible to possess a certificate from the NRA without being a full-fledged member of the organization.” Katie Glueck, “AdamLanza, Mom Had NRA Certificates,”, March 28, 2013.

Iran, Syria and North Korea prevent adoption of the first international small arms treaty to regulate the $70 billion global market, arguing that it the agreement is flawed and fails to ban weapons sales to rebel groups. British UN Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant immediately sought to bypass the move by sending the draft treaty to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to put it to a hasty vote in the General Assembly. UN diplomats say the 193-nation General Assembly can put the draft treaty to a vote as early as Tuesday. “A good, strong treaty has been blocked,” Britain’s chief delegate Joanne Adamson observes. “Most people in the world want regulation and those are the voices that need to be heard. This is success deferred,” she says. US delegation head Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Countryman tells reporters, “We look forward to this treaty being adopted very soon by the United Nations General Assembly,” believing there will be a “substantial majority” in favor. Louis Charbonneau, “Iran, North Korea, Syria Block UN Arms Trade Treaty,” Reuters, March 29, 2013.

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61 thought on “A Remarkable Confluence of Events”
  1. I have two observations here that bother me.

    First, as soon as any results of investigations start to be made public, the court is starting to bury them. Deleting names of citizen witness(es?)! What else will the judge next hide from the public? What else is already hidden and not available because of not being listed? Clearly all the oddities and unanswered questions about that event are going to continue to be unanswered questions and to be buried by the official sanitized and propagandized version.

    Second – an arsenal? That’s laughable. Half the stuff they have listed wouldn’t harm anyone if thrown at them. Duck! Its the earmuffs! Oh God, he’s throwing Asperger books!

    Those kids who survived are sure lucky he didn’t bring those dangerous targets and printed emails with him that day. I’ve never read of anyone who survived being shown an unused target!

    The fact that the targets and the “full boxes of shotgun shells” are apparently unused would seem to indicate that he was storing these things, not using them – lending doubt to his ability to have actually been the shooter. Also, are they referring to the normal 5 shell boxes or the case box with 250 of them? The former are common, the latter hard to find – but the difference is immense. But where are the used targets – the ones with holes in them? Since he apparently didn’t belong to any gun clubs, where did he do all the supposed shooting without getting arrested for it?

    That list is so long, some of it not at all ‘weaponry’ and so much of it merely related to gun use – which is NOT a crime – but not related to the shooting itself, that its just pathetic. It merely smells of more ‘generation of fear’ for the gun-control agenda to me. Did he wear socks or underpants that day? Why not list how many of those they found? Those are just as clearly related to the crime.

    1. “Military-style uniform.” Um, was Adam or Ryan ever in Cub Scouts or any kind of prep school?

      “Unidentified witness said Sandy Hook Elementary was his life.” Another unidentified witness said his mom was a kindergarten teacher there.

      Every time ‘unidentified witness’ is written, I immediately translate it as “a person lying his ass off so much that he is too embarrassed ever to be called out on his nonsense.”

  2. Indeed the timing is beyond coincidence. The press continues to manufacture and promote propaganda. Attempts to find the credentials of Mary Ellen Clark, a popular name on the recent Reuters news releases has turned up nothing.

  3. I think this is an attempt to deceive the public into making us think a shooting took place. There is no Adam Lanza. He does not exist. There were no children slaughtered. This was all an elaborate hoax. End of story. We debunked the official narrative via numerous Youtube videos and blogs.

    1. Prepper, very important to acknowledge what DID happen at Sandy Hook. Children died horrifically. I know people who know the families and have provided comfort and united them as a group to help them cope with their loss.

      The school existed, Sandy Hook is real, children were killed. To say otherwise is to be the equivalent of being a No-Planer type of 9/11 Truther.

      1. Ted, please give us proof, other than the government’s self-serving and ever-changing narrative, that (1) Adam Lanza existed, (2) that 27 people died at Sandy Hook Elementary on 12/14, and (3) that Adam Lanza was the perpetrator. I am yet to see a single piece of evidence to support 1-3. Please be as specific as you can.

      2. I dont think anyone was killed at sandy hook and i dont believe it was even a functioning school , there is no proof . peope who know people who know people ? but still no proof .

      3. Emotionally based, I cant get past the parents. Putting the hard evidence (or lack there of) aside, either these children did not die, did not exist by those identities, or were sacrificed. Does anyone have a list of the time frame that they all made their way to town..? I know the P.E. teacher was relatively new, clearly the substitute, as well as a few victims families…

      4. I live 20 minutes away from Newtown. I’ve had conversations with people who live there, twice in the last week. I am cautious in my approach to this, because no-planers have screwed up the 9/11 truth movement. In fact, I went to a library near Danbury and spent an entire Saturday reading 6 months of back issues of the Newtown Bee seeing snapshots of Dawn Hocksprung dressed up as a reading “fairy” to promote reading to the children of Sandy Hook. I’ve spoken with a guy who was in the school two days after the incident to see the blood and the bullet holes.

        If you need “proof” that the elementary school was functioning, I’ll send Prof Tracy scans of the articles that discuss Sandy Hook school lunches in the months and weeks before the shooting.

        Children died that day, people. But —

        1. I am not convinced at Adam Lanza was alive at the time of the shooting. Veterans Today’s Gordon Duff and intelligence operative Steve Pieczenik say their sources in intelligence claim it was a false flag operation.

        2. What’s up with the nuns who look like guys in drag? Were they handlers or actually involved in the operation (what about the purple van)?

        3. The anomalies of the official narrative continue to get more confusing. A 22 year old Aspberger’s Syndrome kid gets 100 pct kill rate in less than five minutes? How did Nancy Lanza get the assault weapons that were illegal in Connecticut?

        Let’s all stipulate that children died that day. There’s plenty of other things to speculate about.

      5. The parents that WE see, did not lose children or they sacrificed them. The only reason that I am harping on this is that every time I see them it becomes more apparent. They are too articulate and emotionless, I cant get past it. I also cant get past the fact that Lt Vance was at another mock school shooting. You guys are doing an amazing job of collecting the facts and discrediting the disinformation–I want to know about these families. Regardless of the agenda for this situation, I want them to be exposed–(as the money just keeps pouring in).
        I do agree with you though, some of these avenues detract from the investigation. Especially with comparing photos with players, etc. Someone that works at Sandy Hook & that was there that day (hiding children) will be at my wedding in June. If any of you have some advice on how to approach her to get the best info out Please do share!!

      6. Comparing the no-plane theory where we all saw planes hit the buildings to an event where none us saw evidence that a shooting had happened doesn’t make sense. It’s easy to claim people were killed, but until evidence supporting this claim is released, it remains open for consideration, as awkward as that is. We are not obligated to accept hearsay as fact.

        Who did you speak with that was in the school two days afterwards that saw the aftermath?

        Otherwise, I find your remarks sound and worth consideration.

        Another thing. One oft repeated report of officer Chapman carrying a dying girl to an Ambulance conflicts with a photo that exists showing him at the scene the same morning of with a completely clean uniform and a clipboard in hand – When he had originally stated that he was sent off the scene, “covered in blood”, afterwards.

        Not only do we see no evidence of a shooting, but findings such as the above are being discovered that conflict with their claims.

        1. jsk’s observations are on the mark. Aside from the dearth of forensic evidence that such an event took place, only a small number of families have come forward to speak publicly–and of those not one is critical of how poorly the crime scene and overall investigation have been handled, not to mention school safety measures. The only lawsuit that was brought forth was by a family of a student who was not a victim.

      7. Fair enough. Anything you hear from me should be considered heresay unless you have evidence to the contrary.

        My proximity to Sandy Hook and Newtown has provided some opportunity to speak with residents. Sandy Hook was a functioning elementary school — an article in the Newtown Bee three months before the massacre described a school board meeting about combining two of the elementary schools in the 2013-14 school year (for budgetary reasons), but none of the schools were specifically named.

        It does seem that no one knew the Parkers and they seem to have moved out of town. I agree with Caroline that the most vocal parents could be crisis actors. Steve Piecenik was on Alex Jones Show again today (4/1/2013) and he reiterated that Sandy Hook was a false flag — one that might end all other false flags as it unravels.

        jsk – I agree that there’s a huge difference between the so-called no-planers of 9-11 and the “no-deathers” of Sandy Hook. Video exists of planes going into the Twin Towers and eyewitnesses saw it from the ground.

        As for Newtown, my own inquiry convinces me that there were deaths that day. To pull off a hoax where NO CHILDREN died would be much harder to pull off and would involve hundreds of conspirators — including an entire town.

      8. By the way, the parents who are staying quiet are in deep mourning, as we can imagine. The possible “crisis actors” are “speaking” on their behalf — or so we are led to believe.

        The parents of the murdered children are acting precisely as you and I would behave — they are quietly absorbing the magnitude of their loss and staying away from the media circus. The crisis actors seek out the spotlight to assist the narrative.

  4. My last comment, ever, at Op-Ed News was a pithy one about organized crime. I had to resurrect myself with a new pseudonym, because I had already been banned as Ned Lud. I will not do it again.

    We are living in a world of highly organized crime. We call it government and most of us feel somehow it is necessary. Certainly the crime bosses we call our leaders do. They love power and control, they obsess over it.

    I urge people to adopt the libertarian, anarchist, voluntaryist perspective. There are many good websites that convey that viewpoint and argue for it, rationally. Nonetheless, I think we are doomed as a civilization, because of government (ie., highly organized crime) and because of the technological and coercive power (ie., constant violence and intimidation tactics) that government employs.

    I salute James Tracy, and wonder how he has managed to keep his college professorship and job. I suppose by compromising with (kowtowing to) the above named, EVIL.

    And don’t we all? ??

    Ned Lud

  5. The confluence of events is indeed bizarre. The detailed list seems to be dictated by a government advocate of immediate and total gun control — and the histrionics of the mainstream press all play into the “official narrative.”

    Two problems with the recent developments:

    1. Typically, a person with Asberger’s Syndrome is on some sort of prescription medication. Ostenibly, this information could be crucial to the “motive” or “state of mind” of the alleged killer. Why was this omitted from the catalogue of items found at the Yogalanda home? Who was responsible for suppressing this information? If an authority was able to suppress this information, was the same authority able to “augment” the findings in time for the UN Small Arms Treaty to be disseminated to member countries?

    2. Assault rifles are already illegal in Connecticut. Accordingly, the official narrative continues to cling to access to the “assault weapons” — the AR-15 and the Bushmaster — as the primary cause of the Sandy Hook tragedy. Accordingly, the official narrative contradicts the government’s position that if we have a nationwide ban on assault weapons, Sandy Hook wouldn’t have happened. The State of Connecticut’s ban on assault weapons didn’t stop this massacre.

    It’s been three months since Sandy Hook. If the Bushmaster and the AR-15 were illegal weapons, how did Nancy Lanza get them? Who sold them to her? Were they registered with the state or not?

    Or did they belong to someone other than Nancy Lanza . . . ?

    PS – The official narrative continues to have all kinds of problems with thee long-guns. The narrative now claims that the long gun was found INSIDE Lanza’s Honda, and a law enforcement officer moved it to the trunk. Why would an officer do this and tamper with a crime scene? And if so, why the big show of opening the trunk at night with the view from the news chopper annd the big spotlight as if it was discovered hours after the shooting?

    Who is this “witness” that’s being protected? Gene Rosen?

    1. Stranger still Ted, but as you know a Bushmaster is a ‘long gun’, so if it was found in the Honda, how did those kids get shot with it? Did Lanza run out to the car to put the gun there and run back into the school? Doubtful.

      1. It was the SHOTGUN that was found in the trunk of the car. At least it looks like a shotgun in that video of the cop emptying the chamber. So, this “anomaly” is a dog that won’t hunt

      2. Regarding the long gun:
        It appeared to me the cop cycled the action from the side. An AR-15 uses a charging handle that cycles the action from the rear, thus pulling the charging handle over shoulder stock. Most people seem to think it was some kind of auto-loading shotgun. I will guarantee one thing; it was not a weapon based on any kind of AR-15 platform that I have handled. I say that as a veteran who has handled them… A lot.

  6. And what’s up with the prosecutor and the court suppressing the SERIAL NUMBERS OF THE GUNS? Is that because those numbers would source the true origin of the guns and prove that Nancy Lanza didn’t OWN THE GUNS — that perhaps they were planted/used by others?

  7. This article from a CT paper was published March 28, 2013: Newtown search warrants: Sandy Hook School was Lanza’s ‘life,’ witness says –

    The name of one student victim is missing from the “What we already knew” section of the article above: Jesse Lewis.

    How could this CT paper possibly neglect to name Jesse as a victim?

    Unless of course Jesse is still alive.

    Jesse appears to be in the photo op with Obama, only 2 days after the shooting, all smiles.

    See: Sandy Hook Hoax – Jesse Lewis is Still Alive –

  8. We were told that the store where Nancy Lanza supposedly bought her AR15 was called Riverview Gun Sales in Endfield CT. Apparently they are sold in CT. This was the same store that a man named Jordan Marsh walked into three days before the shooting, picked up an AR15 off the shelf, and walked out with it without paying. No one in the store seemed to notice, though it was caught on their cctv. The day after the shooting the same guy goes back into the store and tries to walk off with a 50 caliber sniper rifle. This time they notice, chase him and catch him. Conveniently, the police recover the AR15 from the man’s hotel room. Only then do the police confirm that the shootings were carried out with a semi-automatic rifle. How could they have thought otherwise with hundreds of rounds of bottle necked .223 rifle casings on the floor of the school?” Handguns and only handguns!” ? they were saying.
    Of course the ATF raided the gun store after the thefts and seized their paperwork. Could the stolen gun have been used in the shootings. Could the authorities have switched the paperwork with Nancy’s gun?
    Incidentally, the gun thief “Jordan Marsh”, was earlier given a two year suspended sentence for a prior theft FROM THE SAME STORE. Previously he had walked off with TWELVE other guns, some of them presumably AR15s. None of the previously stolen guns were ever recovered. Why is this story not part of the gun control debate?

  9. In the 5th warrant, regarding paperwork from the home, exhibit #612 is a check for a “C183(firearm)”  but all i can find online for C183 is a camera…. Does anyone know if such firearm exists? Also, The biggest drum i have come across for a shotgun is 30, does anyone know of a bigger one? Oh… And “Battle Tested” is a brand of paintball gear. Just a few things amongst many that raise questions in my mind…. on top of the claim that the shotgun was in plain site but then moved to the trunk for safekeeping……seriously??  I don’t pretend to know what happen but wow!…. I don’t buy the official story for a second.

  10. Paragraph 5 of the warrant uses conspicuously vague language describing the guns found by Lanza. “several handguns and a military style assault weapon”. The is no mention at all about an AR-15 or Bushmaster. “Several” could be any number a “military style assault weapon” is what exactly?. Two officers signed that warrant and if I were them I would not put my integrity on the line on something blatantly false. That vague language describing the guns gives them even room for cover but somebody should hold them accountable.

    Remember all day long the AR-15 was reportedly left back in the car. Furthermore the NBC Chief Justice Correspondent reported that multiple state and federal officials reported that only four hand guns were found with Lanza.

    Still no video, no audio or radio transmissions, no 911 calls or a single witness with evidence against Lanza. No evidence of Lanza ever having acted in a rage or with resentment or ever having fired a gun. The only thing we have for this whole tragic event is a story.

    I cannot believe what is going on here. Sedensky should be embarrassed.

    1. Another inconsistency I just noticed in paragraph 4 of the first warrant it states that a shotgun was in plain sight in the interior of the vehicle. We know this to be inconsistent with other reports and observations since a video was made available of a shotgun being retrieved from the trunk of the vehicle at night. All of the pictures of the vehicle had the doors and trunk closed all day. So how was the shotgun in plain sight when it was in the trunk?

      There is also an implication that there was only a single 911 call. The text read “That as a result of the 911 call…”.

      This is very troubling and I believe things will be getting worse.

  11. I am yet to see a single proof that Adam Lanza existed and that he carried out any massacre. The producers of the Sandy Hook show tried to prove that a shooting took place by a statement of one of the actors who was chased and led out of the woods by other actors. The actor allegedly said “I didn’t do IT.” The “IT” was supposed to prove that a massacre occurred. Remember that this handcuffed actor was later sitting in the front of the police car. Furthermore, the producers tried to prove that Adam Lanza existed and died by manufacturing a story that somebody was disciplined for showing her boyfriend Adam Lanza’s dead body. They also claimed that Ryan Lanza’s ID was found at the site of the “massacre,” but since Ryan was in Hoboken, the phantom shooter must have been his non-existent but utterly diabolical brother Adam. The Sandy Hook anti-gun propaganda piece deserves at most one star. With all the resources at their disposal, the producers did a dismal job.

    1. If everything was ‘ above board’ with this recent statement from the the authorities, they would be showing some video footage, photos of the alledged guns, holes in the school from bullets and evidence that adam drove the car to the school, his driving license….and proof that car was his Mothers. Evidence. People need to see it.. The sweat shirts strewn around or cassocks…whatever they were..who did they belong to… The bullet holes in the car in the car park.. why did it look rusted and look as if the bullet shot had come from inside the car.. so many questions.. Why do the authorities think they have the power to keep information private? The powers of’ B’ think the general public are stupid.. In my opinion they are not going to get away with this ‘long put together strategic plan of what they found in the house…’ Neighbours said the police were at the home early that morning… why? did some one report the shooting of Nancy…?… Some one must talk… To me it was a manufactured event… people might have been killed.. but we still have no evidence that took place… We are not all influenced by TV.. some of us still have a brain in our bodies… We should ask questions and not give in to their story…. I hope something turns up..

  12. I have a single question that I have not seen anyone focus on, or answer- and I think it provides a very real avenue for proving foreknowledge. Over and over again, on youtube videos, you hear the police band radio saying “Two shadows running past the gym, into the woods…..there coming at me, I got em,,,” There is always the simultaneous helicopter footage of the men runnning past the gym, into the woods, and being chased and proned out”.

    Here is my question: the police band radio audio of that event is perhaps ten minutes after a shooter entered the building- is in fact before Lanza was found – it was at something like 9:48AM, when the school was entered at @9:35 AM. There is no way there would be a helicopter over the school, ten minutes after the shooting started. So, either there WAS a helicopter over the school, which indicates preplanning, OR, the helicopter footage is from a LATER time, showing OTHER people running into woods. Does anyone have any proof of WHEN the helicopter showed up over the school, and how many there were? Again, IF that helicopter footage they always match with the audio DOES match, it puts a helicopter over the school ten minutes after the shooting started. Why does no one question this? Appreciate answers. Thanks.

    1. These are important questions that I have also pondered over the past several weeks. The footage is from WABC’s helicopter, so you are correct in that what was captured was likely of a drill taking place an hour or two after the event. There’s simply no way that a copter could make it there in a couple of minutes, unless of course the press is complicit in foreknowledge of the event. As for the radio dispatch I am not convinced of its authenticity. Dennis Cimino, who has extensive engineering and electronics experience, argues that the CT emergency radio system was taken over on December 14 and provides an excellent analysis of this here.

    2. The confrontation at Crestwood is very early in the event – approx 9:38 am or so the precise time is on the radio transmission.

      The video from the helicopter showing multiple personnel fleeing into the woods occurs much later. We know this because on of the outbuildings has the door wide open which indicates that this occurred after SWAT cleared that building.

      Many videos show the chase into the woods and superimpose the audio of the two shadows being confronted on Crestwood. This is wrong and misleading.

      This is part of what makes the multiple shooters postulate so compelling. Confrontation of 2 shadows on Crestwood, multiple personnel fleeing into the woods much later, an armed off duty SWAT officer arrested in the woods ? Multiple personnel fleeing in a purple van ?

      1. thank you Prof Tracy, and Eli Carson. The other avenue for showing foreknowledge is the incredible fact that , simultaneously with the Sandyhook shooting, there were the Bridgeport Live Drills, 25 minutes away from Sandyhook, AND, 20 minutes away, just over the NY stateliness, in Putnam- a Live shooter drill. my question is this- if you we’re the person designing this as a false flag, how would you preposition assets? I am fairly certain that if you collected photos of sandyhook event, and scoured newspapers, and did basic investigative journalism- that you could determine who the swat teams and bomb squad teams, and dog teams, and forensic mobile labs were, and where they were normally stationed. If you could then determine WHEN they arrived on scene, you could easily show that they were positioned much closer to Sandyhook than would be normal. we’re they at Putnam and Bridgeport? where were they overnight dec 13? It appears to me that there were a whole lot of professional units on scene in a very short response time. if there is evidence that they were all unexplainable close to sandyhook, arriving the night before, it gets a great deal closer to proving per planning and propositioning. There are a large number of identifiable vehicles, and identifiable swat personnel in the footage and photos that exist. In simplest terms, if I walked into a school, truly on my own, in a small town in, say, Vermont, and did what happened at Sandyhook – would there be such an immediate and prolific police swat response? I suspect not.

        the last point is, if this had been real, there would have been 154 very loud shots, heard in the early morning in a very small town. you would have expected many many calls to 911, from inside and outside the school, but we hear of only maybe three? why? there should be traffic light cam footage of Adam Lanza driving to the school, where is it? there is likely satellite footage of timing of all vehicles arriving on scene, and you can trace where each came from- can we see it? what we all need to keep doing is thinking of what evidence is out there that adds data to this being preplanned. what we really need, and Prof Tracy has started it, is to get the experienced 911 WTC truther groups- with all their experience- like architects and engineers for 911 truth, or get david ray Griifin, who wrote The New Pearl Harbor, involved in this investigation. If David Ray Griffin did a timeline and analysis like he did for 911, and mobilized all his followers, this would progress rapidly. In the aftermath of 911, people had to learn how to use the Internet and media- the 911 try there have ten years of lessons. they could greatly advance the Sandyhook investigation. We also need at least one Peter Jennings quality public figure to have the guts to push this issue.

    3. A couple months back, I created a video that attempted to track the persons running into the woods filmed by helicopter. I was under the impression they were in pursuit of someone. I tracked 5 people in that video.

      Immediately, someone alerted me to another person I had missed. I created a second video that included that. But, the problem was the timing was off on everything. I could tell the footage was much later. So, I ran the scene through both Google Earth and SketchUp to match the shadows.

      It turns out (and a number of more experienced researchers than I corroborate) the footage was shot at roughly 1:00 PM.

      But, it gets better. I determined that all the personnel we are told are chasing suspects are simply scurrying into the woods. At last count, there are 7 figures that appear in a single frame of that woods footage. I’ve yet to see anyone “prone” and at times the group seems quite chummy as they run along side each other or approach other figures that don’t seem the least bit concerned.

      See the last 5 min of my video (linked below) for a tracking of all the players.

      Another interesting bit; be sure to refer to the highest-quality version of the footage provided by Historical Records Review (at YT) when examining the footage. Two things to look for. When runner number 1 passes across and behind the Gym building, as his head reaches half-way across the roof-line his head stops dead for a few frames. I mean, stops on a dime. Not sure what is happening there, as I don’t think it’s a video artifact.

      Finally, as running #3 passes from right to left enlarge the frame and look closely at him just before passing behind the building. I am almost certain he hops just once. Recall that 2 “survivors” of the shooting were explicitly said to have sustained wounds to the lower extremities. Whether this guy is one of them or not, hopping might indicate a leg wound or pain caused by something.

      I know some will see my claim of an injured person and jump to the conclusion I believe a violent shooting took place. Hey, I don’t know if this guy pulled a hammie or what. I’m just following what I find. I do give myself more credit in regards to this “chase footage”, since people seem so easily led astray while I haven’t concluded anything for certain.

      How about this…could there have been a LE assassination of a few State Police who were duped into being unarmed because of a drill scenario? I have learned that, during drills all weapons are to be unloaded. Certainly, it would be easy to plan something like this and what difference would there be between cops or kids? We don’t get to see anything either way. Might account for those gents running off as they did. Just a thought.

    4. James Forrester raises questions about the helicopter. Dr. Tracy states that:

      The footage is from WABC’s helicopter, so you are correct in that what was captured was likely of a drill taking place an hour or two after the event.

      I do not dispute this. However, in the same video (I believe but could be wrong) of when Lt. Vance warned of the misinformation being spread by internet blogs and how they were going to go after such perpetrators, he stated words to the effect that the police helicopter chased away other news helicopters and kept them out of the area.

      I suspect the helicopter could be both in the sense of it being WABC’s helicopter operating under the authority and request of the police. But I leave this to others to verify.

      I live in Colorado and go to the club very early (4:30 am) for my work out. I do not plug my headphones in and tune to any of the row of eleven flatscreen televisions mounted on the wall for members to watch while exercising, and I normally don’t gaze at them either. The morning after the Batman massacre was different. For us in Colorado, it was all over the local news (which was 3 or 4 out of 11 televisions) plus CNN, Fox News, etc. [And at least 3 of the local news outlets have their own helicopters.]

      What was absolutely “fascinating” to me was to see running in parallel on multiple televisions [e.g., multiple news organizations] the exact same helicopter footage, although sometimes delayed by several seconds, sometimes reconfigured as a picture-in-a-picture so the talking-heads could get camera time. And all instances broadcast the footage with their own logos with no accreditation that maybe it came a local news helicopter. Ergo, I was led to conclude that it was a contract helicopter or even a police helicopter (selling the rights to the footage while keeping snooping local news helicopters out of the area) [but others doing more research can set me straight on who it actually was.]

      The bottom-line for me was seeing so blatantly side-by-side on six or seven of these eleven televisions the level of media complicity and sharing of footage, giving the false impression that they were “there in the air with their own news helicopter” when in reality the footage was obviously fed to all the news networks from a single source.

      With regards to the very limited and stilted footage from SH, the one thing I noticed was the crisp depiction of cars, buildings, and people, while at the same time and in the same shot, anything from (a) any wooded area or (b) the playing field seemed to be “digitally obscured”. [Think of how televised football games are able to mark the line of scimmage and the 10-yard point without over-writing the players.]

      I realize that I’m mashing together helicopter footage from two separate events. I’m just calling attention to the trend-line of the media’s sharing of footage as well as the cooperation with law enforcement to the degree the helicopters might be such (and earning revenue for the police departments by selling the footage to news).


      1. Thanks for these insights re the Aurora coverage. My initial point is that regardless of whether the aerial coverage was from a media outlet or law enforcement, the footage was obviously taken at a later time in the day, or perhaps beforehand. In hindsight this may have been to sow confusion in the public mind, much like the long list of incorrect and conflicting information that continues with the search warrants release on March 28.

  13. Another avenue that would likely reveal convincing eveidence -is the photographs of Emilie Parker. Like many of you, I have spent hours staring at them. There are perhing haps 12 good face shots, from differnt angles, available on the web, and there are alsoe, I believe, about 5 pics of her, from different angles, in the series of “her sister”, sitting in Obama’s lap two days after the shooting. There are several excellent comparisons of the photos, and the most convincing ones show that Emilie’s hair part is very distinctive compared to her sister’s. refuters say that the girl in Obama;s lap is her younger sister, and of course sisters look alike. while that is true, they also look different.
    Facial Recognition software is now at a very sophisticated point- where , with multiple pictures, from differnt angles, software easily “maps out” the exact dimensions and relations of the facial features. There are civilians out there in the internets that can use this technology. I am guessing, but I think if the photographs of Emilie and her younger sister were processed with this software, they could arrive at a numeric “liklihood” that the girl in Obamas lap is emily and not her younger sister. They could assign a probability of the match, based on the software. If it came up with there is someting like a 10% chance that these are the same girl – then the case rests; if. on the other hand, the numbers are essentially that the probability of this NOT being Emilie in Obama;s lap is 1 in 100,000 – then we have a smoking gun, err picture.
    Clinton went down because of a Blue Dress; these operators may go down based on a Red Dress. I do believe that this facial recognition software is good enough, with this series of photos, to give a definive itive answer. Anyone out there have these skills? Once this is completed, the video with the evidence can have the soundtrack, “The Lady in Red”.

  14. I see this confluence of events, and I agree that Sandy Hook is the proximate cause of the events, and how it is social engineering.

    What I still don’t see is material substance for any firm conclusion as to what actually did and did not take place at Sandy Hook. We are obviously dealing with a PSYOP. And it obviously was put into effect for those effects listed in this essay. But this has been spun every-which-way, over-under-sideways-down. I find a lot of the “conspiracy theory” to be channeled in by the psychological operators – much of it to jump start hysterical thinking and speculation based on flatulence.

    Many seem to have gone far beyond what can be reasonably determined…and going round’a’bout in futile whirlpools – while the real issue is the consequences we see articulated in this article.

    It is obvious that the official story is garbage – but there isn’t enough solid information to parse reality from scripted memorex. Ultimately the PSYOP extends as a distraction to the ongoing actions on the ground while most are focused in fascination of the “Hooking Event”.


  15. Here we have one of the prepared “effects” that the psychological op of Sandy Hook is set up to deploy:
    . . . . .


    DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION: Distribution authorized to the DOD and DOD contractors only to protect technical or operational information from automatic dissemination under the International Exchange Program or by other means. This determination was made on 8 December 2008. Other requests for this document must be referred to the Commandant, U.S. Army Military Police School, ATTN:
    ATZT-TDD-M, 320 MANSCEN Loop, Suite 270, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri 65473-8929.

    DESTRUCTION NOTICE: Destroy by any method that will prevent disclosure of contents or reconstruction of the document.

    Field manual (FM) 3-39.40 is aligned with FM 3-39, the military police keystone FM. FM 3-39.40 provides guidance for commanders and staffs on internment and resettlement (I/R) operations. This manual addresses I/R operations across the spectrum of conflict, specifically the doctrinal paradigm shift from traditional enemy prisoner of war (EPW) operations to the broader and more inclusive requirements of detainee operations.
    . . . . .

  16. Prof Tracey, Thank you for standing firm on this and continuing to investigate. I am so glad there is someone like you making the youth of today THINK critically. I am convinced this will eventually blow up in their faces, we just need to find that one smoking gun that convinces ALL.

  17. In a time of supposed budget cuts that cannot allow the White House to be open 20 hours a week for self guided tours, why is Homeland Security buying 2 billion hollow point bullets? Hollow point are very expensive and not appropriate for target practice. In the absence of gun control laws, they have effectively caused a shortage for law enforcement and citizens, Congress has asked for an explanation.

  18. I want to know why the officer (or whoever it was) whispered “end the life of Adam.” Why did they say he committed suicide if they shot him? That’s if indeed they did shoot him whoever him was. Why did they say it was Ryan Lanza first if they knew it was Adam? And how did they know it was Adam at that point unless they were running the whole op? Perhaps they drugged him up and carried him in there and then killed him. What did Jean Henry see at the morgue that made her want to show her husband knowing she could get in trouble as indeed she did? Is she still alive? Have you tried contacting her Dr. Tracy? I searched for her on twitter and the web and can’t find her. I hope she tells what exactly she saw at the morgue.

    1. Excellent questions. I also wondered about the “end of life of Adam Lanza” if Lanza committed suicide. I also could not understand how they immediately knew it was Adam Lanza if what they said they found was Ryan Lanza’s ID. I personally believe Adam Lanza, the photoshopped homicidal maniac, never existed. And Nancy Lanza? Shot in the face several times so there would be no open casket “funeral.” Enjoying witness protection program.

    2. Regarding Jean Henry, this was probably all made up and fed to the media. This fictitious story was supposed to establish that Adam Lanza existed and died, and that his body was in a morgue. Like Adam Lanza, Jean Henry was made up by the producers of the Sandy Hook propaganda piece.

      1. Jean Henry may have been made up, or may have simply been ‘erased’ from the web. That wouldn’t be too hard to do for any team that could put this scam together. Try to find the reports of Lanza and his mom allegedly dying in NH a few days before and you’ll likely have nothing – but that was what the Social Security death notice said, right?

        Any modern corporation will surrender without hesitation any information over nothing more than a fed subpoena and not challenge it in court. So if some guys show up one day flashing agency badges and carrying guns, do you think that ‘Internet Corp’ (generic name, obviously) is going to call the local cops to throw them out – or will they do what the badges tell them to do? Which means that all history of somebody can be erased from servers and databases very quickly.

    1. O.K.,
      So this guy happens to be from Newtown and a photographer and he also happened to have gone to School with Adam Lanza. He gets an unexpected, unsolicited E-mail from a photojournalism agency that morning from England asking him to go to his hometown school to document it. He races the hour drive to the school in 40 mins. and describes it like showing up on a movie set. He gets a nice overhead shot of two helicopters (his actual words to what he saw was) “an armada of helicopters”, against a backdrop of chemtrails…er contrails. He gets a clear shot of Gov. Malloy alone in the passenger seat of his SUV, preparing to go in and tell the families what has happened to their kids. There are apparently no other photographers in these shots. The rest of the images look just like every other Sandy Hook firestation photo except in Black and White. He also gets a solo portrait of the “sounded like someone was kicking a door” boy, apparently left alone to appreciate the gravity of the situation. All this great stuff and a personal connection to the School and Shooter and he just puts it up on his photo site. I can’t imagine major networks being interested in this kind of human interest story, I guess. He originally posted a version on his site that included a solo shot of a black cat which didn’t make the final cut I guess.
      What a story.

  19. In the response to the Sandy Hook event, there is much emphasis on designing “secure schools” and putting funding toward armed guards and other security measures.

    Of note, who benefits? Homeland Security contractors would expand into a market with an ever-replenishing customer base (kids).

    Interestingly, the excerpt below is from an article published in 2010 on a Campus safety blog. Ingersoll-Rand outlines its’ interest in school security—the company is a leader in Biometric and Electronic Security Solutions.

    “CARMEL, Ind. — Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies has created a new safe school micro-site within its Web site to show support to schools during National Safe School Week, Oct. 17-23. The new site includes four sections: Safe School Activities, Safety and Security, Facts about School Safety, and Resources.

    The Safety and Security section is divided into pages on risk mitigation, prospective seminars and security solutions. The Facts section lives up to its name by offering input such as how 1.3 million high school students are threatened or injured with weapons on school property at least once every year. Lastly, the Resources section provides over two dozen links to other sites as diverse as the federal grant program to D.A.R.E.”


    In February, as a response to Sandy Hook, Ingersoll Rand announced on the website “Homeland Security Today”:

    “The greatest impediment to protecting school children is funding. Therefore, Ingersoll Rand has augmented its grant-funding consultation capability to school administrators, facility and maintenance personnel and others by offering data from its 24/7 cloud-based database of federal and state grant funding information that identifies $11.5 billion in funding sources.”


    I don’t mean to single-out Ingersoll Rand, but to showcase how one company stands to benefit from the rush to provide solutions for “Sandy Hook” problem.

  20. Think this is the perfect example of how the media is totally controlling the news and mimicking what the government wants us to believe.
    Mark Mattiolli was covered by all the media when he testified in CT in January. Now there is barely a mention of his supporting the NRA proposals and the need for mental health care. Looks like is the only source for the full NBC video:

    AP Yahoo – no mention of the need for mental health care.–politics.html

    Huffington Post mentioned mental health in the text but edited the video to just a few seconds and totally denigrated him for being an outlier.

    1. In the news today, I heard one CT legislator say (paraphrasing here) that if Mrs. Lanza had not been able to buy the guns she had then her son wouldn’t have been able to kill her and steal them to kill anyone with. As if that wasn’t ‘criminal’ to start with?

      This sounds like a great reason to restrict a citizen’s ownership of something, doesn’t it? (Sarcasm, for those who can’t recognize it.) Because if I can’t own it then some criminal sicko can’t kill me and steal it to commit a third crime? So now I guess I’m going to lose my kitchen knives, my car, my hammer, and… oh yes, that piece of picture wire I have that a criminal could turn into a garrotte.

      Will the stupidity never end? I’m moving out of this state, and taking my state income tax money with me. I won’t support anti-Constitutional communists like these in CT.


    Thanks for getting active on Newtown Patch. We encourage each of our neighbors to join the conversation, share their thoughts, and speak up. However, the following comment cannot be published on the site because it conflicts with our Terms of Use.

    Your recent contribution:
    “I think the focus on so called “assault weapons” and “high capacity magazines” are misdirected, would be ineffective and based totally based in demagoguery. Gun crimes with assault weapons are so rare the FBI does not even record them. So called assault rifles are grouped in with all other rifles in the FBI crime statistics. Based on the most recent data ALL rifles of ANY magazine capacity make up 3 percent of all gun homicides.

    Furthermore does anyone believe that criminals will turn in their illegal guns and magazines once our politicians pass a law ? Of course not. After the Cheshire Home Invasion I would hope our politicians would appreciate our right to self defense. Under the proposed law multiple criminals could invade our homes with multiple hand guns with 10 bullets each (assuming these are law abiding criminals of course) and we would be unable to have the same capacity to respond.

    Furthermore I am concerned that there is compelling evidence that multiple assailants were involved at the Sandy Hook School based on the radio transmissions, reports and helicopter video.. Multiple personnel were confronted on Crestwood, multiple personnel were fleeing into the woods, an armed off duty SWAT officer was handcuffed and hiding in the woods, an individual was taken into custody, a SWAT team was deployed to a residence at Philo Curtis Rd, multiple personnel were fleeing in a maroon colored van. On a matter of such seriousness why don’t we have answers?”

    You’re more than welcome to add a new comment and submit it anytime to Newtown Patch. Just refer to the Patch Terms of Use below.

  22. Caught this late:

    Here’s the part of the article meant to demonize:

    “Inside the Lanza’s Colonial-style home, investigators found more than 1,600 rounds of ammunition, two rifles, a BB gun, a starter’s pistol, nine knives, a 7-foot spear, a bayonet and three samurai swords.

    Paper targets for practice shooting and a rifle scope were also discovered inside the home.”

    Juxtapose those words with the smiling image of Nancy Lanza and the utterly manipulated image of Adam Lanza looking not much different from a kill-crazed zombie.

    you won’t see this in the online edition, but the print edition also advertises an article by Gabby Giffords, wife of Mark Kelly, recently busted purchasing guns under a flimsy pretext of testing gun purchases.

    No mention of Judge John Roll, who did die that day. The little girl born on 9/11, yes.

  23. @Vincent Nunes – I see you found that NYDaily article as offensive as I did.

    I found it so offensive, that it got me thinking about how it might help persuade the less discerning Americans to see how it’s part of the whole propaganda puzzle.

    I loaded this video just yesterday…

    The Diabolical Daily News is Inventing Fake Sandy Hook News

    It is increasingly challenging to distinguish between the designers, managers, star performers and mere bit players producing the Sandy Hook shooting fiasco. The opening act is over, but the drama continues. However, a plateau has been reached where the media are now at center stage.

    After watching the first part of our video, pause it and read the following New York Daily News article, published April 6th under US news…

    The article is sensationalistic journalism based entirely on lies. The video provides some simple guidelines, a few facts that you should focus on that will help you to see the media’s conduct is fraudulent and completely antithetical to the reason for news reporting.

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