“Sandy Hook: Do You Believe That America?” includes several important clips, many of which have been overlooked or disappeared from the web since December 14. The selection and sequence overall highlight the inconsistent and contradictory news coverage of that day.

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29 thought on “Video: Sandy Hook News Coverage”
  1. What can one person do to stop this other than spread the word….but then all you have done is spread the word and they have spread the word but what are we really doing to put an end to it all!

    1. One person can keep themselves informed of what is going on, and speak with those with similar concerns. Take note of what your elected officials voted for and do not vote for those trying to take away our rights. Reminds one of the time the TSA put in full body scanners that exposed your naked body to people viewing you in another room, not to mention the patdowns. I wrote my representatives and the airlines and boycotted air travel. My senator responded they were looking at another technology that does not expose the naked body. Now that all that money was wasted, they are replacing those machines with that very technology. Suppose the question still remains, what about all that radiation and how are they callibrated? Perhaps, if more of us stood up, we would not be were we are today.

  2. Nice job of highlighting some of the conflicting stories. That part about ‘father’ Lanza being killed reminds me – I never did see him in any video. I can’t be sure if I missed it, or if there never was any. Did any of you ever see him – or anyone supposed to be him – on camera?

    Also, I wonder if that threat to prosecute anyone releasing ‘false’ information will be followed up with action – and if the information that is alleged to be false will in fact merely be truth that conflicts with the official version of events. Prosecuting someone for telling the truth, when you’ve already confiscated any such evidence or eliminated it from public availability, is an effective way of silencing ‘truthers’. I’m actually surprised they didn’t use that technique on the 9/11 questioners,

    1. Yeah and supposedly the Parkers just met up with him and talked. No video of it tho, and I’ve never seen Peter Lanza on camera ever.

      And this video came from NBC, so they can’t do anything to me for releasing it. I really want a response from Vance on this video, whether he can confirm that it is real or not, and what time they removed the guns from the car. If he says it’s real, I want to know why it shows an AR15 and shotgun being removed from the car.

      If its fake, I want to know who made it, and why it got released by NBCNews supposedly as news chopper footage and passed off as real.

      HD Footage Of Both AR-15 & Shotgun Near Black Honda – Set Video To 1080p

  3. james you’re slacking. you haven’t mentioned anything about the puff piece in the new yorker, and mondays daily news article about the 4′ x 7′ spread sheet, alleged by an unknown police source. go to work, we’re counting on you.

      1. A spreadsheet by those with alittle bit of knowledge, would be described as huge by so many megabytes or gigabytes, maybe even in many thousands of line entries, not by the printed page. You could copy and paste a printed article into a single cell and thus create the need to print it out over several feet of paper.

  4. I am not surprised at misinformation. I am very curious what will come out of the “unsealed” documents in the near future.

    1. yeah, when are those documents supposed to be unsealed?
      wasn’t something supposed to be released 90 days out?
      It’s been 90 days.

        1. There was an announcement made locally – maybe it made national news but I had a family funeral this weekend so missed that – to the effect that the investigation found that Lanza had allegedly made a spreadsheet of different attacks at different locations, and how many people he anticipated being able to kill at each. This was presented by the head of the State Police in complete seriousness. (I’m still unaware however of any investigation results being published so the public could see it all – and that spreadsheet biz was all I heard.)

          The tone of the announcement was that Lanza intended to commit this crime multiple times in different locations. Which is odd, since he supposedly shot himself as soon as confronted by an armed response, and odder still given the whispering in the video about ‘ending the life of Lanza’ by some unidentified (and presumably LE) male.

          But what really struck me was the news the same day about the guy in Florida who killed himself before he could kill anyone else. I thought it really strange that he too had a list of mass murder scenarios – and even odder that both lists were announced on the same day while none of the prior mass shooters were alleged to have used them.

          Perhaps, just perhaps, the idea that ‘gun control would stop a nutter is a fallacy’ was catching hold nationally? Maybe it was decided that these guys had to be painted as less than insane and more as ‘cold and calculating’? Not that gun control will stop that either – the FL guy allegedly had 4 homemade bombs in his room. But I think the anti-gun community is losing their asses and definitely their credibility on this gun-control business, so they had to ‘switch up’ again in an effort to find a more sustainable and defensible story.

    1. Ah – it’s already law.

      I’m not legal savvy, but what strikes me is that the article leading me to this legislation pushed the idea that the amendment makes it easier for the AG to send in the FBI to assist local law enforcement “at the request of an appropriate law enforcement official of a State or political subdivision.”

      In fact, there’s a second part of the amendment, which facilitates deploying both the Secret Service and the United
      States Immigration and Customs Enforcement–again, “at the request of an appropriate law enforcement official of a State or political subdivision.”

      Great – a “political subdivision” officer can now summon the Secret Service.

      At any rate, the amendment also lobbed in an extra $1,000,000 for reward money (previously capped at $2,000,000; now $3,000,000).

  5. What theory of knowledge is related to mass media? How can we know anything via mass media? What can we know via mass media? What can we not know via mass media? How much certainty do/can we have regarding what we know via mass media? Since propaganda must utilize mass media how can we differentiate between the true and the false?

  6. One thing that needs to be looked into is the reports from the music teacher and class that he was banging on that door trying to get in. Another witness who seems to be well informed, is saying he thinks the killer was starting on the music room/ library side of the school, which the recreations of the event on the MMS don’t include. It creates serious timeline issues, and inconsistencies with the official story. You can just google Sandy Hook Music Room, it was widely reported and indisputable evidence exists that someone was on that side of the school banging on the doors screaming to let him in.

    Another Witness Places Sandy Hook Shooter Near Music Room / Library (Opposite End Of School)

  7. To presume that the end goal is gun control is to miss the point entirely. The end goal is chaos, pure and simple, for its own sake and all of the benefits it bestows on its creators. Confusion, distraction, sorrow, and social unrest; the end goal is MORE guns, more crazies, and contnuous social destabilization. All the wasted time and energy on the non issue of gun control prevents anyone from asking about any of hundreds of other highly real and unjust situations, the fake gulf of tonkin incident, the fake drug war, 50 years of lies about the JFK-RFK-MLK murders, corporate rape of the environment, bankers’ illegal gambling with credit default swaps, bin laden fakery, the illicit murders of saddam hussein and ghadaffi, non existent weapons of mass destruction, election fraud … and on and on.

  8. The initial reports that Ryan Lanza was the shooter constitue a bright red herring in the Sandy Hook propaganda piece. Ryan Lanza was supposed to play the role of the alleged shooter who killed himself after the massacre. Hence his ID was planted by the producers on the scene of the fictitious massacre. Remember that the IMMEDIATE government media reports were that Ryan was the shooter. Therefore, at the time of the fictitious massacre Ryan was on the run, likely to witness protection program where his mother Nancy Lanza already found safe haven. Unfortunately for the producers Ryan was discovered while trying to flee Hoboken. The producers were then forced to invent Ryan’s brother “Adam” and photoshop Ryan’s picture to look like a homicidal monster. This production was supposed to be an improvement over Aurora. I don’t think it was.

  9. Makes my eyes spin that so much evidence is in front of us, yet the official trials (both in a court room and in the media) won’t bring them to light in the correct context.

  10. I now have a label, and viewed as crazy as all of you. I am a normal 37 year old, married 8 years with a 5 year old daughter. I have a good job live in a nice home. What many would consider a normal American. I ran across a video on YouTube called “Sandy Hook exposed” since then a day does not go by that I am searching YouTube, and the internet for more information. I have also found a whole new world of 9/11 information, and chemtrail information, geo-engenering, HAARP and more. I use the word information, cause I do not believe these are no longer conspiracy. I have found that you cannot discuss these issues with people who have not looked into them without being viewed as a crazy person. I do admit if 4 months ago someone started talking to me about any of these issues, I probably would view them the same way. My question is why are there not more news channels or public newspapers reporting this information? My wife suggest that I pull myself away from the internet becase I am being consumed by this, and am getting sucked in. Are all of you crazy or consider yourself normal? Have you tried to tell people about this, and if so, in what method do you use that you do not get the crazy look or the insane label? Just curious to your opinions. Thanks from one nut to another.

    1. Crimsonmafia, I know how you feel…I am not living in USA, but this ‘Sandy Hook” episode has me mystified… I now question everything.. MSM wouldn’t put any of this out, they don’t want the population to know how the government works.. with the money people being in charge.. They do what they are told and can only report news that won’t involve any bad vibes coming their way… Look into who owns these corporations… In Britain ex government people now work at BBC… I see in USA ex CIA work for CNN… it stinks… some of my family have the same knowledge as me and don’t think I am crazy.. other friends and family know we are on to something.. but its bigger than Sandy Hook..I think we are only scratching the surface unfortunatly… I am not a youngster, I am not taken in easily.. I have done reseach… I consider myself normal… not a truther or a ‘conspiracy person’.. just a person who wants to see where all this is leading. More people should know about what is going on…I am afraid USA need to keep their guns …if only to be able to defend themselves from Government forces..If that time comes..

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