Originally published on 3/14/13, this article highlights the intensified pace of probable false flag events within the U.S. from the early-to-mid 1990s.-JT 4/18/13

The Southern Poverty Law Center[1] is advising the US government of the alleged “domestic terror threat” posed by political conservatives, “conspiracy theorists,” and others skeptical of their government’s policies and behavior. A March 5, 2012 letter to the US Departments of Justice and Homeland Security points to the group’s recent report, “The Year in Hate and Extremism.” The study uses SPLC data to point to an almost one thousand percent upsurge in “militias and radical antigovernment groups … from 149 in 2008 to 1,360 in 2012.”

The publicity has an ominous historical precedent. In October 1994 the SPLC’s “KlanWatch” program issued a similar warning to the federal government on the purported threat of militias and prompted a steady drumbeat of US newspaper reports.[2] Six months later on April 19, 1995 the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was bombed. Such coverage set the national stage for the “domestic security threat” that would crystallize in Timothy McVeigh and subdue the growth of an increasingly popular movement. Shortly after the bombing SPLC director Morris Dees delivered the organization’s oft-repeated claim of how there had been a “gradual infiltration” of citizen militias “by neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups.”[3]

Twenty years later the organization continues to exercise significant credibility, particularly among major press outlets that unquestioningly accept its claims. Yet it casts such a wide net in the effort to catalog supposedly dangerous organizations that even groups such as “We Are Change”–a national association of activists whose main offense is insisting upon a genuine investigation into 9/11–is classified as a “hate group” and placed alongside a cartoonish array of white supremacist and neo-Nazi outfits.[4]

When the SPLC’s “The Patriot Movement Explodes” was released in March 2012 the New York Times carried a piece promoting the report by Times Atlanta bureau chief Kim Severson.[5] When I contacted Severson to assess her understanding of the paper’s methodology she referred me to SPLC “Senior Research Fellow” Mark Potok. I felt that an explanation of such methods and contact information for the purportedly dangerous groups listed on the “Hate Map” were especially important since independent observers could not touch base with many listed groups to confirm their existence, inquire upon their motivations to “hate,” and thereby confirm the study’s findings. “We don’t make any special effort to collect that kind of information,” Potok wrote, “although we do sometimes have it … The groups for which we do not give a location beyond the state are groups that report only a ‘statewide’ chapter without giving any location. Generally, we know they’re active, but can’t prove exactly where they’re headquartered.”[6]

Potok further explained how some entities were included merely based on “Internet activities, including pages, forums, and, often, email groups.” Given the subjective criteria for what constitutes “hate” and the nontransparent ways in which the SPLC conducts its inquiries, just about any loose affiliation leaving some traces on the web may be designated as exhibiting “hate” and thus qualify for the list.

The uncertain soundness of the SPLC’s research methods leads to a more important question. To this day a majority of Americans believe Timothy McVeigh was the central agent behind “4/19”—the Oklahoma City bombing. The SPLC has been a foremost proponent of this theory and the outlet predicates much of its work on this historical foundation.[7] If McVeigh was not the main force behind the event then we may at least tentatively conclude that the SPLC is one component of a larger propaganda effort with ulterior designs and objectives. In fact, the careful and voluminous research assembled in the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee’s in-depth report suggests a far less clear-cut event than what has been imbued in popular memory.[8]

Longtime political researcher Peter Dale Scott recently acknowledged how an important documentary film in helped him contextualize “4/19” with the Kennedy assassination, 9/11 and a long term process of social and political destabilization. “The film ‘A Noble Lie,’ itself points to some striking similarities between the events of 1995 and of 2001,” Scott observes.

The most obvious is the alleged destruction of a steel-reinforced building by external forces (a truck bomb in the case of the Murrah Building in 1995, flying debris in the case of Building Seven in 2001). Experts in both cases have asserted that the buildings in fact could only have been brought down by cutting charges placed directly against the sustaining columns inside the building … [T]he response to Oklahoma City was the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, while the response to 9/11 was the first implementation of COG and the passage (after a false flag anthrax attack) of the Patriot Act.[9]

Indeed, in stark contrast to the SPLC’s extraordinary historical interpretation, A Noble Lie brings to life the Bombing Investigation Committee’s most significant findings—most of which were largely forgotten in the wake of the 9/11 attacks and the ensuing decade of illegal wars. For this reason it is the type of endeavor capable of treating America’s acute spell of historical amnesia that attests to the power of corporate media and their unquestioning focus on lavishly-funded myth weavers like the SPLC.

From President Kennedy’s assassination and Tonkin Gulf to 9/11, the Iraq War, and the more recent series of catastrophic mass shootings, the public’s ability to analyze significant events, perceive existential dangers and take meaningful action continues to atrophy. As the crisis of public opinion becomes progressively worse the possibility for recovering civil society also declines. “Fundamental deception damages the public’s ability to maintain a rational view of the world,” journalist and media scholar Ben Bagdikian notes. “Once a basic untruth is rooted, it blurs a society’s perception of reality and, consequently, the intelligence with which society reacts to events.”[10] A reversal of this trend involves a mass foray into what groups such as the SPLC would likely classify as “extremism”–namely the courage to interrogate the news stories we are encouraged to accept, grapple with historical reality, and recognize the crimes of figures and institutions we have been taught to revere.


[1] Criticism of the SPLC is not intended to suggest disagreement with much of what the organization stands for. Indeed, public perception of the SPLC as a bastion against racism and intolerance is a foremost reason why people overlook or recoil from critiquing its practices. “The SPLC and its founder, Morris Dees, earn money from donations fueled by its alarmist communications and from suing on behalf of the victims of hate crimes,” The Oklahoman aptly noted in a recent editorial. “The group’s name — which includes the words ‘poverty law center’ — is a clue to how far it’s strayed from helping the economically disadvantaged in the South. Why stray? Sensationalism sells. It brings in more money for SPLC and its wealthy founder.” “SPLC ‘Hate Group’ Listing Merits a Dose of Skepticism,” The Oklahoman, March 8, 2013.

[2] Bernard Shaw, “Poverty Group Warned Government About Survivalists,” CNN, April 21, 1995.

[3] Steve Lipsher, “The Radical Right,” Denver Post, January 22, 1995, A1; Brad Knickerbocker, “New Armed Militias Recruit Growing Membership in US,” Christian Science Monitor, April 3,1995, 1; Dennis B. Roddy, “Patriot Zealots Arm to Repel Unseen Forces,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, February 12, 1995, B1; Michelle Corum, Waylad Andrews and Michael Detmer, “Militia Group Aims to Protect Citizens’ Rights,” National Public Radio, February 5, 1995; Mark Potok, “’American Movement’ – Of Arms and Ideology / Militias Stepping Out From the Shadows,” USA Today, January 30, 1995, A7. [Mark Potok is presently the SPLC’s principal spokesperson.]

[4] While it is almost impossible to gauge how many of the SPLC’s “hate groups” are presently employed or contracted by the federal government, it’s worth noting that in the late 1970s a US Congressional investigation found that throughout the 1960s over one quarter of all Klan members were FBI agents or informants, with almost half of all Klan leadership posts occupied by FBI operatives. Paul Wolf et al, COINTELPRO: The Untold Story, Third World Traveler, September 1, 2001. Though a fictional account, the film Arlington Road (1999) provides an example of how federal authorities can compromise an individual, in this instance the character Oliver Lang played by Tim Robbins.

[5] Kim Severson, “Number of U.S. Hate Groups is Rising, Report Says,” New York Times, March 7, 2012.

[6] Mark Potok to James Tracy, April 12, 2012. In possession of author.

[7] “Terror on the Right: Plots, Conspiracies, and Racist Rampages Since Oklahoma City,” Southern Poverty Law Center, December 2012.

[8] Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee, Final Report on the Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, April 19, 1995, Oklahoma City, 2001.

[9] Peter Dale Scott, “Systemic Destabilization in Recent History: 9/11, the JFK Assassination, and the Oklahoma City Bombing as a Strategy of Tension,” Japan Focus, 2012.

[10] Ben H. Bagdikian, The New Media Monopoly, Boston: Beacon Press, 2004.

Republished at GlobalResearch.ca on March 18, 2013.

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33 thought on ““Extremist” Publicity and Historical Reality”
  1. Very useful information. I agree with your thesis and argument. Paraphrasing Dr. Judy Wood, the public is carefully fed information in the form of a sea of easter eggs. State run media hopes we scurry around and gather them all. Our challenge is recognize the game, call it out and refuse to play.

  2. The L.A. Times echos this threat of “religious right-wing” whites who practice their right to gun ownership and who question government narratives.

    The comments to the article were revealing, with most writers expressing that the L.A. Times has sunk to an all-time low in editorial standards.

    Because hyperbole is fun, let’s push this to the extreme and see where it goes.

    Who would write this? What is their agenda?

    Are they actually trying to convince us that conservative white Americans who believe in the Bill of Rights are domestic terrorists?

    Is the government / media declaring war against me?

    1. I think the agenda is to instill fear in the population that unless they march lock-step with “popular opinion” (i.e. what is parroted incessantly in the press) they will be labeled as the “New Enemy.”

      I posted elsewhere this observation I made of the Sandy Hook event: it was clear to me they are scripting a narrative for a new “Enemy” of the State. The following things interviewees asserted that were bad about “Nancy”:

      – She chose to homeschool (didn’t relinquish total control of her child to the State).
      – She was a Prepper (i.e. was independent, prepared for Emergencies, perhaps… questioned her Govt.)
      – The Lanzas’ were not known well to people in the neighborhood—and, that was bad (anyone who likes their privacy/dislikes meddling & nosy neighbors is now suspect).
      – She owned guns
      – Her son was autistic (autism emerges as the new dangerous/she didn’t yield his care to the State. [Side note: the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities asserts the State has ultimate decision-making on care of children with disabilities].

      So now we have a new profile of a new Enemy with bullet points to watch for, can you see it now on a “If you see something, say something” poster?:

      – People who are gun owners
      – People who homeschool
      – People who like their privacy
      – People who are self-reliant
      – People who are autistic
      – Parents who assert their rights in the education and care of their children.

      It would make sense that if the State is seeking increased control… it would want everyone to assimilate and they would like to cast suspicion on those who like their Rights.

      What strikes me as odd is that “They” are extremely tone deaf in painting this new “Enemy.”

      We now have a generation who overlaps with the so-called “religious right wing—the social-media savvy, left-leaning “granolas” who value their independence, privacy, right to grow food, right to homeschool, etc. We now have a good portion of the public that could be defined as having “New Enemy” characteristics…, thus the majority will increasingly recognize this drivel for what it is.

  3. Well, I was going to comment, and I am doing so anyway – that the SPLC can’t be trusted because their ‘business’ is selling paranoia in return for donations. But then, your notes to the post did a better job of explaining that than my comment.

  4. James raise a point here which is INDISPENSABLE if the American people are to successfully resist the Orwellian despotinsm currnently being imposed by American power. Namely, that delusive and despotic policies are most successfully championed by leaders and instutitutions that are viewed, and sometimes are, Liberal, and Progressive. iIf a right winger who champions inequality, brutality and untruth supports it, only the other rightists are influenced. But resistence must come from the left, and if the left is influenced to support or accept tyrammy, it guts the leadership that is needed to oppose it.

    A sijmple example is the ACLU supporting the Supreme Court decision favoring unrestricted amounts of money flooding the Elections. They entered a brief favoring this decision, as a friend of the court, under the guise that money is speech and there should be no restrictions on it. In practice it turns America’s traditional plutocracy Democracy into a frankly dollar Democracy, making the Electoral process even more useless for making necessary changes then it traditionally has been. My argument with the hack lawyer owned by the ACLU in a public meeting spread no sparks, the people attending the AC\LU meeting being old, tired, dispirited, and silent.

    Of speical importance is the Progressive Orwellian attempt, largely successful, to stigmatize the concept of ‘conspiracy theory.’ Orwell spends much of his dystopia 1984 in arguing that the restsrictiion of the conceptual language is a major weapon in preventing the population from thinking in a simple general way. Intimidating the people to prevent them from fighting conspiracies is a crucial example of this tendency to restrict the conceptual language.

    A ‘conspiracy,’ defined generally, is a secret engagment by two or more persons to commit a crime or wrongdoing. They occur all the time, and thousands of people are sent to prison for engaging in law breaking conspiracies. A ‘theory’ is that a conspiracy has occurred, and it may be true or false to varying degrees. By eliminating these critical conceptioins and preconceptions from the American truth traditon, the population is intimidated from expressing the simple truth about the homicidal conspiriacies engaged in historically by elements of American power, and by the coverup conspiracy engaged in by the media.

    And it is Progressive truthers, like Alexander Cockburn, Noam Chomsky, Matt Taibbi, etc who demean and denigrate the truthers who discuss these conspiracies. In my opinioon, it distinguishes the honest truthers from the cowardly, intellectually corrupt, or clueless Progressive who mislead the American people.

    Of course, as everyone knows, there are dingbats among the conspiracy crowd. When someone starts talking about the Illumminati, for example, I tend to lose interest. I am certainly no fan of the Educated classes, but my concern about the Illiminaughty differs sharply. My interest in Barvaria stops at Octoberfest, as does my interest in the Illuminutty. They signal the time for another beer.

    But, hey, it takes all kinds. One musst put up with the disinfo truthers and the bat shit crazy as oart of life’s rich pageant. Sometimes I don’t feel so good myself.

    But it is essential, indespensible, to attack any leader or institution that rules out conspiracies from history. They exist, and never more than in Obama’ America, where the Kafkaesque is giving way by leaps and bounds to the Orwellian.

    1. This reminds me of what Mel Gibson said to an interviewer, when asked if he believes in conspiracies. He said of course he does: that’s what people do, they conspire.

      One problem with what you have said here, Mark, is your assertion that a conspiracy is a plot to commit a crime. That’s not true. The word itself means “to breathe together.” An example of a successful conspiracy that was not unlawful, even if it was completely evil, was the creation if the Federal Reserve (read Griffin’s The Creature From Jekyll Island for all the ugly details). A cartel of the biggest banks, in secret, hatched a plot to get the federal government to hand over to them an exclusive monopoly on the creation of money in the United States. And it was all legal. In the hundred years since, the dollar’s value has eroded down to the value of about two cents. In the hundred years prior, the value of a dollar was essentially unchanged. Yet the conspiracy was so successful that very few people have any idea of it, and even regard the central bank as essential to a sound economy.

  5. OKC bombing was a gov operation likely led by BATF (all agents miraculously NOT in the building at the time). SPLC is human sludge constantly stoking the flames of social conflict and discontent but it serves the purposes of the ruling class.

    From the concluding remarks of the report prepared for Congress by Brigadier General Benton K. Partin, USAF (Ret.) and dated July 30, 1995:

    “The Murrah Federal Building was not destroyed by one sole truck bomb. The major factor in its destruction appears to have been detonation of explosives carefully placed at four critical junctures on supporting columns within the building.”

    Was this reported in MSM? No? Why not? Maybe because they are just mouth-pieces for the uber-state. Our very own Grima Wormtongues.


  6. I noticed from James linked report that the SPLC mandates at the top of the page, that they are fighting hatred and teaching ‘tolerance.’

    Coincidentally in the books, The Trouble With Canada and The War Against The Family, by William Gairdner, the ‘tolerance illusion’ is listed in his discussion on political ideology and identification of a whole set of popular illusions set free into society, that embody the counter-ideology of the whole society. Gairdner presented these illusions early in his books because he explained ‘illusions constitute obstacles to seeing clearly.’

    “Each illusion is described as a popular belief without foundation, running counter to the original core ideology of the nation (original core values). These illusions ‘appear’ to insure that our society is just, but if followed to their logical end they become the basis of a new, unjust society, in which all are to blame or all are blameless”– W. Gairdner, The Trouble With Canada, Pg 15

    This is simply engineering a confusion between words; tolerance, intolerance, approval, disapprove. The word disapprove is an ordinary word, intolerant is a negative word; so you forcefully and repetitively substitute the negative intolerant for the ordinary word disapprove.

    Gairdner explained how using negative contamination of vocabulary renders ordinary people speechless and they react by backing down. “One of the best ways to control a political or moral agenda is to put the opposition on the defensive by being the first to define their behaviour negatively.” (Gairdner) He called this contamination of vocabulary, ‘verbal substitution phenomenon’–tolerance=approval=the creation of the importance of the word ‘anti’=to be anti anything is to be intolerant=the disappearing of the word disapproval.

    “Popular illusions inhibit the creation of a moral society because they stand in the way of the truly hard work of thrashing out core social principles and values that will work together an an interdependent, coherent moral system.”–The Trouble With Canada, Pg 17

    Its sometimes difficult to clearly see ‘involvement’ but based on the above we should not find it difficult to say that this does not bode well for this group or for their report.

  7. SPLC started out as a noble organization but now can’t even get its facts straight about A Noble Lie. As to We Are Change, they do not exhibit hate at all. In their interviews, they are very careful to ask questions in a calm manner, all the while embarrassing the corrupt people they are interviewing. Another disconcerting fact about SPLC is that John Grisham still supports them and helps them raise money, even though they have become an agent for the government clampdown on free speech.

  8. Good analysis of $PLC methodology:


    “Potok has no legal or law enforcement background and admits that all of his data are second hand, at best, and that his infamous Hate Map “does not include original reporting by SPLC staff.” The SPLC is a private fundraising group run by white millionaires. It has no mandate, receives no outside oversight and has no authority, legal or moral, to designate anything…Potok provides absolutely NO evidence to prove that the groups he is designating actually exist. In many cases, Mr. Potok cannot even provide the name of a city or town where the alleged group is supposed to reside.”

  9. Dr. Tracey:
    Forgive me if it appears this is off topic, but it is not only what is in the msm that is telling of what they want us to believe, but also what they are not allowing us to hear. The 9 acre LA manmade sinkhole that ‘temporarily’ evacuated 100’s last August, is only getting much worse and probably thousands, if not more, should be evacuated. Most people do not realize, but massive underwater salt domes are used to store our strategic oil supply, butane, propane, natural gas – all of it and LA has one of the biggest stores of our volitile fuels. There has been virtually no coverage since last August, although the AP did run a story recently that few outlets picked up. Today, we see it is normal to leave bodies buried in sinkholes – http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/03/16/body-sinkhole-buried/1987861/ and yesterday we are told not to worry about sinkholes
    The citizens of LA have an amazing blog, were they have documented tons of information on what caused this failure, and while the ground below them is constantly trembling, it appears even they are now in a total blackout from the gov and company updates they were receiving. Thank you for listening!

    1. Find it interesting that the NYT changed the title to One Sinkhole Killed, and Many Others Opened, but Experts Counsel Not to Panic. Also was perturbed in the initial article they called out the LA sinkhole that was and now refer to it as the LA Sinhole that is!

  10. Patrick, I said a conspircay is an engagement ito commit a crime or WRONGDOING. What a ‘wrongdoing’ is, of course, varies with the beholder. The crimes such as Sandy Hook actually involves TWO conspiracies; the initial homicidal conspiracy, and the secondary conspriacy of the media to cover it up.

    Sandy Hook was obvously staged, and citizen truthers have uncovered Fema involvement in some of the actors, notably Gene Rosen. He has been pictured in 2008 working in a FEMA camp in Texas.

    An actor, Jilly Dawg, has wrtten an e-note asking where ‘Newton’ is, ‘a hick town in Connecticut.’ She says she was offered good money by Fema to appear, but can’t make it. The note was published a few days before Dec 14, the date of the shooting.

    Whether anyone was actually shot is still not definitiely known. But, if not, a crime was still commintted, because these actors helped raise millions of dollars on the basis of fraud. But some or all of them may be entirely innocent of any crime, since they may be ignorant of the conspiracy. Since actors in conspiracies are typically informed on a ‘need to know’ basis, they may be innocent of the criminal implications of their acts.

    1. Mark,
      Do you have a cite for these comments

      “… involvement in some of the actors, notably Gene Rosen. He has been pictured in 2008 working in a FEMA camp in Texas.

      An actor, Jilly Dawg, has wrtten an e-note asking where ‘Newton’ is, ‘a hick town in Connecticut.’ She says she was offered good money by Fema to appear, but can’t make it. The note was published a few days before Dec 14, the date of the shooting”.


  11. I’m sorry, Mike, I don’t have a journalistitc talent and do have a terrible memory. You can get the first by googaling Gene Rosen, Fema. A number of truthers display the picture.

    I can’t remember how I ran across the Jilly Dawg reference, although there are a lot of mentions in the name. I tried to print the twtter, I think it was, since I expected it to be scrubbed. But for some reason it wouldn’t print. If you find it, see if you can reproduce it.

    I was very disturbed by the FEMA involvement. In 2003 or so, FEMA was taken over by the Homeland Security organ and switched its emphasis from emergencies like earthquakes, floods, etc to Terrorist Emergencies.

    Should such a Terrorist Emergency be staged, the traditional form of American governance will switch over to Emergency Management, just as the president under the endless Terror wars became the Commnader-in-Chief. That is why I am so interested in Sandy Hook; it may well be a more pregnant conspiracy than the previous homicdal conspiracies.

    It is necessary to understand that when Professor Tracy was attacked on tv, it wasn’t just Anderson Cooper attacking him, it was CNN, one of the greatest media powers on our small planet. They failed, but one has to wonder why they would do that in the first place. The significance of Sandy Hook extends far beyond the specific truth, whatever it turns out to be.

  12. Mark, I agree with all of your argument, but I still must insist that you define conspiracy too tightly. When a group of friends and family secretly plots to throw a surprise party for someone they love, they are engaged in a conspiracy.

    Gary North wrote one of the best treatments I have ever seen of the subject a few days ago. Specifically, he explains why the establishment, both academia and media, are so driven to crush anyone who probes into conspiracies. You can read it here: http://www.garynorth.com/public/10771.cfm

  13. Thaqk you for the article, Patrick, which is too long to discuss here. Your own stated view is that the central element of conspiracy is not wrongdoing, but secrecy. This is obviously not how it is commonly used in political discourse or law.

    I asked my wife, a supervising attorney, what she thought and she considered it acceptable; conspiracy as a secret agreement, not necessarily illegal. She is smatrer than I am, the usual case in male-female pairings, although most men are too dumb to notice. So you must be right.

    Your definition, along the lines of: ‘ a conspiracy is a secret agreement of two or more persons to engage in some act, which may be criminal or involve wrongdoing of some kind.’ It is a more general defintiion and to the extent that it is generally accepted, would take some of the grime off the stigmatizing of ‘conspiracies’ by the truth pimps in the media and academia.

  14. The oxymoronically named “SPLC” is anything but, having many tens of millions in its war chest. Do some investigation of Mr. Dees and his background and be prepared to be shocked.

    A new report has been hitting the media that Lanza had an elaborate spreadsheet of mass murders, and police spokesman Vance was upset that it hit the news before the families were given the info.:


    Again we are told that the investigation is months from being completed. Why? What is so dangerous about releasing a thorough report, and why has this taken so long?

  15. There are two primary historical operations I would look at in reference to this article.

    Operation NORTHWOODS (false-flag op that included things similar to 9/11 and the USS Cole bombing to justify invading Cuba; planned but not carried out, instead The Bay of Pigs Invasion)

    Operation GLADIO (a post-WWII NATO operation repeated in the Balkans and Middle East and now potentially the US)

  16. Gun control went down to defeat, and a poll shows that the desire for it among the American population has decreased significantly. the Senate majority leader Reid blamed Conspiracy Theorists who believe in Black Heliocopters. I don’t know about the heliocopters but Conspiracy Theorists apparently played a significant part, none more than you, James. I congratulate you; it illustrates that telling the simple truth, even against the lies of the media sometimes influences the population. It’s encouraging.

  17. People prefer to believe power than the simple reasonable truth That is why the American people believe the media version of these homicidal conspiracies, even though they could not possibly be true. The authorized untruth or maltruth has been ‘weaponized’ according to James, empowered by repetition and intimidation of criticism to prevent questioning or criticism. And people tend to believe it because power says so ,even though it is obvious that it can’t be true.

    Oswald could not have been the lone gunman if one of the shots in the John Kennedy assassination came from the front. Sirhan could not have been the lone gunman if, as the coroner report stated, Bobbie Kennedy was shot from inches away in the back of the head. The truck with the bomb in it could not have caused all the damage to the Oklahoma building ,according to the general in charge of the agency investigating explosions. there is overwhelming evidence that the trade center buildings were demolished by controlled demolition. The Aurora shootings involved more than one perpetrator according to witnesses. Etc, etc.

    Still, most Americans prefer, mostly, the media version, even though it is contradicted by the simple reality based truth. Because that is the truth acceptable to American power. And James is attacked by American power for asking what happened to the other suspects arrested by the police in the Sandy Hook atrocity. And people don’t want to be attacked by American power, so they go along to get along.

    So what we have to do is to empower or weaponize the reality based truth to effectively counter the authorized truth. How do we do that? This is a BIG question, an historical question. The first step, I suggest, is to raise the question, and that is why these homicidal conspiracies are so important. Especially now that they are entering the Orwellian theater of staged events. They are a way of giving people the courage to confront the reasonable truth made ideologically illegitimate by the media of power.

    1. Indeed a central question and one that involves numerous dimensions–but perhaps most importantly the cultivation of the individual and thereby collective psyche. As you’ve mentioned with the example of your college-age daughter in another comment, much of what constitutes this orientation toward conformity may be located in the formal “educational” institutions (education should mean enlightenment and liberation) and the extended instruction of mass media. I am reminded of Leo Lowenthal’s excellent essay, “Biographies in Popular Magazines,” where the author charts the dramatic shift in such popular venues between the early 1900s and late 1930s from celebration of the “self made man” to the ephemeral and sensationalistic, an observation that anticipated the rise of television and accelerated colonization of a genuinely integrated self. How can there be sufficient recognition of reality and truth amidst so much adulation of the trivial and celebration of primarily imagined social relations? America may not deserve the coming police state, but in the broader process of (willful or otherwise) retreat from intellectual and political responsibilities this is the consequence.

      BTW, Mark this is the last time I copy-edit your comments.

  18. So this is why they call it the “Patriot” Act!

    “Southern Poverty Law Center warns of a growing “Patriot” movement, which in the 1990s led to a string of domestic terrorist plots, including the Oklahoma City bombing: one outbreak of “patriotism” [which] led to the deaths of 168 men, women and children. Ergo, watch out for what the current outbreak will lead to!”

    –“SPLC ‘Hate Group’ Listing Merits a Dose of Skepticism,” The Oklahoman, March 8, 2013.

  19. The neo-plutocracy (the neocons, neolibs, and neo-Zionists) apparently want to turn the USA into a third world country to compete successfully with the others in the world arena. The monstrous inequality that the neo-pluts have engineered is pushing more and more Americans into destitution. Therefore a police state of some kiind is necessary to maintain the neo-strategy. This may be the basis of the Orwellian despotism being imposed. The avalanche of junk truths in which we are engulfed may simply be a diversion to distract our attention from what is happening.

    Events appear to be moving faster than I anticipated. I am very nervous about the 26 deaths of Sandy Hook that the media is emphasizing. Orwell maintained that we are not only deluded by the words of the conceptual language, but by the numbers as well, which he emphaisized in 1984. The novel begins in the first sentence with the clock striking 13, a disorienting and alienating beginning. Other disturbing number changes are included in the text, like the beer being measured in litres rather than pints.

    Numbers are important in the American media reports as well. 9/11 is an emergency number as well as the homicide, and was the date that the Chile massacre of Allende occurred as well. The 26 Sandy Hill media deaths (the actual number is still not known) was emphasized in the Boston marathon, which was its theme. 26 seconds of silence before it began, each of the 26 miles devoted to each death, a Sanndy Hook contingent in the race, the last mile devoted to Sandy Hook, etc.

    This may indicate that the 26 media deaths were planned ahead of time, however grottesque such a hypotheisis may appear. Which makes one wonder what else has been planned. Terrorist acts have been staged before, it is not beyond the possiblity of their being staged again.

    I very much appreciate being allowed to commnet on your blog, James. I don’t really know what I think until I see what I write. But I don’t have a journalistic tallent like some of the other commenters, and I don’t know anything about media studies or journalism. I can barely follow what my daughter is doing. My own speciality is superfical preconceptual theory, an area of specialization that does not yet exist. But I will try to help put these conpiracies in historical perspective, and pull my weight that way.

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