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This article was originally received via email on March 5 and was posted on March 6. I have since observed enough inconsistencies with the piece and experienced enough disagreements with its author to remove it from the site and issue the following:

Memoryholeblog.com and James Tracy are not affiliated with “US Intelligence Information Center.” Nor do they approve of the methods, allegations, findings or conclusions of “Preliminary Investigative Report: Actors Involved with the Sandy Hook Massacre” or “An Independent Investigation Into the Events Surrounding Sandy Hook.” James Tracy sincerely apologizes to readers for any confusion caused by the posting of this article.

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  1. As I posted last month, I believe it deserves re-posting: “People are so mesmerized by the ‘official’ version of what they see in the mainstream media, that ‘they can’t see the farce for the treason.”

  2. With so much information out there, seems to me that ignorance is more like choice for some. Hard to say these peple are mesmerized, its more like they are duped and are not caple of any critical thimking, or have been conditioned not to question those in authorative positions. Haven’t people realized that the media had received their bailout/pay off ?

  3. Professor Tracy,

    Can you (or anyone) please shed some light on who the Greenberg and Blumberg Families are?

    Also, I’ve seen two other pics out there that are very interesting/disturbing…one of Victoria Soto at a pinic or something with an old man glaring at the camera making the devil (hook ’em horns) sign with his hand and another pic of the same old man hugging Jennifer Greenberg and making the same glaring face as in the Victoria Soto pic.

    Can you please confirm and/or verify those pics exist as well because it further solidifies this investigation?

    Thanks and keep on fighting the good fight…Godspeed!

  4. The family consists primarily Greenbergs as well as the Kaplan, Harmon, Blumberg, Wohl, Katzenberg, Sexton, Drake, and Whale families.

  5. Excellent work professor, except one complaint. You attempt to give more credence to your investigation, which by the way I completely agree with, by using the US Intelligence Information Center name??? I did a quick search with this term and found nothing. Where did this name come from or is it something you and others investigating this are using? Like I said I do not believe the official story, I only think you should be careful using something like that to try and make your report sound official. Keep up the hard internet research we need more people willing to speak out.!

    1. The criticism is well taken. It is in reference to the collaborative entity. We are in the process of getting a website up-and-running.

      1. I look forward to your new website and believe you are on to something. I hope the truth is uncovered and it leads to the truth coming out about other false flags before it is to late for our country.
        I will pray for you. Reenie

      2. Prof. Tracy,

        Could you please provide a link to the Preliminary Investigative Report from the Intelligence Information Center task force for which you obtained the information. Thank you very much. Peace Out – Stacey

      3. Thank you James for you work, I’m glad you cleared up my confusion regarding the US IIC name. I’m glad you have other people that are helping in the ongoing truth campaign of this treasonous event. I would like to see some “boots on the ground” in sandy hook too. I’ve read reports that the only robbie parker in sandy/newtown tax documents is 50+ years old. This is something I believe might be a big piece of info to look into. Also, maybe look into contacting the couple from canada that visited sandy hook and tried to ask questions of both the newspapers and police and were stonewalled. Not sure where I saw the article though but should be easy enough to find.

        1. Intelius search on Robbie Parker in Sandy Hook CT and Ogden UT indicates 59 yrs. The photo essay by DeLarm was initially posted on this site on Jan. 28.

    2. The organization was established just recently, and is a legally registered business with the State of New Jersey. Federal employer id# 26-3663274. Mr Tracy was not trying to add any credibility in any way. The information in the article was taken from our preliminary report that we wrote up, with his help. I apologize for any confusion. When our site is up things will become a lot clearer for everyone.

      1. Thanks for that, I was very much wondering! Now please have a look at all the pics of kids and adults making satanist hand signs. One is shown in the Rachel Maddow show, And I doubt it would be shown there if they didn want ppl to see it. I suspect its part of the ongoing psyops. Perhaps they want to upset ppl!?

  6. I have seen better photos of carlos soto in that picasso album than the one chosen here. I agree with most of the comparisons shown here except robbie parker and timothy whale, they aren’t even close. natalie barden and subject 2 are not a match. neither are dylan hockley and subject 53. 44 and rachael davino could possibly be the same person if she got her teeth fixed, grew so fat that her dimples filled in and her nose grew much faster than the rest of her face. I really couldn’t say one way or the other with her. another person in the soto family(jillian) can be seen in the picasso album I would say conclusively.
    this leads me to question who is the US Intelligence Information Center and what are their motives? just the description it gives for itself sounds incredibly fake to me. why mix phony comparisons with real ones? How(why) was this greenberg album discovered? the explanation I have heard was that someone was looking at a stewart rhodes album and he stumbled upon this album-supposedly they are related somehow. I find this explanation incredibly hard to believe. I think it is more likely that the picasso album was revealed on purpose by the perpatrators of this psy-op for various reasons. they had to reveal that actors were used to polarize all of us. to those of us that have discernment, we become quite passionate that this was a hoax. at least the media production that followed was surely a hoax and with the absence of any real evidence of a crime and seeing the helicopter footage of the fire house with the “extras” walking in a loop and the law enforcement officers just standing around or wandering aimlessly, I tend to suspect that the whole thing was a hoax. what is the more likely scenario
    – that 27 people were murdered and the officers removed some of the suspects from the scene of the crime while ignoring other suspects, broke protocol in multiple ways, ruined evidence etc. and all of the officers involved go along with this
    -or- this was all a training exercise that someone decided to present as a real event and every officer and paramedic was ordered by their commanders to keep quiet about or else?
    I personally find it would be easier to get all the police to go along with a media hoax scenario than getting all the involved officers to be complicit in murder, or at least complicit in protecting suspects of mass murder of children from investigation and prosecution. I know there are a lot of crooked cops – especially in swat but I would think that the murder of children would really test how well they have abandoned their consciences. going along with a lie where no murders actually occurred seems more reasonable of a scenario to sell.
    anyway, this whole actors theme is designed to be polarizing from the get go and with disinfo agents making films showing the phelps and the greenbergs along with some obviously fake comparisons/accusations, it really makes people shy away from exploring any investigation that is contrary to the official fable. when one looks at who these disinfo agents wrongly accuse of being actors you begin to see how carefully this has been though out to divide not just truthers from the mainstream but to divide the truth movement itself. Dan Dicks, James corbett, the truther girls and many others in the alternative media have all been accused of being other people. while these are perceived by most to be obvious disinfo, it has made many in the truth movement refuse to even look at the actors angle when you would have to be an absolute idiot to think that those victims families shown on the media laughing and smiling clear eyed a day or two after their child was supposedly blown apart were anything but bad actors. I am positive that actors were used and some of them are revealed in the picasso album but almost every video coming out now about actors is being used as disinfo. I really feel that may be the case for this US Intelligence Information Center article as well. James, am I correct in interpreting that you just republished this article, you didn’t write it? there are some close comparisons and some that I believe to be correct but there should be no intentional mistakes in a “preliminary report” from such a collaboration of professionals. in my opinion there are too many false matches in this article to be real.

    1. So were the first responders demanding bereavement/workmans comp relief because they thought they deserved it for lying, thought it would look better for the official story, or because they were actually traumatized? The claim was initially denied by the organizations involved.



  7. I just read recent comments and realize this is a collaboration between Dr. Tracy and others so I would like to apologize for my incredulity towards the us intelligence information center and the article. I stand behind my criticisms of some of the photo comparisons however. perhaps in a collaboration it is difficult to persuade some of the members that robbie parker and that other guy have different nose, teeth, lips, eyes and hairline. perhaps james fetzer is one of the collaborators? I dunno, but that parker comparison is way out there.

    1. Tom, yeah, I am sorry I misunderstood the whole parker/whale thing and that sort of tinted my perception of the whole article. there are so many disingenuous actors videos and articles circulating recently that I thought this was too.
      I would agree that they look like brothers – brothers with parents that tend to have very homogenous offspring. they certainly could be related from the looks of them. even the bone structure under the brow is nearly identical. so I guess the significance of this is that there are photos of whale in these albums and you suspect that the parkers may be related. along with the photo of robbie and anne greenberg it does raise an eyebrow.

      dylan hockley has very wide spacing between his upper teeth and heavier eyebrows than subject 53 although their facial structure is very similar. it is hard to compare noses with the pose 53 is exhibiting. he really reminds me of a male emily parker! I really don’t think they are the same person.

      I said before that natalie barton was not a match, but now I am not so sure. it’s hard to compare when the two photos of natalie look so different – it looks like she has a broken nose in the one but her eyes do look the same so i can believe the media has two pics of the same girl. the difference to me is the eye color which could be contacts on natalie barton, and the teeth. natalie has some funky tooth growing out from behind her canine where the subject had normal looking teeth -I don’t know can you start out with normal teeth and just have them look screwy when you get your adult teeth? the subjects front tooth is coming in so its hard to tell the spacing but the tooth that is there has the same chicklet shape so perhaps they are the same. they both have very long elfish ears which is remarkable too. natalie’s ears connect to her face w/o a lobe hanging down, I forgot what that’s called but the subject’s ear seems less acute in that way. I really can’t say one way or the other with this comparison but I would love to know the odds of one photo album having so many people with such similar features to those of the sandy hook actors.
      so I guess I only disagree with one comparison and I can’t be sure about two others. I am certain you are correct about the ones I haven’t mentioned. I am glad that legitimate research has been done on this actors angle because to people who have children and have ever experienced tragedy in their lives this really becomes the strongest tool for awakening.

    2. James, I totally misread the parker thing. sorry. my misconception lent some bias to how I perceived the whole article. with all the phony “actors theory” vids out I will forgive my mistake. I look forward to seeing the new site.

  8. I find Fish and Roaches comments disturbing. The allegation is that an enormous operataion was planned for nearly five years, and a large number of actors were used to create a false public reliatons story. Thre aren’t a whole lot of organizations that can pull off such a caper, where real people were killed. And it is equally obvious that serious evidence is being presented by serious people.

    It’s a preliminary report: preplliminary. That mistakes will be made is to be expected. What is being uncovered is so mind blowing that one would expect a certain sympathy for the truthers, not a kind of academic nitpicking about matters that are not central. If what is being stated is true, it says something historical about the entire American power system, at a time when the Obama administration just announced that it considers it legal to drone Americans in the USA.

    It is understandable that if they do so, they wouldn’t want military guns shoot at their drones or other agents. So they would want to ban these kind of guns. It is possible to ask the question as to what lengths they would go to ban these guns. This is a very serious question, and the kind, in my opinion, we should be asking when evidence like this is presented in preliminary form. And who will ask these questions if we don’t; the media, the universities, the political parties, the churches? I don’t think so.

  9. I don’t think Whale and Parker are the same individual. Human ears are almost like fingerprints to the trained eye – Whale’s earlobes are are larger and protrude from his jawline. Take a close look at Parker’s ears and you should notice that he appears to have no earlobe whatsoever, almost a straight line from the bottom of the ear to his jaw.
    Other than this tiny oversight, excellent work Dr. Tracy, I agree with the basic premise of your investigation and look forward to reading more here.

    1. We are not claiming that they are the same. I think some info got cut off from his posting. At first we thought they we’re the same person, since all of their facial features (except for ear lobes) lined up perfectly when overlayed. Of course you have the different eye color and hair color (you can use colored contacts and hair dye). However after looking at all of the Timothy Whale photos and all of the Robbie Parker photos, it’s clear that these are two different people. However, we cannot rule out them being brothers. Two completely different strangers don’t resemble each other to this degree.

  10. I think the EYE’s have it. Some of the comparisons ignore the fact that the eye color is totally off in the comparative photos.

    Noah Pozner are example of this. Pozner and unknowns subject three also vary. In your example, one facial blemish does match. Two however DO NOT match. Unknown three has two blemishes one near his right eyebrow and one at the right lower side of his nose are distinctly different.

    Wasik and unknown 7. Zoom on the eyes, again one appears more on the brown tones and one more on green tones. Skin tone is off, perhaps due to temperature differences or lighting in this case.

    Soto and unknown 1. Soto’s eyes are brown, unknown is apparently blue/green. I had to blow up the image to tell.

    Natalie Barton and Unknown 3. The ears, the skin tone, Eyebrows. The teeth. Unknown is missing a front tooth, Natalie is not. PRESUMABLY Natalie’s picture was timestamped later than Unknown 3. Replacement teeth don’t grow in that way.

    In many of the adults, I see little resemblance in the match ups.

    Sexton’s/ Phelps. the pictures are not of a quality that I could have an opinion either way on.

    Also Parker and Whale’s front teeth gap is different at the top. Parkers Eye color is also different. Theoretically, “Parker” could have got fresh contacts and teeth capped. The date the pictures of Whale were taken would be helpful.

    Ann Greenberg- The pictures on the left and right. The iris’s are significantly different.

    Rachel Davino, the unknown 44 has a distinctive gap in her teeth. Rachel does not. Skin tone, cheek bones and dimples are also different. Theoretically, she could have had the tooth fixed.

    Also, this article assumes that the ‘unknown subjects’ are from reputable sources and not just pictures of the same children. It is unclear how the pictures were ‘farmed’.

    Of course, all of this could be conjectured to be plastic surgery, dental work and good makeup.

    1. Eye color is easily changed with contacts. Worked with a lady who thought violet eyes were nice. Soto was listed in the latest Sandy handbook of 2010-2011 as an intern. Conflicts with news reports that she was a teacher of 5 years!

      1. It is fairly common for teachers to work as interns indefinately as they obtain thier credentials.

  11. Thank you Prof and all your fellow task force for all your hard work
    undertaken in this investigation.

    It seems very troubling to me that there was a need to have a hero in
    this alleged tragedy. It seems to glorify or exalt death which I receive as errie. Does it have a connection to why a small group of children from that classroom were left alive to give testament to claims for a hero? Why has this hero story reached the highest echelons of power and all its hallowed halls? Why is one alleged victim exalted above all others? Is it because its a good media bite? Is it because a hero story is said to unite the people? Does adding a hero create a human interest story that robs something crucial away from a tragedy itself?

    I sense there is something very wrong here and as a person who has experienced tragedy, shock and tragic loss, the interview in the video above insults my senses and my memories. It simply continues to make no sense to me.

  12. I look forward to the website. I posted this to my fb, and 2 people came forward stating they don’t believe the MSM story. Also received a phone call stating the same. I wonder if Adam was always Ryan. No birth cert. for Ryan, no pictures of both together. Possibly Adam changed his name to Ryan. Keep up the good work!

  13. So the real question, who has what to gain? The sales of guns have sky-rocketed since this happened. It also appears, the MSM is trying to make anyone who supports privacy, the right to bear arms and to minimize the government intrusion in private life, as a “dangerous radicals”, when that is far from the truth. Someone is “stirring the pot” and trying to create this climate of fear and mistrust. What are the financial interests of the above mentioned families? I think there, you will find your answers.

  14. Are these photo comparisons really necessary? Isn’t there better evidence that is not subject to interpretation that can be detailed here? I guess if the “authorities” aren’t forthcoming with any reports of the day it sends people in all kinds of directions. I think the material that appeared involving the Iroquois gas company and the sales of multiple homes in the area is very compelling, but that’s just me. Like they say, follow the money.

    1. Why not do a background check on the parents of the victims, in addition to photo comparisons? You might find some very interesting information like these folks did at GLP: http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message2106471/pg1 a poster claims to have gone to high school with Ben Wyatt and says that he did not have a daughter her age…remember Allison Wyatt was the girl whose photo was later identified as Lily Gaubert. Photos prove nothing!

    1. I hadn’t seen that hi rez image of the phelps either. wow the teeth are different but what are the chances there are a whole family of doppelgangers? I’m not sure what to think anymore.

  15. I just want to add one more possible angle of investigation. I remeber a TV news feature after the Colombine (I believe!?), describing how kids were trained to act in a shooting incident. The Idea was to overwhelm the attacker, not to cower in a corner. I would suggest getting some professionals pov! (not that I need to tell you how to do your job, just an idea)

  16. I hate this angle. This the line of ‘research’ that wellaware1/Dallasgoldbug have taken and that person is either batshit crazy or a paid disinfo agent poisoning the well. “Crisis actors” has the feel of “no planes”, to me, and the latter discredited many 9/11 truthers. Just remember that the people who pulled off the Sandy Hook HOAX are pros with massive resources and, you can be sure, intelligence agency operatives are involved.

    The persons who look the most alike, Sexton and Phelps, are not the same woman. I’ve looked at other photos than those shown here and Phelps has a higher arch to her brows while Sexton’s brows turn down instead of arching. Even plastic surgery doesn’t change that. If there are any people that you think are the same, please get a good plastic surgeon to examine all of the photos of the people you’re comparing. You need an expert for this.

    This is not to say that I don’t think there may have been ‘actors’. There certainly were but I would call them “fakers”, not real actors. Look at their shitty performances. They couldn’t even produce a tear for their allegedly dead kids. Whoever these people are, they have a political agenda that motivated them to LIE. This isn’t ‘acting’ being done by professionals, it’s non-actors who are part of a conspiracy to commit fraud and treason. Big difference.

    I absolutely do not believe that anyone was killed at Sandy Hook and the fact that authorities refuse to release death certificates is further proof. Everyone involved in this is a liar. I would REALLY like to see some serious PI work on done on the individuals we’ve seen in these absurd interviews. There’s other stuff going on with this gang of freaks and I believe it’s a cult. The McDonnells and Anderson Cooper holding up that owl picture was a big TELL. The owl is a cult goddess symbol. The orange monarch butterfly, in the interview of the principal’s daughter with Gary Tuchman, was another. That symbol is associated with MK ULTRA mind control. So is the Wizard of Oz and some of the Sandy Hook kids did a recording of Somewhere Over the Rainbow; one of the Parker kids meeting Obama was wearing ruby slippers; one of the Grace McDonnell pictures shown was a bluebird flying over a rainbow. There’s more along this line but it’s quite obscure.

    Anyway, you’re doing a great job but please be careful about which rabbit holes you go down. I’m very suspect about these pictures that have turned up looking so much like the Sandy Hook Players and I think they may have been planted to discredit. So far I’ve seen NONE that match.

    And, BTW, where are Ryan and Peter Lanza???

    1. susano, you made some well thought out comments and I agree with much of what you wrote but I disagree on a few points.
      first, you compared the actors angle with no planers. I admit that what disinfo sites like wellaware are doing is very similar to the no plane angle where they suggest media fakery and then make a jump in logic that no planes existed at all. who knows the reality of that but for sure there were agents using it to cause a rift in the movement. that is what wellaware1 is doing and I believe that site has been around for a while muddying up the water in advance just for this event. but there is a difference in what they are doing there and dr. tracy and co are doing here. I have been waiting for real research into these bad actors and I am thrilled that it is finally coming up.
      I think that the actors angle is the strongest position. I compare it to MIHOP whereas multiple shooters, chris rodia nuns blah blah blah etc is really assuming a LIHOP position. LIHOP, while easier to prove and more acceptable to the commoner, is essentially saying that terrorism is real and there can be some justification for wars and police state measures etc. MIHOP erases any such arguments (and is what really happened). If you can prove that this was just a drill and that the only tragedy was a media production any push for the erosion of our rights loses any merit at all. quibbling over the minutia of something that was just an exercise is really hacking at the branches and gets us nowhere.

      I think that some of the photo comparisons are inconclusive and I disagree with one of them but i would bet my left testicle that the phelps and the greenburgs or sextons/whatever are the same people. they dont need a plastic surgeon to look at these many many people from all walks of life are exellent with faces where some people have not a clue. I experienced this first hand this week as I went to a funeral of an old friend from high school, my how the faces had changed! some people could tell everyone right away and others were hi, nice to meet you?!

    2. susano, I wanted to make one more point. I too believe that this picasso album was “discovered” by intelligence operatives. I think this adds to the validity of the pictures too. the reasoning behind it is this. if you are making a production that you want to be believed as real a percentage of the population will naturally not believe you. yes, there were actors and many suspected that right away so by releasing the picasso album with their pictures it gives immediate credence to the actors theory. then after people have started following you down the actors road, you start releasing absolute nonsense photos along with real ones like wellaware1 types are doing and you create a bit of a dead end. people that see this tend to discount the whole actors theory and start quibbling about the minutia of what was essentially a play instead of coming to the understanding that it was fake. the intelligence information center is trying to clean up this dead end, in my opinion, so others can see that this was really theatre. whether the photos released are really named greenberg or sexton or whatever, I have no way to know, that is where we need professionals to do some investigating.

    3. Well said. In fact, it would be wise for Dr. Tracy to place some sort of disclaimer which distances himself from this laughable line of “research.” Otherwise, he will lose credibility. I am extremely open-minded, but this is nothing more than a lousy disinfo op.

    4. Susano, your comments really hit home. Unless there’s some kind of facial recognition software with 99.99 % accuracy, this seems like a waste of time, maybe disinfo. Contrast this with Dr. Tracy’s timeline work and it looks like garbage.

      So, if you were a paid private investigator, where would you start? Just as you suggest, with Peter and Ryan Lanza and find out everything about this mysterious family member of theirs.

  17. Susano, I agree with your perspective on this line of investigation. I sent a link earlier to website that clearly shows that Phelps and Saxton are not the same people. I fear this is discrediting the bigger questions related to this event.

    Something for people to consider who are investigating this: Ears are like fingerprints, pay attention to ears in the photos if nothing else.

    If we let go of the idea of the ‘actors’ for a moment and concentrate on some other aspects of this event that raise serious questions:

    No witnesses saw Adam Lanza do anything
    No Security footage at all
    No one has been allowed to see the bodies
    No toxicology report from Adam Lanza
    Adam Lanza was invisible for three years prior to this event
    Multiple shooters – who were they and where are the police records.
    The idea that one of the men arrested was an off duty SWAT team member who just happened to be there is ridiculous
    The bizarre Medical Examiner statements
    Contradictory Timelines
    Reports of men dressed as Nuns fleeing the scene
    Mainstream Media’s instant guilty verdict of the lone gunman, Adam
    Conflicting reports of the weapons used
    Conflicting reports on how Adam entered the school

    I do believe there is something seriously wrong with this entire Sandy Hook shooting, but we have to be careful not to get caught up in all the noise that is being broadcast by both Mainstream Media and Alternative News reporting. Let’s stick to the black and white facts and drill down from there.

    Maybe actors were used, but that come later.

    Thanks for doing this Dr Tracey, it is so important that people ask questions.

  18. If Sandy Hook was a charade and one of the objectives of the charade was to make fools of conspiracy theorists, then participants with a double could be used with great effect. Doubles might be virtual entities, or they could be monozygotic twins, or just folks who look like someone else.

    So far, I see no definite evidence that doubles have been used although there is plenty of evidence to suggest that they may have been — evidence perhaps deliberately placed in clear sight.

  19. If you want this to be taken seriously please stay away from dallasgoldbug, this is the guy that pushes the greenburg family theory behind every tragedy. He says Ray Liotta is senator boehner. Dallasgoldbug AKA Ed Chiarini muddies the waters with false and outright lies. PLEASE consider not using his work.

  20. when i saw the soto pic with the guy throwing the devil horns i did an in depth search trying to find out who this guy is. i am convinced it is dallas green, ex phillies manager and grandfather of tucson shooting victim (the one who was born on 9/11). i know it sounds nuts, and i believe chiarini is an obvious misinformation troll who was planted pre op to discredit any actor talk. check it out yourself though

  21. I am a photographer. The direction of light on someone’s face makes a huge impact on eye color and hair color. Even the perception of facial shape and hairlines can be dramatically different between photographs due to angle and light. Chin up or down can make a huge difference as well. The photograph we see of Adam Lanza looks incredibly altered to me. His facial structure seems stretched and he does not have the bone structure of either of his parents or brother. It is unnatural.

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