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This past week the Public Broadcasting Service presented its viewership with a flurry of reportage and commentary on the Newtown tragedy, taking special care to closely associate the incident with the issues of gun control, mental health, and school safety. Specific programs have included Washington Week, PBS NewsHour, NOVA, and FRONTLINE. This degree of coverage from an outlet with significant credibility among the educated professional class is especially unusual.

Yet even more bizarre is the dubious assumption by PBS’s programming directors that the event has taken place as described by their often untrustworthy and sensationalistic commercial peers at CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. Instead of providing a genuine news alternative by acting as a corrective to such slipshod reporting PBS has wholeheartedly run with the “official story” of the event—that Adam Lanza was the sole perpetrator. With this the publicly-funded network has moved beyond a much-needed interrogation of the incident to evaluating what social control measures should be introduced or the extent to which existing ones should be ratcheted up.


The FRONTLINE special, “Raising Adam Lanza,” which aired on Tuesday, February 19 is a case in point. Profiling an investigation into Adam and Nancy Lanza by veteran Hartford Courant reporters Alaine Griffin and Josh Kovner, the news magazine proceeds to “lead the witness-viewer” in the court of public opinion by driving home the narrative already well-established in the public mind by corporate media.

Not only are the Hartford Courant and PBS asking the wrong questions and far afield from what might help in better understanding the tragic event, they appear to be knowingly misinforming their readers and viewership because the investigation—like almost all of the corporate coverage—proceeds in the absence of proof that Lanza committed the crime. Indeed, Mr. Kovner acknowledged such in a brief email exchange.

On Feb 23, 2013, at 10:23 AM, “James Tracy” wrote:
—– Forwarded Message —–
From: James Tracy
To: Alaine Griffin, Josh Kovner
Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 1:04 PM
Subject: “Raising Adam Lanza” Query on Prior Evidence


As you may know I have taken a special interest in researching the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting and am thus most interested in your work. I recently viewed the PBS Frontline special profiling your work aired on February 19.

I am curious to know if you have heretofore accessed and examined forensically viable postmortem, video, and/or photographic evidence of the Sandy Hook shooting itself (e.g. autopsies of the suspect and victims, and documentation of the crime scenes) that can confirm specifics of the incident and its genuine occurrence. It would appear to me that such information would be appropriate for journalists such as yourselves to interrogate prior to an in-depth biographical investigation of the suspect Adam Lanza.

The courtesy of a response would be most appreciated.

Thank you for your time


James Tracy, Ph.D.

Mr. Kovner responded with the following:

From: “Kovner, Josh”
To: James Tracy
Sent: Saturday, February 23, 2013 10:48 AM
Subject: Re: “Raising Adam Lanza” Query on Prior Evidence

The forensic evidence, including autopsy/toxicology reports and crime-scene photos, has not been available to  us.

The Public Broadcasting Act passed by the US Congress in 1967 mandates PBS and its parent corporation, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, to carry out a public service where the commercial sector has failed. Congress declared that

it furthers the general welfare to encourage public telecommunications services which will be responsive to the interests of people both in particular localities and throughout the United States, which will constitute an expression of diversity and excellence, and which will constitute a source of alternative telecommunications services for all the citizens of the Nation

The Hartford Courant and PBS particularly should provide a reasonable explanation as to why they have chosen to place basic journalistic standards attending to evidence and truth in abeyance and instead serve as an outlet for furthering the Obama Administration’s open agenda of heightened gun control, psychiatric surveillance, and school safety protocols. Without such they offer virtually no worthwhile alternative in terms of news and perspective aside from providing taxpayer and foundation-subsidized publicity to an audience that considers itself too sophisticated to be fooled by cable news claptrap.

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88 thought on “PBS Defies Basic Journalistic Standards to Push Sandy Hook Official Narrative”
    1. I was not surprised about the void of investigative journalism by PBS and Courant reporters and communicated that to Kovnar and Griffin. FYI, the alleged surviving eye witness (Natalie Hammond) to the alleged “Lanza attack” appeared at the 2013 State of the Union address and has appeared on a recent Boston PBS in a Hockey fun feast.
      I am surprised the plentiful NRA resources are not publicising the need for due process and performing their own due diligence in this Sandy Hook event.

  1. I watched the Frontline presentation. The presentation did absolutely nothing to convince me that anything at all happened at Sandy Hook. The new pictures of “Adam Lanza” are very bizarre. There is no way that anyone who even resembles his features could even squash a bug, let alone fire a gun in a closed setting with almost perfect military precision. This Sandy Hook narrative just gets more comical and totally unbelievable every time the propagandists add to the story. Apparently the budget for this event was very low as they have utilized horrific actors, inept journalists, and awful video.

    1. Not living in the USA I am unaware of what news channels provide information apart from the well know Fox and CNN – I have watched CNN and was shocked by the lightheartedness of the presenters.. they all look as if they are acting, with over the top comments and talking purely one sided.
      So PBS is supposed to give out information where the mainstream media has failed..is that right?.. Only they haven’t asked the questions that are important and haven’t got any infor on autopsies etc.,
      I am So pleased to hear Mr Tracy asked these questions.. but saddened to hear the response was negitive.. maybe the viewing public will be now asking more questions as to why these facts haven’t been aired..

  2. The Public Broadcasting Act passed by the US Congress in 1967 correlates with the time period of Thomas Szasz, a powerful force in the antipsychiatry movement; a psychiatrist who stepped to the fringes of his own profession and exposed the establishments intention to medicalize all human problems, label them as syndromes, offer pharma drugs as the solution, and thereby transfer family functions to therapists of the state. However, one must go much deeper than Szasz to realize that just as author William Gairdner stated in his book, ‘The War Against The Family’ Thomas Szasz wore two hats (Pg 128) because he was an idealogue for moral relativism and the idea that the family as a unit was a cause for mental illness.

    Any good independent reseacher worth his or her salt will know this fact as a foundation stone for understanding the rapidly growing social control policies that threaten the normal life and functioning of society as a whole.

    I watched the Frontline investigative film and came away wondering how there can even be a journalistic investigation without the necessary tangible facts of crime scene and autopsy and forensic results and I considered that this venture was nothing more than journalistic/corporative speculation fed to the public. However, I am not so sure that a person outside numerous independent years of study and research would be able to do this deductive reasoning and make the same evaluation.
    In this vein of thought we need the freedom to speak out and help one another.

    As far as I can surmise, we will rise as a better society as soon as we are fully awake to the ‘narration sickness’ we have all been overly exposed to and that could sooner come about through journalistic integrity and the freedom to search always for the truth, devoid of corporative management.

    1. I am saddened but not surprised that the last bastion of free speech is being squashed. If you look at the funding of PBS it is primarily large trusts by wealthy individuals who have their own interests at heart not the public. It is disgusting about how much mileage “they” whomever they are are trying to get from Sandy Hook. They will look at every conceivable angle, I was reading a women’s magazine who had a poll, what can we do to make our society safer, in light of “Sandy Hook”? Next, it’ll be Sandy Hook at the Oscars…just wait and see.

  3. Good on you, James.

    I was extremely disappointed with this effort on the part of PBS and Frontline. The program was compltely devoid of anything approaching true, investigative journalism and was top heavy with speculation and heresay.

    It seemed, to me, to be a program designed to further an already held belief.

    For anyone interested, I’ve done up a transcript of this program to assist in it’s discussion and debate.


    Keep up the good work, James.

  4. Btw…

    Worthy of note…Lt. Vance has stated that he was not contaced by Frontline or The Courant prior to the airing of this program.

    He made this comment in response to the assertion that Adam carried out the attacks ala Anders Brehvik, an assertion forwarded by CBS, the Courant and Frontline. None of whom contacted Vance prior to asserting same.

    How could an organization like PBS air such a high profile program without even contacting the lead officer in the case?

    There is an agenda afoot. The question is, did the agenda follow the events of Sandy Hook…or did it preceed/initiate them?

    1. One of the lines in the frontline report was “Frontline has learned that police have speculated privately that…” Could anything journalistically relevant follow that?

  5. There is one person and only one person who could clear all of this up in a matter of minutes.

    Natalie Hammond was the assistant principal who took three shots at Sandy Hook and was the sole survivor. It is claimed that she looked the killer in the eye.

    Was that killer really Adam Lanza? And why is Ms. Hammond silent?

    All speculation would end if she would affirmatively confirm the “official story.”. Or disavow it, as the case might be.

    1. All of the adult staff that survived the attack (either because they took the day off (Joanne Didonato and Kevin Anzellotti) the shooter inexplicably walked away from them (Sally Cox) or they only were shot in the foot while everybody else received 3 to 11 shots (Natalie Hammond) all have one thing in common. They are all friends of Janet Vollmer the kindergarten teacher. The initial reports from Andrea McCarren asserted that Sally Cox identified the shooter as the son of an experienced kindergarten teacher.

      I wonder what type of relationship Janet Vollmer had with the Principal Dawn Hochsprung ?

      Without a doubt the 911 calls should provide incontrovertible evidence as to who is culpable for this incident. Perhaps that is why these have not been released nor will be released. Sally Cox specifically stated that she and Barbara Halstead called 911 from Sally’s phone. Ok – let’s hear the recording and see if they identified the kindergarten teacher’s son on the 911 call.

      Also where did the fabricated picture of Lanza come from ? The picture widely circulated of Lanza as an adult does not look much like the pictures recently disclosed in the Frontline production. It is obviously a creation and why have we not seen his driver’s license picture? Certainly Lt. Vance can get access to Lanza’s driver’s license right?

      In all honesty I am not encouraged that the same Federal Agencies that brought you Fast and Furious are participating in the investigation into Lanza but in the end the facts will speak for themselves.

      1. Since Andrea McCarren’s role in this issue is so significant in the identification of the shooter I thought that I would provide this link. Her credentials appear rather impressive so were her initial reports accurate or not? Did she create the narrative about the kindergarten teacher’s son out of thin air ?

        Would the kindergarten teacher’s son have a motive?


  6. This is a collaborative hack piece by journalists who interviewed friends and family members of Nancy Lanza. The show relied on the following sources of information:

    1. John Bergquist, of Newtown and friend of Nancy Lanza.
    2. Marvin LaFontaine, a longtime friend of Nancy.
    3. Law enforcement official who reported Nancy being assaulted in the 1980’s.
    4. Court documents from a lawsuit against John Hancock insurance company.
    5. Wendy Wipprecht of Newtown who has an autistic son and knew Nancy.
    6. Lanza family member who stated Adam did special studies at home.
    7. “Professional” in the school system who advised Nancy to keep Adam at Newtown.
    8. Diocesan officials at St. Rose of Lima school where Adam attended eighth grade.
    9. Kateleen Foy, who attended St. Rose of Lima with Adam.
    10. Dr. Harold Schwartz, psychiatrist (not Adam’s doctor).
    11. Richard Novia, security chief for Newtown schools and the technical school advisor.
    12. Person who was in communication with Peter Lanza, Adam’s father.
    13. Rich Collins, of Newtown who has an autistic son and knew Nancy.
    14. Dan Holmes, of Newtown who is a landscaper and did work for Nancy.
    15. Mark Tambascio, owner of the My Place Pizza & Restaurant in Newtown.
    16. Contractor who did work inside the Lanza home.
    17. Family member who commented about Nancy’s plans to leave Newtown.

    Some of the references in the show/article claimed, “…Reporters also reviewed messages and emails spanning the 10 years in which Nancy Lanza wrote to close friends. In the notes, she chronicled portions of her own life, from her mysterious potentially fatal illness, to comments about her marriage, to progress reports on a young Adam.”

    So these reporters were able to get their hands on intimate details of Nancy’s life and piece it together to make this story. The article relies heavily on the memory of Marvin LaFontaine, a longtime friend of Nancy who was her confidant and apparently kept 10 years worth of emails (kinda weird, don’t you think?).

    CBS published a follow up article on February 18, 2013, claiming that Adam Lanza’s motive for the killings was to emulate and exceed Anders Breivik, a Norwegian man who killed 77 people in July 2011 (see: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-18563_162-57569958/newtown-shooter-motivated-by-norway-massacre-sources-say/ ).

    This story recalls, “… Lanza spent countless hours there alone, in a private gaming room with the windows blacked out, honing his computer shooting skills.” Where did CBS get this from? A plumber who had done work at the Lanza home and supposedly witnessed Adam playing for hours at a time (I hope the plumber wasn’t paid by the hour). But it fails to establish a motive and leaves out some glaring oversights, namely that Adam was not violent in anyway, did not have any ill feelings towards anyone including his mother.

    The Hartford Courant, CBS latest bogus script and the PBS FRONLINE show tries to lead the public to believe that Adam’s shyness and introverted behavior was the reason for killing his mother and the children at Sandy Hook elementary school. Here is some information they left out:

    1. A statement by Russ Hanoman who met Nancy Lanza at the My Place restaurant. Hanoman said about Adam, “He was clearly troubled. He did have issues. He was not violent in any way. He was a vegan because he didn’t want to hurt animals.” (see: http://pix11.com/2012/12/16/nancy-and-adam-lanza-how-did-their-relationship-end-in-school-massacre/#axzz2LlgX6ktc. )

    2. Statement by Adam Lanza’s physician (if any) who: diagnosed Lanza’s mental state, list of pharmaceutical drugs prescribed as a course of treatment, number of follow-up visits, and any referrals to other qualified mental health professionals.

    3. Statement by the police identifying any evidence of forced entry into Nancy Lanza’s house or garage including her bedroom, any broken furniture, windows or glass found, any blood found elsewhere in or around the home.

    4. The coroner’s report on Nancy Lanza’s time of death and any drugs found in her body.

    5. Statement by the police detailing Nancy Lanza’s recent phone records and who she called and who called her.

    6. Statement by the police detailing Nancy Lanza’s recent emails and who she corresponded with.

    7. Statement by the police describing what prescription medications were found at the house and who were they for.

    8. Statement by the police describing any sign of theft from the house (e.g., cash money, checkbooks, jewelry, laptop computers, etc.).

    9. Statement by the police describing any fingerprints found at the house that did not belong to Nancy or Adam.

    10. Statement by the police confirming that Adam Lanza’s fingerprints were found on the steering wheel of the black 2010 Honda Civic parked at the school that was registered to Nancy Lanza.

    11. The coroner’s report on Adam Lanza’s time of death and any drugs found in his body.

    12. Statement by the police describing Adam Lanza’s height, weight, etc. and exactly what he was wearing at the time of his death.

    13. Statement by the police describing Ryan Lanza’s identification found in possession of Adam Lanza and how it got there. A list of any other documents found on the body.

    14. Photographic evidence showing how the shooter (Lanza?) entered the school.

    15. Statement by Natalie Hammond, wounded survivor at Sandy Hook describing what she saw and heard.

    16. Statement by the other unknown wounded survivor at Sandy Hook describing what he (or she) saw and heard.

    17. Statement by the custodian who ran down the hallway warning about the gunfire as to what he saw or heard.

    18. Statement by the police stating what evidence was found from any video surveillance systems installed at the school.

    19. Ballistic report confirming the guns used to murder Nancy Lanza, the children and Adam Lanza and all bullets recovered from the Lanza home and the school were from the firearms registered to Nancy Lanza that were kept at her house.

    There has been no plausible motive presented to the public for the killing of Nancy Lanza, the children at Sandy Hook elementary school and Adam Lanza as of yet.

    The underlying puzzle that continues to nag at me is; who stood to financially gain from the death of Nancy and Adam Lanza?

    1. Excellent points from Poke the Truth. This far there is not a shred of evidence to convict Lanza. Why didn’t the brilliant Hartford Courant journalists attempt to contact Natalie Hammond? Or why didn’t they contact Andrea McCarren and ask her about Sally Cox? or why they didn’t contact Sally Cox and ask her how she knew the shooter’s mother was an experienced kindergarten teacher by looking at his boots from 20 feet away ? or how Sally Cox managed to hide in a closet with Barbara Halstead and evade detection for at least 4 sweeps of the building by SWAT personnel? Or why they didn’t ask Andrew Gorosko from the Newtown Bee about the armed off Duty SWAT officer arrested at the scene? Or why they didn’t ask Assistant State Attorney Warren Murray, who was apparently pictured speaking with the SWAT guy arrested , what his explanation was ? Or why they didn’t speak to the police who confronted suspects on Crestwood? Or ask Lt Vance why he could not answer a simple question about the shooter’s mother’s affiliation with the school? Or ask the officer who found multiple weapons including long rifles and shotguns why Lt Vance press release only found one shotgun hidden in the trunk of the car ? Or ask the police why a SWAT team was dispatched to Philo Curtis rd and what transpired? Or ask who was the mystery second adult victim and what did she observe ? Or ask Joanne Didnato and Kevin Anzellotti why they took that day off ? Or ask the police who was the potential second shooter taken into custody as apparently reported by Fox News 43 PA and then scrubbed?

      Was somebody joking when they said some journalists may get the Pulitzer prize for their reporting on Sandy Hook ?

  7. I am ashamed of PBS. Looks like this year, and for the future, they will not be getting my donations. The episode was an utter heresay/propaganda event. Very disappointing PBS. Keep up the fantastic work James.

  8. Yes, Prof. Tracy, I agree it was a piece of shoddy journalism.

    In terms of workable narratives, we have the Wikipedia version and Snopes:



    I wish you would address both of these versions of what happened. And provide alternate versions involving conspiracies. If we assume that either Adam Lanza did not act alone, or that he was merely used and discarded at the school, or that he did not exist, a reasonable story line needs to be constructed for how this would have happened.

    1. Rocky, isn’t it the job of police to create the story lines – all of them – and to investigate them all until they can prove one and only one? That doesn’t seem to be happening, does it? Or maybe it is, as the CT State Police haven’t released any information about their investigations at all. It seems to me that unless some citizen can find new and actual evidence – which the police would immediately want to ‘own’ – that there is no place in the process for any of us to do more than simply point out the story-line inconsistencies and ask the unanswered questions. For one thing, presenting alternative theories could be termed ‘interfering with an investigation’.

  9. Prior to Dr. H Wayne Carver threatening his resignation in February 2011, Carver put in a request to congress, to pass the provision of Bill 1054. This Bill would prevent the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner from unilaterally disclosing autopsy reports on pediatric homicides to the general public. The press ignore this fact! How have we come to such a loss of control that we don’t even have enough of a voice as a people to simply ask questions? Why are so many writers and journalists killed for telling the truth? When does this insanity end and we somehow get rid of these bankers with big ideas and get back to simple life of truth and honesty. Have we not learned from history if we let them take our guns and civil liberties we will end of slaves digging our own graves on the whims of a moody well armed (SS) TSA officer!

  10. In his role as assistant to Chief Medical Examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver II, Evangelista was paid $244,152 last year to perform autopsies on people who died under unusual or criminal circumstances.
    He has been arrested for perjury and is awaiting trial. The entire operation is corrupt!

    1. Truth seeker, this is a very interesting angle.. It would explain in part, Carver’s bizarre behavior at the December 15, 2012 press conference, in which he blurted out answers with a strange laugh or snapped at reporters’ legitimate questions.

      “[My staff] and I hope the people of Newtown don’t have it crash on their head later.” –Connecticut Medical Examiner D. Wayne Carver II, MD,

      Under your theory, the assistant M.E. Frank Evangelista was accused in April 2012 of committing perjury in Massachusetts in giving false testimony in a murder case. http://www.ctpost.com/local/article/M-E-facing-perjury-charges-staying-on-the-job-3456612.php

      It could very well be that the investigation showed the entire office was corrupt, and when he tendered his resignation in February 2012 (then inexplicably withdrew the resignation), it was because the office was hopelessly corrupted and incompetent.

      “His department also had its national accreditation downgraded by one agency and dropped by another, problems that Carver said would be rectified.”

      This is a guy who has a lot of issues — maybe this was his way of making some of his problems disappear. (Paging Chris Rodia.)

  11. I find it quite interesting that PBS is more than willing, in fact energetically willing, to air the media storyline, writhe with unproven facts on the Sandy Hook event, while rejecting to air the documentary ARCHITECTS And ENGINEERS For 911 TRUTH (which asks pertinent questions and is full of proven facts), which was sent to PBS stations all across this country. Only a minute number of stations aired it. That right there should tell everyone something. PBS is just another mouthpiece for the propaganda this country’s lying, fabricating government (and the forces that control it) uses to form and shape public opinion to someones advantage. Someone with an agenda. If one looks close enough at our history they will find how we have been manipulated into bogus wars, where true facts are hidden, and lies are given prominence to demonize our “enemies” for some hidden benefactor in the guise of fighting for our freedoms. (Especially look closely at our manipulation into WWI and II and later Iraq /Afghanistan)) This should only emphasize how they use mass manipulation psyops to move their agenda forward. Part of this groups plan for a New World Order is to restrict or ban our second amendment right. The World Wars and the annihilation of Germany all fit into a part of this plan and events like Sandy Hook are all a part of this bigger picture. I’ve lived 58 years in this country, and at this point the Lies and deceit is obvious. Events like the Bolshevik revolution and the inception of the USSR were sociological experiments in a path to achieve that goal of One World Government. They scrapped that system and scrapping our system is on the fast track. AWAKEN!!!! FOR SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES!

    1. Meanwhile, DHS, is handing out nice fat grants to cities all across the country to buy drones and set up surveillance cameras. Wonder what that’s all about!?

  12. It doesn’t surprise me that Frontline presented this fluffy disinformation piece. This isn’t the Frontline of 2001. After 9/11, two very astute researchers took their compelling 9/11 conspiracy evidence to the staff at Frontline. The exchange was positive and the mood was good that Frontline would investigate.

    During the course of a year, the communications continued but the management changes at Frontline also continued until there was an almost full turn-over. At the end of a year, they either stated they no longer had interest or simply became unresponsive.

    Not completely discouraged, the material was presented to John Stossel. The next day, they met for lunch where John explained that he thought the topic was untouchable even for him. I don’t recall hearing that he found the evidence weak. At least John ripped the band-aid off quickly.

    Frontline has dabbled in the terrorism genre in the years since, but I suspect inner conflict over the 9/11 story was the point at which they were castrated.

      1. Hi Ted….Thanks…if you go to Red Ice Radio and go down the page to 2012 then to October 14 you will be able to watch hour 2. Sorry I didn’t have hour 2 so I never logged it here.

  13. Dr. Tracy –

    You make an excellent point about ‘…gun control, psychiatric surveillance,….”, and its one I had been missing. In fact, you may even not have intended what I just realized from that statement.

    As a patriot and gun owner, I have been adamant in my opposition to the gun control agenda being stuffed down our throats across the nation as if we are all caged geese destined for ‘pate fois gras’. (sorry, I don’t know how to get the accent mark on the “e”). I had in fact been supporting the idea of better mental health care. But just as there is an historical ‘bleed-over’ from ‘gun control’ to eventual confiscation and then genocide by the same governments that institute gun control, there can also be a ‘bleed-over’ in mental health care.

    And it will start with ‘making sure we don’t let these crazies get guns’, and quickly move to a generalized ‘psychiatric surveillance’ of everyone in order to keep us all safe from nutters – just the way the NSA is now spying on all of us to keep us safe from ‘terrorists’ (each other, actually). And this reminds me of Soviet-styled psychiatric incarcerations and drug therapy for dissidents – many of whom were forced to consume psychoactive drugs until they truly were non-functioning insane persons.

    So psychiatric surveillance of the population is just another method for both a) gun control, via labeling thousands of people ‘unfit’, and b) general control of dissent via the ‘crazy label’ and incarceration without due process, potentially for life or long enough to make a person truly insane.

    In short, while we all do wish that medical professionals would have a place to lock up (for society’s safety) these folks and treat them there, we will still need to guard carefully to ensure that such a program or increased ability to confine citizens isn’t abused by statist, government servile doctors.

  14. I’d like a frontline report on the victims, including any reference to Angelman Syndrome. do any of the victims exhibit signs of angelman syndrome?


    it’s also referred to as Happy Puppet syndrome, the symptoms of which include:
    jerky movements (especially hand-flapping), frequent laughter or smiling, and usually a happy demeanor.

    a special ed teacher was among the victims. how many of the victims were special ed students?

    do any of the victims (I’m thinking of a high profile victim) have these symptoms?

    >>Bedroom Adaptations
    One of the biggest problems many parents face is how to keep their Angelman child from wandering the house at night.
    Placing a spinner on the doorknob so that the child can’t easily open it is one possible solution, although many parents
    report that the child can figure out how to work the spinner, or simply pulls it off the door knob. One can reverse the
    doorknob so that the locking mechanism is on the outside. Some parents have used a simple “hook and eye” or dead bolt on
    the outside of the door. Whatever method you use, please be sure you are able to open the door quickly in case of an

  15. My first reaction was anger that they could so blatantly push propaganda on us, perhaps there is some hope as so many of us can spot it a mile away. I will be writing my representatives asking that in these times of unsustainable deficits, all “non-profit” and non profitable goverment expenditures be carefully reviewed and rejected. Even the President turned his re-election campaign into a ‘non-profit’ organization! We need to quit pouring billions into the green energy scam! http://watchdog.org/62420/co-secret-energy-lab-spawns-million-dollar-govt-employee/

  16. What amazes me is that the gun control proponents suggest that the government can impose reasonable limits on our second amendment rights. Can somebody explain to me how a government body that has us $16 trillion in debt and on a course to bankruptcy can have the moral, intellectual or spiritual integrity to regulate “REASONABLE” limits on anything ?

  17. I think being surprised or affronted that PBS is as controlled by corporations (I mean who are their main donors? The American public? I think not. I think they bow to their corporate masters like all the rest.) as Fox, CNN, etc. is rather naive. It’s like being surprised that there’s no significant difference between Democratic and Republican politicians, when Noam Chomsky stated clearly many years ago that this was indeed the case. How many times does one need to see and hear “this programming is sponsored by Exxon/Mobile” before it dawns on you who is controlling the content of the program? Though I agree it is ethically bankrupt to augment corporate funding of PBS with tax payers dollars.

    All MSM (which includes PBS) has been catering to it’s particular “sector” of the public for many years. Whereas Fox makes the “Joe Six-Packs” feel comforted, so PBS makes the “Intellectuals” feel equally comforted in their views while simultaneously fostering false differences between the demographics, thus dividing and, in effect, conquering. The old saw “a house divided cannot stand” is applied with foresight and cunning and to desired effect, much as it was after the US Civil War to create racial divides between Blacks and Whites (read Howard Zinn for more on how and why this was accomplished).

    What is piquing my curiosity is on the issue of the narrative of the Sandy Hook Event, how PBS is now presenting the exact same view as Fox, CNN, etc., rather than an opposing view and I question “why?”. Who is now being divided from whom? And what could be the goal(s) of these tactics?

    There is very little more horrifying or morally repugnant on a virtually universal scale than the slaughter of innocent children. Sandy Hook was bound to provoke a traumatic and deeply emotional response in humanity. Even more pronounced than 9/11, in at least some ways. And in response to 9/11 we (the American people) have allowed our government to wage an endless war in the Middle East that has killed and maimed many, many children. We have allowed our rights to be progressively taken from us from the Patriot Act to NDAA to Obama’s “Kill List” and many other less obvious, yet equally damaging policies such as the progressive corruption of our food, water and air supplies, Agenda 21, government bailouts of criminal banking, the militarization of our city’s police forces, etc. So, in the wake of the Sandy Hook Event, what will we now be willing to surrender? I think these are the questions the powers that be are seeking to answer using this event as a litmus test.

    Is it our right to bare arms? Probably not without another civil war. Could that be a desired eventual result?

    Could it also be to discredit once and for all anyone who disagrees with the official government narrative? Is it possible that’s why so much misinformation and lack of solid facts have been presented to the public in regards to what really happened at Sandy Hook Elementary on 12/14/12? Ask why the Robbie Parker, father-of-recently-slaughtered-child- “yucking-it-up”, tape was made public. Why the suspects-running-into-the-woods tape was released to the public. Why Gene Rosen in all-his-duplicitous-creepy-glory tapes were released and he was interviewed ad nauseum. Why the report of Nurse Cox’ original statement that she saw the gunman, knew him and that his mother was a beloved kindergartner teacher was later changed by her and those changes aired for comparison? Why Wayne Carver was allowed to be presented as somewhat crazy and incompetent? Why an ominous warning was issued by Lt. Vance in regards to misinformation being published on the internet and how that action would be prosecuted? Why the bumbling “facts” and handling of the murder weapons? Who shot that tape of the long gun being removed from the trunk of the car in the most unprofessional against-all-regular-procedures way by law enforcement?

    What would be the point of all this? If one assumes it was just ineptitude on the parts of many reporters, law enforcement and others, I think that would be underestimating the importance and long term “potential” of this event.

    I also think it is a mistake to assume at this point that no one died that day as there is no more evidence or “proof” that no one was murdered as there is that they were indeed murdered. How much easier would it be to orchestrate the actual murders than it would be to fake them? How many people would have to keep those secrets? And which avenue would be the less likely to be exposed? Don’t imagine our government would hatch such a plan? Examine what else they’re re doing (with our complicity) to other children around the world and realize not one moment of sleep is likely lost.

    And I believe this is being orchestrated on purpose. To divide and conquer. To demoralize and ostracize. To destroy what’s left of the country as we know it in large part by discrediting all who question the official narrative as they jump to conclusions, thus discrediting themselves. I am not stating I think the people in Sandy Hook were or weren’t murdered that day. I am stating I think the obsifucation of the evidence is intentional and I will strive to keep an open mind because rather than being right, I want to know the truth.

    1. gayst : all the media outlets are run by the government , they all use the same exact narrative , they are all owned by corporate . , they use scripts that are put in front of them from their corporate owners , thats why you see the same thing on every sinlge station , all the same exact lies .
      Unfortunatley I dont think someone liked my explanation ( i have to start learning to not type in caps, people dont like when i express myself in writing i guess ) so it wasnt published here .
      I had all the links for people to easily reference , to explain what is going on so they could understand .. .
      All the media outlets are owned by corporate who are our governments boss’s .our government is not a government , it is owned/bought & paid for by corporate , The media has nothing to do with journalism , it has to do with controling the American people by only showing them what corporate wants us to see, to keep everyone under control ( hence the ‘dumbing down ‘ of America ) , The 4-5 media outlets feature hollywood , what haircuts people are getting , what dress’s they are wearing , this is 99% of the media today , they dont want us to see what is really going on here or in the world . Our government and media is all run by the same people ( corporate ) . every single media outlet is bought and paid for , our government is bought and paid for . why do you think nothing can get done ? they dont hear a word we say ? they arnt gonna hear , they have their own agenda . keep the people in the dark , while we make them our slaves. The rabbit hole is so deep that it is frightening once you start to look .Its very hard to get people to even believe how deep the corruption goes. Hollywood , the media, the government , its all connected in this tangled web they weave in their practice to deceive .
      For truth in journalism go to “Breaking The Set” /Abby Martin on You Tube or Face Book , see The Truth Will Scare You & also Alex Jones on you tube , see Dan Rather on you tube . see Chris Hedges on You tube . these are great sources for the truth about what is really going on with the media & the government , dont take my word for it. Another great source is Felipe Andres Coronel aka Immortal Technique . You will here the truth from all of these sources I have listed & you will have a greater understanding of what is happening with the media & the government that will explain everything if you care to keep digging . Good luck in figuring this out . The truth will scare you .

      1. Lexi63 your contributions are appreciated if only for the fact that alongside such I do not have to worry about coming off as too pedantic. The assertion that “all the media outlets are run by the government” is a gross oversimplification that I frequently see from my students after they’ve screened a few documentaries and read (not studied!) a few articles on the topic. Briefly, such control is something ostensibly prevented against by our important First Amendment. Media are controlled by a few major transnational corporations, yet the dynamic is not exactly the same as the top-down control you suggest. I think former Washington Post editor Ben Bagdikian’s work addresses this phenomenon quite well.

        In this regard especially it’s rather amusing that you bring up RT’s “Breaking the Set,” since RT is a medium which like PBS receives direct funding from the Russian gov’t and exhibits an array of similarly politicized reportage and perspective. That’s not to say that the outlet doesn’t produce good programming, but in keeping with your initial premise let’s not forget who holds the purse strings.

        1. yes James , I am trying to ‘oversimplify’ for the people that dont understand any of this , they have no idea what is going on . But I am here to tell you who does is Felipe Andres Coronel aka Immortal Technique , I wish you coud speak to him , he is a very eloquant speaker , like you are & an extremely intelligent guy also and you would understand more if you could speak with him .
          I am not sure where you stand because i know you dont want to use the terms ‘new world order & illuminati because of your audience . So tell me , do you believe there is a ‘new world order ‘/ illuminati ?
          and Are you suggesting that the government cares about the first amendment , so that the media is not a monopoly ? because that would be wrong . all of media land IS OPERATED by ‘The new World Order / ‘corporate’ /illuminati .
          and i do understand that breaking the set is also operated by the new world order/ CFR , but no i havnt figured out the breaking the set/ abby martin she appears to be on the side truth like fox , but she hasnt touched the sandy hook thing either ? and thats the big question mark with her . But she does dabble with the 911 ? so that is still confusing ,i am going to ask her and see if she will answer .
          But that is the tell tale sign that they are all run by the same exact ‘corporate’ entity which are all members of the CFR, The Council On Foreign Relations. The stated goal of the CFR is to manipulate the News to bring about a new world order or corporate control of everything. This is NOT some weird conspiracy theory, it is stated in their original charter. Who else belongs to the CFR, Disney’s Michael Eisner and ABC’s Thomas Murphy, Tom Johnson, CEO of CNN, Time Warner’s Gerald Levine, and many, many more media CEO’s who have merged their empires under the CFR’s guidance.
          So i am not sure what you understand about the new world order & illuminati as you dont address them , I say illuminati IS ‘corporate’ . Because I understand if you say Illuminati , people immediatly jump back & scream conspiracy theorist ( but you are that already anyway ) .I dont think your a ‘conspiracy theorist’ at all , I think your a truth seeker . I cant figure you out though as you seem like you dont understand how deep the corruption is ?
          the facts are The New World order HERE & IS IN CONTROL of ALL the media ,hollywood and the government and where the Abby martins and alex jones fit into this , i still havnt figured that out , and dont know if i can . But they are still the best sources to at least gain some sort of equalibrium in this twisted and deceptive world . But the very best source is Felipe Andres Coronel / Immortal Technique & Alex Jones , they seem by far to understand the most . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hUPdkxsOV8

      2. Professor Tracy, I’m curious. If one of your students presented you with an assignment demonstrating even a fraction of the illiteracyof this “lexi63” person, would you even bother to grade it? A third grade teacher would award anything this person has presented here an “F”.

        So I suppose I must congratulate you for actually having waded through it, and tried to comprehend what lexi63 is trying to say. It makes you a gentleman to dignify it, I guess. I may be a terrible boor, having absolutely no patience with it, but my opinion is that one of the only things we have as a culture at this point is agreed upon rules of punctuation and spelling, and if we don’t insist upon maintaining them, we are in real trouble. Well, we ARE in real trouble.

        Anyway, you are one of my new heroes (not because you dignify this illiterate contributor, whom I would ignore or even ban, just as a matter of literary hygiene, were this my blog). To stand up, as you have done, is more than commendable, and to continue to critique the ongoing weirdness of this Sandy Hook “event” is even more so. As they said in latin, “don’t let the bastards get you down.”

        I’ll keep reading, once “normalcy” returned to public discourse, and you are once again writing about chemtrails and other horrors.

    2. gayst: You pose some interesting questions…and I have come to a similar conclusion myself. The “incompetence” angle, of the state police and mass media, strains credulity.
      The recent spate of “mass murder lone gun suicides” has left us all collectively numb. At my job, no one even mentioned Sandy Hook. I have doubted everything from JFK and Oklahoma City to Columbine’s official narrative and the coup de grace of 911…but the Sandy Hook incident was like a punch in the gut. Was there some psycho who would kill all these kids and then himself as an inexplicably bumbling media and police investigation followed or was there some kind of false flag involving black ops to kill these kids as part of some over arching “gun grab”?
      Neither of those scenarios really adds up in the wake of it all. It could almost be some kind of Meta-event to test what the State-Media can get away with. Yes, it was serendipitous for the State to push gun Registration laws…but If the State-Media complex can create/stage events out of whole cloth what would be the limits to their power?

      Oh, yeah, lexi63…………We’re the Illuminati.

      “Nobody gets in to see the Wizard. Not Nobody.”
      -L.F.Baum The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

  18. Not only are news stations failing to do their due diligence in the case, but independent researchers are threatened when law enforcement authorities like Lt. J Paul Vance go on national television and specifically state that the only facts in the case are coming from “these microphones” and if anyone is caught misreporting information they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Apparently news stations are allowed to misreport and get facts wrong but if the layperson is caught doing it they will go to jail. At least that’s the message some law enforcement are wanting to send out there.

    1. I saw that footage live, and my take on it was different. I understood Lt. Vance to be saying – even to the ‘authorized’ journalists – ‘WE (the State Police) are defining the facts and the truth and if you report anything we don’t tell you, we will prosecute you’. Basically, ‘eat the crap we spoon feed you or we’ll slap you’.

      Now, I’m not sure what crime they would prosecute any journalist for, as I’m sure asking questions or pointing out unexplained inconsistencies isn’t defined as a crime anywhere in CT statutes. I also don’t think they could enforce such a statute on anyone writing from outside the state either. But maybe you’d be charged with some horse-puckey thing like ‘inciting citizens to dissent’? Maybe Vollmer’s crew would make you the next ‘crazy man’ shooting victim?

  19. I hope you do not consider asking questions to be trolling. You seem to think that there were multiple shooters, but I have seen no evidence to support this. Do you have any such evidence? If not, why do you believe this to be the case?

    1. Why people believe there were multiple shooters:
      1) 3-11 bulletts per victim
      2) initial reports of other suspects, including helicopter video
      3) skinny kid carries 2-4 pistols, a rifle, a shotgun, and hundreds of rounds of ammo. (that gets to be pretty heavy)
      4) high kill to wounding ratio (discussed by Prof Tracy in a previous post)
      5) all 4 doors opened in Lanza’s car

      help me out, people, that was just off the top of my head…

      1. Lanza reportedly died in NH the day before, per Social Security website. (I think it was reported as social security.) His mom the day before that. Also, ‘lead time’ to get that information verified and posted would make it probably the 10th at latest.

      2. Multipe shooter evidence :
        Police Transmissions excerpts::
        1. Multiple weapons including long rifles and shotguns
        2. Two shadows running behind the gym- yeah we got ’em coming at me on Crestwood
        3. Bewtween 9:35 am and 10 am am multiple reports “suspect down”
        4. Multiple personnel fleeing into the woods and hiding in the woods source helicopter video
        5. Maroon Van with multiple personnel wearing ski masks and a nun outfit
        6. CBS reporter John Miller tweet 1:13 pm 196 retweets “A potential second gunman is in custody”
        7. Newtown Bee – armed off duty SWAT officer caught at scene with no explanation yet.- here is his picture with asst State Attorney Warren Murray- WHO IS THIS MAN?WHY WAS HE THERE ?
        8. Parent witnesses observed all the car doors opened with multiple “sweatshirts” strewn about.
        9.. News reporter that multiple personnel were dressed as clergy
        10. Local reporter Libor Jany reports SWAT deployed to house on Philo Curtis rd- may be related to the shooting
        11. Excessive quantities of guns and ammo found at the scene

        Now why doesn’t somebody show us a SINGLE piece of evidence against Lanza? We have no evidence that he ever fired a gun or killed any living thing in his life.

        Maybe Chris Manfredonia invited Adam to make gingerbread houses with him and his daughter? Manfredonia lived two houses away from Lanza so did they have a rapport? Why didn’t Manfredonia drive his daughter to school in the morning if he was going their first thing in the am ? Manfredonia needs to be scrutinized.

        One look at the picture of Adam Lanza from the Frontline documentary and it doesn’t take a detective like Columbo to figure out that even armed to the teeth he would easily be overpowered by an average first grader.


    2. also, the woman placed on leave from the coroner’s office for showing Lanza’s body to her husband is very suspicious.

      Can you imagine how that might have unfolded?

      Wife: “Honey, you won’t believe this, but Adam Lanza was shot in the back of the head, there is no way that poor boy committed suicide.”

      Husband: “What? That’s insane. Why, that would mean… was anything we were all told true? I can’t believe it. I have to see this for myself. Can you sneak me in for a look?”

      Wife: “Yes. I want you to see it, too. You have to see it, so I can prove to myself that I’m not going crazy.”


  20. One of the biggest problems with the official narrative of the Sandy Hook shootings is the absence of a motive. First it was ” Adam wanted to slaughter kids in his mother’s kindergarden class to get back at his mother.” Then it was” Adam had a quarrel with faculty at the school”. Those were both proven completely false. (Where did they come from?) Now we get “Adam wanted to compete with Anders Breivik for highest body count”. This sounds like another attempt to come up with a missing motive. Why did he bother shooting his victims from 3 to 11 times each if he wanted the highest possible body count? Why didn’t Mr. Video Game Shooter just go for the simple double tap, and move on? Why didn’t he look for other classrooms to victimize instead of shooting himself when the police showed up?
    The truth is, that we really would not need a motive if the authorities would release the video footage from the school proving that Adam Lanza was the only shooter, and that the crime took place as described by the official narrative. The fact that they refuse to do this, or even to discuss the issue of video footage is a real red flag.

    1. In the event that Lanza was the killer, I think it’s inappropriate to look for a ‘motive’. That term means there was something that caused a person to think this was a good idea. And while that is an understandable thing to want to know about a ‘normal’ person, if Lanza was actually ‘insane’ (how could he not be thinking that killng a bunch of children was a good idea?) then ‘motive’ may not be an appropriate term as we might never understand even if he were alive and willing to explain.

      If Lanza wasn’t ‘guilty’ and was simply the ‘dead patsy’, then the motive of the real killers might be very useful information – as well as their accomplices who have so far generally escaped suspicion.

  21. My interpretation of this staged event is that the entire city of Newtown, CT is being held captive in some way or another, either financially, through coercion, or even with threats of bodily harm or death. That is the most likely explanation for this narrative to remain in the mainstream media on a daily basis, with little to any change in developments.

    1. Yes, either they are being coerced or the children were killed and they are in shock. It takes time for people to process extreme experiences. If my memory serves correctly, it took about a year before the victim’s families of 9/11 began publicly questioning the official narrative.

      I’m not saying I have the answer. But I do believe time will tell…

      1. Sadly, looking at 911 and other historical events – including May 4, 1970 – I can tell you that ‘time’ will only serve to bury everything but the official story, and eventually that, if ‘inconvenient’ to the TPTB will also be buried along with the entire event.

        Many kids who graduated in the ’90’s from high schools have never even heard of the Kent State University Massacre – it was only 20-odd years earlier. I know – when I told my GF’s kids I was there they said they had never heard of it. And nearly nobody today knows that two dozen colleges across the nation were shut down quickly after due to riots over those murders.

        And NOBODY was EVER held accountable as far as I know. The ONG Lt. who ordered the shooting was exonerated. “Lack of evidence” as I recall. “Four dead in O-hi-o”, …but no ‘evidence’.

      2. Yes Rev. Dave, all one needs to do is merely follow the money. I know for certain it is a combination of money and threat or actual carrying out of death that is the common bond in Newtown, CT. I believe that 28 people that we are told about did not die in Newtown that day. However, I am sure that there are deaths that occured that day related to Newtown that we will never have knowledge of even with very deep investigation.

        1. Well, if those ‘dead’ aren’t really, then they must have been bought off and moved away to new lives and possibly identities. If the event is truly a conspiracy, the planners (people like but not necessarily actually the POTUS and Bloomberg) would have had access to the funds to buy pretty much anybody – and clearly they had access to people willing to kill children, so those “Newtown dead” would take their cash and their new IDs and move where they were told and STFU so the baddies wouldn’t come after them.

          And I’ll bet there’s not a journalist in the nation who’s going to follow those families to see if and when they move, and try to find out where.

    2. Agreed, John. In fact I posted a similar comment not long ago. Precisely WHAT that ‘hold’ is I don’t know – probably a death threat, as anyone coming forward with ‘the real story’ would likely be paid a few million before it was even published so I don’t think its bribery. But even that isn’t enough cash if you’re convinced you or your family will die if you talk. And think about this – anyone who could kill 20 children to further a political agenda isn’t likely to think twice before killing an entire family to keep his involvement secret. That is, if the 20 kids were really killed. If Lanza was killed there that day. If… and if… and also if…. And all the ‘ifs’ uncertain.

  22. from thehill dot com:
    Lawmakers ask Facebook to remove pages ‘exploiting Newtown victims’
    Connecticut lawmakers on Monday sent a letter to Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg requesting he “remove pages that have been used to harass or exploit the families of Newtown victims.”

    Sens. Richard Blumenthal (D) and Chris Murphy (D), along with Rep. Elizabeth Esty (D), signed the letter to Zuckerberg, saying they have been in contact with “grieving Newtown families” whose personal requests to Facebook have gone unanswered.

    The letter cites over 100 tribute pages on the website lawmakers they say could be used to harass victims’ families or profit financially from the tragedy.

    “Many give the appearance they were created by loved ones in the names of the victims. Unfortunately, many of these pages have become vehicles for harassment, intimidation and possibly financial fraud,” the letter reads in part. “Pages providing platforms for people to violate the privacy of families as they grieve, or seek financial gain through soliciting donations under false pretenses, or generating Facebook ‘likes’ for marketing purposes, should not be given quarter in the Facebook community.”

    more at site…

  23. I am tending to agree with Lexi63 ‘ orchestrated on purpose – to divide and conquer. ‘ After looking at all the interviews of Sandy Hook, weighing up the differences and non information – and the questions not being asked by media. I am feeling they must have been told not to go down that road.. They are probably frightened of losing their jobs. or worse….Why aren’t the parents of the children speaking out.. if I were a parent I would be out there answering the public’s concerns, making sure my voice was heard.. if I had lost a child…I would be making a fuss, not hiding behind a door with so called police protection.. What are they playing at? Any one can see that this evidence doesn’t add up.. What are reporters paid for..some one out there should open up. somebody knows something.

    1. Exactly…just what are they playing at? It is so obvious someone somewhere is leading people to buy the official narrative which has been intentionally crafted to look ridiculously fake, thus making anyone who buys it seem really naive or unintelligent or both.

      The alternative indicated direction is that the ridiculous official story leads a second group to buy the official story in different way – that since the official story is so ridiculous and obviously fake, it must be true – it never happened and was a hoax.

      The first group calls the second group monstrously delusional conspiracy theorist who are so paranoid they don’t have a compassionate bone in their bodies and need to be silenced as they may very well produce the next Adam Lanza from their ranks. That this second group is so crazy they actually think somehow, some way 27 deaths could have been faked and an entire community populated with tens of thousands of people, hundreds of local, state and federal law enforcement, firemen and many emergency workers, the entire staff of Sandy Hook Elementary, all the families of the victims, their extended families and friends and quite a few funeral homes are “in” on the hoax and will keep this secret for the rest of their lives.

      The second group calls the first group deluded “sheeple” who are so glued to the next episode of The Kardashians or Honey Boo Boo that they are brain dead sentimental morons who very nearly deserve whatever horrendous fate is awaiting them around the next corner at a FEMA-camp-near-you. That it is sickening to watch the sheeple as they slurp up whatever bull is thrown at them while America, the constitution and the truth disappear along with all the guns. And so this second group spends all it’s time trying to prove Sandy Hook is Sandy Hoax.

      And every outlet of supposedly trustworthy news is firmly and brazenly pushing the official ridiculous story, yes, even PBS. Which leaves only people uploading videos on YouTube and bloggers to try to find the truth. Which is out there. Somebody knows.

      Somebody needs to take another look at Scott Vollmer and his mother, Sandy Hook Elementary beloved kindergartner teacher, Janice Vollmer. Perhaps the same beloved kindergartner teacher Nurse Nancy Cox stated was the killers mother?

      Because we need to find the truth at this point. The second group (which I am part of) isn’t the majority and it’s becoming increasingly isolated and without the truth being found, I could see some pretty grim actions taking place, like access on the internet and to information being drastically limited, as is already happening in regards to access to public records like the death certificates in Newtown, like people being forced onto psychotropic medications, like FEMA camps.

      While I can’t possibly buy the official ridiculous story, I’m not so sure it was a complete hoax either as that narrative has been too blatantly indicated. My intuition tells me both of these narratives are giving cover to the real truth which I think may be far more sinister.

      But maybe I’m just being paranoid…

      1. The New World Order – The Truth May Scare You .
        Hollywood,the media,the “government” ( which is NOT a government at all ) , 911 corporate /illuminati blew up the buldings , NOT sadam hussein , then all the deaths of whistle blowers –
        The Aurora shooting ( batman shooting ) , sandy hook ( which i dont think had any deaths at all – it was all a stage ) . Then all these deaths : Philip Marshall ,Keith Ratliff,John Noveski,Chris Kyle ( all mysterious deaths with no explanations & all related to gun control ) . The indefinate & illegal detention of Brandon Raub ( 911 whistleblower ) .
        Now if you care to really learn more then you might care to know because it is all to scarey watch this & the more segments you watch the more you will understand all the connections .
        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZ9MprYzxyA when you get to part 6 it starts getting really good . after you watch the series of ‘The Truth May Scare You ” things will become clearer and clearer .

  24. Professor Tracy, keep up the good work. As one of the many of the silent majority painfully aware of how the mainstream media shill their nauseating product to we the sheeple, I am always encouraged to see people such as yourself a bit like Don Quixote as well as the many underdogs as have been played in modern action movies, fighting an uphill battle against the fourth estate. Bravo and the good guys usually win!

  25. Slightly aside Professor, I noticed that you’ve pretty much fallen off the radar for the MSM lately. Seems to me you were ‘forgotten’ just about the time they were trashing you out and everyone in the nation seemed to be visiting and reading all about your Sandy Hook questions. Apparently they (MSM) gave you more traction and a bigger exposure than you’d had before, which was the exact opposite of what they intended, so you got dropped from one day’s news to the next. (As I recall, you were replaced with an oil refinery hostage situation in north Africa.)

    Would you agree with that summation, or is there more to the story that hasn’t made it into my attention? I did see your email exchange with AC 360, but that doesn’t explain every news channel dropping you the same day. Unintended ‘positive’ results of the attacks and a suggestion (or ‘order’) to all media to ‘just drop it’ would.

    1. I was under the impression that the limelight suddenly shifted to Manti Te’o’s hoax girlfriend and Lance Armstrong’s revelations on Oprah. As I was suggesting that Sandy Hook might have been a “hoax,” very real (yet insignificant) examples come to light. Wouldn’t this encourage people to look at news media more critically? Your observations are also reasonable, yet as my site’s own stats suggest there were far more people relying on the mass media’s interpretation of my remarks than actually reading my articles to find out what I actually wrote. Such media also realize the proven formula of smearing an individual and moving on before a serious discussion can ensue, assuming their audiences are inclined toward such.

      The array of media also appeared to be strategic in terms of intended audience and sensationalistic effect–CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Daily Mail, Yahoo News, local evening news, Inside Edition (which I never responded to) versus more “serious” outlets such as the New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, BBC. (NPR did address the story very briefly and Rick Stone from their local Miami affiliate WLRN wrote up what I thought was the fairest report on myself and the whole media frenzy.) BBC and Reuters contacted me but never followed up. To my knowledge one of the few more cerebral outlets that covered the “conspiracy theory professor” story very closely for a few weeks was the International Business Times. Limited intelligence hangout perhaps?

      1. “…the proven formula of smearing an individual and moving on before a serious discussion can ensue….”

        Excellent point, and one I had missed entirely. That’s embarrassing, as I’m usually far quicker than my friends to recognize propaganda techniques and examples. In fact, I’ve had to ‘school’ some of them by deconstructing some of the garbage political emails they get – but after a while they’re all pretty suspicious and sensitive to the propaganda attempts.

        As for whether the ‘replacement’ story was this or that – I would notice the ‘hostage’ thing in Africa, but the Te’o story was actually ‘old news’ when I became aware of it. Celebrity stories don’t light up on my radar.

      2. I’m thinking your affiliation with Project Censored (He is editor of Democratic Communiqué, journal of the Union for Democratic Communications, an affiliate of Project Censored, and a regular contributor to GlobalResearch.ca.

http://www.fau.edu/scms/tracy.php ) scared them off you.

        Anderson Cooper should have known better than to tangle with an expert. You’re no lightwieght, it seems to me.

        1. With their resources I can’t imagine they did not have their intel beforehand. A primary technique for discrediting an individual in the public eye is to intimidate them and catch them off guard (e.g. telephone them incessantly at their homes, go to their work and badger their bosses, film in front of their residences), preferably in a pre-recorded interview that can be dissected to make the subject look inept and/or crazed. Having someone who’s prepared in a live interview is something else entirely.

  26. I’ve made 10 youtube videos on Sandy Hook story and researched it to great lengths, even listening to the full police scanner a couple of times. I only recently came across a news report that said that one of the kids parents was the shooter without giving the source. I think the media created half of the story and then the police cherry-picked their favorite reports to go along with. Who can blame them, going “live” during a drill is a tough job!
    Now, I’m not saying no ppl were killed, I really don’t know at this point but I do know the media/gov are covering up something.

  27. it so happens that in July 2012, around the time of the Aurora Theater shooting, the UN had their Small Arms Trade Treaty which the US Amb didn’t agree to and now they are reconvening in March for another try. It’s all about timing.
    Also, Holmes trial is put off til late March and the gag-order for Sandy Hook witnesses is released then as well.
    I think they are going to admit it was all False Flags with a “oh, well it was necessary for the good of mankind” speech. And I bet sheeple will buy it.

  28. “You take the red pill-you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”-Morpheus-The Matrix

    I Just wanted to post this as a little warning or advice to people looking online for information about conspiracy related things. Things aren’t always what they seem.
    A few weeks ago I came across Joyce Riley’s Power Hour with guest Mike Powers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AP0QDUpHFE
    Mike is ex-military(we’re told) and strangely vague about his current background and the show host does little to clarify it. He’s well spoken and seeming knowledgeable about Sandy Hook and seriously questions what appears to be the official story. I’m intrigued, so I go to look up who this guy is, and can’t find any verifiable information on him. Weird. The show is apparently real though, and the host made a film called Beyond Treason, which I haven’t seen. This particular show went somewhat viral.
    Then along comes a “debunker” known as Junkseller. http://junkseller.hubpages.com/hub/Mike-Powers-Sandy-Hook-Interview-Debunked# who, a week later, tries to “debunk” Mike Powers and does a pretty good job pointing out his errors before bringing the reader back to the official line. Junkseller is anonymous, and claims to be raised by chipmunks in Michigan.
    Then a couple weeks ago, an anonymous Sandy Hook bizarre conspiracy video maker, known as RandomShots174 published a video of Mike Powers apparently calling into the Alex Jones show as Mike Hollingsworth.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCl87bk__Bc
    this was in 2009 and he was calling to report about a Fema camp in Montana. This same Mike Hollingsworth was apparently outed as an FBI informant a year or two later by the militia movement members. RandomShots credits youtube user chavspotter for pointing out the similarity. Chavspotter has created a video “debunking” the notion that the Sandy Hook school nurse was on the cast of the X-files. You can’t make this stuff up. Proceed cautiously.
    “But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
    “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
    “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
    “You must be,” said the Cat, or you wouldn’t have come here.”
    ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

  29. On file 201212141008-820425-6686 (South Central Region Area Police) at 1123 a.m. Newtown time, an officer says:

    Male: “Be advised, there’s a canine unit; if you’re facing the building to the right – it’s following a track from the suspect car. If you can get a visual on that…it looks like the dog was pulling hard.”

    Later a TAC officer says, “Start off into the woods on a track in front of the building.”

    If that was really Adam Lanza’s car –the suspect vehicle–the track should have gone into the building, not into the woods.

    The official story is that Lanza drove to the school, got out of the vehicle and shot his way into the school, and then killed himself inside the school.

    But the dog is saying the person driving that car got out of the vehicle and went to the right of the school and into the woods.

    That audio, and much other audio from that and subsequent days, is available to researchers at this link.


    The beginnings of a timeline/transcript are in the same folder. Any corrections/suggestions appreciated.

  30. Very good & interesting writting Dr. Tracey , I would highly recommend a book I’m now re-reading “The rape of the mind” by Joost A.M. Meerloo M.d. It will provide an in-depth & analytical view of whats’ happening in America currently for your blog readers and yourself . History always repeats itself … Always ! Thanks again for seeking the truth .

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