It’s no secret that journalists working for the bulk of mainstream news outlets seek to uncover and exploit every facet of gruesome events such as ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner’s apparent rampage or the December 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown Connecticut. Such routinized reporting typically involves generating grist for the 24 hour news cycle by identifying and maximizing all possible video evidence while interviewing every witness willing to speak before the camera. This is exactly how coverage of the two incidents may be distinguished.

Corporate media coverage of Dorner’s exploits reveals a great deal when compared to reportage of the Sandy Hook tragedy. In the case of Dorner a multitude of interviews emerged of those who encountered–or nearly encountered–the former policeman and soldier. These included “Dan,” the boyfriend of a hotel desk attendant who witnessed Dorner’s odd attempts at avoiding security cameras, auto parts store manager Majid Yahyai whose video surveillance camera recorded Dorner discarding ammunition in a dumpster, Karen and Jim Reynolds who Dorner briefly held hostage, and Dorner carjack victim and Boy Scout leader Rick Heltebrake.[1] Excepting “Dan” each interviewee was clearly identified in accord with proper journalistic norms of attribution.

Even a woman matching the description of Dorner’s mother was vigorously pursued by broadcast journalists after being encountered and captured on video surveillance at a neighborhood lounge as the manhunt played out.

Sandy Hook’s Unsung Heroes

Along similar lines two short months ago at Sandy Hook Elementary several hundred students and teaching staff immediately or indirectly (through the school’s intercom system) encountered the attack police maintain was carried out by Adam Lanza. Yet the nation’s press corps that swooped in on Newtown could only manage to produce interview footage with a handful of students, teachers, and parents. Even among these there is confusion and uncertainty in terms of who exactly the individuals were. What mattered more, it seemed, was the extent to which they could be integrated into the broader narrative.

While sometimes amateurish and dubious, the Newtown Bee’s coverage is key since it initially established the narrative tone for ensuing Sandy Hook reportage that informed (or disinformed) national and international audiences.

For example, the Bee carried an excerpt of an interview with Sandy Hook principal Dawn Hochsprung on a December 13 post to the paper’s site.[2] “Sandy Hook School Principal Dawn Hochsprung told the Bee that a masked man entered the school with a rifle and started shooting multiple shows [sic] – more than she could count –that went ‘on and on.’”

Upon news of Hochsprung’s demise the story changed, yet the identity of the actual interviewee–if one actually existed–was never revealed and in the revised piece there is no mention of such an interview.[3]

The same may be said for interviews with onlookers and family members the Bee claimed gathered at the crime scene, all of whom remain curiously anonymous in a report.

One young man, in his late teens to early 20s, screamed “Who would do this? What kind of person would do this?” He had a sister in the school, and watched anxiously as class after class left the building. Other parents, some on their own, stood still, hoping for some positive news from the school … One man in the parking lot had a call from one of the teachers inside the building, reporting that the children in her classroom were safe. Others crowded around him, calling out names and hoping for something about their children.[4]

Interviews with other survivors that would have in all likelihood eagerly recounted their valorous acts are also strangely absent from subsequent press coverage. For example, while a Sandy Hook library clerk’s ordeal received national exposure,[5] other library workers, the school’s custodian and cafeteria employees highlighted in the Bee’s aforementioned story[6] are nowhere to be found. “There was the school custodian,” the Bee observed,

bleary-eyed and shaking off expressions of thanks and praise, who, as shots were ringing out, reportedly ran through the school halls making sure classroom doors were locked from the inside … There were the library staffers who heard commotion on the school’s public address system and learned there was a gunman in the building … And two cafeteria workers who heard shots and dropped to the ground, crawling into a utility closet and locking themselves in until help arrived.[7]

As I have suggested above and elsewhere, out of well over one thousand students, parents and school staff a proportionately minute number are interviewed in succeeding coverage of the event while there is virtually no aerial coverage of a mass evacuation or rendezvous at the nearby Sandy Hook Fire Station.

CCTV of Dorner and the Lanzas

In the case of the Christopher Dorner affair surveillance videos have emerged verifying several instances of the alleged killer’s existence over a very brief period of time leading up to his demise. He was recorded buying scuba gear, disposing ammo in a dumpster, and attempting to dodge surveillance cameras at a hotel where he lodged. And as noted, CBSLA journalists believed they encountered Dorner’s mother at a neighborhood tavern. All of this footage was unhesitatingly reported by news media outlets.

Yet in the Newtown event, aside from the lack of video surveillance footage of the shooting scene itself, no such video has emerged of Nancy or Adam Lanza practicing at gun ranges, purchasing or attempting to purchase weapons, or even carrying out routine errands such as buying gasoline or grocery shopping. Indeed, it is as if Adam Lanza in particular did not exist—an observation actually made by one CNN correspondent in early coverage of the massacre’s aftermath.

On February 19 the “official” version of the Sandy Hook tragedy will be further ensconced in the public mind through a special PBS-Hartford Courant Frontline collaborative production. In light of what essentially qualifies as state propaganda, understanding how the Newtown tragedy was so obviously misrepresented by the nation’s news media vis-à-vis similar events remains especially important because it provides an indication of not just the mechanics of the media’s manipulation of public will and consciousness, but also how we as a society describe and recollect such dark events.

Setting aside consideration of their spontaneity or design, taken as a whole these occurrences have grave political implications because they are being used by the Obama administration as a rationale to seriously compromise the Second Amendment, much like how the events of September 11, 2001 were utilized by the Bush-Cheney regime to undermine the Fourth Amendment and usher in the costly and interminable “war on terror.”


[1] See also Mary Beth McDade, “Exclusive: Man Carjacked by Dorner Speaks Out,” KTLA 5, February 13, 2013; Adlolfo Lopez and Robert J. Lopez, “Couple Recounts Harrowing Dorner Ordeal,” Los Angeles Times, February 13, 2013; Steven Luke, R. Stickney and AP, “Video Shows Manhunt Suspect in National City,” NBC 7 San Diego, February 10, 2013; Itaca Milanes, “Hotel Clerk Says Dorner Acted Strangely,” ABC10 News, February 12, 2013.

[2] The layout of the page is disorderly because the original page was removed from the internet. Therefore this page is not able to link to any of the style sheets as well as any images.

[3] “Shooting Reported at Sandy Hook Elementary School,” Newtown Bee, December 14, 2012.

[4] “Shootings [sic] Shock the Community;Parents Desperate for Information,” Newtown Bee, December 14, 2012.

[5] Matthew Lysiak and Larry McShane, “Library Clerk at Sandy Hook Elementary School Saves 18 Kids From Demented Gunman,” New York Post, December 15, 2012.

[6] “Shootings Shock the Community.”

[7] John Voket, “Stories of Heroism Emerging From School Shooting Tragedy,” Newtown Bee, December 15, 2012.

Republished at on February 16, 2013.

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50 thought on “The Sandy Hook Massacre versus the Dorner Rampage: Corporate Media Double Standard”
  1. The Sandy Hook janitor story is odd.
    Today he was present while President Obama honored the slain teachers.

    He is identified as “Rick Thorne, a Sandy Hook custodian credited with clearing hallways during the Dec. 14 shooting.”

    yet above you have the Newtown Bee saying he was checking that doors were locked from the inside, but other reports say he was ensuring doors were locked from the outside…

    I think it’s a big difference if doors are locked from the inside or the outside. The difference being if the person is locking oneself in or being locked in…

    Here’s another account of the janitor:
    A custodian warned of the gunman by running through the halls, said 4th-grade teacher Theodore Varga.

    “He said, ‘Guys! Get down! Hide!'” Varga said. “So he was actually a hero.”

    Here he is also identified as being commended for locking classroom doors:

  2. I got my belly full of propaganda at Kent State in the late ’60’s. In 1970 I got so much more that I came to a conclusion I’ve yet to question since. To whit: Propaganda is lying, and the source of it has no good intentions toward the recipients. It is always used for evil ends.

    So if you recognize ‘propaganda’, you can know who your enemy is.

    If any of you can explain to me why that conviction should be revisited, give it your best shot.

  3. Can someone give me a straight up answer to this question. Was an AR -15 really used in the Sandy Hook false flag? I have heard yes and no.
    Great article, really good comparisons between the two events. What is the scary thing is how society doesn’t challenge the lies they’re being fed.

    1. Official version settled on by authorities is AR-15, made by ME Carver and Lt. Vance on afternoon of Dec. 15. Yet former Pentagon spokesman Pete Williams asserted on morning of Dec. 15 on NBC that four pistols were found in school, suggesting these were the weapons used. See the SH Timeline for sequence of all claims.

      1. Also remember that on the morning of the shooting, some LEO was overheard on the police scanner, reporting from inside the school, saying they had a rifle and shotgun in sight.

        On the 12/15 NBC broadcast, Pete Williams specifically said that state and federal officials had told him that the only weapons found inside the school were 4 handguns.

        And on the UNEDITED nighttime helicopter footage of the LEO’s searching the trunk of “Lanza’s car”, there is a AR-15 pattern rifle being taken from the trunk BEFORE the removal of the Shotgun that everyone is familiar with seeing.

        Add to that, the photos of Lauren Rosseau’s car that has bullet holes entering AND EXITING her car.

      2. I’m replying to baladas, below, but didn’t see a reply link 🙂

        I have gone over the police audio and even editted down all the cuts into managable bites by taking out all the dead space.

        You should be able to hear them here…unless you’re running explorer…in which case you’ll have to go directly to sound cloud.

        Anyhoo…I would be willing to bet money that what is actually said is…

        “Units in the pool, be advised we should have multiple weapons including long rifles and shotguns.”

        I think the officer is letting other officers know they should be well armed.

        I haven’t done up a new timeline for the editted audio files…but I will.

    2. From the police audio where he says “we’ve got long rifles and shotguns” I kinda think he’s outside the school looking in the trunk of the black Honda when he says that. Because both the Bushmaster and Saiga 12 were found in the trunk by my theory. Someone either put it in there after the shooting or there were 2 Bushmasters. The story really didn’t change until after ME Carver (slipped up?) and said everyone had wounds from a long gun. Which I’m not sure why he even felt the need to mention, seeing as how he seemed to have no idea what caliber they were at all when asked about that. But he’s 100% sure all the wounds were from the long gun.

      The extended night aerial footage shows what I’m convinced is them removing 2 guns from the trunk. You can see the brown suited cop racking the slide on a gun, camera blurs & cuts away. Now he’s racking the slide on a second gun. You know its the second one because shortly after this, you see him set the gun on the left side of the trunk. Right after that, white suited guy picks up a long gun from a different spot (the right side of trunk) After that a guy picks up the rifle from the left side. That one you can’t clearly identify as a rifle conclusively in the low quality video I have, but you know its a gun because you just saw the cop set it there where the 2nd white suited guy reached in and picked the object up.

    3. The thinking behind them not using the AR-15 inside the school is for concealment purposes, to gain entry to the school if they did come in thru the front. All they would’ve needed is a fake id to get in, then they killed the person who would’ve been the one to let em in didn’t they?

      Otherwise it would have been nice to hear from the person whom’s job it was to watch the camera at the front door. Was that person off taking a dump or something when this all went down? How is it that no one in the school had any idea what was going on while they watched him shoot his way in the school on the camera? Isn’t there like an alarm they press or something if SHTF?

      Maybe there was 4 handguns & an AR15 found in the school, and a Shotgun and an AR15 found in the car, but all that was just getting too ridiculous to try to explain why so many guns, so they had to tone it down and get rid of some of those guns out the equation.

  4. Good points on inherant bias which is the net result of the liberal attitude that we must trust the authorities because they are the experts; “mental health” is in a crisis and requires many interventions by the authorities; guns in the hands of those who do not have full credentials and training are bad; “all the news that’s fit to print” does not include uncomfortable issues, pictures, language and so forth. As a result we have an explosion of government mistrust, disbelief in what the media reports as the truth, etc..

    I’d like to see an extensive FAQ on this event from both sides.

  5. So they are using our tax dollars (PBS) to answer all of the questions we have regarding how the tax servants (the police, etc) failed to present truths to us. Must be their CNN network, who was totally exposed by VeteransToday for showing false footage of the event, and recently has presented totally outlandish and untrue stories, is no longer thought to be credible enough to convince us. Take this ‘news event’ on Mr. Dorner for example:

  6. Dr. Tracy,

    I just wanted to let you know that I eagerly anticipate each of your posts. You have opened my eyes regarding the Sandy Hook massacre and the corporate, state controlled media in general. I support you! Tracy for President, lol!

  7. Remember the media saying all day long the shooter was the son of a kindergarten teacher? Know why ? BECAUSE THE SHOOTER WAS THE SON OF A KINDERGARTEN TEACHER! The problem was the media and police wanted to blame Adam Lanza and then the equation was thrown out of balance. Then for obvious reasons they all scrambled to change their story.

    The school nurse Sally Cox told Andrea McCarren tha tshe knew the shooter and went on in great detail that the shooter’s mother was a kind, loving experienced kindergarten teacher. Later she changed her story in an interview with ABC and said she only saw the shooter’s feet.

    How could she have known that the shooter’s mother was a kind loving experienced kindergarten teacher by only seeing the shooter’s feet?

    That is also why Lt Vance avoided answering the question when a reporter asked if the shooter’s mother had any affiliation with the school. Lt .Vance knew the answer didn’t he?



    1. While a most intriguing theory, it would be much easier to accept had another reporter not had an encounter with someone claiming to be someone they were not.

      I’m speaking of John Voket and his brief interview with the deceased Dawn Hochsprung. Since it was clearly not Ms. Hochsprung that means Voket spoke to someone who only claimed to be the principal to plant a false story line.

      It is reasonable to speculate that may not have been the only false witness delivering quotes that day. Although why they would choose to insert such a demostrably false asserition is beyond me.

      I’ve spoken with the Newtown Bee and corresponded with Mr. Voket. You can read their comments here.

      1. Hey Swansong19 when you follow up with the Newtown Bee why don’t you ask them about the armed off duty SWAT officer that was caught at the scene with Lanza? The reporter’s name is Andrew Gorosko.

        I would think that issue is much more compelling than someone mistaking somebody else for Dawn Hochsprung.

  8. Has anyone found a lapdog media explanation for why someone whispered “end the life of Adam” on the police band? Because that’s kind of a red flag right there.

    It’s all very Lee Harvey Oswald really, it’s just that citizen journalists are all over this quickly this time and so the propaganda is collapsing. Although to be fair there’s an awful lot of Selbstgleichschaltungs- a lot of drugged hypno-citizens watching ‘reality’ tv instead of thinking.

    Lotus: the breakfast of champions.

    1. I think its we’ve pretty much figured out hes not saying “end the life of Adam” there, it just sounded like it. He said “Aim the rifle at him”, most likely from when they chased after the guy in the woods.

  9. Has anyone attempted to get the utility bills for that school? Many people are saying it did not look like it was being used due to the condition of it..It would seem the records would be public record–I think the payroll, water and electric bills would confirm whether that was a fully functional school..

    1. GREAT IDEA – WOW great idea – i dont think it was an operating school , WHERE are all the students,faculty,teachers,parents ? there should be 12 parents and about 600 more students and the faculty to run ths place ? they dont exsist – and all the ‘survivors’ i have seen are proved to be ACTORS .

      1. None of the survivors have yet been proven to be actors. It would be up to the news media that did the initial reportage to nail down the identity of interviewees; whether they did this consistently is doubtful. Further, Scott DeLarm who took photos of the school in late January that are featured here in a January 28 post, has noted that the facility had signs of life even on January 21, such as inflatable balls observed in one of the school’s playgrounds.

    2. The school was certainly not functional on the day of the event, there certainly was not hundreds of students there that day.

      There is a tarp on the ground covering something between the playground and school in the google earth views, and it is there on the day of the event (or non-event lol) also, this and a few other minor points are the strongest indication I can find that it is a derelict school but it is not enough to make a case.

      Sorry but I don’t have time to find a vid but the tarp is definitely there, it represents a trip hazard in an area where kids run and play so should not be allowed to be there for an extended period.

      It may just be a sign that he school was in financial difficulty, or maybe they were allowing the school to run down because they knew this event was gong to happen.

  10. I dont think anyone died at sandy hook ( beside maybe lanza and his mother) who where then plants , i think the whole thing was a scam . i think they are ALL ACTORS . there are the 1200 PARENTS whose children went to this ‘school’ . where are 600 children that attend this so called ‘school’? where is the faculty that works ate this ‘school’? where are the towns people ? where are they all ? were they beamed up? where are the ‘survivors’? the only people i see on interviews are obviously bad actors and all interviewed BY CORRUPT MEDIA OUTLETS . so I believe NON OF IT . we need professional INVESTIGATORS to go in there and this should bring the whole CORRUPT MEDIA AND GOVERNMENT TO ITS FILTHY KNEES

    1. A student in last term’s Conspiracy class brought this site to my attention, which suggests how much I have yet to learn. The notion that many world leaders are occultists flies in the face of what passes for common sense.

      1. the ILLUMINATI – please go to you tube and watch the series “The Truth May Scare You” ( it starts getting good at about #7 – but start at the beginning & dont skip ), it takes hours to watch them all – if you didnt believe before watching you will be a believer after watching this series, I promise. I used to deny all of it , God,i said O hell no, where ? these sandy hook conspirator freaks are joking I would say ! 911 conspiracy theorists are nuts i thought .
        WELL . Not any more . after hundreds of hours researching all of it and spending the last several years researching 911- the illuminati , God of course found me during all of this & my searching of , all the government assasinations lately & in history and the hoax’s pulled on the American peole around the country ( the illuminati taking more & more control of the poor dumb people who refuse to look for answers – that is after all what they count on – ignorance of the people ).
        I am a now a firm BELIEVER in God, the illuminati , the creepy, the crimals in washington & on the boob tube are all just as complicit as the others . Knowing what you know then adding this This series under your knowledge belt will make you too and anyone who puts te time in a believer . Truth is stranger then fiction . do your self a favor , do your students a favor and assign you all to you tube & the series ” THE TRUTH MAY SCARE YOU” – you will be glad you watched them all.. .

  11. The cameraman that is being yelled at runs a place in Danbury , CT called the Big Picture . This man is attributed with many Sandy Hook photos and more . Im wondering what the fuss was about but , Mr. Duffy wont answer my messages.

  12. Mr Tracy, thanks again for your posts.
    One question that also has not been answered is this:
    “The shooter was identified as Ryan Lanza, 20″…..later was corrected as “Adam Lanza, 20” Was confusing originally because the ID found on Adam was for Ryan. But wouldn’t this result in the original shooter identified as Ryan Lanza, 24? How could this mistake be made?

  13. News! The Hartford Courant and Frontline have a Sandy Hook show on PBS tonight, and Yahoo news is carrying an article about it.

    The strange part is that once again we read that Adam Lanza “…attended school as a child.” at Sandy Hook Elementary. First he did, then he didn’t, and now for TV he did again, apparently. Either that or the writer of the piece is just repeating falsehoods and hasn’t seen what Frontline has to say about it yet.

    Just thought you’d all be interested in this. The Yahoo news piece is here:

  14. About the car… So do we know who this Christopher Rodia guy is? Did he have any relation to the Lanza family? Was it his car (it looked as if it could be the same one) that had the long gun(s) in the trunk? If so, where is he now, and why? Certainly, he was violating a ‘gun free’ zone at the least if those were in his car and regardless of if they were his guns or not.

    And if that isn’t the car Lanza drove, how did he get to the school? Where is HIS car? This is really getting pretty confusing, isn’t it? If it is the car Lanza drove, how is the officer whose voice we hear in the video saying that ‘the suspect is here in front of me’?

    I’m really having a hard time sorting out all of these apparently conflicting details. But then, I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to doing that either.

  15. I did send an email to the Newtown Bee admonishing them for failing to adequately report on the Sandy Hook massacre, and failure to identify the subjects of the ‘falsified’ Hochsprung interview. So far, no response.


    More importantly what does the overall available evidence in totality suggest regarding what transpired on December 14, 2012?

    A. Adam Lanza – A frail, shy, computer geek, lone gunman with no history of violence, no affiliation with the school, no evidence of firearms proficiency or usage, no evidence of resentment or anger toward his mother, never leaving his mother’s basement, from a wealthy comfortable background suddenly smashing his hard drives, initiating an attack by first killing his mother then wearing a mask and carrying an AR-15 and two separate handguns, a shotgun in the trunk, with hundreds of rounds in numerous magazines ? without any motive at all ? without any witnesses? without any video? without any 911 calls identifying Lanza? In the end Lanza left only one identified wounded survivor and one unidentified wounded survivor. Are we really supposed to believe that Adam Lanza performed that act with that level of lethality without any evidence at all? After all of the previous false reports about Adam Lanza now we are expected to believe this absurd fallacy?

    or is alternative B more likely ?

    B. A team of personnel including those trained and familiar with firearms and accompanied by someone very familiar with the school security procedures and features ?

    Listen to the radio transmissions between 9:39 and 9:55 am and observe how many “suspects” are apprehended. We have both audio and video evidence of multiple personnel fleeing from police. We have evidence suggesting multiple weapons with excessive quantities of bullets and magazines far exceeding what a lone gunman would attempt to carry especially a frail 115 pound computer geek. Who was confronted on Crestwood? Who ran away into the woods? Who were the others in the woods that evaded arrest? Who were the personnel wearing ski masks and a nun outfit in the maroon van and why were they suspects? One member of a SWAT Team from another town was detained and we have no explanation yet for his presence?

    So based on the evidence readily available to the public which conclusion seems more plausible? Adam RAMBO Lanza or Scott Vollmer and associates?

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