A cross section of kill-to-injury ratios of major mass shootings suggests that if Adam Lanza acted alone in carrying out the Sandy Hook Elementary School carnage he was among the most accurate killers in modern history, exceeding even the lethal damage meted out by Al Capone’s machine gun-wielding henchmen in the infamous St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Incident, # of shooters, weapon(s) used Shot Killed Wounded Kill-to-wounded ratio
SANDY HOOK (2012) 1 shooter, AR-15, .223 27 26 (96.2%) 1 (3.8%) 26:1
Aurora, CO (2012) 1 shooter, AR-15, .223 71 12 (16.9%) 59 (83%) 1:5
Tucson, AZ (2011) 1 shooter, Glock 9mm 14 6 (42.8%) 8 (57.1%) 1:1.2
N. Ill. U (2008) 1 shooter, 9mm 26 5 (20%) 21 ((80%) 1:4
Virginia Tech (2007) 1 shooter, 9mm pistol 49 32 (68%) 17 (32%) 2:1
Columbine, CO (1999) 2 shooters, 12 ga., 9mm 33 12 (36%) 21 (64%) 1:2
U. Iowa (1991) 1 shooter/.38 spec. 6 5 (83%) 1 (16%) 5:1
Stockton, CA (1989) 1 shooter AK-47 35 5 (14%) 30 (86%) 1:6
École Polytechnique/Montreal  Massacre (1989) 1 shooter, Ruger Mini 14 .223 27 14 (52%) 13 (48%) 1.1:1
Cal. St. Fullerton (1976) 1 shooter .22 LR semi-auto 9 7 (78%) 2 (22%) 3.5:1
U. Texas Tower (1966) 1 shooter, various 48 16 (33%) 32 (67%) 1:2
St. Valentine’s Day Massacre (1929) 2 shooters, .45 submachine guns 7 6 (85.8%) 1 (14.2%) 6:1

Never mind the facts, however. The public has been repeatedly told by corporate news media that the December 14, 2012 incident was exclusively carried out by the awkward 20-year-old man with virtually no firearms or military training.

“The debate over gun violence gained urgency after a gunman killed 20 first-graders and six adults on December 14 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut,” Reuters observed as recently as February 7. “The killer, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, used a Bushmaster AR-15 type assault rifle to shoot his victims before killing himself.”[1]

Over the past seven weeks mainstream media have spoken in one earsplitting voice to drive home the now familiar “lone gunman” storyline ostensibly proffered by law enforcement while dismissing a multitude of important evidence indicating a far more complex scenario.

Indeed, as information recently pointed to by Digital Journal indicates,[2] in a widescale rush to judgment major news media have neglected vital information and statements from Connecticut state authorities suggesting that Lanza may have had accomplices.

In a December 26 court plea to postpone release of contents yielded through five search warrants, Connecticut State Attorney General Stephen Sedensky argued that unsealing such findings might “seriously jeopardize” the investigation by divulging evidence heretofore known only to other “potential suspects.”

Pointing to “information in the search warrant affidavits that is not known to the general public,”  Sedensky also argued that opening the warrants would “identify persons cooperating with the investigation, thus possibly jeopardizing their personal safety and well-being.”

The prosecutor’s statement came less than two weeks after Connecticut State Police Lieutenant J. Paul Vance told reporters how there were “some cards that we’re holding close to our vest.”

In light of the above and alongside a wealth of additional evidence calling the “official story” into question, the corporate news media’s long-running and continued emphasis of the “lone gunman” narrative appears increasingly fraudulent. The question remains whether this is merely a case of slipshod reporting or part of a more intentional mass deception against the American public.


[1] Thomas Ferraro and Richard Cohen, “House Democrats to Unveil Gun Control Package; Mirrors Obama’s,” NBC/Reuters, February 7, 2013.

[2] Ralph Lopez, “Sandy Hook DA Cites ‘Potential Suspects,’ Fears Witness Safety,” Digital Journal, February 5, 2013.

Republished at GlobalResearch.ca on February 9, 2013.

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75 thought on “Corporate Media’s “Lone Gunman” Storyline Losing Ground”
    1. I agree with you 100% Rita. I also have suspicions concerning the one week hostage story of the 5 year old “autistic” boy in Alabama that was ongoing last week, complete with 20/20 ABC specials, etc. Things just don’t add up perfectly there either.

  1. >>used a Bushmaster AR-15 type assault rifle to shoot his victims before killing himself.

    The medical examiner was very clear that Lanza didn’t use the Bushmaster on himself. Two to four handguns supposedly were found with Lanza’s body.
    This is poor writing at the very least.
    But then again, the press can say anything they want; it’s not official, it’s just printed rumor

    1. Sorry – the medical examiner explicitly said ” The long gun was used in the shooting of the victims”. His unprofessional responses/interview can easily be found on youtube,. A transscript can be found at globalresearch. He was very clear in saying “the long gun killed/was used in the shootings”, he even went on to talk about how that type of weapon effected the body). Sorry, but it was clear as day.

      Also, NBC came out and made a correction sometime later, saying that (4)handguns were found in the school, and near the body.The long gun was shown being taken from the trunk of the car – later that night, and was handled very unprofessionally as well, considering SOP at a crime scene where youd want to preserve the evidence w extreme care.

      Also, recent statement from Conn. St. Attorney, in his plea to to keep the evidence/info/info of witnesses from being released to the public – said that release of such info would endanger witnesses, and let out info thatd be known to only other potential suspects/persons of interest.
      Also, the video of the man captured in the woods also shows not just one man escaping – but 2, keep your eyes to the left of the screen, where you can see a crouching figure then stand up and creep away only after the officers had the other man on the ground.
      Recordings of dispatch/officers from that day also show that they were chasing, and had” “them” coming at me”.

      Also, it makes one wonder, what kind of ppl, and in what position /contacts they have/had that would be in deep enough to (not escaped to far far away) to be able to take out such important witness who obviously where there, and saw more than just Adam….Also, seems to suggest not just reg. teens/purely civilians..but people who could make use of that info released to cover-up involvement.

      Seriously suggest you listen to State Med Examiner/Coroner, who once had a pig put through a wood chipper to demonstrate what the striations/marks would look like . (in a case where a man did that to his wife).So, in his S. Hook press conference it is worthy to note how unprofessional,(seemingly at a loss to simple, valid Qs, LOL, etc) he was in arguably one of the most important cases of his career. Later he commented that he hoped (paraphrase) that this didnt come and crash down on his/ Newtowns heads later. (actual quote easily found if u truly do care to look)

      But he most definitely states that all wounds came from the “long gun”.


      1. Now that you mention it, Leigh, pulling those guns out of the trunk like that would have been very unprofessional – probably enough to make that piece of ‘evidence’ inadmissible. But, if the goal was to pull it out and make a show of retrieving the gun for a camera when one was nearby, then it was done right on que, don’t you think?

  2. Who was the one wounded? as far as Im concerned there was 27 shot (20 children +6 teachers all female + Adams Mother) Where is this person that was wounded? There were initially two reports by the Media that two men had been wounded and were in the Hospital and the State Trooper Press conference stated they were anticipating a lot of information from these two….but then I never heard any thing more and the media never said anything more about it…..

  3. The narratives included by the state attorney general is perhaps the most convincing evidence that we don’t have the full picture.
    One simple question remains in my mind: if the school had such an advanced security system, and Adam Lanza is suggested to have entered with the bushmaster weapon… Simply release the video showing how he entered the school.
    Such a release would perhaps be as incriminating as if the confiscated tapes were released which showed what actually struck the Pentagon on 9/11.

    1. “Another whack job”? Hardly. This was more likely a case of State sponsored assassination. Marshall was a former contract pilot for the CIA. Read about what happened to Barry Seal who flew for the CIA during Iran-Contra. Marshall was awaiting insider documents regarding 911. Marshall was a former insider who wanted Americans to know the awful truth.. When the family dog takes a bullet, it’s because it was barking at an intruder. This man was no whack job, he was a patriot. How pathetic that you can not discern the difference.

  4. Great stuff, Professor Tracy. A kid afflicted with Asperger’s Syndrome would typically be withdrawn, and not an aggressive sharpshooter with the accuracy of a three-man kill squad.

    Why does everyone in Sandy Hook seem to rive a Black Honda (Adam’s mom, Gene Rosen and Chris Rodia, the mystery felon from Norwalk, CT whose car was in the parking lot).

  5. Professor Tracy, you are a thermonuclear truth weapon for the people. It’s no wonder the power system set a whole network on your butt. This argument is devastating for the meida stortyline.

    The Lonely Gunman was initiatly formulated for Oswald, who the media initially maintained that he shot Kennedy because he was lonely in his childhood. Due to the confirmation bias, the media has used variations of this sstory ever since for the homicidal conspiracies. But this Anomaly will even penetrate the consciousness of the American people, I predict. During the tv commercials of course.

  6. Just wondering if the professor would have a different opinion of the kill ratio taking into account the “fish in a barrel” aspect of this case? According to the police scanner, 18 children and one teacher were all found in a closet in the kitchen. Doesn’t that rather tip the odds in favor of the shooter? Why would the police/MSM invent the two classroom scenario? That is the real question.I do not think that there was only one shooter, in fact I wonder if Adam Lanza was actually there. But I view the kill ratio to be a kind of diversion away from more important questions such as if 18 children were found dead in the kitchen closet, where were the remaining two children found and why was it so important to create the 2 classroom fiction scenario?

  7. I showed this arugment to my wife, who is much smarter than I am. She is a lawyer who evaluates appellate arguments for a living. She was also impressed, as is relaying it to selected colleagues.

    However it occurs to me that this argument is not yet Scientiic. We do not yet know whether the difference between the various incidents is Statisitically Significant.

    I haven’t done one for so long I can’t remember how to do them, but if one of your academic colleagues or students remembers, or you do, then your arguement will not not only be devastating, it will be politically scientific. Possibly influencing academics who believe in that kind of stuff.

  8. A simple equation to analyze:
    No bodies + No body bags + No blood + No sheets + No broken glass + No shell casings + No pictures (cell phone) + No surveillance + No motive + No injured (documented) = NO CRIME SCENE.

    The only concrete evidence that anything at all happened is the scheduled FEMA drill for 12-14-12 in the general area. I am not a lawyer, but I would bet the House that there is insufficient evidence to even charge an alive “suspect” with anything at all in any court of law, even if a few items are removed from the left side of the equation.

    1. It is safe to say that there were ZERO shooters in the Sandy Hook Event. The only shooting that went on that day was conducted by mainstream media video cams.

  9. Here we go again, a bunch of conspiracy addicts whose lives depend on the theory that government is a malevolent force at the center of wanton and merciless killings….Satan is the orchestrator, and in this case likely played havoc with Adam’s idle and spoiled life and mind with all the paranoia that goes with kids like that. He was at Dick’s sporting goods trying to buy a gun and Nancy was seen at shooting ranges in New Milford and other towns where such records are notably sketchy. I would hope that the other side of these dangerous theories would be presented, not just a bunch of ditto heads who apparently need a conspiracy to explain their withdrawal from the larger society and potentially, the united progress of people of good will and intelligence.

    1. Rocky from Milford, the “other side of these dangerous theories” are presented on a regular basis via major media–a central observation of the article overlooked in your comment. As for whether the Lanzas frequented gun stores and ranges, it is well within the ATF’s powers to obtain video evidence of incidents since stores and ranges are required to have CCTV and two years of video backup from such. Those of us espousing good will and intelligence appreciate honest arguments accompanied by genuine proof to back them up.

    2. There is no evidence at all the Lanza attempted to buy a gun at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Furthermore Dick’s did not carry the AR-15 so what type of guns was Adam Looking for there if he did go? This story was a complete fabrication just like the story about him being committed via probate conservatorship, just like the story of the altercation at the school the day before the incident. Media lie after lie after lie.

    3. Rocky the Troll.

      Who says, “…whose lives depend on the theory that government is a malevolent force….” to those who simply question what has been reported and what is being withheld? I’ll tell you who: Someone who is either a troll or is a completely close-minded dolt who gladly wolfs down every piece of tripe that your government and your media feed you.

  10. What proof do they have that Adam killed his mother? I never thought him capable of this, even under the influence of induced psychosis. I never heard anyone from the press say he “allegedly” killed her. What kind of journalism is that?

  11. They have changed the story from repeatedly telling us there was one wounded to now saying there were two wounded, I kid you not.

    It is now official (as far as I can tell) that there were 2 wounded adults, but the name of the second wounded person has not been released, nor do we know the circumstances or if it was a teacher, just that this second adult was shot in the lower extremities.


    “Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance confirmed that a second adult was injured and survived, saying both were wounded in the “lower extremities.” Initial reports last week suggested that only one person had been injured and survived”.

    This is the sort of thing they needed the 90 day gag order for, to try to get one cohesive report, or hope everyone has lost interest by then.

      1. Unusual is putting it mildly, especially given the police arriving in three minutes from the first 911 call, even allowing for extra time that would average one dead approx every 10 seconds or less.

        It is also unusual that there are virtually no details of the supposedly second survivor.

        Even more unbelievable is that only two children were sent to hospital and the rest just pronounced dead on the scene, by who we don’t know because… Quote: ” On Dec. 14, none of Newtown’s EMTs entered the school.”


      2. Try taking a look at Autism Speaks (www.autismspeaks.org) – “the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization, dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments and a cure for autism; increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders; and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families.”

        As they describe autism, “Many of those on the autism spectrum have exceptional abilities in visual skills, music and academic skills. About 40 percent have average to above average intellectual abilities.”

        I don’t suppose you find it remotely possible that Adam had a natural, “exceptional” ability to fire quickly and with a high degree of accuracy, simply because it was a visual skill that he excelled at?

      3. Raul wrote: “I don’t suppose you find it remotely possible that Adam had a natural, “exceptional” ability to fire quickly and with a high degree of accuracy, simply because it was a visual skill that he excelled at?”

        This was not some video game with a lightweight plastic gun, he was supposedly using a real and heavy weapon, he was carrying many more weapons and many many clips of ammunition. Each shot would have recoil.

        All the photos of the vegan Adam Lanza show him to be a very slight and physically weak person, this was no Rambo.

        So, no, I don’t think it physically possible an untrained skinny weak kid could fire quickly and with a high degree of accuracy simply because he may (or may not) have a high “visual skill”.

        I have taken my girlfriend to the firing range and I can tell you that she can not physically fire any real weapon in quick succession, let alone accurately, and looking at adam lanza I somehow doubt he would be able to do much better.

    1. Perhaps the second wounded person was ‘collateral damage’ shot by one of the cops. That would explain why it’s not in the MSM, as it wouldn’t work well for supporting the ‘only ones’ to have guns should be cops theories. Nobody wants the only guy in town with a gun to be a cop who shoots the wrong people.

  12. Adriaen of blog Adriaen22 argtues, cogently, that the kids and their teachers and adults could have all died by bleeding to death. The cops or whoever did prevent the first medical responders from treating them at the site. This is an alternative explanation to multiple shooters, which for many other reasons. as well, appear likely.

    The police routinely think that treating the wounded is the medcical people’s job, not theirs. Of course more appears to be involved here.

    1. I think the only alternative answer as to why no medics (as far as can be ascertained) entered the school is that there was no shooting, and therefore no victims to attend to.

      let’s be honest, the whole day was a staged sham.

  13. A second (adult!) survivor is very interesting “new” news to me!

    We need to hear from this person ASAP, but the key to exposing this staged (or not?) event is interviewing the father(?) that is said to have been held & released by the police on that day.

    Was he really wearing camo pants for a school visit? If so, why? Was he really the man seen running away from the police in the woods? If he was not dressed that way, then who was the man running through the woods?

    The live helicopter video of the foot chase & capture of a man in camo pants & black jacket must be explained in a full disclosure format before I could accept a “lone gunman” explanation at this point.

    All the other problems with the official story like “not mom’s car” in front of the school & “face book memorials” (Shades of 9-11 & the BBC’s Jane Standly story!) that predate the event itself need to be explained as well, but that helicopter foot chase video is at the very top of my list of oddities that need answers.

    This discussion on kill/wounded ratios is a distraction that is almost off topic to my way of thinking.

      1. The Newtown Bee reported that an off duty armed tactical squad officer was “spotted” in the woods. There is no evidence to suggest this is Manfredonia.


        A local reporter tweeted this picture who is the apparent SWAT guy that was detained at the scene. I thought that I would pass this along.


    1. You clearly know nothing of firearms or wound ballistics, Moron. If you think that this disparity can be explained by any advantages you purport for the lethality of .223/5.56 ammo over .45 rounds fired from similar length barrels into victims at close range, then you are an abject buffoon. What technological advancements would give the .223/5.56 round such an effective advantage that it would explain this disparity, especially when you consider the elevated wound incidence involved in the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre? Please inform us, Moron.

    2. mseminack – So, what you’re saying is that someone like, even you could shoot with this accuracy? Maybe Lanza was an idiot savant and was a gifted shooter? C’mon…open your eyes.

        1. But it helps a great deal. As Pat C. notes, there are other especially comparable massacres I did not include, including Dunblane where a gunman shot 5- and 6-year olds, mostly inside of one closed room much like SH, with a ratio of 17 dead and 15 wounded (18 counting perpetrator). Another major shooting along these lines in the UK, the Hungerford Massacre, also had ratio of 17:15.

  14. James… continue to do your excellent job…

    i wanted just to add something funny:
    in the first moment media tried to show:
    “Suspect in massacre tried to buy rifle days before, sources say”

    (but you need to be 21 and wait 14 days to buy rifle in connecticut)

    and more recently media try:
    Exclusive: Probe of Newtown shooter Adam Lanza focusing on murderer’s ‘psychotic break’ and unlocked guns


    so..if the guns were unlocked, why to try to buy more…

    1. Because Lanza didn’t know he’d have access to the guns on the day he committed the crime? They may have been in a locked safe the mother kept the combo ‘one off’ so that it would be easy to open. Adam shot his mom with the .22 because it was the only weapon they had that makes virtually no sound when fired (an audible pop is about all you hear).

    1. Here is a video of one of the wounded. Some suggest this is Janet Vollmer. The only one publicly acknowledged as a wounded adult, to the best of my knowledge, is Natalie Hammond and I do not believe this is her. There is also a question as to which hospital received the second victim. Danbury was the fastest potential available site and was on code silver awaiting wounded. Yet supposedly the request of the second victim was believed to be sent to Griffin in Derby CT which is a much slower transport.

      So I hope this helps


  15. They have said that the .223 was left in the trunk. The killings were all done with the 4 9mm handguns they found at the scene. So, why are we showing stats using the .223 as it’s role in the shooting went out with the mood ring.

      1. I speculate that Peter Lanza (father of Adam and Ryan) conspired with professional killers to have his former wife and son murdered. The deaths of Nancy and Ryan relieved him of the financial responsibility to pay alimony and child support which was substantial.

        The primary crime scene is the Lanza home; Sandy Hook was a diversion masterfully planned by the killers to distract law enforcement and create a media storm against gun ownership. The cops had the real shooters in custody but their incompetence let them get away and out of the country.

  16. The Newtownbee reports that Senator Lieberman has volunteered to head up the committee to decide how to spend the $8.5 million collected by the United Way. “The foundation will reach out and offer to administer funds set up by other groups. Mr Rodgers said the town has compiled a preliminary eight-page list of people who have been raising money but may have no idea how to operate legally as a charity.” Wow!

  17. For many inquisitive people in the Constitution State, the moral of the story is that the powers that be here are desperately holding on to their secrecy. This editiorial today in the Waterbury paper is appropos: http://www.rep-am.com/articles/2013/02/11/opinion/703273.txt

    Secrecy rules in Connecticut

    “A wise and compassionate government errs on the side of disclosure; of keeping the public informed and letting the chips fall where they may. A government that reflexively recoils from releasing data the public wants or needs may harm the people it claims to represent — but in the long run, it harms itself by surrendering credibility. Eventually, people start believing government is hiding its own lawlessness, rather than defending anyone’s privacy or following the letter of the law.”

    1. The place where this “event” took place has been closed to students for at least five years. Sandy Hook is an active school, but has been in the location of the Chalk Middle School for many years. The only thing that has been “moved” is the school lettering. The school in the videos and photos was the former Sandy Hook Elementary School. It has a leaking roof, really run down parking lot, and the absence of current utilities. The video surveillance shows handicapped parking spaces painted in the color yellow. The American’s with Disabilities Act of 1994 required that all handicapped parking spaces be prominently painted in blue and white, not yellow. Also, if you look at the video of the black Honda with the two jackets on the ground, look beyond the car to the top right and you will see several sheets of plywood leaning against the wall of the building. This plywood was removed before “the event” and reinstalled soon after 12-14-12.

      1. Thank you, John. People have gone to great lengths to dispute this…so I’m glad to read your post here.The problem with this blog is that comments are so scattered between all the various posts it’s difficult to follow each issue. This is a major issue. Could you kindly say where you found this information? Others have said that
        new buildings were added to the campus over the years.

  18. This tragedy has striking similarities with the Port Arthur massacre of 1996 in which 35 people were kiled and another 23 woulded, supposedly by Martin Bryant, of 29 years with the intellect of an 11 year old. Port Arthur is located on a peninsula on the south-eastern corner of the Austrlian island state of Tasmania, itself to the south of the eastern end of the Australian continent. Port Arthur is a large historical tourist facilty situated on the remains of an infamous penal colony. Only three days ago, I was contacted by Keith Noble, an expatriate Australian who had written a book about the 1996 massacre. He advised me tht he was inspired to write the book by an article I had written myslelf on 3 April 2010, “Was Martin Bryant the Port Arthur killer?” at http://candobetter.net/?q=node/1931 . The draft 1.2M PDF of chapter 5, which examines the ‘evidence’ against Martin Bryant can be down loaded from that page. The direct link is http://candobetter.net/files/DRAFT.PART5_.MASS_.MURDER.TAS_.AUS_.pdf . It has also been briefly summarised at http://candobetter.net/?q=node/3176 .

    Please download the PDF and freely distribute it.

  19. Some comments here-
    I’ve been reading/investigating a lot and I think what bothers me the most about this entire event is the lack of panic/chaos. I’m in the emergency services field. I’ve been on calls where EMS is needed just to comfort relatives of victims etc- (for example- we’ve gone to calls for heart attack victims where one spouse is sick/deceased and we are there just to support the family member who is upset.)- I cannot fathom how 20 children were shot and killed and no one is screaming/fainting etc. I would expect there to be massive panic from parents- screaming- running etc- There is not much that would stop me from trying to get into that school. Why are there no parents needing EMS? No one collapsing in shock or fainting?? I’ve seen people faint when their 90 year old grandmother passed away!….. The other I cannot understand is why wasn’t EMS/Medics allowed into the scene to try and save anyone that may have been viable- … On another note- the one thing I think where I get stuck on this whole thing is- If this were indeed a scam of some kind- Where are the kids??? While I don’t believe anything the MSM has reported- I also have a hard time getting my arms around if nothing took place- than where are the kids? If they were indeed shot- Who is their right mind would do this? (if it was not Adam that acted alone)- If the Gov’t was involved in some fashion- who signed up to kill children??? I can’t seem to get my mind around that piece-….

  20. I see how the statistics could speak for the shooter’s accuracy, however, we have never dealt with a massacre against children in this age group before. I think it’s very fair to suppose that any child’s small, devloping body would be fatally wounded much more easily than an adult’s or teenager’s. Secondly, these kids were presumably all huddled together or at the very least, all sitting behind desks in an orderly fashion in small classrooms, not scattered randomly around a cafetria or library. We really don’t have comparable statistics to measure this terrible event against.

    1. Yes, in fact we do. No offense, but you really shouldn’t comment when you clearly have no knowledge of the subject, and could have easily checked into the facts and disproved your own theory.

      In the Dunblane Massacre in the UK, a gunman entered a closed kindergarten class and shot the students and a teacher who was protecting them. 17 dead, 15 wounded. Barely over 1:1 ratio, compared to SH’s 26:1 (BTW, the second highest ratio ever that I can find is the VA Tech’s 2:1 ratio, so SH is 13x higher than the second-highest of all time).

      1. Let us also remember that originally we were told – I believe by the state’s coroner – that every one of those kids had been shot multiple times. Its on film. I seem to recall that he’d said each was shot three times. (THAT seems strange enough to me – like the killer would count out three shots for each? I think not.)

        If that is true, it could explain the high ratio for the killer. But how and why would an untrained kid who was ‘crazy’ at the time have known to ‘triple tap’ every victim? That kind of thing would normally only be a part of tactical training – police and military mostly.

        To me that merely reinforces the question about who was actually pulling the trigger. There’s nothing I’ve seen presented so far to suggest the Lanza kid knew that kind of tactic or had that kind of training.

  21. Every shooting is unique. The high casualty rate is easily explained by point blank firing at IMMOBILE targets. Also, children’s body mass contains a greater percentage of vital organs, and they have a young vital heart to help pump all their blood out of their wounds.

  22. Hi. My name is André Zanini Barbosa, Im from Brazil. We had a few weeks ago a tragedy where more then 230 people died. Please. use this taglines on google. “boate kiss incêndio” you will see footage, 3d sketches, dead people on vid, rescue attemps all on video. You will see what real and fake look like.

  23. 2002- Robert S. Flores, 41- 3 dead 0 injured 3:0

    2003- James Sheets, 14- 2 dead (himself included) 0 injured 2:0 (or 1:0 if you will).

    2003- John Jason McLaughlin, 15- 2 dead 0 injured 2:0

    2005- Jeffrey James WEISE, 16, 9 dead, 0 injured 9:0 (missed that one didn’t you??)

    2006- Carl Charles Roberts IV 5 dead, 5 injured- 1:1
    Closest to Sandy Hook as they come

    2008- Latina Williams 2 dead no injured. 2:0

    2008- Matti Juhani Saar1 (Finland) 10 dead 1 injured (semi-auto pistol) 10:1

    2009- Gunman (germany), 17- 15 dead 2 cops injured, no victims survived. 15:0- end game VERY SIMILAR to Sandy Hook 9MM pistol.

    2011- Wellington Oliveira, 24 (pistols) 12 dead, 12 injured 1:1
    Wellington killed all the girls he shot at and wounded all the males.

    2012- Shane Schumerth, 28- 1 dead 0 injured 1:0

    2012- Mohammed Merah, 23- 6 dead, 0 injured 6:0

  24. Everything from the sounds of the shots heard to the physical damage done to the victims and to the glass near the entrance all point to the shotgun being the primary weapon used. Watch the linked video in high definition and you will see 4 men clearing out the trunk of the black Honda.

    One guy holds the Saiga shotgun in his left hand while he carries the Bushmaster upside down in his right hand. It has a CAA ARS Sharp Shooting Carbine Stock and scope is all we see. Some confuse this with a camera but the man at bottom right has the camera. The man at top left carries the Saiga magazine.

    The only reason I can see for removing the guns at night in this manner is to show the Saiga while trying to hide the Bushmaster.(which was supposedly inside the school). I think we have police trying to fool other police and LE agencies with this maneuver.

    View full screen at hi def.(2nd video on left column) – http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Connecticut-Shooting-Gun-Control-Debate-Newtown-183636481.html

  25. Yes, the Port Arthur massacre should be studied by more Americans. Almost supernatural shooting ability, allegedly by a mildly retarded man with no military training.

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