Was the tragic January 10 shooting at Taft Union High School part of a drill that “went live”? This is the impression one gets when analyzing media reports of the incident, such as those from CNN correspondent Khung Lah.

Taft School District Superintendent Bill McDermott stated that on the morning of January 10 at 7:30AM PST Taft Union High School staff participated in “lockdown training.” The public school, located roughly two hours northwest of Los Angeles, encompasses grades nine through 12 with about 935 students and 64 faculty members.[1]

According to CNN, just one hour after a routine school lockdown drill, a student armed with a 12-gauge shotgun opened fire, seriously injuring another student who was taken to hospital in critical condition.

In a January 10 exchange between CNN’s Anderson Cooper and correspondent Kyung Lah, the latter reveals how the incident arose from a drill that went live minutes later.

Kyung Lah: Another thing that they’re also crediting are drills. The school, Anderson, just this morning, had a drill as to what to do if a shooter was in the school, a drill that became real life just an hour later.

Lah’s observation of the peculiar coincidence was left undeveloped by program host Anderson Cooper, who immediately steered the reporter in a direction more supportive of the overt storyline.

Cooper: Do we know what the teachers, the administrators said to the student to get him to disarm? And also, do we know what the motive of targeting these – like why there was, you know, allegedly this hit list or why he might have targeted these particular students?

Are there historical precedents to such events? Is the US government involved in cultivating terrorist acts? Meticulous researchers and political analysts place beyond question that major terrorist incidents including 9/11 and the London 7/7/05 bombings arose from one or more terror training drills that had the potential to suddenly “go live.” In such instances the only ingredient is the insertion of real bullets or incendiary devices.

In his landmark study, 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in the USA Webster Tarpley explains how public terror events can arise from such government drill exercises proceeding alongside and/or in direct association with the unfolding event. For example, when the September 11 terror attacks took place no fewer than 15 governmental and military drill exercises were occurring simultaneously.

“The principle directly at stake here,” Tarpley observes,

is that state terrorists wishing to conduct an illegal terror operation often find it highly advantageous to conduit or bootleg that illegal operation through the government military/security bureaucracy with the help of an exercise or drill that closely resembles or mimics the illegal operation. Once the entire apparatus is set up, it is only necessary to make apparently small changes to have the exercise go live, and turn into a real hecatomb … A drill simulating a terror attack provides the greatest possible camouflage of the criminal intent of the perpetrators and allows the terror attack to occur through minor departures from the scenario script. All these drills try to be as realistic as possible. But the greatest realism is the actual terror attack.[3]

Such apparent subterfuge has become a common feature of terror attacks. Evidence also emerged that during the July 2011 Oslo Norway attacks anti-terror drills were being carried out beforehand when a bomb was detonated in or near the building where the Prime Minister’s office is located. Yet the public only found out what was happening when they began hearing explosions nearby. According to a report in Aftenposten:

Armed police were seen in the area around the opera house in Oslo, and violent explosions could be heard over large parts of the city. No one knew that this was all a matter of practice. The Information Section of the Oslo police deeply regrets that the public was not made aware of the seemingly dramatic exercise….It was the emergency squad, the national police special unit against terrorism, which was conducting a drill in the cordoned off area at Bjørvika pier …. The exercise followed a familiar pattern for all anti-terror forces around the world: The men lowered themselves down from the ceiling and through the window that had just been blown out, while they fired their weapons.

Along these lines following the London 7/7/05 subway bombings Peter Power of Visor Consultants told the BBC that his firm was carrying out an exercise to monitor explosions going off in the same stations of the London underground at times identical to when the real explosions occurred.[4]

At Taft Union, Kero County Sheriff Donny Youngblood explained shortly after the January 10 shooting how the Federal Bureau of Investigation was present throughout the event.

They’re here really to see—to make sure this really isn’t a federal incident. And they’re here to really observe and—and—I mean this is—we knew this was going to get national attention and, uh, our local FBI stepped in and I asked them to stick around because we—they can learn if we have another event down the road of any kind where we use the FBI. We work hand-in-hand. This county has the best interaction with law enforcement agencies probably anywhere in the country, and we want to keep it that way and that’s part of the reason you saw them here.[5]

During many “live shooter drills” professionally trained actors often work in association with federal and state authorities to make the drill look as life-like as possible. For example, according to the Crisis Actors website, in such a mall shooting drill

actors can play the part of the shooters, mall employees, shoppers in the mall, shoppers who continue to arrive at the mall, media reporters and others rushing to the mall, and persons in motor vehicles around the mall … Crisis Actors can also play the role of citizens calling 911 or mall management, or posting comments on social media websites. During the exercise, the producers use two-way radio to co-direct the Crisis Actors team from the mall dispatch center and at actors’ locations.[6]

In other words, throughout such events actors are strategically deployed and manipulated to control the entire situation. In the event that a drill potentially “goes live,” these actors are poised to play decisive roles in determining how such an incident will be presented to news media and the broader public.

It is now confirmed that the FBI is a principal force behind would be terrorist events to perpetuate the “war on terror.” The agency is known for finding impressionable individuals and “assisting and encouraging” them toward committing crimes, including acts of violence.[6]

Suspected shooter Bryan Oliver, a 16-year old now being tried as an adult for the incident, had a reputation for unpredictable behavior and was expelled for several days after threatening student peers. Angela Hayden, whose 16-year-old daughter attends Taft, claimed Oliver threatened to kill her daughter and other students last year while on a field trip to Universal Studios.

“He was telling everyone that he had a list of people who messed with him over the years and that he was going to kill them,” Hayden told the Los Angeles Times. “Everybody knew about this kid.”[7]

The December 14 Newtown Connecticut school shooting included features arguably similar to an “active shooter drill” which, following from the above, is not to suggest that the event did not take place. For example, were “actors” observed fleeing the scene and being apprehended by police outside the school? The identities of these individuals cannot be confirmed as they were not heard from again, the media largely failed to follow up on the suspects, and their identities remain undisclosed by law enforcement.[8]

Further, in the event’s aftermath separate media interviews reveal the seemingly contradictory accounts of parents and residents who in many instances simply cannot seem to get their stories straight.

To date there has been absolutely no video footage or photographic evidence released that would have in all probability been captured on the Sandy Hook School’s new security surveillance system confirming exactly how the incident transpired. Also, the press has been forbidden entry to the grounds despite the fact that law enforcement authorities have repeatedly confirmed Adam Lanza as the sole perpetrator of the mass shooting.

In the event that government authorities may be involved in coordinating “active shooter drills” that have the potential to unexpectedly “go live” one thing is certain: no public spaces remain safe for children or the broader citizenry.


[1] RNN Staff. “Victim Expected to Recover After Suspect Opens Fire in CA Classroom,” WISTV.com, January 10, 2013.

[2] CNN, Anderson Cooper 360 Transcripts, January 10, 2013.

[3] Webster Griffin Tarpley, 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA, 4th Edition, Joshua Tree CA: Progressive Press, 2007, xi.

[4] Webster Griffin Tarpley, “Norway Terror Attacks a False Flag; More Than One Shooter on Island,” tarpley.net, July 24, 2011.

[5] ABC23, Student, “Teacher Shot at Taft High School, [accompanying press conference on video]” January 10, 2013.

[6] Project Censored, “FBI Agents Responsible for Majority of Terrorist Plots in the United States,” October 10, 2012.

[7] “Authorities Probe Whether Taft High Shooter Threatened Students,” Los Angeles Times, January 10, 2013.

[8] Connecticut State Police Lieutenant J. Paul Vance now asserts that a man police chased into and apprehended in the wooded area by the school’s gymnasium was merely there “chopping wood.” Tim Brown, “Clearing Up a Few Loose Ends in the Sandy Hook Shooting,” Freedom Outpost, January 10.

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  1. BrendanHunt.com has a great breakdown – he was the first person I saw to correctly point out the ‘long gun’ taken from the trunk of the car was a shotgun.

    I still think the Rodia thing is odd – was that his car or not? If not, then his story of being warned while parked in a fire zone stands, as you can here the different voice say ‘run the operator then …’ followed by the Rodia details. So that story is raging but seems inaccurate.

    This however, must be explained :


    How does Sandy Hook end up targetted in the Batman movie, marked on a map matching Newtown that places a red circle over Sandy Hook Elementary at the same location of the Stadium attack in the movie.

    This is so blatant, it shows pre-knowledge / conspiracy / false flag, or the only other explanation would be the prop guy lived there, put it on the map for posterity or some such reason, and then this kid is a giant batman fan who spotted it and decided it was a nice touch to do his mass murder suicide there.

    This latter theory is pretty radical – it shows diabolical intent, pursued without hesitation to the end. If this isn’t a central issue being pursued in this investigation, then the whole thing clearly is a charade.

    Obviously there are all these Facebook and web pages started days or even weeks before the shooting – I mean, how much of this crap must we put up with?!?

    Last but not least, I think it was on The Idaho Picker’s channel, I saw reports of grants coming in the prior two years to Newtown to revamp businesses in a revitalization project. Here is an example of those tax dollars at work :


    A bloody handprint and an all-seeing heart in the palm? Are we living in a horror movie now?

    Adam Cassidy

    1. An alternative to the batman props procurer secreting hints into a mainstream movie of a mass conspiracy that only he was privvy too.

      Perhaps Adam Lanza watched the movie, surely he did. Perhaps he saw the Sandy Hook reference. Perhaps in his own mind that was the trigger of ‘divine’ (or infernal) providence?

      That theory should be investigated as well.

      1. The property master on ‘Dark Knight Rises’ happened to live in Newton, which explains why he would put Sandy Hook onto the map.

        He died in a car accident in April, 2012.

        ” A 46-year-old Newtown man who worked behind the scenes on numerous blockbuster films was killed in a head-on accident on the Merritt Parkway Friday evening.

        Scott Getzinger, a property master who provided props for more than 25 films, including “Spider-Man,” “Independence Day,” “The Truman Show” and the upcoming “Men in Black III” and “The Dark Knight Rises,” died at Stamford Hospital after sustaining severe injuries.”


      1. What amazes me is not the connection to “The Dark Knight Rises” but to “The Truman Show”. What could describe this fake event any better than that film!!

      2. The driver of the Lexus that killed Getzinger was no doubt part of this massive conspiracy and angry with Getzinger for exposing the plot involving the CIA,and Libor scandal individuals like Lanza’s father.

    2. The American people have spoken. We will explain the 2nd amendment to you. As defined auto-matic, semi-automatic assult weapons will be illegal!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Say good bye to your killer weapons thats fun for you too hold and play army men!!!!

      1. And what precisely makes you think unarmed whiners will take any guns away from an army of over 100 million gun owners who don’t want it done? If they’re all so dangerous, just what makes you think you’ll get any guns at all? Police and military are on their side, not yours. Are you going after them yourself?

        I suggest you go hide somewhere until you get a clue about life. Them that have the guns make the rules. THAT is why we have the Second Amendment in this country.

      2. smdavidson, what you don’t understand, with you primitive intellect is that a gun is a tool. It is neither good, nor evil. A human being is the one who chooses to use that tool for good or ill. Guns are not the issue here. Legal gun ownership is not the issue either. Nor are legal gun owners, or semi-automatic rifles. Pay attention, you might learn something…..

        According to the ‘official’ story, some deeply troubled young man STOLE guns from a law-abiding owner, and shot his mother, children and teachers with them. Mrs. Lanza lawfully owned those guns in a state with some of the strictest gun laws in the country. She did not commit the crime. A lawful gun owner did not commit the crime. So how and the hell can you justify punishing law-abiding gun owners for a crime that was perpetrated by someone who did not own those guns?

        Are we still in grade school? Everyone gets punished for the actions of one person. So by that logic, we should outlaw just about every single tool that has ever been used by anyone to harm anyone else. That is how all of you little dirty diaper wearing Socialists think. You want daddy (THE STATE) to take care of you, and make it all better. You think that daddy will change your butts for you, and feed you, and give you a job, and keep you safe. In return, you worship daddy, and do whatever he tells you, and think how daddy wants you to think. Sind Sie nicht ein gutes Deutsch? (Aren’t you a good German?)

        You Socialists are all children, and your smart ass comment proves your lack of maturity. It’s no wonder that you don’t want to honor the Constitution, which actually requires a citizenry with a high degree of personal responsibility to make it work.

        I’ll make a bold declaration right here and now. When daddy (the state) decides to bring the hammer down upon the citizenry of this country, and rest assured that’s in the cards, little whining, cowardly Socialists like you are going to see the real face of what you worship. And make no mistake, you worship the state. You may go to church, but let’s face it, your God is THE STATE.

        Oh, and one more thing for you, the 2nd Amendment is written as thus;

        “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

        Meditate upon the meaning of that for awhile..

      3. I get automatic, and I get semi-automatic, but what is the “assault weapon” part about? I think you meant, “scary.”

        What most don’t bother to consider is that, all guns that chamber a round after a round is fired is semi-automatic. Weirdly, revolvers aren’t considered semi-automatic. Something like 80% (guessing) of all guns are semi-automatic.

      1. Assault weapons are irrelevant to a well regulated militia and unnecessary. Guns have very limited usefullness, 99% of the time other self defense options and weapons are much better.

      2. Michael Wolfe, smdavison is not a Socialist. No way. He’s doing a really good immitation of a laughably absurd, completely disingenuous adult infant, incapable of logic, reason, and conscientious thinking: a Socialist he definitely aint. But here’s the deal, Michael – are you ready for an enormous surprise? When you peel back every last layer of this stinking onion known as what’s going on in USAmerica today, what you discover to your utter astonishment is this: It’s the very same people who want to gut the second amendment and disarm the people who taught you to despise Socialism. Trust me on just this one thing, Michael: I know full well how outrageously absurd that last sentence sounds to you, I know how hard that statement just crashed up against the wall of everything you think you know about Socialism. Michael, I am not a Socialist. Nor am I a Communist. But I’m also FAR too clued-in to fall for the decades of outright lies and concocted propaganda that cause people to have this kneejerk reactionary “Socialism/Communism boogeyman gonna get you” stance. Like you – like all USAmericans – I grew up awash in the ubiquitous project to villify Socialism and Communism, I was told all my life that Socialism and Communism are simply Satan’s own evils to be feared and stopped at all costs.

        Then I grew up, became capable of hunting down my own biases to keep them from preventing me following the truth to WHEREVER it leads, did decades of diligent, sober, serious research with a teacher who taught me to think all around every side of every issue with extreme care (I owe that very wise teacher everything), and lo and behold I learned what a crock of devious bullshit all that “American edumacation” anti-Socialist programming was. Today, I can calmly articulate for you both the upside and downside of Socialism, I can tell you where Karl Marx got his economic thinking correct and where he screwed up (He was not stupid nor was he evil nor was he up to what you’ve been taught to believe, even though I disagree with him in the end). I can calmly – sans all emotion – explain for you the good reasons why I am not a Socialist – I can show you the distinction between ‘soft’ Socialism (like having social security and fire departments) and ‘hard’ Socialism (having a centrally-planned economy planned by the government), I can help you understand that there is a very great difference between what your average workingman-on-the-street Socialist wants and what the despicable, anti-humanity wealthpower giant socialists at the top of the pyramid aim to do. I can assure you those people at the tippy-top of the insane economic wealthpower pyramid have no qualms at all about using a perversion of Socialism to own everything and everyone.

        Michael, the Unlimited Personal Fortunes Capitalists KNOW how Capitalism works, they KNOW that THEY are strangling Capitalism, and they’re doing it anyway.


        Michael, I have climbed every one of the steepest learning curves that exist. I am that rare USAmerican who has accepted responsibility fully commensurate with the enormous power my country wields around this globe, I am not only willing but oh so EAGER and active in peoplerule governance – the very thing USAmerica is SUPPOSED to be about. I made it my serious business to become the best and most-accurately informed person I know, I have become one of the ones “they” can never own, I’m one of the ones they’re going to have to shoot. What I want you to take away from this post, Michael, is this: the trickery and deceptions go WAY deeper than you know, there are rabbit holes behind the rabbit holes beneath the rabbit holes beside the rabbit holes, Michael, and by helping people think that running screaming in the opposite direction at the mention of the word Socialism is the proper thing to do you have just unwittingly done the work of your true enemies for them.

        I repeat: It is the very same people who want to gut the second amendment and disarm the people who have fed you the “Socialist boogeyman gonna get you” crock of crappola all your life.

        If only both the left and the right in this country could jump out of their wellworn mental grooves long enough to discover how they are BOTH being played to the hilt like a fiddle, we might finally see how the real baddies rigged the global game so that THEY win every time at YOUR expense, no matter WHICH ideology prevails, left or right!

        Michael, the guy who wrote this “No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine” … that guy exited the State Department once he learned what’s really going on, became a whistle-blowing author exposing the dirty deeds The State commits with impunity – and he is – OMG – a Socialist.

        Again, things are NOWHERE NEAR as black and white as the people have been led to believe, and remaining loyal to black and white “thinking” serves to very effectively aid and abet the purposes of the very people who really are the full-on enemies of liberty, freedom, justice, democracy, safety, security, fraternity, prosperity, peace, equal rights and human happiness.

        1. You would be doing the nation a great favor if you had your own blog where you would walk everyone through all of what you’ve done – perhaps starting with definitions of terms so that they aren’t tossed about as ‘whatever is convenient at the time’ insults. Some dissection of news posts – e.g. statements from politicians or White House press releases – might be of help too? We all need to regain some ability to think, and most Americans today seem to find that just too hard to do. So we’re condemned to using emotionally laden terms to try to get some emotional (but never thought out and rational) responses from each other.

          If you have a blog, please provide a link. If you don’t, please consider writing one.

      3. Rocky, I agree with Rev. Dave: please start a blog!

        Also, for a “beginners” book about how both sides are the same side I recommend the legendary “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” written by Gary Allen in 1974. In a concise 141 pages he explains it clearly with facts. Here is a link to it at Amazon. Read the 2nd review which summarizes it neatly.


        And, his other book the Rockefeller File about the tax-exempt foundations is also great.

        Virtually every book listed under the “People who bought this book also bought…” section is a primary source of information about this topic.

      4. Oops, I didn’t know that Amazon was so clever and could upload a huge photo of the cover! I wasn’t trying to be overbearing here–I thought it would just show the link.

  2. Yes, in the latest edition of his book Tarpley details that there were 46 drills on 9-11. Yes, 46. In interviews & at his website Tarpley also explained about drills and second shooters not only in Norway but at Fort Hood–and how, just like Aurora and Newtown the 2nd shooter(s) are quickly expunged from MSM memory.

    Washington DC, July 24, 2011 – The tragic terror attacks in Norway display a number of the telltale signs of a false flag provocation. It is reported that, although the world media are attempting to focus on Anders Behring Breivik as a lone assassin in the tradition of Lee Harvey Oswald, many eyewitnesses agree that a second shooter was active in the massacre at the Utøya summer youth camp outside of Oslo. It has also come to light that a special police unit had conducted drills or exercises near the opera house in downtown Oslo which involved the detonation of bombs during 2010– exactly what caused the bloodshed a few hundred meters away this Friday.
    As noted, world press and media of the Anglo-American school have immediately battened onto Breivik as an archetypal lone assassin cast in the mold of Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, and so many others. The problem for the terror mythographs is that , in most of these cases, there is credible to overwhelming evidence that these figures could not have acted alone. Among more recent loan assassins, Breivik could be compared to Major Nidal Hasan of Fort Hood, Texas, whose shooting spree dates back to November 2009. Hasan is accused of having killed seven people. At the time, it was considered remarkable that Hasan had managed to kill so many armed soldiers on the military base. But early reports suggested that there were one or two other shooters in addition to Hasan. As usually happens, these extra shooters were soon expunged from the hegemonic media narrative.1

    In the Norwegian case, the evidence that Breivik was not alone in claiming his fearful toll of victims is clear and convincing. Here are some excerpts from a report published by the Oslo newspaper VG:

    “Several of the youths who were at the Utøya the shooting drama, told VG that they are convinced that there must have been more than one perpetrator. Marius Helander Røset believes the same thing: – I am sure that there was shooting from two different places on the island at the same time, he said.
    Witnesses: – There were two people
    Norway: Don’t Be Hypnotized by the Fake Legend/Cover Story of Breivik the Patsy; Focus on the Moles and the Technicians, Especially the Second Shooter

    1. You know Erik, these repeated – and repeatedly swept under the rug – witness accounts of additional shooters is another thing I question. Not that they are wrong – but is there a secret ‘handler’ who sets off the patsy, helps them kill people, and then kills the patsy so it looks like a suicide and gets away with some pre-planned escape method? Killing the patsy makes sure that nobody is questioning the possibility of a government inspired massacre – because the dead killer can’t tell stories and the handler / co-shooter is gone, and the witnesses are somehow silenced or just dropped out of the news and the case evidence.

      I know our government will kill citizens. And I know how the story gets ‘worked’ later until it’s all the fault of anybody but government and nobody gets held responsible. The Kent State story lasted for years, so now it’s more convenient to use patsies.

  3. The near proximity of responder drills to these recent events is starting to be a consistent thread, isn’t it? Just like that wide-eyed spaced-out look the killers all have – look at the photos of Loughner, Lanza and that Batman shooter guy. All three look nearly buggy.

    Can it be that these are ‘put-up’ jobs, and the responders are always close in order to keep them from getting out of control? What would the story be if some citizens had rushed either school with weapons out to get the killers? If you’ve drugged these guys, or brainwashed them, you need to control them after the fact to keep the massacre within ‘acceptable’ limits. You can’t have them getting out of control and maybe captured by a local LEO and then examined and treated. Various cats may be let out of the bag if that happened.

      1. James Tracy is an associate professor of a BS topic (communications) at a terrible school. Being such a professor does not imply intelligence…just an ability to focus on becoming an expert at a single topic. As such, his profession should not in any way imply expertise or overt intelligence (being a physics professor at MIT is a little different).

      2. LMAO!!! That’s funny. I can’t imagine you’re a student at FAU, so why do you care? If anything, it’s a positive reflection on FAUs, Falculty and Staff. They refuse to be bullied into dismissing Prof Tracy for writing a personal blog, on his computer in his off time. If Prof Tracy worked for Walmart, would anyone care? The media spends more time and effort attempting to discredit him when the solution would be to just answer the questions instead of avoiding them. The World wants to know!

      1. In other photos of him, his iris clearly descends beyond the lower eyelid and it is blue. In the most widely circulated photo, white has been added to the lower portion of his eyes, making him appear crazed or insane, and the irises are brown or black, not blue as they are in the other photos. His jaw has also been elongated and his eye sockets lightened. Just google all his photos and see for yourself. Only having a rudimentary knowledge of Photoshop, one can easily see the most widely circulated photo has been tampered with.

      2. yeah i’ve been with arturo on this topic since day one. the best pic we can get of the perpetrator of one of the worst mass killings in american history is a blown out, out of focus, shop-job? what kind of picture is that? is that his driver license pic? look how many details it lacks. pull out your own ID card and compare the picture quality. you can almost count the hairs in my wanna-be beard in my ID pic. but in Lanza’s is all whited out and he apparently got a nose job. look at his nose in the earlier photos, look at his fathers nose, it’s the same. passed from father to son. then you look at his drivers licence and it’s michael jackson meets skeletor. his cheeks are all sucked in, his mouth is smaller, it looks like his skull has completely changed shape! did this guy not eat for a year before he got this MUG SHOT taken? http://www.google.com/imgres?q=adam+lanza+media+pic&um=1&hl=en&sa=N&tbo=d&biw=923&bih=682&tbm=isch&tbnid=MNpIy8iPwR1wgM:&imgrefurl=http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/remains-conn-gunman-claimed-burial-18097781&docid=kgSFhfwDfqOUIM&imgurl=http://a.abcnews.com/images/Health/ap_adam_lanza_ll_121217_wg.jpg&w=640&h=360&ei=XHb4UO7QOrDxiQLrp4DQDA&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=582&vpy=289&dur=1384&hovh=168&hovw=300&tx=76&ty=115&sig=112386237672668263161&page=2&tbnh=145&tbnw=259&start=16&ndsp=20&ved=1t:429,r:35,s:0,i:195

        and then there’s this one http://assets.nydailynews.com/polopoly_fs/1.1220698.1355534625!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/ct-shooting-adam-lanza.jpg – i thought we had “red eye removal” software for some time now. but we wouldn’t want an objective view of the killer now would we? that would mess everything up! let’s make him look like the devil we’re telling everyone he is!

        and yes i understand i’m calling them out for doctoring a photo to make him look more like a killer while also suggesting they doctor another photo to make him look less like a killer. the difference is one is deceitful misrepresentation and the other is a common practice among most people with cameras.

  4. Great job professor. You got a ton of free exposure last night on A.Cooper’s show to get the message out. Continue to shed light on the inconsistencies. The world is waking up quick the schemes. The fear induced trances invoked by the media/government are starting to wear thin and they’re getting nervous thanks to those like yourself. Keep it coming. Update your blog like never before with well researched information.

    1. The world is weaking up the the schemes of conspiracy nuts. Right now Tracy and the Sandy Hook hoax nuts who are harassing and threatening the families of the victims are ripped to shreds on Yahoo and the Huffinton Post and the Florida Atlantic University office and head will have some really “fun” days ahead. And the “free exposure” showed what a wacko and coward Tracy is.

      1. Jake,
        It’s so obvious that those like you who keep toting the “conspiracy theorists” and “conspiracy nuts” line to make sane people seem irrational (as in the case of this professor) are nothing more than shills doing your 9-5 work probably paid for by cointelpro etc. groups. That doesn’t work anymore.

        In the event that you are a concerned citizen, you represent the sad state of many individuals in the world who are so trusting of everything told to you by your television, media, and given authority figures.

        Give it up.

      2. So you accuse a group of people of ‘scheming’ (and then you proceed to threaten them and resort to name-calling) but ‘conspiracy nuts’ can’t accuse anyone of ‘scheming?’

      3. Warning. Rats Are In the Control Rooms. I repeat, Rats Have Assumed Control of Everything.

        Basing Opinions Absent This Knowledge is Inadvisable. Your Mind May Have Been Compromised, Leaving You Unprotected!

        All Media Broadcasts Must Be Considered Fraudulent Until Groups Being Formed Have Removed the Pests. Avoid Job Offers in Perception Management From Anyone Rat-Like in Appearance.

        Snicker or Giggle at Anti-Statist Theories At Your Own Risk!

  5. I have a huge problem with unannounced active shooter ‘drills’. For example, what happens if a parent close to the school hears gunshots, arms himself and enters school grounds to protect his own children? What happens if a child (or unknown party) is secretly armed and unaware of the drill?

    There was such a drill in Texas recently, none of the children or parents were notified. Almost instantly, kids were calling, texting, etc that they were part of a real event.

    I intend to send a letter to my childs school demanding that if ‘active shooter’ training is provided, that they notify EVERY parent in advance. That way we can decide if we want our children terrorised for no good reason.

    1. I wish every parent and grandparent in this country would do the same as you, Pat the first! I couldn’t agree with you more. The sorry state of our current affairs reveals that far too many people have lost their pattern-recognition ability.

  6. Prof. Tracy, I noticed that the video you embedded in this article has already been taken down and that some of the ones you’ve linked in other articles have suffered the same fate. Have you recorded these videos onto your computer so that when this happens, the evidence you cite won’t be lost?

    1. I try and download right away every video I see here…or elsewhere…for exactly that reason. Everyone needs to become their own Wayback Machine for the important pages and videos we look at.

      In this case, though, it looks like Prof. Tracy took the video out when he made the revision.

  7. Hi James,

    What about other colleagues within the media department either at your university or other universities, is anyone else questioning the stories? Can you organize with others to join you?

    More difficult for msm to marginalize a group of informed, educated, respected people, rather now they can say the usual he’s alone in his beliefs, blah blah blah. Of course, you’re not alone, as can see from comments both on your blog and within youtube, that many people question the story. Hits on the think outside tv youtube video are 8 mil. +

    Maybe it would pressure msm to look into the anomalies, or encourage more individuals to investigate on their own, which has collaborative pressurizing effect on establishment.

    What about CNN, did they respond to your letter, can you post the response? How about other msm, has anyone followed up on any of the anomalies?


  8. Once again…the scrubbing of evidence continues. The first video in this post says it was “taken down by user.” The second video link says “unavailable,” although the comments underneath remain.

  9. Did You Know? 10-12 of the victims including teachers and students recently moved to Newtown, CT. The Hockley family which has an autistic twin brother, recently moved from England. One student was from San Diego, CA, another from Winnipeg Canada. Emilie Parker moved to Newtown eight months ago. Rachel Avino started at Sandy Hook one week before the shooting took place. And so on. In the Benghazi terrorist attack, where 4 people died, we have more photographic evidence that an actual event took place. In Sandy Hook, where 26 people died, we have very little evidence. Oh, and alot of these children have twins.

      1. I’ve been doing a lot of research of my own. Mainly Obituaries and the press. I will list my sources ASAP. There are many similarities among the families of the victims.

      1. I think it is the same guy.In the first pic with Robbie you can see some grey on his beard,,,this would be hard to see in the other pics because of the light.The angles are different but I´m almost quote ALMOST certain its the same guy

    1. Looks like the same guy to me. Maybe he is one of the managers or directors of the event. Creepy the way he is standing so close to Robby Parker.

      In the last photo you posted notice the woman in the striped shirt with the name tag Alicia–what’s that by her ear?

      1. In the first photo I notice that Robby Parker is wearing in the same suit and red tie as he’s wearing in the infamous press conference video and was likely taken just prior to that press conference. Perhaps Robby is going over his lines and the guy next to him is the scriptwriter.

  10. From my piece on Room Eight:

    James F. Tracy, a tenured rofessor of commuications at FAU, has been raked over the coals for his comments regarding the Sandy Hook Massacre. I believe that they doth protest too much. He is merely posing the questions many Americans are asking. I’ve seen those questions posed in social media and on blogs over the last month. Once again, those questions are answered by the same old tired emotional appeal to the “families” – you know the refrain: “Let’s not hurt the families any more than they have been – can’t you see that they’ve been through enough?”

    That’s a load of bollocks.

    That’s what Jack Ruby said when he was allowed to murder Lee Harvey Oswald – that he was sparing Jackie O the rigors of a trial.

    That’s what was said of the families of those murdered in the events of September 11th, 2001, before 97% of them were paid off by Kenneth Feinberg, with the stipulation that they could no longer petition the government of the United States in a lawsuit against certain principles periphially involved in said events. If you’ll recall, the families who did not accept the hush monies were stonewalled or have passed on.

    That’s what’s being said about the families of those murdered in the Sandy Hook Massacre.

    I guess that’s why they have deputies assigned to each family – because they just don’t need the grief of actually finding out what happened to their lost family member(s).

    I’ll only say this: Adam Lanza was a patsy, and had nothing to do with the deaths of the individuals involved. I can say that after listening to the evidence offered. If they were killed with bullets from the rifle, rather than the handguns Lanza was said to have had, and the rifle was found outside in a vehicle – he couldn’t have done the deed.

    Straight logic derived from facts. I won’t engage in fearmongering.

  11. Local Newtown, CT comments on the Topix News and Forums for Newtown are being censored. All who visit are asking the same question, “Hey Newtown, where are your comments about what happened?”

  12. Here’s a quote from the Calgary Herald that shows what you’re up against when questioning whether the Sandy Hook Massacre occurred exactly as reported by the MSM:

    “The Obama administration perpetrated the hoax, the conspiracy theorists claim, in order to ratchet up support for tougher gun control measures.

    They call themselves Operation Terror, and many of the movement’s adherents appear to have ties to the so-called 9-11 truthers who have long held that the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, were an inside job by the George W. Bush administration.”

    Which is to say, you must be nuts because you almost certainly believe 9/11 was instigated by the US Government to justify a preplanned war of aggression against Afghanistan.

    I don’t think you can win! The destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7 occurred in full public view. The evidence of official mendacity and fraud is not only compelling but available anyone interested in studying it — the video recordings showing the speed at which the towers fell, and particularly the rate of downward acceleration; the dust with its telltale signature of iron microspheres and particles of nano-thermite (both analyzed and verified in scholarly journals). But even so, the media write off 9/11 truthers as nutters in need of psychotherapeutic chemical straight-jackets. So what hope can there be of proving a fraud in the case of Sandy Hook, which was conducted entirely behind closed doors?

    Not that I wish to discourage investigation. But perhaps among the most useful lines of inquiry would into the intellectual vacuity of the media coverage of the event. That may be the best evidence of conspiracy available.

    Incidentally, I never heard of “Operation Terror,” but I suppose it makes a Sandy Hook truther sound more or less insane, and applying a smear seems to be the essence of MSM coverage of anyone questioning an official narrative.

    1. Operation Terror is the name of a movie on youtube about the CIA and government behind 911.

      It’s the name of a MOVIE not an organization. They have reached the point they can’t even keep their lies straight.

  13. Mr. Tracy,

    Because your actions have insighted such despicable conduct by other hoax theorists, the Parker family, who lost their beautiful 6-year old daughter, Emilie, had to remove their touching memorial site due to hateful and harassing postings. This was a site dedicated to the memory of an innocent child-victim. Notwithstanding your conspiracy/hoax assertions, and regardless of the perpetrator of the shootings, are you prepared to deny that Emilie was an innocent victim? If you deny it, please provide cogent proof? If not, are you prepared to speak out on this blog and other media outlets to condemn the posting of hateful and harassing messages, so that this family can honor their daughter with a memorial site? If so, and as a Connecticut native now residing and practicing law in South Florida, I can arrange a media event for you to do this.

    Such a media event would be established in such a way that you would not be challenged, but would be given a forum to send this message and clarify your position. For the sake of human compassion and decency (because I think this whole thing has gotten away from you and down deep you regret the fallout to the families), please take the honorable step of setting things straight for these mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents, etc. suffering so profoundly.

    Thank you.

  14. MRG – Did you intend to imply that Prof. Tracy is responsible for despicable behavior toward those families? Because that how your post reads.

    If it was your intent, then how dare you try to make him responsible? All he’s done is to ask questions, provide some reasons for those questions, and publish his list of questions about, and inconsistencies in, the ‘official’ version of events. That does not make him responsible for the treatment some others give to the families you’re to whom you are so sympathetic.

    It makes him someone seeking the truth in this event, while the rest of the nation rushed to judgement and has already decided on a legislative solution – all PRIOR to the results of the State Police’s investigation being released. In essence we know NOTHING right now about why or how, yet we have ‘solutions’ being stuffed down our throats. Even the statement that HE killed his mother is an assumption until there is proof – not that she’s dead – but that the bullet came from one of the guns she owned and which was carried by the killer.

    Besides, your entire post smacks of manipulation, to get Prof. Tracy to back off on his questions and get him to in a way discredit himself. And I say that because you try to blame him for someone else’s behavior before offering him an opportunity to explain himself, and then when you do you tell him what he will need to say. I’m throwing the BS flag on this one.

    1. MRG, you said: “Notwithstanding your conspiracy/hoax assertions, and regardless of the perpetrator of the shootings, are you prepared to deny that Emilie was an innocent victim? If you deny it, please provide cogent proof?”

      That is an unbelievable statement from someone claiming to be a lawyer. It is not Prof. Tracy’s obligation to provide PROOF, cogent or otherwise, to anyone. We PAY government officials to investigate and determine what happened and then report honestly back to us. A job they refuse to do and instead shovel lies in our faces.

      You refer to “Emilie” as an innocent child victim. Where’s your PROOF of that?

      Also regarding the “touching memorial site” that was taken down, would that be the DONATION site that was set up on the same day as the alleged “massacre?”

    2. Rev Dave was astute to call you on your extremely unhelpful error of blaming Professor Tracy for the despicable acts of others, MRG, but, that said, I personally would love to see him use his own blog to condemn in no uncertain terms the HOPELESSLY MINDLESS and nauseatingly immature act of posting hate-filled harrassment and threats to ANYONE on either side of this thing. As I’m all but certain Professor Tracy knows, the people doing that are NOT friends of truth and justice and humanity, their purpose is to poison the well of our right and duty to conduct a rational and comprehensive inquiry into these horrific events.

  15. MRG, Are you talking about the RIP Emily Parker facebook site? I do not believe that the Parkers were running that sight. On one of these threads somebody discovered that that site was previously a site that had to do with the Breivik shootings and therefore people were questioning this on the RIP site. I do not agree with posting these kinds of comments on RIP sites, but it made me realize that whoever created that site, was probably not the family since it was used before for a Breivik site. Perhaps an anti-gun activist, but not the Parker family. The creators of the RIP site should have started a new site instead of writing over a Breivik site. They could have avoided this scrutiny. They seemed to take it down soon after people discovered this.

    Obviously this had nothing to do with Prof. Tracy.

    Do you ever wonder if the family members that haven’t commented are as upset over how the media / police etc handled this as the media cynics? How dare people come here and suggest they know how all of the families feel about this and perhaps some of them support this type if questioning. If it was my child, I would have many questions.

  16. This site in my opinion is an extension of Al-Queda and Terrorism ( just saying) spreading untrue based accusations at the Town ( New town ) that their lying to america.

    1. that is the most ABSURD thing I have ever heard. Because they don’t believe what you believe, it is an extension of TERRORISM? Get real dude.

    2. Mr. Smdavison Troll, do you mean the same Al-Qaeda that the U.S. government armed in Libya to kill Gaddafi and destroy the most highly developed country in Africa and get illegal U.S. bombing from Obama in support that killed 40,000 innocent Libyans, ended religious freedom and ended the rights of women in Libya and led to the mass murder of black Africans? Did you mean THAT Al-Qaeda and THAT Obama working together?

      Did you mean the same Al-Qaeda that the U.S. then imported to Syria to attempt to destroy another peaceful country? Did you mean THAT Al-Qaeda?




      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POgZjcWMqmQ Webster Tarpley: Obama uses al-Qaeda in Syria scenario.

      BTW, so many commenters here have said ‘go there to Newtown’ and do your own research. Webster Tarpley went to Libya during the war against it to gather first-hand information and he did the same in Syria.

      I certainly don’t believe this site is funded by the Obama administration! That might mean diverting money away from Obama’s support for Al-Qaeda.

      The question is: Could the same U.S. President that illegally bombed and murdered tens of thousands in Libya–and lying about the reasons for doing so–be so heartless and manipulative as to be involved to one degree or another in the killing of a ‘mere’ couple of dozen innocents in the U.S. for political ends? How could I even contemplate such a gross distortion of reality? In fact, how could I even accuse Obama of bombing a country without even consulting Congress? I must be delusional. Libya is still a peaceful country. The same one where two years ago over 50% of the students in university were women and where everyone had free health care.

      Here you can see the video footage of children murdered by Obama. Note at the end of the report that the newscaster says they have more footage of murdered children but it is too graphic to put on air.
      More And More Children Dying In Libya Under Thousands Of NATO Bombs

      How low can trolls go?

  17. Cant you followers think for yourselves. are you connected to strings pulled by Hoax theory. This guys going to write a book and try to make money off you hording sheep. pathetic

  18. I am so happy one teacher is not afraid to voice his opinion. It really truly is a breath of fresh air for students like myself…Thank you.

  19. Rev. Dave – one need not be a cynic to recognize that many people, such as Tracy, exploit these tragedies for self aggrandizement or, at a minimum, for simple publicity. People capitalize on the misery of others without regard to the cost or the ramifications to the victims/victims’ families. That is my point here. Human dignity and respect for others’ plights seem to have fallen victim to the overpowering desire for publicity and notoriety, no matter the cost. Our county is losing its soul. 15 seconds of fame is more important to a human life . . .

    By the way, Noah Pozner’s mother reported that half of her 6-year-old’s face was shot off when he was blasted 11 times at close range in Newtown. If there is anything that we should not be desensitized to are the true horrors of this kind of violence. I wonder what the effect would be on all of us if we were confronted with the carnage at Newtown, and how that experience would color our perceptions about the event and about the issues that have been engendered by the event. After viewing a classroom floor covered with children’s remains blown to bits, with blood, bodily fluids and brain matter leaked out and splattered on the walls, I wonder how many here would feel like sitting around positing the various conspiracy/hoax theories, as opposed to throwing up and crawling into bed to escape the horrors of those images and the reality of what is happening in our country.

    Now, think about what images the parents are haunted with every minute of every day, ruminating over how their children was terrorized, clutching each other, crying, screaming, calling for their mommies and daddies, hearing the percussive blasts from the weapon, smelling the sulfur, seeing and hearing their friends fall in a hail of bullets, feeling the hot pain as bullets tore into them, left to leak out and die alone on the cold floor. Is it right that these families now have to suffer the indignity of having the truth of their suffering called into question?

    1. I’ll give you points for your sympathetic expression, MRG. But I’ve read all the Sandy Hook posts and don’t recall the professor questioning the suffering of anybody. Whether or not the story we’re being told by the controlled media is true, sure. He does that. Whether or not all those people really lived there, or if some may have been planted actors, yes he did that originally. (But that question can be answered with a ‘yes or no’ kind of answer so it’s not a big deal.)

      Thanks for all the gratuitous gory imagery. You’re pretty good at this. But I suggest that you either find a new pastime, or just stop. How do you think those parents feel right now if they’re reading your comments? Didn’t you just fill their heads with a vision of horror that they’ve likely been trying to avoid? So now you are as guilty or even more so than the professor of hurting those people. Proud of yourself? I hope so, but I’m disgusted. For all your claims to empathy, you don’t even recognize when you yourself violate it.

      1. Rev. Dave, MRG is just confirming that the trolls are coordinated by someone. Everyone has been calling out the trolls…so ‘mere’ commenting and insults aren’t working for them. I’m sure you’re reading through the various threads here and have noticed that suddenly the different trolls have uniformly taken up two new tactics:

        1) Now, in addition to the ‘leave the families alone in their suffering’ line, they are adding these graphic descriptions.

        2) Now they’ve all become conspiracy researchers themselves! And as true believing conspiracy researchers they are trying to discredit the professor and the rest of us for our faulty approach!

        Of course, if these gory descriptions were true, then a) how do they know? Where did they get their images of the inside of the school? and b) then they’re saying the coroner they’ve been defending is lying because he makes no reference in the least to such scenes of carnage.

        Also, MRG’s description of wild carnage doesn’t quite fit with the description given by parents of how Lanza stood at the door of one of the classrooms after shooting the teacher while all the kids ran out PAST LANZA and their son held the door open for them until the last one was out. Sounds like little kids can be incredibly level-headed and orderly in an emergency.

        Maybe MRG would like to tell us how “the team” works and how many are on it. I’d like the inside scoop on that. Are they just assigned afterward to do their stuff or are things arranged before the incident happens?

    2. MRG, have you been reading Professor Tracy’s essays for years and years as I have? Do you think it is possible to gain a bit of insight about a person’s character from consideration of their writings over an extended period of time? Listen up, My Leetle Rutabaga: you have got this guy all wrong. While I myself actually have some not-so-small differences in thinking with him that I would enjoy discussing with him, I have never once observed his being anything at all like what you keep on accusing him of being. And THAT is coming to you from somebody who CONDEMNS the very idea of allowing ourselves to blindly trust ANYBODY without doing the hard work of consulting the facts first and THINKING THINGS THROUGH CAREFULLY FOR YOURSELF.

      Seriously, you people casting baseless aspersions on James Tracy’s character: grow up and build some actual mental muscle and become reality-based, will Yiz? Pretty Please? Before your emotive ignorance and your desire to pleasure yourselves by strict avoidance of all the bits of reality you just can’t stand to look at gets us all killed?

  20. To me, tt appears the NRA has been infiltrated. Didn’t La Pierre suggest armed police at every school or at least concede to the notion? If that becomes one of BO executive orders it serves two purposes; further imposes a police state and, brainwashes young minds into accepting such a state. It’s much easier to brainwash children than adults.

  21. Thank you, Rev. Dave/Erik for shedding light on tactics utilized on this forum by the same team that pulled off this Hook hoax. They operate in a cohesive effort, so blatantly obvious they they are all getting the same message passed down to them. Some ‘posters’ are actually identities created and managed from government bought programs like “Persona Management Software.” It’s getting extreme.

    1. Thank you Bobby. I just find some comments so blatantly obvious that I have to call them out on their statements. Call it a personality defect if you like. Paid trolls, government shills, or just nutters working their agendas – I don’t know. But I’m just not capable of letting some things be stated without challenging them.

      I have noticed too that if one or two are really called out, then a new one shows up with a different ‘personna’ – maybe really a different person, maybe not. I used to post on a dissent blog about 10 years ago and there was one really obnoxious and vile troll regularly – until we used some free software that tracks IP addresses and found out that the guy was actually writing – all the time – from a USDA computer, and all his posts were made during business hours. So in my mind at least, any troll here would be suspect as a fed agent. Of course, they can go get a different computer to use, but they’re still going to be obviously trolls.

        1. Thanks for that link Erik. I’d seen news bits about the feds using personna management tools, but had not seen those details. Of course, this is now saved to my hard-drive.

          Here’s an interesting confluence – I like Renaissance Faires, and there are actors there all the time who develop medieval personnas. You can even buy books about how to do it, buy a workbook for your own, or get training (I suppose) at some actors college or studio. Now, the personna management tools – if I understood the article you found correctly – permit me to adopt one at will and it comes with a pre-created set of accounts – Twitter, Facebook, etc. with a handle, etc. THAT is the equivalent of carefully learning your ‘Renaissance Patois’ and sewing your costume.

          Which makes me wonder about the confluence of Hollywood and politically convenient events. I’m not sure where I’m going with this – but if the government is using software tools to do what actors do, just much faster, and using those people to troll on all the postings regarding certain issues – I have to wonder seriously about the possibility of events being scripted as well. For example, I noticed that as this blog was getting a lot of interest, ‘suddenly’ there were kidnapped Americans in Africa consuming the news hour, and this quieted down. Perhaps the questions about the story are getting too much press? And then too, there’s that “Wag the Dog” movie….

        1. Oh, good stuff there. I had some of it, not together however, so I copied it for my own files. THANKS.

      1. Once the futility, dishonesty or malevolence of certain lines of comment has been noted, it seems time to impose comment moderation. Otherwise, those interested in an honest and productive discussion will abandon the forum.

      2. Lohmann, thanks! Ditto Rev. Dave, saved to my hard drive.

        It really is a great page.

        Personal ‘favorites’ which related to the postings here at memoryhole:
        2. Become incredulous and indignant.
        14. Demand complete solutions.
        19. Ignore proof presented, demand impossible proofs.

        CanSpeccy, yes, I can see that need for moderation but…what I think has developed in the Prof. Tracy’s forums is the self-policing and outing of the trolls–which is why the troll group-shifts in tactics have become so noticeable. The articles in Lohmann’s link discuss moderators and moderation. Between Prof. Tracy’s moderation and the self-policing of trolls I think things here have been going fairly well.

        I do believe from now on I’ll have the Lohmann and Dailykos links at the ready for other forums/comment sections. Knowledge is power!

  22. “when they released their “official statement” a few days after the so-called “incident”, the entire statement should’v been structured around this basic premise:

    so far, we have only confused media reports as to what occurred on December 14 @ the Sandy Hook Elementary School; our official position is that no legislation on so important a matter as the Second Amendment/new federal fire-arms laws should be enacted on the basis of confused media reports. there should be a full, in-depth public inquiry cum Coronial Inquest cum Grand Jury hearing into this incident which meticulously and comprehensively examines ALL the relevant evidence. this may take months! so be it! important public policy CANNOT be decided on the basis of possibly biased and inaccuracte media reports! we DEMAND a full and open public inquiry into this incident and, if necessary, a follow-up investigation by an independent and trusted body of investigating detectives! thank-you!”

    Would have astonished me if the NRA had said that, but I certainly would have welcomed that statement if they HAD made it. I don’t see a thing in there that isn’t perfect good sense.

    1. Nobody has said it where the media is concerned, and I’m sure the media would have edited that or not show it because it defies their agenda.

      I see no problem with what La Pierre said because it is the truth. He is not the liar. The media and the Obamanites are.

      Sandy Hook is one of many pre-planned attacks on gun owners that Obama told Saram and Jim Brady he was working on UNDER THE RADAR.

      Well, thanks to the traitorous, criminal media, once it got on people’s radar, they went into their patented, “KILL THE MESSENGER & CIRCLE THE WAGONS” mode.

      Meanwhile,. what did the civilize Left say?

      We got about several thousand “Kill La Pierre” but also “Kill all gun owners.” Things the lunatic, sick bastards on the Left would say regardless of how conciliatory and kind Wayne would be.

      The Left HATE, HATE, HATE guns and they have wet dreams about how they are going to confiscate them from everyone (except criminals, Mexican drug cartels, Islamic terrorists, and hyper-hyopocritical lawmakers in Washington who has us paying for their full-time, gun-toting body guards to which they are NOT entitled to have). The President and Vice-President, maybe, buht not Mayor “Boom-Boom” Bloomberg or Chuck “U” Shumer or Dianne “Fraulein” Feinstein who does pack heat in addition to her taxpayer-paid police protection.

      1. DrRJP – I wish it knew how to get a response to those commies who want to kill all gun owners. First, I’d remind them that civil disobedience is as American as baseball and apple pie, and if we who own guns simply decline to cooperate and don’t give them up, the anti-gunners will find themselves without any means of forcing their desires upon us. History proves consistently that in a fight, the guys with the guns will win over those with no guns, so they’re without leverage if we ‘just say no’. Then I’d offer to provide them my address….

  23. So, here’s a crazy scenario to play with.

    What if this weird botched “shooting” with its obviously fake-crying family members and its RIP pages created four days before it happened, and its mad pathologist laughing seemingly at nothing, is actually designed to look this bad/strange/phoney?

    I mean, what if it’s supposed to look so bad and so threadbare so that large numbers of people won’t believe it? The majority will, of course, but enough *won’t* that – when the govt tries to enact legislation and disarm gun-owners , a lot of them will resist, claiming it’s all based on an obvious scam?

    Wouldn’t the resulting unrest provide the govt with an excuse to introduce draconian social control and suspend the constitution until “order” had been restored?

  24. why are the alternative radio shows and websites not bringing up the fact that all these Sandy Hook teachers are actors, part of the same family? This is the clearest way to prove that this incident never happened……
    I know there are questions about the man in the woods, the examiner, the video footage. These questions could be easily answered or lied about. A parent in the woods, the examiner was confused, the security cameras werent working…
    Now I am feeling the same way about the the alternative media as I am the mass media, frustrated !!! I’m fascinated with this Greenberg family, who are they…..give me info!!!! stop pussyfooting around!!! I’m referring to Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson especially.

  25. this has to be the thinnest conspiracy theory I’ve ever read. There’s literally no evidence of anything strange presented in this post by the professor. He mentions that drills are designed to accurately mimic the profile of a real terrorist attack. Well, of course they are! They wouldn’t be very useful drills if they didn’t, would they?
    Then we get into talking about how many drills are being run on a given day that in the end happens to be the day that a terrorist attack is carried out. OK, so there were drills going on at the same time as a real attack. Why WOULDN’T there be? I’d be surprised if there weren’t some anti-terrorist drills being carried out by the military or law enforcement EVERY DAY!
    I particularly love footnote 6: How could the man have known to say ‘i didn’t do it’? SERIOUSLY? If you were arrested while innocently chopping wood and had done nothing wrong, WHAT THE HECK ELSE WOULD YOU SAY?
    Professor, I think you need to take a deep breath and really think about the evidence you’ve got more dispassionately!
    It seems to me that you’ve come to a conclusion and are now interpreting all your data to fit that conclusion, rather than interpreting the data objectively.

    1. So, in London, out of over 200 underground stations it was just a coincidence that drills were taking place beginning on the exact day at exactly the same time as the real bombings at exactly and only the same stations where the bombings took place. Don’t make me hire an actuarial.

  26. i forget which comment i read, but it led me to watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ft6IUKpcQdo At 1:37 a psychiatrist is shown from the Child Mind Institute. There may or may not be interesting connections, but Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz is the president; he was also the President of The Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research, a facility of the New York State Office of Mental Health. Is this the same Nathan Kline written about in the book ”Journey Into Madness…”? An excerpt from a review on Amazon states, “…He writes of the work of the American psychiatrist Nathan Kline (sp?) with the CIA in Haiti. This details their search for a drug they (doctors & the CIA) could use to control people – turn them into zombies. It mentions, coincidentally, the secret and not-so-secret primate and human experiments occurring at the New York State Psychiatric Institute…”.
    I didn’t have more time to search further connections, but it might be interesting to see if their are any links to the aurora shooting. Does N. Kline have any ties to Sandy Hook?
    If I find anything further i’ll post it…

  27. The news media coverage and representations of the good Dr. (he was said to be a psychologist) “Eugenics” Eugene Rosen’s story leaves some unanswered questions such as:

    Who are the children? What are their names?
    Who are the childrens’ parents? What are their names? Why haven’t any of the parents come forward to make a public statement supporting Rosen’s story?

    Who is the bus driver? What is their name? Why hasn’t the bus driver come forward to make a stament supporting Rosen’s story?

    Why haven’t mainstream news media followed up on any of this?

    Why are we expected to accept one emotionally unstable man’s account of events as fact without any other witness testemony to support it?

    1. If you google Jesse Lewis name. His mother tells a story about showing up at the firehouse and someone telliing her there are some kids over at someones house , so she ran over to the house and her son wasn’t there. She could be the women who’s face was frozen. Oh, her name is Scarlett Lewis. She also says she went inside Sandy Hook and collected glass(shot out glass all over) as some type of remembrance of her son.

    2. He said the bus driver let the kids off in front of his house. I’m under the impression that in CT school bus drivers are forbidden by law to release children that age to anyone other than the kids parent. I’m not certain, as my own are way past school age, so can anyone confirm or correct that impression?

      1. Were the kids on a bus or did they run away from the school? If they were at one point on the bus it doesn’t make sense. Why were students on a bus when school was already in session? Was the bus coming from or going to the school. Was the bus driver a female or male? If a female who was the male speaking harshly to the children? Why WOULD the bus driver let the kids off the bus and abandon them or allow them to go unattended into this mans house when there has just been a massacre with possible suspects still at large and then just leave? Who is this bus driver. It shouldn’t be too difficult to identify this person. Why haven’t news media followed up on any leads to confirm Rosen’s story? Why hasn’t this bus driver come forward to confirm Rosen’s story and to offer their own account of events? Why are investigative journalists using their forums to mock and vilianizing anyone who doesn’t accept ONE emotionally distraught man’s flawed account of events as facts rather than actively working to fill in these gaps?

  28. It could be possible that the NRA has been hijacked and is no longer autonomous and is being used to help subvert its own members. This would explain that rediculous video.

  29. Lynne0312, thank you so much for the footage! It opens up a whole ‘nother area of inquiry. The footage may or may not be related to the bomb threat at the church but those police charging St. Rose of Lima School may very well have been aware of a connection to Sandy Hook School BECAUSE St. Rose of Lima School is where his mom placed Adam when she took him out of Sandy Hook. AND St. Rose of Lima School has its dark side, to say the least.

    To further add to the connection see the very short excerpt below. Please see my full quotations from articles in the comments under Prof. Tracy’s Jan. 10th Infowars interview posting. Here is the link: http://memoryholeblog.com/2013/01/15/january-10-infowars-nightly-news-wrob-dew/#comment-4244

    BTW, in light of this, isn’t it amazing that a helicopter just happened to be at the OTHER school ready to videotape this OTHER raid–live as it happened?

    From the Wayne Madsen Report:

    “WMR has followed up on leads that Adam Lanza, the suspected killer of 26 people, including twenty 6- and 7-year old children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, may have been victimized at a young age by pedophile abusers.

    “St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church is in Newtown, where the Lanzas attended church and where Adam Lanza attended parochial school as a young boy,

    [then WMR details the history of a priest at the school who was a convicted, serial child abuser.]

    “Was Adam Lanza abused between 1998 and 2000 by St. Rose of Lima priest _________[the name is at WMR website]? Lanza would have been 6 years old in 1998, the same age as many of his young victims.
    …The fact that Lanza may have suffered from autism would have made him a particularly attractive abuse target for pedophile priests.”

  30. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
    -William Casey, CIA Director, first White House cabinet meeting discussing Iran-Contra by Reagan/Bush Sr in 1981

  31. I graduated from FAU about 14 years ago. I am so glad to see that things and teachers have changed at that institution! I only wish I could come back and take more classes with the new and improved attitudes. I hope that donors will stand up and take notice of what is going on over at FAU and give lots of money in support of this new breed of teachers that encourage students to THINK!

  32. In google Earth, a quick visit to Taft, University, the “spoor” of masonic design is EVERYWHERE around Taft, it’s littered with the designs, true hubris.

  33. SANDY HOOK AND THE ST ROSE PRESCHOOL DRILL…. No wonder Anderson Cooper looks so scared…..

    Update as of 1:34 pm EST: The footage in question that aired LIVE on CNN the morning of the shooting has been identified by theintelhub.com as what appears to be a simultaneous “active-shooter drill” conducted at the St. Rose Pre School school 1.4 miles away from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut.

    Here’s the scoop: http://theintelhub.com/2013/01/19/sandy-hook-smoking-gun-revealed-factions-of-government-law-enforcement-and-mainstream-media-including-anderson-cooper-engaged-in-treason-against-the-united-states-and-its-citizens/

    1. h/t Erk , comment at above link –

      ‘… The mock disaster training exercise is being done with Scioto County first responders and the Ohio Army National Guard 52nd Civil Support Unit.
      “It’s the reality of the world we live in,” says Portsmouth Police Chief Bill Raisin. “Don’t forget there is such a thing as domestic terrorism. This helps us all be prepared.”
      The make-believe scenario is timely. Two school employees who are disgruntled over the government’s interpretation of the Second Amendment, plot to use chemical, biological and radiological agents against members of the local community.’


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