Dr. James Tracy of joins us to discuss his article “The Technocratization of Education“. We break down the history of the use of psychological conditioning techniques in the classroom, and how these programs are funded by rich, tax-exempt foundations. We also talk about how teachers, students and parents can help break through the conditioning and re-ignite the love of learning in today’s youth.

Audio of interview may be accessed by clicking here.

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7 thought on “The Corbett Report / GRTV: The Technocratization of Education”
  1. Your talk regarding the roots of behaviorism in public education, etc., etc. and the dangers in using Pavlovian/Skinnerian operant conditioning programs, especially on minority students, is excellent. I have written extensively on the same subject, using The Leipzig Connection, for much of the history of how this method of “training” ,not education, jumped the ocean in the early part of the last century and penetrated the American education scene. You may wish to go to my website and check the pdfs for an article I wrote entitled “Experimentation on Minorities”. I worked as Senior Policy Advisor in the U.S. Dept. of Education, Office of Educational Research and Improvement, during the first Reagan Administration, and was shocked to see how that particular administration jumped on board the performance based Skinnerian Mastery Learning band wagon, ignoring its failures in inner city schools, notably its failure in the Chicago inner city schools where Education Week referred to its failure as a “human tragedy.” After being relieved of my duties due to my leaking a grant to the media which dealt with putting federally-funded computer software (curriculum) into all the schools of America I wrote two books: “Back to Basics Reform or OBE Skinnerian International Curriculum”…necessary for United States Participation in a Socialist One World Government scheduled for the early years of the 21 st Century”, 1985, 39 pages, which was boycotted by all major conservative organizations. My second book, “the deliberate dumbing down of america…” a 750- page chronological history of United States education, published in 1999, is now out of print, but we republished an updated, revised, abridged version of it in 2011 and it is available at My original, out of print 750 -pager is a FREE download at my website. The Update in the 2011 version deals with Gates and other tax-exempt foundations and warns Americans about school choice, especially charter schools with their unelected school councils which will be used by the corporations to implement school to work progams to spin off profits for the global corporations.

    Thank you for the excellent work you are doing to awaken the American public to the dangers of Skinnerian/Pavlovian animal training methods on teachers as well as students. These methods consider man an animal, with no soul, and therefore deny free will.
    C.S. Lewis put it well when he said “When training beats education, civilization dies.”

    1. Excellent summary of behavior modification by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt. This appars to be the method that most schools are using in the USA today. It will be used to train children for the planned global workforce which is the purpose of all the choice schools.

    2. Dear Ms. Iserbyt,

      Thank you for your generous remarks on my July 7 discussion with James Corbett. Also, many thanks for the information imparted on your written works and website. In fact, I am aware of these through your recent interviews with Alex Jones and his remote production team. (One of my professional tasks as a media studies researcher and part-time news hound is keeping up with a variety of alternative, non-establishment, news media. In this regard Infowars is an especially impressive outlet, covering stories and interviewing figures on issues and events unavailable elsewhere.) Thus I have a obtained copy of The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America in addition to The Leipzig Connection. However, I have thus far only been able to delve into the latter at length and am still making my way through your copiously documented work and related literature.

      I was approached a few months ago to partake in an email interview on a piece I wrote on the Rockefeller Foundation and early psychological warfare. This gave me some opportunity to brainstorm on the relationship between education (conditioning) and public opinion. The essay Mr. Corbett interviewed me on was a product of this.

      The Deliberate Dumbing Down and website have a wealth of information that is helping me to reconsider what myself and my colleagues encounter on a regular basis–our students and their plight. Discussions of how seemingly obtuse and unprepared students are for university are the lingua franca of faculty. Yet outside of social and economic inequality there is little serious explanation put forth on why such conditions exist. (And we profs are allegedly the most enlightened.) I am inclined to believe that the explanations you’ve put forth concerning the educational enterprise in a broader context are far too extreme for those of us who have our worldview regularly confirmed by the New York Times and National Public Radio. Given such cultural considerations, alongside the overall sense of smugness and surety our credentials afford us, we are poised to dismiss such assertions out of hand.

      Again, thank you so much for your remarks and overall work. I look forward to examining your research further as I proceed.


      James Tracy

    1. Thanks Mike. Just catching up with many of Gatto’s insights at present, and intend to assign some of his writings in a future class. -JT

    2. I should also mention that Mr. Grove and Tragedy and Hope have done a wonderful job with this presentation of Gatto’s ideas.

  2. The interview you did with James Corbett was great. More support for your conclusions are everywhere from Gatto, to Silent Weapons of Quiet Wars, to the Rand Corporation ( and all of the way to NASA. Rand was ordered to transform society from citizens to consumers. NASA announced in 2001 that they were going to use ‘heavy psywar’ strategies on the American population. Their plan for the human population is pretty grim! They believe humans are less desirable than computers
    If you watch TV it is quite apparent that a major psywar attack is ongoing. You can locate it in the programming, the movies and even the commercials. Sex, violence or a combination of both now seems to dominate the ‘entertainment’ industry.

    The entire system has been set up turn us into self-centered human ‘robots’ (consumers) so that we can be predicted and ‘managed’. The ‘rulers’ are opposed to altruism because their computer models can’t predict when we will act with ‘random acts of kindness’. One strategy we can all use to defeat the global elite crooks is to continue to be our unpredictable unique selves and engage daily in random acts of kindness toward our fellow beings. According to one study by ‘behaviorists’, the only groups that always act according to their own self-interests are: economists and psychopaths – and they are in the minority!!

    Al Whitney

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