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SGT Report
February 1, 2021

Bix Weir returns to SGT Report to document the multi-decade international banking silver rigging scheme and the Reddit-Wall Streets Bets move to break it. As Zero Hedge notes, the establishment can print all the paper silver it wants, but there is no physical supply… and that likely ends badly for those attempting to suppress reality for too long.

Bit Weir’s site is RoadtoRoota.com.

Silver Surges Most Since Lehman Bankruptcy; Hits 7-Year High Over $30

‘Global Insurrection Against Bankers’


In a situation similar to last week’s mad rush short squeeze on GameStop stock that caught the “Wall Street big boys” with their pants down, a similar Main Street buying insurgency is focusing on silver–the price of which many contend has been suppressed for decades.

ZeroHedge reports:

It’s been a long time coming, but for precious metal fans the day of joy has finally arrived: following a coordinated campaign to buy both silver ETFs in the paper realm and precious metals in the physical, which over the weekend which left virtually US precious metals retailer with little to no physical inventory, silver has finally exploded higher following in the footsteps of other “most-shorted” names, and it was last trading just around $30/ounce, soaring by 11.5% – its biggest one-day jump since Sept 16, 2008 – the day Lehman filed for bankruptcy. And, if silver closes here, it would be the highest price since early 2013.

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