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Government caught “scrubbing” Covid-19 vaccine injuries and deaths

Ethan Huff
Natural News

May 6, 2021

Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the world’s premiere medical doctors who specializes in treating the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), told journalist Alex Newman during a recent interview that the United States government is lying about the true number of Chinese Virus vaccine reactions that are occurring.

The government’s strategy, McCullough says, which is coordinated with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organization (WHO), has resulted in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths that are being ignored or swept under the rug. This is unprecedented because the government has pulled past drugs and vaccines from the market for far less.

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Democrat New York Mayor ‘Applauds’ Trump For Urging Supporters To Get COVID Vaccine

Tom Pappert
National File

April 23, 2021

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump spoke extensively to the New York Post, and urged his supporters to take one of the controversial COVID-19 vaccines first developed by his administration’s Operation Warp Speed. Now, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is celebrating the former President’s rhetoric.

“I’m all in favor of the vaccine,” President Trump told the Post on Thursday. “It’s one of the great achievements, a true miracle, and not only for the United States. We’re saving tens of millions of lives throughout the world. We’re saving entire countries.” He added that, after he received the vaccine, he did not even experience the adverse symptoms that many Americans feel for days. “Not even a bit of arm soreness,” he said. “It’s pretty amazing stuff.”

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Developers of Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Tied to UK Eugenics Movement

Jeremy Loffredo
Whitney Webb
Unlimited Hangout

December 26, 2020

On April 30, AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford announced a “landmark agreement” for the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. The agreement involves AstraZeneca overseeing aspects of the development as well as manufacturing and distribution while the Oxford side, via the Jenner Institute and Oxford Vaccine Group, researched and developed the vaccine. Less than a month after this agreement was reached, the Oxford-AstraZeneca partnership was awarded a contract from the US government as part of Operation Warp Speed, the public-private COVID-19 vaccination effort dominated by the US military and US intelligence.

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Under Guise of ‘Racial Justice,’ Johns Hopkins Lays Out Plan to Vaccinate Ethnic Minorities and Mentally Challenged First

Claims made by Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security about its strategy for vaccinating ethnic minorities and the mentally challenged first, “as a matter of justice,” suggest ulterior motives.

Jeremy Loffredo
Whitney Webb
Children’s Health Defense

(December 1, 2020)

With the first COVID-19 vaccine candidate set to receive an Emergency Use Authorization from the U.S. government in a matter of days, its distribution and allocation is set to begin “within 24 hours” of that vaccine’s imminent approval.

The allocation strategy of COVID-19 vaccines within the U.S. is set to dramatically differ from previous national vaccination programs. One key difference is that the vaccine effort itself, known as Operation Warp Speed, is being almost completely managed by the U.S. military, along with the Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency, as opposed to civilian health agencies, which are significantly less involved than previous national vaccination efforts and have even been barred from attending some Warp Speed meetings. In addition, for the first time since 2001, law enforcement officers and Department of Homeland Security officials are set to not be prioritized for early vaccination.

Another key difference is the plan to utilize a phased approach that targets “populations of focus” identified in advance by different government organizations, including the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). Characteristics of those “populations of focus,” also referred to as “critical populations” in official documentation, will then be identified by the secretive, Palantir-developed software tool known as “Tiberius” to guide Operation Warp Speed’s vaccine distribution efforts. Tiberius will provide Palantir access to sensitive health and demographic data of Americans, which the company will use to “help identify high-priority populations at highest risk of infection.”

This report is the first of a three-part series unmasking the racist components of the Pentagon-run project to both develop and distribute a COVID-19 vaccine. It explores the COVID-19 vaccine allocation strategy first outlined by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and subsequent government allocation strategies that were informed by Johns Hopkins.