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A Chomsky Dissenter

By David Martin

When I trusted Noam Chomsky 
I had a cozy home. 
With my academic friends 
I did not feel alone.

I liked his doughty dissidence; 
At least I thought him bold. 
And he helped me see beyond 
The daily lies we’re told.

Then I saw he stayed away 
From major mysteries 
Like a student of the woods 
Who won’t go near the trees.

Now the trees are falling down 
And crushing all we see, 
And all the Chomskyites can do 
Is run away from me.

9/11 and the Zionist Question: Is Noam Chomsky a Disinfo Agent for Israel?

A Public Intellectual Outside the Protections of the Academy

The Kevin Barrett-Chomsky Dispute in Historical Perspective – Eights part of the series titled “9/11 and the Zionist Question”
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Prof. Tony Hall
Editor In Chief, American Herald Tribune
Co-Host, False Flag Weekly News


Not one aspect of the officially authorized account of 9/11 has been able to withstand the test of close scrutiny by the best of the citizen investigators in the 9/11 Truth Movement. The crude vacuity of the ongoing 9/11 cover up can be seen as powerful evidence that many of our governors have much to hide about their own roles in the lies and crimes of 9/11 and in the subsequent onslaughts of state terror to which the original misrepresentations gave rise.

The persecution of Kevin Barrett in 2006 for doing his job as a conscientious Islamic Studies teacher can be seen in retrospect as telling evidence of government and media collusion in the 9/11 crime. The unfolding of this dark episode involving a devastating betrayal of academic integrity in the Wisconsin heartland of America helps expose those who have the most to lose if the real culprits of 9/11 were to be identified.

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