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Gun Control Down Under

Guns_ABC.EUPolice Authorities Implicated in Australian Gun Thefts

By Andrew S. MacGregor

[Image Credit ABC.net.au]

This article is based on a report by Mark Morri from the Daily Telegraph.

Hundreds of guns stolen across NSW as thieves target private homes and firearms charges rise” is the headline Mark Morri has used to introduce his report.

This is followed by:

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Florida Newspaper Touts “Smart Meters”, Ignores Scientific Data

SM_AnimationBy James F. Tracy

In a recent editorial, “Smart-Meter Phobia Sad, But Don’t Cut Power,” the Palm Beach Post hyped safety claims of Florida Power and Light / Next Era Energy accompanying the utility’s statewide “smart meter” deployment while condemning the roughly 6,000 Florida households that have declined such technology.

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Sotloff Family Spokesman is Media Pundit

Arab and Islamic Affairs Expert at New America Foundation, Brookings, Ties to CNN

Barfi_CNNBy James F. Tracy

Western news media are abuzz with reports on the latest alleged murder of an American journalist by the “Islamic State.” A professionally-produced video of the beheading of Steve Sotloff was presented for public consumption by the private intelligence contractor SITE Intelligence Group of Bethesda Maryland. “SITE” stands for Search for International Terrorist Entities.[1]

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ISIS is America’s New Terror Brand

Endless Propaganda Fuels “War on Terror”

By James F. Tracy

In the wake of World War I, erstwhile propagandist and political scientist Harold Lasswell famously defined propaganda as “the management of collective attitudes” and the “control over opinion” through “the manipulation of significant symbols.”[1] The extent to which this tradition is enthusiastically upheld in the West and the United States in particular is remarkable. The American public is consistently propagandized by its government and corporate news media on the mSpread_Caliphateost vital of contemporary issues and events. Deception on such a scale would be of little consequence if the US was not the most powerful economic and military force on earth.

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