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Black Lives Matter Traps Shoppers in Rochester Grocery Store

Tyler O’Neil
PJ Media

March 23, 2021

A mob of Black Lives Matter agitators in Rochester, N.Y., physically trapped shoppers in a Wegmans grocery store on Tuesday, the one-year anniversary of the death of Daniel Prud, a 41-year-old black man. As shoppers struggled to escape, the agitators wrote Black Lives Matter slogans on the parking lot asphalt with chalk. The shoppers did find a way out and the store appears to be closed.

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IBM and Moderna Team Up for the Great Reset and Digital Health Passes

Joseph Mercola via CHD
March 12, 2021

Mercola reports:

IBM and Moderna have taken the next step toward tracking vaccinated persons in real time by teaming up to produce COVID-19 digital health passes. To help roll out the passes, they will implement the plan with artificial intelligence (AI) and hybrid cloud services.

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Warren Introduces Wealth Tax Bill; New York Mandates Strict Wedding Reception Rules

NTD Business Report
March 2, 2021

NTD Business News- 3/2/2021
1. Sen. Warren Introduces Wealth Tax Legislation
2. Biden Meets w/ Senate Democrats on Relief Bill
3. Professor: Americans Facing Inflation Risk
4. Target Sales Jumped Nearly 20% Last Year
5. Instacart Doubled Value Since Pandemic
6. New York Mandates Strict Wedding Reception Rules
7. Mississippi Wants to Get Rid of Income Tax
8. California City is 1st to Ban New Gas Stations
9. Volvo to Go All-Electric By 2030
10. British House Prices Hit Record High
11. German Brewers Forced to Throw Away Beer
12. Chauffeur Service to Challenge Uber, Lyft
13. New Covid Vaccine Scam Warning

‘Who cares?’ Cuomo insists it doesn’t matter where 4,000 hidden nursing home deaths took place

January 29, 2021

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has dismissed residents’ concerns he undercounted nursing home deaths by 4,000, sniping that it didn’t matter where they died because the “bottom number” remained the same.

Who cares?” Cuomo whined during a press conference on Friday. “Died in a hospital, died in a nursing home. They died!” he lamented, making sure to remind the press that he’d lost his own father – five years ago – as if that would deflect some of the criticism.


New York’s new law setting up detention centers to lock up suspected Covid-19 cases heralds a Kafkaesque nightmare

Helen Buyniski
January 5, 2021

The New York legislature is weighing a bill that would let the authorities take anyone suspected of having or being exposed to a contagious disease and hold them indefinitely – even forcibly medicating them.

Under the new law, New Yorkers may be dragged out of their homes and locked up on mere suspicion of having been ‘exposed’ to the novel coronavirus — no positive test or even symptoms necessary. Once imprisoned in one of the state’s purpose-built facilities, individuals may be forced to submit to a “prescribed course of treatment” including drugs and vaccines — and even then, freedom is not guaranteed.

The state’s nightmarish Assembly Bill A416 would see targets locked away for as long as 60 days without a hearing. And while the prisoner has a right to legal counsel, New York health authorities will have the ultimate say in deciding when – and if – they’re no longer contagious. Assuming they ever were in the first place, that is.