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Mike Lindell – Update of “Absolute Proof” Documentary

The New American
February 26, 2021

William F. Jasper, senior editor of The New American magazine, interviews MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell regarding his documentary on election fraud “Absolute Proof,” his censorship battles with Big Tech and Big Media, the cancel culture attacks on him and his company, and the lawsuit against him by Dominion Voting Systems. Lindell anticipates his lawsuit to reach the Supreme Court, at which time he states all of the evidence will come out and vindicate the claims made in his film regarding Dominion and Smartmatic’s role in the 2020 election. The New American also reached out to Dominion Voting Systems to request an interview with CEO John Poulos. At the time of this posting, we had not heard back from Dominion. We will be following up with that interview if Mr. Poulos responds to our invitation.

Breaking: Dominion Voting Files $1.3 Billion Defamation Lawsuit Against MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell

CNN Business via MSN
February 22, 2021
(Updated w/Video 11:31PM EST)

Dominion Voting Systems, the election technology company that has been the focus of debunked conspiracy theories about election fraud, is suing MyPillow and its CEO Mike Lindell.

The company is seeking about $1.3 billion in damages for Lindell’s numerous unfounded public statements by allies of former President Donald Trump that Dominion rigged its machines in favor of Joe Biden in the 2020 US presidential election.

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Newsmax Host Cuts Off Mike Lindell and Walks Off Set

Fake Newsmax
February 2, 2021

In a clear example that all news media are walking in a propaganda lockstep to uphold the fraudulent 2020 US Presidential Election, a Newsmax host talks over Mike Lindell and then gets upset and walks off set when Lindell brings up election fraud.

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“My Pillow” Mike Lindell Explains How the Radical Left Is Attacking His Business

War Room
January 21, 2021

On an episode of Steve Bannon’s War Room entrepreneur and drug abuse survivor Mike Lindell explains how the organized left has led a sophisticated campaign to destroy his 2,500-employee strong My Pillow business–all because of his friendship with Donald Trump and efforts to closely examine the 2020 US Presidential Election.

MyPillow CEO’s Oval Office Visit: ‘Martial Law If Necessary’

Reed Richardson

January 15, 2021

MyPillow CEO and Donald Trump confidante Mike Lindell was seen leaving the Oval Office carrying notes that, upon closer inspection, appear to spell out for a series of incendiary, 11th-hour acts that the president should take to overturn the election.

Among the explosive proposals appears to be the phrase “…martial law if necessary.”

Lindell’s notes were captured by Washington Post photographer, Jabin Botsford from a distance and half the page was not visible as it was folded lengthwise in left hand, which was also holding his cell phone. But when zoomed in on, several halves of paragraphs of the briefing are legible.

The title of his notes, in all capital letters, includes the words “TAKEN IMMEDIATELY TO SAVE THE … THE CONSTITUTION”