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Sandy Hook School Slated for Demolition

Updated October 8, 2013

Connecticut political leaders are moving decisively to destroy the site of the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. On September 24 Governor Dannel P. Malloy announced the state’s $50 million commitment to tear down the 57-year-old Sandy Hook School structure and replace it with a new high-priced facility.

“The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School is never far from our minds,” Malloy told the press. “With strong resolve and a determination to move forward, we can do our best to support the people of Newtown.”[1]

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Artifacts From the DC Navy Yard Shooting

Updated October 30, 11:40PM ET

The following videos and photographs of the September 16 shooting incident at the Naval Command Center complex in Washington DC have been sent in by MHB readers over the past two days. They include edited audio of Washington DC emergency response workers.

Additional photos depict one apparent shooting victim being attended to by pedestrians, as police officers stand by and an individual in plainclothes zones off part of the scene with crime tape.


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Video: Over 30 Sandy Hook Homes “Gifted” in 2009?

Updated September 14, 2013*

Newtown property records suggest that on December 25, 2009 a total of 35 properties located on and around Yogananda Street in Sandy Hook were transferred at zero value to new owners.

The transactions include the house belonging to mysterious figure Chris Manfredonia, who was apprehended by police on Sandy Hook School grounds on the morning of December 14, 2012.

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“No Blood?” and “The Watcher is Back”

Two short videos by QK Ultra

In a conference call of Sandy Hook researchers earlier this month, one individual explains her unanswered queries to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and Lieutenant J. Paul Vance concerning what parties were responsible for cleaning up the gruesome crime scene at the Sandy Hook school last December. DEEP deferred to the State Police. “What blood?” Vance responded, before deferring to yet another state agency.

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What Time Are Newtown Schools in Session?

A central assumed data point of the December 14 2012 Newtown Connecticut shooting as evidenced on the Sandy Hook Timeline and through government pronouncements and press reports is that at 9:30AM a deranged Adam Lanza, dressed for combat and wielding several firearms, gained entry into Sandy Hook Elementary School and slaughtered 26 students and educators.

This is in accord with Sandy Hook Elementary principal Dawn Hochsprung’s September 2012 pronouncement of the school’s new security system where

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A Remarkable Confluence of Events

Recent entries on the Sandy Hook Massacre Timeline suggest how March 28, 2013 was an especially important date coordinated to bring together the United Nations-led campaign to address the conventional weapons trade and accelerate gun control-related public relations efforts directed toward the American people.

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