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MIchigan State Rep Disciplined After Summoning “Soldiers” to Confront Trump Supporters

Cynthia Johnson Says Warning in Response to Threatening Phone Message

WDIV Local 4
December 10, 2020

Among the first of what will likely be a wave of hostile, post-election innuendo and confrontation, Michigan State Rep. Cynthia Johnson was cast into the spotlight for a video she posted on Facebook where she issued “a warning to “you Trumpers” to “be careful [and] walk lightly” because “we ain’t playin’ with you.”

Johnson’s Facebook statement was in response to a phone message she received that was overtly threatening and racist.

Representative Johnson has stoked the ire of Republicans who have pointed to Michigan’s suspect electoral practices in during and after the November 3 election.

Johnson’s threat comes amidst (although reportedly preceded) more overt acts of violence against conservatives in Michigan. The first involved the bombing of a “Trumpers” home, and the second was the attempted murder of a potential Republican poll worker.

Additional video of Representative Johnson has emerged more recently where Johnson directly invoked the Biden-Harris ticket, and that the Democratic presidential ticket should compensate her for her efforts to thwart election challenges.

Trump’s Victory Should Not Obfuscate Election Fraud

[Democratic Party operatives clearly believed they could steal the 2016 Presidential Election for Hillary Clinton, just as they had done for her in the Democratic Primary. This is suggested, for example, in House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s November 8 remarks on PBS’s NewsHour, where she exhibited strong confidence in a Clinton victory. This no doubt is the type of hubris that drove much of the electorate to vote against the incumbent party. Further, Dems chose an embodiment of establishment incompetence, insincerity and corruption who remarkably failed to even inspire her own purported base to turn out the vote, CNN observes. Still, as this brief article below suggests, the public will likely never know the Republican candidate’s true margin of victory, -Ed.]

Doug Steil
Aletho News

As luck would have it Hillary Clinton’s landslide loss was so big that massive election fraud by Democratic Party operatives in various cities could not overcome her deficit.

The “shock” by insiders of having lost obviously reflects their earlier certainty of prevailing, which hints at the extent of their vote rigging schemes. The unverifiable system of voting in America is so flawed that foreign observers are now being blocked from monitoring US elections. The topic of fraud can no longer be swept under the rug.

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