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Viking-Patriot Guy’s Anti-Globalism Rant

“People of Venezuela … can put an end to communism, to globalism!”

As evening fell on January 6th in DC, and still at large after playing the role of Capitol Hill’s most flamboyant insurrectionist, Viking-Patriot Guy stopped waving his American flag for a moment to perform a very stilted, tongue-in-cheek Alex Jones impersonation for CodePink’s Latin American Campaign Coordinator.

Photos of Drill before Recent Terror Attack



Hundreds of emergency workers from four countries took part in Europe’s largest disaster drill that came weeks before the recent terror attack.

Seven Tube carriages have been partially buried under thousands of tonnes of rubble that poured into a station when a building collapsed.

Hundreds of ‘dead’ bodies were today strewn across the horrifying scene of carnage, the victims of this major disaster.

These are the traumatic sights that scores of emergency service were faced with as they took part in the first day of Europe’s largest-ever disaster response training exercise.

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