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America’s Frontline Doctors SCOTUS Press Conference (Video)

A group of American doctors calling themselves “America’s Frontline Doctors” held a press conference on COVID-19, hydroxychloroquine, and more outside the Supreme Court of the United States.

The video has been censored by US legacy and social media, yet with little-if-any substantive justification apart from allegedly relating “misleading” or “false” information. MHB does not condone the use of any COVID-19 treatments outlined in this press conference.

Read the transcript of their press conference here.

Florida Judge Denies Motion For Temporary Injunction of Mask Mandate

Florida Civil Rights Coalition
(July 27, 2019)

After a 2-hour Zoom hearing viewed by tens of thousands of concerned citizens last week, Palm Beach County Circuit Court Judge John S. Kastrenakes unsurprisingly denied our clients’ motion for temporary injunctive relief against Palm Beach County’s unconstitutional mask mandate, paving the way for continued government tyranny under the guise of disease prevention in Palm Beach County. The full order is available on our blog.

Notably, Judge Kastrenakes’ Order states, “[a] mask is no more a ‘medical procedure’ than putting a Band-Aid on an open wound”, “[t]here is no reasonable expectation of privacy as to whether one covers their nose and mouth in public places” and “we do not have a constitutional or protected right to infect others”.


Five Ukrainians dead in COVID19 vaccine Trial

Eight in Intensive Care

(JULY 17, 2020)

[Translation from the Russian:]

Four APU fighters died in Ukraine after receiving a coronavirus vaccine developed by American specialists. This was announced by the representative of the press service of the People’s Militia of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic Alexander Mazeikin.

According to him, the drug is being tested in the Kharkiv region. Among the volunteers – 15 people, in particular, ten of them are infected with COVID-19.

In the study, eight patients’ health deteriorated sharply and they were transferred to intensive care. As a result, five patients, including four servicemen, died from complications caused by the infection, Mazeikin said. He stressed that doctors were unable to provide the necessary assistance to the victims because they did not have information about the composition of the injections.

He also noted that the vaccines, presumably, could be used in some medical institutions in the Kharkiv region, which caused complications in patients with weak immunity, according to the Luhansk Information Center. Earlier it became known that the American vaccine against COVID-19 has been tested on humans. A strong immune response to coronavirus was recorded in all 45 patients who participated in the first phase of the study.

The drug was created by the American biotechnology company Moderna. During clinical trials, patients received two doses of the potential vaccine, and all volunteers developed antibodies. The trials involved 45 healthy people aged 18 to 55 years. It is specified that each of the three groups received the mRNA-1273 vaccine in different dosages twice with an interval of 28 days.

Earlier NEWS.ru wrote that clinical trials of the vaccine, created by specialists of the Research Center (SIC) of Epidemiology and Microbiology named after NF Gamalei, began in Russia on June 18. Two groups of volunteers have already been vaccinated. They consist of contract soldiers and civilians.

Testing is carried out by specialists of the Main Military Clinical Hospital named after NN Burdenko and the State Medical University named after IM Sechenov.

In the second half of June, the head of the SIC Alexander Ginzburg said that the release of the Russian vaccine against coronavirus may begin in autumn 2020. Prior to that, Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova said that the start of production is expected in September. In August-September, manufacturers expect to register the drug.

Italian Catholic Association to Bring Criminal Proceedings Against the World Health Organization

The Remnant Newspaper
(July 16, 2020)

Editor’s Note: Readers will recall the May 7, 2020 “Appeal for the Church and the World to Catholics and All People of Good Will,” which was published here at The Remnant, and signed by eight bishops, three cardinals, many theologians, priests, medical doctors, journalists and Catholic activists. 

As editor of The Remnant, I was also one of the original signatories.

The Appeal appeared in The Remnant under the headline: Worse Than Death: A Pandemic Warning from Cardinal Zen, Cardinal Müller and Archbishop Viganò

It’s as three-page document, released in six languages, which demanded that governmental leaders respect people’s inalienable rights and fundamental freedoms in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The State has no right to interfere,” the Appeal noted, “for any reason whatsoever, in the sovereignty of the Church,” and it asked that restrictions on the celebration of public Mass and Sacraments be removed.

Well, that Appeal has now moved on to the next stage.  The organization responsible, Vicit Leo, has posted the following press release on their website www.vicitleo.org, in which they announce their intention to “bring criminal proceedings against the World Health Organization and others whom the Vicit Leo association considers may be open to criminal prosecution.”

It goes without saying that we here at The Remnant support this initiative and ask our readers to work and pray for the success of this important initiative undertaken by our traditional Catholic Italian allies. MJM

vicit leo logo


Increasing numbers of people around the world are becoming more and more concerned about coercive measures being enforced by governments to combat Covid-19. And perhaps even greater concern is expressed about further measures that are proposed by powerful unelected bodies such as the World Health Organization.

In May an international ‘Appeal for the Church and the World’, signed by several Cardinals and Bishops, alongside specialists from the legal, medical and scientific professions, including such luminaries as President John F. Kennedy’s nephew Robert F. Kennedy Jr., was launched by the Italian Vicit Leo association. The appeal, which can be read here, expressed deep concerns about the human rights implications of worldwide lock-down, phone tracking, and proposed enforcement of mask-wearing and mandatory injections. It claimed that “many authoritative voices in the world of science and medicine confirm that the media’s alarmism about Covid-19 appears to be absolutely unjustified.”

Two months later and the sentiments behind that appeal are starting to take on the shape of an internationally-networked human rights campaign that aims to bring criminal proceedings against the World Health Organization and others whom the Vicit Leo association considers may be open to criminal prosecution.

A recently issued campaign letter, which can be read here, informs its readers that “in the coming months Vicit Leo will launch a series of extensive meetings and investigations under the supervision of its Scientific Committee, its Juridical Committee, and its Ethics Committee” and that this “will take place in different countries in Europe, the USA, and around the world.”

The Vicit Leo association is asking for people who share the concerns expressed in the appeal to help them by making it their own campaign, and for those with professional expertise in law, medicine, natural science, journalism and political lobbying to contact them with a view to becoming part of the professional backbone of this international human rights project.


Cincinnati customs agents make largest synthetic drug bust in port history

Confiscated Substances Include Counterfeit COVID19 Test Kits

CINCINNATI — Cincinnati customs agents announced Friday a massive bust of multiple goods, including millions in synthetic drugs and counterfeit products that include fake coronavirus test kits. 

Collectively, it’s the largest synthetic drug seizure in the history of the Port of Cincinnati.

On May 11, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in Cincinnati seized an air shipment at a local cargo examination station, which has recently yielded 530 pounds of synthetic drugs and controlled substances.

The shipment arrived May 11. Officials said the shipment was chosen for a routine inspection, and yielded 530 pounds of synthetic drugs and controlled substances. 

This shipment came from China and was headed to a single importer in Aurora, Colorado, agents said.

When officers examined the shipment, they found more than 160 smaller packages addressed to individuals and businesses across the nation. These smaller shipments contained various items including regulated medications, agriculture and food products, intellectual property rights violations — such as counterfeit handbags and shoes — and 530 pounds of synthetic drugs and controlled substances.