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DHS Issues a National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) Bulletin

Editor’s Note: Alongside the contested 2020 election and prevailing narrative attached to the January 6th events at the US Capitol, upon which federal prosecutions are presently going forward, this appears to be a signal move toward criminalizing thought in the US.

One might ask, “Why is there no similar attention by the new administration toward the potential threat of two million Chinese Communist Party members who’ve reportedly infiltrated governments and corporations throughout the West, not to mention their ‘fellow travelers'”?

US Department of Homeland Security
January 27, 2021

WASHINGTON – The Acting Secretary of Homeland Security has issued a National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) Bulletin today after consultation with the intelligence community and law enforcement partners. There is currently a heightened threat environment across the United States that is likely to persist over the coming weeks. DHS does not have any information to indicate a specific, credible plot; however, violent riots have continued in recent days and we remain concerned that individuals frustrated with the exercise of governmental authority and the presidential transition, as well as other perceived grievances and ideological causes fueled by false narratives, could continue to mobilize a broad range of ideologically-motivated actors to incite or commit violence.

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The Silencing of Truth (Video)

Interview with eyewitness to January 6th events in DC

United States Grace Force
January 19, 2021

Further steps are being taken to silence all those who speak the truth. In this episode, our anonymous guest warns us what’s going on behind the scenes, and what’s coming.

Editor’s Note: A very worthwhile interview with a woman who attended the January 6th DC rally and so-called “storming of the Capitol,” which she contends was done by a comparatively small number of agent provocateur vandals. “They created this massive spectacle,” she says.

“We witnessed a million basically law-abiding taxpayers being framed in real time by our own media and our government, and the fact they have the power to do that is incredible.”

Donald Trump Establishes ‘Office of the Former President’

Based Out of Palm Beach

Today US President Donald J. Trump announced the establishment of what appears to be his presidential administration in exile. A brief press release reads:

The Office will be responsible for managing President Trump’s correspondence, public statements, and official activities to advance the interests of the United States and to carry on the agenda of the Trump administration through advocacy, organizing, and public activities.

President Trump will always and forever be a champion for the American People.

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ABC News Continues to Make False Claim That 2020 Election Wasn’t Stolen

“Can’t You Just Say the Words, ‘This election was not stolen”?!

Can’t make this stuff up. The fake news media that have been complicit in US “regime change” over the past four years are now acting as the ideological agency to enforce the unfounded legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election these very institutions helped to undermine.

These claims are proffered despite a wealth of evidence to the contrary, articulated by Senator Rand Paul in the clip above. Political leaders like Paul who dare point to clear instances of election fraud and the failure of multiple courts to hear evidence of thereof are given a vigorous browbeating live on air.

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Democrats introduce bill that will destroy America With One Swipe…

Populist Press
January 24, 2021

Democrats introduce their first bill in the House: H.R.1 – The bill that will destroy America. Nationwide mail-in voting, banning restrictions on ballot harvesting, banning voter ID, criminal voters,DC Statehood roadwork, it’s all in here.

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Bowser To Push For DC Statehood Under Biden, Dem Congress

Just the News
January 22, 2021

Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser predicted Friday that the Democratic-led Congress will soon vote in favor of statehood for the District of Columbia and send the bill to President Biden’s desk for a signature. 

Biden expressed support for statehood during the presidential campaign but hasn’t said recently whether he would sign it into law.

“I have supported statehood for 36 years,” Biden said during a campaign stop.

Bowser, a Democrat, said many Americans are unaware that D.C. can become a state with a simple majority in Congress and a signature from the president. Democrats now have a majority in the House and Senate after Georgia Sens. Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock were sworn-in this week. 


“My Pillow” Mike Lindell Explains How the Radical Left Is Attacking His Business

War Room
January 21, 2021

On an episode of Steve Bannon’s War Room entrepreneur and drug abuse survivor Mike Lindell explains how the organized left has led a sophisticated campaign to destroy his 2,500-employee strong My Pillow business–all because of his friendship with Donald Trump and efforts to closely examine the 2020 US Presidential Election.

Trump to lead national election integrity drive as first post-presidential move, says adviser

Just the News
January 21, 2021

Top Trump adviser Jason Miller told “Just the News AM” on Thursday that he expects former President Trump to “emerge as the nation’s leader on ballot and voting integrity” in the coming months.

Miller, who was aboard Air Force One with Trump and his family as they flew from Washington, D.C. to Florida on Wednesday morning, told show host Carrie Sheffield that Trump “has a number of goals over the next couple of years … winning back the House and the Senate for Republicans in 2022 to make sure that we can stop the Democratic craziness.”


MemoryHoleBlog Besieged With Hits From China ISPs in Wake of 2020 Election

For several days following the 2020 US Presidential Election MemoryHoleBlog.org absorbed hundreds of thousands of visits and visitors, most of which originated from ISPs located in Communist China, a country with strict censorship policies that extend to the internet. The timing and intensity of this surge in visits is curious, suggesting some potential degree of coordination.

Given the coziness of the Biden family with Communist China one may conclude that the Chinese Communist Party and/or its client corporate entities had a great deal riding on the 2020 election, and were thus closely monitoring how the election and criticism/analysis thereof played out across the web.

Earlier this month Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe concluded that China in fact sought to influence the November election. The CIA in turn moved to suppress these findings.

In late 2016, in a harbinger of the Russia election meddling hoax that would plague the Trump administration for three years, MHB was among hundreds of websites and blogs swept up in a slipshod and dishonest “research” project called ProporNot. Publicity for this effort was spearheaded by the Washington Post.

The cryptic group purported to link the content of the sites in question, which included others such as GlobalResearch, Infowars, and WashingtonsBlog, with “Russian propaganda efforts” to influence that year’s election. While the organization’s website is still online, its 2016 “report” has since been taken down.

‘Really quite shocking’: Inside the ugly transition at the Pentagon

The effort to obstruct the Biden team is unprecedented in modern presidential transitions and will hobble the new administration on key national security matters.

Lara Seligman
Bryan Bender

January 20, 2021

The Pentagon blocked members of President Joe Biden’s incoming administration from gaining access to critical information about current operations, including the troop drawdown in Afghanistan, upcoming special operations missions in Africa and the Covid-19 vaccine distribution program, according to new details provided by transition and defense officials.

The effort to obstruct the Biden team, led by senior White House appointees at the Pentagon, is unprecedented in modern presidential transitions and will hobble the new administration on key national security matters as it takes over positions in the Defense Department on Wednesday, the officials said.


Trump’s “Very Generous” Note to Biden

Did President Donald Trump leave this note for President-Select Joe Biden? It’s been circulated on numerous social media platforms and websites. A pithy and peppery note like this is surely something Trump would pen, and indeed seems a fitting gesture alongside his refusal to attend Biden’s inauguration.

Biden will not show the letter Trump left for him to the press. If his administration did so, could the proof be deemed authentic? After all, at least half of the US public doesn’t believe he truly won the presidency. And if his administration releases a concocted version Trump has the original to call them on it.

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WATCH: National Guardsmen Protest BIden Motorcade

“The People’s Choice”

January 20, 2021

In an unvarnished illustration of how divided US public opinion is on the 2020 election and its aftermath, a video recorded from an automobile in President-Select Joseph Biden’s motorcade through Washington DC en route to the inauguration on Wednesday shows dozens of National Guard soldiers with backs turned toward the procession.

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